General Hospital blog - June, 2019

June 3rd, 2019

Kevin tells Ryan that he's decided some people aren't able to be rehabilitated, and he shouldn't have tried with Ryan in the first place. He predicts his brother will burn in Hell, and Kevin may be the person to send him there. Ava and Franco run into each other at Kiki's grave on her birthday, and of course they talk about Ryan. Franco wants to help Ava put aside her vengeance and move on with her life. Yeah, that's not going to happen. Curtis tells Finn he's willing to do anything – no matter how illegal – to ensure that Jordan lives. Jordan knows she doesn't have much time left, and she confides to Valerie that it's difficult to approach her death with grace. She may not need to, as someone sneaks into Ryan's room and injects something into his IV. Valentin is jealous of Nina and Jax's working relationship, and Nina doesn't help things by asking to postpone the wedding while she works on improving Crimson's circulation. Valentin hints to Sonny that he would be extremely grateful if Sonny found a way to get Jax to leave town. Neil inches further and further over the line of what's appropriate, approaching Alexis while she's with Jax and asking for more information on their history. Alexis fills him in on the latest Shiloh stuff, then asks if it would be okay for her to ask Kristina what her pledge was. Neil says no, of course. After he leaves, Alexis looks him up online and learns that he had (has?) a wife and daughter. Michael warns Sasha that with Jax around, things could get messy. She thinks he's like both Sonny and Jax, which Michael says makes her insightful. Then they go off to have more sex.

The murder mystery I requested? Do I dare to dream?

If Jordan really has that little time left, T.J. should be with her, yeah?

How long before Jax and Nina rip each other's clothes off?

Oh, good, a storyline where Valentin is jealous. Just what I wanted.

Also, pretty gutsy of him to think Sonny would ever do him a favor (even one that also benefits Sonny).

After all that talk about how Alexis and Kristina have trouble communicating, Neil's first response wasn't to suggest that they both come to therapy with him?

June 4th, 2019

Franco appears to be the person who injected Ryan, but he just has a seizure from a medication he's allergic to, and Finn is able to stabilize him. Jordan is more sure than ever that her time's almost up, so she makes peace with T.J. over the time they had to spend apart because she was undercover. She also asks him to forgive Ryan for not helping her. Jordan also tells Curtis that she wants him to fall in love again, which he refuses to do. T.J. tries to plead with Ryan to help Jordan, but showing respect and politeness doesn't work. Stella decides enough is enough and she'll be able to convince Ryan to give up a kidney. She tells him that the universe or fate or destiny or something will take care of things, and all the times he's dodged death are about to catch up with him. Ryan gets so annoyed that he agrees to the transplant, even knowing he's putting himself at the mercy of doctors who could just kill him while he's unconscious. While Carly and Sonny are looking to the future while still thinking about the past (specifically, Morgan), Josslyn doesn't want to move on just yet. She tells Cameron that she wants to keep remembering Oscar the way she is, even if that means she won't feel better for a while. Then there's something with fireflies, but it's kind of dumb. Cameron catches Franco taking off rubber gloves, so Franco makes up something about cleaning up paint. He tells Elizabeth that talking to Ava at Kiki's grave made him realize how much rage he still has over her murder. He feels like the only purpose Ryan serves now is to possibly save Jordan. In Tanzania, Kim struggles with the idea of saying goodbye to Oscar. Drew promises that whatever happens, they'll get through it together.

Booooo, no murder mystery. And I ask for so little.

Why is everyone surprised that the serial killer doesn't want to save someone's life? Then again, it looks like another serial killer tried to kill that serial killer, partly to save someone's life, so...

Interesting that T.J. addressed Ryan as Dr. while everyone else is like, "Hey, you piece of crap."

So Stella's logic is that since Ryan doesn't want to die, he...can't?

Cameron pulled a Neil by not doing the obvious and offering to teach Josslyn how to play the guitar.

June 5th, 2019

Lucas gets some clarification on Willow/Shiloh stuff and finally firmly gets how much of a bad guy Shiloh is. He thanks Willow for choosing him and Brad as Wiley's parents and offers her a place in her "son's" life. She tells him she needs to cut off all ties with them to ensure Shiloh can never connect the dots between them. Harmony visits Shiloh, who demands to know whether she kept information about his child from him. Harmony plays innocent, but Shiloh doesn't believe her. He orders her to bring his son to him, threatening to kick her out of DOD if she doesn't. Harmony goes to Willow to warn that Shiloh still has power, so Willow will need her mother's help. Sam (posing as Willow) and Julian team up to destroy the paper trail that Shiloh might trace to find "Wiley." Once they've succeeded, Julian shares the news with Brad and Lucas, who are relieved that everyone's on their side. Sonny and Jason present Margaux with the recording of Sam's initiation and evidence she needs to have him arrested. Margaux hesitates, so they tell her they also have her pledge. Margaux's forced to get a warrant for Shiloh's arrest, and though she tells Sonny she's just doing her job, she has to acknowledge that she doesn't have much of a choice, thanks to the incriminating pledge. Sonny either feels bad or just wants to get her out of his life, because he lets her take her pledge. Chase is with Willow when he gets the call to arrest Shiloh, and I think he's more excited about it than she is. Michael is in the middle of all the Shiloh/Willow/Wiley stuff, just so we don't forget his part in this. Maxie needs a hobby so she'll stop with her interest in getting Dante back to town.

Babies and bowties – always a winning combination.

