General Hospital blog - June, 2021

June 1st, 2021

Brook finds Maxie, Louise, and Austin, and gets filled in on everything that happened. Maxie thinks this is the perfect time to move forward with their plan, and she reluctantly gives Louise to Brook, who praises her for her bravery. Portia first agrees to help Cyrus, then threatens to withhold care in hopes that he'll bleed to death. When Trina comes home, Cyrus suddenly finds himself with some leverage. He makes Portia and Trina operate on him to remove the bullet in his arm, but doesn't do enough to ensure they can't call for help. Curtis tells Laura that Portia kissed him and he thinks he sent her the wrong message – he's very interested in her. However, he's not sure he's ready to move on from his marriage, and he worries that he's screwed things up with Portia already. Laura gives him some advice and convinces him to call Portia and tell her how he feels. When Curtis calls, Portia tries to tell him that Cyrus is there, but she doesn't have enough time. Gladys comes out of surgery fine and may have even undergone a personality change. She wants to repair her relationship with Brando and can't wait to see him become a father. She also doesn't wait to secure her immunity deal before giving a statement to Jordan officially clearing Jason of Franco's murder and pointing the finger at Peter instead. Anna catches Peter clearing out his office safe, as he's sold the Invader in preparation for skipping town. He agrees to meet her at the hospital with another dose of the antidote, but he doesn't appreciate that the arrangement comes with a lecture about how he's made multiple bad decisions. Anna tells him he's always opted for darkness, but now the light is coming and everything he's done is going to be revealed. Willow demands to know what Finn's keeping from Chase, but Elizabeth intervenes before Finn lets anything slip. She gives Finn a pep talk, assuring him that he can save Chase because that's what he does. She adds that Peter has already taken enough from them and they can't let him take more. Willow complains that lying to Chase is making her feel bad, and his illness is keeping her from being with Michael, and wah wah wah, this is so not the time to think about that, Willow. Sasha and Jordan commiserate over how much they despise Cyrus and hope he's about to get what's coming to him.

It was nice of Maxie to go back to Austin. I wouldn't have blamed her if she'd just left him to fend for himself while she was trying to protect her child.

If Maxie says that Chloe kidnapped Louise, she could get Peter arrested as an accessory, right? Not that it matters, with Gladys' testimony. But something's going to have to happen here to keep Peter out of prison, because I can't imagine the baby swap will only last a few days.

I'm glad we're not going to "wow, this new character looks exactly like the character this actor used to play" route with Austin. That bugs me.

That was a mine shaft, not a root cellar?? Sure, okay.

I liked Laura and Curtis' conversation. Soap characters often jump from partner to partner with very little time single. I like that they addressed that Curtis feels weird moving on so quickly.

Excuse me? Is Willow making Chase's situation about herself? Is she Carly now?

June 2nd, 2021

Peter buys Maxie's story that Chloe took Louise and ran off with her. She pretends not to believe Chloe's claims that she was working with Peter, but Peter's so dumb that he trips himself up and accidentally lets slip that Chloe isn't her real name. Eventually Maxie tells him that she turned against Peter long ago and has been fooling him this whole time. She absolutely eviscerates him, telling him what a monster he is and how much he disgusts her. When she tells him she hopes he's hurting as much as his victims have hurt, he admits to getting rid of the real Chloe. Maxie reveals that she recorded the whole conversation, which she then sends to Mac. So now Peter's wanted for two crimes! Curtis tells Laura that he thinks Portia's in trouble, and he gets even more worried when he calls her back and she doesn't answer. The two of them go to Portia's house, where Cyrus is considering dragging one of the Robinson women along with him when he leaves town. There's a lot of yelling, which means when Curtis and Laura arrive, they're easily able to figure out what's going on. Curtis kicks in the door, but Cyrus immediately sends him back outside. Jordan gets pulled into the situation as it turns into a good, old-fashioned hostage scenario. Cyrus wants a way out of town; he'll take the Robinsons with him to ensure his safety, but once he's far enough away, he'll let them go. Laura comes up with a better idea, offering to take their place as Cyrus' hostage. Jackie and Gregory finally resurface and try not to show how worried they are about Chase. Gregory guesses that Finn knows more about Chase's illness than he's letting on, not that that knowledge will help him find a cure. Elizabeth lets Finn know that Peter's in the hospital, and as Peter tries to make his escape via helicopter, Finn follows him. Jordan tells Anna that the police are looking for Peter, and Anna lets her in on Chase's poisoning and the importance of capturing Peter alive so they can get more of the antidote. Jordan's like, "We'll try to do that, but if something goes wrong, please don't waste your time crying over him."

Judging by the sliver of clothing we saw on Peter's pusher, it's Finn. I'll allow it.

I can't remember ever seeing Maxie as mad as she got today. It was awesome. And LOL at her saying Peter's a "cheap, imitation knock-off" of Faison.

Interesting that Maxie left Austin out of what she told Peter.

They have to give Deanna more to do. I love her.

Trina, I appreciate your fire, but this is not the time.

June 3rd, 2021

Peter blames Chase's condition on Anna, which...sure, whatever you say. He throws the only antidote vial he has with him off the roof and focuses on getting his helicopter pilot to land so he can flee. Finn follows him to the stairwell and, unable to stop Peter from running away and furious that he doesn't care about Chase, shoves him down the stairs. Elizabeth finds them, checks Peter's pulse, and announces that he's dead. Finn feels horrible about taking someone's life, but Elizabeth argues that he can't tell the police what happened, since getting arrested would keep him from finding a cure for Chase. She convinces him to move Peter's body somewhere and pretend they never saw him, instead letting everyone think he got away. Cyrus agrees to Laura's trade offer, and Kevin comes on board as a hostage negotiator/trade facilitator. Jordan sends her in with a bulletproof vest and a wire so she can listen in on Laura's conversation with Cyrus. Once Portia and Trina are out of the house and safe with Taggert, Laura takes their place in hopes of talking her brother down. Her presence actually has the opposite effect, and he gets more and more worked up at the realization that if he leaves the house alive, he'll go back to prison. Brook calls Michael for a ride from the hotel where she allegedly gave birth to Bailey Lois Quartermaine (AKA BLQ II). She easily fools him and Willow, though they insist on taking her to the hospital. At least Maxie gets a peek at her there. She sells her tale to Anna and Mac, who's monitoring a search for Peter with no idea that he's in the hospital. Curtis is like, "Hey, Portia, I'm here if you want to talk...about anything...anything that may have happened today...anything at all..."

