General Hospital blog - November, 2011

November 1st, 2011

Diane returns from a European book tour and tells Sonny she ran into Brenda, who's doing terrific. She then resigns to write a gossip column. Kate tries to stop Sonny from spiraling out again over the news about Brenda. Johnny has some kind of dirt on Steven and uses it to blackmail him into giving Anthony medical attention. Lulu thinks Dante's going to Sonny's so he can find out more about his shooting. He tells her how much he loves being a cop, and she still doesn't tell him her concerns. Spinelli tells Maxie he's going to keep pursuing her. Matt stays with Elizabeth, who isn't doing well, and doesn't even bother calling Maxie when he finally remembers he's supposed to be with her. Lucky may be in a Pet Sematary-type situation.

Ha, people have been making fun of Brenda's sleeves for 15 years.

Matt and Maxie, break up already! All of us need to be put out of our misery!

Can't we combine Lucky and Ethan's plots into one gigantic storyline I can fast-forward all at once?

Um, did Epiphany just throw a brick at Principal Figgins? Or is writing this while watching Glee somehow leading to hallucinations?

November 2nd, 2011

Alexis is freaking out about Kristina going off to college, but no one's surprised. Molly gives Kristina a book of Russian poetry, but Kristina accidentally leaves it behind. Michael tells Sonny that Dante's digging around for information on the shooting and he doesn't feel right keeping it from him. Lulu reluctantly agrees to announce her and Dante's engagement at Kristina's party. Luke confronts Ethan at Wyndemere, trying again to convince him to stay away from it. Talk turns to true love, and Ethan admits that he feels like his brother and sister see him as a reminder that their parents couldn't make it work. Luke hopes Ethan finds his own true love one day, and for some reason, Ethan's offended. Lucky goes to the church, falls asleep, and wakes up to see rocks spelling out, "Go." Sam and Jason make the most of the final day of their honeymoon. Seriously, Olivia, take a pregnancy test.

Producers, you suck for firing Lexi Ainsworth.

Please tell me we're not going to do a plot about that book.

Why didn't Alexis give Kristina a picture that included Sam? And no one seems to care that Kristina's going to leave for college before Sam gets back to see her.

Also, producers, I beg you, find a way to get Genie Francis back on the show. There are so many things that so many characters need to do but can't because she's not there. You are missing so many opportunities by not having her on.

A couple days ago I wondered how mad Nathan Parsons is about his current scenes. Now I ask the same question about Jonathan Jackson.

November 3rd, 2011

Dante presses Michael about the shooting some more, and Abby finally steps in to get them to shut up. Michael doesn't appreciate it. Kate accidentally crashes Kristina's party, and though Sonny invites her to stay, she doesn't think she belongs there. Carly goes to Jake's in hopes of seeing Shawn, who's there with another woman. Lulu thinks Olivia might be pregnant, and Olivia protests so much that it's probably true. She tries to swear Lulu to secrecy, but Lulu claims that she tells Dante everything. Luke thinks Carly helped Jax skip town and threatens to blackmail her with the information. He only accepts $1.50 in payment, though. Robin and Patrick make a birthday video for Emma. Lulu changes her mind about letting Dante announce their engagement.

Michael, tell Dante you don't know anything and that the conversation is over. Then keep your dang mouth shut. You, too, Dante.

I can't help both laughing at and feeling sorry for Carly. Don't worry, hon - I'm sure you'll get him in the end. Also, yay, Luke/Carly scenes!

Yes, Olivia, since you don't want to be pregnant, you clearly aren't. That's how that works.


