General Hospital blog - March, 2019

March 1st, 2019

Franco manages to get to Elizabeth's house and tell her he lied about being the killer. Rather than trying to hide out, like any other soap character would, he wants the police notified. He tells Elizabeth that Ryan's the killer, and though she thinks he's confused, she passes that along to Chase. Ryan's delayed from doing anything about Franco by getting the cut Franco supposedly gave him treated, then by Ava yelling at him for going to see Franco. Ryan comes up with an excuse, then a distraction: They should go to Niagara Falls and get married tonight. Ava agrees and is telling Carly when Mac and Felicia show up to talk to Ryan. The three of them agree that it's rushed and weird. Lulu and Maxie have a brainstorming session with Mac and Felicia to figure out why Lulu might have come up with the two names of the victims never tied to Ryan. A few phone calls help Mac confirm that the women's licenses weren't in their wallets when their bodies were found. Lulu's pretty sure she heard about the list of victims from Laura, who must have gotten them from Ryan. Carly has read the transcript of Franco's interview and thinks his reference to Ryan's old alias, Todd Wilson, is significant. Jason tells her to stay out of that storyline, as well as the Shiloh storyline. She says she will, but then she comes across Ryan while he's admiring his licenses from the original murders, so that promise might not be worth anything. Anna and Robert confront Peter with their theory that Anna, Alex, Kevin, Ryan, and Drew were Patients 1-5. Peter confirms that Drew was #5, but he claims not to be familiar with Cabot or know anything about the others' participation in his study. He thinks Klein's research might still be available, so Anna turns to Jason for help in that area, but Jason knows nothing about it, doesn't remember hearing anything about Alex while in Russia, and says he doesn't know where Klein is. Jordan needs a kidney transplant, because this show loves kidney transplants for some reason. It's Nina's turn to be a supportive friend to Curtis, and she tries to reassure him that Jordan will eventually be okay. She also finds Jordan's phone and sees that she has a voicemail from someone labeled only as "urgent." Robert thinks it's only a matter of time before Peter goes back to the dark side, and Robert plans to make sure no one he cares about is negatively affected.

Ryan: "You're a goddess." Me: (gagging)

"It's too insane not to be true." I think that's Port Charles' motto.

Jason absolutely knows better than to tell Carly not to do something.

"He wears that fake spirituality like a bad cologne." Carly should be a writer.

Oh, so we're finally going back to Patients 1-5? It's only been A YEAR AND A HALF.

Is there a reason Anna can't ask Andre about the research?

Does this mean we're going to get information on Jordan's family, who we've never heard about? No, wait – Stella should give her a kidney. That would be awesome.

March 4th, 2019

Carly didn't see Ryan's licenses, but she saw his suitcase, which she takes as confirmation that he and Ava are really eloping. She wants to talk about the mystery patient, because she still doesn't get that bringing up that topic yet again is just going to get her the same reaction it always has. She thinks Ryan might be alive and is the person she saw at Ferncliff while she was drugged, but he convinces her that she was just imagining things. Still, Carly won't give up her investigation, so Ryan knocks her out and stashes her in his trunk. Kevin's about to tell Laura that he knew Ryan was alive when she sees a name carved into a brick in the wall. He recognizes it as the name of a serial killer kept at Ferncliff 100 years ago who was rumored to have vanished. The symbol for copper is also on the wall, which leads Kevin and Laura to a copper pipe that happens to be on a wall that opens into an escape tunnel. Felicia confronts Ryan over his plans to elope, asking why he's been acting so weird over the past few months. He tries to brush her off, saying it's not a life-or-death situation, which sparks a memory of Ryan saying that to her 25 years ago. When she relays the story to Mac and Lucy, she tells them that "Kevin" has been acting like Ryan. Curtis can't figure out the passcode on Jordan's phone, so he hands it over to Chase, who gets someone at the PCPD to bypass it. Curtis hears Franco's message stating that Ryan's the killer, and together Curtis and Chase start to put everything together. Anna and Finn overhear, and Anna mentions that this isn't the first time Ryan's name has come up recently, which can't be a coincidence. In Turkey, Sonny joins a card game so he can ask some locals about Raj. They think he's a WSB agent who's broken a treaty by looking for a criminal in Ankara. Guns are drawn and Sonny's outnumbered, but then Robert randomly shows up and gets Sonny's back. Everyone walks away in one piece, and Robert agrees to stick around and keep helping Sonny look for Dante. Mac and Felicia tell Lucy that Ryan's marrying Ava, which really upsets her. She admits that she thought they might get back together, but when he started seeing Laura, she realized they were really over. She was happy to see him happy, even if it was with someone else, and she doesn't get why he's suddenly moved on to someone as horrible as Ava. Ava tells Julian she's eloping, and for some reason she thinks he can provide some marital advice, like his only marriage didn't end when he tried to kill his wife. He says something about showing your authentic self and asks if Ava has seen who Ryan really is. Anna tries to contact Andre to get some answers about Cabot's research. Finn gently points out that this may come down to getting in touch with Alex.

They made a big deal about how the last five minutes of this episode were supposed to be big, but nothing really happened. Also, I figured from the beginning that Carly would end up in Ryan's trunk.

Freaking A, Carly. You really never learn, do you?

How were Laura and Kevin not losing their minds before they found the tunnel? If I were in that situation, I would be a wreck.

Maybe that basement tunnel is how Heather was able to escape Ferncliff all the time.

Felicia's going to crack this! Like mother, like daughter.

The WSB must have some super-fast planes for Robert to get to Turkey so quickly.

Sonny and Robert – the team-up I never knew I wanted.

