General Hospital blog - May, 2019

May 1st, 2019

Oscar gets a visit from Lila, and suddenly he feels well enough to get out of bed. Terry runs a bunch of tests and determines that the tumor is gone, and Oscar's in complete remission. His family and friends throw a party at Charlie's, and Oscar thanks them all for their love and support. But he keeps seeing Lila and Edward, then sees scenes from the future – Sonny and Carly with their new baby, Kim engaged (it's not clear to who), and his friends graduating from high school. Oscar asks Drew what would have happened to his loved ones if he hadn't recovered. Drew says they wouldn't have been able to go on without him. Oscar tells Josslyn he has to go home; he's been holding on too long, and it's keeping his loved ones from moving on. It was all a dream, and Oscar's condition hasn't changed. In his last moments, he kisses Josslyn goodbye, then goes off with his great-grandparents. Kim feels the moment it happens, but Josslyn's the first person to know for sure: Oscar's dead.

This episode was mean. It was like when they made it look like Nathan was going to be okay right before he died.

Tune in the rest of the week to watch Eden McCoy earn an Emmy!

No way would Oscar not know who Lila is. Her picture's all over that house.

I hope Dream Kim was engaged to Dream Drew, not Dream Julian.

May 2nd, 2019

Word spreads about Oscar's death, so...that's fun. Kim, Drew, and Josslyn all say goodbye to him, making it clear that they'll never forget him. Cameron responds to the news stoically, then breaks down when he's alone, unable to figure out what to say to Josslyn. Drew wishes they'd gone to Kilimanjaro, but Oscar has set up a foundation for other kids to go, so that's nice. Shiloh corners Willow in her classroom and tells her that Harmony went back to Beechers Corners. He promises to welcome Willow back if she wants to return to DOD, offering to keep her pledge confidential until she makes up her mind. Shiloh then tells Sam it's time for her to join the Trust, so she needs to come up with a secret to use as her pledge. Chase bugs Michael about Kristina, warning that she could be in danger if she's not with her family. Michael goes to see Willow, who's shaken enough by Shiloh's visit that she's ready to go see Kristina ASAP. When she tells Chase about the impending visit, he asks her to tell him where Kristina is once she finds out. He reminds her that she could be considered an accomplice if Kristina's been kidnapped. Willow tells him that the real crime would be Kristina returning to DOD.

While we're giving Eden McCoy an Emmy, let's give them to Tamara Braun, Billy Miller, and William Lipton, too.

No one called Julian to come be with Kim?

Hey, P.C. Elementary, up your security so the cult leader can't just walk in whenever he wants.

Thank you, Willow, for clarifying that Beechers Corners is an hour from Port Charles.

"The dead don't need us to wallow over them." Okay, Shiloh's not invited to the funeral.

May 3rd, 2019

Alexis is able to sneak out of her house under Valerie's nose with help from Diane. They dress up as each other, and Alexis goes to the safehouse while Valerie follows Diane, thinking she's Alexis. Eventually Diane outs herself and warns Valerie to stop following Alexis as part of an unauthorized investigation. Kristina's calmed down a bunch during her captivity, and she, Alexis, and Sonny get back on good terms. She tells them she understands why they're concerned, and that they're keeping her there because they love her. But if she leaves DOD, it'll be on her own terms, not because she wants to appease them &ndash and if she doesn't leave, she hopes they'll respect that. Sam's plan is to sneak back into the records room while Shiloh's setting up her Trust ceremony, though that means she still has to offer her own pledge. Jason suggests that she make it about him, to really hook Shiloh. He and Spinelli will make it look like Sam witnessed Jason killing someone who doesn't actually exist. Sam points out that Shiloh could take the news to Margaux, but Jason notes that she'll just look foolish if she investigates, because all she'll learn is that nothing happened. However, he doesn't think Shiloh will go to the authorities, since that could get Sam in trouble. Drew invites Kim to stay with the Quartermaines a little longer, but she thinks she needs to bite the bullet and go home to the apartment she'll now live in alone. Julian joins her there, and they see that a bunch of people have turned the hallway into a memorial showing how many people cared about Oscar. Kim gets cold feet about going inside, but Julian encourages her. Willow tells Julian that Brad's growing involvement in DOD is a bad thing. Julian thinks the group is just a service organization and Willow's worried about nothing. She clarifies the seriousness by saying she'd rather have Julian in "Wiley"'s life than Shiloh. Michael runs into Shiloh, and the two posture about which life Kristina prefers and whether she'll go back to DOD. Then Michael finally takes Willow to the safehouse so she can tell Kristina everything she needs to know about Shiloh. Shiloh goes to see Drew to express his condolences, but also takes advantage of their conversation to ask if Drew plans to make any dumb decisions like restoring his memories. Then he starts talking about how Oscar's not dead, just on another plane. I pray for Alice to make a surprise reappearance and physically throw Shiloh out of the house.

I greatly appreciate the Alexis/Diane wackiness in the middle of this week's angst and sadness.

Is it really harassment if Valerie follows Alexis but doesn't engage with her? I think that's stalking.

So now it's okay for Sam and Jason to meet up at her place? I don't get their logic.

Drew, please get rid of the book so you won't be reminded of how your son almost joined a cult.

The fact that Milo keeps showing up gives me hope that Magic Milo and the Wands will make a triumphant return to the Nurses' Ball in a couple weeks.

