General Hospital blog - November, 2008

November 1st, 2008

Next week: Sonny is rescued by someone I hate, Sam may have a new ally (or possibly another person telling her she's being stupid), and Laura makes Luke choose between her and Tracy. (Go Laura! Choose Laura!)

November 3rd, 2008

Carly saves Sonny and takes him to her house to tend to his wounds. He doesn't want her involved and tries to get her to go away, but she wants to make sure he's all right. Morgan may or may not be on his way home. Robin struggles through labor and finally delivers, though the baby may have been exposed to HIV. Scott and Laura take off, followed by Luke, and a high-speed chase ensues. Scott ends up crashing his and Laura's car on the edge of a cliff (of course). The Spencerettes discuss the Luke/Laura/Scott stuff with Tracy and wonder why she's bothering to stick around. They try to break into Scott's hotel room but don't have any luck. Sam tells Jason everything she's been up to and he encourages her to get out, since Jerry is obviously on to her. Jerry shows up and tells Jason that Sam will probably come to him for help, since Karpov is after her and she knows Jason and Karpov have called a truce.

I kind of have to side with Carly on this one - she saved Sonny's life, so she gets to decide what happens next. Also, he can't kick her out of her own house (though it's just like him to try).

Wow, Scott is an even bigger idiot than I thought. That's impressive.

Okay, first of all, as a Spencer, Lucky would absolutely know how to pick a lock. And second of all, why didn't he leave the door open so Lulu and Nikolas could get in?

I think Mac has had more screen time in the past four days than he has all year. Too bad it took a medical emergency to make it happen.

Once again, a big thank you to the writers for writing scenes for Jason and Sam that a) are subtle, b) contain nods to their history without hitting us over the head, and c) don't involve them fighting. I like where this is going.

November 4th, 2008

Robin freaks out when she learns that the baby (randomly named Emma Grace) has been exposed to HIV. The baby turns out to be fine, but Robin, not so much. Luke tries to get Laura out of the car before it falls over the cliff, though he'd rather not save Scott as well. Unfortunately, he does save Scott, and also unfortunately, Luke, Laura, and the car all go over the cliff. Fortunately, they're both fine. Unfortunately, Laura is really ticked at Luke for not telling her about Tracy. Jason makes it clear to Jerry that he doesn't trust him. He wants to have Spinelli look at the detonator from the explosion, but Sam wants to handle everything by herself. She also believes that Karpov, not Jerry, was behind the explosion. She heads home, and as Jason calls to make sure she's okay, Jerry grabs her. Nikolas and Lulu get caught in Scott's hotel room, and though the police decide not to charge them with breaking and entering, Nikolas' resident-alien status plus a crime equals deportation. Jax shows up at Carly's and announces that he has lost his spine once and for all and wants to get back together. Despite assuring him that Sonny will never be a problem again, she doesn't want to leave him alone in her house and has to get rid of Jax.

Emma? I'm kind of disappointed. It was the third most popular girl's name last year. Alissa was at least a little more original. (Random digression: of the top ten boys' names from last year, four - Jacob, Michael, Anthony, and Matthew - are characters on the show, with two - Ethan and William - having been used in the past. Of the girls' names, three - Emma, Olivia, and Elizabeth - are characters on the show, with two - Emily and Hannah - having been used in the past. The more you know....) I guess it could be worse, though. They could have gone with some non-name like McKinley or Turner.

I bet you any amount of money that Nikolas will marry Claudia. It kills two birds with one stone: she doesn't have to marry Sonny and he gets to stay in the States. Watch me be right! Oh, and by the way, what happens to Spencer if Nikolas gets deported? Remember Spencer? Anyone?

Jerry is a horrible villain. Never grab someone who's talking on the phone! Now Jason will know something's wrong! He couldn't wait two seconds for her to hang up?

I really wish Jax had seen Sonny in the house, because he wasn't dressed and it would make Jax realize that he really, really needs to get his spine back in working order. Idiot.

