General Hospital blog - January, 2018

January 2nd, 2018

Cassandra's plan is to kill Anna, then take Finn to China and have him manufacture her super-addictive drug. His payment will be his own drug of choice. She gives him a dose, threatening to give another, lethal one if he doesn't cooperate. Instead, Finn overpowers her. Anna has been stashed with Valentin, which is a big mistake, since they're both WSB-trained and are able to help each other escape. Valentin finally makes it to a worried Nina while Anna goes home and finds Cassandra unconscious and Finn so high he can't stand up. Sam and Jason go the let's-not-talk-about-what-just-happened route after their kiss. Drew takes a boat out to the Haunted Star and accuses Jason of taking advantage of Carly's machinations to be alone with Sam. Sam keeps their kiss secret and assures Drew that she's not changing her decision. Ava catches Griffin and Kiki hugging and blasts them for seemingly cheating. Kiki finally tells her to get therapy, then jets off to see Dillon. Griffin tries to reassure Ava, finally telling her that they've been working together on her Christmas present: He thinks he can get Klein's formula to work. Sonny tells Carly to leave Sam and Jason alone, as if he really thinks she'll listen. When Jason gets back to shore, he tells Carly that being with him is painful for Sam, so he's going to keep his distance.

Why didn't Nina go to Anna's house? I was sure that was where that was going.

Oh, Sam. OH, SAM. It's so hard to support you when you kiss Jason and then tell Drew that nothing happened.

Hold on – Drew thinks Jason is a coward for not trying to get Sam back? What?

Kiki: "I'm so done with this." Me: "Same." Seriously, Griffin, get out now. There's no way this relationship will work out.

January 3rd, 2018

Anna tells Jordan what she and Finn were up to with Cassandra, and how it all went south. Somehow, the police didn't get to Anna's house fast enough after Anna did, and someone helped Cassandra escape. Though she turns up later, Finn thinks he killed her. P.S. Jordan thinks Anna has real feelings for Finn, and Elizabeth is basically like, "Hit that, girl." Ned has a lot of plans for Charles Street, but Michael's still resistant to driving out everyone who lives there. He pushes back so much that Ned throws a tantrum, takes his ball, and goes home (by which I mean he quits). Olivia thinks he should run for mayor now. Molly and T.J. ask Alexis to help them take their landlord to court. She tells them they'll have to get statements from other residents so she can file a class-action suit and prove that he's harassing people. Curtis volunteers to gather information, and Alexis agrees to look the other way in case he needs to do something illegal. Ava sends the two-boys painting back to Franco, who's as sick of it as I am. Kiki thinks he has unfinished business with it. Franco has a dream about a young Drew giving him a rabbit's foot and saying they're best friends, making Franco wonder why he would try to kill Drew. Kevin really wants Laura to be mayor. Laura would really like to talk about anything else. Julian bugs Olivia about getting more time with Leo.

Finn saying he killed Cassandra is...not a cliffhanger.

Whatever, Jordan. Get territorial all you want; at least Anna actually solves crimes.

When did Ned become so unbearable? If he does run for mayor, I hope Laura (who, come on, is totally going to run, too) throws his past as a bigamist in his face.

Whether Julian was there or not, no way would Molly want to spend money at a place he owns.

Franco probably murdered the rabbit that foot came from.

Kevin and Laura's scenes were boring, but at least the actors seem to be having fun.

January 4th, 2018

Spinelli (hi, Spinelli!) is able to trace the burned manuscript, The Severed Branch, to an interested publisher and hack his email. He sees that the person who wrote it, posing as P.K. Sinclair, last emailed the publisher the day before Jason escaped from the Russian clinic. Spinelli has also used predictive text to complete the manuscript and find a clue: The author's insert character, Octavian, is the Faison character's son. Finn can't actually remember injecting Cassandra, so Anna wonders if someone else showed up and did it. It doesn't really matter, though, since Cassandra likely has brain damage and will probably never regain consciousness. Anna considers finishing her off but instead calls Robert to come fetch her. Lulu can't make any headway with her Faison story, though she plants a seed in Obrecht's head about turning on him. Felicia suggests that she take a look around Wyndemere, since Faison could be hiding out there. Maxie mentions the Valentin/Nathan DNA test to Obrecht, who's not pleased. Jordan questions Valentin about what happened to Cassandra, suspicious that he's the one who shot her up and left her in an alley. Nathan's surprised that Valentin told Nina what he was up to in the investigation. Finn thinks he has to start over in his recovery and asks Amy to get rid of his sobriety chip. She decides to hold on to it instead, thinking he'll change his mind later about his progress.

I've suspected that Peter was a bad guy since he arrived (he serves very little purpose otherwise), so I'm going to guess that he's Faison's son.

Speaking of which, that plot has gotten confusing, but at least it's original, and it's extending to a bunch of different characters.

I won't miss Cassandra, but I did like Jessica Tuck in the role.

