General Hospital blog - May, 2010

May 1st, 2010

Next week: there's major fall-out from Dante's revelation, Helena gets to Nikolas, and the pariahs finally get it on.

May 3rd, 2010

Nobody gets anywhere with all the fighting, and Sonny and Carly are all hurt and betrayed and stuff. Morgan also slams Dante for turning in Michael, but feels better after Dante assures him everything will be okay (which probably means it won't be). Jason has no choice but to let Lucky take Michael to the police station, where Mac discovers that he hasn't yet been read his rights. The judge has figured out that Lucky specifically didn't Mirandize Michael so that Michael could say whatever he wanted and not be held to anything. Claire threatens to have Jax arrested for presenting her with a false case. Olivia worries that Sonny will have Dante killed.

Congratulations, Dante: By promising Morgan 12 times that everything will be okay, you've almost definitely jinxed things.

How hypocritical are Sonny and Carly? Let me count the ways....

I absolutely loved the scene between Lucky and the judge. More simple scenes that just show off good actors, please!

Why did it take Mike so long to show up to the trial? The show really underutilizes him.

May 4th, 2010

Michael makes a full confession and is taken to jail while he awaits sentencing. The case against Sonny is dropped, but Carly probably won't be off the hook for perjury. Olivia tries to get Sonny to promise that Dante won't be harmed. Carly blasts Lulu some more, and this time Tracy defends her. Johnny wants to take advantage of the whole trial blow-up to go after Sonny again. Spinelli tries to talk Jason out of killing Dante.

Just so we're clear - Sonny's mad that Dante didn't send him to prison? These people are all sorts of wrong.

Excuse me, did Aaron Refvem just cry on cue? That's some insane talent right there.

This is why we need Laura on the show - Tracy defending Lulu just isn't the same.

Silly me, I thought Jason just wanted Spinelli out of the house so he and Sam could have lots of sex.

May 5th, 2010

Dante and Lulu cook and have sex. Jason still blames himself for Michael's situation and tries to help him deal with being in lockup. After almost 15 years, he tells Robin that she was right for telling A.J. that he was Michael's father. Patrick's still not thrilled about Robin's previous relationships and what they mean to her, and she tells him that Jason put her heart back together so it would be whole for him. Skye is on Jax's side about the whole Sonny situation (of course), but that doesn't stop him from finally apologizing to Michael for wanting Sonny out of the picture more than he wanted to protect Michael. Johnny asks Olivia if she'll move in with him if he changes.

I think Lulu and Dante took the most amount of time to go from dating to sex out of any couple on this show. It's refreshing.

You know what I realized? Michael never entered a plea or got a trial. How can he be sentenced? Diane, get on that!

I think Robin said exactly the right thing to Patrick today. He needs to stop moping.

I'm sorry, did Jax apologize and say he was wrong? This is his evil twin, Dax, right?

Oh, Johnny, you're not going to change. You're just going to go after Sonny without telling Olivia.

May 6th, 2010

Maxie sends Lucky out looking for Lulu when she can't get in touch with her, which means Lucky shows up at Dante's place and is greeted by the sight of his sister and her boyfriend wearing towels. Later, Lulu confronts Maxie about telling Jason where Michael was, but Maxie changes the subject to her night with Dante. Lucky catches Helena harassing Elizabeth again and orders Nikolas to get rid of her in some way, shape, or form. Sonny shows up at Dante's place, mostly to show that he can, but before they can do too much rehashing for the 18th time, Sonny's summoned to court for Michael's sentencing. Kate comes clean to Sonny, admitting that she knew he was Dante's father all along. Edward has Skye take Maya out for the day, but Maya doesn't want to spend time with someone who's willing to take someone else's money. Tracy meets up with both of them and makes it clear that she doesn't like or trust either of them.

Dude, Lucky would be blind right now after seeing Lulu and Dante in towels. Try a lock, Dante.

Why do I get the feeling that the writers took so long to do that Kate/Sonny scene because they totally forgot about her?

I'm sorry, did Lucky tell Nikolas to kill Helena? Forget what I said about him being a moral compass.

Yeah, I bet Nikolas and Spencer ate pizza.

