General Hospital blog - June, 2009

June 1st, 2009

Sonny and Carly agree to let Michael live with Sonny and Claudia, an idea Morgan doesn't like. Jason gets a recording of Claudia hiring Fredo to kill Jerry and gets Spinelli to verify it. Spinelli admits that he hopes Claudia isn't connected to Michael's shooting because he likes her. Ethan tells a pleased Lulu that he's her brother. Holly asks Luke to run off with her, but he wants to stay near his kids. Elizabeth convinces Lucky to give Luke another chance, but Lucky will probably change his mind about that after catching Luke kissing Holly goodbye.

Color me shocked that Carly didn't completely lose her mind over Michael and Claudia suddenly being best buddies.

What's with all the drama about where Michael's going to live? Are we supposed to care that much?

Oh, Spinelli. Really? Sympathy for Claudia just because she's nice to you? You're too easy.

Seriously, I want Ethan gone. Like, now.

June 2nd, 2009

Morgan gets Michael to change his mind about living with Sonny. Carly warns Claudia to stay away from Michael, thinking she's using him to get closer to Sonny. Michael tells Claudia that he remembers her talking to him while he was comatose. Jason tells Sonny he's pretty sure that Claudia's attempt to have Jerry killed means she was working with him when Michael was shot. They wonder how much Johnny knows and Sonny instructs Jason to work more closely with Johnny so they can earn his trust. Meanwhile, Johnny hears Claudia's voice on Fredo's recording and sets out to steal it from Spinelli. Maxie doesn't stop him. Blah, blah, Ethan and Lucky are still mad, but Holly's finally gone.

Once again, Claudia, you're the worst villain ever.

Yay, Holly finally left! Now how can we make sure she stays away?

Loved Carly's line about Sonny having three kids with two women "that we know of." So true.

But I have to admit, I also loved Claudia telling Jason to use his "big-boy words." Heh.

June 3rd, 2009

Michael really wants to get out of the hospital and is back to being a jerk. Robin ends up being his newest target. Olivia makes out with Johnny in front of Claudia and of course succeeds in making her mad. Johnny tells Claudia to back off, hinting that if she doesn't, he'll tell Olivia about her involvement in Michael's shooting. Claudia's day only gets worse when she sees Sonny and Carly hugging. Alexis and Elizabeth commiserate over their distrust of Rebecca, who knows they're talking about her. As Rebecca and Nikolas break their deal with Alexis, Rayner tells Alexis that Rebecca was illegally adopted. Luke and Ethan take another DNA test and try to keep Tracy from finding out about it.

If Olivia and Claudia do ever get into a fight, my money's on Olivia. Don't mess with Brooklyn.

Does Michael really think Patrick will let him go early? Silly boy.

Hey, Rayner's still here! Can he stay? He and Alexis are cute together.

Heh, I love it when people talk to Jason about their sex lives and he gets all squirmy.

June 4th, 2009

Jason calms Michael down and warns that if he doesn't improve his behavior, he'll be in the hospital longer. Sonny decides that Michael should live with him after all and asks Jason to help him convince Carly to change her mind as well. Claudia tells Jax to keep Carly away from Sonny, then helps Michael sneak out of the hospital, though he's caught by Toussaint before he can get very far. Convinced by Rayner that Rebecca and Emily were twins, Alexis goes to tell Nikolas and catches him with Rebecca. As she lectures him once again, Rebecca runs into Helena, who recognizes that Rebecca is running a scam, just not with her. Robin isn't sure she wants to go back to work yet, which makes Patrick uneasy. Sonny assigns Jason to talk to the manager of a Zacchara-owned club that's not "following the rules." Instead, Jason sees someone familiar (presumably Kristina) and makes her leave.

Start placing your best as to who Rebecca and Emily's birth parents were.

Suddenly Michael can walk perfectly fine? Yeah, I'll get right on suspending my disbelief.

Dear Patrick, what are you even freaking out about? I'm not sure you know.

So Kristina (who's underage) was partying in a club HER FATHER OWNS? Idiot.