November 4th, 2011

Jason finds a note (supposedly from Sam) telling him the final act is approaching and he'll never guess what's coming. He then drinks a beer that must be drugged. Later, Sam finds a note (supposedly from Jason) saying he's a step ahead of her, then drinks the same beer. Jason wakes up in a cell and immediately knows that Franco's behind his captivity. As he demands that Franco come after him and leave Sam alone, he watches Sam get into the shower as Franco approaches. Carly interrupts Shawn's date, telling him she just wants to celebrate her birthday (which is the next day) and have some fun. He brushes her off, so when Johnny comes in, she uses him to make Shawn jealous, which totally works. Her night gets better when Johnny tells her that Shawn's date is one of his strippers. Sonny's night, however, is probably going to get worse, since he gets an eyeful of Carly and Johnny making out. Michael's sad about the second anniversary of Claudia's death. Ethan gives Kristina a friendship bracelet and sends her off to fall in love with someone else. Johnny thinks Anthony's keeping some secret about Claudia. Diane, Max, and Milo become the next party crashers, interrupting Dante and Lulu's announcement, which never gets made. Diane announces her resignation and encourages Alexis to take over as Sonny's lawyer. Dante tells Michael to practice what he preaches and get away from the mob like he's encouraging Kristina to.

In a contest between Franco and Lisa as to who's sicker, it might actually be a draw.

I love, love, love Johnny/Carly scenes.

I would like to state for the record that Carly's birthday has never been established as being around this time, but someone else's has: Josslyn's. If it's the second anniversary of Claudia's death, it's Josslyn's second birthday.

Speaking of people who are no longer on the show but who are still being mentioned...why are we still talking about Claudia?

Birthdays: Emma Drake, Josslyn Jacks (though it wasn't mentioned), Maxie Jones
Leaving town: Kristina Corinthos
Kidnapped: Jason Morgan
Resigned: Diane Miller

Week in review:
Funniest moments (intentional): Kate on Halloween, Alexis checking Sonny's house for bugs, Lulu giving Maxie Dante's pudding for her birthday, drunk Diane
Funniest moment (unintentional): Jason yelling at a TV screen
Saddest moment: Realizing that everyone crying over Kristina is really crying over Lexi Ainsworth being fired
Sweetest moments: All the Kristina stuff, Patrick and Robin's video
Least believable moment: Same as last week - Kristina's going to college in the middle of the semester
Most annoying characters: Michael, Dante
Dumbest character: I hate to say it, but Jason
Unanswered questions of the week: 1. Who was the clown?
2. What's Johnny holding over Steven?

November 5th, 2011

Next week: The honeymoon is most definitely over.

November 7th, 2011

Sam passes out in the shower and Jason has to watch helplessly as Franco takes her to the bedroom, drapes his shirt over the camera, and turns on a toy monkey. Maxie confronts Matt over missing her birthday, then mistakes his birthday present to her for one he got for Elizabeth. Elizabeth offers to help him make her jealous before getting worse. Sonny blames Shawn for Carly acting out with Johnny, but Shawn argues that he has his own life and isn't responsible for Carly's extracurricular activities. Kate arrives and fights with Carly, who winds up leaving with Johnny. Shawn's date tells him he might as well go after Carly because he's obviously in love with her. Lucky keeps ignoring warnings about hanging out at the church and gets another message: "GO HOME." Kate wants to be Connie for a while. Spinelli may not be able to hack, but he can win lots of money betting on sports, much to Max and Milo's delight. Matt thinks Elizabeth's mystery savior was a figment of her imagination.

Things I will now forever be afraid of: James Franco, Jason when he makes that face that says he's going to kill someone, toy monkeys

Whoever wrote Matt and Elizabeth's dialogue should get a raise. They're awesome together.

Apparently Jonathan Jackson is leaving by the beginning of the year, which I totally don't blame him for.

Hey, someone remembered Josslyn's birthday!

