General Hospital blog - May, 2022

May 2nd, 2022

Carly tells Willow what Harmony did to her and Alexis but they get interrupted before she can spill the secret Harmony is so desperate to keep. Alexis tries to get closure by telling Harmony how upset she is with her betrayal, but I'm not sure how helpful that is when Harmony's unconscious. Willow wrestles with accepting that her mother has done some horrible things while Willow still loves her. She wonders if Harmony's supposed rehabilitation was real or fake. Nina and Obrecht bicker about their love interests' feuds, but when Britt tells them what happened to Harmony and how hard it must be for her to think about losing her mother, they make up. Britt's ready to give up on finding a guy since it's just eating into the little time she has left. Obrecht wants her to find someone who will make the rest of her life great. Spinelli also urges Britt to stick with the matchmaking service because her Mr. Right has to be out there. Finn and Elizabeth play cards and make out. Maxie and Austin seem to be doing well but I still don't see any chemistry there. Sonny thinks Spinelli is still in love with Maxie, when it's really that he's annoyed to see her out with Austin. Sonny advises Spinelli to express his feelings for Maxie if he wants to be with her again. Mac and Felicia are acting weird and I don't really get what's going on with them. Sonny and Nina flirt and talk about nothing.

Didn't Carly and Alexis talk to the police? Why isn't there a cop outside Harmony's room?

Maxie needs to use her sudden wealth to get a bigger place.

Oh, yeah, send me out in a kayak with a guy who can't hide how much he hates me. Sounds like fun!

"Remember Georgie and Maxie? You remember those days?" Yeah, because he's not the one who abandoned them. YEAH, I SAID IT.

May 3rd, 2022

Harmony apologizes to Willow and tries to tell her something, but her condition isn't stable enough for that kind of stress. Willow's still very curious about why Harmony went after Carly and Alexis, but Carly doesn't think she should find out right now. She visits Harmony, who all but confirms that Nina is Willow's biological mother. Finn and Elizabeth make out some more, then split up for the night. While she's in the shower, her hotel room gets trashed. The culprit had to have had a key card, and the police determine that no one came to that floor during the time Elizabeth was out of the room. Elizabeth decides it's time to ask Lucy for help getting a medium. Austin thinks Maxie's hesitant to spend more time with him because she's uneasy about getting into a new relationship after what happened with Peter. She makes it clear that she's ready to be with him, but then Georgie makes it clear that she's not on board. Lucy's tired of sneaking around with Martin, so she convinces him to go public with their relationship even if it means Valentin fires him. They run into Valentin just minutes later, and Martin says he'd like to not have to choose between them, but if he has to, he'll pick Lucy. Valentin surprises them by being totally fine with the relationship, especially if Lucy will give him her support at ELQ. Sonny and Nina flirt some more, then dance. Michael is impressed with T.J.'s ability to take care of the woman who tried to kill his mother-in-law. T.J. credits the Hippocratic Oath and his belief that all humans deserve to be treated well.

"We can't know what we don't know until we do." Deep.

Leave it to Sonny to paint himself as a victim instead of addressing the reason Michael's mad at him. Also, he forgave Morgan for teaming up with Julian; I think he can forgive Michael for being "disrespectful."

Okay, fine, just do the stupid seance so we can move on.

Spinelli's going to love that Georgie doesn't like Austin. And you just know that Mac is amused when Georgie shows attitude because it's payback for all the times Maxie gave him attitude as a kid.

May 4th, 2022

Harmony asks Carly to protect Willow and not let her biological mother smother her with love or take her from Michael. Apparently Carly hadn't guessed who that biological mother was already, but Harmony confirms that it's Nina. Then she dies. Sonny has a dream about Lenny, which is kind of an excuse to recap his current storyline. Lenny's happy that Sonny and Nina are finally kind of together, and he thinks Sonny should do something to repay Nina for not making him choose between her and Michael. Later, Phyllis seems to feel Phyllis' spirit, and it's cheesy but also sweet. Mac and Felicia each think the other wants to have a baby. Anna and Robert urge them to talk to each other, but neither is sure their suspicions are correct or that it's something they should pursue. Sasha (who actually hadn't taken any drugs before the accident) decides that she got a second chance and gets rid of her pills. Knowing the crash led to a death might make her fall back off the wagon, though. Nina and Valentin catch up and basically resolidify their friendship.

How did Carly not figure out that Nina is Willow's biological mother before Harmony told her? What did she think Harmony meant about owing Nina?

Katey MacMullen was good in her last scene with Harmony's body. She's going to be great in the rest of this storyline.

When Carly's ready to tell Nina that Willow's her daughter, she should start off with, "Okay, me telling you this makes up for me not telling you about Nelle, so I never want to hear another word about that."

Poor T.J. Don't feel bad that you couldn't save Harmony! She's not worth the guilt! Amy, however, should feel bad because a medical emergency deserves a little more speed.

"I can't leave my post." He's...your boss. He asked you to leave your post. You don't have to follow a rule your boss is giving you permission to break.

Sonny's going to take Nina to the island, isn't he?

Anyone who has to do product placement on this show should get extra money. Please give Finola Hughes $20,000 for having to plug Hulu twice.

Aw, Sasha. Good luck convincing the police you were sober when that photographer hands over one of those pills to the police. I guess he could also blackmail her, knowing the police might not believe she was sober.

