General Hospital blog - June, 2018

June 1st, 2018

Maxie's embarrassed that she trusted Peter, though she figures that if Anna fell for his lies, she can't be too dumb. Nina and Maxie spend some sisterly bonding time with each other and James before Nina leaves to tend to a secret project: She's Peter's captor. Anna, Jordan, and Jason search Peter's room, only turning up his letter to Maxie. (Peter remembers dropping the flash drive, but its current whereabouts are unknown.) Jason thinks Anna's in danger, and Robert believes that Jason and Spinelli are responsible for Peter's escape, and that Anna's happy about it. He thinks right now she should focus on telling Robin that she has a brother. On her way to the airport to go to California, Anna gives Maxie the letter. Jason recommits himself to working on Carly's case, even though Carly knows finding the blanket or getting proof that Nelle bought the scarf won't clear her. Michael tells Jason that he's focusing on his family (meaning Nelle and the baby, rather than Carly), but Jason's insistence on Carly's innocence plants seeds of doubt, and Michael asks Spinelli to look for anything he can find on Nelle. Sonny encourages Carly to follow Diane's plan, but Jason urges her to fight instead of admitting to a crime she didn't commit.

Nina, your instincts have NEVER been good; why did you think this time would be any different?

With blond hair, Molly Burnett looks frighteningly like Julie Marie Berman.

What's that, Peter? You don't like being restrained and help captive? Interesting.

We better actually see this Anna/Robin conversation.

Two people mentioned Jerry this week. I demand an appearance.

June 4th, 2018

Nina yells at Peter for a while, then reveals that she didn't kidnap him – Obrecht did. Obrecht wants to get revenge through murder, but Nina talks her out of it. The new plan is to keep Peter captive until they can record him confessing to something that will put him behind bars. Sonny asks Nelle to change her statement about her fall, but Nelle won't budge. Sonny tells her that his family watches out for each other, then sarcastically welcomes her to the family. Nelle goes to Pentonville to rub all of her successes in Carly's face and promise to keep an eye out for Josslyn. Carly gets aggressive and warns that Sonny will take everything away from her. Anna's worried that Robin will be mad at her when she learns about Peter. Finn tries to reassure her, then invites himself along on her trip to California. Visits from Monica and Oscar remind Drew that he has family who will be affected if he goes through with the procedure. Maxie declines Peter's letter, reads it anyway, takes in what it says about how he wishes her happiness, and then throws it away. Chase offers to drive Maxie home from the hospital, hoping he can live up to Nathan's memory. Oscar visits Carly to lie that Josslyn still loves her and is on her side. Carly sees through this but is glad Oscar's in her daughter's life. Felix is now Mike's home-care nurse, and doesn't get it when Mike mentions moving an old acquaintance from Croton "closer to home." Sonny thinks Josslyn should go stay with Jax until the Carly situation is resolved. Josslyn refuses, not wanting to run away.

Actually, Nina, I doubt Faison is proud of Peter. He's probably mad that the wrong son died.

"Where am I supposed to hold someone hostage? The Metro Court?" It's worked before.

Oscar's pretty bold to think Carly won't tell Kim about his fake ID.

Yay, Felix gets to do stuff!

June 5th, 2018

Diane wants Jason to testify about all of Nelle's stunts, but he can't use them to defend Carly and say she's sane. Jason refuses to lie and remains committed to finding the scarf and/or blanket so Nelle's version of events will be called into question. He mentions that he encouraged Carly to plead not guilty, but that she's agreed to go along with Diane's plans. Kim finds Drew's DNR and freaks out, but he's decided not to undergo the procedure. He credits Oscar with changing his mind without even knowing it. Oscar's going to be a summer intern at Aurora, and he and Drew are looking forward to spending time together. Alexis tells Sam about her desire to find out why she keeps choosing awful men, and possibly learn more about Mikkos. Sam objects when she learns that Valentin wants to help in the quest. Valentin offers Alexis some info about Mikkos, and though Alexis says she doesn't want it and prepares to burn it, she seems to reconsider. Dante and Lulu are still struggling to find compromise about when they should and shouldn't share information with each other (or, really, when she should share information with him). Stella's on her best behavior when she runs into Curtis and Jordan, but she tells Kim that she doesn't think they'll make it to the altar – or maybe she's plotting to make sure they don't. Sam wants to give Drew her half of Aurora, even though, as Alexis points out, it was purchased with Jason's money. Curtis tells Drew that he and Sam may go into business together, which Drew thinks is a good idea. I think Felix thinks Stella has a crush on Mike, maybe?

For the first time, Jason's loyalty could be a bad thing, and Carly being rational could hurt her.

I love the Drew/Kim/Oscar dynamic, and I really loved Drew telling Oscar, "You're mine now."

"I know you have a lot of enemies in this town, but if you do anything to hurt my mother, I'll become your worst." LYLAS, Sam.