June 5th, 2009

Michael lies to Toussaint about who he is, then leaves the hospital before anyone else can see him. Claudia tries to keep Sonny calm over Michael's disappearance, but he, Carly, Jason, and Jax ignore her. Carly overhears Claudia confiding to Johnny that she thinks Michael left to get away from her, and when Carly confronts her, they both fall down a flight of stairs. Lucky fills Nikolas in on the Ethan situation, and Nikolas assures Ethan that things will get better. Rebecca briefly shows up, then leaves with Nikolas. Armed with proof that Rebecca was Emily's sister, Alexis summons Nikolas so she can break the news to him, Meanwhile, Rebecca comes home to a surprise make-out buddy: Ethan. Jason takes Kristina to the penthouse, where she complains that Sonny ignores her. She admits that she does well academically and pretends she's okay with Sonny's actions so Alexis will give her whatever she wants. Jason takes her home, where Michael is waiting for her and wants her help to stay out of the hospital. When Jason tracks him down and arrives to retrieve him, Kristina tries to distract him by wearing few clothes and propositioning him.

Rebecca and Ethan? Nice twist! So what's the scam? I'm guessing they want money from either Nikolas or the Qs.

Hey, look, two pregnant women fell down the stairs. Imagine that. You just know Sonny's going to be more worried about Carly than Claudia.

Between Lulu and Ethan's weird chemistry and Michael calling Kristina a babe, it's been a strange week for sibling relationships.

Way to play it cool, Alexis. Now Rayner's definitely going to investigate you.

June 6th, 2009

Next week: the truth about Rebecca is finally out (supposedly), Sonny is suspicious of Ric, and I'll bet anything that Claudia miscarries but pretends she didn't.

June 8th, 2009

Carly's baby is fine while Claudia might be miscarrying. A concerned Ric hovers around until Sonny finally gets suspicious. Michael refuses to return to the hospital, only agreeing when he learns of Carly's fall. He tells Jason that he hates the way Carly treats him. Meanwhile, Sam sides with Jason over Kristina, who doesn't want to talk about her daddy issues. Alexis tells Nikolas that Emily's parents couldn't afford two children, so they sold Rebecca. As Nikolas continues to deny that Alexis' research on Rebecca means she has an agenda, Rebecca and Ethan reminisce about meeting each other on their way to Port Charles and agreeing to con the Quartermaines together.

So we're supposed to believe that Paige never told Emily she was a twin, even when she was on her deathbed? Not likely. Why didn't they just say that Paige adopted Emily and never knew she had a twin? Also, what DNA test is Nikolas planning to run to find out if Rebecca and Emily were really related? There's no DNA to test Rebecca's against!

I know it's not supposed to be funny, but when Sonny heard that Claudia might be miscarrying, you could practically see a thought bubble over his head with an exit sign in it.

Heh, I kind of enjoyed Sam smacking Kristina like the annoying little gnat she is.

Did Nikolas really say that Alexis doesn't have any friends? Has he never met Diane or Jax? Also, Nikolas, YOU'RE the one who doesn't have any friends. Shut up.

June 9th, 2009

Carly is both jealous and suspicious of Michael remembering that Claudia talked to him while he was comatose. Michael might also remember hearing Jax apologize to him. Rebecca pretends that she didn't know she was Emily's sister, then asks Nikolas to tell her about her. Sonny would rather spend time with Olivia than Claudia, who still can't get rid of Ric. He's also a little suspicious that the baby might not be his. Robin and Patrick do grownup things and are happy. Kristina has issues (shocker).

Yes, Carly, Michael remembers Claudia talking to him, but not you. If I were you, I'd take it extremely personally.

Hmmm...Rebecca's a better actress than the actress playing her.

Sheesh, this is like the longest possible miscarriage ever.

Why is Kristina getting so much screen time when she's not even doing anything?

June 10th, 2009

Rebecca tells Ethan that Nikolas knows she's Emily's sister, and he encourages her to get Jason on her side in case people start suspecting that she's in town for Emily's money. Jason is swayed, but Elizabeth thinks Rebecca's running a con. Helena overhears Rebecca and Ethan, and when she attempts to blackmail Rebecca by using her to get to Nikolas, Luke overhears. When he confronts Helena, one of her goons knocks him out. Olivia summons Patrick to the Metro Court (and Robin tags along) when the mayor tells her he's in need of a discreet doctor. It turns out he's been having an affair with a woman named Brianna who was injured in the shower and he doesn't want anyone to know. Patrick and Robin think there's more to the story but don't get any answers. Ethan tries to connect with Lucky again, but Lucky just warns that Luke will eventually hurt him. The DNA results come back and Ethan is officially Luke's son. Maxie tells Jason that Johnny overheard part of the Claudia/Fredo conversation, and when Jason confronts Johnny, Johnny asks him to leave Claudia alone.

