General Hospital blog - May, 2018

May 1st, 2018

Ava pretends she gave Sonny joint custody out of the kindness of her heart. Griffin believes her, because he's the naïvest little bunny of them all. Sonny tells him that he wants Mike to have a different doctor, since Griffin is dating Ava. Griffin's confused, since he thought the custody deal meant that Sonny and Ava were getting along. Sonny tells him that Ava snowed him and actually used Mike to get what she wanted. Carly tells Bobbie about the recent weirdness, confiding that she's starting to doubt her sanity. Bobbie thinks she's just stressed, but Carly still can't figure out what happened with the vanishing note. She's also worried about the tension between her and Sonny stemming from him blaming her for Mike and Avery's disappearance. Michael thinks Nelle convinced Ava to back down over custody, which means he's just as gullible as Griffin is. He thinks Ava's worse than Nelle, since Nelle hasn't done all the scheming and lying Ava has. Nelle distracts him by convincing him to make Carly the baby's guardian if something happens to them. Stella encourages Sonny to look into a facility for Mike when his condition gets unmanageable at home. Sonny doesn't want to miss any good moments Mike could have, so for now, he'd rather hire home care. Alexis tries to get Finn and Chase to have breakfast together, which leads to Finn acting like a child while Chase asks to finally hash things out. Jordan talks to Dante about marriage, which she's not ready for. Meanwhile, Curtis tells T.J. about the failed proposal and his desire to try it again. T.J. gives his blessing, but Stella isn't ready to welcome the woman who cheated on her nephew back into the family. Curtis is probably going to ignore her, though, and it looks like he might propose at the Nurses' Ball. Ava writes Lucy a check for the Nurses' Ball using a pen she borrowed from Nelle, so if the writing disappears, I think we can figure out what happened to Carly's note.

Holy cow, Griffin. You are...YOU ARE SO GULLIBLE.

Who sees someone taking medication and asks what it's for? Eyes on your own paper, Bobbie.

It would be hilarious (...for me) if Francesca became Mike's home-care nurse and Nelle had to see her all the time.

Stella: "I've forgiven her." Yeah, I don't think you have.

Lucy should have done with Ava what she did with Julian, using Sonny's donation to get Ava to up hers.

May 2nd, 2018

Ava and Griffin fight, and somehow she kind of wins by looking pathetic and saying she's sad that she can't live up to his expectations. Later, she imagines her burns returning. Sonny claims he doesn't blame Carly for Mike and Avery's disappearance, but come on, we all know he does. He also won't listen to Carly or Jason's arguments that there's a logical explanation for all the weirdness going on. Carly ends up confiding in Lucy, who's much more open-minded about spiritual stuff than anyone Carly's talked to. She thinks Carly's just feeling Morgan's spirit, and she's not crazy, just human. Robert tells Anna that Jason wants to use Heinrich's mother to find him, so she comes up with a way to stay a step ahead of him. Somehow, it involves saying she's Heinrich's mother. Sam tells Jason that she and Drew are splitting up, and she's up for more adventures if he needs her. She turns to Alexis for help with divorce logistics, admitting that Alexis was right to warn her not to jump into marriage with Drew. David acts like he didn't treat Kiki badly the last time they were together, and puts her in another tough position, making her accept another round of shadowing him because it'll look good when she applies for internships. Kiki brings up his change in attitude, and he practically tells her that she overreacted to his teaching methods. Griffin notices the change and mentions it to Kiki, who says David's right and she just overreacted. Griffin, fortunately, still seems suspicious. Finn is still a child, and Chase has a lot more patience than I would in trying to get him to communicate.

Griffin: "It's common decency, Ava." Ava: (breaks down like a Westworld host).

Let's be clear: Ava isn't sorry for what she did. She's just sorry that Griffin caught her in a lie about it.

Dang, I thought Lucy was going to look at Ava's (probably) blank check in front of Carly, and Carly would start putting things together. What would be interesting is if Carly thought Ava was behind everything, and Ava had to decide whether to tell her it was really Nelle.

LOL at Robert thinking Jason can figure out that Anna is Heinrich's mother. He hasn't so far, so I wouldn't worry.

Here, Chase, let me help you with what to say to Finn: "You're an adult. Act like one."

May 3rd, 2018

Anna's plan is to "pretend" to be Heinrich's mother, get Lulu to publish something about her, and hope that Heinrich gets in touch. Essentially, her plan is to tell the truth and pretend she's lying. Jason thinks she's too personally involved to be able to protect herself if Heinrich takes the bait, so he makes her promise to call him if she finds him. Peter has set up a fund for the families of injured and dead police officers, and Maxie is one of the intended beneficiaries. When she asks him to find out who's behind the fund, he "investigates" and tells her it's P.K. Sinclair. Maxie refuses the money, not wanting to help Heinrich ease his guilt. Nina tells Valentin about Peter's file on Nathan and her theory that he's using the information in it to get close to Maxie. Valentin tells Peter that it's only a matter of time before Nina no longer listens when he tries to keep her off of Peter's trail. It's already too late, since Nina has gone to Peter's office to search it for herself. He catches her there, and she confronts him over the file. Franco has made his way through Jim's list, sort of pleased with himself for being able to give people good news. Curtis tells Drew about his rejected proposal and his fear that a marriage with Jordan wouldn't work out anyway. Drew points out that there's no guarantee that things will go smoothly, but if Curtis really wants to marry Jordan, he should ask her again.

