General Hospital blog - May, 2007

May 1st, 2007

Sonny gets an injunction barring the taping of Everyday Heroes, so Amelia goes to him to “convince” him to drop it. Alan and Tracy figure out that Scott killed Rick, but Tracy assures Dillon that she’ll keep quiet so Luke won’t find out. Jax and Carly are really, really boring. Sonny makes it clear that Logan will never work for him.

Why couldn’t we get a vacation from Jax and Carly? Whyyyyyy?

Amelia’s idea of convincing someone to do something is very different from mine.

I still don’t get why Bobbie was on today. But she’s not annoying and we don’t see her often, so I’ll take it.

Awww, poor Logan. Did Sonny hurt your widdle feelings?

May 2nd, 2007

Nikolas answers Craig’s phone but doesn’t recognize Jane’s voice on the other end. Craig catches him and threatens to poison him. After a brief fight, Nikolas injects Craig with the supposed poison, but it’s just saline. Craig heads over to Carly’s house to see Jane, leaving Nikolas to head to the hospital and tell Emily he has five hours to live. Luke interrogates Dillon about what he’s holding over Scott. Lulu tries to appease him by starting to tell him about her investigation. Amelia has her production assistant call Sam pretending to be one of her ex-husbands. Elizabeth tells Jason that if anything happens to her during childbirth, he should do whatever he thinks is right for the baby (including spilling the beans, it seems).

Wouldn’t it be funny if Nikolas’ cure were something really common, like some kind of flower? I’m just not sure how else they’ll solve this.

If Jason and Elizabeth are stranded together during the storm, I’m going to be running up a lot of scenes over the next couple of episodes.

Nikolas listened to me and answered Craig’s phone! Yay, Nikolas!

Scott? Shut up.

May 3rd, 2007

Just as Nikolas accepts what he thinks is his imminent death, Robin and Patrick think they’ve found a counteragent. Sonny and Jason both stop by Carly’s, but Jane keeps them from seeing Jerry. However, she’s unable to keep Michael and Morgan from seeing him. Shocker of shockers, Elizabeth goes into labor while at home alone. Listening to a tape recorder he placed in his living room, Alcazar hears Skye telling Ric she’ll gladly help Jason and Sonny kill him. Amelia “helps” Sam talk her “blackmailer” down to $300,000.

I knew Sonny would show up at Carly’s! I totally write this show. Oh, and who cares if Michael and Morgan see Craig? Morgan’s the dumbest three-year-old alive and Michael doesn’t know what Craig looks like anyway.

Lucky jinxed the baby’s birth. Good job, non-daddy.

I still don’t understand anything about Amelia. I also still don’t care.

Maybe Nikolas should be receiving oxygen, since he’s having problems with his lungs? Also, I love that Emily’s idea of practicing medicine is yelling at patients to be okay. Top of her class in yelling, I bet.

May 4th, 2007

The counteragent doesn’t work and Nikolas gets worse. Craig changes his mind about giving him the counteragent, but as he rushes to the hospital, Lucky pulls him over. Jason rushes Elizabeth to the hospital, where she quickly declines as the baby is delivered. Alcazar has Lila taken somewhere safe, infuriating Skye. Sonny lifts the injunction on Everyday Heroes, then meets Kate Howard.

Man, what with his wife dying, his brother dying, his non-baby in trouble, and being face to face with a psycho, Lucky’s having the worst day ever - and he doesn’t even know it!

Who is Kate? She’s a friend of Sonny’s from Bensonhurst (though I don’t know why he didn’t recognize her). Why is she here? Dunno. Why are they bringing on more new characters instead of using the old ones? Dunno.

Sorry, Alexis - you don’t get to say goodbye to Nikolas. (Don’t worry, he’s obviously not going to die, so it won’t matter in the end.)

I hope they’re setting us up for a murder mystery with Alcazar as the victim. They haven’t done one in a while, and now that Skye is mad at him, he doesn’t really have anyone left who likes him.

Born: Jason and Elizabeth’s as-yet-unnamed child
Hooking up: Sonny Corinthos and Amelia Joffe
Hospitalized: Nikolas Cassadine, Elizabeth Spencer
Left town: Jax and Carly Jacks
New in town: Kate Howard

May 5th, 2007

Next week: Craig stuff, baby stuff, and Sonny probably has more sex.