Now I'm imagining Alexis calling Luke for information on Mikkos, and Luke saying, "How did you get this number?"

Me: "Looks like Dante and Lulu made up." (10 minutes later) "Never mind."

Aww, Felix is still with his boyfriend.

June 6th, 2018

In Berkeley, Anna tells Robin the secrets she's been keeping for 40 years. Robin understands why Anna made the decisions she did, but she's hurt that Anna never told her anything. Diane cautions Carly to stay calm through her trial, especially since Nelle is going to testify. Nelle tells Michael that Sonny asked her to change her story, but she's not willing to risk perjuring herself. As much as it pains her to say horrible things about Carly, she doesn't have a choice. Michael says he understands, then calls Spinelli to tell him it's time to move forward. He knows he caused this whole mess, and he wants to fix it. David has heard from HR about Kiki's accusations, and he tells her and Elizabeth that everything has been cleared up. Since he never specifically requested sex, and he turned in a glowing review, Kiki's accusations probably won't lead to anything. She goes to Alexis to tell her that she's taking David to court, so his past relationship with Alexis might be scrutinized by the public. Alexis is sympathetic to Kiki's experiences and offers to represent her. While giving Robin and Anna space, Finn goes to a coffee shop and runs into his father, Gregory. Finn's attitude toward his father hasn't changed, and he's still uninterested in having any kind of relationship with him. Nina goes to Alexis to ask for legal representation in her divorce but ends up asking hypothetical questions about her hypothetical involvement in a hypothetical crime. Convinced that she's not legally obligated to report Peter's kidnapping, and that she's not a co-conspirator, Nina goes to the Cabin of Captivity, where Obrecht is ready to start torturing Peter if he won't admit to his crimes. Obrecht tells her that she's aiding and abetting, so Alexis' advice isn't applicable. Julian thinks Kim might be done with him, since he ditched her at the Nurses' Ball, and he tells her that he's finally taken Alexis' hint and will stop trying to win her back. Kim is willing to give him another chance.

So we have Michael and Spinelli bringing down Nelle, Alexis and Kiki bringing down David, and Maxie and Lulu bringing down Peter. Good times.

Yeah, I totally buy that a father and son who live in different states and haven't seen each other in years randomly walked into the same coffee shop at the same time (and that the father recognized his son from behind despite decades apart).

They didn't mention Finn's father's last name (or his first name, actually), but it's Chase, so now we know that his sons have different last names because Finn dropped his.

How many times do you think Obrecht watched Misery while preparing for this scenario?

It took Julian two years – TWO YEARS – to finally listen to Alexis. Typical guy.

June 7th, 2018

Carly's trial begins, and Diane declines to cross-examine any of Margaux's witnesses, including a combative Bobbie, a tearful Josslyn, a reluctant Dante, and a pleased Ava. Michael continues to make a public show of support for Nelle while secretly plotting her downfall. HR at General Hospital has closed David's case, so Kiki goes to Lulu in hopes of getting an article published about the situation. Lulu can't make an accusation without proof, since she'd risk a libel suit, but she's able to get Kiki to agree to share her story in an article about GH's handling of her accusations. Franco wants a big wedding with all of Elizabeth's family, which isn't important to her. He talks her into reaching out to Sarah, then calls Audrey to get her number. Ava can tell that Griffin's been worrying about something, but his fling with Kiki is still a secret.

Being a judge in Port Charles would be so much fun. You'd get to hear so many juicy things.

We can add perjury to Ava's long list of crimes, since she said she didn't see the blanket. (Nelle, however, didn't perjure herself, I don't think.)

Margaux, why don't you just ask Josslyn, "When you told Carly to go apologize to Nelle, did you expect Carly to push her down the stairs?"

When Franco said he wanted to invite both his and Elizabeth's mothers to the wedding, I misheard him as wanting to invite both of his mothers, meaning Betsy and Heather, and I got really confused.

Why is Franco suddenly obsessed with Sarah?

June 8th, 2018

Diane questions Griffin, Kevin, Chase, and Sonny, who all build up her argument that Carly isn't mentally stable. Jason still disagrees with the approach and urges Carly to fire Diane and get a mistrial so he can keep investigating. Carly sticks with Diane, who next puts Jason on the stand. He goes along with the plan but runs into a problem when Margaux asks him point blank if he thought Carly was unstable at the baby shower. Anna worries that she's damaged her relationship with Robin beyond compare. Finn tries to reassure her, then tells her a little about his family, though there seems to be something he's not mentioning. Nelle almost catches Michael leaning on Spinelli to find proof that she set Carly up, but Michael lies his way out of suspicion. Alexis tells Kevin that she doesn't want to open Valentin's information on Mikkos, but she does, finding a watch inside. Jordan's job is at risk because of Peter's escape from lockup, and she vows to overhaul the PCPD, assuming she's still around to do it. She agrees to hire Curtis (and Sam, assuming she's on board) to track down the fugitive. Alexis warns Monica that Kiki's taking her story public, so the press will probably be contacting her. Monica admits that the hospital's HR policies are lacking, then promises to keep Kiki and David separated. Alexis doubts that will be enough to satisfy Kiki. Drew suddenly decides he wants to move into the Quartermaines'.