Ah, now someone's using Lulu to find a Faison. How the tables have turned.

Okay, Anna is now telling Jason the truth, and he's STILL not putting it together.

Speaking of the truth, why did Peter tell Maxie that "P.K. Sinclair" set up the fund? He had to have known how she would react.

So did Franco ever talk to Betsy? It's been weeks now.

May 4th, 2018

Carly thinks Nelle's guardianship decision is just another attempt to make herself look good to Michael. Sonny doesn't care about her intentions, since Carly wants guardianship anyway, so who cares about the details? Michael joins the conversation, and when Carly tells him it's a stunt, he rips up the papers. He thinks that if Nelle was just kissing up, she'll let it go, but if she really wants the Corinthoses to get the baby, she'll have the papers drawn up again. Then he begs his parents again to just play nice. Robert and Anna have the same discussion they've been having for the past few episodes, and no one's mind is changed, so it's a waste of everyone's time. Valentin arranges to have Robert leave town on a private plane, then sneaks aboard just as Robert succumbs to a sedative in his drink. Maxie runs into Chet and talks over the police fund with him. He can empathize about having gone through something painful, but he appreciates his memories of happier times and doesn't want to let go of them just because things are harder now. Maxie decides to accept the funds after all, thinking that's what Nathan would do. Peter claims that he put together the file of Nathan's things as a scrapbook for Nina and Maxie. Nina still doesn't like him, but she tells Curtis to call off his investigation anyway. Josslyn wants to get Oscar's editorial published in the paper, so she asks Lulu to submit it for her. Dante guesses that she hasn't gotten the okay from Oscar and warns that going behind his back could have unintended circumstances. Lulu's like, "Yeah, yeah, I hear you." He wants her to call him before anyone else if she makes any headway on the search for Heinrich. She doesn't make any promises, and when she gets Anna's anonymous email saying she might be Heinrich's mother, she doesn't tell Dante. Carly misses a shopping session with Josslyn because she and Sonny are discussing Nelle. Nelle takes Josslyn to the store, making herself look better while simultaneously making Carly look flaky.

Yeah, I'll bet Monica signed a note to Carly "love, Monica."

Valentin: "I have some business I have to take care of." Me: "Be right back, I have to go kill a guy."

We really don't need any more characters, but I wouldn't complain if they gave Chet more to do.

I think I've said it before, but I'd like to see what the actors draw with the crayons at Kelly's.

May 7th, 2018

As expected, Ava's check is blank, and when Lucy brings it back to her, Ava easily figures out that Nelle's pen is to blame. She announces that she wants nothing to do with Nelle's scheming, either directly or indirectly. Nelle lets her know that she took a picture of Peter's paternity-test results and knows that Ava snooped in Griffin's things. She uses it to blackmail Ava to help her with her next plan, which involves Ava bringing Avery to the shower. Griffin uses Avery's return to Ava's as an excuse to move out. Ava makes her typical complaint about being judged and not being able to live up to Griffin's standards. He insists that he can still be with her even while he disapproves of her actions. When he checks into the Metro Court, Carly calls him a hypocrite for not leaving Ava or standing up for Mike. She's happy Ava's alone, without the boy toy she seduced to replace Morgan. Olivia has made a cheesy promotional video to try to boost Port Charles' image, and Ned thinks it'll do the trick. The residents of Charles Street disagree, and are impatient about how long it's taking for their homes to be fixed and their medical expenses to be paid. Molly, Stella, Jordan, and Curtis enlist Alexis to help them bring a lawsuit against the city. Franco meets with Steve, Jim's youngest victim, who actually works for Niagara and therefore has even more stuff to work through than Franco does. He tells Franco to stop blaming himself for what happened to him and the other victims, and let his past die with Jim. Steve also may be able to help with the aftermath of the earthquake. Jason takes Jake a birthday present, tickets to a minor-league baseball game, but Jake's the one who gives him a gift, inviting him to come along. After talking to Spencer, he's realized how lucky he is to basically have three fathers when Spencer has none. Carly tries to be civil while offering to help plan Nelle's baby shower. Nelle acts overly sincere, pretending she's ashamed of her past actions, and Carly has to hide that she can see right through the performance. A Monica impostor tells Carly to behave or sit out the event. Carly can't believe Monica's so snowed by Nelle, and wonders if she's trying to turn the baby into a Quartermaine as revenge for Carly turning Michael into a Corinthos and doing bad stuff to A.J. Molly prematurely congratulates Jordan on her engagement that might not even happen. Kim calls Julian out for mentioning Sam to Drew, and he says he's sorry, as if she's the one he should be apologizing to.

I totally forgot that Nelle had that picture, and that Ava saw the test results.

Lisa LoCicero's performance in the video was hilarious. I hope they do a longer version and I hope she does exactly what she did in the teaser.

Ned, don't complain about funding when you live in a house bigger than my office building.

