General Hospital blog - January, 2011

January 1st, 2011

Next week: Olivia finally gets a new storyline.

January 3rd, 2011

Carly quickly goes into panic mode and heads to the crash site with Jason. Word spreads about the crash and everyone who knows someone on the bus (so...everyone) starts freaking out. The bus driver is dead, Olivia has nonspecific injuries, Matt has a broken arm, and Morgan is missing, but everyone else seems fine. Luke wants to, in Lucky's words, commit grand larceny on his honeymoon. Theo should be more careful about his slyly personal comments, as well as about what he says to a mobster.

So now we know: If this were Lost, Molly would be Boone and Kristina would be Shannon.

Would someone like to give Olivia a blanket? Seriously, people.

For once, Carly's histrionics are actually going to pay off, as the hospital wouldn't be prepared for an emergency and no one would be looking for the crash victims if she hadn't freaked out.

Are you enjoying standing around, doing nothing, Brook? If it means anything to you, you look quite pretty doing it.

January 4th, 2011

Michael finds Morgan, whose leg is broken, and brings him to the group, then heads up to the road with Molly. They find a phone and manage to reach Lucky and give him details on who's hurt and who's okay, which helps calm some of the survivors' loved ones. Dante and Brenda reach the crash site, followed by Jason and Carly, and Dante gets to see a quickly deteriorating Olivia. Sonny and Abby find themselves in the same waiting room, and Sonny learns that she's Michael's friend. Brenda asks Molly and Kristina to be in the wedding. Apparently other people's emergencies are good for Patrick and Robin's relationship.

So if I were stranded on a deserted island or in some other perilous situation, I would want Steve and/or Michael with me.

How ironic that Kristina's accusing Molly of doing nothing useful when SHE'S THE SHANNON. In fact, in the competition for who was the most useless in today's episode, it's all tied up between Kristina, Siobhan, and Brook.

I think the writers just keep forgetting that Molly isn't Sonny's daughter. When Sonny asked if his kids were okay, Brenda first said Molly was. Yeah, let's be honest - he was asking about Michael.

Speaking of Brenda and Molly, I guess it would have been weird for Brenda to follow her comment to Molly about knowing the crash must have been scary with, "Remind me to tell you about the time my mom drove me off a cliff."

Please tell me I'm not seeing things and Abby is actually wearing fishnets in the hospital. Please tell me Sonny figures out what she does for a living just by looking at her (makes sense, since he used to own a strip club). Also, HOW DOES ABBY NOT KNOW WHO SHE'S TALKING TO?

Really, Cameron, you want to hang out with the woman who helped break up your parents' marriage? Nice. And I can't wait till Elizabeth is forced to thank Maxie for helping her son.

Dear all actors everywhere: When you're pretending to drive a car, keep your eyes on the road. (This means you, Steve Burton.)

January 5th, 2011

Patrick performs emergency surgery on Olivia and declines to tell Dante how serious her condition really is. Ali collapses from a brain bleed, and Kristina and Steven blame themselves, Steven because he didn't notice that she was hurt and Kristina because people were too focused on her to pay attention Ali. Unfortunately, emergency surgery with Patrick and Steven doesn't save her. Elizabeth lets Jason and Sam have a few moments together, and father and son have a conversation about something they both like: motorcycles. Sonny pegs Abby as a stripper and warns her that Michael has to be careful about who he associates with. After an hour of missing each other, Michael and Abby reunite, and of course Carly is watching. A pediatrician named Terrell Jackson, who's supposed to interview at GH the next day, winds up with Morgan's case and proves to have better bedside manner than probably anyone else on staff. Brenda's touched to see Sonny with his children.

People who deserve Emmys today: Dominic Zamprogna, for making crying look manly, and Steve Burton, who conveyed both happiness and regret in the scene with Jake.

Hey, Theo, if you want an actual reason to sue the hospital for malpractice, I suggest you get in touch with Ali's family.

First lesson, Terrell: Never call Epiphany "lady."


