General Hospital blog - November, 2006

November 1st, 2006

Cruz helps Sam escape from the PCPD. She attempts to jump rooftops and has to be rescued by Jason. Sonny tries to make a deal with Ric that if he drops the charges against Sam, heíll give up custody of Kristina and Ric can get custody of Molly. Alexis starts losing her hair. Lucky asks Nikolas to give Elizabeth money so she can buy a house. Ric tries to turn Sam against Jason by showing her photos of him and Elizabeth.

Yay, Cruz! I knew heíd be a hero.

First of all, why did Sam go to a roof? Second of all, what on earth possessed her to TRY TO JUMP FROM ONE ROOFTOP TO ANOTHER? I will give her points for hitting Ric with a chair, though.

I want a Finding Nemo cake!

Darn you, Carly! Youíre so boring, you force me to fast forward scenes with Jax!

Awww, poor Alexis. Letís hope she gets a better wig than the one Ric got her.

November 2nd, 2006

Sam and Jason make it to a hideout and start to have fugitive sex. Alexis announces that she wants her job back. Lesley, Bobbie, and Tracy are shocked to see Laura. Ric starts flashing around his photos of Elizabeth and Jason.

Ainít nothing better than fugitive sex. I guess.

Hee hee hee. Tracy + Laura = a little hilarity.

Ric is still eeeeeeeeevil.

Rock on, Alexis!

November 3rd, 2006

Jason and Sam decide to stay in town and expose Ricís corruption. Ric catches them asking Cruz for help and takes a shot at them. Luke tells Laura that Rick died in a car accident, then takes her to Beecherís Corners, where she asks him to remarry her. Jax and Carly set a wedding date but no one wants them to get married. Robin and Patrick want to be more spontaneous.

I want more Luke and Laura flashbacks! And not ones from four years ago!

I kind of wish Sam would start taking this more seriously, considering SHE COULD GO TO PRISON.

Hee, I love that Robin bet on the date of Jax and Carlyís wedding and won. Hee hee hee.

Why does everyone dress so badly when going to the Haunted Star? Carlyís dress was awful and Emily had both an unflattering dress and so much eyeliner that if this were Alias, she would be evil.

Anniversaries: Elizabeth and Lucky Spencer, Alexis Davis and Ric Lansing
Arrested: Sam McCall
Birthdays: Maxie Jones, Elizabeth Spencer
Proposed: Laura Spencer (to Luke Spencer)

November 4th, 2006

Next week: Helena lurks, Laura starts to remember, and Jason and Sam get help from a very unlikely source.

November 6th, 2006

Luke accepts Lauraís proposal, then gets the family to stick to his car-accident story. Jason and Sam head to Alcazarís house to find out more about the flash drive. They have to hide when Skye and Alcazar show up, then comfort a crying Lila. Carly and Sonny blah, blah, blah. Patrick tells Robin he loves her.

What? Iím sorry. Iím falling asleep.

November 7th, 2006

Skye lets Jason and Sam leave without alerting Alcazar. They head over to the Metro Court to hide out with Carlyís help. Tracy is distraught to hear that Luke prefers Laura over her. Robin reacts badly to Patrickís announcement, then returns his affections. Skye isnít sure about her future with Alcazar.

Yawn. And shut up, Tarcy.

November 8th, 2006

Jason gets Elizabethís help to bug Ricís cell phone. Ric stakes out the cemetery, knowing Sam will show up to commemorate the death of her baby, and when she arrives, a cop takes a shot at her. Sonny thinks that Carly and Jax wonít get married when they planned because Jason wonít be there. Robin and Patrick are all romantic and stuff. Lulu worries that her abortion will push her over the edge. Alexis uses her anger at Ric as motivation again.

And how did Ric remember the exact day Samís baby died? Speaking of Sam, sheís...kind of an idiot. ďThis is a microcassette duplicator.Ē ďWhat does it do?Ē Iím going to go with...makes waffles.

Hee, Jason needs to wear ineffectual disguises more often.

Iím going to guess that Carly and Jax will delay their wedding not so much because of Jason but because she was just making out with Sonny.

Epiphany? Hi. I like you and all, but could you mind your own business, please? Thanks.