May 7th, 2010

Despite Johnny's testimony that Michael shouldn't be punished, and Dante and Sonny's pleas for leniency, Michael is sentenced to five years in prison. Tracy suspects that Helena's covering something up and tries to connect with the lab tech who did Elizabeth's paternity test. She grows even more suspicious when she finds out he's dead, and is definitely on the track to figuring things out. Elizabeth thinks she and Lucky have a future, but I doubt Lucky would agree.

So...where are they going to take this Michael storyline? This is one of the few times I can't guess what's going to happen.

Who would've thought that Tracy, of all people, would put everything together? That's awesome.

I thought the judge was very fair through this whole trial - up until today. Five years for an accidental death? Nuh-uh.

Hey, writers, the kids wearing school uniforms and doing homework does not equal them going to school.

May 8th, 2010

Next week: Jason makes some sort of decision about...something, everyone wants to help Michael, and Carly wants revenge.

May 10th, 2010

Everyone's mad at Dante and/or themselves for Michael's conviction, including Dante. Carly's the angriest of all, so let's hope his gun isn't loaded, since she's currently pointing it at him. Jason promises to protect Johnny if Zacchara will protect Michael in prison. Pentonville proves to be the worst prison ever, as they allow Zacchara to be in a room alone with the person who killed his daughter. Johnny loves this turn of events, as he'll be protected by the very people he's planning to bring down. Lulu wants to ask Carly to talk Jason out of killing Dante, but Lucky won't let Lulu see her, so she goes to Sonny instead. Sonny tells her that as mad as he is, he doesn't want Dante to die, he's just not sure he can stop Jason from doing anything about it. Claire urges Diane and Sonny to appeal the case, using Michael's brain damage as their reason. Jax is still on the outs with everyone.

Dante should know by now, Hell hath no fury like Carly scorned.

Jason's supposed to be the smart one on this show! Why in the world would he make a life-or-death deal with Zacchara, of all people? And why does he believe Zacchara will honor it? I can totally see him sacrificing Johnny's life just to be able to take out Michael.

If Claire's going to keep being nice, she can stay. But then and only then.

Don't cry, Diane! You're still awesome!

May 11th, 2010

Carly tells both Dante and Lulu that she blames herself, not them, for Michael's conviction, successfully convincing them that she won't let Jason go after Dante. She's really planning to deal with them herself. Johnny tells Jason straight out that he's going to take Sonny down, but there's nothing Jason can do, thanks to his new deal with Zacchara, which Michael is skeptical about. Sonny isn't happy about the arrangement, but uses it as leverage so Jason won't touch Dante. Maxie stops Lucky from drinking and tells him not to blame himself for Michael's imprisonment. Elizabeth finds out they're at Jake's together and heads over, but all that happens is that she and Maxie get into yet another fight.

Carly never apologizes! Dante and Lulu are so gullible!

Is killing Dante really a reasonable response to Michael going to jail? Wait, don't answer that, Jason.

I can't believe I'm siding with Maxie, but it's against Elizabeth, so...yeah, I still feel dirty.

Morgan went somewhere with Jax even though he pretty much hates him now? Shut up, writers.

May 12th, 2010

Sonny and Carly comfort each other the way they always do - with booze and sex. They then agree that he shouldn't be around Morgan anymore. Jason wants to make Dante disappear, but Carly would rather engage in some psychological warfare. Lulu tries to appeal to the Quartermaines to use their influence to get Michael's case appealed, but Monica points out that since he's a Corinthos, no one will want to have anything to do with him. Dante wants Claire's help to get Michael out of prison, even going so far as to ask her to call Michael as a witness in another case so he can be moved to the PCPD and held there until Dante can come up with a plan. Jason's so preoccupied with Michael's situation that he forgets Sam's birthday. Robin wants to reread her teenage diary and be alone, so Patrick goes to Jake's, where he runs into Lisa and Steven. Lisa also blows him off to spend time alone with Steven.

Dear baby Jesus, please let Carly be on the pill.

Someone please put Jason on a leash.

Patrick, if you want to read Robin's diary, you can. (Yes, I still have that book. Shut up.)

You'd think that if Steven's girlfriend married his best friend, he'd be more sensitive to what Lucky's been through.

