General Hospital blog - July, 2009

July 1st, 2009

Robin and Patrick tell Alexis that they think the mayor is innocent, so now Alexis thinks she's been humiliated for no reason. She also tells Diane that he's been blackmailing her. Jax's threats toward Claudia are a moot point since Jason convinces Sonny to send Michael to live with the Quartermaines. Instead it works in Claudia's favor because now she can say that Carly is taking Sonny's child away from him. Rebecca agrees to move in with Nikolas but Ethan thinks she's losing sight of their plans. Coleman wants to do something new at Jake's, and Spinelli suggests a poetry night.

Retcon! Retcon! Alexis didn't start smoking pot until months after she was diagnosed, so she couldn't have been high the night she slept with Floyd. But I did find in my notes for around that time period that Ric caught Floyd comforting Alexis. Awesome.

Other retcon! Other retcon! Jason didn't give Michael up to make sure he was safe, he gave him up because Robin told A.J. he was Michael's birth father. But I guess we're not supposed to remember when Robin wasn't so sweet.

In regards to Claudia's question about how many people can know about something before it stops being a secret, by my math ten people already know (Claudia, Johnny, Kate, Olivia, Jax, Nikolas, Ric, Jerry, Jason, and Sam). I'd say it hasn't been a secret for a few months now.

Dear Rebecca: your boyfriend is a potential rapist. Be advised.

As sleazy as Coleman is, sometimes we get a reminder that he's been even sleazier in the past. His talk about wanting go-go dancers just made me remember when he made Courtney strip for him. (Man, I don't miss Courtney at all.)

July 2nd, 2009

Michael quickly figures out that he can get anything he wants from Edward, including his new car, which he then drives (with Morgan) by the tree A.J. and Jason crashed into. Kristina is a brat with Alexis and gets a visit from Dominic, who earlier told Johnny that he's thinking of switching sides and working for Sonny so he can take him down from the inside. He pretty much has to be Dante, since he almost runs into Olivia and she then spends five minutes talking about her family. Robin thinks Andrea killed Brianna (and Andrea overhears her, of course). Coleman plans a karaoke night, which Spinelli is excited about, but Maxie's worried that he'll embarrass himself.

I wouldn't have put it past the writers to have Michael either a) hit Carly with his car or b) drive into the same tree A.J. drove Jason into and giving Morgan brain damage. That's why I'm so surprised neither happened.

Come on. Dominic HAS to be Dante. Right?

Clearly Robin isn't as smart as we were led to believe if it took her this long to suspect Andrea of murder.

Haven't we heard Spinelli sing before? Whatever, because Bradford Anderson has done musical theater, so I'm sure Spinelli will get magical singing powers before karaoke night.

July 3rd, 2009

No new episode today, so instead I'll entertain you (eh, who are we kidding - we all know I'm really just entertaining myself) by picking out which songs people should sing on karaoke night:

Alexis - "Chain of Fools" (Aretha Franklin)
Andrea - "Class" from Chicago or "Before He Cheats" (Carrie Underwood)
Carly - "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want" (The Smiths)
Claudia - "Stupid Girl" (Garbage)
Coleman - "Girls, Girls, Girls" (Motley Crue)
Diane - "Dirty Diana" (Michael Jackson)
Dominic - "That's Not My Name" (The Ting Tings)
Edward - "If I Were a Rich Man" from Fiddler On the Roof
Elizabeth - "Suspicious Minds" (Elvis Presley)
Epiphany - "What Have I Done to Deserve This?" (Pet Shop Boys)
Ethan - "Every Breath You Take" (The Police)
Floyd - "Womanizer" (Britney Spears)
Jason - "Smooth Criminal" (Michael Jackson)
Jax - "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" (Bryan Adams)
Johnny - "Mrs. Robinson" (Simon and Garfunkel) - I know, it's too easy
Kristina - "Rebel Rebel" (David Bowie)
Lucky - "Cat's in the Cradle" (Harry Chapin)
Luke - "Help!" (The Beatles)
Lulu - "Single Ladies" (Beyonce)
Mac - "One Way or Another" (Blondie)
Matt - "Anything You Can Do" from Annie Get Your Gun
Max and Milo - "Respect" (Aretha Franklin)
Maxie - "Let's Talk About Sex" (George Michael)
Michael - "No More Drama" (Mary J. Blige)
Monica - "All By Myself" (Eric Carmen)
Nikolas - "For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her" (Simon and Garfunkel) - also too easy, but I don't care
Olivia - "Something to Talk About" (Bonnie Raitt)
Patrick - "Calling Dr. Love" (Kiss)
Rebecca - "Don't Trust Me" (3Oh!3)
Robin - "My Life Would Suck Without You" (Kelly Clarkson)
Sam - "I Will Always Love You" (Dolly Parton/Whitney Houston) - I'm thinking a la Lorelai singing to Luke on Gilmore Girls...
Sonny - "Know Your Enemy" (Green Day)
Spinelli - "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off" (Jermaine Stewart) or "I Do Not Hook Up" (Kelly Clarkson)
Tracy - "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" (The Clash)