May 5th, 2022

Michael's still curious about the details of what happened with Harmony, Carly, and Alexis, but he waits until Willow's ready to be filled in (and Carly doesn't tell him anything without her there). Dante finally tells her that Harmony killed Neil and Brendon, and also wasn't her biological mother. Carly seems to be wrestling with telling her the rest of what she knows. Britt proves to be a pretty good mentor, helping T.J. deal with his feelings about losing his first patient. She advises him to consider the kind of doctor he wants to be and practice self-care so he can give his patients what they need. Terry notices that Britt has softened and even kind of cares about other people now. Chet returns from a few months away and takes his job at Volonino's back from a guy named Dex, whom he was really impressed with. Dex asks for another job, willing to do anything and clearly an asset in any position. Sonny reluctantly has to turn him down because there's nothing available, but when Dex breaks up a fight between two guys in the boxing ring, Sonny sees something in him he doesn't want to let go of. Amy claims to be sick so she can leave work, then gets busted at a nail salon by Terry and Elizabeth. She and Terry butt heads again, and she later complains to Chet about her annoying boss. It's pretty clear that Amy doesn't know that Chet and Terry are dating, and Terry doesn't know that Amy is Chet's sister. Dante checks in with Sonny, worried that he'll stop taking his meds or start drinking again. He thinks Sonny's at risk of isolating himself after losing so much of his support system. Sonny's also a little worried, since he didn't know anything about what happened to Carly because his family is shutting him out. Elizabeth catches Terry up on her life and gets her to agree to go somewhere with her. Later, she calls Chelsea the medium. Brook and Chase hang out with Violet and don't kiss.

I liked Britt and T.J.'s scenes. He's exactly the sort of person to have trouble not taking his patients' deaths personally. She gave him great advice.

With Amy's attitude, I'm surprised she's kept her job as long as she has.

Congratulations, Dex – I'm 90% sure you're going to be the new Jason.

The May the 4th stuff was dumb, and made more ridiculous by the fact that there was a preemption a couple weeks ago, so this episode didn't even fall on May 4th.

No way does Brook like Star Wars.

May 6th, 2022

At first Willow is in denial about Harmony, but Dante and Carly convince her that it's true. Willow realizes that their news explains a lot, like her missing birth certificate. She asks Carly to tell her anything else Harmony said, but Carly doesn't want to give her more than she can handle right now. She's going to take Harmony's request to protect Willow seriously. Meanwhile, Jordan tasks Dante with finding out who Willow's birth parents are. Nina urges Scott to do something to counteract Smoltz's series about her. She thinks they should bring up Harmony in court, as if a judge will decide Nina should have visitation with Wiley because Harmony killed people. She also suggests talking to Diane about convincing Willow and Michael to agree to visitation outside of court because they're not in a good place for a trial. Diane overhears and makes it clear that no one's backing down. Nina decides it's time to expose all of the ghosts in Michael and Willow's closets, but she's still going to try to keep Sonny out of it. The photographer corners Sasha and asks for the return of the memory card, promising not to publish anything on it if he gets it back. He also tells Sasha he has "connections" and can get her anything she might want. Gladys gets a look at the photos, as does Valentin, who would like to keep them out of the public eye since they could damage Deception. She tries to convince them that the pills are to help Sasha through her grief over Liam. She tells Sasha that she wants to get rid of the memory card, but Sasha says they should give it back so the photographer will leave them alone. Gladys tries to get Sasha to confide in her, promising to keep anything she says quiet, but Sasha stays quiet. Sonny practically interrogates Dex, as if Dex is coming in off the street for a job instead of basically being recruited. Dex is pretty much up for anything and is ready to be 100% loyal. Curtis lets Jordan know that he got Marshall's unsealed arrest record after all (but not how). She's not happy about that and hopes it was worth it. Curtis then tells T.J. that Marshall left town because of him. Brando asks Sonny for advice for helping Sasha, and Sonny tells him to be proactive and assure her he's there to help her instead of waiting for her to come to him for help. Valentin urges Carly to make peace with Nina.

Jordan! Cops don't look for people's biological parents! Also, mind your own business!

Why would a judge care that Wiley has a late grandmother who was a murderer? What does that have to do with whether Nina gets to see him?

Why do I get the feeling Nina's going to ask Valentin to help her fight Michael and Willow? It would be a very Nina thing to do.

"I have connections. I can get you what you need." Sasha has connections, too. Are you familiar with Sonny Corinthos?

Normally I'd warn someone not to trust Gladys' vow to keep their secrets but I can't see her going against Sasha.

Sonny sucks at conducting job interviews.

Why decided we needed Carly/Valentin scenes?

