General Hospital blog - November, 2009

November 2nd, 2009

Carly awakens from the car crash and finds an empty cabin not too far from the accident site, but Claudia's right on her trail. Jason manages to convince Lucky to secretly free him from police custody, but Mac doesn't trust Lucky's judgment and keeps a close eye on them. Johnny offers to make a deal with Mac that if Jason is released, Johnny will stay with him and keep him from killing Claudia. Jason won't take the deal because he doesn't want Johnny to interfere with his plans. In the end, it doesn't matter since Sonny enlists Alexis to get Jason released, telling her that Jax will be grateful and Kristina will feel worse about her possible role in the situation if something happens to Carly. Dante, Lulu, and Spinelli use technology to try to find Carly and Claudia but come up short. As Sam goes off in pursuit of a lead, Dante and Lulu head to the old Zacchara mansion, where they run into Johnny and some shoddy construction that lands Lulu in a pool of water. Jax berates himself for not telling Carly everything earlier, but Olivia tells him that they've all done their best. Alexis tries to remind Kristina that despite all of his faults, Sonny still wants to be a good father.

These people are the worst at searching for other people. No one's actually searching, except Jason. I hope they never play hide and seek.

That was totally Original Lucky today, not Lucky As He's Been in the Past Ten Years. LAHBINPTY would never consider helping Jason. Original Lucky was a lot less black and white.

So who else thinks Alexis will end up working with Diane after all?

So is Sam basically an honorary mobster now? Because Jason doesn't seem to have any problem with her doing mob stuff.

November 3rd, 2009

Jason finds a cabin and bursts in with his gun drawn, but it contains a mother and her two young children. He returns home shaken from nearly killing three innocent people and confides in Sam and Spinelli that his hatred from Claudia might be hurting his judgment. Another look at some security cameras turns up a shot of Carly and Claudia's car, so Jason and Sam take off to look for them again. Sam predicts that Claudia, not needing two hostages, will kill Carly and run off with the baby. She's probably right, as Claudia delivers the baby, then doesn't want to give her back to Carly. Sonny tries to get Michael and Morgan to come home with him, but the two of them, Jax, and Olivia all think they should stay put. Olivia follows Sonny home and he tells her he thinks she and Carly are a lot alike. He also wishes he and Olivia had something lasting from their relationship. Michael thinks things would be better for Carly without him around, so he takes off for Canada. On his way he comes across Carly and Claudia's car and goes looking for his mother. Lulu's leg is caught under something in the impromptu swimming pool at the Zacchara mansion, so Dante jumps in after her to keep her company while Johnny goes off to get help. As the two start to freeze, Lulu announces that she remembers overhearing that Dante's an undercover cop and asks him not to take down Sonny. Dante tries to deny that he's a cop, but Lulu also remembers Ronnie calling him Detective Falconeri, so he has to confess that he's Olivia's son.

Why do babies on TV never cry right away? Stupid dramatic pause.

Interesting that Lulu remembered what she heard about Dante now. Why throw that in the middle of the storyline?

Someone needs to put a Lojack on Michael.

Shut up some more, Jax.

November 4th, 2009

Just as Claudia is about to run off with the baby, Michael arrives at the cabin, grabs an axe, and rids us of his pesky stepmother. Moments later, Jason and Sam arrive, and Jason quickly comes up with a cover-up plan. The agreed-upon story is that Carly delivered her own baby and Sam found her. Jason summons Sonny to pick up Michael and Max and Milo to help him get rid of Claudia's body. Michael is greatly affected by his own actions, and Sonny tells him this is why he shouldn't strive to be like his father. As Johnny questions the story everyone's telling about the night's events, correctly guessing that Jason is taking care of things with Claudia, Carly tells Jax the truth. Waiting outside Kate's house for some sort of plot-contrived worker, Maxie sees Sonny and Michael arrive home in the middle of the night, Sonny with a bloody handprint (Michael's) on his shirt. Johnny brings paramedics to the mansion to save Lulu, meaning the whole plotline was pointless. Lulu won't promise not to bring up Dante's real job again unless he tells her he's not going to keep going after Sonny.