November 5th, 2008

Jerry anticipates Jason coming over to check on Sam and makes her get rid of him. He then drugs Sam and plans to take her somewhere. Sam leaves the detonator behind and Jason finds it when his Spidey sense sends him back over. Robin is stabilized but possibly dying, which makes everyone freak out. Carly tends to Sonny, and Jax spots them together. Scott returns to the hotel, where he tells Tracy and the Spencerettes that Luke and Laura were in the car when it went over the cliff, but no one's bothered to find out if they're okay.

Yay, I got my wish! (About Jax seeing Sonny and Carly together. Not about anything else. Well, not so far.)

See, as annoying as she can be, Sam really is smart. Too bad she doesn't use it for the better all the time.

So...someone brought Scott back to the hotel without even bothering to look for Luke and Laura? And they actually trust Nikolas to go back to New York and check in with INS? What's up, California?

I definitely like Matt better when he actually has something to do.

November 6th, 2008

As Jerry gleefully plans to blow up the boat he's stashed Sam on, she attempts to escape but isn't successful. Jason shows the detonator to Cody, who IDs it as military and only available via black market. Jason then turns to Spinelli to find out if Jerry used the same kind of detonator at the Metro Court. A trip to Sam's place and a conversation with a nosey neighbor confirm that Jerry has kidnapped Sam. Sonny is beginning to think that Karpov didn't shoot Kate. In other news, he and Carly keep remembering the limo tryst. Patrick freaks out over the possibility of being a single parent, then doesn't have to worry about it anymore since Robin wakes up. Luke tries to sweet-talk, then trick his way into the cabin he and Laura found. They finally talk about the Tracy situation and Laura admits that she's hurt that he moved on, though she understands. However, she's not sure they should be spending time together if they're not sure how long she'll be awake.

Okay, someone needs to explain to me, using small words and visual aids, why Genie Francis isn't on this show all the time, because I honestly don't get it. And after seeing the Luke/Laura chemistry again, I dread having to go back to watching Luke and Tracy together.

Speaking of chemistry, they really need to put Sonny and Carly back together, because I can see some chemistry between him and Kate, but not her and Jax. Also, why keep throwing them into situations where they're together without reuniting them?

So Jason found the detonator at Sam's place and then...went home and went to bed? Nice. I hope she winds up saving herself. Possibly using only a paper clip and those awesome boots.

Thanks for waking up after only two episodes, Robin! I was getting sick of all the monologues.

November 7th, 2008

Carly fails to convince Sonny not to kill Karpov, so she figures she might as well save him the trouble of going to get his gun. Claudia again tells Kate and Olivia that she's going to marry Sonny. Olivia meets with Karpov and warns him that Sonny is plotting against him, but Karpov is confident that Sonny won't be able to do anything. Sonny proves him wrong by showing up and killing him as Olivia looks on. As Jason and Spinelli get closer to figuring out what's going on, Jerry tells Sam that he's going to blow up the boat to kill her and fake his own death. Luke and Laura agree to part ways, then make out. Jax has his and Carly's divorce expedited.

When Luke and Laura are the boring story of the day, you know you're in trouble.

Once again, the writers miss a great opportunity for a murder mystery. I'm not thinking Olivia's going to keep her mouth shut about this....

Yay, Jax's spine is back! We missed you, Jax's spine. Don't ever leave us again.

So...that's it for Robin's plot? She's okay? How anti-climactic.

Born: Emma Grace Scorpio Drake
Dead: Andrei Karpov
Hospitalized: Robin Scorpio
Injured: Sonny Corinthos
Kidnapped: Sam McCall

November 8th, 2008

Next week: TONS of relationship angst, and I think Olivia gets Sonny in trouble.