January 6th, 2011

Dante's sad for an hour, but he's okay after Olivia wakes up from the shortest coma ever. Carly tells Michael she saw him with Abby, and Michael tells her again that they're just friends. Sonny tells Carly he met Abby, then is dumb enough to mention where she works. Theo makes Sonny/child-related comments to Morgan, also mentioning that he had a son who died. When he tries to talk to Dante, Sonny tells him to go away. Steve hires Terrell, who we can safely assume is the person Lisa called on December 21st, as she's brought him there to seduce Robin. Sonny comforts Kristina over Ali's death, telling her about his own experience losing a friend (Stone). Spinelli wants Diane to write about him. Tracy ditches Luke for turning their honeymoon into a heist.

All those scenes with Dante sitting with Olivia, and Johnny even visiting, but not one Steven/Olivia scene? I feel cheated.

Darn it, Sonny! This is why we don't tell Carly things!

Morgan, please tell a grown-up that a scary man came to talk to you for no apparent reason.

I find it hard to believe that Kristina's never heard about Stone. I also find it hard to believe that they let her be that tan when she's supposed to be in upstate New York in January.

January 7th, 2011

Carly continues to flip out over Abby, yelling at Sam for introducing her to Michael and telling Abby to stay away from him. This time, Abby fights back. Olivia's well enough to flirt with Steven in front of her son. Brenda's eager to plan her wedding, but Spinelli refuses to help her. He'd rather work with Diane on his book, leading Jason to catch them in some sort of weird sex-stimulating pose. Terrell asks Lisa what he gets out of seducing Robin, and she agrees to his suggestion that they end up in bed together. Robin gets Theo to drop his lawsuit against the hospital. Molly's acting weird. Sam and Jason decide to run a background check on Theo.

Sam, to Carly: "Why are you acting like such a b&%#$ right now?" Me: "'Right now'?"

Abby, if you continue you talk back to Carly, I'm going to have to carve out a spot for you on my list of favorite characters.

I love how on this show, waking up from unconsciousness is all you have to do to be assured of a full recovery.

Why in the world would Brenda want Jason to help her plan her wedding? Has she forgotten that she has Robin as a friend?

Um, there's an actual book. I don't know how I feel about that. But let's be honest - I'm going to buy it.

This probably sounds weird, but I really like Terrell's voice. Like, I want to hear him read Shakespeare. I'm thinking something from Hamlet.

January 8th, 2011

Next week*: Jason's Spidey sense is tingling, Carly has learned nothing, and Sam gets possibly life-changing news.

*A lot of the little teasers I've read recently haven't panned out, so take these all with a grain of salt.

January 10th, 2011

Carly offers Abby money to leave town, but Abby holds her ground. Michael catches them together and tells Carly to back off, then sneaks into the strip club to watch Abby. Lucky finally confronts Siobhan about her phone calls from Fiona, and she tells him they're really from an ex-boyfriend. He sends her to Diane to get immigration help, and Theo takes her case instead. Spinelli gets Brenda a wedding planner, which Diane sees as meddling, for some reason. Patrick seems to already have a problem with Terrell. Brenda asks Jason to give her away, which leaves Sonny without a best man. Lulu asks Dante straight out if he has feelings for Brenda. Kelly tells Sam that there's a procedure that could allow her to have a baby. Sam claims she's happy with her life the way it is, but we all know she's lying. Dante asks Ronnie to look into Theo's background.

If Lucky can't tell when people are lying to him, he might want to look into a different profession.

Siobhan having no idea who Theo is makes me laugh. Very hard.

Don't look so sad, Sam - you might actually get a plotline out of this.

Hey, it's Kelly! See you in six months!

January 11th, 2011

Abby sees Michael at the club but keeps dancing while he goes to Jason to talk about his frustrations over seeing her dance. Sam has a conversation with Abby that convinces her that Abby has deep feelings for Michael. When the lovebirds encounter each other later, they decide to take the next step and do some making out. Sonny gives Brenda a ring, then has a nightmare about something bad happening at their wedding. Theo tries to find out the extent of Siobhan's connection to Lucky. Dante tries to convince Lulu that his feelings for Brenda don't go beyond friendship, but she thinks it would be best if he stopped working with her (though she quickly takes that back). Sam decides not to tell Jason about the fertility procedure. Brenda clashes with her Murphy-obsessed wedding planner. Ethan and Maya look for a place to live.

