General Hospital blog - July, 2022

July 1st, 2022

Spencer has been cooking up a plan that he finally shares with Cameron: He's going to tell Esme that Victor found her biological mother, and he'll give her the woman's information if Esme confesses to framing Trina, then leaves town. The risk is that once Spencer asks for her confession, she'll know he doesn't believe her, so there's no going back. He tasks Cameron with getting Carly and Josslyn's DNA so they can use their mother/daughter match results to fool Esme. Ava and Nikolas meet with Scott to get a quickie divorce so Nikolas can prove...something about not caring if Ava gets half his money? I guess? Esme interrupts, blurting out that she thought Nikolas wasn't going to tell Ava what happened. He covers for that and plays right into her hands, agreeing to see if he can help her get her internship at Spring Ridge back. Ava decides that Nikolas is taking things too far to make a point, and they don't need to get a divorce after all. Sasha changes her mind about her deal with Felty, but he talks her into keeping it. She gets overwhelmed by all the pressure on her for this home-shopping-network appearance and ends up screaming at Maxie and Lucy. To pretty much no one's surprise, she takes some pills Felty gave her, not knowing what they are. Brook asks Sonny to work some magic to get Linc to retract his complaint against Chase. Sonny says no, since word would get out and Chase would get branded a dirty cop for getting a favor from a mob boss. Chase tells Finn and Gregory that his suspension has been extended because he once again did something he shouldn't have. They encourage him to fight for the job he loves, and they also definitely think he's in love with Brook. Olivia offers to buy Carly's half of the hotel and let her pay back the money in installments. Carly balks when Olivia says she'd have to discuss the arrangement with Ned – Carly's not going to take money from the guy who turned on Michael and Drew. Olivia suggests that she ask Sonny for the money, since he owes her for what he's put her through. Josslyn and Trina are basically filler, recapping the Rory/Esme stuff.

I would love if they could find a way for Cameron and Spencer to accidentally get Nina and Willow's DNA instead of Josslyn and Carly's, but that might be a little complicated.

That said, Spencer's plan is dumb. He needs mother/daughter DNA and he lives with Ava and Avery, a mother and daughter. Come on, Spencer. And why does he need DNA at all? Can't he just ask Britt to fake the test results? Or just ask her to use her and Obrecht's DNA?

I think Maggie is Esme's birth mother. I also think the people trying to rationalize that it's Felicia have lost it.

I forgot about Chase's whole...thing with Nelle. He really doesn't have a history of making good decisions, huh?

Finn, "it was the heat of the moment and I wasn't thinking" isn't a good defense for a cop. Especially not a white cop with a Black boss in 2022.

July 5th, 2022

Sasha's appearance on the home-shopping show gets off to a rocky start and her nerves almost get the better of her, despite the pills. She gets it together and does a great job, with a surprising assist from Gladys. Then things threaten to fall apart when she's unexpectedly pulled into another segment selling a baby papoose. Spencer can't get rid of Esme, so he uses her to create a diversion that will allow Cameron to get something from Carly that they can use for the DNA test. It works, but it involves Spencer insulting Josslyn, Josslyn pushing Spencer in the pool, Esme pushing Josslyn in the pool, and Trina pushing Esme in the pool. Spencer and Esme get banned from the hotel, but Spencer and Cameron have their mother/daughter DNA samples, so they've technically had a successful day. Brook wants to turn Chase into an up-and-coming singer, get Linc to offer him a contract, and use him as a Trojan horse in Linc's business. Chase seems interested until he guesses that Brook's just helping him so she can get her songs back. Cody gets nervous when he sees Britt and Spinelli talking. He finds a reason to squeeze into the conversation, lying that he's giving Spinelli horseback-riding lessons because Spinelli has a date. Spinelli tries to intimidate him by introducing him to Sonny, but thanks to Cody's history with Dante, he's just introducing a guy to his son's friend. Sonny's displeased that Spinelli name-dropped him and won't tell him why. Whatever's going on with Spinelli, Zelda, and Cody, it extends to Britt, as Zelda wants to send her more matches. As for Cody, he's edging closer to having a reason to stay in town, as Olivia's interested in him for the job at the Quartermaines' stables. Drew wants Nina to buy Crimson, supposedly so she can be her own boss but secretly so he can give Carly the money. She overhears him and Olivia discussing that, and though it seems like he'll have to call off the plan, he tries to convince Nina to help Carly and give herself some power.

Haven de Havilland and Flora Gardens. This show, man.

I'm not sure if whoever's responsible for the papoose is an idiot or a monster.

Spencer picked a fight with Josslyn so Esme could literally rip her hair out? Spencer, what's wrong with you?

Cody's pretty bold to blackmail someone while sleeping on a cop's couch.

Brook's plan sounds insane. (Really, the theme of today's episode seemed to be insane plans.) She needs to hire someone to pose as a manager and give them money to buy her catalog from Linc.

