General Hospital blog - March, 2021

March 1st, 2021

Anna and Valentin make a plan, and he talks her into keeping it from Finn so she doesn't implicate him in anything. Anna tells Jordan that she's not sure the wedding will actually happen. Jordan is already suspicious of Anna and Valentin's secrecy and hopes they're not hiding some sort of illegal activity that's going to take place. Valentin pretends everything is normal and he'll always have Peter's back, even though Peter's life is about to change drastically (because he's getting married and becoming a father, not because he's going to be behind bars soon). Just when it looks like everyone's ready to walk down the aisle, someone kidnaps Peter. Obrecht shows Maxie the proof Dante got tying Peter to Black, but Maxie doesn't believe it. She thinks Obrecht can't handle her happiness with someone other than Nathan, and also wants to hurt Peter because of her hatred for Anna. Obrecht begs her to listen to her instincts and what Nathan must be telling her. Instead, Maxie goes back to the Metro Court to get ready for her wedding. Obrecht decides the flash drive with Alex's message to Peter will have to do the trick. Chase tells Finn that Gregory mentioned that Jackie disappeared the night before their wedding, making Gregory think she was going to back out. Finn advises Chase not to dig too much into the marriage. If Dante was supposed to complete his mission before the wedding, he isn't successful, since Valentin interrupts before he's able to do anything other than warn Peter never to hurt Maxie. Gregory thinks there's still hope for him and Jackie, but she makes it clear that the separation will end in divorce, not reconciliation. Jason and Franco basically just recap stuff for the entire episode.

Should I be disturbed that my first thought when Anna and Valentin wanted to delay the wedding was that they should just kidnap Peter? Nah, it's probably fine.

All the pre-wedding drinking makes me hope all the wedding guests are drunk for the rest of this plot. (I may join them.)

"I'm going to be late for my own wedding." The good news is that, since you're one of the brides, they can't start without you.

They're really getting their money's worth out of those cemetery sets, huh?

March 2nd, 2021

Once Peter's disappearance has been discovered, Maxie tries to hold it together and convince everyone that he didn't leave voluntarily. Anna pretends to be worried while Valentin keeps their plan moving: Peter's abductor will take him to a secret location, and Valentin will make it look like Peter left Maxie at the altar. He even leaves a fake goodbye note in Peter's room saying Peter has too many secrets to stick around. Maxie encourages Anna and Finn to get married alone, and though Finn is all for that, Anna makes him think she's too worried about Peter to go through with the ceremony. Finn is suspicious of Robert, who's like, "I had nothing to do with Peter going missing, but I wish I'd thought of it." Dante stumbles across Peter, who was stashed in a utility closet, and rescues him. Anna and Valentin try again to postpone the weddings, thinking Maxie's been through too much to keep going, but Peter and Maxie are so much in love that they don't want to wait. Lucy starts the ceremony, but she's interrupted when Obrecht finally shows up. To quote Violet, "Uh-oh."

Why did Obrecht take so long to show up?

Hey, guy Valentin hired to kidnap Peter, I don't think you're going to get paid.

Valentin doesn't seem worried that the police will find the fake goodbye note.

If I were a new viewer and unfamiliar with Britt's past behavior, I her. That said, Dante asking, "You steal any babies lately, or was that just a one-off?" made me cackle.

Who picked out Sam's dress? It's completely inappropriate for a wedding.

Did Curtis disappear? Is he the new Kristina?

March 3rd, 2021

Obrecht provides evidence that she's been exonerated, then plays Alex's message informing Peter that she's his birth mother. Peter's devastated, and people are ticked at Anna for not telling him the truth. Though Peter believes he can now never be the person Maxie thinks he is and deserves, she doesn't see this as a deal-breaker, and she wants to proceed with their wedding. Obrecht is mad at Robert for not keeping his word that he would take down Peter, so she prepares to clickytize Dante and have him finally complete his mission. Before she can, Valentin steps up, ready to finally reveal Peter's crimes to everyone. Finn is angry with Anna for telling Valentin, but not him, about Peter's maternity, so this might be the fatal blow that ends their relationship. Carly asks Michael to reconsider letting Nina get to know Wiley until she's processed Nelle's death more. Michael notes that he benefited from having lots of family members in his life as a child, and he wants Wiley to have the same thing. Carly cautions that Nina will want to talk to Wiley about Nelle a lot, and they should put off telling him about his birth mother as long as possible. Nina vents to Ava about how Carly's treating her and how Nelle deserved better and all that stuff. Ava reluctantly sides with Carly, warning Nina not to start a war because Carly fights dirty. She thinks Nina is more focused on revenge than on justice for her daughter.

This whole thing about Peter believing he can't be a good person because both of his parents were bad makes no sense. Sam had two bad parents and she's able to control her own behavior – you know, like a normal human being. And like I said before, Drew had NO parents and turned out great.

Why did Obrecht think the Alex reveal would be enough to break up him and Maxie?

I'll give Finn being mad that Anna told Valentin the truth about Alex, but he had to have known that she knew for months. He saw the test results. Did he think she never looked at them?

Now Curtis is back? What's going on with this wedding?

When Ava tells you to let Carly win, you need to reevaluate your behavior.

I'm surprised we didn't get a Kiki mention when Nina and Ava were talking about how Nina's daughter's life was cut short.

March 4th, 2021

Valentin reveals all of Peter's secrets as Peter claims over and over that he's lying. Maxie sides with him, saying that Anna would have told her about all of Peter's crimes instead of letting her marry him. Anna returns and backs up Valentin's accusations, making Maxie upset that she was left in the dark. Then things get chaotic and Mac punches Peter and Maxie has baby-related pain. Anna doesn't really have a good excuse for not telling Finn everything she'd learned about Peter, even if she says it's because she was trying to protect Finn. They don't resolve anything, so it's unclear if he wants to fix their relationship. Carly whines to Jax about Nina, but Jax gets her to see that they made a mistake by not being honest with her, and she deserves to have a relationship with Wiley. Carly has a reasonable, age-appropriate plan for how to tell Wiley about his birth mother, and she doesn't want Nina butting in and telling him anything different. Nina's currently at the Quartermaines', hanging out with Wiley again, and flinching whenever Willow refers to herself as his mother. She tries to explain to Wiley how they're related, but there seems to be a miscommunication, because Wiley later tells Willow she's not his real mother. Cameron and Elizabeth visit Franco (who's spending the night at the Metro Court before checking himself into Shadybrook), bringing him the phone he used to record a message to himself just before he went from Drew back to Franco. When Elizabeth is called in to work, she and Franco tell Cameron he has to leave, too, since Franco could turn violent against him. Elizabeth doesn't think Franco will ever pose a danger to her, and she promises she'll always be by his side. Chase can't believe that Anna was going to marry Finn without being completely honest with him. Jackie: "Yeah, that's...bad."