May 9th, 2022

Since Spencer hasn't made any progress finding evidence that Esme made the recording, Cameron wants to tell Josslyn and Trina what he's been up to. Spencer gets him to hold off and takes advantage of Esme's departure from Wyndemere to search her room. Cameron stalls her by pretending he wants to make peace, and Esme is fully fooled into thinking he wants to be friends again. That's going to be a big problem for Josslyn, who catches them chatting. Chet and Terry have their first official date, which seems to go well, with mostly non-awkward conversation. They can relate to each other because they both have things they were a little nervous to tell each other (they already took care of that via text) and know what it's like to feel unseen. Terry tries to keep a poker face when she learns that Amy is Chet's sister. Amy complains about Terry to Ava and Nina, who can't really agree that Terry is unreasonable in the way she treats Amy. Later, she's shocked to learn that Terry is out with Chet. Josslyn and Trina run into Rory at a yoga class and Josslyn plays matchmaker. Trina and Rory clearly like each other but can't act on their feelings while she's a suspect in a crime. Esme eavesdrops on them while they flirt, so that's definitely going in her arsenal. Carly pretty much ignores everything Valentin says about Nina, not feeling any sympathy for the woman who ruined her marriage and is causing trouble for her son. She asks if he knows if Phyllis was there when Nina gave birth, framing her curiosity is a question of whether Phyllis feels loyal to Nina out of guilt. Ava can't support Nina's decision to go after Michael and Willow, especially since Willow just lost her mother. Nina doesn't care, mostly because targeting Michael will tick off Carly. T.J. gets Marshall's hesitance to tell Curtis the truth about his arrest, and he's not happy that Curtis called all the shots when Marshall came back and wound up scaring him off. He announces that he wants to find Marshall and bring him back to Port Charles.

I'd love it if Spencer and Nikolas realized they're both trying to get dirt on Esme and teamed up. Imagine if that's what led them to repair their relationship.

"Sometimes it takes a village to bring down a lying snake." Yes, Cameron, yes! I also liked him telling Esme, "I will always treat you in the way that you deserve."

"I'm not sure we're the ones to arbitrate what constitutes a crime." Heh.

Valentin, if Nina only has a few friends, that's not Carly's problem. Stop trying to advocate for her.

May 10th, 2022

Spencer finds the pills Esme gave Trina and pockets one. She catches him in her room and they fight about privacy and trust. He asks her about her letters from Maggie, whom she'd claimed she lost contact with, and focuses on what Maggie said about Esme needing to stay away from her father. Carly and Nina fight know, the stuff they usually fight about. Phyllis separates them before things go too far, then accidentally gives Carly exactly what she wants by bringing up Nina's pregnancy. Carly learns that Phyllis wasn't there when she gave birth, so that's a source Carly can't tap any further. Alexis tells Willow the story Harmony fed her about her birth mother being a woman who left her at a commune. Willow is skeptical about it and wonders if her father knew what Harmony did. As she decides that her best option for getting answers is submitting to a DNA test at the PCPD, Carly snags a glass Nina drank from...and gets caught by Drew. Trina and Josslyn jump on Cameron for being nice to Esme, and he struggles to defend himself without telling them it's all an act for Spencer's sake. Josslyn worries that he sees her as heartless for holding a grudge the way she does. Trina turns to Ava, the best schemer she knows, to help her come up with a plan to deal with Esme. Ava suggests that Trina play on Esme's jealousy by making sure she sees Trina with Spencer. Trina doesn't feel right about that, but she contemplates deploying some secret weapon, even though someone other than Esme could get hurt. Ned whines some more about how Drew and Michael's plans to merge ELQ and Aurora could leave him out in the cold. They basically tell him to chill out because everything's going to work out.

I didn't think about the possibility that Spencer would find the pills. Awesome.

I like Phyllis' "are we going to have a problem here?" look and how Carly and Nina both knew they needed to behave themselves without her having to say it.

Still waiting for Carly and Sam to team up on this Nina/Willow stuff.

I need someone to fill Olivia in on the ELQ stuff so she can tell Ned he's being a brat.

May 11th, 2022

Michael and Willow go to the cemetery to visit Jonah's grave and run into Nina, who's there to whine to Nelle. Nina goes from "I'm sorry your mom died" to "you people are unfair and I'm entitled to get what I want no matter what" in about ten seconds. Sonny shows up and Michael urges him to prove his vow to support his son during the visitation hearing by telling Nina to back off. Sonny doesn't, and instead continues acting like a child about Michael turning on him. In the end, Willow's more upset than she was when she was just dealing with the Harmony stuff, but at least Sonny and Nina agree to keep their distance from each other until the visitation stuff has been settled. Esme spins a story about losing touch with Maggie, reconnecting with her, asking about her biological father, getting rebuffed, and cutting off contact again. Spencer pretends that he's ready to recommit to their relationship, but he puts on the brakes when she wants to have sex. He uses the excuse of wanting to make things special. Then he calls Britt so he can find out what pills Esme has a stash of. Elizabeth tells Finn that Nikolas invited her to stay at Wyndemere, and she'll head over there after one other stop. That stop is at her house, where she asks Chelsea to figure out what's been going on there. Chelsea's medium skills tell her there's an angry spirit there who isn't happy that the people who live there are moving on. Finn thanks Nikolas for opening his home to Elizabeth, but it turns out she lied about that. Carly's hesitant to tell Drew what she's up to but he gets her to spill that she's trying to find out if Nina is really Willow's biological mother. He also agrees to get her access to the gatehouse so she can take something of Willow's to test her DNA. Of course, Michael and Willow catch them there. Sonny's mopey about Jason, so Nikolas chooses the exact wrong time to pick a fight with him about Esme (especially since it means defending Esme and pretending he's on her side). Laura has to separate them, but not until after Nikolas calls Sonny a bully and Sonny calls Nikolas an idiot. Martin's like, "Why do our family members keep stirring up trouble?"

"Your idea of a compromise is to get your way." EXACTLY, WILLOW.

Also, I swear, Nina is physically incapable of shutting up.

Wait, the "spirit" or whatever messing with Elizabeth could be someone who's alive? Then I hope it's Hayden.