LOL at Diane whisper-yelling that no, she wouldn't appreciate being fired.

Hey, look, a female lawyer Sonny probably won't sleep with!

Kevin: "Mikkos Cassadine is dead." On this show? Maybe not.

If Jordan lost her job, who would replace her?

Little does Curtis know that he has a personal connection to someone who could lead him straight to Peter...

June 11th, 2018

Jason keeps his word and doesn't tank Carly's case, but is still able to get out of having to lie about her mental state. The judge quickly comes to a decision and declares Carly not guilty by reason of insanity, but instead of chilling at Shadybrook for a while before getting to go home, she'll have to go to Ferncliff with the other unstable criminals. Diane warns the Corinthos men not to make any moves without her, but Jason isn't about to listen, and it doesn't look like Michael will either. Anna and Finn practically have phone sex, then talk about regrets in their life. She wishes they could have spend New Year's Eve together, so Finn comes back to her room for a second shot at it, and they have real sex. Chase goes by Maxie's to return something she left in his car, which includes the necklace Peter gave her before the Nurses' Ball. He suggests that she donate it to charity, an idea she knows Nathan would support. Chase mentions something about wanting to punish people who deserve it, indicating that someone he knows hasn't paid for his or her lies. Nina tries to keep Obrecht from doing too much harm to Peter, as much as she'd like to see him harmed. Peter makes a valiant attempt to convince Obrecht to team up with him to take down Anna, trying to spin things so she's responsible for Nathan's death. Obrecht won't fall for it, but while they're fighting, she breaks a vase, leaving Peter within reach of a big shard of glass. Michael spends the episode dodging Nelle's suspicions, then makes arrangements to meet with Spinelli. Nelle stays behind at the courthouse to celebrate the fact that her plan worked and she's getting everything she wants. She realizes too late that Chase is nearby...and he knows her.

Me for most of the episode: "Just frigging do it already." Me when Anna and Finn were finally doing it: "Okay, well, I don't need to see this."

The Spy Who Loved Me joke only works if Finn, not Anna, is the one reading it.

If Maxie gets together with Chase, he'll be the fourth cop she's been with. (Fifth if you count Lucky, but that was mostly just stoned sex.)

Who brings flowers to a kidnapping lair?

June 12th, 2018

Nelle and Chase's backstory: He was one of the cops investigating Zack's death, and he thought Nelle was innocent and fell in love with her. When their relationship was discovered, he was reprimanded and the case was compromised. He thinks she used him to get herself out of legal trouble, and she doesn't exactly deny it. Nelle finds it very coincidental that they're now in the same town, as if that's the biggest coincidence in Port Charles even this week. Sam and Jason play pool and talk about Carly, just like old times. He feels like he failed her, mostly by not realizing that Nelle was behind everything, and wants to find a way to get her out of Ferncliff as quickly as possible. (Also, Ashford & McCall is a go! Yay!) Nina and Obrecht are basically playing good cop/bad cop with Peter, and Nina's starting to see that Obrecht's bad cop is really crazy cop. Spinelli gives Michael some tech that allows him to crack Nelle's password and steal info from her computer. Julian still hates that Lucas and Brad's baby's birth mother could take him or her back a month into the adoption. He also doesn't like that she gets to remain completely anonymous, and is thinking about snooping around medical files, which I'm sure won't cause any trouble. Michael tries to assure Josslyn that things with Carly will work out okay. Kim and Julian are going camping, and as much as I donít want to watch scenes with them, I do want to see him miserable. Oscar will be spending the weekend with Drew at the Quartermaines', which sounds like a much better time. Spinelli brings Georgie to visit Maxie and tries to make Maxie feel better about falling for Peter's lies.

Yeah, Nelle. Chase followed you to Port Charles. Then he took five months to approach you.

Sam's 100% right: A white collared shirt and tie is a good look for Jason.

If I remember correctly, Carly only spent four months in Ferncliff because Sarah Brown was on maternity leave.

Cool, cool, cool, Julian's totally going to tank this adoption, that's awesome.

Drew's suddenly okay with Kim dating Julian? Did he secretly have the procedure after all and forget how much he hated Julian?

