General Hospital blog - March, 2012

March 1st, 2012

Mac tries to stop Robert from going into the morgue to see Robin's body, but Robert locks himself inside. He then hallucinates Robin asking him why he didn't save her. Robert sends Anna a text message that sounds like a suicide note, so she calls Luke to ask for his help. Elizabeth helps Patrick tell Emma about Robin. Carly and Johnny did exactly what you think they did, and won't be stopping there. Carly confesses to being behind the revelation of Johnny's paternity, but he still wants to take it out on Sonny. Kate is Courtneying it up all over the place, but she can't resist a man with dimples telling her he loves her. Ethan (who is, indeed, a Spencer) wants revenge on Helena, but Luke will probably get there first.

Flashbacks are nice, but we don't need the same one two days in a row.

I'm not crying! Not crying! Stop telling adorable children sad things!

Elizabeth should probably head over to the hospital and help Starr when she realizes her child is dead. They could start a club.

Is anyone going to call Brenda? No, I'm not volunteering.

March 2nd, 2012

Anna worries that Robert is going to do something awful, and she's right, since Luke finds him on a bridge, poised to jump. Sam bans Carly from Jason's room so he can get better in peace, and so she can't tell him about Robin. Starr's mother Blair shows up at the hospital, and Michael tries to tell her about the accident without giving her all the details. Kate really needs a psychiatrist, what with her fear and anxiety and multiple personalities, one of which shows up at Johnny's. Also at Johnny's: Anthony, who needs a hideout. Dante goes to the Quartermaines' looking for Anthony, but Tracy's no help. He then goes to Kate's office, where he finds a gun.

Is everyone enjoying The Giving People (or Not) Bad News Show?

Something tells me Jason will understand when Sam tells him why she kept the truth about Robin from him. Also, she's having his child, so it's not like he's going to hate her.

Blair, you're so funny, asking why the police haven't found Anthony. It's obvious you're new around here.

Kate wearing her hair down and putting on red lipstick is like dressing identical twins differently so you can tell them apart.

Back in town: Robert Scorpio, Holly Sutton
Dead: Cassandra/Irina Cassadine, Cole Thornhart, Hope Thornhart
Hospitalized: Starr Manning
New in town: Blair Cramer

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Helena telling Ethan, "Shh! I'm finally interested!"
Funniest moment (unintentional): Luke had an over-the-top objection to Helena killing Ethan that cracked me up
Saddest moment: Again, hard to pick one, but Patrick telling Emma about Robin made me tear up a little
Sweetest moment: Epiphany comforting Patrick
Least believable moment: I can't decide between Luke and Ethan believing Holly's paternity story, Helena actually listening to it, and Holly thinking it would make a difference
Most annoying character: Carly
Dumbest character: Helena
Unanswered question of the week: Who shot out Anthony's tires?

March 3rd, 2012

Next week: I don't know much about this Todd Manning guy, but I'm pretty sure Carly shouldn't be hanging out with him.

March 5th, 2012

Luke tries to commiserate with Robert by telling him about Jake. It doesn't work, so he decides to lie and tell him Ethan is his son. Kate tells Johnny she's really Connie and talks about them like they're two different people. She's been putting on the wedding dress to remind Kate that she's in danger with Sonny, but it isn't working. Now she wants Sonny to turn on her, and thinks she can accomplish that by getting Johnny to join the Slept With Cousins Club. Michael listens in as Blair tells a devastated Starr that her daughter and boyfriend are dead. She's surprised when Blair's father Todd shows up. Sonny and Carly have their typical fight about each other's choices of bedroom partners and agree to only talk to each other about parenting matters. Michael tells them about Starr and the accident, and Sonny swears he wasn't involved, but Carly warns that he'll be suspected. Dante learns that the gun he found in Kate's office was used to shoot Anthony's tires. He also brings Delores photos of shoe prints from the alley where she was attacked. Spinelli wants to help Maxie the way she helped him when he was the Jackal, but she's not interested. She's floored when she flashes back to the lab and realizes she accidentally turned on the gas. Matt goes to see Patrick, but Elizabeth thinks he should be there for Maxie instead. Elizabeth also offers comfort to Anna, knowing what it's like to lose a child, and Anna asks her to help plan Robin's funeral.

Luke repeating Holly's lie probably shouldn't have cracked me up, but alas...