Ding dong, the witch is dead! If Michael won't be proud of himself for getting rid of Claudia, I'll be happy enough for the both of us.

Did Jason, Max, and Milo really drive all the way to New Jersey to dump Claudia's body in the Pine Barrens? Could they be any more cliché? And why didn't they just torch the house with her body inside?

Why is Lulu so adamant that Dante not take Sonny down when that's what her brother also does for a living?

I love how Maxie's all shocked to see Sonny with blood on him. Or did she really believe he just imports coffee?

November 5th, 2009

Johnny wants answers to his questions about Claudia's fate, disbelieving everyone's claims that she just disappeared. Maxie makes him even more suspicious when she tells him she saw Sonny with a bloody handprint on his shirt. Johnny heads out to Claudia's burial site, where Dante has come to make sure there's no evidence left/collect any evidence Jason might have overlooked. When Johnny tells him about the handprint, Dante agrees to work with him to find out what really happened. Jax wants Carly to tell the truth about Claudia's death, but she refuses and turns the conversation around on him, confronting him about not telling her Jerry was involved in Michael's shooting. She's stunned to learn how long he knew Jerry and Claudia were responsible and kicks him out of her room. Jason thinks that everything's over now that Claudia's dead, but little does he know that Mr. CO77X was at Claudia's burial site and has photo evidence of her burial. Michael tells Sonny that he feels calm after killing Claudia and thinks he could do well in the mob. Luke acts weird around Nikolas and Elizabeth.

Okay, it has to be, like, 6 a.m. now. How are these people all still awake? Especially Carly.

So does anyone think Mr. CO77X isn't James Franco? I have to say, I'm interested in the fact that his character's name hasn't been released. Is that because it's familiar to the viewers? I don't know, but a new photo that was just released shows him with Maxie in an office that says "FRANC" on the wall – Franco? Is it that easy? Is he just playing himself?

Jax, shut up some more. Leave Carly's kid alone and worry about your own, since at this rate you're only going to get to see her on alternate weekends.

Dang, that baby is cute. Too bad I don't believe for a second that she was just born.

What's up with Maxie's hair? At the party, it was blond (with badly-in-need-of-being-touched-up roots), and today it was brown. The writers have forgotten that this was all supposed to take place on the same night, haven't they?

November 6th, 2009

Carly asks Jason for all of the details that have been kept from her the past few months, and he tells her everything about Michael's shooting and Jerry's appearance in Mexico. Though she forgives Jason for not telling her sooner, she's furious with Jax for lying to her (and with Olivia for keeping the same secrets), accusing Jax of favoring Josslyn over Michael and Morgan, which she can't do. They fight, and she throws him out of the house. Johnny tells Olivia that Dante's agreed to help him find out what really happened to Claudia. Olivia tells Dante how much she hates the idea since Dante ultimately wants to put Johnny in jail. Johnny tells Michael that Claudia was sorry for what happened to him, and a furious Michael blurts out that she got what she deserved. Michael then tells Jason that he feels good about what he did, and if he had to kill Claudia again, he would. Lucky tries to get Jason to tell him what happened to Claudia off the record, as he's sure that Jason didn't kill her. Jason still won't tell him anything, of course.

I totally get Carly forgiving Jason and not Jax, because that's just how she rolls, but I'm surprised she won't forgive Olivia just because she's also a mom. My advice to Jax is, when the truth about Dante's paternity eventually comes out, never tell Carly you knew about it.

I love that they think Johnny demanding that Sonny tell him what happened to Claudia is a cliffhanger. Ooh, I wonder if Sonny will tell! Wait, no, I don't. Because I've been watching this show for more than two minutes.

Five bucks says Michael tells Kristina he killed Claudia.

Again, LAHBINPTY would never talk to Jason like he did today, and vice versa. I think the writers are as sick of Lucky-tries-to-question-Jason-but-Jason-stonewalls scenes as we are.

