General Hospital blog - June, 2011

June 1st, 2011

Jason is horrified to learn that Michael and Johnny have already discussed the terms of Michael's employment. He tells Michael he has to make his own decisions, but he's obviously not going to support this one. He also wonders if he has to let Michael go in order to save him. Abby approaches the situation differently: with an ultimatum. Michael won't give up on mobbing up, so they're through. Johnny threatens to call the police on Anthony, but he can't since Anthony shot the hit woman with Johnny's gun. Anthony then places the body in Sonny's office as a nice little present. Sonny and Brenda come to some sort of understanding, but I wasn't really paying attention. Alexis really hates Kristina's new look. Lulu wants to go looking for Luke.

Thank you, Abby, for letting Michael show his true colors. "Didn't have a choice" - please, Mini-Mobster.

Is anyone else a little freaked out by how much the hit woman looks like Claudia?

I'm telling you, Molly, the baby will be named Daniel, Lila, or Emily. Don't waste your time with picking your own name.

I wouldn't say no to a plot where Lucky, Lulu, and Ethan go off in search of Luke.

June 2nd, 2011

Brenda and Alec find the hit woman's body, but Brenda seems more upset about the fact that Sonny won't tell her anything about her. Jax can't get anyone, including Robin, to testify that Carly's a bad mother and he should get full custody of Josslyn. He goes back to investigating Shawn and discovers that he shot one of his own men during the war. Lulu wants to revamp the Haunted Star, but Tracy wants to sell it. Lulu's absentee parent leads Maxie to discuss her own, and Matt to wonder if they're the reason for her inability to think commitments will last. Patrick advises Shawn to have surgery to remove shrapnel that's nearing his spine. Shawn declines, and also refuses to discuss whether or not he's receiving treatment for his PTSD. Lisa escapes from Shadybrook. Tracy accuses Carly of hiding Luke, and somehow this leads to Carly comparing their situation to hers and Jax's. Distracted by another vision of Jake, Elizabeth almost puts a patient's life at risk.

Apparently today was Characters I Want to See More of Day, what with appearances by Shawn, Olivia, Matt, and Epiphany. But only one of them gets a storyline. Congratulations, Shawn.

Sonny, I don't want to have to say this more than once: shave.

I can't help but laugh at Jax getting frustrated. Hee hee hee hee hee hee.

I like that they're addressing Maxie's lack of parents. It's never discussed, but I think it's an important part of her character.

June 3rd, 2011

Jax thinks he has Carly backed into a corner, since she has to either give up Josslyn or get rid of Shawn. She chooses the latter, explaining the situation to Shawn, who understands. Jax brags to Jason about his dirt on Shawn, and Jason beats himself up for not vetting Shawn more closely. Shawn confronts Jax for interfering, and when Jax says he's a disgrace to people in uniform, Shawn decks him. Brenda wants to know what will happen in the future when Alec starts asking why there are guards all over the place and Sonny's always in trouble. She asks Michael and Kristina about their experiences as a mobster's kids, and they have almost only good things to say. Rather than just play with the hand she's been dealt, Brenda comes up with plan B: Sonny can retire and Jason can take over for him. Lulu gets Nikolas to invest enough money in the Haunted Star to let her buy it.

Dear Shawn: MARRY ME.

Has anyone ever suggested that Brenda might also have bipolar? She does have pretty intense highs and lows.

Someone also needs to tell Brenda that we did that plot where Jason takes over, and it didn't work out so well.

Yes, Lulu, working as an assistant to a magazine editor is exactly the same as running a casino.

June 4th, 2011

Next week: Road trip! And I don't just mean me.

June 6th, 2011

Carly tries again to get Jax to be reasonable, telling him he's not really working with Josslyn's best interests in mind. Shawn explains the shooting to her - it was accidental and on a superiors orders, but he was still dishonorably discharged. Jason worries that he'll hurt Carly's chances of getting custody. Lucky tells Lulu that fixing up the casino is a bad idea. She blames him for Luke leaving, calls AA a cult, and gets drunk. Lucky decides to go off in search of Luke. Sonny explains to Brenda why quitting the mob won't do any good. Dante encourages Jason to make amends with Luke, but Jason can't forgive him. Dante calls him a hypocrite, since his own lifestyle is harmful to Michael. Kristina accidentally inspires Ethan to go to Philadelphia, where he catches Maya with another man.

Jax and Brenda, please run away together now. I can't take much more of you.