Can Connie stay? She's much more interesting than Kate.

Michael needs a vacation.

I find it hard to believe that Anna would interpret Robert's text as anything other than a suicide note.

March 6th, 2012

Robert is skeptical about Luke's claims, but Luke manages to convince him that not only is Ethan his son, but Helena's kidnapped him and Robert is the only person who can save him. Ironically, at the same time, Holly tells Ethan that he can't go after Helena because Luke wouldn't get over it if anything happened to him. She convinces him to stay in town, but Luke tells him he needs to disappear. Connie wants Sonny to find her and Johnny in flagrante delicto, which will both keep her safe and give Johnny the pleasure of getting revenge. Anthony's all in favor of this, but Johnny's hesitant because of Carly. Dante's so sure that Sonny shot Anthony's tires that he arrests him. Blair hates Todd and spends ten minutes explaining to us why, then threatens to call the police if he tries to see Starr. Maxie is convinced that she caused the explosion. In case you were wondering, Alexis is on Sam's side in Operation: Don't Tell Jason About Robin.

This is a weird question, but what happens if Connie goes to bed with Johnny and wakes up as Kate? Can she have Johnny arrested for rape?

Dante, YOU SUCK AS A COP. I'm pretty sure everyone in Port Charles has a nine-millimeter.

I get it: Blair and Todd are the Pennsylvania version of Carly and Sonny.

Hey, Blair's boyfriend Tomas, feel free to stop by anytime, considering you're played by Ted King.

March 7th, 2012

Even though Anna and Mac think he's falling for a con, Robert decides to "rescue" Ethan, finding Holly at Wyndemere just after his "son" leaves, having let Luke convince him to be the mouse to Robert's cat. Michael visits Starr, and though she's upset with him at first, she feels better after he tells her how hard he tried to save Cole and Hope. Carly meets Todd and realizes he's Starr's father. They commiserate over being kept from their loved ones and don scrubs to sneak into the hospital. Alexis attempts to get Sonny released, but Dante has enough evidence to put him in lockup. Starr doesn't want to have anything to do with Todd, but he's the only person who can get in touch with Cole's parents. Maxie's guilt is crushing her.

It's probably bad that I laughed all through Robert's scenes today.

'Bye, Ethan! I don't blame Nathan Lovett for leaving. They could have done so much more with his character.

You know how I said a few weeks ago that I thought bringing characters over from One Life to Live was a bad idea? I take that back. Sorry, Shawn, I'm leaning toward Team Carly/Todd. (By the way, they gave Roger Howarth a contract, so it could totally happen!) They're going to need better disguises, though.

John J. York = still killing me daily.

March 8th, 2012

Carly's plan doesn't work, but Todd is able to see Starr and learn that Anthony pinned the accident on Sonny. Holly leaves with Robert to "find" Ethan. Ewen thinks Kate has multiple personalities; she thinks he's the crazy one. Dante's photos from the scene of Delores' attack disappear, possibly because of...Delores? Kate tells Dante she was with Sonny at the time of the accident, so he couldn't have been involved. Anthony is way too invested in Johnny getting some.

More Carly/Epiphany face-offs, please!

'Bye, Holly! Don't come back!

Why does Luke have to tell everyone he's not Ethan's father? That's dumb.

Delores, you better have a good explanation for this, or else be a red herring.

March 9th, 2012

Todd asks Carly to point the police in Sonny's direction, so she has to admit that he's her ex. Todd gets increasingly angry when he learns that Sonny gets away with all sorts of stuff in town, so he goes to the courthouse to confront him. Blair then meets Carly and tells her Todd is dangerous. Speaking of angry Mannings, Starr isn't happy that Michael didn't tell her who his father is. Alexis can't get the charges against Sonny dropped, so he's going to trial for killing Cole and Hope, and for trying to kill Anthony. Kate's worried enough about herself to call Ewen. Lulu basically accuses Delores of deleting Dante's pictures. Steven finally tells Olivia that he killed someone.

Todd, we have all asked ourselves the same questions you asked Carly. There are just no answers.

What's with all the tablets today? These people don't read newspapers anymore?

I haven't gotten that far in the series yet, but the actor playing the prosecutor was Jesse on Beverly Hills, 90210. what you want with that information.

