General Hospital blog - July, 2021

July 1st, 2021

Jason tells Britt that he's marrying Carly, so the two of them can't be together. She's understandably ticked, especially since she let herself believe that he would help her through what happened with her Huntington's. He wishes things were different, but she doesn't want to waste her time thinking about hypotheticals. Carly gives the marriage news to Michael, Bobbie, and Jax after Josslyn's graduation party. Michael: happy. Bobbie: happy. Jax: not so much. Her explanation kind of glosses over the real reason for the marriage, but Michael gets it. Nikolas tells Kevin that he's set up a motion-activated security camera at Ava's gallery in hopes that he'll catch the stalker there. Kevin worries that he'll go confront the stalker and endanger himself. That's probably not an issue, since the stalker looks really young, but we'll ask Trina for her opinion, since she's at the gallery looking for Ava. The teens have officially graduated, and they spend time with their families before Trina's big party at the Savoy. Jax helps Josslyn realize that she would miss Cameron if they ended their friendship, so she tells Cam that she wants to keep hanging out when they go to college. Ava tells Nina that she won't put anything ahead of Avery's safety, and she doesn't think Nikolas really gets that. They discuss "Mike," and Ava wonders why Nina doesn't consider bringing him to Port Charles instead of just being with him in Nixon Falls. Nina tells her that there's no possibility of a future for her and "Mike" in Port Charles. Laura's curious about where things stand with Curtis and Portia. (Answer: no change.) Jake is still upset with Cameron, but is just being really polite about it.

Did Carly say Milo was going with Josslyn? Does he work for the organization again?

"If there are any two people who know what they're getting into, it's you and Jason." That...doesn't sound like a compliment.

Michael thinks Sonny would understand Carly and Jason's plan to get married. I think he would laugh.

I definitely still think the stalker is Spencer, and now I'm wondering if he's going to be played by Ashton Arbab.

Morgan AND Kiki mentions – drink!

Yeah, Nina, there's no lying or deception in your relationship with "Mike." You know that goes both ways, right?

Looks like Laura wants Curtis and Portia to get together more than they do.

Why is Peter still in the opening credits? I was promised no more Peter.

July 2nd, 2021

Instead of the stalker, Trina encounters Nikolas at the gallery and maces him. Laura uses this as an example of why Nikolas should let the police handle things. He disagrees, arguing that the stalker hasn't done anything violent, which means he probably won't, so there's nothing to worry about. Trina goes back to the gallery to get her phone and realizes the stalker is there. Again, it doesn't look like did anything violent, but Trina ends up covered in blood, so I think she got Carrie'd. Carly and Jason tell Michael a little about the current mob goings-on and the real reason for their engagement. Again, Michael gets it, and Carly's trying to see the bright side of the situation, but Jason really wishes things were different. Britt visits Brad and tells him about her recent heartbreak. She's feeling down about her self-confidence, but he assures her that she would be a great match for a worthy man. He adds that staying away from Jason will probably extend her lifespan. (Cough.) Nina's gift of a journal makes Josslyn and Cameron think about that big fight they had all that time ago because of Dev's meddling. They don't sort out what happened, but Josslyn disproves what Dev wrote about Cameron being a bad kisser by kissing him again. Jax tells Nina about Carly and Jason's arrangement, and amazingly, she doesn't point out that they can't legally get married. Jax isn't happy with that whole mess, and he's not happy that Nina has clearly moved on, so he goes to get a drink, but he'll definitely have someone to commiserate with in Britt. Curtis brings up his and Portia's kiss again, but she tells him nothing could happen between them because it wouldn't be received well. He figures out that it's because of his history with Jordan, and that someone must have pressured Portia to back off.

I can't remember if Taggert liked Nikolas when he was dating Gia, so I'm not sure if he'd be amused by the fact that Trina maced him. Probably.

This, but with "Michael" instead of "Gina."

Jax and Britt are sooooooo going to hook up, aren't they?

They could probably get Brad out of prison without too much trouble. He can say Sonny pressured him to plead guilty (true), but that Julian forced him to do everything. Wait, why am I coming up with ways to get him out when he's exactly where he should be? He's going to get paroled before Shawn, isn't he?

Portia and Taggert really are good at being exes. I like how she teases him about stuff in a friendly way.

July 5th, 2021

Trina explains that she ran into the stalker, who had rigged the sprinkler system to rain down fake blood instead of water. She wants to call off her graduation party, though Taggert notes that that would be letting the stalker win. The stalker follows Trina to the Savoy and strikes up a conversation with her, repeating what Taggert said about showing the stalker he didn't get the better of her. He introduces himself as Victor and tells her he works at the Savoy, but he's actually Spencer. Ava takes out her frustrations on Nikolas, doubling down on their split. She thinks he's not taking things seriously enough and doesn't get how much danger they and Avery could be in. Jordan and Dante don't have much to go on at the crime scene, but they do find a shoe print that could lead them to the stalker. Shawn tells Molly and T.J. that Alexis was given three days in solitary confinement partly for pushing a guard and partly for looking into Judge Carson's rulings. He asks Molly to tell Diane that the judge might be corrupt and let her take things from there. Instead, Molly decides to take Judge Carson up on her offer of mentorship. Alexis dreams of her attorney side telling her to stop putting her nose where it doesn't belong. Alexis can't imagine just sitting by and letting injustices pile up, but her attorney side notes that she can't be an advocate if she keeps getting thrown in solitary confinement. As expected, Jax and Britt bond over the unbreakable Jason/Carly bond, get drunk, and sleep together. Josslyn and Cameron finally figure out that Dev made up the stuff he showed Cameron in "Josslyn's" journal because he wanted to be with her. They don't get a chance to discuss whether or not their kiss will lead to a relationship. Curtis has a hard time getting through a conversation with Portia, since she remembers she needs to keep her distance, which just makes him more sure that someone is trying to come between them. Nina is able to help narrow down the suspects after Taggert hits on her and shows no interest in Portia romantically.

Spencer: "Didn't [Ava] kill someone?" Trina: "I don't know. I wasn't there. Were you?" Spencer: "No." I was, and she did.

Aww, 20 years after Nikolas and Gia dated, his son is probably going to date her niece.

As amusing as it was for Dante to be all, "Haha, Nikolas, you got bested by an 18-year-old," it's even more amusing to know that he's also getting bested by an 18-year-old.

Ava and Nikolas' fights would make more sense if they were just for show, like they were faking their breakup to fool the stalker. She should be sad to split up, not mad.

I was going to warn Jax away from getting together with a baby stealer, but then I remembered he's a baby stealer, too.

How has Curtis not figured out that Stella is the meddler? She would have been my first guess.