November 8th, 2011

Jason is released from his cell, but he's too late to do anything to help Sam. She doesn't remember what happened, so he has to tell her that she was just in bed with Franco. Johnny makes Carly uncomfortable, but Shawn swoops in to rescue her. She doesn't get why he acts like he's not interested in her, wondering if it's because she's white. He assures her it's not but still wants to get away. Carly tells him to look her in the eye and tell her there's nothing between them. Shawn tells her to leave, but this time it's because there's something (or is it someone?) shocking in the harbor. Sonny and Kate dance and almost make out, but he tells her he doesn't want to rush things. Then he goes to see Olivia. Speaking of Olivia, she buys a pregnancy test, then tries to hide it when Steven shows up. He finds it and splits before she can take it. Dante proposes again, and though Lulu's happy, she's still drinking.

Crying Jason is killing me. Killing. Me.

I'm actually glad Carly brought up the fact that she and Shawn would have an interracial relationship (if they had a relationship). I would say that interractial relationships are rare on this show, but that's obvious, since there are hardly any minority characters.

Mark it: This is the first time I've felt sorry for Coleman. Kate really is an ice queen sometimes.

Also mark it: I think this is the first time Sonny's ever said he wants to take something slow.

Note to all soap characters: Hiding something behind a pillow is not, in fact, hiding it.

November 9th, 2011

Sam and Jason are making me cry over here. Sonny pretty much asks Olivia if Kate has mentioned that she likes him. Kate's car breaks down, so she calls Sonny to come get her, but Johnny shows up first. Sonny brings Olivia along and she gets dizzy again. The body in the harbor is Lisa's, and Ronnie thinks she showed up at Sonny's former warehouse alive and Shawn and Carly killed her. He questions them about their presence there and Shawn tells him they came for, ahem, privacy. He may actually buy it, which means they have to keep up appearances. Padilla tells Robin, Steven, and Matt that Lisa's death was most likely not an accident. Patrick comes home late with wet shoes.

When Kelly Monaco first started on the show, I was indifferent about her acting. Later I thought she was awful. Then I became indifferent again. Today I thought she did some of her best work we've ever seen on the show. I hope she gets to really show her stuff in this storyline.

Tune in tomorrow when Sonny sends Kate a note that says, "Do you like me? Check yes or no."

So...what have you used that wrench for, Johnny?

Ronnie actually cracked me up today. Don't think I'll let it go that he called Shawn "Mr. Beefcake." I also enjoyed Padilla refusing to play good cop/bad cop with him.

November 10th, 2011

Jason and Sam go in search of Franco, starting with the cell where he held Jason. They find a hotel room key and a new string of letters and numbers: N02CCAH5. The key opens the door to the room where Franco has apparently been staying; he's not there, but they do find a dead girl in a grass skirt holding a hula doll. Jason decides he's done playing Franco's game for now he and Sam will go home, wait for Franco to make contact again, and finally finish things. Lisa was killed by a blunt object before she wound up in the water. Lucky's rock message now has three words: "Go home Daddy." Dante wants to be assigned to Lisa's murder investigation. Steven and Olivia watch Cameron and Aiden, and continue to drag out the is-she-pregnant-or-not thing. Tracy tells Luke that Aiden is Lucky's son, but Luke doesn't care. Olivia tells Lulu that if she doesn't want to marry Dante, she'd better say something soon. Maggie finally arrives, and she has an interest in Lisa's murder and clown costumes.

Okay, people, start brainstorming: What does N02CCAH5 mean?

I'm telling you, that wrench in Johnny's car is the murder weapon. If this were Clue, it would be ___ on the boat with a wrench.

I've been wondering from the beginning if Lucky's message was going to come from Jake. Though I don't think Jake could spell "go home Daddy." Maybe it's from Franco?

I love how Tracy was so surprised that Luke didn't know about Aiden. Uh, how would he?

November 11th, 2011

Jason thinks Sam needs to see a psychiatrist, which is probably a good idea. She takes out her emotions on their wedding presents. Shawn teaches Carly the true meaning of Veterans Day. He also tells her about the son of the Marine he accidentally killed, and the death of his own father when he was six. Maggie is already annoying and only serves to drive the vagueness that something went down in Memphis. Elizabeth has pneumonia, and her fever is making her delirious and sad. Jason stops by just as she reaches the height of her delirium and thinks Jake is in danger. Lucky wonders if he's leaving messages for himself.