July 6th, 2022

Sasha manages to hold herself together for a while in the papoose segment, but when Haven and Flora give her a doll to put inside it, she thinks it's Liam and that he's still alive. Brando finally ends the segment and gets her out of there. He takes her to the hospital, where Kevin finds the pills in her purse and recommends that she stay on a 72-hour hold. Sasha objects but Brando decides it's what's best for her. Flora didn't know about Liam and is so horrified that she wants to take a break from the home-shopping network. Haven, however, blames Deception for not preparing Sasha better to handle anything thrown at her. Selina shows up and tells Haven that she can either release a statement supporting Sasha, which will bring the network good publicity and help Deception recover the hit they've probably taken, or she can expect a lawsuit over their failure to ensure that Sasha was stepping into a healthy environment. Haven opts for a fake statement of support, but it turns out that Selina also blames Deception for what happened. Nina tells Sonny about Carly's predicament and her opportunity to buy Crimson and simultaneously help Carly out. She turned down Drew's offer, though, because she doesn't want to make the magazine look like a vanity project. Later, when Nina sees Sasha's breakdown (and makes it about herself and her grief for Nelle), Sonny comforts her. Drew tells Carly that he has an idea to get her money back, but it's dependent on Nina feeling generous. Carly tells him she doesn't want or need his help bailing out of a situation she brought upon herself. She also turns down Sonny when he offers to give her the divorce settlement she already said she didn't want. Now she's on her own to keep herself from losing her assets, but Drew is confident that she'll turn things around. Cody is officially the Quartermaines' stable hand and gets to live on the grounds and reap all the benefits that come with that residence. Plus, horsies! Britt stops by to return something he left at the hospital and he tries to talk her into a riding lesson. She just gets more and more annoyed with him, but he can see through that and knows she actually likes him. Michael and Willow are all happy and fully of hope for the future, so let's all make guesses about what's lurking around the corner to bring them down.

Sasha actually did pretty well know.

Maxie should have pulled the fire alarm. That was my first instinct.

Maybe Sasha can go hang out with Elizabeth at Shadybrook.

The horse is getting more screentime than, like, a quarter of the cast.

"We're half brothers through adoption. It's complicated." Actually, of all the sibling relationships in the extended Corinthos family, Michael and Dante's is one of the easiest to explain.

LOL at Willow truly confusing Michael when she pretended not to know that Alan gave Monica the mansion.

For someone who considers the pool flop one of the worst moments of her life, Britt sure doesn't seem to have a problem talking about it constantly.

July 7th, 2022

Kevin takes Jake to visit Elizabeth, who still wants to be at Shadybrook despite not seeming to be making any progress. Jake mentions her parents, which makes Elizabeth think they've wriggled into her business. Kevin realizes they're a trigger for her and tries to get her to open up about them. Elizabeth rants that her parents sent her away and have had little contact with her since she was a teenager. Though she obviously has issues with their abandonment, she also implies that she doesn't want to make amends. She's worried that they'll try to reach out to Jake and Aiden when they're at impressionable ages, especially Jake. Kevin thinks that's something significant, but Elizabeth isn't exactly welcoming when it comes to his help. Chase urges Finn to be more straightforward with Elizabeth to find out why she's pushing him away. Finn jumps right to it, but when he gets to Shadybrook, Kevin tells him that Elizabeth is gone. Brook talks over her Chase/Linc problems with Ned, who says she made the same mistake he did recently when he didn't tell Olivia about his plans to side with Valentin: She only thought about herself. He also gives her a boost by showing her that, thanks to Leo, a video of Ned and Chase performing one of Brook's songs has gone viral. Meanwhile, Chase tells Finn and Gregory about his latest Brook-related issues, insisting that he doesn't want to let her turn him into a pop star. They seem to think it would be a great idea. They also definitely think he likes her, and seriously, can this go somewhere, please? A conversation between Victor and Valentin finally clarifies and explains some things: Valentin posed as the French Naval officer at Victor's request. It's not because he wants to work with him but because Victor now controls his access to Charlotte. Valentin shares the news that Laura is trying to get Victor deported, so Victor orders Valentin to help him get Laura removed from office (which will be harder now that she's defeated the push for her recall). Laura tells Anna that she's working on a plan to get rid of one of their threats. Conversation turns to Valentin, whom Anna says has changed over the past few months. Laura isn't sure if she means for the better or the worse. She cautions Anna to "trust but verify" when it comes to developing a relationship with him. Alexis and Gregory banter and edge on flirting as she accuses him of chickening out of writing an op-ed about...dude, I don't know, that was over a month ago. It turns out he did write it, and honestly, who cares? Just get together.

Not to be the psych minor I was, but I wonder if Elizabeth's issues are connected to Lucky. She mentioned Jake being at a vulnerable age. He's about the age she was when she was raped. Lucky was her biggest support after that, until he seemingly died. Now Elizabeth has lost another man she loved. Is this about her parents not being there for her all the way back at those first teenage traumas?

Sorry to whoever had to clean up all those puzzle pieces.

It never made sense to me that Valentin would ask Victor to take Charlotte to boarding school, so I appreciate the explanation.

Why does Leo have social media? He's, like, nine!

