General Hospital blog - March, 2014

March 1st, 2014

Next week: Just like Chekhov said, the gun that didn't go off last week will go off this week. Well, A gun will go off. Probably not that one, since the cops have it. Okay: Someone gets shot.

March 3rd, 2014

A.J. has everything figured out except an escape route, because there's no way Ava's going to let him walk out with the information he's remembered. Though Dante isn't sure if Sonny's telling the truth about not sending someone after A.J., Michael is, but the fact that he has to ask if Sonny tried to have A.J. killed says something, doesn't it? Patrick and Emma throw Robin a goodbye party. Victor has information for Obrecht on Faison, and he tries to trade it for a promise to leave town with him. Unfortunately for us, she doesn't relent. Unfortunately for Anna, Victor gives her the information anyway. Sam helps Silas sneak into the clinic where Nina's being cared for, and for some reason it involves knocking out armed guards. Anna's back on that whole thing about Duke working for Sonny.

Never have I been so grateful that I've never had to ask my father if he tried to have someone killed.

Thanks for trying, Victor. Valiant effort.

Until we saw that Sam was also there, I was sure we were going to find out that that was Stephen at the clinic.

Dude, don't ever mess with Sam. She kicked a guy in the back once. (Never forget. I won't. Neither will Ethan.)

March 4th, 2014

Ava tries to shoot A.J., but he's spared thanks to a jammed gun. He overpowers her and chokes her. Sonny arrives and sees this replication of the last time he saw A.J. and Connie together, so when he sees Ava's gun on the floor, he doesn't hesitate much before picking it up. A.J. tries to tell him that Ava killed Connie, but all Sonny sees is a man hurting a woman. The gun that didn't go off in the first act goes off in the third, and A.J. is shot after all. (See, this is what I was trying to get at on the 1st.) Michael tells Monica about the break-in and A.J.'s possible near-death experience, assuring her that Sonny would never do anything to him. This is what's known as irony. Robin and Victor leave Port Charles, but they don't go very far. Silas enters Nina's room and one. The mean front-desk woman won't tell him anything, and Silas isn't sure if Nina was moved or if she's dead. He and Sam are kicked out before they can check the room across the hall, which happens to hold Robin's patient. That's right: Robin and Victor are still in New York, and whether or not Silas' spouse is in the clinic, Sam's is. Anna tells Obrecht that she and Robert didn't think Faison's former federal prison was secure enough, so they took him somewhere else. Obrecht is smart enough not to believe her.

I assume we'll see Sonny in a jail cell before this week is over?

'Bye, Robin! Come back soon! Bring us a present!

The Crichton-Clark is the new Swiss clinic.

Lesley giving Monica one of Heather's paintings is brilliant.

March 5th, 2014

A.J. survives his shooting, but Ava urges Sonny to finish him off so he can't tell the police what happened. Sonny has half a conscience; he's fine with letting A.J. bleed to death but he doesn't want to shoot him to death. Ava takes charge, wiping their fingerprints off the gun and fleeing the scene with Sonny. Once they're on the docks, she outlines an almost-foolproof plan: The gun is Julian's, and he also lives at her place, so the police will think he shot A.J. Plus, Ava has an alibi from New York. Sonny points out that Julian could also have an alibi. Indeed, he does, but he seems reluctant to share it, and the fact that he was holding the gun when Anna and Nathan arrived doesn't bode well for him. Sam thinks that Nina might have been moved because she and Silas were getting too close to something. The fact that someone's watching them means she's probably right. Nathan tells Anna that Silas killed the pharmacist and is trying to turn his attention to Ava. Anna points out that Ava could easily be the real culprit, but Nathan thinks she just wants Ava to be a killer so she has an excuse to put her away. Luke goes missing while supposedly looking for Sonny, but admits to Tracy that he lied about his whereabouts. Ric tracks down Elizabeth and immediately makes a move toward a reunion.

Ava better hope no witnesses tell the police that she was fighting with A.J. at the Floating Rib. Other than that, though, this might be the least fallible of all her plans.

A big thank-you to my brothers for never framing me for attempted murder. At least not so far.

I can't bring myself to care about the Sam/Silas/Nina stuff until there's actually a Nina.

Elizabeth, think before you act, please. Remember the panic room.

