General Hospital blog - May, 2021

May 3rd, 2021

Spinelli hacks GH's computer system and plays some looped footage, a la Speed, so no one can see Jason's escape. The participants run into other roadblocks, though, starting when Jordan spots Brick waiting in the getaway vehicle in the parking garage. She unknowingly interferes again when she goes to talk to Jason, briefly keeping the orderly they've enlisted to help from knocking out Jason's guard and helping him escape. Meanwhile, Britt accidentally lets Cyrus' maintenance mole know that something's about to go down. The mole calls Cyrus for guidance and is told to team with a guy named Pine and kill Britt, making it look like an overdose. Jason makes it to Brick but sees Britt's car in the garage and realizes she's still at the hospital. Carly decides to go to the hospital to help out, but a call from Josslyn stops her. Jason saves Britt from the mole and Pine and they run to the garage as Cameron finds Jason's guard unconscious in his room. Pine starts a gunfight in the garage, but Brick returns fire. Jordan is next to find the guard, and she calls for GH to go into lockdown. This causes the computer system to reboot itself, which kicks Spinelli off. Even worse, now it's recording again, which means the escape will be caught on film. Cameron follows the action to the garage, where Brick shoots Pine. Cameron take Pine's gun and shoots Jason in the back as Jason and Britt jump in Brick's car and speed off. Jordan arrives in time to see Cameron holding the gun. Nina manages to keep Sonny and Trina from seeing each other, and Sonny somehow doesn't catch on that she's acting weird. Now that Nina doesn't have to drive Jax home, she tells Sonny she's staying in Nixon Falls. He tells her he hasn't started looking into his past yet because he's so content with his current life. Then they're about two seconds away from kissing, so it's a good thing Phyllis interrupts. Laura, Kevin, Ava, Nikolas, Cyrus, and Martin gather for dinner at Wyndemere, pretending they're going to bond and become one big, happy family. This only lasts until Cyrus mentions Spencer, who he's been reading up on and keeping an eye on. Laura tears into him and accuses him of using the concept of family as a weapon. Nikolas and Kevin aren't too upset that this ends the evening early, though no one is sure if they've given Carly enough time to do whatever it is she's doing. Elizabeth demands to know what really happened in Chase's room, telling Finn she could lose her job because he's trying so hard to stop her from learning the truth. He finally tells her that Peter poisoned Chase and killed Franco. For some reason, Elizabeth is easily convinced that Peter killed Franco, and she regrets pointing the police toward Jason. Josslyn and Jax...does anyone really care? They're going back to Port Charles with a jar of Sonny's pasta sauce and no clue how close Trina came to seeing him.

A plan Carly threw together in less than 24 hours didn't go perfectly? I, for one, am stunned.

Just so we're all clear, Cameron purposely, knowingly shot a man today. I just want that on the record.

Not one person involved in the breakout has an alibi. Great job, guys.

Are you telling me this pasta sauce is going to crack Sonny's storyline? That would be an unexpected development.

Kevin was so fun today.

May 4th, 2021

Jason doesn't realize how bad his gunshot wound is until he's at a safehouse and Britt tells him he's in danger of bleeding to death. With help from Brick and Carly, she performs emergency surgery and transfuses Jason with Carly's blood. Though he stabilizes, he's out of commission for the meeting with the Five Families, so Carly takes his place. It takes Jordan a while to get Cameron to put down his gun, as if Cameron doesn't realize he's holding it. She arrests him, since it looks like he shot Pine, but further investigation of the crime scene helps Jordan figure out that he may have shot Jason instead. Cameron denies firing the gun, and Elizabeth believes him, but Occam's Razor suggests otherwise, though Jordan admits that Cameron might have pulled the trigger without realizing it. Scott promises to help Cameron out however he can. Cyrus kills the mole, then goes to the hospital to pretend he's worried about what Jason's escape means for the hospital, PR-wise. Cameron reports seeing Jason pulling Britt into an SUV, so Jordan isn't sure if she's a hostage or an accomplice. Obrecht is suspicious of Cyrus, thanks to Britt's warnings, and she tells Jordan that he's most likely involved. Mac wants Dante back on the police force and convinces him to tag along as he investigates the GH situation. Since Dante knows a lot about Sonny's organization and where Jason might be, Mac tasks him with finding the missing mobster. Sasha is acting squirrelly and has a doctor's appointment she doesn't want to talk to Brando about, so...yeah. There's more of the same on the Chase/Willow front, as well as the Chase/illness front.

Ten begrudging cool points to Britt for her awesome surgical skills.

For once, Carly gave something to Jason instead of taking from him.

I'm very interested in what Carly wants Brick to do before he leaves town.

I am reluctantly willing to buy that Cameron had some sort of rage-induced blackout and doesn't remember shooting Jason. The alternative is...uncomfortable.

Scott said he was a bad father before Franco, which I think means he's completely forgotten about Serena.

I still think Dante should be a PI – AND NOTHING MORE – with Sam.

Sasha: Pregnant or dying? Discuss.

I just love it when an episode runs short and they add in pointless flashbacks to make up the difference.

May 5th, 2021

Carly becomes the human embodiment of #likeaboss at the Five Families meeting, coming across confident and in charge as Cyrus gets more and more frustrated with her. He argues that she's not qualified or competent enough to take over the Corinthos contingent, and she doesn't have the other families' best interests in mind. He tries to stage a coup, but Carly just reminds the other families that Cyrus isn't trustworthy and doesn't play fair. Thanks to Brick, Cyrus has lost a big shipment leaving town, which puts him over the edge and drives home Carly's point that he's not someone the families want in charge. They all welcome Carly to her seat at the table. Cameron insists over and over that he didn't shoot Jason, but Jordan thinks he might have done it accidentally and blacked it out. Elizabeth chooses to believe that her son is telling the truth. Anyway, it doesn't matter, since it turns out someone behind Cameron shot Jason, so that was a big waste of everyone's time. But at least Cameron overhears Elizabeth telling Scott that Peter killed Franco. Nina's ready to look for a place to live in Nixon Falls, and Elijah wants to take her out to celebrate. Sonny admits to being a little jealous. As Nina realizes that she's gotten herself in really deep here, Sonny catches Elijah talking to one of the robbers, who wants something from Elijah beyond the bail money he's already provided. Jason doesn't think Carly can handle herself at the meeting, but he's in no shape to go after her, and Britt wouldn't let him even if he were. She's grateful to him for saving her life and pledges her help with whatever the Corinthos contingent needs. Dante goes to Jax and Josslyn for hints on finding Carly, but neither knows where she is. Josslyn worries that Jason's badly hurt, but Jax, of course, is more worried that Carly's done something dumb and will land in legal trouble. Dante gets a tip about the Five Families meeting and finds Carly there after it's over, but she'll never tell him where Jason is in a million years.