Britt's the one Lulu should be talking to about Faison. I mean, Britt owes her. A LOT.

If only Maxie and Nathan knew a PI who could look into Obrecht's past and find out who she was hanging out with when Nathan was conceived...

Valentin: "I don't keep secrets from my wife." Me: "...Anymore."

January 5th, 2018

Jason, Spinelli, and Sonny think that Faison left town because Obrecht warned him that they were looking for him. Maxie and Nathan don't believe Obrecht's continued insistence that Victor was Nathan's father, and won't drop the subject even when she points out that they have the medical records they need, which is all they were looking for. When the Corinthos contingent arrives and asks about Faison's son, Obrecht accidentally confirms that Faison is Nathan's father. She gave him to Madeline because she didn't want Faison to take him from her and turn him into a mini version of himself. Nathan and Maxie are distraught at the thought of the DNA Nathan has inherited, and what he could pass on to their child. The Corinthos contingent doubts that Nathan is P.K. Sinclair, which must mean that there's another son. Carly thinks Sam's decision to be with Drew over Jason is like her own decision to be with Jax over Sonny. Sam tells Drew that they all have to make decisions; when everything came out, they grabbed on to each other to ride out the earthquake, but now that things are settled, they have to make sure they want what they have. Drew does, and Sam does, so she suggests getting married immediately. There's also some discussion of whether Drew should talk to his fellow Navy SEALs to learn about his past, even if it means he might not remember things that are significant to them, but whatever, that's not more important than the fact that they still don't realize that they can't legally get married right now. Kiki's worried that once Ava's appearance is back to normal (which will be happening extremely soon), she'll be awful again. Carly learns that Nelle's working for Ava and thinks it's a horrible idea, not because they could cause a lot of damage together but because Ava could hurt Nelle.

How is being related to Faison worse than being a Cassadine? They're all horrible.

Why is Charlie's suddenly the hot new place to eat? Doesn't anyone care that Julian owns it?

Well, now we know that Jason knows about Lil' Georgie, and I'm mad that we didn't get to see his reaction to that news.

LOL at Carly taunting that Nelle might use a recording to blackmail Ava, since Carly's done that exact thing.

January 8th, 2018

Maxie tells Nathan that Faison's DNA won't affect their child, but then she admits to Lulu that she's terrified about it. Lulu notes that Charlotte has Cassadine DNA and is awesome, so she should worry more about nurture than nature. Dante can relate to Nathan's struggle to accept his paternity, but he's also reassuring. Nathan grew up rich and could have easily become a jerk, but he's a cop who helps people and is generally fantastic, so obviously his DNA doesn't matter. Nathan announces that he wants to find Faison and ensure that his family is safe, and since Lulu also wants to find him, she suggests that they team up. Finn ignores Anna's objections to his decision to tell Jordan that he injected Cassandra. She points out that he doesn't remember doing it, and besides, Cassandra had threatened both of them, so it's not like he tried to kill her in cold blood. It's a moot point anyway, since Eric confesses, saying he wanted to stop her from killing Anna and Valentin. Finn moves on to trying to get out of the hospital, and Anna insists that he come home with her. Sam and Drew want to get married right away, but it looks like they've finally learned that she'll have to divorce Jason first. Sonny and Jason turn to Anna for info on Faison's possible son's possible mother. She provides then with the name Desiree, who was Faison's henchwoman, but says she's been dead for years, because no one in this town ever comes back from the dead. Anna thinks the WSB should handle things, but Jason doesn't want to wait. Josslyn wants Oscar to ask her to some ball at school, but he doesn't, so she gets mad, but then he does, so she's okay now, and it's all dumb. Carly possibly thinks they're going to have sex the night of the ball. Maxie wants Sonny to keep Nathan's paternity a secret so the news won't get back to Faison.

So how long until Faison turns up? He's been mentioned too many times and is tied to too many people to stay hidden.

I guess we'll call this an Eric ex machina.

If only Finn had responded to Anna's "you need a nap" with "YOU need a nap."

Poor Oscar. It's 2018, Josslyn. You can ask a boy out.

January 9th, 2018

Laura tries to get Jim Harvey to see what the area would be losing with his development ideas, but he's not interested. Kevin gets her to realize that if she ran for mayor, she could stop it. Michael extends an olive branch to Ned, but Ned is still a whiny child who's upset that he's not getting his way. Olivia pushes him to run for mayor, and he finally gives in. Sam asks Jason for a divorce, and he, of course, agrees to it. He suggests that they blame irreconcilable differences, since he loves her but she loves Drew. Alexis spends the episode talking down her daughters – first Molly, who wants to launch a preemptive strike against her landlord, then Sam, who wants to rush her divorce. Sam admits that she and Jason kissed, and that it made her think about their past together, but she doesn't want to go back to it. Alexis cautions her not to make any big decisions right now, in case her feelings change. Jim doesn't seem to get that, with Ned out of ELQ, the company isn't going to back his plans. He asks Julian to sell Charlie's to him (Julian declines), then visits Franco, for some reason. He tells Elizabeth that he and Franco knew each other as children. Talking to Laura makes Elizabeth decide that she wants to set a wedding date. Kevin thinks Franco should hold on to the two-boys painting and deal with the emotions it brings up. Carly tells Michael that Nelle's working for Ava, which she thinks is some sort of play to get him back. (I'm not sure of her logic.) Michael promises that he's not going to fall for anything she pulls; he's just going to play along because fighting her would just make her dig in.

