General Hospital blog - March, 2005

March 1st, 2005

Look, Iím not gullible to think that Faith killed Michael, Morgan, OR Kristina. Thereís no way she killed any of them and buried them in the backyard of the church. Thatís ridiculous, even for a show that kills babies like they throw out tissues. I get that weíre supposed to feel the tension, but itís just not working. Especially since, you know, THAT COMMERCIAL THEY SHOWED LAST WEEK RUINED EVERYTHING. Theyíre totally finding Kristina and Morgan, like, tomorrow.

Thanks for coming to Louisiana, Alcazar. Iím sure you wonít be even more useless there than in New York. Speaking of going to Louisiana, now Alexis is going? And maybe Ric? Letís just move the whole show there!

Rachel wants Steven dead...but sheíd settle for an apology. Does that seem incredibly messed up to anyone else?

Sorry, Lucky. I guess you still donít get a plot.

Hi, Bridget. Um...why are you still here?

March 2nd, 2005

Yay, two kids back! Of course, now they still have to find Michael. But, still, yay!

Yeah, Iím going to believe that Faith killed Michael. Especially since she said so. Again, Iím not that gullible.

Mass exodus from Louisiana,!

Rachel: I knew Lucy Coe. Lucy Coe was a good friend of mine. And you, maíam, are no Lucy Coe.

I thought Luke was going to find Helena.

March 3rd, 2005

Daytime Emmy nominations are out. GH is up for 13:

Main title design
Lead Actress
(Nancy Lee Grahn)
Lead Actor (Steve Burton)
Supporting Actress (Natalia Livingston)
Supporting Actress (Robin Christopher)
Supporting Actor (Rick Hearst)
Supporting Actor (Tyler Christopher)
Younger Actress (Adrianne Leon)
Younger Actor (Scott Clifton)
Outstanding Drama Series

I agree with all of those except 2. (Guess which two. Go on, guess!) First of all...okay, Adrianne Leon isnít horrible, but, seriously, what has she done this year? Nothing. Sheís made out with Diego. Thatís about it. She doesnít deserve an Emmy. What about poor Lindze Letherman?

Second of Just no. Natalia Livingston deserves a Daytime Emmy about as much as Sarah and Emma Smith do. Actually, less, because those girls at least have realistic facial expressions and donít cry every five minutes. I donít care if her character was raped this year. I donít care if she had to mourn for her not-dead fiancť. She is a BAD ACTRESS. Iím sure sheís a very nice person, but she shouldnít be on TV. If she wins this award, Iím having all of the voters committed.

Also, I guess the academy is as tired of Maurice Benardís weird acting method as I am.

I hope thereís going to be a murder mystery involving Faith. Theyíre definitely setting it up like one, and it would be a fitting end for her. There are so many suspects - Sonny, Carly, Jason, Ric, Alexis, Elizabeth, Justus (kind of), even Alcazar. That would be awesome.

What would also be awesome is if Faithís accomplice were someone we were familiar with. Iím thinking...A.J. It would make a lot of sense - he orchestrated the whole thing to get Michael back, plus get revenge on Sonny and Carly. You never know, right?

Go, Justus! This show needs more Justus!

Also, more Luke/Sonny scenes would be nice. Iím glad the writers at least remember that they used to be friends.

March 4th, 2005

Next week on GH...

Monday: Faithís confession ends abruptly. (Guess they finally got the days sorted out. Also, whatever.)
Tuesday: Sonny gets a new clue about Michael. (Iím hoping itís that heís alive, so everyone will stop crying.)
Wednesday: Skye learns of an horrific event in Lukeís past. (Um...okay.)
Thursday: Sonny and Carly are consumed by grief. (Oy. Quit it.)
Friday: Dillion and Georgie take their relationship to the next level. (Freaking finally.)

Boring! Nothing happened today. And we already know Faith has to be working with someone. Everything else today was filler. Iím not going to bother.

March 7th, 2005

Iím not trusting spoilers anymore. Iíd read that Sonny was going to kill Faith after he and Ric rescued Kristina. So much for that. Also, people, stop shooting Faith. Itís just not cool.

