General Hospital blog - June, 2006

June 1st, 2006

Jason offers Sam $5 million to take care of herself, which she refuses. Sonny wants to expand the coffee business. Tracy puts a lien on the Haunted Star, then hires Robert to manage it and keep an eye on Luke. Maxie steals more pills for Lucky. Patrick warns Lucky that if he keeps acting like a jerk, Elizabeth will leave him. Jax thinks things would be best for John if he told Nikolas the truth.

Shut up, Lucky and Maxie. That is all.

Yeah, I bet Jax will tell Nikolas the truth. Because Iím just that gullible.

Go, Sam! I never thought Iíd say that, but there you go.

I still donít get what Robertís game is. Iím not sure the writers do either, actually.

June 2nd, 2006

Sam moves in with Ric and Alexis. Robert wants to prove to Robin that he means it when he says he wants a relationship with her. Sonny is still acting weird. Diego and some of Colemanís guys rob the Haunted Star, unaware that Lulu has caught on to Diego. Manny lurks.

Sam and Ric living in the same house is just a time bomb waiting to go off.

I guess the watch shown in the first act has to go off in the third.

I donít have anything to say about Sonny other than that heís acting weird. I hope no one wants any details because I just donít care that much.

Why does Robert have to be so boring? Shouldnít he be doing interesting stuff?

June 10th, 2006

Iíve been on vacation all week, so hereís a quick summary of the weekís episodes without my comments:

June 5th: Jax and Carly are about to tell Nikolas that heís Johnís father when Helena shows up. Elizabeth makes Jason take Samís things to her. Sonny really wants an herb garden. Robert overhears Luke and Coleman discussing the robbery.

June 6th: Jax and Carly chicken out on the paternity revelation. The tequila girls reunite. Ric wants to be a mini-Sonny. Helena presents Nikolas with someone who will help provide a Cassadine heir.

June 7th: Nikolas snags some of Johnís hair so Kelly can perform another paternity test. Emilyís plan to have Lainey psychoanalyze Sonny backfires. Dillon, Georgie, Diego, and Lulu have a lot of drama. Luke and Tracy think Robert is blackmailing Luke about the robbery, but itís really Diego and Lulu.

June 8th: Sam lies to get Jason to come to her rescue. Sonny thinks Emily is Lily. Carly catches on to Nikolasí suspicions and alters Johnís test results. Elizabeth gets Jason to help her tip off Lucky so he can make a bust and regain some confidence.

June 9th: Robin prepares to spill the beans about Johnís paternity at his christening. Sonny attacks Ric for suggesting that he return to the business. Jason has to save Lucky from the stakeout-gone-wrong. Manny stalks Sam.

June 12th, 2006

Nikolas doesnít believe Robin until Jax confirms her accusation. Sam suggests to Sonny that they get Jason to give him back the business so they both win out. Patrick and Elizabeth realize that Jason, not Lucky, shot the dealer he took down. Jason tells Elizabeth that Lucky seemed to be under the influence. Diego is busted for parole violation but Alcazar promises to spare him a return to prison. Ric asks Lainey about bipolar disorder.

Interestingly, now when Jax and Carly are annoying, I can say the same thing to them that I say to Ric: ďWhatever, kidnapper.Ē

Why do Lainey and Maxie always get stuck with the bad clothes?

I donít like Sonny saying ďillusionĒ because...well...heís no Will Arnett.

I was wondering where Skye was. Too bad she pulled the boring-plot short straw.

I wanna have a tea party with Kristina!

June 13th, 2006

Nikolas blasts Jax and Carly for lying and Carly blasts Robin and Jax for telling the truth. Manny approaches Kristina. Ric tries to rile Sonny up to prove that heís losing it. Elizabeth and Jason realize that Lucky is hooked on hydrocodone. Patrick tells Sam about her Jason-championed surgery. Sonny worries that Emily will leave him to help Nikolas take care of John.

ABC owes me 20 minutes of todayís episode. I missed a few scenes, thanks to the channel going snowy a few times, and I hope I didnít miss anything important. (Ha!) I know I missed whatever Lucky and Jason talked about, but I donít really care.

Manny is pure evil! And yet he intrigues me. So way to go, Robert LaSardo. Also, NO ONE LEAVE KRISTINA ALONE ANYMORE.

I kind of hope Emily does leave Sonny for Nikolas. Wait, what am I saying, ďkind ofĒ? Leave him!

Dear Ric: Lainey is not an idiot. You kind of are, though.