March 5th, 2019

Elizabeth tells Drew that Franco claims Ryan is the real killer. Chase hears them talking and tells them the police are looking into that idea, as crazy as it sounds. When Franco regains consciousness, he clarifies that Ryan attacked him, not the other way around like Ryan told the police. Laura goes through the tunnel, which takes her to the highway. A police officer finds her and takes her to the hospital, where she confirms to Chase that Ryan is the killer. Her top priorities are sending someone to get Kevin out of the basement and tracking down Ava before Ryan can hurt her. Meanwhile, Jason finds Carly's phone in the hospital parking garage and realizes something's wrong. Shiloh gives Kristina one of Daisy's big responsibilities, telling Daisy that she needs to finish making up for the email situation before she can be reconciled to the group. Daisy goes to Sam and asks for forgiveness, relieved when Sam grants it without a fuss. Sam notices a symbol tattooed on Daisy's back but can't get Daisy to tell her what it means. Shiloh has the same symbol on his phone, so it can't be anything good. Cameron wrecks Oscar's car in Niagara Falls, so the teens are stuck there for the night. They pull the "text your parents that you're staying at my place and I'll tell my parents I'm at your place" trick, which is kind of unnecessary, considering none of their parents are even thinking about them right now. Trina and Cam give Oscar and Josslyn some alone time, and it looks like they're going to have sex. Sam and Jason worry that Danny's getting mixed signals from all their time together, but they're willing to deal with that if it means getting Kristina away from DOD. Epiphany has opinions about Elizabeth's sudden marriage, which is interesting because when they were getting married last year, she was all for it.

I saw a promo about where the Ryan plot is leading, and it looks...fairly insane. In a good way.

Daisy needs a hug! Someone give Daisy a hug! (Not you, Shiloh.)

Carly's going to regain consciousness in Niagara Falls with a concussion and morning sickness, having been driven up there in a serial killer's trunk, and still, the first thing she's going to do is ground Josslyn for life.

Does Drew know that Jason's putting his daughter to bed?

March 6th, 2019

Ryan and Ava stop for the night at the same hotel where the teens are staying (of course). Ava's blissfully unaware of Ryan's plans to go from their wedding in Canada to Singapore, leaving Avery behind forever. While he's in the shower, she goes to the car to get something and is seconds away from opening the trunk and finding Carly. Ryan realizes what she's doing but gets delayed when he runs into Cameron. Laura tells Chase that Ryan's obsessed with Ava, so the police need to find her and make sure she's safe. Jason learns about the Kevin/Ryan switch and puts together that Ryan was Carly's mystery neighbor at Ferncliff. Somehow he also puts together that Carly is with Ryan and Ava (just go with it), so he goes to Julian to find out where they are. Kim tells him they're going to Niagara, and Jason heads there with Laura in tow. Instead of having sex, Oscar has a seizure. Jordan wakes up and learns about all the craziness that's been going on. She's so disappointed in herself for not catching on to Ryan that she offers to resign as commissioner. Laura and Anna reassure her that she's done a great job, pointing out that they wouldn't have figured out Ryan was the killer without her plan. Also, if Laura didn't know her husband wasn't her husband, Jordan couldn't be expected to. Curtis tells Jordan about her condition and her need for a transplant, trying to give her encouragement that she'll fight through this tough situation. Trina gives Cameron some advice on dealing with Franco being in his life. Kim and Julian...whatever.

So what are Ryan's plans for Carly? He can't leave her in the trunk – wouldn't that get searched at the border? Or is he planning to ditch the car before they go to Canada? Why doesn't he kill Carly and leave her body in the woods or something?

Continuing this week's theme of unusual team-ups: Jason and Laura.

If Josslyn had called three minutes sooner, Kim could have carpooled to Niagara with Laura and Jason.

If I'm ever in the ICU, I want Curtis at my bedside.

Trina's kind of a saint for not telling Cameron to shut up about Franco already.

Julian, don't talk about your sister while your girlfriend's trying to make out with you.

Franco has to change his plea? Wouldn't they just drop the charges?

March 7th, 2019

Ava finds Carly in Ryan's trunk and is so confused about the situation that she doesn't even know what questions to ask. He sends her back to their hotel room, then dumps Carly...I don't know where, but it totally looks like the side of the bridge where Sam gave birth to Scout. Ava thinks Ryan's having a breakdown, so she tries to calmly figure out what he's up to. He tells her Carly was supposed to be a wedding present, but he's gotten her out of the way and they're free to get married and ride off into the sunset together. Elizabeth calls Cameron to bust him for the Niagara trip and to fill him in on Franco's innocence. He realizes he ran into Ryan, not Kevin, and gives her Ryan's location, which Elizabeth passes along to Laura and Jason. With help from Spinelli, they get Ryan and Ava's room number, but I'm guessing they've already left by the time Jason gets there. Kim, Drew, and the teens realize that Oscar's health is declining, and Josslyn's distressed about facing the reality of losing her boyfriend. Lulu learns that Ryan's the killer and quickly remembers him attacking her. She feels horrible that she accused the wrong person, and to her credit, Elizabeth isn't mad, since Ryan fooled everyone. Cameron is still complaining about Franco, but Trina reminds him that, unlike their friend, they're healthy and have the rest of their lives ahead of them, so he should knock it off. There are some shenanigans with a fortune teller in Turkey, but it's a waste of time.

I can't believe Ava cares if Carly's okay.

Who knew Cameron would end up being pivotal to the Ryan plot?

Jason and Laura make a good team. They're both calm in a crisis, they're both okay with breaking the law...

"We have a friend who's an expert at cyber-security." Jason, everyone knows about Spinelli. Just say Spinelli.

I figured Jason would tell Laura that Kevin knew Ryan was alive, but I guess that's not important right now.

Guys, no one cares about the Turkey plot right night.