Jason's face after Jake talked about math was also my face.

May 8th, 2018

Peter wants Valentin to deal with Anna the same way he dealt with Robert. Valentin thinks Jason is the bigger threat, but Peter accuses him of trying to protect the woman he's still in love with. Nina tells Sam she's calling off the Peter investigation, then shares the Nathan file with Maxie. Valentin is unhappy to hear her say that Peter seems like a great guy after all. He calls Anna and tries to get her to meet, possibly to tell her everything, but she refuses. Drew and Jason run into each other but manage to keep their hands to themselves this time (which is great because they're at the gym and I really didn't want to see them box each other). Drew's ticked that he has to share memories with his brother, but when Jason offers to bring him into the Heinrich plan, Drew says he'll get what he needs on his own. Steve is now in charge of Niagara but is dismantling the company and trying to something good with Jim's money. He's transferred everything to the city of Port Charles, which means Ned can get started on making sure everyone has what they need to rebuild. So yay, Franco's a hero, or whatever. Lulu asks Anna to look over the emails from Heinrich's mother, wanting someone objective to help her figure out if they're authentic. Anna advises her not to make any moves with regard to Heinrich, whether or not she decides to tell Dante what she's up to. Sam questions Maxie's continued freezing-out of Lulu, while Maxie questions Sam's delay in leaving Aurora.

Valentin would be smart to tell Anna who Peter is, and pretend he just found out. Which means he probably won't. Instead, he'll just tell Peter to leave town ten more times.

I assume Valentin stuck Robert wherever he stashed Claudette.

How can they be sure that the Niagara money is clean?

Sam: "I was going to tell you I'm leaving Aurora." Peter: "That's a good idea." Sam: "But I changed my mind." Awkward!

Yesterday we got a Llanview reference, and today Maxie mentioned Erica Kane. That'll do, writers. That'll do.

May 9th, 2018

Nelle has something planned for the shower that involves a blanket. She mentions to Ava that she's "haunting" Carly, and though Ava just said two days ago that she doesn't want to know what Nelle's up to, now she does. She makes Nelle promise that Avery won't get caught in the middle. Nelle claims that when her plan succeeds, Ava will have Avery all to herself. She also talks to Brad about her relationship with Michael, and he encourages her to try to win him back. Oscar wants to talk to Drew about normal father/son stuff, but finds it difficult since Drew doesn't remember what it was like to be 15. Oscar asks if there's any way Drew can recover his memories. Drew decides it's time to get himself back, and he calls Andre to find out what he can do. Kim confides in Julian that she's worried that Oscar will try too hard to make himself the kind of son he thinks Drew wants. Julian tells her to relax and let them work things out. Josslyn mentions to Carly that Nelle thinks she and Michael will wind up back together. Even if they don't, she wants Carly to cut Nelle some slack, since Nelle saved Josslyn's life. Sonny tells Michael about Carly's possible instability, and how Nelle is affecting things. Carly catches them talking about her and there's more discussion of how she everyone needs to get along, blah blah blah. Sonny suggests that she take a trip to Puerto Rico once things have calmed down. Brad and Lucas have finalized their adoption and are sure everything's going to be great, so I'm about 95 percent sure they're jinxing it.

Just when I thought I couldn't dislike Nelle any more, she uses the word "epic."

Kim, don't take parenting advice from Julian (even though he's right). Nelle, don't take ANY advice from Brad.

Dude, Sonny, don't tell Michael his mother's personal business.

Is it just me or is Lucas' spine back to normal?

I can't decide which moment was sweeter: Josslyn offering babysitting coupons to Michael, Lucas, and Brad, or Oscar calling Drew "Dad."

May 10th, 2018

At the world's tensest baby shower, full of people who don't like each other, Olivia struggles to maintain peace and keep everyone focused on the event. Carly and Ava are territorial over Avery, but Olivia solves the problem by sending her off to play with Leo. Nelle gives Carly another set of guardianship papers, which Carly can't bring herself to sign. She's able to play it off by saying she hopes they're never needed. Things go better until Nelle opens the gift she gave Ava to give her. It's a penguin mobile, and Carly accuses Ava of buying something with Morgan's favorite animal on it to stick it to her. Max tells Sonny that there haven't been any developments in Croton, so he has two choices: keep doing nothing, or dig up "the problem" and possibly draw attention. Sonny's still worried that Mike will say something, and still can't figure out how he knows about Croton in the first place. Mike overhears and says that there's construction going on in the field. Max confirms this, though he and Sonny can't explain how Mike would know that. Lucy hears Chase singing in the shower at the PCPD and tries to talk him into performing at the Nurses' Ball. Dante lies that everyone on the squad always participates, which makes Chase agree. Later, Dante feels bad and starts to come clean, but when Chase offers some unsolicited feedback on a report, Dante changes his mind. Lucy is willing to keep quiet if it means Chase will perform. Finn tells Alexis a little about his family, but if he wants to convince her that they're as bad as the Cassadines, he's going to have to do a lot better than "my dad remarried too fast after my mom died." Alexis thinks he's taking out his anger at his father on Chase, like, no kidding.