I loved Carly taking charge of the Corinthos contingent in the early '00s when Sonny faked his death, and I loved it again today.

Cyrus saying Carly's too unstable and emotional to run the Corinthos organization while becoming increasingly unstable and emotional himself was a nice touch. He's usually really calm and collected, so it was interesting to see him like that.

I know I'm not great at math but I'm pretty sure only four organizations were represented at the meeting.

Oh, this is some Shawn/Hayden B.S. with Cameron not being the one who shot Jason. It would have been more interesting if Cameron had thought he did it and was upset about it.

Jax constantly asking Josslyn what's up with her sure makes for great TV.

May 6th, 2021

Spinelli brings Jason and Britt medical supplies and questions about whether Jason can trust Britt. Jason is still more focused on the mob/Carly situation than his own health. Sam demands that Dante let her help him find Jason, because...I don't know why. She pegs Spinelli as a source of information, so they summon him to the PCPD so Dante can play bad cop and Sam can play don't-you-trust-me? cop. She gets Jason's location out of Spinelli, then heads over there without cluing Dante in. He anticipated that she would go rogue and has her followed, but it doesn't matter, since Jason and Britt have already fled by the time they get there. Cameron didn't fire the gun at all, so, again, that whole thing was a waste of everyone's time. He asks Elizabeth and Scott about their accusations against Peter, and it doesn't take much to convince him that they're right. Carly assures Josslyn that Jason is okay, avoiding Jax's questions about her involvement in his escape. Jax is furious that she's taking over for Sonny and possibly putting targets on herself and their daughter. Carly frames it as doing what's necessary to protect her family. Curtis' new "mixologist" (ew) is totally into him, but he's oblivious until Portia lets him know. She notes that he's still wearing his wedding ring, so he decides to take it off. Trina is sorry to hear that Jordan and Curtis are splitting up and even offers to talk to Curtis about working things out. Jordan tells her that secrets came between them, and Curtis deserves a relationship with someone who's completely honest with him.

AS IF Sam would help the police find Jason. COME ON. And as if Dante wouldn't have thought to go to Spinelli on his own.

Sam's handling of Spinelli felt awfully manipulative and I'm not happy about it. Also, what was her plan? Did she just want to check on Jason? Was she going to warn him that the police were looking for him?

"Take me to the hotel so I can talk to Carly." You have a phone! Stop being an idiot!

I don't get how people keep immediately believing that Peter killed Franco without any evidence.

Jax is probably like, "I wish Josslyn were as panicked about me being shot as she is about Jason being shot."

They couldn't have come up with anything more interesting for Curtis and Portia to do today? Anything at all?

May 7th, 2021

Cameron tells Josslyn that he almost shot Jason before finding out that he didn't kill Franco. Josslyn has a hard time separating his desire to hurt Jason from the fact that he didn't actually do it, and admits that if Cameron had pulled the trigger, she would have never forgiven him. She'll probably let it go eventually, though. Maxie and Brook were supposed to meet with Britt and tell her about their plan, but Britt's obviously preoccupied right now, and they can't reach her. Maxie worries that she won't resurface in time for the baby's birth, which means they'll need a plan C. Peter comes by and gets information on a nurse Maxie wants to hire, Chloe, so that probably won't go anywhere good. Dante drags Sam to the PCPD for questioning, even though it's obvious she didn't have anything to do with Jason's escape, and there's no evidence that she tipped him off that he should leave because the police were on their way. Sam amuses herself by refusing to answer Robert's questions and drawing a picture of Dante as the devil. Olivia points out to Dante that Sam's on parole, so if he tries to file charges alleging she was involved in Jason's escape, she'll go back to Pentonville and leave her kids without any parents. Dante backs down, but his and Sam's growing friendship has taken a hit. Carly imagines a conversation with Sonny about how she's going to lead the family and organization no matter the danger. Michael wants to be helpful, but Carly wants him far away from mob stuff. Anna tells Valentin that she let Finn in on what's happening but she's sure he won't tell anyone else. She wants to find the person who made the toxin Faison once used on Sean, in hopes that it's the same one Peter gave Chase, and that that guy has the cure. Unfortunately, that guy's dead, so Anna will have to find another path to information. Chase is hopeful about leaving the hospital, and Finn has to tell him he needs to stay without explaining that it's for his own safety. Olivia and Robert laugh about the idea of there being something between them. Jax blames Sonny for the Jason/Britt/Cameron situation, because of course he does. Willow, Michael, whatever.

I'm really starting to enjoy Brook, and at least 85% of that is because of Amanda Setton.

You know who could help Anna get info from Europe's "shady scientific community"? Obrecht.

Olivia made an excellent point I hadn't thought of about Sam's parole, and I'm glad she did. This is why we need more Olivia.

Sam's drawing was perfect. I hope Dante kept it.

According to a sign at the hospital, COVID-19 does exist in this universe, so...why didn't we see it affecting anyone? Why did they bother only bringing it up now?

