General Hospital blog - January, 2021

January 4th, 2021

Carly isn't able to tell Jason what she did before Cyrus shows up to confront them for taking Florence. Carly keeps her cool as Cyrus threatens retaliation and says Jason isn't as honorable as Sonny. After he leaves, Carly explains that she got Spinelli to arrange for Florence to be transferred to a safehouse, where Bobbie's taking care of her. Jason decides he has two choices: Return Florence to her facility or let things play out, but only if Carly stays out of it. Carly agrees to that, insisting that Cyrus has been neutralized. Laura asks Martin for leverage she can use against Cyrus, but Martin wants to stay out of the whole thing, since he doesn't have any evidence that Cyrus is actually a criminal. Cyrus tells them about Florence's abduction and accuses Laura of being involved, since Jason and Carly could only have learned about Florence through her. Alexis and Ava poke at each other over their respective relationships with Julian. Ava doesn't get why Alexis couldn't go back to him after they broke up, since Julian was so sorry and everything. Alexis admits to her and Nikolas that she loved every minute of being with Julian because of how intense the relationship was. But he was poison, and she was right to walk away. She warns that Ava and Nikolas will end up like her and Julian, turning on each other and becoming toxic. Portia tears into Jordan for helping Taggert fake his death, then warns her that her marriage to Curtis is close to going the same way as Portia and Taggert's, which ended because he put his job first. Jax is annoyed that, though he and Carly once agreed to let him take Josslyn to Australia if there was a chance she was in danger, Josslyn refuses to go. Nina reminds him that Josslyn is 18 and he needs to respect her decisions.

The Cyrus/Corinthos plot is so off the rails. Jason got Carly to behave by threatening to return a hostage!

Carly is underestimating how likely Cyrus is to think anyone in the Corinthos contingent would hurt an old woman. He's going to call Carly's bluff and kidnap, like, Michael.

Spinelli really needs to stop going along with Carly's crazy plans.

Nice stuff from Nancy Lee Grahn today, partly because of some great writing.

"Yeah, Julian tried to kill you, but sometimes he was okay, so you should have taken him back." Shut up, Ava.

Nothing against Cynthia Watros but it's time to write Nina out. She was on once last month and I don't think anyone missed her. She's not doing anything. Send her away.

January 5th, 2021

Laura all but begs Jason to leave Florence out of the Corinthos/Cyrus conflict, even though he never confirms that he has her and she's not 100% convinced that he does. She has to tell Martin that she couldn't do anything, but she's sure Jason wouldn't hurt Florence. Martin isn't sure, and he suspects that Jason, who doesn't act impulsively, has been planning this move for a while. Laura considers asking Carly to get Jason to back down, but Martin doubts that will work, so they're kind of out of ideas. Obrecht summons Dante to the hospital so she can reveal herself to him and let him know that his work exonerated her. He doesn't believe her when she says she's his new handler, but she clicky-hypnotizes him (clickytizes?) and gets him to agree not to tell anyone she's in town. Dante tells her that Maxie is both engaged to Peter and having his baby, so if Obrecht didn't already have enough motivation to take Peter down, she really does now. Anna hasn't been able to find out anything about Dante's release, and Robert can't give her any help. She unexpectedly gets information from Elizabeth, who tells her that Franco was being treated by the same doctor Dante was working with in Switzerland. Anna goes looking for Kevin, since he referred Franco to Kirk, but instead encounters a disguised Obrecht. Franco goes to the penthouse looking for Jason but gets incapacitated by a barrage of Peter memories. He tells Sam he has a migraine and she takes pity on him, though she questions his story. When Jason comes by, Franco tells him that his brain issues might not be due to his previous tumor, so Jason might not have to kill him after all. Jax wants more information from Carly about the possibly looming mob war so he can make arrangements to protect Josslyn. Carly is sure there's nothing to worry about and thinks Josslyn is perfectly safe. They get a little heated, and when Nina tries to make peace by suggesting that Josslyn stay with Jax for a while, Carly snaps at her not to act like she knows how to parent. She feels worse about this than she does about kidnapping an old woman, but not bad enough to, like, tell her about Nelle or anything. Jax thinks Carly is fooling herself by continuing to insist that Sonny will come home, since the longer he stays gone, the less likely it is that he'll ever return. Nina takes Carly's jab as a nudge to finally call off the search for her daughter. Valentin thinks Jax has been talking her into this because he wants her all to himself. Robert, Peter, Maxie, whatever.

I don't get why Jason didn't just tell Laura that he had nothing to do with Florence's disappearance.

If Laura wants someone to appeal to Jason for her, she should go to Michael.

I need it to be a new day already so Laura can wear a different shirt.

How is Obrecht able to get into the hospital? Should I even ask if they have any security?

Nina's search for her daughter is the only interesting thing let about her, so if she's calling it off, there really is no reason for her to be here.