March 6th, 2014

Julian continues to insist that he's innocent, but since he won't give Anna or Alexis his alibi, neither of them can do anything for him. Alexis also won't defend him if he doesn't tell her who he was with when A.J. was shot. But Ric is an option... Sonny plays dumb when Morgan tells him about the shooting, then tells Shawn what really happens and asks for an alibi. Shawn can't give him one, since he was at Kelly's, but offers to help find one. Sonny makes it clear that Michael can never find out what happened. Molly fights with Alexis again, then has a secret meet-up with T.J. The two of them pledge to stay together and plan another sex date. Molly remembers that she has two parents and asks Ric if she can move in with him. Luke reveals to Tracy that his secret errand was to buy her an engagement ring. She's hesitant but eventually accepts his proposal. Elizabeth tells Ric about how she and A.J. dated but ended things when he started drinking again. She's still not sure if she believes he killed Connie or not.

More proof that Sonny loves Michael the most: He never said that losing Morgan would be worse than going to prison.

Speaking of those two, I like that they're brotherly again.

I only hope that if I ever get engaged, the words "zip it" are included in the proposal.

When Elizabeth said she dated A.J. after getting out of a toxic relationship, was she talking about Ewen? Because I wouldn't really call that a toxic relationship. I mean, he was a nutter, but he never did anything to her while they were dating.

March 7th, 2014

While A.J. clings to life (is that melodramatic enough?), Anna tries to unravel the whole Jerome mess. She asks Morgan if Jerome had anything against A.J., then whether he has any information on whether Sonny was involved in the shooting. Michael and Morgan both believe their father is innocent, but Carly's not that naïve. Monica learns of Luke and Tracy's engagement and cautions Tracy that Luke is just after her money. Luke tears into her, calling her a whore and showing no sympathy for A.J.'s condition. Tracy realizes that his attitude change since being in the institute is more severe than she thought. Julian tasks Carlos with finding out if Ava was behind A.J.'s shooting, even going so far as to threaten him if he doesn't cooperate. Alexis gets Ric to agree to represent Julian, and the two finally meet, but it's not clear if they already know each other. Shawn seeks out Duke as Sonny's alibi, since he was alone at the warehouse the night before. Sonny entices him with the possibility of sending Julian to jail. Carly is unhappy to learn that Ric's back in town. Alexis is even unhappier when Ric tells her that he agreed to let Molly move in with him. There may be an A.J./Elizabeth/Ric triangle in the offing.

Would it be strange of me to suspect that that's not really Luke? I mean, in the grand scheme of things, yeah, that would be strange to think, but on this show, not really.

Carlos is finally doing something I find interesting! I'm excited to see how he plays Ava and Julian against each other.

Oh, NOW Duke has a problem lying to Anna?

Carly being nice to Elizabeth is even weirder than the way Luke is acting.

Arrested: Julian Jerome
Engaged: Tracy Quartermaine and Luke Spencer
Hospitalized: A.J. Quartermaine
Left town: Victor Cassadine, Robin Scorpio-Drake

Week in review:
Funniest moments (intentional): A.J: "You tried to throw it in the lake, but you missed. You missed the lake." Ava: "Do I look like a woman who regularly throws things?" A.J.: "It's a lake"; Lesley gave Monica one of Heather's paintings; Obrecht: "You think I'm a fool?" Anna: "Oh, with an opening like that, I don't really know where to start"
Funniest moment (unintentional): After all the talk of Robin going far, far away, she didn't even leave the state
Saddest moment: Robin and Patrick's goodbye
Sweetest/cutest moment: Morgan comforting Michael
Least believable moment: I don't think nurses are allowed to run an ER the way Felix did
Best instance of continuity: Monica's an alcoholic
Worst instance of continuity: Molly and T.J. haven't been together "for years"
Hero of the week: N/A
Most annoying character: N/A
Smartest character: Ava, for once
Dumbest character: Julian, for picking up the gun
Things we learned this week: 1. Gail's still alive.
2. Sam was conceived in a Camaro.
Best/most memorable moments of the week: 1. Luke's whole anti-Monica rant
2. Michael telling Carly he was sure Sonny didn't shoot A.J., and Carly just barely covering the fact that she disagreed
3. Alexis yelling after Ric like a bad dog that ran out of the house

The week in a nutshell:

March 8th, 2014

Next week: Hopefully I get more evidence for the Luke theory I'm building...

March 10th, 2014

Sonny won't address Carly's questions about whether or not he shot A.J., and his lack of an answer is all the answer she needs. She doesn't correct him when he tells Michael that Julian probably did it, but Michael doesn't think that makes sense. Duke tells Anna that he was with Sonny the night before, and she totally doesn't believe him. In the end, all the lies might not matter since A.J.'s now awake. While Tracy is asking Kevin for advice on dealing with Luke's weirdness, Kiki has a run-in with Luke himself, and he wants to make things really inappropriate. Tracy hints to Kevin that he should be more wary of Lucy and Scott's "friendship." Later, when he finds Lucy and Scott together, he's still not suspicious, so he's either in denial or very naïve. Speaking of Scott and Lucy, he tells her that eventually she's going to have to choose between him and Kevin. Franco offers to give Scott advice if he needs it, and it's weird for everyone.

