General Hospital blog - July, 2010

July 1st, 2010

Dante makes it clear that Jason isn't going to have a lot of privacy and that Spinelli won't be able to do anything illegal to catch Franco. Johnny taunts Sonny in his own restaurant, leading Sonny to complain to Olivia again. Kristina, Michael, Sonny, Molly, Sam, and Alexis gather for Sonny's alibi dinner, which Kristina sneaks out of to visit Johnny (who's upstairs with Olivia while Max and a bomb expert rig his car to go boom). Shirley's operation is a success. Also a success: Elizabeth and Nikolas' attempts at a civilized conversation. Not a success: Patrick and Lisa's ability to stop flirting. Maxie spots Franco outside Jason's building but apparently thinks she was imagining him. Michael tells Sam that after Franco's been taken care of, she and Jason should skip town. Jason tells Carly that her plans for Dante need to be aborted, but of course, she won't listen. Lulu tries to talk Tracy down. Lucky wonders why Luke wanted to get Ethan out of town.

I don't know why I was so worried - clearly Sonny's plan will go off without a hitch.

I like it when Johnny's funny and it bugs Sonny. It makes me happy.

Why is Sam at the dinner? It's just a weird combination of people.

Wait, Maxie knows Franco's back in the picture but doesn't think he's actually in town? Sigh.

July 2nd, 2010

Suspicious of Kristina's cover story about going to an SAT prep class, Sam pays a visit and discovers it was a lie. Molly has to come clean about Kristina's real whereabouts, which makes Sonny freak out about her being in proximity to the bomb. Johnny finally convinces Kristina to end their fake relationship because she's not going to get what she wants from Sonny that way. He takes her to his car to drive her home, uses the remote to unlock it, and triggers the bomb just as Sonny arrives. Maxie gets a bunch of flowers that she thinks are from Matt and Lulu thinks are from. They're both wrong - they're from Franco, who shows up to visit his one-time fling. Spinelli tracks down Franco's mother, but when Jason and Dante go to see her, she denies having a son. Patrick and Lisa get really drunk and again exhibit poor decision-making skills. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that Shirley has made her realize she needs to be nicer to him.

I'm kind of surprised the last scene was with Franco and Maxie, not Sonny, since he usually gets the final shot of the episode.

Yeah, I figured that was what would happen with the bomb. Though it would've been more fun if Johnny had scene the bomb, let it go off, gone into hiding, and laughed triumphantly as Sonny went to prison for his murder.

Okay, writers, you get another chance to redeem yourselves by making Patrick and Lisa stop themselves before anything happens....

I bet they named that hotel worker James so Maxie could call Franco by his real name. Either way, heh.

And because I can't talk about Franco enough today, apparently, his name is Robert Frank? Robert, as in Robert Scorpio? Why do the writers keep reusing names? Also, HE'S FROM BENSONHURST? Is everyone on this freaking show from Brooklyn?

July 3rd, 2010

Next week: I don't really care about anything but this, the greatest preview bit I've ever read: "Alexis warns Sonny to use birth control."

Which reminds me - I lost my bet that Sonny and Claire would be in bed together by July 4th. I probably owe myself some money.

July 5th, 2010

Johnny accuses Sonny of planting the bomb in his car, but the police aren't able to tie anything to him. Michael overhears Sonny and Max talking about the bomb and is in the middle of confronting his father when Alexis shows up, demanding to know if he was responsible. Jason and Dante try to guilt Franco's mother into helping them out, but she sticks to her claim that she doesn't have a son. Of course, she's a liar. Franco creeps Maxie out for a while, telling her to say hi to Jason for him. Maxie heads to the penthouse and encourages Spinelli to focus on the case but doesn't tell him who she was just with until Jason and Dante return. Patrick feels guilty about sleeping with Lisa, who feels no remorse. Unsurprisingly, when Patrick gets home, he finds that Robin's back. Skye encourages Jax to use her to make Carly jealous.

See, Sonny? Told you you were an idiot.

I'm pleased to see that, at least so far, Franco isn't as over-the-top as he was last time. He's creepier when he's subtle like this.

A hippy in Woodstock? What an idea!

Boo, Patrick! Booooooooooo!

July 7th, 2010

Sonny promises Alexis, Claire, and Olivia that he didn't put the bomb in Johnny's car, but only Claire thinks he's lying. Michael promises not to tell anyone otherwise. Jason, Spinelli, and Dante try to figure out why Franco sent Maxie 66 roses, and where he might have gone afterward. He actually didn't go far, as he shows himself to Carly at the hotel and rambles about Josslyn, Michael, and American Beauty roses (the kind he gave Maxie). Alexis forbids Kristina from seeing Johnny anymore, which he's fine with. Patrick keeps mum about his affair. Carly pretty much ignores Jax and Skye's kissing.