July 6th, 2021

Josslyn's a little too excited to learn about Jason and Carly's engagement. Jason gives his fiancée a ring, and when Olivia lets them know that Vincent Novak is at the Metro Court, they make an appearance and announce their engagement. Sam and Elizabeth overhear Michael talking about the engagement, which really shakes Sam. She notes that she shouldn't be so surprised that Carly, who was always Jason's priority, has finally gotten her hands on him. Elizabeth proposes that they cleanse Jason from Sam's life by burning some things she associates with him. They get rid of a leather jacket and dominoes, and a few slugs of tequila are probably to blame for Sam's decision to throw in the rest of the bottle. Of course, that makes the fire bigger, and firefighters have to be called. Dante learns of the situation and takes Finn to check on the women, who are a little tipsy but happy that Sam is declaring her independence on Independence Day. Anna and Valentin spend the 4th together, and there's kissing. Monica shares her concerns with Brook that Maxie is coming to see "Bailey" too often. Brook warns Maxie that Peter could find out and catch on, but it's hard for her to tell someone she can't see her own child. Jax and Britt don't seem to have any regrets about their fling, and they agree to spend more time together. Cameron wonders what would have happened if Dev hadn't meddled back when he and Josslyn first kissed. Trina invites Spencer to hang out with her and her friends, but when he realizes those friends are Cameron and Josslyn, he bails. Chase's friends throw him a surprise party to celebrate his improving health, but of course it's just an excuse to put Michael and Willow in the same room, and so Finn can look longingly at Elizabeth (Chase notices). Jake and Cameron make up.

I'm pretty sure there are only three couples on the show who were together at this time last year: Molly and T.J., Kevin and Laura, and Mac and Felicia. Why are they playing musical chairs with everyone's relationships?

Do Carly and Jason realize they're going to have to act like they're in love?

Heh, all of Jason's exes resent Carly, but Carly resents Robin. Does Robin resent anyone?

Okay, Michael is now actively making people's lives worse.

The summer softball games are definitely the longest-running tradition on this show that we never actually get to see.

Britt burning Emma's doll feels like kind of a deep cut.

Spencer doesn't seem too worried about being spotted in town, considering he's hanging out on the docks, where everyone in town goes.

I can't believe Monica wanted to talk to Brook about Maxie and not the fact that Valentin still lives in her house.

July 7th, 2021

Carly accuses Jax of taking advantage of Britt's sadness, probably because she doesn't think there's any other reason Jax would want to be with her. Jason reminds Britt that he said he'd be there for her, and he still wants to be. Britt's like, "Why would I come to you for support when you ditched me for another woman?" Jax is ticked on behalf of all the women Jason has been with who have always come second to Carly, and he's not really surprised that Jason has finally chosen her explicitly. Jason tells her that it doesn't matter what other people think about what they're doing – they know the real reasons, and they're lucky to be doing this together. Dante threatens to take Sam down to the police station, then gets in a play fight with her that ends with both of them in the harbor. There's some yelling, with Elizabeth trying to play peacemaker, but Dante backs off when he learns that Carly and Jason are getting married. He tells Sam that Jason made a mistake, and if he were Jason, he would have chosen her. While they're watching the fireworks, he kisses her, but that just scares her off. Josslyn and Cameron talk things over and decide that if Dev hadn't interfered, and if they hadn't felt guilty about having feelings for each other after Oscar's death, they probably would have gotten together a while ago. Then they decide they want to be together now. Finn and Elizabeth bond over being their exes' second choices but agree that they're both happy now. He starts to tell her how much he's enjoyed spending time with her recently, but she's fallen asleep. Anna has lots of reasons not to want to start anything with Valentin, but he seems to think his charm will eventually make her change her mind. Nina and Obrecht catch up, and Obrecht asks for details on Nina's possible new relationship. Nina thinks the more important news is about Jason and Carly's engagement, since it'll hurt Britt. Obrecht is sad to hear about it and wonders if Britt will ever get another chance at love. Phyllis encourages Sonny to go visit Nina, but he wouldn't feel right leaving the Tan-O right now. He tries to call Nina, but she ignores his call, which might make him think that she's happy where she is. Brook continues trying to downplay Maxie's visits to Louise so Monica won't try to get Mac and Felicia involved.

Are we really going with the idea that Carly and Jason have been in love with each other for 25 years and are now making it official? Because...I can't.

"I didn't listen to you before; I'm not going to start now that we're getting married." Hee. This marriage won't change anything.

You know what? Screw it. Let's see what Sam and Dante are like together.

All hail the triumphant return of drunk Sam.

Sam, Dante, Elizabeth, and Finn should hang out more. That foursome has good chemistry with each other.

If Steve Burton wants us to believe Jason has feelings for Britt, he needs to look at her the way Finn looks at Elizabeth.

I still think Cameron and Trina had chemistry, but oh, well. Maybe she and Spencer will be good together.

The Sonny stuff is pretty pointless with Nina away. How long are they going to drag this out?

July 8th, 2021

Shawn is able to swing a few minutes with Alexis, who's having a hard time getting through solitary confinement. He helps her through a panic attack, then gives her more anxiety by admitting that he told Molly about their investigation into Judge Carson. He thinks he convinced Molly to avoid the judge, but Alexis is sure her crusading daughter will get further involved. She's right, as Molly uses her first mentor meeting with Judge Carson to confront her for discrimination. Martin overhears and backs up Judge Carson's excuses for giving different defendants different sentences. It turns out the two of them have known each other for years, so Judge Carson feels comfortable opening up to him about her unlawful opinions. Unfortunately for her, Martin is secretly working with Molly, and he records her incriminating herself and takes the evidence to Jordan. Nikolas learns from Martin that the police got a shoe print from the gallery and could have a lead on the stalker. He proposes that he, Ava, and Avery get a yacht and head to Cassadine Island until the stalker is busted. When Ava refuses, Nikolas says he'll just drag out the divorce so they never have to actually go through with it. Ava objects to that, too, so Nikolas finally gives in. Spencer and Trina get to know each other better, and he meets Portia, but his real identity is still a secret. Stella tries to convince T.J. that Jordan and Curtis could still work things out. Curtis disagrees, since he's annoyed that Jordan is dragging her feet about signing the divorce papers. He also thinks she might have scared Portia off, but Jordan points out that if she didn't want the two of them to be together, she'd say something to his face. When Curtis meets up with Stella later, he finally figures out that she's the meddler. Portia can relate to Ava's desire to protect Avery, especially after the shock they got at Trina's graduation party.

Of course I'm glad that Judge Carson is going down, but why were Molly and Martin – both white – the ones to do the work? It would have been a lot more satisfying if T.J. had gotten to be involved.