A gold star to Patrick or Matt if one of them sings a Rick Springfield song.

July 4th, 2009

Next week: Alexis has another bad week, Johnny isn't sure what to think about Olivia, Ethan gets even more erratic, and I really hope "Sonny has a close tie to his enemy" means what I think it means....

July 6th, 2009

Sonny sends Jason and Johnny back out to find Dominic and finish him off. Meanwhile, Dominic asks Kristina to grant him access to Sonny's house and get him a job, promising an unnamed favor in exchange. Johnny and Jason find Dominic and two red shirts' hideout and kill the expendable ones. Unfortunately for them, Dominic isn't there, as he's busy grabbing and scaring Olivia. Carly remains calm when confronting Michael, then decides that letting him get his driver's license is a good way to maintain peace. Sonny doesn't see things the same way. Andrea eavesdrops as Robin and Patrick discuss the reasons she may or may not have killed Brianna, then breaks into Alexis' house to do computer research. Maxie tries but fails to talk to Spinelli about karaoke, then accidentally hurts his feelings when he overhears her telling Patrick that he can't sing.

Okay, that pretty much seals it that Dominic is Dante, right? Because why else would he go see Olivia? Look, I'm going to see a tie between the two of them everywhere, so just humor me.

Dear Molly, you and Kristina cannot find Dominic cute, because he's most likely your cousin and Kristina's brother, so that's gross. Go talk to Lulu if you don't get it.

Yeah, Andrea, breaking into the DA's house seems totally reasonable.

Every time Claudia says something mean about Bensonhurst, I wish Lois were there to smack her.

If people are going to keep talking about Jason's accident, someone's head is going into a tree, isn't it?

July 8th, 2009

Dominic DANTE! really hopes Olivia isn't getting back together with Sonny. She assures him she's not but doesn't tell him who she's seeing instead. Johnny shows up later and she lies to him about not knowing who Dante's father is. Someone tips off the police to the cabin where Jason and Johnny killed the Zacchara men, and Jason and Sonny wonder who's trying to bring the Zaccharas down. They decide that this will work in their favor and they'll just let the organization destroy itself. Meanwhile, Claudia warns Dante to keep a low profile, since so many people can identify him. Kristina finds e-mails Andrea apparently put on Alexis' computer that make it look like Alexis is obsessed with Floyd. Andrea then shouts the same at Alexis in front of Robin and Patrick. Michael doesn't know why Carly's being so nice, but he's not going to complain about it. Spinelli finds some sort of technology that will make him sound good.

THANK GOD Dominic is really Dante. First of all, I like the actor and want him to stick around. Second of all, we don't need any more new characters, so it would have been annoying to be introduced to Dominic and then have Dante come into the picture. Third of all, I love all the possibilities this opens up. I especially can't wait until Claudia finds out that not only did she hire Dante to kill his father's best friend, but Olivia had Sonny's child, so she's out of luck in the getting-rid-of-Olivia department. Also, it increases the chances of Dante putting the smackdown on Claudia for talking trash about Olivia.

I don't get the whole Andrea/e-mails thing, but I'm sure it's something Spinelli could easily figure out.

Between all the talk about Jason's accident, Carly's driving, and Michael giving Morgan his St. Christopher medal, I'm guessing someone's head is going into a tree.

This karaoke night better be good. REALLY good.

