General Hospital blog - November, 2010

November 1st, 2010

Dante regains consciousness and runs off after Brenda. Spinelli arrives home, sees broken glass on the floor, watches surveillance footage of Brenda and Dante running out of the building, and calls Jason to tell him Brenda's probably on her way to the warehouse. As she arrives, a henchman grabs her, and he and Dante end up fighting just like he fought with Alexander. Brenda grabs a gun and kills the henchman, leading Jason, Dante, Lucky, and Sam to have to cover up Lucky's role in the situation so his cover stays intact. In shock, Brenda starts talking about how Dante told her they would never have to talk about what happened, which makes Jason suspicious. While Dante's distracted by Bates, Jason asks Brenda to tell him everything that happened, and she asks if he wants to know about tonight or three years ago. Siobhan is grabbed by a henchman, who tells her she's bait. Abby finds Emma around the corner at Kelly's and tells Robin that she saw a woman with her wearing Robin's costume. Robin's sure that Lisa's playing a particularly nasty Halloween trick on her, but when she tells Patrick, he doesn't seem to believe her. He actually does and confronts Lisa himself. She denies having any involvement, of course, but he does find a discarded witch's hat. Jax stops by to see Brenda and Sam tells him she thinks Brenda and Jason have a bond they don't even know about. Michael and Abby should just make out already. Ethan wants Johnny to lie about the car bombing for Kristina's sake. Carly finds Halloween candy a turn-on, apparently.

Um, okay. Let's go over this, shall we? The death of one of the henchmen shouldn't affect Lucky's cover at all. Neither should his going to the PCPD, since, you know, he's a cop. (Which is why I'm confused over Jason saying there can't be a connection between Lucky and Dante - has he forgotten that they work together?) You know what would affect his cover? The fact that everyone in town knows what he's doing, and he has no ability to keep himself hidden.

Also, maybe people should stop talking about how Brenda killed a guy. Spinelli, Nikolas, and Jax all know and don't need to.

Ten points and some begrudging respect to Siobhan for telling the henchman she's Spencer's au pair. Nice thinking.

Speaking of Spencer, if Luke had seen him dressed as a vampire, he would have laughed himself into a real heart attack, what with the fact that he used to call Stefan a vampire.

"I want peanut clusters!" "Okay, honey, I'll go buy you some." Man, Jax is whipped.

November 2nd, 2010

Brenda is about to tell Jason "what happened before" but they're interrupted by Diane. Diane manages to get Brenda out of the police station without having to give a statement, and Bates continues to get nowhere when Dante won't give him any information. Bates pulls Lucky from the case, thinking for some reason that he's compromised the Balkan investigation. Dante then makes Lucky's day worse by sharing with him an e-mail he's received that was addressed to Lucky: the Balkan's men have Siobhan, and they know who Lucky really is. Jax tells Carly about Brenda's recent drama, and together with that info and what she can get out of Spinelli, she wonders if Brenda and Dante have met before. Claire is obviously jealous when she sees Sonny comforting Brenda, so she heads over to his place for sex. Someone else claims the witch's hat, so Patrick believes Lisa's innocent (but she's really not). Steven thinks Robin is being overdramatic and that Patrick's personal issues are affecting him the same way alcoholism affected Noah. Ronnie pressures Claire to push forward with the evidence against Sonny, but she sends it along to her superiors. Sam is jealous of how Jason keeps comforting Brenda.

No way would Bates let Brenda go home with Jason, the one person who can feed her a story to tell. Also, are we really supposed to believe he doesn't know what Sonny looks like?

Since when is Carly smarter than Jason?

Excuse me, Steven. How about you get cheated on and then decide if Robin's responding rationally.

Am I crazy (always a possibility) or is the regrettably pink room bigger than Jason's bedroom?

