General Hospital blog - January, 2009

January 2nd, 2009

Claudia is so dumb that she has to listen to Jerry's clue two more times before she finally finds the first DVD hidden behind a mirror. Unfortunately, she can't get to it because she's busy being threatened by Sonny. Spinelli finally discovers that he's been hacked and fights back against his assailant. He then meets his female equivalent/number-one fan and helps her out with her own computer issues. Nadine discovers that the plow patent has been sold to Equinox, a company that manufactures weapons. A lawyer she meets with won't tell her if the plow is being used in weapons (because it's a matter of national security), so she tears up the money they've offered her and refuses to hand over the patent. Johnny goes on a bunch of job interviews but still doesn't get a job. What he does get, however, is arrested. Rayner contacts Sam again, but she keeps this from Lucky, for some reason. Sonny is totally jealous of Kate and Jax.

Finally, Claudia found the first DVD and we don't have to listen to that clue anymore. Seriously, she listened to it five or six times. And that was supposed to be an easy one. At this rate, the rest are going to take until 2011.

Is anyone really surprised that Nadine tore up the check? I'm not at all. That's exactly what her character would do.

Yeah, I'm sure Spinelli's female twin has nothing to do with him being hacked. I'm sure her sudden appearance is a complete coincidence. Did I mention that yesterday was my birthday? As in the day I was born?

Shut up, Sonny. Stop stalking Kate.

Birthday: Michael Corinthos
Married: Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio

January 3rd, 2009

Next week: Nadine gets herself into some kind of trouble (shocker), Maxie is suspicious of the new chick, Lulu guesses that Johnny and Claudia are hiding something, and we have a spine sighting! Repeat, we have a spine sighting! Oh, wait, nope, there it goes.

January 5th, 2009

Johnny is arrested for assault and quickly realizes that Zacchara has set him up. Ric confirms this to Claudia but asks her to keep it quiet so Zacchara won't find out. Maxie is totally jealous of Spinelli's twin (Winifred), but she claims she's just protective. Claudia has to distract Sonny with a kiss (of course) in order to keep him from seeing the DVD. Sonny asks Patrick if there's any chance Michael will recover. Jax and Carly try being honest with each other for once, but they're still not getting back together, it seems. Nadine doesn't want the plow being used as a weapon because of a former boyfriend who died in Iraq, whom she's conveniently never mentioned before.

I think that the fact that they can't get along even when they're telling each other the truth should be a big red flag for Carly and Jax.

Sorry, Sonny, you can't have that son back. Can I interest you in a new son? Oh, wait, we're all out of those, since the stupid show-runners didn't bother to cast one and now everyone's lost interest.

I think Jason would be very interested to know that Spinelli created a computer game about his life....

I love how everyone's talking about Johnny going to prison. You don't go to prison for hitting a guy! Ric should know that, since he's a lawyer and all. Shut up, everyone. This is a stupid plot.

Funny how Nadine never mentioned this Bruce guy back when Nikolas was mourning his own dead loved one. Shut up again, writers.

January 6th, 2009

Maxie is really suspicious (and still jealous) of Winifred. Claudia blames Carly for Sonny and Jason's rivalry, since she helped force them apart. Jax hires Olivia as the hotel's plant manager (and since he didn't consult Carly first, I'm sure everything will work out fine). Lulu enlists Luke to help Johnny with his legal problems. Nadine gets targeted by the IRS, so Nikolas turns to Alexis for help. Lucky gets jealous when he overhears Sam on the phone with Jason. Robin either has postpartum depression or a case of the crazies. Luke asks Mike to oversee the rebuilding of Kelly's and to help make it a mob-free zone.

Why is Luke helping Lulu? Did I miss something?

Please tell me Robin isn't supposed to have postpartum depression. If you're going to do a story, do it right.

We get it, the writers are Democrats. Enough about the war!

I love that Bobbie (who?) doesn't want mobsters in Kelly's, but she's perfectly willing to let a mobster pay for the rebuilding.

