General Hospital blog - January, 2022

January 3rd, 2022

2022 is already ruined because Peter's awake. Instead of asking to see Maxie, he wants to talk to Victor. He's not pleased that Victor turned on him and is now free to do whatever he wants. Victor offers to help him avoid another attempt on his life if Peter will tell him how to activate Drew, because Victor still has something big planned for him. Peter wants Victor to bring him Maxie and Louise first. Laura thinks she can use Valentin's relationship with Victor to her advantage by getting Valentin to get information out of his father and pass it on to her. Just as she and Kevin are about to celebrate finally being alone, without any mayoral responsibilities, Tracy makes a surprise visit and announces that Luke is gone (though she doesn't specify if that means he's dead or missing). Carly and Drew spend the entire episode talking about Jason, and she never brings up the fact that she and Sonny are having trouble, so...make of that what you will. Drew wants to help, but Carly seems almost offended that he's trying to be friendly. Nina takes Sonny to his old penthouse and spends the hour going back and forth between saying his problems are none of her business and telling him she wants to help. Alexis goes to Charlie's and almost drinks champagne, but stops when Harmony joins her. Harmony thinks Alexis came there in hopes that Kristina would be working and would stop her from drinking so Alexis wouldn't have to practice self-control. Alexis admits that she's distanced herself from the people she would normally want to spend time with, which just makes her more inclined to fall into a friendship with Harmony. Anna and Felicia agree to work together to try to find Louise, which has Maxie concerned, but which is not actually her biggest problem right now. Austin promises that Peter will never be a threat to her or her family again. Austin also thinks Britt is a nicer person than anyone thinks, so we can probably expect a love connection between these two sooner or later.

Having the one thing I didn't want to happen occur in the first episode of the new year doesn't make me optimistic.

Okay, no way is Luke dead, but this is a great opportunity to do a big mystery with Laura, Anna, Robert, Tracy, and Felicia.

Also, I would like to be happy that Tracy's here, but it's hard when she has bad news.

Sonny still owns his old penthouse? Heh, his keys are right down the hall.

Ugh, why is Harmony still around? Couldn't Alexis talk to Diane or Finn instead?

January 4th, 2022

We're being asked to believe that Luke had a big fight with Tracy about some scam, went to Austria to participate in said scam, and died in a freak cable-car accident. Laura tells Bobbie what happened, and Bobbie thinks someone specifically targeted Luke and killed innocent people along with him. Olivia and Ned are moving forward with his adoption of Leo, and she's ready to officially get back together, as she's seen how he's changed since his affair and trusts him not to cheat again. Their happiness doesn't last long, since Tracy shows up and shares the news about Luke, which brings everyone down. Then she privately busts Brook for not really being "Bailey"'s mother. Nikolas is outraged to learn that Shawn published a story about some HR scandal at Cassadine Industries, which makes Nikolas look bad even though he wasn't involved. Victor offers to take care of Shawn, but Nikolas turns him down, possibly just because Ava's there. Victor makes Kevin a little suspicious with his comments about Luke's death, which he most definitely had something to do with. He calls someone to say that with Luke "neutralized," there's no need to go after Laura again, and now it's time for the next step of his plan. Bobbie stops Valentin from trying to see Peter, since Valentin says he has some questions. Alexis advises him to listen to Bobbie, and not just because she can be scary. Drew also wants to see Peter, which both Monica and Valentin think is a bad idea. Valentin also informs Drew that he has control of Drew's ELQ shares. Portia and Curtis are very happy together and in love and ready to move into the future together, which means they're probably going to be really boring from now on. Shawn wants Alexis to be his second in command at the Invader.

I'm guessing Luke is about as dead as Holly is. In fact, he's probably WITH Holly. But if there's no storyline coming out of this other than being sad, what's the point?

I don't get how "neutralizing" Luke means Victor doesn't want to go after Laura anymore.

I liked the little nod to history with Ned saying he'll tell Dillion about Luke. The two of them were buddies back in the day. I also liked that Ned told Olivia to call Robert. He's showing he trusts her to be friends with Robert without anything else happening.

Why is Nikolas the one getting in touch with Ethan? Have Robert do it.

I vaguely remember Brook calling Tracy last year, but I had to look up why. She was looking for a baby to pass off as her own, so it's reasonable that Tracy would figure out that this baby isn't really Brook's.

Think about the sheer guts it takes to blackmail someone, use the money to buy a newspaper, and then use that paper to publish a piece dragging the company run by the guy you blackmailed. Rock on, Shawn.

We are not leaving the past in the past, Portia! Not until you reveal who Trina's biological father is!

January 5th, 2022

Tracy interrogates Brook about where she got "Bailey" and why she and Chase are lying about who her father is. Brook will only tell her that she didn't steal "Bailey." When Maxie and Felicia come by, and Felicia mentions that Louise and "Bailey" are the same age, Tracy puts the pieces together but doesn't tell Brook that she has. Austin tries to keep Britt from paying Peter a visit so she's not tempted to do something illegal to him. Britt ignores him and tells Peter she can't wait to see him rot in prison, then join their father in Hell. Also, she hopes he never sees Louise, and she wasn't the one who poisoned him because if she'd done it, she wouldn't have gotten the dosage wrong. Britt feels better after that and has a nice conversation with Austin about how neither has a personal life. He encourages her to join the matchmaking service Obrecht wants her to try out, and offers to be her wingman. Victor offers to help Valentin get revenge on Brook for lying about "Bailey." Valentin resists for a while, but he can't stop himself from asking what Victor has in mind. Harmony catches up with Willow, wondering how she feels about the Nina situation. She thinks Michael and Willow should let Nina be in Wiley's life, and she urges Michael to trust Willow's instincts. Michael: "I do trust her instincts, which is the only reason you're allowed in this house, and also, I haven't forgotten what you did to my sister, and also also, MYOB." Sam likes the idea of Alexis working with Shawn, and she talks Alexis into agreeing to try something new. Anna and Felicia have a plan to find Louise, but they don't get a chance to tell Maxie about it before Robert tells them all about Luke. They're all sad, especially Robert and Anna. Martin agrees to represent Peter for $50,000, but only for Franco's murder. Valentin is unhappy with the news, but Martin's excuse is that he needs money to pay for his mother's care and three wives' worth of alimony.

