General Hospital blog - July, 2018

July 2nd, 2018

Michael gives Nelle a ring, then summons his family and announces their engagement. Reactions range from politely accepting (Olivia) to insistent that the marriage will never take place (Bobbie). Jason and Sonny, who has just learned about the recovered message on the flyer, go the old "you're an adult and I can't stop you" route. Nelle secretly visits Carly to rub the engagement in her face. Carly's mystery neighbor transmits a new message reporting that he's being held against his will. Carly responds that she can't help him and he needs to shut up. Kevin reiterates that the neighbor is dangerous and she needs to ignore him. He complains about Carly's insanity defense and hopes they can work through her grief while she's at Ferncliff. An imitation-brand Boy Scout finds Peter but doesn't grasp that he's been kidnapped and needs rescuing. He does accidentally leave his bugle behind, but Obrecht and Nina don't notice. Nina once again chooses not to do the right thing, and Obrecht continues her weird torture of Peter. Maxie figures out that Sam and Curtis are looking for Peter, but she doesn't think she knows anything from their conversations that might help them find him. Curtis has gotten security footage showing a disguised/hidden Obrecht taking Peter out of the hotel in a shopping cart, so the PIs think they're on the right path with their suspicions that someone kidnapped him. Chase comes clean to Jordan about his connection to Nelle, but she doesn't punish him for his secrecy. In fact, she's supportive of his plan to play on Nelle's belief that he still has feelings for her.

Just the reaction you want when you announce your engagement: stunned silence.

"Sam borrowed the flyer from evidence." Ha! Yeah, Jason. "Borrowed."

Kevin, exactly what kind of danger does the mystery neighbor pose to Carly when they're both locked up? This plot better have a really satisfying outcome.

Sam was so smart last week; how has she not put everything together? I can't believe she didn't at least follow Obrecht and Nina.

July 3rd, 2018

Carly pretends she's benefiting from her time at Ferncliff and wants to put things right with Nelle. She manages to keep up the act even when Nelle lies that she bought Josslyn lingerie in anticipation of sex with Oscar, and when Nelle announces her engagement. After Sonny chases Nelle away, Carly goes off, worried that Nelle will kill Michael just for the heck of it. Sonny promises that he'll keep an eye on things. Michael won't budge on his decision to marry Nelle, insisting that this is the best way for him to protect both Carly and the baby. Franco's a little thrown when he learns that Terry is now a woman, but he and Elizabeth are completely accepting and sympathetic that Terry's family rejected her. Franco can relate to being rejected, so he and Terry already have a connection. Elizabeth's slightly hurt that Terry suspected she might not be accepting, but really, who can blame Terry for having that fear? Lucas and Brad ask Sam to be their baby's godmother and help them establish some family traditions. Julian overhears them chatting and has to insert himself in the conversation. Sam advises the guys to keep Julian away from their kid. Kim tells Julian to stay out of the adoption (odds he'll listen: 300 to 1), then wonders if he resents that she kept Oscar from Drew, since he's still mad that his kids' mothers kept them from him. Julian assures her that her situation was different, so he's okay with it. Cameron is now a moody teenager and probably has a crush on Josslyn, whose interest in Oscar doesn't appear to be wavering. Sam and Danny run into Jason on the bridge, and they watch the fireworks together.

I'm surprised/disappointed that no one has yelled, "No touching!" at Carly and Sonny.

Can Terry be a pediatrician? The show needs a pediatrician.

I love that they mentioned how Josslyn dressed as corn for Halloween as a kid. And the look on Oscar's face when he was teasing her was a very Drew look.

Can we please not do a Cam/Josslyn/Oscar love triangle?

July 5th, 2018

David has shown the picture of Kiki and Griffin hugging to Scott, who in turn shows it to Franco. Franco tells Alexis about it, and Alexis warns Kiki, asking her for any other relationship info that might come out in court if David and Scott go down the road of trying to make her look promiscuous. Kiki keeps quiet, then tells Griffin that they need to continue to keep their fling under wraps. The park was a bad place for that conversation, because Scott overhears. Meanwhile, Franco tells Ava about the picture. Sonny finally puts things together and sets up the Croton plot to actually go somewhere: Charlie Delaney (AKA the original Charlie) helped Mike move the body, and it's buried under the pub. The timing is awful, since Julian wants to expand and is about to start some construction. Franco rants to Scott about David being a sexual predator, making Scott realize that he's not just upset about Kiki's situation. Franco tells his story, and Scott is sympathetic. Oscar's annoyed to have to spend time with Julian, then annoyed again when Kim says she and Drew know that he wants them to get back together. Oscar thinks Drew told her, but Drew assures him that Kim figured it out herself. He says they're not going to get back together, but the opportunity is certainly there: Sam and Drew are now officially divorced. Sam's upset about the end of the marriage, of course, but thinks she made the right decision. Milo confides in Sonny that his mother died of Alzheimer's, so he gets what Sonny's going through with Mike. Sonny appreciates knowing someone who can sympathize with his situation.