November 9th, 2006

Ric sets up a sting operation for Jason at the hospital. Carly tries to distract the cops by pulling a gun on Sonny. After realizing that her family hasnít been completely honest with her, Laura heads back to the attic and starts to piece everything together. Luke assures Lulu that she wonít go crazy. - Ric tries to stop Elizabeth from helping Jason.

Ric may be evil, but heís also very smart. Carly? Not so much.

Epiphany? I take back what I said yesterday. Keep rocking, please.

Why do the Spencers have a window open in November in upstate New York anyway?

I love the background throwaway moment of Robin and Patrick straightening themselves out after sneaking out of the supply closet at the hospital. Nice touch.

November 10th, 2006

Elizabeth sneaks Sam out of the hospital while Epiphany lets Jason take her hostage so he can escape. None of them realizes that Ric has planting a tracking device on Elizabeth. Sonny has his men raid Alcazarís house, but Alcazar gets the upper hand. Luke spills all to Laura, who reacts well. Helena makes plans to be out of Shadybrook in time for Luke and Lauraís wedding. Sonny tells Carly that her antics arenít fair to Jax.

Ric really is an evil genius! I hate that heís turned back into a villain, but Iím really liking the plot.

Epiphany is hilarious. Community theater for you!

You know itís a bad day when Carly is the smartest character. And when Luke and Laura are boring.

Why should Nikolas care that Elizabeth helped Sam escape? Heíd probably want to help, since sheís, you know, his cousin and all.

Annulled (allegedly): Luke Spencer and Tracy Quartermaine
Birthdays: Nikolas Cassadine
Re-engaged: Luke and Laura Spencer

November 12th, 2006

This week: Luke and Laura remarry, Ric and Alcazar want Sam and Jason dead, and Helena and Maxie cause more trouble.

November 13th, 2006

Jason discovers Ricís tracking device and he and Sam escape. Ric threatens to arrest Elizabeth for helping them. With help from Stan, Sam and Jason learn that the information Alcazar got for the flash drive came from Peterís computer. They kidnap Peter, who tells them that he let a PCU student use his computer. Carly and Jax give up their wedding day for Luke and Laura. Jane wonders if Sonny will always be an obstacle to Jax and Carlyís life together. Peter thinks Patrick and Robin are fooling themselves by being in love.

I donít know if the writers have started using drugs or stopped using them or what, but the show has been a lot more interesting recently. Maybe because, you know, stuff is actually happening.

A Jane/Sonny scene? Weird.

Hey, Peter? Robin went to Yale. Just so you know. Also, how convenient that Peter and Patrick are friends from college. And that officially makes Peter too old for Lulu.

When Sonny was basically yelling at Jason and Sam, I was waiting for Sam to hang her head and say, ďSorry, Dad.Ē Because seriously, what is he, her father?

November 14th, 2006

Jason and Sam let Peter go, then follow him to Spinelli, who they kidnap in his place. Tracy is less than pleased that Luke wants to marry Laura at the mansion. He assures her that he loves her and this is only temporary. Jane tells Carly and Jax to rethink marriage. Maxie tries to make Lucky think about ďtheirĒ baby as much as he thinks about his and Elizabethís.

Wow, this Spinelli guy is both very annoying and very entertaining at the same time. Weird, huh?

I refuse to listen to Luke saying that he loves Tracy. They have no chemistry, and he and Laura are supposed to be the greatest love of all or whatever. Tracy can leave for all I care.

Dear Carly and Jax: youíre boring. Please do something to change that.

Why does Diego care what Alcazar and Ric are up to? Whatever.

I so want to tell Maxie to shut it, but...sheís actually kind of fun!

November 15th, 2006

Sonny convinces Jason, Sam, and Spinelli to turn themselves in once they have proof that Ric framed Sam. Ric and Alcazar find out and plan to have them gunned down. Laura spends the day before her wedding giving other people relationship advice. Lucky is released from rehab and gets his job back after Mac warns him heíll be charged if he screws up again. Carly and Jax exhaust me. Robin is upset with herself for bringing Laura back only to have her return to her catatonic state.

Awww, Iím glad Laura got to meet Spencer. Though I have to wonder, did anyone tell her Robert is alive?

Dang, Mac is harsh. I guess when a guy (allegedly) knocks up your daughter, you kind of have to be mean to him.

If Carly doesnít stop whining, Iím going to have to hurt her.