Sorry, but I'm going to need more confirmation of Peter's death than just Elizabeth's inability to find a pulse. I'm not buying it until someone associated with the show says he's gone.

Hmmm, look at that – you yell about how there should be consequences, and then you face some! Looks good on you, Peter.

Cyrus looks pretty bad. I feel like if Laura keeps him talking long enough, he'll eventually keel over. But I can also see this ending with him killing himself.

"I have to think of someone I trust enough to lie to." Heh. Brook's logic is intriguing.

Call me crazy but shouldn't Dante be doing police stuff? Why bring back Dominic Zamprogna if they're not going to use him?

June 4th, 2021

Cyrus melts down as Curtis asks Trina to help him find a way into the house. Laura's unable to get Cyrus to give himself up, and he doesn't accept her offer of support if he does. She accidentally alerts him to Curtis' presence in the house, and Cyrus shoots Curtis. Jordan responds by busting down the door and shooting Cyrus in the leg. Taggert's proud of her for finally ending his reign of terror after everything he's cost them. By the end of the night, all the hostages are safe, Cyrus is back in police custody and facing a return to prison, and the Corinthos contingent is back on top, but Curtis' fate is unknown. Finn wants to tell Maxie that Peter's dead so she doesn't have to keep looking over her shoulder. Elizabeth reminds him that his priority is curing Chase, and that revealing the truth about Peter won't bring Louise back (except it would, but only the audience knows that). Brook successfully passes Louise off as hers, and it's obvious that Valentin is going to be heartbroken when the truth comes out, but she's not thinking that far ahead. Austin runs into her and Valentin but doesn't get a look at the baby, so he has no idea that Brook has her or that she knows who he is. He tells Maxie he feels partly responsible for Louise's "kidnapping" and wants to help with the search effort. He also seems familiar with the name Corinthos, so make of that what you will. Jason and Carly debrief, and though she's super-apologetic about the mess her breakout plans made, he's just glad their loved ones are safe. All the charges against Jason are officially dropped, and apparently the police don't want to punish him for escaping from their custody, so he's free. Jason told Obrecht where Britt is, so she goes to Canada to hang out with her daughter. They get a little giggly over Britt's romp with Jason, though she knows it doesn't necessarily mean anything and might have just been the result of on-the-run hormones. She tells Obrecht that she has the gene for Huntington's, and Obrecht comforts her. She says the nicest things she's ever said to or about Britt, like how Britt is everything she's ever wanted in a daughter. Michael worries that Maxie's situation has brought back bad memories for Willow, but since she has Michael by her side, Willow's okay. Then they have sex in the gatehouse, and someone in the yard watches them, so maybe they should put up some curtains. Jax and Olivia are the filler.

I like that Jordan got to be the one to end the hostage situation and shoot Cyrus. The people who most deserved to get to kill Peter didn't, so this was a good consolation prize. I also think Briana Nicole Henry did an awesome job in her scenes after Curtis was shot. That might be the best work she's ever done.

Carly's little "you're so pathetic, and also, I win" look at Cyrus was perfect.

Brook needs to do a better job of pretending she just gave birth. But she gets major points for not immediately demanding her ELQ shares.

Ugh, Finn and Elizabeth hiding Peter's body means the baby swap has to continue. They should have just left it there and let everyone think he fell. I don't think the police would have investigated.

No consequences for Jason's breakout? Really?

Nice continuity with the hospital's center for pediatric head injuries being named after Michael.

June 7th, 2021

The women in Curtis' life (Jordan, Portia, Trina, Stella, Laura, and Sam for a little bit) wait for news on his condition after he spends the night in surgery. Trina wants him to wake up so she can thank him, and Jordan blames herself for dragging Curtis into a dangerous situation. Portia's curious about why he called her, since that call may have saved her life. Laura just tells her that he had some unfinished business he wanted to discuss. Portia meets Stella for the first time, and it's clear Stella knows about her history with Curtis and isn't happy about it. Jax thinks that with Cyrus handled and Jason free, Carly will step back from heading up the organization. Carly doesn't seem to have made that decision yet. Jax then asks if something's up with Michael, since he's been trying to reach him for further discussion about Nina and Wiley. When he finally tracks Michael down at the gatehouse, he announces that he knows what's going on between Michael and Willow. Lenny and Phyllis both approve of Sonny and Nina's kiss and think they should pursue something. Nina can't say exactly why that's not actually a good idea. Dante asks Maxie for more information on Louise's "kidnapping," since she hasn't provided the police with anything that's been helpful in finding Chloe. She tells him part of what happened, stopping before she has to lie about anything, but Dante suspects that she's holding something back. Sam is too concerned about her friend to catch on that Maxie isn't being completely forthcoming, and she tells Dante to bring his humanity with him the next time he comes to interview Maxie, because whenever he puts on his badge, he turns into a jerk. Ned is so intent on getting Valentin out of his and Brook's lives that he urges Brook to forget about getting her shares back. Brook ignores him and puts Valentin's name on "Bailey"'s birth certificate, which is all he wanted in exchange for returning the shares. Olivia's fine with co-grandparenting with Ned, so although Ned may be upset to have Valentin around now, eventually he'll be happy that they have ELQ back, Olivia doesn't hate him so much anymore, and Valentin has no ties to the Quartermaines. (Of course, he'll also eventually find out that the baby isn't his granddaughter, but everything's a trade-off, you know?) Michael and Willow are happy, we get it, WE GET IT.

This would be the perfect time for the revelation that Curtis is Trina's biological father. Just saying.

Portia, quick, go find something to keep you busy so you don't have to talk to Stella again!

I thought Curtis' shooting might make Jordan want to get back together with him, so I like that, instead, she feels bad that he didn't get to safely move into his new life.

Ugh, Jax, this is not a good look for you.