Alexis re: David: "He somehow manages to keep out-creeping himself." Heh, right?

Irony is Franco yelling about a sexual predator.

Today I learned that I can't stand to see Milo cry. Please, no one ever make Milo cry again.

That Kim/Julian/Ava/Griffin double date is going to be so awkward that I can already feel myself cringing.

Those Griffin/Stella scenes were so weird. First she was unreasonably rude. Then he was unreasonably "not all men" when they weren't even talking about David or Kiki. If the writers need filler scenes, they should at least have a point.

July 6th, 2018

All of a sudden, Chase thinks Michael will work with him and Jordan on bringing Nelle down. He's right, but their plan, which somehow involves Michael faking his own death, sounds disastrous. And then Michael tells Nelle they should get married right away, so I have no idea what's going on. Sonny and Jason think they're in the clear on the body, but about 60 seconds later, they learn that Julian wants to expand the pub. Scott gets interrupted trying to talk to Ava but eventually sits down with her to tell her about Kiki and Griffin's fling. Griffin urges Kiki to tell Alexis about it, but Kiki thinks that'll increase the odds of Ava finding out. She's also disturbed that the picture of her and Griffin hugging will make things hard on Ava. Wyatt the off-brand scout (also the name of my new children's book) returns to the cabin for his bugle but remains hesitant to tell anyone that Peter's there. Peter does manage to get Wyatt to untie him, and he gets a s'more, so things are looking up for him, at least a little. Ava thinks Nelle's only marrying Michael for his money. Nelle tries to get the blanket back, because she's still not clear on the concept of mutually assured destruction. I refuse to discuss or even acknowledge the ridiculous product placement Maxie and Lulu have to put up with.

Hold on. Michael's going to fake his death without warning his parents, who have already lost a child? NO. NO WAY. This is a horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE idea.

Peter, honey, just tell the kid to bring you a phone. And stop looking at him like you're going to attack him.

For a mother with a baby in the hospital, Maxie was way too calm about getting a call from GH.

This show has done a lot of dumb things over the years, but this KFC publicity stunt is easily in the top 5.

July 9th, 2018

Nina tells Obrecht that she needs to take care of Peter (in the medical way, not in the murder way) because Maxie doesn't want him dead. Wyatt can't get Peter untied before Obrecht returns, so he hides under the bed. Once the coast is clear, Peter sends him to get help, but Wyatt leaves the bugle behind again. Obrecht's ready to kill Peter, but Nina arrives, claims the bugle's hers, and sends Obrecht to get more antibiotics. Obrecht obtains them by cutting her finger and making David think she needs the meds for herself. Wyatt is one of Franco's patients, so when his mother doesn't believe his story about Peter, Wyatt goes to the hospital. Franco thinks he's making things up about a mean woman keeping a man tied to a bed in the woods. The two of them run into Finn and Obrecht, and Wyatt recognizes Obrecht, who doesn't seem worried that he could rat her out. But Finn believes the boy, and when he sees Obrecht's notes about the Severed Branch sequel she wants Peter to write, Finn starts putting everything together. Michael urges Nelle to get married ASAP, claiming it'll make Chase leave them alone. Nelle resists at first, wanting to plan a big event, but she can't resist the idea of tying the knot before the baby comes, so she gets Olivia to agree to host the wedding at the hotel the next day. Sonny tries to casually talk Julian out of expanding the pub, and when that doesn't work, he offers to buy the place. Julian turns him down, and later finds an old picture of Mike and Charlie. Sonny decides to fight the expansion, but when Felix tells him that Mike is agitated, possibly because of his and Sonny's conversations about the body, Sonny tells Jason they need to make a move right away. Nina and Obrecht help Maxie welcome James home as Maxie adjusts to parenting on her own. Ava thinks Scott's going to tell her about the picture of Kiki and Griffin hugging, and he doesn't have the heart (...I mean, I guess) to tell her that they slept together, so she remains in the dark. Finn suddenly wants to be a good brother, so he gives Chase Red Sox tickets for his birthday. Chase thinks he's trying to find an excuse to leave town so he won't have to face their father again. Finn swears that wasn't his intention, but the damage is done, and the brothers aren't any closer. David's making things hard for Kiki at the hospital, and she considers dropping the lawsuit. Ava convinces her that she has to stand up to him and make him pay.

Here's hoping Obrecht goes to prison because of Finn, Franco, and a nine-year-old.

Haaaaa, Franco thought Wyatt saw someone engaging in S&M.

I can't wait for this storyline about construction permits.

I guess Mac and Felicia weren't invited to James' big homecoming?

