General Hospital blog - November, 2005

November 1st, 2005

Jason and Sam head to Rose Lawn on a tip that Manny might be there. Alexis tells Ric that she’s moving back to New York. Lucky and Elizabeth do wedding night stuff. Jax wants to stay with Courtney and have a family with her. Manny tries to get a job at Rose Lawn.

I totally didn’t recognize Manny with a hat and no beard. Actually, I didn’t recognize him until a spotted a tattoo.

Lulu’s awesome. You tell him, Lu!

Dear Courtney: GO HOME. Stop moping around a wedding when you’re not happy and don’t even really like the bride and groom. Get off my screen. Hey, I know a train you could get on....

I hadn’t even thought about the possibility of Kristina being on the train, but at least now we know she won’t be. Whew! Also, if Ric and Alexis are going to break up, she MUST get back together with Ned. That’s all that I will find acceptable.

November 2nd, 2005

Everyone gets on the train. Jason agrees to try Robin’s treatment but collapses at Sonny’s house. Carly leaves Rose Lawn.

Alicia Leigh Willis is leaving. I don’t care. They might recast with Erin Hershey Presley. That could be interesting....

I’m guessing that train Cameron gave Lucky and Elizabeth will be showing up again. Like in a pile of wreckage or something.

Everyone on the train! Let’s see if we can keep track:

Train #1, Port Charles to Manhattan: Lucky (honeymoon), Elizabeth (honeymoon), Emily (um...honeymoon?), Nikolas (same), Courtney (Nikolas invited her), Alexis (Emily invited her), Ric (Elizabeth invited him, for some reason), Reese (with Ric), Jax (why not?), Sonny (going to Rose Lawn)

Train #2, Manhattan to Port Charles: Sam (bringing Robin back), Robin (with Sam), Carly (leaving Rose Lawn), Max (with Sam), Manny (I don’t know, but he’s trying to kill people)

Not on either train, at least at the moment: Jason, Alcazar, Skye, Luke, any Quartermaine other than Emily

November 3rd, 2005

Sam and Robin take control when they realize that Manny is on the train. Michael gets Jason to the hospital, where Monica refuses to let Tony do anything until Robin and Sam arrive. Reese overhears Ric telling Sonny that he’ll always love Carly. Jax and Courtney reminisce about their relationship. Alcazar searches for Carly. Manny kills the conductor of train #2, causing the two trains to crash (of course).

I have to say that I really enjoyed Sam and Robin’s scenes together. It’s nice to see two, you know, MATURE women who are polite to each other even though one is dating the other’s ex. I hope they turn out to be the heroes of this storyline.

Thanks for jinxing everything, Elizabeth.

I don’t want to know how Jax remembers that this is the one-year anniversary of the first time he and Courtney slept together. Move on, dude.

So is Manny suicidal? Or does he think he’ll survive two trains crashing? Discuss.

November 4th, 2005

Jason, Alcazar, Luke, Justus and Jesse head to the crash site to help out. Alexis’ water breaks and she panics over the fact that everyone capable of taking care of Kristina is trapped with her. Lulu worries that Luke will save Lucky but not Nikolas. The tunnel collapses. Manny finds Carly.

Ew. They’re going to put Sonny and Emily together. Gross. After the way Nikolas and Emily were so happy to see each other today, they should put them back together.

Reese is still alive? Darn. I’m guessing the tunnel collapse will finish her off.

In case you didn’t know, I love Alexis.

Go, Sam, go! Save the day! I’ve stopped hating you!

November 7th, 2005

Jason finds Robin, who tells him to go after Sam. He finds her and the two of them attempt to free Robin. Manny shoots Max, then has to contend with a ticked off Carly. Sonny and Reese head off to find help. Jax and Alcazar head back into the tunnel to help people. Luke finds Elizabeth and Lucky, who stops breathing.

Stupid Manny. The Ruizes need to stop shooting Max. He better live.

Is Carly a superhero now?

Hee, Alexis is even funny when she’s in labor. Poor Ric’s head.

How much dirt did they dump on Greg Vaughan and Kelly Monaco? Yeesh. Also, when I first saw Skye’s coat, I thought she’d had durt dumped on her, too.

