General Hospital blog - January, 2007

January 2nd, 2007

Elizabeth dreams about possible outcomes for her and her baby. Sam and Jason want a baby, much to Spinelli’s dismay. Carly and Sonny do a little making out. Maxie and Lucky find a dog. Nikolas and Emily head to Denver. Robin and Patrick keep doing whatever.

They need to get better fake snow. You know, the kind that actually melts.

Why do I care that Maxie found a dog? I mean other than the fact that now she has someone to talk to.

Who’s more boring - Emily and Nikolas or Robin and Patrick? It’s quite a toss-up, isn’t it?

Carly, you hussy! She was totally kissing back.

January 3rd, 2007

Carly has a hard time getting in to see Sonny and confront him about their kiss. Nikolas and Emily come up with a cover story to explain why they’re in Denver. Elizabeth confides to Kelly that she thinks Maxie faked her pregnancy. Spinelli thinks he’s gotten proof that Alan killed Rick. Carly makes Max jealous when she gives Milo advice on how to connect with Lulu. Maxie thinks Georgie likes Peter, and Spinelli thinks Dillon likes Lulu. Sonny warns Cruz not to come between Alcazar and Ric.

Elizabeth, now that you’re smart, can you stop bothering me?

Nikolas and Emily’s story should have been that Nikolas and Colleen were married and she took their kid during a custody battle. It would have been a lot more realistic and...not stupid.

Maybe someday Carly and Max can double-date with Lulu and Milo!

Enough with the stupid dog already!

January 4th, 2007

Lulu and Dillon find a date book in the Scorpios’ attic. Sonny summons Spinelli, most likely to get drugs for Alexis. Carly meddles in Jason and Elizabeth’s lives. Peter is completely inappropriate with Georgie. Sam overshares.

More Spinelli/Sonny scenes, please! Actually, amazingly, I would just like more Spinelli in general.

Apparently the police didn’t do a very good job cleaning up the Scorpios’ attic.

Carly, please take up knitting or something so you’ll have something to do instead of meddling in the lives of people who don’t like you.

I kind of...sort of...almost want Sonny and Alexis back together. Okay, I’ll shut up now.

January 5th, 2007

Alcazar corners Sonny, who uses a distraction from Carly to shoot at him. Carly and Sonny both encourage Jason and Sam to keep up the baby making, but Elizabeth seems ready to tell Jason he’s her baby’s father. Emily and Nikolas find the daycare center where Colleen works. Alexis smokes more pot and almost gets caught by Ric. Skye gets herself involved in Alcazar’s business. Georgie thinks Maxie wants her to hook up with Peter so she won’t seem so bad by comparison.

Um...are they getting rid of Ted King? Because that would be really bad.

How does Ric not smell the pot in Alexis’ house? Maybe he really is that stupid.

Yeah, I’m sure Elizabeth is going to spill everything to Jason. It’s not even sweeps month, people!

Why did it take Emily and Nikolas five freaking days to start looking in places where Colleen might be working? Good job, geniuses.

January 6th, 2007

Next week: Alcazar’s in trouble, Sonny’s in a different kind of trouble, Nikolas and Emily play cat and mouse with Colleen, and Sam gets another new job.

January 8th, 2007

Alcazar is admitted to the hospital in critical condition while Carly announces that Sonny shot him in self-defense, though she can’t prove it. Jason and Diane both determine that the only way to keep Carly from having to testify against Sonny is for them to get married. Patrick and Alan disagree on Alcazar’s treatment options, but Skye sides with Patrick. Sam confronts Elizabeth about the amount of time she spends with Jason. Colleen manages to get away with Spencer, but there’s a surprise (probably Helena) waiting in her apartment. Elizabeth is shaken by an encounter with Mateo. Tracy is suspicious of Lulu’s behavior.

Diane: “The only way to keep Carly from testifying is to marry her.”
Sonny: “Eeeeeexcellent.” Seriously, could that be any more convenient for him?

I guess it’s Skye’s turn to do emotional scenes for once.

I think Sam should be more concerned about Carly’s practically permanent presence in the penthouse (sorry for the alliteration) than Elizabeth’s.

Lulu + Spinelli and/or Dillon = great. Lulu + Laura = not so great. Do the math, writers.