November 3rd, 2010

Diane finds Sonny and Claire post-coitus and informs her client that he's wanted for questioning at the PCPD. He learns that not only is there new evidence tying him to the car bombing, but Claire submitted it and knew he was going to be approached while she was with him. Claire tries to argue that she's just doing her job, but he's about as accepting of that as you'd accept. Jason confronts Spinelli about telling Brenda where the ambush was going down, warning that if Jason can't trust him, Spinelli will have to move out. Spinelli tells Carly he can't challenge Jason's trust anymore by working with her to find out if Brenda and Dante are connected. She talks him into it, and some research lets them know that Brenda was in New York in April of 2007. Patrick plans to skip Emma's birthday party and bring her a present afterward, but he's called into surgery. Cameron may be a pyro. Luke cons Tracy into inviting him back home. Sam and Jason start to wonder if Dante and Brenda have a preexisting connection. More Michael/Abby blah blah blah.

Sorry, Sonny, but you're an idiot for trusting Claire. No, wait, I'm not sorry. YOU'RE AN IDIOT FOR TRUSTING CLAIRE.

Was Spinelli briefly considering pretending that he and Carly are involved? Because him putting his arm around her when Jason caught them together was hilarious.

I don't care what your relationship is like with her mother - you don't skip your daughter's birthday party. Bite me, Patrick.

Did Cameron start the fire? Or was he having a premonition that something was going to happen? Either way, the shot of him staring at the candles was really creepy.

Whichever twin that was playing Emma today doesn't realize how brilliant she is for asking, "Where's Daddy?"

November 4th, 2010

Robin realizes the house is on fire and promptly falls down the stairs and knocks herself out. Lisa, of all people, shows up, saves Emma, and tries to help Robin. Luke quickly realizes that moving back to the mansion isn't exactly what he wanted, since he can't do anything he wants to do. Monica tells him he has one month to win Tracy back or she'll expose him. Jason tells Carly to leave Spinelli alone, then tells him to keep searching for a connection between Brenda and Dante. They confirm that Dante was Brenda's guard, and Jason gets Dante to finally start to come clean. Carly and Brenda both visit Sonny as he awaits a possible arrest. Patrick and Steve bond in surgery over being the children of doctors. The Balkan wants to trade Siobhan for Brenda. Brenda finally visits Edward.

I think it's very telling that Lisa's first instinct was to help Robin, rather than just leave her to die. And that was even before she knew Emma was also in the house.

Judging by the tone she took with Luke, Maya will make a good mom someday.

Gotta love Jason just coming right out and asking Brenda and Dante for the truth.

So...are they going to trade Brenda and Siobhan? know...why?

November 5th, 2010

Lucky is gung-ho to swap Brenda for Siobhan, but Jason thinks the Balkan will either kill Siobhan anyway or run off with Brenda. Lucky doesn't seem to see any problem with the latter possibility. He and Dante plan an ambush, which Brenda is willing to participate in, and Jason eventually decides to go along. He asks Brenda again to tell him her connection to the Balkan, but she thinks this is a bad time. Lisa saves Robin, despite her protests, and Robin repays her by accusing her of setting the fire. Patrick tells Robin that the third-degree burns on her leg are at risk for infection, and with her HIV, her health is in even more danger. Meanwhile, Lisa turns to Nikolas for help, for some reason. Claire devises a plan to get the recording deemed inadmissible and Sonny's case dismissed. Michael tells Kristina about Sonny's arrest and she heads over to tell her father exactly how she feels. To his surprise, she forgives him for the bombing, since she blames herself for driving him to try to kill Johnny. Johnny claims that Sonny's arrest has made him realize revenge isn't so great after all.

I hate episodes that are clearly just setting up future episodes.

Brenda, the longer you stall on telling Jason what happened in 2007, the less climactic it'll be.

Wait, when was Sonny arrested? I thought he was just brought in for questioning.

Am I crazy (again, always a possibility) or did the girl playing Emma call Patrick "Daddy" when he showed up at the hospital? I'm starting to think the things she says aren't just coincidences...

November 6th, 2010

Next week: Brenda finally comes clean, heroic Lisa is still witchy Lisa, and ROAD TRIP!

November 8th, 2010

Jason, Dante, and Lucky formulate a plan for the Brenda/Siobhan swap, though Dante and Jason are worried that Lucky's too emotionally involved to act rationally. They should really be worried about Brenda, who goes rogue at the meeting spot. Robin is sure Lisa set the fire, and even Matt is on her side. For some reason Lisa thinks Nikolas has enough pull to get her cleared. Robin and Maxie fret over the loss of Mac's house, and then Robin gets worse news - she already has an infection. Carly and Spinelli confirm that Dante guarded Brenda in 2007, and Carly gleefully shares the news with Lulu. Claire gets Sonny freed, but he worries that she'll get in trouble work-wise.