July 9th, 1009

Word of Alexis' e-mails spreads, and she realizes that someone might be framing her for Brianna's murder. Mac tries to keep her away from the investigation into the Zacchara thugs' deaths, then tells her that if she doesn't resign as DA, she'll be fired. Andrea overhears Robin and Patrick talking about how Alexis killed Luis Alcazar. Jason is arrested for the thugs' deaths and Diane tries to convince him to stay in lockup for a week to earn points with Alexis and give her a much-deserved win. Spinelli feels bad about lying to Maxie about his singing ability, and he feels even worse when he accidentally drops his magic microphone in a pitcher of beer. Ethan is less than thrilled to hear that Rebecca is moving in with Nikolas, and she doesn't do much to alleviate his fears. She and Nikolas disagree about money, namely whether she should accept any from him. A conversation with Maxie makes Matt realize that he's been mean to Robin and Patrick when they've been trying to help him.

Oh, Diane. You're awesome, but there's no way Jason's going to do you a favor when he's actually doing Alexis a favor.

Speaking of Diane, the reference to the book Molly was reading was an inside joke - Carolyn Hennesy wrote it. Cute.

If Spinelli winds up singing well even without the magic microphone, I might go into a diabetic coma.

Nikolas is dumb - even I knew that was Elizabeth without seeing her, and I only know her through my TV. He didn't recognize his dead fiancée's voice? Like I said, dumb.

July 10th, 2009

Karaoke night is a decided failure until Robin finally talks Patrick into performing. He makes her duet with him on "(I've Had) the Time of My Life." Alexis turns down Diane and Jason's offer of help (well, it's more Diane's than Jason's), then gets replaced by an ADA who Diane quickly dispatches. As soon as he's out of lockup, Jason gets a surprising phone call and ends up visiting Zacchara in prison. Carly has premonitions about something bad happening, but instead of suspecting her kids will be involved, she thinks Jason is in trouble. When she learns that Sonny gave Diane the go-ahead to keep Jason in lockup for a week, she goes to confront him. Dante arrives fresh from another visit with Olivia and a conversation with a fellow Zaccharaite to request a job with Sonny, even though Sonny now knows that he was Carly, Michael, and Morgan's attacker in the woods. Johnny thinks Olivia still has feelings for Sonny. Lucky and Ethan accidentally agree in their position on Nikolas and Rebecca's relationship.

If Dante thinks Sonny's going to hire the guy who threatened to harm his ex-wife and sons just because he's demanding a job, he's either very bold or very stupid. Possibly both.

I can't believe Carly didn't storm the PCPD. I also can't believe Jason didn't call her back after he got released. I think they call that growth.

Sorry, Emma, your parents are huge dorks. Try to see if the Quartermaines will take you in.

Ethan is not a subtle man, is he?

July 11th, 2009

Next week: Ethan tries a different direction, Dante keeps working on his plan, and Sonny and Olivia are SO going to wind up together.

July 13th, 2009

Sonny agrees to give Dante a job if he can uncover a traitor in the organization. Instead, Dante goes to Jason, for some reason, and announces that he plans to take over the organization someday. Claudia tells Sonny that she doesn't want Dante around and they end up fighting once again, sending Sonny to make out with Olivia. Zacchara tells Jason that the unrest from the Zaccharas isn't at his request. Jason asks for confirmation that Claudia was involved in Michael's shooting, but Zacchara won't give it. Maxie tries to inspire Spinelli by singing a Pussycat Dolls song with Lulu and Rebecca, and he finally decides to sing for her (but first he has to stop hyperventilating). Jason calls on Sam to most likely investigate Dante, but he's distracted by the sight of her in her undercover-stripper outfit.

Oh, man, how awesome would it be if Claudia and Dante did sleep together? Especially after all her trash-talking about Olivia. Though Olivia would probably end up getting pregnant and not know if Sonny or Johnny is the father, and Sonny doesn't need any more possible kids.

There are good singers on this show, right? Like Epiphany? I think I read that Sonia Eddy can sing. Can we hear Sonya Eddy sing? Please?

Why is Jason so flabbergasted by the sight of Sam in...whatever that thing was? First of all, she's worn bathing suits that covered more skin, so this isn't exactly a rare sight. Second of all, he's seen her in less.

Holy cow, Ethan is an idiot. Stop following Rebecca around like a puppy dog! Though I guess Nikolas is just as dumb for not suspecting anything.

July 14th, 2009

Dante pins the Zacchara-cabin bust on another lieutenant and tells Sonny that he'll be trying to move more drugs through the harbor soon. Sonny threatens him with death if the tip proves false, but Dante's sure he's in. Olivia tries to convince Sonny that she doesn't want to be with him, and he makes it clear that he feels exactly the opposite about her. Claudia figures out that Sonny was with Olivia and the two of them have it out once again. Spinelli finally serenades Maxie with "I Want to Know What Love Is," and his charms work on her. As Sam and Jason spend an unsexy evening investigating Dante, Spinelli and Maxie hit the sack in the regrettably pink room. Rebecca tries to keep Ethan at bay as he accuses her of getting too involved in their con. He threatens to spill everything if she doesn't get him $10,000 by the next day.

