General Hospital blog - January, 2010

January 2nd, 2010

Next week: Franco continues his collection of women, Jason and Lucky team up (!), and Michael continues to make me throw things at my TV when he's on it.

January 4th, 2010

Franco stashes Sam in a transparent cube rigged with a bomb set to go off in less than three hours. He tells her he wants Jason to make a choice, then heads to Carly's house and takes her to his studio. Jason asks Lucky to arrest him for Claudia's murder, which will hopefully force Franco to give Sam up. Lucky agrees to work with him, and the result is a happy Floyd, a suspicious Mac, and a tricked Franco. Michael, however, wants to confess so Jason will be freed, but Sonny won't let him. Franco wants Carly to turn Michael in and get Jason released, but, of course, she won't do it. Not that it matters, since Jason shows up at the studio on his own anyway. Lulu visits Ronnie to question him about why Franco would want him dead. She doesn't get an answer, but after she talks to Dante about it, he figures out that Franco was let go after his initial arrest in 2003 because Ronnie was covering for him. Johnny vows to find Claudia's body. Sonny goes to the PCPD to talk to Lucky about Jason's arrest and almost sneaks a peek at some files revealing that Dante's a cop.

I actually can't decide which is creepier: Franco keeping Sam in a big glass cage rigged to explode, or Franco sneaking into Carly and Jax's house to chill with Josslyn.

I really like Lucky and Jason working together, but it never would have happened when Greg Vaughan was on. That's why Jonathan Jackson is awesome - his Lucky has layers.

Because it really can't be said enough, shut up, Michael.

Seriously, who lets a mob boss sit at a cop's desk without babysitting him?

January 5th, 2010

Jason rescues Carly but Franco makes a clean getaway. Carly tells Jason that Franco has proof that Michael killed Claudia and refuses to tell the police (except Lucky) what happened because she's afraid they'll uncover what he's holding over her head. Lucky figures out that Franco left Josslyn alone to signal to Jason that they need to play nicely. Jason realizes that Franco's message through Ronnie about him having to choose means he'll have to choose between saving Sam or someone else, though he's not sure who yet. He's hoping Ronnie will shed some light on that, though. Maxie goes back to the studio to look for anything connected to her before the police show up to search the place. That means Lulu's alone when Franco arrives at Crimson to kidnap Maxie and grabs Lulu instead. Jax decides that he, Carly, and the kids need to leave town. For some reason Sonny thinks it's a good time to be dumb again and stand up to him. Jax has already been dumb enough for both of them, fighting with Carly about Jason and how he and Sonny handled Claudia's death. Elizabeth overhears Nikolas picking a fight with Steven and tells him to leave her brother alone. As they go for yet another round in the I-love-you/we-can't-be-together discussion, Lucky arrives and hears Nikolas say that he loves Elizabeth. Sonny sees Dante's phone number on Lucky's desk and questions Dante as to why he keeps meeting with Lucky. Dante is able to convince him that it has to do with Lulu. For some reason, Sonny sees this as a good time for a Spencer 101 lesson.

Of all the people in town to kidnap, Franco takes...Lulu? Really?

Sonny, don't be an idiot. Jax is actually trying to help for once.

Leave it to Maxie to still only think about herself, even when her friend is missing.

Please let this mean the Nikolas/Elizabeth/Lucky triangle is coming to an end.

January 6th, 2010

Ronnie tells Jason that Franco took the rap for a robbery he committed years ago, which is why he paid him back by letting him walk in the murder investigation. He also reveals that Franco liked to hang out near trains in Brooklyn. Dante finds specs for a bomb in Franco's studio, which leads Spinelli to find a possible bomb-building location leased to a J. Depp. When Jason arrives, he finds a big freezer. Maxie tries to convince herself that Franco isn't dangerous, but she and Dante soon realize that he's kidnapped Lulu. Lisa encounters Jason with Ronnie and freaks out, then gets confused when Robin and Patrick don't show any concern. Patrick tells her a little about Robin's history with Stone and Jason, leading Lisa to believe that Robin and Jason have an unbreakable bond. Sonny almost convinces Carly to let Michael and Morgan stay in town, but Jax gets her to stick to the original plan. Max and Milo catch Franco tagging the restaurant and drag him inside, where Sonny threatens to kill him for what he's holding over Michael's head. Lucky acts a little strange around Nikolas and Elizabeth but doesn't confront either of them about their discussion until he and Elizabeth are alone.

