General Hospital blog - March, 2018

March 1st, 2018

Franco has a mini-breakdown, telling Drew that he remembers something. He heads straight to Jim's office, revealing that he knows Jim was there the night Franco supposedly pushed Drew down the stairs, despite Jim's insistence that he was out of Betsy's life by then. Even though his wedding is set to start in just minutes, Franco isn't leaving until he gets the truth. A chance encounter with Anna gives Oscar a new location for the dance: the Floating Rib. Jordan tells Jim there's no proof that Curtis stole anything from his office, and after she makes him delete the pictures of the maps from his phone, she thinks Jim should just drop the whole thing. He disagrees, so Jordan has to arrest her boyfriend. Curtis tells her that one of the maps shows construction plans, but the other indicates that Jim wants something other Charles Street. He thinks Jim will slip up, believing that no one's looking into his plans now, so Jordan will take over the investigation. Anna starts to tell Finn about her "daughter," then chickens out. They get their awards for the Cassandra case, though Finn is more appreciative of Anna's gratitude for his help. Just as they're getting back on good terms, he learns that she's going away with Andre. Drew asks Kim if he ever talked to her about his childhood, but she tells him he always avoided the subject. Griffin thinks Ava's awesome for doing such a nice thing for Mike. Kiki chastises her again, and when Ava says she just did what any mother would do, Kiki says it's just what she always does. Scott warns Kevin not to put Franco on any dangerous paths. Felix and Epiphany are all, "You're making the right decision if you think you're making the right decision, Elizabeth."

Watch, it'll turn out that Franco was actually a hero. He was probably trying to protect Drew from Jim and accidentally pushed him.

They really couldn't find a less clumsy way to move the party to the Floating Rib, huh?

Jordan's facial expressions with Curtis today were perfect.

Speaking of good facial expressions, I also loved Kevin's when Scott threatened him – a mixture of "this is entertaining" and "are you done?"

Way to highlight the fact that Elizabeth has no friends, show. The only people there for her are co-workers, her friendship with Felix is suddenly stronger than we've been led to believe, and they brought up Sabrina for the first time in a year because there was nothing else to talk about.

Kiki's dress made me lose the power of speech.

March 2nd, 2018

Jim sticks to his story that Franco pushed Drew down the stairs, but Franco's starting to think he's lying. Some kid interrupts the dance with an attack on Josslyn and Oscar's trans friend, but Josslyn's the one who ends up with a ruined outfit. Oscar tackles the kid and Drew breaks up the fight, which Kim appreciates. He and Sam get things back on track by dancing, which I don't think Kim appreciates as much. Nina tells Carly that the dress Nelle gave Josslyn didn't come from a fashion show, as Nelle said – she took it from Crimson without permission. Carly confronts Nelle, who acts like she's offended to be painted in a bad light when she was trying to do something nice. Carly's just had a conversation with Jason about the big difference between her and Nelle – the fact that Carly, unlike Nelle, learns from her mistakes – and she throws that in Nelle's face. Elizabeth tries to convince herself that Franco's just doing his usual self-sabotage thing and will make it to the church eventually, but after a while she has to accept that, without any contact from him, he's not coming. Scott blames Kevin and almost reveals the secret Franco's been keeping from Elizabeth. Mike's condition has made Michael think ahead to who should take care of the baby if he and Nelle aren't able to. He picks Jason, who's honored to accept the responsibility. Jordan can't let Curtis out of lockup yet, and she's not sold on his theory of what Jim's up to, but she's going to show the maps to a geologist to find out what they show. Peter asks Valentin if he knew Faison was sick (apparently not) and admits that he's not sure whether he should get tested for the Huntington's gene. As Oscar pulls Josslyn into a freezer for some alone time, Sam ends up at the Quartermaines' with Jason, and Carly and Nelle are fighting, an earthquake hits.

If, as Jim claims, Betsy wasn't in the house when Drew was hurt, then she only knows what Jim told her, so Franco definitely shouldn't believe what she said.

Weird how they made up a fake version of Facebook but they name-check Instagram.

Elizabeth wasn't dressed for the wedding, so even if Franco had shown up, she wouldn't have been ready in time.

My mom and I were just talking about how the show hasn't done a big disaster plot in a long time, careful what you wish for, I guess.

March 5th, 2018

Jim leaves Franco trapped under a cabinet, because he's a jerk/coward. Mike wanders in and tries to free Franco, but the cabinet's too heavy, so Franco sends him to get help. By the time he runs into Sam and Jason, he's forgotten what he was sent to do. Josslyn and Oscar are unhurt but trapped in the freezer, getting colder by the minute. Kim and Drew manage to pull the door open, but the kids are already unconscious. Curtis tries to sneak out of the PCPD while Jordan's working on disaster management, as he thinks Jim's construction work had something to do with the earthquake. He winds up at the hospital with a minor leg injury, and Jordan takes advantage of the situation to handcuff him to a gurney. Sonny and Max tend to a concussed Michael while trying not to worry about Carly and Mike. Once she's sure the kids are okay, Sam asks Jason to take her to the Floating Rib so she can check on Drew. Ava freaks out because she has a cut on her face, which is obviously more important than anything else happening. It takes 15 minutes for anyone to realize Scott's injured, and I'm guessing Kevin only thought to check on him because he noticed how quiet it was in the church. While Ava goes home to be with Avery, and Griffin, Kiki, and Kevin take Scott to the hospital, Elizabeth stays behind in the church, sure that Franco will eventually join her there.