They used to play Alexis' panic attacks for laughs. I'm glad they don't do that anymore. Also, nice continuity with Shawn mentioning his past panic attacks.

Nikolas' let's-just-run-away suggestion isn't the worst idea. It's certainly better than other ideas floating around the show right now.

Kiki mention – drink!

July 9th, 2021

Jordan gets the ball rolling on having Judge Carson investigated by a review board. She and Martin warn Molly that letting her name be attached to the situation could harm her career, but Molly wants the wrongs to be righted no matter what. Alexis gets more and more agitated as the time comes for her to return to solitary, and things almost get physical with another guard. Shawn steps in to protect her, but Jordan arrives in time to stop the guard from getting violent. She gets permission to take Shawn and Alexis into protective custody and moved to the PCPD while Judge Carson is investigated. While waiting for news, T.J. laments to Molly that he hasn't gotten to hug Shawn since he found out Shawn was his father. Thanks to Jordan, that finally happens. Jason tells Monica that he and Carly are getting married and insists he's happy with the arrangement. Meanwhile, Carly lies to Britt that they admitted their feelings for each other months ago. Whatever happened between Britt and Jason was just fleeting, while what Jason and Carly have is eternal. Maxie thinks something's developing between Anna and Valentin, though Anna's still in denial about that. Maxie apologizes for being so mad at Anna when the truth about Peter came out, as she's since learned how hard it is to keep secrets. Valentin is distracted by memories of his kiss with Anna, and Martin knows it. Valentin doesn't see Martin as a friend and doesn't want to chat. But he's learned that Yuri is a good listener, so maybe Valentin will confide in him? Curtis tells Stella off for trying to get him and Jordan to stay together when he doesn't want to be with her anymore. Stella thinks Portia has nothing to offer Curtis, and he'll just end up getting hurt again. Curtis must think it's worth the risk, since he goes to tell Portia that she doesn't have to keep her distance. Terry asks Portia to support her in her bid to become chief of staff. Portia warns that the job might not be what Terry envisions, but Terry wants to ensure fair medical treatment for trans people, and she's willing to put in the extra hours and give up caring for patients if she can accomplish her goal. Finn and Elizabeth can't think of anyone they trust to help them move Peter's body, so they'll have to figure out what to do themselves. Monica overhears them talking about the security cameras Cyrus had turned off and tells them they're back on, which will make things even harder for them. Maxie gets antsy when she runs into Austin in Port Charles. She's going to be antsy for a while, since Britt has just hired him at the hospital, and he's moving to town.

If you weren't moved by T.J. getting to hug Shawn, you have no soul.

I highly doubt Robert would fire Molly for exposing corruption. That's part of lawyers' jobs.

"Port Charles Polic Department." Come on, graphic designer responsible for Jordan's computer screen.

Carly and Jason, stop talking to Britt. She clearly doesn't want to talk to you. Just leave her alone.

If Terry did put up campaign posters, they would just need to say, "Support Terry for chief of staff. She's not Britt."

"We really have to stop meeting like this." In the place where you both work? Finn is so bad at flirting.

I want to see Jason try to move Peter's body without his mother or his angry ex finding out.

July 12th, 2021

Austin's sudden presence in town makes Sam and Dante suspicious, and Maxie concerned that he'll remember that Brook took Louise the night she was born. Brook tries to set up some boundaries so Maxie will stop showing up at the Quartermaines' and Monica will stop keeping an eye on her. Maxie realizes she's stuck between a rock and a hard place, and her best option right now is to leave town. Carly tells Jason that she lied to Britt about them being in love because she doesn't want Britt to think she still has a chance with him. Jason confirms that he's still committed to their plan, so he doesn't think he and Britt can ever be together, but he doesn't see the point in erasing any hope Britt might want to hold on to. It seems like Carly's words were unnecessary anyway, since Britt now doesn't want to date anyone in case things turn out badly again (so she and Jax won't be anything more than friends). That makes Obrecht sad, since she only wants the best for her daughter. Sam and Dante run into each other while Alexis is getting medical care, and if Alexis had noticed how awkward things are between them, she would probably involuntarily squirm. Sam asks if they can forget their kiss ever happened, which Dante thinks is a great idea. Shawn, Jordan, and T.J. get to hang out together for the first time since the big paternity revelation. T.J. is hopeful that Shawn's case will be reviewed and he'll be released with time served. Shawn's first priority is finding out who really shot Hayden. Portia tells Curtis that she does have feelings for him, but she doesn't want to jump into a relationship that most likely won't last. He thinks she's letting fear keep her from something that could be great. Austin turns to Carly for information about the major players in town, though he already knows plenty about them. Curtis apologizes to Jordan for thinking she meddled in his personal life. They wish each other happiness, and she promises to sign the divorce papers as soon as she can.

Maxie doesn't need to worry about Anna. If Anna figures out what happened, Maxie can just tell her the truth. I guarantee Anna would go along with it.

I was worried that Brook was going to get too attached to Louise and have a hard time eventually giving her back to Maxie, so I like that that's not happening. She seems fine with taking care of Louise, but not overprotective or territorial.

Austin, man. Personal space. (I can totally see Roger Howarth saying to Laura Wright, "I'm going to stand really close to you, okay?")

Austin mispronouncing "Corinthos" reminds me of when Todd used to say it weird.

If Austin is taking Lucas' job, then where is Lucas??

Only Carly would argue that she lied out of kindness.

The Sam/Dante let's-not-say-anything-about-what-happened stuff was perfect, as was Kelly Monaco's oh-crap-he-didn't-get-my-psychic-message-not-to-bring-up-the-kiss face.

July 13th, 2021

As the ELQ shareholders gather for a meeting to (most likely) get rid of Valentin as CEO, Michael announces that he wants to stay at Aurora, so Ned can run ELQ again if he wants. Meanwhile, Scott gleefully prepares for how Austin will throw the family and the company into chaos. Why? Because Austin's last name is Holt, as in Jimmy Lee Holt, one of Edward's sons. In other words, there's a new Quartermaine in town. Brook cautions Maxie not to make a big decision while she's so emotional, but Maxie is worried that if she doesn't leave town now, she'll do something risky. She goes to Nina for advice, since Nina left town to get distance from Wiley, but Maxie's so distraught that Nina can't figure out what's going on with her. She thinks Maxie wants to kidnap "Bailey," but Maxie tells her it wouldn't be an abduction. Laura tells Nikolas that the police have figured out that the stalker's boots came from a small American company, so it shouldn't be too hard to track him down. Nikolas worries that giving in to the stalker's demands will just make him ask for more, and possibly target more people Nikolas loves. Laura brings up Spencer, who hasn't contacted his father and whom they don't think knows about the stalker. Nikolas gets why Spencer still has a grudge but wishes he would come home. Trina gives Spencer the same news about the boot print and talks about how bad she feels for Ava. She wants to take a picture with him and send it to Josslyn, who questions "Victor"'s existence, but Spencer slams the brakes on. After getting rid of his boots, he shows up at Wyndemere. Lenny's feeling great after his recent heart trouble, but considering his doctor pays a house call to give him medical news, his prognosis is probably bad. Ned makes it clear to Olivia that she's his priority, so if she doesn't support his plan to run ELQ again, he won't do it. Olivia believes him when he says he'll be on his best behavior this time around. Monica urges her to forgive Ned so they can be happy again. Ava bugs Nina about Mike and why she won't consider letting him visit. Nina feels freer in Nixon Falls and is still hurt by the betrayals she experienced in Port Charles.