Lainey needs to come back so all the Spencers can get some therapy.

Stay out of it, Dante. And by "it," I mean everything.

Well, Kristina's week is suddenly looking up....

June 7th, 2011

Lucky and Siobhan head off in search of Luke, which Lulu thinks will fix everything. Jason wonders if staying in the mob is a selfish decision. Maya has no excuse for her behavior, and Ethan has little trouble letting her go, quickly deciding to go to the Dominican Republic for a divorce. Spinelli misses Maxie, somehow even more so when Matt saves her from choking.

Way to give Lulu what she wants, Lucky.

Heh, Jason's so unused to his girlfriends encouraging him to stay in the mob.

I'm kind of surprised they bothered to bring Annie Ilonzeh back for a day to actually wrap up the Ethan/Maya plot.

Is Spinelli going to get a plot? I'm sure Bradford Anderson would appreciate it.

June 8th, 2011

Michael gets accepted to PCU, even though he never actually applied. He suspects Abby's responsible, then Jason, but neither is. When he drops by Abby's apartment, he's not happy to find Anthony there. Lisa begs Johnny to help keep her out of an institution, telling him to kill her if he won't. Jason torched a warehouse to retaliate against the Zaccharas for destroying a shipment, though the act also serves to try to push Johnny so he'll see a war isn't worth it. Jason warns Michael that this is a really bad time to mob up. Kristina asks Sam to talk to Alexis about Kristina, but instead, Sam points out that Ethan may not return her feelings for him. Robin and Patrick try to distract Elizabeth with research. Maxie and Spinelli are kind of friends again, I guess?

Michael, you might as well just go to college. They'll drop any mention of it two months later anyway.

I'd love to know where Lisa's been hanging out for the past two days.

Thank you, Sam, for pointing out that Ethan, who has so far shown zero romantic interest in Kristina, might not, you know, have any romantic interest in Kristina.

It's weird having an Elizabeth imposter. We've never had one before.

June 9th, 2011

Kristina heads to the Dominican Republic with Ethan, planning to have him divorced and back home by 8 p.m. A government holiday delays the divorce, and tourist season leaves them with only one hotel room. Alexis uses her prosecutorial skills to get Molly to tell her what's really going on, but she thinks Ethan and Kristina are getting married. Johnny agrees to help Lisa leave the country, but Anthony convinces her to get revenge. As Johnny is telling Patrick and Robin that Lisa contacted him from Canada, Anthony's putting her up in a secret location. Abby takes back her ultimatum. Michael thinks Carly got him into college, but she doesn't seem to know anything about it. Steven and Olivia sort through Jake's things, under the impression that Elizabeth asked Steven to do so. She freaks out, having forgotten the entire conversation.

Oh, Molly. You're a horrible liar. You should've said the trip was a surprise for Sam and Jason.

Anthony and Lisa are liked the dictionary definition of an unholy union.

Way to have a spine, Abby.

Right, Michael, like Carly could write an admissions essay.

June 10th, 2011

Sonny and Alexis plot Ethan's death on their way to the Dominican Republic, arriving at the tail end of the divorce proceedings and mistaking them for a wedding ceremony. Maxie tells Lulu that Lucky shouldn't bring Luke back to Port Charles, since Jason will probably wind up killing him. Lulu runs straight to Jason, who tells her he wants Luke to suffer by waking up every morning remembering what he did. Maxie also gives Dante and Lulu a trip to France, hoping he'll use it to convince her to come back to Crimson. Lulu won't got, since she's sure Luke will be home soon. Lucky tracks his father down at the brothel Ruby used to run. Brenda's getting way too paranoid.

The funniest part of this Dominican Republic plot is that it's all a product of Alexis' overactive imagination.

Lulu seems more worried about Luke being killed by Jason than by, say, liver failure. Though I guess they're equally likely.

I'll go to France with you, Dante! But you're not allowed to talk.

Today's MOTE goes to Julie Marie Berman for the way she asked Dante, "Are you high?"

Could those Brenda/Robin scenes have been any more tacked on?

June 11th, 2011

Next week: Someone's a little firebug. You'll never guess who.

June 13th, 2011

Luke tells Lucky that killing Jake liberated him because now he's beyond forgiveness and redemption. He really wants Lucky to hate him and be free of his ties to his father. Alexis and Sonny nag Kristina and Ethan until Ethan says he'll be with Kristina if he wants to be. Lisa has an evil plan that involves putting on a disguise and getting a gun from a guy at Kelly's. Anthony intimidates Brenda. Patrick talks relationships with Robin and a mountain man Coleman.