Awww, Abby and Michael are cute. He'll make an awesome boyfriend.

Don't worry, Sonny, nothing bad will happen to Brenda at the wedding. Because there's no way the ceremony will progress long enough for anything to happen.

Siobhan and Theo continue to make me laugh, this time because she doesn't realize she just met with him, went somewhere else, and met with him again.

Did I miss something? I thought Maya had to live at the mansion so Edward would pay her tuition or bills or whatever. Eh, I don't care.

January 12th, 2011

A body turns up in the harbor, and everyone wonders a) if it's Jerry and b) if he was the Balkan. (It's not, and we already know he's not.) Jason questions Siobhan again about the night Jerry was shot, noting how suspicious it is that she didn't see the shooter. Later, Jason asks Brenda to postpone the wedding because he thinks it's a perfect chance for the Balkan to grab Brenda. Lucky asks Spinelli for help finding out if Jerry had a connection to Alexander. Diane notes that if Siobhan's safe, she doesn't have much of a reason to stay in the States anymore. Ethan turns up at Johnny's place, having been beaten up by high rollers, and admits that he's trying to get money so Maya can turn down Edward's deal and end the marriage before their feelings for each other get too serious. Johnny goes to collect Lisa, and seeing them together makes Patrick suspicious. He remembers seeing Johnny the night Lisa was in Robin's room and figures out that she handed off the syringe to him. Elizabeth goes to Nikolas a suspiciously short amount of time after talking to Steven about her money issues. Brook thinks Elizabeth is trying to play the victim so Nikolas will help her out. Brenda invites Jax to her wedding, because she is an idiot. Molly skips out on a ceremony honoring her as a hero.

You know, Lucky's musings make me wonder: since we know Jerry isn't the Balkan, why did he take Alexander's body?

My stupid DVR pulled a Molly this afternoon, so I had to wait and watch the show on SoapNet, which meant I couldn't fast-forward Nikolas and Brook's crap. But then Brook was mean to Elizabeth, and everything was okay again.

Was there a time when I used to hate Ethan? Because I can't really remember it now. More Ethan/Johnny/Lisa scenes, please! (Okay, Maya, you can come, too.)

Hmmm. Patrick's a better PI than Spinelli.

Did Brenda seriously ask Jax why he won't come to her wedding? Um, because he doesn't want to see his ex marry a guy he hates, maybe? And because the second the priest asks if anyone objects, someone will have to slap a hand over his mouth? (Sonny, let this serve as a warning before you even think of inviting Carly.)

Excuse me, but where's Michael's ceremony? He's the real hero. Molly was as much of a hero as Sam was during the hostage crisis. (Actually, rewatching part of that storyline made me realize that she was kind of a hero, since she walked out on a tiny ledge and jumped onto a car. But still, Molly didn't do anything heroic. She walked and dialed a phone. Michael was a freaking rock star.)

January 13th, 2011

Abby gets arrested for prostitution, thanks to an anonymous tip that sends police to her strip club. Dante accuses Ronnie of going after a friend of Michael's as revenge against Sonny. Oh, and it turns out Johnny's the majority shareholder in the club. Spinelli finds an ATM receipt showing that Alexander and Jerry accessed the same bank account, but he worries that proving Jerry's the Balkan will give Brenda and Sonny the go-ahead to get married. Speaking of which, Sonny asks Dante to be his best man, but Dante says no. Jason's right to worry about the wedding being the Balkan's choice of venue for a Brenda attack, because that's exactly what Theo has in mind for Siobhan. He's also holding Fiona hostage as insurance. Carly tries to get some sympathy from Diane, who hilariously sees right through it. Carly then asks for her help in getting proof that Brenda and Dante had a child together so she can ruin their wedding. Lisa denies the existence of any syringe, but Patrick isn't swayed and actually goes to Johnny to ask for it. Maya tells Johnny (and an eavesdropping Ethan) that she enjoyed Vegas because she let go for the first time, and it's clear she wants to stay with Ethan. Patrick might be a teensy bit jealous of Terrell and Robin's budding friendship. Lulu thinks Lucky and Siobhan's relationship is moving too fast, especially since there's a possibility of a green-card marriage.