July 10th, 2018

Michael tells Sonny and Jason about the moved-up wedding, adding once again that he's going through with his plans no matter the risk. Sonny doesn't bother to argue with him, but Jason makes Michael tell him what he's up to. He complains to Sam that he can't stop Michael, no matter how much he wants to. Peter promises to keep Nina's name out of things if she lets him go. Franco thinks Finn just wants to rescue Peter so Anna will be grateful (not sure how that's a bad motive, but okay). They head to the cabin, where they encounter Obrecht, but not Nina and Peter. Obrecht tells them that Wyatt saw her about to engage in something kinky and just misinterpreted the situation. Finn doesn't believe her, and though Franco pretends to, he later texts her to warn that Finn wants to go to the police. Peter's back in the cabin now, having been temporarily hidden in a root cellar, and Obrecht decides they should just kill him and clear out all evidence that he was ever in the cabin. Nina stops her and declares that she's in charge now and will decide where they stash Peter next. Carly laments to Kevin that she let her guard down after Morgan's death, which allowed Nelle to wreak havoc. She blames herself for Morgan's death because she didn't do more to make sure he was taking care of himself. She's disappointed to hear about the moved-up wedding, but she hopes she and Sonny have learned from their past mistakes. Chase tries (or pretends to try) to convince Nelle that he still loves her and they should be together. Michael swoops in to chase (...heh) him off, then presents Nelle with a prenup. Sam and Curtis inch closer to identifying the person in the security footage who's pushing the laundry cart they think contains Peter.

So Michael told Jason everything, right? Like, how he's going to fake his death? Because there's no way Jason won't tell Carly and Sonny, which is what needs to happen.

Michael, your family can trust you as much as you want – that doesn't make your plan any less stupid.

Peter should have made that deal with Nina weeks ago. I thought she was going to take it, too. I figured she'd let Peter go and was going to lock Obrecht in the root cellar.

Oh, Finn. Anna is most definitely your girlfriend.

July 11th, 2018

Nelle's hesitant about signing the prenup, but she does it after Michael says it's tradition for people marrying into the family. She doubts his story when Ned tells her that, while Olivia signed one, it was her idea, not his. Chase meets up with Nelle and tries again to convince her that she shouldn't be with Michael. He suggests that the two of them run off together and become a family with the baby. Nelle thinks Michael can offer her stability, and she's not going to ditch him just because Chase says he's still in love with her. Somehow, this is exactly what Chase was hoping to hear. Finn runs into Wyatt and shows him a picture of Peter in hopes that Wyatt will ID him as the man from the cabin. Wyatt isn't sure it's him, which is fair, since he saw Peter with a beard, while he's clean-shaven in the picture. Nina and Obrecht have moved Peter to the stables on Spoon Island and arranged for the employees to be away. Obrecht wants to keep working on the Severed Branch sequel, but she can't find her notebook (which Finn has, thanks to Wyatt). Peter tries AGAIN to plead for his freedom, because, to paraphrase Joey Tribbiani, pigeons learn faster than him. Drew's concerned that Nina hasn't sold all her ad space for the next issue of Crimson, and may have come back to work too soon after Nathan's death. (It's been five months, but okay.) Valentin overhears and, of course, buys up the rest of the ad space, wanting to place a declaration of love in the magazine. Nina blows up at him, telling him again that, no matter how they feel about each other, she can't trust him. Maxie's suddenly mad at Lulu again, and they fight a bunch, then hit each other with beach toys, then make up. It's dumb, but hey, at least it doesn't involve product placement.

I don't buy for a second that Olivia signed a prenup, let alone that it was her idea.

If Chase purposely chose to meet with Nelle while shirtless in an attempt to tip the scales in his favor...good call.

Maybe Finn should be a PI. He's made more progress on Peter's case in three days than Sam and Curtis have in three weeks.

Maxie attacking Lulu like that made no sense, was unnecessary, and was out of character. They made up; it's time to move on, writers.

July 12th, 2018

Nelle eavesdrops as Michael tells Alexis that he wants to draw up a will. Nelle thinks he's going to leave everything to her, but he wants the baby to be the sole beneficiary. Alexis isn't going to finalize everything for a little while, so Nelle thinks she has time for a plan (apparently the exact plan Michael hopes she has). Michael repays her eavesdropping by listening in while Nelle gets a lawyer to confirm that in New York, if a husband dies before his will is in place, his wife gets everything. Also, Alexis totally breaks attorney/client privilege and mentions the will to Sonny. Nina hires an actor to help her fake a West Nile outbreak on Spoon Island so Valentin won't go home and stumble across Peter. Valentin misinterprets her fake concern for his health as love. Then he calls Finn, for some reason. He mentions the quarantine to Sam, who's suspicious, but with her recent record on following up on suspicions, she probably won't pursue that angle for another month or so. Sam and Curtis catch Jordan up on their progress in Peter's case, then try to figure out who might have kidnapped him. They finally settle on Obrecht, and Curtis asks Nina for dirt on her aunt, but Nina isn't forthcoming. Meanwhile, Peter tries to stall his death by encouraging Obrecht to write her own story. Despite not setting a date for their wedding yet, Jordan and Curtis are moving forward with plans, as she asks T.J. to give her away and Stella to help with the details. Stella politely agrees, then calls a woman named Chandra, clearly wanting her to come to town and change Curtis' mind about marriage. Mike basically tells her that life is short and if two people are in love, she should be happy for them. Stella's so swayed by this that she uninvites Chandra from visiting, but it looks like Chandra doesn't get the message. Mike totally has a crush on Stella, which is sweet but...not a relationship the writers should explore.