So I'm guessing that Helena will kidnap Luke but no one will be suspicious because they'll just think he ran off with Holly. At least they're doing something new!

Why did they just drop the mayor storyline in the middle of the episode? I don't want to see more of Rebecca! I want the interesting scenes!

I can't believe I agree with Elizabeth about something (namely seeing Rebecca go away). I feel...wrong.

Maxie and Spinelli are clearly meant for each other - she talked to Jason for five minutes and gave exactly one meaningful piece of information.

June 11th, 2009

Claudia thinks she's miscarried but tells Sonny that everything's fine. Sonny still thinks he might not be the baby's father. Michael flies into another rage and Jason has to calm him down again. Michael once again changes his mind about where to live, thinking it would be better if he stayed with Sonny. Alexis questions Floyd about Brianna's injury, thinking foul play was involved, but he sticks to his story that it was an accident. She winds up needing surgery and Matt convinces Patrick to let him do it. Everyone is so optimistic that he'll be fine that they jinx things and Brianna will probably wind up dead. Maxie decides that she wants to dig up more dirt on Kate and get some revenge. Jax is still struggling with guilt over not turning Jerry in for his involvement in Michael's shooting.

Can we just flip a coin or something to decide where Michael's going to live? This back and forth is really boring.

Congratulations, Carly: your odds of miscarrying just dropped drastically.

Sorry, actress hired to play an unconscious person - I don't think Brianna's going to be getting any lines.

For all the talk about the park today, you'd think it was Narnia or something. "We're going to the park!" "Why don't you come to the park?" "Let's go to the park!" It's just a park, people. We see it all the time.

June 12th, 2009

Kristina brings Michael pot, but before he can light up, he's released from the hospital. Jason catches Kristina with the pot and she decides to get Michael to talk him out of telling Alexis about it. Carly takes Michael home and he's immediately uncomfortable because she, Jax, and Morgan have become so close. He takes off and heads to Sonny's house with Kristina, who's inevitably going to crash the car she shouldn't be driving in the first place. Claudia is thrilled to learn that she hasn't miscarried after all, though Kelly thinks she should work on reducing her stress by coming clean with Sonny about her affair with Ric. Claudia arrives home in time to hear Olivia telling Sonny about Ric and Claudia's fling. Claudia completely goes off on her but Sonny takes Olivia's side, so she packs up to leave, but before she can, Sonny catches her saying actual nice things to the baby. Brianna dies and her family manages to retain Diane and put a lawsuit in motion without even being in touch with or showing up to the hospital. Robin and Patrick try to be helpful but Matt thinks they believe he's not as good of a doctor as Patrick. Maxie and Lulu meet up with Spinelli at a spa, where he's followed Kate because for some reason he thinks it's weird for her to be at a spa. Giselle shows up and the three overhear her blackmailing Kate with some information about her Crimson funders.

Wow, Kristina's an idiot. Need I say more?

I know I shouldn't spend so much time thinking about the timing issues on the show, but they were so messed up yesterday and today. Robin and Patrick spent about five minutes in the park with Emma (who subsequently disappeared). Then in the same time it took Kristina to go to a vending machine for a candy bar, Matt began, screwed up, and botched an entire operation. Nice going, writers.

I find it really funny that Sonny was so grateful to Olivia for telling him the truth. You know, she does have at least two other secrets she's keeping from him...

Thanks for summing up for us that Giselle is blackmailing Kate, Maxie. I don't think I would've gotten it otherwise.