Hey, Kate, if you're going to tell Ewen to call you back, maybe you should, I don't know, give him your phone number? (Typical soap behavior.)

Arrested: Sonny Corinthos
Left town: Ethan Lovett, Robert Scorpio, Holly Sutton
New in town: Todd Manning

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Johnny getting increasingly uncomfortable with Connie's advances
Funniest moment (unintentional): Luke telling Robert that Ethan is his son
Saddest moment: All of Starr's stuff
Sweetest moment: Anna tying Robert's tie
Least believable moments: Ethan and Holly went back to Wyndemere like stupid sitting ducks; Robert believed Luke's story
Most annoying character: Maggie, just because
Dumbest character: Robert

March 10th, 2012

Next week: "A big event goes down." What kind of teaser is that?

March 12th, 2012

Todd threatens Sonny for a while, then pulls a gun on him. Sonny warns that he'll never get away with murder, but Todd doesn't care if he dies in the process of "getting justice" for Hope. Michael tries to defend Sonny to Starr, who can relate to having a difficult father. Carly and Blair bond over having destructive exes and children they don't want to take after them. Starr hears that Sonny was arraigned and takes off for the courthouse to tell her side of the story. Blair hears, and she and Carly head after Starr and Michael. All four of them arrive to see Todd about to shoot Sonny. Kate panics over the possibility that she shot out Anthony's tires, then tries to convince herself that she's innocent, telling Ewen that it must have been Johnny. Speaking of him, he's considering her earlier offer. Lulu and Dante pretend they didn't accuse Delores of obstructing justice and decide they need to find the attacker in a different way. Steven tells Olivia that he killed a prisoner so one of Maggie's patients could receive his heart. Olivia is turned off but is glad that he regrets his actions.

Is Roger Howarth mispronouncing "Corinthos" on purpose? It's kind of weird.

I wouldn't mind Blair staying and being friends with Carly, since Carly currently has one friend, and it's not a woman.

Did Johnny call Kate "Katie"? Maybe that's his way of addressing her when he doesn't know who she is, since it's a combination of Kate and Connie.

Steven, save it for a Jodi Picoult book.

March 13th, 2012

John McBain shows up for a Mexican standoff, and eventually Todd backs off of Sonny and gets arrested. Apparently McBain knows Sonny and is determined to take him down. All the Pennsylvanians head back to Pennsylvania, but not before Starr vows to return to testify against Sonny, and tells Michael not to blame himself for Cole and Hope's deaths. Kate accuses Johnny of shooting Anthony's tires and has no idea why he's in her office, propositioning her. He calls Connie out and accepts her deal. She texts Sonny, telling him to come to her office, then starts to go at it with Johnny. Before they get very far, Kate returns, freaks out, and kicks Johnny out. Tracy goes to Casa Zacchara, hoping Johnny can tell her whether or not she's a widow, and is surprised to find Anthony there instead. She tells him to leave town and even threatens to tell Sonny where he is to speed up the inevitable. Steven lets Olivia know that Johnny's blackmailing him, so she decides to take matters into her own hands and confront him. Lurking around Casa Zacchara gets her the scoop that Anthony's hanging out there. Ewen tries to get Maxie to open up to him, but she won't. Elizabeth is remarkably mature enough to try to cheer her up by telling her how much Robin loved her. This just makes Maxie feel worse.

Gotta love fake connections between new and existing characters.

I'm a little surprised Michael didn't try to connect with Starr by telling her he recently lost someone he loved.

Normally I think Kelly Sullivan is a pretty good actress, but dang. She's really overacting in this storyline.

Tracy, just go file for divorce already.

March 14th, 2012

Sam keeps scrambling to keep Jason from finding out about Robin's funeral. Patrick hallucinates Robin while getting ready. Luke comforts Anna, who's upset that Robert isn't there. Maxie refuses to go to the funeral. Monica tries to kick Tracy out, then makes Edward stay home from the funeral since he doesn't feel well. Edward's also super-depressed over everyone he's lost, and Tracy asks him not to leave her.

Robin's funeral is the day before the anniversary of Jake's death? This show is putting the "fun" in funeral.

Matt makes a good point: Patrick would flip out if Jason came to the funeral.

Whatever, Maxie would never wear pink lipstick with a red dress.

Heh, I loved Alice sneaking Tracy's luggage back to her room.

