General Hospital blog - July, 2008

July 1st, 2008

Carly distracts Jax from the topic of the non-existent baby's paternity, then visits Kate and warns her that Sonny won't marry her. Jason assures Sonny that he and Carly didn't sleep together, and Sonny of course blames him for Carly's psychotic nature. He also thinks that Jason doesn't want him and Kate to be together. Jerry tells Johnny that if he dies, everyone will find out that Claudia was involved in Michael's shooting. Johnny wants to call Jerry's bluff, but Claudia convinces him that Jerry's telling the truth. She also tells him that Jerry stabbed her but hasn't yet told him that Nikolas also knows about their involvement in the shooting. Jerry does indeed have an affidavit stating that Claudia was involved - and he gives it to Alexis. Ric fills Sonny in on Zacchara's threat towards Kristina, then encourages him to keep up what he's doing as he thinks Sonny made the right decision by getting out of the mob. Robin still wants to fight Patrick's petition.

I could've sworn that Johnny already knew about Claudia's connection to Michael's shooting. The writers should have been clearer about that.

Okay, if you mention Robert more than ten times, I believe you're required by law to bring him back.

Wow, Carly, jealousy is really not a good color on you. (Well, not on anyone, actually.) Also, shut up about Brenda.

Why do the writers think we're interested in the behind-the-scenes stuff at a magazine? The business talk is DREADFULLY BORING. Blow something up already.

July 2nd, 2008

Sonny and Carly scream at each other for a while, and she makes it clear that she thinks he's stupid for being with Kate. A patient at the clinic collapses, causing Nikolas, Nadine, and Matt to suspect that her medication (provided by the same supplier who supplies drugs for the hospital) isn't correct. An investigation leads Matt to Logan, who is running some sort of drug-dealing service, but it's unclear if he's looking into it for the clinic or for personal reasons. Spinelli wants to spend time with Maxie, but Leyla accidentally scares her away. Spinelli decides to ask Leyla for help in figuring out what kind of guy Maxie might want. Claudia asks Carly for help with something having to do with Johnny. Johnny is unhappy to learn that Nikolas also knows about his and Claudia's connection to Michael�s shooting.

If I have to listen to one more minute of Carly and Sonny screaming at each other, I'll go crazy. Seriously, I'd rather them have sex.

So is Matt just investigating the drugs? Or is he a bad boy? You decide. But I guess now we get justification for when Logan is inevitably killed off - he was a drug dealer! He deserved it! Doesn't excuse the creepiness, though.

Why would Carly even let Claudia into her house? Idiot.

I wonder if they'll have Leyla and Spinelli become friends without any sexual tension or possibility of a romantic pairing. Guys and girls can be friends without any of that, by the way. I know, it's crazy to imagine. You wouldn't know it from this show.

July 3rd, 2008

Logan continues to be creepy, showing up at the Crimson office and basically begging Lulu to get back together with him. She runs him off, but he returns later while Maxie's there alone and attacks her. From Johnny and Claudia's place, Lulu is able to see them, and after a minute Logan catches her watching them. Carly is frustrated when Jax tells her he's going to Manhattan with Kate for a benefit. She's even more frustrated when she learns that the two of them kissed after their last trip to Manhattan. She tells Spinelli to research anything ever written about Kate so Carly can use it against her. Claudia asks Carly to get Jerry to back off of her and Johnny. Jerry orders Claudia to tell Zacchara about the affidavit so that Zacchara won't want to kill him. When Claudia tells Zacchara, he gets furious that she put her brother's life in danger. In the midst of a bunch of yelling, discussion turns to the possibility that something naughty happened between Zacchara and Claudia when she was 16. Jax offers Spinelli a job in his investment company, which would require Spinelli to work less for Jason but be near Maxie. Nikolas tells Matt to investigate the drug situation more. Alexis tries to talk Kate out of marrying Sonny, completely ignoring that she's dating someone much worse. She also offers to help Kate out with her and Sonny's prenup while Diane helps Sonny.

I'm not even going to bother pointing out that Carly is furious about a kiss when she was COMMITTING ADULTERY. I'm too annoyed with her to talk about it.

Geez, was there anyone who didn't get called a slut today? Also, if Claudia and Zacchara had...let's say a relationship that they should never have had, I won't be all that surprised (considering Zacchara's attitude towards women and his treatment of her in particular), but if the writers want to use it to make her more sympathetic, it's not going to happen.

I guess they have to make Logan less likable so that the audience won't be sad when he eventually turns up dead. And now we have two main suspects!

