General Hospital blog - March, 2020

March 2nd, 2020

While Taggert's stable and awaiting surgery, Jordan tells Laura about their ties to Cyrus. Laura promises she trusts Jordan to do her job, but they need a new plan. Everyone's all relieved that Taggert's going to be okay and the police and mob might be able to fight Cyrus together and everything will be all sunshine and puppies. So of course, Taggert develops a blood clot and dies. Jordan vows to avenge him, then tells Curtis that she's going to ensure T.J.'s safety by resigning as commissioner. Laura talks Pentonville's warden into putting Cyrus in solitary confinement in an attempt to cut him off from anyone taking orders from him. Cyrus objects and gets to see firsthand why you never, ever mess with Laura. Jordan's mad at Curtis for putting his life at risk and not calling the police. Trina's even madder at him for saving her and leaving Taggert to fend for himself. Cameron hopes he can be as good a friend to Trina as she was to him during the Franco/Drew stuff, even though he doesn't see any hope in this situation. Jason starts putting together Jordan and Taggert's ties to Cyrus, as if that's what's important right now. Michael and Sasha both try to convince Willow not to cut herself off from Wiley, but she won't budge. Brando doesn't want to owe anything to Sonny, so he pushes back against Sonny and Carly's insistence that he stay in Port Charles so the Corinthos contingent can protect him. Carly changes his mind and tells him not to bother to argue with her about anything else in the future.

Another knock-out day for Sydney Mikayla.

I can't believe I didn't realize this earlier, but...Taggert's daughter and Sonny's stepdaughter are best friends. That's awesome.

Trina's on the debate team? I feel bad for anyone who has to go up against her.

What are the odds we'll actually see Trina's mother?

"Wiley couldn't ask for a better father." Sorry, Lucas.

March 3rd, 2020

Julian intimidates Linc into releasing Brook from her contract, and though it looks like it's going to work, Valentin interrupts before Linc can actually tear up the contract. Julian tells Brook that his job is done, so if Linc doesn't do what she wants, it's not his problem. Brook threatens to tell Lucas everything he did, then go to Sonny. Julian calls her bluff, not believing that she's willing to tell Sonny something that would make him kill Julian. Valentin figures out that Brook sent Julian after Linc, which means she's desperate enough to give up her ELQ shares. He sends Linc back to her with his deal: Hand over her shares and the contract goes away. Violet is eager for Anna and Finn to get back together, but Finn still doesn't want her in the middle of the Peter mess. Peter tries to get ahead of anything Maxie might hear about him by reminding her that it's all rumors and lies. Maxie's still buying all of it. Obrecht returns from a trip to Switzerland wanting to make up for things she claims she did because of Faison. Whether that means ratting out Peter remains to be seen. Michael asks Ned to take over his CEO duties while he takes a few weeks off to spend with Wiley. Ned tells Olivia he plans to make the supposedly temporary arrangement permanent. Michael asks Diane for her advice in whether to change Wiley's last name to Quartermaine or Corinthos. Diane thinks he should go with both but cautions him to wait in case Nelle gets herself out of prison and gets to have a say. The writers throw Alexis a bone by giving her a couple of pointless scenes with Valentin.

Don't do it, Brook! Tracy will kill you!

God bless Finn for standing his ground.

Can Maxie have some scenes that don't just emphasize how naïve she is about Peter?

Michael's going to be one of those parents who only talks about his kid, isn't he?

Alexis, you don't have to talk to Valentin anymore.

March 4th, 2020

Nelle's arraignment for knocking out Willow and trying to take Wiley goes much different from how Michael, Carly, and Willow had hoped. Since Willow was the only witness to their fight, and her concussion makes her an unreliable witness, the judge drops the assault charges. Then Zahra's motion for dismissal is granted because Nelle's fake travel documents have mysteriously disappeared from the PCPD (possibly thanks to Valentin). Nelle immediately tells Michael she's going to sue him for full custody. She also kind of asks Valentin out, which is weird. Mac lets Jordan know he'll hold off on taking Curtis' statement about the big teen rescue/Taggert's shooting in case he needs to come up with a cover story. Jordan wants Curtis to tell the full truth, ready to face the consequences of her actions, including losing her job and going to jail for manufacturing evidence. Curtis points out that Cyrus will then be let out of prison, which is kind of the opposite of what they want. His alternate plan is to team up with the Corinthos contingent. Sonny and Jason ask Curtis about Jordan's ties to Cyrus, but he won't give them anything. They're putting it together themselves when Mac finds them to warn that Laura's cracking down on businesses like theirs, so they should expect a visit from a health inspector. In exchange for his kindness, Mac would like a favor to be named later that might help the police take down Cyrus. Brook hates the idea of giving Linc her ELQ shares, worrying that her family will turn on her. Olivia suggests that she let Sonny handle Linc, then may inadvertently talk her into selling the shares because dignity means nothing to a Quartermaine and she's out of better options. Willow tells Chase that she's thinking about staying part of Wiley's life after all. Chase is annoyed that Michael bugged her about that and goes to the Quartermaines', where Sasha admits that she also tried to talk Willow into staying in Wiley's life. Chase and Sasha agree to keep an eye on their significant others and speak up if either of them does something that's not in his or her best interest.

Oh, hey, Zahra came back! And she still has horrible taste in clients!

Valentin didn't think it would be suspicious for him to show up at Nelle's hearing?

Too bad Sam would never be considered a reliable witness, because she could testify that she heard Nelle making travel arrangements.

Once again, Robert, the DA, doesn't get to do any DA stuff.