January 7th, 2021

Anna tries to question Dante about his treatment and release, but he catches on that she really wants to know if he's recovered enough to be back home. He doesn't appreciate it and says he's working to protect people in Port Charles. Anna turns to Kevin with more questions, specifically about Kirk and his work. Kevin tells her that Kirk had a background in psychological warfare, possibly going as far as mind control. Franco isn't completely sure he and Elizabeth should go to the double wedding – they're only going because Finn invited Elizabeth, but Franco doesn't think Peter or Maxie really want them there. He tells Peter they can sit it out, but when Peter says they should come, Franco remarks that it'll be repayment for Peter supposedly saving his life. Then he mentions that Drew's memories are resurfacing, so if Franco turns up dead, we know where to look. Britt runs into Obrecht, recognizes her perfume, and unmasks her. Obrecht asks her to keep her return secret while she tries to find proof that Peter is a bad guy. Britt agrees, as long as Obrecht doesn't physically hurt him. Cyrus orders Jordan to get Florence's location from Jason. Jordan has had it with Cyrus calling the shots in her life, since she's pretty much lost everything, and she figures that since Taggert's non-death is now public knowledge, Cyrus has no more leverage. She tells him the playing field is now level and Cyrus is trapped, since the only way he could possibly get revenge is to kidnap a Corinthos, but they're all protected. Ryan has locked-in syndrome, so he's basically just a brain in an unusable body. Pentonville can't manage his needs, and he's not exactly a threat anymore, so they're transferring him to a minimum-security prison. Ava double-checks to see if Ryan really can't feel anything, and she's satisfied that he'll live out his days trapped inside himself. Valentin wants to hire a PI to find out why Jax is acting weird, but Martin is too distracted to help him. He yells at Valentin for not having any sympathy, so Valentin offers to help Martin with whatever's bothering him. Martin announces that Florence is missing, and if Valentin really wants to help, he can deal with Jason. Laura tells Nikolas about her newfound brothers, adding that she's pretty sure Cyrus didn't know Lulu would be in the Floating Rib when the bomb went off.

I'm amused by Anna thinking Kirk's death is suspicious – I mean, she's right, but she's never going to put together what happened.

I'm also amused by Kathleen Gati, a Canadian, playing a Swiss woman using a fake American accent.

I don't think Obrecht would tell Britt she's going after Peter if she thought there was a chance Britt might warn Peter. And suddenly they're all friendly and happy to see each other?

Ooh, Jordan looks good with that backbone.

The women on this show have really been bringing it recently. Today's star: Briana Nicole Henry.

When Maxie confirmed to Peter that she has "history" with Franco and Elizabeth, I thought she meant her former rivalry with Elizabeth, but then I realized she meant her veeeeery different history with Franco.

January 8th, 2021

The searchers in New Jersey can't find Sonny's body, so they switch from a rescue mission to a recovery effort. Carly remains in denial about what that means until Jason gives her the only thing the searchers could find, Sonny's St. Christopher medal. He gets her to accept that Sonny probably didn't survive, and she breaks down. But the searchers must suck, because he's on land somewhere, either unconscious or dead. Laura tells Cyrus she couldn't get anywhere with Jason, so there's nothing she can do about Florence's disappearance. He doesn't like that answer, but not as much as she dislikes him trying to use her. As things get more heated, a new player enters the fight: Lesley. She stands up to Cyrus, who blames her affair with Gordon for his family's downfall and their father's eventual death. He also tells Laura she should stay on his good side unless she wants something horrible to happen to her mother. Willow meets Chase for dinner, where he tries to act like everything's normal until she calls him on it. He announces that he still loves her and asks for a second chance. Instead of responding, she kisses him. Sasha thanks Carly for pushing her to get help and mentions that she's now in therapy, which makes Carly happy. Michael asks Sasha to stick around while he deals with the news about Sonny. Peter goes into panic mode and first tries (but fails) to talk to Cabot, then goes looking for a way to reach Andre. Sam catches Peter acting squirrelly, then catches Dante watching him. She asks him to pass on any information he might come into about Peter. They agree that they need to step up for their mutual brother now that Julian's dead, then spend some time reminiscing about Sonny. Portia visits Taggert in lockup, but instead of yelling at him again, she urges him to fight for his freedom and team up with her to take down Cyrus. Jordan calls Jason in for questioning about Florence, though Diane points out that she has no jurisdiction over an alleged kidnapping in Vermont. After she's dismissed, Jordan tells Jason that she's probably out from under Cyrus' thumb. Dante's been back for weeks but is just now running into Chase, which is kind of sad.

If Biden is going to keep holding news conferences between 2:00 and 3:00, it's going to be a long four to eight years. (Though if that's my only complaint about him, I guess I should just shut up.)

Sonny's St. Christopher medal = Jason's phoenix figurine = Morgan's jade necklace. Stop going back to that well, writers.

I know they're not killing off Sonny, but how in the world is he still alive? At the very least, he's going to have severe hypothermia and frostbite.

Laura Wright and Genie Francis saw their female co-stars stepping things up and decided to join the party.

Nice entrance, Lesley. Very Molly Weasley.

Willow's dress isn't something you wear to a friendly dinner with your ex. It's something you wear on a date.