How about we start with getting Sam a physical exam?

Veterans deserve much better than today's semi-cheesy PSA.

Elizabeth, I know you're feverish, but don't give me that "Jason left me" crap.

What is this, Jake Hallucination Week?

Dead: Lisa Niles
New in town: Maggie Wurth
Raped(?): Sam Morgan

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): Padilla declining to play along with Ronnie
Funniest moment (unintentional): "What's this?" It's milk, Shawn
Saddest moments: Jason stuck in a cell, imagining the worst about Sam; Sam crying in the shower
Sweetest moment: Carly bringing Shawn a glass of milk
Least believable moment: Olivia thinks Steven would be okay with going out of town while Elizabeth is in the hospital
Most annoying character: Maggie
Dumbest character: It pains me, but Olivia, for thinking that hiding something behind a pillow makes it invisible
Unanswered question of the week: What happened between Steven and Maggie in Memphis?
Previously unanswered questions now answered: 1. Maggie was the clown
2. Franco has been writing N02CCAH5

November 12th, 2011

Next week: This murder mystery better be good.

November 14th, 2011

Luke wants Sonny to apologize for his part in the intervention, then basically tells him to stop getting married because he sucks at it. Sonny encourages him to try to form a relationship with Aiden so Aiden won't feel unwanted. Luke actually listens, showing up at Elizabeth's while Lulu is there. Lucky dreams of Siobhan telling him his messages are coming from Jake. He goes back to the church and gets another addition to his message: "Aiden." Mac thinks Robin knows more about Lisa's death than she's letting on. Patrick seems to, too, since she's so insistent that there's no way Matt could be a murderer. Dante tells Lulu he's working Lisa's case, which upsets her (of course). He claims it's because he wants to clear Olivia's name, but she guesses he would have taken any case that came along. Kate tells Johnny to stop making everything about Claudia and move on. She also admits to blaming herself for Sonny's life of crime, since she ditched him, and doesn't blame him for marrying Claudia right after they broke up since turnabout is fair play. Dante tries to keep Padilla from interviewing Olivia. Steven totally downplays his former relationship with Maggie for Olivia. Elizabeth's fever goes down and she kind of remembers that she had delusions about Jake.

Loved Luke and Lulu coming face to face at Elizabeth's. This should be good.

I'm thinking Mac and Dante investigating a case where their relatives are suspects might be, I don't know, a conflict of interest? Of course, this is the show where Dante can do whatever he wants when it comes to Sonny, so whatever.

Kate, for telling Johnny that he makes everything about Claudia, I give you ten cool points.

People should probably stop dismissing Aiden's bruises as typical kid stuff considering Lulu had aplastic anemia as a child.

If you didn't go, "Awwwww" when Jason hugged Monica, you have no soul and are beyond my help.

November 15th, 2011

Lulu's obviously mad at Luke, who calls her out on her fear of men leaving her. She starts to kick him out but has to take something to Cameron, so she leaves him there to look after Aiden. Lucky gets the rest of his message, which tells him that Aiden's sick and he needs to get home fast. He calls Elizabeth's and reaches Luke, telling him to get Aiden to the hospital (but, you know, drive carefully). Sonny complains to Jason about Shawn, but Jason defends him since he ran things pretty well while they were both out of the picture. He wants to jump back into the business but he's obviously distracted. Spinelli tells Sam he's planning to move out of the penthouse so she and Jason can be alone, but she insists that nothing has changed. Ethan thinks Elizabeth's mystery man could actually exist, since weird stuff happens over on Spoon Island. He and Elizabeth chat about Laura, and Elizabeth admits that she doesn't think Laura is the same as she used to be. She also advises Ethan to stay away from Wyndemere, but Ethan goes back, finding footprints that seem to have been left by Elizabeth's mystery man.