May 7th, 2007

Craig arrives at the hospital and meets with Patrick privately. Craig messes with his mind for a little while, then hands over the counteragent. Patrick gives it to Nikolas, reviving him, but keeps a little back so it can be analyzed. Sonny recognizes Kate as someone he knew in Bensonhurst. Elizabeth and the baby are fine…for now. I’ve already forgotten everything Amelia and Sam said.

Yeah, that baby is three months old.

Good thing Nikolas is still alive because Alexis and Lucky wouldn’t have gotten to say goodbye.

So Kate is Wilhelmina from Ugly Betty? Got it. Also, her assistant has the worst job in America (and I can tell she’ll be nowhere near as entertaining as Marc).

I love how Emily just stands there and tries to look concerned until someone tells her what to do...while her boyfriend is dying. Way to practice medicine, Em.

I don’t know how it’s possible, but I love Diane more every day.

May 8th, 2007

Lulu asks Spinelli to convince Jason to keep quiet about the baby if Elizabeth doesn’t live, but Spinelli decides that Jason should claim the baby. Kate and Sonny were supposed to run away together as teenagers. Craig uses his leverage to enlist Emily for some sort of business trip. Luke and Tracy are really boring.

I wish I looked as good as Nikolas ten minutes after almost dying.

Dear writers: STOP WITH THE HYSTERECTOMIES. Taking away a character’s ability to have children is not good storytelling - especially since you took away Courtney and Skye’s abilities to have children, and now we have Spencer and Lila.

So if Kate had run away with Sonny, he wouldn’t have become a mobster? Way to go, Kate.

Can we please name the baby so we can stop calling him “the baby”?

May 9th, 2007

Baby stuff. Craig gets Emily to authorize an illegal transaction in her name. Patrick and Robin tell Nikolas that they’ve duplicated the counteragent, but they’re not sure they should give it to him, in case it makes him worse. Michael tells Jax that Jerry visited. Ric tells Jason to stay away from Elizabeth, then overhears Spinelli talking about the baby to Jason over hacked hospital security feeds. Alexis figures out that Nikolas and Emily are back together.

A big ol’ yawn to today.

May 10th, 2007

More baby stuff. Skye begs Sonny to let Alcazar live long enough for her to get him trust her again so she can get Lila back. Nikolas gets the counteragent, which works, but when Patrick and Robin brag to Craig about its effectiveness, Craig announces that he’s gotten Emily involved in treason and espionage. Carly thinks Jerry is trying to destroy her marriage to Jax.

I think I said this before, but I can’t WAIT for Ric to find out that Jason is the baby’s father. He’s going to FLIP.

When did Lulu get so annoying? Did I fall asleep or something?

Whoever writes Skye’s dialogue needs to go back school. Or something. Whatever, she gets really bad lines.

You know Carly’s gotten beyond annoying when even my mother hopes Craig eventually shoots her.

May 11th, 2007

Sam overhears a miraculously healed Elizabeth thanking Jason for giving up the baby. Ric starts investigating the hostage crisis, which is basically just a way for Carly to get a photo of Craig so Morgan can see it and say it’s Jerry. Robin and Patrick promise to help Emily and Nikolas figure out how to get leverage on Craig. Jax and Craig meet up in the park and start hitting each other. Sonny agrees to let Alcazar live for a while. Kate walks in on Sonny and Amelia going at it.

See what happens when you eavesdrop, Sam? You...learn stuff.

I kind of love Kate. I’m not sure why.

Seriously, name the baby already. I’m sure his middle name will be Alan.

Hey, Morgan was finally useful!

May 14th, 2007

Carly almost tells Jason that Craig is Jerry, then decides not to. She does tell Jax instead. Sam gets drunk and tells Amelia about the baby. Amelia calls Jason to come get her and Sam prepares to confront him about keeping the secret from her. Sonny and Kate are obviously going to get back together. Craig pays Alcazar a visit. Luke, Tracy, and Scott are really boring. Coop hears Jax and Craig fighting and comes face to face with his former boss for the first time since the hostage crisis.

Oh, Sam. Why would you tell Amelia ANYTHING?

I kind of want to feel sorry for Jason...but I just can’t. Sam has every right to be mad. Also, I HATE that Elizabeth is all, “I lied to everyone and am passing off your child as my husband’s and not letting you be a part of his life, but please, please, please don’t hate me because I’m so pretty! Look how pretty!” Shut up, Elizabeth. You can’t make bad decisions and then expect everyone to justify them for you just because you think you’re perfect and everyone should love you. You can’t judge Carly for doing what you’re doing but then excuse yourself when you do it. That’s right, Elizabeth - I just compared you to Carly. LOOKS GOOD ON YOU.

