General Hospital blog - June, 2014

June 2nd, 2014

Molly is shocked to hear the news about Ric, refusing to believe that Julian is telling the truth. Julian assures Lucas that he's not in danger, but tells Bobbie that her family is more of a risk than his organization. Just as Britt convinces Nathan to tell Silas that Nina's alive, Silas tells Sam he's ready to move on from his wife, and they exchange "I love you"s. Then a mystery visitor shows up at his place. Something's wrong with Gabriel. Felix and Brad bicker over Lucas, who kind of likes it. Nikolas changes Elizabeth's mind about Ric's innocence.

Yay for Molly being loyal to Ric. Boo to Elizabeth.

"I like having a brother." Yeah, because no one else will put up with you, Britt.

I don't believe for a second that that picture of Silas and Nina is 20+ years old.

I love Lucas appreciating being fought over.

June 3rd, 2014

While Ava takes a pregnancy test, Franco tells Kiki that her mother's probably dead, and Carly tells Morgan he'll probably never see her again. They're both wrong, and the test is positive. Nathan chickens out of telling Silas about Nina, who turns up at Danny's birthday party. Gabriel's dying, so that'll be fun. Rafe is a bad boy, stealing money from Sam and buying drugs. Molly really hates Julian.

Ava's enjoying herself way too much.

Nice job with the Nina/Rafe fake-out. "Ha ha – you all knew Michelle Stafford was coming today, so we tricked you!"

Oh, yay, another dead baby! I can't wait!

Kudos to Rafe for stealing from Franco, though. If Sam knew that, she might back off.

June 4th, 2014

Morgan encourages Ava to have an abortion, but of course she's not going to do that. Carly reminds Sonny that he holds the power here. No one wants to upset the woman in a wheelchair who just came out of a coma, so Sam keeps quiet about her relationship with Silas. Sabrina has Gabriel baptized, and then he dies. Everyone cries, including Epiphany, which just makes it worse. Nathan lies to a judge so Maxie can get a new hearing. Mac reluctantly agrees to give Levi another chance.

I want Morgan to be the baby's father just so Carly has to be a grandmother.

Way to read a room, Nina.

Elizabeth should have been with Patrick and Sabrina. She's friends with both of them and has lost a child.

Go away, Levi. No one wants you here.

June 5th, 2014

Ava threatens to kill Carly, which is just another strike against her as far as Sonny is concerned. Morgan's done with Sonny. Dead babies make everyone sad. Nina's clueless and also kind of annoying. Sam is a tad upset to be the Sabrina in this Patrick/Robin rehash. Alcohol isn't helping, Alexis.

Ava might be smart to try to beg her way back into Julian's good graces.

Maybe they can give the baby to Patrick and Sabrina?

Nina. Seriously. Learn to read a room.

Who brought wine to a two-year-old's birthday party?? Oh, wait. My family does that.

June 6th, 2014

Kiki helps Morgan decide that he still wants to be with Ava no matter whose baby she's having. He's not as sure once he finds out she's moving in with Sonny. Olivia is in a similar situation, deciding she wants to reconcile with Sonny but changing her mind when she finds out about his new roommate. Nina's learning a lot about her husband. Like how his brother was a serial killer. And how he's raising his nephew. And how he has a daughter. She also resists getting in touch with Nathan, but Sam confirms that his non-sister is alive. Maxie tells Levi that Nathan lied to a judge for her, which is probably a mistake. Franco has an identity crisis, and Carly invites him to move in with her. Julian gets all dad judge-y on Silas.

A for effort, Sonny.

I really hope Nina's somehow playing Silas and isn't actually this dim.

I also hope that people stealing Franco's money becomes a regular thing.

Julian, if you want to be a better father, you should have paid for breakfast.

Max is back! Yay!

Dead: Gabriel Santiago
New in town: Nina Clay
Pregnant: Ava Jerome

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Lucas' reaction to Brad and Felix fighting over her
Funniest moment (unintentional): "You'll be Hell." Okay, Sonny
Saddest moment: Dead baby, anyone?
Sweetest/cutest moment: Nathan lying for Maxie
Least believable moment: Silas didn't bother to tell Nina that Rafe or Kiki might turn up in the apartment
Best instance of continuity: Epiphany's son died
Worst instance of continuity: Didn't Maxie and Patrick use to be close? Why hasn't she been to see him and the baby?
Hero of the week: Nathan
Most annoying character: Levi
Smartest character: Ava (this is killing me, guys)
Dumbest character: Nina, unless she's playing Silas

The week in a nutshell:

June 7th, 2014

Next week: Another shooting? Really?

