General Hospital blog - January, 2019

January 2nd, 2019

Jordan summons Ryan to help her and Curtis profile Mills' killer, whom they tie to Mary Pat and Kiki's murders after they discover Mills' ID missing. Ryan tells them they're dealing with an antisocial loner who probably had a traumatic experience involving a holiday. In addition, the killer is taunting them, since they have a connection to all three murder scenes. Lulu tries to find out from Ava if Ryan has been acting weird with her. Ava points out that she doesn't know him well, so she can't really judge his behavior, but he's only been kind to her. Lulu tells her about Kevin's breakdown years ago and warns her to keep her eyes open. Ava tells Ryan about the conversation, which means Lulu is now on his radar. Drew decides to get in touch with Hank after all, admitting that he has no memories of the time they spent together in Afghanistan (assuming Hank's stories are true). Hank says that Drew saved his life, which made him become a whole new person. He wants to repay Drew, who's too humble and too focused on Oscar to think about that. Kristina announces that she's moving into the DOD's house, which makes Sam nervous. She questions how well Kristina knows her new friends, including Shiloh, who appears to be their leader. Kristina throws a teenage tantrum and tells Sam and Jason that if they're so uncertain about her new living arrangements, they can come check out the house themselves. They do, and Jason realizes he's already met Shiloh – he's Hank. Julian tells Kim that he saw her and Drew kissing. She swears that it meant nothing and they just took their reminiscing too far, but Julian says the damage is done: He went straight from that sight to someone else's bed. Kim begs him not throw away what they have because of a misunderstanding, but they're done. Valentin suggests that Obrecht leave town, which may be the first time I've ever agreed with him about something. Obrecht warns that if anything happens to her, three letters will go out detailing his lies, and Nina will know the truth about Sasha. She tells him she'll keep quiet for now, since she has more interesting secrets to deal with anyway. Sam and Jason kiss again, and he basically says they both know they're getting back together, and he helps himself to coffee from her kitchen, so let's just call this what it is: a reunion. Maxie's not happy to see that Nina and Valentin are back together yet again.

So Curtis isn't involved in the documentary – he just wants to be on TV?

"I think we should talk about Kevin." I'll give $200 to the first person who says, "We need to talk about Kevin."

When did Sam and Jason become Kristina's parents?

If Julian's telling the truth, which I doubt, this would be the second time he had a one-night stand on New Year's Eve.

James got super-cute. Oh, my heart.

January 3rd, 2019

Sam channels her mother to question Shiloh about his past, the DOD, where his money comes from, etc. It turns out he wrote the book everyone in the DOD reads, and he calls himself a life coach. Kristina acts like a brat, then complains to Shiloh about the interrogation. He tells her she brought the negativity to the situation, not Sam and Jason, and the DOD can help her with that. Marcus tells Stella that he's taking Yvonne out of Turning Woods and will care for her at home. She literally tells him to get therapy. Sonny wants to discuss the situation with Marcus, as though that'll help anything. Mike meets Chet and they bond over their military pasts. Chet needs a job and is good with gym stuff, so Sonny offers him a job at Volonino's. Maxie warns him not to accept any promotions into the coffee business. Lucy wrote a book about Port Charles, hoping it'll boost tourism. Gail died in Florida, and her will apparently includes interesting bequests to Scott, Lucy, and Monica. Elizabeth and Alexis learn about Julian and Kim's breakup, and...that was basically the only point of their scenes. (At least they were more substantial than Drew and Curtis' scenes.)

Coby Ryan McLaughlin is perfectly cast as Shiloh.

My suspicion is that Shiloh's the real person trying to get to Sam, and Daisy's just doing his bidding. Also, you can tell he's bad because he used the word "interface" as a verb.

Sam's interrogation skills make me think that when Scout's old enough to date, boys are in for more questioning from her than from Drew.

Is Chet going to get more to do? Yay!

Elizabeth, re: Julian: "I could just throttle him." You would have to get in line.

January 4th, 2019

Jordan and Curtis make some actual progress on the murder investigations, first noting that Laura was present at all the scenes where bodies were found, then tying everything to Ryan. They look through his victims' files and discover that their IDs were all missing, which means Ryan took trophies and no one knew it. They figure they're working with a copycat who wants to outdo Ryan, but they aren't sure who would have known about the ID trophies from 25 years ago. Laura and Ned participate in a town hall, because suddenly the election is tomorrow. Ryan gives his public endorsement of his estranged "wife," who repays the favor by saying that if she's elected, she'll focus on mental-health resources. As she's previously mentioned, she'll look into facilities like Ferncliff and make sure they're doing what they're supposed to. Ryan doesn't like this and may be ready to finally get rid of her. In a post-Christmas miracle, Sonny manages to convince Marcus to let Yvonne stay at Turning Woods and continue her relationship with Mike. Chase starts a weekly self-defense class, which Maxie, Elizabeth, Nina, and Willow attend. The latter three spend most of the class bickering because of the Aiden/Charlotte situation, but Maxie is able to keep them from using their new defensive moves on each other. If Michael's really interested in Willow, he'd better make a move soon, because she and Chase are going on another date.

Well, well, well. Look who's actually living up to her responsibilities as the police commissioner.

The writers are going to have to make Marcus likable if they want me to care about his scenes.

They're finally putting Kirsten Storms in flattering clothes again!

"If you're not scared, you're not paying attention." Uh...thanks, Chase.

