General Hospital blog - June, 2012

June 1st, 2012

McBain delivers Sam's baby, a boy, then receives Jason's "message" in the form of being beaten up and dumped by the side of the road. Sam thinks the baby is having trouble breathing, and also looks a lot like Jason. Todd takes Tea to a bus stop (because of course) and delivers her baby, also a boy and also having breathing problems. He heads off to find a way to the hospital and encounters Heather, who's in a gardening shed and in the process of burying Anthony. Carly is the latest to hear the Franco/baby news and encourages Jason to forgive himself and Sam, then move on. He actually listens and decides to reach out to his wife. Carly may take her own advice and forgive Johnny. Lulu gets Luke to tell her what happened with Anthony, and he does, but he swears her to secrecy until he can find out who framed him and Tracy.

You have to love how fast labor goes on soaps. My sister-in-law has been in labor all day, but whatever. At least no one's going to try to sell her baby.

It would have been funny if Jason had delivered Sam's baby - we would have had two women both having boys delivered by the babies' uncles. (Uh, supposedly.)

Dragon - driiiiiiiiink!

I bet Heather's going to tell Todd the baby is dead and then try to raise him herself. This would be a lot more effective for the audience if it were Sam's baby, know, we don't really care about Tea.

Carly, you're dangerously close to having sympathy for other people. Stop it. It's scary.

Arrested: Tracy Quartermaine, Luke Spencer
Born: Unnamed baby boy Lord, unnamed baby boy Morgan (McCall?)
Injured: John McBain
Married: Matt Hunter and Maxie Jones
Out of prison: Maxie Jones

Week in review:
Funniest moments (intentional): Kristina saying Morgan's probably learning how to be a sniper at school, Carly to thugs: "Let me guess: You guys do windows.... Drive safe!"
Funniest moment (unintentional): Sam telling Kristina that her experiences with reality TV were bad (funny since Kelly Monaco's experiences with reality TV were far from bad)
Saddest moment: Spinelli being heartbroken over Maxie marrying Matt
Sweetest moment: Sam with the baby
Least believable moment: No one had to sign any releases to be on Kristina's TV show
Most annoying character: McBain, if only because he's been holding this grudge against Sonny for 15+ years
Dumbest character: Kristina, because there's no way this whole thing won't end in disaster
Previously unanswered question now answered: Heather moved Anthony's body?

June 2nd, 2012

Next week: I really don't know, since the teasers I've seen are the vaguest ever.

June 4th, 2012

Heather tries but fails to save Tea's baby. Meanwhile, Sam goes in search of help and winds up at the gardening shed, where she puts the baby in a planter's box and passes out. Todd finds the baby, and when Tea sees him holding him, she thinks he saved her child. Todd can't bring himself to tell her the truth. Heather accidentally adds to the myth that they revived the baby, so Tea has no idea what's going on. Todd fills Heather in and she convinces him that Sam was there to abandon her child, so they should pull a switch. For some reason, Todd agrees to go along with this. Jason tells Sam's empty hotel room that he wants to be there for her and the baby. McBain drags himself back to the hotel and tells Jason he delivered the baby. Too bad they can't find him or Sam. Carly decides to give Johnny a second chance as long as he practices full disclosure with her. He immediately falls back on old habits by not telling her about any of his recent crimes.

I definitely didn't see the baby swap coming. I'd actually been thinking that it was interesting that Sam and Tea both had boys and that that would be ripe for a baby-swap storyline if they were, say, both at the hospital. Especially since I can't remember the show doing that storyline before. Leave it to the writers to find a way to do it.

But I'm really not looking forward to weeks of Sam being depressed.

I don't get why Todd told Heather what was really going on. You were home free, man! I mean, you were doing a horrible, horrible thing, but you were getting away with it! By the way, when the truth eventually comes out, Jason's going to kill you.

Speaking of truth eventually coming out, bravo, Johnny.

