General Hospital blog - June, 2010

June 1st, 2010

Olivia tells Sonny that she won't just sit by and watch him kill Johnny. Claire overhears part of their conversation and tells Sonny that their deal doesn't give him a free pass to kill Johnny. Carly catches the two of them together and kicks Claire out, then tells Sonny he can go ahead and sleep with her if it'll get Michael out of prison. Brook is pleased with her progress getting Dante away from Lulu, and celebrates by flirting with Johnny. Maxie wants Spinelli to pay attention to her instead of wallow in sadness, but he won't, so she heads off to try to nab Matt again. Matt hits on Maya in front of her to give her a taste of her own medicine, but ultimately accepts a date with Maxie that ends with some making out. Max is depressed because Michael's in jail, and also that he never got him the hooker he wanted for his 18th birthday. His depression spreads to Diane, since Max won't have sex again until Michael's out of prison. Lucky and Maya flirt a little. Sam wants to get married.

Tell me, Carly, how does Brook sleeping with Dante get Michael out of prison? Also, how long does everyone think it'll be before Sonny and Claire are in bed together?

My mom, upon seeing Brook approach Johnny: "I can see them together." Me: "She can, too."

Matt! Where is your spine, man?

What was up with that random Kate/Coleman scene? How strange.

June 2nd, 2010

Kristina has a nightmare about Kiefer and enlists Molly to help her find out if Sonny has ever been accused of assaulting a woman. Molly suggests that she find out if Johnny was lying when he announced on the stand that Sonny was abusive towards Claudia. Speaking of Johnny's testimony, Sonny wants to know if Claire believed it because he's afraid it will color Kristina's feelings towards him. Claire hasn't made up her mind yet but errs on the side of innocence. Alexis tells Sonny that Kristina's new therapist wants to meet with them, but she clearly doesn't want either of them to be blamed for raising a daughter who would date an abuser. She asks Sonny to watch his temper and he decides not to meet with the therapist after all. Patrick and Robin are still mad at each other, and he's even madder when he learns that she wants to go to Johannesburg to help with an AIDS clinic. Sonny tells Diane about his plan with Claire and she, too, predicts that they'll wind up in bed together. Shirley encourages Elizabeth to try to make up with Nikolas. Luke tries to get one of Helena's guards to believe that Tracy's sick, which is ironic, because she actually is.

I'm going to state right here, I think Claire and Sonny will be in bed together by July 4th. I'd put money on it, but that would just guarantee it won't actually happen.

Raise your hand if you're a character on this show and DON'T have daddy issues. Yeah, that's what I thought.

Sorry your wife wants to save lives, Patrick. Maybe you could do the same if you could stop being jealous of a guy who's been dead for 15 years.

Matt's had more screentime this week since...ever?

June 3rd, 2010

Carly encourages Brook to use Olivia to get closer to Dante. Jason's suspicious of Carter, who Michael claims wasn't his attacker. Johnny admits to Kristina that he can't prove Sonny abused Claudia, but he seems like an abuser anyway. Alexis asks him not to classify Sonny for Kristina, since she needs to figure out who he is on her own. Robin and Patrick fight about her going to Africa, and ultimately he decides to go with her. She's just turned down her offer, but Patrick wants her to go anyway, even though he actually can't tag along. Tracy dreams about going to prison because Luke got in trouble with the IRS, then split. She also dreams about him making out with Alexis before running off with Skye. Elizabeth refuses to take money from Nikolas, probably deciding instead to invest in something Steven's old med school buddy has cooking. Dante goes to Pentonville to visit Michael, but Jason takes his place. Edward offers Brook money if she'll move into the mansion, but Carly talks her out of it.

If Carly could use her powers for good instead of evil, Robin wouldn't even have to go to Africa because Carly would already have that clinic up and running.

How did Patrick go from complete jerk to sweet guy in, like, 20 minutes?

Tracy's worried about Alexis? Really?

Yes, of course I want a storyline where Elizabeth loses all her money in a sham investment! I mean, who doesn't?

June 4th, 2010

Therapy doesn't go so well for Kristina and Sonny, since he doesn't want to listen to the bad things she has to say about him. Afterward, Kristina chats with Ethan while Sonny asks Carly if she ever thought he was abusive. Spinelli and Carly cook up a plan to make it look like Dante has accepted money from a drug cartel. Jason figures out that Spinelli has agreed to work on something dumb with Carly. Lucky, Ethan, and Maya are suspicious about Luke and Tracy's disappearances. Lucky suspects that Helena's to blame, but Ethan thinks he's overreacting, and Maya thinks he's biased because he's mad at Nikolas. Lulu's starting to realize that Brook isn't so great to have around after all. Elizabeth can't afford the investment. Carter pays Michael another visit.