May 6th, 2019

Willow tells her story at the safehouse, then reveals the details of the Trust ceremony and what Kristina would face if she went back to DOD. Kristina doesn't think Shiloh would put her through that, but Willow's clearly telling the truth. Sonny's like, "Can we wrap this up? I have to go do something that is definitely not murdering Shiloh with my bare hands." Neil tells Kristina that she now has all she needs to make an informed decision, so she's free to leave if she wants to go back to DOD. Scott and Lucy spot Kevin and Ava together, and Lucy gets mad again. Scott somehow believes that Ava and Kevin are really together, even knowing that Ava wanted a fake boyfriend to lure Ryan out of hiding. Lucy wants to scheme with Scott to break them up. Curtis fills Jordan and Laura in on what he learned in Canada, and Laura helps him narrow down the list of Ryan's possible accomplices. Jordan's stable, so she encourages Curtis to go back to Canada and keep investigating. Laura invites herself along. Peter confides to Anna that he's not sure he can be in a relationship with Maxie since he's never gotten close to anyone before. He's worried that once she sees who he really is, she'll run away. Anna reminds him that, while he does have Faison's DNA, he also has hers. Plus, since she cares about Maxie, she wouldn't encourage Maxie to be with Peter if she didn't think he was a good guy. Maxie's also worried that her relationship with Peter will never get off the ground, so Lulu encourages her to be patient. Ultimately, Peter finally pulls the trigger and whisks Maxie off for a date. Anna talks AGAIN about leaving her past behind her, which just makes Finn wish he'd gotten the ring back from Robert. Then Robert makes things complicated again by wondering if Alex might be Peter's birth mother. Jordan needs a transplant, but the good news is that a bunch of people have been tested, and Kevin might be a match. Robert invites Laura to go to the Nurses' Ball with him, so at the very least, she's fooled a spy into thinking she and Kevin are over.

I'm going to guess that Kristina's leaving DOD, because that's the only direction this storyline can go now.

Scott should know better than to believe that Kevin and Ava are together.

"With all due respect, this is not my first rodeo." I love Laura. And for real, she was fighting Cassadines while Curtis was still in elementary school.

Instead of Anna talking over and over about moving on from her past, we need to see her telling Peter to do the same.

Imagine being the person who donated a kidney to save the police commissioner. I think that means a lifetime of voided parking tickets.

May 7th, 2019

Before Kristina can decide where she's going next, Chase arrives at the safehouse. Kristina goes along with her parents' claims that they were there to work through some family stuff together, and everything's fine. Then she tells her parents that she's ready to move out of the DOD house and into Alexis' place. Sam gives Shiloh her offering about Jason's fake crime, convincing him that she must be serious about joining the Trust if she's willing to put her child's father at risk. Shiloh moves up her induction ceremony, even though no one else is at the house and the Trust hasn't voted on whether to accept her. Sam is able to decline the sedative without seeming suspicious, but she can't turn down the tattoo (since she's not supposed to know about it anyway). As soon as Jason hears from Sonny that Kristina's out of DOD, he goes to the house to bust down the door and make a dramatic rescue. Jax is back to support Josslyn and pretend he's happy about the recent developments in Carly's life and Jason's return from the dead. Willow still feels ashamed of her actions while she was in DOD, but Michael assures her that she was coerced into being with Shiloh, so he's the one who should feel ashamed. He recommends therapy, hinting that he's been through something similar and found counseling helpful. Nina spots Michael and Willow talking and tells Willow to save her time for her boyfriend. Willow's annoyed that Nina thinks she was hitting on Michael (for the record, she wasn't) and is butting into her personal life. Sonny texts Michael that Kristina's out of DOD, and just as Michael's about to pass along the message to Willow, Chase finds them. He announces that he found Kristina, and he's glad he sorted everything out before Willow got involved in the possible kidnapping scheme. Willow says she would have taken the risk of becoming an accessory as many times as she needed to, but she doesn't outright say that she was at the safehouse earlier. Peter's taking Maxie to Paris, and the two of them realize they were both there at the same time seven years ago. Suddenly Peter thinks that Maxie's not ready for this next step, but she wants to keep moving forward because she knows staying in one place isn't good for her. Anna convinces herself that Peter is Alex's son, which is a slight relief because it would mean she didn't sleep with Faison. She still feels like Peter's mother, though, so she doesn't want to tell him. She also doesn't want to tell Robert, since he wouldn't be able to keep from announcing it gleefully. Finn points out that, you know, she doesn't have any proof, so keeping quiet is a good idea.

So how did Chase find the safehouse? I was worried that he'd followed Willow there, but that can't be the case.

Of course Sam didn't offer up a secret about herself, Shiloh. You told her to tell one about someone else!

Who just walks into someone else's house like that? Come on, Jax.

Are we pretending Jax and Jason don't hate each other?

Reeeeally tired of Anna convincing herself of things without evidence.

May 8th, 2019

Jason knocks Shiloh out and tells Sam that Kristina's squared away, so they can stop their scheme. Instead of leaving with him, Sam sends him to get Kristina's pledge. When Shiloh regains consciousness, he doesn't remember what happened, so Sam tells him a DOD member's irate father burst in and hit him, but she chased him off. Shiloh's shaky enough that Sam is able to get him to delay the rest of the ceremony. Jason snags all the pledges in the house, but Shiloh's a step ahead of him and has switched them out for blank pages. Sonny's like, "Okay, plan C: We kill Shiloh." Sonny isn't 100% sure that Kristina's done with DOD for good, but Alexis isn't going to treat her like a prisoner anymore. Valerie comes by but doesn't ask Kristina any questions about the details of her disappearance or any crimes that may have been committed. Kristina reveals that she was able to call Valerie from Alexis' phone because she has Valerie's phone number memorized. She asks what she should do if, hypothetically, someone had dirt she'd handed over. Valerie urges her to file a police report, but Kristina's worried about hurting Alexis. Willow tells Chase that Harmony knew she was pregnant when she left DOD but didn't tell Shiloh. Harmony was jealous of Shiloh's interest in Willow, but she pushed Willow toward him to try to get in good with Shiloh. Chase wonders if Harmony will tell Shiloh the truth, but Willow thinks she'll stay quiet to keep Shiloh from pursuing Willow again. Valerie learns about Brad's growing involvement in DOD and tells him he needs to stay away. Brad refuses to believe that there's been any kind of inappropriateness in the organization, since everything he's seen has been above-board. Willow hears Brad and Lucas discussing DOD and angrily reminds Brad that she told him to keep "Wiley" away from them. Lucas gets offended at her interference and tells her to stay away from his family. Chase quickly figures out that Willow's so overprotective of "Wiley" because he's her "son." Josslyn's happy to have Jax in town, though there isn't much he can do for her. Sonny comes home after a long day to find his least favorite person in his house, but it only gets worse: Jax is planning to move back permanently, and has his eye on Connie's old house, which is right nearby. Kim and Drew are starting to go through Oscar's things, which leads to some reminiscing about their past (well, on her part). Drew mentions DOD, so Kim calls Shiloh to find out if Oscar left anything else in the house. Curtis comes by to offer his condolences and give an update on Jordan's condition. Drew offers to pay her medical bills, and when Curtis resists, Drew says he's trying to make up for some of the goodness that left the world when Oscar died. Alexis and Neil talk about guilt, for some reason. I wasn't really listening; I was just waiting for them to start making out.