Really, writers? Luke didn't want kids? If only there weren't documented evidence that he was happy when Laura told him she was pregnant.

Note to Kristina: You can say you're an adult all you want, but unless you actually act like one, it's just a bunch of noise. Also, where'd you get the money for your plane ticket to the Dominican Republic? I'm going to go ahead and guess it was from Daddy.

I know what Lisa's evil plan is, and let's just say someone already thought of it.

I didn't know Billy Ray Cyrus was on this show. Oh, wait, that's Blake Gibbons.

June 14th, 2011

Michael interrupts his and Kristina's graduation ceremony by beating up a guy who was taunting her. Lucky tells Lulu and Ethan that they're on their own, and he'd kind of like to burn down the Spencers' house. Sonny gives Ethan a choice: He can leave town or he can take a trip to the Pine Barrens with Max and Milo. He refuses to leave, but tells Sonny that Kristina's crush on him will eventually end, so Sonny leaves him alone. Michael figures out that Kristina got him into PCU. Brenda tells Sonny she won't go to the graduation because she doesn't want to fight with Carly. Morgan's turned on Jax.

All-graduation edition! Remember when Michael used to randomly beat people up because of his brain damage? Good times.

The mayor speaking at graduation just makes me think of this.

I see Sam couldn't be bothered to attend her own sister's graduation. They couldn't get Kelly Monaco for one scene?

Hey, Brenda? Don't complain about Sonny not letting you get involved in his kids' lives, then skip his kids' graduation. Also, shut up.

That bit about Kiefer's mom offering a scholarship in his name was a nice touch, as well as realistic.

June 15th, 2011

Michael storms out of the ceremony while everyone (except Alexis) admits to being proud of him for defending his sister. Sonny and Carly fight with Alexis over the Corinthos kids' acceptance of violence until Sam notes that since Michael and Kristina are both adults, they get to worry about themselves. Dante gets Michael's parole reduced by two months, eliciting genuine gratitude from Carly for possibly the first time ever. Abby invites Michael to move in with her, since he no longer has to sleep on Dante's couch. Ethan agrees to go to Kristina's graduation party, but when she tries to make things romantic, he's not having any of it. Sonny bullies Floyd into turning over Michael's diploma. Diane refuses to support Brenda's decision to have Sonny adopt Alec. Max worries that her defiance will get her fired.

You'd think Jason wouldn't want Michael in a coffee warehouse considering what happened the last time he was in one.

If nothing else, Michael moving in with Abby will probably distract Sonny from Ethan for a little while.

They need to give Floyd a plot and get him back onto the canvas.

Hey, for once I agree with Brenda: Max and Diane's constant sex talk is gross.

June 16th, 2011

Maxie now thinks that Lucky finding out about Aiden's paternity would be good for him. She, Elizabeth, and Dante worry that Lucky's on a path to destruction, which he is, setting fire to the Spencers' house. Dante arrives and tries to take him away from the scene before anyone can see him. Siobhan arrives seconds later and goes into the house, thinking Lucky's inside. Patrick thinks Elizabeth is ready to return to the OR, but Steven and Robin are skeptical. Lisa dons a horrible disguise in the form of a security guard's uniform and lurks around the hospital. Jason tries to keep Sam from going on a stakeout with Spinelli since she's not supposed to do anything strenuous. She goes anyway, but ends up at the hospital at Spinelli's insistence after she experiences stomach cramps. Robin thinks she's pregnant.

So much foreshadowing! (Specifically: The lighter, Spinelli talking about wanting a change, the mention of the hotel hostage crisis, all the talk about Elizabeth being fine, and Sam telling Jason she'll see him soon.)

When Anthony thinks your plan is sane, you have a MAJOR problem.

Are they trying to get Robin's bracelet a SAG card or something?

If Sam's pregnant, she's not doing the don't-do-strenuous-things very well.

