General Hospital blog - June, 2008

June 2nd, 2008

Johnny wants Zacchara to hold off on retaliating against Jason, and Zacchara finally agrees, but only to be able to catch Jason off-guard. Ric warns Sonny about the brewing war, but Jason tells Sonny he can't be involved anymore. Jax and Carly try to make up, but just wind up fighting about Jason again. Claudia tends to an injured Nikolas, then threatens to kill him, then kisses him. Sam runs into Spinelli at a shooting range and decides to try to bring out his masculine qualities. Johnny makes it clear that he's not interested in Maxie, but she won't back down.

Ric needs to go to Elizabeth RIGHT NOW and warn her to get out of Dodge.

Jax knows that this is what his relationship with Carly will be like forever, right?

This is exactly why Nikolas needs a blond girlfriend. He'll never mistake Nadine for Emily. Also, she probably won't threaten to kill him.

I shouldn't dislike Lulu more than Maxie, should I?

June 3rd, 2008

Jax and Carly are still fighting and can't even agree on whether the Zaccharas can stay at the Metro Court (Carly says yes, Jax says no). Alexis accuses Sonny of being involved in the Zaccharas' fire. Diane then tells him that his retirement is actually putting some people in more danger. This may include a magazine distributor Kate has trouble with. Tracy returns home in time to catch Lulu and Johnny in bed together. Lulu in turn catches Nikolas kissing Claudia (but not like that). Jealous of Robin's blog's popularity, Patrick gets Spinelli to post negative comments, which she immediately knows are his. In exchange, Spinelli, whose advances have one again been rejected by Maxie, gets more advice on picking up women.

I...don't get Diane's logic at all. But then again, I'm not a lawyer.

I give Carly and Jax to the end of the summer, at the latest. Even if she gets pregnant with his kid.

Spinelli - DON'T TAKE RELATIONSHIP ADVICE FROM PATRICK. He doesn't know the meaning of the word.

More Alan, please!

June 4th, 2008

Monica isn't happy to learn that Jason has taken over for Sonny, but she's more supportive when she realizes he's trying to protect Morgan. Jax doesn't want Sonny involved in the magazine. The object of Spinelli's affection turns out to be a lesbian. Spinelli learns that Maxie wants someone more like Sonny anyway. Lulu tries to warn Nikolas away from Claudia, obviously not getting the irony of telling her brother to stay away from a family she's already involved with. Later, Carly puts herself in the middle of a Lulu/Claudia face-off.

I was just wondering where Monica was. So...yay! And Jason finally found someone who thinks he made the right decision.

Hey, look, a lesbian! I'm not sure we've ever seen one on this show before.

It's no secret that I don't like Claudia, but I did love that little moment where Johnny told her about the fire and she whimpered, "My clothes?" Hee.

Poor Jax. I think he's going to get a figurative kick in the teeth in a few weeks. It's not going to be pretty....

June 5th, 2008

Jax wants a baby, so he butters Carly up with a late anniversary celebration first. Robin learns about the negative aspects of writing for the Internet. Diane encourages Spinelli to seize the day, so he finally does. Nikolas admits to Elizabeth that he's attracted to someone and feels unfaithful to Emily. Johnny tells Nikolas to stay away from Claudia, who overhears and tells Johnny to mind his own business.

Okay, so maybe Jax and Carly will be allowed to be happy for a little while before she finds out she's pregnant. Because I'm definitely still convinced that's going to happen.

At least Spinelli didn't make Maxie spill anything on those pictures.

Even now that he's the boss, poor Jason still has to listen to other people's stupid problems.

Yep, Robin, sometimes people on the Internet are mean. Get used to it!

June 6th, 2008

Sonny wants Jason to go after a loan shark who beat up Mike, but Jason reminds him that he's not running things anymore. Mike tells Kate that he thinks sooner or later Sonny will realize how much he misses having power and will want it back. Carly tells Jax she doesn't want another child yet, and he seems to be okay with that. Sam and Elizabeth have an actual mature conversation about Sam spending time with Cameron and Jake. Maxie thinks Spinelli's kiss is an act and continues to remain clueless about his feelings for her. This leaves Spinelli available to attend a wedding with Leyla, who's been ditched by Leo. Lulu and Claudia continue to talk trash about each other, even though Nikolas makes it clear he's not interested in Claudia (which he reinforces by inviting Nadine over for dinner).

Jason finally gets out from under Sonny's thumb and Sonny STILL gives him orders. This is one of the many reasons I feel sorrier for Jason than any other character.