"So you just did what you were expected to do?" Is Lucas confused about how cults work?

Who decided on "Dawnies"? It sounds ridiculous.

Why was Sam smacking Julian on the arm so funny to me?

June 6th, 2019

Margaux surprises Shiloh by praising Chase for arresting Shiloh so quickly. The evidence Sonny and Jason gave her has convinced her that Shiloh needs to go to prison, and she's going to make sure she builds a strong case against him. Shiloh threatens to use her pledge against her, but Margaux tells him a) she has it and b) she's resigning as DA, so Shiloh really has no power over her. She also warns Harmony that she could be indicted as an accomplice, so she might want to stay away from Shiloh. Willow says over and over that there's no baby for Shiloh to try to get custody of, but Harmony doesn't think she would be so insistent if it weren't true. She tells Shiloh that his baby is out there somewhere, and she wishes she could find Shiloh's child for him. Shiloh has an idea of how to accomplish that. Ryan comes through surgery fine, and his kidney is viable, so that's great news for Jordan. The bad news (...okay, not really) is that Ryan hasn't yet woken up from anesthesia and might be slipping into a coma. Franco's about two seconds away from throwing a party. Before Jordan's taken to surgery, she tells Stella she signed a DNR and needs her to help enforce it if necessary. Julian tells Alexis that he's taken steps to protect "Wiley" in case Shiloh files for custody. She tells him to stay out of it, which, of course, he won't. He puts together that Kristina was in DOD and calls Alexis a hypocrite for helping kidnap her so she could be deprogrammed. Alexis tells Sonny and Carly about "Wiley"'s parentage and asks them to keep Brad and Lucas calm, which will hopefully keep Julian from doing anything stupid. It's too late for that, though, since he wants Willow to get her adoption papers from Diane and destroy them. We get it, Ava and the Corinthoses don't like each other.

Margaux is suddenly...awesome? No, that can't be right.

So what was the point of Franco injecting Ryan? It doesn't look that like's going anywhere.

Last week, Julian told two people not to talk. Today, Alexis told him not to talk. I love it.

Carly and Lucas haven't talked in months, but sure, she'll keep an eye on him.

June 7th, 2019

Jordan's surgery goes great, so her family's 20-minute conversation about her DNR is pointless. Kevin tells Laura that he's going to leave Ryan in his past and try to get on with things. Laura senses that he has some survivor's guilt from their childhood, and blames their mother for how Ryan turned out. She points out that plenty of people who go through what Ryan did get past their traumas and have fulfilling lives. Ryan was the one who chose to become a killer instead. Also, it seems like there was a conspiracy enacted by the two of them, Franco, Elizabeth, Finn, and Curtis, and Jordan may be suspicious about it. Maxie's big idea to revitalize Crimson is to put Ava on the cover. Nina and Sasha strongly object, but Maxie's plan is actually to expose Ava so everyone knows exactly what kind of person she is. Carly's a little nervous about Jax and Sonny living in the same town again, but she's happy that Josslyn will get to have her dad around. Franco again encourages Ava to move on with her life, starting with getting back to work at the gallery. Michael and Sasha are going to Martha's Vineyard together. Try to contain your excitement. Carly has more genetic tests.

I was confused for a while, but I think I figured it out: Ryan was been unconscious this whole time. Whatever Franco gave him put him in a coma. Kevin posed as Ryan to make Stella think she'd changed his mind. Elizabeth and Finn coordinated a twin switch before the surgery and then pretended his coma was a result of the anesthesia. Curtis just kept quiet. Conspiracy!

If Jax keeps walking into the Corinthos Compound unannounced, one of these days Sonny's going to shoot him just on principle.

"Does Drew know much about you?" Carly appears to have forgotten how that whole Drew-has-Jason's-memories thing works.

I keep thinking that something's going to turn out to be wrong with Carly's baby, but after the Jordan/DNR stuff led to nothing, I'm wondering if it's just another red herring.

June 10th, 2019

Diane tries to reassure Willow that the law his on her side and there's a very small chance Shiloh will ever be able to confirm that she had his child, let alone find out where he is. Everything's sealed and protected, so if Shiloh gets any information, it won't be admissible in court. Of course, Shiloh's already two steps ahead and has lied to a Shilohtologist nurse named Judy, who helps him get on the path to tracking down Wiley's birth certificate. Chase is just about to take Shiloh to jail when Harmony "confesses" that she drugged Sam and Kristina, so Shiloh's innocent. (Okay, to be fair, she was the one who drugged Kristina, but not Sam.) Shiloh plays along and pretends he's shocked by the information and feels betrayed. He insists that what was going to happen between him and Sam was consensual, and without evidence to refute that, Chase has to let him go and arrest Harmony instead. He informs Sonny and Jason, asking them not to take matters into their own hands, which they'll obviously ignore. Kristina's grateful to her family for helping her leave DOD and supporting her through her latest crises. So of course, just as she's doing better than ever, she runs into Shiloh and learns he's free. Carly learns that Julian has been helping Brad and Lucas protect "Wiley," which she thinks is a big mistake. Julian thinks she feels left out because they turned to Julian instead of her and Sonny. There's a lot of bickering, and it's boring, but Carly does make a good point that too many people are in on this secret, which can't end well. Nina tries to spin a Crimson cover story for Ava as a chance to tell her story and possibly help other people who've gotten involved with bad guys. Jax and Bobbie are the filler.