June 13th, 2018

While Carly deals with her own personal Nurse Ratched, Sonny and Jason explain things to Mike, who's like, "Well, let's go break her out." Instead, Jason tries to get hired as a custodian so he can keep an eye on her (and possibly break her out). Lulu's article about Kiki comes out, and Franco reacts exactly how you'd expect (e.g., with his hands). Ava's upset that Kiki didn't confide in her, and that Griffin didn't share his suspicions. Kiki tells her that they have different views of sex – Ava uses it strategically, which undermines people like Kiki who want to be taken seriously. Sam and Curtis think that Valentin might know where Peter is, so they ask Nina to help them. She plays dumb about Valentin's possible involvement in Peter's disappearance, then gets him out of Wyndemere so Sam and Curtis can snoop around. Valentin tells Alexis that the watch he gave her was her mother's, given to her by Mikkos. He also gives her a picture of Kristen and a recording of her singing for Mikkos. She questions Valentin's motives, but he just says he wants her to realize how much their father loved her mother. Mike temporarily forgets what Sonny does for a living, telling him he could do something important with his life. Then he makes a vague reference to stashing a body in the trunk of his car once upon a time. Sarah calls Elizabeth to congratulate her on her supposedly upcoming nuptials, which Elizabeth didn't know she knew about.

Maybe next Lulu can write an exposé on Ferncliff.

Well, posing as a custodian is a better idea than getting himself committed, I'll give Jason that.

Carly, I don't want to tell you how to survive your time in a psych facility, but you might want to avoid repeating the same phrase over and over.

Kiki was the one who was harassed, but yeah, Ava, let's make this about you. AS ALWAYS.

I'm super-confused about where this Alexis stuff is going.

June 14th, 2018

The employment part of Jason's plan is successful, and Carly sees him at Ferncliff. Later, she can't be sure if he was real or a side effect of her overmedication. Fortunately, Kevin's around, and he's concerned with how she's being treated. David corners Kiki in the hospital locker room and pretends (or is delusional enough to believe) he's not the harasser in Lulu's article. When she mentions that she's exploring her legal options, he warns that male doctors at the hospital will turn on her, worrying that their actions will be misinterpreted. Griffin overhears and attacks David, who thinks Kiki's okay with his heroics because there's something going on there. Kiki tells Griffin that they need to keep their distance from each other, and declines his help with the David situation. David has a picture of them hugging on his phone, so I think either Ava's going to get another visit from him or he's going to use it for blackmail. Kevin helps Alexis realize that she's making the same decisions her mother made by wanting to be with dangerous men. He suggests that she bring an ex to therapy so they can delve into what did and didn't work in their relationship. Alexis considers getting rid of her mother's things, then changes her mind. Nina wants a divorce, but Valentin respectfully declines. He gets her to agree to wait 30 days while he works on convincing her to stay with him. Sam finds information about a charter flight and figures that Valentin helped Peter leave the country. Valentin tells her and Curtis that Peter stole his phone and booked the flight but never showed up for it. Sam realizes that Peter must still be in town. Elizabeth forgives Franco for getting in touch with Sarah, because apparently the fact that he won't respect her boundaries is just fiiiiiiiine. She thinks she's talked him out of reaching out her family, but then he asks Sarah for her parents' number.

Kiki, next time David approaches you, just start screaming until someone finds you. It doesn't have to be any words; unintelligible screaming will do.

Looks like Alexis and Kevin have both forgotten that she used to be with Ned. Too bad – that would be the most interesting relationship to analyze, since Ned was a good guy and Alexis couldn't commit.

Nina, honey, you can't give Valentin a second chance anyway. You've already given him 548 "second" chances. You and Alexis should form a support group.

Curtis' reaction to Sam posing as Nina < Drew's reaction to Sam posing as Anna two years ago.

June 15th, 2018

It's Peter's birthday, but instead of a present, he gets an infection. Nina threatens to call the police if Obrecht doesn't get him some antibiotics, so Obrecht steals some from the hospital. Peter tries again to get Nina to free him, reminding her that if she goes to jail, she'll lose touch with Charlotte and James. He mentions the flash drive, so Nina sets out to find out if he told the truth about trying to get it to Drew. For some reason, she goes to the Floating Rib, where she runs into Drew and thinks it's fate. Julian doesn't enjoy camping, so I'm happy. He and Kim happen to be near Obrecht's hideout, and when Peter gets a visit from a rattlesnake and starts screaming, they hear him. Kevin doesn't think Carly was sick enough to be violent toward Nelle, so she doesn't belong in Ferncliff. He promises to keep an eye on her and put a stop to her unnecessary treatment. Mike confirms to Sonny that he followed him to Croton, saw him bury a body, and then moved it. Drew tells Oscar that he decided against the procedure because of him and Scout. He'd be happy to get the flash drive and have the chance to restore his memories, but if that never happens, he'll be okay. Anna has always been sad on Peter's birthday, so Finn tries to help her create a happy memory with birthday waffles (because Peter was born in Belgium, and that's what was in the nurses' fridge at the hospital).

Obrecht, if Peter dying of an infection would be justice for Nathan, why did you object to murdering him just a couple days ago? Ugh, I hope you go to prison.

I can't believe Anna and Finn didn't see Obrecht at the hospital.