January 7th, 2019

The day before he's going to be released from the hospital, Oscar makes plans with Josslyn and announces that he wants to move back home with Kim. But it's a moot point, since the drug trial didn't work, and his condition remains unchanged. Kevin tries again to keep Laura away from Ferncliff, saying he'll take charge of keeping an eye on things there. Just as he's possibly about to try to strangle her again, Scott interrupts. If Ryan didn't already dislike him, Scott doesn't help things by talking trash about the serial killer and predicting that he'll eventually screw up and get caught. As Oscar meets Shiloh, amazed that he knew Drew years ago, Sam and Jason look into Shiloh's past via his book. They discover his real name, David Henry Archer, and Sam recognizes it as the name of the son of one of her past marks. He was a trust-fund kid who turned against his father for marrying a golddigger. Sam and Jason are smart enough to realize how many coincidences surround Shiloh, like his connections to Drew, Oscar, and Kristina. At first Sam thinks Jason is the key, but it doesn't take long before they realize Sam herself is in the middle of everything, and that Shiloh is probably "Linda Black." Whatever Shiloh's game is, he really wants to help Kristina with whatever she needs, and her heart eyes for him are blinding her to any possible negative qualities he might have. Drew slams Julian for breaking up with Kim, and Julian's unable to come up with a better excuse than "she's spending too much time with her terminally ill son to make time for our relationship." Julian brings up Drew and Kim's kiss, and repeats his lie that he slept with someone else after he saw them together. Drew believes him, but Alexis doesn't, and notes that Julian seems to be pushing Drew and Kim back together. She asks if Julian said he slept with her, and he says no, but he also didn't deny it when Kim guessed it.

Well, that's not where I expected Oscar's storyline to go.

"Is this going to be a long story, Scott?" The serial killer made a funny.

I don't care if Volonino's is the only gym in a 30-mile radius; Sonny owns it, so Scott would never go there.

"Too many coincidences," Jason? Ha ha ha, there's no such thing on this show.

I'd like to know why a "space came open" at the cult house.

Drew made me so happy today. He said so many things I would have wanted to say to Julian.

January 8th, 2019

Alexis goes to Kim to tell her she and Julian didn't hook up, and Kim should give him another chance. (He broke up with her, not the other way around, so I'm not sure that would work, but whatever.) Kim couldn't care less about Julian right now and tries to get Alexis to go away. Eventually Kim confides in her instead, lamenting that she pushed Oscar into the experimental treatment when they could have been spending his last months alive doing something fun instead. Alexis tells her it's totally reasonable for her to fight for her child, and she wasn't the only one who wanted Oscar to participate in the trial. What started as a fight ends with the two women hugging and practically bonding. Like Kim, Josslyn has shifted into fix-it mode, researching other experimental treatments that might save Oscar. She even tells Carly she's going to ask Sonny to use his resources and connections to help. She feels like Drew and Kim are giving up, since they didn't give any other options when they told her and Oscar that the treatment didn't work. Carly points out that they were just being honest, and Josslyn will have to face reality. But she also wants to help however she can, so she tells Drew that her and Sonny's resources are open to Oscar if necessary. Drew would love to spend all the money he can get his hands on trying to save his son, but he wants Oscar to be the one to decide what happens (or doesn't happen) next. Oscar is handling his health news better than anyone else, accepting that he's going to die but noting that it's not going to happen today, so he should enjoy himself while he can. Cameron's so happy that Oscar's leaving the hospital that Oscar doesn't have the heart to tell him the treatment didn't work. He's shocked to learn that Cam was arrested for buying him weed. Cameron feels like he can face court since it's nothing compared to what Oscar's been through. Alexis tells him, Elizabeth, and Franco that she's hopeful he'll get off without too heavy a punishment, but her face when she learns who their judge is indicates that his chances aren't great. Sam tells Drew her concerns about Shiloh, somehow not catching on that Drew's mind is on something else.

People are saying "miracle" in connection to Oscar again, so...that's where this is going, yes?

Seriously, enough with Josslyn calling her stepfather "Uncle Sonny."

I hope the money they're paying Roger Howarth and Becky Herbst is worth their lack of anything to do.

Sam and Alexis can usually read a room better than they did today. How could Sam not tell that Drew was preoccupied with something else?

January 9th, 2019

Margaux joins Jordan and Curtis' investigation as they decide to ask Sean Donely (who was the commissioner during Ryan's original murder spree) if he knew anything about the victims' missing licenses. Tiffany tells them that Sean is having memory problems and can't help, but she points them toward Mac, who also worked on the case. He doesn't know about the licenses either. Meanwhile, though Margaux's annoyed that Lulu has had access to police files, she asks if Lulu has come across anything from 25 years ago that stands out to her. When Lulu says no, Margaux and Jordan agree that the current killer couldn't have learned about the licenses from police records, which means they don't know how he copied that aspect of the murders. Cameron makes a solid, sincere plea for the judge not to punish him too severely for a mistake he truly regrets. The judge isn't very sympathetic, so Elizabeth tells her that Cameron was trying to do something nice for a friend. Though he screwed up majorly, she's proud of his kindness. The judge still isn't very sympathetic, but Drew makes a surprise appearance and makes a case for Cameron's selflessness and generosity. Cameron ends up with what's basically a year's probation, plus community service and drug counseling requirements, which he should be less upset about, considering the alternative. He also has to get a job to pay Alexis' legal fees, but Drew's going to help him with that. Olivia worries that Ned is putting himself in danger by being in the public eye, and that being under a microscope as the town's first family will take its toll on them. Sonny offers to distance himself from Laura if she wins the election, but she doesn't see the point. For one thing, their kids are married, so they're connected no matter what. For another, they've known each other for years, and everyone knows that, so they can't hide that now. Sam and Carly commiserate over how horrible Oscar's situation is, and how hard it's been on Josslyn. Sonny catches up with Lulu, mostly to remind us that Dante still exists.