If Jax can find the time to run a hotel, run an investment company (plus probably a dozen other companies), and deal with the handful that is Carly on a daily basis, Spinelli can find the time to work for both Jax and Jason.

July 6th, 2008

This week: Carly continues to be a complete hypocrite, Lulu and Maxie have to work together, and buh-bye, Logan.

July 7th, 2008

Lulu tries to call Lucky but can't get through before Logan comes across the street to see her. As Johnny finds Maxie and learns that Logan is on a rampage, Lulu tries to talk him down, eventually pretending to agree to try getting back together with him. He calls her bluff and comes after her, but she and her knife get the upper hand. Jason tries to use logic with Carly, reminding her that even though Jax and Kate kissed, she's the one who COMMITTED ADULTERY. Carly, of course, won't listen. Claudia may not have done anything naughty with Zacchara, but she did something naughty with Trevor, namely seducing him and arranging for Zacchara to catch them together when she was a teenager. After being called a tramp by her father for an hour, Claudia heads to Sonny's house to prove him right. Kate loses her engagement ring in her and Jax's limo, and just as she's getting into a suspicious position to get it, a paparazzo takes her and Jax's photo. Robin thinks Sonny is marrying Kate to distract himself from what happened to Michael, but she's still happy for him.

Lulu did a total of one smart thing today: she tried to call Lucky. Well, I guess stabbing Logan was smart, too. But something tells me that the smart moves will stop there. Also, why did she turn out the light? That's really bugging me.

I just love how Carly says Jason's supposed to be her best friend but he's not allowed to actually give her advice. He just gets to sit there and listen to her complain. How has Carly not been murdered by someone's jealous wife yet? Or, you know, by Jason?

Too bad I'm pretty sure the male show writers really do think that women who dress like tramps get what's coming to them. All women are good for is getting pregnant, having miscarriages, and being the victims of violence.

Three mentions of Stone in one episode? Is that a record? I mean since 1997. It's probably because freaking Jagger is going to be on Night Shift this season. Grrr. Freaking Jagger. So annoying.

July 8th, 2008

Maxie and Johnny worry that Scott will try to get revenge on Lulu if they find out she killed Logan, so they decide to cover up what happened. Claudia arrives before they can and Johnny tells her that he killed Logan. Noah returns from stints in rehab and Doctors Without Borders and learns that he's going to be a grandpa. When Anna mentions Patrick's lawsuit against Robin, Noah vows to testify on Robin's behalf. Spinelli finds a photo of Kate and Jax in the limo and shows it to Carly, who in turn shows it to Sonny. Anna thinks Robin wants Patrick out of the baby's life because she can have control over the situation. Remembering that he's always been good about giving advice, Robin decides to confide in Jason. Sonny psychoanalyzes Claudia but it's really boring.

Oh, yeah, covering up a murder is definitely the right thing to do. In the history of grand schemes, that one has NEVER backfired.

Okay, now that Noah's back, can we have Robert back, too? Does he even know he's going to be a grandfather?

Maybe Jason can FINALLY get through to Robin, because she's become really annoying.

Hey, Kate? If you think Sonny would leave you because he might actually buy that you cheated on him, maybe your relationship isn't that great.

July 9th, 2008

Lulu and Maxie stage a big fight at Kelly's to make everyone think they have an alibi for the time of Logan's death. Johnny and Claudia dump Logan's body outside the clinic, then change the plates on their getaway car. Kate tries to do damage control over the picture, but fortunately, Sonny doesn't think there's anything fishy going on. Carly seems to think that she didn't cheat on Jax because she and Sonny have a history. Jason attempts to tell her how insane she is, but she still won't listen. The Robin/Patrick situation continues to go nowhere.

If it weren't so disturbing that Carly doesn't think it's cheating if it's with your ex, I might find it hilarious. Nope, it's definitely just disturbing. And again, it makes me happy that I don't know anyone like her in real life.

Yeah, Jason, she gives me a headache, too.

Maxie is a good fake actress. Lulu is a bad one. Sounds about right.

Okay, maybe Noah shouldn't have come back after all.

July 10th, 2008

As the police begin to investigate Logan's death, Spinelli does as well. Harper suspects Jason (and arrests him), Zacchara suspects Johnny, and Nikolas suspects...Floyd? Lulu wants to confess, unsurprisingly. More of the same with Robin, Patrick, Anna, and Noah. Nikolas thinks Nadine should be careful about how much help she gives the police, since the Zaccharas might come after her if she implicates them. Nadine tells him to shut up because she's going to do what she thinks is right.