I looked up Chelsea's last appearance (summer of 2019) and she actually met Elizabeth back then. It was when Franco thought he was Drew. Elizabeth even asked Chelsea if Franco was lost to her forever. You'd think at least one of the actresses would tell the writers that the characters have already met, so Chelsea wouldn't need to introduce herself.

Drew, plausible deniability is always the way to go with Carly. In the majority of cases, the less you know, the better.

Don't poke a bear and then act surprised when it snaps at yo, Nikolas.

Morgan mention – drink!

May 12th, 2022

Carly comes up with a reasonable excuse for being in the gatehouse, so Michael and Willow aren't suspicious. They commiserate over running into Nina and chalk Nelle's behavior up to genetics. Michael gets a little annoyed when Drew points out that that means Wiley will be just like them, so they shouldn't discount nurture over nature. Carly tries to ditch Drew with regard to the DNA test, but he wants to see it through, i.e., wants to make sure she tells the appropriate people if the test comes back saying Nina and Willow are related. Esme admits to Ryan that Spencer found Maggie's letters and the pills she gave Trina. Ryan's mad that she let herself get distracted from their goals (breaking up Nikolas and Ava, and getting revenge on their various enemies). Esme threatens to turn on him, but he knows he's all she has. He tells her that Spencer might be able to exonerate Trina, but he won't be able to pin the recording on Esme, since she got rid of anything tying her to it. Next on their agenda: Esme seducing Nikolas. Chelsea seemingly channels Franco and tells Elizabeth that she needs to find peace so she can move on. She also needs to not look away. Finn and Laura figure out what they're up to and interrupt the session, which has convinced Elizabeth that she talked to Franco and that his spirit has been behind everything. Finn is furious that Chelsea took advantage of her, but she doesn't want to keep Elizabeth from getting the answers she wants. Britt tells Spencer that the pill he took from Esme is a painkiller with serious side effects. He figures out that it's what she gave Trina but doesn't want to tell Britt anything. When she bugs him to get Esme help, he slams her for not being any kind of authority on serious relationships. Felicia extends some kindness to Nina, acknowledging that they have things in common, such as making mistakes with their families. Felicia says that she was able to rebuild her relationship with Maxie because she faced up to what she did. Nina worries that Wiley and James will come to her one day with questions, but she knows it would be better for her to be honest with them than hide what she's done. Willow wants Michael to keep an open mind about his estrangement with Sonny.

I absolutely love Drew being like, "I have no explanation for this. Want to give it a shot, Carly?" I also love that he asked her what she'll do if it turns out Nina is Willow's biological mother, fully knowing she didn't learn anything from when she was in this positition with Nina and Nelle.

Uh, Carly, I think Willow will notice that her toothbrush is gone.

Why did Esme keep the pills anyway? That was dumb.

Ryan should be careful with Esme. If she ditches him, he's completely stuck.

May 13th, 2022

Drew offers to try to mediate for Michael and Sonny, apparently not getting that Michael is never going to believe that there's a compromise to be made. Sonny learns of the merger and wants in on it so Michael doesn't face Valentin without backup. Drew says no way. Dante also wants Michael and Sonny to come to some kind of agreement, but Michael refuses to communicate with the man who squandered his second chance with his family. Dante thinks Michael is more like Sonny than he knows. Michael vows to take everything from Sonny – at least everything legitimate, so that the next time the police come to his door, he has nothing to hide behind. Ned is still pouty about the merger, and Olivia's worried that he won't be able to put business aside for the school fair where Leo's going to be reciting his poem. Brook basically tells her father to shut up for the day, and he actually listens to her. Valentin knows that an approaching ELQ board meeting probably means he's going to be ousted as CEO. Martin basically says it's his own fault and there's nothing they can do as long as the Quartermaines are united. Valentin interprets that as "tear the Quartermaines apart," so he's nice to the next two he sees, Olivia and Leo. He's rewarded when Olivia lets slip that Drew and Michael are going to merge ELQ and Aurora. Valentin quickly figures out that if he wants a Quartermaine ally, he needs to go for Ned. Curtis checks on Nina as Smoltz's series about her starts being published. Her first instinct is to act like nothing's happening, but she can't keep that up for long. He urges her to make a case that Sonny shouldn't have access to Wiley if she can't, but Nina still doesn't want to get him involved in the trial. T.J. asks Jordan to help him find Marshall, which Jordan can't really do since he left town voluntarily. She tells him to approach the situation like a detective and follow any clues Marshall might have left behind. T.J. finds a receipt from a music shop in Brooklyn and decides to find out if anyone there knows where Marshall could be. Willow gets DNA confirmation that Harmony wasn't her biological mother, and she confides to Sam that she's not ready to find out who is. Sam knows from being a PI that she needs to be open to accepting whatever answers she gets before she starts looking for them. She promises to guide Willow through the process when she decides she's ready. Josslyn and Carly basically just complain about Nina and recap stuff.

Drew, buddy, stay out of it. I'm sorry you don't have a plotline right now but don't try to worm your way into someone else's.

Dante would be smart to get Michael to realize that Sonny's not the only one failing to take advantage of a second chance. You know, maybe someone should give Michael and Curtis the same lecture about fathers and sons.

Ned, if you don't trust Drew and Michael to look out for you, that's your problem. Stop making it everyone else's.

I wish the writers had remembered and had Sam mention that she's been in Willow's exact position.

T.J., no one cares about Marshall. Don't waste your time.