January 9th, 2007

Patrick saves Alcazar, who is later injected with something suspicious. Skye vows revenge on Sonny. Carly tries to convince her to drop the charges, and when that doesn’t work, she scrambles for someone to marry, pausing long enough to consider Max before asking Jane to find Jax. Monica steals Rick’s date book from Lulu, telling Alan that they have to stop her investigation. Sam quits her job. We get it - Elizabeth should tell Jason he’s the baby’s father. Emily and Nikolas find Colleen’s apartment but are, of course, too late.

I bet that random guy skulking around works for Ric. Not only would having him kill Alcazar erase the link between him and Ric, but it would also put Sonny in jail, which is what Ric wants.

That Carly/Max scene was hilarious. Never mind that I predicted she would ask him to marry her.

I wonder if they’re going to have Bobbie in more scenes because she’ll get to have some scenes with Scott when he comes back, and they want to remind the audience that she exists.

No, Monica, lurking around and stealing things from Lulu doesn’t make you look suspicious at all!

January 10th, 2007

Carly asks Alexis for legal advice but keeps getting the bad news that she’s going to have to marry Sonny to keep him out of jail (an idea which thrills Michael). Dillon calls a family meeting so Lulu can look for the date book, but she can’t find it. In the end, Dillon quits his ELQ internship, but Edward is happy to replace him with Sam. Elizabeth still thinks Maxie faked her pregnancy and miscarriage.

Oh, Carly. Just marry him already. It’s not like you’ve never done it before.

Sam and Jason’s child would be Edward’s favorite heir? Sucks to be you, Brook.

I’m not sure how Robin is planning to stop working closely with Patrick, considering they work in the same hospital and have the same specialty.

Countdown to Elizabeth’s obsession with proving that Maxie’s a liar: 3...2...1...

January 11th, 2007

After learning of Ric and Alcazar’s partnership from Spinelli and Skye, Carly tries to blackmail Ric with the flash drive. He tapes her and threatens to have her put away for extortion when Jason and Sonny arrive. Edward is impressed with Sam, but Tracy wants to dig up dirt about her. Helena sends Emily and Nikolas after a lead. The mysterious lurker introduces himself to Skye as James Craig, an associate of Alcazar’s. She pretends to know all about Alcazar’s business.

Hey, Tracy, could you maybe dig up some information on Sam’s birth father, seeing as how Alexis has never mentioned him and Sam has never asked any questions about him?

This Colleen storyline can’t end fast enough for me. Let’s kill her already!

I wonder if James Craig is an amalgamation of James Bond and Daniel Craig. Or maybe that’s just a coincidence. Whatever - he gives Skye something to do other than cry.

Hey, Ric? If you did nothing wrong, as you claim you didn’t, then Carly can’t really blackmail you, can she? Nice try. Also, GET SOME THERAPY.

Jason should probably be more concerned with whether or not Carly will be happy with Jax - after all, if she’s not, Jason’s the person she’ll complain to.

January 12th, 2007

The woman who planted the gun for Alcazar comes forward and tells Ric and Cruz that Alcazar went after Sonny. Though Sonny can now only be tried for shooting Alcazar in self-defense, he decides to keep quiet when Carly finally agrees to marry him. Skye bluffs to gain time to figure out Alcazar’s business, but in the end, she fears she’ll have to leave the country with Lila. Elizabeth and Epiphany find proof that Maxie faked her pregnancy. Edward is impressed with Sam again, and Tracy manages to dig up something on her. Nikolas and Emily believe Colleen and Spencer are dead, but both are alive (though Spencer is with Helena).

I’ve pretty much predicted everything about the Sonny/Carly storyline, but I don’t even care. It’s nice to see them doing something light and fun for once. Oh, and she’s totally going to kill him, which will be funny, too.

Why does everyone keep saying that Sonny’s going on trial for manslaughter? Alcazar’s still alive.

I’m sorry - why would Elizabeth NOT tell Lucky that Maxie faked her pregnancy? I mean, other than the fact that she can hold it over Maxie’s head, of course. But basically, she wants Maxie to leave Lucky alone, and this is the fastest way to make that happen.

First I was sad when I saw the preview that Colleen is still alive. But then I was happy because it means we get to see her die!

“Dead”: Spencer Cassadine, Colleen McHenry
Engaged (sort of): Carly Corinthos and Sonny Corinthos
Hospitalized: Lorenzo Alcazar

January 13th, 2007

Next week: Maxie’s busted, so is Alexis, Sam might also be, Alcazar wakes up, and Carly bolts.