The best I can figure is that Nelle is going to ask Chase to kill Michael before his will goes into effect, so she gets all his money. Otherwise, I'm not sure how Chase fits into the plan, or how Michael can be sure Nelle won't kill him herself.

If only that West Nile threat were real. It would be ironic if Obrecht got it, since Felix used to call Britt Dr. West Nile.

Peter, you idiot, stop talking about how Obrecht could get caught. You're giving her a heads-up about something you want to happen.

If Curtis thinks Obrecht is unlikely to commit a crime because she's a grandmother, details of Helena's life would blow his mind.

July 13th, 2018

Carly has a nightmare about Nelle killing Michael at the altar. She uses the burner phone Jason gave her to call Michael and beg him not to get married. Sonny and Jason do the same, but he doesn't listen to any of them. Chase makes one last plea for Nelle to run off with him, even kissing her passionately. Josslyn sees them and makes him leave, but Nelle convinces her not to say anything to Michael yet. Carly's plan B is a throw a fit and fake an anxiety attack so Kevin will agree to let Mary Pat sedate her. When Mary Pat prepares to inject her, Carly overpowers her and injects the nurse. As far as Kevin knows, Carly's under her covers, drugged and calm. In reality, Carly's at the wedding, ready to throw down. Brad is officially the only person who doesn't hate Nelle or find her suspicious. Ava recognizes Oscar's cologne and learns that Josslyn gave it to him. Jason asks Drew to keep an eye on Michael, since they're living under the same roof. Bobbie protests the wedding by dressing like she's going to a funeral. Sam wants to make sure Oscar knows he can come see Scout whenever he wants, and that despite her and Drew's divorce, they're all still a family.

Second only to Carly's entrance, my favorite part of the episode was how Ava and Griffin were the only people sitting on Nelle's side of the room.

Nelle thinks she would be poor with Chase, but I was under the impression that his family was rich. Only rich people name their kids Hamilton and Harrison, right?

Chase to Nelle: "I hope you get everything you deserve." Me, too, buddy. Me, too.

So many cute, spring-y dresses today. And I enjoyed Olivia's enjoyment of Bobbie's outfit.

July 16th, 2018

Ava calls the police on Carly, and Chase is tasked with taking her to the station so she can be transported back to Ferncliff. Before being escorted off, Carly makes her feelings about Nelle known again, then announces, while looking at Ava, that she must have had help to accomplish all of her schemes. Griffin finds this interesting. Before the wedding can continue, Nelle has baby-related pain and has to go to the hospital. Once she and the baby are declared okay, Michael pushes to finish the ceremony. With Jason, Josslyn, and Ned present, Michael and Nelle tie the knot; two minutes later, he leaves. This gives Chase the opportunity to come in and say that he still isn't convinced that Michael really loves Nelle. She thinks he does, since he had the opportunity to call of the wedding, but didn't. Meanwhile, Josslyn tells Michael that she saw Nelle and Chase kissing. Nelle eavesdrops as he tells his sister not to worry, because he has everything under control. Sonny and Jason are annoyed that Carly did something that will jeopardize her sentence and earn her more of Mary Pat's wrath. Carly cares more about Michael's safety and preventing herself and Sonny from experiencing the pain of losing another child. Sonny thinks that he and Jason (and Spinelli, who, let's be honest, will be doing all the work) should focus their attention on Margaux now; if they can prove that Nelle set Carly up, Marguax will have to commute Carly's sentence to avoid looking foolish. Lucas and Brad are one step closer to being parents. What could possibly go wrong? I guess there's some time to kill in the episode, so Sam and Drew hang out with Mike a little, then talk about...nothing, really.

I guess there's no chance that Ned signed the marriage certificate with Nelle's disappearing-ink pen, huh?

I love that Sonny thinks he should have known something was going on with Carly because she was calm.

How disappointing that we didn't get to see Jason and Chase's no-doubt incredibly awkward drive to the hospital.

Heh. How DO Sam and Drew explain to people how they met?

I assume Drew took Oscar home and he's not wandering around the hotel.