Nikolas has a lot more patience than I do, because if Lulu were my sister, I'd PUNCH HER IN THE FACE.

And thus ends the Great Sam/Elizabeth Feud. Finally. Now if we can just do something about that Carly/Elizabeth feud....

Leo's Persian? Huh. Who knew?

June 8th, 2008

This week: Robin has health problems, Claudia has a proposition for Maxie, and Sam and Lucky take a road trip.

June 9th, 2008

Jason agrees to get rid of Mike's loan shark but warns Sonny that he's not going to keep doing him favors. Claudia offers Maxie $10,000 to seduce Johnny and $20,000 if she can get Lulu to catch them in the act. Speaking of catching someone in the act, Nikolas and Nadine go to an abandoned building to check out a space for his clinic (which she's going to consult with him on), and thanks to a poorly timed fall, they're arrested for trespassing and solicitation. Mac tells Carly that because it doesn't look like Ian worked with anyone else, Michael's case has been closed. Leyla enjoys her last-minute date with Spinelli. Lucky thanks Jason for the sacrifice he made in keeping Jake's paternity a secret.

What's with all the maturity? First Sam and Elizabeth are all nice to each other, and now Jason and Lucky? It's madness, I tell you, madness!

Maybe Lulu will shut up about Claudia and Nikolas when she hears that Nikolas and Nadine were...well, you know....

Haven't we already basically done this plot with Maxie? Eh, whatever, it'll probably be the most interesting thing to happen all summer, at least at this rate.

Yeah, if I were Mac, I'd get Carly to shut up by talking about my dead niece, too.

June 10th, 2008

Sonny considers trying to get the business back, but Kate convinces him to give civilian life a try for a little longer. Alexis asks Kate and Carly to talk to Sonny about giving up custody of Kristina. Kate resists, but Carly gives in thanks to some help from Jax. However, when she talks with Sonny, she just fights with him over whose fault it is that Michael's in a coma and how he's different with her than he is with Kate. Alexis tells Kate that Sonny and Carly will eventually get back together, but Jax tries to convince her otherwise. Maxie accepts Claudia's proposition, and she'll have some help now that Claudia and Johnny are living at the Metro Court. Just as the mayor complains that Mac isn't doing enough to get mobsters off the streets, Nikolas and Nadine are hauled in for solicitation and Spinelli is arrested for punching out a guy who called Leyla a terrorist. Alexis gets everyone released and Nadine agrees to work with Nikolas on the clinic.

Carly, SHUT UP. You had a kid with Sonny, you let him adopt your other kid, and you definitely took your clothes off in that limo, so keep your trap shut. Also, Sonny, SHUT UP, too. The deal with Jason was YOUR idea, so stop saying he forced you and Carly to do something that was a) her idea in the first place and b) a decision you made freely.

Heh, Maxie's so happy now that she has a summer project.

Yeah, I'm not a proponent of violence at all, but I think people should be allowed to hit people who use racial slurs.

Oh, Jax. You're really just tempting fate at this point. Be a good boy and just stand there and look pretty, would you?

June 11th, 2008

Carly wants revenge against Kate, and her first instinct is to sleep with Sonny. Spinelli has another run-in with the guy he punched the night before, and this time Jason, Diane, Max, and Milo save him. Spinelli decides that instead of a tough guy, he needs to aspire to be like Jax. Robin worries about what will happen to her baby after she dies. Elizabeth tries to comfort her, then tells Patrick to step up. Luke sends Sam a coded e-mail that Lucky decrypts as instructions for them to bring him some jewels in Mexico.

That physical-violence exemption should probably also extend to Jason being able to pull Carly's hair.

Didn't I tell Spinelli he should go to Jax for romantic advice? So glad he listened.

Aaaaand it's Robin's turn to tempt fate, I guess.

Road trip! I'm surprised Sam and Lucky are getting their own plot.

June 12th, 2008

Jax uses roulette to teach Spinelli about love and turn him into Mini Me. Thanks to an ill-timed visit from Zacchara, Giselle thinks that Crimson is financed by mob money. Sam and Lucky get into a bar fight, get another coded message from Luke, and meet a woman who calls Sam Cindy. Robin and Patrick talk more about stuff I didn't listen to, and then she passes out. Claudia wants to help fund Nikolas' clinic. Leyla spots them talking and tells Nadine that she thinks they're sleeping together.