May 10th, 2021

Britt and Jason spent the night in a barn that happens to belong to Nikolas, and she wakes up annoyed because Jason won't rest, she's in the middle of a mob mess, there's no coffee, and various other reasons. Once she's calmed down, Jason tells her they can't ask Carly to send someone to get them because Dante's probably watching her, and he and Dante have very different goals. Britt finally convinces Jason to get some sleep, and he tells her that if something goes wrong with his health, she should go to the nearest police station and claim she was kidnapped. Carly confides to Josslyn that she orchestrated Jason's breakout and feels horrible about how things turned out. She thought she'd left behind her old selfish ways, and she knows she wanted Jason out of prison for herself, not him. Josslyn reminds her that Jason only does what he wants, so she can't take responsibility for his actions. Carly tells her to use this as an example and make sure she really knows her intentions before she does anything. Sonny tells Nina that he saw Elijah with one of the robbers, so he's clearly not someone she can trust. Nina accepts a date with Elijah, then tells Sonny that she's going to play nice so she can find out more about him. Maxie complains to Sam that her ex kidnapped Maxie's OB right when she needs Britt most. Sam offers to help out however Maxie needs, especially if it involves making Peter stay away from her. She thinks Maxie should also ask Dante for help, but Maxie's embarrassed about not listening to him when he warned her about Peter. Ned reaches out to Brook through music, letting her know how happy he is about the baby. This unexpectedly endears him to Olivia. Brook overhears them discussing how she's suddenly becoming maternal (which Ned thinks Olivia helped influence) and seems to feel bad that she's deceiving them. Peter meets with Chloe, then apparently kills her, and then another woman calling herself Chloe goes to Maxie's apartment, so...I don't know what's going on. Cyrus thinks Peter should be more concerned about his safety now that they don't know where Jason is or what he's up to. Peter has tunnel vision about Maxie and the baby, but he does tell Cyrus that he has no problem with Cyrus killing Britt, if that comes about. Carly thinks Josslyn is trying to run away from her problems, which isn't like her.

Brook and Maxie should tell Sam everything. She wants Peter gone like Maxie does, and she wants to get ELQ back from Valentin like Brook does. Also, I think Maxie will feel really bad about making her think she's lost a child when Sam actually did lose one.

Maxie, you're confused about which woman in Jason's life has the ability to make him do whatever she wants. You need to talk to Carly, not Sam.

"Do you not realize you most likely have about a week to live?" Let's hope so! (Seriously, though, if Peter survives 2021, I will lead a revolt.)

Enough about Josslyn! No one cares!

May 11th, 2021

Peter sends "Chloe" to Maxie as a puppet/spy, but Maxie is completely snowed and thinks she'll be an ally. Brook is so desperate to replace Britt, if necessary, that she tries to gauge Willow's knowledge about delivering a baby. Maxie thinks Bobbie would be a better option. Chase gets worse, even growing so delirious that he thinks he and Willow have a child together. Finn tells Anna they need more of the antidote right in front of Chase, who's growing more suspicious about what Finn's keeping from him. Anna gets another vial from Peter and puts a tracker on his car, hoping she can follow him to where he's stashing other doses. She's tracking the wrong person, though, since Chloe is now in possession of the vials. Britt and Jason disagree over whether they should keep moving to stay ahead of anyone looking for them. Britt realizes that Peter probably wants her dead, so maybe she should listen to the guy who has experience staying away from people who want to hurt him. Jason notices Britt's tremor and invites her to open up to him about it. Jordan and Portia commiserate over how different things could have turned out for Cameron if he were Black. They lament that while their childhoods carried some hope for Black people, their kids are facing horrible situations. They're exhausted by how hard they have to work to measure up to white people, and sad that so little progress seems to have been made. Trina, on the other hand, is angry that Cameron doesn't get how privileged he is and that he's so oblivious to the racism she experiences. Sam bugs Carly for information about Jason, but Carly reminds her that she wanted out of mob stuff, so she doesn't get to play with the mobsters now. Dante is so determined to find Jason and Britt that he can't think of a reason Brook, a supposedly pregnant woman, would make multiple calls to Britt, an OB, other than crime. Michael makes it clear that he's not going to lend a hand. Speaking of Michael, he and Willow are so hot for each other that they have to agree not to be alone in a room together.

Josh Swickard is doing a great job of looking sick and miserable.

I need another Brittcation.

Jordan and Portia's scenes were great and important, but I don't know how much of a friendship they'll be able to have with Portia inevitably gets together with Curtis.

Olivia needs to have the same conversation with Sam that she did with Dante and remind her that this is a very bad time for her to get involved in any crimes.

May 12th, 2021

Carly and Jax press Josslyn to make a decision about college so she can move forward with her future. Josslyn unexcitedly chooses PCU, saying the present is more important than her future, since everything's a disaster right now. Carly keeps stopping to deal with mob business, which leads to a fight between her and Jax over whether Carly's doing enough to protect Josslyn. Britt tells Jason that she never got tested for Huntington's, so she's pretty sure that's what's causing her tremors. She's too scared to find out for real, and she doesn't think it matters, since it's not something she can control or change. Dante gets a shave and a haircut, then rejoins the PCPD. He and Jordan piece together Jason's breakout and get a tip that Britt was spotted buying medical supplies at a convenience store. Meanwhile, Sam gets Jason a fake passport and figures out that Jason and Britt might be on one of Nikolas' properties. She and Dante wind up at the store at the same time, and she tries to convince him to team up with her. She even tries to negotiate letting Dante take Britt back to Port Charles while Sam takes Jason someplace safe. Of course Dante's not going to agree to that, since a) Sam betrayed him the last time they tried that, b) she's risking her parole, and c) they want different things to happen. While Dante talks to a store employee, Sam lets the air out of one of his tires and beats him to Jason and Britt's hideout. Shawn tells Alexis that he's not going to appear at his approaching parole hearing, since he can't show remorse for a crime he didn't commit. Alexis tells him to fake it and accept her help. She points out that the plea deal he rejected involved turning on Sonny, but with Sonny gone, Shawn can do whatever he wants without thinking about loyalty. Curtis and Portia reminisce about the night they first met and he reflects on how different his life is now. Trina confides to Ava that she feels a little responsible for Curtis and Jordan's divorce (which is already at the paperwork stage) because Jordan lied to Curtis to protect her. She also thinks Portia and Curtis are interested in each other. Nikolas is ready to show Cyrus his Cassadine side.