Uh, maybe someone should be keeping an eye on Mike?

Poor Josslyn looks like she was stabbed.

Heh, I was waiting for Jordan to bust out the handcuffs.

For the record, Ava's priorities, in order, were: 1) Kiki, 2) her face, 3) Avery.

March 6th, 2018

Mike remembers going someplace he used to go in the past, so Jason retraces his moves and ends up at Jim's office, with Franco at his mercy. He's ready to walk out and leave him trapped when Sam arrives and convinces him to free Franco. She doesn't want to keep the secret of how Franco died when she can continue to accept that something horrible happened and leave it in the past. Sam and Jason free Franco and let him walk out, ready to try to move on. Josslyn's mostly okay, but Oscar's much worse off and has to be revived with CPR. Kim and Drew send Josslyn to the hospital with Chase while they wait for an ambulance and work together to save their son. Sonny takes Michael to the hospital, but he's more worried about Nelle and the baby than he is about himself. Nelle and Carly are trapped in the gallery, and Carly's disinterest in caring about Nelle barely slips when she starts having what she thinks are contractions. Carly diagnoses her with dehydration and Braxton Hicks contractions, which appears to be accurate. Sonny finds them and takes them to the hospital, where they reunite with Michael and Josslyn. Sam and Mike wind up at the church where Elizabeth's still waiting for her groom. While Sam keeps moving, Mike stays behind to talk to Elizabeth about his illness and how much he hates that Sonny will have to deal with it. Chase shows up, and this time around his encounter with Mike is much less hostile. They head to the hospital so Mike can join the other Corinthoses, but Elizabeth continues to wait for Franco. Just as she's finally admitting that he's not coming, he appears. Then there's an aftershock.

It would be against Jason's "code" to leave Franco trapped? Hey, Franco, remember when he almost killed you? Was that within his "code"?

I can't believe Franco didn't play the Jake card, but Sam did.

Sam is really good with Mike. I bet it's from all her years taking care of her brother.

Was there any point to the Mike/Elizabeth scenes, other than to have someone talk about how wonderful Elizabeth supposedly is?

I'll give Chase some credit for being a fast learner.

Why was Dante on today? All he did was make fun of Josslyn's clothes. Max did more yesterday.

March 7th, 2018

Sam and Jason are stuck in Jim's construction trailer, which is teetering over the edge of the excavation site. Unable to get out without tipping the whole thing over, Sam decides to take the risk of falling, but Jason tells her there's a propane tank right outside that could explode. He gets her to safety and they do a cinematic leap to freedom just before the trailer explodes. Sam decides this is the right time to reveal that a) she knew Jason was Jason the second he came back to town, and b) she still loves him. They don't seem like they're going to do anything about it, though, and he says just knowing she loves him is enough for him. The aftershock leaves Drew trapped under the freezer door, unconscious. Kim and Dante are unable to help both him and Oscar, so they ditch Drew and take Oscar to the hospital. Dante and Franco then go save Drew, who I'm sure will appreciate that Franco risked his own safety to move the door. Julian brings Molly to the hospital after she's injured by debris. She thinks T.J. saved her, but he reluctantly tells her and Alexis that it was actually Julian. Alexis finds him having a near-intimate moment with Kim, comforting her over Oscar (who's fine), and she and Molly both express their gratitude to him. Franco and Elizabeth might have missed their wedding, but they at least end the day in the shower together. Josslyn and Oscar continue to be adorable together. If you thought watching Ned and Jordan manage a disaster would be interesting, you were wrong (though she does directly accuse Jim of causing the earthquake).

You just know they were itching to blow something up. Good thing Curtis already got the maps from the office.

Oh, that's why Dante was on yesterday. Got it.

Why in the world would Franco go to the Floating Rib with Dante?

Franco saying they freed Drew using physics reminds me of when Drew said basically the same thing when he saved Dante.

I admire the writers' restraint in not having Molly be horribly injured just so Julian could save her life.

I'm so disappointed we didn't get to see Josslyn yelling at Chase that she was going to sue the PCPD.