Holy cow, Alexis and Olivia are gullible. "Oh, Sonny said he didn't do it, so he didn't do it." No, you idiots! He's a LIAR!

Did anyone understand a word Franco said to Carly? Good, not just me.

Speaking of Carly, for some reason it cracked me up when she told Skye they had to remodel the hotel because "a madman destroyed it." Yeah, Carly, she was in town then. She knows.

Maybe Lucky and Robin can get together. They have a lot in common now.

July 8th, 2010

Claire decides to "let" Sonny "seduce" her so she can get information from him. Olivia and Johnny have sex one last time (supposedly) before she tells him she can't be with him if he's going to keep putting himself in danger. Ethan already had that conversation with him, just on a different level. Sonny lays down the law with Kristina, taking away her credit cards and instituting mandatory Tuesday-night dinners at his house. Surprisingly, she barely puts up a fight. Lisa is ultra-nice to Robin but is still so obvious about her romp with Patrick that Steven guesses what happened. Maxie again tries to use Matt to make Spinelli jealous, then kisses Lucky for apparently no reason. Shirley tells Elizabeth about her own semi-scandalous past (she ditched her husband and kids for a former love), so Elizabeth will probably go in search of Shirley's estranged children. Carly gets back at Jax for his shenanigans with Skye by inviting Steven out. It works, though Steven's totally on to her.

Wow, Kristina folded like a lawn chair. She realizes Sonny can't actually enforce anything he said, right?

Yeah, I'll believe Olivia and Johnny are really over when it's been a month and they haven't had sex again.

Steven's a better detective than anyone in the PCPD.

Maxie is, as Dawn Summers would say, a kiss slut.

Three great, funny moments today: Johnny imitating Ethan, Ethan saying his personal security level is at orange, and Shirley telling Nikolas she ordered from the Metro Court and charged it to him. Some very nice writing in this episode.

July 9th, 2010

Franco moves into an old mansion and meets with a guy named Wilhelm who will help him with his next show. Jason, Dante, and Spinelli continue their fruitless quest to decipher the meaning of the 66 roses and find Franco. Meanwhile, he stalks Josslyn. Claire tells Sonny she believes that he didn't set the car bomb, then leaves behind her bracelet so she has an excuse to come back to the restaurant. When she does, he's there with Michael. Patrick berates Lisa for making him squirm in front of Robin. Robin hasn't noticed and wants to jump him in a supply closet. Maxie and Elizabeth trade barbs about each other's morals, both coming off looking petty.

Franco, step away from the adorable child. Go after Spencer instead; he's a robot anyway.

Poor Michael had more interesting scenes when he was in prison.

So...why did Elizabeth go to the PCPD anyway?

Hey! I was promised Alexis telling Sonny to use protection! I feel so cheated.

July 10th, 2010

Next week: tons of Franco stuff, possibly a baby, and Claire becomes the latest brunette in Sonny's collection.

July 12th, 2010

Jax ineffectually threatens Franco, then calls the cops to let them know about their run-in. Dante gets word and guesses that Franco's approaching people he dealt with the last time he was in town, which means Lulu and Ronnie must be on his list. Spinelli finds Franco's mansion and Jason and Dante head over to check it out. Claire promises Sonny and Michael that she won't tell the judge they were together. Sonny tells Jason he wants to sleep with Claire so she'll be compromised and really can't say anything to get Michael in trouble. He then summons Claire over for dinner, telling her it's to thank her for keeping quiet about Michael. Johnny arrives and ruins the mood, inadvertently chasing Claire off. Lucky thinks Luke sent Ethan on an errand when he did because he knew about the car bomb, which would mean Sonny warned him about it. He manages to track down the bomb guy and asks Mac if he can go visit him in Argentina, pretending he's found a piece of the detonator. Lisa seems amused by Patrick and Robin's attempts to reconnect with each other. Spinelli accidentally lets slip to Lulu that he's working on some sort of revenge scheme. Franco really likes those monkeys.

What is it about Jason that makes people want to talk to him about their sex lives?

Yeah, Lucky, I'm sure a guy who sets up bombs for mobsters will have no problem with telling you who hired him. He won't be afraid for his life or anything.

If Patrick were a chick, he'd so be pregnant in a couple months.