Ug. We're going to talk about Logan for months, aren't we?

I think if Jason added up all the times he's been arrested for crimes he didn't commit, he would have a nice lawsuit against the PCPD.

See, this is why I like Nadine - she calls Nikolas on his crap. Emily never did that.

If Nikolas thinks Floyd actually killed someone just to shut down the clinic, then the government in Port Charles is much more corrupt than I figured.

July 11th, 2008

Maxie tries to stop Spinelli from investigating, but she's unsuccessful as he and Jason figure out that Claudia and Johnny own the getaway car that dropped off Logan's body. Zacchara gets Claudia to tell him that Johnny killed Logan, but he thinks there's more to the story and has Maxie brought to him to fill him in. At the last minute Anna and Noah both decide not to testify in Robin and Patrick's case. It ends up not mattering as right after Patrick makes his statement professing his love for Robin and the baby, Robin decides to give in. Carly tells the media that Kate had an affair with Warren, sending them to bug her at the Crimson offices. Sonny figures out that she's to blame and tells her to back off or else he'll tell Jax that she seduced him in the limo. Of course, Jax walks in just as he says this. Matt speaks with someone about the counterfeit-drug scheme. Eli is heading back to town, but Anna doesn't want him to know she's going to be a grandmother.

I'm sorry, how did Jason get from the car he saw on the surveillance footage to the one with the new plates? That's a little far-fetched even for this show.

Carly's a teeny bit more enjoyable when she owns her evilness. It's much easier to classify her as a villain.

Awww, Patrick and Robin are cute again. Which means now they'll be boring. Shoot.

I'm going to make my prediction right now that Matt was talking to Jerry on the phone.

July 12th, 2008

Next week: Johnny gets arrested, Spinelli and Jason get filled in, and who needs Jackal & Stone P.I. when you have Samluckas P.I.?

Next month: GENIE FRANCIS!

July 14th, 2008

Zacchara lets Maxie go, and she immediately heads over to the penthouse to rant to Spinelli. She tells him that Lulu killed Logan, then kisses him. Lucky and Harper catch Jason and Claudia at the getaway car and take them both to the PCPD. However, they're quickly let go as Mac announces that they have the real killer. Jax considers leaving Carly, who tries to make him choose between her and Kate. Even after he tries to shut her up, he agrees to only see Kate with regards to business. Kate wants to make everyone think she�s having an affair with Jax so her magazine will sell. Zacchara continuously threatens Lulu and Maxie if anything happens to Johnny. Lulu wants to deal with her problems the way Luke always does - by running away.

Oh, Maxie, only kiss a boy if you mean it. Especially a boy like Spinelli, who's already in love with you!

Jax: if your wife gives you an ultimatum, IT'S TIME TO LEAVE. Stepson or no stepson.

Why doesn't someone just smother Zacchara in his sleep?

Yeah, Jason could definitely sue the PCPD for harassment.

July 15, 2008

Johnny is arrested for Logan's murder. Spinelli tells Jason that Lulu is the real killer, and Jason promises Lulu that he'll figure everything out. Maxie has sex with Spinelli, then apologizes for using him and promises it will never happen again. Sonny and Jax both refuse to go along with Kate's pretend-affair plan. Eli returns to town and Robin hides from him so he won't know that Anna is about to become a grandmother.

How sad is it that Maxie was the most mature person in today's episode?

Kate's a great role model, isn't she? Shut up, Kate.

Wait, why is Jason helping Lulu? Does he even like her?

Considering Eli is old enough to be a grandparent, I really don't think he'll care that much that Anna's going to be one.

July 16th, 2008

A little girl is brought into the clinic with an infection that wasn't treated by the antibiotics she was given. Sam, Nikolas, Lucky, and Nadine decide that they need to investigate the medication problems but aren't sure how. Jerry may have a job opportunity for Matt. Maxie warns Johnny that Lulu is about to lose it and he needs to do something to help her. Of course, Lulu walks in on them talking. Sonny tells Kate that he doesn't want to come second to her job. Max and Milo want to work for Sonny again, but Max balks at having to tell Jason they�re quitting. Coleman suggests that Spinelli take man lessons from Eli.

So a strong, independent woman has to be obsessed with her job? Isn't there a middle ground between being a housewife (which is apparently EVIL) and being a workaholic? You can tell this show is written by men because they make the female characters say the most ridiculous things.