November 10th, 2008

Olivia calls 911 to report Karpov's murder but can't get the words out. Sonny heads to Carly's house, where she blasts him for ruining her chances of reconciling with Jax, then agrees to give him an alibi anyway. However, it winds up not mattering as even without any confessions or lies, Harper arrests Sonny for killing Karpov. Sam manages to send a distress signal to the Coast Guard, but when they arrive, Jerry chases them off without them catching on. Spinelli tracks the signal to the boat and hears that the person the Coast Guard talked to was James Brosnan, finally giving him and Jason Sam's location. The Spencerettes find Luke and Laura, then head back to the hotel, where Tracy makes it clear to Laura that she's not giving Luke up. Anna thinks Robin is giving up and tells her not to even think about dying.

Too boring to comment on. And can we please stop pretending that Robin might actually die?

November 11th, 2008

Olivia rubs it in to Sonny that he's finally getting what he deserves. Sonny still hopes that Carly will give him an alibi, but she's torn between helping him and proving to Jax that he comes first. Sasha tells Sonny that she's been ordered to help get him released, but it's actually because some Russian guy wants to kill him and everyone connected to him. Spinelli encounters Jerry and accuses him of nefarious deeds, which Jerry laughs off. Spinelli manages to plant a tracking device on him before Jerry knocks him out. Jason is able to track down Sam, and after a brief battle with Jerry, they get off the ship just before it blows up. Jerry isn't so lucky. A doctor from France tries to get Laura to come with him for tests, but Laura discovers that Tracy put him up to it to get rid of her. Laura also reconnects with Lesley and Elizabeth and meets Nadine and Johnny.

I'll give Sam credit for trying to get that screw to undo her handcuffs, but I would've given her more credit if she'd smashed the coffee mug and used a shard as a weapon.

Okay, I'm pretty sure Laura hasn't met Spencer at all. Poor kid. First his mom and almost-stepmom die, then his father basically ignores him, then he doesn't even get to meet his grandmother. He should encourage Nikolas to get deported (not that Nikolas seems very worried about that - doesn't he have, like, two days left to take care of that?) so he can live with Mike and do whatever he wants.

Oh, Diane. Why are you basing Sonny's freedom on Carly?

I'm surprised Olivia didn't tell Sonny that she'll only keep her mouth shut about him killing Karpov if he dumps Kate. Where is Kate, by the way? She's only been one once in the past two weeks, I think.

November 12th, 2008

Even though she knows she could win in the end, Laura decides not to fight Tracy for Luke, opting instead to go to France. Scott tags along. Carly alibis Sonny, who takes it a step farther by saying that they were having sex when Karpov was murdered. Carly then yells at Sonny for "making" her help him, then having the nerve to tell her that she shouldn't expect a reunion in return. Jason and Sam flee the scene of the exploded freighter, while Jerry is presumed dead...though someone makes a hang-up call to Jax. Maxie is a brat to Elizabeth for no apparent reason, then tries to make her think that Jason and Sam are doing something behind her back, which leads Elizabeth to go right to the penthouse and confront them.

Geez, Sonny, you couldn't just say you were talking? Ick.

Elizabeth doesn't trust Jason very much, does she?

'Bye, Laura! Come visit! You're so much more normal than everyone else!

I really hope they keep Jerry's life/death ambiguous and wise up and bring him back in the future. He's one of the better villains to ever appear on the show. (Speaking of wish...can we have Helena back?)

November 13th, 2008

Jax tells Kate about Carly's alibi for Sonny, and though she doesn't believe they actually slept together, she decides enough is enough and she and Sonny are through. Sasha tells Sonny that Karpov's associates are going to get revenge and make him watch. They start right in with Mike, beating him up and setting Kelly's on fire. Elizabeth tells Jason that she wants them to be together, no matter what. He's all for it until Cody tells him that Karpov's associates are also coming after him. Jason tells Elizabeth that they have to put their plans on hold and she throws a hissy fit. Nadine learns that Nikolas may be deported and somehow comes to believe that he wants her to marry him so he can stay in the States.