I love how Olivia thinks if Carly and Spinelli were plotting against Dante, they would tell her.

Carly never seems to think things through all the way. (I know, like this something new.) She seems to believe that things will work out because she wills them to, and doesn't take into consideration the fact that Lulu and Dante are wild cards.

Don't worry, Elizabeth, I'm sure Shirley will leave you a bunch of money when she dies.

Dear Carter, don't beat up a mobster's kid. Ethan almost learned that the hard way.

June 7th, 2010

Carly rents Brook the loft next to Dante's. Johnny makes Kristina's classmates think they're dating so they'll leave her alone. Carly makes Sonny see that though he never physically hurt her, he was verbally abusive. Olivia, however, is more forgiving. Carter goes after Jason with a knife, and Michael finally tells Jason that Carter was his attacker. Maya thinks Lucky's jealous of Johnny.

Yes, Brook, everything's going beautifully. You moron.

Ug, Kristina, don't hang out with Johnny. He wants to freaking kill your father!

Why doesn't Jason tell Spinelli that Carly's trying to get revenge on Lulu, too?

So is Maya a computer whiz or something? Maybe she and Spinelli can get together after he inevitably wises up and kicks Maxie to the curb.

June 8th, 2010

Kristina and Johnny bond over their abusive experiences, and he assures Sam that he's not going to try anything funny. For some reason, Jason doesn't think Johnny poses a threat. Olivia encourages Sonny to go to therapy to work out his issues with Deke. Dante finds them together and freaks out. Carly's words start to get to Lulu. Jason's willing to kill Carter if necessary. Robin leaves for Africa on good terms with Patrick, but Lisa's still in the picture. Carly's willing to let Jax send Sonny to prison if it means Michael will be released.

Seriously, Jason, you don't see a problem with one of Sonny's enemies hanging around his daughter? Really. I thought you were smart.

Sonny, when you say you were horrible to "some" of the women you dated, who are you excluding? Just wondering.

How is Robin going to Africa for three weeks and coming back by Father's Day? Did Spinelli build her a time machine?

Caraly is worse than awful. Why do people still voluntarily associate with her?

June 9th, 2010

Dante's happy about Brook living across the hall, at least until she shows up at his place in a towel. Brook tells Sonny some stories from Dante's childhood. Michael catches on to Jason's plans for Carter. Sonny tries to talk to Lulu again, then gets suspicious as to why Carly's seemingly okay with her. Lucky tries to convince Nikolas to go to Greece and look for Luke and Tracy. Tracy remembers her wedding to Luke. Spinelli confides to Diane that he thinks he and Maxie are through and he shouldn't bother to try to change that. Elizabeth wants to invest the money Jason put in a trust for Cameron and Jake. Patrick's also on the investment bandwagon now. Carly seems to want to get back together with Jax.

Sonny, stop trying to reason with Lulu and just sleep with Claire so I can be right already.

Jason being put in solitary would be even more boring than this investment storyline.

Speaking of which, Elizabeth, don't even bother. We all know Shirley's going to leave you a bunch of money.

I can't believe it's taken this long for us to see Luke and Tracy's wedding. Jason and Brenda's was still funnier, though.

June 10th, 2010

Kristina chats with Skye, who encourages Ethan to befriend her. Kristina then slams Sonny for seemingly using Michael to change her mind about him. Once again, Carter goes after Michael, and once again, Jason shows up to save him. Johnny and Ethan team up for a scheme that could either make them powerful or get them blown up. Lulu finally tells Brook to back off. Carly thinks she can gain another ally in Johnny. Maxie thinks Patrick is tempted by Lisa, and Matt tells her she's projecting. Luke and Tracy renew their vows, and he lets it slip that they're not legally married.

Dear Kristina: we get it. You can hush now.

Maybe Luke, like Phoebe Buffay, thinks that if you get married in Vegas, you're only married in Vegas.

Uh, why is Skye checking in on the daughter of two people she hates? And why is Kristina confiding in her instead of, say, Sam, who really has nothing else to do right now?

Sheesh, would someone just invest already? I know the plotline is going to be awful; let's just get it over with.