Thanks for all your posturing about honesty and redemption, Valentin. Hey, just curious, have you heard from Claudette lately?

This is the most anyone's cared about Drew since Kim left the show. I appreciate Sam's outburst because it shows the writers remember their relationship.

Well, I kind of got my wish for Obrecht and Valentin to work together.

Anna and Finn never really worked. Can we try Finn and Alexis again?

Me: "Is the Kennedy accent going to resurface in this 'Drew' video?... The Cain-edy accent. I'm so slow."

March 5th, 2021

Mac and Britt take Maxie to the hospital while everyone else holds Peter back and tells him to keep his distance. Maxie is uncharacteristically quiet about everything that happened and still isn't 100 percent sure that Peter's guilty of everything he's being accused of. Franco's message to himself doesn't contain anything interesting, but it does trigger a memory from when Peter kidnapped Drew. He goes to the ballroom to find Peter, who's already left, since no one has enough evidence for Robert to arrest him for anything (as Peter keeps reminding everyone). Franco talks briefly with Sam and Dante, who only catch that something about Peter and Drew has him worked up. Franco tells Sam to let Jason know Franco's looking for him and is still himself. On his way to the hospital to see Maxie, Peter goes to his room and grabs a gun. But he doesn't make it to the hospital, because he's knocked out and kidnapped for the second time that day, this time by Franco. Carly chastises Nina for telling Wiley more about his family tree than he was able to understand. Michael is quieter about his displeasure, but he tells Nina that her visits with Wiley need to stop for a while. Finn goes to Jackie's hotel room looking for Violet and instead has a long talk with Jackie about broken relationships and lies and paternity and stuff like that. Jackie admits that part of the reason she never sought the truth about Chase's paternity was that she knew Finn would want to come clean about their fling. As Finn is leaving, Gregory arrives and overhears them mentioning their attraction to each other before she got together with Gregory. Chase and Gregory try to dodge Violet's questions about why the weddings didn't take place. Their talk of relationships turns to Chase and Willow's, and Chase admits that Willow's connection to Michael might prove to be a big obstacle. He may change his mind after Willow turns up at his door, looking for someone who will understand that her hurt over Wiley says she's not his "real" mother brings up feelings about her baby. Chase remembers well how sad she was when she learned her child had died, and he promises to never hurt her again. Anna tells Robert she's sorry that she hurt Maxie and might have caused problems with her pregnancy, but she didn't have any concrete evidence to present her, so she had to let the wedding proceed. Sam tells Dante she doesn't want Peter to pay for what he did to Drew, since that never works out well, so I guess she wants regular old justice?

Maxie, if five people are telling you the same thing about Peter, you need to listen. You're approaching Nina-level naïvety.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, so thank you, Franco.

Not going to ask why Peter felt he needed a gun. Don't want to know.

I get where Nina's coming from, but if she explicitly said that Willow isn't Wiley's "real" mother, I'm done with her.

Willow going to Chase's is the equivalent of Sasha choosing to spend Valentine's Day with Michael instead of Brando. Everything's coming up Milhouse!

I doubt Sam needs to say who's calling when she leaves a message for Jason.

March 8th, 2021

Franco takes Peter to the studio and channels his past self to set the stage for a torture session if Peter won't confess to all his crimes. Peter at first tries to argue that Faison and Helena forced him to work with them, but one of Drew's memories is of Peter presenting Drew to Helena in hopes of striking up a partnership with her. Franco is able to use some old killing tools and Peter's gun to intimidate Peter into admitting everything. Satisfied, Franco reveals that he's still his "good" self and was never going to hurt Peter. He's recorded the whole confession and is going to turn it and Peter over to the police. Peter refuses to be separated from Maxie and the baby, so he wrestles his gun away from Franco. He plans to shoot Franco, then go to the hospital to be with Maxie so she can have the man she deserves. Franco points out that shooting someone will make him the opposite of that man; instead, Peter should just flee town. Peter refuses again, which leads to the cliché fight over a gun that eventually goes off. Maxie's baby is fine, so now she can focus on trying to figure out what's going on with Peter. Britt says she's known for a while that Peter is a bad guy, but Maxie points out that Britt's committed her own crimes, so she's not the most trustworthy person. Mac chastises Anna for not doing a better job of protecting Maxie, and for thinking it'll be easy to make up with her. Anna sneaks in to see Maxie, who's still hugely in denial about Peter's actions and can't accept that her fiancé and their life are all lies. Jackie and Finn confess everything to Gregory, who's crushed by Jackie's infidelity and mad that he felt guilty for his estrangement with Finn when Finn was really the one who should have felt guilty. They don't mention the Chase factor, but Gregory does the math and realizes that he might be Chase's grandfather instead of his father. Jackie asks him to keep the whole mess a secret, but Gregory insists that he and Chase both deserve to know the truth if it turns out Finn is Chase's father. Valentin tells Jason that all of Peter's crimes are now public knowledge, and he needs to let the WSB take care of things instead of getting revenge on his own. Jason doesn't have much faith in the WSB, so Valentin asks him to leave Peter alive for Anna's sake. Britt joins the conversation and seconds Valentin's request. Spinelli vows to keep Peter away from Maxie, which...I'd like to see. Chase and Willow don't really contribute much to the episode, other than hanging out with Violet and making me continue to long for them to work things out.

Too bad a confession made under duress isn't admissible in court. But thanks for trying, Franco.

When Finn inevitably turns out to be Chase's father, I look forward to watching him figure out how to explain everything to Violet.

This Gregory/Jackie stuff might be more interesting if they weren't already splitting up. (I say "might" because it would take a lot to make them more interesting.)

So while his brother was fighting with his fiancée and everyone else was dealing with Peter, Chase was stealing food from the reception? Dude.

March 9th, 2021

Franco takes a bullet, and after watching him bleed for a while, Peter ditches him. Jason arrives sometime later, followed by Elizabeth, who understandably thinks she's just caught him trying to kill her husband. She struggles to save Franco, who declares his love for her and the kids, then apparently dies. When Jordan comes on the scene, Elizabeth accuses Jason of murder. Maxie guesses that Anna had Peter kidnapped in an attempt to halt the wedding, which wasn't the best way to handle things. Britt talks things over with Maxie again, asking her whose lies were more harmful, Anna's or Peter's. Though Maxie is still in denial and upset that everyone's turned against Peter, she's also apologetic toward Sam and Spinelli, since she loves the person who killed Drew. Peter finally makes it to the hospital and demands to see Maxie, reminding Anna and Valentin that they can't stop him. Maxie seems to be starting to believe everyone's claims, but she agrees to see Peter anyway. Jordan is mad at Robert for not bringing his accusations against Peter to the police so they could investigate. Spinelli is mad at Valentin for being pro-Peter for so long, not realizing that they're now on the same side. Mac is mad at himself for not seeing that Peter was a bad guy, and now he wants justice, by which I think he really means Peter's head on a platter. He and Anna commiserate over wanting what's best for their kids, even when it means ignoring warning signs. Cameron and Scott make a list of things they, Jake, and Aiden want to do with Franco, hoping it'll make him want to fight to stay alive.