Yay, we're finally done with the Ireland story! I can stop pretending to care about that woman whose name I never bothered to learn!

Wait, Lulu came back to Elizabeth's, passed right by Luke's car, and didn't see him and Aiden inside? And Luke didn't leave a note for her? This is dumb.

I can't believe that conversation with Spinelli didn't make Sam think about going to the hospital to get a morning-after pill.

Why the Laura retconning? Seriously, if she's not coming back to the show, there's no point in talking about her.

November 16th, 2011

Luke battles his demons and tries not to remember that it's his and Laura's anniversary. Lucky has another dream about Siobhan. Ethan talks to Laura's portrait, and after he leaves Wyndemere, a woman in white appears. Lulu and Tracy freak out over Luke and Aiden's disappearance.

Are we all okay with me pretending this episode never happened?

November 17th, 2011

Lulu thinks Luke is trying to play hero until she learns that something really is wrong with Aiden. According to Maggie, it's so bad that Luke may have saved his life. Monica is totally willing to think Aiden's bruises are from neglect because she hates Elizabeth. Jason suggests that Sam go to a rape support group, which upsets her and ultimately leads to her deciding she needs "space." Maxie gets flowers without a card, and Spinelli thinks they're from Franco, so he destroys them. They're actually from Matt, who thinks roses make up for giving Maxie's bracelet to Elizabeth. Kate thinks Olivia's concerns about Maggie are her way of sabotaging her relationship with Steven because she really wants to be with Johnny.

Can we please leave the children of Port Charles alone?

Dang, Monica. Chill.

Sam went from 0 to 60 in about five seconds. That made no sense.

Listen, I have no problem with Jen Lilley, per se, but I'm going to need Kirsten Storms back up in here soon.

November 18th, 2011

Maggie gets Luke to fake heart trouble so she can run Aiden's blood tests herself. She diagnoses him with a platelet disorder and reports that if Luke hadn't brought him to the hospital, he could have bled to death internally. Patrick figures out that Anthony woke up Lisa to get revenge on him for foiling his attempt to kill Jason. Dante learns that Lisa was killed with a wrench. Ethan tells Alexis that there's weird stuff going on at Wyndemere and offers to keep an eye on things. Michael doesn't want to spend Thanksgiving with Carly if Shawn's going to be there. Sonny tells Michael he's going out of town for Thanksgiving, and it has something to do with Brenda. Kate thinks Sonny's life would have turned out differently if she'd told him about Dante. Sonny asks Alexis to represent him if he's questioned about Lisa's murder.

Can we just get to the part where Maggie's crazy and something weird happens?

Oh, really? Lisa was killed by a wrench? I wonder why I didn't think of that....

Michael, every time you complain about Shawn without having a good reason to hate him, you...well, you kind of come across as racist.

Funny how this is one murder mystery Sonny isn't actually part of.

Sick: Aiden Spencer

Week in review:
Funniest moment (intentional): I actually can't think of anything
Funniest moment (unintentional): I admit, I laugh whenever someone notes that Aiden looks like Lucky
Saddest moment: Elizabeth learning that Aiden was sick
Sweetest moment: Jason hugging Monica
Least believable moment: Lulu passed Luke outside Elizabeth's house and neither saw each other
Most annoying characters: Monica, Michael, Dante
Dumbest character: Patrick was a little dumb for going up against Anthony like that, but really, no one was too bad this week
Unanswered question of the week: Who is the woman in white at Wyndemere?

November 19th, 2011

Next week: Pizza!

November 21st, 2011

Jason is having trouble keeping his anger at Franco under wraps. Sonny invites Kate along on his trip to the Dominican Republic to divorce Brenda. Brenda beats him to the punch by filing papers first. Kate at first declines the trip, but when it might be off, she's obviously sad. Sonny gets her to agree to a trip to a different island: the one where they grew up. Sam accidentally attacks Michael, who tells her that some of Abby's fellow dancers have been attacked, which makes her want to bring down the attacker. And I'm done using variations on the word "attack." Carly's frustrated by her inability to figure out when Shawn's on work time and when he's on Carly-lovin' time. Monica invites Michael, Abby, Sam, and Jason to Thanksgiving at the Quartermaines'. Sam accepts possibly partly because she doesn't want to be alone with Jason. So much for Maxie and Matt's relationship being on its last legs.