I assume Jason texted Sam that he'd left the house, because otherwise, she was dumb for taking Shiloh to the living room, where they might see Jason leaving.

I guess Sonny and Alexis didn't tell Kristina that Sam's not really in DOD because they're not sure she won't go back and spill to Shiloh. It would have been nice, though; it would be one less thing for her to worry about. Plus, then she would know that the pledge is getting taken care of.

"I haven't seen anything inappropriate, so that means nothing inappropriate is happening." Shut up, Brad.

Please, like Drew wasn't already paying Jordan's medical bills. long before Alexis and Neil hook up? And will it be before or after Valerie and Kristina hook up?

May 9th, 2019

Kristina asks Alexis how much freedom she has at home, but Alexis reiterates that she's not a prisoner, and her parents will work on trusting her to make her own decisions. Kristina immediately makes a bad one, going back to the DOD house to get her pledge. Jason thinks Sam's part in the Shiloh con can be over, since Kristina's pledge will be a moot point once Shiloh's buried in the Pine Barrens. Sam has another, much worse idea: finish the Trust ceremony and record it so they can blackmail Shiloh. Robert offers to help Anna find out if Alex is Peter's biological mother. She tells him to let it go, but Robert wants her to be able to completely sever ties to Faison, if possible. They get into a big fight, but Finn steps in and tells Robert to back off. Anna's happy with his support, and Finn wants to do something special tonight, but he still hasn't gotten the ring back from Robert. That might be even harder now, as Robert accidentally leaves the ring on the counter at Kelly's, and Mike picks it up. Lucas asks Julian if he knows why Brad has been so stressed for the past ten months. Julian gets hilariously offended that his son would accuse him of keeping secrets about his husband. Lucas mentions that Brad keeps going to DOD, and that Willow told them it was a cult. Willow's worried that Brad will tell Shiloh that she's "Wiley"'s mother; since Shiloh never signed away his parental rights, he could get the baby. Chase is, for once, pretty helpless here, so he encourages her to ask Diane for guidance. Meanwhile, Brad tells Shiloh that he's annoyed by how much "Wiley"'s birth mother keeps popping up in his life. Shiloh suggests that he bring her by for some counseling. Some confusion on Mike's part is, hopefully, prophetic, as he thinks Michael's about to become a father. Then there's some talk of losing a child, and Courtney, and I tune out. Also, Sonny bugs Robert about Dante, and I tune out again. Kim asks Shiloh about Oscar's experiences when he was living in the DOD house. Shiloh tells her a little, and when talk turns to Drew, he casually asks if Drew ever sent her anything from the time when they were in the Middle East together. Alexis confides to Michael how distressing it was to hear what Trust inductees have to go through. Michael thinks Kristina's going to stick to her decision to leave and start making smart moves.

Four words that brightened my day: Hayden returns this summer.

Sam. Honey. No.

Robert, how, exactly, does Peter's maternity affect you?

"How dare you accuse me of lying!" yells the guy who's been lying for ten months.

Imagine if Brad told Shiloh that Willow is "Wiley"'s other. He could bring down the entire scam by himself.

There goes my theory that Diane is related to Willow and Harmony. Willow called her "Ms. Miller" on the phone.

Robert, you'd better return the ring. Finn's using his super-serious voice.

When Kim was telling Shiloh that Oscar's friends made a kind of shrine for him, I just imagined him thinking, "Someday I hope people make me a shrine."

May 10th, 2019

Kristina tells Shiloh that she's no longer under his spell and won't be returning to DOD. She's only there to inform him of that and to retrieve her pledge. Shiloh tells her it was a gift, and he's not going to return it. Sonny and Alexis are anxious about Kristina's whereabouts, so Neil tries to get them to stay calm and keep trusting her. When she gets home, she tells them the truth about going to the DOD house, assuring them that it was just to tell Shiloh she's done with him. Sonny's upset that she went back the first chance she got, but Neil points out that she also came home, which is the real takeaway. Finn runs tests on Kevin and determines that, unfortunately, he won't be able to donate a kidney to Jordan because of his own health issues. Finn asks if Jordan has family she can reach out to, but Jordan just says they're "scattered" and she's not close to them. She doesn't let T.J. ask any followup questions, though she insists that everything will turn out fine. Kevin is less than happy with his current situation and Ava's insistence on tagging everywhere with him. He's also unhappy when he learns that he can't donate a kidney, which would have both done something nice for Jordan and helped him make some amends. Ava tells him to stop worrying about that because he's not a bad person. She starts blurring the lines between fantasy and reality, and tries to kiss him outside of the bounds of their fake relationship. She's messed up because she fell in love with a person she thought was Kevin, while the real Kevin is still in love with Laura. He tells her he'll let this one go, but if she screws up again, the fake relationship will end with a real breakup. In Toronto, Laura and Curtis search for Ryan's accomplice; they don't find her, but they may have unknowingly found Ryan's hideout. They discuss Kevin and Ava's "relationship," which Curtis finds suspicious because of how public they're making it, almost as if they're trying to make themselves targets for Ryan. Maxie and Peter are in Toronto instead of Paris, and they're happy and making out and stuff, and he thinks he's going to get some. Then Maxie runs into Laura and Curtis, who are stranded because of snow, and invites them to hang out, so...better luck next time, Peter.

I'm surprised Kristina didn't agree to go back to DOD just to keep the pledge under wraps. I assume that'll happen eventually, though.

This is going to lead to Jordan getting one of Ryan's kidneys, isn't it?

Ava: "My brother doesn't kill people for sport." No, just for other reasons.

It's snowing in Toronto in May? Really?