June 9th, 2014

Sonny tells Morgan that Ava's only moving in so she'll be safe from Julian, not because they're in love. Morgan kind of believes it until he asks Ava to live with him at her place and she balks. Then he decides all this crap isn't worth it and leaves, which is easily the best decision he's ever made. Then he goes to Kiki for comfort, and she hugs him, and I can't believe Michael didn't see them together. Nathan reunites with Nina just as she recalls that she was pregnant with Silas' child, and that he had an affair with Ava. Nathan has to bum her out even more with the news that Madeline was responsible for her coma, and that they're not really siblings. Silas assures Sam that he's going to stay with her, and just needs some time before he lets Ava know. Nina, however, is ready to fight to keep Silas. Anna tells Jordan that she can come clean to T.J. about her real job, since they've captured the head of the Jeromes. Meanwhile, Fluke orders Julian back to work, even though Julian thinks that the influx of drugs into town will make the police suspicious. Just as Jordan's about to find T.J., Julian tells her their boss wants them back on the job.

Are we going to have to sit through a Nina/Madeline scene? Please, no.

Also, Nina and Nathan, keep your hands to yourselves. You're supposed to be related.

Hey, Jordan, you know who you should be listening to about leaving your cover? Your boss. Not Anna.

I'll pay Julian $5 to say, "Jordan, we have to cook."

June 10th, 2014

Sonny visits Ric in lockup to taunt him about getting busted, but as Ric continues to claim innocence, Sonny starts to doubt Julian's claims. Diane lectures Elizabeth about turning her back on Ric, guessing that it's because she supported A.J. and he wound up in jail, too. She's sure enough in her abilities to get him cleared that she gets Elizabeth to join the Ric Is Innocent Club. (Molly remains president and founder.) Jordan agrees to reteam with Julian if he’ll tell her their boss' real name. Julian refuses, thinking it'll put his family in danger again. Jordan threatens to walk away, but ultimately can't, since the truth about Ric puts a wrench in Anna's case. Unfortunately, now she has no good news for T.J. Britt sees Nikolas hugging Elizabeth and gets super-annoying about it. Brad somehow thinks he and Lucas still have a shot, but Britt is much more realistic about her chances with Nikolas. Brad urges her to channel the Britch and fight dirty. Duke is furious that Anna let Julian go free in favor of arresting Ric. He's such a baby about it that he even storms off to get his job with Sonny back. Alexis thinks Nikolas changed Elizabeth's mind about Ric's guilt so he could take advantage of the situation and get her back. He insists that he didn't, also insisting that he has no feelings left for Britt.

I have to hand it to Sonny – his recognition of one of Ric's flaws is spot-on. If Ric really had been heading a rival family, he wouldn't be able to stop himself from bragging to Sonny about it.

Dear Diane, I love you. Please visit more often.

Shut up, Britt. You're making me feel sorry for Elizabeth. She's sad because the baby died, you fricking monster.

Would anyone miss Duke if he left? I mean, really?

June 11th, 2014

Anna tells Ric that she believes he's innocent, since Julian told Jordan the truth, but she can't release him. He reluctantly agrees to whatever she has planned since Molly and Elizabeth could be put in danger. Anna then continually refuses to let Elizabeth see Ric, who's supposed to be transferred to the courthouse for his arraignment. While Elizabeth, Molly, and Diane are arguing with Anna, Ric anxiously eyes Nathan's gun. Moments later, there's a gunshot. Sam volunteers to investigate the accident that led to Gabriel's death, since Patrick thinks the police are too busy to keep looking into it. He's so grateful that he almost tells her what Robin's really up to. Later, Sam tells Rafe about the investigation, and he's more shocked than you would expect to hear that Gabriel died. Silas resigns himself to telling Nina about Sam, but it takes him a whole hour, since Nina keeps talking about the past and their lost baby and blah blah blah. Felix notices that something is off about Sabrina, and he's right, since she seems to think her wedding, not Gabriel's funeral, is the next day. Lulu might have been misdiagnosed, which means she might be able to carry a baby after all, because of course. T.J. catches Rafe with drugs, so Rafe taunts that at least he's not selling them like SOMEONE'S mother. T.J. throws his status as son of a serial killer back in his face.