I bet that mansion's just full of monkeys and spray-paint fumes.

July 13th, 2010

Jason and Dante break into the mansion but only find monkeys, graffiti, and a flier for a performance at Jake's by a guy named Kalup Ishmael. Meanwhile, Franco pays Coleman $10,000 to let his friend Kalup put on a show. While Dante, Jason, Lulu, Maxie, Matt, Maya, Ethan, and Brook wait to see Kalup, Franco surprises Sam at the penthouse. Kristina is surprised to learn that her new study partner, Taylor, isn't a girl, as she and Alexis suspected. He's a perfectly nice guy, but Kristina's still very uncomfortable around men. Maxie takes Matt on another jealousy date, even after Maya tells her she knows Maxie's feelings for him aren't just platonic. Shirley's happy to hear that Nikolas and Elizabeth are patching things up. Elizabeth has another run-in with Helena, and Nikolas promises to take care of things. Maya has a strange reaction to a minor injury Ethan sustains. Spinelli tells Lulu his revenge scheme is against Matt for going after Maxie. How long does everyone think it'll be before Jax and Carly are back together? Tracy warns Brook that she's keeping an eye on her.

Again I have to ask, why doesn't Sam have a bodyguard?

Okay, so is this Kalup guy a singer or a performance artist? And is karaoke night Tuesday or Thursday? Can't we have some continuity within one episode?

First impressions of Taylor: funny, nice, and not bad to look at. He can stay.

Tracy's just now talking to Brook for the first time since she came back to town...two months ago? What a bad grandmother. Not that anyone should be surprised.

July 14th, 2010

Kalup sings "Route 66" while Franco creeps Sam out, telling her he'll make things easier for Jason. Jason finally figures out the whole thing was a distraction and goes home to find Sam still holding the gun she pulled on Franco. Claire calls Sonny into the PCPD and tells him they're looking into a possible lead on the bomber. Later, she shows up at his office and he kisses her. She tries to lay down some rules about flirting, etc., but he's too proud of himself to really listen. Michael tells Carly that he thinks she and Jax are good for each other, so she should try to make things work with him. Much to Skye's dismay, Carly takes his advice. Kristina freaks out about her freak-out with Taylor, but Alexis assures her she'll get better. Maya tells Ethan about a boyfriend of hers who was shot. Elizabeth and Nikolas present a united front against Helena. Brook flirts with Johnny and, for some reason, sings "Before He Cheats."

That was the least artistic performance art I've ever seen.

Michael, please stop encouraging your mother.

Brook's song choice would have made a lot more sense if Patrick had been there.

Why do I care about Maya's dead boyfriend? Wait, let me rephrase: Why am I supposed to care about Maya's dead boyfriend?

July 15th, 2010

Dante's worried about Franco coming after Lulu, but she tries to convince him that she'll be fine. Of course, that means Franco shows up while she's alone at Crimson. Spinelli and Maxie FINALLY break up. Carly comes to Jason for advice about getting back together with Jax, and Spinelli tells her she should go for it. Claire promises Lucky that she's totally not falling for Sonny. He bets her dinner that she won�t pull off her plan. Then he randomly calls Maxie. Elizabeth goes into early labor, but no one's worried about the baby being unhealthy. They probably should be, since her ID bracelet has the number 66 on it. Maya guesses correctly that Skye is still in love with Jax.

Lulu doesn't need a guard, she needs Kate. She'd scare Franco off in five seconds.

Please tell me Lucky and Claire aren't going to be paired up. I can't see that at all.

Oh, Skye, you don't want to get back with Jax. Look at all the baggage you'll have to deal with.

Maxie, go sit quietly in the corner until you promise you're not going to screw up anyone's life.

July 16th, 2010

Franco taunts that he's going to kill Lulu and leave her as a present for Dante, but he winds up letting her live and giving her a picture. Dante, Jason, and Spinelli wonder if Franco's committing murders in the cities mentioned in "Route 66" and planning to end up in L.A. Dante puts in calls to the cities' police departments and some send him information on recent unsolved murders, which Ronnie brings by. He spots Jason's gun and sends him back to Pentonville, where a photo of a toy monkey is waiting for him. Maxie tells Lucky that Elizabeth's in labor, and his response is to invite her to a concert. Later, he tells her he wants Elizabeth to be happy, but he wants to be happy, too. He winds up going to the hospital anyway, just as Elizabeth's labor intensifies. After he has a boring conversation with Claire, Sonny goes to the country club to hang out with Alexis, Kristina, and Molly. He and Kristina connect a little, but the moment is ruined when Warren shows up to remind Alexis that her trial is approaching and Kristina will definitely be testifying.