March 8th, 2018

Sam and Drew catch each other up on their adventures during the earthquake, though she leaves out the significant detail that she and Jason declared their love for each other. After the three of them run into each other, Sam tells Drew that they need to have a big talk when they get we may be about to see a different kind of earthquake. Sonny thinks Mike should go back to Brooklyn so he can be on his regular turf. For some reason, he doesn't get why Carly has compassion toward his father and wants to take him in. Sonny remains hesitant until Mike breaks down upon learning that Rita's done with him, so Mike's staying. The midwife who delivered Peter is dead, but her daughter is able to give Anna some information: The baby was a boy, and the family who adopted him later had to "let him go." Anna wonders why Valentin would tell her she had a girl. Michael asks Jason his opinion of Nelle, and though Jason hasn't really formed one, he thinks Michael should trust Carly's instincts about her. Nelle and the baby are fine, but her apartment building isn't, so she's homeless. Her newfound friendship with Monica pays off, and Nelle will soon become the latest resident at the Quartermaine mansion. Maxie is still hesitant to have the baby tested for Huntington's, but Peter talks her into it. He even volunteers to go with her when she has the test done.

If we give Max Gail an Emmy now, can we end this plotline?

"I was led to believe that I had a baby girl." Yeah, by a notorious liar you've never been able to trust. Come on, Anna.

I thought the mentions of the 1991 earthquake would be the deepest cut in terms of continuity this week, but Jason talking about Hannah might take the prize.

Do sculpted abs run in the Faison family? DANG, Peter.

March 9th, 2018

Jim's official story is that he left Franco in the trailer while he went to get help, which, of course, never came. He tells Sam and Drew that Franco remembered pushing Drew down the stairs and told Jim to keep it quiet. He says that Franco got very cold and hasn't changed since he was a kid. Drew decides he needs to confront Franco in person. Elizabeth thanks Jason for saving Franco, and he tells her Sam is the real hero, since he was ready to leave Franco there. He repeats what Sam said to him about needing to accept that he can't change the past and try to move on because hurting Elizabeth and Jake wouldn't be worth it. Elizabeth isn't content with just acceptance – she wants Jason to believe in the possibility of Franco's redemption. Sam hears him telling Elizabeth firmly that he'll never be able to see Franco as anything other than a rapist/fake rapist/rape coordinator/however you want to classify him. Elizabeth then eavesdrops as well, overhearing Sam telling Jason that she hasn't yet mentioned to Drew that she still loves him. Mike doesn't want to live with Sonny and feel like he's always under surveillance and being babysat. He insists that he can take care of himself back in Brooklyn, but another memory blip makes it clear he can't. However, it also makes him forget the whole conversation, and when Carly invites him to extend his visit, he accepts. Maxie tries to keep her Huntington's test a secret so Nina doesn't freak out, but she comes clean when Nina encounters her and Peter at Kim's office. Nina pulls Peter aside to warn him to keep things professional with Maxie. While Maxie undergoes her test, Peter goes off to get one of his own. Franco would like to keep his secrets secret, which isn't an idea Elizabeth is a big fan of. He yells at Scott for saying something to her about his past, though he knows that now he really needs to focus on his future. Jason runs into Maxie and Peter and mentions how he wanted to draw Heinrich out with an article about Faison's will. Maxie reveals that she has some questions for Heinrich as well; she wants to know if he had anything to do with Faison's final actions or Nathan's death. Nina still wants a baby.

Why did Jim tell Sam and Drew that Betsy WAS there when Drew was pushed? Why spread two different stories?

Elizabeth, for once in your life, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.

Tammy and Mary are the third and fourth deep continuity cuts this week. Tune in next week for references to V and the first Alcazar!

"I got sidetracked." On your wedding day. You were late to your own wedding because you were "sidetracked." You're just going to let that slide, Elizabeth?

Another scene I'm sad we didn't get to see: Scott cowering in fear with Epiphany.

Nina needs a plot so we don't have to go back to the baby well.

March 12th, 2018

Franco tells Drew that Jim lied about the circumstances of his fall down the stairs. Amazingly, Drew believes him, reasoning that Franco's a liar but Jim's a worse liar. Even more amazingly, Drew agrees to work with Franco to use Jim to find Betsy. Jason tells Sam that she should do whatever's best right now, even if it means not doing anything. Sam almost catches Elizabeth eavesdropping but doesn't seem suspicious. Talk turns to Franco, and Sam spills what Jim told her and Drew. Elizabeth almost lashes out by throwing Sam's secret back in her face, but instead she goes to confront her fiancé. Peter gets his genetic test from Griffin, making the dumb mistake of telling him the truth about how his father had Huntington's and died recently. Later, when Griffin questions Anna's search for Heinrich, she mentions the Huntington's, and Griffin starts putting things together. Ava tries to sneak an extra night with Avery, I guess thinking Sonny will just give in out of the kindness of his heart. Kiki chastises her and reminds her that Griffin won't be happy if he finds out about her recent machinations. Anna confronts Valentin for lying about her child, but he claims he was just made a mistake when he thought she had a girl. Later, he meets with Peter, who has no idea about his connection to Anna; he thinks his mother was a prostitute who abandoned him. Valentin promises to take care of things like he always has, so I think it's safe to say that anything Peter's been told comes from him. Carly's thrilled to learn that Sam told Jason she still loves him, and I don't think it's just because it means Carly was right. David's interest in Kiki is officially more than just mentor/mentee, and she's definitely aware. Carly wants Sonny to start making decisions about Mike, but Sonny would like to continue his vacation in If I Ignore This, It'll Go Away Land.