Nina's shirt looks like the flag for some country where everyone's on LSD.

"Jerome get eaten by a bear yet?" Julian getting eaten by a bear is all I thought about the entire episode, even before Drew brought it up.

June 18th, 2018

Obrecht manages to convince Julian and Kim (well, Julian, at least) that Peter's screams don't mean anything. She saves him from the snake and gives him antibiotics, which doesn't make sense to him, since she'd be fine with his death. They fight about Faison and his genius, which Obrecht says was only ruined by his selfishness. She gives Peter a cupcake, telling him this birthday will be his last. Drew tells Nina that he's moving on from everything Peter and Valentin have done, and she should do the same. She asks Jordan if anyone found a flash drive in Peter's room (saying it had Crimson stuff on it), but Jordan says it hasn't turned up. That's because it's locked in the Metro Court restaurant's lost and found. Dante arrives before Mike can tell Sonny what he did with the Croton body, and by the time Sonny can get back to the conversation, Mike has forgotten what he was going to say (of course). Curtis and Jordan make some inroads with Stella, though Jordan knows she still has a long road ahead of her. Stella pretends to be okay with everything, then calls a woman I'm going to guess is Curtis' ex. Things are still chilly between Maxie and Lulu, and it doesn't help that Lulu has seemingly moved on to another story. Lulu promises that she'll still help Maxie bring him down; she just hopes that Maxie doesn't let her anger take over her life. Amy tells Lulu about some of the harassment and unfair treatment she's gotten at the hospital, letting her know that there are others who haven't come forward. Curtis asks Drew to be his best man.

Of course Obrecht isn't afraid of a rattlesnake – like recognizes like.

Peter, don't antagonize the crazy torturer.

So whose keys were those? Just wondering because that person will be most likely to find the flash drive.

Hi, yes, I would like to opt out of the rest of this Kim/Julian non-plot, thank you.

June 19th, 2018

Nelle tells Michael about Chase, painting him as an ambitious cop who became obsessed with her and might be in town because he's stalking her. In Chase's memories, Nelle played the part of helpless victim to a T, then initiated their relationship (or whatever it was). He's unaware that she was the one who got him busted for hooking up with her. Carly sees Jason and realizes he's really there. Nurse Mary Pat, AKA Nurse Ratched, questions her change in medications, but Kevin won't budge. Jason tries to stay hidden, but Kevin spots him. Anna and Finn are happy, which means they'll start being boring pretty soon. Sam is back to being a McCall, and inspired by her new start, Alexis wants to fix things in her own life. She tells Sam about Valentin's gifts, making Sam wonder if he's playing mind games. Kevin's wedding gift to Franco is free sessions, which is funnier than it should be. As Elizabeth tells Franco yet again that she's fine not having her family at her wedding, Sarah posts a congratulatory message on social media. Scott is around, for some reason.

Welcome back, Chase's chest. I missed you.

Michael, Chase is friend, not food. Wait, no. Chase is friend, not foe. Use his info on Nelle to help Spinelli.

A Quartermaine mopping floors. Somewhere, Edward is very upset.

Finn, don't text Emma while you're in bed with Anna! It's weird!

June 20th, 2018

Michael accuses Chase of stalking Nelle and not being honest about his intentions for coming to town. Dante agrees and is skeptical of his partner's trustworthiness since he slept with a witness. Chase has Nelle pegged with regard to Carly and thinks she's trying to clear a path to Michael. He warns Dante that as long as she's out there, the Corinthoses are in danger. Nelle gets a shirt from a bar in Florida, with a note that supposedly came from Chase. Spinelli's tech allows Michael to see everything on Nelle's computer, including the fact that her last Internet activity was ordering a shirt. Ava cautions Nelle to get rid of anything that might tie her to her plot against Carly. Nelle still has Morgan's cologne, and the bottle accidentally ends up in Josslyn's possession. Kevin keeps Jason's real identity secret but orders him to quit his cover job at Ferncliff. He offers to keep an eye on Carly, noting that he has better access to her, plus an excuse to meet with her. Carly wants to stick to Jason's plan, so he refuses to go. Griffin offers Kiki his support, but she tells him again that they should keep their distance. Ava realizes that David is Kiki's harasser and tears into him, even slapping him for saying that Kiki was the aggressor. He threatens a slander suit, which I don't think would go anywhere, since Lulu's article doesn't mention his name. Also, he'll have to get a lawyer, since his chosen attorney, Alexis, is already working for the other side. Alexis asks Julian to go to therapy with her, and surprisingly, he thinks it would be a bad idea, since they're supposed to be moving on from each other. Oscar is cool toward Julian, but Julian doesn't let it bother him.

Michael only confronted Chase for show, right? He couldn't possibly have thought that Nelle was telling the truth. He also can't possibly think he won't eventually get caught if he keeps investigating Nelle in shared spaces.

