General Hospital blog - March, 2022

March 1st, 2022

The painting in Elizabeth's house is one Franco did of her, and it was supposedly destroyed in the studio fire. Cameron reports that it was there when he got home, which means someone had to have broken in to leave it there. Elizabeth tells Dante that Betsy is her #1 suspect. Finn offers to stay at the house for security until the police figure out what's going on. Stella blasts Curtis for trying to investigate Marshall instead of obeying his request to stay out of his past. Curtis makes a reasonable argument that he needs to make sure Marshall isn't going to attract any danger to Port Charles, especially now that Curtis is going to be living with Portia. Stella advises him to be patient because eventually things will come out on their own. Curtis agrees to call off his and Drew's plan, but Drew has already put it in motion. He's going back to Aurora, and he offers Marshall a music-related job. Marshall guesses that Curtis put him up to this, but he thinks it's because Curtis wants to get him a job, not because he's looking for information. Once Drew eases Marshall's mind, he mentions that he'll have to undergo a background check. Marshall declines the job offer, which doesn't make Drew or Curtis feel better about what he might be hiding. Willow and Michael decide that since Nina tried to get time with Wiley without letting Willow know that she'd slept with Sonny, she shouldn't be around Wiley any time soon. Nina approaches Willow about a visit just minutes later, and Willow berates her for being manipulative. Nina keeps reminding Willow that Wiley is her family and she has rights, but Willow clearly isn't intimidated. Sam and Olivia try to help Carly get her mind off of her personal life by taking her axe-throwing. Carly mentions wanting revenge on Nina, and she's definitely not going to take Olivia's advice to leave it up to karma. Michael apologizes to Chase for how he and Willow treated Chase and Brook when they thought the two of them slept together. Chase accepts the apology but doesn't really mean it, and Michael knows it. Chase then tears into Michael for his hypocrisy and how judgmental he was. Once he feels better, the two make up.

Is it just me or does that painting of Elizabeth look more like Sabrina?

What "conflict of interest" led Jax to leave Aurora? The fact that Michael hates him now?

Nina, if you want visitation with Wiley, harassing his mother probably isn't a good idea.

Oooh, I LOVE Willow standing up to Nina. I also LOVE Chase yelling at Michael.

I want to throw axes, too!

Olivia hasn't mentioned how she feels about Dante and Sam's relationship, but she must be okay with it if she's inviting Sam to hang out.

March 2nd, 2022

Finn asks Jake questions about the painting and who might have left it, but Jake seems to not know anything. Finn worries that he came across as accusatory or overstepped with Elizabeth's kids. He wants to connect with the boys without seeming like he's trying to take Franco's place, but Jake doesn't appear to be up for that just yet. To be fair, though, he's just found out that the guy responsible for his father and stepfather's deaths is dead, so that's probably monopolizing his thoughts right now. Sam and Dante discuss Elizabeth's situation, and while Sam thinks her suspicions about Betsy are reasonable, Dante wonders if they're dealing with some old secret lover Franco had. Sam gets Spinelli to do some digging and they learn that a) Betsy wasn't in the cemetery at the time the painting showed up, like she said she was, and b) she was arrested in November. Dante discovers that she was pulled over for suspicion of DUI and attacked a state trooper, which landed her in a psych ward for 72 hours. So it's probably a good thing Finn is still at Elizabeth's house when Betsy shows up there. The traitorous Swiss WSB agent is suddenly dead, and Anna, Laura, and Felicia suspect Victor is responsible Mac wants to go back to work ASAP, even though he's just now being released from the hospital. Fortunately, Jordan has just returned to town and is ready to take her job back. Marshall tells Curtis that he knows he asked Drew to give him a job, and he doesn't want charity. Curtis plays along and is rewarded with the revelation that Marshall has a criminal record. He only says he was arrested for a nonviolent crime, but it set in motion what led him to leave his family. Curtis eases his fears about the background check, since the records were sealed, and Marshall agrees to work for Drew. Austin and Maxie make up, and I still don't see any chemistry there, but whatever. Drew and Portia are basically filler, but at least she gets to hear about his and Curtis' big Dumpster adventure a few years ago. Also, he helps them find a new place to live.

Occam's razor, Dante. What's more likely, Betsy acting out or Franco having a secret mistress who's just now surfacing after a year? Actually, to me, the most likely explanation is that Heather got out of Darkham and is causing trouble again.

Felicia: "You are just the cutest baby that ever lived, you know that?" Mac: "These are softball questions, Felicia. You've got to hit her with some harder ones." Heh.

Every time they recast Jordan, she gets younger.

I bet Marshall would calm down about a criminal background check if he knew one of the people he'd be working for served time for killing someone.

March 3rd, 2022

While Betsy's not completely stable, she's also clearly not the person who's been messing with Elizabeth – not just because she knows nothing about what's happened but also because she was in a psych facility from Thanksgiving until just recently, and she was monitored 24/7. Her feeling are less anger about Elizabeth moving on and more regret because she thinks she failed Franco. Elizabeth, Finn, Sam, and Dante are back to square one for suspects, but a new sketch of Franco drawn by Jake apparently puts him back on their radar. Now that Peter's out of the picture and Bailey is home, Maxie's ready to see where things go with Austin. He gives her plenty of opportunities to back out, and she guesses he's scared of something. Obrecht wants a clean slate with Anna, since all the things that kept them divided in the past are no longer relevant. Anna doesn't think she can ever be friends with Obrecht, considering what Obrecht once did to Robin, but she's okay with civil co-existence and might even throw axes with her sometime. Jordan catches up with Portia and Curtis, and supports their decision to move in together. Portia thinks she's pretending to be happier for them than she really is, and that she's still in love with Curtis. Stella runs into Cameron, who's really sorry about her stroke and how the envelope she had with her got thrown away. She doesn't remember what it contained, but she assures him that he doesn't need to worry about it. Nina complains to Britt about Carly and how Michael and Willow are going to make her fight to see Wiley. She claims she never wanted to break up Carly and Sonny's marriage, and it's not her fault they're on the rocks. Britt's like, "You're my cousin and I love you, but you most definitely ruined Carly's life and it's at least partly your fault that they're getting divorced."

Anna's reaction to learning that Obrecht and Scott are together was hilarious.

So when are we going back to the fact that Taggert isn't Trina's biological father?

I thought the stuff with Curtis and Jordan's divorce papers got sorted out. Wouldn't they have said something to their lawyers, or vice versa, if they never got filed?

For all her flaws, Elizabeth raised a dang good kid in Cameron. I've never seen a more polite college freshman.