Well, none of the Drew/Franco/Elizabeth/Sam stuff went the way I expected.

Elizabeth should have stayed by the desk. She'd have plausible deniability, or she could have said she didn't mean to overhear Sam and Jason. Now, if their conversation gets out, Sam will immediately suspect her.

I loved Sam's remark about how, as often as Elizabeth has been lied to in her life, no one's deceived her more than she's deceived herself.

Franco: "I'm probably more fun than Jason." Guess again, freak show.

So after all the lying and secret-keeping Peter's done, he's going to be brought down by telling the truth?

I've never related to Carly more than when she was squealing over Sam and Jason.

March 13th, 2018

Elizabeth can buy that Franco didn't mean to hurt Drew, and she believes that he truly wants to be a good person, but the lying and secret-keeping are too much for her. She needs some time to decide if there's any part of their relationship that can be salvaged. Carly learns of Nelle's new living arrangements and warns Olivia to keep an eye on Leo, since Nelle tends to use children to her own ends. Nelle's ready for the next step of her plan, which involves Morgan's scarf. Finn summons Alexis to Charlie's and complains that Julian's trying to throw him out for bringing Roxie in. He argues that Roxie was traumatized by the earthquake, so Finn wants to keep her close. Alexis looks up the proper statutes and determines that Julian's within his rights to eject someone with a lizard, service animal or not. Finn won't leave, so Julian picks up Roxie's cage to kick her out himself. Finn responds by socking him. Julian calls the police, inadvertently arranging for a family reunion: Finn and Chase are brothers. Jim drops the charges against Curtis, so that non-plot is over. Jordan notices how calm he is about all the money he'll now be out because of the earthquake, but a chat with PCU's geology professor has clued Curtis in: Jim is about to make billions off of natural gas. Oscar tells Josslyn he loves her, but Michael accidentally interrupts before Josslyn can respond. He tries to get her to back off of her Michael/Nelle shipping without saying anything horrible about Nelle. Michael also has a new love interest, a nurse named Francesca.

I can see it now: Elizabeth tells people that she and Franco might break up, and every single one of them says, "I told you so."

Um...I was joking when I said Chase was probably related to someone in town.

5 begrudging cool points to the preview editors for making it look like Alexis was the "her" Finn told Julian not to touch when it was actually Roxie.

Hey, let's talk about how Alexis didn't correct Julian when he called Finn her boyfriend.

If Finn hates Julian and doesn't like his food, why did he go to Charlie's in the first place?

A geologist named Stone? Har har.

Josslyn : Michael and Nelle :: Carly : Sam and Jason.

Who is Francesca and why am I supposed to care?

March 14th, 2018

Drew sends Franco to tell Jim he got in touch with Betsy, then plant a bug so they can listen in while Jim contacts her. The plan gets scrapped when Jim starts taunting Franco that Betsy has never believed him. Franco remembers Jim telling him as a child that no one would believe his version of events. As he breaks down, reverting to childhood, Drew bursts in to get Jim to back off. Alexis can't get Chase to budge on Julian's charges against Finn, so she's stuck trying to figure out how to get him out of trouble. Chase ends up accomplishing that by going back to Julian and convincing him that the case is more of a hassle than it's worth. Finn admits to Alexis that he provoked Julian partly out of anger at what he did to her, but Alexis guesses that it also had something to do with Anna. Meanwhile, Kim tells Julian that he's obviously still in love with Alexis, and he tells her that she's obviously still in love with Drew. Jason tells Sam that he's going to Europe to trace Faison's movements and try to find the safe mentioned in his will. Sam thinks he's also trying to get some space, which is understandable. She genuinely wants to tell Drew what's going on so she can sort out her feelings and live her truth, as Jason has always tried to. Peter overhears Jason and Sam talking about his trip to Europe, and his questions about any possible leads seem to make Jason suspicious. Curtis and Jordan realize that Jim must have caused the earthquake while digging a test well, and that he wants to use Ned to convince everyone in town that fracking is a good thing. Ned has noticed what they did about Jim not being upset about losing a ton of money, and he's horrified to learn what they think he's really up to. Nina complains to Valentin that Peter's been hanging around Maxie and practically taking Nathan's place. Valentin consoles her, then tells Peter to stay professional.

Hey, writers? Please explain how Finn and Chase have the same father but different last names.

I can't believe the first person to back up my theory that Kim still loves Drew was freaking Julian.

Good thing Jason's rich, because this trip to Europe is going to be a waste of money.

There are very few plots I would enjoy less than Mike's Alzheimer's story, but one about fracking fits the bill.