How long until Tracy meets Austin? I need that to happen.

I can't imagine talking to my boss the way Austin talks to Britt. Then again, there's no chance of me developing a romantic relationship with my boss, which I still think is probable with Austin and Britt.

Peter could easily be cleared for killing Franco. Franco kidnapped him – even a horrible lawyer could argue that Peter was justified in killing him, self-defense or no self-defense.

I'd say Martin is free to see Lucy now, because there's no way Valentin is going to keep him on retainer after this. It would also be a conflict of interest, I think, since Valentin will probably end up testifying against Peter for at least one of his crimes.

How and why is Harmony getting so much screentime?

January 6th, 2022

Sonny tells Dante that he dreamed about Carly while he was gone, and as soon as he got his memory back and realized who she was, he wanted to be with her. However, he's having trouble shaking his feelings for Nina, like she's a hangover from his time as Mike. Dante believes he wants to be with Carly and encourages him to talk to her. Meanwhile, Carly vents to Olivia, who points out that Sonny isn't the only one who fell in love with someone else last year, and it's time for everyone to be honest about their feelings. Ava's happy with the way Nina's hearing turned out, both because the charges were dropped and because Sonny and Carly might be done. Nina thinks Sonny will stay with Carly, but Ava isn't so sure. Ned meets up with Alexis and Sam and is telling them about Luke when Tracy interrupts. She and Alexis get into it about the whole fake DUI mess, and Alexis says she's going to write an article about privilege and how rich people can get away with anything. Tracy blows her off, wanting to talk to Ned about Brook, but before she can spill anything, Dante shows up and arrests her. Deception is getting ready to go public, and Brook, Maxie, and Lucy wish Sasha were with them for all the festivities. Sasha's decided she wants to go back to work, though that might be difficult with Louise sometimes being around. Brando and Gladys support Sasha's decision, but Gladys warns that Sasha's grief won't go away just because she's going back to her normal life, so Brando needs to keep an eye out. Brook has figured out that Tracy has figured out who "Bailey" is, and Maxie isn't sure they can trust her to keep that quiet.

Imagine if Sonny and Nina get together and one day she becomes stepmother to Avery, the kid she once kidnapped to raise as her own.

Thank you, Olivia, for being rational, UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE.

Whatever we need to do to keep Jane Elliot on the show, we should do it. Here's hoping they at least send Tracy to Spring Ridge for a month or so, and we get to see every minute of it.

You know Alexis looooooves that one of her daughters is dating a cop.

I wonder if Sasha will start using again. That would be an interesting development.

January 7th, 2022

Sonny admits to Carly that he has feelings for Nina, but he doesn't want to, he thinks they'll go away, and he's committed to Carly. She wants all the details about Nina and Sonny's relationship before she can decide whether she forgives him and wants to stay together. Sonny thinks the past should stay in the past, and since he's not "Mike" anymore, it doesn't matter. Nina asks Phyllis if it's possible that Sonny might ditch Carly for her. Phyllis tells her that what she wants doesn't matter right now, and she needs to stay out of Sonny and Carly's lives or she's just going to make things worse. Speaking of worse, Carly's now at Nina's office, ready to throw down. Spencer will be making restitution to Ava by working at the gallery, with Trina supervising him. Trina and Spencer don't like the idea, but Ava thinks Spencer should be eager to make up for the way he treated Trina. Chase confides in Finn that his friendship with Brook seems to have changed. Finn tells him that co-parenting has changed the dynamic, but they'll work things out. Olivia, meanwhile, thinks Brook and Chase are interested in each other, because she has eyes. Cameron and Esme bond a little over having family drama and anger issues. Josslyn still isn't sold on Esme being a good person, but she's warming up to her a little. Esme is very pleased that the group trip is probably still on, and I'm sure the medication she gets from the hospital is completely harmless. Finn and Elizabeth continue their slow crawl toward a relationship by preparing for their first date. She's shocked to see her wedding ring, which she put in a kitchen drawer, fall out of the dress she's brought with her to work.

Nina, honey, you can't imply that Phyllis should be on your side because she previously encouraged you and Sonny to be together. She didn't know he was married!

Phyllis, like Olivia, is very rational. They should hang out.

Restitution schmestitution – Ava's playing matchmaker.

Chase: "Now that Peter's awake, I want to stick closer to 'Bailey.'" Also Chase: "I'm going to take 'Bailey' to the hospital, where Peter is."

That baby seemed to really like Michael Easton. She looked like she was about to start crying but stopped when he held her hand, and she seemed like she was listening to everything he said.

January 10th, 2022

Carly and Nina say a lot of the stuff they've already said to each other, but I'm giving this round to Nina. She knows Carly kicked Sonny out, she's pleased that Carly is shaken by her unstable marriage, and she's delighted to reveal that she and Sonny came close to having sex. She gets slapped when she tells Carly that it's entirely possible that she and Sonny will rekindle things, but at least she knows she's gotten under Carly's skin. Sonny and Laura catch up, though it's mostly him telling her about the Carly/Nina mess. He doesn't get why Carly won't believe that he's done with Nina and doesn't consider "Mike" part of himself. Laura thinks he's protecting Nina instead of acknowledging that what she did to him was really wrong. Sonny also ignores a message from his pharmacy about refilling his lithium prescription, so that might be an indication of where his story's going next. Victor is done with Spencer and Nikolas' estrangement and wants Spencer to help him reunite the family. Spencer resists, but Victor won't stand for his childishness, even when it comes to Ava. Ava's part of the family, and Spencer needs to accept that. Victor notes that if they can bring Nikolas back to the fold, Ava's influence over him may fade. Whatever Victor's up to, he's not done, and Laura finds him waiting for her when she gets home. Trina and Portia have a great talk about what's been going on in Trina's life. First she confides her discomfort with the way Ava's messing with Spencer, and how it shows her a side of Ava she's never seen (maybe the side that did horrible things to Morgan). Then Trina admits to feeling like a fifth wheel in her friend group, since she's the only one who's single. Part of the reason she agreed to go on the group trip was to show Esme that she's fine being single. Portia advises her to decide whether she'd rather continue being a fifth wheel or miss out on time with her friends. Trina chooses the latter, wanting to give Spencer some good memories before he goes to Spring Ridge. Marshall reaches out to T.J. again, and T.J. tells him he's not going to develop a relationship with Marshall if Curtis is uncomfortable with it. He adds that Curtis isn't going to let go of his desire to know where Marshall's been, so if Marshall wants to be in his son's life, he'll need to open up to him. Curtis finds them together and there's more of the same between him and Marshall. Finn and Elizabeth can't figure out how her ring wound up in her locker, as she doesn't think one of her boys put it there to manipulate her into shying away from Finn. They don't solve the mystery, and Elizabeth decides to postpone their date, but she does still want it to happen.