It's my sincere hope that eventually Spinelli will get to impersonate everyone on the show. I'm especially looking forward to the day when he does Claudia.

Why is it that all bars on TV are populated by guys looking for a fight? Someday they should have a character walk into a bar and have a guy say, "How are you? Can I take your jacket?"

Yep, see, Robin? You tempted fate. Don't you know the percentage of births to miscarriages on this show?

So...why was Leyla at the clinic?

June 13th, 2008

Just in time for Fathers' Day, everyone has daddy issues. Jason gives Sonny the Fathers' Day gifts Michael bought him. Claudia finally runs into Jerry for the first time since he stabbed her, and just as he's about to show her exactly how he plans to control her, Jason interrupts. Robin and the baby are fine, but Patrick has finally decided that he wants to be there for both of them. Spinelli manages to keep up his act until Maxie enters the picture. Sharon, Sam's apparent nemesis, wants to steal Lucky from her, so Sam punches her. When she's arrested, the cop refuses to let Lucky come with her and makes lewd comments about Sam, so Lucky punches him. The mayor tells Nikolas and Nadine that the clinic project can't continue.

What's with all the talk about Fathers' Day? They never talked about the Mothers' Day this much in May. Maybe it's because soap characters inherently have more daddy issues than mommy issues.

Michael's gifts were lame. And he bought them two months before Fathers' Day? Yeah, I bet.

Why didn't Jason just let Jerry kill Claudia? Jason, he's doing half your job for you!

Bar fight? Check. Old enemy? Check. Another bar fight? Check. Two arrests? Check. Yep, it's a road trip, all right.

You know what's pathetic? In that two-second scene between Kate and Ric, they had more chemistry than Kate and Sonny have had in any scene over the entire past year.

June 14th, 2008

Next week: Spinelli and Claudia work together, Mac doesn't trust Patrick, and really, Alexis, don't you know better than to spend time with Jerry?

June 16th, 2008

Alexis asks Carly again to talk to Sonny about giving up custody of Kristina, but Carly refuses. Zacchara pays Alexis a visit and not-so-subtly threatens to use Kristina against Sonny. Alexis later encounters them at the casino and tears into them. Jason talks Carly down yet again. Claudia comes across a drunken Spinelli and takes him home, where Jason finds him literally all over her. Giselle thinks that Jax likes Kate like that, and that eventually they'll wind up together. Mac doesn't want Patrick tending to Robin, so he hires Epiphany to do it. Nikolas tells the mayor that he'll start the clinic no matter what.

Does Sonny even have custody of Kristina? I thought he just had visitation. Since he and Alexis were never married, I didn't think he had any legal rights to her other than an courtesy Alexis decided to extend. I bet a lot of judges in that town would make him give her up.

Why does the mayor care if Nikolas' clinic gets taken advantage of? It's Nikolas and Nadine's problem, not his.

If I were Robin, I'd mention to Mac that it's better to be with Patrick than Jason.

Interesting that of all the plotlines going on right now, the one I'm most entertained by is Sam and Lucky's.

June 17th, 2008

Jason helps Claudia tend to Spinelli, though she doesn't like the way he treats his so-called friend. Just as Claudia is leaving, the three are told that they're quarantined in the penthouse. No, seriously. No, seriously. Maxie confides in Johnny that she's upset because Georgie got a letter admitting her to a program in Florence. Lulu accuses Maxie of chasing after Johnny, so Maxie offers a gamble - they'll spin the roulette wheel, and if it lands on red, Maxie gets a date with Johnny, but if it lands on black, she'll back off. Johnny overhears and announces that he'll go out on a date with Maxie. Jerry removes Alexis from the Haunted Star and takes her back to his place, where she tells him she got upset because of Zacchara's threats. He promises to take care of things, then doesn't complain when she starts making out with him. An old friend of Sam's releases her and Lucky from jail, but Luke's notes just lead them to the middle of nowhere. I have a Pavlovian response to seeing Sonny/Kate and Carly/Jax scenes and immediately have to fast-forward them.

WHY ARE THEY DOING ANOTHER QUARANTINE STORYLINE? THIS IS SO STUPID. I CAN'T STOP YELLING ABOUT IT. I really don't want to see Claudia, Jason, and Spinelli trapped together for however long. I really hope he tells her he used to be an older brother so she shuts up about it and feels bad for him.

I hope someone will tell me if anything interesting ever happens in the Sonny/Kate or Carly/Jax scenes, because otherwise I'll really never know.