Those Lisa/Jason/Robin/Patrick scenes were HILARIOUS.

Lisa: "You have a gun! Get out!"
Jason: "No, thanks. But I will close the door."
Lisa: "There's a guy with a gun!"
Patrick: "And?"
Robin: "Don't make me get angry."
Jason: "Okay, I'll go."

I checked, and no, James Franco and Johnny Depp have never done a movie together. But Johnny Depp lives in France! The French connection deepens!

I kind of like the new actress playing Lisa. She can actually act. And she looks like Amy Adams.

Five bucks says Lucky thinks Nikolas is in love with Elizabeth but not vice versa. And he's a detective?

January 7th, 2010

Sonny tries to intimidate Franco, who ignores him and demands a meeting with Jason at his studio. Franco also sets off a bomb in a Corinthos warehouse for no apparent reason. As Jason meets with Franco, who has a film crew standing by, Dante fills Lucky in on the recent developments and announces that in order to save Sam and Lulu, Jason needs to keep playing Franco's game. Carly gets mad at Michael for complaining about Jason handling the Franco situation poorly and tells him what Franco has over his head. Michael finally opens up about having nightmares about Claudia's death, leading Carly to think that he's going to be okay. Michael then calls Lucky, possibly to confess. Lucky thinks Nikolas has betrayed him by declaring his love for Elizabeth, but that she has no liability in the situation. Elizabeth plays along, then warns Nikolas, who wants the truth to come out. Maxie makes it all about her. Lisa needs to shut up.

So today's big cliffhanger is that...Franco has a metal detector? Who freaking cares? Blow something up!

Once again, as Franco said, Sonny does nothing while Jason does all the work. Shut up, Sonny.

Actually, between that and Lucky saying that Nikolas needs to stop using Emily's death as an excuse for things since it's been two years, people keep saying what I'm thinking. It's pretty awesome.

By the time Carly and Michael stop yammering, they won't need to go to Australia at all.

January 8th, 2010

Franco makes Jason open up about his past and his feelings about killing people. He realizes that he and Jason are nothing alike after all because Jason takes no pride in his "gift." Lucky and Dante try to find a connection between the location of Franco's first murder in New York and where he might be keeping Sam and Lulu. Dante's even willing to risk blowing his cover to save Lulu. It turns into a moot point when Jason gets the locations out of Franco. Jason sends Dante after Lulu and goes after Sam himself, but both arrive just seconds before the bombs are set to go off. Michael opens up to Sonny, who blames himself for Claudia's death. Kristina and Alexis learn of Sam's disappearance, leading Kristina to tear into Sonny. Steven tells Robin that he doesn't appreciate armed men running around his hospital, like it's her fault. They then spend way too long talking about Patrick.

Yep, Franco's a sociopath. What a shocker!

Hey, Jason, maybe if you stare at Sam hopelessly for long enough, you'll make the bomb stop.

What was the point of the Kristina/Sonny/Alexis scenes? Shut up, Kristina.

I was wondering why the ended that last Robin/Steven scene with him mentioning where he's staying. At least he'll be around to provide medical attention if Lulu gets hurt.

January 9th, 2010

Next week: Lucky confronts Nikolas, say goodbye to Franco, and Claudia's body causes almost as much trouble as Claudia's live self.

January 10th, 2010

Jason shoots through the glass to save Sam, but it's a moot point since her bomb doesn't go off. Lulu's does, and Lucky and Steven go in to find her and Dante, with no success. When Jason and Sam arrive, Lucky tears into Jason for choosing his girlfriend over Lulu. But of course, Lulu and Dante are both okay, so it doesn't matter. Jason wants to find Franco, but Lucky wants to arrest him and orders Jason to do him a favor now that he's done Jason one. They both go to the studio, where Jason realizes that they're playing into Franco's hands and are probably walking into a trap. He's right, as Franco has blown up the studio on his way out of town. Kristina kills time waiting to hear about her sister by having sex with Kiefer and complaining about Sonny. Alexis tries to convince Sonny that she doesn't want to turn Kristina against him. Olivia also tries to convince him that his relationship with his children is fine. Johnny wants to go after Franco to get revenge for Claudia's body-napping, but before he can do so, he learns that there's a body in the Bristol building. Alfred tells Elizabeth that Nikolas is leaving the country, so she rushes over to convince him not to leave. Ethan tries to do the same, since he thinks Nikolas is going after Rebecca. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she loves both him and Lucky.