Roger Howarth isn't leaving the show (though he's taking a brief hiatus), so I'm not convinced that Franco's really dead. Possibility #1: Elizabeth did save Franco, and the two of them and Jason worked out a plan to make everyone think he's dead. Those EMTs are going to take him to a safehouse, and Jason's going to stonewall the police. Elizabeth wasn't saying she couldn't lose Franco because he's dead, but because she was urging him to recover. Possibility #2: Todd's on his way back.

Yeah, Jordan, Robert's at fault here.

I'm excited for furious, vengeance-seeking Mac.

Jordan: "Jason Morgan just called in a shooting." Robert: "Called it in? How quaint." Hee hee hee.

Oh, boo hoo, no one's asked how Valentin's doing – it's because no one cares, and also because this has nothing to do with you.

Wow, we're just now getting a mention of Robin.

March 10th, 2021

Elizabeth thinks it's pretty obvious that Jason killed Franco, since that's what Franco wanted, but that's not enough for Jordan to make an arrest. Mac questions Jason, who mostly defers to Diane (of course), but who does state outright that he didn't kill Franco. Scott doesn't believe him and is outraged when Jason is allowed to leave the police station. Cameron has some things he wishes he'd said to Franco, so Josslyn suggests that Cameron call him. After leaving a message, Cameron has a dream about Franco coming home, thanking him for making Franco a better person, and telling him he can change the world. When Cameron wakes up, Elizabeth gives him the news about Franco's death, devastating him. While Anna and Valentin worry that Maxie will believe Peter's lies once again, Peter tries to convince Maxie to run away with him. He promises that he's taken care of anything from the past that might come between them. Maxie has finally realized that Peter isn't the person she thought he was, and she tells him they're done. Carly tells Josslyn about Franco's death, and the two reflect on how much they and the people they care about have lost. Josslyn wonders if Carly will ever take off her wedding rings. Meanwhile, Sonny is ready to take off his, since Phyllis and Lenny need money, and he can pawn them to buy his way into a poker game where he could win more money. Laura warns Carly that Cyrus is going to feel stung by the loss of his drug, so they need to prepare themselves in case he starts a war.

I don't think Elizabeth would tell Cameron that Franco was dead if he wasn't, so...I guess he really is.

Peter will be thrilled that the police suspect Jason, but a) the bullet won't match Jason's gun, and b) Peter's DNA is all over the studio. Plus, if Maxie puts together the Drew memories and Peter saying the past is dead, she could hand the case right to the police. (Not that it matters – Peter can easily plead self-defense.)

Cameron's going to buy a gun and go after Jason, isn't he?

LOL at Jason thinking that saying, "You know me, Laura" will convince her that he didn't kill Franco. Dude, you almost killed him nine years ago. And the second you saw him again five years later, you attacked him.

That said, since Jason usually either keeps quiet or gives vague answers when he's questioned by the police, they should believe him when he says something straight out.

Wow, Scott really is cursed to have lost three children. Someone should check on Serena.

March 11th, 2021

Jackie goes to Anna's looking for Finn but instead ends up bonding with Anna over secrets and relationship missteps. Anna admits that she was in denial about Peter's crimes, and once she believed he was guilty, she focused on him instead of letting Finn know that the wedding wasn't going to happen. Gregory goes to Chase's and pretends he was looking for Finn instead of planning to tell Chase his paternity's in question. Chase spots an alert on Finn's phone reminding him to pick up the DNA test results and for some reason thinks this is important. (Also, Jackie tried to call him 12 times, which Chase doesn't find as interesting.) Jackie shows up just as Chase is demanding answers and decides to try to head off an Anna/Peter disaster by telling him everything. Cameron thinks Franco faked his death so his family wouldn't have to see him go through treatment. Josslyn and Trina doubt this, but they want to repay him for helping Trina look into Taggert's "death," so they agree to enable support him as he investigates. They help him sneak into the morgue, where the sight of Franco's body forces Cameron to accept that he's really dead. Jason has already figured out that Peter probably killed Franco, though that doesn't do him much good without proof. Carly quickly makes Franco's death about herself, worrying that Jason will go to jail and leave her to take care of herself for once in her life. He recognizes that he could be in a lot of trouble for something he didn't do, but right now he's focused on a meeting with the Five Families and how his legal troubles could affect that. An old friend of Phyllis and Lenny's named Elijah has heard about the robberies in the area and expresses concern that the Tan-O won't survive its current money troubles. He offers to help out by buying the bar while letting Phyllis and Lenny continue to run it. Sonny is suspicious and more determined than ever to win money in the poker game. Sam extends some kindness to Elizabeth, but it doesn't last long, since Elizabeth accuses Jason of killing Franco, and Sam defends him. Despite how confident she sounds, Sam has some doubts and asks Jason if he's guilty. She believes him when he says he isn't and warns him to be careful.

Yeah, no, Chase shouldn't be told anything until the others look at the paternity-test results. If Gregory's his father, he can continue living in blissful ignorance instead of learning that his mom once hooked up with his brother.

William Lipton is going to get all the (deserved) recognition for his performance in the past two episodes, but no one should overlook Becky Herbst.

If Jason goes to talk to Maxie about Peter, he'll have this all figured out in no time.

I guess everyone thinks Jason killed Franco, because no one suspects Alexis.

Gotta make sure we know how Jason's situation affects Carly.

Probably an obvious guess: Carly will go to the Five Families meeting in Jason's place.

Also an obvious guess: Elijah is behind the string of robberies because he wants to drive everyone out of business and build in the area.

I've been trying for weeks to figure out where Sonny, Phyllis, and Lenny are, and I'm pretty confident now that it's Pennsylvania. I thought it might be, since there's a "Penn" on the sign behind the bar, but the mention of Corinth makes it more likely. Also, I assume Nixon Falls is named for soap queen Agnes Nixon.

I'm sorry, I'm just not interested in the financial problems of two temporary characters. We all know that when Sonny gets his memory back, he'll give them a bunch of money.

Terry is more of a family member to Elizabeth than Elizabeth's parents are.