Dang, what's up with Max lecturing his boss on his romantic life? That's just weird.

If Spinelli starts taking lessons from Eli, does that mean he'll use his Australian accent again? Because that was fun.

I loved the Mac/Jerry scene, even though it didn't really lead to much. I also love that the writers managed to remember that Mac and Jerry have a history.

July 17, 2008

Nadine overhears Matt talking to someone about counterfeit drugs, but when she calls Nikolas to let him know, Matt overhears. Sam and Lucky stage a public breakup so she can go undercover sans cop boyfriend and investigate the counterfeit drugs. Eli finally finds out that Robin is pregnant but doesn't care that Anna's going to be a grandmother. He tells a journalist about to interview him that Anna isn't his girlfriend and is basically too old for him. Patrick stands up for her by punching Eli. Carly wants to "get rid" of Kate.

Please tell me, does ANYONE out there like Carly? I bet Laura Wright doesn't even like her.

Nadine, be careful! I don't want anything to happen to you! You're one of the few people around here I can tolerate!

Yeah, I bet Patrick - a surgeon, don't forget - would punch a guy like that.

I knew that Lucky/Sam breakup was staged. They're no Luke and Laura. (But who is?)

July 18th, 2008

Lulu commences flipping out by bringing a gun into the PCPD, though it's not completely clear what she plans to do with it. She tells Johnny about it, and before he can make her put it away, Lucky enters the room. Johnny decides that his best option is to use the gun to pretend to take Lulu hostage. Carly asks Claudia to try to buy out Crimson and seduce Sonny at the same time. Jax interrupts their conversation and makes it clear to Carly that he doesn't appreciate her trying to interfere with his business. He also tells her that if she interferes one more time, he'll leave her. Kate already knows this and uses it to her advantage, deciding to play dirty. A Russian mobster named Karpov courts Sonny, who seems interested in getting back into the business. Claudia catches them talking and warns him not to get involved with Karpov. Patrick fractures Eli's jaw, but Noah declines to become him again on tour. Eli apologizes to everyone for what he said but still doesn't want to be seen in public with Anna. Offended on her behalf, Noah punches him. Matt tells his mystery business partner that he's going to deal with Nadine on his own., I don't even have words for that kind of crazy.

THANK YOU, Jax, for finally growing a backbone and putting your foot down.

Kirsten Storms is stealing the heck out of this storyline. Am I right?

Why does Sonny want to go back to the mob? What was the point of getting out if he's just going to go back? Oh, I'm sorry, am I trying to apply logic? I should stop doing that.

July 19th, 2008

Next week: Lulu and Johnny go on the run (of course), Carly and Claudia both go to Spinelli for help (when really they should be going to Lainey, and for a different kind of help), and Scott is really, really not happy.

July 21st, 2008

Lulu and Johnny successfully escape the police station, with some help from the mayor's car. Jason stops Harper from shooting Johnny, which leads the police to believe that he helped with their escape. On the run, Johnny tells Lulu he loves her. Kate enlists Clarice to help her lie to Jax about a meeting Carly supposedly knew about but didn't give him a message about. Jax believes them and tells Carly he's leaving. Sonny tells Karpov he'll serve as an advisor but won't come out of retirement. He also wants Karpov's promise that Jason won't be harmed. Nadine agrees to go out with Matt and attempts to learn more about him, but Matt tries to convince her that he's not a criminal.

Well, Kate was a stond-cold bitca about it, but you can't argue with the results - Jax finally grew a brain and a spine. Lucky it was at the same time.

Hee, I actually thought Sonny was going to be a consultant before he told Karpov he would be an advisor. I'd like to see his business cards for that job.

I'm so glad Nadine is smart. It's really refreshing, actually.

Uh, why didn't Johnny and Lulu head for Canada? I would think they're closer to the Canadian border than to Manhattan. Of course, I'm not up to speed on my fictional geography, so what do I know?

July 22nd, 2008

Claudia asks Spinelli to help her track down Johnny, then attempts to blackmail Maxie with their Johnny/seduction deal to get her to convince him to help. Maxie comes clean to Spinelli, who still loves her and still won't help Claudia. Claudia decides to go to Jason for help instead. Nikolas questions Jason about his involvement in Johnny and Lulu's escape and is convinced that there was no involvement - and that Lulu was in on it. Carly tries to get Jax to stay, but she really only succeeds in giving him more reasons to leave (which he thankfully does). Lulu and Johnny hide out in his old piano teacher's apartment but are found out by a neighbor who tells them that the piano teacher is dead. Cody (yeah, him) warns Jason that Karpov is in Port Charles. Maxie comes home to find Matt in her living room, possibly naked. Nikolas pounds on Zacchara a little for talking badly about Laura (not really important but very satisfying). Nadine proves her affection for Nikolas by ditching Matt for him after hearing about Lulu's disappearance.