June 17th, 2011

Lisa finally, completely snaps and fires a gun in the air. Steven puts the hospital in lockdown, so Lisa ushers him, Robin, Patrick, and Maxie into a room to put them on trial for the mean things they've done to and said about her. As Lucky relays information about the hostages to Mac, Spinelli crawls through the ceiling and falls into the room. He attempts to calm Lisa, but Maxie makes things worse and Spinelli ends up taking a bullet meant for her. Lucky and Dante take Siobhan to the hospital, where Matt prepares to operate on her head injury. Steven sends Elizabeth in to assist, not realizing until after he's made the decision that it might not be the best idea. Thanks to the lockdown, a lack of necessary supplies, and the severity of Siobhan's condition, things in the OR become tense and Elizabeth gives Siobhan the wrong medication. Sam insists she's fine, but Robin admits her and runs tests, including a pregnancy test. She calls Jason to let him know what's going on, and the lockdown begins as they're on the phone. Fortunately, Sam has Nikolas to keep her company. Mac thinks Luke burned down the Spencers' house, and Dante doesn't tell him otherwise.

Brianna Brown is freaking awesome. I love this version of Lisa.

Awww, Spinelli. Too bad you have to get shot to get some screentime.

I think the writers suddenly remembered that Sam and Nikolas are cousins and gave them a scene together. That seemed really weird.

Lisa, if you want to shoot anyone else, feel free to make it Ronnie.

Today's MOTE (because Brianna Brown had too many to count) goes to Kirsten Storms for her delivery of, "Screw you, you loony bi%$#."

June 18th, 2011

Next week: The unspinning of Spinelli.

June 20th, 2011

As Spinelli bleeds on the floor, Lisa continues the trial, trying to get the "witnesses" to admit things she thinks they've been lying about. Jason and Dante get into the hospital through the roof, then assist Lucky in lifting the lockdown. Mac and Dante give Jason their blessing to end the hostage situation however he sees fit, which drives Ronnie crazy. Jason and Dante manage to catch Lisa off-guard by bursting into the room, but she gets off another shot, grazing Patrick's arm. She takes off but Dante tackles her and knocks her out. Of course, she regains consciousness, grabbing Robin and threatening to inject her with something she definitely shouldn't be injected with. Anthony admits his part in Lisa's scheme to Johnny, leading Johnny to believe that everything that happens is on him for not stopping his father. He notes that he could easily show how strong he is by destroying Anthony on his own. Lucky skips the rest of the hostage crisis to be with Siobhan, then wanders off to the Haunted Star, ready to take a drink.

I was going to compliment Dante on his police skills, but apparently...not so much.

I'm not doctor, but I'm guessing bleeding into one's lungs is a bad thing?

So this is what sends Lucky over the end - Siobhan being hurt? Not Jake dying? I don't get it.

Hey, Ronnie, if you're so against Dante working with Jason, why don't you shut your cake hole and get inside to back him up?

June 21st, 2011

Patrick fights Lisa for her syringe and ends up making her inject herself with drain cleaner, which puts her in a coma. Elizabeth stops Lucky from drinking by telling him that his children need him. He thinks she's lying about him being Aiden's father, but she manages to convince him that it's true. Somehow, he's not mad that she didn't tell him sooner. Maxie's distraught over Spinelli's condition, blaming herself since he was trying to protect her. Spinelli dreams in noir, then wakes up talking like a PI. Robin confirms for the slower members of the audience that Sam isn't pregnant. Siobhan's okay, and holds nothing against Lucky for starting the fire.

I'm very impressed that the show kept it secret that this would be Brianna Brown's last episode. (Dang, just when I was starting to enjoy her!) I didn't find out until about ten minutes before I watched. I thought they were going to have her go to trial and plead insanity. But the Patrick/Robin/Lisa shenanigans went on too long as it is, so I'm fine with this.

I'm glad Rebecca Herbst was back for today's scenes. They wouldn't have worked as well with the Elizabeth imposter.

What's more annoying, Spinelli's constant nicknaming and babbling or Spinelli talking like a PI forever? I'm going to pick the latter.

Yay, Matt's a hero!

June 22nd, 2011

Elizabeth tells Nikolas that he's not Aiden's father, but he accuses her of lying to keep Lucky sober and tells her never to mention it again. Spinelli's broken. Siobhan tells Lucky that he's Aiden's father, and he's still not mad that no one told him. He is, however, worried about the genes Aiden's inherited. Anthony's stalking Brenda, so Sonny warns him to stay away or he'll kill Johnny. Lulu takes off for Florida to find Luke. Diane tells Sonny that she won't let him adopt Alec, which he doesn't even want to do in the first place. Max tries to plead for her to keep her job so she won't become a famous writer and ditch him.

Nikolas looked particularly Stefan-ish today. I hate that Tyler Christopher has to leave.

If I have to listen to Spinelli talk like this any longer, I'm going to scream. Fix him, Matt! Fix him!!