I'm sorry, Jason was taken back to Pentonville in a matter of minutes, and Franco a) knew he was going to be there and b) got a photo to him before he even got there c) without anyone opening it? I call major bull.

Oh, Warren. Just when we'd all almost forgotten about you.

Lucky! Why are you taking Maxie places instead of ignoring her like you should?

The funniest part about the visual of Sonny jogging is the idea of Max running to keep up with him.

July 17th, 2010

Next week: Warren's anger and a lockdown at the hospital collide in a bad way (I wonder if that's season-finale-of-Grey's Anatomy bad), there's actual progress in Skye's storyline, and everyone goes, "Awww, a baby!"

July 19th, 2010

Jason tries to get access to the warden to show him Franco's picture, but he has no luck. Claire arrives, having heard about his return to prison from Dante, and after confirming that he really is going to keep working to catch Franco, she has him released. Spinelli IDs the location the photo was taken and Jason and Dante head to L.A. together. Sonny accuses Warren of beating Kiefer, saying he can almost feel sorry for Kiefer, which endears him to Kristina. Elizabeth has the baby and names him Aiden, because she's incapable of being original. Maxie catches Lucky outside the room and says she knew he'd come. He takes his anger out on her, then apologizes with cookies. Jax and Carly are close to having a romantic evening together when Skye interrupts. Carly splits but Jax follows her and they actually have a conversation about their relationship. She forgives him for his involvement in what happened to Michael and says they both still need time to figure things out before they really reunite. This means Jax is free to possibly go to Barcelona with Skye to get closer to Alcazar's money. Franco edits footage he took during one of his and Jason’s previous encounters.

I kind of love how Dante reminded Jason that they're going to L.A. to work. What, no sight-seeing??

Sonny saying he'd try to get Kiefer help if he were alive cracked me up. No, you wouldn't, you would've killed him yourself and we both know it.

Yes, I'm sure that giant baby is a month early. I believe everything you tell me to believe, show. Though I do appreciate a pregnancy without drama (at least related to the physical pregnancy itself) and a birth that didn't involve any shootings, comas, or anyone falling down a flight of stairs.

The one time the kid actually is Lucky's, he's not there for his birth!

July 20th, 2010

Helena disapproves of Aiden's name and decides it's time to step things up, possibly via kidnapping. Lulu awakens Michael from a nightmare about Carter and gets choked for her troubles. Michael starts his community service and immediately gets into a fight over Sonny, injuring his hand in the process. Carly overhears Lisa and Patrick talking about their tryst. Johnny tries to woo Olivia back with pastries, but it doesn't work. However, she does get jealous when he heads off to spend the day with Brook. Maxie tells Matt she and Spinelli are over and she wants to see what happens between them. He takes this the wrong way and says no thanks. Skye picked a bad day to taunt Carly (not that there's ever a good day to taunt Carly).

Helena, you may be evil, but I'm totally on your side on the name thing.

Shouldn't people like Lulu and Alexis and Kristina and Molly be visiting Aiden? Nice supportive family, there.

Everyone, for the love of all things soft and furry, KEEP CARLY AWAY FROM ROBIN.

I wonder how long it'll take Matt to realize he's an idiot. Probably two days, at the most.

July 21st, 2010

Even though Nikolas is sure Helena's responsible, Elizabeth is way too calm about Aiden being missing, saying he must still be in the hospital (since his security monitor didn't go off, and it could only be removed by a qualified nurse). Lucky calls for a hospital lockdown, trapping Patrick, Carly, Robin, Lisa, Michael, Olivia, Elizabeth, Nikolas, Helena, Kristina, Warren, Maxie, Shirley, Steven, Epiphany, and himself. Warren demands to have Kristina's medical records released, but Epiphany won't comply. He then tries to get Kristina to change her story about Kiefer beating her, and she pulls a Sonny, accusing him of being abusive as well. Dante and Jason meet Franco's dealer, then discover that Franco's planning an exhibit all about Jason. When confronted, Helena denies having anything to do with the baby's disappearance, suddenly touting Spencer as the real Cassadine heir. Carly tells Patrick she knows he slept with Lisa. Shirley and Maxie bond a little, and as Shirley feels she doesn't have much time left, she asks Maxie to get someone to take her to Elizabeth. Johnny and Brook finally make out. Alexis advises Sonny to butt out of Michael's life.

