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May 4th, 2020

Molly is now second-guessing her decision not to tell T.J. about her one-night stand, since it's giving her so much guilt. Sam is now the angel on her shoulder, encouraging her to be honest, but Kristina disagrees. The three try to clam up around Alexis, but Molly ends up blurting out that she slept with Brando. When Kristina tries to talk her out of telling T.J. again, Sam reminds her that Molly handles her problems differently than Kristina does – namely, by not ignoring them until they explode. Kristina slams her for continuing to see Jason even though it could threaten her freedom, so Sam points out that she's only forced to stay away from Jason because she got involved with Shiloh to save Kristina. When Kristina asks if Sam blames her for all her problems, Sam says she does. Spencer sends Nikolas a letter saying he'll come home if Nikolas divorces Ava. Nikolas jumps at the chance, then backs down when Ava says she'll hold him to the terms of their post-nup, which give her 90 percent of all things Cassadine. Their disagreement turns into a full-fledged fight when he tells her that her behavior is why Kiki turned on her. Elizabeth is annoyed that Ava's using Franco's notorious past to advertise the unveiling of her portrait. Franco isn't bothered and is even willing to capitalize on his past to make money. He's sure he's only been as successful as he has because of his crimes, and he'll never be able to escape them anyway. Elizabeth protests when he floats the idea of participating in a documentary, since the press could help them pay for the boys' college tuition. Franco tells her she doesn't get what it's like in the art world because she's not really an artist. He backtracks quickly, but Elizabeth's reaction makes me think he'll be spending the night on the couch. Neil confronts Julian for outing his and Alexis' night together in public. They have a big argument about who's to blame for Alexis' problems, but when Neil says he might just walk away to save her from future pain, Julian tells him that would be ridiculous. Brando tells Jason he's on two of the three Davis sisters' bad sides. Jason probably has some follow-up questions.

So much fighting today! So many people saying dumb things, too!

If Molly doesn't want anyone to find out about her one-night stand, she's going to need to stop talking about it so loudly.

Why are Nikolas and Ava still married anyway, if he has the codicil? Also, I'm still not convinced the marriage is legal.

Really, Franco and Elizabeth only need to pay tuition for two of the boys. Jason will pay Jake's.

Punch him, Neil! Really mess up his face!

Every time Brando said something we all know about Sam, I expected Jason to reply, "Yes, I'm familiar with Sam."

May 5th, 2020

Martin tells Nelle he'll have a hard time getting her sole custody because she has no support system and no character witnesses to talk about how great she is, like Michael will. He's also not sure she has what it takes to be a parent, though he'll put on a show in court anyway. Nina has done a 180 on Nelle, telling Jax and Carly that she believes Nelle is now a good person and deserves shared custody. After all, if Lulu and Valentin can come to that agreement, Nelle and Michael should be able to do the same. Carly says that Nina doesn't have any say in mother/child relationships because she's not a mother. Nina insists that Nelle deserves a chance, since Carly got one. This works out great for Nelle, who asks Nina to testify on her behalf. Kristina thinks Sam and Jason are happier when there's an obstacle keeping them apart because they love drama. She also thinks they'll never truly be happy because Jason will always have to run to Sonny and Carly's rescues. Elizabeth can't believe that Nikolas would hesitate to divorce Ava and get Spencer back. Nikolas thinks Spencer would hate living without all the trappings of Cassadine life, so he can't just give up 90 percent of everything. He also thinks Franco's not good enough for Elizabeth and she should go back to her art. Franco urges Ava to leave Nikolas (and, in general, stop making bad decisions about men). Instead of trying to push Franco and Elizabeth apart, Ava tells him to go make up with her.

Welcome to day 2 of people saying dumb things they need to take back immediately.

More of Michael's partners have died than Nelle's, so...nice try, Martin.

I can't wait to see Nelle try to convince a judge that Shiloh was the love of her life when they only talked, like, three times.

No one should be surprised that Nina believes Nelle. Look how long she spent falling for all of Valentin's lies.

Kristina didn't elaborate on her claim that Sam and Jason are together because of her, but she's kind of right. They got back together when they were in Mexico, saving her dumb butt from Jerry.