Also, Stan is being recast again...with Port Charles hottie Kiko Ellsworth (he played Jamal, one of the few characters on that show who didn’t completely drive me crazy). Yay for the good Port Charles refugees!

January 15th, 2007

Carly reluctantly goes along with Sonny’s wedding plans but ultimately backs out. Just as Skye is planning to send Alcazar to Europe and leave with Lila, Alcazar wakes up. Tracy digs up dirt about Sam, including an old alias named Angela Monroe. Colleen shows up at Emily’s hotel room with a gun. She gets arrested after Emily overtakes her, and Nikolas and Emily head to Greece to track down Helena and Spencer (now renamed Nikolas II). Elizabeth lets Maxie, not Lucky, know that she’s on to her.

I wish we’d seen money exchanged at the courthouse, like Sam and Jason betting whether or not Carly and Sonny would go through with it.

Um, Patrick? Skye and Alcazar aren’t married. She doesn’t even really like him that much.

Why wouldn’t Elizabeth want to tell Lucky the truth about Maxie? Would she rather watch him mourn for a baby that’s not really dead?

I have to give it up for Emily. That fight was pretty good (for two characters who don’t usually get physical), and she has a pretty nice right hook.

January 16th, 2007

Jason convinces Carly to marry Sonny. Immediately afterward, she takes off for Aspen with Michael and Morgan. Skye wants more information on Alcazar’s business. Alcazar thinks Craig tried to kill him. Maxie confesses all to Lucky, Georgie, and Lulu. Lucky is less than thrilled. Tracy blackmails Sam with photos, so she quits her job. Emily and Nikolas take time out of worrying about Spencer to celebrate Emily’s birthday.

They actually did it! They actually got married. And I’m actually kind of excited. I mean, imagine what could happen next...

Shut up, Maxie.

Who cares if it’s Emily’s birthday? Oh, right. We’re supposed to love her. I forgot.

I wonder if “Angela Monroe” posed the actress who plays her...

January 17th, 2007

Elizabeth goes to confession and ultimately decides not to tell Jason he’s the baby’s father. Dillon distracts the Quartermaines again so Lulu can search for the key to the safe-deposit box she thinks Monica put the date book in. Lulu comes up with nothing, but Dillon decides he’s done with business for real. Robin buys Patrick a couch, then frets that he’ll think she wants to move in with him. Lainey assures her that there’s nothing wrong with that. Peter thinks the couch is a sign and Patrick should get out as soon as he can. Maxie reverts to her troublemaking ways. Sam tries to find out if Spinelli can get rid of whatever Tracy has on her. Then she buys a pregnancy test.

Elizabeth goes to confession and thinks that a priest is going to tell her to keep lying? Is she an idiot? (I won’t answer that, since I don’t like her right now.)

Hasn’t Sam only been off the pill for, like, two weeks? Whatever.

Maxie, I’m sorry I told you to shut up. You’re so much fun now!


January 18th, 2007

Ric subpoenas Sonny to testify on his behalf at Molly’s custody hearing, then spies Alexis smoking pot. Dillon and Lulu summon Monica to the attic, where she tells them she didn’t kill Rick and warns Lulu to stop investigating. Sam wants a job but doesn’t want to use her connections to get one. Alexis learns she needs more chemo. Jason refuses to go to Colorado to get Carly, since he doesn’t want Sonny to forget that their marriage is only one of convenience. Robin and Patrick think too much. Lucky steals pills from a drug bust.

Maybe Sam could work for Diane. And then we could make all sorts of Cheers jokes.

Nooooooo! Ric, don’t be mean!

I’m more interested in Epiphany’s mystery errand than anything else that happened today.

Yeah, Monica. We believe you. We ALL believe you.

January 19th, 2007

Alcazar warns Sonny to stay away from a huge shipment coming in, which he plans to store at the Metro Court, Sam’s new workplace. Craig has a surprise for Sonny in the form of a bullet in the head. Ric has someone take pictures of Alexis smoking pot, then has her arrested. After way too many discussions about furniture, Patrick asks Robin to move in with him.

I wonder what happens to a vault reinforced with three feet of steel when you try to blow it up? Just spitballing here... (Tune in next week. You’ll get it then.)

I swear, if Elizabeth doesn’t tell the truth soon, I’m going to start screaming.

Thank you, Patrick! Now can we stop talking about the couch? (And maybe talk about Robin’s fashion and interior-design sense. Or lack thereof, as the case may be.)