Elizabeth, this is Port freaking Charles. If your baby's not where he's supposed to be, THAT MEANS SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED.

I don't see Warren living through this storyline.

Bruce Davison is going to actually do something, right?

Uh, why can't Maxie just bring Elizabeth to Shirley?

July 22nd, 2010

Michael attacks Warren to stop him from hitting Kristina, so Warren tries to have Lucky arrest him. Lucky, Ethan, Maya, and Steven, who all witnessed Michael trying to choke Warren, deny that they saw anything. Mac arrives and takes Lucky's side when Lucky says Warren's story wouldn't match anyone else's if he took people's statements. Warren stalks off, promising revenge, then returns with a gun and appears to shoot Mac and Ethan. Jason and Dante find a video of Franco hiring Carter to attack Michael. Jason destroys the evidence, making Dante mad, but Jason doesn't want the information to get out. Franco’s show gets underway with him promising a fun, chaotic evening and at least one death. Nikolas doesn't think Helena's lying about kidnapping Aiden, but that doesn't get him, Elizabeth, and Lucky any closer to finding out who actually did it. Shirley comforts Elizabeth, gives her a necklace, and dies. Using a hospital computer, Lucky and Nikolas discover that there's a bassinet in the OR, but when they arrive, it's empty. They then see Franco on a nearby TV, broadcasting from his show. Carly promises to keep Patrick's secret and even lie for him. Robin thinks Lisa is trying to make her paranoid to make things bad between her and Patrick and drive him back to Lisa. Johnny tells Brook that he's still in love with Olivia, so nothing's going to happen between them.

Excuse me, Warren, did you just shoot Mac? Yeah, you're going down. Also, where did you get a gun?

I like that they're running two intense plots at once. Definitely beats the times when there's nothing interesting going on.

'Bye, Shirley! Longest death arc ever, huh?

Poor, dumb Robin. Don't worry, in the end I bet Maxie will get revenge for you.

July 23rd, 2010

Warren makes a move to shoot Kristina, but Mac shoots him first. Warren dies but Mac and Ethan survive, thanks to Matt, Steven, and Olivia (and no thanks to Maya). Jason finally comes face-to-face with Franco, who has a fake Sam at gunpoint outside the glass box. He offers Jason the choice between watching him take a life or helping him save a life. They get separated and one of Franco's cameramen says he thinks Franco's gone too far. Franco proves the point by killing him. Lucky tells Dante that Franco took Aiden and Dante needs to make sure Jason doesn't kill him. When he and Jason meet up again, Franco leads him to the roof, where he shouts that he knows where the baby is, then seemingly falls to his death. Nikolas, Elizabeth, and Lucky get nowhere trying to figure out why the number 66 is significant. Lulu shows up in L.A. for no apparent reason.

No way is Franco dead. The writers wouldn't get rid of a character they can bring back every six months for more madness.

I would ask why Lulu's in L.A., but I'm actually more interested in knowing why Dante's there, since he's NOT BEING HELPFUL AT ALL.

So...I guess Alexis' lawsuit is over?

Olivia almost fainted - she must be pregnant!

Oh, hello, scorecard:
Born: Aiden Cassadine
Dead: Warren Bauer, Shirley Smith
Injured: Ethan Lovett, Mac Scorpio
Kidnapped: Aiden Cassadine
Possibly dead (but probably not): Franco

July 24th, 2010

Next week: probably nothing nearly as interesting as what happened this week.

July 26th, 2010

Franco's dead, or at least we're supposed to think so. Dante gets Jason freed from police custody, and Jason repays him by pulling a gun on him and threatening to kill him since he's responsible for the events that led up to Michael's assault. Sonny moves to step 2 of his usual dating plan, buying Claire gifts, and Max and Diane warn her that he's trying to get her into bed. When she shows up to see him, she finds him hugging Alexis, who's panicking over the fact that Kristina was almost killed. Matt operates on Mac, and Maxie thanks him with a supply-closet makeout session. Lucky learns that there's a new nurse at the hospital named Jane Morgan, but he has no luck getting in touch with her. Ethan and Maya are totally getting together. Olivia and Steven, sitting in a tree?

Call me cynical, but I highly doubt Franco's dead. That was too much build-up for so little pay-off.

I like that Matt got to be the hero for once. Good for Patrick for letting him take charge.

Yay, Diane, for warning Claire to use birth control! She's totally not gonna, though.

Anyone else intrigued by the possibility of an Olivia/Steven pairing?