March 15th, 2018

Franco and Drew get locked in a sub-basement and anticipate having to face off with Jim's thugs again. Franco's more insistent than ever that Jim lied about the stairs incident. Ned pretends to buddy up to Jim, offering to buy back all the property he acquired that was destroyed by the earthquake. Jim catches on that Ned knows about the natural gas and offers to cut him in. Ned's morals have returned, and he's not about to screw over the people of Port Charles again and force them out of town, even when Jim suggests setting up a foundation to help them. He plans to go to the authorities, though Jim predicts that everyone will think Ned was in on the whole thing. Elizabeth asks Kim if she knows anything about Drew's childhood, but as we've already heard, Kim can't provide her with anything helpful. Epiphany mentions that Franco hasn't shown up to work, and Elizabeth starts worrying that he's in trouble. Sam tells Alexis that she's worried about Drew, then admits that she's in love with both brothers and doesn't know where how things will turn out. She decides that Franco has something to do with Drew's sudden disappearance and goes to talk to Elizabeth. Maxie's having a hard enough time waiting for her test results, but things get worse when Lulu tries to reach out again. Maxie almost seems to soften when she's talking about her anxiety over the baby possibly being sick, but she ends up yelling at Lulu. Meanwhile, Dante yells at Peter, which is nice. Curtis and Jordan are basically filler.

Freaking A, even trapped in a sub-basement, Franco's eating.

Ned, if businesses are willing to put down roots in a mob haven, they're probably not going to be scared off by an earthquake.

"Honoring my wishes and doing as I asked? That is not Franco." People actually want this relationship to work??

Only Alexis would try to blame Jason for danger caused by an earthquake.

March 16th, 2018

Maxie's baby doesn't have Huntington's, and she and Nina are equally relieved. Peter also gets negative test results from Griffin, who fails at getting him to talk about any other family members who might be affected. Peter's so happy about Maxie's good news that he hugs her, then asks her not to tell Nina he came by to give her moral support. Nina's still hanging around, so Maxie tells her Peter came to the hospital to get info on having a vasectomy. Meanwhile, Griffin orders a paternity test. Sam and Elizabeth fight for a while about which of Drew and Franco is in more danger from each other, then go to Jordan to report their significant others missing. Jordan is too busy with the earthquake aftermath to help them, but she does warn them not to believe anything Jim says. Anna asked the WSB to help her find Heinrich, but instead an agent just calls Jordan and asks for an update. Anna complains to Andre, who wonders what she'll do if she finds Heinrich and is faced with having to turn him in for being Faison's accomplice. Sonny and Carly bring in Stella to help them and Mike make decisions about his future. He balks at giving them power of attorney, but Sonny convinces him to let his family help him. Stella warns that the Corinthoses will have to go through a lot as Mike's condition progresses. Ava thinks that since Nelle has gotten so much of what she wants already, she should back off of Carly and hope for peace. Instead, Nelle does something with a scarf like Morgan's, something that looks like mud, and her own blood.

Peter didn't mention having a sister, so does he not know about Britt? (Lucky guy.)

I have a feeling Sam and Elizabeth working together won't be as entertaining as Drew and Franco working together. Also, they team up with Curtis.

"They survived the quake, but we're not sure they'll survive each other." Okay, that was pretty good.

I enjoyed Nina and Maxie spying on Sam and Elizabeth. It felt realistic.

I think once you've shed actual blood in a revenge scheme, you've gone too far.

March 19th, 2018

Drew's annoyed to be stuck with Franco and to have lost his wedding ring, but he's not annoyed enough to try to keep Franco quiet. He urges Franco to work through whatever he's dealing with, but all Franco remembers from the stairs incident is the beginning and end, not the middle. Drew points out that Franco might not have pushed him, and even if he did, they were kids, so it doesn't have to mean anything. Sam and Elizabeth question Jim, who claims he hasn't talked to or seen Drew and Franco. Elizabeth is sure that Franco wouldn't hurt Drew, but Jim tells her that Franco was out of control the night of the earthquake and could be capable of anything. Sam finds Drew's wedding ring in Jim's hotel room, so she and Elizabeth now know that Jim's a lying liar who lies. Worried that too many people are catching on to him, Jim orders one of his goons to kill Drew and Franco. Jason gives Anna The Severed Branch, since she thinks her familiarity with Faison will help her pick up on some clues. He asks why she really wants to find Heinrich, thinking it's more personal than just her desire to tell him he could have Huntington's. Anna plays the Robin card and asks Jason to trust that she has a good reason to keep secrets. Maxie and Peter are getting closer, which can't be good. He gets in touch with a publisher and says he's ready to publish The Severed Branch since he finally knows how it ends. Brad is suddenly all moral, so Griffin has to tell some white lies to get him to agree to the paternity test. Ned thinks he'll be accused of collusion when everything comes out about Jim, and contemplates resigning. Olivia convinces him to wait at least until Jordan's investigated Jim fully.

Drew, stop encouraging Franco to talk.

Jim should have told Sam and Elizabeth that Drew and Franco went to find Betsy.

I'm surprised Jason hasn't figured out Anna's real motives yet. It seems like something he would puzzle out.