June 15th, 2009

Claudia advises Michael to be nice to get what he wants, which mostly includes moving in with her and Sonny. Carly and Sonny still can't agree on where he should live but ultimately tell Michael that he'll be going home with Carly. Maxie and Spinelli go to Jake's, where Johnny is playing the piano Coleman has randomly decided to put there. A drunk Matt shows up and hassles Maxie, leading to a fight with Spinelli that Johnny breaks up. A guy lurks outside Sam and Spinelli's PI office, then attacks Sam when she arrives. Jason saves her by knocking the guy out, but Sam reveals that he's a cop named Callahan who was sent there by the mayor, and thanks to a case she's been investigating, they could wind up in jail. Rebecca thinks she should have gone to the Quartermaines before Nikolas because he's been avoiding her. Alexis thinks that Diane should drop the Hughes' lawsuit against Matt because the information about Floyd could get out and he could lose his job. Diane points out that Alexis could wind up as mayor if that happened. Jason figures out that Kristina drove Michael to Sonny's house and confronts her. She'd really rather be left alone. Claudia and Sonny decide to give things another shot. Patrick blames himself for Matt's legal troubles.

That was some crappy editing today. 40 minutes in, we suddenly get Rebecca/Ethan scenes, and we go from the guy lurking around the PI office to Sam behing attacked? They couldn't cut two minutes of Johnny playing the piano to flesh that second one out a little more? Especially since it actually sounds interesting?

Kristina drove Michael to Sonny's and then left him there? She really does suck.

Why does Alexis care so much that Floyd could lose his job? Is she in love with him or something? We know she has bad taste in men....

I would say that we'd better get to see this poker game after all the talk about it, but unless someone gets killed over a hand of cards, I really don't care that much.

June 16th, 2009

Spinelli and Maxie fill Sam and Jason in on the bar fight, which helps Sam piece everything together. The mayor's wife, Andrea, hired her to tail Brianna, and she was watching the hotel the day Brianna was injured. She thinks the mayor sent Callahan after her once he found out that Brianna was dead (murdered, as Spinelli suspects). Michael, Jason, and Jax are all worried that Michael will hurt someone, but he's still sent home with Carly. Patrick tells Matt that he's as responsible for Brianna's death as Matt is, leading Diane to add him to the lawsuit as a codefendant. Rebecca and Nikolas talk about their feelings for each other in front of Ethan, for some reason. After Nikolas leaves, Ethan makes it clear to Rebecca that he's running the show, which apparently turns her on. Ric tells Sonny and Claudia that if the baby's his, Sonny won't be raising it. Kristina still thinks that Michael can convince Jason not to tell Alexis about the pot and illegal driving, which should be interesting now that he's told Sam about them.

Why are we just now learning of Sam's involvement in the mayor/Brianna storyline? I guess we're supposed to think that the writers held off on filling us in for dramatic purposes, but I'm more inclined to believe that it's laziness. Too bad, since it's the most interesting thing going on right now.

And that's why you don't talk about legal matters in front of the lawyer who's suing you.

Whenever Ethan and Rebecca start to get intense, all I can think is, "Awww, look, they're trying to act!"

Hey, Ric shaved! Does that mean he's not evil anymore?

June 17th, 2009

Spinelli and Maxie break into the mayor's office to investigate his affair with Brianna, which means they have to hide (badly) when Mac shows up with the mayor. The mayor wants a couple of detectives and Spinelli thinks he's trying to cover something up. Meanwhile, Robin and Patrick embark on their own investigation, trying to figure out exactly how Brianna could have hit her head on a showerhead. Matt apologizes to them for his drunken behavior the night before and is shocked to hear that Patrick is now in the same boat he is. As Robin learns about Spinelli and Sam's investigation from Maxie, figuring out that Andrea already knew about Brianna and Floyd's affair, Andrea tells Patrick to settle the suit. Alexis asks Max to talk Diane out of pursuing the Hughes' lawsuit. Diane catches them together and blasts them both for interfering. Alexis begs Diane to pass on the case, leading Diane to guess that the mayor has something on her. Nikolas dreams about Rebecca coming to see him at Emily's crypt and professing her love just before Emily comes out of the crypt and begs him not to be with her. Elizabeth thinks Nikolas should listen to dream Emily because Rebecca's wrong for him. Instead, Nikolas tells Rebecca that he wants to figure things out. Tracy catches Ethan and Rebecca talking and accuses them of running a scam together. Elizabeth also gets suspicious when she learns of their meeting. Ethan is worried because Luke is MIA. Lucky, Lulu, and Tracy think that's funny.