Since Sam's a major player in this Shiloh plot, how about we see her reaction to all this instead of getting yet another scene about how Sonny feels?

Hey, Julian, Carly's "guy" threw Shiloh down the stairs because he was going to rape your daughter, so why don't you shut up? And then, for good measure, shut up again?

Chase: "Please don't kill Shiloh, or I'll have to arrest you, which is my job as a police officer." Sonny: "Is that a threat?" NO, IDIOT. It's him doing his job. You shut up, too.

No, Nina. Ava's not the phoenix – Sam is.

Bobbie and Jax? Why?

June 11th, 2019

Jason warns to warn Sam that Shiloh's free, then figure out the best way to get rid of him. Sonny reminds him that Chase is already keeping an eye on them. Jason is still haunted by what happened in Hawaii eight years ago, and hates that he almost failed to protect Sam from Shiloh the way he failed to protect her from Franco. Seconds after getting Jason's call about Shiloh, Sam encounters him at Charlie's. He pretends to be apologetic about things, and either doesn't get that she was never a Shilohtologist or thinks he can charm her into coming back to DOD. She stands up to him, and even if Jason hadn't shown up in the middle of their conversation, she would have held her own. Jason admits that he still has nightmares about Hawaii, and Sam asks him to tell her about them when they happen. He tells her to do the same so he can remind her that they survived. Kristina goes to Sonny in distress over Shiloh, but she doesn't want Sonny to kill him. She's done with her family cleaning up her messes and taking care of her like she's a child. Sonny tells Jason to hold off on any plans he might have been making, so the Morgans will have to take Shiloh down some other way. Chase tells Willow that Shiloh's free and Harmony's in jail. She's not surprised that Harmony was willing to put her own freedom ahead of Shiloh's. She talks about her father for the first time – he was also a Shilohtologist, but Harmony got him kicked out after she joined the Trust, and he died not long after that. Willow renews her vow to keep Shiloh away from "Wiley," deciding she'll need to get rid of the one thing she has of his, his hospital bracelet. Chase offers to hold on to it instead. Meanwhile, Shiloh comes across another helpful Shilohtologist and learns that Willow did indeed give birth last July. Alexis tells Neil about all the Shiloh/"Wiley" stuff and how Julian taunted her for having flexible morals after chastising him for the same thing. She wonders if Kristina made her pledge about Alexis because she thinks her mother is just as bad as her father. Alexis asks what Neil would do if his daughter were in this situation. He immediately ends the session, reminding her that he's said before that he won't share anything from his personal life. Alexis apologizes and agrees to keep their professional boundaries in place (like she's the only one who's been at fault there). I wish Peter's upcoming surprise birthday party was keeping Maxie busy enough that she would stop thinking about finding Dante.

Since we didn't get a murder mystery with Ryan, can we have one with Shiloh?

I'm surprised it took someone this long to mention the Shiloh/Franco parallels.

I thought Willow said before that she was raised by a single mother. Eh, whatever.

Alexis, stop breaking attorney/client privilege.

This Maxie stuff is so annoying. They're making it seem like she doesn't care about Dante's mental health.

June 12th, 2019

Ryan's coma lasts about as long as one of Sam's, and he's awake the morning after surgery, confused about his new home (Pentonville) and the source of his abdominal pain (kidney removal). Finn tells him he consented to the operation, which Ryan denies. He easily figures out that Kevin posed as him and forged his signature. Ryan vows revenge on anyone who played a part in the scheme, but that'll be hard to do in prison. Jordan is still stuck on Ryan's sudden change of heart, so when Valerie reports that Ryan's claiming he didn't consent to the surgery, Jordan puts everything together. It's pretty much exactly what I thought, but with some additions: Finn, not Franco, did the injecting; Valerie played lookout; they stashed Ryan in the art therapy room after Franco canceled all his sessions; and Elizabeth rerouted maintenance from a supposed chemical spill in the room. Curtis tells her the theory is pretty wild and asks if she can confirm any of it. Jordan says no, because if the person she suspects as the ringleader really did set everything up, there won't be any evidence to trace. Jax interrupts Nina's attempts to get Ava to sign a contract to appear in Crimson, and the process that's already going poorly goes even worse when he slams her for what she did to Connie and Morgan. Ava somehow figures out that the two were going to pull something on her and make her look bad in the magazine, so she's out. Nina accuses Jax of plotting to make her fail this whole time. Post-mountain climb, altitude sickness hits Kim hard, and the medication she's given for it leads her to mistake Drew for Oscar. She apologizes for not giving Oscar much of a family and wishes she and Drew could have stayed together and had more kids. Drew tells her everything turned out fine, and he'll always be with her. And then it looks like Kim wants a baby? Josslyn texts Oscar's phone on a whim and is shocked when someone reads her message. (It's Drew.) She tells Maxie that she regrets not getting the chance to say goodbye to Oscar, so Maxie suggests that she find a way to contact him, like a séance. Franco and Elizabeth have apparently been discussing throwing a party to celebrate their marriage, even though we've never heard that conversation and they got married four months ago and no one cares. Anyway, they're doing that, I guess.

Ugh, I thought we were done with Ryan.

Slow clap for Jordan. I just have one unanswered question: Why was Franco wearing gloves? Was it just to reenforce the cover story, so if anyone saw him with gloves on, they'd believe he was really cleaning up chemicals?

Also, I'm totally calling the conspirators Ashford's 7 from now on.