Can we go just one day without someone saying they want to leave the past in the past?

The way Victor treated Esme today was beautiful. "Yeah, yeah, you're family, too – take my scarf, girl."

We need Portia/Trina scenes like today's at least once a week.

Trina: "You don't have to apologize." Portia: "Oh, I wasn't going to apologize." Hee.

Morgan mention – drink!

The only explanation I can think of for the thing with Elizabeth's ring is that she put it in her own pocket without realizing it.

January 11th, 2022

Willow and Nina apologize to each other for various slights, though I maintain that Willow had nothing to be sorry for. She offers to work on getting Michael to let Nina see Wiley if Nina agrees to give up her legal rights to him. Nina refuses to do it unless Willow can promise with 100 percent certainty that Michael will come through. Victor tells Laura that he's sticking around town, working toward atonement, and wants to redeem the Cassadine name. Laura's not nearly naïve enough to fall for that, and she's definitely not going to let him get his hooks into Spencer. Marshall FINALLY tells Curtis something about why he left: He got involved in something he shouldn't have (sounds like it was mob-related) and left his family so they wouldn't be in danger. Curtis is curious about who posed the threat and why Marshall thought it was safe to surface now. He offers to get one of his connections to take care of things, but Marshall won't provide any details. Sonny and Carly fight some more, and she refuses to believe that he's going to put the stuff with Nina behind him and fully commit to Carly. She notes that he hasn't said anything about Nina's insistence that things could be rekindled at any time. Felicia thinks Maxie is handling her life crises a little too well (no offense intended, I'm sure) and wonders who's part of her support system outside of her family. Maxie names Austin, even though they haven't really interacted for a while. Britt and Austin strike out finding dates, but they're starting to develop a relationship. She's thrilled to hear that he's interested in Maxie, so we can probably expect her to play matchmaker for them.

Willow, you're an idiot. Nina, you're also an idiot. Don't be mean to the one person who's currently your only hope of ever seeing Wiley again.

Shout-out to Nicholas Chavez and Avery Pohl for their reactions to Laura and Victor's conversation (which I could have watched for hours).

"Spencer and his charming girlfriend invited me in." Like Victor's a vampire. (He is.)

"I put the fear of God in Nina." Oh, you did not and you know it. Get over yourself, Carly.

This just in: Lucas still exists.

January 12th, 2022

Ned hires Martin to represent Tracy, and he suggests a plea deal. Tracy refuses to accept one if it means she has to serve any time or admit guilt. She has things to take care of back in Amsterdam, and she wants out now. Martin asks Dante to use any pull he might have with Robert, but it's Alexis who gets things sorted out, thanks to a reminder from Harmony that she gets to control what happens next. She announces that she won't cooperate with the investigation into Tracy's crime, so Robert decides there's no case, and Tracy's free. Carly wants more time to figure out how she feels about her marriage, since she doesn't feel like she can trust Sonny right now. He thinks she's ready to call it quits because she doesn't love him as much as she used to, thanks to the whole Jason thing. He keeps insisting that Nina isn't a factor anymore, but Carly knows neither of them can forget about her. In other news, Sonny's definitely not taking his meds. Nina asks Valentin to help her take on Michael, but a) Valentin has moved on from Nina and doesn't want to go back, and b) he knows she'll end up in a war with the Corinthoses, which he doesn't want to be involved in. Nina then turns to Martin for legal advice instead. Alexis tries to smooth things over between Sam and Harmony, but Sam is wary about their growing friendship. As soon as she's alone with Harmony, she says she's seen that Harmony's changed, but she's not convinced that Harmony is being straight with Alexis. Sam also says she'll never forget the things Harmony did that harmed her and Kristina. Brook wants to make peace with Austin, and she even offers to find a way for him to be a part of the family without having any ELQ shares. Austin isn't the least bit interested, since he thinks Brook just wants to ease her conscience. While he's yelling at her, Valentin hears and offers to step in, seemingly wanting to protect Brook. Brook makes the mistake of throwing it in his face that "Bailey" isn't his. Now Austin and Valentin are interested in teaming up to get revenge. Tracy decides she needs more information on the "Bailey"/Louise situation before she tells Ned anything, though she's definitely gotten him curious. Robert and Olivia are the filler as she tells him she and Ned are back on, and Robert wasn't really the reason for their separation.

The Tracy/Dante/Ned/Martin scenes just showed how much Jane Elliot brings to the show. Excellent writing, too.

"If Luke was here right now, isn't that what he'd want you to do?" No, Luke would want Tracy to do nothing while he flirted with Alexis to get her to drop the charges.

What "affairs" of Luke's have to be settled? His gambling debts?

I can't decide who I'm more sick of, Carly or Nina.

Still waiting for Kristina's opinion on Alexis and Harmony's friendship...

Give Tristan Rogers an Emmy just for his facial expression after Olivia said she didn't want to put him in a "compromising position."