So for once we have a major storyline that a) doesn't involve the mob (at least not yet), b) has medical aspects as well as mystery aspects, and c) is actually interesting. What are the odds? Also, I'm DYING to know what the mayor has on Alexis.

Thank you, writers, for not making Robin and Patrick boring like I expected you would. They're freaking adorable now.

Funny how Nikolas said that if Emily were here, she would hate the way he's been treating Rebecca. Actually, Nikolas, if Emily were here, you wouldn't be treating Rebecca the way you have because you'd be with Emily. Also, I'd be screaming because there would be two of them.

If Elizabeth figures out that Rebecca and Ethan know each other, I will forgive a minimum of two annoying things she's done. Maybe even three.

June 18th, 2009

Jax has to talk Carly out of shadowing Michael, who takes advantage of his alone time to go to Jake's and drink beer. While there he runs into Kristina and a friend of hers who thinks it's funny that Michael has a brain injury. He doesn't find it as funny when Michael hits him, and Michael finds it even less funny when the friend knocks him out. Sonny catches Johnny and Olivia together and announces that business trumps pleasure, so he gets priority over Olivia in meeting with Johnny. Olivia asks Carly to talk to Sonny about the situation, fearing that he'll hurt Johnny. Claudia lectures Johnny, trying to guilt him into taking her side. Claudia also enlists her uncle Rudy to kill Jason at a meeting with some Zacchara guys. Sonny wants Johnny at the meeting as well (and encourages Jason to use him as a human shield if need be), and Claudia tells Johnny he just needs to let Jason get killed. Nikolas changes his mind AGAIN and tells Rebecca they can't be together because of Emily. Rebecca confides in Monica, who tells Nikolas that he shouldn't use Emily as an excuse. This makes Nikolas change his mind back, put on a tux, and give Rebecca a dress. Andrea promises to make it worth Patrick's while if he settles the case and keeps the lawsuit out of the press. When he tells Robin about their conversation, he mentions that Andrea claimed she didn't know about Brianna and Floyd's affair before Brianna's death, which Robin knows is a lie. Andrea tells Floyd to let her handle the situation and keep a low profile. Elizabeth tells Lucky that she thinks Rebecca and Ethan are having an affair. He thinks she's nuts.

I guess I shouldn't be so surprised that Claudia STILL hasn't figured out that she shouldn't keep hiring other people to kill people for her. She remembers how poorly that's worked out in the past, right? I predict that Johnny will get shot because Claudia can never be successful at anything.

Hi, Kristina's idiot friend? Congratulations - you just beat up a mobster's son. Enjoy your premature death.

Something tells me Carly doesn't think Olivia was being literal when she said Johnny was checking her car engine.

I've always been pretty neutral on Greg Vaughan, but his delivery of his lines in response to Elizabeth telling him she saw Rebecca and Ethan talking ("in public? Almost like they have nothing to hide?") was hilarious. More funny Lucky! Poor guy never gets to be funny. And speaking of guys who never get to be funny, Sonny made Jason smile when he suggested he use Johnny as a human shield! Amazing!

First question: is the dress Nikolas is giving Rebecca white? Second question: is he Sonny now? (You can always tell when Sonny's trying to woo someone because he gives her jewelry, a dress, and a trip to the island. Sometimes all at once.)

June 19th, 2009

Olivia finds out about Sonny sending Johnny to a meeting with Jason and asks him not to put Johnny in danger. Sonny won't back down and Claudia arrives before they can discuss the subject further. Claudia argues with Sonny about Olivia, then distracts him via seduction. Johnny and Jason trek through the woods for some reason, and then Jason becomes the target of a sniper. Michael turns out to be playing possum and surprises Kristina's friend, then gets rid of him. Alexis catches Michael and Kristina at Jake's and rats them out to Carly, who confronts Michael about his actions. Michael goes the sullen-little-boy route again, pushing Carly and getting tackled by Jax. Lulu and Carly discuss Olivia's relationship with Johnny, and when Lulu runs into Olivia at the garage, she goes out of her way to make it clear that they're completely over. Rebecca and Nikolas are really boring.