And that, children, is what's known as an anticlimax. Everyone's safe, Franco's leaving, and the studio goes boom. What a waste of a potentially great storyline.

I have to laugh at Lucky being mad that Jason saved Sam instead of Lulu. What did he expect would happen?

Can I hit Elizabeth? Please? Just once, I promise.

When Sam complimented Dante on keeping a level head in a crisis, I thought someone was going to crack a joke about Everyday Heroes. I mean, besides me.

I couldn't love Alexis and Molly's interactions more if I tried. "Go read Crime and Punishment, and don't come out until you're finished." "Again?" Hee hee hee.

January 12th, 2010

Sonny seems to think Jason could have prevented everything that happened by thinking more like Franco. Carly shows up and takes Jason's side, and then Sonny announces that if the body that was found is Claudia's, they need to make sure no one finds out Michael killed her. Lucky takes out his anger at Jason (for saving Sam and not Lulu) on Sam, for some reason, so she asks him who he would have saved if he had to choose between Elizabeth and Lulu. Lulu's traumatized, and Carly tries to get her to talk about it, but Dante is more helpful. Lisa does back-to-back surgeries, which Steven doesn't like, and when Robin tells Steven about it, Patrick gets mad at Robin for ratting out Lisa. Lucky confronts Nikolas over Elizabeth, but nothing really happens. Dante confronts Ronnie about letting Franco go after suspecting him of murder. Later, he breaks up a fight between Michael and Kristina over Sonny, and Michael tells him not to get involved in Corinthos issues.

Sonny? SHUT UP.

You, too, Patrick. Wow, I hate saying that.

Nice try, Sam, but Lucky choosing between his girlfriend and his sister is a little different from Jason choosing between his girlfriend and some girl. Though once Lucky finds out what Elizabeth has been up to, the decision will be a lot easier to make.

So...where do Lucky and Nikolas stand? That scene just kind of...ended.

January 13th, 2010

Lucky tells Sam that her hypothetical situation is flawed and she's not like Elizabeth because she doesn't have kids. He quickly realizes he hit a raw nerve and apologizes, but he's still so worked up over Nikolas and Elizabeth's whatever that he actually travels back in time three years and gets mad about Jake's paternity all over again. He also wants to know if Lulu knows what's going on. Jax tells Olivia that once Sonny is arrested, he's going to tell Carly about his involvement. He plans to spend a lot of time with his family now since he knows he may not have the option in the future. He and Carly plan a skiing trip, but Michael won't go, so it gets cancelled. Spinelli tells Dante and Johnny that the body in the building was Claudia's, and she died of blunt-force trauma to the head. Sam and Spinelli start painting over Franco's tags. Johnny tells Dante that he knows his real identity and wants him to bring Sonny down. Robin and Patrick are cute again, much to Lisa's dismay. Nikolas and Elizabeth keep talking about the same old stuff.

Whoa, calm down, Lucky. Save your anger for Elizabeth.

I can't wait until Jax gets thrown out of his own house. I plan to make popcorn to make the experience that much more enjoyable.

I'd say that between being buried, being stashed in a dirty building, and being blown up, Claudia's body probably no longer contains any traces of evidence against Michael. But then again, it probably does, because it's not like we're being realistic here.

Shut up, Lisa. Even when you're not talking, just shut up.