Did we go back in time? Is it 2010 again? I think that's the last time we had to hear about how Carly is Jason's main priority.

Kristina lecturing someone on drama is hilarious.

Basically, Nikolas is saying that Spencer is spoiled and he doesn't know how to undo that.

May 6th, 2020

Robert gets drunk to cope with Holly's death and says some things to Peter that are supposedly mean but are really just true. Apparently Peter didn't tell his lackey to kill Holly, and the lackey claims he was just monitoring her, but Peter will take her death as an appropriate distraction for Robert. Anna, however, thinks something about the situation was fishy. Jax tells Carly that he's sure Nina will do what's best for Wiley. As expected, Nelle asks Nina to be a character witness for her, but Nina's not completely sure that Nelle deserves custody. Michael and Brook run into Chase and Sasha at Volonino's, and a verbal sparring match takes place – not between Michael and his ex or the guy who slept with her, but between Brook and Sasha. After calling Sasha a slut and chastising her for giving up the greatest guy in the universe, Brook accidentally punches her in the nose. Chase gives her a citation for causing a public disturbance, and when Brook tears it up, he arrests her. The Davis women discuss Sam and Jason's relationship, Kristina's failure to ever have a successful relationship, Alexis' drinking, and her uncertainty about where things are going with Neil. Then she finds out she's been disbarred. Sonny tries to talk to Mike about life-and-death decisions, but Mike just wants to watch baseball.

So Holly really is dead? Eh, who cares?

It's a really long shot, but I'm still going to hold out hope that when Ethan finds out that Peter was targeting Holly, he comes to town and punches Peter in the face.

"Nina is nobody's fool." Wow, Jax. Wow. Also, not having a good mother means nothing. Look at Alexis.

Aw, Felix is hanging out with Mike. I love that.

May 7th, 2020

Curtis is impatient for Sonny and Jason to take Cyrus out, which was kind of the whole point of their big plan. Sonny and Jason tell him that they have to be cautious, but things are in motion and Cyrus will be gone sooner than he thinks. Mac has figured out that T.J. was kidnapped because of Jordan, but he hasn't connected all the dots yet. He invites Jordan to confide in him about anything he should know, but she's not about to do that. Laura warns Carly that if Nelle sues the hospital and wins, malpractice insurance won't cover everything, and the hospital might not survive. Cyrus approaches them, and the three have a conversation in which all three of them pretend Cyrus is an upstanding businessman and isn't a threat to anyone or anything. Cyrus invites them to his housewarming party and tells them he plans to get involved in all the goings-on in town. Thinking that Chase has told Willow the truth, Finn almost says something to her that will blow the whole plan. He later tells Sasha that he thinks the whole thing is horrible and they're playing God with people's lives. Trina's a little uneasy about being alone, and still coming to term with Taggert's death. Despite her distaste for the Ashfords, Curtis orders Cyrus to stay away from both Trina and Portia.

I get that the flashbacks are being used to stretch out episodes, but come on. They shouldn't take up half the episode.

People keep talking about the Nurses' Ball, but I can't imagine it happening any time soon.

So we're all clear that if Nelle bankrupts the hospital, Cyrus will save it? Okay then.

"Chase and I know what we're doing." That doesn't make it any less stupid, hon.

Thank you, Finn, for the phrase "well-intentioned disaster." That's my new description for myself.

May 11th, 2020

Michael and Willow finally give in and do the inevitable: agree to get married. Nelle offers to let Julian be a part of Wiley's life if he testifies on her behalf in court. Julian may hate the Corinthoses, but he's not going to go so far as to keep Michael's son from him, so that's a bust for now. Ned won't bail Brook out of lock-up, and Dustin doesn't answer her call, so Brook turns to Julian. He doesn't want to help, but he also doesn't want to keep talking to Nelle, so he does his one good deed of the year by paying Brook's bail. She hints that she'll have a few more favors to ask later, so she's not done using her knowledge of his crimes as leverage. Nelle is lurking and overhears Brook mention that Julian caused Brad and Lucas' car accident. In other Nelle news, she tells Chase she always gets what she wants, so custody is a sure thing. She also may want Chase back, and she's sure she'll get him. Chase mopes to Finn about losing Willow but knowing she'd rather protect Wiley than be with him.