Nelle, Ava's actually doing you a favor by keeping the blanket – no one will think to look for it at her place. Though if Ava really wants all evidence of Nelle's scheme to be destroyed, the blanket needs to go away.

Oh, Kevin. Don't you ever get tired of trying to bust up other people's wacky schemes?

Kevin to Jason: "You gained access to a government facility under an assumed name." Eh, can't be the first time and probably won't be the last.

Why, no, I don't feel bad about laughing at David's attempt to get Alexis to support him. But I also laughed when he told Griffin, "They're all yours," referring to Ava and Kiki, because come on, that's funny.

I loved the look on Oscar's face when Alexis backed up his suspicions that Julian's "arrowhead" was just a rock.

June 21st, 2018

Kiki's getting a lot of hate from Internet trolls and a lot of awkwardness from male doctors at work. Elizabeth and Lulu encourage her to keep moving forward and ignore the people who don't believe her story. Francesca listens in as Alexis warns Kiki that, without a second witness, the case might not go anywhere. Fortunately/unfortunately, Francesca has also been harassed by David, and she's ready to come forward. Obrecht criticizes Anna for moving on with her life, mocking that they finally have something in common: Neither of them will see their sons again. This makes Anna a little suspicious. Finn tells Valentin that he and Anna are together, and if Valentin ever hurts her, Finn knows how to kill him and make it look like it's not murder. Julian talks to Kim about going to therapy with Alexis and decides it's a bad idea. Later, he changes his mind, just as Kim is telling Elizabeth that Julian and Alexis' connection makes her uneasy. Peter tries again to get Nina to take pity on him, and she again resists. She does tell Obrecht that if there's any more violence, she's out. Sonny tries to jog Mike's memory about Croton. Julian is still curious about the birth mother's medical records, but Brad doesn't know where she lives or which hospital she'll be delivering in. He mentions that Alexis is handling the adoption and knows all of that, which is probably going to come back to haunt him. Valentin's first attempt to win Nina back is to recreate their time in Morocco.

Finn, I love you, but you are absolutely no match for Valentin.

Yeah, Julian, communication was the big flaw in your marriage to Alexis.

"How do you an Franco deal with each other's exes?" Uh, not well.

Mike trying to fix Michael up with Francesca reminds me of Stella trying to fix Curtis up with Valerie.

June 22nd, 2018

Julian goes to a therapy session with Alexis but quickly grows to hate it, since he thinks it'll just be 45 minutes of her yelling at him. Kevin asks why he wanted to be with her, and Julian admits that he wanted to be redeemed. He suggests that Alexis chooses bad guys because she wants to redeem them. Alexis appreciates his willingness to help her, and he seems to think she'll repay the favor with info about Brad and Lucas' baby's birth mother. Jason gives Carly some encouragement in between trying to maintain his cover and having to clean stuff up. Kevin tries to keep Jason from checking on a patient on Carly's floor, so I guess that's significant. Nina rejects Valentin's attempts at romance, wishing she'd also rejected his 30-day no-divorce trial. She lets slip that because of him, she's had to take justice into her own hands. When she won't explain, Valentin brings up how he helped her when she attacked Cassandra. To Nina, that sounds an awful lot like blackmail. Mike sees a picture of the original owner of Charlie's (and yes, his name is Charlie) and finds him familiar. He tells Sonny he met Charlie in Port Charles, but not when he lived there. Before Mike can elaborate, Margaux shows up, and Sonny lays into her for trying to use Carly to get to him. Sam and Curtis have run out of ideas, so they decide to search Peter's hotel room. Just as they're about to look in the vent where Peter stored his important documents, the room's new inhabitant arrives – and unfortunately, it's Margaux. Brad is somehow the stable, comforting partner in his marriage, at least when it comes to the adoption.

Whatever Kevin gets paid for these sessions, it's not enough.

After years of doing it figuratively, Jason is now literally cleaning up Carly's messes.

Lulu, if you do write a Ferncliff exposé, please mention that a male custodian was locked in a room with a female patient, which is so many kinds of inappropriate.

Carly intends to thank Elizabeth for something, so maybe her sanity is more questionable than we thought.

So the person on Carly's floor is Charlie? That's what I'm getting from that segue.

I guess it would be a bad idea for Sam and Curtis to pretend they're a couple who wound up in the wrong room, since there's always the possibility that Margaux will see Curtis and Jordan together sometime and tell Jordan he's cheating. But it would also be entertaining.