January 14th, 2010

Sonny is suspicious of Franco's motive for hitting Ronnie with his car, then decides that the situation could be to his advantage. He asks Dante to get Ronnie to tell the police that Franco confessed to killing Claudia. It's probably too late, as the autopsy results are in and important enough to be sealed. Dante confronts Olivia for not telling him that Johnny knew he was a cop. She makes no apologies and kicks him out until he can be nice. Then she admits to Johnny that her worst fear isn't Sonny going to jail, but him putting a hit out on Dante. Lulu sees through Nikolas and Elizabeth's claims that she doesn't return his feelings, thinking that Elizabeth must have given Nikolas some kind of indication that she was available. Jax, Carly, Michael, and Morgan's ski trip is boring until Michael starts having flashbacks to Claudia's death. Ethan breaks up a fight between Kiefer and Kristina before it can get violent. Kristina admits that part of the reason she stays with Kiefer is because she's always wanted a boyfriend like him. Patrick and Lisa should probably have a chaperone. Steven continues to provide white noise for both Nikolas and Elizabeth.

Really, Dante? You think Sonny's kind of okay because he visited Ronnie in the hospital? The same Sonny you think might have killed his wife? Dude, what happened to your brain?

Ha, Lulu's awesome. She's already figured everything out. She's a better detective than Lucky and Dante combined. Also, am I wrong, or did she basically call Elizabeth a whore?

Wait, when did they decide to go skiing? Oh, that's right, I don't freaking care.

Did Sonny seriously bring up Felicia and Mac's relationship? What the HECK?

January 15th, 2010

Lulu convinces Nikolas to stick with his first plan of going to Paris, though he's considering making the change of location permanent. Elizabeth heads over to say goodbye and they end up getting naked and exchanging I-love-yous, which is exactly Lucky's cue to arrive. Sly the CSI finds a hair in the cabin that could end up placing someone at the cabin who the police don't know was there. Dante tells Mac that he thinks he can get Michael to spill what really happened, though he doesn't want to leave him with the guilt of knowing he sent his father to prison. Jason disagrees with Sonny's plan to get Ronnie to pin Claudia's murder on Franco, but he doesn't have many other choices. Lisa thinks Patrick isn't as happy as he insists he is. Michael bails on the ski trip to hang out with the gangstas.

On the one hand, yay, Lucky knows now! On the other hand, Rebecca Herbst is pregnant, so cue the paternity puzzle.

Sly the CSI is the name of my new science-centric children's book.

Apparently the distance between Vermont and New York is equal to the distance between Elizabeth's house and Wyndemere.

Lisa, maybe Patrick would stop insisting that he's happy if you would stop questioning it EVERY FIVE MINUTES.

January 16th, 2010

Next week: yet another person learns Dante's true identity (seriously, can we just have everyone find out already?), Maxie's role the night of Claudia's death comes back up, and I bet you $5 Jonathan Jackson wins an Emmy for whatever happens next.

January 18th, 2010

Instead of announcing his presence, Lucky goes home, trashes his house, and tells Elizabeth that someone broke in. Later he talks to Laura on the phone while loading his gun, then goes to the airport to try to convince Nikolas not to go to Paris. Spinelli enlists Maxie to distract Sly the CSI while he tampers with the DNA evidence in the cabin so it doesn't place Michael there. It turns out to be a moot point when he learns that the hair belonged to Sonny. Dante hears Sonny and Michael talking about Claudia's death and learns that she was killed by a blow to the head with an axe handle. He's even more convinced than ever that Sonny did the killing and Michael witnessed it. Ronnie urges him to go back to Brooklyn before he completely loses himself. Jason's still caught up in that Franco-will-kill-someone-whenever-I-kill-someone thing. Someone make Lisa go away. Olivia wants Sonny to leave town.

Not that I want anyone to be killed or anything, but Lucky, your best option here is to let Nikolas go to Paris, follow him and kill him there, and then come back to the States and hope you're not extradited.

No way did Maxie redecorate that whole penthouse in one day (I'm assuming it wasn't like that when Jason woke up that morning). And what was the point of that anyway?

You know what's exciting? There was an actual black person on the show on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!


January 19th, 2010

Lucky convinces Nikolas to stay in town, though Nikolas is a little suspicious of his insistence and the fact that he's carrying his gun. As Elizabeth tells Nikolas yet again that they're through, Lucky goes to the casino and winds up taking a drink. Jason tries to convince Sonny that pinning Claudia's murder on Franco is a bad idea, so Sonny tells him to "take a break," announcing that he'll be making the decisions from here on out. Johnny warns Lulu that when Dante eventually busts Sonny, she'll be stuck in the middle. Dante also seems reluctant to get too involved with her. Kiefer and Kristina make up from their most recent fight, but he's still jealous of Ethan. Sonny doesn't get why Olivia thinks he should leave town.