Ugh, Michael, you're better off without him.

Wouldn't Sam and Jason just use the same reason for divorce that Sam and Drew used?

I'm legitimately mad that Molly and Alexis keep going to Charlie's.

I'd rather get pushed down the stairs myself than watch any more of this Franco plot.

Carly: "I mean, who was a better guy than Jax?" Jason: "Um..." HA HA HA HA HA HA! That was beautiful.

January 10th, 2018

Jordan asks Valentin why he went to see Eric in lockup right after he was arrested. Later, she goes in search of Cassandra's computer, which wasn't in her hotel room. Anna and Finn are about to finally Do It when she gets distracted by a broken clock. Somehow she jumps to the conclusion that while she was taking Finn to the hospital on New Year's Eve, Valentin was in her house, cleaning up any traces of who might have injected Cassandra. It turns out she's right, but not because he was the culprit – Nina was. She went to Anna's while looking for Valentin, and Cassandra threatened to kill her and Charlotte. They fought, and Nina won. After she told Valentin, he wanted to go to the police, but Nina was worried that her past instability would come back to haunt her. Instead, she and Valentin returned to Anna's to take Cassandra away and clean up, but he overlooked the clock. Valentin visited Eric to pay him to confess, and also to get Cassandra's computer so he could delete her proof-of-life photo of Claudette. Laura and Ned discover that they'll be running for mayor against each other. Jim wants to buy Franco's studio, but Franco wants nothing to do with him, probably because he used to date Betsy. Jordan doesn't think Anna and Finn will work out, and it looks like Finn might not either.

Ahh, I even wondered why Nina didn't go to Anna's on New Year's Eve! Nice twist!

I'm fuzzy on what Anna thinks happened to Cassandra, but I guess it doesn't matter.

Olivia, who comes from a middle-class, blue-collar family, knows that Ned wants to drive middle-class, blue-collar families out of their homes, right? I can't imagine she would be in favor of that.

Again, I'm mad about stuff relating to Charlie's – no way would Olivia hang out there, and no way would they serve Corinthos Coffee.

Clearly I'm not up on my '80s stars because I didn't know Jim was being played by Greg Evigan. Also, he's 64 but doesn't look old enough to have dated Betsy 40 years ago.

January 11th, 2018

Maxie has a nightmare about Faison stealing her baby and Nathan putting himself in danger to go after him. She asks Mac to enlist Robert and Frisco to help her and Nathan disappear so Faison can never hurt them. Mac agrees, though he points out that Faison doesn't know he has a son, so he doesn't pose a threat. Maxie figures it's only a matter of time before he finds out. She's right, as Nathan and Lulu are forming a plan to have her publish an article about him in an attempt to draw out Faison so Nathan can arrest him. Dante's not happy that his wife could be putting herself in danger, but instead of trying to change her mind, he invites himself to join the mission. Lulu takes the story idea to Peter, who approves it. Sam and Jason are ready to get divorced, but Alexis and Diane want to hammer out all the details like money and ownership of the penthouse. Sam and Jason sit there quietly and have flashbacks until Jason just signs the paperwork and says he doesn't care about the money. Just as Sam is about to sign, Alexis tells her to wait, since they need to discuss custody of Danny. Someone throws a brick through the window of Charlie's kitchen, and Julian suspects Sonny. Dante doesn't exactly bend over backwards to investigate. Sonny doesn't seem to be the culprit, as he asks Dante if he has any leads. Curtis has made some slight progress in looking into Drew's past; he found out where Drew went to high school and snagged a copy of his yearbook. Drew learns that he ran track, as Jason did, and Curtis comments that sometimes twins who were raised separately have things in common (unspoken: like being in love with the same person). Drew tells him that he and Sam are moving on with things, then asks Curtis to be his best man. Sonny arranges for (in other words, forces) Julian to serve his coffee at Charlie's.

"Port Charles is the safest place you can be." Mac, do you have a concussion?

Lulu's made some bad decisions in her life, but this has to be the worst.

Yeah, Peter's facial expressions just convinced me further that he's Faison's other son. (Nice, subtle work by Wes Ramsey.)

Julian, Sonny wouldn't throw a brick through your window – he'd burn down the building.

I guess the props people jumped the gun yesterday with the Corinthos Coffee signs.