March 12th, 2021

Finn and Jackie have their hands forced and have to tell Chase everything they've been keeping from him. He's understandably upset about all the lies and how his mother betrayed his father. They ask him if he wants to see the paternity-test results, but since Chase doesn't see a happy ending either way, he tells them they can make the decision themselves. He assures Gregory that no matter what they say, Gregory is his real father. Anna calls Frisco about Peter (so we can pretend Frisco cares about Maxie), then urges Peter to keep his distance from Maxie and the baby. Peter comments that for as much as she thinks he's like Faison, she's also like him – she's a liar who messes with people's lives. Peter wishes Alex had claimed him because they seemed to have a connection, and she would have embraced who he is instead of encouraging him to be a good guy. Basically, Peter's going to do whatever he wants, no matter how bad it is, and he hopes Anna pays for everything she's done. We'll see if he's this confident and arrogant when Jason starts accusing him of killing Franco. Sonny wins enough money in the poker game to keep the Tan-O going for six months. The guy hosting the game thinks Sonny hustled him, so Sonny ends up getting pounded on a little, but it's a small price to pay. Elijah was just about to finalize the sale of the Tan-O, and he's suspicious of the practically nameless drifter who suddenly came into a bunch of money, so he asks someone to dig up information on Sonny. Michael is more upset about Wiley's "real mom" comment than Willow is, and he wants to uphold the Nina ban. Willow thinks that's unnecessary, and also wishes he'd discussed that with her, since they're supposed to be parenting Wiley together. Nina and Valentin catch up, and I still think it's only a matter of time before they get back together. Even he thinks she screwed up with Wiley and overstepped with her outburst at Sonny's grave. Nina decides not to pursue the truth about Nelle's death after all, but without Wiley in her life, she has no connection to her daughter anymore. The wheels start turning in Valentin's head and he approaches Michael with a deal. Jason tells Michael that Franco's dead, and Michael reacts pretty predictably, basically saying "good riddance" without actually saying it. Danny tells Jason that he sometimes hears Sam crying over him, so he'd really like Jason to come home. Jason is a selfish monster, so he says no.

Heh, that one guy's full house was aces and 8s.

Ooh, is Valentin going to give ELQ back to Michael in exchange for Nina getting to see Wiley? That would be quite the anti-climax.

I'm sorry we didn't get to see Sam's reaction to Franco's death, so I'm glad we got to see Michael's.

All the news in Port Charles seems to only travel by word of mouth. If I lived there, I would create an app that sends out news blasts about failed weddings and sudden deaths. I would make so much money.

I KNOW Jason wasn't about to blame Sam for the breakup TO THEIR SON.

March 15th, 2021

While Finn, Jackie, and Gregory gather to get the DNA test results, Chase turns to Willow for help dealing with his feelings. He doesn't like pitying himself, but Willow tells him to stop policing his feelings. He notes that, logically, Gregory is likely to be his father since he slept with Jackie more than Finn did. Chase really hopes so, since he's furious with Finn. Unfortunately for him, Finn is a DNA match, so nothing with that family is going to go back to normal ever again. Peter invites Jason and Anna to search his office, since he has nothing to hide. They accept but don't find anything. Anna apologizes for not listening when Jason tried to convince her that Peter was evil and tells him about the evidence Peter burned linking himself to Black. Jason tells her that he thinks Peter killed Franco, which makes sense to her. Since everyone else suspects Jason, they'll have to investigate Peter on their own, and with Anna now working against Peter instead of protecting him, she thinks they'll finally take him down. Sam, Dante, and Olivia help Maxie pack up Peter's things for donation (which, if you think about it, is pretty funny, since it's not like he's dead). Maxie wonders if Peter will go to prison, and though Dante says he might, he and Sam agree that Peter will try to get out of it. Peter waits until they're all gone, then comes in and locks the door, which is a totally normal thing for someone to do while having a casual conversation with his ex. Valentin offers to give Danny and Scout's ELQ voting shares to Michael, which would give him back control of the company, if he'll let Nina see Wiley again. Michael declines, because he's smart. After Valentin leaves, Brook reveals to Michael that she's back in town. Nina tells Ava about her screw-up with Wiley, which even Ava thinks was a dumb move. She's sure Michael cut Nina off because Carly had already been in his ear about her, and he's not going to change his mind if he keeps listening to her. Ava suggests that Nina appeal to Willow instead. Valentin says nice things that make Nina like him again, and Ava and I make the same facial expressions. It's Neil's birthday, and Sam and Ned both offer Alexis support. Ned's support is a little too friendly for Olivia's taste, but Ned tells her he'd do anything to make it all up to her. Dante urges Alexis to think about how she got to the place where she thought it was a good idea to grab a loaded syringe and stab someone. He warns that if he's called to testify at her trial, he'll tell the truth.

I feel bad for Gregory, but he's still related to Chase – he's Chase's grandfather.

Interesting that Chase is madder at Finn than Jackie. They both betrayed Gregory, they both kept their fling a secret, and they both misled Chase. So why is Finn the worse person here?

"I will never accept you as my father." Eh, I give it six months at most before Chase is okay with it.

Unlike when Sam helped Maxie get rid of Nathan's things, I don't think she'll secretly hold on to a box this time.

Why would Alexis say she can't imagine what Maxie's going through? She went through the exact same thing with Julian.

Tone it down, Michael. Brook's back from the city, not the dead. Don't look so surprised.

I guess the silver lining for Alexis is that she's down a witness to her attack on Franco. But I can't see her being willing to go through with the trial and possibly have Sam have to testify.

March 16th, 2021

Cameron takes out his anger over Franco's death on Zander's grave, then imagines Zander trying to talk him into making good decisions. Cameron thinks his life would have been better if his father had been around, but like all his father figures, Zander wasn't there. Josslyn and Trina gently tell Cameron to stop feeling sorry for himself. Cameron, however, seems like he wants to start doing bad things. Maxie tells Peter in multiple ways that they're over, and he won't be a part of the baby's life. Peter repeats his claims that all the accusations against him are lies, but Maxie knows who he really is and won't change her mind. He practically says he'll force her to take him back, so she pretends she just needs some time to think things over, trying to stay on his good side. Alexis tells her daughters and Valentin that she's going to plead guilty, even if it means she could go to prison. She doesn't think she'll be able to stay sober and continue her recovery if she doesn't take responsibility for her actions. The Davis women try to talk her out of it, since prison is a bad place for her to seek treatment, and will take her away from her support system. Brook is, indeed, pregnant, and Michael is very interested in who the father is. She keeps dodging the question, more focused on stuff that's happened since she left town (like all the deaths). Michael offers to arrange a family dinner so Brook can announce her big news to everyone at once, and he suggests inviting Valentin, too. Brook objects, but Michael has already figured out that he's the baby's father. Sasha checks in on Brando, and their chemistry has increased so much that they almost kiss. They're interrupted by Cyrus, then Gladys, who's going to be sticking around for a while, apparently to keep an eye on her son for Cyrus. Brando warns her that if she gets too close to Cyrus, she'll get hurt. He also tells her he knows she's the one who told Cyrus that Dev wasn't really a Corbin. Sasha is still disgusted by Cyrus, though she admits that he seems to have some humanity.

What fork in the road is Cameron facing? Is he planning to go after Jason? I really think that's where this is headed.

I'd love to see a scene where Cameron confronts Lucky the way he confronted Zander. It's true that Zander was never around, but Lucky willingly abandoned Cameron and Aiden.