Margaux, you've done nothing to help with the murder investigation, so you can't complain about Jordan bringing in a PI.

This just in: Buying drugs is a heroic act.

I can't remember the last time we had Carly/Sam scenes, so that was nice. Also: "Tell Jason I said hi." Me: (x)

It's good to know that Sonny has people keeping an eye on Lulu, because she could easily become Ryan's next target.

January 10th, 2019

Laura wins the election and promises to work hard for Port Charles' citizens, especially with regards to their safety. Mac tells Ryan about the licenses, which Ryan happens to be carrying around with him. Meanwhile, Lulu tells Peter that the police found some sort of link between Ryan's murders and the current murders, and she hopes to figure it out and publish an article about it. Peter tells her not to, reminding her that the last time she published recklessly, someone died. Sam and Jason confront Shiloh over his true identity, and he acts like he didn't know who Sam was and isn't the person sending the emails. She calls him a scammer and asks why he's using Kristina in whatever his game is. Shiloh says that his connection to Sam must be fate. Peter meets with Anna to ask her more about her past and their family. She's eager to provide information, but first she has to have some sort of medical emergency. Ned is gracious in defeat, though he's of course disappointed. Olivia tries to cheer him up by listing all the things they can do now that his responsibilities to the town are over. Monica and Michael are there to lend support and make dad jokes (that second one is just Michael). Mac isn't thrilled that Peter and Maxie might have something brewing, but she points out that with a killer on the loose, Peter's not the person he should be worrying about.

Farewell, Ned and Olivia's only plot.

If Shiloh has to go to the docks every night to help the homeless, Laura needs to do something about the town's homelessness problem.

Are Maxie and Elizabeth...friends now? They were chatting in the self-defense class, too.

"You don't vote, you can't complain." Why do I feel like Finn only votes so he can complain?

January 11th, 2019

Anna's suddenly blind, and though there's a treatment option, it's not clear if her condition will improve. Peter's all helpful and caring, but then he goes off and tells Valentin what's going on. Franco catches Ava lurking around the docks, where she plans to use herself as bait to attract Kiki's killer, then murder him. It kind of works, in the sense that Ryan finds her. Franco tries to get Ryan to back him up in telling Ava she's being crazy, but Ryan's not about to tell his girlfriend that she's doing anything wrong. I guess he doesn't want a murder buddy anymore, because he fires Franco as a patient. Then he suggests that Ava leave town with him. Franco breaks into Ryan's office to find his medical records, unaware that Ryan's stashed all the stolen licenses there. Obrecht makes Valentin give her a job, which she'll probably have to say goodbye to if she ends up telling Nina the truth about Sasha, as she seems poised to do. Sonny reaches out to Griffin, who's in the anger stage of his grief and is having a crisis of faith. When he learns of Anna's condition, Griffin makes it his personal mission to help her. Sonny offers Drew and Kim anything they need to help Oscar, but the problem is that there are no options left, which means they're also out of hope.

It's been so long since a character on this show went blind that I'm pretty sure the last one was Alcazar.

Peter told Valentin about Anna's condition because...?

Ava's plan is just to hang out on the docks until the killer stumbles across her? Okay.

Show, don't tease me with the idea of Ava and Ryan just leaving and never coming back.

January 14th, 2019

Ryan tempts Ava to run off with him, but of course she doesn't want to leave without Avery. He tells her they can bring her along, and even offers to talk to Sonny and Carly for her. Ava talks to Sonny herself, but no way is Sonny going to let Avery go away for months at a time. Franco finds Ryan's box of licenses, but before he can open it, Carly shows up and tells him to stop snooping around the office. They talk about Ryan's weird behavior, Ferncliff, Wilson Ritter, etc., and Carly rekindles her interest in the mystery patient. Ryan tells her yet again to drop the subject, but Carly's more determined than ever to figure things out. Ryan puts her name on his kill list, and when Ava tells him that Sonny won't let them take Avery, he adds Sonny's name, too. Kristina catches Jason telling Sonny about Shiloh and brushes off their concerns about his true intentions. Then she catches Sam and Alexis having the same conversation. Sam tells her about Shiloh's connections to the family and her suspicions that he's using Kristina for revenge. Kristina insists that he's never shown any negative intentions and invites Alexis, Sam, and Jason to attend a seminar he's holding so they can see what he's really about. Sam sees this as a good way to let Shiloh know that they're keeping an eye on him. Obrecht warns Nina that Sasha could end up turning on her, which Nina denies could ever happen. Obrecht also compares Valentin to Faison, making Nina even madder. Valentin runs into Obrecht as she's leaving and tells her he's fine with their stalemate as long as she stays away from Nina. She points out that Sasha could ruin everything for him by spilling the truth herself. When Nina makes arrangements to spend a couple weeks in Paris with Sasha, Valentin uses Charlotte to get her to postpone the trip until the summer. I guess we're supposed to feel bad for Franco because he trusted Ryan and now Ryan doesn't want to deal with him. Curtis is surprised to hear that Nina and Valentin are back together.

If Ryan killed Sonny and Carly, would Ava get suspicious that she was influencing the killer? Eh, probably not.

Yeah, like Ryan would put up with Avery for more than a week.