Lucky's way too invested in Siobhan for having only known her a month. Waaaaaay too invested.

That must be some super-infection, if Robin managed to get it 20 minutes after getting burned, while not showing any symptoms. Unless whining is a symptom. Seriously, I feel bad that she lost her childhood home, but SHUT UP, Robin.

Wait, now Dante guarded Brenda for two weeks? Can we at least fake some continuity here, writers?

I bet if he knew about Franco's monkey obsession, Matt wouldn't have gotten one for Maxie. (That toy was freaking cute, though.)

November 9th, 2010

The ambush ends with Brenda and Siobhan safe and the Balkan's men all dead. Dante and Lucky have to tell Mac part of what happened, but they keep most of the details to themselves. Jason finally gets Brenda to tell him what happened in New York: She dated Alexander, who stalked her, and went to New York to get away from him. She doesn't want his death to get out because she's afraid Dante's career will be ruined. Oh, and Alexander was the Balkan's son. Lulu confronts Dante about his past with Brenda, and he admits that he did guard her but claims she didn't remember him. Robin tells Patrick she needs to deal with her health before they work on their marriage, and she wants him to stay away for the time being. Ethan spills Luke's plan to Tracy, who reveals that she's known for most of the time. She agrees to marry Luke, but she wants him to sign a prenup first. He's in, and the two of them, Ethan, and Maya make plans to go to Vegas. Diane tells Sonny to stay away from Claire, and Alexis tells Claire to leave town before her dignity is completely stripped.

I have myself so convinced that Jerry's the Balkan that when Brenda said Alexander was the Balkan's son, I yelled, "No, he's not!"

Hi, Dante. You're starting to become quite the liar, aren't you?

I kind of wondered if Tracy knew what Luke was up to. Whatever - I can't WAIT until they get to Vegas. Claire pregnant yet?

Siobhan speaks Croatian? How conveeeeeeenient. Also, how did she know where Lucky lives? Also also, did she stop by a liquor store on her way over, or does Lucky keep bottles of booze in his apartment even though he doesn't drink?

November 10th, 2010

Carly asks Johnny to set up a meeting with one of Dante's fellow cops, since he now works for a company Johnny has an interest in. Johnny's intrigued by what Dante might be hiding and agrees to help Carly out. Olivia and Jax are both concerned to catch them together. Siobhan wants to go back to Ireland, but Lucky convinces her to stick around Port Charles and see where their relationship goes. She gets a job at Jake's and meets Maxie, who's totally jealous. Luke, Tracy, Ethan, and Maya wake up hungover in Vegas and piece together that two of them got married (but not the two who'd planned on it). Oh, and the minister was the same one who married Jason and Brenda. Jason wonders if Brenda joined ASEC to get away from Alexander. Sam goes to Dante looking for more information but he won't give it to her (and neither will Jason).

Dear ABC, please learn to make teaser commercials that don't give away entire major plot points. If you hadn't revealed a huge part of the Dante/Brenda relationship, I would have been unspoiled. You suck.

Next week on General Hospital, Coleman goes to prison for hiring an illegal immigrant!

The Vegas plot was so predictable and yet so fun.

Sorry, Maxie, but I think Lucky got over you, like, three years ago.

Jason, if you don't tell Sam everything Dante and Brenda told you (and why wouldn't you?), she will NEVER SHUT UP.

November 11th, 2010

Dante tells Michael about his "fling" with Brenda, admitting that he lied to Lulu about it. When Lulu asks Michael if Dante has mentioned Brenda, he has a hard time lying to her about it. Later, Brenda comes over looking for Dante and Lulu asks her if she remembers him. The arson report comes back stating that the fire was most likely an accident. Maxie realizes that she may have left candles lit at the house, and Cameron may have knocked one over. Either way, Lisa's cleared and tries again to convince Patrick, Mac, and Maxie that Robin's the crazy one. This leads Robin to have a nightmare about being committed. When she wakes up, Lisa's there with a syringe. Luke, Tracy, Maya, and Ethan piece together the events of the previous night and remember that through a comedy of errors, Ethan and Maya really did get married. Sonny tells Claire he's going to stay away from her since he's already caused her enough trouble. Brenda tries to get Jason to write Sam a poem and give Spinelli relationship advice. Jax and Olivia think Carly's using Johnny to make Jax jealous.