Pretty weak, Nelle. I know it worked, but still. Like Ava said, lots of people like penguins.

Brad and Lucas' gift of membership to a children's museum was really nice. It's not something I would ever think of, but it's a great idea.

Lucy, I'm begging you, please bring back Magic Milo and the Wands. Griffin, Chase, and Curtis' are being wasted.

Dante, what are you, ten?

May 11th, 2018

Carly somehow figures out that Nelle, not Ava, is behind the penguin mobile, and rips her apart in front of everyone. Nelle pretends to be upset and claims she's desperate to make amends. When Carly says Michael's too good for her and she'll never get him back, Nelle pretends to run off in tears. Josslyn lectures her mother about how her behavior will lead to a rift in the family, with Michael siding with his child and, by default, Nelle (which is, of course, exactly what Nelle wants). Carly drags her heels on apologizing, but Bobbie talks her into it. Carly finds Nelle holding the baby blanket she made, which matches one Morgan used to have, and realizes that Nelle's the person who's been gaslighting her. Nelle plays dumb and says that Carly should be evaluated by a professional before she's allowed near the baby. Their fight ends up at the top of the staircase, and in grand soap tradition, Nelle falls. Anna sends Peter emails laying a path to connecting with him, and warning him not to trust Valentin. She tells Valentin that she's stopped searching for Heinrich and is going to focus on the child she does have in her life. Nina confirms with Curtis that she's done digging into Peter's life; she's convinced that he's a good guy. In fact, she doesn't even object when Maxie tells her they're going to the Nurses' Ball together. Peter tells Sam that it would be better for her to leave Aurora so her divorce from Drew doesn't screw up their business. Sam keeps a poker face, then tells Curtis she doesn't trust him. Curtis doesn't either, so they're officially going to work together to find out what he's hiding. Sonny and Jason take a field trip to Croton, digging up a money clip but no body or gun. Curtis is so serious about proposing that he's picking out a ring.

Dear show: This is the last time you're allowed to have a pregnant woman fall down the stairs. Knock it off.

Nelle's gotten really good at turning on the fake tears.

How did everyone suddenly jump from "Ava's being a snake" to "this is all Nelle's fault"?

That nursery at the Quartermaines' doesn't exactly look inviting for an infant.

You'd think Anna would know how to spell Valentin's name. And yet it was spelled correctly when the email got to Peter...

I think it's fair to assume that Mike moved the body and gun, and won't remember where they are.

May 14th, 2018

Carly can't convince anyone that she didn't cause Nelle to fall, and when Nelle herself says Carly pushed her, Dante has no choice but to arrest her. Also, the blanket Carly mentions as the center of one of her and Nelle's arguments is MIA. Valentin tells Peter that he convinced Anna to stop searching for him (though Peter's smart enough to know that she could have just told him she was stopping to shut him up). Peter wonders why Valentin has always been such a good friend when he doesn't seem to be getting anything out of the relationship. Valentin says something dumb about being a mentor. Peter asks Anna for proof that she's his mother, and apparently just knowing his birthday is enough for him. Sonny has no idea what happened to the missing body, but Jason figures that since it had to have been moved a while ago, and no one's done anything since then, Sonny might be in the clear. Anna, Jordan, Alexis, and Finn all run into each other at the rebuilt and reopened Floating Rib, and really, we get it, Anna and Finn should be together – can we please have scenes where people actually talk about stuff? Michael's fairly confident that his past experiences with babies will mean he's good with his own. He tells Dante that he thinks he and Nelle will work well together, even if they're not involved anymore.

$5 stays Ava hid the blanket.

Is it just me or was Olivia hesitant to give a statement because she's scared of Carly?

Thanks, Peter – I also want to know Valentin's motives.

It's such a Valentin thing for him to tell Peter he convinced Anna to drop the investigation when he had nothing to do with it.

If Peter's 41, according to his birth date, then how old is Valentin, who was an adult when Peter was born, supposed to be? For the record, James Patrick Stuart is 49.

Jordan regained some points with me for deciding not to ask questions after Chase said he was working on the Nurses' Ball routine.

May 15th, 2018

Nelle sticks to her story about Carly trying to hurt her, and is pleased to have Michael right where she wants him. Ava rattles her a little by revealing that she snagged the blanket, which means she now has leverage against Nelle to even out the leverage Nelle has against her. Sonny thinks Carly's having a breakdown, but Jason believes her theory that Nelle was behind her "haunting." In between emails arranging a meeting, Peter tells Anna he's curious about a possible connection between Valentin and Robert. Griffin sees them chatting and pulls a Valentin, telling Peter he needs to leave town. Valentin spots Griffin leaving Peter's office and becomes completely unhinged when Peter admits that Griffin knows he's Heinrich. Peter thinks they can solve the problem by getting rid of Anna. Valentin has a different plan: flee the country with Nina and Charlotte. Finn and Alexis are going to the ball together, and he's introducing her before she receives an award, but he gets distracted when he sees paperwork about Anna's will. Andre reminds Drew that he can't restore his memories without the flash drive, and even if they had it, Andre isn't sure the restoration would be successful. Drew asks to have Jason's memories removed, willing to risk the possibility that he won't survive.