Hee, Diane has Jason so conditioned that he won't even confirm that he saved Cameron without a lawyer present.

"Believe it or not, Sonny, I do not miss our little chats." More Mac! More Mac!

I can't believe it took Olivia mentioning Sonny for Brook to think of him as an option for handling Linc.

If Miguel is also one of Linc's clients, Brook should tell him about Linc's creepiness and let him spread the word. Public support is what will save her here.

Chase, if you have a problem with Michael, discuss it with Michael. Leave Sasha out of it.

March 5th, 2020

Curtis volunteers to be an intermediary between the mob and the police so Sonny, Jason, and Jordan can all work together to take down Cyrus. Jordan is already hesitant, and becomes even more resistant when Curtis announces that she's one of the agents who put Cyrus away in the first place. She doesn't want to compromise her beliefs and work with the mob, even when Curtis notes that not doing so could get her killed. Jason guesses that Cyrus has something on Jordan, which is why she won't go to the DEA for help. He wants to find out what it is, even though he's still not open to teaming up with the police. Anna tells Peter that the WSB is looking into Black's ties to one of Faison's shell companies. The discovery that the company transferred some money to Obrecht makes Anna believe that she was behind everything Peter's been accused of doing. As Anna confronts Obrecht, Peter thanks whoever set this up for him. Ava's more maternal toward Trina than her own mother, Portia, is, and Portia isn't happy about it. She knows all about Ava's past and thinks she's using Trina as a replacement for Kiki. Ava admits to Franco that she's right. Elizabeth chastises Nikolas for not bothering to comfort his wife, whom he says is more like a business partner than a romantic partner. Elizabeth tells him he's acting like Stefan. Obrecht catches Spinelli trying to eavesdrop on Peter and Anna, so he tries to get her to work with him to get evidence against Peter. Obrecht gets distracted when he tells her that Brad and Nelle were busted for the baby swap and are facing charges. Obrecht races to the courthouse to make sure Nelle won't implicate her. They come to an agreement about keeping their mouths shut. Molly talks to Sam about her relationship, worried since T.J. didn't come home the night before. She considers tracking him down at GH to make him talk, but Sam advises her to set up a time to meet instead. Molly goes by the hospital anyway, then tells Jordan that T.J. didn't show up for work. Carly, Michael, and Willow get all cocky about Nelle never getting custody of Wiley, which probably means she will. Spinelli discovers that Delores has been making regular calls to a burner phone.

How did Jordan not know why Curtis was taking her to see Sonny and Jason? I mean, come on.

I don't blame Portia for not wanting Ava around Trina, but bringing Kiki into it wasn't fair. Still, it's hard to feel bad for Ava, so...they're both awful!

I get the feeling that Nikolas is hoping Ava will cheat with Franco so he can get out of the marriage. Which means Ava and Nikolas are both using the same couple to get what they want. Again, they're both awful!

Good luck getting custody without a job or a place to live, Nelle. Also, why aren't Michael and Carly wondering where she got the money to hire Zahra and pursue custody?

I hope Willow already knew about Michael's criminal history. If not, today was very illuminating for her.

Lots of references to characters from the past over the last couple of weeks: Gia, Stefan, Shawn, Claudia. Who's next?

March 6th, 2020

Obrecht denies any involvement in Drew's death or the attempt on Franco's life, but Anna thinks the "evidence" is enough to put her away, so she's arrested. Robert buddies up to Finn in hopes that he'll explain why he thinks Violet isn't safe living with Anna. Anna thinks that, with Obrecht on the hook for all of Peter's crimes, Finn and Violet can move back in. Maxie believes Obrecht is guilty and hates the thought of James having to suffer for her actions. Portia knows about Taggert's past with Cyrus but hasn't put together why Taggert came back to Port Charles. While in New York for Neil's hearing, Alexis goes to the opera...and is seated right next to Neil. They see Aida, which has some similarities to their situation, as well as a happy ending. Neil thinks they can spend some more time together without getting in trouble or doing anything that could put his job at risk. (Good luck, Neil.) Maxie's annoyed that Nina doesn't appreciate her more, but she doesn't want to jump ship just yet. Jordan and Molly decide that T.J. wants time alone but isn't in any danger. Molly wishes she'd made it clear that she loves him and doesn't want to break up. Trina laments running out of time with her father while Cameron laments never having been able to know his. Jax and Nina recap recent events for us, and the news about Wiley makes her think about how she and Willow now have losing a child in common.

Robert, time to make a deal with Obrecht. Obrecht, time to start singing about Brad.

Speaking of Obrecht and Brad, I'm begging for them to be put in neighboring cells.

Jordan, you need to be much more worried about T.J.

Diane was totally behind the opera set-up, no matter what Neil says. It has her fingerprints all over it.

I think that's the first time we've ever heard Cameron talk about Zander. Also...did he say that Elizabeth loved him? Because...she left him to die in the hotel fire, and she's the one who called the cops when he took Emily hostage, which led to his death. Elizabeth, what, exactly, have you told Cameron about his father?

This is the perfect time for them to go back to the plot about Nina's daughter. Also, drink whenever we see the half-pendant necklace.

If HR hadn't OK'd Jax and Nina's relationship, he could have just changed the rules, since it's his company.