March 15th, 2012

Jason will NOT shut up about wanting to talk to Robin and go home. He even uses Alexis' cell phone to call Robin and tell her he's okay. Amazingly, Alexis is able to convince him to stay put. Carly tries to seduce an orderly so she can grab more scrubs, but he's on to her and tells Epiphany. Little does Epiphany know that Carly's actually snagged a janitor's uniform and fulfilled her goal. The funeral is extremely sad and I don't want to talk about it. Maxie's unraveling.

Freaking A, Jason, you just had BRAIN SURGERY. I know this is a quirk of the character, but writers, chill out.

"For you in Heaven, Mommy." NOT CRYING, NOT CRYING.

They got some good extras for the funeral. They looked genuinely sad. There should have been a lot more people there, though.

I love that Epiphany put up Carly's picture at the nurses' station like she was writing bad checks or something. I also love that the orderly knew who she was the whole time.

March 16th, 2012

Carly takes the whole freaking hour to tell Jason that Robin's dead. Maxie makes a surprise appearance at the funeral and announces that she killed Robin. Ewen questions Sam and Jason's ideas of boundaries, which is ironic for someone who just dropped his towel in front of a stranger. Sonny finds Ewen's card on Kate's desk.

Thanks for wasting my hour, Carly.

Elizabeth made the slide show, yes? Why did she put in pictures of Jason? That could have led to disaster. There was also a photo of the Tequila Girls, but Elizabeth was the only one of them who was at the funeral. Why no Kelly or Lainey?

Maybe they should take the three-year-old out of the room as her mom's cousin loses her mind?

At this rate, Ewen will have psychoanalyzed every character on the show by summertime.

Left town (for now): Blair Cramer, Starr Manning, Todd Manning
New in town, then left town: John McBain

Week in review:
Funniest moments (intentional): Todd: "He has remarkably attractive hair"; Maxie: "'DID'? What did Kate do?"; Sam trying to look anywhere but at Ewen's crotch in the locker room
Funniest moment (unintentional): "I AM KATE HOWARD!" How does that scenery taste, Kelly Sullivan?
Saddest moment: "For you in Heaven, Mommy"
Sweetest moment: Tracy telling Edward she couldn't stand losing him
Least believable moment: Jason has no bandage on his head and no one made him put on a hospital gown
Most annoying character: Carly
Dumbest character: Carly

March 17th, 2012

Next week: Noah finally drags his butt back to town.

March 19th, 2012

Jason goes to the church, arriving after the funeral's over, and Sam follows him once she finds out what Carly did. She and Jason get into a big fight and he says Carly might actually know him better than Sam does. Thanks to some of Maxie's comments, Anna questions Patrick about Lisa and is furious when she learns about their affair. Maxie insists that Mac arrest her, but he won't, since she obviously did nothing wrong. She tries another tack by announcing that she killed Lisa. Carly boasts to Johnny that she both told Jason about Robin and got him to see who Sam really is. Johnny (who's on Sam's side of the controversy) thinks she's happier about the latter than the former, and that she's with him to make Jason jealous. Sonny can tell something's off with Kate, but he doesn't have a clue how off she is until she tells him to get out of her office.

Whatever, Jason. You would have done the exact same thing if you'd been in Sam's shoes.

Maxie might want to watch herself, since she actually is an accessory to the first mate's murder.

With all this talk of Lisa, I'm tempted to think they're actually going to solve that mystery. Which, by the way, has been going on for five months.

If Connie's going to keep taking her hair down, maybe the hairstylists shouldn't put so many pins in it.

March 20th, 2012

Jason's all ticked off and stuff, so he goes to the bridge, where he runs into Elizabeth and admits he's not sure how to forgive Sam. McBain returns to dig up information on Sonny, though he's already done some homework and knows Dante's his son. He then winds up at the church, talking to Sam (who thinks she's met him before) about being lied to by a loved one. Carly finds lipstick on one of Johnny's shirts and guesses it came from a Falconeri, though she doesn't pick the right one. Kate heads over to get her favor, which piques Carly's interest. Anna drinks at Jake's, where Luke declines to join her but will offer his opinion that she's mad at Robin for the Patrick/Lisa situation. Noah makes his way to town. Maxie confesses to a bunch of crimes (only one is true), and Mac finally takes her to the police station just to shut her up. Sonny asks Michael if he thinks he killed Cole and Hope.