June 5th, 2012

Jason finds Sam at the shed and is stuck with the task of telling her the baby didn't make it. She's in denial about the possibility, and in even more denial that the dead baby is hers. Todd tries to tell Tea the truth but keeps getting interrupted. Heather tells Olivia that Sam is getting what she deserves. She also objects to Olivia's unfavorable comments about Franco. Michael and Starr decide that Sonny's trying to protect whoever really caused the accident. Starr is surprised to learn from Todd that that person is Kate. Speaking of Kate, she still has Sonny's support, but she also still has Connie hanging around. Ewen's okay, if anyone cares.

Let's hope no one thinks Sam needs a room next to Kate's.

Todd told Starr about Kate/Connie because...?

Oh, and I changed my mind. When the truth comes out, Jason isn't the person who will be Todd's biggest threat. Tea is.

Why are all of these people awake in the middle of the night, by the way?

June 6th, 2012

Todd wants Tea to go back to Pennsylvania before Sam sees her baby, but that ain't gonna happen. Tea names "her" son Victor while Sam names hers Jason (which won't be confusing at all). Starr may not be happy with Kate, but she at least gets what's going on. Connie almost tells Kate that Johnny talked her into lying. Matt remembers killing Lisa, which certainly puts a damper on his wedding night with Maxie. Spinelli gets drunk to deal with said wedding. Felicia's staying in town for a while, and Mac is definitely not opposed to the news.

Are you happy now, Todd? YOU'RE A HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE PERSON. But I still love you, of course. I can't help it.

Is anyone else concerned about the obvious lack of security at Ferncliff?

If your wedding night ends with you and your spouse in tears, you have made a mistake.

Noooo, I don't want Mac and Felicia to get back together! I want him with Alexis! Why won't anyone listen to me?

June 7th, 2012

Jason tries to tell Sam that he would have helped her raise the baby, but she doesn't want to hear it. (Neither does Alexis.) He also feels really guilty about being the reason McBain couldn't get Sam and the baby to the hospital. Victor may have the iron disorder Kelly told Sam about, and Todd doesn't like that blood tests would be required to learn more. He gets closer to getting Tea out of town, but not before Sam runs into her. Matt decides to turn himself in for Lisa's murder, ignoring Maxie's pleas not to. Olivia tries to find out what Heather was up to the previous night, consulting with Spinelli in the process. Heather bugs Dante about Luke's arrest, trying to point the finger at Tracy alone. Kristina is already seeing how much her reality show violates her family's privacy. Anna and McBain recap things for the audience's benefit.

Yes, Jason, you're a horrible person, too. But not as horrible as Todd.

By the way, there's no way Todd can keep this going. It's a gigantic house of cards, and even Olivia could take it down.

Why is Steven Tea's doctor? He's an ER doc. Where the heck is Kelly?

Aw, Matt, you're okay. P.S. Thanks for shaving.

I love Alexis' cupcake pajama pants.

June 8th, 2012

Kelly tells Sam that the baby died from respiratory problems, and, strangely, had hemophilia, a disorder Sam couldn't have passed to him. (But guess what disorder runs in Tea's family?) Now Sam is suspicious again. Jason finally tells her that he would have raised the baby with her, but she's distracted since she's figured out why McBain disappeared. Heather flits around making trouble for people and asks Todd and Tea to keep her good Samaritan actions quiet. She's pleased that Tea's taking the baby to Pennsylvania since she thinks she's better off than she would be with Sam and Jason – who is, by the way, really the baby's father. Anna accepts the job as commissioner and immediately has Jason brought in so she can warn him not to commit crimes. She also lets him know that she knows he had McBain attacked. Anna then has Luke and Tracy released from lock-up, which Luke may appreciate a little too much. Mac and Felicia are pretty close to getting back together.

I feel like this baby scheme is going to fall apart any minute. It's flimsy enough that anyone who heard both Sam and Tea's birth stories would figure it out.

I knew Heather messed with the paternity-test results! Yeah, yeah, everyone knew. I was still right.

Did Tea not think to mention to Steven that the baby could have hemophilia? Nice one. And I'm surprised Sam isn't a carrier; the Cassadines are Russian nobility.

Good luck improving the PCPD, Anna. It's...not going to happen.