That last scene would have been more effective if Lucky were an alcoholic. But whatever, we get it.

Elizabeth has told Nikolas they're over so many times that the words have lost all meaning.

I'm surprised Sonny doesn't make Jason "take a break" more often so he can go make stupid decisions on his own.

Hey, Kristina, if you're going to insist on staying with an abusive, jealous jerk who doesn't like you talking to Ethan while he's around, you'd probably be wise to stop talking to Ethan while he's around.

January 20th, 2010

Jason asks Diane for advice on the "hypothetical" situation where Michael killed Claudia. She basically says everyone screwed up and it's kind of too late to do anything. Jason then tells Johnny that Sonny's going to pin Claudia's death on Franco, asking him to continue to keep the truth quiet. Lulu tells Dante off for giving her the cold shoulder and trying to keep his distance in the expectation that once Sonny's busted, it's all over for them. As she admits to Maxie that she's in love with Dante, he admits the same to Johnny. Carly and Jax plan Josslyn's christening, asking Jason and Lulu to be her godparents. Edward tells Monica and Tracy that he's going to invite Maya and Zoe Ward to move into the mansion, but the women are skeptical. Spinelli goes to Diane for advice on Maxie, and Diane tells him that no matter how much Maxie insists that she wants him to sleep with someone else, she really doesn't. Patrick and Lisa are doctors, in case you forgot. Kristina asks Sam for relationship advice, so of course Sam tells her to GET OUT NOW.

Jason, your hypothetical is rapidly becoming...pothetical.

I'm sure Johnny loves hearing that the guy he kind of hates is in love with his ex.

Ha, Diane totally would like Russell Crowe and Justin Timberlake.

I'm 99 percent sure Maya wouldn't be Edward's great-granddaughter. That would make her Justus' daughter, and not only did he not have any children, he wouldn't have been old enough to have a daughter in med school. But yay, minorities!

January 21st, 2010

Ethan discovers that Lucky is drinking and lets Lulu know. Lulu confronts Lucky, who's unapologetic about falling off the wagon. As Lulu tells Nikolas and Elizabeth what's going on, Lucky tells Luke that he finally gets what Luke kept trying to tell him. Sonny tells Dante that he's thinking about giving him the organization when the time comes for him to retire. Michael is furious and vows to take Dante down. Lucky tells Jason that he's removing himself from Claudia's case, then reveals that Maxie may have seen something at Sonny's the night of her death. Ronnie's excited to bust Sonny for conspiracy and obstruction of justice for his attempts to pin Claudia's murder on Franco, but Dante doesn't like that he has to keep lying. Lisa and Patrick's patient's boyfriend is a jerk, and Patrick thinks he used to be like him.

Emmy engravers, make sure you spell Jonathan Jackson's name correctly.

Man, I can't wait for Michael to find out Dante's his brother. His head is going to explode.


Hee, who knew Morgan and Edward could be so entertaining? "It was at church camp!"

January 22nd, 2010

Michael lays into Sonny for wanting to give the business to Dante, accusing him of being disrespectful. He scores a win later, though, when he overhears Dante and Johnny and learns that Dante is a cop. Lucky and Luke discuss Nikolas and Elizabeth while Nikolas and Elizabeth discuss Lucky's drinking. After some more drinking, Lucky finally tells his fiancée and brother that he knows what they've been doing. After Maxie tells him exactly what she saw at Sonny's, Jason gets her to agree not to tell the police that Michael was with Sonny. He and Sonny are nervous about putting Michael's life in Maxie's hands, as they should be, especially since Mac will be the one questioning her. Carly agrees to go along with Sonny's plan to pin Claudia's murder on Franco. Lulu tells Dante about her concerns over Lucky, but he still keeps his distance.

Now I can't wait until Michael tells Sonny that Dante's a cop, and Sonny doesn't believe him.

After all that, Lucky just...confronted them? I thought we were going to get some huge, shocking revelation or something.

Sonny and I are on the same wavelength - nothing should ever be dependent on whether or not Maxie can keep her mouth shut.