That Josslyn/Maxie stuff was nice. I keep thinking that Josslyn should talk to Robin, since Robin's first love also died, but Maxie can also relate.

Kim, if you want to have a baby, that's fine, but please don't procreate with Julian.

I can't decide which event I care about less, Elizabeth and Franco's four-months-post-wedding wedding or Peter's birthday party.

June 13th, 2019

Harmony is naïve enough to think that Shiloh will prioritize getting her out of jail over finding his child. She's very, very wrong. He visits her in lockup to tell her Willow did have his baby, then asks her to co-sign a transfer of some overseas funds so he can hire a custody lawyer. Harmony does so on the condition that Shiloh agrees to raise the baby with her once he gets custody. Michael tries to help Willow stay optimistic that Shiloh won't be able to find their child or get custody of him. He has faith in Alexis and Diane, and if all else fails, he knows Sonny will take care of things. It won't be that easy, though, since Shiloh has already gotten things moving and has Willow served with a subpoena to appear in court. Ryan makes a new friend at Pentonville, and it's possibly the last person he should ever come in contact with: Nelle. They learn they have a lot in common – a connection to Carly, a history with Ava, and the unauthorized removal of their kidneys. Ryan even thinks it's fate that they've crossed paths, and suggests that they're meant to help each other in some way. Jax tells Carly about the idea of putting Ava on the cover of Crimson, which Carly, of course, vetoes. Apparently no one told Jax the whole story of Morgan's decline and death, so Carly fills him in. Jax reframes the Ava idea by saying it's a chance to show everyone how horrible she is. Thanks to Carly's help and some reverse psychology, Ava agrees to do the cover simply because she knows it'll make Carly mad. Lulu starts her research into the dating-app burglar, accidentally disappointing a guy who actually seemed like a catch. Sonny spots them together and has some questions. Lulu tells him what she's up to, then confides that she's not sure how long she'll be able to stay in a holding pattern while Dante's gone. Sonny promises that no matter what happens, they'll always be family. Sonny wants to oust Julian from the "Wiley" protection squad and take things over. I don't think Brad really cares either way, as Julian alerts him to another concern: the possibility that "Wiley"'s birth mother will surface and try to get custody, too. Carly's baby may have birth defects.

Shiloh, if you don't want people to think you run a cult, maybe don't use the word "compound."

I assume Shiloh's custody lawyer is Nora?

Hey, Wiley conspirators, stop using his name in public.

Is it bad that I laughed over Nelle and Ryan both having kidneys removed?

AS IF Carly would bring up Connie before Morgan while listing Ava's sins.

June 14th, 2019

Everything's coming up Shiloh, as the man in question boasts to Margaux, even though DOD members are quitting left and right. Now that she's out of the DA's office and on her way out of town, Margaux can't do anything to bring him down, so she hands that task off to Jason. She reminds him about the DOD deserter who fought with Shiloh, then turned up dead of a supposed drug overdose days later (which a female DOD member took the fall for). Margaux thinks that Shiloh's arrogance led to him making a mistake in Beechers Corners, which means there may be something there that Jason can use against him. Brad makes a delivery to Pentonville so he has an excuse to visit Nelle without anyone looking over his shoulder. He clarifies that she still wants their arrangement (as if she could do anything about it), and will be on his side if anyone else should try to interfere. Nelle promises she still wants Brad and Lucas to raise her son, but she wouldn't be okay with anyone else taking him. Brad is shaken when she hints that she could get out on good behavior and get back into her son's life. Willow visits Harmony, who's been indicted and is on her way to Pentonville. Willow begs her to tell the truth, leave Shiloh to fend for himself, and become a family with her again. Harmony is still devoted to Shiloh, saying he's all she has, so she's going to remain loyal. Diane is confident that Willow can win the custody battle, and though it takes her a while, Willow decides she's right. Over at Pentonville, Harmony meets her roommate: Nelle. Michael tries to help DOD's collapse along by taking away their hub. He buys the house Shiloh's been renting and announces that he's turning it into a home for abused women. Shiloh's just gotten $50,000 from his offshore account, more than enough to pay his lawyer, so he's not too concerned. Josslyn asks Lucy about the possibility of contacting the dead, but Lucy thinks she should hold off on anything like that for a while. Plus, she doesn't want Josslyn to rely on a fraud who might hurt her. Josslyn ignores her concerns and does more research on séances. Carly confides her fears about the baby to Sam, who encourages her to talk to Sonny. Carly doesn't want to say anything until there's more certainty, so she'll be keeping her worries to herself for now. Jordan must not be upset with Curtis for what he pulled with Ryan, since she's moved on to worry about paying her hospital bills.

Ahhh. The ex-Shilohtologist who supposedly died of an overdose was named Douglas Miller. That must be Willow's father.

Jason, please don't encourage Margaux to stay in town.

If Nelle saying, "I'm your greatest ally" doesn't make Brad shiver, I don't know what to do with him.

Sure, I totally believe Nelle will get early parole for the multiple crimes she committed in multiple states.


Please, Ashfords – Drew's going to pay all of Jordan's medical bills. In fact, I'm surprised he hasn't already arranged to have them sent to him.