Arrested, I guess: Matt Hunter
Back together: Carly Jacks and Johnny Zacchara
Dead: Victor Lord, Jr./fake Jason Morgan, Jr.

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Tracy and Luke are still bringing it
Funniest moment (unintentional): Spinelli leaving piles of sugar around his coffee mug
Saddest moment: Jason having to tell Sam she lost another child
Sweetest moment: Tea was sweet with the baby, if you ignore the fact that he's not hers
Least believable moment: Starr got access to Kate without anyone noticing
Most annoying character: Heather, who I alternately love and hate
Dumbest character: Todd

June 9th, 2012

Next week: "Lulu and Johnny make a deal." I'm listening...

June 11th, 2012

Sam confronts Jason about McBain's attack and he comes clean. She blames him for the baby's death and kicks him out, but he leaves the dragon with her. Matt signs a confession and accepts a deal to do five years in prison. He tells Maxie that Alexis will get their marriage annulled, but she refuses. Kristina asks her producer, Trey, to stop production, but he smarms his way into convincing her to change her mind. Alexis is not pleased. Heather is seriously, seriously messed up. Seriously. Spinelli tracks Heather's movements and finds out that she was near the motel. Ewen and Elizabeth, sitting in a tree.

Dragon! Drink!

All of Matt and Patrick's talk about Matt needing to be there for Emma just makes me laugh. When have they ever spent more than five minutes together?

Heather gave away a baby and made his mother think he was dead BECAUSE SHE DIDN'T DELIVER A LETTER. If that's not crazy, I don't know what is.

Alexis is officially the only lawyer left in town, huh?

June 12th, 2012

Johnny wants to buy the Haunted Star and turn it into a club. Lulu likes the idea and agrees to go into business with him. Johnny's first business decision is to give Starr a singing gig. Tracy wants Luke back, but he's hesitant, thinking it would look bad for them to be seen together when they're suspected of killing Anthony. Ewen doesn't think Kate's confession and supposed crimes add up, and he agrees to work with her to figure everything out. At first she's on board, but she quickly gets distracted when she realizes she's late. Starr fills Michael in on the Kate/Connie thing and begs forgiveness for blaming Sonny. He easily grants it and is willing to be friends. Sam takes out her anger on Elizabeth, who encourages her to forgive Jason and believe that he's sorry. Sam tells her she and Jason are over and Elizabeth can have him. Carly gives Jason more good advice, but this time he doesn't listen to it.

Lulu just keeps adding to the list of things Dante won't be happy to find out about...

So are we going to see a Tracy/Luke/Anna triangle? Are people over 50 on this show even allowed to have love triangles?


Poor Michael is the last to know everything. He probably won't find out about the baby's "death" for two more weeks. I don't think anyone ever told him about Franco either.

Are we sure Carly isn't the one with another personality? Because she's become frighteningly insightful and helpful, and it's's just not right.

June 13th, 2012

Sam gets her things from the motel and runs into McBain, who tells her a little about Theresa. He's about to leave town since his warrant has expired, but first he stops by Sonny's for the conversation they should have had weeks ago. Sam leaves the dragon in the motel and Jason leaves the phoenix at the Floating Rib. Kate thinks she's pregnant with Johnny's baby even after her pregnancy test comes back negative. She also thinks she's 17 and doesn't know who Kate is. Todd returns from Pennsylvania and learns of Starr's business dealings with Johnny. Carly promises that Johnny won't take advantage of her, though Todd knows she doesn't have the best judgment since she just took him back. He decides to stay in Port Charles to keep an eye on his daughter. Jason and Elizabeth play pool and talk about grief and relationships. Johnny's all proud of himself for making Starr happy. Michael discusses Kate with Sonny, who blames himself for her condition but reaffirms his desire to be there for her.

I've heard good things about McBain and Sonny's scenes tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to them.

Five bucks says Sam finds the phoenix and Jason finds the dragon. (P.S. Drink!)

I actually wanted Kate's pregnant test to be positive, because how much fun would that have been?