March 8th, 2019

Ryan is desperate to get to Canada and get married before anyone can find him and Ava. She tries to convince him to call help for Carly, worried that she'll die and they'll have a murder hanging over their heads. Ryan talks her into just moving on, but before they can cross the footbridge they're on over the Niagara River, Jason and Laura arrives. Jason immediately shoots Ryan in the shoulder, and Laura tries to tell Ava that Ryan isn't Kevin. Ava doesn't believe that her fiancé is a serial killer who's been presumed dead for 25 years, which...fair. Jason threatens to kill Ryan if he doesn't stop trying to leave, but Ryan points out that he's the only one who knows where Carly is. Ava tells Jason that Ryan took Carly a few miles away, but that's not enough to make Jason and Laura leave. As the police close in, Ryan realizes that he's not getting out of this one. He apologizes to Ava and tells her they're still going to get a happy ending. Then he kisses her, grabs her by the coat, and throws both her and himself off the side of the bridge. The fortune-teller is actually Robert's WSB contact, and though she doesn't know where Dante is, she's pretty sure Raj has taken him prisoner. Sonny and Robert aren't sure why he would keep Dante alive, since he had no problem trying to kill Lulu a few years ago. They guess that instead of a prisoner, Dante's a hostage. Maxie isn't sure she should keep pursuing the truth about Sasha since she's caused trouble for people in the past (specifically with Dante, Lulu, and Lil' Georgie). Peter says he trusts her judgment, but he can't help her decide what to do. Ultimately, Maxie decides to try another DNA test, this time just yanking a hair out of Sasha's head. Julian goes to Alexis with news about Oscar's condition, but it's just an excuse to try to get her to admit that she wants to be with him. He manages to anger her into some passion, and they have sex in her living room. Just as I'm about to throw something at my TV, an alarm goes off and Julian tells Alexis she's out of time. After shots of a bunch of clocks and Kristen's watch, Alexis wakes up, because – hallelujah! – it was all a dream. But her response is to go out and buy some alcohol. Carly wakes up by the bridge and realizes she'll have to climb it to save herself. It's going to take a lot of effort, but if not doing it means leaving Ava to be Avery's only mother, Carly will power through. Sam gets another hint of how sketchy Shiloh is when Kristina mentions the fees associated with his seminars. Nina wants to fix up Michael and Sasha, which they find awkward at first, but they end up hitting it off.

THOSE were the last five minutes they should have been promoting all week.

I...don't get the difference between a prisoner and a hostage. Do they mean Dante's bait to draw out someone else, like Sonny?

Peter, I know I don't have to tell you not to take relationship advice from Valentin.

Me watching Alexis today: "NOOOOOOO! ...Oh, thank God. ...NOOOOOOOOO!"

Julian: "Aren't you getting exhausted, Alexis?" Me: "I am. You exhaust me."

I love that Carly's motivation to save herself is sticking it to Ava.

Michael and Sasha might be an interesting potential couple if she weren't a liar.

March 11th, 2019

Jason manages to grab on to Ava and keep her from falling into the river, but Ryan falls and will inevitably be presumed dead. Laura tries to convince a deeply-in-denial Ava that the man who just tried to kill her wasn't Kevin. Ava finally accepts the story, but only because she thinks Ryan took Kevin's place within the past 24 hours or so. Laura tells her it's been more like six months, and she was never with the real Kevin. At first Ava thinks Laura's just come up with a fantasy to make herself feel better about her husband leaving her, but eventually Ava believes her, even figuring out herself that Ryan must have killed Kiki. Elizabeth isn't sure she can get past Franco's lies, no matter how noble he was trying to be by working with Jordan. Franco regrets hurting her but doesn't regret participating in a plan that brought down a serial killer, especially one who killed Kiki. Elizabeth blasts Jordan for her actions, but Jordan points out that Elizabeth was the one who chose to bring a killer into her life and her family, so any fallout from that is on her. Alexis calls Finn and asks him to distract her from her desire to drink. For the record, Jenga doesn't work for that. She tells him about her dream, distressed over the fact that the Julian she wanted was the bad one, not the guy she wanted him to become, and ultimately did become. Finn can't help her figure out why she wants someone so bad for her, but he knows that drinking won't make anything better. Robert and Sonny have different ideas about rescuing Dante from Raj, and just when Robert thinks he's won the debate, Sonny goes rogue. Carly has some trouble climbing the...whatever it is she has to climb, but of course Jason swoops in to rescue her. There's some Ashford Family Togetherness Time, and apparently a horrible injury and the need for a transplant were all Jordan and Stella needed to become buddies.

I wonder how Carly will react when she finds out Jason saved Ava's life.

Elizabeth: "You always make promises, and it's inevitable that you will break them." Then why did you marry him?? My patience with Elizabeth is nearing all-time lows and it's only Monday.

"If you don't want your fiancé on the serial killer suspect list, I suggest you get a fiancé who's not a reformed serial killer." Dear Jordan, I love you again.

Show, we don't need (or want) to see all of the steps Sonny and Robert are taking to get to Dante. Just skip to the end.

March 12th, 2019

Michael has no instincts because when he comes across Brad and Willow chatting, he doesn't notice how tense they are with each other. He and Willow talk about kids, and while he wants some one day, she's happy enough with just having students. Nina sees them together and asks Willow how Charlotte would feel about her dating one of Charlotte's family members. Willow's confused, and then Nina's confused, until Willow explains that she's dating Chase, and she and Michael are just friends. Sasha and Valentin are on to Maxie and Peter, and determined to keep them from getting the results of the Nina/Sasha DNA test. Valentin follows them to GH, where Maxie gets Brad to agree to run the test because helping out will help him redeem himself. Josslyn runs into Jason at the Niagara hospital and learns that Carly's there (though they don't tell her the details about what happened the night before). Carly reveals that she's pregnant, which is going to take Josslyn a little while to wrap her mind around. She tells Carly that she and Oscar almost had sex, and that she's trying to accept that Oscar doesn't have much time left. At the same time, Oscar tells Drew he wants to sleep with Josslyn, and Drew doesn't encourage him or try to talk him out of it. Sonny teams up with a pickpocket named Dev to look for Dante and continue to bore me. Obrecht appears to be writing the letters she's answering in her medical column, and making them specific to the situations she's keeping secrets about. In case it wasn't clear, Jason and Carly are BFFs and he'll always rescue her.

Now that the Ryan plot is over, it's time to get moving on the baby-swap plot, please and thank you.

I love the idea of Michael going all over town with Avery's Disney princess lunch bag.

My favorite fan theory right now is that Willow is Nina's daughter. Just imagine their reaction to learning that.

Josslyn's reaction to Carly's pregnancy was hilarious. "I need more details. ...Wait, no, I don't want more details!"