January 12th, 2018

Lulu interviews Nathan, writes her piece, and gets it approved, edited, and published all in about ten minutes. Maxie and Nina blast Nathan for taking such a risk, and Maxie convinces Nathan to ask to have the piece pulled, but it's too late. Josslyn wants to wear a revealing dress to the dance, but Carly wants her to be sure she's ready to show that much skin in front of horny teenage boys. Instead of teaching her that girls and women are allowed to dress however they want, and it doesn't give boys or men the right to leer at them, Carly offers to buy Joss an expensive dress. Later, she finds condoms in Josslyn's backpack. Alexis thinks Jason should give up Danny like he gave up Jake, but Sam won't do anything that could keep Jason from his son. She signs the papers, fires Alexis, and tells her to stop trying to use Sam's life to distract herself from Julian. Oscar asks Drew to teach him to fight, claiming he wants to help defend someone at school (though Drew suspects he's made that part up). They do a little simultaneous boxing and bonding. Spinelli hacks P.K. Sinclair's email and determines that his last email to the publisher was opened, so the lines of communication are still open. He, Jason, and Sonny send Sinclair an anonymous email saying they can't wait to read his next book. Kim and Julian meet and become fast friends. Diane takes Alexis to Charlie's, and the two of them see the two new buddies together, and Alexis will probably get jealous, and ugh.

So Carly will buy Josslyn something expensive and pretty if she won't dress in a way that might make guys look at her wrong, as if that's Joss' responsibility? Shut up, Carly.

That's it? My favorite couple is divorced, and there's no fanfare. Grumble grumble.

Alexis, you crossed a line. Apologize and hush.

Things you should maybe not do: wear an engagement ring to your divorce settlement.

Nooooooo, Kim! Someone warn her!

Diane wouldn't want Alexis to be around Julian, even if it's a form of reverse psychology! THIS IS SO DUMB!

January 15th, 2018

Anna and Finn run into each other, and it's really awkward. They decide again that since their partnership is over, they should go their separate ways. Later, Anna admits to Felicia that she's trying to keep Finn at a distance because Faison could be on his way back to town, and she doesn't want him to try to use Finn against her. Felicia hopes she's taking precautions to protect herself as well. Maxie yells at Lulu for a while about the article, then has to go to the hospital with baby-related pain (she's fine). She's not as mad at Nathan, though, for some reason. Carly hopes Kim will be on her side about confronting their kids about possibly having sex. (And while Josslyn and Oscar are definitely planning something, it's not clear what it is, so it's probably something else.) Kim tries to argue that at least they're being responsible, but she does agree that they need to make sure the kids know they're on to them. Bobbie tries to remind Carly that they can't keep children young forever. Spinelli tells Sinclair that they both have a relationship with Sinclair's Faison character. Sinclair notes that if the group is looking for a sequel to The Severed Branch, they must not have read the ending. Diane tells Jason that he shouldn't be so generous with Sam and Drew. Sonny thinks that if he just went to Sam and asked for her to come back to him, she would. Alexis and Finn talk about their recent struggles, and decide they should stay single and focus on their sobriety for the time being. Spinelli goes looking for Maxie at Crimson and instead finds Peter comforting Lulu, who's worried that she's caused Maxie too much stress. Ava teases Alexis about keeping a close eye on Kim and Julian.

Has any woman on this show ever gotten through a pregnancy without being rushed to the hospital in pain?

I liked the Alexis/Finn scenes. I hope they become friends.

Why is it always Spinelli who sees people hugging people who aren't their spouses?

"Speaking of elsewhere, could you go there?" LYLAS, Diane.

January 16th, 2018

Josslyn assures Carly that she and Oscar aren't planning to have sex anytime soon, and haven't even talked about. (The condoms were a friend's.) Their big plan for the night of the dance is to risk suspension by throwing an alternative party to protest a dress code that would force their trans friend to dress a way she doesn't want to. Kim, like Carly, is relieved that Oscar isn't planning to lose his virginity, but she's not as pleased about his boxing lesson with Drew. Jake sneaks off to visit Drew and ask him to attend a father/son event at school. He admits that he didn't want to mention it to Elizabeth because he was afraid she would want him to go with Jason. Elizabeth tells him she hopes he gets to know Jason when he's ready, because Jason's a great dad, but she won't pressure him. Drew has a difficult time hearing her encourage Jake to bond with someone else, but he thinks Jake deserves as many loved ones as possible. Later, Jake, Elizabeth, and Jason all wind up at Kelly's at the same time, but they don't approach each other. The paternity test says Michael is the baby's father, and Nelle thinks they'll eventually wind up back together. Ava tells her to move on, but there's no way Nelle's going to do that. Michael freaks out about becoming a parent and turns to Jason, who's sure he'll do a great job. Sonny wants to kill Faison as soon as they find him, thinking Faison won't give them any answers. He and Jason tell Sinclair that they want to work with him to draw Faison out. Sinclair replies that he wants to meet. Kiki's still worried that Ava's surgery will make things bad between them again.