Maybe Durant can be evil so theyíll get rid of him. Iíd like that.

Alan: therapy. Take Emily with you.

Emily wants to live with her brother-in-law, who used to be and is possibly still in love with her? Is that normal?

Rock on, Alexis. Even Faith canít take you down.

March 8th, 2005

I wouldnít be surprised if Faith had been trying to pin things on Alcazar, just for the heck of it.

I like the Alexis/Elizabeth stuff. I think itís very realistic that they would note how theyíve both been married to Ric and that Elizabeth and Ric could still be together if certain things had happened differently. Plus, both of those actresses are great, so those were nice scenes.

Dude. Remember when Alan was just a big teddy bear? Now heís creepy.


Quote of the day - Reese: ďYou canít just walk out in the middle of a police investigation.Ē
Jason: ďI do it all the time.Ē

March 9th, 2005

Iíd be a little sadder about Faith being dead if sheíd been fun these past few weeks. She wasnít. They made her too one-dimensional. Anyway, Ďbye, Cynthia Preston! I wish theyíd given you more to do!

I know what that photoís of! Donít worry - itíll wind up not really being important.

Hee, Luke doesnít like Emily, either.

Yes, Courtney, we get it. Youíre upset about Michael. Enough already.

You know who should get together? Jason and Reese. That would be cool.

Um...why are you here, Brook?

March 10th, 2005

Oh, bleh, everyone. Michaelís alive.

Tomorrowís just going to be so happy.

Jason had the best scenes today. So take that, everyone who hates him!

Remember when Dillon and Georgie used to be interesting? Yeah, me, neither.

Iím so sick of Courtney and Jax. Iím at the point where I actually want Rachel to walk in and mess with them, because then at least something would happen.

March 11th, 2005

Next week on GH...

Monday: Skye and Lukeís relationship hits a major road bump. (Maybe they finally realized that a relationship between a recovering alcoholic and a guy who wonít stop drinking isnít going to go very smoothly.)
Tuesday: Sonny wants to punish Luke for his involvement. (Uh, oh....)
Wednesday: Rachel joins forces with a surprising partner in crime. (Ooh, who, who?)
Thursday: Skye convinces Luke to leave town. (Yeah, thatís probably a good idea, if Sonnyís on a rampage.)
Friday: Alcazar makes inroads with Carly. (Um...yay?)

So, A.J.? Not dead. Billy Warlock is back on GH some time this month. I hope so badly that I was right about him working with Faith.

Maurice Benard couldnít come in for a few hours and do a scene or two today? I think itís ridiculous that we didnít see Sonny at all.

Also ridiculous - that Mike heard about Michael from Dillon, and that Alan heard about him from Sam. Mike should have heard from Courtney, Carly, or Bobbie, and Alan should have heard from Emily. Also, shut up, Sam.

Awww, Georgie isnít the last virgin in Port Charles anymore.

Go away, Durant. There are enough people on this show who cause trouble.

March 14th, 2005

I knew Michael was alive! There are also two other things I knew, but those wonít be revealed until tomorrow. Letís just say that a theory I presented at the beginning of the month is correct.

So...that was depressing.

Luke didnít go to the memorial service? Way to support your family, dude.

Aww, Jason needs a hug.


March 15th, 2005

Well, would ya look at that? A.J.ís alive. And he was involved in Michaelís kidnapping. I love being right.

Poor Lucky had to stand around in the backround for half an hour before he could get one good scene. At least he rocked that scene.

Could the writers please stop giving Skye really melodramatic lines? Thatíd be nice.

Go away, Durant. Donít make me hurt you.

March 16th, 2005

Are we supposed to be surprised that Rachel and A.J. are working together? If you piece everything together, it makes perfect sense. I figured from the beginning that heíd told her to lie about killing him so they could go after Courtney.

The thing is that A.J. might never be arrested for kidnapping Michael - they canít prove that he didnít rescue him from Faith, as he said. And thatís how you keep a major character out of jail.

What did Rachel do to my precious Jax?? At least he doesnít trust her.

Michael kicking A.J. in the leg was awesome.