How ironic that Michael, whose mother is a master liar, is the worst liar ever.

Geez, Robin, you could at least say thank you.

Brenda's right: hotness fades, but funny is forever. I like her so much better when she's being funny than when she's being angsty.

I'm a little sad that only the audience knows Reverend Grace married two different couples on the show.

November 12th, 2010

A conversation between Brenda and Dante reveals what the commercials already ruined for us: they conceived a baby. Brenda also plays along with Dante's story to Lulu that she didn't remember him. Jax tells Claire that Sonny just used her job situation as an excuse to dump her for Brenda. Jason won't tell Sonny what Brenda's connection to the Balkan is. Dante's former co-worker tells Carly and Johnny that he's pretty sure Dante and Brenda were sleeping together in 2007. Lisa continues to gaslight Robin, then threatens to quit if Robin isn't fired.

I'm guessing Dante and Brenda reunited some other time before now, because there's no way she found out she was pregnant in the two weeks they knew each other (which used to be one week). By the way, this baby thing only makes him look worse, since he didn't say anything about it to Lulu when she told him about her abortion.

Speaking of babies, seriously, is Claire pregnant yet? Because I'm 99 percent sure that's where this is going.

If Lisa's threatening to quit if Robin isn't fired, why don't they just...not fire Robin? Call Lisa's bluff and make her quit.

I can't believe they had a Nikolas/Brenda scene. That must have been AWKWARD.

November 13th, 2010

Next week: Would you believe me if I told you Ethan and Maya got the most interesting scenes?

November 15th, 2010

Carly is the happiest camper who ever camped now that she has confirmation that Dante and Brenda had some sort of relationship. Just as Jax warns Brenda that Carly's digging into her past, Carly visits Dante to spill what she knows. Jason questions Siobhan to see if she remembers more about her captivity, and she tells him about a phone conversation in English where the Balkan's men mentioned someone named Jack. Maya breaks her own rule about consummating her marriage to Ethan so they can get an annulment. Spinelli tries to color Brenda's view of Dante by telling her how he was responsible for Michael going to prison. Mostly this just leads to a conversation between her and Jason about what Michael's been through. Olivia claims she's not threatened by Carly spending time with Johnny, but she's drunk, so who knows? Suzanne REALLY doesn't like Sonny.

I normally hate Carly, but seeing her so dang happy just cracks me up.

The Balkan's men talked about a guy named Jack? I'm firmly back on the Jerry-is-the-Balkan bandwagon.

So now I'm not clear if the baby was Dante's. Maybe it was Alexander's? Or even Jerry's? And I don't think it was ever born; otherwise I think Brenda would have said she didn't want Sonny to know about the baby, rather than that she was pregnant.

I'm so sad that Kate didn't show up while Olivia was drunk. what a missed opportunity.

November 16th, 2010

Carly taunts Brenda about how her secrets will eventually come back to haunt her. Brenda tells Jason to do something about Carly, but he notes that if he does, she'll just know Brenda has something to hide. Dante tells Michael that he may have been in love with Brenda three years ago, but his past is in the past and Lulu's who he wants now. Patrick asks Lisa to back off of Robin, and Matt suggests that Robin go to therapy. Maya and Ethan learn that they can get an annulment even if they've consummated their marriage, since they were so drunk when they exchanged their vows. Tracy's mad that she could have annulled her marriage to Luke instead of sticking with him for so many years. Maya wants the annulment right away, even though she enjoys sleeping with Ethan so much. Lucky and Siobhan do stuff. Olivia thinks she's experiencing a delayed adolescence and has held on to her relationship to Johnny for too long. Steven seems to agree. Sam tells Jason she's going to calm down about Brenda.

I'm surprised Jason didn't comment on the fact that Brenda said Carly was in "our home."

Yes, Lisa, offering sex in exchange for leaving Robin alone was just hilarious. Maybe Maxie should frame her for devil worship.