There's a twist in this Ric storyline, but I can't figure out why they're doing it, other than just to have a twist.

Um...are we being led to believe that RAFE caused the accident? Does he even have a car?

Also, I don't know what Rafe snorted, but I think it might have been baby powder or powdered milk. I mean, drugs are supposed to get the user high, yes?

Does anyone else feel like the Lulu/Dante scenes were tacked on because the episode ran short? It was ten minutes of them repeating the same things over and over.

The people who dress the sets don't get enough credit. They arranged Emma's koalas like they're having a tea party! You have to love that.

June 12th, 2014

The PCPD goes into lockdown, and when it's over, Anna announces that Ric is dead. He allegedly tried to grab Nathan's gun and was allegedly killed in the ensuing scuffle. In reality, he's still alive, so Anna just traumatized a 16-year-old with a lie. Patrick has to tell Sabrina that they're not getting married, and that they lost a child. Maxie and Levi disagree immensely over the meaning of life, the greater good, whether it's fate that a baby died, etc. Levi thinks Maxie's turning negative because of Nathan. Silas tells Nina that he's dating Sam, and yes, he loves her. To her credit, Nina immediately offers to leave, but Silas tells her she can stay. Rafe definitely had something to do with the accident that led to Gabriel's death.

Someone get Haley Pullos an Emmy.

One again, a cop gets in trouble to serve one of Anna's plans.

I still don't like her, but Nina gets one point for bowing out, one point for bringing back outdated slang, and one point for having to ask how to use a cell phone. Hey, she has three more points than Levi does!

Hmmm. I might owe Ava an apology. Sorry I called you a baby-killer, Ava. You'll probably earn a new nickname sooner rather than later, though.

June 13th, 2014

Anna hides Ric and makes up excuses for why Molly can't see him. He's devastated that Molly and Elizabeth are so upset over his "death," but doesn't have much of a choice except to let Anna send him into witness protection until Julian's boss has been brought down. Maxie tries to comfort Nathan over the fake shooting. Sonny tells Duke that Anna killed Connie, and that he can't tell Morgan because he'll go confront Ava, who will just reveal that Sonny killed A.J. Elizabeth gets in a fight with Obrecht and taunts that Obrecht should just fire her. Obrecht does, but Nikolas will probably make everything better. Brad gets cranky over seeing Lucas comforting Felix, because he is a horrible human being, and I swear, if Lucas ever gives him a second chance, I will scream. Nikolas manages to put aside his ire toward Britt long enough to express sympathy over her not being able to save Gabriel. Britt feels hopeful, then sees Nikolas and Elizabeth together again and decides to ask Obrecht for help getting her boyfriend back.

Haley Pullos is KILLING ME, you guys.

Maxie and Nathan together are cuter than a basket of puppies.

There have been rumors for a while that Billy Miller from The Young and the Restless is going to be a Jason recast, and today a source said his casting might be a done deal. Let's hope it's all true, if only because Sonny will be able to trade exposition with someone other than Duke.

Yet another reason for Lucas and Felix to get together: being able to start a "how we met" story with, "We both dated the same loser..."

Fired: Elizabeth Webber
Left town: Ric Lansing
Presumed dead: Ric Lansing

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Nina: "I've been Sleeping Beauty...or Sleeping Still Somewhat Attractive"
Funniest moment (unintentional): "Give my regards to Johnny Zacchara." I don't know why that made me laugh
Saddest moments: Patrick trying to get Sabrina to face reality; Molly breaking down over Ric's "death"
Sweetest/cutest moment: Molly's support of Ric
Least believable moment: I don't think they would announce Nathan's name on the news, linking him to the fake shooting
Best instance of continuity: Lucas telling Felix about B.J.
Worst instance of continuity: Maxie, Patrick isn't just "practically" your brother-in-law – he WAS your brother-in-law. Remember Matt? Patrick's brother? Who you were married to? Anyone?
Hero of the week: N/A
Most annoying character: Levi
Smartest character: Anna, I guess
Dumbest character: Brad

The week in a nutshell:

June 14th, 2014

Next week: Josslyn is not having any of your crap, Franco.