May 13th, 2010

Jason decides that the only way he can protect Michael is to join him in prison. Carly tells Morgan that Sonny won't be in his life anymore, but Sonny tells him that he'll call off the agreement if Morgan doesn't want to go through with it. Meanwhile, Carly asks Jax to adopt Morgan so he's no longer associated with Sonny. Alexis isn't going to jail, but Warren wants to sue her for wrongful death. Helena's lurking around the hospital too much for Steven and Elizabeth's liking, so Elizabeth summons Nikolas to get rid of her. He won't, for some reason. Helena learns that Tracy's suspicious of her and plans to take her out of town. Carly demands that Claire help her get Michael out of prison, but there's not much Claire can do. Alexis gives Sam a bunch of birthday cards to make up for all the birthdays she missed. Ethan stupidly tells Tracy that Luke's trying to help Skye, so she declares for the millionth time that she's done with him.

I can't find the words to express how stupid this Jason's-going-to-prison-to-help-Michael plot is. I'll try to find them.

With everyone wearing black and white today, I thought I was watching an episode of Lost.

What's Nikolas' problem? Seriously?

Ethan, learn to shut up. It can only do you good.

May 14th, 2010

Claire gets Jason his sentence before Carly can even object to his plan. Lucky suggests that he and Dante dig up dirt on Judge Carroll and use it to blackmail him into changing Michael's sentence. For some reason Lulu thinks Luke might be able to help. Sonny is unsurprisingly against Carly's decision to have Jax adopt Michael. Michael has a run-in with an angry prison guard, but also meets a guy who seems to be an ally. Kristina panics over Alexis' civil trial and the possibility of having to testify. She goes to Nikolas for help, and he promises to get the Bauers to back off.

Remember when I said Lucky was the show's moral compass? I take it back.

Why would Lulu go to Luke for dirt on the judge? Doesn't she remember that Spinelli's a PI?

Yes, Jax, you're soooooo much better than Sonny. Shut up, blondie.

Maybe there's a way Nikolas can get Helena and Warren to take each other out.... (As long as they don't team up instead.)

May 15th, 2010

Next week: some people are in danger, some people are really angry, and some people need to stop breaking up perfectly happy couples, especially since they have children, Lisa.

May 17th, 2010

Sam and Jason take a little getaway before he has to report to prison. He gives her a compass and she gives him a peep show. Sonny and Carly get into a huge fight about her desire to have Jax adopt Morgan, and she basically tells him he's a horrible father. When Sonny sees how bad the situation is for Morgan, he gives in. Dante hits a roadblock in his quest to find dirt on Carroll. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that no matter how much she wants to be rid of him, she's not going to keep him from his child. Lucky tells Luke that his ideal situation would be to continue to be Cameron and Jake's father with no contact with Elizabeth.

Is it weird that I think Sam should find out she's pregnant while Jason's in prison? It would at least give her something to do. (And yes, I know she "can't have kids." Neither could Courtney or Skye.)

Aww, this Morgan can cry on cue, too. I still miss the other one, though.

Lucky, I, too, would like to see Jake and Cameron without having to deal with Elizabeth. I knew we were meant for each other. any of these people work?

May 18th, 2010

Sonny tells Michael and Zacchara that the protection deal is off since Jason will be able to watch over Michael. Zacchara and Sonny end up threatening each other's kids. Dante and Lucky consider fabricating evidence since they can't come up with any dirt on Carroll, but neither feels comfortable doing so. Having failed once again to learn from any of her past mistakes, Maxie decides to use Matt to make it look like two guys are vying for her attention, so Spinelli can then think he's won her. Claire freaks Lucky out with her desire for a baby. Nikolas makes it clear to Warren that he's not going to let anyone harass his family. Patrick's not happy that Robin wants to work in the AIDS wing or that Steven and Lisa are getting so close.

Sonny should've let Johnny keep talking until he threatened Sonny in front of Olivia.

Today's MOTE hands-down goes to Jonathan Jackson for all of his facial expressions in his scenes with Claire.

How many times does Maxie have to almost die before she figures out she's just an idiot?

Helloooooo, Steven's chest.

May 19th, 2010

Jason spends the day with Sam, then turns himself in. Luke plans something special for his and Tracy's anniversary, but Tracy's being used by Helena to lure Luke into a trap. Luke also strikes out with Helena, who's not in a love-the-one-you're-with mood. Nikolas tells Lucky that Helena has disappeared, which means she's up to something, like Lucky hadn't already told him that before. Lucky and Claire talk about the various dramas in their lives, and she tells him to keep her in mind if he ever wants more children. A run-in with a pregnant teen makes Lulu worry again about telling Dante she had an abortion. She probably shouldn't mention it to Carly, who will now most likely use that to try to break them up. Steven calls Patrick on acting like a jealous boyfriend, so Patrick tries to convince Lisa that he doesn't care about her personal life. Warren ignores Nikolas' warnings.