DANTE SHAVED! Happy belated birthday to me!

If Maggie gets paroled, Alexis' next cellmate might be Sam. Girl, stop doing crime! And stop being dumb enough to think Dante will just look away while you help a fugitive! If you really want to help, prove Peter killed Franco so Jason doesn't have to be a fugitive anymore.

Sigh. Shawn not shooting Hayden doesn't make him not guilty of trying to kill Drew. I mean, even if Alexis hadn't stabbed Dante, she'd still be guilty of trying to kill Franco. Don't get me wrong – I like Shawn, and I think he's served enough time and should get out. But let's not retcon this and pretend he's an innocent man. He very much committed a crime.

Curtis and Jordan are having the most amicable divorce in history.

May 13th, 2021

Nikolas thinks the best way to protect Alexis is to control Pentonville, so he's trying to buy it. She doesn't like the idea of the prison going private, since many of those places have human-rights violations, but Nikolas promises to be a benign overlord and listen to her concerns. He gets super-uncomfortable when they discuss Shawn's imprisonment, and even more so when Alexis convinces Shawn to investigate who really shot Hayden. Sam wants to send Britt back to Port Charles, take Jason to Canada, and come home to play innocent. Jason reminds her that she unmobbed and is on parole, so she can't have anything to do with him while he's a fugitive. He does agree that Britt should go back to Port Charles, but Britt feels like she owes Jason for saving her life, so she wants to stick with him. Plus, if she has Huntington's, she might as well have an adventure while she can. Sasha's pregnant, and Lucy is the first person she tells, in case Lucy doesn't want a pregnant model representing the company. Lucy's thrilled, though, and wants to launch the Year of the Mother with the Face of Conception. Sasha asks her to keep things quiet until she tells the father, who she's sure isn't Michael, so it must be Brando. Gladys overhears her on the phone, asking for a prescription for her morning sickness. Nina goes on her date with Elijah, trying to get him to tell her more about his real estate business. He thinks she has feelings for Mike, and it's almost like they knew each other in a past life. While Elijah's distracted, Sonny breaks into his office, accidentally setting off an alarm. Jax thinks Carly is naïve about how long she'll be running the Corinthos organization and how much danger it puts her and her family in. Carly says she's good at this, having learned all she needs to know from watching Sonny and Jason, and Port Charles needs her to keep the peace. Jax can't do anything to talk her out of stepping down, so he tells her he's going to try to get Josslyn to keep her distance. Brando chastises Gladys for working with Cyrus and warns that he'll kill her as soon as she isn't useful to him anymore.

Hmm, looks like Nikolas might finally face consequences for trying to have Hayden killed six years later. Also, doesn't Sam already know he hired a hitman? If Shawn does work with her, as Alexis suggested, that'll be a short investigation.

I thought it was ridiculous when Jason got a job at Ferncliff to keep an eye on Carly while she was there, and even more ridiculous when he voluntarily went to prison to protect Michael while he was there, but compared to Nikolas buying Pentonville because he thinks it's the best way to keep Alexis safe, those other plans were totally reasonable.

I know time moves strangely on this show, but they can't really expect us to believe that Sasha knows she's pregnant this soon after sleeping with Brando.

Heh to "the Face of Conception."

May 14th, 2021

Sonny trashes Elijah's office to make it look like he's another victim of the recent break-ins, then puts a keystroke detector in the computer. Nina tags along with Elijah when he comes to check things out and drops an earring so she has an excuse for coming back later. She uses the keystroke detector to get Elijah's password, then prints off some of his files. Of course, Elijah catches her there. Maxie and Brook go over their plan so the audience knows the details: They'll leave town for different reasons, meet up at a house in Beechers Corners, and bring Bobbie in to deliver Maxie's baby. Peter almost throws a wrench in the works by showing up to Maxie's latest appointment, and Dr. Navarro complicates things even further by suggesting that Maxie be induced ASAP. Carly asks Diane to update her will, making Diane worry that she's about to get into some dangerous situations. Ava brings Avery by for a visit and tells Carly she knows the dinner party was just a distraction for Cyrus while Carly broke Jason out of the hospital. Instead of being upset, she's impressed, and she offers Carly any help she needs in bringing Cyrus down. Cyrus tries to play nice with Sasha, who's like, "Do you think I forgot that you gave me drugs that almost killed me, then didn't do anything to save me? 'Cause I didn't forget that." Gladys and Lucy spot them talking and think Cyrus is the baby's father. Gladys is so convinced that she even mentions to Cyrus that she heard he's going to be a father. Brando remains clueless to pretty much everything. Brook uses the distraction of Valentin and Ned bickering to slip out of the Quartermaines' and meet with Maxie. Willow manages to keep things civil by saying nice things about Valentin. Valentin decides Brook needs more surveillance, so he announces that he, Charlotte, and Yuri the Ukrainian bodyguard who sucks at guarding will move into the mansion.

Where did Sonny get a keystroke detector?

You call that a cliffhanger? That's not a cliffhanger! We saw Nina drop her earring! She just has to tell Elijah she came back to get it! This is so stupid!

That said, maybe she'll screw it up, because Nina, like Britt, has completely lost her ability to lie and deceive. Is that a Westbourne thing? Is it going to happen to Obrecht, too?

Obrecht, by the way, is the perfect person to help Maxie and Brook with their plan, and I can't believe I didn't think of it before (though I guess it's too late now).

I really doubt a doctor would recommend induction if the baby's fine and the due date hasn't arrived yet.

"When Ava Jerome becomes a member of your fan club, it's time to reassess." Diane Miller, reminding me why I love her.

I also love that Avery calls her Aunt Diane.

I think Valentin's about to learn who owns the Quartermaines' house.

If Michael and Willow aren't going to do anything interesting, their screentime needs to go to someone else.