Diane vs. Martin is going to be awesome.

Willow's like, "So you're saying if I marry a Corinthos/Quartermaine, I'm joining another cult?"

It would have been slightly funny if Michael and Willow hadn't decided to get married, and Chase and Sasha had tanked their relationships for nothing.

How can Julian testify that Nelle is a good parent when he's never actually seen her parent?

Everyone who has a conversation with Nelle should be recording it. Sooner or later, she's going to say something that can be used against her in court.

May 12th, 2020

Sonny and Carly are hesitant to be happy for Michael and Willow, since they're not sure the marriage is what both of them really want. The two are resigned to their decision, though, so the wedding goes forward, at the Quartermaines' instead of in Vegas. When Lucy gets summoned to officiate, she tells Sasha who's getting married, which both pleases and saddens Sasha and Chase. Nelle isn't able to tell Martin what she overheard from Julian and Brook before she learns that Michael and Willow are getting married. Martin says the judge will probably be okay with that, and there's no way to spin it, so it could be an advantage. Nelle gets a no-doubt-devious idea and goes back to see Julian. Trina thinks Jordan and Curtis' Taggert-related actions make them just as bad as Cyrus. Portia tells her to stay away from Cyrus, and Trina says she will if Portia keeps the Ashfords away from her. Brook is understandably upset that Ned didn't pay her bail, and he's understandably upset right back that she called Julian for help. Cyrus all but threatens T.J., which I think he'll eventually realize was a big mistake.

What a shocker – Kristina wasn't invited to her brother's wedding. Then again, neither was the bride's mother.

"Family takes care of family," says the guy who wouldn't bail his daughter out of lock-up.

Speaking of which, Brook should have called Michael to bail her out.

I love that Charlotte's snake prank made Leo want one as a pet.

May 13th, 2020

While Mike has a good visit with Avery, Sonny and Ava have an actual civil conversation. Seeing Mike for herself has made Ava feel bad about the time she accused him of kidnapping Avery, and she recognizes how difficult the situation is for Sonny. Sonny's closer than ever to having to make decisions about Mike's care, and he's torn between doing what he wants and what Mike wants. Olivia's upset to learn that Dustin will be Rocco's guest at Bring Your Dad to School Day. She calms down when Lulu tells her that Rocco requested Dustin and will wear a Yankees cap to honor Dante, but Olivia's still struggling to watch Lulu move on. Carly asks Dustin to see things through Olivia's eyes, as if Dustin's the one who's the problem here. He makes it clear to her that he's not trying to replace Dante, and Olivia admits that she knows Lulu must be having a hard time getting through the situation, too. Robert wakes up on Kevin and Laura's couch, having shown up at their door drunk the night before. Laura offers comfort over Holly's death and encourages him to grieve for her. Mac gives Robert a redacted WSB file that he and Anna think contains evidence that the shipwreck Holly supposedly died in wasn't an accident. Michael and Willow are pleased with their decision to get married and confident that they'll get custody of Wiley, no matter how long or how much work it takes. Willow goes to the PCPD to tell Chase in person that she and Michael got married, hoping that hearing it from her will make it hurt less. Brook tells Carly that she's confused because Chase broke Willow's heart but seems to still love her. Mac tells Chase to leave Brook alone before she accuses him of harassment.

Are we done making Olivia a one-note character?

I bet Holly's on a deserted island somewhere with Drew and Cassandra.

They keep mentioning that Nelle is a lot like Carly, but you know who's even more like her? Brook.

I can't see Willow feeling comfortable enough to walk around the Quartermaines' house in just her robe on her first morning there.

Nice continuity with Chase's Red Sox mug.