June 8th, 2021

Jax pretends he's not blackmailing Michael into letting Nina see Wiley, but that's obviously what he's doing. Michael is furious about it but doesn't have much of a choice if he wants to keep Chase from finding out that Willow doesn't want to be with him. Sonny and Nina admit that they have feelings for each other, but she tells him they can't move beyond friendship because he would end up getting hurt. He doesn't see any reason not to give romance a shot and see what happens. Finn is out of ideas for helping Chase, and he worries that his chances to save his son died with Peter. Elizabeth thinks that Peter always intended to let Chase die, so it was inevitably going to come down to Finn finding a cure. She doesn't want Finn to feel guilty for killing Peter because Peter deserved it, but she does feel guilty herself for naming Jason as Franco's killer, which allowed Peter to keep wreaking havoc. When she mentions that Peter saving Franco and Andre from his own assassin was like a Trojan horse, she gives Finn an idea for a cure for Chase. Stella suspects that Portia had something to do with the end of Jordan and Curtis' marriage. Portia assures her that's not true, and Stella warns her to keep her distance, since Curtis isn't ready for a new relationship. She really wants Jordan and Curtis to get back together, and since Jordan hasn't signed the divorce papers yet, Stella thinks that could happen. Portia has successfully been scared off, and when Curtis asks to talk about why he called her, she pointedly says that she knows neither of them is ready for a relationship, so it's good that they agree the kiss was a mistake. Chase asks Amy to decorate his room like his family's house in Nantucket so he and Willow can feel like they're on vacation. Willow plays along until Chase tries to kiss her and she has to come up with a reason not to let things get romantic. Nikolas lost his bid to buy Pentonville, but it's kind of moot, since Cyrus' allies are all turning on him and he no longer has power in the prison. Shawn also faces a loss, as his request for parole has been denied, thanks to Nikolas. He laments that the justice system sets people like him up to fail while people with connections get favors granted. Alexis learns that they were sentenced by the same judge, and she thinks the door is still open for Shawn to get parole. Someone leaves Ava and Nikolas a message in the form of a picture of them with a knife through it.

Was it worth it, Jax?

The next Aurora staff meeting is going to be suuuuuuuuuuper-awkward.

Morgan mention – drink! (I no longer think this is meaningful, but I'll keep it up anyway.)

Hey, Nina did the right thing! Didn't see that coming.

Finn has the world's neatest handwriting.

I keep expecting Chase to propose to Willow, forcing her to decide how far she's going to let this go.

Everyone, stop jinxing Cyrus' chances of going to prison!

If Alexis and Shawn can, say, expose their judge as corrupt, that could get them both new sentences or early release. That would be a new way to get a character out of a prison sentence.

June 9th, 2021

Nina is hesitant to leave Nixon Falls, even if it means she can visit Wiley, but Sonny reminds her that when she first came to town, Wiley was all she wanted. He hints at wanting an invitation to go to Port Charles with her, but he's not really serious about it. Nina promises to come back, and she kisses him again. Sonny gives her a jar of sauce for the road. Jax doesn't seem to get that if you do something shady to someone you previously had a good relationship with, that person might not be very happy with you. Michael basically says that while Nina can have a relationship with Wiley, Michael will no longer have one with Jax. Finn develops a potential cure using his and Jackie's DNA so Chase's immune system will think it's something already in his body and won't attack it. Everyone's really hopeful that it'll work, but after it's administered, Chase quickly gets worse. Maxie tries to steer Anna away from the search for Louise and toward finding Peter instead. Britt returns to her job (I guess Cyrus never officially fired her) and asks Maxie if she was able to carry out her plan without Britt's help. Maxie doesn't tell her what she and Brook did. Anna's frustrated that she never saw through Peter, and Obrecht's sorry that she didn't kill him when she had the chance. She teaches Anna the joys of working out your rage by smashing a bunch of junk. There's a limerick on the back of the picture of Nikolas and Ava that refers to Mary Pat, so they're pretty sure Ryan's behind it. They just can't explain how he or his accomplice got the knife out of a locked case in Wyndemere. Dante thinks their stalker is someone with her eye on Nikolas. Either way, he thinks they should leave Spoon Island and keep their distance from each other until the stalker is uncovered.

The sauce Trina got from the Tan-O hasn't come back into play yet, so it's hard to expect the jar Sonny gave Nina to be meaningful, either. I doubt Nina cooks much anyway.

"Why are you mad? Because I blackmailed you?" Be more clueless, Jax.

Heh, Michael gave Jax zero credit for the Wiley thing.

So...does this mean Finn isn't Chase's father?

I'm surprised Maxie didn't tell Britt where Louise is. Does she not trust Britt anymore, or is she just trying to keep the number of people who know low?

Obrecht was brave to trust Anna not to hit her instead of the junk. Also, they're not going to become friends, are they?

"You're not going to find Peter or the baby until you find yourself." ...Huh?

I still think Spencer is the person messing with Nikolas and Ava. That poem is totally something he would leave. Dante's theory that it's someone who wants Nikolas for herself makes no sense because other than Ava, no one wants Nikolas.

Kiki mention – drink!

June 10th, 2021

Finn's expectant cure makes Chase worse, so...that sucks. He decides to just turn himself in to the police, but Elizabeth refuses to let him give up. Martin asks Laura to find out from Cyrus where Florence is. Laura tries her best, telling Cyrus that Florence will be abandoned once he's in prison and can't pay for her care anymore, but he won't give anything up. It winds up not mattering, since Carly is able to locate Florence and get her connected with Martin. Cyrus tries to force Laura to get him a reduced sentence, but she can't (and, of course, won't) help with that. Maybe if Cyrus had asked instead of extorting her, she would have considered it. He tells her that since everyone's turned on him, including her, the next time they're in contact, she should keep in mind that he has nothing to lose. Carly lets Cyrus know that because of the drugs in the shipment she had Brick blow up, as well as his numerous recent crimes, he'll be going to federal prison instead of Pentonville. He threatens to expose the Corinthos contingent for the whole Dev thing if Carly doesn't find a way to change that. Carly has very wisely already gotten ahead of that problem – when Diane worked out Gladys' immunity deal, she also got immunity for everyone involved in lying about Dev. Cyrus suspects that Carly will soon figure out that she's in too deep in the organization and will never be able to get out. Sasha and Brando are ready to do normal relationship stuff, but it doesn't look like Gladys is happy about that. She tells Brando she plans to stay in Port Charles, and more specifically, she wants to move in with him so she can help with the baby. Willow confesses to Michael that she came close to telling Chase she doesn't want to be with him, but now she knows she needs to hold off. She also doesn't want him to find out from anyone else, which means she and Michael will have to give in to Jax's blackmail. Carly overhears them talking about him, so they tell her he advocated for Nina and got them to agree to a visit. Lenny has heart problems he hasn't told Phyllis about, so Sonny talks him into opening up to her.