June 14th, 2006

Sam thinks someone is watching her, and that Jason broke up with her because of Alexisí medical machinations. Maxie loses her drug connection just as Elizabeth confronts Lucky, who dumps his pills to make her think heís okay. Jax and Carly whatever. Georgie and Lulu graduate. Nikolas wonders whose side Alexis is on. Helena overhears them talking about Johnís true paternity.

Just for the record, I fast-forwarded every scene today that might have the name John mentioned in it.

At first I wasnít a big Alfred fan, since I thought Mrs. Landsbury was a lot cooler, but heís growing on me. Maybe because after hearing a child was moving to Wyndemere, his first instinct was to get plug covers from the hardware store.

So the last time Sam said she was being watched, she was actually crying wolf. And yet this time Jason believes her? Heís a little too gullible. Also, why would he send Stan over there? Heís the computer guy!

Maybe Nikolas should think about getting some more security for Wyndemere. Then Helena wouldnít be able to lurk around like she always does.

June 15th, 2006

Ric wants to push Sonny over the edge. Alcazar learns that Manny is alive. Luke and Robert bust Lulu and Dillon. Alcazar moves some weapons to get Diego out of jail. Sam moves out.

Did Luke raid Dillonís closet?

If Emily reminds Sonny of Lily that much, does that mean sheíll die when her car explodes? Because I could get behind that.

I actually remember Luis staying out of jail because of some mysterious envelope. Interesting that the writers took a stupid plot hole and used it years later.

Sheesh, Jason, just get back together with Sam so sheíll freaking SHUT UP.

June 16th, 2006

Manny lures Jason to a meeting with ďAlcazarĒ but gets Justus instead. Nikolas hires a nanny who happens to be a mole sent by Helena. Ric messes with Sonnyís head. Manny freaks Sam out by messing with things in her room. Sonny is all paranoid and stuff about Nikolas and Emily.

Why didnít they just wait until the 29th to kill off Justus? Would that have been more or less pointless than whatís already happening?

Yeah, letís not rip the dress off the girl who was raped.

Dear Carly: shut up. As usual.

Why would Manny put Samís stuff away for her? What a bizarre form of intimidation.

June 19th, 2006

Manny kills Justus and stashes his body in Diegoís trunk. Sonny gets suspicious of Ric, who starts covering his tracks. Bobbie throws a surprise celebration for Nikolas and John at Kellyís. Robin, Carly, and Jax yell at each other. Lucky saves Maxie from a violent Oxy dealer.

ĎBye, Justus! Sorry you never got to do anything. At least you had a girlfriend, though.

Manny? Evil genius.

I love that Sam has caught on to the soap rules - if thereís no body, the person might not be dead.

They should have had Sonny watch Emily get in the car and freak out. It would have at least been a little interesting. I think.

June 20th, 2006

Alcazar stashes Justusí body in Sonny and Jasonís warehouse. Edward denounces Jason, then tells Skye to stay away from Alcazar. Jax ditches Carly and makes plans to head to Africa with Jane. Maxie wants to have, like, 10,000 of Luckyís babies.

Aww, an Edward/Jason scene! Those are way too rare.

Caring about Jax and Carly? Too much effort.

Shut up, Maxie. Just...whatever.

So now only Alcazar and Diego know about Manny. Who next?

June 21st, 2006

Sonny orders a hit on Nikolas but Max talks him out of it. Carly tries to get Jax to stay in town. He leaves anyway, leaving her in charge of the hotel. Patrick thinks Robin spends too much time worrying about what Carly is up to. Nikolas warns Colleen never to let Helena near John. one bothered to tell Emily that her cousin is dead? How nice.

The writers appear to be trying to make Robin and Patrick interesting. They are failing.

Vacation time for Jax? Also...why in the world would he leave Carly in charge of anything, let alone an entire hotel?

Maybe Colleen will switch sides. That might be cool.

World AIDS Day and no Robin? How dumb.

June 22nd, 2006

Kristina convinces Sam to move back to the lake house. The tequila girls toast to love. Sonny dreams about Lily, then tries to strangle Edward. Skye asks Jason if Alcazar is back in the mob.

I canít believe we didnít get to see Kristina and Sam having tea. What a rip-off.

Iím very surprised that Nikolas caught Patrick and Carly hugging instead of Robin. This is a soap, after all.

Awww, the tequila girls reunited again. I love them together.

If I didnít know any better, Iíd think they were going to bring Lily back.

If Robin Christopher were a turkey, sheíd be done. Iím guessing sheíll be going on maternity leave very soon.

June 23rd, 2006

Just as Alcazar tells Jason that Manny is alive, Manny ambushes Sam in bed. Ric manages to recreate the scene of Lilyís death with Emily. Robin catches Carly kissing Patrick. Lulu comes up with a scheme to finally break up Georgie and Dillon.