Also, if Kate was really pregnant with Sonny's child as a teenager, that brings his conception record up to an even dozen, I believe.

June 14th, 2012

McBain's view of Theresa's death (that Sonny shot her) is very different from Sonny's. In Sonny's, he was trying to save her from Joe Scully, Jr., who killed her so Sonny couldn't have her. 17-year-old Connie tells Ewen that her pregnancy was the result of being raped by Joe Jr. She left Sonny because she didn't want to tell him what happened, as she thought it would lead him to kill Joe Jr., which would lead Joe Sr. to kill him. Ewen asks what happened to the baby, but Connie won't say. Dante's unhappy about Lulu's new business arrangements. Carly worries that Johnny will get too close to Lulu if they're working together. Tracy and Alice think Tracy will be reuniting with Luke soon, but he's busy romancing Anna. Johnny's hallucinations about Anthony have become auditory.

Well, that answers that question about the upcoming mystery character only described as the son of a former character. I have a hard time thinking of him as dangerous, though, since the name Joe Jr. just makes me think of While You Were Sleeping.

By the way, what's up with this show and fleur-de-lises?

Of course Kate was raped. Almost every woman on this show has been raped. (And one of the men.)

I could never be married to someone like Dante. Walking out in the middle of a fight? Jerk.

June 15th, 2012

Kate's story continues: She never told her parents about the baby, delivered him at a boardinghouse, and left. Ewen thinks that's when the Connie/Kate split occurred. Sonny threatens Trey, then acts all super-nice for the cameras. Trey, by the way, may have ulterior motives. Lulu helps Luke realize that getting involved with Anna would be a bad idea. McBain gets Anna to see the same thing. The two decide to just be friends, but find it impossible to keep their hands off of each other. Dante warns Johnny to play nice, though he ultimately decides he's okay with him and Lulu working together. Johnny lets Dante know that Kate confessed to causing the accident and Sonny's covering it up.

I'm confused - did Kate not know about the baby? I don't think that's how DID works.

I take it we're supposed to think this Trey guy is Kate's son, but you know who else is around the right age and whose family we know next to nothing about? Spinelli. Just throwing that out there.

When Sonny's smiling, you know something's off.

I'm going to give Dante a preemptive "shut up" for the next ten times I need to say it.

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Todd's alternate newspaper headlines
Funniest moment (unintentional): "No woman likes to be backed into a corner." Cut to Kate telling Ewen about her rape
Saddest moment: Dead baby trumps all
Sweetest moment: Sam and McBain hugging goodbye
Least believable moment: McBain completely believes Sonny about Theresa's death
Most annoying characters: Dante, for his six-year-old's handling of a fight with his wife; Sam, who is obviously entitled to her grief but was unnecessarily nasty to Elizabeth (and everyone knows I'm no Elizabeth apologist, so if even I think she was out of line, it was bad)
Dumbest character: Kristina, some more, again
Unanswered question of the week: What happened to Kate's son?

June 18th, 2012

Sam admits to Alexis, Kristina, and Molly that she isn't completely convinced that her son is dead. Michael channels Carly, urging Jason to be there for Sam even if he thinks she won't want him around. Todd buys Crimson and a newspaper, the latter of which runs a story about the baby's "death" and makes him feel guilty. Carly spots him lurking in the cemetery after the baby's funeral and thinks he's just sweeter than he lets on. Spinelli encounters the cop who spoke to Heather the night of the storm and learns that she had her "husband" in the car. Heather plans to leverage what she knows about the baby swap to get a job with Todd's paper. Tracy has convinced herself that she and Luke are on the verge of getting back together, and shares the news with Anna, who has just woken up in Luke's bed.

Were all of those people late for the funeral? How courteous.

Ha, Todd so wants Carly.

Bravo, Olivia, for talking about Heather on the phone while she was standing THREE FEET AWAY.

Kristina thought Sam wouldn't want to see Michael because of Jason? Huh? Shut up, Kristina.