Gee, I hope Ric and Alcazar donít have Sam and Jason killed. Because Iím so naÔve that I actually think it could happen.

November 16th, 2006

Luke and Laura remarry. Jason locks Spinelli in the bathroom so he and Sam can have a romantic night together. As theyíre leaving the safehouse to turn themselves in, Jasonís Spidey sense starts tingling and the three narrowly escape a car bomb. Tracy almost causes trouble, but a quick-thinking Monica and Alice keep her under wraps. Laura has memory problems. Maxie and Helena crash the wedding, but Maxieís the one who winds up with the bouquet.

God bless you, writers. Diego is getting killed off tomorrow. Happy weekend! was nice. I wish they hadnít juxtaposed the wedding with the car bomb. (Psst, writers - you did that ten years ago. Remember Lily?)

Nice misdirection with the hired thugs loading guns, then setting a car bomb instead. And Spinelli screwed everything up with a bag of potato chips. Tsk tsk tsk.

Random nitpicks/complaints: Carlyís dress was completely inappropriate for a wedding (of course, her clothing is pretty much always inappropriate for every setting). Skye would never come to Lukeís wedding. Lucky should have had Maxie kicked out. Mike should have been there. Helena should have cursed them anyway, for old timeís sake. For the millionth time, ďIsnít She LovelyĒ is about a baby. No flashbacks!

I have to wonder if Elizabeth is faking the fainting spell in an attempt to create a diversion. Also, interesting that she didnít line up with the single women for the bouquet, huh?

November 17th, 2006

Kristina sees Sam kill Diego in self-defense. Elizabeth finds an injured Jason in a church and tells him that heís the babyís father. Thinking that Jason is dead, Sonny pays Ric a visit for some Russian roulette. After realizing that her condition is only temporary, Laura has to share the news with Nikolas, Lucky, and Lulu. Sam is rearrested.

Welcome to Sad Day! On your left, a death and a traumatized child. On your right, a slow return to catatonia and the belief that a best friend is dead. Have a great day! (Sorry about your sucky first birthday, Molly.)

Iím so torn...I donít like Sam...but Sam killed Diego, and I donít like him either. What to do, what to do?

I donít appreciate the show playing with my emotions like that by putting Kristina in danger. Boo! Also, if she just saw her sister kill someone, wouldnít she be afraid of her, not clinging to her? Whatever.

Freaking A, Elizabeth, you have horrible timing.

Arrested (again): Sam McCall
Birthday: Molly Lansing
Injured: Jason Morgan
Kidnapped: Spinelli
Remarried (sort of): Luke and Laura Spencer
R.I.P.: Diego Alcazar

November 19th, 2006

This week: everyone thinks Jason is dead, Sam is in a lot of trouble, Laura's kids give her an early Christmas, and the Quartermaines have a crappy Thanksgiving. Also, there's no new show on Thursday, but they're showing a rerun from May (May 4th, specifically), which happens to be the episode where Durant dies (yay!) and the Tequila Girls have their Patrick fantasties (double yay!).

November 20th, 2006

Elizabeth tends to Jason and lets Sonny know that heís alive. Ric tells Sam sheís to blame for Kristinaís trauma and sheíll probably be going to jail for the rest of her life. Alcazar vows revenge on Sam and Sonny. The Spencers reminisce. Sonny tells Carly that Jason is alive, then makes out with her.

My name is Lorenzo Alcazar. You killed my son. Prepare to die.

I can totally get behind a Carly/Sonny repairing. But mostly if it means Jax and Alexis get back together.

Yeah...Kristina turning the flashlight on and off isnít creepy at all. (Shudder.) Also, writers? Itís supposed to be Mollyís birthday, not Kristinaís. Nice.

ďBoth Sides NowĒ? Really, music guys?

November 21st, 2006

Word spreads to Sam, Jax, and Emily that Jason is alive. The Spencers have an early Christmas. Lulu tells Laura about her abortion. Laura is predictably supportive. Carly tries to appease her guilt over kissing Sonny.

Carly and Sonny are so self-centered that even after Jason almost dies, he still has to sit there and listen to them talk about themselves.

Skye? Itís time to run away.

Way to ruin Christmas, Lulu. (Just kidding. It was about time.)

So much for not telling anyone that Jason is alive. Way to go...well, everyone.