I need Nina to shut up. For a long time. She should also get out some of her anger at Carly by throwing axes.

March 4th, 2022

It's the anniversary of Courtney's death, and Spencer's upset about being stuck in Spring Ridge and unable to leave flowers on her grave. Esme tries to comfort him, but he doesn't think she can understand his situation the way Trina does, even though Esme lost both her parents. Spencer begs Victor to help him break out of Spring Ridge or get some sort of furlough accommodation. It's not clear what happens, but Spencer does end up at Courtney's grave. Laura spots Ava chatting with Victor and asks her to get closer to him so he'll let down his guard and tell her something useful. She'll have to keep that quiet from Nikolas, though. Ava seems on board, and she tells Nikolas they should invite Victor to dinner. Anna warns Drew that she thinks Victor is plotting something and wants to activate him for some nefarious reason. Drew doesn't get why he would, since he has minions to do anything he might want Drew to do, but Anna notes that he might believe there's something useful in Drew's memories. Though Andre said his pre-2014 memories are lost, Victor might know a way to access them. Laura and Sam join the conversation as Anna tells Drew that Victor may have had something to do with Luke's death. To learn more, they would have to go to Austria and reopen the investigation, which could tip off Austin. Sam suggests that they set some sort of trap for Victor related to Drew's conditioning. Josslyn's worried because Trina's been avoiding her, and their fight from the other day might have done more damage than she thought. Trina wants some space, but Josslyn doesn't get it and tries to excuse her escalation of things with Esme instead of just apologizing again and shutting up. (Cameron, to his credit, knows better.) Trina basically says this isn't The Josslyn Show and she needs to stop making everything about Esme. Josslyn's so uneasy about the whole thing that she decides to leave class early and find Trina so they can talk. Before she can go, Esme sends out her video of Josslyn and Cameron having sex. Sasha and Brando's trip to Niagara goes great, even before she does some coke and decides they should get married. Nikolas and Sonny run into each other at Courtney's grave, and I don't think she would appreciate their conversation, since it's about how Nikolas wound up with Courtney after cheating on Emily, and how he let Spencer down. Sam confirms to Carly that she's happy with Dante and won't be pursuing anything with Drew. And there was some other stuff but I can't remember a thing about it.

I'm not great at math but I'm pretty sure Courtney dying in 2006 means Spencer should be 16, not 18 or 19 like he's supposed to be.

Anna, Laura, Sam, and Drew is a fun combo.

I think what Josslyn and Trina's fight mostly comes down to is Josslyn not thinking Trina could hold her own against Esme, which is ridiculous.

I loved Trina telling Cameron to stay out of her and Josslyn's fight by saying she didn't know he was taking a class about mediation.

So is Esme's plan to make Josslyn and Cameron think Trina's behind the recording? Because they both know she would never in a million years do anything like that.

Morgan mention – drink!

LOL at the idea of Jason and Courtney together in some kind of afterlife. Two words: awkward silence.

March 7th, 2022

Josslyn and Cameron panic about the recording as Esme listens in and silently laughs at them. When they catch her, they quickly figure out that she had something to do with it. Esme plays the victim, of course, and tries to implicate Trina. Brando thinks Sasha just wants to get married to continue distracting herself from her grief, but she convinces him that she really does want to be with him. Trina thinks Spencer broke out of Spring Ridge, but when Jordan shows up, she keeps Spencer hidden and doesn't mention him to her. She then slams Spencer for using his wealth and privilege to avoid having to play by the rules, dead mom or no dead mom. He acknowledges that she's right and she backs off, so they're basically good again. Elizabeth wants to put things with Finn on hold so her sons have more time to adjust to her moving on from Franco. She tells him he doesn't have to wait for her, but Finn has no intentions of dating anyone else. Jordan reaffirms her commitment to taking down bad guys, then tells Sonny that she's giving him a clean slate. She says their relationship will be fine as long as he behaves himself, but if he doesn't, she'll be watching. Portia and Curtis are moving into Jax's old house. Sonny FINALLY agrees to give Carly the space she's been asking for for weeks.

I'm looking forward to both Carly and Elizabeth going feral when they find out someone recorded their kids having sex and distributed the recording. Esme could easily get her eyes scratched out.

I can't believe Cameron suggested that Michael and Nelle made a sex tape.

Oh, good, we're still talking about Courtney.

Four bedrooms and four bathrooms? Why would you buy a house that big if there are only two of you?

Morgan mention – drink!

March 8th, 2022

Josslyn and Cameron don't believe for a second that Trina made or distributed the recording, which has made its way to an X-rated website. Trina's furious with Esme, and even Cameron is done with her. Esme whines to Spencer about a bunch of stuff, and he apologizes for not being more sensitive about her parents' deaths and for bringing up Trina too often. She tells him about the sex tape, but he also doesn't believe Trina was behind it, and he sends Trina a text to check on her. Victor asks Ava to change her and Nikolas' vow renewal from a private event with just the two of them to a family affair so Spencer won't feel excluded. Also, family unity, blah blah. Ava agrees because of Laura's request to get closer to him, and Nikolas agrees because he's too naïve to think he shouldn't trust Victor. Kevin makes a rare trip to Spring Ridge for a Ryan update, getting confirmation from Harmony that he can't communicate other than via blinks. Ryan refuses to communicate with Kevin, but I don't think Kevin cares that much. Esme approaches Ryan when he's alone, and he asks her, "What the Hell are you doing?" – out loud. Sam, Laura, and Drew bring Dante on board for Operation: Get Victor with the plan to make Victor believe he has the right tarot card to activate Drew. Then Drew will play along until he learns Victor's motives. They come up with the idea to put the wrong tarot card in with Peter's belongings so Victor will think he's found it, but they hit a bump when they learn that Britt, not Bailey, will be receiving Peter's things. Nikolas basically uses Courtney to guilt Spencer into wanting his one remaining parent in his life. Spencer edges closer to agreeing, even with Ava still in the mix. Britt assures Maxie that she's not mad about her lies about Bailey. They talk about their personal lives, or in Britt's case, her lack of one. Laura wants to go to Austria with Anna to look into Luke's death, but she decides she needs to stay in town and keep an eye on Victor.

Does Esme think if she points the finger at Trina enough times, she'll wear everyone down and make them believe her?

Britt being the executor is actually better than if it were Maxie, because Britt is already familiar with the Drew/conditioning situation and would be easy to convince to help out.

We finally found out what happened to the Corinthoses' moss: It moved to the penthouse.

Kiki mention – drink!