Born: Josslyn John Jacks
Dead: Claudia Zacchara

November 7th, 2009

Next week: lots of fighting, lots of covering stuff up, and Luke does exactly what I thought he should do – he tells Nikolas he's on to him.

November 9th, 2009

Carly and Jax go ten rounds over him keeping secrets and supposedly not treating Michael and Morgan the way he would treat Josslyn. Carly finally gets Jax out of the house, just in time for Jane to arrive and wonder where he is. Jax tells Alexis about the situation and Alexis sides with Carly. He confesses that there are other secrets Carly doesn't know about. Nikolas and Elizabeth have a rendezvous in a hospital supply closet, which allows them to hear Lucky talking to Rebecca about family and blah, blah, blah. Later, when Lucky sees Elizabeth and asks what's wrong, she imagines herself telling him, resulting in him flying off the handle and shooting Nikolas. Jason thinks he's to blame for the way Michael was raised and why he became the sort of person who doesn't feel guilty about killing someone. Johnny thinks Sonny has basically made a confession to killing Claudia, but Dante wants to know if that's enough to satisfy him. After another run-in with Kristina and Kiefer, Michael asks Max and Milo to pressure Kiefer to break up with Kristina. Mr. CO77X has drawn a chalk outline with a basket next to it – a recreation of the scene of Claudia's death?

Jax, SHUT UP ALREADY. And don't tell Alexis that Carly never gave you the chance to apologize. You fought for HALF AN HOUR and didn't apologize. Also, SHUT UP SOME MORE.

That scene with Lucky shooting Nikolas cracked me up. Has Lucky ever even fired his gun? Elizabeth doesn't have a lot of faith in him if she thinks he would react to hearing about their affair by trying to kill his brother. Funny, since Sam has too much faith in Lucky if she thinks he would be able to tell when she's lying.

Hey, Michael, if you want to try killing someone else to see if you can feel anything, I have a few suggestions. Start with Kiefer and move on to Rebecca and Ethan.

Anyone have an over/under on when Olivia and Sonny will be hitting the sheets? (Start drinking now, Johnny.)

I'm about to require treatment for "Mad World" Fatigue.

November 10th, 2009

Johnny tells Zacchara that Sonny killed Claudia, which sends Zacchara into a probably-fake rage. Sonny visits and Zacchara tells him there are no hard feelings, but he then summons Limbo and presses him to finish off Sonny and Jason. Carly and Jason consider coming clean about what really happened to Claudia, but they quickly realize how the media would react and change their minds. Meanwhile, Michael's all proud of himself because now he's just like Sonny. Jane tries to pressure Jax to charm Carly, as Alexis tries to convince Carly to lighten up. Jax then goes to Jason and asks for his help. Luke questions Lucky's devotion to Elizabeth, then tells Nikolas he saw him with Elizabeth and Nikolas needs to either end things or come clean with Lucky. Kiefer presses Kristina for more sex, but she's not on board. Max and Milo threaten Kiefer, who takes out his frustration on Kristina. Dante tries to get information on Claudia's "disappearance" from Sam, but she won't spill anything.

You know what else might help endear you to Carly, Jax? Not trying to pin the blame for the situation on other people.

Mac wouldn't even trust Lucky to be alone in a room with Jason – you think he'd trust Lucky to arrest his own father? I call foul.

Dear James Franco, I will give you $5 to kill Kiefer.

I used to think the PCPD cops were the worst ever, but Dante's giving them a run for their money.