June 17th, 2019

Valentin offers to buy Jax's half of Aurora once he's built it back up, but Jax won't go for that. He senses that Valentin isn't as charming as he presents himself and even compares him to Jerry. Nina asks Valentin to stay away from her business stuff, then talks about the wedding and how perfect everything will be and blah blah blah, I can't wait till he's brought down. As Jax asks Laura for her take on Valentin, Valentin asks Curtis to dig up info on Jax. Maxie thinks her arrangements for Peter's surprise party are all wrong, but Felicia and Lulu assure her that he'll love it because it's all from her. Peter has already figured out the surprise and asks Mac to put a stop to it before it happens. Mac tells him to suck it up and go to make Maxie happy. Finn pretends he wants to hang out with Peter at the Floating Rib, where the party's taking place, and Mac and Peter let him get flustered until they reveal that Peter knows his real intentions. Peter fakes surprise at the party and is genuinely happy that Maxie put so much thought into it. Josslyn asks Cameron and Trina to hold a séance with her, and though Cam thinks it's a bad idea, Trina the enabler is on board. Josslyn starts it off like a traditional séance, which just makes Cam laugh, since he knows Oscar would find it ridiculous. The three of them move on to sharing happy memories instead, and that's when Josslyn thinks she feels Oscar's presence outside. He's not there, which disappoints her, but there does seem to be someone outside. Kim and Drew are back in town, and she's having a kind of existential crisis because she's not a mom anymore. So obviously, the solution is to have a baby with Julian. Drew and Nina both offer to pay Jordan's medical bills, but the Ashfords don't want charity, and they don't think they can accept anything that might be construed as a bribe. Drew then suggests that Curtis work at Aurora instead. Laura asks Mac to fill in as interim commissioner while Jordan recovers.

"Nina is not just my fiancée, she's my ex-wife." Potential town motto!

Imagine if Maxie had fulfilled her childhood fantasy of becoming president (if being a fashion designer hadn't worked out). Actually, I feel like she would be pretty good at it.

Yeah, I'm going to need more Mac/Finn scenes.

Kim, why would you want to have a baby with a man who at one point not so long ago wasn't on speaking terms with any of his kids?

June 18th, 2019

Lulu has a date lined up after Peter's party and keeps it even though the others warn that she's putting herself in danger. She has a guard watching her house, just in case, but when her date arrives at Kelly's, she tells the guard he can go home. Except the date isn’t really her date, just a guy who wanted to chat, and the burglar is able to break into the house. Josslyn goes over to get something for Rocco, who's spending the night at the Corinthos compound, and walks right in on the thief, who turns out to be Sonny's Turkish pickpocket buddy, Dev. Margaux has to finish up her time in town with some redemption, apparently, so Drew forgives her for the stuff she pulled with the flash drive. She does prove helpful, though, as she warns that Shiloh may be interested in something Drew once knew about him in Afghanistan. A GH nurse listens to part of their conversation about the flash drive, and it's not explained, but maybe she's a Shiloh-tologist? Julian would like to have a baby with Kim, but he knows she's just trying to replace Oscar and needs some time before she makes any big decisions. Kim has a hard time hiding her disappointment. Maxie asks Robert if he knows where Dante is and can give her information. Despite having just been forced into retirement, Robert isn't about to reveal any WSB secrets. Plus, he wants to respect Dante's privacy and choices. Unfortunately, he doesn't use an inside voice on the phone, and Maxie overhears him mentioning that Dante's in Ithaca. Carly tells Sonny that the baby could have some defects, but after spending the evening with family, she's realized she doesn't want to let herself get caught up in worrying about things that might not happen. Sonny tells her the baby will be perfect to him whether anything's wrong or not. Josslyn tells Carly about the séance, lamenting that she doesn't feel Oscar's presence. Carly suggests that she get some grief counseling, but Josslyn isn't interested.

"You're using yourself as bait to meet a possible criminal?" Yeah, Mac. She's a Spencer.

Margaux, just leave already! This is the longest goodbye ever. Mar-gaux away.

I agree with Julian and it feels so, so wrong.

Thank you, Robert, for being reasonable, unlike some people.

June 19th, 2019

Josslyn is able to take a picture of Dev, but he runs off before she can call the police. They pick him up later and take him to the PCPD, where he insists that he's not the serial burglar. He says he went to Dante's house because he's a friend of Sonny's, surprised the real burglar, and scared him off. Josslyn calls Sonny, who confirms that he knows Dev. Chase thinks that no matter what happens in court, "Wiley" will be fine – either Diane will get the adoption to stand, or the Corinthos contingent will take care of things themselves. Willow tries to get more reassurance from Diane, who warns that Shiloh's lawyer has a reputation for being ruthless, and she can't promise the results Willow wants. Jason tells Sonny, Carly, and Michael what Margaux mentioned about the death in Beechers Corners. They realize that Douglas was Harmony's husband, but Michael takes it a step further and figures out that Willow is Harmony's daughter, which means Douglas was her father. Jason announces that he's going to Beechers Corners to investigate (which Carly is against, since he's already public enemy #1 there), but Michael asks him to hold off for a day while he checks something out. He meets with Willow, who confirms that Douglas was her father but says she doesn't want to talk about what happened. Her reason: She killed him. The hospital board votes to reinstate Kevin, and Finn is almost as happy as he and Laura are about the news. (Also, Laura does know all the details about the Ashford's 7 scam, because Kevin didn't want to keep secrets from her.) Lulu yells at Josslyn for going in the house when she saw that the door was open, instead of calling the police and waiting. She apologizes for being hard on Josslyn while she's grieving, but Josslyn appreciates her not acting like Joss is delicate. Maybe Carly would calm down about stuff if people would let her have a BLT.