March 9th, 2022

Britt wants to just throw the box of Peter's belongings away, but Maxie's curious about what's inside, especially if there might be something for Bailey. Just as Britt's about to open it, Sam and Dante stop her and bring her and Maxie in on their plan. Meanwhile, Drew stalls Victor by vowing to bring him down if he can find proof that he aided and abetted Peter. The others put their plan in motion and are pleased when Victor ends up with a tarot card that won't do anything when he tries to use it to activate Drew. We learn a TON about Esme and Ryan's whole deal: a) He's her father, b) he's the reason she's involved with Spencer, c) their goal is breaking up Ava and Nikolas, and d) he can both talk and move fine, and has been faking locked-in syndrome for months. Now he wants Esme to get closer to Ava and Nikolas, which means she'll need to becoming more likable, so...good luck, Esme. Ava and Nikolas aren't sure Spencer will want to come to their vow renewal, so Victor tells them to invite Esme, too, because she has a lot of influence over him. Nikolas is confused about why Ava, who just recently suspected Victor of being up to something, now wants him around. She tells him everything about her and Laura's scheme, and Nikolas agrees that Victor's hiding something. He makes a reasonable point that when Victor and Peter went up against each other, Victor was the only one left standing, so they may not be equipped to take him on. Ava's sure she can handle it since this isn't her first rodeo. Sasha and Brando keep running into obstacles on their way to a wedding chapel, because the writers think we'll find that interesting. Gladys is worried because Brando hasn't been answering her calls, even though she knows he and Sasha are away. Sasha briefly talks to her and mentions that they're at Niagara Falls. Lucy guesses they're eloping, and Gladys vows to stop them, since she thinks they're just distracting themselves from their grief and are making a huge mistake.

Victor's dumber than I thought if he fell for Britt and Maxie's middle-school-drama-club acting.

According to one website, "the Three of Cups is a card of celebration, friendship, sisterhood, and creative collaborations." Hee. It's definitely being used for a creative collaboration.

Kiki mention – drink!

Victor: "You won't regret this, Nikolas." Narrator Ron Howard: "He would."

It's probably bad that at first I couldn't tell if Esme was calling Ryan "Daddy" because he's her father or know...ugh, don't make me say it.

March 10th, 2022

Willow tells Michael that Nina threatened to sue for visitation with Wiley. A talk with Diane calms her down a little, since it turns out Nina can't just waltz into a courtroom and walk out with rights – she'll have to convince a judge to side with her. Diane advises Michael and Willow to try to keep things from getting that far, but we all know Michael will go as far as he needs to get what he wants. Meanwhile, Nina tells Sonny about her intentions, and he asks her to hold off for now while he tries to convince Michael to budge. Sasha and Brando get married in an auto-repair shop, because why not? Sonny, Nina, and Carly find themselves on the same team for once when they work together to talk Gladys out of trying to stop the wedding. They're successful, and when the newlyweds call to give Gladys the news, she gives them her support. Alexis lets Harmony crash a night out with Diane, like, Alexis, you have to stop making your friends and family hang out with Harmony. Anyway, Diane wants Alexis to open herself up to love again, but Harmony wants her to stay single if that's what's best for her. Maxie asks Austin to help her get rid of Peter's belongings, because apparently just throwing them away isn't good enough. Mac and Felicia interrupt so Mac can do his typical overprotective-father thing, and then Obrecht interrupts to slam Austin for screwing things up for Maxie. Maxie asks her to try to get past that because he's going to be in her life. Obrecht backs down, but between her and Mac, Austin's going to have a lot of eyes on him and will need to be on his best behavior. Mac doesn't like Anna and Felicia's plan to go to Austria together to investigate Luke's death, but they assure him and Robert that there's nothing to worry about. Willow has her birth certificate and just has to present it somewhere to get her passport.

Please, Nina doesn't feel bad for putting Sonny in the middle of her drama with Michael and Willow.

The real problem with Nina's case is that no one said she could NEVER see Wiley. They said not now. A judge is going to tell her to chill and let the parents parent.

Diane's fake cheer over having to spend time with Harmony was perfect.

To be fair, Alexis is smart to avoid middle-aged men with British accents because there's always a chance, no matter how small, that they'll turn out to be Jerry.

"There may be darkness in your past, but now the light has returned and you have been given a new beginning." Harmony, if you don't want people to remember your past in a cult, don't say stuff that sounds like you got it from Shiloh.

Shout-out to John J. York for staring at Austin without blinking after saying he's looking forward to getting to know him.

What are the odds that Willow gets arrested for possessing a forged document? Pretty good, right?

March 11th, 2022

Josslyn and Cameron's video has been sent around so much that one of Jake's friends has seen it, and Cameron has to order his brother not to look at it. He also has to tell Elizabeth what happened and how horrible he feels for Josslyn. Josslyn tearfully tells Carly about the sex tape and how embarrassed she feels. She's worried that people who don't know her will think she orchestrated everything for attention. Carly gets Spinelli to take down the recording and advises Josslyn not to care what other people think about her. Also, she guesses pretty quickly that Esme was probably responsible. Michael thinks Brook should stop worrying about what an attempt at a relationship with Chase could do to their friendship and start thinking about how it could turn out great. Finn can't believe that Chase has only spoken to Brook once since Maxie took Bailey back, and it was via a three-word text (which she responded to with an emoji). Chase is all, "We're just friends, it's all good," but the second Willow tells him Brook is back in town after a trip to Brooklyn, he goes to see her. Elizabeth tells Jake and Cameron that she and Finn have put things on pause so she can focus on her kids. She wants Jake to see a psychiatrist, which makes him think that she believes he's responsible for all the Franco-related stuff and that he's crazy. He refuses to go, but she changes his mind by telling him how much he's like Jason and how it might make him feel better to talk to a stranger about his recent losses. Esme follows Ryan's orders and hangs out with Ava and Nikolas. She warns that Spencer might not accept their invitation to their vow renewal, then offers to talk to him about it before they do. She stays quiet when Ava relays a message from Kevin that Ryan's condition hasn't changed.

I like that they threw in the double standard about the sex tape, how Cameron's being applauded while people are calling Josslyn a slut. I also like how both Carly and Elizabeth reacted to it.

Thanks for the Brook/Chase flashbacks, AKA a visual journey of Chase's hairstyles over the past year.

Brook and Chase are finally going to get together and everyone who hears about it is going to be like, "We thought you were already together."

Britt, Brook, and Alexis need to form an I Am Fine Being Single; Please Leave Me Alone Club.