May 14th, 2020

Diane is predictably pleased that Michael and Willow tied the knot and thinks they'll be happy together. There's a glimmer of hope when Nelle doesn't show up for the beginning of the custody hearing. When she finally arrives, she's wearing a white dress and a wedding ring. Sasha wakes up hungover and late for her first Deception photo shoot, then cries when Lulu interviews her and asks her about her future. An assistant offers Sasha some drugs to help her through her rough day, and when Sasha shows up on set, she's in a much better mood, so...I guess that's happening. Robert thinks there's enough uncertainty in the WSB report to leave open the possibility that Holly's still alive. Anna doubts it, but hey, it's Port Charles. Nina runs into Sasha before the shoot and feels sorry for what she's going through. Maxie starts regretting her choice to be the one in charge instead of the one following orders, but Nina gives her a pep talk that makes her more confident. Nina decides she isn't getting enough out of being maternal toward other people's daughters and wants to find her own. Carly thanks Chase for stepping aside for Michael and Wiley, though that doesn't go very far to help him feel better. Laura advises Valentin to use his chance at a fresh start to become the kind of man who favors family over money. This is, of course, while he's in the middle of getting Martin to acquire more ELQ shares (on top of the ones he's gotten from Skye, Lila, and Maya). Carly reminds Martin who her husband is and what kind of connection he has (specifically, rich ones). Charlotte seems to be past hating Sasha, thanks to how pathetic Sasha seems at the photo shoot. Anna and Finn decide to get married in August.

Julian is the obvious choice for Nelle's husband, but no judge is going to see him as a good choice for a partner and co-parent. I don't know who else it would be, though. No one else would agree to marry Nelle.

Are we going from Sasha is sad and lonely to Sasha's a drug addict? I definitely didn't see that coming.

I want to throw Lulu's stupid mini-backpack out a window.

Didn't Skye give up her and Lila's ELQ shares to Nikolas years ago? Didn't she learn her lesson from that?

I think if Valentin thought about it for five seconds, he would figure out who holds Jason and Drew's kids' shares. Hint: Two of those kids have the same mother.

"Sorry you're sad about an old colleague's sudden death. Anyway, want to set a wedding date?" Really, Finn?

Big day for Chase – he got yelled at by Mac AND his daughter.

May 18th, 2020

Nelle married Julian, who couldn't look more displeased with the arrangement if he tried. Not only does Nelle have him under her thumb, but she has a letter detailing his involvement in the Wiley stuff at Martin's office, to be opened in case Julian decides to off her. Diane is sure that Nelle just tanked her case, since Julian is one of the worst people she could marry to try to make herself look like a better parent than Michael. It helps that the judge is annoyed by Nelle's stunt. Martin paints Nelle as a victim who just wants to be with her child and plans to use the rest of the trial to make Sonny look like a threat to Wiley's safety (though that will mean keeping Julian away from the stand so his own past doesn't come out). Cyrus wants to buy Ava's penthouse, but when she finds out who he is, she immediately shuts that down. Sonny thinks Ava's doing her typical thing of getting in the middle of his business, because it's always about him. Ava warns Cyrus to stay away and never mention Avery again. Sam takes Alexis to Volonino's to try to get her mind off of her disbarment. Alexis is stuck trying to figure out what to do with her life when she's no longer allowed to do what she wanted. Her day doesn't get any better when Diane lets her know that Julian married Nelle. Brando runs into Sam and Alexis, chats with Alexis, and gets chastised for speaking to another of Sam's family members. Brando tells her to give him a list of all her relatives so he'll know who to avoid from now on. Fortunately, Sam apologizes for her weirdness and they call a truce. Now that a year has passed since Oscar's death, Josslyn is ready to stop journaling so much and spend more time with her friends. She and Dev invite themselves to play Ultimate Frisbee with Trina and Cameron, then think Trina and Cam don't want them to tag along. Dev tells Josslyn that Cam's just acting weird because he likes her. Now Josslyn isn't sure how to act around him. Jordan and Curtis are ready to get the ball rolling on Molly and T.J.'s commitment ceremony, and T.J. is eager to get on with his life, though he's still struggling with nightmares. Jordan wants to keep her distance from Sonny, and Curtis tries to stop him from asking T.J. any questions about Mac's investigation. Jordan also finally apologizes to Molly for making her think that T.J. was done with her. Cyrus approaches the Ashfords, offering to give Curtis some business, as if that's ever going to happen.