March 13th, 2019

Kevin finally tells Laura how he was reunited with Ryan – Ryan was working for the DVX, and when he had a breakdown, the DVX called Kevin to come get him. He's mad at himself for thinking he could redeem a killer. Laura catches on that Kevin has known about Ryan for months, and she's not happy that he kept that from her. Ava gets drunk and slides back into denial, accusing Franco of being the real killer. He gets her to see reality, though that means she has to accept the fact that the first time she slept with Ryan was just hours after he'd killed her daughter. From denial, Ava goes to depression, lamenting that her first-ever fiancé was a liar, and the one person she had left in her life was a killer. Then she jumps to anger, telling Franco she hopes Ryan's still alive so she can kill him herself. Harmony comes to town for a DOD rally, but Shiloh just wants to talk about why she's not making enough money for the Beechers Corners chapter. Harmony would like to know if Shiloh is acting different from how he used to because he's moved on from her and is now obsessed with Sam. Shiloh says he loves Harmony more than he ever has; it's gone beyond the physical to the spiritual. He asks if Harmony's seen "her," but Harmony doesn't see the point in finding whoever that is. Shiloh tells her that if she does, he'll consider letting her join him in Port Charles. Sam and Jason recap some DOD stuff, then agree that it's time to start calling it a cult. That means Kristina's probably going to be pressured to alienate herself from outsiders, making it harder for them to extract her from her new life. Valerie and Kristina get in a huge fight about DOD and how deep Kristina is in it. Shiloh tells Kristina that she's a good candidate for his Circle of Trust (his closest allies), but she'll have to think about cutting ties with people who aren't supportive of the changes she's made in her life. Cameron makes up with both Elizabeth and Franco, and is even willing to agree with all the members of the press who are calling Franco a hero.

While Laura's totally justified in being upset, Kevin's been punished enough already. And it's not like he thought Ryan would get out and kill people.

Kevin referred to his father in the past tense, so I guess that's confirmation that he's dead.

Does Ava actually like Elizabeth, or was that the alcohol talking?

Hey, it's Amy! I basically forgot she existed.

Since Shiloh doesn't appreciate Valerie's attitude, and Brytni Sarpy is leaving for another soap, am I wrong to suspect that Valerie's going to end up dead?

All those characters coming back to Port Charles from Niagara Falls and no one gave Cameron a ride? Even Laura?

March 14th, 2019

Valerie tries to smooth things over with Kristina, who's taken Shiloh's words to heart and is ready to kick unsupportive people out of her life. Valerie objects to being brushed aside for people Kristina barely knows, but Kristina thinks she needs to reexamine some parts of her life before she can become her authentic self, or whatever. Sam and Molly witness their fight and hope they're not next on the list to be cast aside. Molly's completely out of the loop on all the DOD stuff, but as soon as she hears Kristina talking about it, as well as focusing more on Shiloh's self-help techniques than the fact that Alexis had a therapy session with a serial killer, she knows exactly what Kristina's gotten herself into. Laura isn't as eager to halt her invalid divorce as Lulu would expect, since she's not sure she and Kevin can come back from his secret-keeping. In fact, she won't even let him come home with her. Ava attacks Kevin, thinking he's the killer, but he and Scott convince her that he's the good twin, and the bad twin is really gone. Kevin tries to express sympathy for what Ryan put Ava through, but she doesn't think what happened to Kevin is anywhere near as bad as her tragedies. (Fair.) Willow and Chase get caught in a rainstorm on their way out for a date, which is just an excuse for them to show more skin back at his place. He tells her he wants to keep pursuing a relationship, which she's all on board for, despite her fears that her baggage will drive him away. And then – a development! Willow has the same tattoo as Daisy! While Spinelli stalls out looking for information on that tattoo, Sam goes to the DOD house and runs into a shirtless Shiloh. Anna meets with Andre, who digs into Cabot's research and discovers that he did have some success transferring memories from Patient 2 to Patient 1. Anna thinks that means she has some of Alex's memories, although she obviously has no idea which they are, and isn't it just as likely that Alex has some of her memories? Either way, this is probably going to lead to her reaching out to Alex. Shiloh goes by Oscar's room at GH, telling Kim and Drew that Shiloh reached out to him and his "DOD family." Kim has never had less patience for anyone and straight out tells him his alternative medicine isn't going to be helpful. She and Drew realize that Oscar must be desperate for a miracle if he's turning to non-medical professionals for help.

We got cheated out of a Davis-women dinner! Not cool.

Willow has never been more relatable than today, losing the power of speech at the sight of Chase's abs. (Contrast that with Sam, who asked Shiloh to put a shirt on.)

Two theories: 1) Willow is the woman Shiloh and Harmony are looking for. 2) Shiloh is Wiley's father.

I really enjoy how Kim has absolutely no use for Shiloh.

March 15th, 2019

Dev creates a distraction so Sonny can sneak onto Raj's compound, where Dante has been hanging out. Raj gleefully tells Sonny that Dante's there of his own free will, and he's going to prove his loyalty to Raj by shooting Sonny. Molly and Kristina have a huge fight, which Michael and Jason get dragged into after Molly announces that Kristina's using Michael's money for cult classes. Kristina yells a lot and won't listen, ending the argument when she storms out. Molly and Michael express their concerns to Jason, who tells them they need to make Shiloh think he's winning while they work quietly to bring him down. Sam tells Shiloh she's worried about Kristina because of how she cut off Valerie. Shiloh promises he's keeping an eye on her and hopes that Sam will start to trust him more. She pretends she's been reassured. Shiloh's proud of Kristina for getting rid of a negative influence and tells her she's ready for the next step. Anna asks Valentin if he knows where Alex is, and he takes about 45 minutes to say no. He says he may know someone who can get a message to her, so Anna asks him to relay that she knows about Alex's affliction and has a cure. Valentin is concerned that she'll be opening another dark chapter of her past, like, isn't that all she does? Alexis has a session with Neil but doesn't find it helpful, since he spends all of it chastising her. He wants to know why she's so hesitant to fix her problems when she has no trouble confronting them. Alexis isn't very forthcoming, but as she's leaving, she blurts out that she had a sex dream about Julian and almost drank. Chase and Finn chat, but are basically filler.

I'm so confused about the Dante plot. I thought his goal from the beginning was to infiltrate Raj's crew to bring him down from the inside. Then later, they dropped that he was going undercover. But now it seems like that's what he's doing. Whatever, it's time to end it.