Jason's forgiven much worse than Sam lying. I mean, he forgave Robin for telling A.J. he was Michael's father. And he forgives Carly, like, ten times a day.

Part of me thinks part of Johnny is trying to figure out how to turn this into a threesome.

McBain saying being lied to was "like a stake through the heart" was a reference to the stupid vampire plot on Port Charles, yes?

Drink every time someone says Lisa's name. Not you, Luke.

Is it bad that I laughed when Sonny said that Todd has "no hope"? know...Hope's dead. Okay, not really funny. But...kind of funny.

March 21st, 2012

Elizabeth tries to convince Jason to forgive himself for Robin's death, adding that Sam had his best interests in mind. She also tells him about the funeral, which leads to a discussion of Emma, which leads to talk of how young children can't understand death, which of course leads to talk of Jake. Sam and McBain discuss secrets, lies, children, and how he wants to bring down Sonny and probably Jason. Luke thinks Robin didn't tell Anna about the whole Lisa mess so she wouldn't have to hurt for her daughter. He tells her about Jake, then pays Coleman to rename Jake's the Floating Rib. Starr vows revenge, and Michael picks a bad moment to text her offering his support. Carly's really confused by Kate's presence but may have figured out that her lipstick matches what she saw on Johnny's shirt. Kate learns that Johnny and Carly are dating, or whatever, and finds that an extra incentive to sleep with Johnny. Sonny berates Carly for messing with Jason and Sam's relationship, telling her to mind her own business. He changes his tune when she infers that she has dirt on Johnny and Kate. Noah...something something.

Ha, even Elizabeth is Team Sam.

I love how Sam was so surprised that someone had heard of Jason. Hasn't everyone heard of him?

Google powers, activate! The Floating Rib was a hot Port Charles spot in the '80s. And I can't believe it took five years for someone (other than me) to pick up on the Jake/Jake's thing.

Oh, you and Carly are dating, are you, Johnny? Does she know this?

March 22nd, 2012

Sam and Jason work things out, which means they can get back to the Franco storyline. Spinelli helps with that by telling him he thinks the DVD is a clue. Maxie's sticking to her story, so Mac asks Alexis to work on her case. Olivia goes to Johnny's, and Dante arrives minutes later, looking for Anthony. Olivia announces that she knows where he is, then sends Dante to the Quartermaines'. She tells Johnny she'll keep quiet about Anthony's whereabouts if he keeps his mouth shut about the Steven/Maggie/Memphis stuff. Luke tells Lulu that Ethan is Robert's son, then basically says, "Psych!" Anna apologizes to Patrick and tells him she'd like to stick around for a little while. Elizabeth wants to talk to Luke.

I was sure they were going to drag the Jason/Sam drama out for a long time, so I'm glad they wrapped that up. But dang, Morgans, keep your clothes on.

Isn't Alexis a little busy defending Sonny to help Maxie?

Yay, Olivia's awesome again!

"Where's Dante?" Uh, doing his job, Mac. I know it's hard to recognize since it never happens at the PCPD.

March 23rd, 2012

Spinelli's only new information about the DVD is that it shows where Jason was born. Sam wants to visit the hospital to find out more, but Jason's moved on to Sonny's issues, namely finding out more about McBain. McBain makes the task a little easier by showing up at the penthouse. Dante warns Sonny that McBain's digging around for information, and he wants to know more about their past encounters, but Sonny wants to keep him out of it. Johnny complains to Anthony that since Olivia knows where he is, he's lost his leverage over Steven. Anthony tries to make up for this by going to the police station. Tracy tells McBain that Anthony didn't cause the accident and she doesn't know where he is. Alice would prefer if she would tell the truth so they can get rid of Anthony and get Luke back. Luke set up a memorial fund for Jake, but Anna guesses that it's set him back a lot of money. Tracy isn't happy to see the two of them together. Spinelli asks Elizabeth to help him prove Maxie's innocence.

On top of Jason's excellent points about Sonny not being that good of a marksman, he's not dumb enough to leave incriminating evidence in his girlfriend's office. If that gun were his, it would be at the bottom of the harbor right now.

Did Luke use Carly's money for the fund as well as the bar? How much did she give him, anyway?

Spinelli, how can Elizabeth help you? She wasn't even there at that point.