June 11th, 2010

Jason stabs Carter (basically in self-defense), who tells him hi from Franco. Meanwhile, Dante gets a photo, probably also from Franco. Kristina yells at Sonny, then asks Johnny to help her drive Sonny crazy by pretending they're dating. Johnny doesn't want to team up with Carly, even if he gets a blender out of the deal. Dante finds Lulu's territorialism endearing. Lucky, in disguise, tries to search for a feuding Tracy and Luke in Greece, but Nikolas shows up and sends him away, wanting to do it himself. Patrick's a fifth wheel. Sonny and Claire are probably about a week away from making out.

I see we're starting the Franco redux early. Let's keep Maxie out of it this time, eh?

Kristina, this is possibly the worst idea ever. But it will no doubt be ten times more interesting than the investment plot, so let's go with it.

Carly has more chemistry with Johnny than with Jax. Doesn't that tell her (and the writers) something?

If Nikolas doesn't particularly want to save Luke, why did he go to Greece in the first place?

June 12th, 2010

Next week: Michael gets both good and bad news, Skye's plotline might actually take a step forward (but probably not), and Claire should probably not get involved in anything related to Franco, since she's expendable.

Also! Imagine my surprise when I come home from vacation to find this out. DO YOU GUYS REALIZE HOW AWESOME THIS IS? Well, unless you don't like her, of course. I kind of hope her secret is that she and Jason are still married.

June 14th, 2010

Michael finds Jason as Carter's dying, and Jason sends him away in an effort to keep him out of the situation. He then gets the heck out of Dodge himself and pretends he didn't do anything. Dante tells Ronnie about the photo and they suspect that it's a piece of Franco's "art." Ronnie encourages Dante to take the photo to the Feds and stay out of it. Instead, Dante takes it to Jason, but before Jason can comment, the warden comes in to chastise Jason for causing trouble of some sort. Sonny questions Claire's loyalties but doesn't see any reason to end their deal. Nikolas frees Luke and Tracy, then gets into a fight with Lucky about his crazy family and Nikolas' own destructive tendencies. Lucky reverts to childhood and locks Nikolas in the cell for...I'm not really sure why, actually. Johnny says thanks but no thanks to Kristina's scheme. Carly and Brook stage a fight outside Dante's apartment so Lulu will come to Brook's defense.

Let's see how many times people can mention Franco before the end of the month. I'd suggest a drinking game, but I don't want anyone to suffer liver damage.

I bet Sonny could antagonize Johnny enough to get him to change his mind about Kristina's plan. I don't know why else they would have brought up the idea if he weren't going to eventually agree to it.

Speaking of Sonny, why, exactly, does he think he can trust Claire after he just stated some very good reasons why he shouldn't?

What the - when did Lucky go insane??

June 15th, 2010

The warden wants to put Jason in solitary confinement for killing Carter, but Jason manages to talk him out of it. Dante asks Michael about the Carter situation and Michael lies that Jason couldn't have killed Carter because they were together at the time. Olivia and Johnny have a huge fight about his Sonny obsession, but ultimately they decide they can't live without each other. Carly tells Lulu that she thinks Dante will cheat on her with Brook because he's so much like Sonny. Skye asks Jax to help her find Alcazar's money. Ethan and Maya do some flirting, but she tells him he's not the kind of guy she wants to get involved with. Steven and Lisa are definitely not just coworkers anymore. Kristina tells Molly her plan to get back at Sonny.

A compassionate prison warden? That's definitely new.

Way to have a healthy relationship, there, Johnny and Olivia. And this is the guy Kristina wants to pretend to get involved with? Also, how does she expect to make people think they're together if they can't touch each other?

If Carly's right (ha!) about all children being like their parents, Josslyn's going to grow up to be a manipulative shrew. So there's something to look forward to.

Does anyone actually care about Lisa and Steven? Didn't think so.

June 16th, 2010

Molly hints to Sonny that Kristina's involved with someone new, and when Sonny sees Kristina and Johnny together, he starts to figure it out. Dante appeals to Judge Carroll on Michael's behalf and gets Claire interested in Franco. Lulu tells Michael that Dante's so distraught over what happened to him that he's thinking of giving up his badge. Helena thinks Luke is losing his touch. Maya tells Edward that he can't use her as a shot at redemption for his failures with Bradley and Justus. Nikolas kicks Helena out of Wyndemere, leading Elizabeth to tell him that that won't make her want to move in. She also tells him that she's planning on becoming financially independent and waiting around for Lucky to come back to her. Ethan takes Maya to Johnny's penthouse, telling her it's his.