May 13th, 2019

Ned and Olivia host Oscar's memorial, which starts with people saying nice things about him and ends with them spreading flower seeds in a part of the park now named Oscar's Meadow. Josslyn struggles with the whole thing, but it reminds her that Oscar always liked to focus on the good instead of the bad, which is what she needs to do. Drew tells Sam that he wants to be a better father to Scout, but he's always going to worry that he'll lose her, too. Jason and Drew agree to honor Oscar's request to build a treehouse at the Quartermaines'. Sonny promises Kim that her comfort over how much Oscar was loved will be a big help to her. Hey, guess what? Cameron still doesn't like Franco! Also, I don't care!

Why was Olivia crying more than anyone else?

That Sam/Drew scene was really nice.

Leave it to Jason to think the ban on black clothing didn't apply to him.

Franco's hair is...a tragedy.

May 14th, 2019

Kevin and Ava arrange to meet with a photographer who will put their picture in a tabloid for further exposure. When they think he's approaching, they kiss, but it's actually Julian, and he's furious. He thinks Kevin is taking advantage of Ava, and he wants her far away from the guy who brought his brother to town and inadvertently unleashed a killer. (Hmmm, sounds familiar, doesn't it? A guy whose presumed-dead sibling came to town and targeted people while he said nothing about the sibling being back? Hmmmmmm.) Ava tells Julian that she and Kevin are together, so their kiss was entirely consensual. Julian still wants to get her away from Kevin, so Kevin taunts that Julian's just trying to redeem his image, and reminds him that his kids hate him. Julian punches him as the photographer arrives and captures the moment. (I like to think that Kevin didn't know the photographer was there and just wanted to tell Julian what he thinks of him, but it was probably for show.) The police arrive, and Ava tells Kevin to go ahead and press charges to make Ryan think she's siding with her new boyfriend over her brother. Julian gets arrested and I laugh really hard. Laura, Curtis, Maxie, and Peter play board games while waiting out the snowstorm keeping Laura and Curtis from their quest. Maxie thinks things will just keep getting in the way of her and Peter making things official, so Laura advises her to make the first move. Meanwhile, Curtis tells Peter to enjoy the good times because there's no telling how long they'll last. After Laura and Curtis leave, Maxie and Peter go their separate ways for the night, then meet up and...well, make things official. Laura and Curtis return to Ryan's probable lair and meet April, the woman who supposedly lives there. She claims that her mail was piled up outside because she was out of town. They try to ask her questions, but she quickly sends them away. Whoever's staying with her, he's very unhappy over an article about Ava and Kevin's relationship. Robert doesn't realize he's lost Finn's ring until he looks inside the box and discovers it's empty. Felicia hints that he might be trying to sabotage the proposal so Anna can't move on. Mac offers to hook Robert up with a forger who can create a lookalike ring, so the men head off as Anna comes to hang out with Felicia. Felicia notes that Robert's been in town a lot recently and may have his eye on a woman in Port Charles to be with. Later, the guys return with a fake ring, hoping Finn won't notice the differences. Anna spots them talking and seems to think Robert plans to give her the ring. Willow holds a parent/teacher meeting to discuss a book in her classroom that features gay parents. Elizabeth makes a case for celebrating differences, while Franco is ready to fight bigoted parents to the death. At first it looks like Nina will go up against Willow yet again, but she surprises Willow by siding with her. She still wants her to stay away from Michael, though. Willow's victory doesn't last long, since the principal isn't going to offer her a job for next year. Valentin overhears Michael telling Sasha that she said she wished Nina was her real mother while she was delirious. Sasha covers well, saying she still feels like her adoptive mother is her "real" mom. Michael gets it and promises to keep quiet. Valentin reminds Sasha that her time in town is temporary, and she's expected to leave after he and Nina get remarried. Chase offers to use his badge to get Robert to give back Finn's ring. In return, Finn offers to help Chase fight Shiloh so he'll leave Willow alone.

Ava: "Is my presence really that intolerable?" Me: "Can I answer that?"

I wish Laura had heard Peter's comment about not being able to control the weather and had said something like, "Well, not since Mikkos died."

Whee, Kevin! Say more mean things about Julian!

"What[ever] happens between you and Tait, keep it misdemeanor." Wow, Valentin made me laugh!

May 15th, 2019

Curtis tells Laura that he saw a copy of the Invader in April's house, and there's no reason she would have a Port Charles paper unless she were connected to Ryan. April calls and asks them to come back and talk, which makes Laura and Curtis suspicious. By the time they get back to the house, April's dead. When Laura goes outside to call the police, someone knocks Curtis out, then goes after Laura. Mike tells Sonny that he wants to propose to Yvonne. Sonny thinks he's moving too fast, and warns that Marcus is going to object. He gets Mike to talk things over with Stella, but Stella brings Marcus along, and he definitely doesn't support his wife getting engaged to someone else. However, he knows they're happy together and he doesn't want to break them up, so he's just going to walk away and let whatever happens happen. Mike happily proposes, but we don't get to hear Yvonne's response. Anna tells Robert, Mac, and Felicia that she's opposed to getting back together with a former love, and she's done with marriage. Things with Finn are perfect the way they are. Robert finally returns Finn's ring to him, but Finn can immediately tell that it's not the right one. Shiloh wants to finish Sam's initiation right away, but she talks him into holding off for a little while. He tells her Kristina came by to tell him she's done with DOD, which Sam actually thinks is positive, since the old Kristina would have just ghosted him. (I don't remember Kristina ever giving up the chance for a confrontation, though.) Shiloh invites Sam to a DOD function the next night, annoyed when he learns that she planned to go to the Nurses' Ball. He thinks it's a poor excuse for a charity event, and if people really cared, they would volunteer. (Okay, Levi.) Sam wants to change his mind, and he agrees to go as her date. Apparently this was part of a plan, since Sam texts Jason to tell him that Shiloh took the bait. Carly wonders how far Sam is planning to take things, as she's putting herself at risk for sexual assault. Then the writers throw in that old standby, baby-related pain (everything's fine). Now Carly just has to deal with the anxiety of waiting for genetic test results. Stella gives Jordan grief for not calling Curtis to tell him that Kevin can't donate a kidney. Finn takes a softer approach, noting that since they're married, Jordan and Curtis should be going through things together.

DON'T HURT CURTIS, YOU MONSTER. I mean, don't hurt Laura, either, but I wouldn't be able to handle it if something happened to Curtis.