I'd say it's safe to assume that Carly had Spinelli track down Florence.

Slow clap for Carly for tying up the Dev loose end so definitively.

Sasha needs to tell Michael about the baby ASAP, since she's already showing.

I would die laughing if Sonny went to Port Charles, called Nina, and said, "I'm here – where can I meet you?"

June 11th, 2021

Finn has no idea how to help Chase, who guesses he doesn't have much time left. He's surprisingly accepting of this, and it helps that his family is there to support him. Chase tells Willow he wanted to marry her before he and Sasha screwed everything up, and he still wants to now. Willow is basically a deer in headlights, and since she doesn't want to hurt him, she says she'll marry him. Nina returns to town to find that things have changed a lot since her departure – specifically, her ex supposedly had a baby with someone else. Nina's happy for Valentin, who admits that he wishes they'd had a baby together. She mentions that she's met someone else, making him think she's really moved on from him. Michael and Willow cross their fingers that things will go well with Nina, both for Wiley's sake and so Jax doesn't rat them out to Chase. Nina's on her best behavior for the visit, and as happy as she was in Nixon Falls, she's even happier being back with her grandson. She tells him Sonny's alive and she can't decide whether to tell Carly, and she's very lucky that Michael isn't eavesdropping and that Carly hasn't arrived yet. Maxie tells Spinelli that her plan to protect Louise fell apart but was still slightly successful. He accompanies her when she tells Georgie that Louise is staying with a friend for a while but will eventually come home. Carly is curious about why Michael suddenly changed his mind about Nina's visit, but she can't get Jax to tell her how he brought that about. He doesn't seem worried that she'll uncover the truth, but Carly can be pretty persistent, so maybe he should take this more seriously. Anna learns about Chase's condition from Elizabeth and thinks Peter might be a valid angle to pursue. She talks this over with Valentin, who wonders if Peter might still be in the hospital, hiding out. Brook questions Valentin's relationship with Anna while he questions Brook's relationship with Chase. Whatever, guys, just hook up again. (Use protection this time.)

Oh, Willow. Willow, Willow, Willow. I don't think she realizes that this isn't just an engagement. If Chase thinks he's dying, he's going to want to get married ASAP. When he inevitably doesn't die, I predict that Willow will be getting her second annulment in as many years.

Why hasn't Finn questioned the DNA in his cure? That would be my first thought if I were him.

Elizabeth yesterday: "You can't give up, Finn. I'm never going to let you give up." Elizabeth today: "You've done all you can do." Girl, you're not helping.

Already sick of Valentin constantly using both "Bailey"'s first and middle names.

I can tell you one thing about three-year-olds: You shouldn't say anything to them you don't want them to repeat. Imagine Wiley bringing down Nina's whole scheme.

Just a reminder that Jax is using a dying man to manipulate his former stepson. That's some villain nonsense.

I enjoy Carly in "I'm on to you and will bring you down" mode.

If you think about it, Maxie told Georgie more of the truth about Louise than anyone else.

I'll admit, I laughed when Anna said she hasn't had any luck finding Louise while looking right at her.

June 14th, 2021

Carly tells Nina that Michael let her see Wiley because Jax talked him into it. Michael downplays the pressure Jax put on him, saying he was going to come around anyway. He won't give Carly any details, and it looks like Carly's going to keep digging until she figures things out. Michael changes the subject to the mob, asking if Carly's going to step down now that Jason's available to head the organization again. Carly just tells him to keep his distance from that part of the family. Nina asks Jax how he convinced Michael to let her see Wiley, but he won't tell her anything. She isn't sure if she'll stay in Port Charles or go back to Nixon Falls, since she doesn't feel like she belongs in Port Charles anymore. Chase wants to be able to focus on his upcoming wedding, so he asks Finn to help him get past the one thing that could bring him down: Finn not forgiving himself for not being able to save Chase. Finn tries to hide how close he is to falling apart under the weight of knowing he killed the one person who could have saved Chase. He gets more encouragement from Elizabeth, and it looks like he might have feelings for her, but she's not ready for that. Brook knows how Willow really feels about Chase and Michael, and she lets Willow know she'll keep that quiet and give Michael support while his girlfriend marries someone else. Brook further proves to be a good friend by comforting Chase when he admits he's scared to die. Alexis asks Molly to get her some data on sentencings in Port Charles so she can look into Shawn's. Molly's happy to see her interested in the law again, and is pleased that Alexis and Shawn have each other for company. Shawn thinks that since he didn't get parole, he and T.J. won't be able to have a meaningful father/son relationship, so T.J. should stop visiting. T.J. promises that he'll be happy with whatever connection they have, and he wants Shawn in his life. Stella is annoyed that T.J. keeps visiting Shawn and still won't shut up about Jordan and Curtis' divorce. Jordan nicely tells her to knock it off, and also stop interfering in whatever Curtis and Portia might have going on. Bobbie comforts Maxie over not being able to have her daughter with her.

Willow, if you want people to believe you want to get married, you need to act...what's the word? Oh, right: happy.

I'm less resistant to a Brook/Chase pairing now. They would be sweet together.

I totally forgot that Shawn stabbed Jason. Nikolas probably didn't need to do much to keep Shawn from getting parole.

"Aw, isn't that sweet? Our kids are having a date night, visiting their parents in prison." Talk about putting a positive spin on things.

Okay, Stella needs to leave again.