Did Lulu seriously now know that Lisa pushed Elizabeth off the boat? Seriously?

Back in town: Noah Drake, John McBain

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Connie trying to talk like Kate
Funniest moment (unintentional): Sonny saying Todd has no hope (no Hope?)
Saddest moment: Elizabeth and Jason on the bridge
Sweetest moment: Luke creating a memorial fund for Jake
Least believable moment: Once again, brain surgery is no match for Jason Morgan
Most annoying character: Jason, but I'm over it
Dumbest character: Maxie, though there are extenuating circumstances

March 24th, 2012

Next week: Get to work, Ewen.

March 26th, 2012

Patrick takes Robin's ashes to the plot of land where they'd planned to build a house. Except they're apparently not her ashes, as she seems to be alive. Carly mentions to Kate that they were both at Johnny's the previous night, which is the last straw for Kate in terms of her blackouts. She agrees to let Ewen hypnotize her so he can talk to Connie and find out what's really been going on. Johnny also mentions Kate's visit to Sonny, taunting that they almost had sex. Sonny doesn't believe him, so Johnny tells him that he and Carly went even farther. Sonny claims not to care and gets the upper hand by playing the Claudia card. Johnny retaliates by leaving Kate a message agreeing once again to her offer. Carly sneaks into Kate's office and finds Ewen's card, Connie's lipstick, and a locked drawer, which she can't open before McBain catches her. McBain warns Jason not to get in his way while he's investigating the accident. Jason isn't happy that Sam told him about their personal life and asks her to let him know if McBain approaches her again. Sam still wants to go to New York to investigate Jason's birth, though she'll have to make the trip alone so Jason can stay back and deal with Sonny and McBain. Anthony tells Dante that he saw Sonny shoot his tires, but Dante doesn't believe him and won't without proof. He threatens to lie and report that Anthony shot him the previous fall, but instead arrests Anthony for the crimes Maxie implicated him in. Ewen finally tells Elizabeth that he saved her the night Lisa almost killed her.

For a Monday episode in late March, this was jam-packed.

If Robin's alive, then they totally just redid the plot where Lucky "died" in a fire. And I'd love to know how she got out of the lab.

"Connie is at your service." Yay!

Let me get this straight: Dante won't take Anthony's word for anything without evidence, but he'll make sure Sonny gets indicted on the same lack of evidence. SHUT UP, DANTE.

Thank you, show, for the mention of Brenda. I was wondering if that would ever come.

March 27th, 2012

Robin's definitely alive but being held captive. McBain questions Carly about Sonny, but she won't give him much information. She also backs up Sonny's claims that he didn't cause the accident. Sonny arrives and tries to pin it on Johnny, but Carly gives him an alibi. She also tells Sonny that Kate's involved with Ewen. Connie tells Ewen that she has a plan to rid herself of Sonny, and though he knows it involves someone who left her a message, she won't give any details. She also won't give up anything about how the gun got into her office. Once Kate returns, Ewen fills her in and she panics over what Connie might do. Elizabeth and Anna talk about losing children. Ronnie tries to make Lulu and Dante think that Delores tampered with evidence to protect her husband, who Ronnie claims to think is the attacker. Delores changes her mind about letting Johnny help her find Rosa's killer, but she'll have to give him information about Sonny's case in exchange. Blair calls to tell McBain that Starr has disappeared.

I think it's hilarious that the nurse with Robin is played by Mary-Pat Green, who in the past I've mistaken for Bergen Williams many times. When we first heard her talk, before we saw her face, I thought, "It's just a coincidence that she sounds like Alice, right?"

Also, freaking A, if it turns out Faison is alive, I'm going to freak out.

Johnny's having a great day - whenever he opens his door, there's a hot woman on the other side.

Way to pay attention, Blair. Starr left a week ago.

March 28th, 2012

Maxie begs Anthony to back up her story about killing Lisa, but he doesn't want to be an accessory. He comes up with another plan involving Maxie admitting to committing the murders herself. Matt and Spinelli each think the other is closer to Maxie, and Mac and Alexis have to mediate. McBain catches Starr at the airport and figures out that she's in town not for Sonny's trial but for revenge. He loses track of her when he gets distracted by Sam, and she winds up at Michael's. Sam warns McBain to stay away from Jason, telling him it's for both their benefits. Jason gives Sonny information on McBain, pointing out that they have the same vulnerabilities: their families. Tracy's totally jealous of Anna, so Luke plays her by inviting Anna to stay in his hotel suite. Sonny asks Michael to cut off ties to Starr before the trial. Sam has doubts about Sonny's innocence, and is slowly turning into Courtney. Tracy offers to post Anthony's bail if he signs divorce papers.