Can't they just have a fake wedding for Mike and Yvonne? Like, have someone perform it who's not ordained, and don't file a marriage certificate? I honestly don't know if that's a bad idea.

I enjoyed Finn calling Robert's return of the ring a "drop-off," like it's one of his spy missions.

Sam taking Shiloh to the ball is obviously awful, but at least she got him to cancel a cult event.

"Is there any way to get the results faster?" Well, Spinelli has hacked into the hospital's computer system before, so...

What is this, board game week?

May 16th, 2019

Sam and Jason recruit Spinelli (hi, Spinelli!) to help them bug the DOD house so Jason can listen in and end Sam's initiation before it can become too traumatizing. Spinelli worries that she'll admit her true feelings of hatred for Shiloh while drugged, or that he'll catch on and become violent, as if that's the worst thing that could happen here. He also thinks that Kristina was always a means to an end, and now Shiloh just wants Sam. Molly and Kristina make up and express concern over Sam's supposed involvement in DOD. Kristina wishes she could help more people see the truth about the cult and get out. Molly gets an idea, which she pitches to Peter: an article about how DOD has affected her family. Kristina's been trying to get in touch with Sam, who's keeping her distance so Kristina doesn't find out what she's really up to with DOD. Neil and Alexis think she should keep that up, since she plans to be done with it all by the end of the night. But then Sam learns that Molly wants to write a kind of exposé, which makes things more urgent. Finn asks Chase to go after Robert so he can get his ring back. Chase thinks he has two options here: a) have Robert arrested, which would probably lead to Anna finding out about Finn's planned proposal, or b) propose without a ring. Finn is determined to get his ring back, since the stone is a Monaco sapphire, and Monaco is where he and Anna first got together. Anna tells Peter that she thinks Robert is going to propose, so Peter runs to tell Finn that he needs to propose before Robert can. Yvonne accepted Mike's proposal, so the two invite the Corinthoses over to celebrate. Sonny and Michael wonder where Mike got the ring, which they're pretty sure is real. Carly's genetic tests come back fine, but there are still other complications she needs to be tested for. Her doctor gives her a note revealing the baby's sex, and Sonny and Carly open it together, but we don't get to find out what it is. Drew worries that Kim is planning to move away, but she doesn't want to make any big decisions right now. The two of them decide to take Oscar's ashes to Kilimanjaro together. Neil comes across Alexis and Julian chatting, and Alexis expects him to chastise her for hanging out with her ex, but Neil doesn't say anything. Maxie and Lulu say nothing of substance.

This sounds like a foolproof plan, Sam! I'm sure nothing will go wrong!

I was starting to get bored with the Finn/ring story last week, but now that it's spiraled into an unnecessary race against the clock, I'm enjoying it again.

With all this talk about possible complications with the baby, there better be some payoff. Like, the baby better have a tail or something.

Someone please explain why Sonny isn't going to Carly's appointments.

I really don't want to hear any more about Dante until they recast him.

May 17th, 2019

Nina once again co-hosts the Nurses' Ball red carpet, this time with Miranda Bailey Crimson's New York fashion editor Sydney Val Jean. Highlights include Nina's thinly veiled hatred of Peter, Lulu, and Willow; confusion over who Shiloh is and why he's there with Sam; and Nina's hilarious speechlessness around Jax. Laura and Curtis wake up in the cabin alone but tied to chairs. She smells gas and realizes that Ryan plans to kill them the same way he faked his death – in a fire and explosion. Of course, they free themselves and escape just before the cabin explodes. Lucy enlists Scott to help her break up Kevin and Ava before the ball starts. She lures Kevin to a hotel room by pretending to need medical attention, then has Scott bring Ava up to catch them together. Carly reluctantly goes to the ball without Josslyn, but everyone else thinks it's the right move, so Josslyn can have some space. Robert kind of crashes Anna and Finn's red carpet moment, and I don't think she's going to want to keep the photos that are taken of the three of them. Willow really could have used some warning that Shiloh would be attending the ball.

So many colorful dresses this year! And yet my favorites were Lulu's and Felicia's, which were silver and black, respectively.

I think it's safe to assume that once Nina ditches Valentin, she'll wind up with Jax. But didn't they meet last time he was in town? They were acting like they didn't.

Clearly Josslyn will end up coming anyway. Someone has to sing that song she and Oscar wrote.

No Magic Milo. I am distraught.

May 20th, 2019

The nurses open the ball with the Emotions' "The Best of My Love," which is a great way to start everything. Mike and Yvonne make an appearance, which leads to Finn figuring out what happened to his ring. He and Sonny tell Mike that he bought a fake, but they have a better ring to replace it with. Everyone ends up happy, though Finn still thinks that Robert tried to sabotage his proposal. While Anna's giving a speech in Robin's place, Robert tells Finn to make her happy. He accidentally knocks the ring out of Finn's hand and onto the stage, right at Anna's feet. Jason and Spinelli bug the DOD house, and Jason insists that everything will end tonight. Peter tells Sam that Molly wants to write an Invader story about DOD. This is mostly pointless, though it results in Maxie meeting Shiloh and blasting him for leading a cult. Kristina sees a picture of Sam and Shiloh on the red carpet and panics about who her sister's spending time with. She calls Jason, who assures her that everything's going to be fine. Kristina ignores that and goes straight to the hotel to confront Shiloh. Scott takes too long to get Ava upstairs, so Lucy's already gone back to the ballroom by the time Ava arrives to supposedly catch her with Kevin. The fake couple easily figures out what the plan was, and Ava tells Scott to knock it off. Cameron leaves the ball to invite Josslyn to come back with him, telling her he has a message from Oscar. Chase sings Coldplay's "Something Just Like This," and there's dancing and a sparkly jacket, which I think Willow will get a lot of mileage out of. Chase brings her onstage, and they dance and kiss, and it's honestly adorable. Alexis introduces Jax to Neil, which leads to supreme awkwardness, and she's never been more relatable or amusing. Cameron discovers that a llama is just as good as a therapist when you need to open up about your dead friend.

Oh, come on. They should have told Mike that he got Finn's ring by mistake, but that Finn would give him a replacement. Telling him it was a fake was unnecessary. If they'd told him the truth, I'm sure he would have handed it over voluntarily – he's not a thief.