Excuse me, Carly didn't convince Michael to give Avery back to Sonny – Sabrina did.

March 14th, 2022

Esme plays the victim, as usual, as Carly tears into her about the sex tape. When Esme spots Nikolas, she provokes Carly, who twists her arm. Esme steps up the dramatics and makes Nikolas think she's more injured than she is. Not only does this give her an explanation for the bruise Ryan gave her, but it gets her sympathy from one of the people she's supposed to get closer with. Nikolas apologizes if he and his family have made things harder for Esme since she's been in town, especially when she's been without Spencer, and he encourages her to try to be a better person after the mistakes she's made. Spencer accuses Cameron of making the sex tape, but Cameron thinks he's finding a scapegoat so he doesn't have to admit that Esme is the probable culprit. Cameron swears it wasn't him, and his distress over how Josslyn is being treated in the aftermath makes it clear that he's telling the truth. Both guys are sure Trina's also innocent, and Spencer almost admits that he knows she didn't distribute the video because he was with her when it went out. Still, he won't accept that Esme could have done it. Brad asks Britt to get him a job at GH, but they'll have to get Terry's approval first. Brad is unaware that Selina already has a job in mind for him. She wants Curtis to allow her to host some high-stakes poker games at the Savoy, which Brad would oversee. Curtis sees no benefit to this, other than money he doesn't really need, and tells Selina multiple times that he wants to keep the place mob-free. Selina's sure he'll change his mind (or, more likely, she has something planned to make him change his mind). Brook and Chase catch up as the audience screams at them to just kiss again already. He gives her back a journal where she's been writing songs, tells her they're good, and encourages her to pursue that part of the music business. They basically don't talk about the kiss, but they're definitely still friends. Carly continues offering Josslyn support, encouraging her to present a united front with Cameron and Trina. Also, just minutes after saying she needs to let Josslyn fight her own battles because she's an adult, she calls Diane to pursue the fact that the recording and its distribution are illegal.

Esme's totally going to try to get Nikolas into bed, isn't she? When Carly said she was like Esme when she was younger, and Esme's going to do some really damaging stuff if she doesn't straighten up, all I could think about was Carly sleeping with Tony, and how there's no equivalent with Esme. Welp, I think I found the equivalent.

Carly: "I would love for you to call the police. Do you think we should call the police?" Josslyn's face: "How fast can I run away?"

Curtis. NO. Be strong.

Chase: "That's what the kids are saying." Brook: "The kids who said that are on their second divorces." Hee.

March 15th, 2022

Jake ditches his therapy session, telling Finn he won't continue to be questioned about things he didn't do. Finn gets him to open up a little, and Jake not only says he hasn't done any of the things Elizabeth thinks he has, but he also has no problem with her dating Finn. Finn suspects he's hiding something and looks suspicious because he hasn't given an alibi for the times the weird things have happened. Jake admits that if Elizabeth finds out what he was really doing, she'll never forgive him. Anna and Felicia go undercover-ish in Austria, posing as a possible widow and her lawyer who want confirmation that a man they think died in the cable-car crash is actually dead. Anna gets a look at some records and discovers that there was a delay in the cable car's departure that wasn't documented or explained. Someone who works in the office they've talked their way into calls Victor to let him know they're there. Laura, Robert, Sam, and Dante meet up, which would seem innocent enough from the outside, but Deputy Mayor Eileen has a problem with Laura not sticking to her official schedule and socializing with the DA and a detective (even though one is a long-time friend and the other is her ex-son-in-law). Laura shuts her up by telling her they're looking into Luke's death. Sonny appeals to Michael and Willow on Nina's behalf, but they won't budge – they don't trust her, they don't think it's healthy for Wiley to be around her, and they don't like Sonny putting her feelings ahead of what's best for his family. Sonny makes excuses for his delay in telling everyone about his relationship with Nina, as if that's the real problem here. Victor isn't 100 percent sure he'll be able to activate Drew, so he's prepared to kill Drew if the tarot card doesn't work. Drew offers Elizabeth his support while she's helping Jake with his issues, and tells her he's confident that she's strong enough to get him through this new challenge. Nina confides to Ava that she's seen another side of Sonny and isn't quite so eager to be with him anymore. Victor meets Nina, who trusts him even less than she trusts his son and isn't quiet about it. Ava kind of stands up for him, which Nina finds surprising. Monica announces that she's going to have Jason declared legally dead. Also, she's pro-Finn/Elizabeth, if anyone cares.

Why would a psychiatrist interrogate Jake like a detective? Get him a different therapist, Elizabeth. He was right to leave.

Yeah, it won't look suspicious at all if Anna's killed while investigating a possible murder.

Now we know where Maxie's poor acting skills came from – her mother.

Well, at least Laura only told Eileen stuff Victor already knows. Also, I give it less than a month before Victor kills Eileen.

Hmm, more Jeff Webber talk. HMMM.

March 16, 2022

Anna bests one of Victor's minions before he can shoot her, and though he'll confirm that he was the safety inspector for the cable car, he won't admit to sabotaging it. He says the people who died in the accident were collateral damage and nothing compared to what's coming. He's involved in some cause that he's literally willing to die for, which he demonstrates by taking cyanide. Anna and Felicia call the one number he's been communicating with on his phone, thinking it's Victor's. It's actually Eileen's, and though they don't recognize her voice, Victor recognizes theirs and realizes his guy failed his mission. One of Josslyn's classmates makes inappropriate comments to her about the sex tape and almost gets punched for it. Carly encourages Cameron to stick close to Josslyn so they can get through this crisis together. He's not sure she wants him around, but she assures him she does when he finds her upset after her run-in with her classmate. Though it might be awkward for them to be seen together, they want to present a united front and support each other. Drew pretends to let Victor talk him into a meeting, supposedly to discuss Drew's ELQ shares. After using Drew as her surrogate Jason again, Carly figures out what he's working on and cautions him not to do anything that will take him out of Scout's life again. Meanwhile, Eileen tells Victor that Laura, et. al. are looking into Luke's death and probably suspect that he was involved. Elizabeth eliminates another suspect when Jake spills his secret: He's been communicating with her parents. She's upset about him not telling her, but more upset that after Terry told Jeff not to contact her, he went behind her back and contacted her son instead. Ryan eavesdrops as Spencer tries to confirm that Esme didn't make the recording. She's all, "This is so hard for me, and I'm only in this town because of you, and you're the only one I can trust, waaaaaah." He admits that he snuck out to visit Courtney's grade and accidentally lets it slip that he ran into Trina. Esme seizes on the part of his story where Trina kept him hidden from Jordan. Trina tells Portia about the sex tape and admits that she's kept her distance from Josslyn and Cameron because she's not sure they want to hear from her. Portia is furious when she learns that Esme tried to pin the tape on Trina. She advises Trina to cut both Esme and Spencer out of her life because no good can come from relationships with them.