The logistics of this whole Dominic-is-really-Dante thing just aren't working for me. How long has he been working for the Zaccharas? Olivia hasn't introduced her son to anyone else in town? I'm suspending my disbelief as much as I can, but really, now.

How sad that of the three karaoke performances we heard, Spinelli's was actually the best? Also, since when was that a contest?

Speaking of Spinelli, you just know Jason's secretly bitter that Spinelli's having sex while Jason does computer research with his ex-girlfriend, the fake stripper.

Hey, Claudia? Of you and Sonny, you're the one who's had the extramarital affair, so I'd shut up about Olivia's virtues if I were you. (Actually, why don't you just shut up about everything ever, while you're at it?)

July 15th, 2009

Overcome with happiness with his relationship with Maxie, Spinelli proposes, but she runs out without giving him an answer. It's time for Claudia's amnio, and she and Sonny are still fighting. She thinks he should treat her with the same respect he treats his other baby mamas. Ethan repeats his demand for $10,000 from Rebecca, so she goes to Edward for the money. Ethan has already been there, and thanks to him, Edward agrees to give Rebecca the money if she'll move into the mansion. Andrea gets Patrick and Matt's malpractice suit thrown out, but Robin is still suspicious of her. Jason wants to know why he should trust Johnny or Dante. Kristina tries to get Michael and Kiefer to connect again.

Thank goodness we'll finally find out who the baby's father is so Claudia and Sonny can both shut up about it already.

Jason, you don't have to lie to Spinelli. Your marriage to Courtney broke up because she was a snotty, selfish little brat. Come to think of it, you have a history of dating snotty, selfish little brats. Maybe that's why I support a Sam/Jason pairing so much.

Wow, Natalia Livingston did some actual acting today. Interestingly, it was when her character was acting. Weird.

Why would Kristina bring Kiefer around after what happened the last time he and Michael were together? Once again - idiot.

July 16th, 2009

Johnny blasts Sonny for the way he treats Claudia, and Sonny brings up Olivia, who isn't happy about the conversation when she arrives and overhears it. Sonny gleefully mentions their recent late-night meeting, leading Johnny to tell him to stay away from her. After he leaves, Sonny basically flat-out tells Olivia that if the baby isn't his, he and Claudia are through and he wants to be with Olivia. She tells him she doesn't want to compromise her relationship with Johnny and they can't be together. Spinelli asks Max and Diane for advice on how to propose to Maxie so she really understands what he's looking for. Somehow he ends up pulling a Patrick and using the Metro Court's PA system. Michael manages to hold his temper with Kiefer far beyond the point where most people would be able to. Kate confronts Maxie over a photo shoot she made major changes to, then decides that even though the outcome is mediocre, Maxie should still be promoted to junior editor. As Ethan asks Nikolas for money on Rebecca's behalf, Edward makes it clear to Rebecca that he doesn't think Nikolas is really in love with her. She figures she has no choice but to accept his offer and move into the mansion.

Holy crap, just when I think I couldn't hate Claudia more, she goes and calls Olivia a whore again. Claudia, women who don't know who their babies' fathers are shouldn't throw whores. I hope the baby is Ric's and Sonny leaves her for Olivia.

Bravo to Michael for keeping his temper under control the whole hour instead of shoving those backgammon pieces down Kiefer's throat. I wouldn't have put up with him that long and I'm not a violent person.

That Spinelli-commandeering-the-PA-system thing would make a lot more sense if he'd talked to Patrick instead of Max and Diane. Actually, him talking to Patrick at all would make more sense than him talking to Max and Diane, considering Patrick has actually been married.

I like Megan Ward and all, but why is Kate still on the show? All she does is yell at Maxie and Lulu. She has no remaining redeeming qualities. Also, Molly gets more screentime. Megan should see the writing on the wall and get out like Rick Hearst did.

Why doesn't Nikolas find anything fishy about Ethan asking for money for a woman he supposedly doesn't even know? Is he really that dumb? Well, Kristina is, so maybe it just runs in the family.