I'm in awe of whoever it was who guessed Austin's paternity weeks ago solely going off the name of a fictional town featured 35 years ago.

How awkward would it be to oust Valentin and then still have to live with him?

I was really hoping Maxie would ask to stay with Nina in Nixon Falls.

I'm surprised Spencer revealed himself to Nikolas and Laura so soon. I was expecting him to hide out for a while.

July 14th, 2021

Edward's will says that Jimmy Lee Holt and his descendants aren't allowed to have ELQ shares, so the Quartermaines (a united front for once) argue that Austin has no say in ELQ business. He and Scott reveal that they're contesting the will, which could lead to a redistribution of shares. Valentin ends the meeting, since they can't vote while there's a legal matter at hand, so I guess he'll remain CEO for now. Austin insists that he's not in this for the money; he just wants to get to know his family. Maxie tells Nina everything, swearing her to secrecy. Nina thinks she should tell Valentin the truth, since he'll help her protect Louise, and even suggests that Maxie lure Peter out into the open so everyone can fight him. Maxie still thinks it's better for her to leave town for now. Sonny thinks Lenny should get a second opinion, even though that will cost money he and Phyllis don't have. Lenny also doesn't want to give his wife hope that he'll recover when he's sure it won't happen. Sonny and Phyllis convince Lenny to forget about the money and see what he can do to get better. They find a doctor in New York who specializes in Lenny's condition and make plans to all go there together. Spencer gives an excellent performance as a concerned, loving son who has no idea that his father and stepmother have been targeted by a stalker. He doesn't exactly hide his anger toward Ava, though. Anna and Finn agree that they want to be friends, or at least be friendly enough with each other that Violet feels comfortable still having a relationship with Anna. Anna's happy that Finn still wants to be in touch, since she thought he would be done with her forever after all the Peter stuff. Finn comes close to telling her he killed Peter, but instead lets her keep trying to track down the helicopter who may have helped him escape. Anna and Valentin make plans to go see him at the hospital he's now flying out of – the same hospital the Nixon Falls crew is about to visit.

If Austin wants to contest Edward's will, he should call Tracy. Maybe she can get more than relish.

I loved Olivia blurting out Jimmy Lee Holt's parentage like she was a contestant on a Quartermaine-themed quiz show. Michael should really know more about his family tree though.

God bless James Patrick Stuart's "this is fun! I'm having fun!" faces during the Austin/Quartermaines stuff.

It would have been a little much if Phyllis had found a specialist in Port Charles, but at least Sonny's going to his home state. And we finally have another possibility of him encountering people from home. Though...Anna and Valentin? Random.

I would really like to not hear Peter's name anymore.

July 15th, 2021

In New York, Lenny meets with the specialist while Sonny and Phyllis wait impatiently for news. Sonny finds some things about the city familiar, but it's a hat that really sparks his memories: It's one like Mike's, and he remembers saying goodbye to his father. As Valentin runs into Phyllis and they make small talk, Anna is seconds away from seeing Sonny. Gladys urges Brando to try to get in with Jason so he can get all the opportunities and money he's entitled to as one of Sonny's family members. Carly overhears the discussion and tells Gladys that Jason's hesitant to bring Brando on board partly because he'd have to deal with her, too. Joey shows up at the hotel and gives Carly a message for Jason: Don't get too comfortable, because the Novaks will make a move sooner or later. Brando swoops in to play peacemaker, which thrills Gladys. Carly tells Jason that Brando would be a huge asset for the organization (though Brando hasn't actually said he wants to work for the mob since the last time he talked to Jason about it). This is bad timing, as Sasha confides to Maxie that she's not sure she wants Brando in the baby's life because of his connection to the Corinthos contingent. Maxie warns that she'll worry about the baby's safety no matter who Brando's associated with. Nina tells Brook that she knows the truth about Louise and will keep it secret, but she thinks Brook should reconsider telling Valentin. Brook notes that Maxie planned everything out, so it's her decision; plus, Valentin would either have to lie to Charlotte or bring her in on the plan, which could get messy. Nina decides she's right. Much like Sam asking Dante if they can forget their kiss ever happened, Portia asks Curtis if they can go back to the way things were before they considered being more than friends. Curtis agrees, but T.J. thinks he's just saying he's okay with friendship because he thinks he should, not because he actually is. Curtis tells Portia that they should lay everything out on the table: He wants to date her, and if she feels the same, she shouldn't worry about Stella. Portia doesn't tell him what she wants. Ellie has left Spinelli, who's more okay with the development than expected, since their goals and views have changed over the years and no longer match. Also, Spinelli likes his job and doesn't want to leave it, so if Ellie wants out, he's not going to fight her. He thinks he and Jason are both making good decisions about their personal lives. Anna continues trying to avoid talking about her kiss or history with Valentin.

LOL at the heart specialist being available to meet Lenny within 24 hours of him contacting her.

I was wondering if Sonny was ever going to start recovering memories, considering it's been months and...nothing.

Looks like with the new pool set, we're going to see a lot of bikinis and bare chests this summer.

"He's the only real Corinthos left [minus the kids]." Um? I guess that was a slam at Michael for being adopted, but...Dante and Kristina. Shove it, Gladys.

I wonder how much Yuri is getting paid for an unnecessary job. Maybe Jason will hire him. He can be the new Max.

"Is that all?" Portia!!! That's not what you say after a guy tells you he wants to go out with you!

With everyone choosing the business over their personal lives, the Corinthos organization is starting to look like a cult.