January 13th, 2022

Victor tells Austin that he wants him and Valentin to get revenge on Brook, and he'd be happy to participate. Austin is more than comfortable telling him all about how horrible Brook is. Victor gets very interested in Brook's friendship with Maxie and thinks Maxie is someone they can use against Brook. Felicia confronts Peter, who gets under her skin by bringing up how she abandoned her daughters, one of whom ended up being murdered. When Felicia says she's done with him, Peter claims he can take her to Louise if she helps him with his criminal charges. Felicia doesn't believe him and is looking forward to him being punished for all his misdeeds. Victor tries to separate himself from Peter, both with Drew and with Anna. When he mentions Louise, Maxie leans into it and asks what he knows about her. Anna decides that she needs to review Louise's "kidnapping" from the beginning, so she has Maxie walk her through everything that happened. Anna still can't figure out who might have taken Louise, so she wants to take Maxie and Austin back to Pautauk to reenact the night of her birth. Brook has talked Tracy into keeping her mouth shut about Louise, and Tracy has suggested that the two of them come to Amsterdam to put some distance between them and Peter. Chase suggests that he move into the Quartermaines' to provide security, but Brook doesn't think that's a good idea. Chase then suggests that they get their own place, which Brook agrees to. Sam explains to Drew why Valentin has Scout's ELQ shares, and the weirdness of the fact that she fought to keep her family together and it wound up not working out. She appreciates that she and Drew have been able to maintain a good relationship. Brad confides to Britt that he's afraid of Selina because she has a way of making people do things they don't want to do. He tries to keep his most recent crime secret, but he confesses that he's the one who poisoned Peter. Drew is disappointed that Victor won't face any consequences for his part in Drew's imprisonment. Victor's basically like, "No harm, no foul."

I thought Victor was going to figure out Brook and Maxie's scheme. What a contrived reason for him to talk to Austin, by the way. My guess is that James Patrick Stuart had to miss the episode for some reason (the teaser said he and Austin were supposed to talk), so they changed the scene from Victor and Valentin to Victor and Austin.

Maxie should have pushed suspicion onto Victor for Louise's "kidnapping" and sent Anna off on the wrong trail.

Why didn't we get to see the rest of Brook and Tracy's conversation? Are we going to get any more of Tracy?

I get what the designer of Sam's shirt was going for, but it just looks like a monster took a bite out of the shoulder.

January 14th, 2022

Michael is Team Carly in the Sonny/Carly mess, since Carly's not the one who ruined the chances of Nina being punished for keeping Sonny from his family. Dante has to break up their argument, but Sonny just turns on him instead when he suggests that Sonny give Carly the space she's asked for. Dante gets that something's not right with Sonny, but he hasn't caught on that he's not taking his meds. Drew is definitely Carly's new Jason, and he even gives her very Jason-like advice, telling her to follow her instincts regarding her marriage, but also make sure she's taking care of herself and not just her kids. Carly finally apologizes for dropping Drew when Jason came back and realizes she doesn't really know Drew apart from his brother. Nina is considering taking Michael to court to ensure she gets visitation with Michael. Ava thinks that's a bad idea, since she'll be burning her last bridge with the Corinthoses. She thinks it's significant that Carly came to fight with Nina, because it means she's not working on fixing her marriage. Ava advises Nina to sit back and do nothing while Carly and Sonny implode, and leave the Wiley situation alone. If she's lucky, she'll end up with relationships with both Sonny and Wiley. Laura calls for a family meeting with Nikolas and Spencer, but it's really more of a therapy session. She wants them to reconcile before Spencer goes to Spring Ridge so he'll know he has all his family's support. Both want to repair their relationship, but Spencer just can't get past the way Nikolas left him. He also worries Laura by mentioning that her push for reconciliation makes her sound like Victor. Kevin removes Esme from the "family meeting" so she can't influence Spencer, and she asks how he can be so pro-family when his own family is...well, Ryan. Kevin's like, "My wife and stepson aren't serial killers; you get that, right?" He's not pleased with how interested Esme is in Ryan, and he calls Spring Ridge to have Ryan's contacts restricted. Dante notes that Brad is taking a big risk living with Selina while he's on parole. Britt urges him to get out from under her thumb, but that's easier said than done, since she can always use the fact that he poisoned Peter against him.

Michael, this isn't about you. Sit down.

"I'm not trying to take Jason's place." Well, you're gonna, so you might as well go with it.

Ava...gulp...gave good advice today. Nina should stop asking her opinion on stuff, though.

Looks like being married to a psychiatrist has made Laura hone her therapy skills.

Kevin voluntarily spending time with Esme is really taking one for the team.

Esme has siblings? Interesting...

People, you can stop using Peter's full name, especially with his sister.

January 17th, 2022

Sonny and Carly fight some more, but they also almost get somewhere in making peace. Brick ruins it by interrupting to talk about a new mob threat on the West Coast who's taking over the power Cyrus had to give up there. Carly turns to Diane for a talk about Sonny, but she can't get into anything related to a potential divorce because Diane can only represent one of them. She thinks that if Carly isn't there to discuss divorce, she must want to save her marriage. Britt thinks Nina has enough pull with Sonny to get him to tell Selina to back off of Brad. Nina won't get involved, and she also doesn't like Britt urging her to get in the middle of Sonny's marriage. Britt's not sure there's much left there for Nina to ruin, and a call to Sonny that gets answered by Avery, who says Sonny and Carly aren't there, makes Britt think Carly has moved out. Curtis and Laura catch up, and he tells her all about Marshall and his hesitance to get too close. Laura thinks Curtis is hiding how much he wants a relationship with his father. Marshall thinks Epiphany wants to distance herself from him, and there's some confusion over whether he's interested in just playing music with her or also wants to go out with her. They talk a little about her childhood dream of being a doctor, and how he's been acting like this is all about him, and I swear she compares him to Cyrus. Then she asks him to dinner. Michael vents to Drew about his parents' problems, which he blames on Sonny, and Drew reminds him that they've always worked things out before, so he shouldn't worry.

Great, a new mob threat. God forbid we tie up loose ends in other plots before we start a new one.

Britt, your idea is bad and you should feel bad.

Why did Britt translate "Carly's not here" as "Carly moved out"?

Epiphany, no! You can do so much better.