January 7th, 2009

Diane tells Sonny she's resigning, partly because she can't work for both him and Jason and partly because Jason is less ruthless. Sonny takes this to mean that Jason has something in the works. He himself has something in the works, since he's moving another shipment through Jason's territory. Max tells Carly what's going on and she tries to talk to Sonny about it, but he won't listen since, as has always been his philosophy, if she's not with him, she's against him. Maxie? Still jealous, but also on to something with her suspicions, as Winifred warns her not to come between her and Spinelli. Carly and Olivia both think Jax hired Olivia to make Carly mad. Jax then flirts with a sexual-harassment lawsuit by inviting Olivia to test out the new pool in a bikini. Luke talks to Johnny's false accuser, then pretends to be him to get Ric to meet him with money. The whole thing blows up because Ric is smart and Luke is not. Lucky asks Elizabeth to help him with his taxes (apparently not a euphemism) and they wind up playing video games. Of course, Sam catches them.

Awww, the one time Maxie is actually a) telling the truth and b) in on something Spinelli doesn't know about it. Hang in there, Maximista!

Maybe now that Diane isn't working for Sonny, she can help Olivia with her completely airtight sexual-harassment suit. Seriously, Jax, you're being creepy.

I really don't get what Luke is trying to do. He knows Ric is a lawyer, right?

Take that, Lucky! Enjoy being an annoying hypocrite with the other annoying hypocrite, Elizabeth. You guys can be all lovey and play video games while Sam and Jason take over the world. (Okay, I used to hate Sam and Jason together. What the heck is wrong with me?)

January 8th, 2009

Carly admits that she hasn't been able to see things from Sonny's side, but now she can. They bond a little over a planned fund to help kids with head injuries and realize that they need to connect more. They stumble upon one of Jerry's DVDs but Sonny mistakes it for a CD and puts it in a cabinet. Maxie asks Sam to talk to Jason about Spinelli. Sam tries to talk her out of having sex with Spinelli to distract him from Winifred, but she's unsuccessful. Maxie turns out to be right when Winifred is revealed to be working for Rayner (though she really does seem to care about Spinelli). Sonny tells Luke that moving a shipment through Jason's territory is part of his plan to get the organization back. Diane thinks that instead of handling Jax and Carly's divorce, she and Alexis should get them back together. Ric and Trevor both think Luke and Lulu need to stay out of Zacchara business. Alexis gets Nadine a meeting with a couple of senators. She wonders why Nikolas is being so nice to Nadine, and he admits that he knows she's in love with him, and while he cares about her, he's not sure he'll ever fall in love with her.

This means we have to see Jason tomorrow, right? RIGHT?

Oh, Maxie. Why? Somewhere, Betty Friedan is screaming. Also, five bucks says she winds up pregnant.

Ha, I can't wait until Claudia goes looking for that DVD (at this rate, it'll be in June) and can't find it because Sonny moved it. Also, how bad is the maid that she never found it when she was cleaning?

So Spinelli is a threat to national security, and Nadine and Nikolas are also messing with national security. What's up with that?

January 9th, 2009

Maxie accidentally clues Spinelli in on her motives for sleeping with him. He chastises her for interfering and she tells him that she's only ever been nice to him and "put up with" him because of Georgie. By the time she decides to go apologize, she's too late, as Spinelli is busy being arrested for treason. Claudia thinks Sonny is crazy for moving a shipment through Jason's territory, and respectfully doesn't say "I told you so" when Jason blows it up. Despite Alexis' lack of cooperation, Diane's plan to drag out the divorce proceedings works, as Jax and Carly ask their respective lawyers to stall while they attempt to get back together. Nadine's meeting with the Senate subcommittee doesn't go well and they warn her that she's interfering with a government contract. Nikolas attempts to save her by getting her to sign the patent over to him. Luke subcontracts his job to Sonny, getting him to make Johnny's accuser drop the charges. Tracy hates that Luke is working with Sonny again, and Claudia hates that Sonny is interfering with Zacchara's plans. Claudia tells Johnny about Jerry's game, and Johnny worries that Lulu will dump him when she finds out about his role in Michael's shooting.

HA HA HA HA HA HA! Nice job, Jason.

Wow, Maxie's been watching Mean Girls, I think.

Why don't Jax and Carly just tear up the freaking suit already instead of spending money on nothing?

Johnny, you had nothing to do with Michael's shooting, so chill out.