Bite me, Ric.

Arrested: Alexis Davis, Colleen McHenry
Married: Carly and Sonny Corinthos

January 21st, 2007

Next week: Maxie tries to make Lucky jealous, we may see a Tequila Girls reunion, and Vegas, baby! Also, it’s February, so let’s do something to the hotel! (Actually, it’s going to be pretty cool. They blow it up, and then we rewind 16 hours, and over the next 16 episodes, we find out what happened leading up to the explosion. It’s like 24, with a twist.)

January 22nd, 2007

Backed into a corner, Alexis offers to give Ric joint custody of Molly if he drops the possession charges. Wanting full custody, he refuses. Someone knocks out the sniper before he can shoot Sonny, but Jason’s Spidey sense tells him that something was going to happen. He goes to Alcazar for more information on his shipment and learns that even Alcazar doesn’t know what it is. Sam has a bad day at work (including being bugged by Tracy) but inadvertently helps Maxie get a job in the hotel boutique. Robin declines Patrick’s invitation to move in, then changes her mind.

Okay, remember when they did the hotel fire, and there was an auction going on at the same time? This is the EXACT SAME PLOT. Only this time with a bomb. (But it’s ironic that Scott left during the hotel fire and is coming back for the hotel blowing-up.)

Who wants to guess that Sam will be accused of stealing those shoes? Whatever. Stupid plot. Everyone go boom now.

Speaking of stupid plots, hi, Robin and Patrick!

I wonder what the shipment is. Probably something stupid like gloves or toothbrushes.

January 23rd, 2007

Peter and Noah inadvertently cause a fight between Robin and Patrick, which ends with Patrick and Peter going to Vegas and Robin calling up Lainey and Kelly for a road trip. Monica and Alan each think the other killed Rick, but neither did. (Monica slept with him, though.) Jason enlists Spinelli to investigate Alcazar’s shipment. Diane tries to convince Alexis to accept a plea, but Alexis wants to fight Ric. Maxie flirts with Cruz to make Lucky jealous. Someone (most likely Scott) calls Shadybrook to check up on Laura, then makes plans to visit.

Okay, stop mentioning the hotel vault. We get it.

Monica slept with Rick in 2002? That, boys and girls, is what we call retconning.

Hi, Noah! ‘Bye, Noah! See you in a few months!

Cruz can do so much better than Maxie. I think even she knows that.

January 24th, 2007

Carly refuses to move in with Sonny, so he moves in with her. Sonny demotes Max for helping Carly leave town, so Carly hires him as the head of security at the Metro Court. Alcazar attempts to delay the arrival of his shipment, but it’s too late. Lucky arranges for another dinner with Elizabeth, hoping to reunite with her. Emily and Nikolas find Helena baptizing Spencer in a church in St. Petersburg. I don’t care about anything Jason and Elizabeth have to say to each other.

Poor Max has become a pawn in the Sonny/Carly battle. And he’ll probably be held responsible when the hotel goes boom.

Speaking of that, let’s see if we can get every single character there by Friday! We’re almost halfway there, I think.

Do we have to have Elizabeth irony EVERY SINGLE DAY? Seriously, writers, WE GET IT. Figure out what you’re doing with her and do it already.

Apparently we have to have the mob everywhere characters from this show go.

January 25th, 2007

Carly is not as immune to Sonny’s charms as she believes. Alcazar accepts his shipment and has it stored in the Metro Court vault (of course). Emily and Nikolas get Spencer back, but Helena gets away (of course). Cruz warns Elizabeth to go easy on Lucky, who wants to propose to her again.


January 26th, 2007

After a long hostage situation, the Metro Court goes boom. 16 hours earlier, Carly overhears Sonny telling Diane to make sure he’s not exonerated so that Carly will have to stay married to him. Alcazar won’t give Craig the shipment ahead of schedule, so Craig plans to steal it. Robin gets herself, Lainey, and Kelly arrested, then drunkenly rants that Patrick isn’t ready for a relationship, even when he comes back from Vegas to be with her. Carly agrees to testify for Alexis at the custody hearing. Spencer’s safe return is celebrated. Elizabeth, Emily, Lulu, and Nikolas worry that Lucky will relapse if Elizabeth rejects him. Sam can’t have a baby (shocker!).