November 11th, 2009

Carly catches Jax appealing to Jason to help him fix his marriage, just after Jason told Jax he wouldn't. Jason also tells Carly that he's not going to give her any more advice because his past advice hasn't worked out so well. Lucky's still mad at Luke, and Elizabeth is still putting off fully committing to marrying Lucky. Nikolas tries to take the spotlight off of his relationship with Elizabeth by pointing out that Luke isn't a saint himself. Lulu tells Olivia that she knows who Dante really is and pressures her to tell Sonny so Dante won't be in danger. Dante gets the ashes from Sonny's fireplace and tries to convince Ronnie that they contain the shirt Sonny was wearing when Claudia was killed. Michael refuses to leave Sonny's house because his father understands him so well now that he's killed someone. Kiefer reverts to sorry-I-hit-you mode and takes a shaken Kristina to the hospital. Patrick is back in touch with Lisa, and Robin assures him she's not jealous. Alexis catches Sam and Jason going at it in his office.

For the love of everything holy, Elizabeth, STOP CRYING. No one feels sorry for you. Also, you can determine my maturity level by this: when she said to Lucky, "You know what I did last night?" I called out, "Your brother!"

I love how Nikolas has to reach back 30 years to find something Luke did that's just as bad as what he's doing.

Why did Kiefer take Kristina to the hospital for a bruised lip? Weirdo.

She's not even here yet and I already don't like this Lisa plot.

November 12th, 2009

Sonny doesn't want Michael to go back to Carly's because he thinks he can help him get through the aftermath of Claudia's murder. Carly enlists Jason to change his mind, which eventually works, though Michael reminds everyone involved that as soon as he's 18, he can do whatever he wants. Lulu will NOT SHUT UP about Dante's assignment, so he tries to distract her with food. Nikolas and Rebecca interrupt Lucky and Elizabeth's official engagement, and later Elizabeth yells at Nikolas for making things awkward. He tells her he'll try to stay away, reminding her that if she changes her mind, she knows where to find him. Carly agrees to let Jax stay in the house for the kids' sake, but she doesn't plan to forgive him anytime soon, if ever. Alexis and Sam are both embarrassed by their untimely run-in, and somehow it leads Jason and Sam to discuss their relationship.

Dear Jax, Elizabeth, and Lulu: SHUT UP. A LOT.

Yeah, you're really mature, Michael. Can't wait till you turn 18 and really prove it.

Hey, remember when Lulu knew that Jason was Jake's father and didn't tell Lucky? And now she wants to be loyal to Sonny? I'd like to see her official list of who she will and won't betray, just so I can keep it straight.

When Jason and Sam have the most stable relationship on the show, you know there's a problem.

November 13th, 2009

It's the anniversary of Emily's death, so no one will shut up about her. Elizabeth taunts Rebecca for not seeing how much Nikolas is struggling, and Rebecca points out that Elizabeth is more worried about Nikolas than Lucky. Nikolas learns that Elizabeth and Lucky have finally...ahem...reconnected and comments on it. Sonny asks Luke to act as a go-between for him and Limbo, as they have experience with each other. He hopes to call a truce and force Zacchara to back off. It's good timing as Jason is apprehensive about killing Limbo because he knows it won't send a good message to Michael. Dante's collection from Sonny's fireplace turns up a piece of his shirt with Claudia's blood and Sonny's DNA on it. Dante tells Jax, who urges him to arrest Sonny. Ethan breaks up an argument between Michael and Kristina, flirts with Kristina, and gives her his phone number. Mr. CO77X is indeed recreating the scene of Claudia's death. Spinelli feels neglected by Maxie, who's working long hours to set up a show by a reclusive artist.

Ew, Nikolas, Lucky, Elizabeth, and Rebecca talk to each other about sex way too much. Also, you know who it would be nice to see on the anniversary of Emily's death? HER MOTHER. I understand that's a lot to ask about a person who's been on the show for 30 YEARS, though.

I think Jax is officially a villain.

Why is Kate organizing an art show? She runs a magazine, not a gallery.

I'm guessing that Kiefer will find Ethan's number in Kristina's phone and get jealous. I can't think of any other reason for those scenes.

November 14th, 2009

Next week: JAMES FRANCO! And probably some other stuff.