May 17th, 2021

Nina easily explains her presence in the office to Elijah and gets back to the Tan-O before Sonny comes looking for her with a gun. She was able to snag some of Elijah's financial documents, and they see that he's been making payments from a slush fund someone with his size business probably wouldn't have. One of the payments was in Corinth, so they decide to take a road trip together. Meanwhile, Elijah figures out that Nina snooped through his files. Maxie makes excuses not to induce labor, and Peter agrees with her, so Dr. Navarro agrees to hold off. Anna offers to help Maxie leave town and hide out, but Maxie isn't sure she can really provide the protection Maxie and the baby need. She's sticking with her and Brook's plan, but she'll need to move fast, because Peter has his own plan to leave town with Maxie and the baby. Gladys tells Cyrus that Sasha's pregnant with his child, which he tells her is impossible. He passes the news along to Brando and tasks him with finding out who the father is so they can have a little talk. Meanwhile, Sasha confides in Carly, who thinks she should name someone other than Brando as the baby's father because Cyrus might get mad if he finds out the truth. Finn lets Anna know that he told Elizabeth that Peter killed Franco. Anna thinks Sean might have information that could help Chase, but when she calls Tiffany, she gets bad news: Sean just died. Brook refuses to let Valentin move on, and is sure Monica, the final say in move-ins, will back her up. Surprisingly, Monica's fine with the idea, since it would ensure the baby's safe. She lets Brook make the decision, and Brook gives in, probably just to shut Valentin in. Monica later tells Michael that she only approved the move-in because it lets her keep an eye on Valentin. Peter has sent reporters to the Webber house to try to get Cameron's story about Jason's escape, and Elizabeth is understandably ticked.

Elijah had dealings in Brockway and Ogdenville, huh? Check out North Haverbrook, too. See if he's building a monorail.

Another reason for Maxie not to disappear: Peter will most likely lash out, and he's already done more than enough damage.

Part of me wants Sasha to ignore Carly...but part of me wants to see what happens if she says Michael's the baby's father. It would be like coming full circle, since Carly once lied about his paternity.

How may storylines is Carly going to get involved in, anyway?

Gladys, for everyone's sake, stop talking.

Nice of Carly to go to work when Avery's over for the first time in weeks.

"I think it's time that Peter and I had a talk." I think it's time that Peter was brutally murdered. Get on board, Finn.

May 18th, 2021

Britt finally gets in touch with Maxie and lets her know that she's okay but won't be able to make it back to town for a while. Maxie manages to tell her she's making other arrangements without Peter catching on. She kicks off her plan by telling Peter she's going to spend some time at a spa before the baby comes. Peter says she should take Chloe with her, and though Maxie resists, she gives in, planning to book a bunch of treatments for Chloe that will distract her while Maxie takes off. Meanwhile, Brook makes arrangements with a friend to pretend she's coming for a visit to get away from her crazy family. A Corinth local tells Sonny and Nina that about five years ago, crime in town led to local business owners selling, just like what's happening in Nixon Falls. When Elijah's strip mall came in, the business owners didn't see the return on investment they'd hoped for. Nina decides to turn her Crimson story into an exposé about Elijah. Sonny recognizes the guy who tried to rob the Tan-O and tells Nina he knows the guy, but she doesn't know whether he means from his old life or his new one. Jason and Britt are hiding out in a lighthouse in Canada, because why not, and he thinks she should take advantage of the free health care to find out if she has Huntington's. Carly thinks she can use Sasha's pregnancy to convince Gladys to turn on Cyrus, which would put him back in jail for obstruction of justice. Amazingly, Carly's conscience is holding her back, and Diane gets her to see that betraying Sasha's trust isn't worth it, even if it brings Jason home. Fortunately, Diane has another plan. Chase is fed up with being kept in the hospital, since he thinks he'd be fine at home. Finn struggles to convince him to stay put without telling him why. Anna tells Robert about Sean's death and upcoming memorial service in Ireland. She doesn't want to go, since it's not a good time for her to be away from Chase, but Finn talks her into it. Valentin agrees to deal with Peter if it's necessary while Anna's away. No one told Olivia that Valentin and Charlotte were moving in, so she finds out when he walks in on her half-naked. Ned is touched to learn that Olivia's been staying in the guest wing because she doesn't like sleeping in their bed without him. Michael and Willow wonder if Finn is keeping something from Chase about his condition. Willow knows she could just ask Finn, since Chase okayed him keeping her updated, but she would feel bad keeping another secret from Chase.

Maxie should tell Brook that if she were really pregnant, she wouldn't want to wear heels all the time.

Writers, no one tunes in to a soap for a plotline about economic development or real estate. Time to do something else with Sonny and Nina.

Chase, a cop and law-abiding citizen, has a huge hospital bill, while Britt, a fugitive, gets free health care in Canada. God bless America?

Willow: "I could ask my fake boyfriend's father if he's hiding anything, but my conscience won't let me pry."
Carly: "Sasha's pregnant – how can I make this about me?"

The Quartermaines should really have family meetings when people move in. (Helen from Mare of Easttown: "What the hell's a family meeting?")

Valentin: "It is [Monica's] house." Brook: "He catches on quick." Snort.

May 19th, 2021

Sasha confirms her pregnancy to Brando, who wants to support her and be a part of the baby's life. Both admit that this isn't anything they expected, but it's now something they both want. Sasha worries about Cyrus, so Brando decides to quit his job, whatever the consequences might be. Sasha tells him that if she hadn't overdosed and almost died, she would have slept with Cyrus in exchange for drugs, and she would have hated herself and ruined her life. Thanks to Brando, she gets a second chance. She knows Cyrus will be furious if he finds out Brando was able to get her into bed when Cyrus himself couldn't, so it's not clear what she plans to tell Cyrus when he shows up to see her. Carly offers to help Gladys start a business back in Connecticut if she'll agree to leave town. Gladys refuses, so Carly deploys Diane's plan by...telling the truth. She tells Gladys that Cyrus is controlling Brando by holding the truth about Dev over his head, and Gladys is delusional to think that Cyrus actually likes her. She also tells Gladys that Brando is the father of Sasha's baby, which makes him a target for Cyrus. Sonny confronts the would-be robber, Walter, but instead of getting violent or threatening him, he offers help. If Elijah asks Walter to do more of his dirty work, Walter needs to call Sonny, who will handle things for him. Nina's impressed that Sonny opted for something other than violence, but Sonny doesn't understand why anyone would go that route. He's starting to think that his amnesia is a fresh start and an opportunity to live a better life. Chase is ready to check himself out of the hospital and go home, even if he's putting his health at risk by not having anyone around if he relapses. Michael comes up with a solution: Chase can stay at the Quartermaines'. Willow isn't thrilled with the idea, but she thinks it's the least she and Michael can do after the sacrifices Chase and Sasha made for them. Cyrus tells Laura he's done trying to make a familial connection with her, but there will be consequences if she continues to reject him. For starters, her children are no longer under his protection. That means if Nikolas continues with his plan to buy and privatize Pentonville, Cyrus will retaliate. Jason helps Britt realize that, as scared as she is about getting tested to see if she has the marker for Huntington's, it's harder for her to live without knowing, so she decides to get tested.