Sonny's best bet right now is if A.J. has amnesia. Which would be deliciously ironic.

Shawn asked Duke for an alibi for Sonny without telling him what he needed it for? Uh, okay.

A big round of applause to Kristen Alderson for the Kiki/Luke scenes. She pulled off seeming creeped out in an amusing way.

For a psychiatrist, Kevin really isn't very perceptive.

March 11th, 2014

A.J. wakes up long enough to tell Michael that Julian didn't shoot him, then has an aneurism and loses consciousness again. Anna takes pleasure in keeping Julian locked up, even though Ric threatens to do various things in response, but A.J.'s information forces her to let him go. We do know that Ric and Julian have some sort of understanding, though. Felix complains to Carly about Lucas getting between him and Brad, not realizing that Lucas is her brother. She encourages him to talk to Brad about trying again, but he's just about to try again with Lucas. Felix sees them kissing and decides it's not worth it. Sonny lets Olivia believe that Julian shot A.J., but he'll have to come up with another story to sell now. T.J. tells Shawn about Molly's plans to move in with Ric, and since Shawn thinks Ric is Julian's backer, he thinks it's a bad idea. Alexis and Molly fight some more, and Molly sneaks out to see T.J.


We still don't know what Lucas does for a living, but at least we know he's not a porn star. Or if he is, Carly doesn't know about it.

Sonny, how is it a "cover" if Ric represents Julian? Wouldn't he want to keep his distance to make it look like they don't know each other?

A Faith reference! Yay! Faith was the best.

March 12th, 2014

Ava returns to town and lets Carlos fill her in on A.J.'s shooting, though he already knows that she was involved. Julian pops up, letting them know that A.J. cleared him, and he and Ava soon begin fighting over custody of Carlos. Sonny plays supportive/totally innocent father for Michael, who wonders if the shooting is connected to the break-in. Britt tells Obrecht about her engagement and begs her to continue keeping their secret about Ben so she can try to be happy. Obrecht is either a very good actress or actually kind of likes her daughter, because she tells Britt she wants her to be happy. Sam and Silas are also back in town and give updates to Alexis and Kiki, respectively. Kiki is adorably naïve since she doesn't think Ava's capable of murder. Nikolas convinces Elizabeth to come to the engagement party, and Ric chivalrously offers to be her date. Shawn lets Ric know he's keeping an eye on him.

Carlos needs to take a page out of Molly's book and live with Dad. After all, Mom never threatened to off him.

Britt, of course Obrecht is going to keep your secret. If she tells anyone, she incriminates herself.

Elizabeth, you don't have to go to the party. Nikolas can guilt you all he wants – you don't have to torture yourself at a party celebrating his engagement to someone else.

Can't wait till Ric finds out that the guy who basically just threatened him is also guardian to the kid trying to sleep with his daughter.

March 14th, 2014

Morgan questions Ava about the shooting, and she sticks to her story about being in New York the whole time. Next to question her are Dante and Anna, who decide that they should focus on the break-in. Sabrina figures out that Carlos was behind the break-in at the Quartermaines', so from there it's an understandable jump to the possibility that he shot A.J. Carlos swears he didn't, and for once is telling the truth about something. Tracy gets Luke to apologize to Monica, and though he completely overdoes it, it's not enough to make Tracy suspicious. Kiki has another run-in with Luke, this one much more disturbing, but she doesn't want to say anything to Michael (too worried about A.J.) or Tracy (engaged to the creep). Lulu dreams that she's Ben's mother, so either she just feels an emotional connection to him or she caught Olivia's psychic abilities. Britt hears her telling Nikolas about the dream, and though she's worried about being found out, she's surprisingly gracious and doesn't discourage Lulu from spending time with her son. Patrick's very cranky about Robin being gone, and it doesn't help when Emma tells him that the egg Spencer gave her originally came from Victor. She refuses to give it to him, so he grabs it and smashes it. Emma and Cameron have been flirting through drawings, but Spencer makes strides on the leaderboard by asking Emma to the engagement party as his date.

If Tracy wasn't concerned before, she should have been when Luke started talking about God.