July 8th, 2022

Valentin strikes up a conversation with Laura in an attempt to seem friendly, but it's really so he can put something in her drink. Before she can drink it, she mentions her conversation with Anna and how Anna seems to trust him. Valentin makes her spill her glass, then tells Victor that he failed his mission. Anna and Victor question the nature of each other's relationships with Valentin and whether he can trust them. She learns that Valentin's time out of town wasn't all spent at the clinic where he was treated last winter, which puts her a step closer to learning that he was in French Polynesia when she was. Elizabeth checks herself out of Shadybrook and goes straight to work. Britt tells her she has to be cleared by HR to be allowed to work, and when Elizabeth gets bratty with her, Terry has to step in and make peace. She thinks Elizabeth is back at work too soon, but Elizabeth insists that she's better. Kevin can't discuss Elizabeth with Finn because of confidentiality, so it's too bad he can't make it clearer that Elizabeth made a bad decision and is heading the right way for a breakdown. Finn seems to think everything's fine, or maybe he's just in denial because she tells him she's ready to let him back into her life. Brook and Chase make up, using the advice they got from their fathers, and he starts opening up to the possibility of a music career. Alexis and Gregory continue bantering and end up with a little more hostility toward each other than before, at least on her part. He thinks the Invader is too subjective and needs to stick to reporting the news. She thinks the paper needs to adapt to keep up with its competitors. They make a bet regarding his op-ed: If readers like it, Alexis will consider his ideas, and if they don't, Gregory has to shut up, basically. Olivia tells Ned about Carly's money problems, and though he's willing to buy her half of the hotel and sell it back to her, Olivia says it's a bad idea. Also, she loves Cody, and while Ned is uneasy about how often he's bounced around in other jobs, Cody assures him that he's ready to settle down. Britt and Cody matched on Society Setups, but I can't imagine her agreeing to go on a date with him.

I doubt it'll happen but it would be fun if Valentin told Laura everything and they teamed up to take Victor down. At the very least, she could help him keep in touch with Charlotte.

Anna and Victor's scenes were great. I love their dynamic of "I'm putting on an act"/"yes, I know, I'm not an idiot."

I hate it when Elizabeth makes me side with Britt. Check yourself, Webber.

I guess it was nicer for Olivia to turn down Ned's offer with the excuse that Carly has too much history with the Quartermaines than to tell him Carly hates him now.

July 11th, 2022

Carly wants to take out a loan to buy back her half of the hotel, which will just put her further in debt. She still won't take Olivia's offer, and she also turns Michael down when he learns of her money troubles and says he'll take care of them. Carly doesn't want to risk using her house as collateral, and she values her family more than money, especially when she learns that Willow's pregnant, so she decides to let go of the hotel. Olivia tells Sonny that she was going to buy Carly's half anyway, but someone beat her to it. Nina and Valentin catch up, and he warns that Victor is trying to get close to people he cares about, so she should be on the lookout. Cody continues to ensure that Dante and Sam only ever talk to or about him. He wears Britt down and gets her to agree to go out with him, which is at least part of what he blackmailed Spinelli into doing for him. He also hints that however Spinelli makes the matches for Society Setups (Zelda is a front), it's not something that should get out. Sonny confronts Spencer for making bad decisions like staying with Esme, quitting his job, and making a deal with Ava to get some of his money. Spencer promises that no matter how things seem, he's not going to do anything to disappoint his uncle. Nina complains about being seen as the villain to the Corinthoses (gee, I wonder why that is), but Valentin thinks she has a way to turn that around. Trina's having a rough time since her trial starts tomorrow and she can't keep her mind on anything else. Rory invites her to hang out, which definitely helps distract her, especially when they start kissing. Willow makes slight inroads with Sonny by thanking him for helping her out when she fainted. Michael still won't talk to him, though, and they don't say anything about her pregnancy. Austin gets a call from his camping visitor and repeats that they need to leave him alone.

Yeesh, there have been so many preemptions that it's just now July 4th.

I'm all for Carly taking responsibility for her actions and suffering consequences she brought on herself but I don't see any problem with her accepting Michael's offer.

Olivia! Stop telling people stuff!

Who's going to hook up first, Brook and Chase or Britt and Cody?

"First of all, I did not kidnap you." Yeah, Esme. He had you kidnapped. Totally different.

July 13th, 2022

Nina is, of course, the person who bought Carly's half of the hotel, and she claims she wants to give it back to Carly with no strings attached. Carly guesses that she's doing this to make herself look good so Wiley will admire her some day, or maybe so Sonny couldn't come to her rescue. Either way, Carly refuses to accept Nina's "gift," so she's out of a bunch of money AND her job. Sonny confronts Nina, who complains that Carly thinks she's being self-serving. Sonny basically says, "And?" Nina frames her move as an attempt to ease everyone's pain, as if she didn't just bring more to Carly. Sonny's not happy with her but he still wants to be with her – in fact, now he's all in. Sasha insists to Brando and Gladys that her relapse was a one-time thing and won't happen again. Brando gets her to admit that she was using when they got married, and Gladys reminds her that she was using way before the stresses she blames for her relapse. Brando encourages Sasha to go to rehab, but she refuses to admit that she needs help. Trina and Rory admit their feelings for each other but she doesn't want to start anything when she doesn't know her fate yet. He suggests that they just enjoy their time together for now and worry about the future when they know more about what she's facing. Marshall and Curtis hit a dead end finding the guy who sold Esme the burner phone, but they catch a break with a contact and remain optimistic that they'll get what they need to exonerate Trina. Portia tries to keep her mind on that but she's still worried about Trina's mental health since she hasn't gotten an appointment with a genetic counselor yet. She casually tries to get more information out of Marshall about his original symptoms, which he says weren't much beyond paranoia. If that's what she's looking for in Trina to see if she also has schizophrenia, so far there's nothing to worry about. Drew blames himself for Carly's situation, and though Olivia doesn't think he should, she also...kind of does, since none of this would have happened if he and Michael hadn't gone behind Ned's back. Drew laments that he wasn't able to help unify the family. Olivia's like, "Welcome to being a Quartermaine, where your relatives screw you over and your only hope of surviving is knowing better next time." Brando and Dex have military service in common and bond a little.