I assume they're testing out what a Sam/Dante pairing would be like. My heart won't let me root for anyone other than Sam/Jason, but...I can't say it would be a horrible idea. Well, as long as he's okay with the fact that she used to sleep with his father, and if they're not weirded out by the fact that they have two shared siblings.

Dominic Zamprogna vs. Tajh Bellow in a Best Impersonation of Sonny Contest: Go!

January 11th, 2021

The Corinthoses and their friends gather for a kind of wake for Sonny, though it's more a way for them to offer Carly their support. Meanwhile, a semi-alive Sonny encounters Mike in...I don't know, the afterlife? Something like that. Mike urges him to fight to live, and of course he did, but he seems confused about where he is and why. Brando warns Jason that Cyrus knows the truth about Dev, and the FBI will receive proof if Cyrus is killed. That leaves Cyrus and the Corinthoses at a stalemate. Jason and Carly start talking business, and she begs to be told everything about the business even if Jason won't let her get involved. She's scared that he'll disappear like Sonny did. Sasha appreciates Brando's openness about his drug abuse, which she credits with helping her get clean, but she doesn't want to be around him as long as he's working for Cyrus. T.J. doesn't want to go forward with the commitment ceremony right now, but he assures Molly that he still wants to spend his life with her. She's thrilled, and there's shower sex, and then she sends him off to work, where he runs into Brando. And then his fist runs into Brando's face. Tracy is getting a little cocky about her confidence that Alexis won't tell Olivia about her fling with Ned. Speaking of confidence, Alexis is pretty sure that Tracy pulled something on her – so sure that she rejected a deal from the DA for a suspended sentence if she goes to rehab. Chase turns to Finn for brotherly (fatherly?) advice on the Willow situation, which he worries will stay the same. He asks if Finn has ever been in his shoes, in love with a woman who's with someone else. Finn: *cough*

It looks like they're going for the plot I saw rumored for Sonny, and honestly, I'm here for it. God help me, sometimes I love a soap cliché.

For real, though, how is Sonny still alive? He went in the water right before Christmas Eve. We have to be well past Christmas now (Carly was taking down decorations last week). We're supposed to believe he's been out there in the snow for, what, a week?

Not to sound like a broken record but seriously, where's Kristina?

Sam loves Sonny? Really? When's the last time they even spoke?

I can't believe the writers only have Tracy for a few weeks and couldn't come up with a better plot for her.

January 12th, 2021

Guess who doesn't know his name or what happened to him? That's right, everyone's favorite mob boss has amnesia! A Good Samaritan named Eddie is concerned about Sonny's condition and wants to get him to the hospital ASAP. He gets pulled over for speeding, and Sonny unknowingly calls upon his years of experience charming people to convince the cop that they've done nothing wrong and he needs a doctor. He also gets a familiar feeling about Eddie's St. Christopher medal. Ava goes from "I'm sorry for your loss, Carly" to "I get full custody of Avery now" in about ten seconds, though she promises a fair amount of visitation. Carly argues that Casa Corinthos is Avery's home, and she shouldn't lose it along with her father. Nikolas throws Carly's past sins in her face, as if he hasn't done worse. Brando won't fight T.J., which is good because he would totally win that brawl. Molly tells T.J. that Brando wanted to come clean about their fling, so T.J. shouldn't be mad at him. Really, it's less that T.J. is mad at Brando for befriending him while lying, and more that he saw an easy target for his anger at Jordan. Surprisingly, Curtis defends Jordan for keeping T.J.'s kidnapping from Molly, which T.J. blames for Molly's decision to sleep with Brando. Sasha and Maxie approach Nina about doing a story about Sasha's "drug detour," as she calls it. Rumors are circulating already, and Deception wants to get Sasha's side of the story on the record. Nina declines, not wanting Sasha to face the potential backlash that could result. She encourages Sasha to stop revisiting her bad decisions and move forward with her life. Trina feels bad about the way she treated Curtis, since there was no reason to blame him for Taggert's death. Jax points out that she gets a second chance with her father, unlike Josslyn. Ava thinks Taggert did the only thing he could think of to protect his daughter, and as a parent, she gets it. Josslyn is even more against leaving town with Jax now that her mother and sisters need her. Avery wants her necklace back.

You're telling me Sonny's face isn't all over the Internet and newspapers? A major mob boss "dies" and people the next state over don't recognize him?

After everything Nikolas has done, he has a problem with Carly...wanting to maintain a relationship with her stepdaughter?

Stop bringing more necklaces onto the show.

Kiki AND Morgan mentions – drink!