June 25th, 2018

Felicia is happy that Anna and Finn are now together for real, and apparently the Scorpios are all on board, according to their group text. Finn encourages Anna to do something to smooth things over with Robin, rather than just giving her space. Later, Anna tells Jason how bad she feels about the things Peter did to him, and how she blames herself for the way his life turned out. Jason tells her that Robin has a lot of the good qualities she says Anna taught her, so obviously Anna did something right. Anna decides to take Finn's advice and go back to California to work things out with Robin. Jason manages to slip Carly a phone in case she needs to make an emergency call. He's worried that Kevin will turn him in, and it looks like that's exactly what happened, since Mary Pat learns Jason's real identity and fires him. The identity of the patient next door to Carly remains unknown, but he obviously wants help, since he knocks an S.O.S. on their shared wall. Peter's book is out, and it inspires Obrecht to go full-on Misery. Nina rejects Valentin's offers of help, especially when he mentions that Anna might have figured out that she injected Cassandra. Valentin decides he needs to do something big to win Nina back, and his twisted mind might think that means having Anna killed. Jordan asks Maxie if she has any ideas of where Peter might be. Maxie wants nothing to do with him and hates that he's forever tied to her because he delivered James. She confides that she's not sure how to be a good mother when she didn't see that she was in a dangerous situation. Jordan gives her some encouragement, and Felicia advises her to put Peter out of her mind. Sam and Curtis opt for honesty with Marguax, who doesn't like that Jordan hired them but allows them to search her room. They don't find anything, but they do decide that they've been looking at Peter's disappearance from the wrong angle. Instead of figuring out who might have helped him leave town, they should look into who might have wanted revenge. Carly admits to Kevin that she only pled insanity to stay out of prison, so she doesn't really need treatment. He thinks they can use their sessions to help her figure out a way to cope with her grief over Morgan.

I want to be in the Scorpios' group text so badly.

At least now Jason can go back to investigating Nelle, which he couldn't do while he was mopping floors.

Yeah, Peter, delivering James totally makes up for everything else. Just stop talking.

Is it bad that I'm disappointed that Sam and Curtis told Margaux the truth about why they were in her room? (Also, I hope Olivia finds out who she is and kicks her out, since she tried to send the hotel's co-owner to prison.)

June 26th, 2018

Carly tries to stay on Mary Pat's good side, keep her phone hidden, and communicate with her neighbor. Jason gives Sonny the bad news that he lost his job at Ferncliff, and that Carly's situation is really bleak. Fortunately, Dante's able to arrange a visit. A school awards ceremony puts Oscar and Josslyn in opposite moods: He's thrilled that his parents are both in his life, and she's upset that everyone in her life is too busy/locked up to spare any time for her. Sonny and Jason both praise Josslyn for winning an award, and Jason cheers her a little by promising that Carly will come home soon. Nelle realizes that Josslyn has her cologne and goes to get it back. Josslyn has already given it to Oscar, but she tells Nelle she threw it away because the bottle was half-empty. Nelle runs into Oscar, smells the cologne, and realizes Josslyn lied to her. Michael tells Jason that he's 100 percent Team Carly Is Innocent now, and he blames himself for her situation. Jason's worried that Nelle will do something to hurt him, but Michael's willing to risk his safety if it means freeing Carly. Dante's annoyed that Chase didn't tell him about his connection to Nelle, but Chase convinces him that they're on the same side, since they both want Nelle punished. They go back to a witness from Zack's case and decide that Nelle may have killed Zack after all. Dante thinks Chase himself can get what they need from Nelle to sort everything out. Kim asks Drew if Oscar has talked to him about Julian.

Watch, Carly's neighbor will turn out to be some long-lost presumed-dead character. I only have two requests: not Morgan, and not a Jason/Drew triplet.

On the plus side, Carly's going to have great abs when she finally gets out.

Regardless of your feelings for Carly, if you didn't feel at least a little happy about her excitement over seeing Sonny, you're a monster.

Kim, please give Josslyn another hug. I'm sure the one Jason gave her was fine, but you're a little...warmer.

I really want to know what Josslyn's thinking. I feel like she might be on to Nelle.

Oh, boo hoo, Dante. Chase withheld something from you, and you tried to get him to embarrass himself in front of half the town. Call it even.

June 27th, 2018

Chase recognizes Morgan's cologne in the air but doesn't make any progress getting info out of Nelle. He tells her that she doesn't belong with a rich family. After telling Sonny that it's his responsibility to neutralize Nelle, Michael attempts to prove he supports her by suggesting that they get married. With Francesca now backing her, Kiki tells Alexis she's ready to move forward with the lawsuit against David. Francesca describes her experiences with David, which were worse than Kiki's and eventually led to sex, since Francesca didn't think she could say no. The harassment most likely ended when David moved on to Kiki. Alexis warns the two that the lawsuit will dredge up anything negative in their pasts, but Kiki and Francesca still want to proceed. Sonny's able to take imposing guard Rupert down a few notches, which may make Carly's time in Ferncliff a little easier. She asks if he finally believes her about her sanity, and he tells her it's pretty clear that Nelle was behind all the stuff happening to her. Elizabeth thinks Griffin should be ready for the possibility that the old Ava will emerge to defend Kiki. Griffin thinks that's unlikely. Meanwhile, Franco and Ava agree to take matters into their own hands if Kiki's way of handling David isn't successful. Carly finally realizes that her neighbor wants help. Alexis offers Julian the deed to her house, since he bought it for her, but he tells her to keep it. He thinks she's trying to sever her ties to the past, but instead, she should separate the bad ending of their relationship from the good beginning. Julian wants to take Kim to Florence, and I only hope we don't have to watch.