July 17th, 2009

Michael looks to Kristina to back him up in telling the country-club manager that his fight with Kiefer was Kiefer's fault, but Kristina only says that Michael has a brain injury. The manager calls Carly, who sides with Michael and decides to use Sonny to intimidate the manager. Spinelli gives Maxie a riddle to solve in order to figure out where they'll be spending a romantic evening together. She first misinterprets it (thanks to Lulu) and goes to Wyndemere, then figures it out and meets Spinelli on a rooftop. Claudia has her amnio and gets the results, but we haven't seen them yet. Alexis and Olivia start bonding, and Alexis confides that she hopes Kristina hasn't inherited her bad taste in men. Of course she has, as she and Kiefer end up back at the lake house, where he proceeds to pressure her to have sex and then hits her. Nikolas can't convince Rebecca not to move into the mansion.

First Kiefer provokes and fights a mobster's son, and now he's hitting and possibly about to rape the same mobster's daughter? He really is an idiot. Also, Kiefer Bauer? Is the next new character going to be Jack Sutherland?

Carly just got ten times cooler. I think Michael agrees.

I predict that the baby is Ric's but Claudia will lie to Sonny. Because that would be a shocking new development for her.

Are Alexis and Olivia friends now? I could get behind that.

July 18th, 2009

Next week: cloudy with a chance of miscarriage.

July 20th, 2009

The baby is Sonny's, so Claudia thinks everything's going to be perfect, which means she's really just jinxing herself. Sonny defuses the country-club situation with some references to The Godfather, then heads to Olivia's to tell her that since Claudia hasn't called, the baby must be Ric's, which means he's free to be with her. Kristina forgives Kiefer for hitting her but still doesn't want to have sex with him, so she kicks him out. She later changes her mind and goes to see him, but he's already found a new girl to fool around with. While out looking for Morgan's lost St. Christopher medal, Carly apparently witnesses (but isn't involved in, as the commercials had led us to believe) a crash between some combination of Kristina, Claudia, Michael, and possibly Alexis. After a number of failed attempts to re-propose, Spinelli may finally be catching on that he's not going to get a yes out of Maxie.

So the St. Christopher medal that Michael gave Morgan has come back into play. Does that mean the seemingly throwaway mention of Alexis and Viola having the exact same car will also come back into play? Also, who let Morgan play by the side of what appears to be a heavily trafficked road?

Now I'm yelling, "Get back together!" at two former couples - Jason and Sam, and now Sonny and Olivia. I feel dirty. Though not as dirty as Sonny should feel for assuming, even after five conversations to the contrary, that Olivia wants to get back together with him. Not that she's sending signals that correspond to that, what with continuing to make out with him. I also notice that she hasn't mentioned Johnny as a reason not to get back together with Sonny. Wonder what's really going on there?

Kiefer allegedly doesn't remember hitting Kristina? That's a good sign.

Someone get Spinelli a copy of He's Just Not That Into You. (Yeah, I know, Maxie isn't a "he," but Spinelli still needs it spelled out for him.)

July 21st, 2009

Michael and Kristina both flee the scenes of possible accidents (or maybe the same accident), unsure of what really happened. As Kristina calls on Kiefer to figure out what to do, Michael calls Jason for help and Jason gets to work covering up whatever may have happened on the road. Edward overhears them talking and tells Michael that the Quartermaines have more power than he might think. Carly pulls Claudia out of her car before it explodes, but things aren't all clear for Claudia as she and the baby are still in danger. Sam happens to be at the lake house when Kiefer (who wants to cover everything up) brings Kristina home and sees how tense she is. Later, when Kristina hears about Claudia's accident, she acts strangely and Sam notices. She goes to Jason with her suspicions that Kristina caused the accident and learns from him that Michael might be the real culprit. Kristina slips up while talking to Alexis about the accident, earning more suspicions. Johnny catches Sonny and Olivia making out but seems more worried about the effect this will have on Claudia than on the fact that his brother-in-law is kissing his girlfriend. Olivia takes some of the responsibility, though Johnny would rather blame Sonny. Maxie finally tells Spinelli that she likes things the way they are. He gives her the ring anyway.

So Michael and Kristina both think they caused accidents but aren't sure? Okay, no one in that family should be allowed to drive anymore.

Kristina, if you're going to lie as often as you do, you need to get better at it. Go to Carly for some lessons.