This episode was surprisingly funny. I especially liked Carly telling Sonny to disinherit Michael, and Sonny saying it wouldn't matter since Michael has his own money.

Did Lulu pause to grab a fry while she was running out to make sure her house wasn't being robbed? To be fair, those fries did look good.

Hey, someone finally made the Diane Miller/Lorraine Miller connection.

I really enjoy Laura's attitude of, "Well, if I get impeached for this, at least I'll go out in a blaze of glory."

Finn, I think after you've committed crimes with people, you're allowed to use their first names.

June 20th, 2019

Dev tells Sonny that he came to the U.S. because he was afraid Raj's people were after him, and he didn't trust the WSB to protect him. If he's caught with a fake passport and deported, he'll be killed back in Turkey. Sonny decides to take him home while they work things out. He explains things to Lulu, and she backs up Dev's story that he's not the burglar so Chase will let him go. However, Chase thinks it's suspicious that a) Dev got a good enough look at the burglar in a short amount of time to give the police a detailed description and b) the burglar didn't try to fight Dev. Willow clarifies that she didn't directly kill her father, but she does feel responsible for his death. When he realized that Shiloh wasn't as good a guy as he'd led on, Douglas left DOD and tried to take Willow with him. She wouldn't go, but Douglas kept reaching out to her every few weeks to try to keep a relationship with her. She finally agreed to see him for dinner one night, but Harmony and Shiloh scheduled her initiation for the same time, so she cancelled dinner. When she went to see Douglas for breakfast the next morning, she found him dead of what she believes was an intentional overdose. Michael assures her that she shouldn't feel responsible, and reminds her of what a horrible person Shiloh is. Alexis and Neil run into each other at Kelly's and almost flirt, which amuses Diane. Neil then seeks out Kevin, an old colleague, and asks for a session so he can discuss his feelings for a patient. He claims they're not those kind of feelings, and that he just wants to know how much he can/should divulge about his personal life to help Alexis deal with the Kristina stuff. Kevin reminds him to maintain his boundaries. Diane quickly becomes a Neil/Alexis shipper, waving off Alexis' own attempts to keep their boundaries. Diane looks up Neil and discovers that his daughter died five years ago. Kim tells Elizabeth that she asked Julian to have a baby with her, and confides that she doesn't feel like a mother now that her child is gone. Elizabeth promises that she's a mother no matter what, and basically says the same stuff Julian did about how Kim is looking for comfort in the wrong place. It looks like Kim listens, but then again, she calls Drew to ask him to dinner, so maybe she's just moving on to a different potential dad. Franco and Drew...whatever. The wedding is July 8th. I want to opt out. Jason and Carly are basically the filler.

Interesting that Willow doesn't think there was any foul play involved in her father's death.

I can't believe no one saw Michael and Willow hugging. It's like the writers forgot this was a soap.

Maybe Kim can adopt Dev?

Drew needs more friends.

June 21st, 2019

Josslyn has questions about Dev and his reasons for being in town, but he won't give her any answers. Instead, she eavesdrops while he talks to Carly about his encounters with Sonny in Turkey, and how grateful she is for Dev's help. Sonny tells Robert that Dev is in town and unprotected, but now that he's out of the WSB, there's nothing Robert can do. Plus, Dev walked away from the WSB's offers of help, so they feel like their obligation to him is over. Sonny decides that Dev can stay with his family for the summer, with the cover story that he's Sonny's cousin. Alexis is still hanging around the courthouse when Diane arrives for Willow and Shiloh's hearing, making Diane worry that Shiloh will see them chatting. That's exactly what happens, and Shiloh takes advantage of the situation to act like he regrets not being able to do more DOD work with Alexis. When she stands up to him, he calls her, Sam, and Kristina faithless and mentions that they all have some rage issues to work on. Alexis warns him to keep his distance, then tells Diane that even if she wins in court, Shiloh will never really go away. Willow tries to wrap up the last day of school in a timely manner so she can make it to court early to meet with Diane. Lulu, Elizabeth, and Franco have some surprise planned and try to keep her there, which makes her late to her hearing. Plus, Willow still has to deal with Nina for a little while, which is adding insult to injury. Also, Diane's going to have to take down a disabled Muslim lawyer to defeat Shiloh, the optics of which are...not great. Valentin convinces Curtis to dig into Jax's life in exchange for a generous payment that will help a lot with Jordan's bills. Curtis approaches Jax to let him know they'll be colleagues if Curtis accepts Drew's job offer, which means he'll be keeping an eye on Jax. Jax says he has nothing to hide, but after just minutes of research, Curtis has already uncovered something. Nina and Jax butt heads about Crimson, and she kind of threatens to quit, but then doesn't, and okay, guys, just hook up already.

Okay, let's get to the part where Josslyn and Dev fall in love.

Of course Josslyn eavesdropped, Carly. She's your daughter.

Well, if Shiloh turns up dead, we'll have to put Alexis on the suspect list.

Oh, crap. It's the judge who kept Maxie away from Lil' Georgie.

Jerry's not in prison?? That means he could come back! I knew I shouldn't lose hope!