In case you need the reminder, (Jean-Ralphio voice) Nelle is the woooooorst!

I'm glad Jason believes Carly. If only he would apply the logic from this plot to other storylines.

Valentin losing it just makes me laugh. Buddy, you lost control of this situation weeks ago. Blowing up at Peter isn't going to help.

Was that a llama or an alpaca? Follow-up question: ...Why?

May 16th, 2018

Jason and Spinelli use the Nurses' Ball as a cover to keep an eye out for Heinrich-related developments. Jason asks Anna to promise to stick to their deal, but she's definitely not going to do that. Robin notices her distraction but thinks it's because of Finn. Finn and Alexis get separated on the red carpet, and hosts Nina and Nick Viall think she came alone. Finn catches Anna when she trips and falls, and really, we get it. Somewhere in captivity, Robert looks for a way to escape, then collapses (probably as a ruse). Sonny plans to spend the evening moping around the house, but when Mike hears that the ball is that night, he wants to go. Stella convinces Sonny to take him and even agrees to be Mike's date. This means she´┐Żll be present when Curtis proposes. There's a problem with the chef at the hotel, so Olivia begs Cook 2 to fill in. Cook 2 only wants one thing in return: Olivia can never enter the Quartermaines' kitchen again. Valentin tells Nina that he's planned a vacation for the two of them and Charlotte. David lets Cinderella Kiki go to the ball, then surprises her by showing up himself. Robin meets her brother without knowing he's her brother.

I'm so disappointed that Jason didn't accidentally stumble into a red-carpet interview.

Why did Finn still Anna's will? Weirdo.

Whether or not Carly is likely to have pushed Nelle, why is Sonny taking Nelle's word for anything?

Unlike her portrayer, Cook 2 does not cook with love.

I love how Kiki, who had the least amount of time to get ready, had her hair done while a lot of the other women didn't.

May 17th, 2018

Lulu tells Peter that she's been contacted by someone claiming to be Heinrich's mother, and she's just waiting for Anna to help her get confirmation. Peter then learns from Nina that she and Valentin are going out of town. He tells Valentin that Anna set him up, and he's done listening to Valentin. Meanwhile, Sam searches Peter's office and finds Faison's lighter. Anna spends most of the ball on her phone, waiting for an email telling her where to meet Heinrich. Between her will and her statement that she probably won't perform in another ball, Finn's also distracted with concerns over Anna's health. He follows her backstage, where she gets instructions to meet Heinrich on pier 55 at midnight, and tells her he knows what she's been keeping from him. Anna's confused, and the confusion doesn't go away when Finn says he thinks she's dying. He laments that they've wasted time being apart and admits that he's never stopped caring about her. Alexis overhears, and both miss her intro and reception of her award, which Molly ends up presenting. Nina helps Curtis with a magic act that ends with a proposal. Despite saying multiple times that she's not sure she wants to get married, Jordan says yes. Everyone's happy except Stella (and Mike basically tells her to get over it, which is awesome) and Maxie (who's reminded of Nathan). The nurses perform "Everyday People," giving Felix and Amy what will probably be their only appearances for the next three months. Dante tells Chase at the last minute that he's the only one performing, but Chase gives a respectable rendition of "Feel it Still," so the joke's kind of on Dante.

Yay, Sam cracked the case! Thanks, Sam! I need it to end!

My prediction is that the Anna/Peter meeting won't happen – he'll miss it because he's with Maxie. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she went into labor.

Where's T.J.? He missed the proposal!

"Obstacle Illusion" made me giggle, and "maybe he'll saw her in half" made me cackle.

May 18th, 2018

Alexis accidentally makes her presence known to Finn and Anna, then flees to the bar instead of accepting her award (she doesn't drink, though). Finn apologizes for hurting her, but Alexis has to admit that she knew Finn and Anna still had feelings for each other. She's mostly disappointed in herself for getting involved in the love triangle in the first place. On the plus side, Anna tells Finn that she also still has feelings for him, and that it looks like the things that are distracting her while be winding down soon. Maxie asks Peter to take her home, then goes into labor in his car. Sam shows Jason the lighter and they agree that Peter is Heinrich. Unable to find Anna, who's already gone to the pier, or Peter, who's left with Maxie, Jason decides that Sam needs to hack Peter's email to find out his next steps. Nina talks Valentin into sticking around, and Lucy drags him to the stage before he can find out what Peter's up to. He sings "The Book of Love," captivating an audience who seems to have forgotten that he's a murderer. The one detractor is Robert, who ambushes Valentin during the applause and decks him in front of everyone. Ned and Olivia perform "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding)," allowing Olivia to get her Tracy Partridge on. Drew shows up in time to see Oscar and Josslyn nail some song I don't know (and also to see Jason and Sam working together). Jason tells Michael that Carly thinks Nelle has been "haunting" her, and Jason is determined to prove it. Michael is skeptical, and Nelle is sticking with her lie, so he's not sure sure what to believe. Molly tells Julian to stay away from Alexis, but when Kim gives him an out, he approaches his ex.

Those Scorpios sure know how to make an entrance, huh?

Ava, you don't get to chair dance to Olivia's performance after you murdered her cousin.