March 9th, 2020

Maxie and Finn believe Peter's fake evidence and think he's completely innocent. Spinelli calls Peter out for lying, but Maxie defends him, saying she's ready to spend the rest of her life with him. Finn is so swayed by the evidence that he agrees to move back in with Anna. Spinelli tells Jason that Peter framed Obrecht but is trying to make it look like she framed him. Jason tells Anna she's lying to herself if she thinks Peter's innocent, and reminds her of all the things that point to him being responsible. Anna warns him not to go after Peter himself. Michael wants to keep custody from Nelle by playing up all the horrible things she's done. Diane thinks the better plan is to make Michael look awesome. Killing Claudia is a strike against him, and his association with the Corinthoses and other convicted felons is another, but overall, Michael's a much better choice of parent than Nelle. However, if he wants to tip the scales in his favor, he should consider marrying Sasha. Meanwhile, Sam overhears Sasha confiding in Chase that things are moving too fast for her and she's not ready to be Wiley's mother figure. Alexis and Neil each take responsibility for their unprofessional behavior, since they both could have pursued something personal instead of using therapy as an excuse to see each other. They try valiantly to stick to their plan to say nothing happened between them, but ultimately they end the night in Alexis' hotel room, unable to keep their hands off each other. Willow is so desperate to keep Wiley from Nelle that she goes to...Nina? She wants Nina to publish something in Crimson about how horrible Nelle is, because I guess she thinks a judge will read that and take it into consideration. Nina tells her she's too close to the situation, but when Willow asks if she's saying Willow should move on, Nina says she should take her time, since she can't just turn off her feelings about Wiley that easily. Diane catches Sam and Jason together at the Quartermaines' and lectures them for sneaking around.


Why do I feel like they keep giving Chase and Sasha scenes together because they're going to swap partners? I've felt for a while like Michael and Willow were eventually going to end up together.

Writers, if you want Nina and Willow to have scenes together, you need to find a less contrived way to do it.

Diane said there would be privilege if Sam and Jason were married. I guess it would be pointless for them to get married now? No one would fall for that?

Sam, your attitude with Diane isn't helping.

Sasha and Lucy working out of the library is continuity – once upon a time, Lucy was a librarian.

March 10th, 2020

Mac hosts a wake for Taggert after his funeral, and Sonny crashes to pay his respects. Ava also shows up, annoying Portia. Curtis wants to skip it since he feels horrible about not saving Taggert, but Laura convinces him to go. Trina's furious about his presence and can't even stay in the same room as him. P.S. Portia and Curtis know each other from years ago... Neil wants to tell the truth at his hearing, but Alexis wants to continue with their cover-up and deal with the two-year separation. She lies about the nature of their relationship and may have snowed the hearing committee. Scott is defending Brad, who won't tell him about Julian's involvement in the baby swap even under attorney/client privilege. Julian admits to Ava that he's a little worried that Brad won't stick to their deal. Michael tells Sasha about Diane's suggestion that they get married. Sasha seems open to it if he thinks it's a good idea, but he wants to save marriage for when they're both ready to do it for love. Sonny's supportive of whatever Michael wants to do about Nelle, but Michael gets that he'll probably make some moves of his own. Sonny starts by paying Brad a visit. Jordan gets a text from T.J. (allegedly) saying he's okay and is taking some time away to think. Ava invites Elizabeth and Franco to have dinner with her and Nikolas. Laura tells Elizabeth that's a bad idea, but Elizabeth already knows that Ava and Nikolas are up to something.

My theory that Curtis is Trina's father is back on the table!

So far this week, Sonny has crashed a funeral and interrupted a discussion about marriage. Tune in tomorrow to watch him walk in on Neil and Alexis naked.

Julian, are you sure you want to entrust your fate to Scott?

Brad, it's not taking the fall if you actually did it.

March 11th, 2020

Laura suggests that the police look into anyone at Pentonville who could be aiding Cyrus, and find out if there's anyone in his life he cares about. Jordan thinks she can get information out of him herself, so she pays him a visit. Cyrus makes comments about kids and doctors, making her think that Cyrus had T.J. kidnapped. Sonny tells Brad to plead guilty at his arraignment or *throat-slashing gesture*. Brad does, to Scott's dismay, and faces 15-40 years in prison. Lucas attends the hearing but says this might be the last time he and Brad ever see each other. Julian is still in the clear, since Brad doesn't want Lucas to lose him. The only bright spot of Brad's day is a dark spot for the rest of us, as Britt shows up. Since Alexis lied in her testimony (committing perjury and putting her own career at risk), Neil has no choice but to back her story and say they've never had a personal relationship. The hearing committee believes them and lets Neil keep his license. Neil and Alexis' two-year no-dating clock starts ticking. Molly feels a little better after Jordan tells her she heard from T.J. (allegedly), but now she's mad that he's ignoring her after all their years together. Sam reminds her that she's a PI and finds people for a living, so she'll go on a T.J. hunt. Mike has a good day, aided by visits from Sonny and Brook. All the talk about the importance of family makes Brook decide she wants to work for ELQ. Laura's surprised to hear that Curtis and Portia know each other, but unfortunately, he doesn't provide any details.

This would be an excellent time for the show to bring back Shawn. Assuming he's still in Pentonville, he could look into some things for Jordan. And if Cyrus did anything to T.J., Shawn will kill him and solve everyone's problem.

"Machiavelli? Could you be more obvious?" LOL, right? Try subtlety, Cyrus.

I assume Brad hasn't brought up Obrecht as a witness because he's afraid of her?

Brad: "You should move on. Find someone better." Shouldn't be hard.

Why is Sam dressed like she just came from the funeral for her third husband, who died under suspicious circumstances?