May 16th, 2022

Ava tries to encourage Trina not to let PCU's Title IX report get to her, even though she could be expelled in a matter of days if they decide she made the recording. Portia runs into Spencer and yells at him for causing so many problems in Trina's life, and for using his privilege to get out of the consequences he should be facing. Spencer's genuinely apologetic and lets her yell, but it doesn't help. Curtis fills Stella in on Marshall, and when he sees that she's not surprised about what he got from Marshall's file, he realizes she already knew. She admits that she went along with Irene's idea to pretend Marshall was dead, though she hated putting Curtis and Thomas through that pain. Curtis will probably get over that, but he still wants to know why Marshall went that route. Stella says that's his story to tell, so Curtis decides he needs to find his father. Leo recites his poem at the school fair, thanks mostly to Chase's support. Ned manages to stop thinking about work to enjoy the performance, but when Drew and Michael offer him a role as COO, he gets pouty again. He ducks out of Leo's birthday party to meet with Valentin. Esme mopes about Spencer ditching her for the day, but it's the perfect opportunity for her to have time alone with Nikolas. Things continue to edge over the line of acceptable behavior, so it's only a matter of time before someone catches them doing something they shouldn't be doing. Willow thanks Sonny for the flowers he sent her after Harmony's death, but Michael won't accept that his father made a kind gesture because a) it was probably to stick to it Michael somehow and b) he couldn't have suddenly started caring about his family after months of putting Nina ahead of them. Dante really wants to help Michael and Sonny make peace, but Sonny won't make the first move. Dante hints that Michael has something planned that Sonny needs to keep an eye out for. Felicia thinks Valentin needs to step things up with Anna if he wants to be with her, but if he hurts her, Felicia will make him pay. Anna learns that there's enough evidence to put Jennifer in prison, but she's still uncertain about Jennifer's guilt and curious about the French Naval officer.

Does Portia accept commissions? Can I hire her to yell at people for me?

Does Avery know that Ava was going to have lunch with her honorary daughter instead of going to her real daughter's dance performance?

I can support Stella's decision to go along with the lie because it was what Irene wanted, but after Irene died, that doesn't fly anymore.

I can't decide if Michael told Dante his plans because he didn't think Dante would tell Sonny or if he doesn't care if Sonny has a heads up. Probably the second one.

Felicia, please don't encourage Valentin.

May 17th, 2022

Olivia and Dante tell Brook and Chase, respectively, that it's time to admit their feelings for each other. Leo inadvertently helps their cause by getting Chase and Ned to perform a song Brook wrote. It's a love song, and Chase barely takes his eyes off of Brook while he sings it. They finally decide it's time to talk, so of course, that's when Linc shows up. Sam hit a dead end looking into Esme's past, so she goes to Spencer for more information. After he swears her to secrecy by invoking the Cassadine name, he tells her that Esme is a monster and he's actively trying to take her down. Sam is worried that Spencer will get in over his head, but she's proud of him for trying to help Trina. Ava goes after Esme again, and Esme does herself no favors by saying that Ava's siding with Trina because she doesn't have full custody of one of her real daughters, and the other is dead. Ava tells Nikolas to kick Esme out, but he insists that his plan is what's best for everyone. Esme pretends to believe that he's going to kick her out, and she's all proud of herself when he says she can stay. Ava decides to go at the problem from a different angle: She tells Spencer he can have access to his trust fund if he and Esme move out. The photographer pops up again, so Gladys intervenes and tells him Sasha has given her permission to finalize their deal. In exchange for whatever he said he would give Sasha, Gladys will return his memory card, as long as he deletes any pictures that could harm Sasha. Once the deal is done, Gladys again invites Sasha to tell her anything she's holding in. Sasha insists everything's fine, so Gladys produces the pills the photographer gave her. Ned has no interest in working with Valentin, but Valentin thinks he's planted a seed that will lead to Ned teaming up with him so they can both end up happy. Carly offers to invest in Aurora to help Drew and Michael. Michael won't let her since she didn't take anything from Sonny in the divorce (other than the house), and if the deal falls through, she won't have his money to fall back on. Sasha is struggling to live with the fact that she accidentally killed Harmony, and as great as Brando is, I don't think he gets how hard it is for her.

WHY is Linc back? What POSSIBLE reason could he have to come back into Brook's life?

I definitely didn't expect Spencer to tell Sam everything. It was a good move, though.

PCU banned Esme during the investigation? Interesting...

Kiki mention – drink!

"Sonny's blood money" – okay, calm down, Michael. As soon as you and Sonny inevitably make up, you're going to go back to being okay with what he does for a living.

May 18th, 2022

Linc announces that all the songs Brook wrote while under his contract belong to him. He's been shopping them around to other singers, and if he makes a deal, he'll make money off of Brook's work. He offers her the chance to work with him again and reap the benefits, but Brook refuses. When he turns up the sleaziness, Chase has to hold himself back from taking a swing at him. Brook literally beats him to the punch so he won't jeopardize the end of his suspension. They get close enough to almost kiss again, but Brook backs off, and she's too distracted anyway, so we'll have to keep freaking waiting. Molly and T.J. go to Brooklyn and meet with a man from the music shop. He pretends not to know anything about Marshall, but he's lying and doesn't keep it going for long. He agrees to tell Marshall that his family is looking for him if he sees him, and by the end of the episode, Marshall has found T.J. Curtis has decided to go look for Marshall, but he rethinks that idea when he sees how upset Portia is about the Title IX report. Plus, he doesn't know where to start searching. Portia encourages him to go, and Jordan tells him where Molly and T.J. are, so Curtis decides to join them. Sasha admits to Gladys that she relapsed with pills but promises that she wasn't high the night of the accident. She also swears that she didn't ask the photographer (Felty) for the pills he told Gladys she wanted. Gladys urges Sasha to tell Brando everything, but Sasha doesn't want him to take on more of her problems. In order to get Gladys to keep quiet, Sasha has to agree to let her move in. Sonny and Brando do the kind of bonding that would be called father-son if they were father and son.