Molly! I thought you said you could keep a secret!

You, too, Dante! Geez, Corinthoses really can't keep their mouths shut.

I know I used to hate Ethan, but now I just find him amusing.

I wonder how Kelly Monaco feels knowing that her three scenes today (and her only three scenes all week) were a complete waste of time.

June 17th, 2010

Johnny goes along with Kristina's plan and they pretend to be involved, which makes Sonny flip out. He summons Olivia and tells her what's going on, but she doesn't quite think anything's amiss until she goes to the penthouse and sees Johnny and Kristina together for herself. Sonny also fills Alexis in and she starts freaking out as well. Dante makes a deal with Judge Carroll to have Michael released, but he'll have to stay with Dante and he can't associate with any mobsters. Claire enlists Jason to help her bust Franco, but he wants Michael released in return. Michael tells Carly that he's worried about Lulu because of her relationship with Dante, and she tells him they're both going down. Johnny interrupts Ethan and Maya's non-date and goes along with Ethan's story that it's his penthouse.

Kristina, if you think your dad's scary, wait till you see Olivia when she's mad....

Is anyone going to bother to tell Michael that he's getting out of prison?

I'm going to guess that Jason will also get out by helping Claire nab Franco and put him behind bars. I guarantee he'll be out by the end of the summer.

I'm still behind a Johnny/Ethan spin-off of some sort. Any ideas?

June 18th, 2010

Just as Carly and Spinelli are about to put the next step of their plan (framing Dante) into motion, Carly learns that Michael's been released from prison. No one bothers to tell Sonny, so Dante gives him the news in person, plus the part about him only being allowed to have minimal contact with Michael. Olivia lays into Kristina, then flips out on Johnny, accusing him of being willing to give up their relationship to get back at Sonny. He doesn't deny it, so they may be over. Sonny asks Olivia for advice on the situation and she tells him that as crazy as it'll make him, he needs to stay out of it. Jason agrees to help Claire and brings her up to speed on Franco.

Well, that was anticlimactic. I figured there would at least be a hearing or something. The best part of Michael's release may have been the fact that Carly asked absolutely no questions. Maybe she belives she willed this into happening.

I'm seriously more scared of Olivia than anyone else on this show. Including the people with guns.

Of course Jason has to help Claire. Otherwise he would have nothing to do.

If Johnny and Olivia are really over, certain parts of the Internet are going to explode.

June 19th, 2010

Next week: Olivia/Johnny fans can calm down for a little while, Sonny and Alexis decide to actually work together for once, and Luke has a really bad week (but he's on, like, every day, so it's a toss-up).

June 21st, 2010

Dante advises Sonny to follow through on his claims of wanting redemption by staying away from Michael. It doesn't work. Spinelli manages to get Sam a conjugal visit with Jason by having her pose as Brenda. Maxie receives a photo from Franco and takes it to Jason, who can't do anything about it and tells her to go to Claire. Maxie whines that he's useless and selfish. Olivia asks Lulu to talk some sense into Johnny with regards to Kristina, but Lulu decides to stay out of it. Brook steps in instead, warning Johnny not to hurt Kristina. Later, Alexis pays Johnny a visit to tell him he's being an idiot, but Kristina interrupts. Tracy plans to make Luke pay in as many ways as possible. Brook goes to Carly looking for $10,000 now that (she assumes) their plan is over. Poor Patrick has to hang out with his kid while Lisa and Steven eat ice cream and giggle.

Dante doesn't seem to have gotten it yet that Sonny doesn't listen to anyone but himself.

I'm surprised Brook didn't take advantage of Johnny's supposed singlehood to have herself a little fun. Who knew she had layers?

See, Brenda and Jason are totally going to turn out to still be married. Awesome.

Robin, COME HOME NOW. I can't take another minute of this stupid love triangle.

June 22nd, 2010

Sonny and Dante fight some more and accomplish nothing, but Michael is willing to give Dante another shot. Patrick punches Steven and gets himself suspended. He heads over to Jake's to drown his sorrows and gets some really bad relationship advice from Luke. Maxie and Lucky give Claire a little more info on Franco. Her research leads her to ask Ronnie what he and Franco had to discuss just before he left town. Carly tells Brook that she still wants to put their plan into motion. Brook goes back to Johnny's, pretending her car has broken down, and turns on the charm this time. Kristina doesn't care what Alexis thinks about her and Johnny. Lucky tells Maxie that she may need to let Spinelli go.