I know it's not a competition, and we haven't seen everything yet, but I declare Oscar and Josslyn the winners of this year's ball. Runner-up: Valentin's cellist.

I'm disappointed that Nelle's heart rate didn't go up again when she said Carly pushed her, so that Michael could tell that she was lying.

If they're setting it up for Felix to do Mike's home care, I wholeheartedly support the idea.

May 21st, 2018

While Anna waits for Heinrich, Spinelli hacks Peter's email and discovers that he and Anna arranged to meet. Jason realizes that Anna kept him in the dark about it just hours after promising to keep him in the loop. Peter delivers Maxie's baby, a boy, then calls Spinelli to alert him. Sam and Spinelli head to the hospital while Jason goes to the pier to intercept Peter. He's already arrived, and Anna's astonished to realize that she's already met her son. Peter believes that Anna set him up, and he's ready to get revenge. Robert arrests Valentin and gets him to admit that he gave Heinrich to Faison and has known his identity all along. Nina overhears, and though she doesn't know what's going on, she's not happy with the little she does know. Though premature, Maxie's baby is fine, and Kim uses Drew's tablet as a video monitor so Maxie can keep an eye on him while they're in separate rooms. Mike fills the awkward moments after Robert's arrival with an impromptu performance of "Summer Wind." He loses his place in the middle, so Sonny gives him a hand. Kiki has a dress mishap and goes backstage to get it fixed. David follows her and walks in on her while she's wearing only a slip. Before he can close the door and do anything gross, Griffin comes in. Kiki's fine but shaken, so Griffin hugs her, and OF COURSE, Ava sees. She's annoyed enough to make a last-minute change to her performance, doing "You Don't Own Me" as a big "take that" to her boyfriend. Olivia's so impressed with Cook 2's food at the ball that she offers to hire her at the hotel. Cook 2 agrees that she can do better than working for a family...but instead of working at the Metro Court, she's heading to Rome. Olivia anticipates the wrath of Monica, but at least she doesn't have to keep her promise never to go in the Quartermaines' kitchen again. The nurses wrap up with a song that's probably an original, unaware that the more interesting stuff is happening elsewhere on the show.

Robert Scorpio, I KNOW you didn't leave Valentin unattended. Why didn't you get Dante to stay with him?

Did Maxie use Nina Garcia's name to swear? Heh.

Despite leaving the priesthood, Griffin is still doing the Lord's work.

Lucy, re: Ava: "Our next performer is a true woman of mystery, because the less you know about her, the better." HA!

May 22nd, 2018

Jason arrives at the pier before Peter can hurt Anna, smacking him so he drops his gun. Then Anna pulls her own weapon, leading to a standoff between her and Jason. She announces that she really is Peter's mother, but Peter doesn't believe her. At the PCPD, Valentin drags out his arrest, refusing to give Robert any information that will help him locate Anna. Robert sends Finn to the hospital to find out if Anna's been admitted. There, Finn overhears Sam and Spinelli talking about Anna and Peter's meeting and heads over. Peter attempts to play Jason and Anna against each other while Finn and Sam try to end the standoff, pointing out that there are witnesses, so Jason will never get away with killing Peter. Jason won't listen, trying to convince Anna that Peter will turn on her if she lets him live. Finn alerts Robert to their location, and his arrival ends the standoff with no injuries. Peter's arrested and Anna's upset about the way everything came out, but on the plus side, she has Finn. Nina tells Lulu that Valentin has known Heinrich's identity the whole time and was planning to flee the country with her and Charlotte. Lulu's even more shocked when Dante tells her that Peter is Heinrich, and they realize that he must have stuck around after Faison's death because of Maxie. Robert and Dante arrange a deal with Valentin: They'll drop any charges against him relating to Peter if he gives them information that leads them to Anna. Valentin provides Peter's name, then convinces a sergeant to release him, since there's no evidence that he's committed a crime. Ava and Griffin have a huge fight about her song, which he thinks was actually directed at Sonny, and his inability to say "I love you." Ava brings up Kiki and asks if Griffin was comforting her because she's a damsel in distress while Ava isn't anymore. They break up, but Ava comes back later to work things out. Griffin's not in his room, having gone back to the ballroom, where Kiki's up late, drinking. Maxie's completely in the dark about Peter's lies and even wants to give the baby Peter as a middle name. Nina's also in the dark until Dante tells her who Heinrich is. Kiki confides in Michael about her harassment but swears him to secrecy.

I thought the police could detain a suspect for, like, 48 hours while they gathered evidence. And how disappointing that we don't get to see Valentin and Peter stuck in lockup together.

Most mothers would be concerned to see their daughter crying, instead of complaining about their boyfriend comforting her, but it's not like we ever thought Ava fit in the category "most mothers."

Was there a reason Spinelli thought he needed to hack the hospital's computer system to get Maxie's room number, instead of just...asking?

I was wondering if we were ever going to see Charlotte again.