November 15th, 2009

Luke meets with Limbo and presents the idea of a meeting between him and Sonny, which Limbo says he'll think about. Zacchara tells Limbo to accept the meeting, planning to kill Sonny before he arrives. Johnny orders Zacchara not to avenge Claudia's death, so Zacchara pretends to accept. Lulu learns about Luke working with Sonny and decides it's time to come clean with Sonny (if Dante doesn't stop her first, which of course he will). Jason tells Sonny that he wants to stop killing people so Michael will have a better reason to look up to him. Sonny informs Dante that he'll be taking over that part of Jason's responsibilities. Johnny tells Maxie not to let anyone know that she saw Sonny with blood on his shirt. Lucky finds out that Maxie was at Kate's the night Claudia "disappeared" and asks her if she saw Sonny. Rebecca complains to Edward about Elizabeth's treatment of her, and for some reason he decides to throw Lucky and Elizabeth an engagement party. Luke finally confronts Elizabeth about her affair with Nikolas. Jason receives a picture of the recreated death scene from Mr. CO77X. Sonny pulls Dante from guarding-Michael-and-Morgan duty, which makes Jax mad.

Oh, Lulu. Your priorities are so weird.

Anyone want to take bets on how long Jason remains kill-free?

Okay, I seriously can't listen to Jax talk anymore. He makes me want to scream.

How said that the PCPD officers are finally doing their job...and they're still not going to solve the case.

November 17th, 2009

Jason tells Spinelli the truth about Claudia's death and puts him to work finding out who took the photo. (They determine that the photographer had to have been at the cabin while everyone was off disposing of evidence/taking Carly to the hospital/taking Michael home.) Maxie wants Spinelli to provide security at the Crimson art show, and though he wants to beg off to focus on the photo, she guilts him into agreeing. Sam thinks the photographer wants Jason to know who he is. Jason shows Sonny the photo, which leads him to show the photo to Dante but not tell him what really happened. Luke tells Lucky he's making a big mistake by getting back together with Elizabeth, but Lucky doesn't care. Elizabeth accuses Nikolas of not warning her that Luke knows about their affair because he wants Lucky to find out. Mr. CO77X is recreating Claudia's death scene with a live model, and his agent wants him to be a good boy, as apparently he isn't always. Sonny thinks Lulu's supposedly hypothetical cop with information is Lucky, so he's not suspicious. Dante blasts Lulu for almost blowing his cover, and she admits that it made her feel bad. He makes her feel better by kissing her. Lisa sends Patrick a bunch of beer, which he shares with Matt, Mac, Coleman, and Louise. Robin isn't happy. Mac is cheating on Jake's with another karaoke bar.

If one of the pieces at the art show is a blown-up photo of Claudia, someone owes me $5.

I'm pretty sure people on this show talk about Michael more often than we actually see him.

Hey, wait, Maxie's supposed to be cool. Why is she being so annoying? Maybe she should try asking Spinelli to do her a favor instead of forcing him to. Also, I still don't get why a fashion magazine is hosting an art show. Or why she thinks private detectives are the same as security guards.

James Franco and/or Michael, if you take me up on my offer to bump off Kiefer, can you throw in Elizabeth, too? Also, I still find it funny that Lucky can tell when Maxie and Sam (a former professional con artist) are lying, but not Elizabeth.

November 18th, 2009

Dante takes the photo to Olivia and tells her that he suspects Johnny took it. Olivia thinks he's crazy but keeps the photo anyway, so of course Johnny finds it. Spinelli figures out the type of camera used to take the photo and when he pays Johnny a visit, he realizes that he has the same camera. Lucky tells Jason that he doesn't think he or Sonny killed Claudia because they would have done a better job covering it up. He also plans to take himself off of the case for a conflict of interest. Lisa comes to town to consult with Robin on a case and reminisce with Patrick. Elizabeth imagines Robin catching her and Nikolas together, then does the overly apologetic thing with Lucky, then goes on a picnic with him, and then there's something about land for sale, but I really, really couldn't care less. Rebecca surprises Nikolas with a pretend trip to Province and he repays her by telling her about his plans to destroy her and his love for someone else.