July 17th, 2018

Finn has figured out that Wyatt may have seen Peter and not recognized him, so he takes all his information to the police. As he's telling them everything, Franco tells Elizabeth about Obrecht's possible crimes. She sends him to the PCPD, but when he overhears Jordan making arrangements to have the cabin searched again, he splits. Jake and Jason are supposed to go to a baseball game (using the tickets Jason got Jake for his birthday), and Jake surprises both his dads by inviting Drew along. The game gets canceled, and the brothers are all awkward together, but Jake doesn't seem to notice. He asks Jason something about Sam, and Jason tries to explain that they're taking some time apart so Sam can think things over, but Jake's actually talking about a baseball player. Valentin tells Finn about the supposed West Nile outbreak on Spoon Island, which is news to Finn. Later, Valentin sees the actor Nina hired to tell him about the quarantine, only now the actor is working at the Metro Court. Nina tells Maxie that she's been so distracted lately because of Valentin and his attempts to win her back. Maxie tells Valentin to leave her alone, no matter how much he thinks she wants to work things out. Peter, Obrecht, Nina, bleh. The only movement there is that Nina tells Peter she has a way out for both of them. Curtis thinks Drew needs to find a new love interest. Five minutes later, Drew meets Margaux, so make of that what you will. Margaux's curious as to whether Jason and Sonny had anything to do with Carly's escape. Sam tells her it's doubtful.

Finn bringing down Obrecht would be so poetic.

Peter told Obrecht to be more like Franco. Finn, can I please have that quick, painless death you teased Valentin with? Also, it's been two months and Peter STILL hasn't learned not to provoke her.

Maybe Curtis and Oscar should team up to play matchmaker for Drew and Kim.

I have just one thing to say about a possible Drew/Margaux pairing: No.

July 18th, 2018

Nina tells Peter that the only way he can be safe from Obrecht is if he lets the police arrest him. She agrees to free him, though by "free him" she means take him to the Metro Court and tell the police where he is. Since it's that or die, Peter agrees. Sam and Curtis ask Elizabeth about what Franco knows, and she tells them he was going to tell the police about Obrecht and the cabin. Sam calls bull, sure that Franco won't turn in his friend. Meanwhile, Franco warns Obrecht that the police are looking for her and tries to talk her into leaving the country. She pretends to agree, then knocks him out before he can tell anyone where she is. Sam and Curtis go to Valentin, who has just gotten Kip to spill that Nina paid him to lie about Spoon Island. Valentin puts everything together and tells Sam and Curtis that Nina went to New York. Sam calls bull again. As Valentin finds Franco unconscious on the docks, Obrecht goes back to Spoon Island with a Molotov cocktail, planning to kill Peter before she flees. Chase and Michael are ready for the next step of their plan, which involves Chase telling Nelle that he's sure Michael really loves her and they'll be happy together. Jason gets Michael to fill Sonny in, and in the process, the audience gets clued in: Michael and Chase are hoping that Nelle will ask Chase to kill Michael. Sonny points out how dangerous this idea is and tells Chase he'll hold him responsible if Michael gets hurt. Michael and Jason make sure Nelle overhears them talking about Michael’s plan to divorce Nelle and go for full custody of the baby. Julian gives Sonny the picture of Mike and Charlie, inadvertently giving Sonny an excuse for why he wanted to buy Charlie's – so Mike can work there. Julian tells Kim that Sonny has ulterior motives, and now he knows Julian knows (though, of course, Julian doesn't know what those motives are). Kim worries that Julian's trying to provoke Sonny so he has an excuse to start a war. She's not about to stick around if that's the case, but Julian says it's not. Jason agrees to kill him if Sonny decides it's necessary.

From here on out, the writers owe me $500 for every day Peter remains in captivity.

Show, don't get my hopes up. If you're going to tease Obrecht leaving, you'd better follow through.

I want to see more of Kip. He was fun.

Pretty naïve of Michael to think Jason wouldn't have told Sonny everything if Michael hadn't done it himself.

July 19th, 2018

Nina and Obrecht go around in circles about the stuff they've been going around in circles about for weeks. It looks like Obrecht's grip on reality might be slipping, and she's ready to write Peter's character out of her story. She uses Faison's lighter to light her Molotov cocktail and set the stable on fire. Chase finds Valentin on the docks near Franco's unconscious body and arrests him for the attack. It takes forever, but eventually Franco regains consciousness and announces that Obrecht was the real culprit. Sam and Curtis ask Maxie if Obrecht and Nina have displayed any strange behavior lately. Maxie allows that Obrecht might have something to do with Peter's disappearance, but she defends Nina. As she starts remembering some recent happenings, Maxie realizes that Nina might be involved after all. Kevin's out of town, so Carly's care is now in the hands of a doctor who doesn't have a problem with Mary Pat drugging her. Carly tries to talk Mary Pat into being nice, then flat out warns that Sonny will ruin her life if she harms Carly, but Mary Pat doesn't listen. In addition, Sonny can't get a visit, which means he can't tell Carly about Michael's plans. Mike sees the picture of Charlie and becomes agitated, telling Sonny (who he doesn't realize is Sonny) to stay away from the pub. Felix thinks Sonny should start looking at care facilities, but Sonny isn't ready. Later, Mike tells Felix that he thinks Sonny's in trouble.

As per the deal set out yesterday, the writers owe me $500.

Obrecht, you can stop being resentful of not measuring up to your sister, considering she's in prison for murder.

I'm surprised Franco told the truth about his attack. I thought he would lie and cover for Obrecht.

I guess Chase doesn't care that Valentin doesn't have a motive for knocking Franco out. Eh, whatever, it was entertaining to see Valentin in yet another situation where he had no control.