They shouldn’t have done the real-time thing (not least because they did it during the fire and it was both more effective and believable then). Did Patrick only take 15 minutes to fly from Vegas to New York? And did Sam’s 4:45 appointment get moved up two hours? Pay attention, writers! Still, it’s pretty creative - kind of like 24 meets Alias meets The Nine (I think, since I never watched it).

Hey, I thought Carly didn’t listen at the door anymore!

Sam can’t have a baby because Manny shot her? Well, of course! Okay, writers, women are not just baby makers. Stop making half of the women on this show unable to have kids. (Though they did it to Courtney and Skye, and look how that turned out.)

I liked the Robin/Mac scene (and Robin is hilarious when she’s drunk), but couldn’t she have talked to Robert instead?

Anyone else think Nikolas was going to tell everyone that he and Emily got married in St. Petersburg?

Arrested: Robin Scorpio
Back in town: Nikolas Cassadine, Spencer Cassadine, Emily Quartermaine
People definitely in the hotel when it goes boom: Emily, Jason, Lucky
People not in the hotel when it goes boom: Mac, Nikolas, Patrick, Robin, Sam (and since Elizabeth switched shifts, hopefully not her so we don’t have the whole is-the-pregnant-woman-okay? thing)

January 27th, 2007

Next week: hours 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 of 16. Plus, the writers find as many ways as possible to get people to the hotel (e.g. Robin moves in, the hospital fundraiser/church auction/whatever they’re calling it now), and welcome back, Scotter! (Sorry. I couldn’t resist.) Oh, and Luke, too.

January 29th, 2007

Robin moves into the Metro Court. Carly confronts Sonny about his lies and demands that Jason take her to the Dominican Republic for a quickie divorce. At the same time, Sonny orders Diane to make sure Carly doesn’t leave the country. Sam takes her infertility anger out on Spinelli. Mac tells Patrick that Robin is afraid of being left behind. Maxie, Elizabeth, blah, blah, blah.

What, Carly can’t go get a divorce by herself?

Once again, why couldn’t we have a Robert/Patrick scene? Not that I don’t like Mac. Hi, Mac! And I totally don’t blame him for not wanting Robin to move in, since he already has enough drama in the house with Maxie’s issues and people coming in and out of his attic, trying to solve a murder mystery.

Speaking of Robin, honey, everything you break at the hotel, you have to pay for.

Dear writers: stop it. Seriously. I don’t even like Sam, but seriously, leave her alone.

January 30th, 2007

Blocked from leaving the country by everyone who works for Sonny, Carly vows revenge. Lulu and Dillon decide to check Alan’s banking records by stealing his PDA at the fundraiser. Patrick’s HIV test comes back inconclusive but he’s in no rush to have it redone. Georgie blows off Dillon to hang out with Peter. Elizabeth, Lucky, Nikolas, Emily, Jason…I really don’t care. No, seriously, Sam, you can’t have kids. Craig is really, really worried about his shipment being stolen. Scott checks into the Metro Court under the name Mr. London.

Hi, Scott! You look exactly the same! Why the alias?

It’s probably bad that when I see Elizabeth and Jason on screen together, I automatically hit the fast-forward button.

Why would Alan have four-year-old banking records on his PDA? And why is Lulu going to the fundraiser (I mean besides the reason that every single person needs to be at the hotel)?

Sam? How do you know Jason wouldn’t go for fertility treatments. Shut up and tell him already.

January 31st, 2007

Craig and some henchmen and -women take Sonny, Carly, Sam, Elizabeth Emily, Nikolas, Robin, Lulu, Alan, Maxie, Mateo, and Max hostage at the Metro Court. Jason asks Sonny to let Carly get a divorce; Sonny gives in. Luke returns and, after assuring Tracy he wants to stay married to her, narrowly misses Scott at Ferncliff. Robin tells Patrick they’re broken up until he gets another HIV test. Alan reminds her that she postponed her own test when Stone was dying. Alexis gives in and tells Ric he can see Molly whenever he wants, but he still wants full custody. Lulu steals Alan’s PDA and passes it along to Spinelli. Alan confronts her and she accuses him of killing Ric. Sam is jealous of Elizabeth.

I love how the custody hearing is “tomorrow.” Yeah, it’s not going to be “tomorrow” for about three weeks.

No Jason in the hotel? I guess he’ll go in later and play hero.

Alan, you can stop waving the PDA around. We know you have one.

Aww, I wanted to see a Luke/Scott smackdown! Guess we have to wait for that.

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