If Cameron wanted fatherly advice before now, he should have hallucinated Zander sooner.

Once Maxie realized that Peter wasn't going to give in, she handled him perfectly. Now she needs to change the locks.

Please tell me Kristina doesn't actually think the criminal justice system has anything to do with forgiveness.

It cracks me up that Amanda Setton left the show pregnant and is coming back fake pregnant.

"Oh, yay, Gladys is back," said no one.

March 17th, 2021

Ava hosts a memorial for Franco at her gallery, where she displays art from some of his therapy patients. His family is struggling to accept his death and figure out what to say about him. Cyrus arranges a meeting with Peter, which should strike fear in the hearts of everyone watching. Since they have a common enemy, Cyrus has an idea for how they can both take down Jason and ensure Peter's freedom. If you've noticed (like I have) that Carly hasn't done much mourning for Sonny, Jason has noticed the same, and he pushes her to be more open about how she's feeling. She ends up yelling at him about how difficult it is to try to get through the day alone, and how annoying it is that Jason wants her to express her feelings while keeping his own inside. Jason promises to help her through her grief, so of course that's when Jordan arrests him for killing Franco. Obrecht is only a little disappointed that Peter hasn't been arrested yet, since it means she can finish him off herself with her secret weapon, Dante. Elizabeth tells Laura she wants Jason to pay for (allegedly) killing Franco. Sam tells Dante he won't need to worry about testifying at Alexis' trial, since she's going to plead guilty. He thinks she shouldn't be opposed to the plan, since the justice system will totally make things work out. Nina spends her time before the memorial whining about Carly, then announces that she's leaving town for a while. Jordan and Curtis tell T.J. about the big changes Curtis is making in his life, and T.J. wonders if they're all good. Josslyn: "Hey, Nina, I'm sorry your daughter was Nelle. I mean, I'm sorry your daughter is dead, and also Nelle. And I'm sorry you and my dad broke up because he didn't tell you your dead daughter was Nelle."

So we're all agreed – we'll never let Jason find out that Jake called himself Franco's son.

Peter still has the gun that killed Franco? Idiot.

Aw, Carly's honoring Sonny's memory by breaking stuff.

Dante, the last time Sam trusted the system, she went to prison, so...

Yeah, Nina is definitely going to see Phyllis. I hope they use my plot idea.

"I don't blame you at all for your father's actions." Uh, why would Josslyn think that way?

Eeeeeveryone wants to hang out at Nathan's grave.

March 18th, 2021

Thanks to a kind citizen who just wants to help, Jordan has evidence tying Jason to Franco's death – Peter's gun. Carly thinks Elizabeth is setting him up, but the good citizen is Gladys, who claims she heard a gunshot, then saw Jason throwing the gun down the garbage chute where it was found. Obrecht clickytizes Dante to text Peter (using Maxie's phone), kill him, ditch the gun, and, if questioned, tell everyone Kirk made him do it. After some awkward moments with Violet, Anna and Finn finally talk about their relationship. She's so eager to fix things that she's willing to leave the WSB. He wants to work things out, but he needs Anna to assure him that she'll never keep any secrets or lie to him again. Anna can't be sure that her past will never come back to harm them, and she can't promise that she'll never keep him in the dark while she's trying to protect him and Violet. Finn's two priorities are Violet and his sobriety, and since Anna can't ensure that both will be protected, they can't stay together. The two of them officially split up, but it's amicable. Olivia is stunned by Brook's return and pregnancy, and quickly realizes that Valentin must be the father. Speaking from her own experience having babies with bad guys, Olivia tells Brook she can never let Valentin know the baby is his. Willow encourages Chase to talk to Finn, since they're each probably hoping the other will make the first move. Chase doesn't want to develop a father/son relationship with Finn if it'll hurt Gregory, so Willow tells him to talk to Gregory, too. Sam warns/brags to Peter that Jason is coming for him and he'll pay for everything he's done. Peter taunts that Jason's about to be too busy to do anything to him. Britt's tremor is getting worse, but she thinks the more pressing matter is Valentin's safety. She warns that Peter will try to get revenge for Valentin's betrayal by going after someone he cares about, so he should keep an eye on Charlotte, Nina, and Anna (and also try to stop Peter). Jax and Nina...something something, I don't care.

Okay, maybe Peter wasn't so dumb for holding on to that gun.

Carly: "She just lost her husband. She's not thinking straight." Jordan: "You seem to be managing." Really, Jordan?

It should be pretty easy to discredit Gladys as a witness. Brando just has to tell the police she's buddied up with Cyrus.

I don't think we're lucky enough to get rid of Peter this easily. I think Sam will stop Dante.

Wait, how did Obrecht get Maxie's phone?

$5 says Brook tells Valentin that Chase is the baby's father. (I bet Chase would go along with it.)

Also, how pregnant is she, 15 months? She's bigger than Maxie!

"That's either hubris talking or insanity." It's Valentin, so...both.

Ingo Rademacher's "okay, I'm done talking to you, crazy lady" face was great. I think a lot of people look at Obrecht like that.

March 19th, 2021

On today's episode of Called It, Dante is just about to "complete the mission" and kill Peter when Sam arrives and stops him. Dante insists on protecting Maxie and the baby, but Sam reminds him of all the people who love him and who would be affected if he went to prison for murder. Rocco is the one who really hits home for Dante, and he lets Sam take his gun. Peter vows revenge, but Sam and Dante ignore him, since it's more important that Dante get help. Brook tries to hide her pregnancy from Valentin, then decides to just bite the bullet and make it known. Valentin immediately steps up to do his part, but Brook doesn't want him involved. When she gets back to the Quartermaines', she shares her news with Ned, who's happy about the baby but not so much about the father. Brook assures him that she has a plan. Sonny played poker again to try to get more money so he can buy his rings back, but he failed. Phyllis is surprised that he was willing to part with anything that can tie him to his past. Sonny isn't that bothered, but he hopes whatever family he has doesn't believe he ran out on them. He asks about Phyllis and Lenny's family, and Phyllis reveals that they once had a baby who only lived a few days. They never had any other children, so Phyllis extends her maternal energy to people in need, like Sonny. And also Nina, who arrives at the Tan-O moments after Sonny leaves. Carly tries to convince Elizabeth to stop looking at the circumstances surrounding Franco's death the way she has been, and consider that Jason is innocent. To be fair, Occam's Razor says Jason did it, so Elizabeth is justified in believing that, but Carly points out that while everyone is focused on him, Franco's real killer is on the loose. Ned wants to talk to Olivia about their marriage, but she's not ready to figure out where they go from here, if anywhere. She admits that when Dante was away, she felt freer because she got to be her own person apart from her identity as a wife and mother. Ned notes that Robert probably helped with that. He wonders if he's been holding Olivia back from becoming the person she should be, when another man could help her thrive. Robert offers Jackie his friendship and support while she deals with the mess she's going through. She's going to need it more than she thinks because Peter has published an article about Chase's uncertain paternity. Chase has calmed down a lot about things, but he still doesn't see himself developing a father/son relationship with Finn. Finn is smart enough to know that DNA results from GH's lab aren't always trustworthy, and he wants to have the test run again at Mercy. This is a great idea, since Cyrus may have had the results altered, for some reason.