March 12th, 2020

Cyrus doesn't outright admit to kidnapping T.J., but a proof-of-life photo and enough comments from Cyrus confirm that he's been abducted. Jordan is willing to do pretty much everything to get him back, but we don't get to hear what Cyrus asks of her. Back at home, Jordan keeps quiet about the kidnapping while trying to get rid of Stella. Britt thinks Brad is crazy for pleading guilty until he explains that he didn't have much of a choice. He tells her about Obrecht's involvement in the whole mess, and Britt doesn't see a problem with dragging her into things to get her testimony. She also wants Julian dragged into it, and when Brad declines, she goes to see him herself. Michael and Chase discuss Nelle's missing travel documents and wonder if they were taken by a Shilohtologist. Chase thinks Michael and Sasha should get married if it'll give him an advantage over Nelle in the custody trial. Sasha talks the same situation over with Willow, who doesn't seem that thrilled about the idea until she has a run-in with Nelle. Willow disapproves of Nelle's desire to change Wiley's name, so Nelle reminds her that her own son is dead and she gets no say in Nelle's life. For possibly the first time, Julian and Willow are on the same side, as they both despise Nelle and want her away from Wiley. Brook already has some ideas for ELQ, and though she's disappointed that she has to keep waiting out her contract before she can go back to music, she's still eager to get more involved with her family. Ned thinks the time off from music might turn out to be good for her. Stella visits to check on Curtis after the shootout. They talk a lot about Trina, but none of it is informative for us.

On the bright side, T.J.'s kidnapping will probably make him and Molly forget all about their problems.

I wonder if Britt knows that Nikolas is alive. I feel like Spencer would have told her.

It says a lot about Britt (and Obrecht) that she went to bug Julian before visiting her mother in lockup.

I like that Michael and Brook are becoming buddies. Maybe he'll be a good influence on her.

Look at Ned, knowing who Childish Gambino is!

March 13th, 2020

Jordan gets a text telling her that someone is coming to see her, so she needs to be alone. She sends Curtis and Stella away and prepares for her visitor, who is, shockingly, Harmony. Cyrus pulled strings to get her early parole, and to repay him, Harmony has to do his bidding or he'll go after Willow. She tells Jordan she's now Cyrus' inside woman in the PCPD and will do whatever he tells her. Also, she's not allowed to tell anyone what's going on. Michael and Sasha agree that marriage would be good for both them and Wiley, so they get engaged. Diane quickly brings the mood down by noting that Sasha isn't exactly a sterling citizen, and marrying her could actually hurt Michael's case. Britt chats with Julian at Charlie's, talking about grabbing happiness for yourself because the world won't hand it to you. Then they have sex in his office. Nina visits Obrecht in lockup but isn't swayed by Obrecht's insistence that she's being framed. She tries to guilt Nina by playing the Nathan card, but that just makes Nina mad. Franco learns of Obrecht's arrest and immediately denies that she would have tried to have him killed. Elizabeth is more skeptical, knowing Obrecht. A conversation with Obrecht doesn't convince Franco that she wouldn't see him as collateral damage while trying to save herself. Willow and Chase run into Harmony, once of the mother and daughter's few face-to-face interactions over the past few weeks. After Harmony leaves (to go do bad stuff), Willow tells Chase she's proud of her mother for the way she took her life back after Shiloh. Sam cautions Spinelli not to talk to Maxie about their Peter accusations, knowing she'll choose Peter over Spinelli.

This Jordan plot could get really interesting. I hope it has a good payoff.

There's no way Jordan and Curtis have room for Stella to stay with them anyway. I'm sure Carly won't charge her for a room at the hotel.

Oh, no, Harmony went back to the dark side! Willow should hope that Nina's her mother.

I predict that Michael will marry Willow, making the two of them, Chase, and Sasha the new Ned, Alexis, Jax, and Chloe.

If Spinelli thinks Obrecht's being framed, why doesn't he go talk to her? She's probably very willing to team up now.

March 16th, 2020

Obrecht tries desperately to convince Britt that Peter framed her for all of his crimes. Britt wants to believe her, but she's more concerned with protecting her own freedom than getting into anything that might get her in trouble, so Obrecht's on her own. Robert, however, believes Obrecht's claims and is ready to work with her to prove her innocence/Peter's guilt. Sonny gives Johnny's/Julian's garage to Brando, who worries that it's a front for the mob. He confides to Jason that he shouldn't be rewarded for saving Carly because he wasn't being brave. Jason doesn't care why he went into the warehouse, as long as Carly walked out alive, so Brando should just accept Sonny's generosity. Violet's birthday is approaching, and Finn feels horrible that he can't bring Hayden home for her. Elizabeth demands information about Hayden's whereabouts from Nikolas, who can't help her. Elizabeth can't believe the two of them were ever close, and tells Nikolas that if Hayden's dead, it's his fault. Franco and Elizabeth's basement flooded, so they need money. Franco's especially eager to provide for his family, which Scott really admires. Ava tries to encourage him to go back to his art, though he thinks he might have lost his talent. Carly gets overprotective of Josslyn and Dev, so Josslyn considers going to Australia until the Cyrus situation blows over. She decides to stay in town, and the possibility of Dustin tutoring her definitely doesn't hurt. Sonny asks Julian if he paid for Brad's lawyer because Brad has something on him. He decides it doesn't really matter, since Brad's going to prison, but if Julian had anything to do with the baby swap, he's in trouble. Nikolas would really appreciate it if Ava would keep her distance when they're not publicly pretending to be happily married.

Show, if you're going to keep having people mention Hayden, you have to bring her back. Sorry, I don't make the rules.

Franco should get Heather to make some more paintings, then cut her in on the profits. No, wait – Nikolas should pay for their house repairs to make things up to Elizabeth.