Nothing against Laura Wright or Carly, but she doesn't need to be in EVERY EPISODE.

What happened to the Valentin part of Carly, Anna, and Valentin's plan for Gladys? I guess he's too busy trying to deal with Peter (and nagging Brook).

Michael's being way too friendly with the guy whose girlfriend he's in the process of stealing.

In the future, everyone will have 15 minutes of fame, and also get to live at the Quartermaines'. Might as well have Finn and Violet move in, too.

May 20th, 2021

Sasha makes Cyrus think she doesn't like Brando and would never hook up with him in a million years. She lies that the baby's father was a one-night stand whose name she doesn't even know. She taunts Cyrus for being jealous of a guy who was able to take her to bed when he couldn't, and makes it clear that she wants no relationship with him. Gladys realizes she screwed things up for Brando and probably put his life in danger. Carly urges her to recant her statement and help send Cyrus back to prison. Gladys doesn't really like the idea of working with Carly, but Brando trusts her and is willing to go along with her plans. Dante brings Sam a patched tire, the bill for the ones she slashed, and a thank-you, since her actions helped him realize that he was on the right track. He found evidence that Jason and Britt hid out on Nikolas' property and was able to trace their journey to Canada. Sam doesn't think he can actually find them, since he wouldn't be here messing with her if he really had a lead on them. She's also not worried that he'll arrest her. Dante gives her a bit of a lecture on staying out of mob stuff and not jeopardizing her parole, but he's so grateful to her for stopping him from killing Peter and getting him help that he doesn't have the heart to get in her trouble. (Also he knows the kids will end up living at the Quartermaines', and Olivia will glare at Dante every time he's there, and he wants to avoid that.) Sam gives him a check for the tire damage, but he tears it up. Laura surprises Nikolas by supporting his decision to buy Pentonville, since he could take this opportunity to make the place humane and build a positive legacy for Spencer. She just hopes he only has good motives for buying the prison (because it certainly couldn't have anything to do with Shawn and what he might uncover if he gets out). Ava mentions that Carly officially took over the Corinthos organization, which means their side now has a leg up on Cyrus. She thinks that if they all keep a united front, they can take him down. Laura notes that, alternatively, Cyrus could lash out. T.J. visits Shawn, who reveals that he's going to try to get parole after all, and may even be out in time to attend T.J.'s graduation. Their relationship is excellent now, and Shawn is thrilled when T.J. calls him "Dad." Maggie gets parole and credits Alexis with giving her the guidance she needed. Alexis is humble about her contribution, but I'd say she's living up to her "advocate" label pretty well. Shawn accepts her offer of help, ready to stop taking responsibility for a shooting he didn't commit.

Sasha's gotten really good at lying. I mean that in a good way, of course.

Bravo to the writers for making it almost three years before having someone refer to Sasha as a "Gilmore girl."

"My son has better taste than the Face of Deception." Your son has better taste than the most beautiful woman in town? You sure?

I will never stop laughing at Dante rolling a tire into the penthouse. I can just imagine him taking it off the car and lugging it up there, the whole time thinking, "This is totally going to be worth it."

I'm not saying that Laura, Ava, Nikolas, and the Corinthos contingent should just kill Cyrus, but...they should just kill Cyrus. I think Nikolas knows a guy who can handle it for them.

Speaking of which, they're not implying that Nikolas is going to mess with Shawn's parole chances so he can't investigate Hayden's shooting, are they?

Shawn and T.J.'s relationship makes me so happy. T.J. was so upset when the truth about his paternity came out, and now he's just so comfortable with Shawn and wants Shawn in his life.

If Shawn's goal is to get justice for Hayden, how about we, I don't know, bring Hayden back?

May 21st, 2021

Robert, Anna, Mac, Felicia, Laura, Robin, and Monica all meet up in Ireland for Sean's funeral. Anna Donely – now going by Annie – is an aspiring WSB agent disappointed that she hasn't heard back about whether she's made the cut. Anna and Robert ask her to let them access Sean's vault and computer files to see if there's anything there that can bring down Peter, but Annie is 100% loyal to her father and won't go against his wishes to keep the files confidential. People start disappearing one by one, leaving behind items tied to Sean's history. With only Robert, Anna, Robin, and Annie left, Annie starts to suspect that Robert and Anna are up to something shady. That just makes her dig in deeper and keep refusing to let them see Sean's files. Even if she's not in the WSB yet, and possibly never will be, she's sworn an oath to them. It turns out this was what they were hoping for – this was her loyalty test to determine if she was right for the WSB. Annie gets her badge, with Sean's old badge number, and congratulations from Tiffany, who tells her to hold on to her happy memories of her father. Peter won't stop going over to Maxie's, and if he weren't so dangerous, she probably would have had him arrested for stalking by now. Bobbie comes by, shooing him away, and Maxie asks her to deliver the baby in Beechers Corners. She doesn't give Bobbie all the details of her plan, but she explains that she's made arrangements for someone to look after the baby until Peter's taken care of. Bobbie easily agrees, since she hates Peter, so the pieces of the plan continue falling into place. Felicia lets Anna have it for the whole Peter mess and what it's done to Maxie's life. She knows Sean would want her to forgive Anna, though, and Felicia realizes they have too much history as friends to let it go now.