June 15th, 2021

Sam and Dante both go to the cabin Chloe took Maxie to, which happens to belong to Austin. He says he owns a bunch of properties and lets a management company take care of them, so he has no idea how Peter and Chloe were able to get access. Sam and Dante are skeptical that it's just a huge coincidence that Austin owns the place where a woman was held hostage, then found her in the woods and delivered her baby. Dante notices a hidden camera, and the footage only shows Maxie and Chloe, so Austin seems to be an innocent party here. However, Dante sees something in the footage that makes him think Maxie lied to him and Sam. Nina visits Maxie, who appreciates the distraction from her problems. She guesses that Nina has feelings for Mike and might go back to Nixon Falls to be with him. When she hears that Nina saw Louise at the Quartermaines', Maxie asks about her, pretending she befriended Brook during Lamaze classes. Phyllis thinks that if Nina decides to stay in Port Charles, it'll only be a matter of time before Sonny goes to see her. Michael doesn't like the idea of Willow marrying Chase, but he thinks it's the right thing to do. She asks him to stay away when she comes to see Wiley, since it'll be too hard for her to see him. Ava and Nikolas are camping out at the Metro Court to stay away from the stalker, but they're dumb, and a spying bartender snags one of their key cards. Ava has given more thought to Dante's theory that the stalker is one of Nikolas' exes, and she thinks that ex could be Britt. Nikolas approaches her, which annoys Jason, who tells him how badly his interference in the Carly/Cyrus standoff could have turned out. Nikolas questions Britt about the stalker's activities, which she knows nothing about, since, as she points out, they've been broken up for years and she's not a part of his life anymore. Britt's willing to count what happened in Canada as a one-off, but Jason wants more. Carly realizes there's something more than friendship between them, and she's about as happy about it as I am. Olivia's thawing even more toward Ned, but he's concerned that tensions between them might return now that things with ELQ are back up in the air. He wants an emergency board meeting so they can oust Valentin, who notes that if the CEO vote between Ned and Michael is split, Valentin might keep the position. In related news, Austin is interested in news about the emergency vote. Carly is going to have a tough time giving control of the Corinthos organization back to Jason.

All this Sam/Dante stuff does for me is show how annoying he is as a cop.

"I have other cases I'm working on." Well, tell Ava and Nikolas to sit tight on the stalker stuff while you look for an allegedly missing baby, Dante. Rearrange your priorities.

How long are we going to go without Austin's no-doubt-significant last name?

Sure glad we know how Michael and Willow feel about Chase's condition! That's definitely super-important right now!

Carly doesn't need to be on every day. Carly doesn't need to be on every day. CARLY DOESN'T NEED TO BE ON EVERY DAY.

For some reason, Jason telling Nikolas he was interrupting cracked me up. People are constantly interrupting conversations on this show, and they always ask if they're interrupting, but no one ever calls them on it.

June 16th, 2021

Jordan goes to see Cyrus one last time before he's taken to a federal prison in the Midwest while he awaits trial. He thinks there's still a good chance he'll be acquitted, and he reminds her that she's committed some crimes herself that are sure to come out. Jordan tells him that she's been given immunity, the charges against Taggert have all been dropped, and everyone's ready to see Cyrus go away. He asks to speak to Laura, who chastises him for not using his powers for good. Cyrus thinks their time together has brought back the darkness inside her, and, again, he's excited to see what happens the next time they cross paths. Talk of surveillance cameras being turned off in a couple of hospital stairwells (so Cyrus could use them to transport drugs) gives Anna the idea that Peter used one to escape from the roof via helicopter. A flashback to the night of his death shows that Elizabeth also took advantage of the lack of surveillance to convince Finn that they could move Peter's body without being seen. The body is currently in a giant freezer in Liv's subbasement lab, which is only accessible by an elevator on the roof. You only get one guess what Anna finds when she searches up there. Chase is declining fast, and Finn and Portia warn that he might not live through the night. That means it's time for Willow to step up, as hard as that may be. Sasha knows she wants to be with Michael, but Willow is willing to put that on hold for as long as necessary to make Chase happy. Finn tries to apologize to Elizabeth for nearly crossing a professional line with her, but she's fine letting it go. He's still struggling to keep looking for a cure for Chase, and she's still encouraging him not to give up. He and Jackie run into Cyrus, who mentions the article Peter ran about Chase's paternity, giving Finn an idea. While Laura asks Portia if she's made any progress with Curtis, Curtis tells Nina that they kissed. He thinks that since he pushed Portia away, he's now missed his chance with her, since she's acting different around him now. Stella plans to stay in town for a while, probably to make Curtis' business her business. Brando wants to work for the Corinthos organization, but Jason wants him to think about what's best for Sasha and the baby before he makes any decisions about his future. Carly claims she's ready to give the leadership role back to Jason, but Jason worries that if they don't handle the transfer of power right, the Five Families will see them as weak. Jackie and Gregory have put aside their problems to help each other through Chase's final days. He tells her that he's kind of glad she never told him Chase might not be his; if she had, Gregory wouldn't have had Chase in his life. Even after Elizabeth is rude to her, Britt plans to make her a full-time nurse again. Jason and Britt whatever.

Cyrus doesn't seem to think Portia and Trina will testify against him, or that their testimonies will be valuable. He's awfully arrogant for someone who committed crimes in front of a dozen eyewitnesses.

Who had "Finn and Elizabeth stashed Peter's body in Liv's subbasement lab" as a plot development?

Jackie: "Hell is too good a place for you. Enjoy it anyway." NICE.

Nina sing-songing "Portia kissed you" was really cute.

How is Curtis getting out of the hospital before Gladys?

Oh, so Jason thinks Brando should prioritize his family but Jason has no plans to prioritize his own? GAH.

"I guess my time as your mole is over." But apparently not as his moll. Hi-yo!

Also, that is not the face of a man who's happy to see a woman again. Do better, Steve Burton.

I can't believe I'm saying this but Elizabeth should really be nicer to Britt. You know, the person who controls how much she works to bring home her family's sole income.

June 17th, 2021

Finn no longer trusts the paternity tests he ran for Chase, since Cyrus could have altered them to mess with Jackie. Gregory takes over Elizabeth's role as Finn's cheerleader as they wait impatiently for new DNA results so Finn can try his cure again. Elizabeth tries her best to steer Anna away from the elevator, but she can't get Anna to let go of the idea that Peter used it to escape. Jordan wants to resign as commissioner because of the crimes she committed while bringing Cyrus to justice. Laura disagrees with her that the people of Port Charles will be mad when Jordan's actions are made public – she thinks they'll believe that Jordan acted with integrity, and might even sympathize with her. She convinces Jordan to keep her job until everything comes out and they learn how the public feels. Carly and Obrecht would both like to know where Britt and Jason's relationship might be going. Jason dodges the question, but Britt tells Carly something might be developing there. Obrecht also wants to make sure Jason will protect Britt if Peter resurfaces. She thinks Anna might hesitate if she has to kill Peter, but she knows Jason won't. Trina and Josslyn agree to think of their graduation as a new start and look to the future. In case it's important, a Corinthos driver and his shipment have disappeared in New Jersey.