June 16th, 2014

Juan comes to town for the funeral, and afterward he takes Sabrina back to Puerto Rico with him so she can grieve in a fresh location. Sonny wants answers from Anna about Ric's "death," which she of course won't give him. She warns him to stay away from Julian and leave Duke alone, two things Sonny doesn't intend to do. Julian asks Duke for a truce, but Duke hasn't spent 25 years building up a grudge just to let it go. Nina figures out that Rafe is doing drugs and gives him a gentle lecture about what a mistake he's making. He gives her his sob story about how Molly doesn't love him and blah blah blah, at least killing a baby is a more reasonable excuse for snorting coke. Rafe panics that she'll tell Silas, so he gives her the rest of his stash, then sneaks into the funeral. Levi says some not-nice things to Nathan about "killing" Ric, so Nathan tells him that he and Maxie talked about him and ate ribs together. Levi throws a punch, but Maxie forgives him because apparently when she had to give up Lil' Georgie, she also gave up her backbone. Silas tells Sam that he filled Nina in on their relationship but is going to let her stay with him. Later, Sam drops by the apartment to chat with her boyfriend's wife. Patrick tells Maxie that he and Robin are probably through.

Heh, just like with Kirsten Storms, somewhere in there they decided to stop bothering to hide Teresa Castillo's stomach. "She's almost to term – let's just give up."

Hey, they remembered that Patrick and Lulu are friends! Even though they haven't talked in, like, a year. I'm not sure why Olivia was at the funeral, though.

Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy Anna/Sonny scenes? I love how she calls him on all his bull.

Nina gets two more points for how she handled Rafe. That's five points! She's getting somewhere! (Just for comparison's sake, Alexis has 15,000 points, so don't get too excited, Nina. The rating scale is huge.)

June 17th, 2014

It's Disagree With People's Living Arrangements Day! Michael, Morgan, and Kiki all question why Ava moved in with Sonny, with the latter two suspecting that there's something they aren't being told. Sam is super-understanding of Nina's situation, noting that she wouldn't know what to do in Silas' position. She pretends she's okay with Nina and Silas living together, but Nina sees through it. Thanks to Jax, Josslyn is anti-Franco. Sonny and Julian posture a bunch but don't get anywhere. Michael has a solution for Morgan's lack of a job and place to live. Silas promises Nathan that he doesn't want to hurt Nina.

I have to laugh at Ava being upset that Kiki only sees her as a schemer. Would you also like her to see you as a murderer? Because that can be arranged.

Sam still wears her wedding ring. I REPEAT: SAM STILL WEARS HER WEDDING RING. Just wanted to get that on the record.

Let's get Josslyn and Spencer together, shall we? Imagine the damage they could do.

Michael, can you get Kiki a job, too? It's starting to bug me how few people on this show work.

June 18th, 2014

Morgan tells Carly that Ava moved in with Sonny, then taunts Franco that Carly will be running to Sonny all the time. Dante lays into Sonny for hurting Olivia and Morgan, and a frustrated Sonny almost tells him the truth. Carly interrupts and tells Dante that Sonny sabotaged his relationship with Olivia because he felt bad about moving on from Connie. Maxie's confused when her hearing is moved up a day, and again when Nathan is summoned to it. The judge questions his honesty over whether or not Maxie got the notice about the original hearing and asks him to testify about it under oath. Nathan is willing to perjure himself so Maxie can get Lil' Georgie back. Sam and Silas argue over his living arrangements, but he wins by deploying guilt – after all, if Jason came back and needed her help, she'd give it, right? Michael considers telling Jax that Franco moved in with Carly, but Kiki convinces him to stay out of it. Lulu admits her fears to Olivia about undergoing the procedure that could let her carry a child. Olivia points out that things could go wrong with anyone's pregnancy, so Lulu decides to go for it. Michael tells Kiki about ELQ's new project revitalizing a sketchy area of Port Charles. He's giving Morgan a place to live free if he'll oversee the project.

Morgan telling Franco that Carly and Sonny are always together was kind of awesome.

Also, I don't think Carly or Michael will have to tell Jax that Franco moved in. Josslyn probably already has.

Writers, you do realize you've constructed a plot point around whether or not someone got a letter?

With all this talk of "what if Jason came back?" I'm thinking they have to be planning for it.

"Don't worry about things going wrong. Anything could go wrong. I mean, your baby could be born prematurely and then die!" You're not helping, Olivia.

Are they going to resurrect the brownstone set? That would be great. Maybe Dante and Lulu could move there.