Arrested (and released): Johnny Zacchara
Arrested (not so much released): Damien Spinelli

January 10th, 2009

Next week: Jason gets offered another deal (my guess: Spinelli walks if Jason gives up Sonny), Carly and Jax make me hit the fast-forward button, and whether we (well, I) like it or not, Natalia Livingston is back.

January 12th, 2009

Things look bleak for Spinelli (not counting his relationship with Maxie), but everyone thinks he's only being targeted so the feds can get to Jason. Claudia tries to broker peace between Sonny and Jason, and when she fails, she points out to Sonny that his only other option is to eliminate Jason. Nadine beats the government and catches the attention of someone in the White House. Luke and Tracy are fine, so whatever. Jax and Carly are...back together? Trying to get back together? Eh, who cares? Elizabeth tries to forget about Jason and have fun with Lucky and Cameron instead.

Poor Spinelli! I have a feeling Rayner's going to get what he wants. I'd pick Spinelli over Sonny any day.

Funeral arrangements are being made for Jax's spine. It didn't have a chance, did it?

Okay, no. No one in the White House wants to meet with Nadine. You know what people at the White House are doing? Packing. They don't give a crap about Nadine right now. They're crying and signing each other's yearbooks.

Raise your hand if you care about Tracy and Luke. Oh, you liars.

January 13th, 2009

Rayner offers Jason an unsurprising deal: if Jason gives the feds information on Sonny and Zacchara, Spinelli goes free. Jason is reluctant to give up Sonny, but in the end agrees to something or another and frees Spinelli. Jason asks Carly to set up a meeting between him and Sonny, but Carly is too preoccupied with the possibility of making Jax mad again and declines to help. Jason goes to Sonny on his own and tries to caution him that he can't protect him anymore. Maxie apologizes to Spinelli, who doesn't think she has anything to be sorry for since he's a geek. He also now thinks of himself as a villain. Robin still has a case of the crazies, but thinks it could be cured by moving into a new house. Nikolas worries that Nadine will be offered a job in D.C., because as we all know, Obama is looking for nurses to fill his cabinet. Whatever, Lucky and Elizabeth are so getting back together. Zacchara really wants Sonny to kill Jason.

Ha, ha, you lose, Sonny! Jason likes Spinelli more than you! Have fun in prison.

I have to say, I like Spinelli struggling with whether his job is worth it since he has to break the law all the time. He's the sort of guy who would ordinarily follow every single rule, but when it comes to Jason, he'll bend them all.

What was up with that Lucky/Carly scene? I know they're cousins and all, but they never talk to each other. How random.

I have to assume that the Nikolas/Nadine plotline isn't over, because if it is, that is one horrible ending.

January 14th, 2009

Jason slowly makes the transformation into Sonny, throwing things and yelling at people. Rayner tells him that a truck containing Equinox materials was hijacked, and he wants Jason to find out who's responsible. Claudia finds the next DVD, but not before Kate (inexplicably letting herself into both Sonny's house and his bedroom) finds her snooping around. After some fighting, Claudia watches the DVD as Kate looks on from outside. Spinelli feels bad that Jason obviously had to do something he didn't want to do for Spinelli, but Maxie wants him to let Jason handle things. Lulu can't make rent, so Johnny offers to pay part of it. He tries to get a job as a hospital orderly, and even though he doesn't succeed, he tells Lulu he did (but she knows the truth). Sam wants to be a PI, but Lucky thinks she just wants to do dangerous things. He's also still really bitter about the whole Jerry thing. Robin and Patrick buy a house. Carly and Jax let Alexis believe that they spent the night together.

Hmmm...Jason and Nikolas now both have ties to Equinox. Could Not Emily have something to do with this plot?

Claudia, sweetie, go to your room, lock the door, and listen to the DVDs with headphones on. Otherwise you get what you deserve.

Dear Sam, if your boyfriend yells at you for wanting to get a job, DUMP HIM. I can't believe I'm saying this, but a) I'm on your side and b) you deserve better.

Okay, I'm not watching anymore Lulu/Johnny scenes until they promise to do something interesting.