If Gregory really is Chase's father, what was the point of making everyone think it was Finn?

Shout-out to Michael Easton for having to remember what to write on the whiteboard along with his lines, blocking, etc.

Okay, Elizabeth. Move! That! Body! Finn is a little too busy to help, but I'm sure Jason will take care of everything.

If this turns into Carly vs. Britt, I think we all know who will lose.

Even with the news that yesterday's episode was Jeff Kober's last, I can't help feeling that everyone is still jinxing Cyrus going to prison. He'll probably escape.

June 18th, 2021

Everyone's feeling bittersweet about Chase and Willow's wedding, while Michael just feels sad. The ceremony goes smoothly, though because Chase has trouble using his hands, he asks Michael to put the ring on Willow's finger. Not long after the wedding is over, Finn gets confirmation that Gregory is Chase's father, which means there's still a chance he can save Chase. He'd better move fast, though, because Chase has flatlined. Dante isn't sure Austin's completely innocent in Maxie's case, but he lets Austin help him with the investigation anyway. Austin quickly proves useful by telling Dante that some information he received about an inaccessible area was wrong, so they should look for Chloe there. Then he looks like a psychopath when supposedly pushing Dante away from the cover of the mine shaft Maxie left Chloe in. Brick tells Jason and Carly that the driver who disappeared made a deal with a guy named Vincent Novak, and others could follow suit. Novak thinks the Corinthos organization is weak because there's no clear leader, which leaves open the possibility for another mob war. If Jason really wants to show that the organization is strong, his best option is to push Carly out, but she's not willing to leave yet. Sam asks Maxie about the hidden-camera footage, which showed Chloe talking about taking Louise to Peter. She wonders why Maxie's so sure that Chloe and Peter didn't meet up. Maxie says that after they left the cabin, Chloe talked about taking Louise from Maxie just for herself, not Peter, so Maxie doesn't think the baby is with Peter. Brook and Valentin get a little friendlier as he offers her some comfort over Chase's condition.

Once Finn saves Chase, how long do we think Willow will wait before she asks for an annulment?

I wish Willow would think less about the marriage and whether she's doing the right thing and more about the fact that Chase is dying. I mean, Brook is sadder than she is.

"Yay! This wedding actually happened!" Violet is the best.

I'll actually be disappointed if Austin turns out to be a bad guy. I want to see Roger Howarth play a normal person.

Can't Sam ever just wear a normal shirt?

I think it's safe to assume that Brook will develop feelings for Valentin and then feel bad about making him think Louise is his.

June 21st, 2021

Finn revives Chase and gives him the cure, which quickly starts working. Everyone's thrilled that he'll be okay, even Willow and Michael. Chase wants to have a second wedding with a big reception in the Quartermaines' rose garden, so it's going to hurt even more when Willow inevitably has to ask for an annulment. Someone gets into Ava and Nikolas' hotel room while they're out and leaves a teddy bear for Avery. No one thinks anything's suspicious until they learn that the bear plays a recording of Ryan's voice saying he can't wait for them to be a family. Dante still thinks they're dealing with one of Nikolas' exes, or possibly a copycat who's just using Ryan's voice to mess with Ava. He reminds Nikolas that he advised him and Ava to split up, and they should seriously consider that. Ava wants to ensure Avery's safety first, so she asks Carly to look after her until they get things under control. Dante tells Maxie and Sam that he found Chloe dead, but Louise wasn't with her. Sam guesses that Chloe handed the baby off to an accomplice, which explains why her phone was used at the spot where Maxie was later found (though we know Maxie was the one who used the phone). Sam thinks that means the baby is closer than Maxie thinks. Brook keeps turning Maxie down for requests to see Louise, since it'll look sketchy for her to visit. Maxie comes up with an excuse to go to the Quartermaines' (delivering a baby gift) so she can spend a few minutes with her daughter. Cameron does a brief apology tour, first asking Jason to forgive him for his accusations that Jason killed Franco. Jason has no problem with that, since Cameron is able to admit his mistake and has learned from it. Josslyn is a tougher sell, though – she says she forgives Cameron, but the experience has changed their friendship and they'll have to see where it goes from here. Elizabeth also apologizes to Jason, who assures her that he has people out looking for Peter. She looks like she might be about to tell him that's not necessary. Anna's pleased that Finn was able to save Chase without using Peter's antidote. She says they're finally free of him, though she knows they won't really feel that way until someone finds him. Josslyn is considering living at home instead of moving into a dorm when she starts college. Carly wants her to have the full college experience and not worry about Carly and Donna being alone. Josslyn mentions that Jax thinks Carly is going to keep running the mob, but Carly hints that she's going to let Jason do that.

When people explain Finn's inspiration for figuring out how to cure Chase, they should really leave Cyrus out of it.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like Finn's angle for getting Chase to stay alive was, "You have to live so I can keep making fun of you."

"Do you really think that questioning staff or watching security footage is going to help?" Yes. Shut up, Nikolas. Next question.

Hey, Dante acknowledged Avery's existence! That's, like, twice now.

Geez, everything's coming up Carly, huh? I'm sure it won't last.

June 22nd, 2021

Finn lets Gregory tell Chase that he's Chase's father after all. Chase is basically like, "I got my father, I got my brother, I got my wife, I got my health – I have no complaints." Finn confides to Elizabeth that he feels like he's losing a son, though he appreciates getting his brother back. She thinks he and Gregory will grow closer now that they've both "lost" Chase. Brook and Valentin catch Maxie holding Louise, and though Valentin is a little suspicious, Maxie mostly plays it cool (except for the part where she forgets to call Louise by her fake name). Brook urges her to stick to their plan, though she's brainstorming a new one that might let Maxie be around her daughter. Anna wants to search Pautauk in case Chloe's accomplice has Louise there, and Valentin asks to come along, since he feels partly responsible for what's happened. Ava is convinced that the stalker will target Avery if she and Nikolas don't split up, so she tells him they're done. Nikolas is more or less not willing to put a child's life ahead of his marriage, but she won't listen to his protests. Without ratting out Finn or giving too many details, Elizabeth tells Jason that he doesn't need to worry about Peter anymore. Jason seems to get what she means and offers his help if she needs it. Taggert thanks Curtis for his part in taking down Cyrus, and it looks like the two might be edging toward becoming friends. Portia and Jordan are even closer to that, so I have to wonder what might happen if Curtis and Portia get together. Jason praises Curtis for helping rid the city of Cyrus, then subtly offers protection if Curtis or the Savoy ever need it. Curtis wants to stay independent, so Jason offers his friendship instead.