May 23rd, 2018

Peter claims that no one can prove he committed any crimes, but Sam pipes up that he applied to Aurora using a fake identity, so he can at least be tried for fraud. Peter tries to argue that he saved Jason, but since Jason wasn't in need of medical attention toward the end of his five years in captivity, it's a flimsy story. Robert's not about to grant any leeway, and even by-the-book Chase won't budge. Peter comes up with a reason to be taken to GH for medical attention, which Sam and Jason guess is an attempt to get close to Maxie. No one else has told her who Peter really is, so he does it. She's ticked. Anna tells Finn all about her history with Faison and the circumstances of giving up Peter. He remains supportive and is sympathetic about how she's facing mistakes she made in the past. Anna then goes to Wyndemere, where Valentin has told Nina how he felt bad for Peter, who he empathized with, and gave him a new identity so he could be free of Faison. Anna tells Nina the rest of the story, how Valentin gave Peter to Faison in the first place and then kept the truth from everyone. Nina knows that Valentin was indirectly responsible for Nathan's death, so she's almost as furious with him as Anna is. Kiki and Griffin get drunk together, and then Griffin joins the Slept With Mother and Daughter Club. Dante isn't happy to learn that Lulu was unknowingly working on her investigation with the person she was investigating. Sam points out to Drew that now that they've located Heinrich, they might be able to get the flash drive. Drew's ready to move ahead with his flash drive-less plan, but now Sam wants it.

There sure are a lot of people awake at what has to be 1 a.m.

Chase backed me up about keeping a suspect for 48 hours, so why did they let Valentin go?

I think it's safe to say that the baby's middle name will NOT be Peter.

I'm not saying I want them together, but Griffin and Kiki are a lot more fun to watch than Griffin and Ava.

May 24th, 2018

Things are looking bad for Carly, freedom-wise, and even if Jason and Spinelli find the blanket and prove that Nelle was messing with her, Carly still won't be able to prove that she didn't push her. Michael finally asks his mother for her side of the story, but he doesn't appear to believe her. Nelle pretends to be reluctant about telling Josslyn what happened on the stairs, effectively poisoning Josslyn against her mother. Michael's more attentive than ever, so Nelle's pretty pleased that her plans are working out exactly as she'd hoped. Ava goes back to Griffin's room, begging for forgiveness. Kiki hides around the corner before she and Griffin can process what happened the previous night. Griffin's about to come clean with Ava when Kiki texts him to tell him not to. After Ava leaves, Kiki tells Griffin he has to keep this from her, because finding out could destroy her. Ava returns later, hoping to seduce Griffin. Julian offers Alexis comfort again, and there's some kissing, so I think he and Kim are officially over. Fortunately, Alexis slams on the breaks, kicks him out, and tells him to stay away from her. Drew tells Kim that he wants to erase Jason's memories despite the risks. She asks him to think about his kids, and how they could lose him, which would be especially hard for Oscar after he's spent his whole life wanting a father.

Carly's been in lockup for two days, so it would be nice if someone would bring her a change of clothes.

If Nelle really wants to look like the better person here, she should say she'll have the charges against Carly dropped if she gets psychiatric help.

Instead of a stuffed lamb, Josslyn should have brought Nelle a bunny, because that's what Joss is – a naïve little bunny.

We have more than enough children on the show right now, but imagine if Kiki ended up pregnant. (And it's a good thing Griffin can't get pregnant.)

Interesting that Kiki's in the same position Ava once was with Morgan, and is making the same decision she was mad at Ava for making (keeping quiet).

May 25th, 2018

Anna visits Peter, who doesn't want to hear anything she has to say. She tries to explain why she gave him up, but he can't get past her abandonment, no matter what her intentions were. He blames her for his horrible life with Faison, and is surprised when she tells him that Valentin was responsible for that. In an attempt to make amends, Anna tells Robert and Dante that she won't testify against her son. They think they'll have enough evidence against him anyway, but Peter thinks they'll change their minds when they hear a revelation he has to make. Diane knows she can't get Carly off the hook, so Carly's only option is to plead not guilty by reason of insanity. Carly refuses at first, insisting that Jason will come up with the evidence to free her, but ultimately accepts that she doesn't have a choice. Maxie tells Mac and Felicia about her delivery and how Peter is Heinrich. They encourage her to focus on her son, whom she names James Malcolm West. Lulu makes a hesitant appearance and gives a tearful apology, admitting to everything Maxie has accused her of over the past few months. Maxie forgives her, acknowledging that she took out her anger on Lulu even while she knew that Lulu wasn't really to blame for Nathan's death. The two friends' first act as reunited BFFs will be to work together to bring down Peter. Nina's 100% done with Valentin, at least until she decides she's not. Dante's disgusted with Peter for calling Nathan his brother. Nelle and Brad have filler scenes.

I didn't realize that Peter didn't know that Valentin gave him to Faison. Is there anyone Valentin hasn't lied to?

James Malcolm was EXACTLY the name I wanted Maxie to give the baby.

Awww, the Maxie/Lulu Rift of 2018 is over.

Dante should probably be removed from Peter's case. He's nowhere near objective.

Whose horrible idea was it to have Robin leave town without finding out she has a brother?