I feel like this is the first time in Robert's life that he doesn't know what's going on.

Peter telling Sam about Molly's pitch was both contrived and pointless.

Willow's head shake and "no" at going on stage with Chase were perfect.

Did Lucy just have one costume change the entire hour? That's amazing.

"Cameron talks to a llama" sounds like a "Magicians" episode description.

Whoever put Ava's table next to Nina's has a wicked sense of humor.

May 21st, 2019

Willow's night is bad enough with Shiloh around, but it gets worse when she literally runs into Nina and makes her spill her drink. Willow finds the silver lining, which is that with her job over, she no longer has to put up with Nina. Things get worse again when Nina overhears her on the phone with Diane, talking about her child's father being in town. Nina taunts that of course Willow's a bad teacher, since she can't even parent her own child. Then things get as bad as they can for Willow, as she realizes Shiloh is right nearby. Finn decides to just go for it in front of everyone and proposes to Anna. Her first answer is, "I don't know," but she soon changes it to yes, so finally, that whole mess has been resolved. Laura and Curtis were both knocked out by the explosion at the cabin, so by the time they wake up, Ryan has a huge head start on getting back to Port Charles. Laura's unable to reach Kevin, but Curtis calls Chase to warn that a serial killer is heading in his direction. Franco surprises Elizabeth by joining Obrecht for a performance of Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibb's "Guilty." (Ha...ha?) Cameron is amazing with an original song, both singing and playing guitar. Ava cosplays Michelle Pfeiffer in The Fabulous Baker Boys while doing "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You." It would have more of an impact if Kevin were in the audience, but he's currently backstage, unconscious, thanks to Ryan. Kristina tells Sam that DOD is a cult and she's putting herself in danger by hanging out with Shiloh. Shiloh sidesteps the accusations and invites Kristina to come "home." Sonny intervenes and separates the two of them so Kristina can calm down, but the opposite happens – she gets upset wondering why no one seems to care that Sam is joining a cult. Sonny tells Shiloh that he picked the wrong people to mess with and he's about to get shut down. Kristina agrees to go home as long as Sonny promises to stay behind and keep an eye on Shiloh. Josslyn watches the video Oscar made her right before he died, in which he encourages her to live a full life, starting with a performance at the ball. She's not sure she's ready for that yet, but she does go to the hotel. Lucas would like to talk to Brad about whatever's going on with him, and he'd like to talk to Sam about her sudden closeness with Shiloh.

I'm sorry, are we getting movement on three storylines this week? Talk about the Nurses' Ball being magical.

You can tell Willow is new to Port Charles because she didn't slap Nina.

How many times are Laura and Curtis going to be knocked out in this storyline?

Okay, guys, time to tell Kristina about Sam's plan.

"The only tribute that Ava deserves is poison ivy." Hee hee hee.

May 22nd, 2019

The police gather at the hotel to try to intercept Ryan, unaware that he's already there. Ryan stashes Kevin backstage, puts on his tux, and is on his way to find Ava when he runs into Scott. Scott thinks he's Kevin until his hand comes off. Ryan knocks him out and follows Ava to the mountain cabin she apparently owns, where she's more than ready for their final confrontation. Back at the hotel, Scott regains consciousness and tells the police that Ryan attacked him. As the stage is being struck, an unconscious, straightjacketed Kevin swings down from the rafters. Shiloh gets legitimately scary as he demands to know if Willow had his child. She admits that he got her pregnant but lies that she had a miscarriage. He doesn't believe her, and it looks like he's about to turn violent when Michael steps in, ready to show off the fighting skills Jason once taught him. He comforts Willow as Shiloh returns to the ballroom and tells Sam, Lucas, and Brad that he just found out he's a father. He's agitated and wants to leave, but Sam uses DOD's calming techniques to soothe him. Shiloh unknowingly plays right into her hands, telling her he's more eager than ever to do her Trust initiation. Meanwhile, Lucas puts together that Willow and Shiloh must have known each other from DOD, and they must be Wiley's birth parents. Josslyn feels bad that she doesn't want to sing, but everyone assures her that she can do what's best for herself. Sonny tells her that even this long after Stone's death, he still feels Stone around, inspiring him and being there when Sonny needs him. Jax promises Josslyn that no one will be disappointed in her if she doesn't sing, even Oscar. Of course, Josslyn does sing, and of course, it's very moving. She even envisions him in the back of the room, inspiring her just like Sonny said he would. Ned and Olivia perform "Get Closer" by Seals and Crofts, because the person choosing songs this year ran out of steam. Valentin sings Vienna Teng's "Nothing Without You" to Nina, hopefully his last serenade to her.

Ava, do what you gotta do, but aim away from Ryan's kidneys.

How did no one hear Shiloh and Willow yelling?

Coby Ryan McLaughlin and Katelyn MacMullen were awesome in those confrontation scenes.

Look at the big brain on Lucas!

May 23rd, 2019

Ava pretends she thinks Ryan is Kevin, and when he corrects her, she acts like she's thrilled to see him again. She still wants a life together, and she never had real feelings for Kevin. Ryan reminds her that he killed Kiki, so Ava says that he freed her of the pain Kiki caused her, which just makes her love him more. She gets him to put down the huge knife he's holding, then finally pulls her gun. Laura and Curtis reach the hotel as Kevin's brought down from the rafters and regains consciousness. Everything comes out about Kevin and Ava's fake relationship, and the group's plot to lure Ryan out of hiding. They've lost track of Ava and realize that's exactly what she wanted – her plan all along was to get Ryan alone so she could kill him. Laura blames Margaux for April's death and her and Curtis' near-deaths, since she was the one who didn't continue the search for Ryan. Margaux doesn't seem to feel bad, but she does at least want to prevent more murders, so she tells Chase he's allowed to kill Ryan if necessary. Sam submits to the initiation rituals as Jason and Sonny listen in through the bugs. As soon as they hear Shiloh planning to move to the really intimate part of the initiation, they bust into the house. Shiloh has put two goons at the door, but they're no match for Jason and Sonny. Unfortunately, in the time it takes them to beat the guys up, Shiloh's able to leave the house with Sam and take her to the Tower. Curtis tells Jordan that he and Laura found Ryan, but he got away and is now in town. Jordan has some sort of underlying heart condition, and the stress of the situation combined with dialysis makes her health even worse. Curtis is the first person to realize that if Kevin was a match for a donation, Ryan is one, too. Michael and Willow tell Chase that Shiloh knows she had his child and will do anything to get to him. Chase sends them home, and on their way out of the hotel, they run into Brad and Lucas. Lucas is mad that Willow didn't get Shiloh to sign away his rights to their child, which now puts them in a tough position. Michael finally figures out that "Wiley" is the baby in question. Brad doesn't get why Willow would want to keep her child from Shiloh, who would probably make a great child. Willow and Michael try to convince him that Shiloh's a monster, but Brad won't listen. While Jason goes after Sam and Shiloh, Sonny calls Margaux for any help she might be able to give in finding Shiloh.