Whoever was guarding Brenda and Alec in this episode sucks at his job. I would think part of protecting them would include not letting Anthony near them.

I understand why they cast an older child as Alec, but the fact that he's missing teeth really distracts from the fact that he's supposed to be three.

June 23rd, 2011

Spinelli Jackal PI can't even open a computer, let alone use one to help out Jason and Sonny, which means they can't track down a missing $20 million. Sonny tries to promote Michael before he even starts working in the warehouse, but Michael wants to earn any special treatment he might get. Sonny tells him about Anthony approaching Brenda to let him know how unstable the Corinthos/Zacchara situation is. This actually gets through to him, and when Johnny comes to offer Michael a job, Michael says a war's coming and he won't side against Sonny. Edward tries to convince Jason that Michael should intern at ELQ, an idea Jason actually supports. Edward then offers Abby a job at ELQ on the condition that she brings Michael with her. Alexis punishes Kristina for her international travel, but Sonny (who is, by the way, totally sexist) questions her parenting. Ethan tells Edward that Maya's staying in Philadelphia, so Edward offers to let him take the ELQ jet to go get her. Then he reveals that he already knows what's going on.

Okay, I'll admit it: Even with the annoying way he talks, Jackal PI is pretty entertaining.

Yay, Michael! You're no longer as dumb as your sister!

Between Edward being on today and the news that Monica will be on in a few weeks, it looks like this summer might be Quartermaine-rrific. Random thing I noticed, though: Jason called Edward "Grandfather." Force of habit on Steve Burton's part?

Here's how Alexis should react to Kristina's constant reminders that she's an adult: Adults find their own place to live, get jobs, and pay for their expenses themselves. So move out, get a job, and pay me back for the plane ticket to the Dominican Republic. Then I'll stop trying to control your life.

June 24th, 2011

Michael turns down Johnny's job offer, so Johnny warns him, and later Jason, that the Corinthos/Zacchara peace won't last. Edward's manipulation of Abby works, and Michael agrees to work for him. Lulu looks for Luke at the brothel, telling a woman that she's there about a diamond deal, then saying Luke worked with her boyfriend, who's now missing. The woman tells her that only Javier, the brothel owner, can give her info, but he's not someone she should get involved with. Dante tries to figure out where Lulu might have gone, finally learning from Sonny that she's probably in Jacksonville. Kristina comes up with an excuse to spend time with Ethan, then convinces him to let her kiss him. Jax asks Brenda to testify that Sonny's a danger to Carly, and therefore Josslyn, but she refuses.

Two great bits of continuity today: 1) Lulu calling Dante "Dominic," the alias he used when he first came to town (also the actor's real name, so it's a little inside joke), and 2) Jason entering the mansion through the side door.

Javier: "Is there a problem?" Me: "Um...your vest." Also, I'm 99 percent sure that brothel is the Spencers' house.

Ethan, stop giving in to Kristina! She needs to learn!

Really, Jax? You expect Brenda to testify that her husband's dangerous? Would you just SHUT UP ALREADY?

June 25th, 2011

Next week: Okay, who gave Spinelli a gun?

June 27th, 2011

Michael and Abby accept Edward's job offer, though Abby immediately regrets the decision and admits to Jason that she's Quartermaine-phobic. She worries that Michael will want to stay at ELQ past the summer and she'll get left out in the cold. Jason admits that Edward might be trying to steal Michael back, but he won't stop him because if Michael's at ELQ, at least he's safe. Carly strongly objects to Michael's work plans, sure that Edward will take the opportunity to get revenge on her. Jax hears about the ELQ news and offers Michael and Abby jobs. Luke's hooker friend Lupe backs up Lulu's story about Luke and "Dominic" so Javier will keep his cool. He offers more information if Lulu comes up to his "office," and Lupe warns her to leave. As Lulu ignores the warning, Dante arrives and starts flirting with Lupe. Carly finds Brenda, Jax, and Josslyn together and accuses Jax of setting her up for it. Alexis and Molly interrupt Kristina and Ethan, and Alexis gets the idea that Kristina is setting up Ethan to be hurt. Sonny and Brenda fight about Carly and Jax.

I like that they're addressing the fact that Michael's a Quartermaine. It's something that only gets brought up when someone needs to make a point, but I think it's an important part of his character.

Best exchange of the episode: Abby: "Where does that leave me?"
Jason: "Uh...with Michael, only richer?"

Dante's in Florida already? This show doesn't even attempt to pass off travel as realistic.