January 14th, 2021

Suspend your disbelief, because the nurse taking care of Sonny in some hospital in an unknown location is Phyllis. She can't find any missing-persons reports fitting his description, but since he's wearing a wedding ring, she figures someone, somewhere is looking for him. When Phyllis talks about her former patients who are doing well, she mentions Nina, as well as the town where she currently lives, which sounds familiar to Sonny. Phyllis notices Sonny's watch, which Mike gave him, and since the inscription is to Mike (from Adela), they guess that's Sonny's name. Cyrus is so desperate for clues to Florence's location that he asks Sam if Jason has told her anything. Sasha taunts him about asking for sympathy after doing so many horrible things. Brando catches them talking and chastises Sasha for poking the bear, but she clearly isn't scared of Cyrus. Cyrus orders Brando to find out where Florence is or he'll deploy his blackmail material. Jason turns into Sonny and Brick turns into Jason as they go looking for information on a crime family trying to move drugs through their territory. When they check out a warehouse where the drugs might be stored, they just find a bunch of dead bodies. They think someone took care of the problem as a favor to the Corinthos contingent. Olivia urges Sam to look into Alexis' DWI, no matter how much Sam believes that Alexis' denials about it are just drunken ramblings. They go to Alexis' house, where she's cutting Julian's head out of pictures in an album Ava dropped off. Alexis confides to Sam that she keeps feeling like Julian will come back and haunt her for the rest of her life. Sam puts aside some of her tough love, since Alexis is obviously struggling. She also thinks Alexis and Olivia are right about Tracy lying – Alexis has recently installed an alarm system, and if she was as drunk as Tracy claims she was the night of the DWI, she wouldn't have been able to turn it off. Laura and Curtis do some catching up, and then she tries to give him advice on salvaging his marriage.

What are the odds of Phyllis being Sonny's nurse? One in a million?

What's funny is that Sonny's outfit is something Mike would have worn.

I hope they gave Sonny a blood test and detected his bipolar medication, because if he stays off his meds for too long, things could get messy.

I don't know how Cyrus doesn't see Sasha as a loose end that needs to be tied up.

"Everybody always expects the worst of me," whines the kidnapping, drug-trafficking murderer.

Why the Amy/Brando scenes?

January 15th, 2021

Phyllis takes Sonny to meet her husband, Lenny, who runs a bar called the Tan-O and thinks Sonny might invite trouble. Once he calms down, he agrees to hire Sonny as a dishwasher, so let's all look forward to seeing that. A guy comes in to rob the bar, which means we'll probably get a Jason/Drew/Jason Bourne-like scene where Sonny disarms him and wonders how he knows to do stuff like that. Cyrus takes responsibility for killing the guys in the warehouse without actually taking responsibility. He sees it as a favor, which Jason now needs to repay, specifically by returning Florence. If he doesn't, Cyrus will have no choice but to escalate things. Jason, however, wants to do nothing, since giving in to Cyrus will just make him think he can keep demanding things. Sam finds out that Alexis' alarm was set before her DWI and wasn't disarmed until days later, indicating that she and Tracy didn't really come to the house. Olivia can't figure out Tracy's motive for trying to get Alexis busted, and she thinks Sam should just ask her straight out what really happened. When Tracy comes by the house, Sam and Olivia decide from her reaction to the alarm panel that she's never seen it. Chase warns Michael to be careful now that Sonny's gone and Cyrus could see this as the perfect time to make a move. The two discuss Chase and Willow's dinner date, and Chase mentions their kiss, thinking Willow would have already told her husband about it. Meanwhile, Sasha visits Willow to discuss the whole love rectangle. She thinks Willow has feelings for both Michael and Chase, and she's not surprised that Willow has fallen for her husband. Sasha urges Willow and Michael to talk everything over and figure out what they want. Finn and Tracy recap some stuff, and he asks her advice about whether to tell Chase and Gregory about him and Jackie (though he doesn't say exactly what they did). Tracy thinks that if he'll hurt his family, he should keep quiet.

I was going to roll my eyes over Phyllis taking Sonny out like they're suddenly friends, but Elizabeth let Drew move in with her in the same circumstances, so...

Who responds to "this is my patient; he has amnesia" with "you must be a troublemaker"? You can do better in the husband department, Phyllis.

Freaking A, just take Florence back to Vermont already.

Alexis saying her alarm code is Scout's birthday made me go, "Awwww!"

Someone please lock Michael, Willow, Chase, and Sasha in a room together and don't let them out until they decide who's going to be with who.

Hey, Willow – pregnant yet?

I like how Tracy asked if she's invited to the double wedding or has to crash it, and when Finn asked which she'd prefer, she said she wants to crash.