Carly keeping Josslyn and Dev under lock and key implies that she doesn't trust any of the guards to protect them. How does that make you feel, Max and Milo?

The idea of Britt and Julian becoming a couple makes me shudder.

How does Ava know that Violet's birthday is coming up?

March 17th, 2020

Nelle gets to have visitation with Wiley before the custody trial, so Michael asks Chase to come over and help keep an eye on her (though Sasha's presence really should be enough). Everyone's on his or her best behavior, and Nelle goes from there to the Metro Court to brag to Carly that Wiley absolutely loves her. Meanwhile, Sasha and Chase urge Michael to get married. Right on cue, Willow shows up offering her help to deal with Nelle. Sam gets Spinelli to track T.J.'s phone and find out where he is. She tells Jordan she'll go get him, but Jordan comes up with an excuse to get his location from her and keep her out of it. Just as Jordan's about to head off to get him, Harmony shows up with an update. Josslyn tells Cameron how grateful she is that he's okay after the kidnapping. It seems like he's about to tell her he was thinking about her in what he thought could be his final moments, but they get interrupted. Trina blows up at Josslyn for trying to sympathize with her, since Josslyn has been through tons of dangerous stuff and is better able to handle it. Trina and Cameron admit to each other that they're not really okay, and they appreciate having each other to lean on. And then they kiss! Harmony comes by Brando's garage for a minor car repair and acts really nervous around Jason. She tells Brando it's because of Sonny and Jason's business, but Brando tells Jason something else must be going on because nothing was really wrong with her car. As Harmony's talking to Brando about starting over and second chances, Jason tells Willow that her mother has a new car. Willow immediately guesses that she's up to something illegal. Portia tells Carly she's worried about Trina's closeness with Ava. Carly tells her she's right to worry, but she shouldn't forbid Trina from spending time with Ava, since that backfired with Morgan. Jordan brushes Curtis off to focus on T.J., so he goes to talk to Portia about Trina. Neil is now on staff at GH, which probably means he and Alexis will be running into each other more often. Elizabeth asks him if he'll be Cameron's therapist, since she's not convinced that he's handling the kidnapping well. Neil and Laura both suggest that she wait until he asks for help.

Michael doesn't need to bring Chase over when Nelle's there. Just make sure Brook's home whenever Nelle comes over.

LOL at Jordan being all, "Sam, I know your 'friend' is Spinelli. We all know your 'friend' is always Spinelli. Just say 'Spinelli.'"

Dang, Willow already figured out that Harmony's up to something bad. She's good.

Please tell me Curtis, the very savvy PI, has already figured out that Trina could be his daughter.

I like that Cameron, who probably has very little, if any, contact with Lucky anymore, still considers Laura his grandmother.

March 18th, 2020

Sasha suggests that Willow marry Michael, and though Willow's game, the guys refuse to consider the idea. Sasha won't let go of it, though, and I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up happening. Jordan goes to the place she thinks T.J.'s being held but only finds his phone. Harmony tells her he was moved, and if she wants him back, she'll need to let Cyrus' people bring a shipment through town. Jordan suggests that they team up and take Cyrus down together, but Harmony knows that could end in disaster. Left with no choice, Jordan steers her officers away from the route the shipment will take. Portia and Curtis were involved 17 years ago, and Curtis ended things as soon as he found out she was married. Portia tells him he's not Trina's father, which Curtis admits he's relieved to hear. Trina catches them talking and yells at Curtis some more. Portia tells her that Curtis is a wonderful person and saved her life, so she needs to get over her anger toward him. Curtis tells Jordan about his and Portia's past relationship and her claim that he's not Trina's father, since he wants them to always be honest with each other. Jordan doesn't take the bait. Josslyn interrupts before Cameron and Trina can discuss their kiss. Things get really awkward, but Josslyn doesn't catch on. Lulu convinces Maxie to stop complaining about Nina's lack of gratitude for her contributions and tell her she wants more recognition. Maxie announces that she doesn't feel like her work is appreciated enough, and she feels like she fills multiple roles but only gets paid for one. Nina is hugely apologetic and offers her a raise and promotion. Unfortunately, Jax vetoes them. Instead of doing her job, Brook sasses her father, livestreams her workday, and accidentally posts confidential documents on Facebook. Lulu, who's itching for something to use against her, is thrilled. Jax offers to take Josslyn to Australia for a few months, but Josslyn tells him, like she already told Carly, that she wants to stay in town.

Are they going to explain why Trina's last name is Robinson, not Taggert? I figured she was just born before Portia and Taggert got married, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Yeah, I'm going to need to see a paternity test before I believe you, Portia.

Does Maxie think Nina is Connie? Did she never think to just ask for what she wanted?

Okay, seriously, the Lulu/Brook rivalry is way past its expiration date.

If I were desperate for a job, got a pity hire from my father, and then both slacked on my work AND gave him attitude, I'd be out the door in ten seconds.