Is Elizabeth's animosity toward her parents just from them being so distant for so long (which is fair on its own), or is there something bigger we haven't heard about? Discuss.

Esme's enemies now include Carly and Portia, so she should just leave town now.

Can we stop saying Avery was part of Spencer's reign of terror or whatever? He gave her a teddy bear. She had no idea what was going on.

Kiki mention – drink!

March 17th, 2022

Drew plays along when Victor "activates" him, even going so far as to try to kill Johan when Victor orders him to. Dante and Sam are listening in, and Dante wants to intervene, but Sam trusts Drew not to take things too far. Victor calls Drew off before he hurts Johan, then says he needs information on something called Operation Demeter. Carly shows up just then, thinking Victor has really activated Drew, and threatens to live-stream their conversation. Worried that Victor will hurt her, Drew reveals that he was faking. They have to call off the plan, but at least they got a lead on...something. Trina returns the book Spencer gave her and tells him that she can't be friends with him as long as Esme is in his life. Spencer doesn't want to be discarded because he made bad decisions, but he also doesn't want to give up Esme, since he's the only person she has. Trina warns that if he's not careful, she'll also be the only person he has. Esme plants the phone with the original recording on it in Trina's bag, then calls the PCPD's tip line to turn her in for making revenge porn. Sonny drinks to deal with the news about Monica wanting to have Jason declared dead, which gives Nina another glimpse of how different he is from "Mike." He does some good ol' barware smashing and realizes he's scaring her the way Deke used to scare him. He can't drink the way he used to, and he decides he needs to cut back and get rid of the alcohol in the penthouse. He also thinks Nina should fight to see Wiley because he deserves to have her in his life. Portia asks Jordan her opinion on Spencer, and though Jordan doesn't know much about him personally, she notes that his criminal record makes him sketchy. Portia's worried that his crimes are an indication that he could turn violent. She vents to Curtis about how Trina has become more self-conscious and had more conflicts ever since Spencer and Esme came to town. She wants to talk to Trina about her friendship with Spencer again, but Curtis convinces her to let Trina make her own decisions. Britt tells Carly that Monica wants to have Jason declared dead, and Carly laments that that will make things final. She thinks Britt needs to move on already, so Britt turns back to the dating service Obrecht signed her up for.

Is it bad that I laughed when Victor told Drew to throw Johan off the bridge?

Ugh, Carly ruins everything.

Again I would like to request Sonny/Alexis scenes about his drinking. Again I don't expect them to actually happen.

"I want to put the smackdown on Esme." You'll have to get in line.

It could take seven years to have Jason declared dead? He'll definitely be back before then.

Britt wants to start dating because Carly said she should? Huh?

March 18th, 2022

A tabloid reporter named Smoltz asks Jordan about the sex tape, which she knows nothing about. Michael and Willow are about to head off to get ready for their Paris trip when Smoltz tries to get a statement from Michael about the tape. Both of them brush him off, but when Smoltz makes a comment about Josslyn's performance, Michael punches him. Unfortunately, Jordan sees and arrests him. Willow is hyperventilating when she tries to call Carly, and she winds up passing out. Esme and Spencer have a big fight about his friendship with Trina and how he never puts Esme first. He still can't get her to admit that she's behind the video, but the fact that he still has suspicions about that should be all he needs to know. Carly and Drew talk about Jason, the tarot cards, Jason, Sonny, Jason, freedom, blank slates, Jason, and Jason. Also, I still think they're going to end up in bed together sooner rather than later. Nina tries to convince Harmony to team up and advocate for each other when it comes to visitation with Wiley. Harmony seems won over by how sad Nina is that Wiley's the only piece of her daughter she has left. Then we discover that they have another mutual acquaintance because Phyllis knows Harmony by her real name. Shawn wants to confirm that Alexis doesn't want a second try with him before he figures out whether or not to move to San Francisco. She apologetically tells him she doesn't, but she values his friendship. Sam and Dante are the filler, but at least they're cute.

I assume we're heading toward Willow having some condition that requires a transplant, and that's how the truth will come out about her not being Harmony's biological daughter, because that's how things always go on this show.

LOL at Drew expecting Carly to think ahead before running head-first into danger.

I interpreted Carly saying her worst mistakes were going along with other people's ideas as her trying to blame others for her biggest screw-ups.

Nina, this is now an obsession. Get help.

I expect Nina to use this arrest against Michael and try to paint him as an unfit father. Sonny will love that.

March 21st, 2022

Smoltz tries to convince Alexis to write a story about the sex tape, though he wants sensational coverage with an angle about the mob. Carly begs Alexis not to do it, but Alexis points out that she has the chance to get out ahead of other media outlets and offer Josslyn and Cameron's points of view, if they want to participate. Then it'll be a story about consent and digital privacy rather than just naked teens and a leaked recording. Sonny hears about Michael's arrest and goes to see him, but Michael doesn't want his input. He feels like Sonny chose Nina over the family. Sonny continues to argue that Nina should get to see Wiley, but Michael says she's acting a lot like Nelle, so he's justified in keeping them apart. Willow's okay, and her passing out seems to just be a catalyst for other stuff, like when Epiphany butts heads with a doctor who doesn't like being left out of the loop on Willow's treatment. So now Epiphany's considering med school again. Phyllis and Harmony know each other from when they both worked at Crichton-Clark. Nina thinks Phyllis might be able to convince Harmony to talk to Willow about visitation with Wiley. Phyllis doesn't want to get involved in a family matter, but she also feels for Nina, so it's hard for her to decline. Shawn catches up with Sonny, confirming that he and Alexis aren't getting back together and he's moving on from the past. T.J. gets to have dinner with both of his parents and Molly, probably for the last time.

I think Josslyn is the one who gets to decide if Sonny is still her family, but thanks for your input, Michael.

All the mentions of Nelle today made me itchy.

Harmony worked at Crichton-Clark? INTERESTING.

Someone needs to introduce Epiphany to a little thing called nurse practitioners.

Are we pretending Shawn is coming back? Because I don't think he's coming back. And I guess our last hope of anyone finding Hayden will be going with him.