God bless Steve Burton to his reaction to Kristina saying she wouldn't give him and Sonny her power.

"My house is a fortress." You mean the house where you keep coming home to surprise visitors? Okay, Valentin.

January 15th, 2019

Cameron tells Josslyn about his drug bust, and she tells him that Oscar's not better after all. She admits to spending a lot of time on wishful thinking, but now she knows there's nothing she can do to help him. Cameron promises to be there for both of them. Oscar and Kim ask Terry for details on what he can expect as his condition worsened. He has between six weeks and eight months left, which hits him hard. Kim gives him back his five-year planner and encourages him to ignore the timeline and just do as much as he can for as long as he can. Oscar starts to tell Josslyn how long he has left, but she also just wants to focus on their time together. Anna's had surgery on her eyes, and she spends the first two-thirds of the episode worrying while Griffin tries to reassure her. When she takes off her bandages, her vision's back, so...that's the end of that. But bloodwork shows that the virus that caused her blindness is something that's never been seen in the U.S. before, which leads Anna to wonder if it was given to her intentionally. While Franco discovers Aiden's talent for baking, Willow tells Elizabeth that it looks like Charlotte's bullying has stopped. However, Aiden is still isolating himself from his classmates. Cameron discovers that Aiden's now the victim of cyberbullying, as someone's calling him Gayden. Alexis tells Julian that Oscar's dying and points him back toward Kim. Julian resists again, but Kim reaches out to him instead. Anna enlists Chase to get Finn to stop hovering over her, so Chase gets to be a good, supportive brother again. Julian thinks everything would be better if Willow left town, since so many people are connected to "Wiley." Michael and Monica get useless scenes again.

Nice work by Garren Stitt today.

I wondered last week if Anna might have been drugged. We know Cassandra and Alex are still out there somewhere...

Was Elizabeth implying that Franco's never baked cookies before?

Julian: "Have you considered that it might be easier for you to leave Port Charles?" Me: "I have the same question for you."

January 16th, 2019

Ryan ambushes Laura just before her inauguration to ask her to get moving on their divorce. She has more important things to deal with and knows he just wants to be free so he can be with Ava, so she turns him down. He thinks she's trying to cling to their failed relationship, and he tells her he's clearly not the person she thought he was (har har). As Laura's being sworn into office, she realizes she needs to let go, and she stops the ceremony so she can take off her wedding ring. She goes back to her maiden name and finishes the swearing-in, then keeps her promise to the town by immediately asking Jordan for a briefing on the serial killer. Jordan and Mac tell Maxie to cancel Lucy's book-launch party, as it's the town's next big event, and therefore the perfect opportunity for the killer to strike again. Maxie's more worried about Lucy killing her than the killer coming after her, so she refuses. Jordan tries to guilt her by asking what Nathan would want her to do. Lulu chastises her, noting that it's Maxie and Nathan's anniversary. Maxie says that Nathan wouldn't want them to live in fear, so she's already doing what he would want. Ava asks Scott to help her sell her real estate in Port Charles so she can go away with Ryan. He attempts to talk her out of her plans, not just because she'd be running away but also because she can do better than Ryan. Ava all but gets him to admit that he has feelings for her, but she tells him he's too late. She asks for help with Avery's custody, which Scott knows will never work out to her satisfaction. Ryan will handle that, making arrangements to meet with the two people he hopes to murder next. Mike is getting worse and turning violent, which makes Carly less sure that they can handle him at home. Sonny says he can handle things, but Carly doesn't want him to have to keep being reminded of his violent childhood. Lulu wants to write a story about the suspected connection between the serial murders and Ryan's crimes. Peter is hesitant to publish anything, since there must be a reason the police haven't released a statement, but she can write a piece if she wants. Mac then orders Peter to get her to back off, since he's already having a hard time making sure Felicia and Maxie are safe. Curtis notices that, despite everything going well with Mike and Yvonne, Stella isn't happy. Cameron's worried about Aiden again.

Little does Laura know that by letting go of Ryan and letting him leave town, she's actually saving lives.

Interesting that Jordan and Mac think a body might turn up at the book-launch party, but not the inauguration. (Though there were a lot of cops there, so maybe they figured that was taken care of.)

Ohhh, Jordan. Don't play the "what would Nathan want you to do?" card.

Poor Mac. He's trying to stay ahead of the killer, and he doesn't realize he's the one who gave Ryan a piece of important information.

Yeah, Cam, encouraging Jake to get violent on Aiden's behalf is going to help.

January 17th, 2019

Sam goes to one of Shiloh's seminars, which is really a therapy session about confronting a past trauma, only without the supervision of someone certified to do that sort of thing. With Daisy's guidance, Kristina bares her feelings about Kiefer's abuse, by which I mean that Daisy accuses her of liking the attention from her abusive boyfriend while Kristina cries. Sam puts a stop to things, but Kristina says that dealing with the shame she's been carrying all these years will help her heal. Shiloh invites Sam to work through one of her own traumatic memories, but Sam isn't about to do that. Willow tells Lulu, Valentin, and Nina that Charlotte's improved grades in history might mean she's cheating off a friend's tests. Nina, of course, objects, and now has yet another reason to hate Willow. Valentin appreciates her passionate defense of Charlotte and the fact that she's still calling Charlotte her stepdaughter. He wants to get remarried and resolidify their little family. Nina hasn't responded yet, but come on, she's obviously going to say yes. Scott, Monica, and Laura attend the reading of Gail's will, where Alexis tells them that the hospital will get an endowment, but only if...(check back later). Finn traces Anna's virus to a man named Arthur Cabot, whom Anna recognizes as someone with ties to the DVX and Faison. The virus was part of the organization's attempts to use biological warfare in mind control. Cameron helps Oscar and Josslyn decide what to do around town, including a potential trip to the long-forgotten catacombs. Drew asks Jason to ask Carly to ask Josslyn (got all that?) not to waste the little time Oscar has left looking for a miracle cure.