July 16th, 2021

Apparently heart trouble is the least of Lenny's problems – he also has pancreatic cancer. Sonny decides it's time to call Nina and ask her to come back to Nixon Falls. Monica and Austin chat a little about Quartermaine stuff, and he reiterates that he's not out for money, just a family connection. He meets Jason, who warns that he'll do anything to protect the Quartermaines and ELQ from potential threats. Jason also offers to investigate Austin for Monica. Michael and Ned agree that since Austin doesn't want money and can't get shares, there's no point in offering him either. Their best bet is a charm offensive, in hopes that he'll decide not to pursue any legal action. Brook tries to convince them that Austin might be a threat and they shouldn't let him get too close, but Ned doesn't think Austin has given any indication that they can't trust him. Sam encounters Jason and Carly for the first time since she learned about their engagement. She makes it clear that she knows it's not about love, but she's going to go along with it and even supports the arrangement, in a way. Sasha tells Brando straight out that if he's going to be a part of the Corinthos organization, they're going to have a problem. The baby is enough to make her want to stay away from dangerous people, and she'd like to know if Brando feels the same way. Nina is surprised to learn that Willow and Michael have been talking to Wiley about her, and he loves her despite not seeing her much. Even Carly has settled down about the whole thing, since Wiley's so happy about having his grandma in his life. Dante mentions to Chase that he recently kissed someone (no names mentioned), though he thinks it was a mistake. Chase encourages him to seize happiness, since he deserves it. Sam shares the same news with Maxie, who thinks she'd have an easier time getting over Jason if she had someone else to focus on. Anna spends most of the episode off-screen, learning that the helicopter pilot, David, is probably at the bar she and Valentin just left before coming to the hospital. Also, Sonny doesn't run into Anna or Valentin, so that's a waste of time so far.

"Well, Edward's libido strikes again." HA! Thanks, Monica.

You just know Nina's going to use Carly and Jason's engagement as an excuse for not telling her that Sonny was alive. "Carly was happy – she'd moved on from Sonny!" Elizabeth did the same thing with Sam and Patrick.

Jason, tell your kids about your engagement before they find out from someone else.

Good for Sasha for being straightforward with Brando. She and Sam should be friends.

I can't believe Chase and Dante didn't mention that Dante might not be ready to date anyone after...what's her name? The blonde? Oh, right – HIS EX-WIFE.

I also can't believe Valentin isn't calling Brook every five minutes to check on Louise.

I almost said something yesterday about how it would be funny if Anna and Valentin were at Ryan's. Turns out...they were.

If this New York trip doesn't lead to any developments in Sonny's plot, I'm going to be ticked.

July 19th, 2021

Anna engages David in conversation about Marie, but he gets suspicious about how interested she is. When he becomes a bit aggressive, Valentin puts him in his place. David reveals that he thought Peter and Marie were saving a baby from a mother she wasn't supposed to be with. He has no idea where Peter wanted to go next, and doesn't know where Peter is now, since he wasn't able to land on the roof and pick him up. Nina agrees to meet Lenny, Phyllis, and Sonny back in Nixon Falls the next day. She also offers to pay for Lenny's treatment before Sonny can even finish asking her. Of course, Lenny doesn't want to be indebted to her, but Sonny tells him they're not going to let him turn down an offer to help him live. Maxie interrogates Austin about his family and connection to Brook, who's pretty confident that he's not going to tie her to Louise. Maxie has a few bittersweet minutes with Louise, then heads to Texas with her other two kids. Josslyn hesitantly tells Trina that she and Cameron are together, worried that Trina will react negatively. Trina basically says it's about time and she's happy for them. Cameron ruins the moment by teasing her about her mystery guy and whether or not he's real, so Trina leaves. As Josslyn and Cameron finally get some time to themselves, they're interrupted by Spencer. Spencer continues snowing Nikolas, pretending he knows about the roach Ava was sent because he read about it on the Internet. They notice Ava and Austin getting to know each other better, and Spencer tries to make his father think that she's moving on. Nikolas tells Ava that their best option for their divorce is to cite irreconcilable differences, but they'll have to wait six weeks for that to go through. Ava's worried about what the stalker might pull in those six weeks.

Uggggggh, this Anna/Valentin stuff is just going the long way around to her figuring out that Finn was on the roof with Peter, which will go...nowhere, because she's not going to turn him in.

The show should have to pay me $5 every time someone mentions Peter.

"Never admit guilt unless you already know you're getting away with it." Ooh, I like that. I feel like Maxie learned that one from Tracy.

I knew Trina couldn't be too clueless to see how Josslyn and Cameron were looking at each other.

Is Willow still living in the gatehouse? Did Chase move in there? That's weird.

July 20th, 2021

Thanks to a leak to the media, Judge Carson's bias has become public knowledge, and the attorney general and governor are feeling pressure to do something. Jordan and Laura give Alexis and Shawn updates, starting with the news that Alexis' sentence was fair, so she's not getting out of prison, but she'll be sent to a much nicer facility (think Camp Cupcake). Shawn's news is even better: The governor has decided to commute his sentence and let him go with time served. He's even handled all the paperwork more quickly than usual, and by the end of the episode, Shawn is free and has reunited with T.J. Nikolas has spent the evening hearing about Alexis and Shawn's recent actions from Molly and T.J., and he's there when Shawn arrives. As he previously promised, Shawn vows to find out who really shot Hayden, so Nikolas should probably get Martin up to speed and figure out what to do ASAP. The Spencer/Cameron dynamic is back in full force, and Josslyn gets in on the fun by pushing Spencer in the pool. When Trina returns, Spencer acts like they haven't met. She plays along, but when they're alone, she confronts him for lying about his identity. He makes up some stupid reason that she buys, and she tells him she'll keep quiet about his lies, unless he lies to her again. David doesn't have much additional information for Anna and Valentin, but he does tell them that, while Peter said he would be the only one boarding the helicopter at GH, there was someone with him on the roof. David's brief description seems to clue Anna in on who it was. However, that still doesn't answer the question of where Peter went next. Finn and Elizabeth discuss their cover-up in between cheering on Violet at a T-ball game. He wishes Elizabeth hadn't been dragged into things, but she assures him she's not going to ditch him to deal with it all himself.

Alexis not going back to Pentonville is, of course, good, but now she's going to be alone.

All these mentions of Hayden mean she's coming back, right? Because they weren't just in Shawn's storyline; Finn and Elizabeth mentioned her, too. And Nikolas is responsible for her leaving town, too! Let's get all his bad acts out in the open at once.

Nikolas: "I think we should order another bottle of champagne." Me: "Because I'm going to need a lot of alcohol to deal with what's coming my way."

I'm guessing we'll find out Carson was Brad's judge and he'll also get it, even though his crime was kidnapping, which is a federal offense.

I love Josslyn basically saying, "Trina met Spencer 60 seconds ago and already hates him and I totally get it."

Finn, Elizabeth is never going to become interested in you if you keep bringing up Peter.