Why would Sam ask Spinelli to find Maxie if she thought Maxie had just texted Peter to meet her in the cemetery? That was so clunky.

Adorable baby Rocco should be the solution to more problems.

Valentin laughing in response to Brook's pregnancy was both unexpected and hilarious.

Also hilarious: Olivia fleeing as soon as Brook got home.

So...Cyrus may have manipulated the paternity-test results? Why?

As far as I can tell, Peter and Cyrus' deal got Peter a fake witness to frame Jason, and it got Cyrus a hit piece on Jackie. That seems pretty lopsided.

Watching a soap for decades means I can't tell whether a small detail is important or not. Like, is Phyllis' story about losing a baby something that will come back later? Will we learn that the baby isn't really dead, and grew up to be Jordan or Portia?

March 22nd, 2021

Nina tells Phyllis everything that bugs her about Carly, and how Jax will always put her first. Though Nina knows that Carly most likely didn't want to intentionally harm Nelle, she wishes that Carly and Jax had told the police the truth so they could find Nelle's body and allow her a little dignity in death. Phyllis gets Nina to understand that she's the only one keeping score in her perceived competition with Carly. Since Nina doesn't have plans for her time away from Port Charles, Phyllis invites her to stay with her and Lenny. Sonny has another dream about Carly, then runs into another blond woman: Nina. Brook doesn't detail her plan for Ned, but he may have figured it out on his own after talking to Michael about Valentin's attempt to trade Scout and Danny's shares for Nina's access to Wiley. He thinks Brook is going to let Valentin have a relationship with the baby if he returns ELQ to the family. Peter rushes to Maxie's apartment to make sure Dante hasn't been there, because he apparently forgot that Dante said he wanted to protect Maxie and the baby, not hurt them. Maxie lets him in, to Britt and Robert's dismay. After Robert makes Peter leave, Maxie tells him and Britt that she's not planning to take Peter back; she's trying to make him think there's still hope so he doesn't get desperate and do something destructive. Valentin tells Jax and Carly that Nina left town because of what they put her through. Carly thinks this is actually a good thing, since Nina still cares about Jax enough to want a break from him (it makes more sense when she says it). Peter yells at Valentin for ruining his life, or whatever, and Valentin yells back that Peter needs to take responsibility for his actions. He adds that Peter doesn't deserve to have his own child in his life. Willow's busy so Chase talks to Michael about his family issues, then vents to Brook about how Willow and Michael have become closer (after Brook teases him by making him think she wants him to be her baby's father). Brook confides that she's not sure she's ready to be a mother. Chase thinks she's considering adoption and promises to support her through whatever decision she ends up making. Valentin thinks he can appeal to Olivia to help him convince Brook to let him be in the baby's life. Olivia challenges him to detail the ways he's a better person than Julian, and honestly, other than his track record with parenting Charlotte, Valentin doesn't have a lot that puts him ahead in the race.

If Nina wants to do something really villainous, she can make Sonny believe she's the blond woman from his memories, make him fall in love with her, and THEN let Carly know he's alive. ...Is it wrong that my mind went in that direction?

Someone needs to get Sonny some pajamas.

If Ned's right about Brook's plan (and he probably is), I feel like Edward would be proud of her for it.

Brook messing with Chase was, admittedly, pretty funny.

Valentin is pretty protective of Olivia, considering they've barely interacted before now.

Sadly, I think the ship has sailed on the possibility of Willow being pregnant. It's disappointing, but we already have two pregnant characters right now. We don't really need a third.

March 23rd, 2021

Sonny finds Nina familiar and thinks she's the blond woman from his dreams. Nina's confused about why he's there and why he doesn't know her, until Phyllis explains that he has amnesia. Without letting on that she knows him, Nina gathers some information, then calls Carly. Valentin asks Martin to charm Brook into agreeing to let him have a relationship with the baby, or play the heavy if that doesn't work. Martin advises him to talk to her instead and convince her that he'd be a good father. At the same time, Ned tries to talk Brook out of doing bad Quartermaine things, since they'll only lead to trouble. She promises him and Michael that she loves the baby, but she's not going to pass up the opportunity to fix the damage she did to the family. Laura takes a vengeful Cameron to Curtis, somehow thinking that the guy who just gave up being a PI to run a nightclub will be able to reassure him that justice will prevail. It's really just a contrived way for Laura and Trina to encourage Cameron to find a creative way to express his grief. Carly thinks Jax should track Nina down and go after her – you know, the exact opposite of what Nina wants right now. Ava chastises them for what they did to Nina, like, didn't we just do this yesterday with Valentin? Ava reminds Carly that she's letting Carly keep her relationship up with Avery, so Carly should do the same for Nina and Wiley. She adds that grandparents have visitation rights in New York, so the Corinthoses should let Nina see Wiley before she takes them to court and forces them to. Finn gives Elizabeth a brief distraction from her problems by telling her all about his breakup and family issues. Trina apologizes to Curtis for the way she treated him after Taggert's "death," and he tells her they can start over with a clean slate.

I predict that Carly will say something snotty or self-righteous before Nina can tell her about Sonny, and Nina will change her mind about revealing he's alive. We're probably looking at a Drew/Elizabeth situation, which means we should settle in, because this could go on for a while.

Why did it take Nina, like, 45 minutes to grasp that Sonny has amnesia? I mean, it's pretty obvious.

If Sonny thinks Carly and Nina's hair looks alike, he might need glasses.

Me: "Hey, could we find out what's going on with Dante?"
Writers: "No. Here's an hour of Carly and Jax having the same conversations they had with Valentin yesterday."
Me: "Can we see how Jake's handling the fact that his father was arrested for killing his stepfather?"
Writers: "No. Here's five minutes of William Lipton being musical."
Me: "What if--?"
Writers: "Here's Finn recapping his plotline for Elizabeth instead of any scenes of Elizabeth dealing with her grief. YOU'LL WATCH IT AND YOU'LL LIKE IT."
Me: "But--."
Writers: "Portia hasn't been on for weeks, so here's 20 seconds of her doing nothing. YOU'RE WELCOME."

Ned, your ambitions had nothing to do with your marriage problems. That was all alcohol and stupidity.