If Carly's so worried about Josslyn having sex, maybe she shouldn't have waited until Joss was 14 to talk about it.

Also, of course Joss isn't going to have sex anytime soon. No one who wears a ruffled turtleneck is thinking about that.

At this point, Josslyn and Oscar are such great kids that they could rob a liquor store and I'd go, "Eh, they probably had a good reason."

Again, the show conveniently forgets that this isn't the first time Michael's been told he's going to be a father.

Jason's parenting Sonny's kid, Drew's parenting Jason's kid...does this mean Sonny will start parenting Oscar and/or Scout?

January 17th, 2018

Ava tries to see Avery before her procedure, but Sonny and Carly shut her down. They warn that someday they'll tell Avery everything she's done, and she'll turn on her mother, too. While under anesthesia, Ava has a dream where she's fully healed, but people keep telling her it won't make up for how damaged her soul is. She sees the same dark-haired woman wherever she goes, and gets text messages from someone who says he or she knows who Ava is. Morgan turns up alive, and Ava thinks that returning him to his loved ones will make everything okay when. When she tries to reveal him at a gallery party, Connie appears instead. Everyone at the party reminds Ava of the horrible things she's done, and Griffin says he changed his mind about her ability to be redeemed. Franco's portrait of Ava has a scar, and Ava's own scars return, worse than ever. The dark-haired woman turns out to be a grown-up Avery, and just as Ava feared, she's turned on her mother for what she did to Morgan and Connie. Ava insists that she's becoming a better person, and when she wakes up for real, she decides she needs to put her words into action. But the dark-haired woman, a bartender at the Metro Court, says she knows who Ava is...

This episode was even dumber than I'd feared it would be. I want the whole hour Eternal Sunshined from my memory.

Maura West won't have to eat for a week after consuming all that scenery.

Why is it so funny to me that, when they couldn't get Kelly Sullivan back for the episode, they went back to Megan Ward?

If I have to see Ava walk in on Griffin and Kiki hugging one more time, I'm going to beg someone to blow ME up with a car bomb.

And where was I when Julian started taking responsibility for his own actions? Because I don't remember that.

January 18th, 2018

Molly and T.J.'s apartment building is evacuated because of a gas leak, so Julian ushers the two of them and a visiting Kiki to Charlie's to wait it out. He summons Alexis, and Ned tags along and starts bickering with Julian about gentrification and making Charles Street safe again. (Like, in case you didn't get the allegory here, it's practically smacking everyone in the face now.) Laura arrives and reveals that the apartment building may be condemned. Ned's the only one who thinks it was unsafe before Jim turned up and started trying to buy up property. Julian points out that Ned doesn't know what it's like to worry about where you're going to live because his family has never struggled. Ned fires back that Julian only pretends to care about the "little people" because he wants to impress Alexis. The two almost come to blows, and Laura has to break them up, asking for some maturity and peace in honor of Mary Mae. Jim accuses her of exploiting Mary Mae's memory, but even Ned thinks he's crossing a line with that. Ned asks Alexis to give him legal guidance during his campaign, but she declines since she doesn't share his views on what's best for the town. She offers Laura her services instead, but Laura receives a phone call that makes her announce that she has to drop out of the race. Maxie and Nathan celebrate their first anniversary and look forward to even more happiness in the future. She forgives Lulu for her article, but she can't shake her paranoia, which is probably well-founded, since Faison appears to be in town. Jim visits Franco at his studio to urge him to move out so he can be inspired by a change of scenery. He mentions that he tried to get in touch with Betsy, but she's basically vanished. Franco asks if he remembers Drew, then brings up Drew's family and memory issues. Elizabeth has talked to Laura about Jim's intentions and shows up at the studio in time to warn Franco not to make any deals with him. Later, Jim tells Ned he wants to talk about Drew.

Alexis reached Dana Scully-level eye-rolling in this episode. Impressive.

Point made, Julian, but you come from a rich family, too.

I'm glad Kiki's hanging out with Molly and T.J. She really needs friends. Maybe they could all live together?

Why did Franco bring up Drew's amnesia? That was weird.