Hey, Alexis, could you try getting involved with a guy whose brother you haven't had some sort of relationship with? Or if that's not possible, maybe you should go after Dillon instead?

Like I said, Sam and Lucky's plot is the most interesting one. Weird, huh?

June 18th, 2008

Kate stages a photo shoot in the lobby of the Metro Court, which Carly crashes. As the two women try to get Jax to choose who to side with, Lulu takes bets on which will win. Trevor thinks that eventually Sonny will miss having power and come to him. Ric...something something, who cares? Jerry showers Alexis with flowers to celebrate their night together, which disgusts Nikolas but sort of intrigues Diane. Sam and Lucky accomplish their jewel delivery but don’t want the adventure to end. Robin is sick of Epiphany and sneaks Patrick over to her apartment.

Lulu taking bets was random but pretty funny. Keep it up!

Sheesh, Alexis and Jerry are freaking animals.

If Sam keeps shooting snakes, I might actually start liking her.

Can't Robin just fire Epiphany?

June 19th, 2008

Spinelli discovers that a side effect of the illness he, Claudia, and Jason have been quarantined for is plotdevicitis, the tendency to spill secrets. Claudia and Spinelli fail to notice Jason actually getting sick with whatever they've been quarantined for, as Claudia chooses to just taunt him until he tells her that if she exhibits plotdevicitis, he'll be sure to ask her if she was involved with Michael's shooting. Of course, it's Jason who passes out and will most likely be experiencing plotdevicitis. Jax is so annoyed by the news of Alexis and Jerry's extracurricular activities that he punches his brother. Epiphany quits, telling Robin and Patrick to grow up. Instead of listening, they pretend that Patrick hasn't been hanging out with Robin when Mac shows up. Patrick reveals himself and tries to convince Mac that he's committed to the baby, but Mac ignores him and then arrests him for stalking Robin. Kate gets her way, but her photo shoot is crashed by Tracy, who asks Carly to talk to Lulu about Johnny (with whom she's playing hooky from work). Sam and Lucky are back to being boring.

There are way too many holes in this quarantine plot. How did Spinelli get exposed? He does he even know he's the one who was exposed? Are they getting any more information about the situation other than "stay here for 24 hours"? Are the people giving the orders investigating to see who else might have been exposed? Because Spinelli was around a ton of people. And does anyone other than Johnny know where they are? Because no one seems to be concerned that the head of the local mob faction is MIA. Okay, why am I pretending that this makes any sense at all anyway?

Actually, I think Mac is the one who's acting like a child. And I hope Patrick sues the department for harassment.

Lulu is obviously the WORST EMPLOYEE EVER, but Kate seems to be the WORST BOSS EVER. When your employee skips work repeatedly, it's time to FIRE HER. Idiot.

I wonder if Spinelli would be more or less admiring of Jax if he saw him hit someone.

June 20th, 2008

Sonny sends Max to pick up a ring he bought to propose to Kate with, but Diane accidentally sees the ring and thinks Max is proposing to her. Too bad neither of them actually wants to get married. The truth finally comes out but Sonny isn't sure about proposing to Kate because Diane thinks career women don't want relationships. Jason gets sicker, then kind of feels better because of some weird fruits Spinelli has, then is about to get undressed by Claudia. Jax and Jerry both get arrested for their fight, but Alexis gets the charges dropped. Carly learns that Alexis and Jerry slept together and declares that they're perfect for each other. Robin protests Patrick’s arrest and, with Maxie's help, gets Mac to back off. Patrick tries to convince her to move in with him, but it doesn't look like she's going to go for it. Lulu tells Johnny that she slept with Dillon, broke up his marriage, and got pregnant, but he doesn't appear to care about the details. They're first interrupted by Tracy, who lectures them (then gets lectured herself by Alan), then Maxie.

Why did the finish the fake engagement story so quickly while we have to drag out the boring Robin's-on-bed-rest storyline and the quickly-going-downhill quarantine plot? Sigh. And Sonny's still a huge jerk.

So...people still don't know about the quarantine, do they? Poor Jason apparently has no one wondering where he is.

Funny how Johnny basically ignored Lulu's revelation that she was once pregnant. No questions about that? Idiot.

Why was Carly even on today? That was so pointless.

June 21, 2008

Next week: Zacchara wants Claudia to kill Jason, I think Kate says yes to Sonny, and I'm pretty sure I was totally right about Carly.