March 24th, 2021

As expected, Carly is both snotty and self-righteous to Nina before Nina can tell her about Sonny. Nina does a 180 and tells Carly she's brought this on herself – she's made her bed and will have to lie in it alone. She gives Sonny an overview of what she's dealing with, and Sonny wonders what kind of person would try to keep two people who love each other apart. (Cough.) He suggests that if Carly experienced the same separation as Nina, she would understand the pain she's caused. Carly tells Michael about Nina's cryptic message, which came across like a threat and reminded Carly of Nelle. She wants to fight Nina with everything they have if Nina tries to sue for visitation rights. Maxie and Brook catch up, and Maxie and Britt invite Brook to the Lamaze class they're about to attend. Brook tries to beg off, but Maxie enlists Lucas to be her birthing coach. Peter crashes the class, thinking he's entitled to do whatever he wants as the father of Maxie's baby. Britt tells him to stop stalking Maxie, then urges Maxie to come up with a plan to deal with Peter ASAP. Maxie says she already has one. Anna and Jordan commiserate over their relationship issues, then talk about Peter. Jordan knows the investigations into Drew's plane crash and Franco and Andre's hits are being reexamined, but she thinks Peter must have committed other crimes as well. Anna asks her to take another look at the case against Jason, no matter how airtight it seems to be. Taggert's sentencing is tomorrow, and he plans to accept his punishment for manufacturing evidence against Cyrus, but Jordan thinks he should change his plea to not guilty. With Florence still neutralizing Cyrus, Trina's safe, and Jordan thinks Taggert should give a jury trial a shot. Cameron's grief over Franco has made Trina reconsider her anger at Taggert, and she's decided she can forgive him. She agrees with Jordan that he should fight for his freedom. Charlotte isn't happy to be a big sister again, since Valentin might love her less and she might have to share her stuff. In other news, Charlotte is a tween, not five, so I don't know why the writers are having her act like this. Portia feels bad for not being completely honest with Curtis back when they were together, since they both know now what it's like being in a relationship with someone who's kept secrets from them. Felix and Lucas flirt and make my heart happy.

One of the teasers for this episode was "Carly is her own worst enemy," which may be the most accurate teaser I've ever seen.

I don't support Nina's decision, but I can't say I'm not amused by it. This is going to end with Carly and Nina fighting over Nina not telling Carly her husband was alive because Carly was mean to her.

Does Maxie, who's already given birth twice, really need to take a Lamaze class?

Peter, if you're trying to convince people you're a good guy, maybe don't throw around the word "murder."

Jordan has been on this show seven years (as of last week, actually), and this is the first time she's ever mentioned a family member. Are we finally going to get her backstory?

Flucas? Lelix? Either way, I'm on board.

March 26th, 2021

Brando tells Michael that Gladys is the witness who told the police that Jason killed Franco. Michael passes the news on to Carly, who tells Cyrus she knows he was behind that development. Cyrus has already approached her to talk about Jason's upcoming meeting with the Five Families; he thinks Carly is really the woman behind the throne and calls all the Corinthos contingent's shots. He makes it clear without saying it outright that if the Corinthos contingent releases Florence, Gladys will retract her statement to the police and Jason will go free. Jason spent the night in lockup, glaring at Taggert, and has a busy morning full of visitors. First Britt comes by, gaining access by pretending she needs to give him a normal checkup after last year's head injury. She tells him that if Peter really did kill Franco, Jason needs to be more concerned, as Peter was Faison's protégé and Faison was, you know, completely insane. Jason gets distracted by her tremor and grabs her hand, which is, of course, when Sam arrives. There's not much point to her visit, except to set the stage for Sam and Britt to later determine they're on the same side and need to keep an eye on Maxie. Last, Carly comes to tell Jason that she's going to get him out of trouble no matter what it takes. Nina asks Sonny if, hypothetically, he would want to know who he is if, hypothetically, someone could tell him (just hypothetically speaking). But she also wants to balance the scales and make Carly pay, so it's a question of whether or good side or her dark side will win out. Sonny and Phyllis ask her to write an article for Crimson about how much Nixon Falls is struggling, in hope that it'll boost tourism. Nina comes up with dumb reasons not to, but Sonny guilts her into changing her mind. We don't get to see any of it, but Kevin has apparently figured out what was going on with Dante and removed his trigger so he can't be clicky-tized anymore. Olivia is appreciative of Sam for stopping him from killing Peter and getting him help. She's not happy with the WSB and wonders if Kirk was working with someone else to control Dante, since Kirk himself couldn't be doing it now. Hopefully this is all Anna needs to connect him to Obrecht. Gladys thinks Brando likes Sasha, but Brando insists that they're just friends and he respects Michael and Sasha's attempts to fix their relationship. Laura gets to know Martin a little better.

No surprise that Carly couldn't keep her mouth shut, but it would have been smart of her not to tell Cyrus that the Corinthos contingent knows Gladys is the witness. I guess she doesn't understand the concept of knowledge giving you an advantage.

I need to know how long Jason stood there, just watching Taggert sleep.

I think we all know Jason would voluntarily stay locked up or go to prison if it means keeping Cyrus neutralized.

Britt and Sam's concern for Maxie's safety seems misplaced. Peter's very unlikely to hurt her, especially while she's pregnant. They should worry about Dante instead – Sam had to have heard Peter vow revenge against him.

Molly couldn't call Sam to tell her Jason was arrested instead of texting her an article about it and asking if she'd seen it?

Why did Dante's plot move forward off-screen? How annoying. And where's Obrecht?

March 29th, 2021

As expected, Jason tells Carly he won't accept Cyrus' deal because holding on to Florence is too important of an advantage to give up. Carly tells him that Gladys is the alleged eyewitness who ratted him out to the police, and Jason decides that she must have actually seen something the night of the shooting, because she wouldn't be of any use to Cyrus otherwise. Carly's frustrated that Jason's choosing to remain behind bars, since now she'll have to deal with Cyrus and get Jason freed on her own (as if he asked her to). He tells her she has an ally and points her toward Anna. Anna tells Obrecht that Dante almost killed Peter and seems to have been programmed by Kirk. Obrecht doesn't even bother to feign surprise, so Anna's pretty confident that she was involved. Obrecht claims that Kirk was mistreating her and implies that anything sexual between them wasn't consensual. Anna tells her they're on the same side now, and they need to bring Peter to justice, both for his past crimes and because he probably killed Franco. Obrecht feels horrible that she didn't realize Franco might be in danger. Peter expresses his condolences to Elizabeth, who calls him out for hiring Black and killing Drew. Peter gives his typical response, reminding her that there's no evidence that he committed any crimes he's been accused of. Elizabeth gets so mad that Finn has to hold her back from pounding on him. Finn swears that Peter will get what's coming to him sooner or later, and Obrecht later says the same thing. Cyrus gets Martin to admit that he saw Florence a few weeks ago but doesn't know where she is now. As revenge, Cyrus drives a wedge between Laura and Martin by revealing that Martin helped Julian leave town after the Floating Rib bombing. In addition, Martin called Cyrus right after he saw Julian because he wanted Cyrus to take Julian out before Sonny could get to him. Laura's like, "Do I have two awful brothers instead of just one?" Trina begs Taggert to change his plea to not guilty, which he does. Jordan convince the judge to let him out on bail, but Taggert is now her responsibility, so he'll have to stay with her. Cameron has a newfound desire to turn his grief into something positive, so he wants to help Curtis with his club. T.J. wonders if Curtis still has room for Jordan in his life in the midst of all the changes he's making.