Maya and Ethan might be the first soap couple to ever get married before having sex.

Olivia and Steven are ADORABLE. They need to get together NOW.

November 17th, 2010

Michael tells Carly he knows she's planning some sort of revenge on Dante and asks her to leave him alone. Jason makes the same request after talking to Michael, and Carly says that she's going to let Dante's own past bring him down. Sonny learns that Claire put a petition in motion that will allow him to have contact with Michael again. Despite Dante's warnings that it could jeopardize Michael's parole, Sonny happily signs. Suzanne questions Dante about his past with Brenda and remembers her calling out his name while delirious. Michael thinks Abby knows more about what happened to him in prison than she's let on. Edward is surprisingly happy about Maya and Ethan's marriage and offers them a million dollars to stay together for a year. Elizabeth meets Siobhan and seems less than impressed. Siobhan thinks Lucky is trying to run from something. Tracy refuses to marry Luke without a prenup.

Haven't we been doing this Michael/Carly thing for weeks now?

No, Suzanne, I'm sure that was a completely different Dante whose name Brenda was calling out. It's a very common name, after all.

No way would Edward approve of Ethan and Maya together. I'm surprised he hasn't pulled out the words he used to use for Zander and Juan (reprobate, hoodlum, etc.).

I think that's the fastest Elizabeth has ever gone from neutral to petty.

November 18th, 2010

Sonny briefly worries that the petition will hurt Claire with internal affairs, but then stops worrying because he gets to see Michael again. Olivia picks up where Dante left off and warns Sonny not to get Michael involved in anything that could affect his parole. Jason isn't happy to learn that Carly knows about Dante and Brenda's past relationship. Brenda tells Suzanne to stop asking questions about said relationship, then asks Jason to get Dante reassigned. Ethan and Maya accept Edward's offer. Tracy wants to get married on Laura's birthday, and she won't let Luke drink. Lisa decides to push for Robin's dismissal, and Robin's going to fight her. Elizabeth warns Lucky not to trust Siobhan too much, since he barely knows her. Michael still needs therapy.

I love it when you can tell exactly what Jason's thinking. Today it was, "Damage control! Damage control!"

I still don't get what's in this Ethan/Maya marriage for Edward. And he never does anything that doesn't benefit him in some way.

Are they ever going to stop playing Luke's obvious alcoholism for laughs?

So...was there a reason Lulu was on today?

November 19th, 2010

As Patrick, Steven, Nikolas, and Elizabeth prepare to defend Robin in front of the board, Maxie catches Lisa about to inject something in Robin's IV. Lisa stashes the meds with Johnny, who disappears while Ronnie comes to investigate. Sonny and Brenda reminisce about each other for what feels like an eternity (him to Olivia, her to Robin), then wind up at Sonny's old apartment at the same time. Suzanne tells Dante that she knows about his past with Brenda, but he denies that anything happened (as Michael listens in). Jason points out to Carly that she has no proof of Dante and Brenda ever having a relationship, then warns Dante that she claims to have proof. Luke overhears Carly encouraging Lulu to marry Dante and asks why she's pushing it when she's obviously mad about the whole Michael thing.

This was a Friday in November? Really? Because my snoring begs to differ.

November 20th, 2010

Next week: the triumphant return of Thanksgiving pizza!

November 22nd, 2010

Lisa tries to make it look like Maxie feels guilty about the fire and is trying to frame her, and it might actually work. Steven suspends Lisa's surgical privileges anyway, and warns that if she goes near Robin again, she'll be fired. Nikolas encourages him to remain neutral, so Lisa tries to play on his niceness. Sonny and Brenda talk for the entire episode, then make out. Luke warns Carly that if she takes any actions against Dante, he'll look into it. He then tries to talk to Lulu about love, but she seems to think he's talking about Lucky and Siobhan. Robin wants to gossip about Brenda and Sonny with Jason, who thinks they need to stay away from each other. Max tells him they're currently together and Jason starts to go get Brenda, but Robin begs him to leave them alone. Michael tells Dante he overheard his conversation with Suzanne, and Dante promises that he's not ditching Lulu for any reason.

I like Johnny when he stands on the sidelines and observes.

Luke noting that he and Carly could do a lot of damage if they united against a common enemy was spot on. Now who can we get them to go up against?...