May 29th, 2018

Peter stalls his extradition, first by offering information if the charges against him are dropped, then by asking for a phone call. He contacts Drew and offers the flash drive if Drew does something for him. Carly reluctantly pleads guilty by reason of insanity and is sent to Pentonville until her trial. She considers changing her plea, but Diane remains adamant that this defense is the only one that will keep her out of prison. Also, the new DA, Margaux Dawson, is annoying. Alexis asks Kevin for a consultation, by which she means a therapy session. She'd like to find out why she keeps falling for dangerous, hurtful, unhealthy men. Later, Finn uses his turn sharing in an AA meeting to apologize for letting her think he wasn't rebounding with her. David conveys to Kiki, without actually saying it straight out, that he'll give her a good evaluation if she sleeps with him. Fortunately, Kiki tells Elizabeth. Franco wants to meet Elizabeth's family, ignoring her when she says they're not close, so she's not going to bother inviting them to the wedding. Finn is still supportive of Anna, who wants to accompany Peter to his new maximum-security home. Andre agrees to erase Drew's Jason memories. Kevin wants Franco to come back to therapy, but Franco seems to think he's fixed.

I hope Jason has a good excuse for missing Carly's hearing.

I want more Alexis/Kevin scenes. A lot more.

I actually shuddered during David and Kiki's scenes. Yarg.

Franco, Elizabeth's parents haven't come to any of her previous weddings; what makes you think they'll come to this one?

May 30th, 2018

Peter will give Drew the flash drive if Drew breaks him out of lockup. Drew has no interest in the deal, especially if it means Peter goes free. Sam visits next, and Peter tells her that Drew's going to get his Jason memories removed without replacing them. Sam makes a beeline for Jason to get help. Kiki tells Elizabeth everything, then balks at reporting David, since she has no proof and still suspects she might have misinterpreted things. Elizabeth promises to support her no matter what she decides to do, but notes that David could pick another target if Kiki doesn't put a stop to things. Assured that she's not powerless, Kiki prepares herself to come forward. Kim begs Jason to try to convince Drew not to undergo Andre's procedure. Jason knows Drew won't listen to him, and he thinks Drew's making the right decision anyway, so he declines. Valentin offers to tell Alexis all about the Cassadines, as he thinks she's looking for information on the family. Lucas asks Julian for information on his birth mother but doesn't want anything additional from him, like advice on how to handle the adoption. Curtis thinks he and Sam should become PI partners. Obrecht and Nina recap things for us.

Kim, try Monica. Drew might listen to her.

Thank you, props people, for putting travel books in Jason's apartment.

Ugh, is Valentin implying that Alexis has more blocked memories?

They showed that picture of Mikkos so many times today, it probably has its SAG card by now.

Yeah, Sam, right after the COO gets arrested is the perfect time to leave your company.

McCall and Ashford sounds better than Ashford and McCall, but since it was Curtis' idea, I'll let him make the call.

I know I keep harping on this, but Anna really needs to tell Robin about Peter ASAP. Otherwise, she's going to hear about him from someone else.

May 31st, 2018

Valentin is apologetic about Peter's awful life, as if Peter's not responsible for his own actions. Peter accuses Valentin of using him to get revenge on Anna, which Valentin full admits to. Sam wants Jason to help her break Peter out of lockup so Drew can get the flash drive. Jason refuses to free Peter, knowing that he'll go after Anna. He's willing to compromise, so the two go to Peter's cell, but they find Valentin there instead. Peter's about to flee the country, leaving behind the flash drive and a note for Maxie, when someone injects him with a knock-out drug and drags him off somewhere. Elizabeth accompanies Kiki as she tells Monica about David's harassment, as kind of a dress rehearsal for when she files a complaint with HR. Without proof, not much can be done, and Kiki risks both her and David getting suspended while the hospital investigates. She knows that David will know she was the complainant as soon as he hears about the accusation, but she knows Elizabeth is right that he might go after another victim, so she's ready to move forward. Drew has signed a DNR in case Andre's procedure renders him brain dead. Andre is incredibly hesitant to go through with the whole thing, and he gets Drew to agree to wait three days before making his final decision, in case they can get the flash drive after all. After learning that Anna is Peter's mother, Griffin almost tells her that he's known Peter's paternity for weeks, but gets interrupted. When he tells Ava his plans, she puts together that those were the test results he couldn't discuss with her. She tries to convince him to keep quiet so he doesn't cause more turmoil for Anna. David goes by Ava's gallery and tells her that Kiki's been distracted, like there's something going on in her personal life. He mentions Griffin, so now Ava wonders if he knows something about her daughter that she doesn't. Obrecht blames Anna for Nathan's death.

My money's on Obrecht as Peter's kidnapper. She's not exactly known for making good choices.

Let's be clear: Peter grew up with a horrible father because Valentin couldn't handle rejection.

Sam, don't talk about Jason respecting your decisions when you're not respecting Drew's.

The hospital suspends people who make harassment complaints? That's ridiculous. I feel like this whole thing could be resolved if Kiki told Franco, and Franco threatened David.

Oh, NOW Andre's concerned with what is and isn't "responsible."

Is it possible that David saw Kiki leaving Griffin's room and knows they slept together? Or maybe he just thinks something's going on there and wants Ava to snoop around. It just seems like he was hinting at it.

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