June 19th, 2012

Todd has no choice but to agree to give Heather a job (and also an advance on the first paycheck she hasn't even earned yet). Sam and Jason connect, but she's still not ready to move back in. Kristina wants Michael on her show, but he thinks she's just going along with what Trey wants since she obviously likes him. Kristina counters that she thinks Michael likes Starr (who she doesn't feel too great about, considering what Starr tried to do to Sonny). Maxie puts out an ad for a roommate and gets offers from Starr and Trey. She realizes she can't stay in her apartment since it reminds her of Spinelli, so she decides to move out and let Trey and Starr both move in. Luke and Anna talk things to death and finally decide to give things a go, as long as he comes clean to Tracy. Heather sees them together and is definitely not going to react well. Spinelli and Olivia wonder if Heather really is married, or if she was with Luke, or if he might know something they can use. Maxie thinks Lulu and Johnny are going to rekindle things, which leads to lots and lots of denial on their parts.

Sarcastic thumbs-up? Marry me, Todd!

Hey, Kristina, maybe be a little more sensitive about Michael and girls considering his last girlfriend died not that long ago. Also, shut up again.

Also, careful, because Trey might be your stepbrother someday. (No, see, this is why Spinelli needs to turn out to be Kate's son. Because if Kate and Sonny ever get married, Sonny would be Spinelli's stepfather, which would be pretty much the best thing ever.)

Starr went up 20 points in my book for the way she talked to Trey. Then she promptly lost the points by agreeing to live with him.

June 20th, 2012

Lulu advises Luke to tell Tracy he's going to pursue a relationship with Anna, then tell Anna about Anthony and the Ethan lie. He agrees to do so, but first he'll have to deal with Heather. Kate tells Sonny about Joe Jr. and her baby, who she's pretty sure didn't survive. Ewen says she'll probably start to recover Connie's memories, so of course the first question is whether or not she remembers the accident. Spinelli finally calls Maxie on all of her crap and tells her he's done dealing with it. Mac and Felicia talk about each other to Patrick and Anna, then make out. Maxie can't move into Matt's apartment, but Patrick offers to let her stay with him and Emma. Michael accuses Trey of manipulating not just Kristina but also Starr, thinking he wants Starr on the show.

Funny how Lulu advocates total honesty between Luke and Anna while she's keeping a secret from Dante.

A standing ovation for Spinelli, who was 100 percent spot on with everything he said to Maxie. He's put up with her crap for waaaaaaay too long.

I still want Mac and Alexis together, but Felicia's return is possibly the best thing to happen to John J. York in a long time. I mean, he has screen time and a possible plotline!

Everyone, when the most stable person around is the guy whose wife "died" four months ago, your lives are messed up.

Why don't Maxie and Sam live together? Remember how they're supposed to be friends?

June 21st, 2012

Heather tells Luke she took care of his Anthony problem, offering to take him to the body. Luke's too smart to get in a car with her, so he tries to call Anna, but Heather knocks him out. Anna questions three unsolved cases, leading to some confessions. Delores comes clean about leaking information to Johnny, but instead of firing her or accepting her resignation, Anna asks her to keep it up. Dante tells Lulu that Kate caused the accident, and Lulu in turn tells him that Luke moved Anthony's body. Each wants to talk to his or her father before telling Anna anything. Johnny hangs out with Josslyn but hallucinates that she's a ticked-off Hope. Kate has recovered all of Connie's memories except the shooting, leading Sonny to wonder if Connie lied about it. Ewen thinks she's just holding it back from Kate. Jason goes to Elizabeth for more comfort, and she tells him that Sam is probably lashing out at him so she doesn't have to blame herself for the baby's death. Sam gets interested in Spinelli's investigation of Heather.

Poor Luke. Felled by the thing he was trying to quit.

Yeah, Dante, everyone believes you'll totally turn Kate in even if Sonny asks you not to.

I like Ghost Hope. She's sassy and awesome. I think Starr would be proud.

Jason, you do have other friends, you know. I can name three off the top of my head. Okay, yeah, they were all doing other stuff today, but still.