Question: Who makes it more about him-/herself, Sonny or Maxie? Man, I could write a college paper on that.

Patrick, DON'T EVER take relationship advice from Luke. You'll just bring disaster on yourself.

I'd ask if Johnny's really so clueless that he doesn't get what Brook's after, but clearly the answer is yes.

Hey, Ronnie, just remember what I said about being expendable....

June 23rd, 2010

Claire thinks Michael might be the key to the Franco situation, so she asks him to tell her all about his encounters with Carter. Instead, he flips out. Dante tells Claire that their best bet to nab Franco is to get Jason out of prison and use him as bait, though, of course, that's easier said than done. Jason warns Carly that Franco's back in the picture and could try to use Josslyn to get to him again. Right on cue, Carly gets a photo. Luke crashes at Lucky's place but thinks Tracy will eventually come around. Lisa takes both Patrick and Steven's sides in their disaster. Sam and Alexis think Jason might be able to talk Johnny into staying away from Kristina since he owes Jason for not killing him. Meanwhile, Johnny wants to end the ruse. Elizabeth and Nikolas are both still annoying and boring.

Yep, looks like Jason's going to get out of prison exactly as I suspected. I love being right.

Franco's been in St. Louis and Chicago? Is he enjoying his tour of the midwest?

Poor Jason - even in prison, people keep bringing him their problems.

Heh, Michael's totally dressing like Dante now.

June 24th, 2010

Carly calls Jax and tells him about the photo, and he turns around and tells Claire and Dante. Claire finally caves and manages to get what Dante wants - Jason will be released from prison so they can use him as bait to draw Franco out. Jason tells Alexis that she needs to work on Kristina staying away from Johnny, not the other way around. Johnny pays him a visit and Jason points out that since he has nothing to lose, he could very well defeat Sonny, but Kristina wouldn't be too happy if she thought she'd caused her father's death. Sonny comes across Kristina and Johnny together again and manages to get Kristina to leave with him, but she still won't listen to him or Alexis. Later, she goes to Johnny, upset, and tells him she wants him to take everything Sonny has. Sonny, however, is working on a plan that involves Max and Milo doing something no doubt unpleasant to Johnny. Luke gets Maya to let him into the mansion, but Tracy promptly calls the police and has him arrested for trespassing. Sam is unclear on the concept of Jason not having privacy on the phone in prison.

Does that mean Jason has to move into Dante's place, too? I think that means Michael's going to end up sleeping on the floor.

I think I see where this Carly/Jax thing is going. Five bucks says they get back together two days before Brenda comes back.

Today's MOTE goes to Jonathan Jackson for his hilarious reaction to Luke's advice never to tell a woman you're married when you're not. That's some first-class parenting, there, Luke.

Jason, to quote the wonderful Christopher Duncan Turk, baby, that is some godawful dirty talk.

June 25th, 2010

Dante refuses to take Jason into his custody, so Claire drops the idea and moves on to Johnny, trying to resolidify their agreement to bust Sonny. Dante talks with Michael and Lulu about Jason and randomly has a change of heart, so now he's fine with taking responsibility for Jason. Sonny convinces Max and Milo to take out Johnny via car bomb, then tells Jason the best course of action to prevent retaliation is for Jason to tell Zacchara. Jason notes that it's not exactly going to be easy. Sonny warns Luke that he's making a move against Johnny, so Luke should take measures to make sure Ethan isn't involved. Even though Johnny and Ethan both think she's nuts, Kristina sticks with her plan. After a conversation with Brook, Olivia decides she can't give up the sex she has with Johnny, so she heads over to make up with him. Kristina fails to knock and catches them. Brook tells Michael that he might be able to soften Dante's feelings toward Sonny. Lulu and Dante briefly forget about their houseguest and almost have sex in the living room. Carly and Jax are definitely on the path to getting back together.

Maybe Dante, Michael, Jason, and Lulu can all move into a house together and we'll have a wacky spin-off.

Don't worry, Sonny, I'm sure no one you care about will be in the car when it blows up. No one like Kristina or Olivia. You freaking idiot.

And that, Kristina, is why you always knock.

Wait, now Johnny's 30? Can this show please hire a continuity person?

June 26th, 2010

Next week: one word - Franco. Wait, three more words - and his mom.