I'm sorry, but Jason beating up and yelling at inanimate objects is kind of funny.

Sonny and Kate are going away together already? Isn't that...really, really, really fast?

I actually like temporary Maxie with Matt more than I like regular Maxie with him. But I like regular Maxie more than temporary Maxie. I'm torn.

Last year Soapnet had the Jason-centric "Black T-Shirt Friday"; this year they're doing the Lucky-centric "Lucky Friday":

  1. When there's an explosion at the Triple L Diner, Luke and Laura realize they've been discovered and activate their emergency plan. This sends young Lucky out of town on his own (1993). Jonathan Jackson's first episode!
  2. Lucky is furious at Laura when she admits that the stranger who saved Lulu's life is actually his brother, Nikolas (1996). This was right when I started watching the show.
  3. Luke holds Lucky hostage in a cabin while trying to work out their differences (1998). I vaguely remember this. I think it was after Lucky found out that Luke raped Laura.
  4. Laura tells Lucky how proud she is of him; later, Lucky, Elizabeth, Emily and Nikolas share a special dinner at Kelly's (1999). This might be Jonathan Jackson's last episode from the first time he left. Which means it's the last Kelly's closed dinner with the original four Musketeers.
  5. Lucky has to break the news to Elizabeth that Jake is dead (2011). Uh, Happy Thanksgiving!
I really don't need to see that last episode again (and what a bad way to end the marathon), but I'm excited about the other four. Lots of Genie Francis, Tyler Christopher, and Amber Tamblyn, for one. And it's always fun to see the other plots in the episodes.

November 22nd, 2011

Tracy wonders if Luke would have taken Aiden to the hospital if he'd been drinking. Luke makes sure he's holding an open bottle when Lucky comes by to talk to him about Aiden. Lulu and Dante railroad Padilla so she can't bug Olivia about the night Lisa died. Anthony encourages Johnny to find a cop to get in his pocket, and both seem to have their sights on Padilla. Dante questions Kate about what was really going on the night she had the photo shoot at Sonny's warehouse. Lulu and Dante are actually working through some of their issues. Sonny and Johnny make more veiled threats toward each other before Sonny and Kate go to New York. Maggie wonders why Steven was so adamant that she come to Port Charles when he doesn't want her to talk about Memphis. Anthony is still creepy with Tracy.

This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful I'm not a Spencer.

So Dante's allowed to investigate crimes but Padilla isn't? Shut up, Dante.

You could do a lot worse than John Zacchara, Officer Padilla!

I guess since Olivia's drinking, she's not pregnant.

November 23rd, 2011

Jason gets more and more frustrated with his inability to get any leads on Franco. He tells Sam that all traces of the dead woman in the hotel room are gone, and she realizes that since she showered and never went to the police, there's no crime to get him on. Jason gets so upset about the situation that he flips the table holding the Quartermaines' actual nice dinner. Lulu and Dante's Thanksgiving starts off fine, but when she sends him off to Olivia's to get a pie, he winds up chasing down a criminal instead. Lulu finds herself waiting for him like she did the night he was shot, not realizing that Dante's collapsed in an alley. Carly and Shawn have dinner together and dance while someone watches. Kate wants Sonny to talk about Brenda and see his old house, because she doesn't quite get the meaning of Thanksgiving, apparently. Tracy admits to Edward that some of the money she put into ELQ wasn't acquired legally. He tells her he already knows everything she did, but she'll have to get herself out of it. Tracy has weird problems with Sam.