January 18th, 2022

Brook and Chase move into Jax's old house and immediately start acting like they've been married for years. Dante picks up on their dynamic and thinks Chase has a crush, which is surprising because he should be furious with Brook. Chase strongly replies that nothing can happen between the two of them. Brook hears him telling Dante that he would never be able to trust her, and he's only there because of "Bailey." Suddenly their living arrangements are a lot more strained. Epiphany and Marshall go on their date, and she's much less annoyed than I am that he keeps pressing her on why she never became a doctor. Then he appears to have a heart attack. Elizabeth and Finn also go on their date, which is pretty awkward because he mentions her parents and she mentions Franco. Brando and Gladys are both concerned that Sasha's not grieving well, or even at all. Sasha doesn't want Gladys' input, but she listens when Maxie urges her to accept support and not push people away. Well, she listens, but she doesn't do it, since she chooses a yoga class over having dinner with Brando. T.J. must have already done his psych rotation because he astutely tells Brando that he might be upset about how Sasha's grieving because he's not getting the support he needs. He suggests that they try therapy, which Brando's willing to do. Drew cautions Curtis not to dig too deep into Marshall's past in case he draws the attention of someone who shouldn't know where Marshall is. He also thinks that Marshall demonstrated trust by telling Curtis about why he left, so maybe Curtis should do the same. Portia signs Terry up for a dating app in hopes of finding her a plotline date. Curtis catches someone trying to sell drugs at the Savoy, which means Sonny's not doing his job. Maxie tells Felicia there's no way she's going back to Pautauk.

I expected Epiphany's response to an emergency to be more helpful than just shouting someone's name over and over.

"I just can't shake this feeling that if we do actually go out on this date, something bad is going to happen." It's Port Charles. Something bad will happen no matter what. Might as well get dinner out of it.

Hmmm, maybe they haven't dropped the loose end of Elizabeth's father after all.

I would suggest that Terry go on a date with Drew, but that might be weird since she was Oscar's doctor.

January 19th, 2022

Dante notices that Sonny's behavior is a little off when he congratulates Chase on being a father (and hitting Valentin), then immediately gets overprotective of Brook. Sonny thinks the only way he and Carly can work things out is if they're living together, especially since they've already lost so much time. Dante reminds him that Carly asked for time and space, so he needs to give her those, but Sonny disagrees. Carly finds someone else to rant to, telling Sam that she feels like if she gets mad at Nina, she looks like a villain instead of a victim. She's upset that Sonny hasn't chosen her side, and that he doesn't want revenge on someone who hurt her and their family. Sam thinks all of Carly's feelings are justified, and assures her that Nina is the bad guy here. Brook hears an intruder in the house and arms herself with a vase. She ends up clocking Cameron, who's there with Josslyn for some private time (obviously not aware that Jax let people move in). Brook calls Chase, who finds it interesting that she wanted him to know what happened. They get a little heated when he notes that she told him to go hang out with Dante, and she says she didn't actually want him to leave. They cool off when Brook admits that she memorized Chase's phone number and they get back to their usual bantering selves. Marshall had a surge of hypertension, not a heart attack, so he's going to be fine. He acts weird about it, though, saying he doesn't want to talk to Curtis about every part of his life, even the parts that could be genetic and could affect Curtis. Still, the non-emergency has made Curtis want to get to know his father before it's too late. Once they know Marshall's okay, Finn and Elizabeth decide to go back to their date, but they hit another roadblock when Cameron calls. Eventually, they have to call time of death on the evening, but they're both eager to try again soon, and they do kiss, so there's that. The next morning, Dante goes to Elizabeth's house and tells her that something terrible happened. Shawn really doesn't like Harmony, and Alexis tries to argue that she deserves a second chance. Shawn gets that, but he points out that Harmony's not just a former criminal, but a former criminal whose crimes were against Alexis' family. Alexis realizes that she needs to put her daughters' feelings above her desire to be friends with Harmony. Epiphany is probably going to go to med school, so make a note.

Carly needs to apologize to Sam for dropping her as a friend like she did with Drew.

"Have you been holding this in the whole time?" Sam, she hasn't shut up in MONTHS.

I can't remember the last time I wanted a couple to kiss as much as I want Brook and Chase to.

Until told otherwise, I'm going to assume Marshall is dying.

What are the odds of us actually seeing Alexis address the Harmony situation with Kristina?

If this is all going to lead to Epiphany going to med school, let's just get there already.

I'm starting to think the college students' group trip is mythical and is never going to happen.

January 20th, 2022

Peter tries to blackmail Finn into getting his return to Pentonville delayed, but Finn isn't too worried that he'll be busted for almost killing Peter. Peter orders Martin to press charges, but Martin points out that he has no evidence, his testimony won't be trusted, and going after Finn will lead to more charges against Peter because he poisoned Chase. Peter thinks the accusation alone will ruin Finn's reputation and possibly harm the hospital. Martin finally shuts him down like he's a dog who won't stop barking at the mailman. He thinks he can get Peter cleared for killing Franco, and Peter asks if it'll help if he names an accomplice who helped him get out of Port Charles after Finn left him in the freezer. Meanwhile, Finn confesses to Chase what he did to Peter. Chase feels bad that Finn has been carrying this guilt alone (*ahem* he hasn't *ahem*) and still thinks Finn is a hero. Maxie starts worrying about Tracy again, and the possibility that Peter will figure out where Louise is, but Brook still thinks they're in the clear. Ned questions her about Tracy's suspicions and wonders why Brook moved out so quickly. Brook says it was so Chase has access to "Bailey" whenever he wants without the awkwardness of being around the Quartermaines. It's definitely not because they're together, because they're not. Definitely. Ned thinks that will eventually change. Someone set fire to Franco's studio, which means all his art is probably gone, along with any evidence that might have still been there connecting Peter to his death. The keys are still in Elizabeth's house, along with her ring. Cameron suspects that Peter was behind the fire, and he notes how strange it was that this happened after the weirdness with the ring. Valentin tells Anna that he's going to get closer to Victor so he can feed information to Laura. He swears the only thing he and his father have in common is wanting to get revenge on Brook. Anna doesn't like that, so she might want to rethink things if she was considering getting together with him. (Dante agrees.) Austin easily agrees to go back to Pautauk to help Anna, but he won't try to talk Maxie into going if she doesn't want to. Felicia kind of admires that. Maxie again refuses to go back, but when Austin says he'll go without her, she changes her mind.