Lulu's interest in Ben is cute as long as it stays at this level. Otherwise it'll be an obsession.

That poor woman at Kelly's is going to tell this story for weeks. "He broke a Faberge egg and made a little girl cry! I swear to God!"

Hold up – Carlos is still staying with Sabrina??

March 14th, 2014

Ava tries to kill A.J., who conveniently wakes up just long enough to stop her, then loses consciousness again. Michael has A.J.'s power of attorney and healthcare proxy, so he has to decide whether or not Patrick should operate. Kiki tells Morgan about Luke's recent creepiness, and Morgan threatens to tell Tracy if Luke doesn't tone it down. Meanwhile, Tracy tells Kevin that she overreacted before and Luke is totally fine. Kevin tells her that Scott reported that he and Luke were separated for a while at the institute, and whoever separated them had some sort of plan in mind. Silas gets a visit from Nina's mother, Madeline, who wants him to sign over his claims to Nina's money. In exchange, he asks for information on whether Nina's alive, but Madeline won't provide it, so he won't sign. Sam tells Nathan to leave Silas alone, which goes over as well as you'd expect. She's getting suspicious about what he knows about Nina and wonders if she shouldn't be investigating him. This is smart of her, as Nathan knows Madeline. Shawn also gets a surprise visitor, and my guess is she's T.J.'s mother. Sonny's starting to wonder if A.J. was telling the truth when he said he didn't kill Connie. Shawn is pretty sure he wasn't.

How's it feel to lose a fight to a man in a coma, Ava?

Intensive care at GH isn't very intensive and doesn't involve a lot of care.

Lauren Katherine Jerome, I don't care who he's related to or marrying: If someone touches you inappropriately, you tell him to stop and/or you kick him wherever you want. Don't make me tell you again.

Morgan, Luke isn't "pretty much" your great-uncle, he is your great-uncle. He's your mother's uncle. He's your grandmother's brother. Would you like me to figure out some other ways to explain it? Perhaps you'd like me to draw you a picture?

New in town: Madeline Reeves, mystery woman whose name is apparently Jordan

Week in review:
Funniest moments (intentional): Nikolas to Ric: "Frame anyone for murder lately?"; Britt asking if Elizabeth's bringing Rob Ford to the engagement party; Spencer, re: Ben: "What if someone sat on him??"
Funniest moment (unintentional): Sonny's "kill me" look upon being flagged down by Ava
Saddest moment: Michael keeps making me want to give him a hug
Sweetest/cutest moment: Lulu being all, "I'm going to hang out at Wyndemere... Oh, right, Ben lives there! I totally forgot!"
Least believable moment: "No one knows where Patrick is!" Did you...try calling him? Because he's...not hiding
Best instance of continuity: Luke looked at Cartullo watches
Worst instance of continuity: Carly, name one time you waited to have sex
Hero of the week: Morgan, though Kiki could have been her own hero
Most annoying character: Sassy Kelly's waitress
Smartest character: Sam, but we're grading on a curve here
Dumbest character: Tracy, who has never been so unsuspicious in her life
Best/most memorable moments of the week: 1. Patrick flipping out on Emma and smashing the egg
2. A.J. (completely believably) regaining consciousness to fight off Ava

The week in a nutshell:

March 15th, 2014

Next week: Britt, you are in so, so much trouble.

March 17th, 2014

As Michael struggles to decide whether A.J. should have surgery for his aneurism, Sonny struggles with whether he wants A.J. to live or die. If he dies, Michael will be sad, but Sonny will be off the hook; if he lives, Michael will be happy but Sonny will be in trouble. Alexis catches Molly and T.J. about to head to the bedroom and Lex-blocks them by giving her blessing but refusing to leave the house while they're getting it on. She and Molly fight some more, and Alexis admits that she's finally been worn down, so Molly can do whatever she wants. Shawn's visitor is, in fact, T.J.'s mother, Jordan, and she wants to take her son home. Shawn objects, because Jordan did some unnamed bad stuff and he doesn't think she's ready to be a parent. Jordan's like, "Well, at least I don't work for a mobster." Madeline isn't just Nina's mother, she's Nathan's, which is why he's been so determined to bring Silas down. Silas and Sam, however, are currently un-bring-downable, taking some time off from worrying about the Nina situation to have sex in Silas' office. Patrick needs therapy beyond just complaining to Elizabeth about Robin.

Wow, Molly, way to remind Alexis that she grew up without a mother. Because she was murdered. In front of her. Happy sexing!

Patrick, stop breaking stuff.