Apparently the paternity-test results actually said to Sonny, "Sorry, your exit strategy has just fled the premises." Don't worry, Sonny - if you wait a few days, there probably won't be a baby left to worry about.

Basically, Maxie and Spinelli are engaged to be engaged. I'm sure nothing will come along to screw that up.

Drink every time someone says "Harborview"!

July 23rd, 2009

Kristina tries to deflect Alexis' suspicions by admitting that she spent part of the evening with Kiefer. Alexis makes a confession of her own, but to Sam instead of Kristina - she went to the mayor's house. Sam agrees to get Spinelli to erase all the surveillance footage that proves Alexis was at the house, but it looks like the police are already on to Alexis' location at the time of the crash. Dante isn't happy to learn that Olivia is involved with a married man. While he's at Olivia's, Sonny sends Jason over to tell her they have to hold off on their plans, which haven't even been formed yet. Michael convinces himself that he was responsible for the accident, and Kristina decides not to say anything to the contrary. Carly collapses.

Do we really have to have two women-in-peril plots at the same time? One is more than enough.

I find it a little suspicious that Michael and Kristina had the exact same experience in almost the exact same place at almost the exact same time. Oh, sorry, did I say suspicious? I meant I find it hard to suspend my disbelief about.

Why does Jason have to deliver messages? Get a messenger monkey, Sonny.

How long does Dante think he can hang around without Olivia getting suspicious? He's not as bright as he thinks he is.

July 24th, 2009

Claudia chooses to have surgery rather than take a medication that could cause her to lose the baby. Only Johnny disagrees with her decision. Thanks to a finger injury, Patrick can't perform the surgery and calls on Matt to do it instead. Johnny warns Patrick that if anything bad happens to Claudia, Matt's in a lot of trouble. Dante figures out that Sonny is the married man Olivia's involved with and suspects that he's the reason she came to Port Charles in the first place. They split up when he gets a work-related phone call, but they both end up at the hospital, where Olivia sees Dante and Sonny talking about something related to the organization. Carly seems okay but has apparently developed serious complications. Thinking he's responsible for both his mother and stepmother's conditions, Michael decides to turn himself in to the police. Jason is just seconds too late to stop him. Mac and Lucky question Alexis, suspecting her of causing Claudia's accident. Andrea shows up and accuses Alexis of stalking Floyd, pointing out that she would have been upset after leaving and she drove on Harborview Road. Diane convinces the police that they don't have any evidence against Alexis, and back at home, Kristina overhears that her mother may have been involved in the accident.

Let's see how many more people we can get admitted to the hospital tonight!

I laughed way harder than I should have when Sonny yelled, "Bastard!" and Dante came into the room. Hee hee hee. Oh, and apparently the answer to the question I asked yesterday ("how long does Dante think he can hang around without Olivia getting suspicious?") is "one more day."

Poor Matt. He gets, like, one scene every other week, and he's either drunk, accidentally killing someone, or having his life threatened. And he doesn't even get a girlfriend to soften the blow. (Hey, Lulu's single....)

Hmmm, looks like Jason's Spidey sense is on the fritz. He should get that looked at back at the hospital.

July 24th, 2009

Claudia comes through surgery fine, but the baby isn't going to make it. (Fortunately for Matt, it's not his fault.) Michael "confesses" to Mac, who arrests him even though he has to admit to Diane that he has no evidence that Michael caused Claudia's accident and Michael isn't even sure of it himself. Kelly tells Carly that her blood pressure is dangerously high, so she has to stay calm. Jax decides this will best be accomplished by not telling her about Michael's arrest. Distraught over Carly's condition, Morgan tells Johnny that Michael caused the accident. Olivia confronts Dante about his conversation with Sonny and he admits that Sonny is his new boss. She begs him to quit but he refuses. He also refuses to take advantage of Claudia's accident when his coconspirator Ronnie says that this would be a good time to infiltrate Sonny's organization. Alexis kicks herself for not telling Sam to 86 the surveillance-footage-erasure plan before she went through with it. She then hears that she's off the hook for Claudia's accident because Michael has been arrested instead. Kristina is furious with Alexis for letting Michael take the blame, but after Alexis leaves, Sam confronts her, asking if she's not really the culprit.

A woman is having a miscarriage on GH? What a completely unpredictable, original twist!

After all of this, watch Michael just get his license taken away or something. It's not like he killed anyone. (I don't think they count the baby in that sort of thing.) Morgan, on the other hand, may have single-handedly caused his own brother's death. So Jason should actually be glad that he's been arrested, because now Johnny can't get to him.