I swear the writers are trying to harass me by having people constantly use Peter's full name.

Is Peter implying that he had an accomplice other than Victor or Cyrus?

I can't wait until Brook and Chase get together, and when they start telling people, everyone goes, "Well, finally!" People should exchange money from bets about how long it would take them to start a relationship.

Today is one of the reasons I can't see Anna and Valentin getting together. His first instinct: revenge. Her first instinct: justice.

Too bad we didn't get to see Valentin and Laura plotting against Victor together.

January 21st, 2022

Tracy hosts a memorial for Luke on the Haunted Star, and various loved ones gather to say goodbye. The event gets upstaged by a years-old video from Helena, who waited for this day for decades and wants everyone to know that Luke was a rhinestone, not a diamond. Also, Jennifer Smith shows up. Sonny is stuck on his desire to get back with Carly, though he hasn't figured out how to prove to her that he's committed to their marriage. Meanwhile, Carly tells Bobbie that all she wants is for Sonny to kick Nina to the curb. Scott pokes the bear when he runs into Sonny at Charlie's, and though Dante and Robert try to keep the peace, the two decide they want to fight. When Victor shows up, not at all sorry that Luke's dead, Sonny and Scott team up to fight him and his bodyguard. Phyllis isn't happy, but Victor makes a big brandy purchase (with a big tip) and uses it to toast Luke, noting that the people of Port Charles are in for a surprise. Scott decides to skip the memorial at the last minute, noting that when he crashed Luke and Laura's wedding, he caught the bouquet and a fist. Instead, he gloats on the docks and gets a faceful of ashes. Tracy offers Laura something she thinks Luke would have wanted her to have, but Laura turns it down without even looking at it.- Tracy tells Alexis how grateful she is that Alexis got the charges against her dropped. Alexis says she did it both for herself and for Luke. Spencer can't behave himself, which makes Nikolas start acting childish, so Ava orders them to knock it off and support Laura.

My expectations for this episode were pretty low, but they were exceeded at least a little. I laughed out loud at Scott saying he caught the bouquet, Spencer drifting into Lord of the Rings territory over wanting to see the Ice Princess, Helena giving everyone a vocabulary lesson, Scott deciding he hates Victor more than he hates Sonny, and Phyllis asking who was going to pay for the damages and Sonny reminding her that he owns Charlie's.

What a dumb excuse for not having Kevin and Lucas there to support their wife and mother. Though at least they got mentions, unlike Elizabeth. If Dante was there, Elizabeth should have been, too – they had the same relationship to Luke.

Killing off Helena was one of the show's greatest mistakes.

Who the flip cares about Jennifer Smith?? (Answer: No one.)

Of course an episode all about Luke ends with...Sonny and Carly. Why would we expect anything else?

Victor, unless your big surprise you keep promising is Peter's death, I don't want to hear about it.

"Is that what I think it is?" No, Alexis, it's a cookie jar. A cookie jar at a memorial service.

Ava sure knows a lot about Luke for someone who met him, like, twice.

January 24th, 2022

Laura suspects that Jennifer is the mob player Cyrus warned her about, but Sonny isn't concerned, since he's so focused on winning Carly back. Jennifer is still stuck on Luke and wants to know how Laura shook him off. Laura tells her to close that chapter of her life and open the next one. Jennifer calls someone to report that she didn't get the closure she wanted, but she's learned that Sonny isn't currently interested in expanding his territory to the other side of the country, so whoever she's talking to is free to make a move whenever they want. Maxie is saddened to realize how much time she's missing with Louise, and how much of a maternal figure Brook is to her. Chase tries to assure her that the Peter mess will be over soon and she'll get to be with her daughter all the time. Maxie contemplates telling Austin the truth about Louise, but Brook and Chase tell her that's a bad idea. Victor knows that Valentin is only willing to spend time with him to do reconnaissance, but he doesn't care (and he thinks the reconnaissance is for Anna, not Laura). Valentin confides that he's still having trouble letting go of "Bailey," and he still carries around her sonogram picture. Victor offers to hold on to it so Valentin can work toward closure, which means he has it nearby when he runs into Maxie and she drops her copy of the same picture. Sonny and Carly have the same conversation they've already had a billion times: She wants space, he doesn't want to be with Nina, she's mad that he kept secrets, he doesn't get how they can move forward if they're living apart, blah blah blah. Sonny's desire to prove his love for his wife leads him to the Savoy, which he tells Curtis he wants. Meanwhile, Josslyn asks Carly if she thinks her marriage can actually be fixed. Marshall shows up at the Savoy, and Portia reminds him that Curtis wanted space, but Curtis actually asked him to come so he could extend an olive branch. Luke's memorial and Marshall's health scare made him realize that he could miss out on knowing his father, so he wants them to spend time together. Curtis also tells Marshall that he understands that whatever trouble he got into decades ago might not have been his fault, so Curtis will stop judging him. Ned and Olivia are renewing their vows in a few days, and Leo's on board for Ned to adopt him, so that little family unit is doing well. Ned invites Austin to the vow renewal, but Austin declines. Britt tells Austin that Maxie's birth plan was for Britt to deliver Louise, then help get her out of town to keep her away from Peter.

Of course Jennifer's not the new mob threat. That would mean there are two female mobsters in play, and that's against the rules.

Why was Spencer still at the memorial? There wasn't much of a point to him being there.

Who carries sonogram pictures around with them after the baby's been born?

How are so many people noticing that Sonny's off but not immediately guessing that it's because he's not taking his medication?

It would be hilarious if Austin figured everything out about Louise because Britt said too much.