Michael, I think this is what's known as overcorrecting.

Thank you, Sonny, for CLOSING THE DOOR before having a private conversation.

Ooh, a sign telling people to report harassment! That'll solve everything! Kiki pregnant yet?

Oh, come on. Everyone knows SOS in Morse code.

Ava, if it means so much to you that Griffin cares about Kiki, stop yelling at him when he hugs her.

June 28th, 2018

Nelle buys Michael's lies about still loving her and wanting to be a family, so they're engaged. Sam tries to talk Jason out of his plan to break Carly out of Ferncliff if he can't find proof that Nelle set her up. When they discuss the possible evidence they would need to collect, Sam realizes that the note that led Carly to the cemetery must have been written with disappearing ink. Chase logged it as evidence, so if they can get their hands on it, Spinelli might be able to prove that there was something written on it. Dante has joined a WSB taskforce to take down Raj, the guy who tried to kill Lulu two years ago, but it means he'll have to leave town to go undercover. Lulu's not thrilled, but she supports his decision to leave. Chase promises to look out for Michael and not let Nelle manipulate him again. Ava's serious about killing David, if Kiki doesn't win her lawsuit, but Franco's hesitant to break the law, for once. After Alexis tells him about Kiki's lawsuit, David asks Scott to represent him in a countersuit. He considers taking the case, then turns it down. Ava offers him double his usual rate to take the case and tank it, so David has himself a lawyer. Drew's confused about receiving an invitation to Elizabeth and Franco's wedding. Elizabeth obviously thinks the guys should be friends, and that Drew should stop letting Jason's memories rule his life. Then suddenly he's like, "You know, I know stuff about Jason that could put him in prison," as if that would be helpful. Alexis is actually a little grateful to Finn for the way things turned out, since it's helping her see the patterns in her love life.

Please, please, please let the reports of Chloe Lanier's departure be reliable, because I can't take this Nelle plot much longer.

I wish Michael would tell Chase what he's up to and team up with him.

No final Dom Zamprogna/Lisa LoCicero scenes? Bite me, show.

Franco and Elizabeth aren't getting married until November? I have to put up with five more months of them talking about weddings and who's invited and blah blah blah? Sigh.

June 29th, 2018

Kevin admits to Carly that he ratted out Jason, but he thinks it was for the best – if Kevin had been busted for covering for Jason, he'd be fired from Ferncliff and his patients, including Carly, would suffer. He digs into Carly and Jason's friendship, as if he could cover all of that in less than an hour, and tells Carly she can do for herself anything Jason would be doing for her. She mentions her neighbor, and Kevin orders her not to try to communicate with him. Nina and Obrecht reluctantly leave Peter alone in the cabin so they can host a baby shower for Maxie. Peter passes the time hallucinating a visit from Maxie and wondering if letting himself die would be enough to make up for his mistakes. The combination of Nina and Obrecht's weirdness and Julian's mention of seeing Obrecht in the woods makes Sam suspicious about the kidnappers. Franco thinks Drew's at his and Elizabeth's house to say he won't come to the wedding. Drew tells him he's coming, and is fine with their relationship. Franco asks Drew to be his best man, and Drew says yes, and somewhere, Michael starts screaming incoherently and doesn't know why. Sam nabs the now-blank flyer from the PCPD, and Spinelli is able to get Nelle's note to reappear. He's a little hurt that Sam has partnered with Curtis, and thinks he gets how Jason felt when he found out Sam had moved on to Drew. But he's hopeful that things will go back to the way they once were. Elizabeth's middle school best friend (and first kiss), Terry, has gotten in touch with her after years apart and is coming to visit. Franco gets jealous, but we're supposed to think he'll calm down when he learns that Terry's a trans woman, because...apparently that means she and Elizabeth will no longer have feelings for each other?

Kevin, it's been 22 years. The time to deconstruct Carly and Jason's friendship is way in the past.

Why would Julian donate the space for a shower for someone he doesn't know, hosted by people he doesn't like? Why didn't they have it at the Floating Rib?

Wow, it took a month for someone to mention the llama and confirm that I didn't just hallucinate it.

Writers, don't have Drew mention that he has Jason's memories and then have him say he's okay with Franco five minutes later. He'd better have a good story ready for when Sam and Michael find out he's going to be Franco's best man.

I need Curtis and Spinelli to hang out, and for Spinelli to go full Spinelli, because I guarantee Curtis' reaction will be fantastic.

This Terry plot is clearly just the show's attempt at a Pride story, but I'll allow it.

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