If they kill off Mike, I'll be SO ticked. Also, I bet Kelly's will be rebuilt by Christmas.

Aaaaaaand that's why I've always hated Elizabeth. Shut up, brat.

I was happy with Kate for about two seconds, for finally telling Sonny they're done, and then she had to go and be a snob. You can shut up, too, Kate.

So basically, no one trusts anyone - Kate doesn't trust Sonny to control himself with Carly (granted, he doesn't have a great track record in that category), Elizabeth didn't trust Jason not to be sneaking around with Sam around her back, and Lucky doesn't trust that Sam wouldn't have slept with Jerry. So Robin and Patrick have the most stable relationship on the show now. Nice.

November 14th, 2008

Sonny promises Mike and Kate that he'll protect them, but Kate doesn't want his help. Olivia takes over making sure she has security. Ironically, Olivia's the one who needs security herself when she's trapped inside of the coffeehouse when the Russians set fire to it. Also ironically, Sonny is the only person available to help her. Maxie tells Jason and Spinelli that one of the guys who attacked Mike and set fire to Kelly's had a tattoo on his wrist and possibly spoke Russian. Jason decides to arrange a meeting with Sonny to discuss the looming war. He also tells Elizabeth exactly why he stood her up, getting her to finally shut up about it. Sam admits to Maxie that she enjoyed her little Jerry-related adventure, and Maxie wonders if it's because she got to spend time with Jason. Lulu asks Johnny if he thinks Zacchara was responsible for Mike's attack. Johnny confronts Zacchara, who thinks the Russians were responsible. He also thinks that the looming war will give Sonny even more reason to join the Zaccharas. Robin gets annoyed with Patrick's hovering and recruits Matt to distract him.

Did they hit up a modeling agency for those henchmen? They're hot. Which is ironic, since they like fire so much.

What kind of a crap hospital is GH? Zacchara's released two days after having brain surgery, and Robin is sent him the day after she almost dies? It's almost as bad as Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital on House, where you get worse eight times before they finally figure out what's wrong with you.

I totally forgot Maxie and Sam were friends. Thanks for the nod to continuity, writers.

Am I supposed to care about Olivia? Good luck with that, writers.

Broke up: Sonny Corinthos and Kate Howard
Hospitalized: Mike Corbin
Left town: Scott Baldwin, Laura Spencer
Presumed dead: Jerry Jacks

November 17th, 2008

Sonny saves Olivia from the fire, then tries to convince Jason that they need to retaliate. Jason refuses, but he tells Cody that he wants to make the war so expensive for the Russians that he both drives them away and sends a message to other enemies not to mess with him. A couple of Russians follow Maxie, finally cornering her in the park. Spinelli finds her unconscious on what look to be the same steps where Georgie's body was found. Carly tears up Jax's divorce papers and hires Diane to help her contest the divorce. Kate informs Jax and Carly that she and Sonny are through, so Carly can have him. She also manages to convince Jax that he really shouldn't be with Carly. We should probably get used to Patrick being overprotective. Claudia warns Lulu yet again that when the time comes, Johnny will choose his family over her. Nadine kind of proposes to Nikolas, and even though he doesn't give an answer, she assumes they're on the same page.

Awww, Spinelli's going to be traumatized now - he found Georgie, too. Poor Spinelli. He's going to need a hug.

I hope Jax is heading off to make out with Kate. That would be awesome.

Heh, it's kind of funny that Lulu thinks "marrying Sonny Corinthos" is code for something else. Probably doing something unattractive.

I'm already sick of Patrick. Sigh.