July 21st, 2021

Stella meets Shawn for the first time and confronts him over killing Thomas. He insists that he was hurt by the act, too, since Thomas was his best friend, but Stella points out that that didn't stop Shawn from sleeping with his best friend's wife. She thinks he should still be in prison and tells him to stay away from her. Chase is frustrated at how slowly his recovery is going, and he's not satisfied with the encouragement Willow tries to give him. He thinks he's trapped her in an inadequate marriage and she deserves better. Sasha helps him gain a better perspective while Michael and Willow talk once a-freaking-gain about how they can't be together. She's worried he won't want to wait for her, as if there's anyone else available for him to date. Brando makes two new friends at the Savoy's grand opening. First he bonds with Spinelli over being with a woman who doesn't want to have anything to do with the mob. Then he talks to Curtis about how sometimes the woman you want to be with gives you what sounds like an ultimatum but what's actually just her honest feelings on a subject. Anyway, it sounds like Brando knows what he would be missing out on if he chose the mob over the baby. But Sasha confides to Michael that she's not sure she wants Brando in her or the baby's lives. Michael is happy they're friends and offers to give her any parenting guidance she might need. Portia tells Terry what's been going on with her and Curtis, admitting that she's afraid they'll try another relationship and he'll walk away again. Terry thinks she should go for it, and Portia gathers the courage to go to the Savoy. Britt catches up with Spencer, who wants her to get back together with Nikolas. She calls him out for it, but we all know that won't do anything. On the plus side, Nikolas apologizes to Britt for accusing her of being the stalker. Trina tells Ava that "Victor" lied to her, but she's still interested in him and is thinking about just letting it go. Ava thinks she should follow her heart but also keep her eyes open because "Victor" could be trouble. Nikolas bugs Jordan about how the stalker investigation is going, and she basically tells him to shut up and be patient, and it's pretty awesome. On top of wanting to find Hayden's real shooter, Shawn's focused on getting a job and his own place to live (he'll be staying with Molly and T.J. until then). He calls someone who's "still in the game" and suggests they work together.

Please, the only think this is "costing" Willow is sex with Michael. She'll be fine.

Brook, please go hang out with Chase. He needs someone who isn't thinking about someone else when she's with him.

Brando, you're supposed to confide in the bartender, not the club owner. That said, Curtis gives good advice.

Sasha and Michael are more interesting as friends than he and Willow are as a couple.

Ideally, Shawn called Sam and asked her to help him investigate the shooting. It'll take five seconds, since she already knows what happened.

July 22nd, 2021

Anna tells Dante about the second man on the roof, and they consider the possibility that he's a hospital employee who was working with Peter. Finn and Elizabeth once again discuss Peter and the cover-up and blah blah blah, stop talking about it where other people might hear you. Anna asks Elizabeth for a list of staff members who were around the day Peter disappeared, then tells Finn that she wishes she'd killed Peter long before he could cause further damage. Finn points out that she would have to live with herself for taking someone's life. After Elizabeth super-obviously breaks up their conversation before Finn can give away too much, Anna calls to Valentin to suggest that the second man was an enemy, not an ally. Portia tells Curtis her worries about trying things again – will they crash and burn like last time? Will he want to pick up right where they left off? Is she too scared to pursue love again after two bad breakups, even though they happened almost 20 years ago? He's basically like, "Whatever hesitations you have, I'm going to shoot them all down; let's just do this." Eventually she decides it's better to take the leap than play it safe, so that's on. Stella urges Jordan to fight for her marriage, even though Curtis has signed the divorce papers and expressed zero interest in rekindling things and it really doesn't matter how much Jordan wants to hold on to him if he doesn't feel the same way. Jordan agrees to go talk to him, but of course she arrives just as he and Portia are kissing. Brando happily tells Sasha that he's choosing her and the baby over anything Corinthos-related. Sasha's equally happy, which means Gladys is the only one who thinks Brando's giving up something that could be great (even though he doesn't want it). Thinking that Dante already said something about their kiss, Sam almost spills the news to Olivia. Dante tells Sam that he wants to keep his personal life private, which leads to them arguing over whether he's embarrassed by the kiss, and why they've mentioned it to other people, and whether they think about each other as anything other than friends. Long story short, they both protest too much, and it looks like Olivia is on to them. Brook asks Valentin about his "partnership" with Anna – specifically, whether it's just a work partnership or if there's more there. Later, she tells Chase she's gotten herself into something that she now kind of regrets.

"Nobody gets away with murder." They do in this town. Stop being so negative, Finn!

I love that Sasha keeps standing up to Gladys. Gladys deserves it.

Okay, Stella, time to leave. Take Gladys with you.

The writing for Sam and Dante today was really fun.

Shouldn't Sam be at the Savoy, since she's the main investor?

They must have cut Chase/Finn stuff today. Not cool.

July 23rd, 2021

Anna and Valentin decide that the person on the roof with Peter probably did something to him, and Valentin guesses that Anna's already settled on that person being Finn. He questions her ability to investigate her ex for murder. Elizabeth's latest idea is to hope Terry becomes chief of staff, ask her to turn off the security cameras, and move Peter's body. Finn vetoes that, and objects again when Elizabeth brings up the possibility of getting Jason involved. But Jason hears them talking about him and Peter, and he wasn't born yesterday, so he approaches her to offer whatever help she needs. Nikolas, Spencer, Ava, and Trina all wind up at the Metro Court pool together, and Trina hatches a plan to Parent Trap Nikolas and Ava back together. It involves sending them drinks, supposedly from each other, but Ava mistakenly thinks Austin sent hers. Spencer reveals Trina's scheme, which just embarrasses her, and nothing gets accomplished. Nina returns to Nixon Falls, where Sonny and Phyllis act like she's been gone for three months instead of three days. Lenny thanks her for funding his medical treatments and asks her to help Phyllis let go if they come to the place where there's nothing else that can be done for him. P.S. He's having surgery Llanview. Jordan takes Alexis to her new facility, warning her to keep focusing on rehabilitation and not take her new freedoms for granted. Minutes after arriving, Alexis encounters someone familiar: Ryan. Shawn follows up on his phone call (which was to Sam) and solidifies plans with her to look into Hayden's shooting. Monica admits to Jason that she still has a grudge against Carly for all the stuff she did to A.J. back when Michael was a baby. Jason acknowledges that they handled things badly, and A.J. wasn't as horrible as they made him out to be, but he also didn't go about trying to stay connected to his son the way he should have. Jason says he wouldn't be here without Carly (which, whatever), and he's confident in their decision to get married, so Monica's going to try to let things go. Britt needs allies in her bid to keep her job, so she asks Austin for his support in exchange for whatever help he might need. Really, it seems she's threatened by the fact that people actually like Terry and want to back her. Monica is ready to tell them which of them she's recommended for the position.