I can't imagine that all the Shiloh flashbacks today were really necessary.

How has Anna not learned after all this time that Valentin is only helpful, like, 20% of the time?

Alexis, what makes you think you could have told Ryan from Kevin when Laura couldn't even do it?

I don't know why I found it funny that Chase went to Niagara, but by the time he got there, the civilians had taken care of everything.

March 18th, 2019

Dante uses the single bullet Raj gave him to graze Sonny's arm, arguing to Raj that he's more useful alive. They can use his routes to move their product (weapons) and do more business. Plus, killing Sonny will put Jason in charge, and he'll just kill Raj and move on with his life. Raj agrees to delay Sonny's death and locks him in a cell, because...this guy has a prison cell in his house? Okay. Dante goes to check on Sonny, who's already figured out that Dante is still a good guy, of course, and is pretending to be part of Raj's business so he can bring him down. Dante explains that he convinced Raj he wanted in on his business, and Raj was about to send him back to Port Charles as a double agent in the PCPD. Sonny's arrival ruins that plan, since Dante knows as soon as he goes back to the States, Raj will kill Sonny. Sonny tells him about Lulu (hilariously, Sonny's so out of the loop that he still thinks Franco was the killer) and how important it is for him to get back home. His plan to end the whole thing is for...Dante to kill him? Okay. Alex somehow gets into the country and gets in touch with Anna, who checks her into GH. Finn says he'll only cure her if she answers Anna's questions about the memory transfer. Alex resists, repeating what Valentin said about how Anna shouldn't be so eager to dig into her past. Sasha wants to make sure that Peter isn't going to do anything to sabotage Nina and Valentin's wedding, because Nina is such a great person and deserves the best. Peter's like, "And you think you're part of the best that she deserves?" Later, he tells Maxie that Sasha might be on to them. Sasha and Michael chat some more, clearly interested in each other, but she takes off when she learns that his last girlfriend was also a liar who almost ruined people's lives. Jordan is somehow already out of the hospital, and she hopes dialysis treatments won't throw off her regular routine too much. Stella and Curtis are both very encouraging, sure that she'll be able to handle everything. Curtis mentions possibly having kids someday, but the two of them haven't discussed that, which doesn't seem good. Carly tells Mike and Michael about the baby, which briefly distracts Mike from his worry over Yvonne and Sonny, because – we get it, really – he's getting worse. Marcus is a nice guy now, and it's looking more inevitable than ever that he and Stella are going to get back together. Lulu thinks Chet (who now works at the Floating Rib) and Maxie are interested in each other more than friends.

Dante's a big man for not mentioning that Sonny once shot him, and now they're even. I'm not sure I would be so...what's the opposite of petty?

Doesn't Sonny have backup coming? I predict Jason and/or Robert will save both him and Dante.

Maybe Sasha will inadvertently inspire Peter to get to know Anna better.

I hope Sonny doesn't mind Carly telling everyone about the baby without him.

Mike: "Maybe you'll have twins." Me: "NO MORE TWINS."

What happened to Chet running Sonny's gym?

March 19th, 2019

Ava shows up at the Corinthos compound drunk and looking for Avery (who, fortunately, isn't there). Carly tells her to get herself together, be a good mother, and stop blaming herself for Kiki's death. Ava's worried that Carly will use her drunken antics against her, but Carly says she'll consider letting them go if Ava shapes up. Oscar's tumor has grown, and he has, at most, six weeks left. Everyone's devastated, of course, but he takes a moment to tell Kim how much he loves her and how grateful he is to have had her as his mother. Elizabeth wants to let Franco come home, but she isn't sure that's what's best for her kids. Drew thinks she should move past what happened, and that Franco will benefit from having her support. Elizabeth decides that it's better for Jake and Aiden to have Franco around than for her to make him stay away, so she accepts Franco's assurance that he'll never intentionally hurt her. Sonny and Dante come up with a plan we don't get to hear so that both of them can get home to their families. Dante's worried that the horrible things he's seen while working this case will haunt him when he gets home, so Sonny advises him to lock them away and never let them affect his family. Alex agrees to tell Anna what she wants to know in exchange for immunity. Despite his earlier praise for Franco, Cameron is still annoyed with his place in the Webber family, especially after what Jake and Aiden went through while Franco was suspected to be the killer. However, he's not going to fight Elizabeth's decision to keep him around. Julian is...present.

I need Alexis to pop up and give Ava Neil's phone number.

Ew, Drew, don't put a positive spin on your time with Elizabeth.

Show, please stop dragging out this Alex stuff, because I can't take much more of her.

I can't believe Cam gave Franco cookies and Roger Howarth didn't eat any on-screen.

March 20th, 2019

While Robert teams up with Dev, Dante pretends to kill Sonny so they can fool and overpower a guard. Sonny dresses up in the guard's clothes and is about to escape with Dante, right under Raj's nose, when some guards capture Dev. When Raj orders them to kill Dev, Dante shoots a guard, and a gunfight ensues. Raj escapes, but Dante chases him and has to kill him. Robert shows up too late to help anyone, but he doesn't seem too disappointed about that. While looking up info on DOD, Michael starts chatting with Chase and asks if he's heard anything about the group. Chase only knows them as a community-outreach organization, so Michael tells him it could be something more sinister. Willow hears Shiloh's name and panics but pretends she's not that familiar with him or DOD. When Michael mentions that Kristina's in the group, Willow urges him to get her out of it. Shiloh offers Kristina a spot in the Circle of Trust, AKA the Trust, in exchange for a deep, dark secret she's never told anyone. She tells him how she blackmailed Parker, but Shiloh knows Kristina's been open about that already, so that confession doesn't count. Before Kristina can come up with something else, Michael pays a visit to discuss the fight Kristina and Molly had about DOD being a cult. Shiloh eavesdrops, perking up with Michael mentions Willow's name. Chase invites Willow on a trip to his family's house with him in Cape Cod, but that probably isn't going to happen, since she's trying to break her lease, most likely to flee town. Sam tells Jason that the DOD situation is getting worse, and he tells her about Molly and Kristina's fight, and Kristina's subsequent shunning of Molly. He thinks they should get Kristina someplace safe, like Sonny's island, then get rid of Shiloh so the whole organization falls apart. Sam wants more time to work from the inside, but Jason wants to move in the brief window they have before Sonny comes back to town, since as soon as he finds out what's going on, he'll just kill Shiloh, which will make Kristina feel guilty. Sam has a different idea: get deeper inside by joining DOD. Alex is finally helpful, revealing that a memory Anna has of accidentally getting a scientist killed is actually Alex's memory. Olivia and Lulu interrogate Carly about Sonny's whereabouts, then back off when they find out she's pregnant. Olivia has Robert's number, so she calls to ask for an update. Alexis and Julian are the filler.