March 22nd, 2022

Finn all but tells Chase that he and Brook need to stop just being friends and get something started already. Maxie's also interested in the state of Chase and Brook's relationship, as well as the possibility of Brook pursuing songwriting. This comes together when they're discussing Deception's IPO with Lucy and consider having someone write an original song for their launch party. Brook agrees to do it, and Maxie's clearly going to push for her to duet with Chase. Curtis and Portia officially buy Jax's house, excited to start their lives together. While celebrating, they run into Epiphany and Marshall, who have their own reason to celebrate when Epiphany announces that she's going to take the MCAT. Everyone seems happy, but Marshall confides to Curtis that he's not sure what he's doing. Curtis encourages him to just be himself with Epiphany. Marshall tells him a story about his first date with Curtis' mother, and the two bond. This foursome will probably be spending a lot more time together since Portia offers to help Epiphany through her journey to med school. Then Drew possibly ruins things by calling to tell Curtis he's found some inconsistencies in Marshall's past. Elizabeth updates Dante on Jake's innocence in the weird goings-on and how her focus has shifted to Cameron and Josslyn's recording. She's worried that Sonny will get involved and things will escalate, so Dante offers to get out ahead of that. But when he visits Sonny, they talk more about how Michael's mad at him and how Sonny might not be able to have both Nina and Michael in his life. Now that they've confirmed that Elizabeth's sons are all okay with her being with Finn, he's not sure where they stand. He winds up coming right out with his feelings, telling her he wants to be by her side no matter what happens next. Elizabeth feels the same, so their pause is over. Brad helps Britt fill out her dating profile (basically, she wants a guy like Jason) and is rewarded with a job offer. Selina quickly puts an end to that, saying she already has something in mind for him. Also, she wants to get to know Britt better since Brad won't walk away from their friendship. Maxie and Lucy are happy about Sasha and Brando's marriage, but Brook is more in Gladys' mindset, thinking they made a big decision too quickly after a tragedy. Sonny agrees to let Selina use part of the waterfront for her business in exchange for a percentage of her profits. I'm sure everything will go great there!

I don't mind a slow burn but this Brook/Chase thing could be a little less glacially paced.

Instead of investing Marshall, Drew should be making sure Victor doesn't come after him or anyone he cares about. Priorities, Cain!

They need to give Portia more to do. She's a great character.

Can we go one freaking day without talking about Jason?

March 23rd, 2022

Marshall is unhappy to see Sonny talking to T.J. while dealing with a minor injury Avery sustained. He orders Sonny to keep his distance from T.J., then warns T.J. not to think Sonny's friendly without ulterior motives. Adding to Marshall's anxiety is some issue with his medication and an inability to get in touch with the doctor who previously helped him. Sonny gets a look at his medication bottle and might know what's going on with him. Alexis goes over the logistics of her proposed article with Josslyn and Cameron, who think seriously about the pros and cons of taking part. Cameron is more hesitant than Josslyn, who convinces him that they should stand up for themselves. Meanwhile, Carly and Elizabeth compliment each other on their parenting successes and are able to laugh about the way they used to treat each other. Ryan wants to play chess and chat with Spencer in his final hours at Spring Ridge. Through Harmony, Ryan basically says Spencer's welcome because he and Esme used Ryan to fool Ava and Nikolas. He wants to be friends since they want the same thing. Spencer declines, and Nikolas interrupts before the conversation can continue. Harmony accuses Ryan of playing mind games and tells him to find a new lackey if he wants to do the same in the future. Ryan replies that he'd be happy to free her from her service the only way he knows how, which I think means he wants to kill her. Nikolas and Spencer don't even get out of Spring Ridge before they start bickering about Ava once again, and I'm SO TIRED OF IT. Esme puts on her best sad face and tells Laura she's leaving because she doesn't think Spencer wants to be with her anymore. She's all, "Woe is me, Spencer wants Trina instead, when will I be someone's first choice?" Laura advises her to stay until she knows for sure where they stand. She's changed her view of Esme in light of Esme's encouragement of Spencer's relationship with Nikolas and wants her to be in Spencer's life. Drew double-checks that Curtis is ready for what he's learned about Marshall, since things are going so well between them. Curtis decides he'd rather be safe than sorry and know who he's dealing with before any of his loved ones get closer to Marshall. Drew shares that Marshall rented an apartment in Buenos Aires in the '80s using his real name, which indicates that he wasn't in witness protection after all. Sonny and Ava are getting along better than ever in the wake of his divorce, and I can only imagine how happy she'll be with him if he and Nina make things official.

Who wants to tell Marshall that T.J.'s partner is Sonny's niece?

It's bad that I can't figure out which of Elizabeth's pregnancies Carly was talking about in that flashback, because all three included paternity mysteries (but it couldn't be her first because Laura Wright wasn't on then).

I'm glad Carly and Elizabeth get along now because Josslyn and Cameron need their main sources of support to be on the same page.

Spencer, when a serial killer wants to be your friend, run away as fast as you can.

No, Laura! Stop being nice!

Now that Drew has mentioned Alan, this is the perfect time to have the memorial episode for Stuart Damon. Just have Drew go to Monica wanting to know about his father.

March 24th, 2022

Spencer and Esme are on the verge of making up when she realizes he hasn't said he believes she didn't record Cameron and Josslyn. Spencer won't say out right that he thinks she did it, but he acknowledges that it's something she would do. Esme tells him she's leaving, but as she goes, he finds a pregnancy test in her bag. Ava continues buddying up to Victor, who thinks she has ulterior motives but doesn't suspect that she's not an ally. Nikolas joins them and continues the act as Victor shows anxiety over the fact that Spencer and Nikolas haven't made amends yet. Apparently there's a deadline involved in whatever he sees coming around the corner for the Cassadines. Curtis asks Jordan to snoop in Marshall's sealed arrest record, which is not just unethical but illegal. She refuses and he responds in a very un-Curtis-like way, saying she has a wavering relationship with ethics and she owes him after what she's put him through. Jordan awesomely tells him she's not here to do his bidding and he can't pick and choose which laws she should follow. Curtis then goes to Sonny and asks for a favor. Harmony asks Alexis her opinion on Nina's request to talk to Willow about letting Nina see Wiley. Alexis wants to stay out of it, since Wiley is Kristina's nephew, and she advises Alexis to do the same. When she learns that Harmony's been living in a hotel because she can't afford anything else, Alexis offers to let her move in. Anna tells Sam, Drew, and Laura about her adventures in Austria, and they tell her how Carly cut their plan with Victor short. Though the four still don't have proof that Victor is tied to Luke's death, or that Luke was even the target of the cable-car "accident," they know Victor will go after anyone he suspects is on to him. In reality, Victor is focused on throwing suspicion off himself and has someone in mind to frame for Luke's death. Willow tells Michael about her fainting spell but is sure it's nothing to worry about. Her big takeaway is that Harmony put her first for the first time in Willow's life. Sonny and Nina...whatever.