Elizabeth can't really think it makes more sense to get Terry involved than to just let Jason make the problem disappear.

Trina, no! You're better than this.

Is Sonny going to Llanview, too?? Can we see him run into someone who knows him? Come through, Todd!

I'm hoping that Sam is only doing this investigation because she needs actual, legal proof that Nikolas was behind the hit on Hayden, and not because the writers have forgotten that she's known about Nikolas' involvement for more than five years.

Ugh, let's not talk about A.J. (Also, let's not have that be who Cameron Mathison is playing. How many times can that guy come back from the dead?)

"What do I have to do to get you to drop out of the race?" Like they're running for student council or prom queen. Shut up, Britt.

Thank you, show, for a Carly-free week and an almost Jason-free week. I needed it.

July 26th, 2021

While Elizabeth spills everything to Jason, Anna lets Finn know that she knows what he did without actually saying she knows. He takes her to the lab to show her where he left Peter's body, but it might not be there anymore, since Jason has already been there to take care of it. Elizabeth is worried that Anna has busted Finn and the whole thing is going to fall apart, but there's something else to worry about: Jason had Spinelli turn off security cameras, and Monica has been informed. Sam and Shawn start their investigation by asking Jax if he knows how to reach Hayden, since they think she knows who was behind her shooting. Jax tells them he tried everything he could to find her, but he had no luck. Sam thinks it's strange that she would go this long without trying to get in touch with Violet. Jax suggests that they talk to Elizabeth or Nikolas next. Nina tells Sonny that she's not sure she can really build a life in Nixon Falls because she keeps worrying that her Port Charles life will follow her there. Sonny confides that he doesn't want to know about his past, and he would give up the chance to know who he was if it means he can keep what he has. They talk, flirt, dance, and kiss, and she has no idea that going to Llanview tomorrow could be dangerous for her plan. Britt and Terry get a little snipey in front of Monica, and if I were her, I would probably tell them both they're too unprofessional to be chief of staff. Instead, she tells them she wants to make them co-chiefs. Britt storms out, and Monica apologetically tells Terry that if Britt doesn't accept, Terry doesn't get the job. While overhearing Britt yelling at Jason for breaking her heart, Terry wonders if she's not as horrible as everyone thinks. Elizabeth disagrees. Terry then calls Britt out for being stubborn and says she thinks Britt doesn't want to take the co-chief position because of Jason. Nikolas hates the idea of Alexis being in the same facility as Ryan, though Alexis is sure he's been "deactivated" and doesn't pose a threat. She offers to find out for sure so they can cross him off the list of stalker suspects.

Jason can easily cover by telling Monica he asked Spinelli to check the new security system to make sure she's informed when it goes down.

If Peter's body wasn't in that freezer when Jason opened it, I'm going to scream.

Are we seriously supposed to forget that multiple people know Nikolas was behind Hayden's shooting? And Sam saying that Hayden was close to Jax "when she first came to town" makes me wonder if she's completely forgotten that Hayden was in town for a long time before that.

I'd pay good money to never hear Nina talk about sauce again.

Today on Yes, That Really Happened, Britt yelled at Jason because she bought him a toothbrush before he dumped her.

July 27th, 2021

Elizabeth asks Scott for some legal advice for a friend, specifically how that friend might go about using a defense of justifiable homicide. She doesn't give him any incriminating details, but she tells him enough to help him determine that Peter's death doesn't fit in that category. Also, she's an accessory to murder, and if the police come around asking questions, she'd better not say anything without him present. Jason then makes Elizabeth's day worse by telling her that Peter's body wasn't in the freezer when he went to the lab. Finn gives Anna all the details about killing Peter, except for the parts Elizabeth was involved in. She knows he must have had help to move the body and cover everything up, but Finn won't admit that. Anyway, the body's gone, so maybe he won't face any consequences? Curtis catches up with Shawn and agrees to look at his old files from his previous Hayden search to see if there's anything useful in them. He also asks Shawn to help him run the Savoy while he figures out what he wants to do with his life. Carly also offers Shawn a position in the Corinthos organization, which he declines, at least for now. Portia hesitantly tells Trina that she and Curtis are getting romantically involved. Trina says she just wants her mother to be happy, though she's concerned about how Jordan will take the news. It seems she's not as okay with the relationship as she lets on, though. Curtis is surprised that she gave Portia her blessing. Stella will NOT shut UP about Jordan and Curtis' divorce, even after Jordan tells her she saw Curtis kissing Portia, so it's really over. Jordan proves how over it really is by signing her divorce papers right in front of Stella. Stella decides to interfere again by stealing the papers. Spencer blurts out Josslyn's relationship news to Carly before she can announce it. Josslyn shoves him in the pool again and hopes Trina keeps her distance from him.

Just about the only things that could make up for Peter's body being missing are a) Sonny being recognized in Llanview and b) Sam, Curtis, and Shawn teaming up and finding Hayden (and, as many fans have convinced themselves, Drew).

No body, no crime, right?

Why is there still electricity in the lab that was abandoned 20 years ago?

Yay, Curtis and Shawn are going to be friends! Curtis needs more of them.


July 28th, 2021

Monica calls the police to report the brief interruption in surveillance at the hospital, in case it happened because Cyrus still has lackeys who are trying to pull something. Dante and Jordan investigate, and they end up in the subbasement with Finn and Anna, who pretend they came down to see if Peter might have been there. Dante and Jordan find blood and designate the lab a crime scene. Elsewhere in the hospital, Jason tells Elizabeth that no one showed up on surveillance near the subbasement before the cameras went down, so they have no idea if someone moved Peter's body or if he was still alive and got out himself. Finn fills them in on the new investigation, and Jason tells him and Elizabeth that they seem to be in the clear for now. Some comments from Gladys about how quickly Carly got engaged to Jason make her worry that she's moving on from Sonny too fast. Laura thinks Sonny would be happy for the two of them, and they're not going to disrespect his memory, as Gladys hinted. Carly's still adjusting to the idea of marrying her best friend, but Laura says that will give them a deeper relationship. Curtis thinks Portia should tell Trina that they had an affair before she was born, since so many people already know and she could find out from someone else. Portia is adamant that they keep it quiet. Trina confides in Josslyn that she thinks Curtis might have gotten involved with Portia before he and Jordan split up. Josslyn helps her realize that her mother isn't the home-wrecking type, but Trina's still uneasy with Portia and Curtis' new relationship. While discussing his and Sasha's plans for making room for the baby in their lives, Brando tells Gladys she'll need to move out so he can turn her room into a nursery. Gladys immediately starts whining, but Sasha shuts her up by offering her a job at Deception. She and Brando are pleased to have come up with something to keep her busy so they can be alone.