I like that they cast John Reilly's real daughter as Annie. That made the episode even more meaningful. And I love that they were able to include Sharon Wyatt. It would have been weird for them to come up with a dumb reason for her not to be around.

Did they really turn a memorial/tribute episode into an Agatha Christie mystery? When I die, please don't use my funeral to mess with one of my family members.

Forget using Sean's files to bring down Peter – use them to save Chase! And also bring down Peter.

Speaking of saving Chase, Anna should take Robin back to Port Charles with her. Robin would cure him within an hour of arriving.

I'm so here for Bobbie's unfiltered hatred of Peter.

May 24th, 2021

Peter gets pushed down the stairs by an unknown person who's my new favorite character. Seven hours earlier, Carly moves Gladys into the Metro Court to protect her until she talks to the police about Cyrus. Gladys agrees to testify against him if Diane can get her immunity for her own obstruction of justice. Cyrus tells Peter to write a hit piece on Carly and Laura's recent flaunting of the law. Peter criticizes him for not having Jason killed while he was in Pentonville or the hospital. Cyrus learns that Gladys is trying to get an immunity deal, so he has Peter kidnap her. Jason tries to help Britt relax and stay in the moment while she waits for her test results to come back. They almost kiss, and I don't want to talk about it. Oh, and Britt has the marker for Huntington's. Nina accepts Elijah's invitation to a barbecue, thinking Sonny can take the opportunity to search Elijah's house for more evidence that he's doing shady stuff. Sonny warns her that it's not safe, and he doesn't think it's necessary anyway – they just have to tell Phyllis and Lenny what they found out about Elijah, and this will all be over. Nina disagrees and slips out while he's away. Before Sonny can figure out where the barbecue is, Finchley comes by and tells him Elijah has accused Sonny and Nina of breaking into his office. Brando makes it clear to Sasha that he's ready to be a full participant in raising their child, and he'd also like to try out a relationship with her. She wants the same thing, but right now they have to keep their distance from each other so Cyrus doesn't get suspicious. The ship has probably already sailed there, since Peter spots them together and tells Cyrus they were getting chummy. Maxie shares her fears with Spinelli without telling him why she's really afraid for the baby.

We're doing the real-time thing again, huh? It's no fun without Jerry.

Oh, look, another one of Carly's plans didn't work out. Who could have seen that coming?

Still anticipating that Gladys isn't going to come out of this alive.

I get Britt being attracted to Jason, but not the other way around.

No matter where Sonny is or who he thinks he is, there's always a blond woman who won't listen to him.

May 25th, 2021

Cyrus tells Brando he knows he's the father of Sasha's baby, which gives him leverage to take care of his current biggest problem. He wants Gladys dead for turning on him, and he wants Brando to be the one who kills her. If Brando won't, Sasha and the baby will die. Brando actually looks like he might shoot his mother for a minute, but then he turns the gun on Cyrus. Maxie is close to telling Spinelli her plans for the baby when Carly calls to get his help tracking down Gladys. He doesn't have much to go on, since someone looped surveillance feed to keep anyone from seeing who entered Gladys' room. Plus, her kidnapper left her phone in the room. But Carly gave Gladys a burner phone, and Spinelli's able to locate it. Britt is pretty much resigned to having her health deteriorate until she dies, but Jason encourages her to live whatever life she has left to the fullest. Apparently that means kissing him. Maxie puts the finishing touches on her plans while Peter and Chloe finalize their own. It looks like theirs will preempt hers, since it involves Chloe drugging Maxie so Peter can whisk her out of town. Sonny tells Lenny and Finchley that Elijah's a bad guy and Nina could be in danger. Finchley has no reason to believe that, since Elijah says Sonny's the bad guy, so he won't do anything to help Nina until Sonny answers some questions. Lenny gets rid of Finchley by opening a fire hydrant, then sends Sonny to find Nina. Elijah has been acting like everything's normal, but when he sees that Nina has copies of his financial documents, he confronts her for breaking into his office. She threatens to expose him, but he's not about to let that happen. Sasha tells Willow she's pregnant and asks her not to tell Michael yet. She realizes how that sounds and assures Willow that Michael isn't the baby's father. Willow's happy that Sasha's happy, even if the situation is currently complicated.

Pull the trigger, Brando! Be a hero!

What if Cyrus and Peter get taken down at the same time? Then we could spend the summer finally watching something different.

It's a little scary that Maxie's plan hinges on Brook.

Britt/Jason makes no seeeeeeeense.

As much as I dislike Britt, a) she's very relatable right now and b) Kelly Thiebaud is giving some great performances.

I wish they would acknowledge that Jason probably had these same conversations with Robin.

Somewhere, Nathan's like, "Stop talking about me, Nina. I don't want to be associated with someone as dumb as you."

May 26th, 2021

Brando tries to shoot Cyrus, but the gun isn't loaded, since, as Cyrus announces, he's known all along that Brando was a mole. He's ready to kill Brando and Gladys when Carly sends some men in to rescue them. There's gunfire and Gladys takes a bullet while Cyrus escapes. While waiting at the hospital for news on Gladys' condition, Ava and Nikolas pretend to be a meaningful part of this plot and hope her testimony can send Cyrus away. There's a new wrench in the works, though: Cyrus is upset that the Corinthos contingent took Gladys from him, and in retaliation, he's captured Spinelli. Chloe takes Maxie to the place Peter has arranged for the baby's delivery before they head off wherever in helicopter. Chloe's not too bright, since she tells Maxie Peter's whole plan. Maxie can't convince her that Peter's evil, so she scalds her with hot tea and grabs a weapon in case of further fighting – which will be difficult for her to handle, since she appears to be in labor. Elijah makes various vague threats toward Nina until Sonny arrives and knocks him out. Nina lies that Elijah had the financial documents with him, then gets Sonny out of having to go to the police station to issue a statement. Sonny's so happy that Nina's okay and that Elijah's probably going down that he kisses her. Jason and Britt do something I don't want to talk or think about. Then she thinks he wants to get rid of her. Brook tries to get rid of Yuri so she can go to Beechers Corners, but Valentin keeps getting in the way. She tries to make him think she's taking his concerns seriously, then ditches Yuri. Chase moves into the Quartermaines', and Brook guesses that Michael and Willow will have a tough time with their temporary living arrangements.