June 24th, 2019

Diane can't stall the hearing for long, and by the time Willow finally shows up, the judge has already made his decision: Shiloh wins his suit, and Willow will have to provide him all available information on their child. Speaking of that information, Bobbie is just now finding out that Julian destroyed it, which makes her worry that he's ruined the adoption for Lucas and Brad. Curtis accepts the job at Aurora, telling Jordan he'll be working for both them and Valentin, getting paid by one to run a long con on the other. Jordan thinks he's crazy for helping Valentin over being loyal to Jax, who's seemingly upstanding. Nina's equally confused about why Curtis would take a corporate job. Maxie starts feeling bad for Ava, which just makes this Crimson stuff look even worse. Ava overhears Maxie and Josslyn talking about the séance, so I guess that's what she's doing next. Michael tells Jason that Douglas was Willow's father, and he's pretty sure Shiloh killed him. Jason agrees and wants to talk to Carol, the DOD member who confessed to killing Douglas and is somehow already out of prison on work release. Michael knows he shouldn't go to Beechers Corners, so he volunteers to take Jason's place. Jordan checks herself out of the hospital without telling Curtis and goes to the PCPD to show she's not completely out of commission(er). In fact, she feels so good that she wants to go right back to work. Curtis gets her to admit that she's worried Mac will take her job, as if he even wants it, and as if Laura won't give her the commissioner job back as soon as she's well enough to take it. Jax blindsides Josslyn with Ava's Crimson cover, then blindsides her again by suggesting her for a summer internship at the magazine. Willow gets her job back, but I don't think she's going to care much about that for a while. Elizabeth and Franco's wedding (or whatever) venue has to cancel on them, so Lulu offers to let them use the Haunted Star. Elizabeth declines, since that's where Kiki's body was found, but Franco's okay with it. He then promptly jinxes everything by asking what could go wrong. Brad is suffering from stomach pains that are either an ulcer, anxiety, or karma.

Diane – ask for a paternity test before Shiloh can get "Wiley." This whole thing will be over right away.

Willow's court hearing was scheduled for 3 p.m., right? So why is Jax eating breakfast?

If she finds out that Sam helped destroy the paperwork, will Bobbie slap her, too?

"Midnight in the Garden of Good and Ava"? Booooo.

How is Jordan even standing right now? This is ridiculous.

It would be hilarious if they moved Willow up to fourth grade and she was Charlotte's teacher again.

June 25th, 2019

Diane tries valiantly to argue that all of Shiloh's info about the baby comes from paperwork he got in violation of HIPAA, but Judge Walters is willing to believe "Wiley" could be in danger (despite having no evidence), so he should be taken from his parents. Willow confirms that she had a baby, but she refuses to give Shiloh any identifying information. Walters tries to compel Diane to give it, since she represented Willow in the adoption, but Diane also refuses, even coming close to getting arrested for contempt of court. Willow shifts the focus off of her by going off on Shiloh, yelling that he's a horrible person and will never get near their child. She's the one who ends up arrested for contempt, and for whatever reason, Chase volunteers to do the honors. Josslyn and Dev keep picking at each other, like, how long will we have to endure this before they end up together? They run into Cameron, who gets protective when he thinks Dev stole Josslyn's phone, then asks for pickpocketing lessons when Dev starts teasing Joss about not keeping a better eye on her belongings. When Josslyn and Cameron bring up the séance, Dev reveals that he was the presence Josslyn thought she felt outside the house. Also, he thinks dead is dead, and there's no way Oscar's spirit could have visited. That definitely doesn't help endear him to Josslyn. Carol confirms to Michael that she took the fall for Shiloh in Douglas' death, though it takes some convincing to get her to realize that Shiloh killed him. He talks her into coming to Port Charles and making a statement on the record so the case will be reopened and Shiloh will be implicated. This means removing her court-appointed ankle monitor, but that's no challenge for Jason. The real challenge will be getting out of town after a police officer recognizes him. Inspired by Mike mistaking Dev for his cousin's son, Sonny works up a scheme to pass him off as the cousin's grandson instead. Kim cooks Drew dinner, and they talk about Oscar a bunch, but she doesn't bring up her desire for a baby. Then she kisses him, so she's just jumping right in there. Bobbie passes out after yelling at Julian, and Lucas thinks she has diabetes. Mike asks Sonny and Carly to stand up for him and Yvonne at their (fake) wedding. Cameron brings Kim flowers and is generally the best person on the show right now.

We were completely robbed of the chance to see Diane call Alexis to bail her out of lock-up.

Who do we talk to about getting Judge Walters fired? Laura?

Carly, Sonny said he was going to pass Dev off as a cousin. Why are you so confused now that he's trying to do exactly that?

Now I want Kim to adopt Cameron.

June 26th, 2019

Julian and Alexis bicker over how to handle the "Wiley" situation, and how Julian may have hurt Brad and Lucas by destroying the adoption paperwork. Alexis thinks they should come forward about being "Wiley"'s adoptive parents because it would be worse to keep quiet while knowing that Shiloh's the baby's father. Alexis thinks Brad and Lucas have a shot at keeping him, and will at least get to keep him a little longer, since it'll take a while for all the court stuff to get worked out. When she mentions that the judge will want Shiloh to take a paternity test, Brad tells her sternly that that can never happen. Though he briefly considers just taking the kid and running, he probably won't be doing that. Price, the Beechers Corners cop who hates Jason, accuses him of kidnapping Carol and arrests him. He won't grant Jason a phone call, and he's eager to engage in some brutality once he gets Shiloh's go-ahead. Michael texts Sam to let her know Jason's stuck in Beechers Corners and needs help, but there's not much she can do, partly because she's just run into Shiloh. Shiloh thinks he's going to get everything he wants, but his lawyer, Zahra, warns that he'll need to present himself as a fit father, which means no mention of DOD and no indication of his hope that getting the baby will mean getting Willow back. Kim is really, really invested in this idea of having a baby with Drew. Drew tries to get her to see that it's a rash decision made for the wrong reason, and Julian was right to turn her down. She insists that the teens' séance really did bring Oscar's spirit back, and this is the way to help him live on. Curtis tells Sam that he's ending their partnership because he's going to work for Aurora. She's supportive, especially since Drew will have a friend working with him, but she plans to not change anything yet, in case he comes back to Ashford & McCall. Curtis asks about Jax, and Sam glosses over most of their relationship, just saying that he's a good businessman and a fair person. Bobbie has diabetes, and she and Lucas give a long PSA.