June 19th, 2014

Levi interrupts Nathan's perjury to plead with the judge to let Maxie see Lil' Georgie. The judge still wants an answer from Nathan, who's completely willing to lie under oath, but Maxie stops him and announces that she lied about not seeing the notice. She gives the judge a passionate speech about how she was (and still is) scared about being a mother, but she thinks Lil' Georgie deserves to have her in her life. Tracy returns from her honeymoon early, telling Michael and Kiki that she caught Luke cheating on her and they're getting an annulment. She apologizes for not believing them and Ned, asking for her job back. Michael agrees to rehire her once she produces annulment papers. It's all a ruse, though, and just another of Tracy's attempts to get ELQ back. Molly begs to move in with Sam while Alexis is dating Julian. Nina is definitely not as okay with Silas and Sam's relationship as they seem to think she is, and she uses Jason's "death" to try to get Silas to question his and Sam's closeness. T.J. asks Jordan to quit her job, which she, of course, can't do. Then he asks if Ric was really her boss, and she answers honestly that she doesn't know. Jordan asks Julian again who their boss is.

Great stuff from Kirsten Storms today.

There's the Tracy we know and...sort of love.

Molly gets an A+ for subtly playing mind games with Sam. "If you don't let me move in, Carly will fight with Mom" is, granted, a reach, but a brilliant one.

Is it possible that Nina knows that Jason's alive? Okay, anything's possible, I guess. Could it actually be true? Otherwise her leading questions are...well, a little too leading.

June 20th, 2014

Despite everyone's best efforts, Maxie gets her Lil' Georgie ban extended by six months. While Nathan accuses Levi of ratting him out for lying about the notice, Maxie goes to Lulu for comfort. Nina keeps hounding Silas about whether or not Sam is over Jason, while still insisting that she's okay with the two of them dating. Meanwhile, Sam admits to Molly that she doesn't quite believe that Nina's being honest about that. Turns out she's right – Nina's very angry, and is the one who trashed Silas' apartment back in March, and also, she doesn't actually need a wheelchair. Jordan threatens to walk if Julian doesn't tell her their boss' name, even if it means putting T.J. in danger. Julian caves, but before he can tell her anything, they're interrupted by their new co-worker, Fluke's right-hand man Mickey Diamond. He sends Julian on an out-of-town task and warns Jordan not to pull anything sneaky. Anna gets judge-y about Alexis' relationship with Julian, since she knows Julian lied about quitting the mob. Dante and Lulu blah blah baby blah blah we're so cute together but we're boring blah.

Silas' place was trashed back in late March, and we saw Nina "wake up" May 1st, which means she's actually been out of the coma for at least six weeks longer than we thought. And yet all I can think is that this makes it more likely that she does know Jason's alive. Listen, if she's going to keep talking about it, I'm going to keep suspecting it.

Why does Silas have a book called Herbs and Where to Find Them? (What? I look at books. And his scenes with Nina are really boring; I have to entertain myself somehow.)

Mickey: (blathering about loyalty and generally being a creepy jerk) Jordan, in her head: "I'm going to put you in prison and I'm going to enjoy it." Also, Mickey Diamond? A+ soap name.

Lulu and Dante may be dull, but their conversation about Broadway musicals making Olivia think of Sonny was pretty clever.

Back in town (then left again): Juan Santiago
Left town: Sabrina Santiago

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Josslyn: "I overheard him talking when I was down under...the table"
Funniest moment (unintentional): Nathan literally asking Silas his intentions with Nina, like, you were five when they first got together, little boy
Saddest moment: Baby funeral, of course
Sweetest/cutest moment: Patrick telling Sabrina that he and Emma are her family
Least believable moment: Maxie's hearing went past 7 p.m.
Best instances of continuity: Ric was once the DA; Graciela is still Sonny's maid
Worst instances of continuity: How much stuff could Franco have in storage? Didn't most of it burn when Jason torched his studio?; Lulu asked Dante how Olivia is, but she just saw her earlier in the day
Hero of the week: N/A
Most annoying character: Nina. Shut up, Nina
Smartest character: Molly, for the way she convinced Sam to let her move in
Dumbest character: Michael. Sorry, Mikey, but you should know that Tracy Quartermaine doesn't grovel

The week in a nutshell:

June 21st, 2014

Next week: "Obrecht has a proposition for Franco." Well, that can't be good.