June 23rd, 2008

Zacchara tells Claudia to take advantage of the quarantine to kill Jason, promising to let her back into the business if she does. She accepts and prepares to smother him with a pillow. Kate accepts Sonny’s marriage proposal, but she also wants a prenup. Carly doesn’t feel well, and Jax suspects a visit from the stork. Robin and Patrick fight some more, again, and Robin finally decides to make Patrick practice fatherhood by looking after Jake. Maxie is unable to break up Lulu and Johnny’s date, but she at least gets to spend time with Johnny by herself when they get stuck in a Metro Court elevator together. This leaves Lulu free to talk to a seriously creepy Logan. Spinelli discovers that money has been moved from Ian’s account into another account.

How does Claudia expect to get away with killing Jason without Spinelli knowing it's her? Or is she going to kill him, too. It would still be dumb, considering everyone knows the three of them are there together. Or maybe Zacchara's counting on her getting arrested so he can get rid of both her and Jason at once. If that's it, he's a smart man.

And Kate wants a prenup because...she doesn't want Sonny to take her money? Honey, I'm pretty sure he has more than you. A lot more.

I've been saying forever that Robin should just have Patrick take care of a kid and see what happens. Thanks for listening, Robin!

I hope Alexis used birth control. We already have one pregnancy on the show, and it's looking like we're about to have another one. (I would ask if anyone on this show ever uses birth control, but my mom pointed out that they do - it just doesn't work.)

Okay, why is Logan so creepy all of a sudden? Is he just really ticked that he doesn't have a plotline?

June 24th, 2008

Jason gets better (and thwarts Claudia’s possible murder attempt), but Spinelli gets sick, develops plotdevicitis, and predicts that Jason will go all Oedipal on Sonny. (Does that mean he has to marry Kate?) Speaking of marrying Kate, Sonny’s going to, prenup or no prenup. Carly refuses to take a pregnancy test. Patrick handles his fatherhood crash course well but tells Robin and Elizabeth that he was on to them the whole time. Elizabeth encourages the two to be honest with each other before the baby is born. Maxie thinks that Lulu is so much like Laura that she’s going to go crazy. Logan just thinks Lulu is an idiot for dating a mobster. Scott returns from wherever in time to witness a fistfight between Logan and Johnny over Maxie. Logan starts it but Scott manages to get Johnny arrested instead.

Hey! Jason was supposed to get plotdevicitis! What a rip-off.

I've read what Carly's going to do about the possible baby, I didn't think I could hate her more, but it looks like I can.

I've also read what's going to happen to Logan. Let's just say I've been waiting a long time for a storyline like this, and I'm finally going to get my wish.

Can we stop comparing Johnny and Lulu to Luke and Laura? Basically, no one should be compared to Luke and Laura.

June 25th, 2008

Kate immediately gets Maxie and Lulu started on helping her plan the wedding, even though she and Sonny can’t agree on when to get married. Kate tells Jax about the engagement and he tells her that Carly might be pregnant. While Carly is upset that Sonny is moving on after what happened to Michael, Sonny shows no response to the news of Carly’s pregnancy. Zacchara is disappointed to learn that Claudia didn’t kill Jason. Maxie visits Spinelli in the hospital and is very concerned about his condition. Robin and Patrick fight AGAIN about his involvement in the baby’s life, and she refuses to move in with him. Logan backs up Scott’s story that Johnny threw the first punch in their fight.

Remind me never to play poker against Sonny, because that was some poker face at the end there.

Oh, Jax. He has no idea. Poor, cute, clueless Jax. I hope he doesn't give Carly anything in the inevitable divorce.

I think that's...three conversations Jason and Elizabeth have had since they got engaged? Nice.

Lulu, I know, Claudia and Johnny are kind of gross together, but you don't have to be jealous. They really are brother and sister. (...As far as we know.)

June 26th, 2008

Carly asks Diane if Sonny has any rights to the baby (if it's his and if it existsTM) after signing away his rights to Michael and Morgan. Diane says he does, but Carly has a plan to avoid any custody battles. Zacchara threatens to harm Kristina if Alexis doesn't release Johnny from lockup. After discovering that Zacchara has someone watching Kristina, Alexis asks Jerry to keep his word about protecting her. Monica tells Tracy to do everything she can to keep Lulu away from Johnny. Tracy's only idea is to tell him the same exact things everyone's been telling him for months. Ric tries to turn Claudia against Johnny by telling her that if Johnny goes to jail or dies, she'll be Zacchara's favorite child. She sees right through him but would probably still sleep with him if given the chance. The mayor pulls the ads for Nikolas' clinic in an effort to keep it from doing any business, but Nadine manages to get some patients and show him up. Maxie literally runs into the guy who used to play the guy Kirsten Storms' character on Days of Our Lives was involved with.