Geez, today was Using Dead/Long-Gone Women to Convince People to Do Stuff Day. (National holiday in El Salvador. Banks are closed and everything.) We had references to Courtney, Chloe, Brenda (though that's been happening a lot lately), Emily, Georgie, and even Miranda, who probably no one watching this show actually remembers except me, apparently. And now I miss Chloe again.

Johnny's an idiot. Why didn't he just pretend not to be home? Also, can we please stop comparing Lulu to Laura?

I'm waiting for Carly to find out Jason has been arrested, go to the PCPD to complain about her failed marriage, and whine that he picked a lousy time to get arrested because she's in the middle of a crisis.

I'd REALLY love to know why Matt is in the police commissioner's house without a shirt. I bet the story starts with, "Man, I was so wasted...."

July 23rd, 2008

Johnny and Lulu bluff their way into staying in his teacher's apartment. Diane thinks Sonny is cheating on Kate with Karpov's henchwoman Sasha. Zacchara yells mean things at Claudia in the Metro Court, so Sonny yells back at him and then takes Claudia home. Diane tells Jason about this and he tells her to make sure security at Sonny's house is upped. Robin tells Maxie that Matt will be renting Georgie's room. Maxie and Spinelli decide to find a way to get rid of him. Nadine catches Matt checking out medication at the clinic.

Yeah, I really couldn't care less about "Joe" and "Linda." BORING!

So Mac let Robin put up an ad for a tenant and signed a lease all without asking Maxie's opinion or telling her that Matt would be moving in. Even I can't suspend disbelief on that. I would like to see Matt try to participate in a counterfeit-drug ring at the police commissioner's house, though.

Geez, Diane, mind your own business.

Sonny should really stop hanging out with his so-called enemy. Who he once slept with. And who he may actually suspect (correctly) of having been responsible for his son's shooting.

July 24th, 2008

Scott returns to town and learns of Logan's death from Nikolas and Tracy (who tells Nikolas that Lulu got her gun from Edward). He's predictably angry and vows to make Logan's killer pay. Max doesn't like the idea of Sonny teaming up with Karpov and vents about it to Diane. Sonny overhears them, of course. Johnny calls Claudia, who tells Jason. Carly wants Spinelli to help her prove Johnny's innocent by framing someone else (probably Claudia). Johnny gives his neighbor Sal's sister Lourdes piano lessons, and she seems to have a crush on him.

Oh, please. Mac would have at least left Scott a message to call, instead of keeping quiet and letting him find out about Logan's death from Tracy and Nikolas, of all people.

How old is Lourdes, like, 15? At least Lulu didn't seem jealous, which is...kind of new on this show.

Speaking of Lulu, the next person who compares her to Laura gets...hmm...a glass of Spinelli's orange soda in the face.

I really can't believe Carly went the entire episode without talking about Jax. That's, like, growth or something.

I find it really funny that one of the the police commissioner's favorite movies is Bonnie and Clyde.

July 25th, 2008

Scott makes a public announcement offering a reward for information on Johnny and Lulu. Nikolas and Lucky want him to retract his statement, which paints Lulu as an accomplice, but it's too late, as Lourdes has already seen it. Carly wants to frame Ric for Logan's murder. Claudia tries to blackmail Sonny for help with finding Johnny, and when it doesnt work she goes to Ric instead. Carly stows away on Jax's plane and he loses the backbone he was doing so well with.

That's it? The only thing that didn't bore me to death today was the realization that Claudia and Ric have chemistry.

July 26th, 2008

Next week: Lourdes keeps her mouth shut, Jax's spine is there after all, and Sam does something useful.