March 19th, 2020

Brook posted information about a merger that will lead to layoffs and make some people in town unhappy. Lulu decides to use the info to scoop every other news source, so Ned and Michael find out about Brook's poor handling of confidential documents from the Invader. Somehow, Ned doesn't immediately fire Brook, and Michael even agrees to try to clean things up on her behalf. Jax won't give Nina money for Maxie's raise since it would look like favoritism for his girlfriend. Nina gives Maxie a promotion anyway, then reluctantly tells her that there's no extra money for her right now. Maxie handles it very unprofessionally, storming out and vowing revenge. Jason tells Sonny that Harmony went by the garage and may be looking for information on the organization. Sonny asks Brando for more details, and Brando asks if he should get involved in the mob side of things after all, since it looks like Sonny's enemies are going to be nosing around. Sonny says no, which Brando accepts, though he's not thrilled about it. Spinelli and Brando meet, and Spinelli asks Brando's opinion on the Maxie/Peter situation. Brando thinks he should step in and try to separate them so Maxie doesn't get hurt. Anna asks Jason and Spinelli to make sure they don't influence Georgie's feelings about Peter by hating him around her. Jason's not interested in that. Robert bugs Peter for a while, then asks Finn to keep his eyes open when Peter's around. Jax and Carly discuss sending Josslyn to Australia, and there's fighting about communicating and co-parenting and whatever, I swear, if we have to hear about this one more time, I'm going to cry. Finn and Anna realize they've never made any wedding plans and start actually discussing getting married. Olivia asks Robert about Dante and is officially the only person left on the planet who cares.

Brook, shut up. BROOK, SHUT UP. BROOK, SHUT UP.

Maxie really needs to learn how to place blame on the right person. It's not Nina's fault that Jax won't give her money.

Anna's denial is honestly making me really dislike her.

There have now been three conversations about Josslyn going to Australia. Meanwhile, Lucas has barely been seen since the baby swap was revealed, and Kristina hasn't made an appearance at all in 2020. Can we move on, please?

Show, PLEASE give Olivia something to do other than asking Robert about Dante a-freaking-gain.

March 20th, 2020

Maxie continues being immature about not getting a raise, then resigns. She calls Lucy, thinking she's assured a job at Deception, though Lucy doesn't confirm this. Valentin also contacts Lucy, wanting to use his ELQ money to invest in Deception. Lucy says no, knowing that getting into business with Valentin would make Nina call off the Deception/Crimson deal, which Lucy really needs to get the company running again. She walks into the middle of the Maxie/Nina/Jax fight and is accused of poaching Maxie from Crimson. When Lucy denies ever offering Maxie a job, Maxie realizes she just burned a bunch of bridges and ended up with nothing. But then Nina calls off the Deception/Crimson deal, so Lucy runs straight back to Valentin, accepts his investment, and hires Maxie. Brook and Lulu fight, champagne is sprayed, punches are thrown, and innocent bystanders are injured. Chase tries to break things up and gets smacked in the face by Brook, who ends up in lockup. Valentin witnesses the whole fight and gleefully films it, which will probably come back to haunt Lulu in court. Carly learns that Sasha wants Michael to marry Willow, and she's totally onboard, as well as pleased that Sasha's thinking strategically. She urges Sasha to talk Michael into the marriage. Jason and Anna disagree over which of Obrecht and Peter is guilty and who framed who. Jason's annoyed that someone he respects is being duped, and Anna's annoyed that Jason won't accept what she thinks is proof of Obrecht's crimes. Spinelli rushes to Maxie’s apartment when he learns that Peter's there alone with Georgie. He's bad at hiding his dislike for Peter, who wonders if it's because Spinelli still has feelings for Maxie. (That's a no.) Peter suggests that Spinelli get used to him being around, since he and Maxie are probably going to get married. Willow learns that Sasha and Chase have been discussing the Nelle stuff away from her and Michael, but she's not really upset about it.

At least Maxie realized she acted like a child. Seriously, it's a toss-up for who was least mature today: Maxie, Lulu, or Brook.

I loved James Patrick Stuart's facial expressions during Brook and Lulu's fight.

Sasha, Carly is admiring your sinister side. That's really bad.

Georgie wants to be a wallaby. I think she and Violet will be great friends.

March 23rd, 2020

Sonny and Jason can't figure out how Cyrus got a shipment past them, especially since the police have been keeping an eye on traffic through town. They guess that someone on the PCPD is responsible, and when Jason mentions T.J.'s sudden disappearance, the two of them put everything together. Harmony tells Jordan that Cyrus has more demands for her to meet before T.J. will be returned – namely, she has to get Cyrus out of prison. Sam gets suspicious about T.J.'s disappearance and Jordan's reaction to it. She fills Curtis in, surprised that Jordan didn't tell him that Sam tracked his phone and that Jordan went looking for him. Curtis confronts Jordan, guessing that she's hiding something, and as she's possibly about to tell him everything, Sonny and Jason show up to tell her they know Cyrus took T.J. Finn and Anna want to involve Violet in their wedding, so they ask if she wants to be a part of their commitment. Violet declines, thinking that Anna will be replacing Hayden. Finn explains to her that your heart expands when you love people, and there's always room for more. Franco and Britt debate whether Obrecht would try to have him killed, since Franco isn't 100% convinced yet. Peter thinks she's broken beyond repair and would do anything necessary to guarantee her own survival. Ava and Nikolas try to subtly push each other toward Elizabeth and Franco. Britt's been temporarily hired to replace Kim at GH, though Felix and Elizabeth don't think she'll last a month. Britt and Nikolas run into each other and she slaps him and yells at him for hurting Spencer. Elizabeth jumps in to tell her to back off, which makes Ava happy. Finn seems to have listened to Robert's warning that Peter isn't the innocent guy he claims to be. Elizabeth and Felix worry that Lucas is working too much and is headed for a breakdown.

Who's been dressing Sam recently? Her wardrobe has been so weird.

I hope Felix and Elizabeth's prediction that Britt will be gone in two to four weeks is right.

But also: Imagine if she slept with Nikolas, got pregnant, and didn't know if he or Julian was the baby's father.