November 8th, 2005

Jason escapes from an explosion but is unable to get his medication and Robin’s notes. Jason, Sam, and Robin try to find a way out but Robin almost falls into a sinkhole. Elizabeth, Luke, and Nikolas look for a way out for Lucky. They manage to get him to Jax and Alcazar before the exit collapses, trapping Elizabeth and Nikolas back in the tunnel to collapse thanks to a gas leak. Carly and Manny play cat and mouse. Emily realizes that asthma medication will help Alexis (though not enough to prevent her from needing a C-section). Dillon tries to play peacemaker between Tracy and Lulu.

How awesome would it have been if Max had woken up and shot Manny? Totally awesome, that’s how awesome. Carly’s doing pretty well for herself, though. (And she seems to be quite sane now.)

I guess now Rebecca Herbst can put “does hysterical well” on her résumé.

Someone is so falling down that sinkhole. I mean besides Robin.

Quote of the day: “If you were my mother, I’d have to kill one of us.” (Lulu to Tracy)

November 9th, 2005

Jason, Sam, and Robin find Alexis, Emily, and Ric. Sam and Jason go to find help, but Jason collapses and falls into the sinkhole. Robin and Emily prepare to perform a C-section to deliver Alexis’ baby. Sonny and Reese wind up back in train #2 with Carly. Jason finds Carly’s St. Christopher medal and remembers giving it to her. Carly shoots Manny. Jax, Mac, and Jesse find Nikolas and Elizabeth, who reunites with Lucky at the hospital just before he flatlines. Nikolas and Jax find an unconscious Courtney and are on their way to find help for Alexis when Nikolas is trapped by a cave-in.

I love that Ric’s method of making sure Alexis was unconscious was to tell her that he’s a better lawyer than her.

Yep, figured somoene would fall in the sinkhole. It’s not as deep as I thought, though.

Wow, Carly’s pretty tough!

Yay, a doctor to help Alexis! Go, Robin!

Reese is still alive? Now the writers are just messing with me.

November 10th, 2005

Alexis gives birth to Molly, but Robin worries that Alexis will die before she can be rescued. Sam leaves Jason and goes to get help, finding Sonny and Reese. Carly finds Jason and saves him from drowning, then gets rescued by Jesse. Jason tells Sam, Reese, and Sonny that he saw Carly. Lucky survives. Courtney and Jax assume that Nikolas is dead after a cave-in, but he makes his way back to them and Emily. Lulu makes up with Luke but fights with Tracy again.

Awww, Molly. And she was born on my half birthday!

No way would they kill off Alexis. They would lose so many viewers.

I’m guessing that Carly/Jason flashback was from when he and Brenda were on trial for the murder of Famous Original Alcazar. Interestingly, I don’t remember that scene, by my mom does, even down to the detail that Jason changed shirts and the one Carly gave him was a different shade of blue. Freaky, huh?


Sorry you had to dig your way out of rubble and get yourself to safety like you did during the hotel fire, Nikolas.

November 11th, 2005

Sonny, Jason, and Reese make it to the other passengers of train #1. Sam heads off to get help and encounters Manny, who sets off an explosion. Thinking he’s dead, she leaves and meets up with Sonny and Robin. Believing that she’s dying, Alexis says her goodbyes to her loved ones and asks Sonny and Ric to let Molly and Kristina be sisters. Ric gives Molly to Courtney, Nikolas, and Jax, who are rescued by Jesse. Robin finds Jason’s medication and when Sam goes to get him, Manny takes her hostage. Alcazar takes Carly back to Rose Lawn.

Okay, guys, just one more day of Reese. She’ll be blowing up (no, really) on Monday.

Nancy Lee Grahn herself is saying that Ric and Alexis are staying together. Yay! And yet...the cheese, people. Y’all know I love them, and I especially love, NLG, but...the cheese. Oh, the cheese. Please tell me Alexis and Molly don’t have some sort of psychic connection, because that’s just ridiculous.

Probably shouldn’t have used that last bullet opening a briefcase, huh, Sonny?

Why did Ric give Molly to Courtney, of all the people there? He should’ve given her to Nikolas or Jax. (I know it’s just temporary, but still.)