Hey, Claudia? You and Sonny were just talking about Olivia, so I'm guessing that's who he's going to be thinking about for the next few minutes know. Also, stop calling her a tramp when you're the one who doesn't know who fathered her baby. Man, I can't wait until Claudia finds out that Olivia had a kid with Sonny. We all know how he treats the mothers of his children....

Johnny's starting to grow on me. "Is this what it feels like to go camping?" Hee. But I'm not sure why he and Jason are trekking through the woods? I thought they were going to an arranged sit-down meeting. Eh, like it matters. Neither of them is going to get killed, and not just because we saw them wearing bulletproof vests. Either Johnny will get shot or he'll save Jason to get on Sonny's good side.

I'm so glad Kristina finally got busted for something. It was starting to get ridiculous. Also, the next time she wants to hang out in a bar, she should pick one her mom doesn't sometimes hang out in.

Dante, don't listen to Olivia! Come to Port Charles! Make things even more interesting!

June 20th, 2009

Next week: Sonny's kids are taking over the show.

June 22nd, 2009

Johnny saves Jason from the sniper and the two of them take out all the shooters except one (who I'm pretty sure is named Dominic). Claudia is furious that Johnny foiled her plans, but he thinks his life was in danger, too. Claudia's day gets even worse when Johnny tells her to leave so he can be with Olivia. Jax convinces Carly that Michael needs to live with Sonny, but he's already gotten the same idea and gone over there. Jason tells Jax that the timing is bad, not like it would ever be a good time to move into a mobster's house. Morgan decides to go to Sonny's as well, but for some reason he winds up in the woods and is grabbed by Dominic. Nikolas and Rebecca waltz, and then she freaks out and runs off because it feels so right. She runs into Ethan, who teases her about it, and then actually has a conversation with Nikolas about it. They both admit to having feelings for each other and then head back to Wyndemere to make out and probably more.

Apparently all of Sonny's kids are dumb. If your nine-year-old is wandering through the woods alone at night, he's not too bright.

Do you know how much time we wasted on Nikolas and Rebecca dancing? I'm not exactly sure because I zoned out, but it was way too long.

Funny how Jax hates violence and yet has told Jason numerous times that he's free to hunt Jerry down and kill him. Just saying.

I just want to pin Ethan down and wash his hair, like in those commercials.

June 23rd, 2009

Dominic (who may actually be Dante) tries to get away with Morgan, but Carly and Michael both show up and foil his plans. In the process Dominic learns where Sonny's house is and tells the three of them to make sure Sonny knows he could have killed them and wants something in return. As Carly, Michael, and Morgan share some sort of weird bonding moment, Dominic shows up at Sonny's and tells Claudia he's going to repay her a bullet for a bullet. Johnny wonders if Olivia is only sleeping with him to get Sonny's attention. Robin and Patrick look over Brianna's medical records and Robin discovers that she was hit twice in the same place on her head, indicating homicide rather than an accident. Ric and Andrea have some sort of plan but they won't let us in on it. Also, she wants him to work on getting the med-mal suit settled. Rebecca and Nikolas have sex, and then she dreams of watching him dance with Emily. Then they do a bunch of other stuff but to be honest I didn't actually watch any of it. Claudia WILL NOT SHUT UP about anything.

Dominic (or whatever his name is) is from Bensonhurst? Dear baby Jesus, please let him be Dante. He has to be, right? RIGHT? Also, wouldn't it be awesome if Claudia had unknowingly hired Olivia's son/her own stepson to kill his father's best friend?

It would be ironic if Ric and Andrea were sleeping together since some people seem to think that Floyd is Molly's real father. Personally, I think it would be much more interesting if he were Sam's hardly-ever-mentioned father, but that's just me.

Nice detectiving, Robin. Mac would be proud. Too bad you and Patrick are doctors and Diane will never let your findings fly in court.

Listen, if I have to put up with Rebecca, I shouldn't have to put up with Rebecca AND Emily. I don't want a two-for-one deal, thank you very much.