January 19th, 2018

A drunk Obrecht tells Anna that she can't get in touch with Faison, and suspects that Anna did something to him. (She didn't.) Obrecht confirms that Faison does have another son, Heinrich, but Faison didn't care for him because Anna wasn't his mother. Anna goes to Sonny to ask about his progress in finding Faison, and he agrees to share information. She strongly objects when he tells her they plan to use Faison's son to draw him out. Back at Anna's, Obrecht is knocked out by a guy who looks like Faison from behind, and though we don't see his face, Anders Hove has been confirmed to be returning, so...yeah, it's Faison. Sonny tells Jason that he should go declare his love for Sam and win her back. Jason does go to the penthouse, but it's to warn Sam and Drew that the Corinthos contingent is trying to smoke out Faison, so he may surface. They tell him they're getting married, and he suggests that they take the kids with them on their honeymoon in Tahiti so they're all out of harm's way. Sam wonders if Drew wants to stick around to confront Faison, but Drew cares more about his future and his family than his past. Sam and Jason both think about their wedding while Sam gets ready for her next one. Spencer got hurt skiing in France, so Laura's dropping out of the mayoral race to go tend to him. She thinks Kevin should take her place, but he doesn't think he would survive the vetting process. Jason ends up playing pool with Kim at Jake's, talking about Sam and Drew. Julian accidentally interrupts and warns Kim to stay away from Jason, since he's a mob enforcer. Also, Julian's food delivery arrives ruined, and Julian goes to Sonny to complain, but for some reason, he thinks Ned is responsible. Sonny somehow doesn't ask why Julian came over. Valentin wants Laura's recently vacated seat on the hospital board, and thinks his checkbook will be enough of an enticement for the other board members.

Hi, Faison. Welcome back. Could you do me a favor and kill Obrecht? Thank you and God bless.

Why do people keep thinking he's going to knock on their doors, though?

The next person who tells Jason to basically steal Sam away from Drew, even though she's made her choice, has to pay me $1,000.

I wanted Laura to be the mayor, but I would consider Kevin an acceptable replacement. At this point, I'm not sure who else would run.

"Gastropub." Shut up, Julian. Also, at least Jason never got arrested for trying to kill his wife, so shut up again.

January 22nd, 2018

Anna thinks that Sonny will start a war if he uses Heinrich to draw out Faison, so she offers herself up as bait instead. She asks Sonny to let her know the next time Heinrich gets in touch, but he wants to make his own moves. Anna secretly gets Robert to intercept any emails send to the Corinthos Contingent's email address so she can see them. Jordan gets a call about a disturbance at Anna's, but since no one's there when she and Anna both arrive, they figure it was just Obrecht stumbling around, drunk. It's actually Faison kidnapping Obrecht and taking her to a stable. Sam and Drew get married (for real) while Spinelli tells Jason that Sam is better off with him, Drew doesn't care about her as much as Jason does, she's making a mistake, etc. Jason finally tells him to be quiet and respect Sam's decision. Laura offers to endorse Ned in the mayoral race, but he won't accept her terms, so she changes her mind. She also thinks Alexis should run. Michael tells his parents and Bobbie that the paternity test confirms that he's the baby's father. Sonny responds to the news by telling Michael that his family has his back, while Carly and Bobbie respond by shooting death glares at Nelle. They're also annoyed that Monica's willing to spend time with the mother of her great-grandchild.

I'm guessing that Faison took Obrecht to Wyndemere, and I remember Valentin mentioning a vacation last week, so it's probably empty. Maybe he'll stuff her in a hole for a year?

Monica: "I wouldn't have missed this for the world." Well, you missed the last one, so...

Any reason Oscar and Jake weren't at the wedding?

Damian Spinelli, come on down! You're the next contestant on Pay Jenn $1,000 for Telling Jason to Mess with Sam's Life! Your prize telling you to shut up!

While I would love for Alexis to trounce Ned in an election, her mob ties are going to be a big obstacle to overcome. It's also a bad idea so early in her sobriety.

Whoever decided not to renew Genie Francis' contract can bite me.

January 23rd, 2018

Faison is crazier than ever and ready to meet his son. Obrecht begs him to leave Nathan alone, but he's not about to do any favors for the woman who's been lying to him for 30+ years. Lulu asks Peter to talk to her editor and let her pursue the Faison story. He won't, but he can't stop her from looking into Faison's location on her own. She goes to Wyndemere, suspecting he's been hiding out there, and finds Obrecht. She doesn't get out fast enough, though, and Faison catches her. Dante, Nathan, and Jordan are putting together a board of the key players involved in the Faison plot, and Anna gives them a new name by telling them about Heinrich. They guess that she's working on something by herself when she won't tell them her plans for getting in touch with him. Anna then goes to Peter and asks him to run a follow-up to Lulu's story about Nathan; they'll reveal that there's a second son and plant a clue for Faison to follow that will lead him to the police. Peter refuses, citing an ethical dilemma and a risk to Aurora's reputation. Anna thinks his insistence that he would aid the WSB if he could is a lie. Minutes after leaving the office, she intercepts an email from Heinrich saying he's ready to meet the Corinthos contingent. Molly and T.J.'s building is now condemned, and Alexis is madder than ever about the whole situation. Molly and Julian think she should run for mayor, but Alexis isn't interested. Then Ned shows up and starts being annoying again, and after he and Alexis basically have an impromptu debate, she decides to run.

Lulu. Sweetheart. When did you get so dumb? Somewhere, your father is disowning you.

I wish Nathan had drawn a stick figure to symbolize Heinrich.