Luke, youíre an idiot. Get out of Dodge while you can.

March 17th, 2005

If I were stranded on an island with A.J., I might have killed him by now. Seriously, who manipulates a nine-year-old like that? He and Rachel deserve each other.

Am I wrong in assuming that Luke is going off on one of his six-week trips?

As much as I donít like Sam, I was kind of on her side during her battle with Skye. Skye had no right to blast her for Jason and Sonnyís business. Sam has nothing to do with it. Donít make me hate you again, Skye.

Poor Michael. I bet Maurice Benard had fun with that little dream sequence, though.

March 18th, 2005

Next week on GH...

Monday: Ric struggles to save Alexis. (Part of me is rolling my eyes, because...LAME, but part of me is glad that theyíre getting something to do, since they havenít done much this week until today.)
Tuesday: Sonnyís enemies move in for the kill. (I know all those references to the Sandoval family werenít coincidental!)
Wednesday: Emily must face a horrible truth. (That sheís annoying and none of us like her?)
Thursday: Jason steadies up his battle plan. (I love Jason. Iím unapologetic about that.)
Friday: Sonny and Jason assert their power. (Yay!)

Dara alert! Sheíll be back for a few episodes starting March 31st. Could it be that A.J. will be back in Port Charles and in court?

HALLELUJAH! Lucky got a haircut!

Let me take a minute to contrast Alexis with Jax. Jax gets frustrated when Courtney spends two seconds talking to Jason. Alexis encourages Ric to talk to Elizabeth and in fact engages with civil conversations with her all the time. Thus, reason 347 why Alexis rocks. (Reason 348 is the way she said, ďHe was a boy. Youíre a maaaaan.Ē)

Speaking of Alexis and Ric, did they park in the middle of the street?

The sexy music seems to want Reese and Sonny together. Apparently Carly and Alcazar do not require the help of the sexy music.

Hi, Bridget. Tell me, why are you still here?

Iím sorry - is that a giant safety pin on Carlyís sweater?

Dear Wyndemere maid: donít pretend to be Mrs. Lansbury. We all see right through you.

March 21st, 2005

Ric doesnít have OnStar? I thought everyone on this show had OnStar. The sponsors must be mad.

Michael and A.J. seem to have found the French womanís home on Lost. How else do you explain a random cabin on a seemingly deserted island?

Enough, sexy music. Cease and desist.

Johnny flashback! Wait. Johnnyís dead to me. Never mind.

I love that Sonny tells the nanny to take Kristina to his house...and then he goes to Carlyís. Way to be a good father. Try calling next time.

March 22nd, 2005

Poor Sonny. The one time heís actually innocent, no one believes him.

I find it very hard to believe that Sam could fight off those guys. Courtney, yes. Sam, no. Also, am I supposed to care if Emily shoots them? And a follow-up: why the heck does Mike keep a rifle in a diner?

When did Carly get so incredibly annoying? Sheís pretty much completely unlikable now. She used to have good qualities, but now, not so much. Maybe when Michael comes back, sheíll be nice again.

A big old whatever to Alexisí heart murmur. Itís just a plot device to get her back in the hospital every other week.

Dillon and Georgie are so much like Lucky and Elizabeth that I fear for Georgie if she ever goes to the park alone.

March 23rd, 2005

Stop fighting, Ric and Alexis! It makes me sad.

If I were Elizabeth, I would ignore Emily until she self-destructed, because sheís not going to let her do anything else. Also, because then my life would be a lot more peaceful without my screechy princess of a best friend.

Why did they juxtapose the scenes of Reese talking to Mac about a possible mob war with Carly and Sonny talking about new playground equipment? That was bizarre. Iím guessing that will mean something soon.

Am I the only one who tunes out when Sam starts talking? Just wondering.

March 24th, 2005

Soap Opera Digest (which I rarely read) recently reported that, according to GH sources, Robyn Richards and Ryan Carnes were still on contract. Ryan, watch your back. Robynís out, and Maxieís been recast with Kirsten Storms, formerly of Days of Our Lives. (Ironically, Robyn was recently rumored to be over at Days, reading to recast Kirsten Stormsí former role over there.) Sheíll start appearing in May. Ryan might want to get that promise in writing.