Speaking of Carly, maybe she shouldn’t yell at her kids for being, you know, helpful.

I still like Kate. Help me.

May 15th, 2007

Jax refuses to believe that Craig would take hostages without being forced to. Carly announces that she’s going to tell Jason what’s going on, even if it means her marriage to Jax will be affected. Sam pretends not to remember what she said to Jason. Elizabeth names the baby Jacob Martin, giving him Jason’s initials. Sonny makes Kate hopscotch for her flash drive. Skye overhears Craig telling Alcazar to kill Jason and Sonny or he’ll be killed himself.

I’ve never thought Jason was dumb, did he not understand when Sam asked him if he wants to be with her or the mother of his child? I mean, he only has one child. What does he think she was talking about?

I should have hated the Kate/Sonny scenes. I didn’t. Something must be seriously wrong with me.

Wow, Jax and Carly lasted a whole two weeks. I’m impressed!

I still hate Elizabeth, but I have to say I’m grateful she not only finally named the baby but gave him a normal name.

May 16th, 2007

As Carly demands that Alcazar tell her all about Craig (with Logan listening in) and Skye warns Jason that Alcazar was plotting his and Sonny’s murders with Craig, Jax tells Craig that he’s on to him. Elizabeth is a big, fat lying liar, some more, again. So is Sam, actually. Robin and Patrick desperately need a plot.

So in the past two days, we almost had a Chloe reference (thanks, Alexis!), Jax mentioned that Carly and Alcazar used to be married, and Jason mentioned Lily. Is it continuity week?

If I were Emily and found out that my best friend had no only lied to my face but had been lying to me for nine months, I would be finding myself a new best friend VERY quickly. (Might I suggest Robin, Emily? She only lies when she literally has a gun to her head.)

Yay, Skye, for being helpful!

Did Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson do something to tick off the writers? Because they’re really, really, really boring.

May 17th, 2007

Coop tells Maxie about Craig and the two of them send Jason after him. Jax threatens to turn Craig in, but Craig calls his bluff. Logan overhears Alcazar paying a barista to poison Sonny. Skye arrives and the barista recognizes her, tipping Alcazar off to her activities. Logan warns Sonny about the barista and saves his life. Sam is upset with Amelia for hanging around Elizabeth.

Today was Thursday? But so much happened!

Thanks, Jax, for being the first person to finally mention that Jerry almost married Bobbie. We love continuity!

I figured they would get Robin, Patrick, Nikolas, and Emily involved in the Craig revelation, since they already knew about him, but I guess it’s true that Patrick and Robin really aren’t allowed to do anything.

I don’t think I would let Sam be around Jacob too much. She might get tempted to, you know, run off with him.

Oh, barista/bad actor. You’re so fired.

May 18th, 2007

After his standoff with Craig is interrupted, Jason has Spinelli track his cell phone and beats Craig to Carly’s house. Jax tells Sonny who Craig is but orders Sonny not to kill him. Alcazar plans to head to South America with Skye and Lila. Amelia uses a stunt double to make Sam relive her murder of Amelia’s father. Alexis warns Luke that Laura’s rape could come up in court and guarantee Scott her guardianship.

Hey, writers, don’t blow all your good stuff now - you still have all summer!

Anyone care about Sam? Anyone? That’s what I thought.

Jason should really have Spinelli find Lila, since her whereabouts are the only thing keeping him and Sonny from killing Alcazar. Once they find her and get Skye to her, they can do whatever they want to Alcazar.

Can we have the Alexis/Alan show every day, please?

May 21st, 2007

Carly stops Jason from shooting Craig and helps him escape. Craig vows revenge on Jason’s loved ones and winds up holding a gun on Sam and Amelia at the penthouse. Jax tries to appeal to Sonny to spare Craig, but Sonny doesn’t feel he owes anyone anything. Sam accuses Amelia of setting her up, though Amelia keeps swearing she hasn’t done anything suspicious. Luke decides he needs to tell Lulu about Laura’s rape before anyone else can. Alcazar still wants to go to Venezuela, and Skye agrees to go but wants to tie up some loose ends first. Robin and Patrick have spent six months fighting about moving in together, and I have yet to find anyone who cares.