I'm sure I'm supposed to wonder about Jordan's past, but I don't care enough about her yet. Like, show me you're not really a horrible person and then we'll talk. Also, if you hate Shawn so much, why did you send your kid to live with him?

Place your bets now: How many days until Silas sees the picture Madeline gave Nathan of him and Nina?

March 18th, 2014

Britt's teeny tiny conscience resurfaces, so Brad suggests that she write a confession letter just to get everything out, but not send it to Lulu. Even Emily's ghost thinks Nikolas should be with Elizabeth instead of Britt. Julian hires Ric as the gallery's lawyer, and Ava immediately questions whether that has anything to do with Sonny and/or his bankroller. Julian wonders why she thinks he has a bankroller, accusing her of looking at his files. Lucas considers inviting Brad to have dinner with him and Julian, though Lulu thinks he just wants to test his father. Sonny asks Alexis to get close to Julian and find out if he and Ric are coconspirators. Lulu's still puzzling over her dreams about being Ben's mother. Cameron's so mopey over Emma and Spencer that he skips school. Ric gives him relationship advice, and I'm surprised Cam can hear it over the sound of everyone in Port Charles laughing. Felix remains odd man out in the Lucas/Brad/Felix triangle.

I'm sure that letter won't be seen by anyone but Britt. On a completely unrelated note, please give me some birthday cake, because I was just born yesterday.

So...Nikolas doesn't think it's weird that he's hallucinating Emily? Even though the last time that happened, it was because of a brain tumor? Am I the only person who remembers that storyline?

Hey, Ava, since we're sharing secrets, is there anything you'd like to tell your brother?

Elizabeth, please stop Ric's advice right there before he says, "When you like a girl, you kidnap someone so you can give her a baby."

March 19th, 2014

A.J.'s in a coma, and Patrick blames himself, thinking he was too distracted by Robin's departure to do his best work. Michael, however, blames himself because he okayed the surgery. Ava thinks she and Sonny should finish A.J. off. Morgan almost overhears them, so they need to start making their private conversations more private. Britt tries to burn her letter but gets caught by Lulu herself. It doesn't matter anyway, since she accidentally swapped the letter for a Nurses' Ball invitation – and Cameron used the letter to make Emma an origami heart, when he gives to Elizabeth to deliver. With a few white lies and by using Ric to make him jealous, Alexis is easily able to get Julian to accept her invitation to the engagement party. Shawn makes Jordan tell T.J. that she wants to take him home. T.J. refuses to go, and Shawn doesn't want him to leave either, so he threatens to tell T.J. about Jordan's secrets if she doesn't let him stay. Jordan backs down but announces that she's staying in town, too. Luke hits on Kiki some more and still won't take her seriously when she threatens to tell Michael. Tracy catches them talking, so Luke tells her that Kiki has a crush on him and has been flirting inappropriately.

Patrick, I told you to stop breaking things! Now you've broken A.J.!

Britt's comeuppance is so close, I can taste it.

I think it's cute that Cameron is an artist like his mom. But why wasn't he invited to the engagement party? The other kids were.

After Jordan told Molly that she's pretty, I expected her to say, "So you agree? You think you're really pretty?"

"He would rip your hand out of your body and b*%$&-slap you with it." THIS Kiki needs to be around all the time.

March 20th, 2014

Elizabeth and Ric take Cameron to the party after all, and he's able to give Emma the heart. It's nice timing since Emma's just told Spencer that Patrick broke the Faberge egg, and he's not happy about it. Spencer crumples up the heart, which Elizabeth later finds and actually reads. Brad's conscience is starting to get the better of him, especially with Lucas telling him how hard it is for Lulu not to have a child of her own. Obrecht overhears them talking and warns Brad to keep his mouth shut. Olivia and Sonny meet Ben, and Olivia notices that he has some resemblance to Lulu. Lulu confides that she noticed it, too, but didn't want to say anything. Luke flirts with Britt, telling Nikolas how hot she is. Since Julian and Ric are both at the party, Alexis and Sonny don't think their plan is going to work out. Silas notices that Sam hates Ric and asks about that, so she tells him about their tryst.

Elizabeth gets to learn all the fun secrets, doesn't she?

I was wondering when Lucas would have been to Wyndemere before, and then I remembered that he lived there for a while when Bobbie and Stefan were married. Weird, right?

Julian, button your top button and put on a tie. This is a fancy party. Even Cameron put forth more of an effort than you did.

"What's the deal with you and Molly's dad?" probably wasn't supposed to make me laugh, and yet....

