General Hospital blog - January, 2006

January 3rd, 2006

Sonny orders Jason to kill Manny and Sam and Carly try to stop him. Alexis and Ric catch Durant placing surveillance cameras in and around Manny’s room. They’re arrested for obstruction of justice when they remove them. Courtney and Nikolas play the jealousy game. Emily’s fantasies about Sonny won’t go away.

Criers: Courtney

Everyone in the Courtney/Nikolas/Jax storyline needs to SHUT UP.

Oh, Durant. Do you have any likable qualities?

I think Emily needs professional help. Pssst, Lainey!

Sam does know what Jason does for a living, right? Just checking.

January 4th, 2006

A tipsy Emily admits her feelings for Sonny. Sam doesn’t like Jason’s job so much anymore. Durant releases Alexis and Ric, who decide to become co-counsels. Nikolas and Courtney make up. Patrick encourages Noah to enter rehab. Dr. Kelly Lee asks Jax for Courtney’s paternity test results.

Criers: Courtney (and I’m getting really sick of it)

Dear Courtney, please leave already.

Dear Emily, stop it.

Dear Carly, you, too.

Hey, Sam and I have the same Spidey Sense!

January 5th, 2006

Michael gets mad at Carly and runs off, falling through ice. Sam isn’t happy about what Robin said in her deposition. Luke attempts to be a father to Lulu, finally getting her to admit that she just wants Laura. Alexis tries to break it to Ric that she doesn’t want to work with him anymore. Emily and Sonny confide to Elizabeth and Jason.

Criers: Lulu

Dang, if Michael’s that dumb, he kind of deserves to fall through ice.

Aww, poor Lulu. Though...are we supposed to be surprised?

JUST HAVE SEX ALREADY, SONNY AND EMILY. I’m not going to watch anyway.

Why are we back to the whole Robin/Michael/A.J./Jason thing? It’s so seven years ago.

January 6th, 2005

Emily and Sonny make out. Carly makes Robin think that something is going on with her and Patrick. Alexis threatens to discredit Sam if Jason won’t testify. Luke and Lulu finally talk about Laura.

Criers: Lulu

Yay, Sonny and Emily finally listened to me! Wait, why am I cheering?

Can Lulu have more to do, please?

Ew. Carly sure is a hateful little shrew.

Please stop being annoying, Alexis. I hate having to tell you to shut up.

January 7th, 2006

Time to relearn the lyrics to the “Scorpio” song from The Simpsons - Tristan “Robert Scorpio” Rogers will be back on GH for six weeks, in time for February sweeps. Guess we can add him to the list of “not so much dead” characters.

January 9th, 2006

Jason follows Manny as he’s transported to jail and sees him refuse to escape with his cousin. Carly doesn’t think Sonny will ever make things work with Emily because he’s still in love with her. Robin denies her jealousy over Patrick and Carly’s supposed relationship. Courtney learns from Dr. Meadows that Jax messed with her paternity test. Fate seems to be telling Emily to go out with Patrick.

For the tenth time, Sam, you know what Jason does. Stop it.

Awww, Manny’s cousin shot Jesse. Oh, wait, that’s right - I don’t care.

At least a Patrick/Emily pairing would be more realistic than a Sonny/Emily pairing.

When did Elizabeth turn into Amy? All she ever gets to do is stand around listening to other people talk about their problems.

January 10th, 2006

Jason convinces Sonny to hold off on killing Manny. Sam warns Carly not to believe Manny’s quest for forgiveness. Alexis appears to be hiding something. Jax confesses that there was no original paternity test. Nikolas gives Courtney an ultimatum. Patrick agrees to a date with Emily. Maxie blames Mac for Jesse’s shooting.

Criers: Manny (!), Maxie

Shouldn’t Robin be suspicious that Patrick is agreeing to go out with Emily?

Okay, maybe I care a little about Jesse. But just a little.

Is Manny going to give Carly her keys back or what?

Courtney, why are you still here? Just leave town already. Also, does anyone else get the feeling that they’re making this story up as they go?

Oh, dear. What is Alexis hiding?

January 11th, 2006

Alexis has Jason arrested after hearing from Jesse that he threatened to kill Manny. Sam isn’t happy about this decision and makes it clear with her fist. Jax tries to get Carly to back out of their deal now that Luke has nothing over him. Tracy goes mad with power after learning that Luke can’t get to Jax’s money anymore. Dillon and Luke come up with a plan to make her believe that Luke wants to kill her. Jason wants to wait a little while before trying again for a baby. Carly encourages Courtney to go back to Jax, though Courtney realizes it’s for her own gain. Lucky and Coleman tell Nikolas about the bar fight Emily and Patrick got into. Patrick taunts Nikolas, who gets violent.

No way would Tracy actually believe that Luke wants to kill her. It would be funnier if she’d been listening at the door and was playing along.

Alexis is only adding fuel to the rumor TWoP’s GH have made up - that Sam is Alexis’ daughter (with Robert!).

Hee, Alice cracks me up.