July 27th, 2010

Claire tells Sonny she wants him to get her pregnant, and if he's not game (which he isn't), then she's done with him. Maxie sleeps with Matt and feels the need to tell Michael about it. Jax distracts Alcazar's financial person (a hot woman, of course) while Skye takes his money. Carly tells Michael she misses Jax and he tells her to make a decision about him already. Robin tells Lisa she's crazy and needs to give up on Patrick. Everyone else is boring.

Claire definitely did not think her plan through. Though if you're going to choose a guy in this town to try to get you pregnant, Sonny's going to be your best bet.

Michael is officially Mini Jason. And since Maxie confided in him about something he didn't want to hear about, I guess that makes her Mini Carly.

That whole Jax/Skye thing was a waste of time. And I don't just mean in today's episode. Jason still holding a gun on Dante?

July 28th, 2010

Dante and Jason return to Port Charles with no more discussion of their face-off, and Dante allows Jason a day of freedom before he has to go back to prison. Spinelli has figured out how to remove his ankle monitor so he can escape, but Jason doesn't want to leave town. Lucky finds Aiden's monitor and realizes he could have been taken from the hospital before the lockdown. Steven wants to break the lockdown, but Lucky and Elizabeth don't. Elizabeth also blames Steven for not keeping the nursery more secure. Lisa is CRAZY. Carly encourages Michael to talk to someone about his issues; instead, he listens to Kristina's problems. Dante spots Brook and Johnny together and announces that Brook is off-limits. Ronnie thinks Dante�s going to let Jason escape so Sonny's business will keep going.

Hey, Sam, two weeks ago you were fine with Jason going to prison, so shut up.

Shouldn't Dante and Ronnie be looking for Aiden? Way to go, PCPD.

Crazy Lisa half amuses me and half bugs me. Which is better than before, when she just bugged me.

Interesting that people figured out how to remove two different ankle monitors. The ankle-monitor industry is taking a beating today.

July 29th, 2010

Just as Sam and Jason are preparing to be separated by his return to prison, Dante announces that autopsy reports proved the person who fell from the roof in L.A. wasn't Franco. He does, however, have Aiden, and is delivering him to his mother's house. Lucky investigates Jane Morgan, finding that she didn't seem to intend to leave town, so he suspects she's still in the hospital. She is, but she's dead. Sonny thinks Kristina has gotten some closure from Warren's death. Jax and Skye spend the day together in Barcelona before returning to their respective lives. Brook thinks Dante is jealous of her friendship with Johnny. Olivia tells Johnny that Warren went crazy because of an obsession with revenge, and she's worried the same thing will happen to him. Lisa wants to meet with Patrick at Jake's to discuss their...whatever.

I'm sorry, Jason and Sam are about to be separated for who knows how long, and they spend their last hour together playing dominoes? JASON MORGAN DOESN'T PLAY DOMINOES. NO ONE PLAYS DOMINOES.

I didn't even think of Franco's mom coming back into play. Nice one, writers.

What, Skye, you don't want to stick around and be part of a love octagon when Brenda comes back?

Patrick, don't return to the scene of the crime! Well, the pre-scene of the crime. Whatever - don't go to Jake's with Lisa!


Uh, apparently the dominoes thing is a call-back to a scene from a few years ago. So never mind. But still, they'd totally be in the bedroom.

July 30th, 2010

Dante decides to keep Jason out of prison since Franco's still in play. The two of them and Lucky finally have a meeting of the minds to get on the same page, and realize that Franco's mom could have a role in Aiden's kidnapping. When they discover that Karen's disappeared, Jason announces that he thinks Franco wants to keep the baby and disappear as well. Olivia overhears Claire and Sonny talking about her desire to have his baby and puts in her two cents. Sam tells Kristina to stop blaming Sonny for everything and move on. Johnny tells Claire he has evidence that Sonny landed an illegal shipment. Carly is totally jealous of Skye and asks Jax if they slept together.

My mom, who's a better detective than Dante and Lucky, in that she figured out Franco's mom would be involved before they did, had another good thought: When they get the baby back, they'll do a DNA test to make sure he's Aiden, and that will reveal that Lucky's his father.

Olivia should be in every scene.

What's with all the Sam/Kristina and Sam/Alexis scenes? Can't Sam have her own plotline so she doesn't have to glomb on to other people's?

I maintain that Carly and Jax will officially get back together on or right before August 9th. And we all know what happens two days later....

July 31st, 2010

Next week: lots of mob stuff. Drink every time someone mentions Brenda.

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