June 22nd, 2012

Heather has to wait for various people to traipse through the Haunted Star before she can finally kidnap Luke. Sam and Spinelli learn that Heather and Todd have a connection and break into his hotel room. Spinelli completely fails to keep Todd out, but Sam manages to find Heather's résumé and a crumpled-up copy of the Sun article about her baby's death. They're suspicious, as is Todd, who thinks someone was in his room. Tracy and Anna both plan romantic dinners for Luke, but when he doesn't show up to hers, Tracy goes to Anna's and figures out what's going on. Michael and Kristina aren't thrilled with the relationship their love interests are developing. (Neither is Todd.) Lulu doesn't think Anna is too confident about her new relationship.

There were a lot of nice little throwaway moments today: Todd saying that Trey is the French word for shower, "Ladies...," and, of course, "Woodrow!" "Wilson?" Also, half of Trey's dialogue.

Maybe Spinelli and Sam should sell their PI business to Mac and Felicia, since THEY SUCK AT IT.

Did you know that Finola Hughes is 53? Fifty-freaking-three! No one looks that good at 53!

Sad to say, Starr has more chemistry with Trey than she does with Michael. Well, it's only sad to say because it leaves Michael and Kristina without love interests.

Back together, I guess: Felicia Jones and Mac Scorpio
Dating, I guess: Anna Devane and Luke Spencer
Kidnapped: Luke Spencer

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Todd's sarcastic thumbs-up
Funniest moment (unintentional): I probably shouldn't have laughed at Johnny hallucinating, but I did
Saddest moment: Still going with dead baby
Sweetest moment: Spinelli at the cemetery
Least believable moment: Hey, I just met you / And this is crazy / But we both need an apartment, and we know nothing about each other, and we don't even like each other / So let's live together, maybe?
Most annoying character: Kristina
Dumbest character: Spinelli, who should have figured out by now how to be stealthy

June 23rd, 2012

Next week: If Luke's life depends on Spinelli tracking Heather, he should probably get comfortable.

June 25th, 2012

Heather takes Luke to the shed and plans a romantic evening with him. He tries to play along, but Heather gets upset when Anna leaves a message and decides to just keep him there until Anna and Tracy forget about him. Anna tells Tracy that Luke is with her now, and Tracy warns that she's not in for the smoothest relationship. Lulu confirms the relationship for Tracy, who's upset that she's the last to find out. Kate's worried that Johnny will be prosecuted for the accident, which she tells him she still doesn't remember. Dante gives Sonny the night to "make arrangements," but in the morning, he'll be taking what he knows about Kate and Connie to Anna. Sonny still isn't sure Connie's the real culprit. Michael and Carly play Recap Recent Events.

So Heather's a would-be rapist, too? Geez, this woman is just all sorts of messed up.

Dear writers, you have a rather large plot hole here: Why doesn't Kate remember Johnny getting Connie to agree to make a false confession?

See, Dante? This is why no one believes you. You play too nicely with the mobsters. If Sonny's "arrangements" involve getting Kate out of the country, it's your own fault.

What was the point of the Carly/Michael scenes? They didn't even hit us over the head with Carly thinking she can trust Johnny.

June 26th, 2012

Todd fires Diane to give Heather her column. Sam figures out that Heather is blackmailing Todd, though she doesn't know what with. She and Spinelli do some old-fashioned eavesdropping outside his office and hear him and Heather fighting. Dante's off the hook for having to tell Anna anything since Kate turns herself in first. Patrick flips out on Maxie for borrowing his robe, which Robin gave him, and which is also holding drugs, apparently. Sonny sends Jason to find Joe Jr. so he can get some Jason-style revenge. Steven wonders if Elizabeth doesn't want to get back together with Jason.

Spinelli almost brought up an interesting point (he didn't quite get there, though): Why is Sam still keeping Heather's secrets? Heather doesn't have anything on her, so why not tell Steven how she sold Franco?

I'm sorry, did Kate really ask Dante when he started doing things for Sonny's benefit? Has she met him?

Maxie might want to get to the office before she finds herself jobless as well as homeless.

I need Burton Guster to tell me what those pills are!