January 15th, 2009

Nine hours before a bunch of stuff happens, Robin herself realizes that something's wrong and asks Jason what things were like when Carly had postpartum depression. Maxie thinks she can help Spinelli by finding out the details of Jason's deal. Jason disagrees. Sonny easily figures out that Jason made a deal with the feds that probably includes him. Matt asks Maxie out, but she's definitely not interested. He thinks it's because she'd rather be with Spinelli. She denies this, and he decides to pass this information on to Spinelli. Carly continues to engage in full disclosure with Jax. Claudia is annoyed that she can still come and go as she pleases at Sonny's house, warning Sonny that Carly is more loyal to Jason. There's a blizzard coming, and Carly's benefit in Michael's name is scheduled for the night, so of course everyone's going to get stranded together.

Here's what I was able to glean from that opening montage of dooooooooom:

So who's the patient? All we know is that it's a man, and it can't be Patrick or Matt. Assuming the scenes are happening simultaneously, it also can't be Sonny, Jason, Nikolas, Spinelli, or Johnny. If the scenes aren't happening simultaneously, everyone is fair game except Patrick and Matt. (Though I would leave out Lucky, Ric, and Edward since Elizabeth and Monica are in the OR.) Best bets are Jax, Zacchara, Mike, and Trevor.

You have to hand it to Robin - she's able to tell that something's wrong. I kind of wish she'd gone to see Carly instead of Jason, though. That would have been an awesome scene.

Loved the long shot of the DVD in the cabinet, like, thanks, editors, we get it.

What's more boring than Carly and Jax fighting? Carly and Jax not fighting.

January 16th, 2009

Eight hours before a bunch of stuff happens (stuff that somehow involves Rayner and Winifred), Sam figures out that Jason agreed to sell out Sonny to save Spinelli. Robin denies that anything's wrong with her, but she's obviously lying. Maxie assures Spinelli that she would consider sleeping with Matt but not having a relationship with him. Sonny tells Jason that he has ulterior motives in his deal with the Zaccharas. Zacchara takes over a shipment to replace the one Jason blew up. It's Emily's birthday, so Nikolas is all mopey.

BORED. Not worth my time.

January 17th, 2009

Next week: Sam has a weird new plan, Olivia meddles again, and even Carly thinks Robin has lost it. Also, more mob stuff than you can shake a DVD at.

January 19th, 2009

Seven hours before a bunch of stuff happens, Nikolas tries to keep Jax from opening new plaza-view rooms without a safety inspection, promising to lift his injunction if Jax gives up Spoon Island. Olivia steals Nikolas' cell phone and reschedules his safety inspection, generally making her and Jax look like middle schoolers. Johnny gets a temp job at Jake's and swears Spinelli and Maxie to secrecy. He also tells Spinelli that he has secrets he never wants Lulu to find out about. Lulu wants Carly to offer Johnny a job so he can fake quit his fake job and make some real money. Sam wants to try undercover work again, this time working for the Zaccharas. Jason tells her she's on her own if she gets into trouble. Matt thinks Maxie's venom towards him is really attraction. Patrick tells him to proceed with caution, and Robin teases that Matt and Patrick are a lot alike. Not Emily appears, does nothing, and leaves (can we make that a regular thing?).

Remember when Jax was appealing? Me neither.

Let's cast stones, shall we, Ric? Since coming to town, Sam has slept with you, Jason, Jax, Sonny, and Lucky. You've slept with Sam, Elizabeth, Alexis, Claudia, Reese, and that Mariana chick I keep forgetting about. So I'd hold off on implying she's a slut if I were you.

I love how everyone's talking about how bad the economy is and how hard it is to find a job...while sitting around and not working.

I already like Not Emily more than Emily - she doesn't talk at all.

January 21st, 2009

Six hours before a bunch of stuff happens (some of it involving a guy named Earl Bragg), Carly tries to reunite Sonny and Jason, but they're not having it. Claudia starts looking for the DVD that Sonny moved but, of course, can't find it. She then brings Ric home for a romp, and they're so loud that Sonny hears them from the hallway. Matt meets and is smitten by Not Emily, AKA Rebecca Shaw, who's looking for a job as an x-ray tech. Maxie makes Johnny and Lulu question their relationship. Lucky wants to hang out with Elizabeth and the boys, but she's more worried about the ensuing blizzard than he is. Johnny actually thanks Sonny for posting his bail. Sam is still adamant that she go undercover. Leyla is suddenly engaged.