July 28th, 2008

Lourdes starts to tell Sal about Johnny and Lulu, then changes her mind. She tries to trip Johnny up on his Joe-from-Chicago story, but he doesn't budge. When Sal comes to get her, Lourdes announces that the Zaccharas killed their father, which sets Sal off on vengeance talk. Ric and Claudia agree to align as long as Ric can get Johnny acquitted. She also agrees to sleep with him if he succeeds. Sonny questions Jason's leadership, and Jason wonders if he's considering working with someone else. Sonny orders Max not to tell Jason about Karpov, but Ric spills the beans to him instead. Jax's backbone disappears long enough for him to have sex with Carly, then returns in time for him to parachute out of his plane (supposedly to make a meeting, but I like to think it's because he really wants to get away from Carly). Robin tries to convince Anna to go to an Eli concert, but Anna isn't interested. Noah is also involved somehow but I wasn't really listening. (Matt was, though.) Sam considers getting a job with Karpov, who she thinks is part of the counterfeit-drug trade.

I like how some of the storylines are starting to intertwine - Sam wants to work for Karpov, and the Zaccharas killed Sal and Lourdes' father. It's like Lost or something!

Does Robin want Sonny to flirt with Anna or something? She couldn't have picked a single guy? And why does Matt seem so interested in Anna and Noah?

Heh, if Claudia's smart she'll prove that Lulu killed Logan, then tell Ric that he didn't actually get Johnny acquitted, so she doesn't have to sleep with him. Also, I love that the one time she doesn't dress like a hooker, she gets solicited for sex.

Today I found myself thinking, Sonny hasn't thrown a glass in a while. I wonder if he's going to remedy that any time soon....

July 29th, 2008

Karpov attempts to do business with Jerry (whose aliases he knows), then hires Sam. Too bad for Jerry, Sam can hear him talking to Alexis in the background of their phone call. Jason gets proof that Sonny may be working with Karpov. Lourdes seems to be trying to let Johnny and Lulu know that she's on to them, but they don't catch on. Robin hires Max (and Milo?) to try to kidnap Eli, letting Anna show him that she can still fight. Carly turns into a crazy stalker. Nadine attempts to get Nikolas to fight with her over money in front of Matt, so Matt will think she needs money and cut her in on his drug deals.

I'm guessing Robin didn't tell Max that he was being hired to get beaten up. I doubt he would have taken the job if he'd known.

Of course, the second Jerry spots Sam on Karpov's boat, her cover is blown, so I hope she alters her plans accordingly.

I really wish the actress playing Lourdes would enunciate, since I can't understand half of what she says.

Nadine? Um, I really don't think you should be going "undercover." You'd be about as convincing as a drug dealer as Spinelli would be.

July 30th, 2008

Karpov finalizes plans with Sonny for a shipment that Sam will be landing. Karpov later tells Jerry that Sonny is his insurance that Jason won't try to come after him. Ric tries to get Sonny to tell him if he's working with Karpov. Carly handcuffs herself to Jax, because she is nine. Lulu has issues. Eli loves Anna, but not his love child, Elijah, whom Patrick hits it off with. Nikolas interferes with Nadine's plans to get in on the drug dealing with Matt, in the process telling her that he cares about her.

We still have a freaking month until Laura comes. Please tell me Lulu will be catatonic before then.

"How does that make you feel?" Are you a shrink now, Ric?

Why do I care that Eli has a love child? Maybe the mother is confused and Noah's really the father? That would be the only thing that would make me care. And why is Matt so interested? Is he Eli's kid, too? Also, Elijah needs to enunciate as much as Lourdes, because I thought he said his name was Legend.

The writers must hate Carly as much as the rest of us, since they gave her such a played-out, juvenile storyline today.

July 31st, 2008

Lourdes bugs Lulu (and the audience), then tells Johnny that she knows who he is but will keep quiet. Jason tells a finally-out-of-rehab Monica that he can't see her anymore because of the danger associated with his job. Things get worse when Spinelli tells him that Sonny's bank account reflects an association with Karpov. Anna gets to beat Eli up one last time before he leaves town again. Robin worries that she'll rebound with Noah, which appears to be a valid concern. Nikolas accidentally prevents Nadine from getting Matt to confess to being part of the counterfeit drug dealings. Claudia babbles about something or another to Sonny and Ric. Scott hassles the Quartermaines, thinking they aided and abetted Lulu.

Geez, Lourdes, get a hobby. All you do is bug Lulu and stalk Johnny, and you think they're weird for never leaving the apartment?

I tried to think of things I'm less interested in than an Anna/Noah pairing, but I got so bored that I fell asleep.

Poor Nadine. What's up with Nikolas trying to protect her but not his own cousin? Also, it's bad enough to tell a woman she's like a sister to you, but it's even worse to talk to her like she's your sister. Keep quiet, Nik.

Thank you, Jason, for finally questioning all the grass in the coffee shop. It's always confused me.

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