June 27th, 2012

Sam asks Todd for a job in an attempt to try to get in with him. He feels bad about the whole baby thing and hires her. Heather catches Spinelli following her and warns him to stop being so curious. Lulu thinks Maxie is making a mistake by staying with Patrick. Maxie tells her about the pills and says she doesn't want to wind up as an enabler again. Ewen asks Patrick if he should be concerned about Elizabeth and Jason's relationship. Patrick hates Jason, so of course he says yes. Tracy tells Anna that Luke killed Anthony and had someone move the body. Anna's more concerned about the fact that Luke is MIA. Elizabeth still wants to be friends with Jason (and nothing more), and vice versa, as he's still getting Sam-related advice from her. Then they hug, which of course Ewen sees.

I wonder who would win in a crazy-fast-talking contest, Todd or Alexis?

The Tomas mention reminds me: Why does Todd keep making fun of his name? It's the Spanish version of what is, according to Heather, Todd's real name. Also, it just makes him sound racist.

Once again, Spinelli is the worst PI ever. Sam, however, seems to know what she's doing.

Ewen, if you want to know all of Elizabeth's dating history, you might want to make yourself comfortable.

June 28th, 2012

Kristina and Trey take the camera crew to the courthouse, thinking Sonny's in legal trouble yet again. Kate winds up telling her everything on camera. Kristina doesn't want to violate her privacy anymore, so she and Trey go bug Starr instead. Kate briefly remembers the conversation where Johnny convinced Connie to make her false confession. Heather's on to Sam, and though Todd thinks she's being honest with him, he'd like to keep her close and try to stay a step ahead of her. Patrick is overly defensive about what he says are painkillers. Maxie pretends to believe him but holds on to a pill. Michael's happy that Starr thinks Trey is a jerk. He also suspects that Trey is pretending to be interested in Kristina to keep the show going. Spinelli warns Olivia that Heather thinks she hired him.

Kristina, you suck. That is all.

I'm sure when Kate does remember agreeing to lie for Johnny, everyone will believe her.

I like the Todd/Sam/Heather/Spinelli/Olivia story. It'll be interesting to see all of them lie to each other while simultaneously knowing they're being lied to.

Maxie, save yourself the trouble and just send Epiphany over there to straighten Patrick out.

June 29th, 2012

The judge won't drop the charges against Kate, but after Starr makes a plea on her behalf, he changes his mind. Jason heads to New Orleans to find Joe Jr., and in one of the largest coincidences of all time, he's on the same flight as McBain. McBain vows to take care of Joe Jr. himself and may have even alerted the police to Jason's presence in the city in order to get him out of the way. Carly thinks Todd and Johnny are similar since they're both helping people. Todd tells her that people like Johnny don't change and he still has secrets. Sam accuses Elizabeth of wanting to go after Jason, claiming unconvincingly that she doesn't care. Elizabeth warns her that if she keeps pushing him away, she's going to get what she wishes for. Trey turns the camera on Johnny, who is way too sympathetic toward Kate for anyone to find believable.

So Kate can just...go? Even though she's only been in therapy for, like, a week, and there's no proof that Connie's not going to be a problem anymore?

McBain can afford to flight first class? Uh-huh.

Whoa, an Emily mention! That was a surprise.

Carly has no idea how much of a parallel there is between Todd and Johnny - both of them are helping women they secretly hurt.

Fired: Diane Miller
Hired: Sam Morgan, Heather Webber
Not going to jail: Kate Howard

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): "If Tomas Delgado ever calls...kill him"
Funniest moment (unintentional): Alexis citing a case from One Life to Live as legal precedent
Saddest moment: Jason having to ask McBain how Sam is since she won't talk to him (yes, I am a Sam/Jason fan! Leave me alone!)
Sweetest moment: Maxie taking care of Emma
Least believable moment: Jason and McBain are not only on the same flight, they're seated next to each other
Most annoying character: Patrick
Smartest characters: Sonny, for not believing Connie's confession; Sam, for getting a job with Todd
Dumbest character: Todd, for not being suspicious enough
Unanswered question of the week: What is Patrick taking?

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