Like me, Gail seems to want to pretend Franco doesn't exist.

Scott, if you want Gail's rattan furniture, I don't think anyone will fight you for it.

I'm surprised they didn't tie Josslyn and Oscar's plot to the book, since it's supposed to be a travel guide to the town.

Oscar and Cameron teasing Josslyn was really cute.

Oh, good, the catacombs are back. How many dead bodies would you guess are down there?

January 18th, 2019

Laura tells Lulu that she saw "Kevin"'s list of Ryan's original victims a few months ago, and it makes her worry that the current killer is going to murder six more people to equal Ryan's nine. An Internet search tells Lulu that Ryan only had seven victims, so she thinks she's cracked something. Peter again refuses to let her publish anything the police haven't approved, so Lulu calls Ryan to discuss the list. Carly drags Sonny to a therapy session with Ryan so he can deal with Mike's declining health. Ryan thinks Sonny's pushing himself with Mike because he wants to make up for what he sees as his failure to save Morgan. He encourages the Corinthoses to go to Morgan's grave and talk to him more often, which will help them figure out how to talk to Mike. His original plan is to follow them there and kill them, but after he gets Lulu's message, he changes his mind and chooses her as his next victim. Lucy's book launch/reading spirals when all the parts she reads from the book anger the people they're about, especially Bobbie and Felicia. She barely notices, since she's more interested in Bobbie's teaser that "Kevin" is dating someone new. Of course, Lucy's furious that it's Ava. Nina asks Maxie how she should respond to Valentin's proposal, apparently thinking Maxie will be supportive. Maxie tells her to follow her heart, but Nina doesn't think that's the best idea. Curtis can't give his approval either. Nina finally tells Valentin that she likes how things are now and doesn't want to mess them up. Plus, all their problems came along while they were married, so why rush back into that? Once he's sure that Peter's protecting Maxie, Mac allows Peter to call him by his first name. Maxie's uncomfortable having feelings for Peter on what should be her anniversary, but Felicia says she's free to move on or not, depending on how she feels. Chase and Willow are really cute together, and I think they've made things exclusive, so...sorry, Michael.

I assume they had Dante tell Lulu he'll be out of touch for a while because Lulu's going to be horribly injured, and the show won't have to explain why Dante hasn't rushed to town to be with her.

Ryan: "There's a side to me you've never seen." Heh. The homi-side.

Is Lucy on drugs? Did she want to make everyone at the party mad?

Nina: "My heart's an idiot." True story.

Two mentions of Kiefer in two days. Interesting.

January 21st, 2019

Ryan takes Lulu's license, then tells her he knows there were two unsolved murders 25 years ago because he's the person who killed the victims. He stabs her, then stands around and casually waits for her to die. She doesn't, so he makes a move to finish her off, but he's stopped by a headache that makes him pass out. Lulu manages to get to the Metro Court restaurant, where people are still hanging around after the book launch, but she also passes out before she can tell anyone who attacked her. Once Lulu's at the hospital, undergoing surgery, Ryan stumbles into the restaurant himself, telling Carly and Ava that he can't see. Jordan and Curtis find two pieces of evidence in Lulu's office – the knife used to stab her and a bloody footprint left by her would-be killer. Meanwhile, Ava takes Ryan's shoes home, apparently not seeing blood on them. While Kim worries because Oscar hasn't checked in as he usually does, Oscar and Josslyn give up on their search for an entrance to the catacombs and talk about death. (It's not as morbid as it sounds.) As they're about to go home, Oscar has a seizure. Finn tells Anna that he neutralized the virus that blinded her, which means it'll never affect her again. However, he can't determine when she contracted it or why it's just now affected her. Chase tells Willow that he appreciates being in a relationship with someone who's honest (unlike Nelle, obviously). She tells him about Wiley, worrying that he'll think she gave him up because she doesn't love him. Chase is predictably understanding and supports her decision. Michael starts a college fund for "Wiley."

What's more likely to delay Lulu's ability to tell anyone who attacked her – amnesia or a coma? I'd say the odds are even.

"How did I miss?" What was Ryan aiming for? Stabbing someone in the stomach isn't the best way to ensure their death.

Lucas really is excellent in an emergency. He's just so calm.

Wouldn't Ryan have tracked blood down the hall, into the elevator, etc.?

That Oscar/Josslyn stuff was nice misdirection. I kept waiting for the floor to give out; I never predicted that he would have a seizure.

"I never should have come here in the first place." Ava's finally right about something.

Just when I thought I couldn't like Curtis more, he asks Laura whether Ava or Lucy would win in a fight. (Again, I think the odds are even.)