Yeah, sign me up for dinner with Spencer, Nikolas, Laura, Ava, Esme, and Victor. Hide all the knives.

Kiki mention – drink! (I'll be honest, I don't know why I keep documenting these.)

Oh, come on, Curtis. Why are you acting like this?

I'm happy we got a throwaway mention of Kim confirming that she knows Drew is alive. Now can we find out if anyone knows she had Julian's baby?

I can't say enough good things about fast-forwarding Sonny/Nina scenes. Try it, friends! Free yourself from their tyranny!

March 25th, 2022

Cameron wants to keep a low profile, but Josslyn has started coming around to Carly's way of thinking and doesn't want to hide since they didn't do anything wrong. She and Trina finally talk after a few days of giving each other space, and they quickly get on the same page about Esme and how awful she is. Then Jordan ruins Trina's day by following up on Esme's call to the tip line and asking her to come to the station to answer some questions. Esme hasn't taken the pregnancy test yet, and she puts on a big show of freaking out that it could be positive. Spencer's also panicking, partly because he could be a father at a young age and partly, as he spills to Cameron, because having a child with Esme would tie them together for life. Cameron comes by and tries to calm Spencer, who kind of puts Cameron's problems in perspective because at least the sex tape won't need a college fund or braces. Meanwhile, Esme goes crying to Nikolas and asks if she can stay at Wyndemere. Victor acts like his big plan to get the Cassadines their power back is top-secret and even ominous, but it's just a business merger. Sonny won't help Curtis dig into Marshall's past since he could just stir up more trouble between himself and Marshall. He tells Curtis to just ask if he wants to know what Marshall's hiding. Portia and Taggert check in with Trina, partly so Portia can find out if she's taken her advice to distance herself from Spencer and Esme. When Portia finds out that Ava plans to have Trina supervisor Spencer at the gallery, she advises Ava to reconsider that idea. She and Taggert are happy that their daughter is so mature and lovely, and that she's not involved in the drama her friends are dealing with, because they don't realize she's actually smack in the middle of it. Dante's disappointed that Jordan won't let him help investigate the sex tape since his connection to Josslyn could lead to accusations that they're not sticking to the law.

The younger actors are sometimes rocky, especially in the beginning, so I'm happy that Tabyana Ali did so well in her first episode.

Waiting for Josslyn and Trina to figure out taht Esme drugged Trina at the cabin...

Victor's such a drama queen for kicking Ava out of the conversation when he knew Nikolas would just fill her in later.

Why is Dante so eager to work Josslyn's case? He's barely ever given her the time of day.

March 28th, 2022

Jordan asks Trina some questions about the night at the cabin without letting on that there's been a tip implicating her. Trina willingly hands over her phone, then discovers a second one in her bag that looks identical. One has the video on it, and the tip said someone saw her watching the video weeks ago, so even though Jordan knows enough about Trina to know she'd never be involved in something like this, she has to follow up. She lets Curtis know that Trina's being questioned so he'll alert Portia and Taggert, the latter of whom is furious that his former partner is questioning his daughter. Jordan doesn't help by calling for Trina's arrest. Nikolas falls for Esme's sob story about being a lonely child (like he was!) and having no one to trust or turn to now. He doesn't want her to leave town without trying to work things out with Spencer, so he offers to pay for her to stay above Kelly's. Alexis isn't surprised that Molly and T.J. aren't supportive when she tells them she's going to let Harmony stay with her. They admit that Shawn asked them to keep an eye on her, which they regret agreeing to. Alexis continues to insist that Harmony is reformed and trustworthy now, but when Harmony's able to locate something in the house despite not having spent much time there before, Alexis seems concerned. Curtis asks Marshall if his dislike of Sonny has to do with his time away. Marshall says he just knows the danger of club owners getting in bed with the mob and doesn't want that to happen to Curtis. It's all about protecting his family. His feelings toward Sonny don't change even after Phyllis tells him about her friendship with him and how he's helped her rebuild her life after losing Lenny and the Tan-O. Scott doesn't get why Nina's into Sonny, though she doesn't think them pairing up would be any stranger than Scott and Obrecht pairing up. She thinks he deserves a partner who truly accepts and supports him. Scott's like, "Yeah, her name's Carly, and look what happened there." He knows she wants to avoid a court case over Wiley because of Sonny, and he warns that she might not be able to have both of them in her life. Update from Harmonyville: Phyllis remembers distinctly that she was friendly with Madeline. She asks Harmony to talk to Willow on Nina's behalf, but Harmony knows Nina put her up to it and won't play ball.

The evidence against Trina is flimsy and any lawyer could get it dismissed. Diane already would have.

Oh, so Dante has to do everything by the book, but when Trina's facing trouble, suddenly Jordan just does whatever she wants?

Also, Jordan should have arrested Trina herself. She set this in motion and won't listen to everyone saying Esme's the real culprit. She can't make Dante do her dirty work.

LOL at Esme having to stay about Kelly's. Enjoy that communal bathroom!

Harmony knew Madeline? CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSER. Also, killing Madeline off while so many questions were still unanswered was a big mistake.

March 29th, 2022

Spencer can't bring himself to open up to Laura, but he does tell Victor that Esme might be pregnant. Victor brushes that possibility off as a minor inconvenience that can be easily resolved. He also doesn't think Spencer has a good reason not to be with Esme, since she never hurt him directly. He tells Spencer about Trina's arrest, and Spencer rushes to the police station. Despite telling Victor that he's pretty sure Esme made the recording, and despite memories of the night at the cabin that indicate she could have been responsible, Spencer approaches Trina like she's guilty. Sonny's annoyed that he heard about the sex tape from someone other than Carly. She tells him Josslyn doesn't want him around right now, but he still sees her as family, which means someone's going to pay for hurting her. Ava has the same idea, and Sonny assures her that he's already on it. He has Esme brought to his office (I think the technical term is "kidnapped," actually) for a chat that I'm sure will remain 100% friendly. Sam isn't thrilled to learn that Harmony is staying with Alexis, and she questions whether Harmony's really earned Alexis' faith and trust. Alexis says she has, but she brings up how Harmony seems to know her way around the house like she's been there before. Harmony says she visited Kristina there once, during their Dawn of Day days, and is totally fine with Alexis asking Kristina to confirm her story. Secretly, Harmony was also in the house at least one other time: in August of 2020, when she snuck in while Alexis was asleep AND KILLED NEIL. Ava visits Trina and assures her that she'll do whatever's necessary to clear Trina's name. Jordan is in just-doing-my-job mode and no one's happy about it. Esme continues her ploy with Nikolas, eventually bringing Trina into it and hinting that there's still something unresolved with her and Spencer. Carly, Sam, moving on from Jason, blah blah, remember when Sam got to do stuff?