I hope Chase gets a raise or a promotion or something after all this. He's basically doing Jordan's job.

Thanks for the "I told you so," Mac. Not helpful.

Please tell me Laura has the power to fire Margaux.

Kristina can never be mean to Sam again after today.

I hate to say it but Curtis is going to need to ask Julian for help. I doubt anyone else would know about her mountain home.

"The child that Willow hid from Shiloh is Wiley" is a real tongue-twister.

May 24th, 2019

Curtis calls Julian for help in figuring out where Ava might be, but Julian really doesn't care. Fortunately, Lucy's the one who sold Ava the mountain home, so when she hears Laura and Curtis discussing the whole mess, she's able to give them the location. Curtis asks for a head start before Laura calls Chase to tell him to make sure Ryan is taken alive so he can donate a kidney. Ava wants to know the details of Kiki's death, which seems like unnecessary torture for her. Ryan tells her that Kiki's last thoughts were of her, so she must not have been too mad at her mother. Ava wants to make him suffer, so she spends a good portion of the episode trying to decide where to shoot him so he dies slowly. This just works in Curtis' favor, as he's able to reach the cabin before Ryan takes any bullets. Curtis has a hard time convincing Ava not to get the revenge she's been dreaming of, since she doesn't really have any incentive to help Jordan, but Curtis succeeds by pointing out that Kiki would want her to do something good for someone else. Curtis takes Ava's gun, and Chase arrives shortly afterward to arrest Ryan in one piece. As he's being escorted out, he taunts that Ava couldn't shoot him because she loves him. Ryan's knife becomes Chekhov's knife, and Ava uses it to stab him in the back. (Chase's face: "I'm going to get in trouble for this, aren't I?") Shiloh is only able to kiss a resistant Sam and start undressing before Jason stops him. Jason roughs him up and throws him down the stairs before taking Sam to the hospital. She's traumatized but okay, and they think they've done enough to bring Shiloh down. Shiloh somehow gets to the hospital as well, and Sonny tells him some buddies will be visiting tomorrow to find out how to get Kristina's pledge. If he doesn't cooperate, bad things will happen to him. Brad fills Julian in on the revelations at the ball and begs for help sorting everything out. He thinks that since Shiloh is a reasonable person, Brad can just tell him the truth and everything will be fine. Julian does the smartest thing he's ever done: He tells Brad to keep his mouth shut and say absolutely nothing to Shiloh. Somewhere along the way, Julian started believing that Shiloh's a horrible person, and he knows that telling him "Wiley" is his child would only lead to disaster. Sonny tries to tell Margaux that the person she's pledged her loyalty to is a con man, but she won't listen to anything he says. She blames Sonny for her decision to turn to DOD, since she felt lost after he exposed her mother and Scully's actions, and the truth about her father. Sonny finally gives up and decides Margaux will have to figure out the truth for herself. Lulu pretends her presence in this episode is necessary.

Laura thinks Ryan will use his kidney as a bargaining chip, but what if he's unable to do that? What if he's taken straight to surgery? Does Kevin get to make medical decisions for him?

Ava: "I'm an excellent shot." Olivia would beg to differ.

I was wondering how Curtis would make Ava want to do something nice for Jordan. Saying it's what Kiki would want was a nice move. If Lucy gets a commendation for helping, Curtis should get a medal.

I actually don't think Sonny and Jason have leverage over Shiloh. They didn't get the really criminal stuff on tape, and I'm not sure Sam would be considered a reliable witness, since she was drugged. But at least that part of the plot is over.

Also, this would be a good time for Shiloh to fake amnesia.

May 28th, 2019

Sam visits Shiloh, who thinks her presence means she's really done with Jason and is ready to commit to him. pSam reveals that she's been conning him this whole time, and she's finally beaten him. Jason arrives with a toxicology report that proves Sam was drugged, which is the leverage they need to make a deal: Shiloh can either go to prison or he can hand over all the pledges. Shiloh backs down and sends Sam and Jason back to the Tower, of course. Sam has a hard time being there again, though it's less because of what Shiloh tried to do and more because she's realized that Kristina almost went through the same thing and would have had no one to rescue her. Sam and Jason easily find the pledges and open Margaux's, which ends with "covered up my mother's crime." Meanwhile, Kristina tells Alexis that her pledge to join the Trust was about Alexis, not Sonny. Ava has zero remorse about stabbing Ryan (who spends the whole episode in surgery), even if it means she ends up in prison. Scott practically begs her to plead not guilty, but Ava's only focused on getting justice for Kiki. Scott calls Julian in for a second try at reasoning with Ava, and he's able to talk her into pleading not guilty with an unconventional motivation: If she stays out of prison and Ryan survives, she'll have another chance at killing him. Jordan and Curtis wait for news about Ryan's condition and whether Jordan get one of his kidneys. Kim gives Josslyn Oscar's guitar before she and Drew head off for Kilimanjaro. Kim also learns that Julian got arrested for hitting Kevin, but Kevin dropped the charges, so really, who cares?

No way is Shiloh going to prison right now. They can't do a custody story if he does. There would be no reason for him to have found out about Wiley.

Sam, when you go to Alexis' house tomorrow, as shown in the previews, please, please, please tell Kristina everything so she can stop worrying about you. It's ridiculous that no one has filled her in yet.