How did Carly and Jason jump from "Gladys is lying" to "actually, she might have seen something" so quickly?

If Gladys' testimony is that important, I predict she'll be dead by the end of April.

I need to rewatch Elizabeth telling Peter to shut up at least ten times. Also, I'll give $10 to anyone who murders Peter. Eh, make it $20. I'm feeling generous.

Right now I feel like it would be pretty easy for someone to convince Elizabeth that Peter killed Franco. But it would have to be someone other than Jason, Carly, or Sam. Maybe Anna?

Hmm, more Elizabeth/Finn scenes. Are they going to put those two together? That might actually be a good fit.

Oooh, I didn't think about how Laura would be upset if she found out Martin helped Julian flee town. Nice move, Cyrus. (I can't believe I said that.)

Hey, prosecutor, if ankle monitors are so unreliable, why use them at all?

March 30th, 2021

Cyrus reminds Jason that as long as he's behind bars, his loved ones are vulnerable and the Five Families will be uneasy. He even offers to meet with the other mobsters in Jason's place to ease their fears. Jason makes it clear that he's not going to release Florence, and he's in this for the long haul, if necessary. Michael visits next and assures Jason that he knows Jason didn't kill Franco. He's also aware of the power vacuum and what Jason's arrest means, and he's ready to step up and run things while Jason can't. Brando tells Gladys that he knows she's the witness who lied about Jason killing Franco and ditching the murder weapon. Gladys pretends Cyrus is just giving her money and putting her up at the Metro Court because he's a nice person and wants to take care of Brando and his family. She meets Peter, who's figured out she's the witness, and confirms that she's sticking with the plan to pin everything on Jason. Peter suggests publishing a story about her in the Invader, but Cyrus hears the conversation and jumps in to point out that Gladys will just put a target on her back and make Jason mad. While Brando tries to convince Gladys to leave town and stay away from Cyrus, Cyrus reminds Peter that he hasn't completely fulfilled his part of their deal, and it's going to take some work on both their parts to make sure Jason goes to prison for the rest of his life. Carly and Anna brainstorm ways to get Gladys to change her story, knowing she likes money and respect. Anna comes up with an idea that somehow involves Valentin. Sam and Diane can't convince Alexis to change her guilty plea, and Valentin is no help, supporting her decision to take responsibility so she can stay sober. Finn briefly drops by to give his two cents, which are that Alexis needs to fight her demons however she thinks is best. Dante's like, "I'm just here to tell the truth; you do you." Taggert wants to get right to work bringing Cyrus down (again). Jordan won't show him Cyrus' file at first, but she changes her mind. Curtis and Laura talk over their family issues and help each other reach new perspectives. Curtis thinks Laura should cut Martin some slack since he's not nearly as bad as Cyrus, and Laura thinks Curtis should see if Jordan fits into his new life before making any big decisions. Curtis heads right over to see Jordan and is surprised to see that Taggert is her new roommate.

Let me get this straight: Peter's mad at Gladys because Obrecht doesn't believe her story? Rearrange your priorities, buddy.

Me every time Gladys has a scene: "Yeah, you're definitely going to die."

I love that, for once in Jason's life, everyone thinks he's innocent.

LOL at Michael thinking he's any kind of match for Cyrus.

Sam's working with Britt, Carly's working with Anna...what other unconventional pairings can we team up?

Hey, Carly, why don't you just kidnap Gladys? That seems to be your solution to everything. Really, though, Anna and Carly don't need to do anything. Gladys would never been considered a credible witness. The first thing she ever did on this show was lie that her own son was dead.

Yet more evidence that James Patrick Stuart loves his job: his face when Diane told Finn and Valentin to "play nice in the sandbox."

"For once, Spencer seems to be staying out of trouble." Doubtful. Laura just hasn't caught on to whatever trouble he's gotten into (or caused).

March 31st, 2021

Alexis' judge accepts her guilty plea and asks Dante to testify about his attack. Dante says he forgives Alexis for nearly killing him and doesn't think she deserves prison since she's not a threat to society. Alexis tells the judge she respects the law, so she'll accept whatever punishment she's given, and she doesn't want to hurt her family ever again. The judge is familiar with Alexis, believes she respects the law, and understands how horrible alcoholism is. She has at least a little compassion and dismisses the attempted-murder charge against Alexis (since Franco wasn't injured), but sentences her to three years in prison for aggravated assault. She has one week to do whatever she needs to do before she has to turn herself in. Robert catches Carly on her way out of Anna's house and guesses that, since the only thing the two women have in common is Jason, they must be plotting something. Anna tells him the two of them and Valentin have worked out a way to earn Gladys' trust and get her to spill something they can use to nail Peter and clear Jason. They kick things off with Carly confronting Gladys at the Metro Court for lying about Jason, then having Valentin swoop in as her knight in tarnished armor (TM Anna) to defend her. A few drinks later, Valentin has Gladys convinced that he's a good guy who hates the same people she hates. Though she doesn't tell him anything useful, she does imply that she's being pressured to lie about Jason. Anna wants to fill Maxie in on her, Valentin, and Carly's plans, since she's worried that Maxie's own plan will interfere. Maxie's plan is much bigger than theirs and has more room for error: She wants to have someone take the baby out of town after she's born, convince Peter that the baby died, wait until Peter's behind bars, and bring the baby back. Britt tells her she's nuts, but she's reluctantly willing to help out. Carly's annoyed that Peter's using Jason's arrest to make money for the Invader, and she hints that if he doesn't cut it out, she'll try to squeeze him out of his lease at the Metro Court and turn some of his advertisers against him. Peter practically threatens to go after her family, noting that they don't have much in the way of protection anymore. Curtis handles Jordan and Taggert's temporary living arrangements well, but it looks like he's going to take it as a sign that he's right to keep moving on. If I have to hear Peter yell at Valentin one more time, I might have a complete breakdown.

Sam only served three months of a two-year sentence – do we think Alexis will be in prison for more or less time?

Of course Kristina wasn't at the trial. It's not like it was important or anything.

You know the writers were foaming at the mouth to put Carly and Peter in scenes together. Thanks for nothing, guys.

Valentin's living at the Metro Court? Has he been there since Nikolas kicked him out of Wyndemere? That was more than a year ago! Get a house, man!

Britt bringing up how Nelle also lied about a stillbirth is fair. But then again, Olivia did the same thing, and...well, okay, that didn't work out, either. It's a bad plan, Maxie.

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