Why did Sonny give Dante the picture?? It doesn't need to be floating around out there. And why did Dante let Olivia keep it? They all deserve whatever happens next because that was just dumb thinking.

Interesting that out of all the people who could catch Elizabeth and Nikolas together, she imagined Robin having the honors. And she was 15-years-ago self-righteous Robin, too. Weird, considering Elizabeth didn't know her when she was like that.

Yes, dump her, Nikolas! Get rid of her as quickly as possible!

Still not getting the point of this Lisa chick.

November 19th, 2009

Johnny rages at Olivia for thinking he could have something to do with the picture, since it's so disrespectful to Claudia's memory. Lulu warns Johnny to be careful about what he says to Dante. Dante arrives a little later and blasts her for making Johnny suspicious. Neither of them realizes that Johnny is eavesdropping and overhears that Dante is Olivia's son, as well as an undercover cop. He goes back to Olivia to apologize for yelling at her, then calmly tells her he called the NYFD and learned that no one named Dante Falconeri works there. Mr. CO77X puts his tag around town, pretending to be homeless, as Sonny prepares for his meeting with Limbo. Lucky and Elizabeth discuss selling her house and using the money to buy some land and build a new house. Nikolas kicks Rebecca out, then lets himself into Elizabeth's house, where she again tries to refuse him and again isn't successful at it. Only this time Lucky's approaching and about to catch his brother and fiancée half-naked together. Sonny worries that Johnny will take out his anger over Claudia's death on Olivia.

Ha, I love that for weeks we've been hearing that James Franco starts November 20th...and he was actually on today. Nice.

Lulu Spencer! Go to your room!

If I have to watch one more scene of Elizabeth crying and apologizing to Lucky, I'm going to go all Michael on her.

Sonny reminded me today that the last person on earth I want to be right now is Kiefer.

November 20th, 2009

As Franco looks on, Limbo and his guys open fire on Sonny, Jason, Dante, Max, and Milo. Of course, no one in the Corinthos organization is hurt while the other guys are. Franco grins and waves at Jason as his group drives away, finishes Limbo off by crushing his windpipe, and poses his body. As Dante realizes that Sonny really did want peace, Jason and Spinelli find footage of Franco waving at a security camera, implying that he knows how Spinelli works. News of the shooting hits the press, leading Jason, Sonny, and Dante to decide that they need to be seen in public – namely, at Franco's opening. Franco prepares himself by calling his agent, having her shave him, and then making out with her. Johnny is furious with Olivia for not telling him about Dante, but she makes no excuses for trying to protect her son. He threatens to tell Sonny everything but also considers letting Dante give Sonny what he deserves. Nikolas escapes the living room before Lucky can spot him, leaving behind his cufflinks, which Elizabeth hides. Lucky suggests asking Nikolas for a loan so he and Elizabeth can afford the land and house, but she talks him out of it.

So much for my idea that Franco was going to kill Limbo and save everyone else the trouble.

Boo-hoo, Johnny, your girlfriend chose her son over you. But would you really want to be with a woman who wouldn't do that? Just team up with Dante and let him do what he's going to do.

Why would Nikolas give Elizabeth and Lucky a loan for something they don't need? I mean, he probably would, because that's how he rolls, but this whole thing is stupid.

Hey, it's Kate! Something else to be thankful for at Thanksgiving.

Broken up (it's a reasonable assumption): Olivia Falconeri and Johnny Zacchara
Dead: Joey Limbo
New in town: Franco, Lisa Niles, unnamed agent

November 21st, 2009

Next week: more Franco wackiness, someone should probably keep an eye on Johnny, and Robin, Sam, and Molly try to make me happy.

November 23rd, 2009

Franco takes an immediate liking to Maxie and is almost as interested in Jason, who doesn't want to meet him. Franco takes Maxie to his studio and photographs her in one of his crime-scene installations, which freaks her out. She's not leaving, though. Jason gets another wave from Franco and thinks he was the witness to the Limbo shootings. Spinelli thinks he's imagining things. Sonny asks Olivia to go to the gallery with him so he can look legit. Dante asks the same of Lulu, who knows exactly what's going on. Dante finds something familiar in some of Franco's work.