Boy, we're just blowing through plots this week.

Aw, Brando. You still did more to try to get rid of Cyrus than anyone else in the past year and a half. And now you don't have to work for him anymore!

Time to find a better use for Ava and Nikolas. They're literally standing around, doing nothing.

So Maxie is Carly and Chloe is Claudia? But also, Maxie is Ava and Chloe is Nina and Madeline? Got it.

I'm no longer sure that Gladys will die. However, I'm more sure than ever that Carly is eventually going to punch Nina in the face.

I assume Finchley confirmed that Sonny had touched the financial records because he's planning to get his fingerprints off of them.

Kissing is finally allowed again and the only people doing it are people who shouldn't be.

If I didn't watch the sex scene, it didn't happen, right?

Okay, Yuri needs to go, Valentin. (I like him, though.)

May 27th, 2021

Four hours before a nurse finds Peter in the stairwell, Cyrus offers to trade Spinelli for Gladys, unaware that Gladys was shot and is undergoing surgery. Ava offers herself up as a fake Gladys, and she and Carly ignore Nikolas' objections to put together a plan. Carly fills Jason in, then meets up with Cyrus for the hostage exchange. First, though, she presents an alternate idea: Cyrus cuts his losses and leaves town without any consequences. Cyrus thinks Carly's screwed up so royally that her reign as mob boss will soon come to an end, so he declines to back down. Carly proceeds with the exchange, but before it can happen, one of Cyrus' men finds Nikolas, who was planning to start a gunfight. Maxie escapes from Chloe but gets lost in the woods while looking for help. The baby's definitely coming, so she resigns herself to delivering alone (and outside once again). Fortunately, Todd Franco a guy named Austin finds her, and even more fortunately, he's a doctor. Labor goes fine, but since this is a soap, there may be something wrong with the baby. Even before he learns of Spinelli's situation, Jason wants to leave Britt in Canada and go back to Port Charles to end things so they can both go home. Britt's willing to tag along, since she isn't afraid of dying anymore, but Jason doesn't want to put her at risk, so he goes alone. Sam and Dante banter about softball, which is definitely their version of flirting. They share a Significant Moment, and I think they both realize there may be sparks between them. Valentin thinks Peter is the person Brook said was following her, so he confronts him. Peter knows Valentin puts Charlotte and the "baby" above everyone else in his life, and he's not dumb enough to go after one of them to get at him. Valentin asks for another vial of the antidote for Chase, just in case it's needed, as he knows Peter won't risk letting Chase die and losing his leverage.

I think Elizabeth is the one who will find Peter, and she'll have to decide whether or not to help him.

Why do bad things always happen to newborns when they're around Roger Howarth characters?

It was always a long shot, but I couldn't help clinging to the small hope that Todd would come back.

If the show wants me to believe that Jason has feelings for Britt, Steve Burton is going to have to step it up.

Don't worry about the shooting and multiple kidnappings this week, PCPD. You guys just keep playing softball.

If Dante and Sam weren't Dante and Sam, I'd tell them to kiss already, because...come on. That's obviously where this is going.

May 28th, 2021

Cyrus is about to take off with Spinelli when Jason arrives and starts shooting. He takes out Cyrus' two men and shoots Cyrus in the shoulder, but Cyrus runs away before anyone can stop him. One of his goons isn't actually dead, and he almost gets off a shot without anyone noticing, but Dante arrives and shoots him first (and doesn't even get a thank-you). Of course, Jason gets himself rearrested. Once Austin determines that the baby is okay, Maxie tries to convince him to take her to Beechers Corners instead of the hospital. Chloe renders the whole thing moot by knocking him out and demanding that Maxie hand over Louise. Maxie channels her inner horror-movie heroine, running from her and tricking her into falling into a...root cellar? I think? She then calls Brook and asks for a getaway ride. Anna brings Sean's files to Finn, but there might not be enough time for him to see if they contain anything helpful, since Chase is declining again. Elizabeth is still ticked at Anna for not doing more to stop Peter, like, we get it. Deal with it later. Willow sees the files exchanging hands and guesses that something in them will answer her and Michael's questions about what Finn isn't telling Chase about his condition. (Again, deal with it later, Willow.) Portia tells Curtis about her rough day treating a victim of mob violence, something she thought would be behind her after her split from Taggert. She's even more grateful than ever that Curtis risked his life to save Trina. She thanks him with a kiss, then worries that she's misinterpreted things and embarrassed herself. Curtis assures her that she hasn't misinterpreted anything; he knows he's sent mixed messages. But also, he just signed his divorce papers, so this is kind of bad timing. Portia goes home, feeling foolish, and discovers that Cyrus is hiding out in her house. Jordan and Dante question Brando about the shootout, determining that they now have plenty of reasons to arrest Cyrus. Unfortunately, they still need Gladys' testimony to exonerate Jason, so if she doesn't survive surgery, he's stuck. Sasha gives Brando her support, not having to worry about keeping their relationship secret now that Cyrus has figured things out. Chase overhears Michael and Willow talking about the sacrifices they're making while looking after him, but he doesn't get the full extent of what they mean.

I think they forgot about the real-time thing when they decided when Jason should show up today.

Again, Jason didn't check to make sure a person he thought he'd killed was really dead. Dude, did you learn nothing from Shiloh? And though Dante was right that he's lost his touch, it's tacky of him to mock the guy whose ex he's in the process of seducing.

Carly can't really believe that Jason wouldn't immediately be arrested the second he stepped foot back in town.

I'm looking forward to Austin eventually seeing Louise with Brook and going, "Hey, I know that baby."

Willow, Finn's dishonesty is the least of Chase's problems right now. Mind your knitting.

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