Carly's in a padded room, in a straight jacket, with no access to brushes or styling products, and her hair looks better than mine ever has.

July 20th, 2018

The fire in the stable gets out of control pretty quickly, but Nina, to her credit, doesn't want to leave without Peter. Maxie tells Lulu that she thinks Obrecht's keeping Peter on the island, and that Nina may be involved. As soon as Valentin is released from lockup, he joins them and the three head to the island. While Valentin goes in to save Nina, Obrecht flees, but she's not fast enough to get out of town before Curtis and Finn find her. As she's arrested, she tells Jordan to give Anna a message: "Now we are even." Lulu has to talk Maxie out of running in after Valentin, reminding her that if she dies, James will be an orphan. Finn comes to the island and helps Valentin save Nina, then runs in to try to find Peter. Diane manages to snag a brief visit with Carly, who's so drugged that she thinks the wedding hasn't happened yet. Diane plans to petition the judge for an evaluation of Carly's condition in hopes of ending Mary Pat's horribleness. Mary Pat, however, is eager for Carly's new doctor to try out a new treatment on her. Sonny laments to Jason that he's just now getting to have a good relationship with Mike, and he wishes they had more time. Michael's plan is working, though he can't get out of sharing a bed with his new wife. Nelle asks Drew how it feels to get away with murder (or at least have Jason's memories of getting away with murder). Drew's like, "I'm really not involved in this plotline and I have no idea what's going on, but please don't tell me." Later, Nelle calls Chase and tells him he was right about Michael not wanting to be with her.

That'll be another $500, please and thank you.

Yeah, I'm not doing another burn storyline. Hurry up, Finn.

Freaking A, Obrecht, once you've started a fire and possibly killed two people, don't stand around and reflect.

Let it be known that Maxie was the first person to put all the Peter stuff together. Not Finn (who had all the pieces first), not Sam or Curtis, and certainly not the police.

Mary Pat is really going to regret not being nicer to Diane.

At least Michael probably won't have to consummate the marriage, since Nelle's so pregnant.

July 23rd, 2018

Finn rescues Peter, and Maxie helps revive him with CPR. Once Peter's at the hospital, he's promptly handcuffed, though Jordan has a little sympathy for him, since he was kidnapped. Maxie's worried about Peter's condition, but when she visits him in the hospital, she tells him she'll be fine not ever seeing him again. She tells him to stop using his horrible childhood as an excuse for his actions, and to take advantage of the second chance he's just gotten. Valentin quickly tries to enlist Alexis to represent Nina, but Alexis declines because of Peter's part in what happened to Jason and Drew. She does provide some free advice – keep your mouth shut – which Nina takes. When Jordan asks if Obrecht had any accomplices, Peter lies and says she acted alone. Josslyn wants to have sex, but Oscar knows she's in a bad emotional place and is just being impulsive. He doesn't want her to regret her first time. He makes the mistake of telling her she's acting crazy, which just makes her madder. Finn calls Anna to tell her Peter's been found, but he's concerned that she hasn't called him since she left for California. He gets a text back but seems confused about Anna's choice of communication methods. Kim tells Julian that, as much as she likes him and as great as things are going, she can't promise that they have a future together. Julian's fine with just continuing as they are and seeing where things go. Drew get an invitation to his high school reunion but doesn't see the point in attending. After learning about his lack of memories pre-2014, Margaux says he should appreciate the clean slate. Later, she finds the envelope Peter was going to put the flash drive in for Drew. Lucas may regret agreeing to the terms of the adoption.

Peter's officially out of captivity, but the show still owes me $1,000.

I feel pretty confident that Nina's going to get away with her part in Peter's kidnapping. The only people who know for sure that she was involved are either going to keep quiet, or are Obrecht, whose testimony won't be reliable.

$5 says Josslyn dumps Oscar and hooks up with Cam (or possibly just the latter without the former).

And what is it you think Julian deserves, Kim? I'm guessing it's not the same as what I think he deserves.

July 23rd, 2018

Things between Michael and Nelle are much cooler than they should be for a couple who got married less than 48 hours ago. She summons Chase and emotionally tells him that she heard Sonny telling Michael he's going to take care of her, so now she fears for her life. Chase suggests that they tell Jordan, but Nelle's leaning toward a much more permanent solution: Get rid of Michael before he can get rid of her. Jason talks to Chase about Michael's safety, but at least he doesn't go the Sonny route of basically threatening to kill him if Michael gets hurt. Though he doesn't like Michael's plan, Jason does acknowledge that Michael needs to keep the baby away from Nelle. Peter assures Nina that he'll keep quiet about her part in his kidnapping. Both of them are angry with Valentin, who might finally be taking the hint that Nina wants to cut all ties to him. Drew asks Peter where the flash drive is, then doesn't believe him when he says he was going to hand it over. Margaux realizes that's what the envelope in her room was for, and later finds the flash drive in the lost and found. An editorial defending David makes Kiki worry that she's going to lose her case. Alexis tries to reassure her, but she may not be as confident as she tries to let on, as she's desperate enough to turn to Ava for help. Griffin's still curious about Ava and Nelle's possible activities together. Julian offers to help Kiki, then quickly takes that back, telling Ava he has to keep being a good guy for Kim and Oscar.