I can't think of anyone who would move a body to protect Finn or Elizabeth. Maybe Gregory, but that seems unlikely.

Nothing against Laura, of course, but Carly's scenes today should have been with a fellow widow or widower.

Portia's right that Trina doesn't need to know about the affair, but Curtis is right that she's bound to find out (and will be furious if Portia isn't the one to tell her). Basically, there's no good option here.

I like how Josslyn and Trina have a balanced friendship. It's not always Trina giving Josslyn advice or listening to Josslyn's problems. Today, Josslyn was the sounding board and gave Trina her full attention. Some shows don't do that; they would have Josslyn in the protagonist role and Trina in the sidekick role. It's great to see them caring equally about each other.

Time to get rid of Gladys. If a character is villainous but isn't fun to hate, she's not a good character.

July 29th, 2021

Anna fills Valentin in on what happened to Peter, and Valentin guesses that he's still alive and still poses a threat. Actually, I'd say he wants Peter to be alive because he wants to be the one to kill him. Sam tells Nikolas she's looking into Hayden's shooting, and he tries to make her believe that Hayden was into some sketchy stuff and could drag Sam and Shawn into it. Sam then goes to Elizabeth, who happens to be the only person who remembers that Nikolas was behind the shooting, but she doesn't tell Sam that. As soon as Sam leaves, Elizabeth summons Nikolas so they can talk about what he did. While teasing Spencer, Trina volunteers him to throw a big party at Wyndemere. She later gives him an out, but he likes the idea. Josslyn and Cameron warn her that Spencer talks big but isn't always reliable, which makes her think they're trying to talk her out of getting involved with him. Spencer gets under Ava's skin by bringing up Avery, which just makes her sad. Nikolas tries to reassure her that Ryan is really as neutralized as everyone says, so that's one less thing to worry about, but that doesn't help. Spencer catches Nikolas comforting Ava and extends an olive branch to her, either because he wants to make himself look innocent or because he actually feels bad for her. Chase overhears Brook talking to Louise and mentioning that she's not the baby's real mother. Brook tells him she hasn't felt a mother/daughter connection yet, and it doesn't help that people are keeping such a close eye on her. Chase thinks she's doing great and should let herself be vulnerable, which will help her open up her heart. He confides to her that he doesn't feel like he's able to fully be Willow's husband; he'll have to be back to normal physically before he feels that way. Brook tells him that anyone would feel lucky to be married to him. Also, he sings the baby to sleep, and if that doesn't make Brook fall in love with him, I don't know what will. Dante has made plans to take Rocco to see Lulu, but Olivia thinks that every time Dante gets back into Lulu's orbit, he sets himself back. He's been much lighter recently, and she knows it's because of Sam. Dante knows he needs to move on from Lulu, but that's easier said than done. Elizabeth catches Josslyn and Cameron kissing, so they reveal that they're dating. Elizabeth is supportive of the relationship and thinks Franco would be, too. Dante's annoyed that Anna didn't tell him she was going to be in the subbasement and may be keeping secrets from him.

So now Elizabeth is the only one who remembers finding out that Nikolas was behind the shooting? I don't understand this show. The storyline should have been Sam and Shawn trying to find the hitman while distancing Nikolas from any evidence against him. Well, really, the storyline should have just been Shawn wanting to find Hayden, since she's been gone for more than a year and a half.

I love Trina giving Spencer a run for his money (sometimes literally).

No, Trina! There will be no bungee-jumping from Wyndemere's parapets! We don't go on the parapets!

I think Louise was wearing leopard-print socks, which is such a Brook accessory.

I like that Charlotte and Rocco get to hang out when he's at the Quartermaines', since she's living there right now. I can't imagine that Dante and Valentin are arranging many meet-ups for them.

July 30th, 2021

It's Wiley's birthday, which means Michael and Willow will have to spend a lot of time together and pretend they're just friends. It's also a bittersweet day since it's the day Jonah died. Willow went to his grave with Chase but wishes she could have gone with Michael. They plan to be there together next year, along with Wiley and a puppy. Somehow, talking about a dead baby leads to making out, and Carly and Jason almost walk in on them. Carly guesses that the two of them are kind of together and warns Willow to hide her feelings a little better when they're around others. Elizabeth reminds Nikolas that he admitted to putting a hit on Willow, but he reminds her that he said later that he lied (after Shawn pled guilty). Elizabeth points out that if he lied then, he could be lying now. Also, she doesn't know who else might have been behind the hit. Sam gives Shawn the bad news that she couldn't get any leads on Hayden. Naomi isn't returning anyone's calls, so she's no help, either. They discuss the elephant in the room – how Sonny sent Shawn to kill Drew – but obviously Sam doesn't hold a grudge there. She encourages Shawn to concentrate on setting up his new life instead of digging into the past. Shawn, inspired by how awesome Molly and T.J. are, wants to help people, starting with Hayden, so this is his main focus right now. Spencer tells Ava she's giving Nikolas mixed signals, which is part of the reason Nikolas is pushing back against getting divorced. He's worried that their continued connection puts Nikolas in danger, and he asks Ava to put more effort into staying away from him so the stalker doesn't pull anything else. Austin meets Chase and asks if there have been any developments in the search for Louise. He mentions that he remembers hearing two women talking while he was semi-conscious after Marie knocked him out. Brook's worst fear might come true, and she tries to convince Valentin that they can't trust Austin, since he has suspicious ties to what happened to Maxie. Valentin doesn't share her concerns and even wants Austin as an ally. He really thinks the Quartermaines might keep him on as CEO, but Michael tells him straight out that they don't want a non-Q in charge of a Q company. Someone I'm pretty sure is Harmony visits Jonah's grave, then shows up at the Quartermaines'. Chase is very close to walking, which means he's very close to getting dumped.

Willow. Curtains. Seriously.

I think it's sweet that Willow considers Jonah both her and Michael's son. Better than thinking about who his biological father was, at least.

"We're going to have to find some witnesses." YOU'RE A WITNESS. YOU WERE THERE. Freaking A. I feel like all the viewers who remember Sam and Drew solving this case five years ago are having a mass hallucination about it.

Also, interesting that people are suddenly talking about Drew for the first time in months. Very interesting...

I guess Brook could try to avoid jogging Austin's memory by...not talking. Yeah, probably not going to happen.

Harmony is supposed to be on next week, and she was also mentioned for the first time in months, so it's a safe bet that's her at the Quartermaines'. (Also, Inga Cadranel couldn't be on the show last year because she was in Canada, but she said on social media that she's back in L.A., so the timing works.)

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