Hey, Craig? If you get bored and decide you need to shoot someone, AIM FOR THE REDHEAD.

Why are we still talking about Laura’s rape 25 years later? Between that and the Everyday Heroes domestic-abuse stuff, I feel like I’m watching a five-hour-a-week PSA.

You know what would be nice? If Jason would warn his sister that a psycho killer who threatened her and her boyfriend is back in town. It might be educational for him...

Who’s dressing Tracy, and why haven’t they been fired yet?

May 22nd, 2007

Sam finds one of Jason’s guns and tries to use it on Craig but Amelia stops her, not wanting to see her kill another man. Spinelli tries to save both of them but is taken hostage himself. When Jason arrives home, Craig announces that he has Emily under his thumb, then walks away. Craig also tells Emily and Nikolas that he’s really Jerry. Carly is so mad at Jax (and Alexis), she threatens to stay with Sonny if she doesn’t get her way. Skye sneaks out of the house to make a deal with Sonny - she’ll contact him when Alcazar brings Lila home, and he’ll be able to move in and make his kill. I haven’t watched a Robin/Patrick scene in weeks.

Every time Carly gives someone that pouty face (and let’s face it, I mean Jax), she sets the women’s movement back another ten years.

I love how Amelia keeps saying that Jason is too dangerous for Sam, and then she turns around and sleeps with Sonny again. Oh, wait. I totally don’t love that. Go away, Amelia. We have Kate now. Kate rocks. You don’t.

Awww, Skye. The only reason you’ve never plotted the death of your father’s child is because you only have one kid!

May 23rd, 2007

Skye lets Jason in to kill Alcazar…or so we think. Kate is Sonny’s new neighbor, but he hates her helicopter and she hates his wall. Jason and Emily compare notes on Craig. Amelia pretends she’s quitting Everyday Heroes to see how much Sam really cares about the show. Elizabeth, Jason, Jacob, whatever. Boring: Robin and Patrick, Lulu and Spinelli.

Are they really going to kill off Alcazar? And without a murder mystery? What if Ted King wants to come back? Stupid writers.

If things go badly here, can Kate and Diane have a spin-off together?

Why did we have TWO boring plots (Robin and Patrick, Lulu and Spinelli) in one episode? Do the writers need some help? Will I ever stop asking questions?

Oh, Sam. You had the perfect chance to get rid of Amelia forever!

May 24th, 2007

Ric questions Skye and Spinelli about Alcazar’s sudden disappearance. Craig would also like to know where he is. Skye begs Edward to let her return to the Quartermaines, but he can’t get past the fact that she’s partly responsible for Alan’s death. Monica also isn’t crazy about the idea. Craig outs himself to Alexis. Scott tries to make a deal with Luke, who gets Tracy to agree that it’s time to kidnap Laura. However, when they get to Ferncliff, Laura has already been moved. Coop wants to tell Logan that he was Three so that Logan can take care of Maxie if Craig does anything to him.

I seriously don’t think Alcazar is really dead. I don’t know why; call it a gut feeling. It happened so quickly (and we didn’t even get to see it!), not to mention on a Friday. Maybe Skye and Jason were working together or something? Okay, the more I think about it, the less likely it seems, but still. I’m going to say it now in case it happens to be true and then I can say I predicted it. Hee.

Okay, I’ll admit it - I like the whole Alan’s ghost thing. I admit defeat.

Am I supposed to be getting the feeling that Skye and Ric are going to end up together? Well, at least Molly and Lila would be cute little stepsisters.

Geez, Coop, Maxie’s a girl, not an invalid. I think she can take care of herself if anything happens to you. (Also, she’s had a boyfriend die on her before - she’ll just wait a few months and then find another one.)

May 25th, 2007

Craig summons Jax, Alexis, Nikolas, and Emily to the Metro Court and pretends he’s returning to town for the first time. When the employees who recognize him call the police and Mac and Jane arrive, the police are told that he’s Jerry. Kate and Carly hate each other. (Shocker!) Sonny gets Spinelli to find out information on Kate’s personal life. Jason wants to tell Sam that he’s Jake’s father.

You know what would have been refreshing? If Carly and Kate DIDN’T hate each other. Kind of like how Elizabeth and Alexis never hated each other even though Alexis married Elizabeth’s ex. But of course, it’s Carly, and though she may have enough of a heart to send extra linens to Katrina victims, she’s too territorial not to hate the woman who literally threatened her children and figuratively threatens to take her (ex-)man.