So if someone spots Sam or Jason at the hospital, their cover story will be...what? (Maybe that they're there to see Oscar?) Guys, just get a secret love nest like any respectable undercover couple.

LOL at Carly saying she and Sonny haven't told anyone about her pregnancy yet. You've told five people!

I love that Olivia and Robert are texting buddies.

What's that, Julian? You don't want to be compared to Ryan? Let's see – you both murdered people, faked your own deaths, hung around town under false identities, and tried to kill your significant other. Yeah, you're nothing alike.

March 21st, 2019

Willow is about to turn in a letter of resignation, claiming a family emergency that requires her to leave town, when Valentin and Nina show up for a talk. Willow and Nina get into a fight about Charlotte, and Willow outlines all the (negative) ways stepmother and stepdaughter are alike. She's again on her way out the door when she's interrupted again, this time by Shiloh. Laura finds Ava drunk AGAIN and adopts her as a charity case. Felicia thinks she and Ava can relate to each other since they were both nearly Ryan's victims, and Felicia thinks he would have killed her if he hadn't gotten obsessed with Ava instead. She and Mac warn Ava not to let her guard down, because if Ryan isn't dead, he'll probably come after her. Molly wants Sam and Alexis to help her talk to Kristina about DOD and the risks it poses. Sam quickly leaves while Kristina takes her place, annoyed that her mother and sister are being so judgmental about her life decisions. Now she has two people she may cut out of her life. Sam tells Shiloh she's ready to sign up for a class, which will require her to "relinquish control" and be available to a mentor 24 hours a day. Oh, and that mentor is Shiloh. Felicia has no problem forgiving Kevin for his part in Ryan's antics, but Mac needs him to know how much the trauma has affected Felicia. Alex hints that she wasn't completely honest about Anna's memories, so I guess Anna doesn't have to feel that bad about calling the WSB to take her into custody. Alex threatens to spill Valentin's secrets if he doesn't free her, but he's not intimidated. As she's leaving, Alex asks Anna to tell Robert she's sorry she didn't get to see him again while she was in town. Anna reaches out to Griffin, who's still in a fight club (or just boxing a lot, as he claims, but I'm not so sure). Laura asks him to offer Ava some comfort, since they both loved Kiki, but there's no way that could ever be a good idea. Griffin overhears Laura telling Anna that Kevin knew about Ryan, and later, someone knocks Kevin out on the docks. Shiloh amends the rules about Kristina's trust offering to join the Circle of Trust, saying she can tell a secret about someone close to her instead of herself. So it looks like Kristina's going to gain DOD's trust by breaking someone else's.

Well, Willow criticized Nina's parenting, so yeah, she's probably Nina's daughter.

Whew, someone in this town finally realized that presumed dead doesn't mean dead.

Sam needs to let Molly in on her plans before she has an aneurysm.

"I'm asking you to use your free will to relinquish your control." So...use your free will to give up your free will?

Is Alex implying that she slept with Robert? Ick.

March 22th, 2019

Willow is at first scared to see Shiloh, who drops his smoothness and charisma long enough to be truly intimidating. Then she gets angry, threatening to use everything she knows about DOD against him. He points out that he hasn't done anything illegal, and turns the charm back on to try to convince her to come back to the fold. Willow texts Chase, who rushes over and brilliantly plays along when she pretends he's a parent there for a conference. (He also flashes his gun and makes it known that he's a cop.) Chase chases (...heh) Shiloh off, then puts together Willow's shakiness with their earlier conversation about DOD to figure out that she's a former member. Willow thinks her best bet is to run away again, but Chase offers his protection, as well as a guess that Shiloh is Wiley's father. Kevin's attacker is Griffin, and he's lucky Ava shows up to break up the fight, because Griffin's about to Hulk out. Kevin's pretty much resigned himself to being hated by everyone, but Ava isn't in that camp. A police officer comes along and thinks Kevin's Ryan, so he gets hauled to the PCPD. Laura's already there, having learned that Margaux and Jordan want to charge Kevin as Ryan's accomplice. She defends her husband, but when they question him about his dealings with Ryan, he admits to what Jordan and Margaux decide is aiding and abetting a fugitive. Dante heads home and, after almost scaring Lulu to death while picking a lock she changed, has a happy reunion with his wife. She's recovering from her stabbing, and he has scratches on his back, but they're both healthy enough for sex. Ava gets a phone call from someone who doesn't speak, and she and Julian suspect it was Ryan. Griffin thinks he needs to go somewhere else to get over his issues, so he resigns and leaves town. Sam runs into Shiloh while she's with Danny and tries to act like she trusts him while also not leaving her child alone with him. Then Jason sees Shiloh chatting with Danny, so someone better dig a grave in the Pine Barrens. Brad thinks Obrecht is about to bring down his house of cards, since she's published her "reader" question about whether children can inherit their parents' craziness. Julian wonders why he's concerned about "Wiley"'s birth mother's characteristics but not the birth father's. Now that Sonny's back in town, Jason wants to fill him in on the Kristina/Shiloh/DOD situation. Sam asks for more time to complete her plan, still worried that Sonny will just kill Shiloh and traumatize Kristina. Carly has the same fear when Jason tells her and Sonny what's going on,'s Sonny, so of course he's just going to do whatever he wants.

So the only people who aren't mad at Kevin right now are Ava and Felicia? Ouch. It looks like Laura might be coming around, though, so that's nice.

Margaux, go away.

'Bye, Matt Cohen! I'll miss your abs most of all.