January 18th, 2021

Sonny chases off the robber, using his I Am in Control voice. This just makes Lenny worry more that taking him in and letting him stay in a room above the bar will bring more trouble their way. Phyllis continues to want to believe Sonny is just a normal guy and everything will be fine. Michael and Willow FINALLY talk about their relationship and agree that they should take time to figure out who they want to be with, which means having their marriage annulled. Olivia asks Robert to teach her some spy skills so she can confirm that Tracy lied about taking Alexis home the night of her DWI. Robert can't do much to help, since Alexis is facing criminal charges, but he tells Olivia her best bet is to trip Tracy up. His lesson leads Olivia to successfully catch Tracy in a lie, as she says she watched Alexis disarm her alarm. Carly confides to Jax that she thinks Sonny's "death" might be karma for them not telling Nina that Nelle was her daughter. She notes that Jax must find it difficult to keep such a big secret from someone he loves. Jax is like, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, who said anything about the L word?" as if they haven't been together for a year. Apparently they haven't said that before, but when Nina hints that she'd like to stay together for a long time, and also isn't sure where they stand, he tells her he loves her. Ava asks Nina to bug Jax (who can in turn bug Carly) about getting Carly to back off from seeking shared custody of Avery. She also wants Avery's necklace, which the jeweler said Carly picked up weeks ago. After a conversation about Josslyn and what a good peacemaker she is, Ava visits her to ask her to get the necklace. Josslyn finds it and hands it over (without Ava really looking at it), but she makes it clear that it's because her sister wants it, not because of Ava, since she'll never forget what Ava did to Morgan. Nina must be serious about calling off the search for her daughter because she's ready to put the necklace away. Ava, like Valentin, thinks Jax might have talked her into doing something she doesn't really want to do. Nina insists that she has all she needs in her life and is ready to move forward. Josslyn wants to go back to writing in her journal, but when she goes to retrieve it from where she stashed it, she realizes it's missing. Cameron later tells Trina that Dev stole it but told Cam that Josslyn threw it away. He's worried that telling Josslyn the truth will ruin her happy memories of Dev. He and Trina agree to keep this quiet and hope that Josslyn just drops the subject. Ned is officially adopting Leo.

I'm more convinced than ever that Willow's going to end up pregnant with Michael's baby.

Robert claims you feel more warmly toward someone after doing them a favor, but I don't think that'll happen with Josslyn and Ava.

Morgan mention – drink!

Nina saying her search for her daughter came to a dead end made me craugh (cringe/laugh).

So where are Dev's belongings? Didn't anyone look through them and find Josslyn's journal? This is kind of a bad idea, but maybe Cameron or Trina could find it and leave it somewhere in the house to make Josslyn think she just misplaced it.

How is Ned's adoption of Leo happening so quickly when Willow's adoption of Wiley has been pending for months?

January 19th, 2021

Tracy tries to convince Olivia that Alexis badmouthed her the night of her DWI, calling her a gold-digger, a commoner, and a slut. Olivia isn't sure she believes this, but even if it's true, it doesn't explain why Tracy's trying to make it look like she drove drunk. Tracy laughs off the accusation that she lied about Alexis disabling the alarm, then warns that Olivia might not like what she uncovers if she keeps digging. She hints that she's going to all this trouble not to protect herself but for someone else. After flashbacks to all the strange conversations she's had with Ned and Alexis over the past few weeks, Olivia's very close to putting it all together and asks Ned to clear things up. Britt has been researching Cyrus' new drug, and she tells Jason it's as potent as promised. Jason doesn't want her to get in too deep, but Britt insists that she – daughter of two ruthless criminals – can handle herself. Plus, she wants to be a good person, and if keeping this drug from hurting anyone is the way to do that, she's going to keep going. Sam learns that Franco's tumor is back and immediately worries that the town is in for more torture. Elizabeth is less concerned about that and more worried that, you know, he'll die. Sam tells her that Franco came by the penthouse recently, had a "migraine," and talked to Jason. Elizabeth is surprised since she didn't think Jason knew about Franco's condition. Unfortunately, she doesn't tell Sam any details about Franco's symptoms, like his Drew memories. Valentin enlists Martin to help Alexis with her DWI defense. Alexis resists their help until Martin comes up with a defense she likes: Tracy didn't do enough to keep Alexis from driving, so this is all her fault. Franco finally has a different memory, this one of Peter introducing someone to Drew. Cameron got into Stanford but doesn't want Franco to tell anyone, since he's not sure he'll go. Jax and Nina love each other and are SO BORING.

They should probably put the brakes on Leo's adoption for the moment.

Don't worry, Sam – Franco is guaranteed not to be dangerous simply because Elizabeth really doesn't think he will be.

Don't let Finn find out that Alexis accidentally called his brother Defective Chase. Finn will tease Chase about it for the rest of his life.

I knew I wasn't the only person who'd noticed Franco's love of food. Thanks, Cameron.

Wait, I thought Nina put the necklace away. UGH! I'm so sick of it!

January 21st, 2021

Olivia has pretty much guessed what Ned's been keeping from her, so he confirms that he and Alexis slept together. She blames his family and upbringing for his inability to trust, since he thought she'd already cheated on him with Robert. While talking to Finn and remembering the way Tracy has acted around her, Alexis figures out that Tracy made it look like she drove drunk in order to keep her away from Olivia. She goes to the Quartermaines' and confronts Tracy, so all the secrets in that storyline are now out. Tracy admits to her part in it, and Sam, who genuinely feels bad about doubting Alexis, offers to get things started on clearing Alexis' record. Britt isn't sure she can trust what Obrecht has said about Peter, so she asks Jason to tell her the truth. He recaps the past few years for her and says he wants to expose Peter not for revenge but just to stop him (and keep Maxie from getting hurt). Peter asks Britt if he can use her access to GH's records to look up something for an article. She lets him at first, and he downloads some of Franco's records, but she changes her mind and cuts him off. He doesn't clear the search history, though, and she sees what he was looking at. Elizabeth is upset that Franco doesn't seem to want to fight to live, since he's willing to let Jason kill him. Anna tells Kevin her concerns about Dante and her inability to get information on the treatments he's received. They both wonder if Kirk's death was really a random act of violence or if someone wanted to silence him. Kevin is able to get information on Kirk's last patients, and they see that he was treating both Dante and Obrecht. Maxie tells Dante that she wants to name the baby after Lulu, an idea he likes. She guesses that he still has some reservations about Peter, so Dante says he'd like to get to know him.