Hey, Dante, if you're not going to hug Lulu, will you hug me?

January 23rd, 2010

Next week: Dante's in a lot of trouble, Olivia's perfect little world starts unraveling, and if the rumors are true, something I've been wishing for a long time actually happens.

January 24th, 2010

Dang. The rumors aren't true. Thanks, Soapnet, for showing a commercial that ruins the entire plot.

January 25th, 2010

Lucky lays into Nikolas and Elizabeth, finding 18 different ways to call Elizabeth a whore and telling the two of them that they're horrible people. Elizabeth certainly agrees with him. Nikolas tells Lulu what's been going on and she's clearly on Lucky's side. Lucky and Luke do some more drinking together, and Luke thinks that Lucky will know the right thing to do when he sobers up. Sonny worries that Maxie won't be able to keep herself from incriminating Michael, but she proves herself worthy of the task. His day doesn't get any better, though, since Michael has news about Dante's true identity. Dante still feels bad about what Sonny's arrest will do to his family. Carly learns of Nikolas and Elizabeth's affair and gleefully tells Jason, encouraging him to reclaim Jake.

All due respect to Greg Vaughan, but...he couldn't have done that.

Way to take your time getting over to tell Sonny your news, Michael.

After all that build-up over Maxie, we didn't even get to see what happened? Eh, whatever.

Wow, Carly's glee over Elizabeth and Lucky's meltdown is low even for Carly. Why was she inviting Elizabeth and Nikolas to the christening anyway? She hates Elizabeth and Jax hates Nikolas.


I don't watch Castle, but somehow Sarah Brown (Claudia), Seamus Dever (Ian), and Senta Moses (Winifred) all wound up on tonight's episode together. Weird.

January 26th, 2010

Sonny doesn't believe Michael's news about Dante and accuses him of making it up because he's jealous. Michael next takes the news to Kristina, who encourages him to tell Jax. Michael does so, and Jax tells him he'll handle things, but Michael can't say anything to anyone. Olivia calls Dante's lieutenant to get him taken off of Sonny's case, only to learn that Rayner is now in charge, as one of Sonny's charges will be RICO violations. She reveals that Sonny is Dante's father and threatens to announce the news and compromise the case if Rayner doesn't replace Dante with another officer. Not wanting to put the case on standby, Rayner gets it pushed forward. Lulu rips into Elizabeth at the hospital, saying similar things to what Lucky already said, just in front of Robin, Patrick, Sonny, Epiphany, and Ethan. She then goes to Dante for comfort and answers, wondering if he really cares about her or if it's part of his cover. He assures her that he really does care and they exchange I-love-yous, but when Dante hears that Sonny's arrest is being moved up, he tells Lulu she has to leave. Jason tells Carly that he won't be taking Jake away from Lucky, then discusses the situation with Sam, who's willing to support whatever decision he makes. Ethan finds Mike unconscious in an alley and takes him to GH, where Lisa will be performing surgery on him.

Poor Lulu. This is, like, her worst day ever.

I really can't wait until Jax's house of cards comes crashing down. I bet he'll risk Dante's life to get Sonny put away, too, and won't warn him that Sonny's on to him. Man, I hate him.

Did Sonny really ask Michael why Dante would infiltrate his organization to bring him down? He seems unclear on the meaning of the word "undercover."

That was the fastest trip to London ever. Why did they even bother writing Robin out for two days? They could have just...not shown her.

January 27th, 2010

Jason starts putting the pieces together, deciding that it's possible Dante really is an undercover cop. He questions some of Sonny's staff about anything suspicious they might have noticed, and learns that Dante wound up with the ashes from Sonny's fireplace the day after Claudia's death. Spinelli's investigation also turns up something interesting. Lulu confronts Dante about his rejection the night before, wondering if he's really going to leave town once Sonny's arrested. He asks if she would be willing to come along and she admits that she wouldn't. Lulu confides in Carly about her boy troubles as Dante does the same with Olivia. Olivia tells Johnny about her conversation with Rayner, making him mad that she would stab her son in the back. Lisa wants Patrick to perform Mike's knee reconstruction, for some reason.

What, exactly, does Lulu think is going to happen once Sonny finds out Dante was behind his arrest? That he'll buy him a car and throw him a party?