Is it just me or is Sam calling Kristina "Krissy" kind of weird?

How ironic that the one time Carly doesn't screw up and actually does something nice for a person she doesn't even like, she gets reprimanded.

Arrested: Michael Corinthos
Hospitalized: Carly Jacks, Claudia Zacchara
Miscarrying: Claudia Zacchara

July 25th, 2009

Next week: once again, it's all about Sonny's kids (alive and dead). Also, JERRY!

July 27th, 2009

Claudia loses the baby and immediately wants revenge. Everyone declines to tell her that Michael may have been responsible for the accident. With help from Robin, Jason gets Michael released from lock-up, then goes to fill Carly in. Jax tells him that he hasn't told Carly anything because of her high blood pressure. Carly winds up finding out about the arrest from the news and tells Jason and Jax that she's sure the car she saw in the accident with Claudia wasn't Michael's. Johnny tells Sonny that Michael confessed to causing the accident, so Sonny goes to confront him, informing Michael that he killed Claudia's baby. Kristina tells Sam that she had nothing to do with the accident, but Sam keeps trying to get her to come clean. Alexis tells them that Michael was released from lock-up but could be tried as an adult and go to jail for six months. Kristina thinks that Alexis doesn't want to help him (when it's really that she can't) and goes to the Quartermaines', arriving just in time to hear Sonny announce that the baby died. Meanwhile, Sam finally tells Alexis that Kristina could have caused the accident.

Looks like there's another dead baby for Lily to take care of. (If you haven't been watching as long as I have, you won't get that. You don't want to. Let's just say that if all of Sonny's offspring had lived, he would have his own baseball team.)

Too bad Carly's insistence that the car in the accident with Claudia wasn't Michael's will never stand up in court. If only the defendant's mother wasn't the only eyewitness.

Forget Claudia - Michael's the one who's going to need therapy after everything Sonny's sure to say to him. Man, that is one bad father.

Is this how Sam operates as a PI? Maybe she should stick to costumes.

July 28th, 2009

Sonny apologizes to Michael and tells him to let the grownups handle everything. Michael hears this as "run away, and take your sister with you." Johnny tells Claudia that Michael caused the accident, and she wants to see Michael pay for the baby's death. However, when Sonny asks her to go along with Carly's story that Michael wasn't driving, Claudia agrees to say whatever he wants. Carly is adamant that Michael wasn't involved in the accident and accuses Alexis of throwing him under the bus to save herself. Johnny tells Olivia that he and Claudia were responsible for Michael's shooting. Olivia replies that he's not to blame, and she's known about Claudia's role in the shooting for months. Dante rents a room from Mike, and when Olivia comes across them, she pretends that she doesn't know "Dominic." Sam tries to convince a disbelieving Alexis that Kristina could have caused the accident, but Alexis thinks that Kristina would have confessed if that were the case. Sam later tells Jason that while she understands that he wants to protect Michael, she needs to protect Kristina.

Oh, great, Claudia's going to go crazy. Fun!

But you know what really will be fun? Throwing Jerry into this mix. And soon. Just when you thought it couldn't get more complicated....

Oh, no, Jason and Sam are on different sides! Tone it down, writers. It's not like they're married.

Hee, Dante's renting a room from his grandfather. (By the way, did anyone bother to tell Mike about the baby? Did he even know Claudia was pregnant? I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't.) I'm interested to see how long he and Olivia can keep up the charade of pretending they don't know each other. Someone's going to have to warn Kate. I'm sure she'd love to play along.

July 29th, 2009

Michael e-mails Morgan to tell him he's left town, and Morgan decides to keep the news from Carly and Jax so Carly will stay calm. Alexis accuses Sam of going after Kristina to score points with Jason, but she has to eat her words when Molly announces that Kristina is missing. Sam and Jason realize that Michael and Kristina have taken off together and head off to find them. Alexis then ruins Morgan and Jason's plans to keep the news from Carly by showing up and telling her and Jax what's going on. Spinelli goes to Diane for more relationship advice, which somehow leads him to go to the PCPD and most likely ask Mac for permission to marry Maxie. Speaking of Maxie, she definitely doesn't want to marry Spinelli or tell Mac about their sort-of engagement. Elizabeth thinks that Rebecca living with Nikolas was actually a good idea after all, since it would cause him to realize who she really is. Ethan shows up at the mansion and tries to give Rebecca money, telling her he cares about her. Edward and Rebecca are pulled over by a cop thanks to Michael, who swapped his car's license plates with Edward's. Edward's anger unsurprisingly lands him and Rebecca in lock-up, and for some reason Nikolas is alerted.