Why would Sonny ask a guy who pretty much hates him to be his best man?

Hee, Johnny is kind of Abby's boss.

Looks like Diane spotted the patented Carly pout the same time I did.

I guess when Lisa told Terrell to seduce Robin, she forgot to mention that he'd be sleeping with a woman who has HIV.

January 14th, 2011

Diane doesn't want to have anything to do with Carly's latest scheme, but Carly points out that if Sonny doesn't find out about his supposed grandchild until after he and Brenda are married, everything will go haywire. Sonny and Brenda convince Dante to change his mind about being Sonny's best man. Later, Sonny asks Carly if Morgan can be in the wedding, then tells her straight out to just tell him what she thinks she knows that'll ruin the wedding. Theo tries to trip Brenda up as she tells him what happened the night she killed Anton, then asks her who Alexander is. Jason asks Spinelli what Carly's planning, but Spinelli pretends he doesn't know of anything specific. He also mentions the book, and Jason demands to be the first person to read it, even threatening to sue Diane if he doesn't like what he reads. Siobhan begs Theo to free Fiona and end their deal. He tells her to stay with Lucky and report on his every move until the wedding. In response, Siobhan dumps Lucky. Johnny denies that he knows anything about the syringe, and Patrick warns him not to trust Lisa. Johnny then heads to the hospital and seemingly offers to return the syringe to Lisa. Terrell tells Robin about a friend of his who died of AIDS, a story Lisa thinks is a lie, but which is true. Terrell's also not happy that Lisa didn't tell him about Robin's health, and may be losing his enthusiasm for the plan. Brook tells Lucky, then Nikolas, that she thinks Elizabeth is using him for his money. Lucky thinks Nikolas and Brook should get together, and realizes that he no longer holds a grudge over the Nikolas/Elizabeth thing. Diane almost sees a picture Theo has of Brenda and Alexander.

I love that Diane's getting to take part in a big plot. I always want them to use her more, but she just has to be on two shows at once, doesn't she?

Speaking of Diane, her telling Jason that he might like the "whimsical" way the book portrays him cracked me up. Because if there's anything Jason likes, it's whimsy.

Dante, learn to say no and mean it!

I'm guessing Lisa also didn't tell Terrell about Emma, and the fact that he's working to keep parents apart.

Oh, NOW Nikolas asks Lucky if he'd be okay with him being with Elizabeth. It's a little too late, dude!

January 15th, 2011

Next week: Those wacky Corinthos kids, I tell ya...

January 17th, 2011

Brenda tells Theo she killed Alexander, and though she tries to keep Dante out of it, she ends up implicating him as well. She's suspicious of Theo's emotional reaction to the news but doesn't put things together. Jason decides that since the Balkan is still out there and unknown, Sonny and Brenda can't get married. It's almost like he thinks they'll listen. Abby learns that her ex-boyfriend called in the anonymous tip that got her arrested. Carly overhears their conversation and fixates on the word "hooker." Later, Abby asks Michael how he's so sure she's not a hooker, since...apparently she is? Lucky doesn't buy Siobhan's sudden coolness toward him, but she sticks to her story. Later, she tells Theo that Lucky broke up with her, so she can't help him anymore. He responds by putting her in touch with her abducted sister, Megan, and telling her she'll be going to the wedding no matter what. Johnny teases that he showed Lisa the syringe to see how she would react. Terrell sees them kissing and notes that Lisa may be diabolical, but at least she's not boring. Sam wants more information on fertility reconstruction. Claire is officially working for Diane's firm.

Why does Jason even bother telling Sonny and Brenda to do things? He should know by now that it's as useless as telling Carly to do things. They're like teenagers. Also, when did Sonny start letting Jason make orders?

Carly's quite judgmental of hookers, consider her mother was one. I can't believe she had nothing to do with the anonymous tip. It had her fingerprints all over it.

Aha, I didn't think that was Fiona. I thought it was someone with dark hair. Who knew there was another sister?

Claire, if you're not pregnant, you can go away. But first, can I have your coat?