Really, Chase's paternity situation turned out the best possible way. I still feel like the whole mess was a waste of time, but whatever, happy ending, let's move on.

Brook worrying that Peter might follow Maxie to the mansion and figure out that "Bailey" is Louise makes me laugh. He wasn't that smart.

Once again, Anna's planning an out-of-town trip to look for someone who's in Port Charles.

Does Ava think she and Nikolas have to break up FOREVER?

Kiki mention – drink!

Aww, Jason's trying to make a friend!

June 23rd, 2021

Carly and Elizabeth run into each other in the cemetery where everyone in Port Charles is buried, and Elizabeth apologizes for not believing Jason and Carly when they said he didn't kill Franco. Then the two kind of bond over losing their husbands, and it's weird. Brook urges Michael and Willow to tell Chase the truth and get out of that mess as soon as possible. Michael's willing to wait as long as Willow wants, if she can't bring herself to be honest right now, but Willow wants to rip off the Band-Aid so Chase can move on. Jackie thinks keeping the secret about Chase's paternity for so long makes her partly to blame for his illness, I guess because if there had been no question about his paternity, Finn would have gotten the cure right the first time. Finn feels like Chase's illness brought out the best in the family and made them closer, so they're getting more out of the situation than just Chase's health. But it's not all sunshine and rainbows: The weakness Chase still has in his legs is bad enough that he can't walk. So I'm thinking Willow isn't going to want to tell him anything just yet. Britt's diagnosis has given her a new outlook on life, and she wants to do all sorts of adventurous stuff, and also definitely bang Jason again. Alexis gets records about Judge Carson's rulings from 2015 forward and tells Shawn she thinks there's something sketchy going on. She knows of a recent exposé about corrupt judges and wants to find out if Carson has been discriminatory in her sentencings. Shawn finds a definite discrepancy in her rulings for white defendants vs. those of color, and he suggests contacting the people behind the exposé and letting them run with it. Alexis thinks they should give the info to Diane and see if she can lean on Carson to get Shawn released. She's worried that if they don't act quickly, Carson could make a move first. So we should probably worry since Carson has just approached Molly and T.J. Sasha and Brando are cuter together than I expected, and excited about getting closer while they wait for the baby to come. She notices tension when they run into Molly and T.J., and he tells her that he and Molly hooked up. Sasha brushes it off, since they both have pasts and there's no reason to be upset. The writers remember that Elizabeth's a widow and actually give her a minute to grieve (but, like, literally just a minute). Molly guesses that the friend Alexis wants to help is Shawn, which to T.J. is a great development.

Are Carly and Elizabeth going to be friends now? Did the Cassadines make Hell freeze over?

I can't take any more Jason/Britt scenes. I just can't.

Brando: "She's going to be staying in Port Charles indefinitely." Me: "We'll see."

Sasha is a lot more enjoyable with Brando than she ever was with Michael. Hmm, come to think of it, Willow was always more enjoyable with Chase than she was with Michael. I wonder if there's a connection there...

Apparently we're a month in the future, because Molly and T.J. did their ceremony on February 22nd, which was four months ago, not five. And yet Alexis is supposed to be 90 days sober, which corresponds to her sentencing three months ago. My head hurts.

Molly doesn't seem like the picture-on-a-mug-commemmorating-our-five*-month-anniversary type.

June 24th, 2021

The hospital board chooses Monica to take Cyrus' place, thrilling the staff, except for Britt. She immediately rehires Bobbie and Epiphany, so Britt can see the writing on the wall and guesses her days as chief of staff are numbered. Monica hasn't thought that far ahead yet, so maybe Britt should tell her about her...whatever with Jason. Terry shocks Britt by expressing an interest in being chief. Carly seems to think she deserves to know more about Jason's personal life now that she's the Corinthos family head, as if that makes things different in their relationship. As he's done for the past however many years, he plans to keep her out of that part of his life, though he'll still honor the commitment he's made to, you know, do whatever she wants whenever she wants. Then something gets blown up, so the focus is back on the mob. Michael encounters Nina at Nelle's grave and they discuss her visits with Wiley a little further. She hopes to be able to talk to Wiley about his mother some day, but Michael pretty much wants to put it off as long as possible. Nina doesn't so much feel bad about keeping Michael's father from him as she wants to let Sonny keep being happy. At least she gets that when the truth eventually comes out, she'll probably lose access to Wiley. Chase's condition is temporary, but he'll take a long time to recover, so there's definitely no way Willow can leave him now. Instead of doing anything shady, Judge Carson offers Molly any help she might need as she prepares for the bar and her probable new job as an ADA. Molly thinks there's a conflict of interest there, and also isn't 100% sure she's chosen the right career path. Worried that exposing Carson as biased might come back on T.J., Shawn tells Alexis he wants to drop the whole thing. When she protests, he lectures her about inserting herself in a situation she has no experience with. The warden revokes Shawn's access to the women's library, and when Alexis objects, things almost turn violent. Alexis ends up with a possible injury and a stint in solitary confinement. Terry notices how awkward Elizabeth and Finn are around each other and is understandably curious about what might be happening there.

The showrunners and writers were obviously like, "Oh, no, it's Pride and we haven't shown any of our LGBTQ characters" (in months, guys. It's been months), then found a way to get Terry in there.

Hey, Britt defenders, do you want to try to justify her refusal to even pretend to be happy that her boyfriend's (or whatever) month got a huge honor?

Carly: "I don't want to pry into your personal business..." HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Tell me another one, Carly.

I really, honestly, seriously think Willow should get pregnant.