Michael's definitely ready to be a father, because asking Jason what the punching bag ever did to him was a very dad thing to say.

Who's the cop outside Peter's room who let Valentin go in and close the door?

Is Margaux supposed to be as annoying as she comes across?

At this point, I'll actually be disappointed if Kiki doesn't turn out to be pregnant. What a wasted opportunity.

July 25th, 2018

Chase plays things with Nelle perfectly, and she eventually asks him to kill Michael. Though he gets it on tape, and Sonny thinks that's enough to get her arrested, Chase and Michael think they need to take things further to ensure she goes to jail. Alexis gathers Ava, Jordan, Olivia, and Kim, and the five of them tell Kiki about their own experiences with sexual harassment. They convince her that she needs to fight David because other women in her position couldn't or can't, and she needs to send the message that his treatment of her was unacceptable. Sam guesses that Michael is plotting something and presses him to be careful, since his safety is so important to Jason. This leads to her and Jason talking about some of the things he missed while he was gone, like Danny's cancer treatment, and Sam's relationship with Patrick. Oh, and by the way, Jason didn't know about that second thing. Then there's Morgan Family Togetherness Time, so at least a few people on this show are happy. Cameron tries to help Oscar smooth things over with Josslyn, who's gone to Nelle for advice. Amazingly, Nelle actually says good things, urging Josslyn to talk things through with Oscar instead of letting herself stew. Josslyn asks Sonny to pull some strings to get Carly freed, but he wants everything to go by the book.

"You've gotta find a way for Michael to die." BOOM. Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Say hi to Madeline and Johnny Z.

Chase is so good at playing dumb. "You don't have to worry about Michael dying! ...Oh, you want a divorce?" Nice work.

Nelle's advice to Josslyn was her first and last good deed.

I feel like Olivia glossed over the end of her harassment story because it ended with her murdering her harassers and burying them in the Pine Barrens.

Sorry, should I not have laughed at Jason finding out about Sam and Patrick? No, wait, I'm not sorry.

When did T.K. Weaver get so tall? Pretty soon he's going to be taller than Kelly Monaco.

July 26th, 2018

Chase checks in with Nelle one last time, telling her he's rigged Michael's car to crash. But they also want to get her to make a full confession so they can get Carly out of Ferncliff, and I'm not sure when that's supposed to happen. Nelle tells Ava she's leaving the gallery to focus on motherhood, and objects to Ava's attempts to be polite to Michael and ask after Carly. Ava pays Michael a visit and says some stuff about Carly’s accusations that Nelle had help with her schemes, but it doesn't go anywhere. Carly's now having hallucinations, which can't be good. She imagines Nelle taunting her and promising to stick around forever. Franco has somehow gotten a grant to do art therapy at Ferncliff (just go with it), and he runs into Carly and realizes how far gone she is because of all the drugs. Kevin's back in town and tells Sonny and Jason that, thanks to her escape, Carly's chances of being released have gotten very small. Later, he warns Jason that her new doctor will most likely use a form of electroconvulsive therapy on her. Jason then learns that Franco has an in at Ferncliff, so...that's going to be awkward. As Carly's taken to her first ECT session, she passes (or hallucinates passing) her mystery neighbor, who whispers, "S.O.S." Brad and Lucas' baby, a boy named Wiley, is here, so start the clock on when Julian will screw it all up. If Elizabeth says she wants Jason and Franco to be friendly one more time, I'm going to lose it.

I tried to count the number of things wrong with/stupid about Michael, Chase, and Jordan's plan, but I ran out of numbers.

I'm so sure Ferncliff would hire Franco, who has a mile-long arrest record. Oh, right, out-of-control administration. Never mind.

"Yay, Carly/Franco scenes!" said no one.

Brad and Lucas having a boy after Maxie had a boy all but guarantees that Michael and Nelle will have a girl. Despite Michael's objections, they really should name her Morgan. Well, Michael should name her Morgan. Nelle will, hopefully, be in prison.

Wiley? Ugh. Why not Anthony, after Tony?