March 21st, 2014

Now in on all of Britt's secrets, Elizabeth's first instinct is to tell Nikolas so he'll dump her. Ric gets clued in and tells Elizabeth that Lulu should be her first stop. Luke moves from ogling Britt to saying mean things about Nikolas, so Nikolas kicks him out of the party. Lulu admits to Tracy that she feels like her inability to have a child is punishment for her abortion. Alexis asks Julian what he and Ric have been talking about all evening, but if it's something shady, of course he's not going to tell her. Julian gets a text summoning him to a meeting, so Alexis stalks Ric to see if it was from him. Ric's actually with Cameron, and Julian's secretive meeting is with Luke. Brad starts to make a confession to Lucas, who figures half of it out on his own. Obrecht interrupts, and I wouldn't be surprised if Brad doesn't survive the night. Sam opens up to Silas about her night with Ric, her contention with Alexis before they knew they were mother and daughter, and how she's changed. Sonny gives Spencer some advice to get over his broken heart. Dante asks Olivia to stop talking about the baby around Lulu.

Thank you, Lulu, for winning me back over to your side so that I'm happy you're getting your son back. It took a while, but it's happened.

I never shared my Luke theory, so I might as well do it now: I don't think that's really Luke. I think it's someone in one of those super-special masks Obrecht and Faison used, and the real Luke is still at the institute. $5 bet!

Alexis' face when she saw Ric was with Cameron was brilliant. "'re not Julian!"

Little kids in formalwear are never not cute.

Let it be known that the best advice Sonny has ever given was to a six-year-old.

Week in review:
Funniest moments (intentional): Alexis: "You and T.J. may go to your room and have your sex"; Molly after realizing that Alexis wanted to get prettied up for Julian
Funniest moment (unintentional): Ryan Carnes stealing a fork from another table at Kelly's, then cleaning it on his shirt
Saddest moment: Everything with Michael this week
Sweetest/cutest moment: Spencer telling Emma she looks "scrumptious"
Least believable moment: Britt didn't get a dress for her own engagement party
Best instance of continuity: "Wyndemere engagement parties tend to end in tragedy"
Worst instance of continuity: Nikolas should be a lot more worried about seeing Emily considering the last time he did, it was because he had a brain tumor
Hero of the week: Cameron, and he doesn't even know it
Most annoying character: No one, for once
Smartest character: Hmmm. Sonny?
Dumbest character: Britt, obviously
Things we learned this week: 1. Nathan is Nina's brother.
2. Also, his name is really James Reeves.
3. T.J.'s from Maryland.
4. And he's a senior.

The week in a nutshell:

March 22nd, 2014

Next week: Britt, you are in so, so much trouble, part 2.

March 24th, 2014

Elizabeth gives Lulu the good news about Ben, and though at first Lulu thinks she's nuts, the letter confirms everything. Next step: taking Britt down. Luke is Julian's backer, though I'm, like, 95 percent sure he's not really Luke. Whoever he is, he's running the show and is displeased that Julian hasn't made any progress taking over ELQ or taking down Sonny. Tracy overhears Luke saying he'll do anything to get what he wants, so he tells her he was just warning Julian not to hurt Lucas. Unbeknownst to everyone, someone was listening in the whole time: Spencer. Alexis and Sonny question Ric's intentions and associates, which he continues to insist are pure and not Julian, respectively. Alexis tells Sonny to find another spy. Obrecht threatens to cut out Brad's tongue, but instead pushes him off a parapet. He lands in hay and tells Lucas he fell.

"What are you going to do?" Well, Elizabeth, I thought I'd go to Kelly's for a BLT. SHE'S GOING TO GET HER KID, MORON!

You know, everyone owes Ellie a big apology. She keeps getting blamed for destroying eggs that weren't destroyed.

Alexis is right about conversations with kids being similar to conversations with mobsters. Except I imagine mobsters are easier to negotiate with.

Um, were Sam and Silas implying that they had sex in the barn? Hopefully it wasn't while Spencer was there...

Wait, are people leaving the party? You're going to miss the best part!