"I know she has Ellie and Spinelli." ...Still funny.

Who ever thought we'd see Griffin having to talk Brad into breaking a rule?

March 20th, 2018

Sam sends Elizabeth to the PCPD with Drew's ring, then listens outside Jim's room, hearing him mention that he plans to have Drew and Franco basically buried alive in a building scheduled to be demolished. Meanwhile, Drew and Franco realize that's what's happening when cement starts seeping into the sub-basement. Sam gets Jim out of the room and sneaks in to find out which building the guys are in. Elizabeth gives Drew's ring to Jordan, who agrees that Jim might have done something to the guys. Sam texts Elizabeth to come back to the hotel, and she arrives just in time to continue distracting Jim while Sam finishes up in his room. Curtis does some snooping of his own, getting evidence that Jim knew about the natural gas. Jordan comes by to make sure he's out before he can be caught, and they make plans to anonymously send the evidence against Jim to the PCPD. David crosses another boundary with Kiki, giving her a shoulder rub and trying to convince her that he just wants to help her relieve some tension. Kiki knows she's in a tough position because of David's seniority and reputation, so she has to extract herself carefully. Mike is cranky, Sonny is cranky back, lather, rinse, repeat.

I can't decide what happened with Jim's car, since both ideas are equally likely: Either he parked in a handicapped spot and didn't care, or Sam hotwired his car and moved it there.

It's too bad no one knows about the bug Franco put in Jim's hotel room – Sam could have used it to eavesdrop on him without risking the break-in.

Jordan: "I couldn't reach you on your phone." Curtis: "So you teleported?" Heh.

I think it's safe to say that Alexis dodged a bullet by ending things with David.

I'm surprised David didn't threaten to rescind his recommendation after Kiki basically rejected him.

March 21st, 2018

Sam and Elizabeth try to get the authorities to find Drew and Franco, but firefighters tell them there's no way to drill through the cement in time to save them. As Sam is trying to come up with a new idea, the guys resurface, having escaped on their own through a sewer. Apparently all is forgiven between Elizabeth and Franco, and Drew and Franco part on...well, not good terms, but at least civil terms. Curtis and Jordan come across Betsy, who tells them Jim has been keeping her hostage to keep her from telling Drew and Franco the truth. Chase questions Jim about the last time he saw Drew and Franco; he sticks to his story that he hasn't encountered them and tries to convince Chase that their significant others are looking for two men who ditched them. Chase doesn't have anything to hold him on, so Jim gets to leave, but Jordan calls to tell Chase to put out a notice that Jim needs to be arrested for imprisoning Betsy. Michael goes on a date with Francesca, and they hit it off well, but then Nelle has to ruin everything. Francesca's specifically looking for an uncomplicated relationship, so the whole Michael/Nelle/baby stuff is a deal-breaker for her, but she lets Michael know she may change her mind in the future. Ava wants attention from Griffin, basically, even if it doesn't come in the form of an "I love you." When she finds out hes been staying at the hospital because his apartment was damaged in the earthquake, she invites him to stay with her for a while. Ava again encourages Nelle to drop her revenge scheme, and Nelle again says no. Ava at least doesn't want to know anything about it, partly because she could lose Griffin.

I can't believe there wasn't a record-scratch sound after Sam said, "Elizabeth is right."

I thought Jim might have kidnapped Betsy; it just didn't make sense that she was able to send Franco that card before the wedding.

Michael, why would you take a first date to Kelly's? Francesca got all glammed up and you took her to a place with crayons on the tables.

Nelle actually did Francesca a favor. That poor woman shouldn't have to get in the middle of this Nelle stuff.

March 22nd, 2018

Franco, Drew, Sam, and Elizabeth debrief each other and share the news that Betsy has resurfaced. Franco tells Elizabeth a little about what happened when he and Drew were kids, and she can tell that whatever Jim stirred up in his memory was traumatic. Before he can tell her more, they learn that Betsy's on her way to finally clear everything up. Michael tells Nelle he's moving out of the mansion and will stay at the Metro Court until he finds a permanent place. She complains that she'll have to encounter Carly when she comes by, and whines that Carly's trying to come between them. Michael corrects that Nelle's coming between them. As he gives Carly the news, Nelle sneaks into Carly's office to leave "Morgan's" scarf. Andre thinks Anna's focusing on finding Heinrich – who he thinks could kill her, by the way – so she doesn't have to think about Finn, who could make her happy. Julian sees Alexis and Finn together at Kelly's and gets nosy about the nature of their relationship. Wanting to shut him up, Alexis tells him they're getting serious. Carly and Kim talk about how awesome their kids are, but Kim's anxiety over Oscar's near-death experience brings up bad memories for Carly. Talk turns to Drew, and Carly insists that it's only a matter of time before Sam and Jason get back together, so Kim might end up back with her ex. Kim tells her that she's possibly getting something going with Julian, then shuts Carly down when she tries to tell Kim how horrible he is. Sam remarks that Franco could have hurt Drew, so Elizabeth, child that she is, fires back that Sam's the one who's going to hurt him. Drew: "I'm home safe and I have my ring back and everything's great!" Sam: "Um...about that..."