Why isn't Dante at the Quartermaines' for this big Leo celebration that isn't going to happen? I assume it's only because he would have decked Ned for cheating on Olivia, and they didn't want to go there.

I'm surprised Sam didn't leave when Olivia started yelling. I figured she would say it was none of her business and slip out.

Get a poker face, Peter.

Does Elizabeth not have Jason's phone number? Previously, she went to the penthouse to see if he was there. Today she called the warehouse and learned he was at the gym. Call him on his own phone!

"How are you doing?" "Pretty good." Oh, yeah? 'Cause your father just "died."

January 22nd, 2021

Olivia confronts Alexis for her fling with Ned, her lies, and her seeming lack of regret about everything until she got busted. Alexis is genuinely sorry that she hurt Olivia and damaged their friendship, but it's not clear yet if she sees this as a rock-bottom situation. Olivia isn't sure if she's done with the Quartermaines yet, and she's not ready to talk to Ned about where they stand. Everyone's mad at Tracy for the way she went after Alexis, but she thinks her actions were justified. She was trying to help Ned salvage the only successful relationship he's ever had, and she wanted Alexis to get help for her drinking. Predictably, no one's grateful. Sonny is eager to make improvements to the Tan-O, which Lenny sees as an attempt to take it over. Phyllis, however, thinks that his manic behavior indicates that he has a mental illness they don't know about. Elizabeth rips into Jason for being all too happy to get permission to kill the one person he's wanted dead for years. She insists that Franco won't go back to his evil self. She also points out that Jason isn't as much of a presence in Jake's life as Franco is, so Jason shouldn't take away his stable life. Jason's basic demeanor the whole time is, "I'm sorry you feel that way but I'm still going to do it." Meanwhile, Franco asks Scott to help him protect Jason legally if Jason does end up killing him. Scott thinks the whole thing is insane but eventually agrees. Josslyn tells Carly that she gave Avery's necklace to Ava. Carly panics and calls Jax, who thinks it's time to tell Nina the truth about Nelle before she hears it from someone else. Carly wants to try to get the necklace back, possibly by taking advantage of the favor she thinks Nikolas owes Jax for hiding him when he came back to town. Nina tells Curtis that after meeting with Phyllis, she's decided to step back from the search and let her daughter find her if that's what she wants. Curtis is surprised, and she admits that the decision to stop the search has affected her more than she expected. Instead of worrying about his own relationship, or even acknowledging that there's a problem with it, Curtis wonders if Carly's connection to Jax will drive a wedge between him and Nina.

This would be a good time for Tracy to flee the country.

I'm glad they're addressing Sonny's bipolar disorder. I thought they would just hand-wave it and pretend it wasn't an issue.

If Phyllis keeps saying Epiphany-like things to Sonny, she'll spark a memory in no time.

Carly, you have so many other things to focus on right now. The necklace shouldn't even make the top 10.

Morgan mention – drink!

January 25th, 2021

Carly tells Bobbie that Nelle was Nina's daughter, then takes her along when she goes to Wyndemere to meet with Ava about a visitation schedule for Avery. Bobbie searches for the necklace, which Carly wants to replace with a fake so if Nina ever sees it, it won't fit together with hers. Bobbie's search mission fails, so Carly picks a fight with Ava to give herself an excuse to storm off. While Bobbie plays peacemaker with Ava (since Nikolas has already been kicked out of the negotiation for refusing to give Carly anything), Carly finds the necklace and is about to swap it when someone catches her. Valentin accuses Jax of being in on Florence's kidnapping, thanks to Carly, which makes him an accomplice. Nina knows Jax had nothing to do with it, and she immediately guesses that Valentin is trying to plant doubt in her mind so she'll turn against Jax. Jax wants to tell Carly to make Jason return Florence, which is just what Valentin is hoping for. Meanwhile, Martin asks Jackie to write something about Florence's disappearance, hoping it'll spur Jason into returning her. Valentin objects to the plan, thinking it'll just rile Jason up. Sonny doesn't think there's anything wrong with him, so he won't let Phyllis take him to see a psychiatrist. After eavesdropping on Phyllis and Lenny talking about how he probably has bipolar disorder, he takes off. Maxie sets her sights on having Jackie write an article about Sasha, so Sasha asks Chase to introduce them. Chase is hesitant to invite Jackie to dig into Sasha's biggest mistakes, but Sasha is ready to practice full disclosure. Jackie agrees to do the article, warning Sasha that it could have unintended consequences. Michael and Willow aren't 100 percent sure they want to annul their marriage, since they've had some good times together, but they sign the papers anyway.