June 23rd, 2014

Nina wants revenge on Madeline, Silas, Sam, Ava, and Kiki. Also, her nurse, Rosalie, is in on everything. Nina kicks off Operation: Get Rid of Sam by summoning Silas home from their date with a fake emergency. Spurred on by Nina's machinations, Sam and Silas discuss her wedding ring. Sam decides to take it off, which is exactly the opposite of what Nina was hoping for. Lulu tries to comfort Maxie, assuring her that things will work out with Lil' Georgie. She also plants some seeds so Maxie will realize that Levi is a zero and Nathan is awesome. Nathan tries to get Levi to admit that he tattled to the judge, but it doesn't work. Ava and Carly taunt each other for a while, and then Carly and Sonny both taunt Ava, and then Ava tries to steal some of Sonny's wine, and has it been nine months yet? Franco can't deal with Josslyn, so he calls Kiki for backup. He's also nervous about what Morgan told him about Carly always running to Sonny's side.

As much as I would rather have Jason and Sam back together, I have to laugh at Nina's scheme leading to Sam taking off her ring.

Can we get rid of Nina and keep Rosalie?

Also, I swear, if Nina calls one more person a whore...

I think it's safe to say that Maxie and Lulu's friendship has officially been repaired.

June 24th, 2014

Levi successfully turns Maxie against Nathan, who's unable to get her to see that no one other than Levi would have ratted him out. (And he's right, because Levi definitely did it.) Nina sends Rosalie to the Floating Rib, where she flirts with Nathan while Nina presents Silas with her fake emergency scenario. When Rosalie shows up, she picks a fight with Silas over leaving his wife to be with his girlfriend. This just makes Nina look better, since she defends his decisions. Meanwhile, Sam admits to Patrick that she finds the timing of Nina's distress call pretty suspicious. Ava tells Sonny she has no problem hurting her baby because she's going to die anyway, and she might as well leave him a disabled child to have to look after. Later, Ava calls someone to invite him or her to Port Charles. Between what Morgan said a few days ago and what Mac tells him later, Franco can't shake the idea that Sonny's lure will pull Carly back in. Patrick still doesn't tell Sam about Jason, so he's kind of a jerk. Mac welcomes Nathan to the Levi Is Scum Club.

What was the point of Nina sending Rosalie to a bar? Wouldn't Silas have smelled alcohol on her?

Hey, Patrick, I can understand you not telling Sam about Jason because you hate him, and I could understand it if you wanted her for yourself, but to push her toward Silas? I won't stand for that.

De-Aussied Levi kind of sounds like Steve Burton.

Seeing Sonny with Ava made me envision how he tried to parent Kristina. "Don't you dare do that. Don't you dare! ...I'm totally serious this time! Don't do it!"

"Be careful how you throw the words 'ice princess' around in this town." A+ line, there.

June 25th, 2014

Franco and Carly make up, and she promises to try to distance herself from Sonny. Of course, she runs into him two seconds later. Rosalie continues getting on Silas' nerves in an attempt to make him feel bad about neglecting Nina. Obrecht kicks off How to Get Neutralize Elizabeth and Get Nikolas Back 101, even though she only has one student. Nikolas shows up to demand that she rehire Elizabeth, and Obrecht gets Britt to side with Elizabeth so she'll look better to her ex. She also insists that Nikolas will want Britt more than Elizabeth since she's the one with the better body, and that they need to use Spencer to get to him. Josslyn shames Franco into deciding to get a job. The kids are spending the summer at Lila's Kids Day Camp, which means Spencer will have to spend the next couple months watching Emma and Cameron be cute together. He decides to call Sonny for relationship help. In case we forgot, Michael is the good son.

I don't like it when Carly says that she and Sonny have an "unbreakable bond." It reminds me of Lucky and Elizabeth's cheesy "unbreakable lock." Though, considering how that ended up, Franco shouldn't worry.

Silly Obrecht. If Nikolas liked Britt's body better than Elizabeth's, Aiden never would have had questionable paternity.

Since Lila's Kids is clearly Quartermaine-affiliated, can we please, please see Tracy have to work there?

You know what's awesome? Nikolas had zero problem with Spencer wanting to take ballet. (Maybe because he's Russian, and over there being a male ballet dancer isn't looked upon as weird. Or maybe because Spencer is clearly straight.)