Nina, no one believes for a second that all you want is to make amends. You care about two things and two things only: getting access to Wiley and keeping a hold on Sonny.

Don't Sonny and Carly have some foundation? Something in Morgan's name? Carly could run that. I could see her being good at that.

I wish I cared more about Sasha and Brando, but...I just don't.

What I'm hearing from Olivia is that Drew should have known better because you can't trust any Quartermaines, and his naïvety is responsible for Carly's downfall. Nice. Imagine siding with Ned over Drew in anything.

Also, their conversation would have been better if it had been Drew and Monica. Remember Monica? Also, remember how they promised us a Stuart Damon memorial episode? I remember.

July 14th, 2022

Serena got arrested out of the country for an environmental protest, so Scott has dropped everything to go to her, leaving Trina lawyerless for her trial. Fortunately, Diane has offered to step in, and though Portia is hesitant to let Trina be defended by a mob lawyer, Trina wants to proceed (especially since it's this or get a continuance, which could leave her fate hanging for months). Ava urges Trina to use her nuclear option and testify that she couldn't have sent out the recording because she was with Spencer when it went out. Josslyn realizes that she doesn't want to do that because it would get Spencer in trouble. Marshall and Curtis track down the guy who sold Esme the burner phone, but he claims not to be familiar with Trina's case and won't give them anything they can use to help her. They follow him to the docks, where he boards a ferry to Wyndemere, which is a big red flag for them. They want to head to Spoon Island as well but can't take the chance of guards alerting Esme that they're coming. Curtis says it would be great to get help from a Wyndemere resident who can help them stay covert. Cue Ava. Victor's unhappy that Valentin didn't poison Laura, but Valentin points out that he would have been the #1 suspect. He wants Victor to let him handle her, by which he means get rid of her without killing her. Victor ignores him and sends a sniper after her. Valentin spots the sniper and saves her, but now Laura's more suspicious of him than ever. Of course Victor's madder now, though Valentin makes a good point that Anna and others would dig into Laura's murder until they got to him, so he would never get away with it. Valentin has already set things in motion to get to Laura in a different way – he's done something to Lesley. Spencer's thrilled to get the fake maternity-test results, but his mood does a 180 when he runs into Rory. He reveals that he saw Rory and Trina kissing, and calls Rory a hypocrite for acting like he's a textbook cop, then making out with a woman who could be facing prison time. Rory wonders why Spencer cares who Trina spends time with, since he has his own girlfriend and isn't friends with Trina anymore. Spencer warns Rory that if he hurts Trina, he'll have to answer to Spencer. Rory replies that Spencer's the one who's already hurt her. Portia has questions for Diane about what Trina might face while on trial, and even more questions when Diane says some defendants experience mental-health issues because of the stress. Nikolas and Esme...whatever. They're still not going to tell anyone that they hooked up.

God bless Serena for getting arrested because Trina deserves Diane as her lawyer. Also, it would be funny to see Diane call Alexis and say, "I miss crushing you in court, but today I'm going to crush your daughter instead. And then do you want to get lunch?"

Trina can't rely on Spencer to give her an alibi anyway, or for a judge or jury to believe him when he's already a convicted criminal.

Assassinating the mayor?? That's literally overkill, Victor.


"Jack said you're the man with the plan." Marshall, stop.

I can't believe Esme isn't pregnant or fake pregnant yet.

July 15th, 2022

Curtis and Marshall fill Ava in and she takes over their mission to catch Esme making a deal with the guy who sold her the phone (Oz). He attempts to blackmail her, warning that the police are going to start asking questions soon. A poorly timed phone call (thanks, Avery) alerts them to Ava's presence, and before Ava can hear anything incriminating, Oz has vanished. After an argument where Esme hints that she's...ahem...used some of Ava's belongings, Ava offers her a blank check to confess to making the recording, then flee town. Spencer and Nikolas interrupt before Esme names her price, and Spencer decides it's time to make his own offer. Portia shares a theory with Stella that Esme framed Trina because she's Black, and Esme knew that would make it harder for her to get out from under the accusations. She confides that she feels like she sheltered Trina and failed to prepare her for the realities of life. Stella is confident that things will turn out all right. Josslyn urges Trina to name Spencer as her alibi, since his failure to come forward himself means he doesn't have any empathy for her, so she doesn't owe him anything. Trina wants to continue to keep that quiet for now, and Josslyn promises to shut up, but only until it looks like Trina has no other options. Olivia can't talk Nina into selling her half of the hotel to anyone else, so Carly's officially out. Drew helps her pack up her office while Sonny basically tells Nina that he doesn't want to hear her complaints about people being upset with her because she brought all this on herself and had to know that no one would be happy. Nina whines that he cares more about Carly than he does about her. In other words, Nina is about to learn what so many of Sonny and Carly's exes have learned: Their ties to each other will never be fully severed. The good news is that Valentin didn't actually do anything to Lesley, but he did have her house burned down, so Laura's going to Italy to help her out. She's hesitant to leave now, with so many conflicts unresolved and looming, but Kevin reassures her that the town will be okay without her. Marshall has a positive spin for his long-ago arrest and time in a psych facility: He was able to get a diagnosis and the help he needed, so a bad thing ultimately led to a good life.