Nelle, if you want Michael back, don't call Carly "unhinged."

I guess Andre's over Anna, since he keeps pointing her in Finn's direction.

The way Alexis phrased the question, it sounded like she was saying Julian's jealous of Finn because of Roxie.

Elizabeth, you are absolutely the last person who should get involved in the Jason/Sam/Drew triangle. Focus on your own relationship.

March 23rd, 2018

Sam tells Drew about her feelings for Jason and their kiss on New Year's Eve. She obviously still loves Drew, too, and wants some time to figure out what she should do. Drew's angry that she's kept all this from him for six months, and agreed to marry him even while she was in love with someone else. He decides he can't stay with her and leaves her alone in the penthouse with his wedding ring. Kim comes in at the tail end of Alexis and Julian's conversation, hearing her say that she and Finn are really together. Julian finally realizes that Alexis is moving on, and he needs to do the same. Looks like it'll be with Kim, as the two of them kiss. Anna tells Finn that she enjoys his company but is scared to open herself up to him. She still thinks he and Alexis are together, and before he can tell her they're not, Alexis interrupts. Finn's disappointed when Anna runs off, but when Alexis tells him about keeping Julian away with a fake relationship, he agrees to go along with the ruse. Nelle leaves the scarf on Carly's desk, then pulls the fire alarm to get Carly out of the office so Nelle can take the scarf back. Sonny runs into Andre and asks how it's possible that he's free after everything he did to Jason and Drew. Andre whines that he still has to work on his research and can't make amends for his sins, as if anyone feels bad for him. Sonny comes up with an idea. Spinelli (hi, Spinelli!) wants to pose as Heinrich and go around Europe looking for Faison's safe-deposit box. For once, Mike has a memory Sonny doesn't, as he insists that he watched Sonny playing as a child after Mike left.

Sam definitely needed to come clean to Drew, but she couldn't have waited, like, 24 hours after his near-death experience?

Finn has now had more fake relationships than real ones on this show.

I wouldn't say I want Alexis and Finn together, but I love watching their scenes.

Aw, poor Andre. It's so hard to have your prison sentence commuted, allowing you to go back to your normal life while two men you messed with are trying to clean up the mess you made.

Steve Burton deserves an Emmy just for not laughing when Spinelli adopted a German accent.

Let's hope Epiphany doesn't hear anyone talking about how Deanna is Mike's favorite nurse.

March 26th, 2018

Drew drinks a six-pack on a pier and confides to Curtis that he saw the collapse of his marriage coming. Curtis encourages him to get mad and hit something, meaning a punching bag at the gym, rather than someone, meaning Jason, who Drew later encounters. Sam tells Alexis that Drew left and she's not sure what's going to happen. Alexis manages to refrain from outright telling her not to get back together with Jason. For some reason, she thinks Jason's going to pressure Sam into going back to him, but Sam insists that she's going to stay single until she figures everything out. Carly and Jason determine that someone's messing with her, though they're not sure who or why. She asks him to keep it quiet from Sonny, since he has so much to deal with already. Kim and Julian Do It, and want to Do It again sometime, but not tell anyone. Andre tells Sonny that it's too late to use his memory mapping on Mike, so Sonny will have to be the one to help him by compiling all their memories. Ned gathers Olivia, Lulu, Monica, Michael, Valentin, and Nina to talk about ways to revitalize Port Charles in the wake of the earthquake. While everyone agrees that they need some sort of PR campaign to make the town look appealing, Monica's the only person who cares that a bunch of people are now homeless.

Curtis, I love you, but shh.

Why do Sam and Drew have two bare branches on their mantel? Are they supposed to be symbolic? They also have what looks like a tray of grass on their coffee table, which seems like a bad idea with little kids around.

"Maybe in the end I will figure out that I'm not supposed to be with Drew or Jason." Bwa ha ha ha ha! Not likely.

How did Carly and Jason not immediately jump to Nelle being the one who's messing with her?

Me to Kim the entire hour: "Use protection. Seriously. You didn't listen to Carly, but you need to listen to me."

March 27th, 2018

Curtis tries to give Sam some advice about her messed-up love triangle, promising that things will eventually calm down. Meanwhile, Drew and Jason each claim the other is bad for Sam, then rough each other up a little. They end up in lockup, and when Sam pays Drew's fine, he won't talk to her. Jason, however, will. Maxie asks Peter for financial advice pertaining to the college fund Nathan set up for the baby. She wants help from someone who's not in the middle of the situation but who knows how important it is to her. She also can't decide whether she should move back home, or if she's hiding by staying at the hotel. Nina overhears Peter talking on the phone about moving money around and tells Valentin it made her suspicious. She's also trying to give Maxie the freedom to lean on who she wants, but she still doesn't want Peter to get too involved. Franco waits impatiently while Jordan and Dante bring in Kevin to talk to Betsy, since she won't tell them anything. Even when Franco's finally allowed to see her, she only says she's sorry. Elizabeth assures Franco that she trusts him, but she doesn't think he trusts her.