No final Anna/Griffin scene? No, of course not.

Sam and Jason, stop meeting in the MOST PUBLIC PLACE IN TOWN.

March 25th, 2019

Willow tells Chase a little about her experiences in DOD, which started when she was looking for stability after a childhood moving around a lot. Shiloh charmed her into thinking he was the most important thing in the world, and got her to spill her secrets and do whatever he told her. She started to rethink her commitment to DOD when Shiloh sent her to college to get a teaching degree, and she realized she wouldn't be able to teach the kids in the organization to follow him. The last straw was when she learned she was pregnant and knew she couldn't let Shiloh near their child. Willow's afraid that she slipped up somewhere along the way and that Shiloh knows or will find out that she had his baby, which could put "Wiley" in danger. She still thinks her best option is to leave town, but Chase insists that he can protect her. Jason doesn't let on that he's uncomfortable with Danny being around Shiloh, but as soon as he and Shiloh are alone together, he warns Shiloh to keep his distance. Shiloh says that's up to Sam, and he's eager to teach Danny the way of peace instead of the way of violence Jason will teach him. He goes on and on about Sam's progress in DOD, and how "intimate" their relationship is getting, and how Jason is closed off because of fear. Eventually, Jason can't take it anymore and starts to choke him. Dante is struggling to readjust to civilian life, which means having a dream about shooting Lulu, and spooking Rocco when he wakes up. Sonny offers his support and advises him to get some therapy. Dante considers that, but I think his plan is to just tell Lulu he's okay over and over until he convinces both of them he is. Michael checks in on Sonny, telling him that Kristina's drifting further and further from the rest of the family. Sonny tells him to protect his sister, no matter what it takes. Later, Michael tells Sam that Sonny and Jason are working on getting Kristina out of DOD, which annoys Sam, since she really thought Jason was going to buy her more time to work her plan. Alexis tries to have a calmer conversation with Kristina, who's defensive from the start because she thinks Alexis is going to be judgmental again. Alexis has come around to Molly's way of thinking and believes DOD is a cult. Kristina says her family is the most important thing to her, but right now, the only family supporting her is DOD, so she'll be relying on them from now on. Out of ideas, Alexis turns to Sonny for help, but soon regrets it when he says he's handling things. She tries to get out ahead of any violence by calling Jordan. Shiloh invites Brad to come learn more about DOD, and since the group is so family-friendly, he should feel free to bring "Wiley" along. Amazingly, Willow doesn't see Shiloh holding the baby she thinks is their son.

Jason, you're losing your touch. There are witnesses.

Dante, I'm going to need you to shave ASAP.

Was "Wiley" blowing kisses when Sam and Danny left? He is TOO CUTE.

Why did Brad get so awkward around Jason? Does he have a crush on him?

March 26th, 2019

Lulu throws Dante a surprise welcome-home party, which is probably the last thing he wants right now. It looks like he may have been programmed or something, which is why he keeps thinking about this mission he's supposed to complete, and is about five seconds away from a total meltdown. He skips right over Sonny-like barware-smashing and flips a table instead. Later, Lulu sees the scratches on his back. Sam returns to Kelly's just after Jason makes Shiloh bleed a little. A waitress calls the police as Shiloh says now he can see exactly the kind of control Jason exerts, and why Sam would want to get away. Sam takes that and runs with it, saying it's why she needs DOD. Chase is the cop who comes to the scene, and he nitpicks Shiloh and the waitress' stories to try to get Jason cleared of any wrongdoing. But Jordan's wary because of a message from Alexis saying Shiloh is possibly being targeted, and she thinks the best move is to arrest Jason for assaulting him. Peter runs into Anna, who's just gotten a goodbye letter from Griffin and is sad about his departure. Peter thinks Anna sees Griffin as the son she never had because she gave her own up. Anna tries to assure him that she wants a relationship with him not out of obligation but because she cares about him. Peter doubts that'll ever happen since she'll think of Faison every time she sees him. Anna would like them to spend more time together to try to get past that, and Peter seems at least a little willing. Alexis leaves a message for Jordan to call her back, but when Jordan does, Alexis backs off of telling her that Sonny and Jason are plotting to take out Shiloh. Sonny promises that they're not going to kill Shiloh; he's just focused on getting Kristina out of DOD. Alexis thinks he needs to let Kristina do what she wants, since she's an adult, but Sonny has learned from the Morgan situation that he can't ignore his children's crises. At least one good thing comes out of the Dante mess – he and Olivia share a nice moment. Maxie is...possibly doubting her potential relationship with Peter? It's not clear. Finn is worried about things Alex said about how he and Anna will never make it because they're too different.

Yeah, why wasn't Chase at Dante's party (before he had to leave to investigate the Jason/Shiloh fight)? And why was Michael the only Corinthos there?

I like the continuity of Lulu still wearing a Yankees shirt to bed.

Peter, if you and Anna never develop a relationship, it's not because she feels an obligation, it's because you're always a jerk to her. Please talk to Willow or Bobbie or Alexis or any of the other women on this show who have placed children for adoption, so you can understand why they would do it.

That Dante/Olivia scene should have been their goodbye when Dante left to go undercover.

Are the writers set on Maxie and Peter being together, or can I request a Maxie/Chet pairing instead?