Today's MOTE (and I need to remember to do these more often) goes to Khary Payton (Terrell) for his hilarious reaction to Lisa and Johnny kissing.

January 18th, 2011

Michael yells at Carly for interfering in his relationship, then comes close to telling Jason and Sam more about what happened with Carter. Jason encourages Abby to tell Michael the truth (in other words, that she's not a hooker but doesn't want to spend time with him if it could get him in trouble) and let him make his own decisions. Michael and Carly make up, and he gets her to promise to stay out of his life. Theo drops by Dante's place while he's out and tells Lulu everything Brenda told him about Alexander. She's furious with Dante for keeping more secrets from her and tells him she might never be able to trust him again. Molly seems to have PTSD, as well as the Corinthos/Lansing gene that causes people to throw breakable things when they're angry. Kristina thinks she's just being a brat, but she ultimately takes the blame for breaking the vase Molly threw to make up for the times Molly's covered for her. Bernie lets Jason know that Mike has racked up another huge debt, leading Sonny to decide that he needs to go to rehab. Dante's in agreement with Jason that the wedding should be postponed.

Rebecca Herbst has been "let go" because of the "storyline" (read: bull), and is leaving in March. The compassionate side of me thinks that sucks for her - 14 years mean nothing, eh? - but the rest of me says yay, no more Elizabeth!

Way to break attorney-client privilege, Theo.

Look, Dante, for the most part I really like you, and I like what you've added to the show, but you are a MORON. Tell Lulu everything RIGHT NOW; otherwise this is going to happen again when she finds out about the baby.

Ahhh, so that's why people keep thinking Molly is Sonny's daughter.

If Mike's going to get a storyline, can we actually, you know, see him?

Today's MOTE goes to Haley Alexis Pullos for her perfect "Moooooooom" expression when Alexis felt Molly's forehead.

January 20th, 2011

Dante tells Michael about the end of his relationship to Lulu, but he still won't tell her the whole truth. Lulu won't listen to his appeals and gets her stuff from his place. Molly wants to know more about bipolar disorder, first asking Sam how she would have felt if her daughter had had it, then asking Sonny what it's like to have it. Carol insults Robin, so Brenda fires her, but Carol doesn't seem to hear her. Diane tells Theo about Claire and Sonny's failed relationship, so Theo decides to bring Claire on as co-counsel for Brenda and Dante's case. Nikolas wants to take Brook to the city for a date, but Elizabeth ruins their plans with a fake Aiden emergency. The Stone Cates Memorial AIDS Wing loses funding and personnel, so Terrell (who Robin seems to have a little crush on) volunteers to help out.

Dante, when you tell Lulu that you're not keeping any other secrets, YOU'RE LYING AGAIN. I feel like you don't even realize that.

Molly, you don't have bipolar, you have PTSD. Keep up.

Carol, never enter a mobster's home without knocking.

Yes, still feeling bad for Rebecca Herbst, but that hateful shrew Elizabeth can't leave soon enough. People who cheat on their fianc&eacue;s shouldn't throw "whore"s.

I'm pretty sure the board can't pull funding from a wing paid for by a private donor. Also, they wouldn't pull funding; Nikolas is on the board and would never let it happen. Nice try, show.

January 21st, 2011

Diane gets Carly what she needs to prove Brenda had a baby, and Carly plans to spill the news at the wedding. We're supposed to believe Dante is on to her, but I highly doubt it. Brenda appeals to Lulu on Dante�s behalf, but she isn't having it. Lucky thinks Siobhan believes she's safe from the Balkan now that she's broken up with him, but he doesn't agree. Siobhan meets with one of the Balkan's henchmen and talks to her sister again before they're found by Lucky. He thinks the henchman is mugging her and is suspicious when she lets him get away. Whatever, Molly, you have PTSD. Brook calls Elizabeth out on making things up about Aiden, but Nikolas falls for it anyway. Patrick is totally jealous of Terrell. Claire agrees to defend Brenda and Dante.

I really, really doubt that Dante overheard what Carly and Diane were talking about. On this show, five feet is enough of a distance to render a conversation unhearable, and he was halfway across the room.