November 22nd, 2006

Laura relapses. Jason brightens the Quartermainesí Thanksgiving by letting them know heís alive. Laura tells Lulu that she doesnít think she killed Rick. Lulu vows to prove her innocence. Elizabeth invites Lucky to spend Thanksgiving with her and Cameron.

...Happy Thanksgiving? At least we got to see Ned! By the way, Iím ticked at Luke for taking a turkey from a homeless person, but at least Emily made up for it by giving away the Quartermainesís dinner so they had to have pizza again.

Who cares if Laura really killed Rick or not? Heís dead regardless, itís been four years, and itís not like she went to jail. Itís a stupid non-plot and there are a thousand other things Lulu could be doing. Sigh.

Thanks, writers, for the Jason/Monica scene! You all know I love a good Jason/Monica scene.

Man, I would have really liked to see Robin, Patrick, Robert, and Mac have Thanksgiving together. That would have rocked.

November 25th, 2006

Next week: someone else gets involved in the Jason/Sam/Ric/Alcazar mess, Ric assigns Lucky to find Jason, Carly and Jax set a new wedding date, and Spinelli returns.

November 27th, 2006

Alexis convinces Ric to let Kristina see Sam. Unfortunately, the reunion seems to make Kristina worse. Alexis later confesses that she feels like sheís to blame for everything thatís happened because sheís a bad mother. Skye tells Alcazar that Jason is alive. Carly accidentally tells Jax that she kissed Sonny. Lulu is furious to find out about the fake wedding but tells Luke that sheíll forgive him because Laura would want her to do. Lucky goes to the studio to see Elizabeth.

Hey, Sonny? How about instead of bugging Jax and Jason, you go spend some time with your traumatized daughter?

Oh, Skye. Youíre supposed to use your powers for good.

But Ric is a rat face. Let Michael speak the truth!

Hey, Lulu didnít cry today! That may be a first.

November 28th, 2006

Spinelli gets in touch with Peter, who has to pass his message on to Lulu when Alcazarís men arrive. Alcazarís men later find both Lulu and Spinelli and grab them. Skye gets Alcazar to promise that he wonít make the first move against Sonny and Jason. Alexis signs on as Samís lawyer. Sam tells Lucky that Ric wants to get rid of him and Jason so he can get back together with Elizabeth. Carly asks Jax to marry her on New Yearís Eve.

Hey, Peter, if you didnít want Lulu to get involved, maybe you shouldnít know, gotten her involved.

Alexis is sick. We get it. Can she stop passing out every five minutes?

So Skye tells Alcazar that Jason is alive, then wants to talk to Jason? Whatever, Skye. Butt out.

Wow, Elizabeth really has no problem lying to Lucky, does she? She lied to him better than Alcazar lied to Skye. (Come on, you know he was lying!)

November 29th, 2006

Lulu and Spinelli overhear Alcazar planning to have them killed. Ric asks Alexis and Sam to rethink their plans to have Alexis represent Sam. Elizabeth sneaks Sam her cell phone so she can talk to Jason. Sonny and Robin, who is jaded after her experience with LS-49, reminisce about Stone on the anniversary of his death. Skye appeals to Sonny to call a truce with Alcazar.

Awww, Alexis. Just shave it all off. And then tell Ric to shove it.

Hee, I loved Spinelliís reference to Lost. No surprise that Alcazar obviously didnít get it.

As annoying as Maxie can be, I canít help but wonder why she doesnít get more to do.

Hey, Sonny? How about spending some time with your traumatized daughter, too?

November 30th, 2006

Ric agrees to let Sam out on bail, hoping that Lucky will follow her to where Jason is hiding. Spinelli escapes as Jason tracks down Lulu, who accidentally knocks him out. Robin canít help telling the parents of a patient the truth. Emily and Nikolas blah, blah, blah.

Oh, Elizabeth. I canít believe Iím going to do this, but Iím going to have to take Samís side over yours. Speaking of Sam, genius disguise, there.

Way to use Lila against Sonny, Skye!

Poor drunk Lulu.

Thereís a major flaw in Ricís plan - I donít think Lucky would ever shoot at Jason, so his hope of everyone dying in a hail of bullets, as Alexis said, would never come about. Especially if Elizabeth is there.

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