If Peter is Heinrich – and I'm 99 percent sure he is – he has a good poker face.

Olivia signed a prenup? What??

January 24th, 2018

Obrecht continues to try to protect Nathan while Lulu encourages Faison to go find him, hoping he'll get arrested. She accidentally lets slip that Nathan's going to be a father, which doesn't make anything better. Obrecht turns the conversation to Anna, who Faison claims to be over. He changes his tune when Obrecht tells him that Anna's involved with Finn now. Faison heads off to see her, leaving Lulu and Obrecht with a canister of some sort of lethal gas. While Lulu looks for a way out of the stable, Obrecht blasts her for writing the story that put the whole disaster in motion. Felicia tells Finn to declare his feelings for Anna already, or he may miss his chance. Finn heads straight over to her house and is the only one there when Faison shows up. He debates killing Finn to get rid of any competition, but instead decides to hold him hostage to make Anna do whatever he wants. Anna asks Sonny and Jason to leave Heinrich out of their plans, noting that he could get killed. Spinelli has found out that someone's intercepting Heinrich's emails, and Sonny has guessed that it's Anna, so he's not willing to do her any favors. Eventually Anna tells them that Heinrich wants to meet that night, and she invites herself along over their protests. She tells them to call the proper authorities if they find Faison, but Sonny interprets that as "don't miss." Maxie and Nathan take a break from worrying about Faison to get an ultrasound.

Obrecht probably wants to take a shower after saying nice things about Finn.

Finn, I love you, and you cracked me up a lot today, but you should be more serious when a crazy man is holding you at gunpoint.

Wait, suddenly Heinrich is a hero?

"Who are all these people having sex with Faison?" Right??

January 25th, 2018

Faison appears to be Anna's Achilles heel, as she doesn't know how to handle him when he's being all creepy and obsessive. He wants to kill Finn, but Anna takes him out of the equation by knocking him out, then asks Faison what his end game is. It's the two of them together, of course. Peter tries (pretends?) to be helpful by taking some possible Faison tips to the PCPD. The actually helpful tip comes from Anna's neighbor, who thinks Faison was around the night before and might be back there again. Once Faison realizes that Anna's never going to give him what he wants, he goes to Crimson looking for Maxie, though it's Peter he finds first. Kevin's writing a paper about the link between medical issues and psychopathy, and Elizabeth offers up Franco as a subject. Franco's not interested in the possibility of confirming that his tumor didn't actually cause his criminal behavior. Dillon and Kiki are through, but at least she got into med school. Ava and Franco have no friends, so they'll just have to hang out together. Amy has sold the rights to Ask Man Landers and put some of the proceeds in a trust for Nathan and Maxie's baby.

Faison's totally going to cause Maxie to lose the baby, isn't he?

Uh, Anna, was knocking Finn out really necessary?

Thanks, Anna's neighbor, for not calling the police when you thought you saw Faison. You're a big help.

Maybe Kiki and Griffin should just stop hugging.

I thought Dillon was coming back. Eh, whatever, I haven't missed him.

January 26th, 2018

While Maxie warns Faison that all his enemies will come after him, Peter's able to grab a gun and attempt to take a shot. Faison spots him and fires first, seemingly shooting him and rendering him unconscious (though Peterís fine ten minutes later). As Faisonís taking Maxie off somewhere else, Nathan shows up, and Faison shoots him, too. Lucas is near enough to be able to give Nathan medical attention right away, but it doesnít look good. Carly hears about the shootings and calls Sonny and Jason over. When Jason arrives, Faison has Carly at gunpoint, but Jason easily takes him down. Father and son are both taken to the hospital, and Faison better hope that Finn is more loyal to the Hippocratic Oath than he is to Anna. As soon as Anna's sure that Finn's okay, she joins Jason and Sonny in waiting for Heinrich. After they head to the hotel, she waits by herself, remembering Faison's creepiness from back in the early '90s. Peter shows up and lurks, so yeah, he's probably Heinrich. Lulu looks for a way out of the stable while Obrecht passes out from the gas. Faison mentions to Dante that he's done something to Lulu, and Peter says she was going to Wyndemere, so Dante and Sonny rush over there. Carly asks Jason if he shot to kill; he didn't, since he wants answers. He knows Faison might not survive, though, so he might not get them anyway. Finn doesn't like the danger that comes with Anna's job, but he confides to Alexis that he was impressed by the way she handled Faison, and he doesn't want to imagine his life without her. Alexis warns him not to replace his drug addiction with an addiction to adrenaline. Lucas tells Bobbie and Carly that he and Brad are adopting a baby.

Before I thought Maxie might lose the baby, my first guess was that something bad would happen to Nathan, and now it's happened and I read that someone's going to die might be freaking out a little. Help.

I was also worried that Lucas was only going to show up to get hurt, so I'm glad he's okay.