Am I the only person who's a little suspicious of this Megan chick? If they're keeping her blindfolded most of the time, as she claims, why hasn't she been blindfolded the times we've seen her? Why do they keep showing her anyway?

Um, who let Molly go out alone at night?

So this Mike storyline is just a way to get Sonny out of town for a couple days? Fine, but it would be nice to actually see Mike.

I wish we'd gotten an answer to my question about whether Lisa told Terrell about Emma...

January 22nd, 2011

Next week: Remember Johnny? Yeah, he's in trouble.

January 24th, 2011

An ex-Marine named Sean (Shawn?) Butler gets Molly to realize that she has PTSD. If only Michael would realize the same thing instead of yelling at Kristina (who was, admittedly, being annoying) and almost strangling Dante. Lucky tries to make Siobhan admit that she regrets their breakup, but it doesn't work. Dante and Carly fight about Michael, and she's happy to learn that Lulu dumped him. Jason rescues Abby from a hasslin' by her ex, Brandon, who returns with a gun. Patrick and Terrell get into a measuring contest as Matt tries to clue Robin in on what's going on. Lulu's mad at Lucky for keeping Dante and Brenda's secret from her and not supporting the breakup. Sam learns that the fertility reconstruction would only give her a 50 percent chance of carrying a baby to term.

Is Sean/Shawn staying? I looked for info on him and none seems to exist. Curious.

Which side of the family did Molly's melodrama come from? By the way, you can't spell "overly melodramatic" without "Molly."

Silly Brandon. Jason Morgan doesn't negotiate with morons.

Hey, Dante, maybe you could go get some advice from your mother. She hasn't been on for two weeks, and some of us would like to know if she's still alive.

January 25th, 2011

Theo's the reason Shawn is in Port Charles, and he wants to hire Shawn to as an "investigator" on Brenda and Dante's case so people won't be suspicious if they see them together. Jason chases off Brandon, and Abby uses the situation as another reason Michael shouldn't be around her. Later, she tells Michael the real reason she doesn't want to be around him, but it doesn't help. Dante puts in a valiant effort to win Lulu back, but she still doesn't trust him. Carly tells Theo that if he waits until the wedding, he won't have to worry about Sonny interfering in Dante and Brenda's case anymore. Luke asks Maxie to accept a delivery of diamonds, and Lucky and Ethan have to tell her that she'd actually be committing a crime if she did. Ethan still thinks it's a good idea, though. Sam tells Jason she's been thinking about her baby recently, but not why.

I should've known Shawn (I think that's the spelling they're going with) was a baddie. Also, is "investigate" a euphemism?

Yet another reason not to live in Port Charles: When Brnadon's gun went off, no one called the police.

Try to get her back all you want, Dante, but the fact remains that YOU'RE STILL NOT TELLING HER EVERYTHING.

Maxie accepting an illegal delivery for Luke would be AWESOME.

January 26th, 2011

Theo sends Shawn Johnny's way to beat him up and let him know he's not doing his job. Lulu finds Johnny and takes him home, where Lisa's broken in to search for the syringe. Dante questions Steven's intentions, but only because he hasn't yet seen how adorable Steven and Olivia are together. Jason finds a brochure about fertility reconstruction that Sam left lying around. In what is easily the dumbest plot ever involving a garage door, Terrell offers to make himself useful to Robin, but she accidentally calls his bluff. Tracy decides to let Brook do whatever she wants with Nikolas, but she's at least maternal (grandmaternal?) about it. Elizabeth continues to keep her claws in Nikolas. Maya doesn't want to leave the mansion, so Ethan agrees to move in.

I see where this is going. Lulu's going to hang out with Johnny, and Dante's going to get jealous. Part of me hates that, and part of me is a little gleeful because I love it when Johnny gets snarky, and that's sure to happen.

I like that I asked for Olivia and she came back two days later. What else can I ask for? Hmm...can Nikolas cut his hair before it gets out of control?

Clearly you don't have to have actual detective skills to be a detective. Way to totally overlook a brochure sitting right in front of your faces, Sam and Spinelli.

Ug, someone sleep with someone already so we can be done with this Terrell/Robin/Patrick thing.