It's hilarious that, though Spencer wants to use a fake DNA test and Ava wants to pay Esme off, they have the same goal: Get Esme to sign a confession and then let her leave.

Interesting, I hadn't thought about the possibility of Esme framing Trina for racial reasons.

Heh, I thought Portia was going to ban Stella from the courtroom because she knows Stella won't be able to keep quiet when the prosecutors trash Trina.

They really missed out on a great opportunity to explore what Trina's case means for Molly.

Maybe Nina will be so busy running both a hotel and a magazine that we won't have to see her as much.

Morgan mention – drink!

July 18th, 2022

Trina's trial begins with Cameron and Josslyn trying to testify in a way that will support her while Arden makes Trina look jealous, vindictive, and scorned. Spencer successfully makes Esme believe he found her birth mother (or at least she acts like she believes him), then pulls the trigger and says he's looking for Trina's freedom in exchange for more information. Sonny catches Dante up on his Carly/Nina/Michael issues, and though Dante's sympathetic, he points out that Sonny's decisions affect other people, and they're allowed to be upset. Michael shows up with the news that Willow's pregnant and tells Sonny that he won't be part of the baby’s life. Dante tries to make peace, but things just get more heated when Dex shows up and pretends to posture with Michael. Brando ends up jumping between them and telling Dex not to be so dumb. Nina continues to claim that she wanted to do something nice for Carly by buying her half of the Metro Court, but Obrecht knows she wanted something out of it for herself. Nina worries that she's damaged her relationship with Sonny before it really begins, and that Carly will never fully be out of his personal life. They overhear Willow at Jonah's grave, telling him she's pregnant, and of course Nina's first reactions are "what does Wiley think?" and "ugh, Carly gets another win." T.J. tries to help Brando relax, but considering Brando's drug-using wife lied to him for months and then had a breakdown, that's kind of hard right now. T.J. calls Willow to the hospital with news about the rest of her blood tests, and it's safe to assume the results aren't good.

I can't decide if Josslyn's snottiness on the stand is going to help or hurt Trina.

There's a big flaw in Arden's case regarding Trina's motive: The burner phone indicates that she planned to record Josslyn and Cameron before they got to the cabin. So why all the focus on what she said when they were there?

So Molly ISN'T one of Trina's prosecutors? Why even make her and Robert prosecutors if we never get to see them in action?

"You will have no role in this child's life." Yeah, okay, buddy. How much time passed between "you're dead to me for killing A.J." to basically acting like it never happened? (I looked it up – it was ten months. I bet they'll be fine by the time the baby's born.)

Sonny's confused about Nina saying there are three people in their relationship because a) to him, that's ideal – he wants both Carly and Nina – and b) that's normal for him. When he was with Carly, Jason was always the third person in their relationship. And whenever he and Carly have been with other people, they've always been the third person in each other's relationship.

July 19th, 2022

Spencer has put it all together that Esme planted the seeds for Josslyn and Cameron to want to have sex, she had the opportunity to leave the phone in Josslyn and Cameron's room and retrieve it later, and she kept the bottle of what she used to drug Trina. Esme taunts that even if he gets her to confess, Trina won't want to be with him. Spencer seems willing to do the right thing anyway, and he tells Esme she won't get the information about her birth mother unless she comes clean. Though she puts up a front, she's definitely worried. Josslyn pins the recording on Esme, making it extremely clear that Trina isn't the sort of person who would do what she's being accused of. Things look even better for Trina when Jordan testifies that she willingly handed over the phone that was used for the recording and in general just didn't act like she'd done anything wrong. Then things look a little worse when Arden questions Rory about Josslyn and Trina's trip to the bar, their use of fake IDs, and their desire to talk to Oz, who has an arrest record for trafficking in black-market goods. But Diane lets him continue and explain that they went to get Oz to ID Esme, not to buy anything from him. Willow has an elevated white blood cell count, which could indicate a serious illness. T.J. is unsurprisingly calming, so she tries not to worry, but she also doesn't tell Michael that something could be wrong. Britt tells Brad that she's going on a date with Cody, though she says in a thousand different ways that she doesn't want to. Cody shares the same news with Dante, who warns that he could be making a horrible mistake. Cody thinks Dante has changed a lot since they were kids, and Dante thinks Cody could benefit from making some changes himself, since his life doesn't exactly seem together.

Diane (and Jordan) made an excellent point – if Trina had made the recording, she wouldn't have voluntarily brought the phone out when she was with Jordan.

I'd love it if Spencer showed up and asked to testify on Trina's behalf. He could give the jury enough reasonable doubt for them to acquit her.

Esme, whether you're going to flee the country or not, start packing. I don't think you're going to be allowed to spend another night at Wyndemere.

Kiki mention – drink!

If Britt's a "spinster," what's Brad? Because he certainly hasn't had a date since Britt last had a romantic experience.

Wouldn't it be nice if Dante had something to do other than be a supporting character in other people's storylines?