March 25th, 2014

Lulu announces that Ben is hers, but since she left the letter with Elizabeth, everyone thinks she's cracked. When Elizabeth brings the letter, suddenly everything becomes clear, and Britt has no choice but to admit the truth. Nikolas totally shoots the messenger, tearing into Elizabeth for being so happy about taking Britt down, and pointing out that she's made plenty of bad decisions in her life. (Also, since she's with Ric, she really can't judge Nikolas' choice in partners.) Still, he can't really ignore the fact that his fiancée has been lying to him about something so major. Sonny asks Luke what he and Julian talked about, revealing that he thinks Julian and Ric are working together. Luke urges him to kill Ric before Ric can take him down. Sonny's like, "Um, I already almost killed someone this month, so I think I'll hold off for a little while." Alexis straight out asks Julian if he's working with Ric. Instead of answer, Julian tells her to go to Hell. Somehow, she finds this a turn-on, and nakedness ensues. Silas and Sam go back to his place and find it trashed. Nathan's there, and though he claims he was just responding to a neighbor's call about a break-in, Sam thinks he came looking for evidence that Silas tried to kill Nina. Silas, however, thinks he's telling the truth. Ric continually questions Elizabeth's intentions with the Ben revelation, and how it could affect her relationship with Nikolas, and blah blah blah, why don't you just come right out and tell her you want her back?

I am officially an Emme Rylan fan. She nailed her scenes today.

I really have to know, does anyone have any sympathy for Britt right now? I don't care how much she loves Ben. She's a kidnapper. She's no better than Heather. I mean, at least Todd got into his mess because he didn't want to hurt Tea. Britt did it to land a man she's not even interested in anymore.

Once again, the show steps on its own cliffhanger. They shouldn't have shown Obrecht in the previews for tomorrow.

To be fair, Nikolas, Lulu's the one who made the situation into a scene. Elizabeth presented the evidence; she didn't have any influence over what Lulu did with it. made a scene, too. Just saying. And while I appreciate you calling Elizabeth out on her hypocrisy, at least she never took another person's kid. (Okay, yes, she kept quiet about Danny being alive, but...wait, am I defending Elizabeth? What is wrong with me?)

Heh, Sam and Silas did have sex in the stables. Thanks for the confirmation, Silas.

March 26th, 2014

Lulu and Nikolas go to retrieve Ben, but Obrecht threatens to hurt him, so they LET HER WALK OUT OF THE HOUSE WITH HIM THIS IS SO STUPID I CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHY SOMEONE THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD PLOT DEVELOPMENT. Nikolas gives Britt the hour-long smackdown and breakup she so richly deserves. Ric tries to turn Elizabeth against Nikolas, telling her she deserves better than someone who would treat her the way Nikolas did at the party. He gets close to seducing her, but she'd rather be with Nikolas. Silas thinks Madeline broke into his apartment, showing Nathan the paperwork she wanted him to sign. When Nathan questions his mother, she denies that she broke in but confirms that she tried to get Silas to sign away his rights to Nina's money. Oh, and did she forget to tell Nathan? His sister's dead. Brad tries to make himself out to be a victim caught up in Obrecht and Britt's web, but Lucas has less patience for that than anyone has ever had for everything. Carly and Madeline meet and hit it off, so we should all be really scared about what that could turn into.

Are you KIDDING ME? What lazy writing. "There are two of us, and one of us is a cop, but there's a middle-aged woman holding a knife a foot away from our son, so even though she has to walk past us to get out of the room, we're just going to let her go." They should have just had Obrecht take Ben yesterday. This is ridiculous.

Also ridiculous: The idea that Britt would be at all surprised that Nikolas wants nothing to do with her anymore. YOU STOLE HIS SISTER'S BABY. GET THE %#$& OUT OF THE HOUSE. This plot has put me in a bad mood.

Does ANYONE care that Nina's dead? The only thing it affects is that it ups the potential charge against Silas to murder. And also, he doesn't have to get a divorce if he wants to marry Sam. (She'd have to, though.)

I love Lucas calling Brad's bluff about not being able to reach Ellie. Everyone in this town knows everyone, Cooper!

I'm thinking Alexis and Julian are the only people happy at the end of this night.

March 27th, 2014

Dante arrests Britt, hoping she'll be compelled to reveal where Obrecht took Ben, and also because, you know, she's a criminal. Britt insists that she can't help, and that she wants Ben returned safely. She calls Obrecht pretending that she wants to meet up with her. Ava gives the offing-A.J. plan another try, but this time Kiki stops her. Kiki's not sure Ava's incapable of murder, because she's smart. Anna notices that Nathan's reaction to Nina's death is more emotional than most detectives would have for crime victims. Nathan gets interrupted before he can tell her why. Carly tries to talk to Sonny about A.J.'s shooting, but he's called away to deal with the Ben situation. Carly then heads to the hospital to trash-talk A.J., who chooses that moment to regain consciousness. Madeline pays Silas another visit, still claiming she didn't have anything to do with the break-in. He and Sam convince her to be honest about Nina's condition, so she reveals that Nina died three weeks ago. Silas signs the paperwork giving up his claims to her money, but Nina says he's just trying to make himself look good. Lulu worries that she's destined not to be a mother.