So Carly and Olivia haven't talked for more than two months? And Carly was able to forgive Jax, but she hasn't even considered forgiving Olivia for the same issues until now? Shut up, writers.

My favorite part of the episode was Graciella calling Claudia "Mr. Corinthos' latest wife." Heh, she didn't even bother to learn her name.

Why do the writers think Lisa is interesting??

January 28th, 2010

Sonny and Jason are just about to convince themselves that Dante isn't really an undercover cop when Spinelli informs them that an arrest warrant is in the works, and that a piece of Sonny's shirt was removed from his fireplace by an undercover cop. Sonny decides that his only option is to kill Dante, so he and Jason set up a hit - Sonny will send Dante on an errand and a sniper will shoot out his tires, sending him into the lake. He plans to improvise if Dante shows up at the christening instead of going on the errand. Lulu's conversation with Carly convinces her to stand by Dante no matter what, and this time Dante can't help but let her stick around. They're about to finally consummate their relationship when Ronnie shows up to tell Dante that the arrest warrant has come through. Dante's still anxious about what he's going to do to Sonny's kids, and he wants the family to have one last happy time together, so he announces that they won't arrest Sonny until after the christening. Luke worries about Lucky's mental state, but Lucky promises that he's not going to kill anyone. Tracy thinks that Ethan is being negatively affected by the affair, but he's actually handling it well, connecting with Lucky for the first time. Elizabeth's on her way to a nice little breakdown. Lulu and Olivia end up in church together, praying for Dante.

Dear everyone, you're jinxing Dante.

Hey, Sonny? Even if you kill Dante, the police will still arrest you. Use your brain, please. Also, your brilliant plan is to shoot out his tires and hope he drowns in a cold lake? It hasn't crossed your mind that he might survive the drive into the lake? People on this show survive that all the time. People on this show have survived driving into the ocean. One of them was your ex-girlfriend. For a criminal mastermind, your mind is not so masterful.

Once again, I CAN'T WAIT till Michael finds out Dante's his brother. Like, I want to be the one to tell him.

Whatever, Elizabeth. Monica's one of the last people in town who would judge you for cheating.

January 29th, 2010

Sonny sets up the hit, then calls Dante over to give him an assignment. Dante, however, has heard from Olivia that Sonny seems distracted, and he's suspicious about the task and its timing. He specifically asks if Sonny thinks he's been betrayed, which leads to Dante bringing out his badge and reading Sonny his rights. Sonny pulls out his gun and prepares to get rid of Dante himself, but first Dante wants to tell him exactly why he hates him (because of Mr. Poletti). As Josslyn is christened, Sonny shoots Dante, and seconds later, Olivia arrives and tells Sonny that he just shot his own son. Jane arrives for the christening and Jax tells her what he's been up to, as well as his plan to be honest with Carly about his role in Sonny's arrest. Lucky's a little mad at God, and Lulu's a little mad at Luke for having some compassion for Elizabeth. Josslyn gets a mystery present.

So the original (hilarious) rumor was that Lucky was going to get really drunk, show up at the christening literally gunning for Nikolas, and accidentally shoot Elizabeth instead. There aren't enough ways to describe how that would never happen. I much prefer the Sonny-shoots-Dante-and-Olivia-reveals-who-he-is-even-though-people-guessed-that-would-happen-months-ago direction that the show actually took. EVEN THOUGH ABC TOTALLY RUINED IT ALL WEEK. And even though Dante would have been totally justified in shooting Sonny first.

I hate it when they juxtapose something mobby with something happy. Poor Josslyn's christening will always be tied to her half brothers' half brother's shooting.

As much as I'm on Lulu's side about hating Elizabeth, the next time someone wants to shut her down, he/she just needs to mention the fact that she once destroyed a marriage.

I kind of hope that present's from Jerry. Just because.

Scorecard (wow, I've really been a slacker with this)
Back in town: Jane Jacks
Christened: Josslyn Jacks
Injured: Mike Corbin, Dante Falconeri
Totally, definitely broken up: Lucky Spencer and Elizabeth Webber

January 30th, 2010

Next week: Olivia's got some 'splaining to do, Jax gets what he deserves, and Sam tries to be an everyday hero.

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