Hey! The writers actually did something I thought they should do! Also, I think theyíve been coloring Natalia Livingstonís hair darker to make her look a little more like Lily.

Aaaaand Iíll be checking my closet every night before I go to bed from now on.

Methinks Luluís plan wonít work. Why doesnít she just have Dillon walk in on Georgie and Diego?

As many of us said during season 2 of Joan of Arcadia, enough with the jealous stuff already. That means you, Carly, Patrick, and Robin.

A lot of soap magazines keep a scorecard of the most important events of the week, so I figured Iíd jump on the bandwagon. So here goes:

Broke up(?): Jasper Jacks and Carly Corinthos
Left town: Jasper Jacks
Murdered: Justus Ward

June 26th, 2006

Jason arrives at the lake house too late to stop Manny from kidnapping Sam. Sonny destroys his living room, then attacks Ric. Patrick tells Robin to grow up and stop worrying about Carly. Lulu tells Carly about Sonnyís breakdown.

Emilyís shirt is so distracting, I really canít think of anything else when sheís onscreen.

Sonny hasnít smashed anything in weeks. I bet he was saving up for todayís big smashy-smashy marathon.

Poor traumatized Kristina. Maybe next time she can be a hero.

As annoying as Patrick was today, he was actually smart when he told Robin to grow up. Although she was right about Carly, because Carly is just irritating, especially where Robin is concerned.

June 27th, 2006

Jason asks Elizabeth to revisit the night Manny kidnapped her to help him figure out where he might have taken Sam. Emily plays along with Sonnyís psychosis. Mac blasts Alexis for keeping Manny out of jail. Lulu thinks she and Carly have a lot in common.

Genie Francis will be back in October! Everyone cheer with me!

That whole thing with Elizabeth retracing her steps from the night Manny kidnapped her was stupid. I think that was just to traumatize her and let Rebecca Herbst do something interesting.

Oh, Lulu. DO NOT take relationship advice from Carly. And you are nothing alike. Also, interesting that Dillonís best example of how bad Carly can be is what longtime fans refer to as the Laundry Cart Incident.

Why the heck is Emily playing along with Sonny? Thatís so bizarre.

June 28th, 2006

Luke talks to Tracy about Laura, then goes to visit her. Lulu and Diego put in motion a plan to have Dillon catch Georgie and Dillon in the boathouse. Carly and Patrick head to bed together but are interrupted by Robin. Edward gives Lainey and Justus his posthumous blessing, then reminisces about Mary Mae.

Everyone is boring. I almost fell asleep. The only good parts were the Mary Mae flashback and the thatís-totally-not-Laura-but-look-she-moved scene. I guess theyíre setting up for her, four months early.

June 29th, 2006

Jason has Carly replace Emily on Sonny-guard duty. Patrick sees Robin and Nikolas together and accuses Robin of trying to make him jealous. Lulu tells Dillon that she saw Diego and Georgie having sex in the boathouse. Nikolas wants to send Colleen and John out of the country to keep them away from Helena. Sonny kicks Emily out.

I think Jasonís response to everyone right now is, ďYeah, my girlfriendís missing, so I donít have time to deal with your issues.Ē

Stop trying to act, Natalia Livingston.

Are Carly and Sonny going to spend the whole episode tomorrow talking? Because Iíll just get my fast-forward button warmed up right now.

I think Lulu went a liiiiiittle too far.

June 30th, 2006

Jason and Elizabeth figure out that Manny has Sam at the hospital. Too bad Alexis has had Jason arrested to try to force Manny to let Sam go. Lulu regrets the way she broke up Dillon and Georgie, but she doesnít regret hitting the sack with Dillon. Anna returns to Port Charles on assignment. Patrick tells Robin that theyíre through, but she thinks heís trying to hide from his feelings for her. Luke heads out of town to rescue Holly, who doesnít actually need to be rescued. Sonny and Carly do something or another.

Um, Alexis? You should probably let Jason go so he can, you know RESCUE SAM. Sheesh.

Speaking of going too far, whoa, Lulu!

I was just wondering where Anna was. Iím guessing her new assignment has something to do with Robert....

I noticed Sonny and Carly kissing, but I cared so little about what led up to it that I didnít even both to stop fast forwarding to find out.

Broke up: Robin Scorpio and Patrick Drake (sort of), Georgie Jones and Dillon Quartermaine
Kidnapped: Sam McCall
Left town: Luke Spencer
Returned to town: Anna Devane

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