Whatever, Britt, you should have been arrested at the party.

Poor, naive Kiki. Someday she's going to get a real shock.

Big surprise on A.J. waking up! I thought they were going to leave him in the coma because it would let the suspense build for Sonny and Ava. And also because he and Ron Carlivati hate each other now.

Madeline: "You're barely a 3." The Sam in my imagination: "B&^$%, I'm a 10."

March 28th, 2014

Britt tries to get Obrecht to tell her where she and Ben are, but Lulu barges in to yell at her some more and accidentally gives away that Britt's in police custody. Little do they know that Obrecht hasn't even left the city – she's holed up at Elizabeth's house. Sam urges Nikolas to make up with Elizabeth, which leads him to her house in the middle of her hostage crisis. A.J. tells Carly that Sonny shot him and that Ava was involved. Before he can go into detail, he crashes. Nathan confirms that Silas was on the phone at the time of the pharmacist's death, or at least the person he was talking to says he was. Nathan still can't let go of his theory that Silas drugged Nina, but he's willing to consider Ava as a suspect. Sam apparently has a plan to find out if she's guilty. Michael can't figure out why A.J. was at Ava's place when he was shot. Kiki still thinks her mother is innocent of everything ever, the poor dear. Olivia thinks Sonny's priorities are misplaced since he's more worried about Michael than Dante. Monica takes out her anger on Sonny, trying to throw him out of the hospital.

How long does it take to trace a call, anyway?

I like that Carly now knows (for sure) that Sonny shot A.J., and that Ava was somehow involved. It leaves her with some interesting choices.

Michael and Monica should sue GH. Why are there never doctors around??

Sam, I'm going to stop you right there and say that I don't think your plan is going to work. I don't even know what it is, but I have a lot of doubts.

Arrested: Britt Westbourne
Broke up: Nikolas Cassadine and Britt Westbourne, Brad Cooper and Lucas Jones
Dead: Nina Clay
Kidnapped: Ben Falconeri

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Sam took a gun to the engagement party because sometimes things get crazy at Wyndemere
Funniest moment (unintentional): Britt's "oh, come ON!" face when Elizabeth came in with the letter
Saddest moment: I'm not sure, but it's definitely not Britt's pity party!
Sweetest/cutest moment: I found Lulu and Dante's happiness over Ben adorable
Least believable moments: Sonny and Ric had their whole fight about mob stuff with Cameron in the room; the whole Dante/Lulu/Obrecht thing
Best instances of continuity: Obrecht's references to Katherine and the Bacchanalia; Carly used to have a club in Kelly's cellar
Worst instance of continuity: Carly was suspicious of Sonny until A.J. confirmed that Sonny shot him, and then she...stopped believing it?
Hero of the week: Elizabeth
Most annoying character: Britt
Smartest character: I don't even know anymore
Dumbest character: Everyone. Everyone is dumb
Things we learned this week: Obrecht developed the drugs Helena used to save Katherine.
Best/most memorable moment of the week: Lulu and Dante grinning over being parents

The week in a nutshell:

March 29th, 2014

Next week: A return, a new character, and a possible death.

Later: Actually, it's, like, four returns. Possibly more. Happy anniversary!

March 31st, 2014

A.J.'s dead. Carly keeps his final words from Michael but tells Sonny that she knows he was the shooter. Elizabeth tries to rush Nikolas out of her house while he tries to apologize to her. He thinks it's because Ric spent the night and is still hanging out there. Fluke (my new name for Faux Luke) meets with Julian to discuss Operation: Bring Down Sonny, which will involve putting drugs in one of his shipments. Also, Fluke likey the drugs, but Julian doesn't, because Julian is supposedly a good guy underneath everything. Tracy confronts Kiki about Luke's accusations that she hit on him. Of course, Kiki denies everything, but Tracy just thinks she's a liar. Sam wants to feed Ava the lie that the pharmacist isn't actually dead, and she enlists Julian to do the lying. Nathan tells Madeline that he's leaning more toward Ava as a suspect. Madeline tries to keep him focused on Silas as a horrible person.

'Bye, Sean Kanan! ...What's that? He's not leaving for another month? They're going to do the ghost thing. Fantastic.

I have about as much sympathy for Sonny right now as I do for Britt.

I still don't think Sam's plan will work, but it's at least a good one. Well, an okay one.

Did we really need Tracy calling Kiki a slut because she hit on someone? I mean, honestly.

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