November 14th, 2005

Manny shoots Robin in the arm but is taken down by Jason. Sam and Jason head off to find Carly, who they think is still in the tunnel, but find a bomb Manny placed in the cave. Alexis’ condition improves and she and Ric make up. After getting out of the tunnel, Nikolas goes back in to find Emily. Reese gets worse. Alcazar takes Michael and Morgan to see Carly.

MAX! Max is okay! Yay!

Yeah, Jax, Courtney was a real hero. She carried a baby out of a tunnel. Woo hoo.

They didn’t blow Reese up! Huh. I was misled. Not like I care; I’m not picky.

Is it bad that sometimes I don’t recognize Felicia?

November 15th, 2005

Reese dies just before everyone else is rescued. Jason and Sam attempt to disarm the bombs Manny left in the tunnel. Jason sends Sam and Sonny out just before the detonator is accidentally pressed. The Davis/Lansing family reunites. Courtney practices motherhood. Emily is upset over not being able to save Reese. Maxie wants Robin and Jason to get back together so Mac will leave Jesse and Dillon alone. Carly assures her doctor that she’ll be fighting to get better so she can be with Michael and Morgan. Manny escapes from the hospital (of course).

THAT’S NOT KRISTINA. Eh, she’s still cute.

‘Bye, Reese! Thanks for indirectly blowing up the tunnel. That was very helpful.

Anyone else running up all the fake Carly flashbacks? Just wondering.

Please, please don’t let Courtney bond with Molly. Because she has a good chance of losing her baby, and then she’ll go crazy and kidnap Molly and pretend she’s her daughter. And it will suck.

November 16th, 2005

Luke comes up with a plan to save Jason, admitting to Justus that he wants Sonny’s gratitude. Carly finds Jason but they fall through the floor of the tunnel. Emily feels guilty about not saving Reese. Jax and Courtney plan to try to make things work. Elizabeth and Lucky run into more money problems.

Nikolas will be played by some guy named Chris Beetem for a few days in December while Tyler Christopher recovers from surgery on his broken arm. Too bad he didn’t break his arm three weeks ago; they could have just knocked him out for a few days and written it in.

Shut up, Emily. She’s going to be such an annoying doctor.

That’s the first time in years that anyone has mentioned the fact that Justus killed someone. Awesome.

The security at Rose Lawn SUCKS.

November 17th, 2005

Carly and Jason get out of the tunnel and he takes her back to Rose Lawn, then reunites with Sam. Robin admits to Nikolas that she still has feelings for Jason. Courtney and Nikolas don’t want to lose their relationship. Lulu asks Lucky if she can move in with him after Lesley orders Luke to take care of her. Tracy tries to make a deal with Sam to get Jason’s money. Nikolas promises to pay Lucky’s hospital bills.

Jason took Carly to Rose Lawn, THEN came back to let Sam know he was okay? Whatever.

Jesse may be a good cop but he kind of sucks as a person. Hit him again, Sam!

I love Lulu. She rocks so much. But why wouldn’t she ask to live with the rich brother?

Why would Tracy want Jason’s money anyway? I don’t get it.

November 18th, 2005

Jason proposes to Sam again, then begins his treatment, which brings up a memory of Robin. Carly gets dressed up and heads to Sonny’s. Courtney tells Jax it’s over. Elizabeth doesn’t want Lulu to move in with her and Lucky, so Lulu asks Nikolas if she can move in with him. Luke is not in favor.

Awww, Jason and Sam are sweet. Wait, what?

Lulu should move in with Luke at the Quartermaines’. How awesome would that be?

I love how absolutely no one cares that Reese is dead. So much for the tragedy that was supposed to shake Port Charles forever.

Is anyone else fast-forwarding through any scene with Courtney in it, or is it just me?

November 21st, 2005

Jason asks Sam to get Robin to stop the treatment. Sonny convinces Carly to go back to Rose Lawn. Helena threatens Courtney. Jax works to make sure he won’t be shut out of his child’s life. Luke tries to patch things up with Lulu.

And suddenly the show is SO BORING again.

Ug. Remember last Thanksgiving when they showed a rerun from the fire from earlier that year? They’re showing a rerun this year, too. Only they’re showing an episode from, like, last December. One word: Connor. Kill me now.