July 27th, 2018

As Sonny and Chase watch via livestream, Michael changes his plans with Nelle so she'll still be in the car when it's supposed to crash. The scheme works, and Nelle not only confesses to getting Chase to kill Michael, but also to killing Zack. Michael does a great job playing innocent/dumb, but not a great job of keeping his eyes on the road. Just as he's about to get Nelle to admit that Carly didn't push her down the stairs, he crashes the car. Jason traps Franco in an elevator and enlists his help in gaining entrance to Ferncliff. He locks up Mary Pat and an orderly and has Franco guard them for ten minutes while he searches for Carly. Carly's new doctor drugs her and prepares to give her ECT, but Jason arrives just in time to stop him. Maxie questions Nina's part in Peter's kidnapping, telling Nina that she doesn't approve of the crime but also doesn't want her to be punished for it. Maxie then tells Obrecht that she can't use her and James as an excuse for the kidnapping – she did it solely for herself. Jordan invites Nina to make any admissions she'd like to make, but Nina thinks she's in the clear, since Peter's staying quiet, and declines to talk. Jordan then moves on to Obrecht, but she claims she worked alone. Robert (hi, Robert!) shows up to deal with Peter, but Finn delays the prison transfer by refusing to release him from the hospital. He gets a text from "Anna" asking him to come to Berkeley, but at the same time, Robert's on the phone with Robin, learning that Anna never came to visit.

Nelle dying sure would tie things up nicely for everyone. Just saying.

You know, Michael, you could have had most of that conversation in a parked car. I told you this was a dumb plan.

How slowly does Jason walk? Why did it take him nine minutes to find Carly?

Franco, if you really want to be helpful, you'll look in room 22.

Fingers crossed that that's the last we see of Obrecht, but I won't get my hopes up.

Nina, now is not the time for unearned confidence.

Speaking of unearned confidence, it's awfully bold of Finn to go up against Robert AND call him by his first name.

July 30th, 2018

Nelle regains consciousness after the crash and thinks she's home-free. Michael wakes up moments later and tells her everything – he and Chase set her up, they taped the whole conversation, and she's going down. As Sonny rushes to the scene (but Chase and Jordan take their time, because it's not like a civilian is in danger or anything), Nelle realizes she can just walk away and leave Michael behind, stuck in a car that's leaking gas. Then, of course, she goes into labor. It turns out that Michael isn't actually to blame for the crash – Obrecht attacked a prison guard on her way to jail and caused the van transporting her to crash. Obrecht and Nelle run into each other, and Nelle convinces Obrecht to deliver her baby, accidentally keeping her in one spot while Chase is trying to find her. Sonny gets to Michael and is able to cut through his seatbelt, but Michael can't get out of the car, so he's in danger of dying the same way Morgan did. Jason rescues Carly, to absolutely no one's surprise, and takes her to a safehouse. She confides that being at Ferncliff was the second worst experience of her life, and she refuses to ever go back. Wiley makes Julian want to be a better man, or something, and really, Kim, do you not know why Julian's kids hate him? It looks like he won't have to screw anything up to ruin that plotline, though, because everyone jinxes the whole thing, and now something's wrong with the baby. Franco's pleased that Elizabeth thinks he did the right thing by helping Jason free Carly, and not just because Jason is involved.

Me, seeing Obrecht in the van and figuring out exactly what was going to happen: "Oh, freaking A."

Wouldn't it be funny if Obrecht delivered the baby, then pulled a Nina and kidnapped it? Okay, not funny haha.

Waaaaaah! I'm Julian! I have regrets! Waaaaaaaaaaah! Dude, stop killing people.


July 31st, 2018

As Lucas learns that he's a father and tells Julian how happy he is, Brad tries but fails to resuscitate Wiley. On his way to the hospital, he comes across Nelle, who claims that she delivered her baby on her own after a car accident that may have killed Michael. She also claims that he made her confess to a bunch of stuff she didn't do. When she learns that Wiley is dead, she convinces Brad to pull a Heather and pass her child off as his. He balks, but ultimately agrees so Lucas never has to find out about what happened to Wiley. Nelle then lets herself get picked up by the police and taken to the hospital, where Michael has also been taken after being rescued by Sonny (of course). By the end of the episode, Lucas is happy, Brad is a liar again, Michael is devastated, and Baby Swap 2018 is on. Jason tells Carly all about Michael's plan, not realizing that it's already been accomplished. He wants to take Carly to Canada to hide out while Diane works things out for her, but Carly's hesitant to leave her family. Chase mentions to Sonny that an armed gunman took Carly from Ferncliff, so it doesn't take Sonny long to find his wife. Robert thinks Anna's kidnapper summoned Finn to Berkeley to use him as leverage against Anna. Finn agrees to let himself be used so he and Robert can rescue her. A look through Andre's research on the flash drive and a talk with Drew about Jason make Margaux think she can use Drew's memories to get dirt on the town's mob activities. Also, Curtis may ship them.

I know no one's going to believe me, but I was thinking about the Michael/Nelle and Brad/Lucas plots while I was bored at work, and I guessed exactly what was going to happen. Interesting that, unlike in Baby Swap 2012, this time two of the parents are aware of the swap.

So will Brad find a way to delete the pictures from Julian's phone, or will he drag Julian into this scheme? Discuss.

Lucas, when you've just found out you're a father, I think you're allowed to leave work early.

I don't get why Nelle let herself be found. And why did Chase think she would turn herself in rather than flee the country?

Finn, you can't be mad about Robert not knowing Anna was missing when you didn't know, either, and YOU'RE the one sleeping with her.

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