June 24th, 2009

Michael wants Jason to let him help look for Dominic, who Claudia has put up in Sonny's house. Jason refuses, then admits to Sam that he feels like a hypocrite since he approached Sonny about a "mentorship" in the same way. Michael next approaches Johnny, who says that he doesn't want to be responsible for Michael getting shot again. Jason arrives just in time to seize upon the word "again." Sam lectures Kristina about her recent choices, learning from Alexis about the Jake's situation with Michael. Kristina heads straight over to Sonny's to talk to Michael, running upstairs so an arriving Alexis won't catch her. Alexis reiterates to Michael that she doesn't want him and Kristina alone together. Claudia inserts herself in the discussion and taunts Alexis for not being able to prove that she's committed any crimes because it would mean investigating Sonny as well. Meanwhile, Kristina unsurprisingly runs into Dominic. Maxie learns that Matt's office has been declared off-limits so Diane can gather some of his files, and for some reason she decides to break in. Toussaint catches her and she pretends that she and Matt are sleeping together and she just wanted to surprise him. Matt backs up her story but doesn't get anything in return (except possible a new follower on his Twitter). Robin and Patrick confront the mayor about Brianna's suspected murder; he, of course, denies any involvement, telling them that he was in love with her and was going to leave Andrea for her. Andrea and Ric still have some plan in motion but don't elaborate any more on it. Andrea also publicly berates Matt and calls him incompetent. Toussaint and Epiphany take a turn being boring.

So Claudia just expected no one to find Dominic? Seriously, she's verging on the dumbest character ever.

Ha, @drmatthunter is real and the most recent post is, "oh...hi maxie."

Way to accuse the mayor of murder, Patrick. Maybe you should let Robin do the talking from now on.

Poor Rick Hearst. Tomorrow's his last day and we've barely seen him recently. What a way to go out.

June 25th, 2009

Johnny tries to help Jason convince Michael that he's never going to be a part of the organization, and that his and Jason's situations are completely different. He still won't listen, so Jason takes him to Sonny, who tells Michael exactly why he's a bad guy and why his kids will never be in the organization. Matt and Patrick ask Ric to represent them in Brianna's case, but he can't because he's moving to L.A. with absolutely no warning. Robin and Patrick then go to Spinelli and Maxie to discuss the case, and Maxie warns them that their arrival at the hotel after Olivia summoned them could be spun as them being accessories to murder. Claudia tries to get Johnny to help her get Dominic out of Sonny's house, where Kristina is attempting to help him escape. Johnny shows up too late to get past Sonny and Claudia catches Kristina with Dominic and tries to play dumb. (You'd think she'd be better at it, but you'd be wrong.) Alexis begs Sonny to keep Kristina from coming over to see Michael because the house isn't safe for her. Carly decides that Michael isn't safe there either and considers sending him to live with the Quartermaines. Maxie catches Spinelli hugging Mercedes and freaks out, but it turns out that she was thanking him for keeping quiet that her cousin (in the country illegally) was a maid working at the hotel when Brianna was injured.

Wow, so all of Sonny's kids are dumb. I have bad news for Claudia.

Okay, first of all, Robin and Patrick just need to get everyone who's a witness in Brianna's case in the same room and figure out everything that happened and when. Second of all, I'm guessing that she was blackmailing someone because she knows Alexis' secret. Which I would still really like to know....

So...that's it for Ric? Three scenes, no goodbyes with Alexis or Molly (or Sonny, even), and no explanation? Why did they save that all for the last day? Why not mention it a couple of days ago and build up to it? Thanks a lot, writers. It's not like he was an important character with ties to a bunch of people or anything.

Hi, Mercedes! 'Bye, Mercedes!

June 26th, 2009

Robin, Patrick, Maxie, and Spinelli tell Mac and Alexis what they've found out about Brianna's death, and Mac agrees that she was probably murdered. He thinks the mayor did it, so Alexis reluctantly gets a warrant. City Hall tips the press off to a high-profile arrest, so they're there (as is Kristina) when Mac arrests Floyd. He says he's innocent and Alexis can't prosecute him because they used to be lovers. Carly decides to send Michael to live with the Quartermaines, who are happy to have him come (and Edward thinks Jason should move back in, too). Claudia tells Sonny to win Michael over by buying him something he doesn't know he wants, so Sonny gets him a car. Johnny gets Dominic out of Sonny's house (after Claudia successfully convinces Kristina that she doesn't know him) and to parts unknown. Lulu takes Ethan to meet Cameron and Jake, which Lucky isn't happy about. He doesn't want a crook and a con around his kids, so it's kind of funny when Jason shows up a couple minutes later. Lucky tells Elizabeth that he hates Ethan because he's a reminder that Lucky cheated on Laura. Elizabeth wonders if Jake symbolizes the same thing.