March 27th, 2019

Willow is still determined to leave town, though she clearly doesn't want to have to ditch Chase. She tells him about DOD's brainwashing techniques, but she doesn't want to help build a case against Shiloh because she's scared she'll slip up and mention the baby. She asks Brad to let her see "Wiley" one last time, unless he decides to search for her when he's 18. Then Willow sees the pamphlet Shiloh gave Brad and hears that Brad is considering taking some classes at DOD, including one on keeping secrets. The desire to protect her "son" combined with a request from Elizabeth to help with the Aiden situation (oh, yeah, now that the Franco/killer stuff has been sorted out, we're back to the Aiden plot) make Willow change her mind about running away. She tears up her resignation letter and thrills Chase by announcing that she's staying in Port Charles. Jordan's curious about the details of the Jason/Shiloh altercation, but as always, Jason won't be speaking to anyone without Diane present. A frustrated Chase tries to get him to crack, asking if Shiloh is a threat to someone Jason cares about, like he's a threat to someone Chase cares about. This piques Jason's interest, though he still won't talk, and Chase thinks Jason will share anything he uncovers about Shiloh. Shiloh wants Jason to be prosecuted for his assault, but Sam uses Shiloh's teachings about forgiveness to get him to back down. She plays it off like it's for the benefit of Jason's children, not because she personally wants him off the hook. Shiloh asks Jordan and Margaux to drop the charges, willing to accept that Jason just overreacted to seeing Shiloh with Danny. Margaux resists, but I guess she doesn't want to go against her leader, so she agrees to let Jason go, warning that he'll be the first suspect if anything else happens to Shiloh. Shiloh tells Sam that if Jason targets him again, it means he's not interested in bettering himself, and then all bets are off. Dante confides to Mike that because of things that were done to him in Turkey, he's afraid he’ll hurt someone he loves and not even realize he's done it. Sonny summons Kristina to his house, making her think he's tag-teaming with Alexis and is going to pick up where she left off in questioning Kristina's decisions. Sonny makes it very clear that no matter what kind of new and improved person she thinks she is, he's not going to let someone take her from him.

I legitimately thought Willow was going to run off with "Wiley." Like, if she'd knocked Brad out and taken off, I wouldn't have been surprised.

Willow: "I'm going to miss everything about this place." Me: "Except Nina."

For Jason's next birthday, Diane should give him a shirt that says, "I have nothing to say without my attorney."

After that whole scene with Jason getting his gun back, I assume someone's going to shoot Shiloh with it and frame Jason?

Sam using Shiloh's teachings to get him to drop the charges against Jason was beautiful.

If this is the "better" version of Kristina, I would like the worse one back, please.

March 28th, 2019

Dante's having a drink at the Metro Court (hey, great idea for a guy who's currently unstable) and chatting with Carly and Jason when a waitress drops something. The noise makes Dante instinctively reach for a knife, which makes Jason instinctively grab his hand to keep him from doing anything. Dante quickly calls Anna and tells her that he thinks he was brainwashed to complete some sort of mission he doesn't know about. She tells him there's a facility in Wales that can help him, but it'll mean leaving town and his family again. Nina tells Elizabeth that she hopes Aiden and Charlotte can make a new start once Willow leaves. Elizabeth is shocked that Willow would leave before the end of the school year, and confused when Willow tells her she's not going anywhere. She promises to keep an eye on classroom dynamics and also wants to be a stronger presence in the community. Nina can't hide her disappointment that Willow's sticking around and warns that she messed with the wrong stepmother. Oscar and Josslyn tell Cameron that Oscar only has a few weeks left, so they're going to cross off as many items on his bucket list as they can. Cameron tries to remain stoic but is clearly upset by the news. Monica invites Kim and Oscar to move into the Quartermaines' mansion. Finn's still worried about Alex's doubts that he and Anna will make it. Robert warns that Anna's incapable of making a commitment and will try to push him away, so Finn should beat her to the punch. Finn thinks he means dump her, but Robert really wants him to express his love and support her. Carly's annoyed that Sam thinks she's manipulating Shiloh, but it's really the other way around. Jason has no regrets about his attack and likes that Shiloh now knows Jason can end him at any time. Chase offers Willow his protection and whatever backup she needs, but she wants to fight Shiloh on her own. He respects that, though he wants her to remember that he has her back. Lulu and Valentin disagree about whether Charlotte should be in a gifted-and-talented program at school.

Ugh, this is dumb. They should have kept Dante undercover until they had a recast.

Cam really thinks Elizabeth will let him go back to Niagara to get the car?

Ooh, Kim should not be working right now.

Did Robert call himself Bobby? Uh, no. He's just...not a Bobby.

Jason conveniently forgot to tell Carly that Brad was there, so Sam didn't leave Danny completely alone with Shiloh.

March 29th, 2019

Lulu reacts horribly to Dante's insistence that he has to leave town for an indefinite amount of time. She thinks she can help him, but Dante wants to go through the proper WSB channels. He practically tells her not to wait for him, but she tells him she'll wait forever. Kevin thinks that he and Laura should get divorced so his legal issues don't harm her political career. Though she agrees not to come to his arraignment, she doesn't want a divorce, and the kiss she gives him before he goes to court is a good sign. Laura then talks over the situation with Carly, wondering how Carly can come out of the Niagara ordeal without being mad at Kevin. Carly acknowledges that Kevin made bad decisions and was indirectly responsible for Ryan's reign of terror, but she puts the real blame on the right person. She tells Laura it's up to her to decide if their love is worth fighting for, but she knows she's better off for all the times she's stood by Sonny. On their way to get the DNA test results, Maxie and Peter run into Obrecht, who questions their need for a DNA test. Maxie comes up with a dumb story, but Obrecht already knows what they're really up to and warns Valentin. Nina overhears her saying that Nina will be upset when she learns the truth. Cameron has to plead his case in court again, since the Niagara trip made him miss some of his community service. The judge goes easy on him again, only taking his learner's permit, but he won't be getting any more chances after this. Elizabeth is interested to see Trina in the courtroom and thinks there's something going on between her and Cam, which means Franco will need to have the sex talk with him. Sasha has something she really wants to tell Nina, but Nina doesn't want to hear it. Ava gets another anonymous call, so she and Julian take her phone to the police. Uninterested in their procedures, Julian asks Curtis to work his PI magic instead. The calls are apparently just robo-calls, but Julian's still concerned that Ryan could be alive and plotting to come after Ava again. She vows to be ready for him if that's true.

Those Dante/Lulu scenes were awful (the writing, not their acting). She couldn't have even the smallest amount of compassion? He couldn't give her more details about what's going on?

Why didn't Maxie tell Obrecht what the DNA test was really for? This storyline would move a lot faster if they would team up.

Also, why did Obrecht warn Valentin that Maxie and Peter might be on to him? And why did she leave before Maxie and Peter announced the test results?

I loved the curious looks Elizabeth kept giving Trina in the courtroom.

I can't believe Valentin didn't stay behind to eavesdrop on Nina and Sasha.

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