Does Maurice Benard have some weird contract that only requires him to be in two episodes a week now? Just wondering. He keeps randomly disappearing. It seems like Sonny never wants to be disturbed.

Alan hit Ric and Alexis! Great twist.

Is Bridget jealous or crazy? Discuss.

I was about to ask why Jax and Courtney were at the Metro Court if it was closed down for Armando Sandoval, but then I remembered that Jax owns the place. Also, if Jason is heading over there to kill the guy, I donít think Courtneyís going to get hurt. He wouldnít even pull out a gun if she were there. Plus, if theyíre going to the groundbreaking, then theyíll leave before Jason gets there. To sum up: whatever.

Also whatever - no way did Carly put that playground structure design together in one night.

March 25th, 2005

Next week on GH...

Monday: Sonnyís actions affect many. (Thatís delightfully vague.)
Tuesday: Reese is determined to take a vengeful Sonny down. (In other words, sheís doing her job?)
Wednesday: Jax jumps to the wrong conclusion about Courtney. (Let me guess: he sees her with Jason.)
Thursday: A.J. toys with Michaelís mind. (Um, again?)
Friday: Jason comes to a shocking realization. (Thereís only one big shocking thing I can think of that he could find out, so Iím guessing it has to do with Michael.)

TV Guide is being stupid about this, but I found out elsewhere - Carly has been recast with Jennifer Bransford. She used to play Georgie on One Life to Live, but that doesnít mean anything to me. Tamara Braunís last airdate is April 15th, so I guess this new actress will begin airing shortly after that.

Well, I was going to watch The Godfather, but now I donít have to.

Rachelís going to be mad when she learns that A.J. had his phone the whole time and didnít check his messages. Almost as mad as I am that heís such a jerk. I bet heís going to try to call Rachel, and she wonít answer because sheís in the middle of that stupid shootout.

Marriage really has loosened Alexis up, since she keeps letting Ric win fights.

March 28th, 2005

Hee one really cares that Rachel was shot. Exactly as it should be.

Shut up a million times, Durant.

I canít believe A.J. has known where he and Michael are the whole time. And he has a phone. And it works. And heís getting them helicoptered out of there like nothing happened. I hope Carly smacks him really hard when she sees him again.

Someone please give Becky Herbst an Emmy for her facial expressions alone.

March 29th, 2005

Hi, Reese? Even if you do get Maria to admit that she saw Jason at the hotel, you still canít get him or Sonny for murder, because no one actually saw them kill anyone. Because they didnít. And, you know, thatís really not the way to get into bed with Sonny.

Dara! Youíre two days early! But thatís okay!

Amazing - mentions of both Famous Original Kristina and Famous Original Cameron.

Michael needs to come back to Port Charles so Sonny will stop being so annoying.

Poor Elizabeth. She gets yelled at by Emily, she gets yelled at by Steven, and she gets pulled into Ric and Alexisí problems. Go home and snuggle with Lucky, poor girl.

March 30th, 2005

Yay, Lucky and Elizabeth are back together! That was the best part about todayís episode.

Aaaaaand Jax is sleeping on the couch tonight.

Oh, Emily. Go drown yourself in the lake.

Wow, Carly and Alcazar being jealous of each otherís exes is just so thrilling. Especially when Carly hasnít been with Jason for 6 years, and Alcazar hasnít been with Maria for 17 years. Shut up, both of you, and get on with it, if youíre going to. At least Steven will be spared Carlyís insanity.

Just for the record, Iíve gone from hating Sam to being indifferent towards her. At least she makes Jason smile, though.

March 31st, 2005

Wow. A.J.ís not just a jerk, heís a high-tech jerk.

I guess the question is, whoís dumber, Sonny or Reese? Right now, Iím leaning towards Reese. Iím guessing they kissed, but there was a news break, so...wait, I donít care. Never mind.

Finally, Courtney told Jax everything! See how easily everything couldíve been cleared up?

Hey, Michael? Grab your own phone. Youíre nine. Call your father.

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