Best facial expressions of the episode: Zahra's when Shiloh asked if she wanted to help fund DOD's revival; Sam's when Curtis asked for information on Jax; Drew's when Kim said they could raise a baby together.

I guess Julian should get a small amount of credit for not telling Alexis that Sam helped him destroy the paperwork.

Michael, instead of texting Sam, how about contacting someone who can actually help Jason?

Ashford & McCall's logo is so cute!

Find me one person who cares about Bobbie.

June 27th, 2019

Kim gets more and more frantic about having a baby, coming up with different ways to make it work in hopes that Drew will agree to one of them. He keeps turning her down, then tells Julian he may need to get her some help. She needs even more help than Drew thinks, since she's now hallucinating Oscar and a crying baby. Fortunately, she calls someone for help. Unfortunately, that someone is Shiloh. Michael pretends to be drunk so he'll get arrested and thrown in lockup with Jason. Jason reluctantly accepts his help in the form of a paper clip (what's up with Jason and paper clips?) and gets to work picking the lock on their cell door. Michael admits that part of the reason he wants to protect "Wiley" is that he couldn't save Jonah. Jason picks the lock, knocks out Price, and locks him and another cop in the cell while he and Michael flee, using Sam as a getaway driver. Shiloh is either in denial or is delusional enough to think that Sam really did want to be with him, and that she and Willow will eventually come back around. He notes that Sam still has the Trust tattoo, and even if she gets it removed, his mark will always be on her, just like with Alexis. The pledges may be gone, but Shiloh remembers them all and is happy to have dirt on people. He gets too close to Sam, and Lucas practically tackles him to separate them. He orders Shiloh to stay away from his family, which isn't going to make him look good in court. Sam's also a little worried that Shiloh will get suspicious about why Lucas brought up his family. Alexis and Julian keep bickering, and things don't get any better when she figures out that Sam helped him destroy the adoption paperwork. He tells her they should keep quiet about "Wiley" being Shiloh's, and she again tells him to just stay out of it. Bobbie and Epiphany are going to be diabetes buddies, I guess.

Drew, next time, end the conversation immediately and take Kim to Neil or Kevin. She's clearly not stable right now.

Also, Kim, Drew already has Oscar's younger sibling. I know she's never on, but she still exists.

Fake-drunk Michael is really entertaining.

What's to stop the Beechers Corners cops from going to Port Charles and arresting Jason there?

Are we done with the PSAs now?

June 28th, 2019

Shiloh thinks Kim wants him to father a baby, but she really just wants guidance from a DOD session on negotiation so she can talk Drew into having another child with her. The discussion turns to whether Kim has a partner, and she mentions that Julian's been busy lately dealing with a custody issue involving Lucas. She has no idea what she's doing as she tells him that Brad and Lucas are worried about their adopted son's birth father, who's a bad guy. Shiloh starts putting things together, and a run-in with an anxious Brad (okay, that's redundant) just helps him confirm his suspicions. Chase wonders how long Willow can stick to her plan not to reveal any information about "Wiley" or his whereabouts. Michael tells them that Douglas was murdered and Carol made a false confession to keep Shiloh out of prison. Willow realizes that Shiloh set up her Trust initiation to keep her distracted, killed her father, then slept with her. Chase decides that she's right to keep up her silence so Shiloh can't get to "Wiley." Brad thinks the best option for keeping "Wiley" is for the two of them and Lucas to flee town and take on new identities. Lucas doesn't want to go that far, and believes Alexis is right that they should come forward as "Wiley"'s parents. Carly and Sonny's baby appears to have spina bifida, which could be accompanied by cognitive issues. Julian finds Kim and Shiloh talking, and fills Kim in on all the Shiloh stuff he really should have told her earlier. She's disgusted that she turned to him for help, but neither realizes that she's accidentally told him things she shouldn't have. Julian tells her that he and Drew are both worried about her and she should consider getting actual help, but Kim doesn't think it's necessary, or that she'll even be able to feel better. Sasha tells Valentin that she wants to stay in Port Charles after the wedding, partly because she's getting so close to Michael. Valentin points out that someone from Michael's family could start digging into her past and figure out that she's not really Nina's daughter. He wants her to avoid the same situation he's in, being in love with someone he's lying to. I really don't care even a tiny bit about this whole Aurora reshuffling thing, and like Drew, I just want Nina and Jax to get out of my office. (Curtis can stay.)

This day has been going on FOREVER.

Of all the people who might have spilled the beans to Shiloh, I never, ever would have thought of Kim.

Can I please have a break from Julian?

Michael: "I have to go meet Sasha for dinner." (goes to see Willow instead) Interesting.

Ooh, another Jerry mention...

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