Hey, a Robin/Jason scene! We never get those!

This is why Michael needs a better plot. He's just a pawn in everyone else's plot.

November 23rd, 2010

Sonny and Brenda agree to give their relationship another try. She decides this is a good time to tell him all about Alexander. Lisa tells Johnny that she was going to inject Robin with sodium pentothol so she'd spout off about her hatred of Lisa during the hearing. Johnny tells her he's keeping the syringe. Molly and Spinelli arrange a romantic evening for Sam and Jason. Maxie's previous joke about framing Lisa comes back to bite her, as now no one can believe that she's telling the truth about seeing her with a syringe. Robin is not pleased that Patrick doesn't believe her. Claire wants to join Diane and Alexis' firm. Alexis is on board, but Diane is hesitant.

With all the reunions and romantic evenings and nice dinners, this was practically a Valentine's Day episode.

Now I want to be there when Carly finds out about Abby AND when she finds out Sonny and Brenda are back together.

So are Johnny and Lisa going to get together? Even if they just team up, they could cause some major damage.

What magical powers does Molly possess that made Jason put on a SUIT?

November 24th, 2010

Lulu wants to bring Dante to the Quartermaines' for Thanksgiving, but he wants to stay home and watch football. She goes alone, and he misses her so much that he goes after her, dragging Michael along with him. Kristina, Sam, Maxie, Robin, and Molly (long-distance) repeat their scheme from last Thanksgiving and get Mac and Alexis together for dinner. Spinelli and Matt are also present, which makes Spinelli uncomfortable. Lucky offers to take Siobhan to New York for the holiday, but she's too intrigued by the idea of having an American Thanksgiving at a mansion. Robin, Patrick, and Emma spend Thanksgiving together. Luke finally gives Tracy a ring, though its origins are unknown.

That pizza looked gross. You'd think the Quartermaines would get the really good, high-class pizza.

Mac and Alexis have "no spark"? What's Alexis talking about??

Does this mean Jason and Brenda had Thanksgiving together? When do we get to see that episode?

For once, I was with Siobhan on something: Lucky really didn't do a good enough job making a Quartermaine Thanksgiving sound like a bad thing.

Sonny didn't invite Michael over for dinner? That sucks.

November 26th, 2010

I'm going to be so sad when SoapNet eventually goes away, because where else will we get marathons like tonight's Black T-Shirt Friday extravaganza? They're showing five Jason-centric episodes:

  1. Jason and Sonny's friendship grows, and Jason rides his motorcycle into the Quartermaines' living room (1996). This was right before I started watching the show regularly, so I'm excited to see this.
  2. Jason and Carly are totally getting it on at Jake's (1996). Enjoy Sarah Brown's ridiculous mid-'90s hair! This also takes place literally days before Lily's death, just as the Sonny/Brenda/Jax triangle was really heating up.
  3. Robin gets Sonny to fire Jason (1997). This was during the big Sonny/Brenda/Tin Man plotline, where Sonny and Brenda wound up engaged (just before he left her at the altar).
  4. The awesome train-crash storyline (2005). Manny! Alcazar! That dude Jesse who used to date Maxie and who hasn't been mentioned in years! Also, Courtney.
  5. Jason starts treatment for his second bout of amnesia (2005). Back when Sam and Jason were cute together, round 1.
I mean...come on!


Random thoughts on the episodes mentioned above (in which I don't remember Jason actually wearing a black shirt):

1. Gotta love how the first people we see are Ned and Lois.
Lucy! And Kevin! Need I say more?
This is before we ever knew Carly existed. Life was so much simpler then.
Seeing Jason in a collared shirt is just so...weird.
I think this was just after Jax came on the show. Back when he wasn't annoying.
I always forget that Mac and Jax knew each other pre-show. They only ever really mentioned it when Miranda was involved. I also love that Jax asked where Mac's accent went, because people have been wondering that for years.