November 22nd, 2005

Sam asks Robin to stop Jason’s treatment, but he asks her to start it again. Brook discovers that Diego is the stalker. Helena knocks Courtney out and pushes her in the lake. Emily is still nervous about practicing medicine. Helena offers to partner up with Jax to break up Nikolas and Courtney.

Just a second, let me rewind and watch Helena push Courtney into the water again.

Shut up, Emily. You already suck as a doctor and you aren’t even one yet.

Shouldn’t Robin be a little more confident in what she’s doing? It’s not like she does manicures. She’s a freaking doctor. She messes with people’s lives!

Hey, Brook? CALL THE POLICE. Idiot.

November 23rd, 2005

Sam and Monica officially stop Jason’s treatment. He dreams of Robin, then kisses her (which, of course, Sam and Sonny see). Alexis and Ric christen Molly. Nikolas takes matters with Helena into his own hands. Diego confesses his misdeeds to Alcazar, who makes him turn himself in. Jax warns Courtney that she and the baby will be in danger if she stays with Nikolas. Durant tells Carly that Sonny and Emily might be more than friends. Emily brings Michael and Morgan to Rose Lawn to see Carly, who confronts Emily.

Was Reese’s memorial service not supposed to be funny? Oh. Sorry.

Hee, for some reason I love that Nikolas brought a book with him on the plane. Like, “I’m going to knock out my grandmother, then catch up on my reading.”

I take back calling Brook an idiot. She’s actually the voice of reason, what with mentioning that Diego never met Sage, Georgie was the one who locked her in the freezer, and Mary was the one who killed her. She was also very smart for keeping a photo, just in case. But she definitely should have left the room when she had a chance.

That’s it for the christening? Really? How disappointing.

Also disappointing: no Quartermaine Thanksgiving extravaganza. Boo. Instead of showing a rerun tomorrow, they should have put together a clip show of Thanksgiving stuff. That would’ve been awesome.

November 24th, 2005

Looks like the rerun is PEPFTW, complete with Connor, 10-year-old Lulu, and Lucky’s bad hair. Oh, and Heather. Interestingly (and I never noticed this because there were months of separation between the two plotlines), the creepy little girl Skye saw on the parapet was played by the same girl who played Jodi!

November 28th, 2005

Jason regains his memory but Robin isn’t sure he’s completely healed. Carly thinks that Emily is in love with Sonny. Luke realizes that Lulu is more like him than he thought. Diego escapes from the PCPD and takes Georgie hostage at Kelly’s.

Ewwww. And I’m going to keep saying that until the writers realize that putting Sonny and Emily together is weird and gross and wrong in more ways than I can count.

I think I might love Lulu. She and Tracy should so team up together and do some damage.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - the PCPD officers are deeply stupid.

Apparently Tony is such a good doctor that he can look into a person’s eyes and tell that he/she is healed. Amazing!

November 29th, 2005

Robin tells Sam that Jason could relapse. Carly fakes an illness so she can get to the hospital and ask Jason about Emily and Sonny. Emily dreams about Sonny. Georgie tries to convince Diego to turn himself in.

Aww, Sonny and Jason are back together!

Yeah, Carly’s definitely normal again.

Diego was an idiot to point a gun at Georgie’s arm (which wouldn’t do much), Maxie was an idiot to tell him she’d called the police, and Dillon and Mike were idiots for not jumping or shooting Diego. Everyone’s dumb today.

Ewwww. Emily, don’t do that.

November 30th, 2005

The only chance Jason has left is surgery, but he’d rather go hang out in Hawaii until he dies. Carly decides to take Sonny’s rejection as a kick to get herself better. Lulu matches wits with Tracy and Luke. Elizabeth thinks Emily is having disturbing dreams about Reese. Diego lets Georgie go but she goes after him and handcuffs herself to him.

People who are even crazier than Carly: Jason (for risking death), Courtney (for leaving Carly alone on the roof), and Georgie (do you really have to ask?).

My new motto: I heart Lulu.

Oh, boo hoo, Robin, your ex might die. It’s all about you, isn’t it? Please don’t turn into Emily.

I didn’t mention it before, but Lainey is wearing the world’s most hideous dress. And on this show, that’s saying a lot.

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