July 20th, 2022

There's an open mic night on the Haunted Star, and Brook wants Chase to sing in hopes of getting Linc's attention. Chase is nervous about his performance and the plan as a whole, so Finn tells him to back out. Just as Chase is going to, Linc shows up and is a jerk again, so Chase takes the stage. Not only does he give a great performance but Linc thinks he could have a future in the music business. Brando hasn't been able to convince Sasha to go to Shadybrook for rehab, so as her 72-hour hold nears its end, she plans to go home. Nina gently tries to get her to change her mind, but Sasha insists that she won't relapse (again). She does open up about how hard it was to go back to reality after believing that Liam was alive, and Nina advises her to talk about that in therapy. Sasha seems willing to do the work to remain stable, but who knows if she actually will. Brando confides more in Sonny about the situation and happily gives him Felty's name so Sonny can handle him. Brando wants to be a part of his takedown, but Sonny elects to involve Dex instead, and Brando gets that his priority needs to be Sasha right now. Britt and Cody's date gets off to a rough start when she refuses to have anything to do with horses. He helps her realize that if she doesn't want to have new experiences, there's no point in being alive. Things go better, but they get much worse when he mentions wanting to have kids and Britt declares the date over. When Cody says he actually doesn't know if he wants kids, she accuses him of only saying things he thinks she wants to hear. Spinelli crashes Maxie and Austin's date at open mic night and admits to Maxie that he doesn't think they're a good match. She tells him to mind his own business and at least be nice. The two guys edge toward bonding, but Austin ducks out when he gets a text from M, the guy who's been following him and contacting him. Marshall convinces Epiphany to take a break from studying for the MCAT and sing at open mic night. She enjoys herself, and they clearly like each other's company. Michael is jinxing the heck out of Willow's pregnancy and their happiness.

So is the Haunted Star still a club? Does Felicia run it?

Brook: "I found something I want more than fame." Me: Your destruction. Mwahahahahahaha!"

Note to self: Never get on Brando's bad side.

Spinelli's jacket makes me think of this.

July 22nd, 2022

Esme charms Oz into believing they're in the same boat now and convinces him to hang out with her while they await their fates. Then she drugs him. Curtis tries to go back to Oz's motel room to see if he can find any evidence that will help Trina, but he gets detoured by Selina. She offers to point him in Oz's direction, and when he turns her down, she warns that he might not have long because Oz could easily go into hiding and disappear. Linc plays right into Brook and Chase's hands when Brook pretends that Chase shouldn't consider signing on with Linc. Chase agrees to a 30-day trial of becoming a pop star. M relays a message to Austin from whoever he's answering to (only identified as a woman): His "gambit" in Port Charles didn't go well, so he's expected back in Pautauk. Austin won't listen, and they don't get to finish the conversation because Britt shows up. Spinelli FINALLY admits what we already know, telling Maxie that he's behind Society Setups. He wants to keep that secret because he's not sure people will want to use a matchmaking app created by someone like him. Portia confides to Marshall that she's worried about Trina's mental health. He reminds her of all the things Trina has going in her favor and assures her that if Trina breaks down, they'll put her back together. Britt and Cody get into a big fight (shocking, I know), so she ditches him and goes to the Haunted Star. She complains about him to Austin, who's like, "You know you don't have to go out with anyone if you don't want to, even if your mom wants you to?" Spinelli tries to convince her not to give up on Society Setups, and Maxie joins in to try to talk her out of suing the app for fraud and false advertising.

Maybe Esme would have money for payoffs if she'd GOTTEN A JOB SOMETIME IN THE PAST YEAR.

Oz was really dumb to go back to his motel room knowing that Curtis and Marshall could come back at any time. And he was REALLY dumb to call for Esme's "look at the two of us, all pathetic and threatened" routine.

Oh, the irony of Selina warning Curtis that he might be running out of time to get to Oz when she was the one delaying him from getting to Oz.

Selina telling Curtis that she has a wide reach makes me wonder if she's the person M answers to. I can hear her using the word "gambit."

That said, I have no confidence that Austin's plot will end up being as interesting as they want us to believe it is.

Why can't I ever remember how to spell Pautauk?

I still don't really care about Marshall, but I like how positive he is and what he said to Portia today. She seems like the type to keep worrying about something until someone knocks her out of it (i.e., like me).

July 25th, 2022

Esme hides while Curtis finds Oz post-drugging. Oz is only able to say that a woman gave him something. Curtis is smart enough to guess that he means Esme, but with Oz ultimately in a coma, there's no way to confirm that or get any other information out of him. Once Esme's able to get away without being scene, she tracks down Nikolas and basically blackmails him without actually blackmailing him – she tells him she can't handle the guilt of their fling, and he agrees to get her back her Spring Ridge internship, without saying it's to shut her up. Sonny and Dex trap Felty in a stairwell somewhere and beat him up, intending to kill him and hide his body. Josslyn reveals that she followed them and recorded the whole thing. Sonny can't talk her out of backing down, even by playing the Donna-and-Avery-shouldn't-have-to-deal-with-their-father-going-to-prison card, so he goes to bug Carly to get a handle on her daughter. She's with Drew, about to let their happiness over Willow's pregnancy lead them somewhere they probably shouldn't go, and she turns down the request since Josslyn can make her own decisions. After Sonny leaves, Carly tells Drew that she has him right where she wants him. But maybe not, because Dex has convinced Josslyn that they were just going to scare Felty, not kill him, and begged her not to send the recording to the police, because it could ruin Dex's life. Josslyn falls for his I'm-an-innocent-minion routine and deletes the recording. Anna confronts Valentin about where he went after he left the clinic, and he spins a tale about needing care somewhere else and not wanting her to know. She wonders if they're always going to have trouble trusting each other (though I don't think Valentin has any problem trusting her). I guess that's not a deal-breaker, since their evening together ends with a kiss. Willow thinks that since Carly's doing so well, Michael might be able to back off of his animosity toward Sonny a little, as if the two things are connected. Michael insists that he's not trying to ruin Sonny for revenge but because he wants to do the right thing and punish someone who deserves it. Molly exposits that she's not on Trina's case anymore because Arden gave her other assignments and effectively pushed her out (which is ultimately good because she probably should have recused herself anyway, and she's upset with how the justice system works). Spencer doesn't tell Ava and Nikolas what happened with him and Esme, but he hints at being concerned over Trina's fate.