Only Carly would take time out of mourning her husband to arrange a low-stakes jewelry heist.

It's been 25 years and I still can't believe Bobbie was once married to Stefan. For that matter, I also can't believe she almost married Jerry.

"Valentin, he's not the kind of guy that just makes up stories." Yes, he is. Remember when he made up a story called "This Is Your Daughter, Sasha"?

Jackie asking Martin, "Should I know you?" was an inside joke – Kim Delaney and Michael E. Knight played siblings on All My Children.

January 26th, 2021

Nikolas catches Carly trying to switch the necklaces and threatens to have her arrested, because the police would just love to use their valuable time to bust a woman for taking a necklace from a seven-year-old. Carly lies that she wanted to make Donna a necklace that matches Avery's. Ava knows Carly's up to something but doesn't care – she has Avery and Nikolas, and Carly has no power, so she's not going to let Carly's scheming get to her. Carly runs straight to Jax to tell him she accidentally mixed up the necklaces and isn't sure which one she left behind. Jax tells her that grief has clouded her judgment and she needs to stop doing stuff without asking him first if it's a good idea. Finn asks Jackie straight out if she's 100 percent sure that Gregory is Chase's father. Jackie admits that there's a small chance he's not, but she's not going to do anything to find out, and she doesn't want Finn to, either. Finn wants the truth, even if he never informs Chase, and asks Anna to help him get it. Sasha and Chase give Michael and Willow, respectively, a heads up that Sasha's doing the interview with Jackie, so they might get dragged into the spotlight as well. Michael worries that revisiting her drug abuse will make Sasha relapse, but she thinks she can stay sober. Portia helps Curtis see that he still envisions Jordan in his life in the future. Anna convinces Jordan to approach him so they can talk things over, but while Curtis badly wants to be with her, he can't trust her. Nina keeps saying she's fine with Jax's relationship with Carly, and she really seems to mean it. Two people are ready to make career changes: Curtis wants to leave the PI business, and Willow's about to start nursing school.

It's nice of Jax to give Jason a break from dealing with Carly's craziness.

Nikolas, kindly shut up.

Morgan mention – drink!

I assume Finn knows Chase's date of birth and the date of Jackie and Gregory's wedding, so asking Jackie to confirm that "the dates don't line up" for him to be Chase's father is dumb.

Why is Jackie, a print journalist, doing an on-camera interview?

I get that they don't want to drag out Sasha's recovery (especially since I'm sure they'll eventually go into more detail with Alexis' story), but having her basically say, "When I want to use, I just don't" seems very unrealistic.

January 27, 2021

Peter publishes a story revealing that Franco's tumor has returned, and everyone panics. Britt easily guesses where he got the medical information and isn't happy about it. Franco is even less happy, since he thinks townspeople are going to come after him with pitchforks. Peter tells Britt he'll do anything to protect his family, even if it means going against her. Obrecht knows that Peter's targeting Franco because of his Drew memories, and is hoping to discredit Franco if he ever implicates Peter. She clickytizes Dante to protect Franco at all costs. Avery gives Sasha her necklace for good luck during her interview with Jackie. Carly's too late to get it back, and Nina sees it. Jason wants to have Sonny legally declared dead and hold a funeral so various mob entities will know Jason's now in charge of the Corinthos organization. Carly is hesitant, but she agrees to do anything that will ensure her family's safety. Alexis is worried about Franco going evil again and is eyeing a syringe, for some reason. Franco promises Sam he's made arrangements to make sure he can't hurt her again. Elizabeth complains to Nikolas that everyone's afraid of Franco's possible return to evil but she's the only one who cares about his. She tells him about Franco and Jason's plan and asks Nikolas to stop Jason if he makes a move to hurt Franco. Valentin knows that Carly, not Jason, kidnapped Florence and again urges Jax to talk to her about it. Nikolas feels lucky to have all he has, and he wants to celebrate by remarrying Ava. In response to the Franco news, Michael asks Willow not to move out yet.

Franco and Elizabeth can probably solve their money problems by suing Peter for violating Franco's privacy.

I kind of like that after all the build-up to Sasha's interview, it's not actually important.

Jason vs. Nikolas? Yeah, that's a no-brainer. Good luck, Nik.

I love when people talk to kids the way Michael talks to Avery ("how much have you grown, ten feet?").

Obviously I get Michael wanting to protect his loved ones, but I really don't think Franco would go after Willow.

"That Was that fun?" Heh. Gotta love Maxie.