A BLT for your last meal before going to prison? Try a little harder next time, Sam.

Oh, Lulu. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Dante will be incredibly sweet when he learns about your abortion, and you don't know him very well if you think anything different.

Claire, if you want to have Lucky's kids, you'll have to get in line.

Have fun watching people die from a disease you have, Robin!

May 20th, 2010

Carly turns to Spinelli for help in digging into Dante's past, telling him it's to protect Lulu. He doesn't turn up anything incriminating, but they do discover that Dante knew Brook. Ethan has lost a bunch of money and decides the best way to get it back is to work with Johnny. Michael's supposed prison friend saves him from a beatdown from a guard, then wants something possibly unsavory in return. Jason would be on his way to save Michael if the mayor weren't holding things up. Robin urges Sonny to get Olivia to help her connect with Dante, so he suggests that he and Olivia "start over," whatever that means. Johnny and Olivia are still at an impasse about his plans to take Sonny down.

Is Spinelli really doing anything that Carly couldn't do herself? I assume all he did was Google Dante's name. And hopefully charge her $500 an hour for the investigation.

Well, Lulu, if you keep talking about your abortion, sooner or later Dante will overhear you. Also, would you rather he hear about it from you or someone else?

Be careful, Olivia! Sonny's very charming! He doesn't need any more children!

Yeah, I bet Johnny has a plan for "tonight." Don't die, J. Zac.

May 21st, 2010

Spinelli's investigation turns up news that Brook has financial trouble and even committed credit card fraud. Carly gleefully tracks her down and offers to make her problems go away if Brook assists her with a "project." The mayor tries to stall Jason's departure for Pentonville, but Dante puts things back on track through some friendly blackmail. This is nice timing, as Michael's about to have something very bad happen to him. Dante catches Sonny and Olivia having dinner and makes it clear that he's not happy about it. Sonny comes home to find Johnny waiting for him and Bernie calling to give him bad news. Maxie continues her plan to use Matt to make Spinelli jealous, but learns that she and Matt have more in common than she thought. Lulu decides it's best to tell Dante about her abortion, but she'll probably chicken out again.

Awww, it would've been funnier if Jason hadn't been allowed to go to prison. It also would have gotten rid of the problem of how to eventually get him back out of prison.

Brook committed credit card fraud? And Lois let her live?

Wait, is Matt getting a plot? Because that's just weird.

The good people of Port Charles already know Floyd had an affair with Alexis; I don't think they'd be too surprised to hear about any hookers, Dante.

May 22nd, 2010

Next week:

May 24th, 2010

Carly offers to make Brook's legal and financial problems disappear if Brook sleeps with Dante. As Carly tells Lulu that she shouldn't tell Dante about the abortion after all, Dante finds Brook singing karaoke at Jake's. Jason gets to Michael post-attack, but he doesn't want to talk about it. Johnny gloats over stealing some of Sonny's allies, so Sonny prepares to take him out. Ethan arrives with Claire, having worked with Johnny to set Sonny up for attempted murder, but there's no evidence of any wrongdoing. Claire summons Dante to search the house, but he thinks it's too late to put Sonny away. Nikolas thinks Elizabeth can't handle her life and demands that she move out to Wyndemere. Matt overhears Maxie telling Johnny about her plan to use him to make Spinelli jealous, and he's not on board. Maya and Ethan fight some more.

Brook as a villain? I'm intrigued....

Um, are we going to have to suffer through a plotline about prison rape? That's not exactly cheerful.

Sonny, stop letting people hang out in your house when you're not there. That's how Dante got shot.

Seriously, when did Nikolas turn into such a jerk? Though the comment about Elizabeth liking the turret room was pretty good.

Who would've thought that the first person to mention Brenda in months would be Jason?