How many thousands of women are hating Kirsten Storms right now?

What's the over/under on when Sonny and Olivia wind up in bed together?

Someone please get Maxie The Gift of Fear for Christmas.

Sonny realizes that being seen in public AFTER a crime is committed means nothing, right?

November 24th, 2009

Maxie and Franco talk about death, sex, what makes him twisted, and various other subjects before doing some making out (and apparently more). Jason wonders if he should kill Franco because he witnessed the shootings. Lucky makes the rounds, questioning Zacchara, Sonny, and Spinelli about the shootings. He and Sonny also have a conversation about how difficult it is for a father and son to be on opposite sides. Johnny agrees not to tell Sonny the truth about Dante, but he's eager to laugh his head off when Dante eventually gets his job done.

Dear writers, we get it. Dante is Sonny's son, and one's a mobster and one's a cop. WE GET IT.

Congratulations, Maxie, you're a horrible person again.

So why is Johnny going to keep working for someone he hates? He's a weird guy.

Thank you, Lucky, for pointing out that at this point, being seen at the gallery will do nothing for Sonny, Jason, Dante, Max, or Milo.

November 25th, 2009

Morgan schemes to get himself, Michael, and Carly stranded at home with Jax and Josslyn. It works. Sonny wants Milo and Spinelli to get Diane and Max back together so she'll be around more and he'll stop moping. Spinelli tells Diane that Max hasn't been able to "perform" since the car accident, so she takes it upon herself to "cure" him. It works. Robin, Molly, and Kristina play matchmaker for Mac and Alexis, with begrudging support from Sam and Patrick. It kind of works. The Quartermaines, Luke, Lulu, Rebecca, and Ethan have traditional Thanksgiving pizza. Maxie tells Lulu that she slept with Franco and swears it won't happen again.

What was this, Matchgiving?

I wish the Quartermaines had gotten more to do – and something funny – but the fact that we saw them at all, and that they had pizza, was good enough for me.

Carly fell for that? Well, I guess since Morgan's scheme was as juvenile as anything she's done, it shouldn't surprise me.

Molly, you are awesome. Don't ever change.

Dear Patrick, your daughter was born in October. This is not her first Thanksgiving. You make me sad.

November 28th, 2009

Next week: Dante's going soft, Lucky's smarter than Sonny, and Rebecca needs to get out of my sight.

November 30th, 2009

Jason wants to track Franco down, so Sam offers to try to get information out of Kate. Instead she talks to Maxie, who tells her that Franco said Jason was an artist. Franco messes around with a fake crime-scene photo of Maxie, then sleeps with his agent. Later Jason receives a copy of the photo. Dante confides in Lulu that he's not so sure about busting Sonny anymore. After seeing Sonny and Olivia cooking together at Kelly's, he changes his mind and gives Ronnie a recording of Sonny practically (but not actually) confessing to Claudia's murder. If he'd stuck around a little longer, he would've seen Sonny and Olivia kissing. Maxie decides she's going to pretend nothing happened with Franco. Elizabeth talks to Diane about selling the house, and Diane encourages her to just let Jason give her a bunch of money, because that's not ridiculous at all. Nikolas shows up and offers money, which Elizabeth yells at him about just as Lucky shows up. Later Lucky tells Nikolas that he's not sure the engagement is a good idea after all since he seems to be pressuring Elizabeth.

Maxie deciding to be an adult makes me laugh.

Sorry, Johnny, looks like you'll have to find someone else to make chili for you.

Dear Dante, tell Lulu to mind her own business and quit interfering with a police investigation.

I HATE that they Photoshopped a picture of Natalia Livingston over a photo of Amber Tamblyn so they could show the Four Musketeers together. She ruins everything!

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