I don't get Alexis' position on this at all. And of course, they didn't give us any follow-up. Because watching Sonny and Brenda fight for the millionth time is definitely more important.

Wow, Sonny, calling Brenda out for keeping Alec from Alexander? Dirty pool. Very dirty pool. Someone's still bitter about Alexis and Olivia's choices...

June 28th, 2011

Lulu agrees to work for Javier as a cocktail waitress so she can wait around for Luke. Dante almost gets information out of Lupe but can't seal the deal. Lulu sees him leave the brothel but doesn't let him know she's there. Jason fills Abby in on some details about Michael and the Quartermaines, but still won't interfere. Carly's worried that Michael will turn out like A.J. and start comparing himself to Jason. Nikolas is still in denial about Lucky being Aiden's father. Elizabeth panics about the whole thing and tells Sam what's going on. Michael turns down Jax's job offer, then tells him that if he wants to be helpful, he'll back off the custody case. Jason thinks having a baby would be - and I quote - "cool."

Logic is not a part of Lulu's skill set, I see.

So much for continuity and history. Two mistakes today: 1) Jason and Robin didn't break up because he lied about Michael's paternity; she knew A.J. was his father. They broke up because she told A.J. the truth. 2) Nikolas didn't grow up wondering who his father was. He always knew it was Stavros. Stefan was the one who thought he was Nikolas' father.

Elizabeth has so few friends that she's resigned to confiding in Sam? How messed up is that? Also, why would Jason care who Aiden's father is? And Sam would only care in the sense that Aiden's no longer related to her.

I hope you still think having a baby is "cool" when he or she is inevitably kidnapped, Jason.

June 29th, 2011

Nikolas plans to go to Zurich with Spencer and Aiden, warning Lucky that he could easily make the situation ugly. While he makes a pit stop at Emily's grave, Lucky and Elizabeth catch on and rush to try to stop him from leaving the country. Eventually they all end up back at Elizabeth's house, and Nikolas admits that he was going to leave but knew it wouldn't be fair to anyone. Michael and Abby start at ELQ; she's thrilled and he's bored but willing to stick it out because she's so happy. One of Edward's rising stars, Asher Caldwell, seems concerned that Michael will be the new favorite, and he may be putting moves on Abby (if so, he's kind of bad at it). Jax tells Brenda he's going to have her testify at the custody trial, and even after she pleads with him not to go through with it, she gets a subpoena. Jax also wants Michael and Morgan to testify, so of course Carly's ticked. Steven asks Robin and Patrick to investigate Siobhan's surgery and find out what caused her blood pressure to drop. They can't find anything to indicate that Matt did something wrong, but they know that means Elizabeth might have been at fault. Sonny tries to enlist Brenda as a spy at ELQ.

They can get James Franco on this show a dozen times but they couldn't get Amber Tamblyn back for one scene - ONE SCENE - as a hallucination or something? Actually, I was starting to think Nikolas was going to hallucinate Natalia Livingston, in which case I would still be screaming.

Carly should actually just let Michael and Morgan testify - they're as ticked at Jax as she is, so they'll testify in her favor.

I really wish I knew when Ingo Rademacher was leaving so I could start a countdown.

I don't think Sonny and Brenda fought once today. Amazing.

June 30th, 2011

Nikolas announces that he's leaving, partly because he's still sad that he hasn't found someone to be happy with and partly because he's upset about the way he's screwed up Lucky and Elizabeth's lives. Lucky assures him that he's not the villain he thinks he is. Nikolas leaves anyway, but the Cassadine population remains the same as Helena returns. Spinelli checks himself out of the hospital so he can sit around in suspenders and try to seduce Maxie. Robin and Patrick keep investigating, trying to remain objective even though there's a possibility Elizabeth did something to compromise Siobhan's health. Matt's convinced that Elizabeth is the guilty party. Brenda and Sonny's peace is over already.

Tyler Christopher and Jonathan Jackson wrote their last scene together, so I must thank them for the question about why Nikolas doesn't have an accent. I've always wondered about that, too. Tyler will be back for a couple of days in August, and I hope that with the new head writer, things will change and he'll come back for good. There are just so many things that could be done with the two of them.

That little antique gun probably doesn't even work.

The new Aiden (I don't think that's Jonathan Jackson's son; his hair is lighter than I remember from the picture I saw) is so cute. He's also so much more animated. I always find it weird when little kids on TV are quiet and unemotional (see: Lily on Modern Family).


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