November 18th, 2008

Spinelli tells an unconscious Maxie that he loves her. Mac blames him for everything bad that's happened recently, then tells Maxie that she needs to stay away from him. An angry Spinelli grabs Jason's gun and heads off. Ric tries to convince Claudia not to marry Sonny, but she thinks Sonny needs her more than ever. Kate accuses Olivia of falling in love with Sonny again, then drops by his house in time to see him with Claudia. Sam wants to stay undercover and help Jason get information on the Russians. Just when Jason and Lucky finally agree on something (namely, that Elizabeth needs to lie low), Elizabeth makes it clear that she and Jason will be together. Nikolas tries to tell Nadine that he doesn't want to marry her, but she misinterprets and thinks he wants to propose to her. Jax smugly informs Nikolas that he's bought Wyndemere and is now Nikolas' landlord. Johnny and Lulu had sex, but I ran up all their scenes.

For a genius, Spinelli can be pretty dumb sometimes.

What the heck is wrong with Kate? First she goes around town telling everyone she's not with Sonny anymore, and then she goes over to his house. Shut up, Kate. Even when you're not talking, shut up.

You, too, Elizabeth. And stop dressing like an American Girl doll.

So now we're supposed to believe that there's some Native-American tribe in Port Charles? Maybe that was just a reference to the fact that Tyler Christopher is part Native American. Not that I'm expecting to ever see any Native Americans on the show. GH is not a friend to minorities.

November 19th, 2008

Jason takes away Spinelli's gun, so he steals one from Sonny again. He tells Maxie that he can't be around her for a while, an idea she hates. He then heads to the docks and confronts two of the Russians. Meanwhile, Jason and Cody arrange a meeting with Sasha, but it's really to get her out of the way to ambush the Russians in their new warehouse. Too bad Sam's there, having convinced Sasha to keep her on. Kate decides that it's time for all the secrets to come out, so she starts to tell Sonny about Dante. Robin worries that Patrick is a better parent than she is. Luke asks Johnny to put more money into the casino so he can reopen it. Johnny agrees on the condition that Luke not do business with any other Zaccharas.

Wow, Kate called my bluff - I didn't think she'd actually tell him. Of course, she could chicken out and finish with, "Morgan is really adorable. I just thought you should know."

I don't think Spinelli could kill someone on purpose. It's just not in his nature.

It's hard to fear for Sam's life when two minutes before the shootout they showed her in a commercial, seemingly teaming up with Jason again.

So did I miss the scene where Luke's name was cleared? Probably.

November 20th, 2008

Sonny thinks Kate is talking about Michael, so he never finds out that he's Dante's father. After some boring conversation with Olivia, he finally accepts Zacchara's deal and agrees to marry Claudia. Jason and Sam escape the warehouse and head to Elizabeth's, where Jason announces that Sam, Elizabeth, Cameron, and Jake need to go into hiding. Of course, they're followed to their supposedly isolated cabin in the woods. Johnny saves Spinelli when he can't shoot the Russians. Back at the penthouse, Lulu and Maxie try to talk him out of turning to the dark side. Tracy thinks that the casino reopening means she and Luke will go back to normal. Then after some fighting, she decides she's better off single. Nadine gets called back home, leaving Nikolas without a bride.

Kate! Talk faster next time!

I still think Claudia's going to wind up marrying Nikolas. It's the only thing that makes sense to me.

Yeah, Elizabeth and Sam are dumb.

When did Nadine turn into Lexie from Grey's Anatomy?

November 21st, 2008

Zacchara and Claudia are the only people happy about Sonny's decision to marry into the family. Sonny confides in Max that one of his reasons for agreeing to the plan is that he suspects a Zacchara shot Kate. Claudia shows up at Sonny's looking for a proper proposal, but all she gets is a ring thrown at her. Olivia wants Jason to talk Sonny out of marring Claudia, but he's a little busy getting arrested for the warehouse fire and murdering three Russians. After experiencing a flat tire, Sam, Elizabeth, and the kids finally make it to the cabin. Sam quickly catches on that the Russians are in the vicinity, but without telephone service or a weapon, the women are on their own. Carly tries to get Nikolas and Jax to compromise on the hotel/Spoon Island issues, but Jax won't budge. Johnny is sick of his family. Despite Tracy's insistence that they're done, Luke won't leave the mansion.