June 28th, 2021

Jason has a plan to deal with Novak, but it involves him delivering retaliation himself, which Carly and Brick object to. Brick tells Carly and Jason to figure out ASAP how to let everyone know that Jason's in charge and they'd better be okay with it, because he's not pushing Carly out. The two aren't sure how to do that until Ava starts waxing poetic about marriage and how it's a legal commitment that sends a message about a bond. Laura learns from Scott that Ava is moving forward with her and Nikolas' divorce, as much as she doesn't want to have to do it. Nikolas tells Laura that he'll go along with it, but he's going to set a trap for the stalker. Sasha and Gladys snipe at each other a bunch, and Brando must be exhausted. Gladys thinks Sasha's a golddigger and keeps bringing up her addiction. She also wants Brando to believe that Sasha is keeping him at a distance with regard to the baby (and, to be fair, Sasha didn't think to tell him about a doctor's appointment, which doesn't make her look great). Maxie wants a distraction from thinking about Louise, so Nina invites her to come to a Deception/Crimson meeting with her, Lucy, and Sasha. When Maxie shows up, Lucy tries to get her to leave, possibly so Sasha and Nina can be alone when Nina discovers that Sasha's pregnant. Austin shows Anna and Valentin around the site where Chloe died, but they don't find anything useful. Anna does find Austin kind of familiar, though. He then contacts Scott, wanting to talk about the histories of some Port Charles citizens, starting with Jason. We don't get to hear what they discuss, but Scott's excited about whatever's coming next.

Dang it, Ava! Putting ideas in Carly and Jason's heads. That's going to be a mess. I'm kind of excited to see how big of a mess it is, though. Especially when Jason has to explain this to Britt.

Also, Jason's strategy to make it expensive to mess with the Corinthos contingent seems like something Edward would approve of.

How has Scott been a lawyer for decades and is still so bad at it?

Kiki mention – drink!

I'm sure no one will ever see the picture of Sonny on Nina's phone. Nothing to worry about. Shouldn't be a problem.

June 29th, 2021

Apparently Jason is expected to exile or kill Carly to show he's in charge, and obviously that's not going to happen, so getting married might be their best option. They weigh the pros and cons, knowing this is something they can't back out of. Finn guesses that Elizabeth was tempted to tell Jason about Peter, and he asks her not to get him involved, even if Jason could take care of all their problems. Finn is again ready to turn himself in and promises to keep Elizabeth out of it. A perfectly timed visit from Violet reminds him what he'll be losing if he goes to prison. Lucy's worried that being around Sasha while she's pregnant will make Maxie sad, but Maxie's okay with it. Nina is, too, and she's happy for Sasha despite their past drama. Brook shows up and Maxie learns that Valentin helped her get a job doing social media for Crimson and Deception's Face of Conception campaign. Maxie drags Brook out of the room to object, but Brook reveals that it's partly for Maxie's benefit – she'll put Louise in a nearby daycare, and Maxie will be able to see her daughter whenever she wants. Sasha presents a new angle for the Face of Conception campaign: They'll bring attention to missing children and highlight Louise's kidnapping so people will keep an eye out for her and Peter. Brook protests, saying that will just keep reminding Maxie of her daughter's disappearance, but Maxie can't really say no to the idea. A rainstorm strands Valentin and Anna in Austin's cabin, and they talk about their pasts and whether or not they're friends. They're inches away from making out, or possibly more. Obrecht is struggling to come to terms with the possibility that she'll outlive both of her children. Britt doesn't want her telling anyone about her diagnosis, but she does give permission for Obrecht to discuss it with Scott. Obrecht encourages Britt to tell Jason how she feels about him, like, you could NOT have worse timing. Josslyn overhears Brook bugging Michael about Willow and has some questions about that. Michael changes the subject to her upcoming college experiences and friendship with Cameron. Josslyn changes the subject again, this time to Michael allowing Nina to see Wiley again. So basically, they talk about a bunch of stuff and don't get anywhere with anything.

Jason has taken over the business for Sonny in the past and no one ever expected Sonny to kill him after he took back over, so why would people think Jason would kill Carly? That's insane.

If I felt I had no choice by to marry my best friend, I would hope he would be a little less depressed about the idea than Jason is.

Brook thinks Valentin will be okay with sending the baby to daycare instead of hiring a nanny?

A Valentin/Anna pairing seems ridiculous to me, but apparently some people want it, so once again, I can't explain how other people's brains work. (See also: people's love for Julian, Obrecht, and Ava.)

Have Michael and Josslyn not talked since he and Sasha broke up? That's sad.

June 30th, 2021

Carly discusses her and Jason's plan with Diane, who says it's legally sound and makes sense. Meanwhile, Jason can't enjoy his time with Britt and Spinelli because he's thinking about his possible impending marriage, as well as the Novaks. Britt seems a little bit naïve about mob stuff, specifically Jason's mob duties. Ellie thinks Spinelli's association with the Corinthos organization could put him in danger, and she's threatened to leave him if he doesn't separate from them. It won't help that Joey Novak approaches Spinelli and informs him that the Novaks are going to poach him. Jason offers to talk to Ellie about Spinelli's safety, as if that's what's really important here. Elizabeth tries to veer Finn away from telling Scott that he killed Peter, but it's a picture of Violet that makes him decide to keep quiet. Instead, he tells Scott that the police might want to question him about Peter's disappearance. Scott promises to represent him, adding that if Finn did kill Peter, he doesn't think anyone would care. He also suspects that there's something developing between Finn and Elizabeth, and he's okay with it. Anna and Valentin are about to get romantic when Dante calls her about information the police have collected on Chloe. She's been ID'd as Marie Hopkins, and though that doesn't help with the investigation, the news that she has a brother named David who's a helicopter pilot does. Anna also finds a picture of a young Austin with his parents and recognizes his father. Ava gets drunk at the Metro Court, where Nikolas is meeting with Dante, and starts flirting with a very confused, kind of scared Austin. Sam's surprised that Ava and Nikolas are splitting up and tries to keep things from boiling over. The Metro Court bartender is still spying for the stalker, who's definitely in town and mobile. Strangely enough, Josslyn and Avery are the filler.

Okay, clearly Carly and Jason are going to do this, because the writers wouldn't have presented the possibility if they weren't, so let's stop dragging this out.

Carly is a guardian for Jason's kids if something happens to him? Do Sam and Elizabeth know that?

I don't get Ava's behavior today. Why is she mad at Nikolas? He's not the one who broke up the marriage.

I just realized that Sam's aunt is married to her cousin. This show is so weird.

Has everyone who used to interact with Franco now met Austin? Obrecht, you want a turn?

If Joey is Vincent's nephew, the theory that Cameron Mathison will play Vincent is probably out the window. Not enough of an age difference.

I feel like they just want to break up Ellie and Spinelli (...still funny) so they don't have to bring her back.

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