January 22nd, 2019

Drew calls the police to find Josslyn and Oscar, while Carly, of course, calls Jason. Sam knows of the entrance they may have used to the catacombs, so the four adults head there. Josslyn and Oscar bicker about their best chance for rescue; he thinks she should go for help, but she doesn't want to leave him in case he has another seizure. The point is made moot when she tries to climb the rickety ladder out of the cellar they're in and falls off. Fortunately, the adults find them, and Drew gets Oscar out and takes him to the hospital. Jason is able to get Josslyn up the unstable ladder, but after Carly and Josslyn leave, he admits to Sam that he doesn't think the floor will hold until firefighters can come rescue him. He tries the ladder, which pulls free from the wall. Brad takes "Wiley" to Charlie's, thinking Julian wouldn't be there. Julian invites himself to spend time with "Wiley," and when Lucas arrives, he puts a stop to things. Brad doesn't get why it's such a big deal for them to let Julian into their "son"'s life. Michael, who's also there, does get it, and hates Julian for everything he did to Alexis, which is awesome. Willow joins the group and can barely keep it together when she realizes she's in the same room as her "son." That, Michael doesn't get, and when Willow acts weird, he thinks he did something wrong. Alexis runs into Shiloh and questions whether it was really coincidental that he ran into two people from his past in his new hometown. Shiloh doesn't believe in coincidences and thinks the universe is just putting things into place. Alexis admits that Kristina seems happy with her new life, but she's not about to join in on her activities at DOD.

Jason's situation loses some urgency when you've seen the cover of this week's Soap Opera Digest and a teaser clip of activities he and Sam will be participating in later in the week. Let's just say he's healthy enough for something...rigorous.

Why couldn't Sam and Carly find a ladder at the construction site and lower it into the cellar?

Josslyn takes after her uncle, because she, too, is very calm in an emergency (which is why it made no sense when Oscar said she was panicking).

Drew, be nice to Chase.

Chase, I don't think you can just...stop looking for missing teens.

No way is Michael so dumb that he wouldn't put together why Willow was uncomfortable around a baby faster than he did.

I'll admit, I wasn't that impressed with Katelyn MacMullen when she first started on the show, but she keeps getting better and better, and today she was excellent.

January 23rd, 2019

Jordan tells Laura and Sonny that evidence points to Lulu's attacker being the serial killer. The police are looking into people she interacted with over the past 24 hours, and the only one they can't reach is Peter. Once he's available for questioning, he calmly tells Jordan that while he and Lulu did argue before her attack, there was no violence. Anna and Finn question Ryan about any past dealings he may have had with the WSB or DVX that might have put him in contact with the virus. Ryan claims innocence, and the heart monitor he's attached to indicates that he's telling the truth. He realizes that Lulu's license is still in his coat pocket, so he sends Ava on an errand, then tries to get the license without being able to see what he's doing. But it may be for naught, since word finally comes from Lulu's surgeon that she's expected to make a full recovery. Jason falls through the floor into...wherever, and is suddenly too far away for him and Sam to hear each other. While the firefighters search the tunnels below the city, Sam calls Spinelli to find out where those tunnels might lead. Somehow, Jason ends up in the harbor, and in a reversal of what happened when he returned to town, Sam is the one who dives into the water to save him. Maxie visits Nathan's grave to tell him that she's developing feelings for Peter, though she's not sure she's ready to open herself up to love again. Peter finds her there and tells her she can wait until she feels like Nathan is okay with her moving on. Nina also visits the grave and notably doesn't mention that she's back with Valentin. Charlotte insists that Valentin take her to the hospital to see Lulu, and I'm not sure why those scenes existed, other than to show that Scarlett Fernandez is a good little actress.

Okay, no, that wound was nowhere near Lulu's heart. But if it was supposed to be, Lulu's even more impressive for getting herself to the restaurant.

Where, exactly, did Ryan plan to stash the license while he was in the hospital?

Say what you will about Sonny, but it was really nice of him to stay with Laura.

Sam and Jason really need to stay away from water. And Sam needs to stay away from that distillery.

"I feel safe with Nathan." Okay, well, his headstone isn't going to protect you from a serial killer, Maxie.

I was hoping for a surprise visit from Nathan's ghost, but Spinelli's surprise appearance was even better.

January 24th, 2019

Sam saves Jason, then makes him go home with her so she can keep an eye on him. She tells him how she used to dream about saving him the night he "died," and then I think some other stuff, but it doesn't matter, because THEN THEY HAVE SEX AND SAY THEY LOVE EACH OTHER. Sonny realizes that he's going to have to let Mike move into Turning Woods full-time, so this plotline is about to get even more depressing. Curtis and Marcus discuss the Mike/Yvonne stuff, and Marcus admits that he handled it badly and knows he did the right thing by stepping back. He also doesn't hold anything against Stella for her part in it. Though he regrets that things between them didn't work out, he knows that if they had, he never would have met Yvonne, so he can't be sorry about how his life went. Aiden, Franco, and Jake make cupcakes, and Franco suggests that Aiden take them to his classmates. Jake comes up with an excuse for why he shouldn't, then tells Franco and Elizabeth that the bullying has gotten worse. The adults wonder if the other kids' taunts that Aiden is gay mean he actually is. Josslyn and Oscar should probably be a little more chagrined about the disasters their stupidity could have caused.

Well, I bet Sam and Jason are warm now!

I didn't even think about how Sam went diving to save Jason the night he "died," and now she was able to accomplish what she couldn't back then. That was a nice touch.

Yay, Marcus finally gets it!

I wish they'd made Jake the center of the bullying storyline. I just...don't care about Aiden. And not to be mean, but the kid playing him just isn't a good enough actor for something this important. Hudson West would be knocking it out of the park.

Franco and Elizabeth went in a completely different direction than I would have. If Aiden were my kid, I wouldn't be wondering, "Do these homophobic slurs mean my child is gay?" That's beside the point. I would be saying, "I'm going to sit in the principal's office and scream until the bullying gets fixed."