Looking forward to a few months from now when Brook rerecords all her songs and adds "(BLQ's version)" to the titles.

I need Linc to stop calling Brook "Brookie," since that's what Ned called her when she was a kid.

Next let's "reclaim" Molly's family. I miss Ric.

Your turn, Portia – have YOU ever let something YOU reget go on so long that you don't know how to get out of it?

Sasha and Brando really have a horrible relationship, at least on her end.

Writers, I guarantee that no one wants to listen to dialogue about car repairs.

May 19th, 2022

Nina is upset on Sonny's behalf that his support could cost him his relationship with Michael. He says Michael has crossed a line, so when the hearing starts, Sonny will attend as part of Team Nina. Bobbie's worried that Smoltz's articles will strengthen Sonny's bond with Nina, which will make it harder for Sonny and Carly to eventually get back together. Carly tells her a reunion is never going to happen, but Bobbie knows she's wrong. They head to the Savoy to get their minds off of the subject, but of course they run into Sonny and Nina. Marshall appreciates T.J. and Molly's concern but doesn't want to go back to Port Charles. T.J. makes an impassioned plea not to walk out on his family again, especially since he never gave having a family a chance to begin with. They agree to put the discussion aside and go to a jazz club, but before Marshall and T.J. can get there, they get mugged. Elizabeth is fully convinced that Chelsea can connect her to Franco, and she's upset that Finn, Laura, and Kevin are treating her like she's crazy. She even kicks Finn out because he won't allow for the possibility that Chelsea is the real deal – he thinks someone is trying to take him and Violet out of Elizabeth's life. He confides to Gregory that he feels like he's losing Elizabeth. He can't put together what's going on, since no one's been around when Elizabeth has had her experiences, but Violet notes that Elizabeth has been there. Meanwhile, Elizabeth goes home and tears Finn and Violet out of a picture she drew of them with Elizabeth and her sons. Stella, Portia, and Epiphany have a ladies' night out to give Epiphany a boost as she gets ready to take the MCAT. Stella and Portia fill her in on Marshall, and though they all hope he comes back, Epiphany isn't waiting around for anyone.

I'm kind of looking forward to the visitation hearing. Now we'll have someone to tell people to shut up when they say annoying things.

LOL at Bobbie being like, "There's no way you and Sonny are over forever. You've forgotten what show you're on."

I think the real risk of the articles is that the judge will come down on Michael and Willow for being behind them.

If there's a big Carly/Bobbie/Sonny/Nina showdown tomorrow, I want to see Portia, Stella, and Epiphany in the background, commenting on it like a Greek chorus.

Tajh Bellow did a really good job today.

Dear everyone, it's 2022. We don't say "mental institution" anymore.

I'm just going to say that if Marshall gets stabbed to death and that's the end of this storyline, I won't complain.

May 20th, 2022

Finn figures out that Elizabeth may be having a weird reaction to her sleep aid, which is causing her to do things she doesn't remember doing. Cameron finds her cutting up Violet's picture as if she's in a trance. Finn is able to bring her out of it, but she doesn't remember anything she's done or how she got home. At first she denies the possibility that she's been behind everything, but she slowly realizes that Finn might be right. T.J. refuses to let the muggers take Marshall's clarinet, even though Marshall is willing to let it go. Marshall ends up slashed and unconscious, but Curtis arrives in time to knock out one mugger and chase off the other. The clarinet gets smashed but Molly picks up the pieces. Bobbie complains that Sonny is parading Nina around town as if he has nothing to be ashamed of. Carly tells her to let it go and won't agree to leave the Savoy just because Sonny and Nina are there. Sonny overhears them talking about the test results Carly's waiting for, and he asks if there's some medical condition he should know about. Carly tells him it's nothing to worry about, and even if it were, he's not part of her life anymore. Bobbie urges Nina to drop the visitation petition, but of course Nina won't do that. The two of them throw their past sins in each other's faces, and when Nina mentions that Scott told her Bobbie used to be a prostitute, she gets a drink thrown in her face as well. Taggert's mad at Jordan for not doing anything for Trina, but she and Portia convince him that she's on their side. In bigger news, Jordan finally remembers that Portia told her that Taggert isn't Trina's biological father. Portia tries to downplay that, and Jordan doesn't pressure her to tell Trina anything, but at least that's back on the radar. Michael and Willow spend the evening before the hearing hanging out with Wiley, reassuring each other that they'll defeat Nina, and having sex.

If Finn's theory (which is also my theory) is right, why hasn't Elizabeth noticed any missing time before now?

Yes, Jordan! Thank you! P.S. You looked amazing in this episode.

So is Taggert doing anything to find out who framed Trina, instead of just bugging Jordan to do something?