Please tell me Alexis and Floyd's affair isn't the end of that secret. Please tell me there's more.

Yes, Sonny, it's perfectly reasonable to give Michael an expensive present he can't use and doesn't deserve without asking Carly.

Color me shocked - Claudia actually can play dumb. Or maybe it's just that Kristina is even dumber and fell for it.

As much as I hate Elizabeth/Jason scenes (oh, heck, we all know I mean Elizabeth anything), I do like that every once in a while he gets to interact with Jake. It's just a little reminder of what's really going on there.

Arrested: Garrett Floyd
Left town: Ric Lansing
New in town: Dominic Pirelli (Dante Falconeri?)

June 27th, 2009

Next week: Jax tries to blackmail Claudia, Robin and Patrick keep investigating, and Alexis has a very bad week.

June 29th, 2009

Alexis agrees to recuse herself from the murder case but she won't talk to the press about the affair with Floyd or step down as DA. She tells Robin and Patrick that the only time she slept with Floyd was that night everyone had sex with each other. Jason sees Michael moving in with the Quartermaines as picking up where Jason left off when he moved out. Carly is furious about Michael's new car, and Sonny is equally furious about her wanting Michael to live with the Quartermaines. Nikolas and Rebecca watch a horror movie at Wyndemere, and Ethan shows up to spy on them but only Rebecca sees him. While they make out, Nikolas tells Elizabeth that he's going to ask Rebecca to move in with him. Spinelli won't sleep with Maxie because things turned out so badly the last two times.

I guess that puts an end to the Floyd-is-really-Molly's-father rumors, since she was already born by the time Alexis and Floyd slept together. (For a frame of reference, that was the night Jake was conceived, and he just turned two.) Also, Kristina can shut up, because Alexis walked in on Sam and Ric together that night, so she was entitled to a little comfort. At least that's how everyone else justified everything that happened that night.

Ha, Jason moving back in with the Quartermaines would be awesome. Too bad.

Yeah, Michael, your father's going to let his unlicensed son drive his new car to the DA's house, where he's not supposed to be with his sister without a chaperone. Riiiiiiiight.

I love how Maxie gets all mad when Jason interrupts her and Spinelli. Out in the open in the living room. Of his home. Hush, Maxie.

June 30th, 2009

Carly and Jason both try to convince Sonny to let Michael move in with the Quartermaines. Jax wants the same thing, so he tells Claudia he knows all about her role in the shooting and threatens to tell Sonny if she doesn't convince him to send Michael to the Quartermaines'. Claudia says that if Jax tells Sonny, she'll tell Carly. Ethan seems to be jealous of Rebecca and Nikolas, so while the two of them are making plans to move in together, he drunkenly calls Lucky and says he has something to tell him. Elizabeth shows up instead and Ethan tells her that when a long-lost family member shows up, there's always a hidden agenda. Robin's starting to doubt that the mayor is the real murderer, so she, Patrick, Spinelli, and Maxie are going to keep investigating. Kristina is humiliated by the news about Alexis' affair and doesn't seem to get that it's not about her. The situation has made Michael realize that his own family isn't so bad. Spinelli wants to practice courtly love with Maxie; she kind of likes the idea but also wants to have sex.

Jasper Jacks, showing some spine! Nicely done, sir. Also, who knew Claudia could actually make a smart move? And quickly, too. I never expected her to be able to get out of that one.

So being a PI is about ignoring your instincts? Good to know.

Remember how I said a couple weeks ago, "If Elizabeth figures out that Rebecca and Ethan know each other, I will forgive a minimum of two annoying things she's done. Maybe even three"? Well, if Ethan outs Rebecca, I will forgive a minimum of two annoying things he's done. But not three because he's still annoying.

Ooh, ooh, can I be the one to tell Kristina what her stepfather and sister were doing while her mother was sleeping with the mayor? Maybe that'll shut her up.

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