January 25th, 2022

Sonny clarifies that he doesn't want to buy the Savoy, he just wants to rent it out for a night so he and Carly can hang out there together. Curtis won't disrupt his schedule, and Sonny grows more and more frustrated that he can't intimidate or buy what he wants. Drew tries to intervene, but Sonny just turns on him, saying they're not friends and Drew is a shadow of his more beloved brother. Nina shows up and takes Sonny home, recognizing that he's having a manic episode and needs support. She doesn't want to leave him home alone with Donna and Avery, but he doesn't want her to stay or call anyone else. Nina tells him to choose between her and Carly, like, way to hit us over the head with the point of this plot, writers. She means that Sonny can either let Nina stay or agree to have Carly come tend to him. He tells her he doesn't care, which probably means that Carly will come by the next morning and find Nina there. Victor takes, like, an hour to put together that Maxie and Valentin have sonograms of the same baby. Britt urges Austin to tell her about himself, something he doesn't normally do because his family is pretty private. He eventually reveals that he was interested in Leo's case because he has a brother who's on the spectrum. Britt doesn't get why he's so secretive about that if he's not ashamed. Austin asks if she would be totally forthcoming about any health issues experienced by someone in her family. Apparently Harmony didn't listen when Sam told her to drop her friendship with Alexis, because she's still trying to hold on to it. Alexis tells her that as of right now, that can't happen. But it turns out no one bothered to ask Kristina for her opinion, because she's okay with them being friends since Harmony is trying to turn her life around. She also doesn't appreciate that Sam spoke for her, or that she's judging people with messy lives when hers is also messy. (Kristina wishes she'd been asked her opinion about Dante and Sam's relationship, though she's okay with that, too.) Trina and Spencer are back on good terms, and he finds that talking to her helps him keep his mind off of his impending prison sentence. He kind of wishes they could go back to when he was "Victor" and things weren't so complicated, but Trina prefers the real Spencer. Esme seems to be trying to get Cameron to think that Trina likes him, not Spencer. Also, she has Tramadol, a strong painkiller, so make of that what you will. Curtis tells Marshall that he was thinking about talking to Sonny about taking care of Marshall's problems. Marshall resists, since he doesn't want Curtis to get too involved with the mob. Josslyn's annoyed that Carly moved out of her house when Sonny's the one who screwed up. Carly explains that she didn't want to separate Sonny from Donna and Avery when they've already spent so much time apart. She also doesn't want what's going on with her and Sonny to affect his relationship with Josslyn. Maxie and Felicia are supposed to be preparing for the trip to Pautauk, but they mostly end up talking about Austin instead (Felicia likes him).

Sonny's going to need a new wrangler, with Jason gone and Carly on the outs with him. I nominate Dante.

Of all the people for Sonny to take things out on, he chooses Drew? VILLAIN.

I love Victor approaching Austin about a sonogram and ignoring Britt, an OB.

Victor: "Regards to your mother." Britt: "Go to Hell." Whee!

Spencer: "In ski parlance, that means--." Trina: "That you're pompous?" God bless you, Trina Robinson.

If they're not going to put Austin and Britt together, someone needs to tell the actors to turn down their chemistry.

Hmm, still no mention of the fact that Sam is dating someone whose father she has history with. Now THAT'S messy.

I still can't figure out Esme's game. Is she going to try to make Josslyn think that Cameron likes Trina?

January 26th, 2022

Nina spent the night on Sonny's couch while he stayed up thinking about improvements to Donna and Avery's treehouse. Nina calls Britt to get advice, and Britt advises her to keep her cool and try to get Sonny to go see his doctor. Nina gets some insight into bipolar disorder, but she also agitates Sonny further, to the point where he almost hurts her. From there, though, she's able to get him to see that going back on his medication will help, and he lets her take him to the hospital. The trip to Pautauk does exactly what Anna and Felicia hoped and Maxie feared it would: It jogs Austin's memory. He remembers hearing Maxie and Brook talking, and specifically recalls Maxie voluntarily handing Louise over and saying Brook came up with their plan. Martin tells Valentin that Brook hasn't changed "Bailey"'s birth certificate, so on paper, he's still her father. When questioned, Chase acts like it's not a big deal. Valentin, however, suspects that Brook hasn't done it because she would have to provide proof that Chase is "Bailey"'s father, and she can't because he isn't. Britt tells Peter he's going to Pentonville tomorrow, and Maxie will never have to deal with him again. But Victor has put the pieces together about Louise, and he tells Peter he can fulfill his end of their deal. Carly and Ava show up early for a yoga class but don't start practicing mindfulness and peacefulness. Instead, they bicker about Sonny and Carly's separation, custody of Avery, and the fact that Avery spent the night at Bobbie's when Bobbie isn't her grandmother. Brook tries to step in, but she can't stay neutral since she considers Sonny family, which makes Carly family, too. The teens finally go on their trip, and let's just say that if Esme weren't there, things would be perfect. Victor lets Britt know that he knows she has Huntington's, though she does a pretty good job of pretending she doesn't know what he's talking about.

Every time I type out "Pautauk," I just sit and stare at it because it doesn't look right to me.

I was kind of expecting Valentin to just grab Louise and go, "This is mine, actually."

Why did they drag out Victor confirming the Louise stuff?

Victor, I'll give you all the money in my bank account to kill Peter. I know you're super-rich so it won't mean much to you, but please, sir. Please.

Ava's going to feel bad when she finds out Sonny stopped taking his medication and it was a good thing that Avery was out of the house. Ha ha, just kidding, she won't feel bad.

You know you're too into your drama when Brook is trying to play peacemaker.

The teens' scenes today really showed what a great dynamic they have. Once Esme's out of there, it'll be fun to watch them together.