Wow, Dex is good. Like, better than Esme good.

"Can you believe it?" Two 20-somethings with a history of not properly using birth control, getting pregnant? Yeah, I can believe it.

Look, if Carly and Drew are going to get together, I can't stop it, but can it at least not happen until after Brook and Chase get together?

Valentin: "I haven't lied to you!" (starts lying three minutes later)

"This isn't about revenge." LOL. Whatever you say, Michael.

The writers need to learn to show, not tell, because it would have been nice to see Molly wrestle with being Trina's prosecutor.

July 26th, 2022

Spencer bugs Esme about what she's going to do about Trina, but she won't give him an answer. Then she learns that Nikolas got her back her internship, and all she can think about is going to see Ryan. Oz is still comatose, so Curtis is stuck waiting for him to be useful. He tells Jordan about his likely connection to Trina's trial, and Jordan heads straight to Wyndemere to find out more about his visit there. Sonny catches a Metro Court employee talking back to Nina and steps in to smooth things over, using psychology, strangely enough. Nina doesn't appreciate being coddled, as she sees it, and doubts that Sonny ever did that sort of thing for Carly. Sonny tells her they need to stop bringing up Carly and his relationship with her so they can move forward. Also, he warned her this would happen when she took over Carly's half of the hotel. Nina's unhappy about that, too, but Sonny says he'll always be straightforward with her, so if she doesn't want that, they should end things now. She comes around but wants to make sure his loyalty is always to her. Rory takes a day off work so he can go to Trina's trial. Arden warns that that could make him look bad, but he doesn't care. Trina's worried about the same thing, but Taggert tells her not to think about it because it's Rory's decision. Carly asks Josslyn to stay out of Sonny's business in the future because she wants to leave him in her past. Ava and Nikolas decide again, officially this time, not to sign divorce papers. Portia's distressed that she has a patient emergency and can't go to Trina's trial.

Can't wait for Esme to put her hand on a Bible before she testifies and immediately burst into flames.

Aaron, buddy, I don't like her, either, but you can't talk to your boss like that.

Is Sonny a shrink now?

"I need to know that your loyalty is always with me." Does that mean Nina expects Sonny to choose her over his children?

"Cavorting"? Who says "cavorting"? Shut up, Arden.

July 27th, 2022

Trina's unhappy to learn that Spencer is testifying for the prosecution (though he was subpoenaed, so it's not like he chose to). On the stand, he talks about the evening at the cabin and how Trina's whereabouts weren't confirmed when he and Esme left. He also says that Esme was on her own at one point, which leaves the door open for Diane to question her about her actions. Ava notices that Spencer didn't give Esme an airtight alibi, even though he had the chance to, and wonders if he's really on her side. Esme tells Ryan that Spencer offered her information about her birth mother in exchange for help exonerating Trina. She's been backed into a corner and her only option other than giving him what he wants is leaving town. Ryan won't let her leave, but he also won't beat Spencer to the punch and tell Esme about her mother. He claims he doesn't know her real name or where she is, but that he did care about her and now cares about Esme, despite what Kevin told her about Ryan being unable to have regular human feelings. Esme threatens to exchange information about him for a get-out-of-jail-free card, if it comes down to it, but Ryan makes it clear that she should fear his wrath, Spring Ridge or no Spring Ridge. He promises that if Esme doesn't help Trina or Spencer, he'll take her to find her mother when he gets out of there. Jordan asks Nikolas about Oz and any connections he might have to people who live at Wyndemere. Nikolas is clueless about that but smart enough to know that Esme probably drugged him. He realizes Esme's more dangerous than he thought and worries that she'll tell Ava about their fling. Victor shows up as he's about to find her, and Nikolas spills that he and Esme sleep together. Victor suggests that they just kill Esme so she's no longer a threat. Nikolas doesn't want to have anything to do with that, partly because he could lose Spencer again and partly because he wouldn't want Laura to find out. He's done lying and is willing to tell Ava everything now. Jordan's investigation takes her back to GH, where she tries to get Britt to provide her with information about Oz's condition. Britt can't say much because of confidentiality regulations, but she can tell Jordan that Oz has never been there for drug-related issues before, indicating that his overdose on pain medication wasn't due to an addiction. Britt has her own questions, and though Jordan also can't tell her much, Britt puts together that Oz may be connected to Esme via the pain medication Spencer asked her about. Cody can't get Britt to forgive him for not being himself or agree to another date, so he turns to Maxie for help winning her over.