Why did Claudia bring Ric to Sonny's house? I thought they were going to hook up in secret at Jake's.

Congratulations, Rebecca, you managed to run into one of about three people who wouldn't recognize you. (The other two being Olivia and Claudia, I believe.) Also, you have an attitude, and I like that. Also also, I get the feeling that you would hate Emily, and since the enemy of my enemy is my friend, you can stay.

Lucky's line about the blizzard being hyped for TV ratings was brilliant. More meta, please!

Is Leyla's sudden engagement the soap version of a soldier in a foxhole who shows off a picture of his girlfriend being the next to get killed, or a cop a day away from retirement getting shot? She's expendable, is what I'm saying.

January 22nd, 2009

Five hours before a bunch of stuff happens, Max either advertently or inadvertently alerts Claudia and Ric to Sonny's presence, reminding them that they're hooking up in someone else's house. Ric then tells Claudia that not only is Zacchara not paralyzed, he also shot Kate. Claudia can't tell Sonny this outright, so she tries to hint to him that Zacchara is hiding a lot more than Sonny thinks. Some guy (possibly Earl) wants to take a look at the hijacked Equinox cargo, which Rayner knows is dangerous. Jason agrees to help Sam with her undercover plan. Spinelli can't get Jason or Sam to tell him about Jason's deal with Rayner, so he goes straight to Rayner himself. Jason asks Patrick to make sure he doesn't get Carly's hopes up about finding a cure for Michael. Patrick is still worried about Robin, but Jason is tightlipped about how he thinks she is. Carly stops by the house to invite Robin to the benefit, and when she suggests that Robin actually take care of Emma, Robin gets defensive. Nikolas continues to talk about Emily as Rebecca continues to not be noticed by people who would recognize her.

Dude, Ric, you're awesome! Thank you for finally advancing this plot!

Unless Robin has been possessed by the devil, she needs to shut up.

For possibly the first time ever, I kind of think Jason is being a bad friend. He needs to just suck it up and go to the benefit. Oh, and also stop making everything about Carly, since for once she's actually not doing that.

I love how we're apparently not supposed to notice that Rebecca got off of one elevator and then got right back on the other one. Uh huh. Completely normal behavior.

Dang, apparently Claire Coffee (Nadine) is leaving next month for what they're calling budget reasons. They're also saying Nazanin Bonadi (Leyla) is leaving, supporting my theory that she's getting killed off in this storyline, and that Stephen Macht (Trevor) is leaving, but that rumor has been going around for over a year, so whatever. Why Nadine? Why???

January 23rd, 2009

Four hours before a bunch of stuff happens, Carly becomes the latest person to tell Patrick that Robin seems to have postpartum depression. Robin realizes that something's wrong, too, and vows to get better. Claudia proves her stupidity once again by letting Zacchara know that she's on to him. He, of course, knows exactly who told her the truth. Kate has Olivia take Sonny a watch she got him for their wedding, but he returns it to her. Maxie repeats what everyone else has been telling Spinelli - stop trying to find out what the deal was. Rebecca has apparently taken up residence in the GH elevators.

You know it's a bad day when Carly is a better mother than Robin.

Kate's "dear friend," the watch-maker, sucks. He sent her the gift months after the wedding? Which didn't even go off? Why didn't Kate tell him to stop making it? And why would she give it to Sonny anyway? Shut up, Kate.

Maybe Rebecca figures that if she hangs around the hospital enough, they'll have to give her a job?

Hi, Quartermaines! Thanks for randomly making an appearance!

January 24th, 2009

Next week: a bunch of stuff finally happens. Oh, yeah.

They've been showing ads for the show on Discovery Health, for some reason, and I've managed to pick out a couple additional things we didn't see in the opening montage of dooooooooom:

January 26th, 2009

Three hours before a bunch of stuff happens, the guy who's possibly Earl Bragg receives some stones, or something, and then possibly starts swallowing them. Zacchara denies Claudia's accusations, then quickly goes to Sonny and tries to convince him that Claudia is a lying liar who lies, so if she says anything about him walking or shooting Kate, it's because she's crazy. Robin gets frustrated when Patrick finally starts to believe that there's something going on with her. Kate and Carly fight some more, again, this time putting Lulu in the middle. Spinelli tries yet again to get Jason to spill about his deal with Rayner. He then overhears Rayner talking to Jason about the missing Equinox truck. Lucky is a jerk who doesn't trust his girlfriend, and yet Sam still won't dump him.