Taggert: "Thank you for whatever you may or may not be doing." Jordan: "Then you may or may not be welcome." Ha!

People need to stop acting like Michael and Willow could lost custody of Wiley to Nina. Yeah, it's not ideal if she gets to see him, but what could she get, an hour or two a week? This is getting blown out of perspective.

May 23rd, 2022

Michael is furious when he overhears Nina telling Maxie that Sonny is going to be one of her character witnesses at the hearing. Maxie tries to calm things down, saying that they should all be in favor of Wiley having more people in his life who love him. Michael turns on her, asking if she would have felt the same about Bailey if Peter had lived. Somehow things get twisted so much that Nina criticizes Harmony, slamming her for most likely taking Willow from her biological parents. She later apologizes, but Willow tells her not to bother pretending to be sorry because the judge won't buy it. While Brook's lawyer looks for a loophole in her contract, Linc sells one of her songs and sends her the demo, which is very un-Brook-like. Drew encourages her to move on and write more, but when he learns just how skeezy Linc is, he advises Brook to fight him. Brook comes up with a plan, and though we don't know what it is, it involves Chase, so I'm automatically on board. A trip to Marshall's apartment gives T.J. access to his medications and the revelation that he's taking an anti-psychotic. Curtis guesses that whatever his diagnosis was, that was the real reason he stayed away for 40 years. He would have rather had Marshall around, no matter what he was going through, than spent his life without him, and he's eager for a real second chance. Ned continues to be a child about ELQ and Aurora, even when Brook points out that the person who becomes CEO is less important than the fact that it won't be Valentin. Elizabeth undergoes a bunch of tests but nothing comes up to indicate why she's been sleepwalking or acting out. Everyone hopes her sleep medication was to blame and that she'll be okay once she stops taking it, though Kevin notes that there could be something else going on. Dante tries again to convince Sonny to reason with Michael, as if that'll do anything to make Michael come around. He thinks both Sonny and Michael need to grow up, and that they're in danger of ruining their relationship forever. Brad weighs in on the Nina/Wiley situation, warning Carly that if Michael and Willow don't let them have a relationship, the family will see a remix of the Michael/A.J. stuff a few years down the road. Carly has no interest in his view on anything involving Wiley, and also doesn't care what Britt thinks, since she's Team Nina. As Carly's heading to the hearing, she gets a text telling her the DNA test results are in.

The hearing is supposed to be on all week, so maybe I'm not looking forward to it so much anymore.

I would never encourage Brook to get Sonny to handle Linc for her,'s an option.

Dante, it's time to drop it. Michael and Sonny are going to fight for a few months and then work things out. Save your energy.

Brad Cooper, I KNOW you didn't voice your opinion on something involving the baby you technically kidnapped.

"The next time you find yourself agreeing with Brad, don't." That's not just good friendship advice, Britt. It's good life advice.

May 24th, 2022

The hearing starts with Nina talking about her regret over not getting to know Nelle, and how much she wants to keep Wiley in her life. Scott mentions that Wiley's other grandparents have been allowed to see him, even though one's a mobster and another was a murderer. Diane is more than happy to counter by bringing up Nixon Falls and Nina's lies. She also paints Nina as vengeful because Carly didn't tell her about Nelle. Sonny wants to take the stand, and though Nina protests, Scott lets him testify. Elizabeth decides that she needs to go away until she's sure she won't accidentally hurt anyone. Kevin suggests Shadybrook, and Elizabeth agrees. She asks for Finn's support, which he reluctantly gives, but tells him she needs to get through this on her own. Brook asks Chase to follow Linc and either catch him doing something illegal or get him to do something illegal. Of course Chase says no. She tells him how important her songs are to her, and when she calls them her babies, he realizes that she's still dealing with having to give Bailey back to Maxie. Alexis and Gregory have a debate about the Invader and what kind of news Alexis should be printing to keep up with competitors while keeping things dignified. She invites him to write an op-ed expressing his views on the news media. Now that everything's out, the Ashfords are all smiley and happy. We'll see how long that lasts.

Ugh, of course Nina's acting like Michael and Willow revoked her access to Wiley for no reason. I think the fact that she told Wiley that Willow isn't his "real" mother should carry a lot of weight here.

Scott using Jerome as Nelle's last name just brought that whole hilarious disaster back.

If Chase won't help Brook, she should go to Maxie. It would at least be entertaining.

THANK GOD Nancy Lee Grahn is back.

I assume they're going to put Gregory and Alexis. I also assume that they forgot that she slept with Finn. Wait, why do I think that's a deterrent for a pairing on this show?