June 26th, 2014

Sonny and Carly try to convince Spencer that he'll get over Emma, and that he should let go of her and try to find someone else, like maybe Josslyn. Then they scare everyone, including Franco, by teasing us with the idea that they might ever reunite. Alexis gives Molly the things Ric had on him when he "died," including a sweet letter he wrote promising that even death wouldn't be able to separate them. Molly's glad to have her mother there but still doesn't want to live with her while Julian's in the picture. Franco gives Obrecht the painting Faison bought (which is the same one Lesley gave Monica), and somehow it reignites her desire to bring Anna down. Franco asks for a job in exchange. Sam and Patrick piece together the possibility that the other driver in the accident hit a guardrail and had his car repaired somewhere in town. Nathan's fake suspension is over, and he's determined to find out who's running the Jerome organization so Molly can have Ric back. Kiki senses that something's wrong with Rafe, who will only tell her that he stole money from Sam. Nathan and Levi get into it again, so that's fun.

Spencer, please stop seeking relationship advice from the guy who might have knocked up his son's girlfriend.

Does Elizabeth get a letter from Ric? Pretend I care.

Friendly reminder that Obrecht's son works for her worst enemy. Hee hee hee.

Also, of course Obrecht is a Franco fan. OF COURSE.

June 27th, 2014

Sonny and Franco fight, with Carly kind of taking Sonny's side and telling her boyfriend to stop being jealous. Franco warns that Sonny should be nicer since Franco knows he killed A.J. Sonny laughs him off, so Franco makes a beeline for Michael. Sam and Patrick play good cop/bad cop with a garage owner until he finally gives in and gives them the driver's name. Tracy gives Michael her "annulment" papers and asks to work on the revitalization project. Morgan and Kiki are working together and living near each other and friends again and la la la, and maybe I could take their just-a-friendship more seriously if he didn't have his shirt off the whole episode. Rafe asks Molly to forgive him for how he acted about her relationship with T.J. Levi wants to put a stop to the revitalization project.

Yeah, Sonny, you didn't think that one through. Never tick off the person who can bury you.

Fun fact: The actor playing Bill the garage guy is a) actually an auto worker, and b) the grandson of the show's creators.

Also, I'm 90 percent sure that was the set they used for Johnny's garage. (I miss you, Johnny!)

Awesome possibility for Monday: Morgan yells at Levi until he leaves. Super-awesome possibility: Tracy shows up and yells at Levi until he leaves.

Week in review:
Funniest moments (intentional): Franco: "I used to be fun, but then everyone complained"; Carly: "Be careful how you throw the words 'ice princess' around in this town"
Funniest moment (unintentional): Obrecht complaining that Elizabeth was always washing her hands. Darn nurses trying not to spread germs!
Saddest moment: Molly going through Ric's things
Sweetest/cutest moment: Alexis comforting Molly
Least believable moment: Since when is Michael so gullible?
Best instance of continuity: Kiki the former poker player calling Rafe on not being able to bluff
Worst instance of continuity: Sonny was always getting on Carly to eat healthier when she was pregnant (and after), but Ava gets to eat pizza
Hero of the week: Sam
Most annoying character: Levi
Smartest character: Sam, who investigates crimes better than the police do
Dumbest character: Rafe. Stop doing drugs in the middle of the apartment. Four other people live there

The week in a nutshell:

June 28th, 2014

Next week: The two or three people who wanted Delia to come back are in luck.

June 30th, 2014

Ava invites Delia to move into Sonny's house, hoping she'll bug him so much that he'll kick them both out. Sonny's immediately on to her and extends a warm welcome. Carly stops Franco before he can tell Michael that Sonny killed A.J. Then she yells at him for 45 minutes but doesn't consider the stunt a deal-breaker for their relationship. Levi and Maxie stage a sit-in, demanding to speak to someone at ELQ. Morgan calls in Michael, who schools Levi on economics and permits and the law, eventually calling the police to make him and Maxie leave. Nina gives her physical therapist, Travis, money to pretend they're actually doing something in their sessions. The garage's records state that Silas' car was involved in the accident, and suddenly Sam and Patrick are too dumb to think that someone other than the car's owner might have been driving it at the time of the crash. Rafe owes his drug dealer hundreds of dollars, so he makes up a story about a camping trip in order to borrow money from Silas.

Delia's pretty excited about being a grandmother for someone who hasn't bothered to try to meet the grandchild she already has.

Look at the big brain on Michael!

$5 says Maxie didn't even know the word "gentrification" until an hour ago.

Show, I will give you the same amount of money Nina gave Travis if you'll get rid of Nina and give Rosalie something more interesting to do. I mean, Shawn's single...

Silas, maybe you should ask Rafe what kind of camping trip costs $400?

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