January 25th, 2019

Laura waits impatiently for Lulu to wake up, worrying that she's about to lose another child. Sonny continues giving her support and reassuring her that Lulu will be okay. Ryan undergoes the same procedure as Anna, and the second it's successful, he's all, "I'm out of here – places to go, people to finish killing." He gets to Lulu's bedside just as she's waking up alone. Sam and Jason are super-happy, though she's anxious about letting him leave her sight, since the last time they were this happy and he left the penthouse, he didn't come back for five years. Jason shares news of their reunion with Carly, who's thrilled, then goes home to Sam, who...honestly, I think she might not even be as thrilled as Carly is for them. Robert pops in to tell Anna and Finn that Kevin has a past connection to Cabot. They think Ryan lied for some unknown reason when he said he didn't. Peter and Maxie are so unconcerned with the possibility that he'll be accused of the murders that they discuss his relationship with Anna while they're waiting for Jordan to clear him. Jordan's suspicions are heightened when she realizes that Peter has the same shoes as the killer, but they're a different size. Plus, video footage from her wedding proves that he was there the entire time, which means he didn't kill Kiki, so he's off the hook for Lulu's attack, too. Franco and Elizabeth discuss how difficult things could be for Aiden if he does turn out to be gay. As if that's what's important about this storyline, and not the bullying itself. Griffin has a cut on his forehead and is secretive about how he got it.

Does this mean there are no cops or guards outside Lulu's room? That's ridiculous.

Laura needs some friends. Sonny's the only person who's really checked on her. Though, again, he's being great right now.

So Jason left to go meet with Spinelli, didn't actually meet with him, then went back to the penthouse? But in the previews for Monday's episode, Spinelli's also at the penthouse? Why didn't he just go there and meet with both Jason and Sam – you know, the person the emails are actually about?

I wasn't going to watch the 20+ preempted minutes, because I didn't think I'd be missing anything that critical, but I had to see Carly finding out about Sam and Jason. ...Wait, who have I become?

Level with me, Griffin – are you in a fight club?

January 28th, 2019

Ryan tries to finish Lulu off with a pillow, but he doesn't have time to do more than render her unconscious before Laura comes back. Lulu remembers pieces of the previous night but not who attacked her. Jordan and Laura are gentle with her, not wanting to push her too hard, and should probably close the door to her room since Ryan's listening in. Lulu's determined to recover her memories so they can get justice for the other victims. Robert and Anna question Ryan again about his past dealings with Cabot, but only succeed in making him angry. Finn calls a stop to the interrogation so his patient doesn't get too worked up. Robert has something else to look into now anyway: Anna also had contact with Cabot. Shiloh tells Kristina that instead of being mad at Sam for stopping the seminar where she was working through her feelings about Kiefer's abuse, he should try to have compassion for her sister, who hasn't found her joy yet. (Cut to the Morgans, being joyful.) Spinelli has determined that the Linda Black emails originated from the DOD house, which Sam thinks is confirmation that Shiloh's behind them. But Kristina summons her so Shiloh and Daisy can present another story: After hearing about Sam's past scams from Kristina, Daisy put 2 and 2 together and tried to expose what she did to Shiloh's family in an attempt to get Sam to face her own former demons. Kristina's furious that Daisy used the information for nefarious purposes and notes that her plan has had the opposite effect, since now Sam will never trust Shiloh or the DOD. Shiloh wants to make things up to Sam, so he offers her his phone number and promises to help her whenever she needs it. Instead of taking a shower when she gets home, because that was super-creepy, Sam tells Jason that they have to break up.

Lulu's proof that Spencers are unkillable.

Guys, Ryan's having a bad day, so can you ask him about his past dealings with bad guys some other time, when he's not cranky about failing to kill someone who could send him to prison?

In defense of Jason's desire to keep going back to the bedroom, he hasn't had sex since 2011.

"You needn't always assume the worst." In case it wasn't clear that Kristina's into something weird, now she talks like this.

Please let Sam mean that she and Jason need to employ my favorite trope: the fake break-up.

I can't believe the show remembered that Lulu and Spinelli are friends.

January 29th, 2019

Lulu almost remembers that Ryan came to her office, but he convinces her that she's just confusing the previous night with seeing him when she woke up in the hospital. She pushes too hard to remember, so Laura calls off the interview until she's stronger. She also hires Curtis as a bodyguard to keep Lulu safe in case the killer comes back. As soon as he realizes that Lulu can't incriminate him, Ryan suggests that he and Ava go on a vacation. When Laura and Jordan ask for his psychological perspective on Lulu's memory issues, he quickly tells them she shouldn't overdo it. Ava's disappointed that Kiki's killer is still at large, but likes the idea of getting out of town for a while. Sonny and Carly meet with Griffin to discuss moving Mike to Turning Woods full-time. Fortunately, they don't have to break the news to him, since he's already decided he wants to move in with Yvonne and packed his things. Sam thinks Shiloh made Daisy lie about being responsible for the emails, which means he's up to something bigger than they thought. Sam's plan is to pretend her plan to be single and find herself isn't going well, so she wants Shiloh's help – in other words, she's going to infiltrate the DOD. This means she and Jason will have to act like they're not together (though that doesn't mean they can't still have sex). Meanwhile, Shiloh seizes on Kristina's remaining trust for DOD and gives her Daisy's position as outreach coordinator. The first person she reaches out to is Alexis, signing her up for a seminar. Stella yells at Curtis for talking to Marcus about her, but he points out that she interfered with his personal life, so they're kind of even. Marcus is apologetic again for his behavior re: Mike and Yvonne, and Stella easily forgives him. He wishes she hadn't broken up with him all those years ago instead of letting him make the decision himself whether he should give up his job opportunity to stay with her and her sister. Whatever, they're obviously going to get back together. Alexis is way too invested in Julian and Kim's relationship.