January 27th, 2022

Victor tells Peter his theory that Maxie and Brook conspired to hide Louise in plain sight as Brook's daughter. Peter doesn't buy it at first, but when Victor convinces him he's right, Peter's furious that Maxie would make him believe his child was in danger. He also refuses to tell Victor how to trigger Drew until Victor breaks him out of police custody and he can get his daughter. Valentin bounces ideas off of Martin until he puts Maxie and Brook's whole scheme together. He swears Martin to secrecy and asks Monica and Yuri some questions to confirm his suspicions. Victor catches him asking for "Bailey"s medical records at GH. Maxie spins a story about passing out and imagining a conversation with Britt about the plan to get Louise out of town. Austin insists that he heard someone else talking to her, but she tells him he's wrong, then distracts him by kissing him. It's enough to get Austin to drop the subject, but he doesn't seem convinced that she told him the truth. Esme only drugs Trina, then stirs up trouble by getting the group to play Never Have I Ever. Her goal seems to be to get Trina and Cameron to admit that they like each other and that Trina's upset that Josslyn is with him. Trina does admit that she misses when she, Josslyn, and Cameron were all just friends, but she doesn't say anything about their relationship or her feelings for him. Josslyn tears into Esme for being trouble from the start and trying to manipulate everyone. Sonny puts aside his issues to help Brando with his. Brando is still struggling with his grief and feels alone because Sasha's moving forward and doesn't want to talk about Liam while he does. He also feels weak for needing help, especially since he's supposed to be a strong man. Sonny assures him that there's nothing wrong with needing psychiatric support, and suggests that they work through their problems together. Sasha is doing a lot better – probably too well considering Liam only died about a month ago. Carly and Nina worry that she's in denial, but Sasha says she's just accepted her son's death and is getting back to normal. Nina tries to tell Carly what's going on with Sonny, but Carly refuses to discuss him with her.

I assume Peter will break out and kidnap Louise, and we'll have a retread of the end of Shiloh's arc. Or maybe that's just what I want.

Aw, now Brook and Chase won't have an excuse to play house.

I'm seriously at my Wes Ramsey limit. I can't take him anymore.

Nice subtle work from Sydney Mikayla while Trina was fighting the drug.

Okay, Esme has put her plan in motion and I STILL have no idea what she's trying to accomplish. Am I slow or is this plot not gelling?

If Brando wants advice from someone who lost a baby, he should talk to Michael. I'd like to see that relationship develop anyway.

January 28th, 2022

Esme throws a fit about Josslyn being mean, but Josslyn is glad she's shown herself to be a snake again, because now there's no question that that's what she is. Esme basically gets Spencer to choose between her and Trina, and the two of them leave the cabin. Josslyn guesses that Esme organized the whole trip just to embarrass the group. With Spencer and Esme gone and Trina asleep, Josslyn and Cameron take advantage of their alone time to have sex. Unfortunately, Esme has set up a camera to record them. Laura gives Martin some good reasons not to represent Peter, and those plus his knowledge that "Bailey" is really Louise lead Martin to step down. Peter lets him go without a fight, making both Laura and Martin think that he has something planned. Meanwhile, Valentin seems like he's considering telling Victor the truth about Louise, but he just says he wants to see "Bailey"'s medical records in case there's something in them he can use against Brook. (He really wants to see her sonogram and to check Louise's blood type.) Victor doesn't buy it, and he has Valentin drugged and kidnapped. Curtis tells Stella that he thinks Marshall was in witness protection. Her surprise at that theory makes him suspect that she knows more than she's said, but she lies that she didn't know about his troubles with bad guys until Curtis said something. Brook sees Chase in his underwear again, so I'm going to predict they'll be kissing by Valentine's Day. Marshall bugs Epiphany again about going to med school, but she's ready to let that dream die.

This seems like a lot of effort on Esme's part just to embarrass some people.

I really hope Cameron and Josslyn checked on Trina before they got naked, not because I'm worried about her (she looks fine in the previews) but because they would be bad friends if they didn't.

Every time someone says they're waiting until Peter goes to prison forever, they just jinx it more.

Am I supposed to be worried about Valentin? Victor's not going to hurt him, and taking him out of the action doesn't put Louise in danger, so...what's the point? I guess I should just be happy there's movement in that plot, especially since most of today's episode was filler.

I like the temporary Marshall more than the regular one.

January 31st, 2022

Trina wakes up not remembering the drama with Esme, so Josslyn tells her that she said she misses when the two of them and Cameron were just friends. Trina promises that she doesn't resent Josslyn for moving in on Cameron when Trina might have had feelings for him. The three come out of the evening fully aligned against Esme and recommitted to being friends. Meanwhile, Spencer and Esme fight because he didn't defend her to the others, and because he might really believe the horrible things Josslyn said about her, and blah blah blah. Esme pretends her whole damage comes down to fearing that she'll be alone when Spencer goes to Spring Ridge. They make up, but after she falls asleep, he texts Trina to say he's worried about her. Sonny wants to make some big gesture to prove his love for Carly, but Ned (yes, Sonny has run out of people to talk to and is now discussing his personal life with Ned) says he needs to listen to his wife and give her the space she requested. Sonny's basically like, "She doesn't know what she wants," and when he asks her to do something with him on Friday, she agrees, so I guess all his scenes with Ned were just a waste of everyone's time. Michael wants to take Willow to Paris, which means she needs a passport, which means she needs her birth certificate, which has suddenly gone missing. When she tries to get a copy from a government site, she's told that it doesn't exist. Marshall confirms that Curtis isn't going to ask Sonny for help settling whatever issues Marshall might need to settle. Curtis seems resigned to not getting all the answers he wants if it means missing out on getting to know his father. Stella's unhappy to learn that Marshall is letting Curtis believe he was in witness protection, but Marshall begs her not to reveal the truth. While finally cleaning out Franco's art-therapy room, Elizabeth gives Finn an out in case he doesn't want to deal with whatever's been going on with Franco-related stuff in her life. Finn doesn't want an out, which makes Elizabeth decide she's ready to pursue a relationship without holding back. Then she almost gets trapped in the room, or something. Carly complains to Michael about Sonny, and I really, really, REALLY can't listen to this stuff anymore. Phyllis thinks Stella looks familiar, in case that comes up later.

I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if at some point in this storyline, Esme threatens to kill herself because Spencer wants to leave her.

Who decided we needed Ned/Sonny scenes? Did something else fall through?

I hope Leo's okay with Ned and Olivia telling everyone about his diagnosis.

What's with the mass recasting of the kids? On a related note, leave Violet alone.

Leo calling Sonny "Uncle Sonny" feels weird. But nice attention to history with him wanting to see Avery – biologically, they're cousins.

Please tell me this Franco stuff isn't a ghost situation.

So whose long-lost daughter is Willow going to turn out to be?

Carly's right for once: She CANNOT talk to Michael about this mess with Sonny.

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