After all these years, Julian seems to have finally met his match. He has absolutely no power over Nelle. It's like when Valentin was at the mercy of Sasha and Obrecht and kept scrambling to get control but never could. I'm going to enjoy this.

Be advised that Nelle is now Sam, Lucas, and Leo's stepmother. Lucas' fake son is now his stepbrother.

"How is this my life?" Well, buddy, you made some bad decisions, and now they're coming back to haunt you. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Suck it, Julian.

Why do they keep showing Nelle's necklace? It has nothing to do with this storyline.

Sonny's not in court and I barely remember ever seeing him with Wiley. Does he care about his grandchildren at all?

Ava should have sold to Cyrus and been super-nice to him. It would have guaranteed Avery's safety.

Didn't Trina already tell Josslyn that Cameron likes her? Why is this news to her?

Ultimate Frisbee is still a thing? Who knew?

May 19th, 2020

Elizabeth tells Jason that Mike is at the stage where he's ready to let go and is only holding on because of Sonny. Jason passes this along to Sonny, telling him it's time for him to let Mike go. Diane and Martin go head-to-head outside the courtroom, pointing out each other's clients' flaws and the facts that could keep them from getting custody. Martin thinks each pair of newlyweds is on equal footing, though I'd like to point out that Michael has only killed one person, and Willow hasn't killed any (uh, that we know of). Diane hopes Martin puts Julian on the stand because she'd love the chance to ask him some questions under oath. Carly kind of levels a death threat at Martin, so this custody case may not be the most difficult thing Diane has to deal with today. Elizabeth runs into Nikolas at Turning Woods, where he's visiting Mike and trying to talk to him about Spencer. Elizabeth thinks this is a sign that Nikolas is trying to be a better person, so maybe he'll take his 10 percent and be happy with Spencer instead of staying married to Ava. Scott warns Franco to be wary of Elizabeth's friendship with Nikolas, no matter how sure Franco is that Elizabeth would never hurt him. Nikolas and Franco encounter each other at Volonino's, and Franco tries to insist that his relationship with Elizabeth is solid. Instead of trying to make Franco jealous, Nikolas encourages his friendship with Ava, which Franco definitely didn't expect. Nelle tells Nina that she married Julian, hinting that she's holding something over his head. She talks up the idea of mothers protecting their children, which convinces Nina to agree to testify at the trial. Sonny almost actually gets involved in the custody storyline, telling Julian to get his marriage annulled.

I can never remember the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath, so when it comes to Nelle, I'm going to go with Diane's "socio-psychopath."

If you count her not-really-valid nuptials to Michael, Nelle has now gotten married three times in two years. This one will probably last longer than the others, which isn't saying much. It could end in five days and still be longer than her marriage to Shiloh.

Somehow, Scott has a better read on this Elizabeth/Franco/Ava/Nikolas stuff than anyone else.

Nikolas made Franco speechless! He should teach that skill.

Sonny shouldn't bother telling Julian to annul his marriage. It's not like it's going to help him and Nelle to be together.

May 20th, 2020

Sonny laments not finding out what Mike wanted earlier because now it's too late. Jason says that if he were in Mike's position, he wouldn't want to be kept alive without any quality of life, but he also wouldn't put that decision on his kids. He notes that when Mike came back into Sonny's life years ago, he acknowledged that there was a wall between them, then tried to tear it down. He always wanted what was best for Sonny, which in this case would be whatever decision Sonny makes for Mike. Diane starts the custody trial by questioning Carly about her past run-ins with Nelle. Martin goes off of this to bring up that time Carly shot Tony in open court. I have no idea what this has to do with Wiley's custody. Next, Diane questions Michael about Wiley and parenting. Martin asks Michael about his feelings for Willow, and Michael declares that he loves her but isn't in love with her. Martin thinks that lack of passion for each other will hurt their marriage. Diane asks Willow about her past with Shiloh, noting that Nelle married that same guy after he was found guilty of all his crimes. Martin tries to paint Willow as a bad parent because she was fired from her teaching job for inserting herself into her students' lives, which means she might not listen to Michael and Nelle when it comes to parenting Wiley. Diane shuts this down when she brings out a stellar performance review from the hospital. Lulu urges Laura to skip Bacchanalia III and stop supporting the bad decisions he's made. Laura says she'll never give up on him, and she doesn't think Lulu should worry that he's gone too far to the Cassadine side to ever come back. Nikolas hasn't made up his mind yet about leaving Ava or keeping his fortune, since he's not sure Spencer will be satisfied with a normal, pared-down life. Laura tells him to just be a good parent, though she admits to Lulu that she's not sure Spencer will be happy with Nikolas and no money. Elizabeth acknowledges to Franco that her feelings about Nikolas are complicated, but she still thinks he can become a good person again. She's annoyed that Ava's exploiting Franco's past to promote his artwork, and also annoyed that he's letting her.