I know I'm easily amused, but the Matt/Spinelli/Mac/Alexis stuff cracked me up. Ditto Tracy, Luke, and Anna.

I don't know Starr's character very well, but I don't trust that girl. Wouldn't it make sense for her to try to get to Sonny through Michael?

Who flies to Manhattan from upstate New York? I mean, I know that was only so Sam could run into McBain at the airport, but come on. Also, how did she manage to walk onto a plane without having to show anyone her boarding pass?

Speaking of Sam, I do not support the sudden Courtneying here. I do not support it AT ALL.

I hope whoever put Anthony and Maxie, supposed co-conspirators, in adjoining cells gets fired.

March 29th, 2012

Mac finds the forger who wrote Briggs' "suicide" note, thinking he'll be able to implicate Anthony, but instead he says Maxie paid him. No one is able to make Maxie budge, so Mac has no choice but to arrest her. Ewen wants Kate to focus on her treatment, but she's figured out that Johnny is Connie's coconspirator and wants to know what their plan is. She pretends to be Connie to get Johnny to talk, but he's decided to back out so Carly doesn't get hurt. Sonny wants McBain's family protected since he thinks his enemies will go after them and try to frame Sonny. He starts to tell Jason why there's bad blood between them, but he's interrupted by Carly. They fight, of course, and Carly admits that she isn't 100 percent sure he's innocent. Sonny tells Jason that Carly's sleeping with Johnny. Starr and Michael bond a little over having lost loved ones. McBain comes looking for her, and at first she hides, but she comes out when McBain starts threatening Michael.

If Maxie really wants to be helpful, she can confess to shooting Anthony's tires and save us all this trial.

Sorry, Kate, but Connie imitating you is funnier than you imitating her.

How does Starr know about Abby? And I still don't get why she went over there.

Whatever happened in Atlantic City better be good.

March 30th, 2012

Sam manages to get Jason's birth records, though they've been tampered with. They don't give her much information, but she might get more from Susan's birth coach: Heather Webber. Kate wonders if Connie might have planted the gun in her office. Jason orders Carly to break up with Johnny, and we all know Carly does exactly what people tell her to do. Steven's in the clear for the Memphis incident, but he and Olivia no longer have the Anthony leverage over Johnny now that he's come out of hiding. Johnny has a new plan for Steven, but Steven won't tell Olivia what it is. Lulu tries to distract Delores while Ewen does a quick profile on her husband for Dante and Ronnie. Later, Delores sends Johnny photos of Sonny's case file. Johnny tells Anthony he's not going through with Connie's plan. Suddenly Dante's all defensive about Sonny causing the accident. Ewen wants to make up for his broken date with Elizabeth.

So Sam has Steven's phone number on her phone, huh?

I was on the Connie-probably-caused-the-accident bandwagon, but is she that good of a shooter?

Dante, YOU PUSHED FOR SONNY'S INDICTMENT. Just...just shut up.

You guys, Cassandra/Irina died a month ago and Ewen just now found out. That is AWESOME.

Arrested: Maxie Jones
Back in town: Starr Manning
Kidnapped: Robin Scorpio
Not actually dead: Robin Scorpio

Week in review:
Funniest moments (intentional): The Matt/Spinelli/Mac/Alexis scenes; the Tracy/Luke/Anna not-really triangle
Funniest moment (unintentional): Ewen is just now finding out that Irina's dead
Saddest moment: Patrick with "Robin's" ashes
Sweetest moment: McBain on the phone with his son
Least believable moments: Sam got on a plane without showing anyone any paperwork; Maxie and Anthony were put in adjoining cells
Most annoying character: Dante
Dumbest character: Jason, for thinking Carly's going to listen to him
Unanswered questions of the week: 1) Who kidnapped Robin?
2) What happened with Sonny and McBain in Atlantic City?

March 30th, 2012

Next week: The March of the Retro Characters continues with Heather Webber.

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