June 28th, 2010

Jason wants a weapon to defend himself from Franco, but Dante and Claire both refuse to give him one, worried he'll use it to escape. Jason agrees to help out anyway, though he thinks it's a bad idea, and is promised a release the next day. Sonny asks him to keep in mind that if he does run off after Franco's gone, partly in order to put Dante in prison, he could harm Michael. Patrick hurts his hand and goes to the hospital to have Lisa look at it, but she thinks he's just trying to come up with an excuse to hang around. They wind up playing pool at Jake's, but she gets annoyed by his banter and leaves. He follows her home, saying that she's been trying to get his attention for months and finally has it, so what is she going to do about it? Lisa knocks him one more time for having a supposedly perfect life, and he responds by kissing her and going inside. Lulu asks Sonny to convince Jason not to run, and in return Sonny asks her to stop badmouthing him to Dante. Lulu tells Dante about her discussion with Sonny and they fight about her going behind his back and him possibly putting his job and life on the line. Kristina accuses Olivia of trying to seduce Johnny to keep him from killing Sonny. Johnny thinks she could be right and confronts Olivia, telling her he's sick of coming third to Dante and Sonny. They fight and he winds up at Jake's, playing pool with Brook. Luke smartly warns Sonny that if he's not careful, his plan to get rid of Johnny could mirror what happened to Lily.

Does Dante think Jason's MacGyver or something? Because he's not - he just fathered MacGyver's grandson.

$%^#$@ writers, you have officially ruined Patrick. I hope you're proud of yourselves. I wish you the best of luck in redeeming him, because it's going to take a heck of a lot.

Brook is better at being Carly than Carly is. Awesome.

I totally love Luke for bringing up Lily. Sonny's an idiot and needs to be reminded of it at every possible moment.

June 29th, 2010

Sonny plans a family dinner for the same time Max and Milo are supposed to make Johnny explode. Kristina has plans of her own for the same night - spending it at Johnny's. Olivia gives Lulu some relationship advice, which leads to her and Dante making up. Patrick calls things off with Lisa before they can go too far, and she rails at him for his behavior. Patrick, Steven, Olivia, and Kate all wind up at Jake's, where the guys have to break up a fight between the cousins over various things, including but not limited to taste in men. Luke tries to get Ethan to leave town with him so he's not around for the Johnny-based explosion, but Ethan's distracted by the possibility of advancing things with Maya. Luke ends up telling Lucky that something bad is going down and Ethan could get caught in the middle. Johnny interrupts Ethan and Maya as they're actually getting somewhere, and Ethan winds up having to come clean about who actually lives in the penthouse. Maya reveals that she knew the whole time since Johnny's name is on the plate downstairs. Maxie asks Lucky to keep an eye on her in case Franco targets her. Shirley's getting worse.

Does Sonny seriously think he won't be tied to the car bomb? I don't care what his alibi is - the police are not that stupid.

More Kate/Olivia fights, please!

Luke knows he just told a cop about a planned murder, right?

If Shirley's not long for this show, are we going to get some idea of the reason behind her whole storyline? Like, she's not just going to leave Elizabeth a bunch of crappy jewelry, right?

June 30th, 2010

Franco goes back to posing as a homeless person, showing Diane his monkey (not a euphemism) and doing some spray-painting. He also manages to find out where Jason lives. Claire holds a press conference to announce that Jason's out of prison, hoping word will spread to Franco. Sam and Spinelli both have very different ideas of how Jason's homecoming will be. The two of them and Jason are all disappointed to learn that cops (including Ronnie) will be hanging around while Jason's out of prison. Luke decides to leave town for a while to make Tracy miss him, though his kids suspect he has ulterior motives. Before heading off, Luke gives Ethan an assignment so he'll be occupied Friday night. Minutes after Luke's departure, Tracy shows up to ask his kids where he is, since he's made off with $10 million of her money. Patrick is brought back from suspension so he can perform a risky surgery that might make Shirley's last days better. Elizabeth asks Nikolas to finance it and he easily agrees, happy that she still turns to him for help. Just before the operation begins, Patrick bars Elizabeth from the OR, which makes her realize that things are worse than they suspected. Matt is totally winning Maxie over.

That monkey killed me. Not Franco-like, but humor-like.

So are Ronnie and those other cops going to sleep on the penthouse floor? Why don't they all move into Sonny's old place?

Rock on, Luke. I love that he goes big like that. Why steal $1,000 when you can steal $10 million?

I suspect this will be the end of Shirley. Though Luke's goodbyes with Lucky, Lulu, and Ethan sounded more like "I'm going to die" goodbyes than Shirley's with Elizabeth.

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