Jason shoving away the bowl of moss on the Corinthoses' kitchen counter has to be a nod to everyone who's mentioned it online.

March 24th, 2020

Jordan tells Curtis, Sonny, and Jason everything, then says she's going to turn herself in for framing Cyrus so he'll be released from prison. Curtis thinks she's nuts, but Sonny agrees with the plan. Brook gets out of lockup without too much trouble and thinks she'll be able to jump right back into work. The other Quartermaines are attempting damage control, which leads to Michael and Ned fighting. Ned decides the only option is to fire Brook, who thinks family loyalty should outweigh business strategy. In retaliation, she tells Linc she'll accept his deal. Maxie and Sasha are upset when they learn that Lucy accepted Valentin's investment and is giving him a share of the company. Maxie suspects that he's somehow scheming to get Nina back yet again. Valentin encourages her to take the opportunity she's been given, no matter who she'd have to work with. Nina needs a replacement for Maxie so she can spend less time working and more time gazing at that necklace. Nelle needs a job to look good for the court, so she offers herself up, along with her sob story that Brad took her child from her, something Nina should understand. Nina softens toward her and seems to be leaning toward hiring her, but it might be so she can eventually expose her evil nature. Willow asks Harmony about her new car and whether she's gotten herself into a new mess. Harmony comes up with explanations for everything, but Willow just gets more suspicious, especially when Harmony hints that something bad might happen to her. It's been a few days since someone had a medical emergency, and this time it's Wiley's turn.

I don't get why Sonny doesn't just have Cyrus killed. Or maybe that's his first move when Jordan gets Cyrus out of prison.

Hmm, is Nina going to do to Nelle what she did to Ava?

I wonder if it's significant that Harmony said, "When you came into my life" to Willow instead of, "When you were born." Listen, I'm not going to believe that Willow isn't Nina's daughter until someone else shows up with the other half of the necklace.

Michael encouraged Sasha to work with Valentin, so...he's lost his mind.

March 25th, 2020

Curtis refuses to go along with Jordan's idea to turn herself in, but he supports Sonny and Jason's plan B: pretend she thought Cyrus' bust was legit and blame the frame job on the other members of the taskforce. Jordan hesitates to throw her team under the bus, but she doesn't have any better options, so she agrees to do it. Molly gets Sam to track T.J.'s phone again and is confused when it shows up at Jordan's. She heads over and overhears Sonny and Jason talking about getting their guy on the outside. The hereditary heart condition Michael passed on to Wiley hasn't resolved, so Wiley needs surgery. Since it's technically an elective procedure, both Michael and Nelle need to give their consent, and Nelle isn't convinced that it's necessary. Nina hires Nelle and gets a lecture from Carly for it. Nina reveals that she's just keeping Nelle close so she can witness anything Nelle does that might make her look bad in court. She cautions Carly to keep her distance, but Carly knows things with Nelle will only end when Carly ends them. Trina skips school to do gallery stuff, impressing Ava. Portia's upset, both because she cut school and because she went missing after being kidnapped. Trina wants her space, but she ends up opening up to her mother about how strange things are now that Taggert's dead. In an attempt to dig up dirt on Delores, Spinelli follows her to a bar and catches her with a city councilman (significant because they're both married to other people). Unfortunately, Delores then catches Spinelli.

Jordan will enable a drug dealer to get T.J. back, but she won't sell out a couple of dead guys. Okay.

This isn't going to make Nelle look good in court.

Carly's sorry for jumping to conclusions, AKA her default setting.

The Sam/Jason separation needs to end already. It's been three months.

Speaking of plots that need to end: Can Chekhov's necklace go off already?

March 26th, 2020

Laura tells Sonny that new drugs have shown up in town, and she's going to have to ramp up her efforts to shut down crime. Sonny promises that he's making moves to stop Cyrus. Jason worries that Laura will catch on to them when Jordan pulls off her scam and Cyrus ends up dead. Sam calls in Alexis to help get Spinelli out of trouble with Delores, who wants to charge him with being a Peeping Tom. Sam figures she might as well shoot her shot and points out that if the situation goes to court, Delores will have to admit to having an affair. Delores accuses her of blackmail, which is a one-way ticket back to Pentonville. Alexis manages to not throttle her daughter while smoothing things over, though now Delores is going to be even harder on Sam. Alexis blasts Sam for risking her freedom, and Sam blasts her right back for not standing up to the board and fighting for her relationship with Neil. In fact, Alexis makes her sad because she's a pushover now. Alexis is so upset by Sam's words and her stalled relationship that she takes a drink. Michael can't convince Nelle to approve Wiley's surgery, so Willow encourages him to do whatever's necessary to get full custody so he can make the decision himself. Kevin spots Neil and Alexis together and guesses that a) she's the patient he got into a relationship with and b) it's not really over. Neil is adamant that they're going to play by the rules. Jason cautions Willow to keep her distance from Harmony, since she's into something dangerous. Willow thinks it has something to do with her, and that someone's holding her over her mother's head. Laura asks Neil to help start a clinic for all the people who will be using the drugs Cyrus is bringing into town.

Sonny probably thinks the DEA and FBI will throw him a parade if he kills Cyrus.

Maybe Ned and Alexis can catch up with each other and commiserate about their idiot children.

Imagine getting mad at your mother for following rules.

To be fair, Sam never officially tried to blackmail Delores. She simply noted that Delores' reputation would be harmed if her activities were exposed. She didn't threaten to expose them herself. (How'd I do, Diane?)