So the police didn't look at Lulu's phone records and see that she talked to Ryan? They didn't look at her computer and see that she looked up Ryan's victims? What is Jordan actually doing?

Kiki's death has made Ava...nicer? Huh?

Heh, Jason spent the whole episode thinking, "What does any of this have to do with us not having sex?"

Alexis needs a hobby or something. Anything to distract her from Julian's life.

Oh, Julian, don't tease me. If you're going to say you're leaving town, you have to actually leave.

January 30th, 2019

Kevin has also gone blind, but Ryan can't easily get him treatment, so he's stuck in the dark for now. Ryan asks about Cabot, whom Kevin remembers meeting with briefly years ago because Cabot was doing some sort of research involving identical twins. Ryan gloats about attacking Lulu and divorcing Laura, saying he's going to be out of the country with Ava by the time anyone figures out what he did. Kevin suggests that he use the money from his and Laura's prenup to finance his new life. Even though he's blind and stuck in a psychiatric facility, Kevin is still hopeful that Laura will eventually find him. Robert's only "proof" that Anna met with Cabot is a picture, so it doesn't take long for Anna to figure out that Alex was the one he spoke to. The two of them and Finn realize that twins must be the key, since Ryan was also affected by the virus. They call him over and he says he now remembers meeting with Cabot but doesn't know the details of his interest in twins. Finn and the spies then turn their attention to figuring out the point of the virus and blindness. Michael babysits "Wiley" while Brad and Lucas have a date night (which ends quickly since they can't stop talking about their "son" and can't stand to be away from him). Michael runs into Willow at Charlie's, where Julian keeps a close eye on them while Willow spends time with her "son." When Brad comes by later to get "Wiley," Julian tells him that Willow is the real Wiley's birth mother, so her closeness with Michael could be a threat to their secrets. Drew and Kim hang out and, for some reason, talk about the circumstances of Scout's birth. The subtext there is that Drew was able to save Scout, but he can't save Oscar. Oscar mentions to Josslyn that Kim has been spending more time with Drew and less time with Julian. Josslyn thinks Julian took a step back at her request, so she's misguidedly grateful.

Cabot worked for the DVX, so he may have had contact with Faison, who we know had an interest in twins, because of what he did with Jason and Drew. Is there a connection there? Are Jason and Drew next for blindness?

Kevin has to be lying about the prenup. Laura doesn't have any money.

Michael, you hate Julian, and you know he's not supposed to be around "Wiley," so WHY WOULD YOU TAKE HIM TO CHARLIE'S?

With Oscar's history of seizures, I don't think he's going to be able to get a driver's license.

January 31st, 2019

Jordan and Chase can tie Franco to all four victims (Mills wanted to talk to him about his documentary), so they summon him to the police station. He agrees that the bodies were arranged in an artistic manner, which we know was always one of his hallmarks, but he says he doesn't have any connection to Mills. Jordan and Chase learn that Mills called him, but Franco didn't answer, so that link is pretty weak. Still, since Franco was Kevin's patient, they think Kevin might have some insight into whether Franco's gone back to the dark side. Kim and Drew discuss Oscar, Julian, and knitting, but do not, to my dismay, get drunk and hook up. Julian tells Ava that he cut Kim loose, and she tells him he's an idiot for distancing himself when she needs support the most. Julian goes over to Kim's and admits he lied about sleeping with someone else, and he still loves her. Maxie, Nina, and Obrecht spend the anniversary of Nathan's death together, reminiscing about how awesome he was. Obrecht notices that Maxie's no longer wearing her wedding ring and guesses she's seeing someone new. Maxie works very hard not to have to tell her who her new love interest is. Valentin wants to cheer Nina up when she gets home, so she suggests a visit from Sasha. Franco thinks the best way to handle Aiden's possible homosexuality is to read a bunch of books about parenting a gay child, then bring up the subject with him. Elizabeth ends up talking to Brad and Lucas about the situation, though they don't give her much hope that Aiden's path will be easy. They advise that she provide a safe space for Aiden to open up, if that's what he needs to do, and just show him how much she accepts her LGBT friends. Alexis attends a DOD seminar about relationships, which involves pairing off and asking your partner what he or she wants. Kristina reveals that she feels like Alexis doesn't respect her, which makes sense. She pushes Alexis to talk about Julian, and though Alexis is very resistant, she admits that she wishes things were like they were when she and Julian were happy together. Valentin asks Peter to give Obrecht a job, an idea so crazy that Peter easily figures out that she has something on him. Maxie also wants Peter to give Obrecht a job, and have I mentioned how crazy that is? Maybe Julian and Brad should stop talking about the baby swap where people might hear them.

Wasn't Franco with Jake and Aiden when Lulu was attacked? Are they not adequate alibis?

Shoot, I really thought something was going to happen between Kim and Drew.

"It would be so much easier if Julian were a jerk." Well, I have good news for you, Kim!

Ah, DOD makes money from course fees. So it's like Scientology.

I can't believe Maxie and Valentin both think Peter would hire his kidnapper.

Willow went to great lengths to keep her identity hidden from Brad and Lucas during the adoption process, but it's open? How does that work?

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