Somewhere, Kiki's like, "Freaking A, Mom."

Good luck saying Ava "allegedly" stabbed Ryan, Scott. One of the eyewitnesses was a cop.

Heh, that's two episodes in a row where Julian has told someone to keep their mouth shut.

May 29th, 2019

Sam and Jason return to Shiloh's hospital room to let him know they have all the pledges and he's really powerless now. Sam takes Kristina's pledge to her, interrupting before Kristina can tell Alexis what's in it. Kristina feels foolish for falling for Sam's ploy over the past few months, but at least it means her sister isn't in a cult. She chooses to burn the pledge and keep its contents secret, though Alexis is understandably curious about what was in it. Sam and Jason have destroyed all the other pledges already, except for two. The first is Margaux's, which Jason gives to Sonny so he can hold her confession to her Scully/Marino-related crimes over her head if necessary. The second is Willow's, which Jason takes to her as thanks for helping Kristina. Margaux asks Shiloh about Sonny's allegations, like, does she think he's going to confess? To the DA? He tells her Sonny's making stuff up to drive him and Kristina apart, and if Sonny ever turns over the evidence he claims he has against Shiloh, Shiloh would really appreciate it if Margaux kept it out of the public eye. Nina thinks that Sasha should be annoyed that Michael ditched her for Willow at the ball, but Sasha admires that he wanted to help a friend. Nina complains that Willow never gives Charlotte the benefit of the doubt. Sasha points out that Nina might want to do the same for Willow. Nina goes to the school to try to make peace, but she sees Michael giving Willow a comforting hug, so of course she gets upset. Willow accuses Nina of turning her life upside-down, though she won't share any details. Nina really needs something to do other than hating Willow, so Jax's apparent purchase of Crimson is a welcome distraction (at least from my perspective). Michael wants to move his friends-with-benefits relationship with Sasha to a friends-with-benefits-but-we-also-do-normal-couple-stuff relationship. Carly approves. Sasha hints to Nina that Port Charles may not be her permanent home. Carly has her priorities straight: Now that the DOD con is over, she's ready for Sam and Jason to officially get back together. Lulu's latest assignment is trying to track down a burglar who uses dating apps to target his victims. Maxie thinks this could work to her advantage, as Dante might hear she's "dating" and decide he needs to come home. Carly's stuck in the middle of Sonny and Jax's tentative peace, so that's fun.

I love that Jason gave Willow her pledge. That was so nice of him. He could have burned it and just told her it was destroyed, but this way she a) gets to decide what to do with it and b) if she destroys it, she'll know for sure it's gone.

EWWWWW to Shiloh saying he's been a father figure to Kristina, since we all know how her initiation was going to end.

I still have my fingers crossed that Margaux's also running a con.

The Quartermaines exhibit "manners and class"? Okay, Nina.

Why do I feel like Lulu's going to end up getting stabbed again?

May 30th, 2019

Jax bought half of Aurora and wants to run Crimson, which at first makes Nina uneasy. He clarifies that he wants to let her maintain most of her control, and he'll help her with the logistics like budgets and stuff. Nina ends up excited, but Alexis warns Jax that working with Nina will put him in contact with Valentin, which could lead to trouble. Lucas asks Julian for help keeping "Wiley," then goes to Alexis for help ensuring the adoption stands. Alexis promises to help him keep "Wiley" away from Shiloh. Meanwhile, Julian tries to enlist Sam to help him destroy any paper trail that could lead "Wiley"'s birth father to him. Sam resists, but as soon as Julian tells her that Shiloh is the father in question, she's in. Franco gets his award for helping to capture Ryan, then goes to see the killer to gloat about how he lost at his own game. Ryan is a match for Jordan but hasn't yet consented to donate a kidney. Curtis puts on his intimidating face to try to get him to change his mind. Chase tells Willow that Shiloh's in the hospital but won't tell the police what happened to him. For some reason, she doesn't put together that Jason, who brought her the pledge, must have been involved. Lulu and Elizabeth give Willow a petition they got almost all the parents of her students to sign asking the principal to let her keep her job. Willow doesn't think it'll make a difference, but she appreciates the gesture.

When, between his son's death and planning a trip to Africa, did Drew make a business deal with Jax?

Wasn't Jax involved financially when Connie ran Crimson (or maybe Couture)?

Suddenly Lucas is okay with Julian helping him out, huh?

Sam still has that big tray of grass in her living room. That must be fun with a two-year-old around.

Someone please kill Ryan so Jordan can get a kidney and I can get a murder mystery.

May 31st, 2019

Ryan offers to donate a kidney to Jordan if the police drop all charges against him. Laura and Curtis discuss a negotiation, like possibly taking the death penalty off the table for the murders he committed in Texas, but Jordan refuses to let him off the hook for anything, no matter what that means for her. Jordan confides to Laura that she feels weird about the possibility of accepting an organ from a serial killer. She tries to resign as commissioner, since she can't work right now, but Laura promises to keep her job open for her. While Kevin goes to see Ryan, Curtis approaches Finn for help. Just when we thought all the Anna/Alex stuff was over, Robert worries that Alex will do something manipulative involving Peter, so Anna decides to go dig for information on who his real mother is. Julian gives him a racing video game and Jason gives him a racetrack, but Danny's best birthday present is learning that Jason's moving back home. Maxie's new project is getting Dante to come home. Peter tries to rationalize with her, but really, he's just an enabler. Ava gets released on bail, since Margaux figures that the only person at risk is Ryan, and he's under police guard at the hospital. Lulu admits to Kevin that she's struggling to separate him from Ryan and get past what happened to her. However, it makes her empathize with Dante and how much he must fear hurting someone he loves.

Seriously, though, a murder mystery with Curtis as a main suspect would be a great plot.

Everyone, you can stop using Ryan's full name. Unless (until?) Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling becomes a serial killer, we can safely assume that the Ryan you're referring to is always Chamberlain.

I'm not sure if we're actually going to see this Alex stuff, or if this is a way to get Finola off the show for a vacation, but either way, I'm guessing she'll be gone for Hayden's return.

After almost seven years, Jason is about to live in the penthouse again.

And now Sam's okay with Danny spending time with Julian? Just...whatever.

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