Please tell me that dude isn't swallowing those rocks. They're HUGE.

Maxie, you'd be smart to just slowly back out of the house right now.

Here, I'll settle this, Carly and Kate - you're both children. Now shut up.

Sam, do you not hear how your boyfriend talks to you? He questions your loyalty and then speaks to you like a child. DUMP. HIM.

January 27th, 2009

Two hours before a bunch of stuff happens, Claudia makes a fool of herself trying to keep Sonny from watching what she thinks is one of Jerry's DVDs. It's not, of course. Kate asks Olivia to tell Sonny about Jerry's DVDs, but Olivia thinks she should do it herself. Instead, Kate sneaks into the house, grabs the DVD Sonny moved, and tries but fails to make it out without being spotted by Sonny. Spinelli realizes that Jason made a deal with Rayner, then goes to Winifred to find out more. Winifred informs him that the Equinox shipment contained weapons-grade poison. Maxie spots Spinelli and Winifred together and is so upset that she accidentally crashes her car. Patrick asks Elizabeth for her opinion on Robin, rather than talking to, say, Lainey or Kelly. Bragg is brought in and Matt tells Patrick he'll take care of him so Patrick can go check on Robin. Lulu finally confronts Johnny about lying about having a job. He gets all angsty and talks about Michael and the mob and blah, blah, blah. Lucky accidentally calls Sam by Elizabeth's name, and she finally decides enough is enough and breaks up with him. She then heads out to land a shipment and asks Jason to check on her if she hasn't been in touch by 2 a.m.

Don't worry, Claudia, you don't seem crazy at all. At least not any crazier than usual.

If you're worried about losing your job, Lulu, I have a suggestion for you - GO TO WORK.

If I were Sonny, I'd worry that Kate has turned into a crazy stalker. Well, actually, if I were Sonny, I would hate myself, but that's beside the point.

Finally, Sam wised up! She was a lot calmer than I would have been.

January 28th, 2009

One hour before a bunch of stuff happens, Jason tracks down the Equinox truck and tells the hijacker to abandon it. He then gives its location and the name of the hijacker to Rayner. Rayner still isn't happy and fights with him about their deal, which Spinelli finally hears about. Spinelli convinces Jason that they could gain some points by finding the poison themselves. Once they find out that Bragg fits the description of the guy who bought the poison, they discover that he was in a car accident and taken to GH. When they call to check, Patrick puts everything together and hurries to warn Matt, Monica, Elizabeth, and Leyla that they shouldn't operate on Bragg. Of course, he's too late. Kate tells Sonny that she caught Claudia in his bedroom, then heads off with the DVD. She watches it and learns that Claudia worked with Ian to arrange the hit on Sonny that injured Michael. She enlists Lulu to distract Carly and Claudia while she gives the DVD to Sonny. Thanks to the car accident that injured Bragg, Sam winds up at GH instead of on one of Zacchara's boats.

It's only Wednesday? I actually can't wait to see what happens next.

I totally forgot Nikolas knew that Claudia was involved in Michael's shooting. Actually, I almost forgot they were kind of friends. Man, can you imagine how much more interesting things would be if she'd married him instead of Sonny?

I have to ask, if Rayner is so concerned about getting that poison back, why does he have a local mobster taking care of everything? Shouldn't he have a whole team of feds working on it?

Random questions I don't actually need the answers to: is Lulu really helping to distract Carly and Claudia here? Has Edward really never met Nadine in the year and a half she's been on the show? Why didn't we see any of Robin, Maxie, or Johnny today until the very end? Why did Patrick feel the need to make Sam relive losing her daughter? Why can't Jax call Jane after the benefit? Why is Olivia still here? If they don't kill Leyla off, do you want five bucks?