May 26th, 2022

Sonny testifies that Nina isn't completely to blame for the amount of time he was in Nixon Falls – he didn't want to know who he was or find out anything about his family. He acknowledges that Nina screwed up, but he's forgiven her and thinks she deserves to be in Wiley's life. Diane argues that she doesn't because she purposely kept him from his kids and grandkids, and because of that whole thing where she kidnapped Avery right after she was born. By the end of Sonny's time on the stand, everyone's mad (except Scott, probably). Michael is next to testify, and Scott immediately kicks things into high gear with one name: Claudia. Josslyn is a good girlfriend to Cameron as he deals with the Elizabeth situation, and Spencer turns out to be a good friend, offering his support. Josslyn tells Cameron that they should break up Spencer and Esme so she'll lose contact with the people who are always around to rescue her. Cameron objects, knowing that would mess up Spencer's plans to stick close to her. Spencer tells Esme that they can move out of Wyndemere, which she tries to casually talk him out of. After another round of "I'm so pathetic, everyone's against me, thank you for being so nice to me" with Nikolas, Esme tells him that Ava offered Spencer money, so they'll be moving out. Amy is so against Chet dating Terry that she got him a job in Chicago. Chet wants to take it, but he doesn't want to miss out on a shot at a relationship with someone he really likes. Rory has done his research and discovered that, while it's not exactly sanctioned, it's okay for him to date Trina. She's not ready for that, and she doesn't want to do anything to jeopardize his career, but she's all right hanging out with him as friends. Nikolas is a jerk to Britt, which just makes her lament further how Spencer treated her recently. She confides to Terry that she wants a relationship, then invites Terry to tag along on a dating-app meetup. Ava and Victor are pretty much filler.

But how is Nina paying for her mistakes, according to Sonny? Other than having people glare at her wherever she goes, she's not being punished.

How is everyone shocked that Scott would put Michael on the stand and bring up Claudia? I mean, come on!

I love that for Scott to win here, he needs Sonny's cooperation.

I'm thinking Sonny might be shopping for a new lawyer after this.

I like the way Josslyn's mind works.

It says a lot that Nikolas felt entitled to and demanded information on Elizabeth, but Spencer told Cameron he didn't have to share the details and that Spencer would be there for him.

Amy should WANT Chet and Terry to date. He's her best bet for convincing Terry to be nicer to her.

Victor: "You are a remarkable woman, Ava." Ava: "I know! Thank you for noticing!" Heh.

May 27th, 2022

Scott questions Michael about Claudia's death, the time he took custody of Avery away from Sonny, and whether or not Nelle might have hidden Wiley from him because she was scared of him. Diane has a response for everything, though the most important one is that Michael wants to keep Wiley from Nina not out of spite but because it's what's best for his son. Now Michael's worried that one day Wiley will find out about Claudia and have some questions for him. Meanwhile, Willow wants to confront Nina, and for Willow to get as angry as she is right now, you know it's serious. Spencer interrupts Rory and Trina, so Rory excuses himself, mentioning that he's going to go to the Metro Court pool. He predicts that Trina will join him, and he's right. Before that, though, she and Spencer have their 4,852nd fight, after which he goes home and has an even bigger fight with Esme. She threatens to leave if he walks out during their fight, so he calls her bluff and goes. That leaves her home alone when Nikolas arrives after his own fight with Ava, and Esme's pleased with how things are working out. Ava and Nikolas' fight is, of course, about Esme, but also about Spencer. Nikolas sees Ava's move to give him money as a personal attack, since it'll drive Spencer away before he and Nikolas can mend their relationship. Victor tries to mediate, but ultimately, the couple is closer to divorce than ever. Amy has a last-minute change of heart, revealing that she got Chet the job in Chicago because she wanted to separate him and Terry. She acknowledges that she was selfish, and now she wants Chet to follow his heart. Terry, however, still wants Chet to take the job.

Willow, no! Keep your hands to yourself!

If I didn't know better, I'd say Michael's learning that Wiley might someday see him the way he sees Sonny.

LOL at Trina getting distracted by Rory's chest and trying to maintain eye contact.

Didn't Nikolas tell Ava what he was up to? Did I make that up?

If Ava and Nikolas are going to end things, I wish they'd just pull the trigger. I'm sick of hearing them fight. Ditto Spencer and Esme.

"This family's weathered worse than that." Don't say "weather," Victor.

Aw, Chris Van Etten is leaving. So much for Terry getting a boyfriend.

May 31st, 2022

Willow and Nina have yet another fight know, the same old stuff, but this time it seems like Nina's finally getting that she's doing more harm than good. Willow calms down enough to tell the judge why Nina shouldn't have visitation, and when it's time for Scott to question her, Nina tells him the fighting needs to stop. Carly finally gets the DNA results but hasn't looked at them yet. Ava and Laura run into each other at a shooting range and discuss the downward spiral Ava and Nikolas' marriage is in. Ava admits that it's not all because of Spencer and Esme, but their struggles over that whole mess are a symptom of a bigger problem. Laura reveals that Nikolas asked her to help Avery get into a school Ava wanted her to go to. She asks Ava to be patient with Nikolas and not give up on the relationship so quickly. Esme tells Nikolas that she and Spencer are through, then tries to boost his ego when he tells her about his and Ava's problems. The sexual tension grows until they ultimately make out. A bunch of people end up at a Society Setups gathering/fundraiser, where Britt drinks to deal with the fact that she can't find love. Drew encourages her, noting that she could wind up meeting someone there who she can be happy with. Austin and Dante talk to Chase and Brook, respectively, about how everyone's waiting for them to get together and they're sick of the two of them not realizing they should (in so many words). Sam guesses that something's going on with Spinelli related to the gathering. Chet has a lot of second thoughts about taking the job in Chicago but Terry convinces him that he'll regret missing out on the opportunity.

I don't know why people think Nina told Scott to go after Michael. That was just Scott being Scott.

Ava at a shooting range just scares me.

I expected Nikolas to let things build so that it was more obvious that Esme was making the first move. Not that she won't put this all on him anyway.

Between Drew being nice to Brad and calling Obrecht "sharp," I'm starting to worry about him.

They really need to give Austin a plot because I'm not sure what's keeping Roger Howarth around.

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