I wish they'd brought Stella back to help Sonny through this.

If Willow runs away in the middle of the night after learning all this stuff about her new family, I wouldn't blame her.

Diane should have Lucas testify for Michael. His reasons for choosing Michael as Wiley's godfather are the same things that make him a good father.

If Spencer doesn't want to be with Nikolas if they're poor, that says more about Nikolas' parenting than anything, doesn't it? "I'm not sure he'll be happy without money" – well, too bad. Stop spoiling the kid. He'll survive.

Lulu's anger toward Nikolas has gotten as old as her rivalry with Brook.

May 21st, 2020

Nelle manages to testify in court without committing perjury. Diane brings up the night she knocked out Willow and tried to flee the country with Wiley, but there's still no evidence, so that doesn't hold up. Next, Martin asks Julian if he loves Nelle, and Julian says he does, so add perjury to Julian's long rap sheet. Martin tries to get out ahead of Diane by bringing up Julian's past crimes, noting that Julian has turned his life around since then. Diane brings up some of his worst offenses anyway, so he doesn't look too great. Jax tries to convince Nina that Nelle hasn't changed, and even if she has, she hasn't proven that she deserves another chance. Nina can't stand by and do nothing if it means Nelle might lose her only chance to have her son, so she goes to court to testify. Thanks to Valentin's attempts to get more ELQ shares, Tracy and Ned fear that someone's going to attempt a hostile takeover. Brook puts together that Linc wanted her shares for someone else, so she confronts him. He won't tell her who he bought them for, but Valentin hears them and reveals to Brook that it's him. Robert is pretty sure that Holly's alive, and he wants to team up with Luke to find her. Laura thinks he's in denial, but she also acknowledges that Nikolas was presumed dead and turned out to be fine, so it's possible Holly will, too. Brook overhears Olivia on the phone with a psychic and thinks she's having an affair. She teases Olivia about the psychic, then feels bad when Olivia says she's just looking for hope that Dante will be okay. Ned's worried that she's being taken advantage of and only told what she wants to hear, but Robert thinks she should hold on to whatever she can. Sasha's first photo shoot goes well, and Maxie and Valentin are completely clueless as to the illegal substance that helped her succeed. Then there's something about her and Valentin, and how she can't hate him because he was trying to do something nice for Nina, and whatever. Also, the assistant, Suzanne, gives her more drugs. Sam shows up for the trial, having heard about Julian's marriage to Nelle, and delivers her father a slap and a message from both herself and Lucas: Julian's dead to both of them. Maxie appears to be pregnant, and I am two seconds from setting something on fire.

Brook: "A lot of powerful men have lost their careers in the #MeToo era. You could be next." Linc: "Are you threatening me?" Look out, we got a smart one here!

Brook, once you've sold your ELQ shares, you don't get to judge what anyone else in the family does with their money.

Too bad Olivia's not psychic anymore. She wouldn't have to pay someone else to tell her the future.

Has Maxie even heard of birth control?? Also, booooo! I'd read that someone was going to get pregnant, and all my money was on Molly. Sasha would have been an interesting choice, too, since she would have to decide whether to reconnect with Michael or pretend the baby was Chase's, but they're clearly taking her in a different direction.

So...that's a wrap for now. See you as soon as new episodes start airing.

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