March 27th, 2020

Michael tries a different tack with Nelle (calmness), but it still doesn't change her mind about the surgery. Carly accuses Nelle of using Wiley and points out that if he dies, she'll no longer be able to use him as leverage. She encourages Nelle to approve the surgery and look like a hero. Nelle almost falls for it, but she backs down so Carly won't win. Carly goes the petty route and locks her on the hospital roof. Alexis can't reach Finn or Molly, so she calls Julian to get her from the bar. She takes full responsibility for her fall off the wagon and doesn't resist when Julian takes her to a meeting. Elizabeth sends Cameron to therapy with Neil, though Cameron's still insisting he's fine. Neil gets him to open up a little, and Cameron admits that he feels horrible for running from the warehouse and leaving Trina behind. Neil helps him realize that he was helpful to Jason, which led to Trina's rescue. Elizabeth confides in Nikolas that she's worried Cameron will ignore his feelings like she did when she was raped. She remembers leaning on her friends at the time, which is what Cameron's doing now, so he may be handling things better than she thought. Ava wonders if she has anything to offer Trina when she asks for the kind of advice a mother gives a daughter. Franco thinks she did fine by Kiki and can be a kind of maternal figure to Trina. I'm really tired of hearing Anna and Finn (and now Britt) talk about Peter. Trina and Josslyn think Cameron's acting a little strangely because of his recent traumas. Trina says he's checking in with her a lot, but she doesn't tell Josslyn about their kiss. Britt meets Neil and thinks he's familiar. Then she meets up with Julian again, and I still have no idea where that's leading. We get it, Mike is getting worse.

Carly, don't lock her on the roof! Throw her OFF the roof! Or, you know, forge her signature and say she gave her consent. Whatever.

I guess Alexis doesn't have a sponsor, huh?

Uh, I don't remember Jason saying that he would take Cameron back into the building to save Trina. Also, that never would have happened.

I don't get why Britt is still here. And I'm scared to find out why she finds Neil familiar.

March 30th, 2020

Elizabeth finds Nelle on the roof, where she's been stuck all night while Wiley undergoes surgery, supposedly with Nelle's signed consent. Nelle demands to see the consent form, which has mysteriously disappeared from Wiley's file, thanks to Bobbie. Carly plays innocent about how Nelle got locked on the roof, and Nelle can't get anyone to take her seriously, so that probably won't go anywhere. She threatens to sue the hospital for going forward with the surgery. Wiley comes through the operation fine, though he'll need another procedure in a few months. Michael's determined to get full custody by then so Nelle won't have a say in his treatment. Jason helps Jordan solidify her story before she meets with an Internal Affairs agent to start the ball rolling on their plan. Cameron tells Franco he's trying to sort through his feelings for Josslyn and Trina. Meanwhile, Trina confides in Ava, who tells her to fight for Cameron if she wants him and walk away if she thinks he'd prefer Josslyn. Portia apologizes to Curtis for Trina's behavior, but he's willing to be a punching bag if it helps her through the grieving process. Portia reveals that Taggert never knew about her and Curtis' affair, and Trina definitely doesn't know. Curtis admits that he told Jordan, though I doubt that will matter. Portia tells him that Taggert filled her in on a lot of the Cyrus stuff at the time, but doesn't mention if she knows that his team manufactured the evidence that sent Cyrus to prison. Molly tells Sam that she saw Jason and Sonny at Jordan's, so they might know if T.J.'s been hanging around there. Sam agrees to call Jason so they can discuss it. Mike is worse, again, some more.

Seriously, can someone just kill Nelle already?

Jordan should have left Taggert out of her lies and just implicated the other two guys. Trina doesn't need that additional trauma.

Cameron liking both Trina and Josslyn is like Willow liking both Michael and Chase. There are no bad choices here.

Ava telling Trina not to be someone's second choice is probably the only good advice she's ever given.

I don't care about Portia and Taggert's relationship! Just tell us if Curtis is Trina's father!

Sam, sweetie, just ask Curtis about T.J. That won't get you sent back to prison.

March 31st, 2020

Jordan tells the IA investigator that she looked into Cyrus' case after Taggert and the other agents' deaths, and she believes they set Cyrus up. The investigator turns the case over the DOJ for further review. Mac objects to the idea of Taggert doing something like that, so Laura tasks him with finding out what's really going on. Alexis tells Finn about her fall off the wagon and the things that led up to it. She doesn't tell him about Neil, but he'll probably catch on sooner or later because they're awkward around each other and can't stop thinking about their night together in New York. Britt laments losing her best friend, so Julian offers himself as a replacement. He brings up Alexis and Neil, making Britt remember where she's seen Neil before: She was at the New York hotel where they hooked up. Julian's furious to learn about their night together and goes straight to the hospital to confront Neil. Brook tells Ned that she got out of her contract and will be going back to her music career. Since she won't give details, Olivia guesses that whatever she did will blow up in all their faces. Trina and Cameron talk about everything except their kiss until they finally approach the subject, but only to confirm that Trina didn't tell Josslyn about it. Olivia and Dustin get Lulu to realize that, like Brook said during their fight, Lulu didn't think about all the people she would be hurting when she published the story about the merger. Lulu apologizes to Brook, who will accept on one condition: She wants Dustin. Portia doesn't seem to know anything about the manufactured evidence against Cyrus until Jordan tells her about it.

I didn't think of the possibility of Mac calling bull on Taggert manufacturing evidence. That could really screw things up for Jordan.

Julian just can't help ruining things, can he?


Was Ned trying to sound generous by telling Brook she could have anything on the menu? 1) He's rich. 2) His wife is one of the owners. They probably eat there free.

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