January 29th, 2009

Patrick quickly puts things in motion to get the surgical team out of the OR as he, Jason, and Rayner pool their information. Jason is shocked to see Monica pulled from the OR and keeps Sam from telling Rayner that she's his mother. Once everyone is rescued from the OR (except Andy, who's dead), Patrick examines the now-dead Bragg and sees that only one of the poison spheres has broken open. Rayner instructs him to remove the other four spheres and make sure they're still intact. Spinelli discovers that the vent from the OR feeds right into the boardroom, where Carly, Sonny, Claudia, Kate, Olivia, Ric, Zacchara, Nadine, Edward, and Tracy are attending the benefit. Olivia tries to get Kate to leave the benefit so Carly and Sonny don't have to deal with her. Kate is really patronizing and says that Olivia shouldn't even be in Port Charles anymore. Karma gets her back by making her pass out from the poison. Nikolas tries to catch up to Rebecca, but she disappears. Later he thinks he spots her again, but it's someone else. He tries to recreate the first sighting with Lulu, not sure if he saw a real person or not, and they both worry that his tumor has returned. Robin is still crazypants. Zacchara lets Ric know that Claudia filled him in on the secrets he shared with her. Johnny gets Maxie out of her wrecked car and takes her to a garage, where they have boring conversations.

Weren't there six spheres? Maybe I'm remembering wrong. Also, what does Rayner suggest Patrick do with the spheres once he's removed them?

I love how Kate, the one person who's spent the least amount of time in the boardroom, is the only one who's sick so far. Maybe being a patronizing jerk lowers your immune system.

Once again, the writers seem to have forgotten that this is all supposed to be happening in real time, so there was an entire hour that went by between Maxie and Johnny's car accident and him getting her out of the car. Was he unconscious that whole time, or just an idiot?

Zacchara is oddly obsessed with Claudia's sex life. It's really disturbing.

'Bye, Andy! Sorry you had to be fodder.

January 30th, 2009

Jason locks the benefit attendees in the boardroom and tells them about the biotoxin. Rayner reluctantly agrees with Patrick that the hospital needs to be put under quarantine to contain the poison. Patrick removes the other four spheres from Bragg intact. Claudia takes charge in the boardroom, sealing the air ducts to try to keep the poison out. Zacchara gleefully taunts everyone else in the room, especially Trevor, who ends up collapsing. Claudia decides it's time to clear her conscience and tell Sonny about her role in Michael's shooting, but before she can, she collapses, too. Mac stops by to see Robin, so she asks him to watch Emma while she goes to the benefit. Just as she's about to leave, Rayner calls Mac and he has to rush off to take care of the hospital situation. Some guy named Ethan Lovett tries to rob the Haunted Star but gets caught by Luke. The two of them talk alcohol and are boring until Ethan apparently drugs Luke and tries to rob him again. Luke catches him again and I pass out from boredom. Nikolas beats himself up for leaving Nadine in the boardroom.

I'm telling you, Jason and Sam are going to save everyone. Thank them now, before you all die, dumb people who think you can avoid poison by covering your mouth.

Who knew Claudia would be good to have around in an emergency? Though she wasn't too smart to want to tell a homicidal man something upsetting when she's trapped with him for who knows how long. Also, who wants to take bets on whether someone snaps Zacchara's neck before the night is over?

Question: why is Ethan not Dante? Are we ever going to see Dante? Why does Ethan exist at all? Yes, he's pretty, but the actor is horrible and I can't see him serving any purpose.

Geez, it's turning into Ten Little Indians in that boardroom.

Dead: Andy Archer, Earl Bragg
New in town: Ethan Lovett
Quarantined: Nikolas Cassadine, Sonny Corinthos, Nadine Crowell, Patrick Drake, Olivia Falconeri, Kate Howard, Matt Hunter, Carly Jacks, Epiphany Johnson, Ric Lansing, Trevor Lansing, Leyla Mir, Sam McCall, Jason Morgan, Edward Quartermaine, Monica Quartermaine, Tracy Quartermaine, Rebecca Shaw (assuming she's still there), Lulu Spencer, Damien Spinelli, Elizabeth Webber, Claudia Zacchara
Sick: Kate Howard, Matt Hunter, Trevor Lansing, Leyla Mir, Monica Quartermaine, Elizabeth Webber, Claudia Zacchara

January 31st, 2009

Next week: Claudia tells Sonny (some of) the truth, Spinelli tries to help, Lucky and Elizabeth are so getting back together, and it ain't over. Oh, it ain't over by a long shot.

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