January 28th, 2021

Franco is in the middle of telling Sam about his arrangement with Jason when he has another Drew memory. While Sam and Elizabeth are trying to help him, Alexis misinterprets the situation and thinks Sam is in danger. She grabs a syringe full of lidocaine and starts to stab Franco with it, but Dante jumps in front of him and gets injected instead. Apparently this is a bad thing, and he's in rough shape. Sam is hesitant to tell Chase about the attack, but she wants Alexis to face consequences for her actions for once. Plus, she'll get the chance to sober up while she's in lockup, since Jordan arrests her. Nina's first thought about Sasha's necklace is that she wore it to get a rise out of Nina. Carly tries to get Lucy to pull the plug on Sasha's interview, which is, of course, not going to happen. When it ends, Nina questions Sasha, who didn't even realize that she was wearing a half-heart necklace. Valentin guesses that Carly knows something and pushes her to spill. Instead, Avery announces that the necklace is hers and tells Nina she found it in the woods. Carly quietly tries to disappear as Nina realizes this could be her daughter's necklace. Britt fills Jason in on Peter's use of her log-in to get Franco's medical information, then threatens to call the police. Jason talks her down, wanting Peter to think he still has her as an ally. Peter responds by suggesting that Jason see him as a friend instead of a foe, since they both want Franco out of the picture. Britt isn't sure she can trust Jason any more than she can trust Peter, and she's genuinely shaken by the situation she's gotten herself into. A state trooper returns Sonny to the Tan-O after he made a scene trying to get a job somewhere else. Lenny thinks it's time to for Phyllis to stop looking after Sonny, but Phyllis feels horrible about giving away Nina's child and wants to do something to balance the karmic scales. She and Lenny give Sonny an ultimatum: See a psychiatrist or hit the road. Portia again urges Curtis to work things out with Jordan, reminding him that everyone lies, so he needs to work on forgiving his wife. Jordan would appreciate that, since she's getting tired of him avoiding her. Jason is curious about why Dante would protect Franco.

It would have been more interesting if Alexis had injected Sam instead of Dante. That would have, without a doubt, been a rock-bottom moment for her. Plus, now Olivia's going to hate Alexis even more than she already does.

I'm confused about Alexis' reaction to Sam telling Chase about the attack. The way she nodded at Sam when Sam was considering whether to tell Chase what happened, it looked like Alexis was giving her permission to rat her out. But then she seemed surprised that Sam told the truth.

Jason: "I'll protect Sonny's family."
(Dante gets attacked)
Jason: "...Oops."

Heh. Nina's first fake daughter (Avery, FKA Jamie) gave a necklace to her second fake daughter (Sasha), which will inadvertently expose the identity of her supposedly real daughter (Nelle).

Jackie must be like, "What's up with the necklace? Is it haunted or something?"

Despite my negative feelings toward Valentin, I enjoyed his smugness when he realized Carly was hiding something.

As the kids say, find someone who looks at you the way Chase looks at Willow.

January 29th, 2021

Carly and Jax stay very quiet as Nina determines that the necklaces fit together and starts trying to determine how Avery got the second one. Michael says she found it in the woods near the family's cabin, and mentions that Nelle was there at one point. Carly tries a Hail Mary pass by lying that she found out the necklace was Nelle's just yesterday, and she and Jax were trying to figure out how to tell her. Jax finally decides it's time to just tell her everything. Mac is a mixture of disappointed and angry over Alexis' actions, which could send her to jail. She tells him over and over that it was an accident, and she was just trying to protect her daughter, but he says there's no justification for what she did. He asks if this is really how she wants her life to be. The good news is that Dante should be okay, so Alexis won't be arrested for murder, but she's still on the hook for felony assault and attempted murder. Robert calls Ned to come be with Olivia at the hospital, but Ned is the last person she wants to see right now. She tells Robert that Ned and Alexis hurt her but doesn't go into detail. He remembers hearing something at Thanksgiving and is probably smart enough to put the pieces together himself. Olivia spends some time in the hospital chapel, but she waits until she's out of God's earshot to swear revenge on Alexis. A doctor finds traces of lithium in Sonny's blood and is pretty sure he has bipolar disorder. He doesn't want to admit there's something wrong with him and really doesn't want to take medication. Phyllis promises he can trust her and gets him to take it. Franco tells Jason that Dante also got involved when he attacked Peter for publishing the story about him. Since Franco once came close to killing Lulu, this doesn't make sense to anyone. Elizabeth taunts Jason for probably being happy that someone else will kill Franco and save him the trouble. Sam overhears and learns that Franco asked Jason to kill him. Jason's story is now that he never said he would do it. Monica convinces Tracy to leave the country, both so she can't be arrested for framing Alexis and to put distance between her and Ned.

I guarantee that if she thought it would work, Carly would try to convince Nina that Avery's her daughter.

How did Maxie and Robin keep getting into trouble as teens? One "I'm disappointed in you" look from Mac would have set me straight for life.

No one's mentioning how someone just left lidocaine and a syringe lying around in an exam room. Time to fire someone, Britt.

Suddenly it's Alexis' birthday? Had that date been established before?

Olivia: "God and I need to have a conversation." God: "Shoot. Tell her I'm not here."

Phyllis' feelings were hurt because Sonny called her a stranger? You ARE a stranger. You met two days ago!

In the conversation I imagined, after Sam busted Jason for agreeing to kill Franco, Jason said, "I would have let you watch."

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