Sounds like Curtis thinks Sam and Drew are over for good; am I right?

I'm disappointed that that's all we get of Morgan/Cain Thunderdome: Two Men Enter, Two Men Probably Also Leave, But If One Doesn't, at Least the Other Gets to Cash in on Faison's Info.

Since when does Drew make Sam feel small and scared? I'm going to need Jason to produce some evidence.

Lucy bugs me, but if they want someone to drum up positive PR for the town, she's their woman.

March 28th, 2018

Jason assures Sam that he'll deal with whatever decision she makes, as long as she's happy. She asks him what he wants for himself, and he tells her he wants her, but only if she's all in. She wants to go out of town with the kids for a while so she can get some distance, but she finds it hard to leave their conversation since it means she's closing a chapter of her life. Sam remembers that they first met at the PCPD, and Jason tells her it was the luckiest day of his life. Elizabeth confides to Kim that while she loves Franco, she needs to put her kids first, and that might mean letting go of the man she loves. Franco gets it and accepts that she can't be with him while he figures out what happened in his past and what kind of person he is now. But once he's found himself, Elizabeth wants him to come home. Peter tries to take some of the heat off of Lulu by reminding Maxie that the article about Faison was his fault. Maxie doesn't agree, and instead feels a little guilty that she's sucked Peter into her problems before getting to know him well. Drew runs into Carly, who manages to both conceal her happiness over Sam's honesty and insist that she never wanted Drew to get hurt. Oscar's much more convincing about expressing his regret that Drew's not happy. David informs Kiki that she got a spot in a program he recommended her for, and thinks his efforts should be rewarded with a kiss. Kiki's disgusted and furious that his kindness came with an ulterior motive.

Why are Sam and Jason acting like they're never going to see each other again? She hesitated more to walk away than she did to sign their divorce papers.

A big difference between Drew and Jason: Drew's making this about himself while Jason's making it about what Sam needs.

Knowing Carly, she probably didn't think about the fact that Drew would get hurt if Sam and Jason got back together.

People who need more friends: Maxie, Elizabeth, Drew.

Informal poll: Who will be angrier with David on Kiki's behalf, Ava or Franco?

March 29th, 2018

Anna has read The Severed Branch (which is now ready for publication, as Peter has an advance copy) and figured out that Heinrich must have gone to boarding school in Bern. She thinks she can use that fact and his birth date as a starting point to tracking him down. Jason notes that his birth date wasn't in the book, so Anna says that Obrecht gave it to her. She guesses that Jason wants to take Heinrich out, and she argues that he was forced to do all the bad stuff he did, so he shouldn't be held accountable. The paternity test results make Griffin the third person to discover that Peter is Heinrich. He doesn't know what to do with the unethically and illegally obtained information, and is desperate enough to ask Ava for advice. She tells him that she's the person he would turn to in his position, so he already knows what to do. Griffin heads to the hotel, possibly to give the info to Anna, but he leaves when he overhears Jason telling her he's planning to eliminate Heinrich. Spinelli puts in a good word for Lulu with Maxie, though Lulu knows that Maxie might never forgive her. It's certainly not going to happen any time soon, as Maxie yells a bunch about how Lulu's selfish and just a typical Spencer. Mike is getting worse, though he does remember a date he took Adela on a long time ago. Michael has been talking to Kevin about things they can do to help Mike, and he gets Dante to agree to an idea. Nina's still annoyed over Peter's closeness with Maxie, so no one should tell her that he spent the night on Maxie's couch. Valentin suggests that he and Lulu team up to find Heinrich.

Jason's losing his touch – he definitely should have figured out Anna's connection to Heinrich by now.

Even though past books tied to the show have been awful, I kind of want them to publish The Severed Branch.

I guess instead of thinking that Griffin might be a good influence on Ava, we should have been worried that Ava would be a bad influence on Griffin.

Maxie, please stop yelling about murder when your child is in the apartment.

March 30th, 2018

The Corinthoses dress up the Metro Court as Luke's so Mike can run it for a night. Kevin explains that it's a form of therapy that may help him revisit some memories. It leads to other people reminiscing, which means we get flashbacks. Mac and Felicia can't get Maxie to stop isolating herself, but Bobbie's able to get through to her. Dante asks Sonny if he has any regrets about his seemingly great life, but Sonny just has one: shooting Dante. Jason and Monica share a nice moment where he reassures her that he loves her.

I expected this episode to be kind of cheesy, but I like the originality of the idea behind it.

It's somehow fitting that the flashback of Carly and Sonny declaring their love for each other came from the hostage plotline, while she was engaged to Jax.

Oh, hey, Ned's late-'90s/early-'00s soul patch. Where should we send your residual check?

That awkward moment when your grandmother tells you about the time your grandfather tried to kill her.

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