Um, actually, Sonny would have no legal right to Carly's child (if it's his and if it existsTM) because they're not married. Why is it that I know that as a proofreader at a court reporting firm while Diane, supposedly a lawyer, doesn't? Way to do your research, writers.

Man, Alexis has more self-control than I do, because if I'd been there when he threatened Kristina, I might have tried to pull his face off. And I'm not even Kristina's mother!

There is no freaking way that clinic would be up and running by now. I call shenanigans.

Yeah, the only reason they had Maxie run into that doctor (his name is Matt Hunter) is because they were on Days of Our Lives together. That's called stunt-casting, boys and girls. Tomorrow we'll learn about SORAS.

June 27th, 2008

Sonny confronts Carly about the possible baby and she tells him that if she's pregnant, Jason is the father. He decides to tell Kate about their romp in the car, but she doesn't want to deal with any more Carly-related drama. Carly finally buys a pregnancy test and takes it to Jason's, preparing to fill him in on her latest insane scheme. Sonny advises Jax to get a paternity test if Carly's pregnant. Robin wants to go back to work, despite Patrick's protestations. Anna shows up and kicks Patrick out, but as soon as she's out of the room, Robin heads to work. Patrick surprises her with a petition for visitation with the baby, even though it hasn't been born yet. Alexis quickly regrets sending Jerry after Zacchara (and Johnny regrets it as well, as he's the one Jerry holds a gun on to make his point). Maxie and Nikolas both bicker with the new doctor, Matt Hunter, and Patrick, Robin, and Elizabeth don't seem to like him either, for no apparent reason. He and Maxie have another run-in when he walks in on her and Spinelli seemingly trying to have sex. Lulu continues to not listen to Tracy about Johnny. I continue to be bored.

Jax, while you're getting that paternity test, you might want to just go ahead and have divorce papers drawn up, too.

Why is everyone being so mean to Matt? He hasn't even done anything! It makes me want to like him just because I feel sorry for him. Though I'd like him to get a personality first.

I think Anna would have been at the hospital about five seconds after Robin, since she would assume that's where she went and, you know, she's a freaking spy.

I guess Zacchara doesn't realize that if he were to let Ric know he'd threatened Kristina, Ric would take care of the job for Jerry and kill Zacchara himself.

Arrested: Johnny Zacchara
Back in town: Anna Devane
Engaged: Kate Howard and Sonny Corinthos
Hospitalized: Damien Spinelli
Possibly pregnant: Carly Jacks

June 29th, 2008

This week: Carly threatens to break up Sonny and Kate, Nikolas makes a lot of threats, and Robin considers changing her mind. Also, Friday's episode better be a rerun, or else Emily is making an appearance.

June 30th, 2008

The writers waste a perfectly good plotline by making Carly's pregnancy test turn out negative. However, Sonny's tip has made Jax wonder if he could be the non-existent baby's father. Sonny is also curious to find out if Jason and Carly really slept together. Jerry takes Johnny with him as a hostage, but instead of leaving when he’s released, Johnny attacks Jerry. He gets Jerry’s gun and is about to shoot him when Claudia arrives. Jerry tries to save himself by telling Johnny that he knows a big secret about Claudia. Anna talks to Patrick and realizes that he does want to be in the baby's life. Robin tells Diane she'll fight the petition, and Anna says that she'll testify - but for Patrick, not Robin. Nikolas warns Claudia that if anything happens to Alexis or the girls, he'll tell Sonny about Claudia's involvement in Michael's shooting. Matt thinks Spinelli has some disorder (most likely Asperger's), but Spinelli doesn't want to be tested for it. Sam and Lucky are the day's filler.

If Carly were my friend, I would never have energy for anything other than dealing with her. Though at least I would have a friend I was ten times smarter than.

Oh, Spinelli doesn't have Asperger's. He's just a geek. And Jason doesn't either; he's just antisocial.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for finally telling Robin that she's the only person who still believes Patrick doesn't want to be a father! Keep it up and I might not hate you so much anymore.

I still don't get why everyone hates Matt. He has a big ego? Um, Patrick's ego has its own zip code and people don't hate him.

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