I highly doubt Jason would have sent Sam and Elizabeth to that cabin without a guard and/or a gun, especially with the kids there.


You, too, Jax.

Why does Monica let all these crazy people live in her house?

Arrested: Jason Morgan
Engaged: Sonny Corinthos and Claudia Zacchara
Hospitalized (and released): Olivia Falconeri, Maxie Jones

November 22nd, 2008

Next week: Robin and Patrick make some decision (marriage? Living arrangements? Who knows?), Carly and Olivia don't stay as far away from each other as they really should, and Happy Thanksgiving, Elizabeth! Your kid is gone!

November 24th, 2008

Elizabeth is really useless in an emergency. Jason is also no help, but that's because Alexis is finally going to crack down on the mob and find evidence that he killed three Russians. Sonny tells Claudia that he doesn't hold a grudge against her or Johnny. He also wants to get things moving by getting married ASAP, namely tonight. Jax continues to be a jerk to Nikolas, then goes to Kate's, where they celebrate their "freedom" and make out. Olivia annoys Sonny and Claudia, then does some drinking with someone she should really stay away from: Carly.

Ironic, isn't it, that Alexis is actually preventing Jason from helping her daughter?

Ha ha ha, I love Sonny calling Claudia's bluff. They're about to ruin my prediction that she would marry Nikolas, though.

Olivia, whatever you do, DO NOT tell Carly who Dante's father is. She's worse at keeping secrets than Kate is.

Speaking of Kate, I would actually be happy about her and Jax finally getting together, since they're clearly so much better for each other than he is with Carly and she is with Sonny, but I'm so annoyed with him right now that I can't bring myself to care.

November 25th, 2008

Spinelli uses his Jackal prowess to make Interpol think that the Russians were killed by a rival Slavic faction, quickly getting Jason off the hook. Sam easily shoots a Russian, and Elizabeth finds herself shaken when she has to do the same. She finds herself even more shaken when she discovers that the Russians have grabbed Jake. Zacchara is happy that Sonny has agreed to marry Claudia, but Ric and Carly have the opposite feeling. It looks like Claudia and Sonny will be going through with it anyway. Jax and Kate continue to get drunk, and finding out about the wedding puts Kate over the edge. Carly drops by just in time to see them having sex in Kate's living room. Oh, and Carly has a gun, for some reason. Johnny announces that he's leaving his family, and he wants Lulu to go away with him. Diane thinks Alexis is trying to get justice to make up for the fact that she let Jerry snow her.

Great, now Elizabeth will never shut up.

No, Claudia, you're supposed to marry Nikolas! I don't want to be wrong!

Um, why does Carly have a gun? Carly is the last person on earth who should have a gun.

Johnny, if you're going to leave the mob, you have to stop wearing a leather jacket. Those are the rules.

November 26th, 2008

A discussion with Patrick about the butterfly effect leads Robin to dream about how things might have been if they hadn't met when they did. In dream world, Robin and Patrick hate each other even longer than they really did. Patrick gets together with Carly, then Elizabeth, while Robin gets together with Matt, but both end up single when Elizabeth tells Patrick he's not mature enough for her and Matt falls in love with Maxie. (Also, for some reason, Jake doesn't exist and Alan is still alive.) Ultimately, Robin and Patrick take pretty much the same path they really did, ending up together. When Robin wakes up, Patrick proposes again and they agree to get married the week after Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving? I miss wacky Quartermaine Thanksgivings, but this was still a nice departure. It would have been fun to see more than one possibility, though. Oh, well. Go eat some turkey.

Hooking up: Kate Howard and Jax Jacks
Kidnapped: Jake Spencer
Possibly married: Sonny Corinthos and Claudia Zacchara

November 29th, 2008

Next week: Sam and Jason look for Jake, Luke and Tracy annoy me some more, and Carly gets revenge. Run, Kate, run!

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