Some year they need to show reruns of past Thanksgiving episodes. Then we'll all be reminded that this was in no way the Quartermaines' worst.

Dang it, Dante, you and Lulu were just making progress and not making me roll my eyes all time.

$5 says that was Jax outside Kelly's.

Way to ruin someone's Thanksgiving, Kate.

What's Tracy's problem with Sam? I can't remember them ever even interacting before.

Divorced: Sonny Corinthos and Brenda Barrett

Week in review:
Funniest moments (intentional): Matt's "she totally wants me" about Kate, "why am I talking to a turkey?"
Funniest moment (unintentional): Jason beating up and yelling at chairs and phones
Saddest moment: Jason not knowing how to help Sam
Sweetest moment: Lulu and Dante being all cute on Thanksgiving
Least believable moment: Alice putting out flowers she pulled out of the trash
Most annoying character: Tracy
Dumbest character: Let's go with Steven
Unanswered question of the week: Who was watching Shawn and Carly?

November 26th, 2011

Next week: Ha ha, look who has to work with the new girl!

November 28th, 2011

Sam thinks Jason's anger is a product of his head injury. Lulu bugs Dante about doing too much, and though he's resistant at first, he finally gives in. The Lisa situation has made Robin worry that she'll hurt Patrick or Emma in some way. Kate wants Sonny to go into his old house, but he won't go in with her. Also, they're totally back together. Maxie admits to Matt that she told a Crimson interviewer that they're engaged.

I really thought I'd missed an episode at the beginning of today's. Everything started a little too long after the last episode ended.

Dante, when your fianceé is obviously not joking around, STOP MAKING JOKES AND SHUT YOUR FACE.

I hate that one day Kate says she wants to leave the past in the past, and the next she's trying to get Sonny to face it. I have problems with Falconeris today.

"Maybe" you crossed a line saying Elizabeth deserved to almost be killed, Maxie? Sheesh. I usually hate her and I still wouldn't wish that on her.

November 29th, 2011

It's the anniversary of Stone's death, and Robin is...sick? Suicidal? Depressed? Just being existential? Lulu overreacts to Dante's health and makes Steve pay him a house call. Lucky brings Aiden to see Elizabeth, and now she thinks they're eventually going to be a family again. Shawn thinks something bad is coming, and he's probably right, since Josslyn just got a package. Olivia brings Steven Thanksgiving dinner, but the rest of the staff eats it instead. Lucky finds Maggie's name very interesting.

Okay, what was with Robin today? I'm going to need some help here.

Hey, Elizabeth, if you can see the future, could you let us know if they wind up recasting Lucky?

Does Jason not have a guard on Carly's house? Seriously?

That's the first time Epiphany's son has been mentioned in close to four years. Which is how long he's been dead. Jerry killed him, by the way.

November 30th, 2011

Franco sent Josslyn the wind-up baby from last month, along with a DVD expressing his sorrow over Jax leaving her. Sam finds N02CCAH5 freshly spray-painted on a wall. Mac finds Robin on the bridge and tries to help her feel better. They also discuss Lisa, who Robin doesn't think anyone should expend any more energy on. Steven tells Olivia he knows she's pregnant, which is news to her. Patrick takes Emma to the hospital with a stomachache and meets Maggie. At first they hit it off, but that quickly goes south when Maggie insults Robin. Abby asks Johnny to keep an eye out for her friends since the attacker (who may be Franco) is still on the loose. Lucky thinks Maggie signifies something or another, since Siobhan sent him to St. Margaret's. Sam considers going undercover at the strip club to catch the attacker.

Why would Franco send Josslyn the baby? I would say it makes no sense, but not much about him makes sense.

Seriously, Sam? You think you're fine walking around in the middle of the night by yourself? By the way, why is everyone awake in the middle of the night?

I take it Lucky and Maggie were meant to be a potential couple? That ain't gonna happen.

Maggie made a rookie mistake: Never insult your new boss until you know what your coworkers think of her.

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