I’m so bored by the Courtney/Nikolas/Jax/baby story, I can’t even describe it.

January 12th, 2006

Tracy’s paranoia increases, but someone may have actually tried to kill her. Sonny grows violently jealous of Patrick. Courtney decides to stay with Nikolas. Sam worries that Jason agrees with Alexis that they shouldn’t have children. Carly offers to help Jax get Courtney back.

Criers: Lulu (faking, but it still counts)

So does this mean Alexis dated a thug and had a child who died? Or are the TWoPpers right about her being Sam’s mother? The possibilities are endless.

Why did Carly throw Ric’s drink in Alexis’ face instead of Alexis’ own drink? She’s so confusing.

Shut up, Sonny.

You too, Courtney.

Have I mentioned how much I love Alice?

January 13th, 2006

Tracy drives her car into the lake, possibly faking her own death. Luke flees town in order to escape arrest. Jason convinces Sam that he’s ready to try to have a baby, but she’s not sure they should have kids after all. Courtney and Nikolas decide to get married. Sonny and Emily do some more kissing.

Oh, Emily. Are you sure you want to get into this?

Sam confuses me.

Dear Kari Wuhrer: You didn’t get fired because you were pregnant. You got fired because you suck, Reese sucked, and they didn’t need you anymore. Get over it.

‘Bye, Luke! Come back in a couple of weeks to see Robert!

January 16th, 2006

Tracy resurfaces and Alan chastises her for hurting Dillon. Sam has a disturbing dream about her mother warning her not to get married. Sonny and Emily go on their first date. Courtney divorces Jax but decides not to marry Nikolas yet. Carly is delighted to see Sonny, Emily, Nikolas, and Courtney all at the Metro Court at the same time.

So are they saying now that Alicia Leigh Willis is staying? Darn it! Courtney better stop sucking.

Am I a bad person if I like Carly right now? Don’t answer that.

Dear Sam and Jason - just have a kid already.

When the writers decided to put Sonny and Emily together, did they pull a random female character’s name out of a hat to find Sonny a new love? Because it can’t be because they think those two have chemistry. Of course, I doubt Natalia Livingston could have chemistry with...well, anyone, so what do I know?

January 17th, 2006

Jealous over the attention Nikolas pays to Emily, Courtney decides to leave town. Sonny doesn’t think Emily is completely over Nikolas. Lucas tries to pick up a guy but winds up getting beaten up instead. Brook heads back to Bensonhurst. Skye thinks Tracy is in love with Luke. Lulu asks to become Tracy’s pupil.

Criers: Courtney

Well, maybe we’ll at least get a little break from Courtney. Also, I think that if she were in Nikolas’ position and saw Jax with another woman, she’d be jealous.

Hee, Carly. Women who keep money in their bras crack me up.

‘Bye, Brook! Too bad YOUR OWN FATHER didn’t get to say goodbye to you.

Poor Lucas. You should never go into the park alone in this town. (Just ask Elizabeth.) The park in Port Charles is like any parking garage on Alias.

January 18th, 2006

Sam proves that Manny is faking. Carly helps Courtney prepare to leave town. Jesse sets up a sting operation to catch Lucas’ attacker. Emily suspects that Carly is helping Courtney in order to get her and Nikolas back together.

I knew Manny was faking! Okay, maybe I didn’t know know. But I suspected.

‘Bye, Courtney., now. ‘Bye.

Poor Lucas. Though at least he’s getting something to do.

Yay, Emily, for telling Courtney off! She totally needed to hear it.

January 19th, 2006

Criers: Nikolas (pull it together, dude)

Sam tries to provoke Manny again on the stand. Helena kidnaps Courtney. Maxie ruins Jesse’s sting operation, so Lucas goes after his attacker himself. Nikolas wants to find Courtney and get Emily to stay away from Sonny.

See what happens when you run up all of Courtney’s scenes? You get a reward! Bless you, Helena. Bless you and the work you do.

Sheesh, Maxie, how stupid can you be?

Alexis, I’m warning you. Get your act together or I’ll be forced to tell you to shut up again.

Hey, Sam - nice idea, bad execution.

January 20th, 2006

Manny is shot at the courthouse. After being arrested for assaulting his attacker, Lucas comes out to Bobbie (and the whole police station). Ric wonders if Manny is faking. Emily tells Nikolas to leave her alone. Skye and Nikolas try to talk Lulu out of going off to find Luke.

In the wake of Robert’s return, Holly (Emma Samms) will pop in for a little while starting February 20th. Now they have to bring Anna back.

I highly doubt Sam shot Manny. It’s too easy. Too bad he’s still alive; I’d love another murder mystery about now.

Bobbie doesn’t understand what Lucas is talking about? Um, he likes boys.

Way to tell Nikolas off, too, Emily! She’s on a roll this week.