"This is one time where we want him to talk." Heh. And Diane doesn't even know Spencer.

I hate the way Esme says "Daddy," and I KNOW Avery Pohl does it on purpose.

Part of me is curious about this mysterious woman who had Ryan's child, but a bigger part of me knows better than to believe anything he says.

I wish Nikolas and/or Kevin would look into why Esme was so desperate to get back into Spring Ridge. Nikolas at least should know that Esme doesn't do anything without an ulterior motive.

"No one can judge me more harshly than I am judging myself right now." A couple million people beg to differ, Nikolas.

It would be fun if Jordan and Britt, of all people, confirmed the Esme/Oz connection.

July 28th, 2022

Esme's taunting Ava about things she doesn't know about Nikolas when he arrives in time to shut her up. But Ava's heard enough about secrets to know something's going on, so he has to follow through and tell her he slept with Esme. Though Nikolas seems to think their marriage can be salvaged, Ava's done and itching for revenge. Esme tells Spencer she’s not taking his deal, and when she testifies on the stand, she only answers Arden's questions without saying anything that will clear Trina. Diane is able to paint her as the potential guilty party, and she plans to only put Trina on the stand when the time comes, since this all comes down to character. As soon as she's done, Esme races to Wyndemere to pack up and flee, but Ava catches her. Back in court, Spencer gets Diane to agree to let him testify on Trina's behalf. Dex basically tells Sonny that if he needs him to be violent with anyone else, he's Sonny's man. He meets with Michael to tell him what happened with Felty and Josslyn, and though Michael isn't happy that his sister got sucked into this, Dex thinks he made Sonny trust him. Michael advises him to solidify their relationship even more by being Sonny's new Jason, or at least a surrogate son. He doesn't seem to get that Brando has already slipped into that role, more or less. Michael and Willow are uneasy about announcing the pregnancy to Sasha and Brando, but Sasha admits that she already knows. Smoltz interrupts while she and Willow are talking and tries to stir things up about Harmony. Willow again assures Sasha that she didn't do anything wrong and Harmony's death wasn't her fault. Meanwhile, Felty tells Smoltz that he has a big scoop about Sasha, Harmony, and drugs. Mac wants Dante to take over as chief of detectives when he eventually retires. Dante hasn't been thinking much about his future, but this makes him realize that he needs to look ahead a little. He accidentally makes Sam think he's going to propose, but really he just wants to talk about moving in together. She's hesitant to take such a big leap when things are going so well. Dante questions Felty about his beating, which he claims is a mugging (even though nothing was stolen). He laughs off the idea of telling Dante who was behind it, and Dante's too clueless to figure out what he means.

Ohh, man, Esme basically lighting a match and then handing it off to Nikolas and walking away was kind of awesome.

"So weak that you cheated on your wife with your son's girlfriend," says the woman who slept with her daughter's boyfriend. I mean...Ava's anger at Nikolas is totally justified, but let's leave ages and relationships out of this.

I wish Ava and Nikolas had signed the divorce papers and she could walk away right now with half his money.

Why didn't Diane cross-examine Spencer?

Where's Jordan? If she isn't going to turn up, Spencer should testify about the drugs.

July 29th, 2022

Spencer falls on his sword, testifying that Trina couldn't have sent out the recording because he was with her at the time. Trina's touched by this, and Portia's surprised that the kid she thought was such a bad influence could be the key to her daughter's freedom. Unfortunately, Arden demonstrates that Trina could have scheduled the email ahead of time, so this might not be the get-out-of-jail-free card Trina needs, but at least now everyone knows that Spencer's on Team Trina. Ava thinks Esme's actions against her have been personal, though she's not sure why. Esme barely keeps her from seeing a letter to Maggie that may mention Ryan. Ava orders Esme to go back to the courtroom and exonerate Trina. In exchange, she'll get to live. Sasha thinks her conversation with Willow was more therapeutic than a session with an actual psychiatrist would be, so she cancels her appointment. Brando thinks that's a mistake, since Harmony's death is only one piece of her problems. Sasha's tired of him being gentle with her and trying to get her to do what he wants, and he's tired of her refusing to accept or seek help. She ends up storming off, and when she gets a text from Sienna (her original cocaine hookup) inviting her to hang out, she says yes. Brando catches Michael and Dex talking, but Michael fools him into thinking that Dex has been following him on Sonny's behalf. Sonny tells Brick he's thinking about making Dex his #2 in the future, but when Brick meets him, he thinks Dex is too green and unpredictable for the role. He defers to Sonny's judgment but insists on running a background check on Dex. They also decide to give him a "trial by fire." Dex gives Michael a heads up that Brick will probably be looking into his background, which they think is good news because it means Sonny wants to use him more. Willow asks T.J. what he thinks might be causing her elevated white blood cell count, but Michael comes in before he can answer. T.J.'s curious about why she hasn't told him yet that she might be sick.

Time to talk about the drugs, Spencer.

"How could you know about those things?" EVERYONE knows about those things, Ava!

Multiple Morgan and Kiki mentions – drink a bunch!

Sasha, if you don't want the press knowing about your personal life, don't have huge, loud fights with your husband in public.

Michael, stop meeting with Dex in person. There's nothing in your conversations that can't be relayed via phone or text.

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