I love how literally everyone denies that Trina could be behind the recording within ten seconds of hearing about her arrest.

I can't believe Portia and Taggert weren't at the police station first thing in the morning. Actually, I can't believe they didn't camp out there all night.

My notes about Alexis' plot just say, "WHAAAAAAA???"

I had to laugh at Ava telling Trina that it doesn't matter what other people think. I mean, it matters what a judge and jury think...

March 30th, 2022

Sonny plays good cop with Esme, who's intimidated but not enough to confess to anything. Nikolas and Victor figure out where she is and rush to rescue her, as if Sonny has her tied up and is torturing her into answering his questions. Esme plays up the urgency of the situation and uses it to make herself look more in need of help and Nikolas look more like a hero. Spencer catches her hugging him and will probably have some questions about that. Spencer thinks the evidence pinning the recording on Trina means she's guilty, no matter how many times she insists she would never hurt another person, especially her best friends. Spencer can't bring himself to admit that the woman he's been dating, and who could be pregnant with his baby, could be as horrible as everyone thinks she is. Trina tells him that her life has gotten worse since meeting him, and if he can't see what kind of person she is, their friendship is over. Chase still has a couple of months left on his suspension, but Dante thinks he should have been reinstated already for his part in protecting Bailey. He hopes Brook stays as selfless as she's been over the past few months and doesn't revert to her manipulative ways. Chase gets defensive of her, and Dante teases that he has feelings for Brook. Deception's IPO is all but a done deal, and Lucy wants Port Charles residents to sing at the launch party. She bugs Brook to ask Chase to do a duet with Amy, but Brook wants to keep her distance from him while she's figuring out her feelings for him. Maxie's like, "Screw that" and makes her talk to him. Brook asks Chase to sing at the party, but he doesn't think it would be a good look for him while he's waiting to rejoin the force. Brook takes some offense, thinking he's looking down on her job, so that's another obstacle to keep them apart a little longer. Sasha and Brando return from their honeymoon and immediately have to deal with Gladys. Though she claims they still have her blessing, she tells Sasha she's uneasy about how quickly they got married. Maxie and Lucy are much more supportive and want to throw a big party for the newlyweds. Getting back to reality and a glimpse at a picture of herself from her pregnancy send Sasha running to the phone to get more pills. Portia and Curtis prepare for Trina's arraignment, where Scott thinks she'll make bail because she's a good citizen with no priors. He's equally confident about the rest of her case, just because Trina's character speaks for itself. Victor warns Sonny to stay away from his family, but Sonny's dealt with much worse villains and doesn't even blink.

Sonny having Esme brought to him was really unnecessary. Plus, if he'd gotten her to admit to anything, it would have been coerced.

The IPO launch party hasn't been completely planned just six days out, and it's on a Tuesday? Sure.

I love Maxie shoving Brook out of the office to make her interact with Chase.

I feel like the Brook/Chase stuff is leading to a bunch of people locking them in a room together and not letting them out until they agree they should date.

I would definitely not trust Scott with my freedom if I were in Trina's position, but this feels like an easy win. (Which means it won't be.)

Me when Portia spotted Spencer: "Get him. Get him. Get him. Get him. Get him. GET HIM GET HIM GET HIM GET HIM GET HIM GET HIM GET HIM."

March 31st, 2022

Molly is one of the prosecutors on Trina's case, which is...weird. She and her co-counsel present Trina with a plea deal that would drop the felony charges against her and possibly leave her just paying a fine and facing probation. Scott, Portia, and Curtis discuss the pros and cons, but the decision is up to Trina. Josslyn and Cameron arrive just before her arraignment, and Josslyn urges her to plead not guilty. Sam talks Carly into a yoga class, which Nina and Maxie happen to also be attending. The enemies avoid each other until Nina tells Carly that she's sorry for what Josslyn is going through and thinks she's tough enough to survive it. That goes so well (if you consider Carly completely ignoring her "well") that Nina convinces herself that she might be able to talk Carly into helping her get visitation with Wiley. That goes...what's worse than abysmally? It goes that. Carly calls Nina on her victim complex again, and Nina vows to get what she wants. Spencer can't figure out why he's suspicious of Esme after believing her so many times before. Nikolas thinks it's because he has feelings for Trina now. He sees that the two of them need guidance (and will need even more of it if Esme's pregnant), so he plays peacemaker. He suggests that Esme move into Wyndemere so Sonny can't get to her again, and Spencer offers to move in as well. Alexis again advises Harmony not to get in the middle of the Corinthos/Nina situation, but Harmony can't help feeling bad for Nina, so she doesn't listen. She casually suggests that Michael and Willow offer Nina restricted visitation so Nina calms down and Wiley gets to have his whole family in his life. Willow guesses that Nina sent her to make a plea, but she's not mad that Harmony agreed, since she thinks Harmony can relate to Nina over being separated from her child. Instead of trying to smooth things over with Nina, Diane wants to make Michael's assault charges go away so Nina can't use them against him. She approaches Alexis with the idea of giving Smoltz a scoop that supposedly comes from Michael. Alexis doesn't want Smoltz associated with the Invader, though, so that might not work. Alexis is happy that the article about Cameron and Josslyn has been picked up by other outlets – in fact, she's happier than she's been since falling off the wagon. Harmony's face: "..." Some guy watches Spencer, Esme, and Nikolas while reading the article. He's very interested in the fact that Alexis is the paper's editor-in-chief, and he pays her a visit.

Molly as a prosecutor makes no sense. Maybe this case will make her decide to become a public defender or something.

Where's Taggert?

I wish Portia had brought Trina a change of clothes. She shouldn't be wearing jeans in court.

"I have to try to keep it out of the courts." YOU'RE BRINGING THIS FIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE. Don't act like it's out of your control, Nina.

Also, Nina's digging her own grave here. If this does go to court, Carly will be thrilled to talk about how she's basically been harassing the family.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but Harmony's right. Give Nina a little visitation just to shut her up.

I forgot that Michael punched Scott, too. Stop hitting poeple, Michael!

Is that guy Neil's brother?

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