January 23rd, 2006

Jason and Sam are both arrested for Manny’s shooting, but Alcazar is the real culprit. Lucas is pleased when Bobbie defends him to Tracy but not so pleased when she brings up the prospect of counseling. Sonny tries to get Alexis to back off of Sam. Skye agrees to a date with Alcazar. Patrick tells Robin he’ll operate on Manny if she agrees to go on a date with him.

I really didn’t suspect Alcazar as the shooter (or the person who hired the shooter). It makes sense, though. I was actually suspecting Durant for a little while.

Yay for Bobbie! Remember when she used to rock like that all the time?

Hey, Nikolas? Emily might be dating a mobster, but your grandmother is more of a psycho, so worry about your own girlfriend, huh?

Okay, Patrick, Robin has four days to bring up Robert so that more recent viewers know who he is, so why don’t you work on a list of questions to ask her on your date and make sure you bring up her family?

January 24th, 2006

Manny clears Sam by naming a Miami enemy as his shooter, but Carly suspects Alcazar. Alcazar blackmails Manny into helping him take out Jason and Sonny. Sonny and Emily break up, or something. Dillon tests Tracy’s tolerance. Patrick can’t make any headway with Robin, so he flirts with Elizabeth.

No offense, Elizabeth, but if you want Patrick to lay off, maybe you shouldn’t flirt back. Just saying.

Perhaps there were better ways for Jason to try to get Sam out of jail than by having dinner with Carly.

I’m surprised Dillon didn’t make any references to Brokeback Mountain.

I think of all of the current plots, I care about Emily and Sonny the least.

January 25th, 2006

Manny is sentenced to community service at GH. Lulu gets Tracy to drop the charges against Luke. Lucas finds therapy helpful. Carly needs a new tune. Helena plans to take Courtney’s baby away from her.

Criers: Emily

Hey, Sam is psychic! Maybe she has that same weird psychic brain tumor that Chloe had. Remember Chloe? Blond? Fashion designer? Dated Jax? No? Okay, forget I said anything.

So...I guess Tony doesn’t get a scene where Lucas comes out to him, huh?

Whatever, Carly. You would hate whoever Sonny was with.

I love you, Helena. Don’t be a stranger.

Skye’s shirt looked like a Pacman game. And her dress made her look like Jessica Rabbit.

January 26th, 2006

Manny stalks Sam. Emily tells Jason she doesn’t want to leave Sonny. Robin changes her view of Patrick. Alexis gets two job offers - one to partner up with Ric, one to be Durant’s ADA. Skye and Alcazar spend a romantic evening together. Patrick doesn’t want to work with Noah.

Patrick and Robin had an entire date and he didn’t ask one question about her parents? Come on! He was our last hope!

I actually said, “If Skye feeds Alcazar that piece of pizza, I’m running this up.” At least she got him to shave, though.

I can’t decide if I’d rather see Alexis as the ADA or as Ric’s partner. Either would be fun.

Sam can’t get a restraining order against Manny just on principle? How annoying.

January 27th, 2006

Luke runs into trouble in the South Pacific, but leaves before he can reunite with Robert. Thinking Manny is after Emily and Sonny, Jason interrupts them in an intimate moment. Alcazar warns Skye that he won’t take a backseat to Luke. Patrick and Carly keep up appearances.

Happy Robert day! Too bad he didn’t get to do much. And they just had to jam all the exposition about him into one episode, didn’t they? And what the heck was up with the chyrons? And the tic tacs? And...A MONKEY?

Ew. Jason and Emily are both going to be scarred for life.

I totally forgot that Patrick and Carly were pretending to be together, or whatever. Guess they’ve been pretty successful with that, huh?

Yeah, Alcazar, if the woman you’re with starts talking about another man, it means she doesn’t want to be with you. Sorry, buddy.

January 30th, 2006

Robert isn’t thrilled to realize that Luke took the chimp from the island. Emily thinks that Sonny and Carly are back together. Jason doesn’t want Sonny and Emily together. Lucky lets Jason break into Manny’s room, where he catches Sam sneaking through the window. Noah needs a liver transplant.

Criers: Carly

I wonder if Luke and the chimp were watching the new King Kong or the old one. I also wonder why the chimp was wearing clothes, and if he has a name, because I’m tired of calling him “the chimp.”

Why can’t Carly and Emily just shut up already?

Poor Jason. He really doesn’t need to hear about the love lives of his sister and best friend.

Hey, Patrick isn’t so much of a jerk anymore! How nice.

January 31st, 2006

Luke grows sick as the chimp escapes. Sam tries to convince Emily that she’s better off without Sonny. Jason thinks he’s hurting Emily. Nikolas wants Lulu to move into Wyndemere, but she wants to stay at the mansion. Carly tries to convince Patrick to make Noah fight.

I think we’re not supposed to know that the monkey is going to make people sick. We’re supposed to wonder what’s going to spiral out of control. We’re supposed to be dumb, in other words.

Dear writers: you are wasting Robert. You only have him for six weeks. Use him wisely.

I take back what I said about Patrick being a jerk.

Awww, Nikolas thinks the chimp is cool. Hee hee hee.

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