January 27th, 2011

Siobhan is assigned to find out where the wedding will take place, so she pretends she's changed her mind about Lucky in order to find out from him. He goes to Spinelli for the information, then lies to Siobhan. Meanwhile, Jason's suspicious about Lucky's questions. Dante yells at Theo for breaching attorney-client privilege, then gets suspicious when Theo gets all upset about Alexander's death. Michael's turning into a creepy stalker. Lisa and Johnny tell Lulu they're hooking up, but Lulu finds it strange that Lisa won't tend to Johnny's wounds. Terrell breaks Robin's house. Sam tells Jason she's fine not having a baby, and he tells her to make her own decisions without thinking of him. Spinelli's more excited about the situation than either of them. Brook fakes a flat tire outside Elizabeth's house to interrupt her evening with Nikolas, but he correctly guesses that she punctured her own tire.

The wedding is three weeks from tomorrow. Do the guests not have invitations - and thus, the location - yet? This is so stupid. Also possibly stupid: My level of glee over Lucky lying to Siobhan.

Speaking of glee, Johnny throwing around the word "needle" around Lisa thrilled me much more than it probably should have.

Dear Theo, you suck at this.

Hey, Jason, you do get a say in this baby thing, because obviously she's going to want you to be the father.

January 28th, 2011

Molly urges Michael to get therapy, then won't shut up about how he and Abby should get back together. Michael comes across Brandon attacking Abby and has a Carter flashback. Jason accuses Lucky of feeding information to Siobhan, then tells Dante that he thinks she's a traitor. Lucky has already figured that out for himself. Jax returns from a trip to London and tells Alexis, but not Carly, that he was there to help Interpol track down the Balkan. Brenda tells Carly the same, not realizing that Jax didn't want her to know. Theo wants to get Lulu involved in the lawsuit, for some reason. Sam lets Spinelli babble for far too long about her having a baby before announcing that she's not going to be pursuing motherhood. Brenda pretends her sympathy over losing a child has nothing to do with personal experience.

I don't get how Jason and Lucky both figured out, going only on hunches, that Siobhan is working for the Balkan, but I'll go with it.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, Brenda just ruined Carly's life and she doesn't even know it!

Why is everyone acting like Jax was gone for months? Scroll up and you'll see he was last seen on January 12th, 16 days ago. Olivia was MIA longer than that. Everyone chill out.

I'M SO SICK OF THEO. Either kill somoene or leave town. You're in the running for worst villain ever.

Why the &*#%^ did Sam let Spinelli talk for SO LONG? Oh, and same question, substituting Michael for Sam and Molly for Spinelli.

January 29th, 2011

Next week: There's a lot of confessing and revealing of stuff, and Carly loses her freaking mind. Um, again. Some more.

January 31st, 2011

Michael pulls himself out of his Carter flashbacks and beats the crap out of Brandon, stopping him just before he can rape Abby. Jason manages to keep Michael from killing Brandon, then calls Dante to take Michael and Abby home. Dante convinces him to handle things the cop way rather than the mob way and arrests Brandon, telling Jason that Michael was a hero and should get credit for it. Abby declares that she wasn't raped, but Michael thinks she might be in denial. Later, he finally tells Jason that Carter raped him. Siobhan denies Lucky's accusations, which is a waste of both of their times. Lucky asks Theo to convince her to stay in the States for her own safety. He heads back to Siobhan and asks her to tell him why she's working with the Balkan, and she finally does. Dante asks Brenda what happened to the baby. Theo tells Shawn that he put the lawsuit against Brenda and Dante in motion, and he plans to get Brenda and her friends to trust him before he destroys her. Spinelli confirms for Carly that Jax has been in touch with Interpol, which pushes her over the edge.

An Emmy for Chad Duell! Hugs for Michael and Abby! Tissues for the audience!

Wait, Dante doesn't even know what happened to the baby? This is ridiculous.

Ahhh, I see why Shawn is here. It's so Theo doesn't have to do exposition to himself.

Does anyone else think Carly's going to try to rebound from Jax with Shawn? There was something about the way she was looking at him last week...

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