That's it - Morgan's the smartest person on the show. Not only did he manage to get Carly to back off, but he realized that just because Jason didn't tell her about Michael running away doesn't mean she won't find out from someone else.

Why did Sam feel the need to take a weapon with her in the search for two teenagers who aren't exactly going to shoot her or Jason? Maybe they just wanted us to look at Kelly Monaco's leg.

Lulu, stay out of Maxie's plotline. Just because you don't have your own doesn't mean you get to butt into hers. Go make out with Matt or something. I'm sure he's bored, too.

So why did Nikolas show up at the jail? Eh, who am I kidding? I don't care about any of this plotline at all. Though I do wonder if Rebecca Herbst finds it weird calling two other characters Rebecca and Ethan, since one name is hers and the other is the name of her son.

July 30th, 2009

Carly accuses Alexis of trying to railroad Michael to protect herself. Sonny blames himself for both the accident and Michael and Kristina running away, since he bought Michael's car and yelled at him after the accident. Jax and Diane try to get the focus off of Michael by getting Mac to look at Alexis' cars. One of them has a paint chip on it matching Claudia's car. Finally realizing that Kristina was involved, Alexis confesses to causing the accident. Sonny tells Claudia that revenge is a bad idea right now, but she disagrees. She manages to track down Jerry and asks him to find Michael and bring him to her. Jason and Sam run into car trouble thanks to Spinelli, who tried to turn Jason's SUV into a hybrid. Fortunately, they don't lose any time on the road, as Michael and Kristina set up camp at a seafood restaurant (which Sam and Jason later wind up in). Also fortunately, the sparks between Jason and Sam look to be reigniting. Maxie and Lulu manage to convince Spinelli not to talk to Mac about marrying Maxie just yet. Edward and Rebecca are let out of lock-up and head back to the mansion, where Nikolas is able to provide Rebecca with an object lesson about how weird the Quartermaines are. Rebecca's also able to use the situation to bug Tracy, thanking her for not getting them out of lock-up because it gave her and Edward time to bond.

I call bull on Jax getting the police to investigate Alexis again. I don't care who he's trying to protect; he wouldn't throw his best friend under the bus like that. Bad form, writers.

Ahhh, so that's why Sam and Jason need weapons - they'll eventually be facing off with Jerry. By the way, I see no reason why he would agree to bring Michael to Claudia, not least because he knows it would hurt Jax. What does Jerry owe Claudia?

Speaking of Jason and Sam, I predict they'll be making out by the end of this storyline. If not more.

Where is this Rebecca/Quartermaines thing going? Why did Nikolas go home with Rebecca and Edward? Does ANYONE care? Anyone?

July 31st, 2009

Alexis tells Diane that Kristina caused Claudia's accident but she confessed to protect her. Jax and Carly figure out the same thing. Sonny tells Claudia that Michael is innocent, but she's already set Jerry on his trail. Jason and Sam get nabbed for breaking and entering at the restaurant, and though they're slowed down while a cop tries (and fails) to find a warrant for them, they do confirm that Michael and Kristina were there. They also find their car and figure that they're on their way to a bus station (which is correct). Lulu and Dante flirt and play pool at Jake's, leading Ethan to call Lucky and inform him that their sister is hanging out with one of Sonny's employees. Lucky decides that punching Dante is a proportionate response and a brawl ensues. Sonny thinks this is a good time to basically declare his love for Olivia.

Heh, Jerry's still using James Bond-related aliases - this time he's James Dalton. When he gets to Connery, I think people are going to get suspicious.

Oh, so Jax was trying to HELP Alexis by getting the cops to investigate her cars and get her cleared? Nice. Please, never help me, Jax.

I've seriously almost forgotten ever hating Sam. When the cop reluctantly let her and Jason go and she apologized for him not being able to hold them on anything, I cracked up.

Time to call bull again - Lucky wouldn't randomly punch a guy (mobster or not) for hanging out with his sister. Also, enjoy jail, Dante; you just hit a cop. Also also, he didn't believe Lulu's name was Trixie or Angela, but he doesn't bat an eye at Lulu? Yeah, that seems perfectly normal.

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