2. Ahh, yes, Laura's trial for Damian's murder. When Justus defended her without telling her he was the real killer. Wow, Justus was kind of a jerk.
Wow, I remember pretty much nothing about Tom Hardy. I'm surprised I even recognized him. Ditto Simone.
Apparently this took place during the five minutes when A.J. was a good guy. Also, Keesha didn't take long to move on from Jason, did she?
Wow, teeny Maxie and Lucas!
I think Kevin sent the toxic flowers, during the plot where he was kind of crazy and channeling Ryan. That storyline was so disappointing.
I didn't realize Jason was basically seeing Robin and Carly at the same time. How un-Jason-like.

3. Oy. Sarah. Yes, boys and girls, Elizabeth was not the first Webber girl Nikolas stole from Lucky.
Speaking of characters who never added anything to the show, hi, V! (I think the issue was that she was brought on as a love interest for Jax, but then Maurice Benard left, allowing Jax and Brenda to get back together, so at that point, there was nothing for V to do.)
Holy cow - Elizabeth's very first appearance! I'd forgotten how she used to smoke and be sassy. Well, sassier.

4. Manny remains one of my all-time favorite GH villains. Yeah, I know it's weird.
Also weird: I miss Alcazar.
I didn't realize Carly's had the same hairstyle for five years. I also didn't realize Laura Wright has been on for five years, as has Julie Berman (who I think started just before this episode), and Kimberly McCullough has been back the same amount of time.
Why does Courtney's hair look so perfect? Yet another reason to hate her.
I want Lainey's green plaid coat.
As much as I hated Emily as played by Natalia Livingston, she was pretty awesome in this episode. How many med students know you can use asthma medication to slow labor, or know that much about childbirth?

5. Another episode with Lainey? She was on more in one night than she was all year.
Teenage Lulu was a lot like teenage Elizabeth.
The Sonny/Emily scenes only serve to remind me of their totally gross, random relationship.
Ronnie Marmo played Jax's driver! How funny!
Morgan used to be blond? I totally don't remember that.

November 27th, 2010

Next week: The pieces of the Balkan investigation start to fall into place. (Just two more weeks till Jerry returns....)

November 29th, 2010

Jason, Lucky, and Dante officially team up to investigate the Balkan, and Jason gets them a step closer to figuring out who Jack refers to. Meanwhile, someone lurks in Sam's apartment. Spinelli has a hard time accepting the fact that Sonny and Brenda are back together. He turns into an overprotective father-ish figure, questioning Sonny's intentions and announcing that Brenda isn't safe with him. Suzanne learns of Sonny and Brenda's reunion and asks Jax to break it up. Lisa uploads her side of the story on a confessional website. Robin is released from the hospital and lets Patrick take her home. Nikolas is still being Mr. Impartial.

Yes, Jason what if Jack is the Balkan's last name? And what if you add an S to it? And what if you read the list of names from the phone records and see if there are any James Bond-ish ones on there?

Spinelli, you might want to talk protection with Brenda instead of Sonny. He's not too good about that sort of thing.

How is a video anonymous if your face can be seen?

Nice shout-out to the fact that Lucky was a computer genius as a teenager.

November 30th, 2010

Jason finally figures out that Jerry could be involved with the Balkan, and Dante takes it a step farther, pointing out that he could be the Balkan himself. He discusses this with Carly while Jason warns Sam that if Jerry returns to town, she could be in danger. The man in her apartment isn't Jerry, but he works for him and anticipates his imminent return to Port Charles. Sonny takes Brenda to the Metro Court, where, of course, Jax sees them together and interrupts their date. Carly tries to convince Spinelli that Dante's former co-cop thought he took advantage of Brenda in 2007. Suzanne guilts Jax into putting a plan in motion to "distract" Brenda from Sonny while the Balkan's in play. Olivia thinks he's nuts. Elizabeth comes across Lisa's confessional video. Alexis tells Sam to stop trying to fix her up with Mac, though she points out that he's much better for her than her past love interests. Maxie warns Robin that time is running out for her to fix her marriage. Michael, Abby, blah, blah, blah.

Does everyone have to say Jerry's full name every time they mention him? It's turning into a drinking game (to be played along with the Claire Walsh drinking game, obviously).

You have to love Sonny saying that his idea of Hell is being trapped in a room with Spinelli.

Maxie, I don't think there's any clock running out on Robin and Patrick's marriage. It's not like he's going anywhere.

Sam's stalker looked a lot like Jerry - nice casting.

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