Dear writers: Nikolas would never say “BFF.” He wouldn’t even know what it means. Have you completely forgotten everything about his upbringing? Also, MAKE EMILY STOP TALKING.

I don’t know what Craig’s up to, but he has Michael’s haircut now.

Yeah, when the kid playing Jake can hold his head up already? I’m not buying that he was just born. Nice try, casting people.

Dead (apparently): Lorenzo Alcazar

May 27th, 2007

Next week: Ric wants answers, the truth about Luke and Laura comes out, and more Jerry stuff (of course).

May 28th, 2007

Jax, Nikolas, Emily, Alexis, and Carly tell Mac and Ric that Jerry just looks like Craig. Ric and Mac are still skeptical. Ric breaks into Alcazar’s house and finds a recording of him saying “Morgan” just before a shot rings out. Sonny thinks Kate likes him. Sam wants Jason to tell her the truth about Jake’s paternity, but Spinelli interrupts the evening she’s set up for them together.

It’s probably a good thing I’m not involved in the Craig thing because I’d say whatever and send Emily to jail.

Oh, Ric. Too bad that evidence will never be admissible in court.

Methinks the lady (AKA Kate) doth protest too much...

Shut up, Elizabeth. Don’t talk to me until you stop lying.

May 29th, 2007

Elizabeth tries to keep Lulu away from court, but of course she arrives just as Nikolas is admitting that Luke raped Laura. Ric gets a warrant to search Alcazar’s house so he can have the digital recorder found legally. Carly and Jax spread the lie that Jerry isn’t Craig. Sonny is worried that Jason has been too distracted by the Jake situation and might have screwed up while covering his tracks after killing Alcazar. Sam tries to reconnect with Jason via a picnic in the park, but Elizabeth is there with Cameron and Jake. Sonny allows Spinelli to try to find out the evidence Alcazar had on Ric. Logan finally wears Sonny down.

I’ve given in - I’m going to start calling Craig Jerry. It’s just easier.

I actually couldn’t remember what Alcazar had on Ric; I had to go look it up. (Alcazar had a recording of Ric admitting to framing Sam for obstruction of justice, when she supposedly stole evidence against Jason.) Oh, but I have to say that even though I never thought it would be possible, Ric is almost redeeming himself with me. He’s kind of the good guy for once!

Yeah, Sam - a picnic will save your relationship! Idiot. How about telling the freaking truth?

I may like Elizabeth’s shirt and totally want one for myself, but that doesn’t mean I like her.

Hi, Lainey! Now that you’re never on, you’re dressing a lot better!

May 30th, 2007

Lulu turns to Jason for comfort (or something), but he’s a little busy with his own issues. Ric is thrilled when Mac announces that the digital recording has the evidence they need to arrest Jason. Jerry tells Carly about betraying the love of his life, Irina, to save himself. Jax worries that Jerry will hurt Carly, in which case he sees no choice but to kill his brother. Sam is getting stalker-ish. Jerry uses Maxie to keep Coop in line. Logan thinks eventually Maxie will give up Coop for him.

Cue the Emmy music for Tony Geary and Julie Marie Berman!

Hee, maybe they should try to say that Morgan killed Alcazar. Who’s going to convict a four-year-old? ("Maybe Texas." - Chief Wiggum, The Simpsons)

Shut your word hole, Sam.

Maxie and Logan have so much more chemistry than Maxie and Coop. Of course, Coop has the personality of a popsicle...

Returning this summer: Anna and Nedly. Yay!

May 31st, 2007

Sonny interrogates Spinelli about Jason’s “secret pain” but Spinelli doesn’t crack. Luke tells Lulu everything, then thanks Scott for freeing him of having to worry about the truth ever coming out. Lulu turns to Carly, Elizabeth (who tells her about her own rape), and Spinelli for comfort. Sonny still wants to kill Jerry but won’t because of Carly. Sam, baby, blah.

God bless TPTB for giving Bradford Anderson a multi-year deal. Me gusta mucho El Jackal.

I’m guessing this Irina isn’t really dead and is going to show up at some point? That or Jerry made the whole thing up.

Julie Berman deserves an Emmy and she barely even did anything!

They should really have a Scott-centric murder mystery. Come on! They missed their chance with Alcazar, and it looks like Craig will be around for a while, so who else are they going to murder? (And yes, they have to murder someone. I decree it.)

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