May 25th, 2010

Brook has a happy reunion with Dante, who's surprised to learn that she already knows a bunch of people in town. She's also surprised that he and Lulu are in love, and tells Carly that it's going to take a lot for Dante to cheat. Carly offers her $50,000 if she can seal the deal and get evidence. Lulu finally tells Dante about her abortion, and he reacts just as wonderfully as anyone could have guessed. Jax tells Claire that if they can get Sonny in prison, Michael might be released. She approaches Lucky about helping to bust Sonny, and Lucky agrees as long as Claire doesn't get all obsessed. Elizabeth asks Lucky how he would react if she moved into Wyndemere, even though she doesn't actually want to. Nikolas is then an even bigger jerk to her (who thought it was possible?), so they've gotten nowhere. Jason decides he needs to teach Michael how to defend himself. Luke suspects that Helena has kidnapped Tracy.

Dear Dante, thank you for proving me right. And also making every woman watching this show sigh because there's no way guys like you actually exist.

Not only am I intrigued by Brook becoming a villain, as I said yesterday, but I'm also intrigued by Carly transforming back into a villain. It's been a long time.

I'd love to know how Helena thinks Tracy is useful when Luke has no idea what's going on.

Seriously, can Dillon come back? I miss him.

I'm still not sold on Maya, but she did have the best line of the day: "Don't take this the wrong way, but you're an idiot."

May 26th, 2010

Sonny doesn't want to start a war with Johnny, but Bernie warns that he needs to make a move soon or Johnny will make things worse. Claire gets Dante on board with her send-Sonny-to-prison plan, noting that if they get Sonny mad enough, he'll try to kill Johnny and they can bust him for attempted murder. Sonny has the opposite plan in mind and presents it to Claire. Lucky asks Johnny what he's getting Ethan into, and Johnny tells him that they're going to help the cops bust Sonny. Brook has a crush on Johnny and doesn't try to hide it. Carly starts a fight between Olivia and Johnny about Sonny so Brook can call Dante and tell him his mom's upset, then have him to herself instead. Luke tries to lie his way into Helena's lair to get Tracy, but he's busted and winds up locked up with her instead. Lulu's mood does a 180 thanks to Dante. Elizabeth asks Robin to talk to Nikolas about his annoyingness. Patrick and Lisa call each other on seeming to try to make each other jealous. Kristina's daddy issues are still in play.

Funny how Claire's basically the only person in town who's working, and people are kind of doing her job for her.

If Johnny were smart, he'd try to make Sonny think that Ethan's fooling around with Kristina, then sit back and wait for Sonny to go after Ethan. Then he gets what he wants without putting himself in danger.

Oh, Brook, you so don't want to mess with Olivia. You'll wind up at the bottom of the harbor. Or wherever Claudia's body is.

I loved the scenes between Maxie and Lulu, especially when Maxie said (with sarcastic glee) that Lulu was three hours late with the mail, and when Lulu said that she's going to always do the opposite of what Maxie says.

May 27th, 2010

Sonny makes a deal with Claire to bring down Johnny, not realizing that she's double-crossing him. Claire happily tells Lucky about her scheme and he warns her not to go the way of Hannah, Reese, and Alexis. Jason teaches Michael how to defend himself and tries to find out who beat him up. Brook asks Lulu to talk to Carly about letting her sing at the hotel (which Carly already promised her). Patrick is jealous when Lisa asks Steven to do surgery with her, and Robin tells him to suck it up. Tracy accuses Luke of sleeping with Skye.

Brook and Carly are not actually as smart as they appear. I don't buy that they could pull off as much as they are.

Hey, Claire, if you want a baby, getting involved with Sonny actually would be your best bet....

If Luke and Tracy are just going to hang out in a cell for a week, I'm going to have to fast-forward all of their scenes.

Nice inside joke with Lucky mentioning Hannah, since he's married to Lisa Vultaggio.

May 28th, 2010

Olivia catches Sonny, Max, and Milo possibly in the process of doing something mean to Johnny, but the boys won't stop their fighting just for her. Later, Sonny tells Olivia that he'll do whatever he needs to in order to get rid of Johnny. Helena eavesdrops on Nikolas and Kristina talking about Elizabeth and accuses Lucky of keeping her from moving in with Nikolas. Lucky then has another confrontation with Nikolas, noting that he's much more Cassadine now than ever before. Nikolas says he's done trying to please the Spencers, and Lucky replies that he's done having a brother. Brook and Dante reminisce. Shirley thinks Elizabeth should go for the rich man and big castle even if she doesn't love Nikolas. Sam wants conjugal visits.

You know, now that I think of it, pretty much nothing happened today.

May 29th, 2010

Next week: looks like more of the same. Yay?

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