In this intense episode, I appreciate a) Carly's humor in telling Lucas that they already know he's gay, and b) Spencer's "beware the chupacabra" sign.

I'm surprised Sonny and Jason didn't suspect that Anna had sent them to a different location so they wouldn't be around when she met with Heinrich.

LOL at Faison, who knows so much about Jason's skills that he tried to make a second Jason, thinking he couldn't make that shot.

If you want to know how long it's been since they first mentioned that Brad and Lucas wanted to adopt, I couldn't remember that Valerie was the one who brought it up.

January 29th, 2018

Maxie waits anxiously for news about Nathan, jinxing the heck out of everything by insisting over and over that he'll be fine. Peter leaves the meeting spot without talking to Anna and goes back to the Metro Court, seemingly unaffected by everything that happened. Jordan calls him down to the PCPD and takes his statement, wondering how he just walked out of Crimson when Maxie said he was shot. Peter claims that the bullet missed him but he accidentally knocked himself out and doesn't remember anything between then and when he found Nathan after he was shot. Jordan sends someone to find the bullet Faison fired at Peter, but Peter already has it – it's lodged in the bulletproof vest he was wearing under his suit, which he then burns. Meanwhile, Carly and Sonny wonder why Faison went to Crimson; they get that he would want to use Maxie as leverage, but they don't think he would look for her there. Jason rejoins Anna at the meeting spot and the two head to the hospital to check on Nathan and confront Faison. While Dante blames Peter for what happened, and Lulu blames herself, and Anna blames Faison, Faison points the finger at "Cassadine." They keep showing Valentin for no apparent reason, so I'm guessing that's the Cassadine he's talking about. (Also, he's, you know, the only one left.) Finn stops Anna from asking any further questions, warning that Faison is fragile. If she goes to question him again, she needs to take a witness with her in case he dies. Lulu and Obrecht are anticlimactically fine.

Why did Bobbie take so long to think about calling Mac and Felicia? Maxie really needs a mom hug.

This would be the perfect time for a Faison-centric murder mystery, which of course means they won't do it. I mean, why else would there not be a dozen cops watching Faison? (Come on, Jordan.)

When Griffin said that the bullet is near Nathan's spinal cord, I thought they might have him end up paralyzed instead of killing him off, but I think that's just denial talking.

How long were Valentin and Nina in the Seychelles, a day? And Sam and Drew were in the previews for tomorrow's episode, so they weren't gone long either.

Okay, I'll admit that Obrecht sauntering out of the tunnel, totally fine, all, "Hi, Nina" was really funny.

January 30th, 2018

Nathan comes through surgery okay, and his loved ones say nice things about him until he wakes up, chats with Maxie for a few minutes, and then flatlines. Faison tells Jason that mind-control wouldn't work on him because of his brain damage, so Faison had to use Drew instead. Heinrich was responsible for getting the twins to Maddox, then killing Jason. As for Heinrich's current location, Jason should talk to Drew, who knows more than he thinks he does. Finn tries his hardest to convince Anna that they should be together, despite the risk. Peter tells Sam and Drew that they should make a public statement about the shootings so they don't look like they're covering things up. The two are more interested in talking to Faison and getting some answers. Obrecht's ready for Faison to die, and if Anna won't let her finish him off, Anna has her blessing to do it herself. Lulu flips out a little at the hospital when she's not allowed to go into Nathan's room to check on Maxie. She later confides in Peter that, though it's shameful, part of her is just relieved that Dante wasn't the cop who got hurt.

Ugh, not only is Ryan Paevey leaving, but they're going to drag out his exit.

I really need Anders Hove to enunciate. I can only understand about 75 percent of what he says.

"You think I want to feel this way about you?" Aw, Finn, you sweet-talker.

Also, Finn needs to never say "cool" again. It's weird.

January 31st, 2018

Nathan dies and it's super-sad and I don't want to talk about it. Sam and Drew ask Faison about the flash drive, which he says he knows nothing about. He offers to tell them how to find Heinrich if they help him escape; Drew's response is, "I hope you enjoy Hell." Later, Heinrich himself visits, and yes, he's Peter. He's incredibly happy with the way things have turned out (minus Nathan's death, I assume), since Faison was brought down by his own twisted game and wound up killing the wrong son. Faison has some sort of medical emergency, but Peter ignores him and prevents him from calling for help. Obrecht still blames Lulu for the way things played out, and she thinks Dante does, too. Stella seems to gain a little more respect for Jordan, or at least some compassion, when she has to handle the death of one of her officers.

They should have put Nathan in a coma and sent him to the long-term-care facility Drew was in for two days. At least give us a little hope. Boooooo! Also, no more cop love interests for Maxie. This is the third one she's had who's died.

On the bright side, Kirsten Storms is doing a great job this week.

Dear everyone asking how Maxie is: Please come up with a different dumb question to ask.

Again, why isn't Faison under heavy guard? There was one cop outside his room, and he left after Sam and Drew did.

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