General Hospital blog - November, 2017

November 1st, 2017

Sam thinks Jason saved her the night before, and that the drugs she was given made her see him with his old face. Jason tells her about Patient 6, and how Sonny and Carly think he's the real Jason. Sam seems convinced that Current Jason is the real one, but when Patient 6 comes by, it's not clear if she really believes that. Andre packs up his office, planning to leave town before his part in the current craziness is discovered, but he does Franco the courtesy of explaining things as he works. While working for the WSB, he developed a computer program that allows someone's memories to be copied and pasted into another person's brain. The WSB wouldn't let him test it, citing ethical issues, but a donor stepped up and provided Andre with two test subjects, Jason and Drew. The technology wasn't completely ready to be used, and Andre was unable to develop a way to undo the process, which means the impostor Jason is stuck with fake memories. Franco's less concerned about that and more concerned with whether Patient 6 is going to target him for his past crimes. As he leaves, Andre gives Franco a printout stating which twin is which. Carly is 100% Team Patient 6 Is Jason, and she feels like it's her fault that everyone believed Current Jason was the real one. Maxie asks Nathan and Amy to continue the Man Landers charade so she can get her job back. They refuse, so Maxie throws a tantrum, complaining that they won't make sacrifices for her after all she's done for them. They give in, which is probably a bad idea. Chet is supposed to come back to Port Charles, but Amy gets a text saying his trip has been delayed, which worries her. Michael and Dante are basically filler, but Michael does say that Jason never seemed like his old self, so it's entirely possible that Patient 6 is the real one.

Forgive me, but I can't wait until Carly finds out that Ava was the person who helped Patient 6 escape the clinic. I wonder if she'll begrudgingly thank her, like she thanked Robin for saving Jason.

Of course we have to make a Sam/Jason plot about Franco. Ugh.

Suddenly Andre's a technology genius? Okay.

No offense, Maxie, but yes, Nathan and Amy's jobs are more important than yours.

November 2nd, 2017

Danny interrupts Sam and Patient 6's conversation, and a confused Sam just introduces her possible husband as a friend. Jason enters, immediately gets territorial, and starts yelling at Patient 6. Epiphany kicks out both Jasons so Sam can have some time to try to process what's going on. Jason confronts Carly for believing that Patient 6 is the real Jason, wondering who that makes him. On the plus side, if Patient 6 is Jason, he now knows that Danny is his son. On the minus side, he also knows that Franco was cleared of all his crimes, Diane got him acquitted, and Carly almost married him. Klein asks Valentin to help him leave the country and create a new identity. Valentin pretends to help but actually calls the police. Patient 6 sees Franco and beats him up, getting himself arrested. Even after he's been handcuffed, he goes back for a second pounding. Carly starts to call Diane to get him released, but when he sees Klein, he realizes this is the perfect opportunity to get some answers. Seeing Patient 6 makes Elizabeth put everything together and realize that Drew is alive after all. Andre says goodbye to Anna, then torches his research on his way out of town. Cassandra invites Finn and Anna to dinner, and instead of telling her that they broke up, Finn says he'll see if they can clear their schedules. He tells Anna that he figured they should "stay together" a little longer so she can continue her investigation. Cassandra tells Valentin about her new buddy Finn and his girlfriend, confused when Valentin says that he thought they broke up. He means Hayden, and is surprised when Cassandra says that she thought Finn was dating Anna.

Is anyone else kind of annoyed with Jason right now? "Put down my wife." "Put down my son." Trying to control whether Sam can see Patient 6. Chill out, whichever one you are.

If Patient 6 is Jason, then at least I finally got my wish for Sam to tell him that he's Danny's father. Now can someone tell him that Maxie and Spinelli have a child together? I really need to see his reaction to that.

Hold on, I need to watch Patient 6 beat up Franco a few more times.

Klein's only been on the show a few weeks but he's already figured out the motto: "Damn you, Cassadine."

Interesting that Epiphany immediately thought Patient 6 was Jason, while Elizabeth didn't.

November 3rd, 2017

Sonny: "This guy is Jason." Diane: "Doubt it." (sees him) Diane: "This guy is Jason, and actually, I suspected all along that Current Jason was a liar." She urges Patient 6 to plead temporary insanity to get out of jail, but a) not going to happen, and b) especially not going to happen when the only thing he's gotten out of Klein is that he was working for an anonymous client. Franco uses Drew's fake death certificate to try to convince Elizabeth that Jason and Patient 6 aren't twins. She basically ignores him and goes to the PCPD to talk to Patient 6 herself. Scott sees him and quickly goes to Franco to tell him that obviously Drew is alive after all. Franco refuses to tell anyone, knowing that his attempted murder of Drew will come out and he'll lose Elizabeth. Alexis tries to gauge Sam's feelings about the two Jasons, and though Sam implies that she thinks Patient 6 is the impostor, it's still not clear if she believes that. Jason hires Curtis to look into Patient 6, suggesting that he start with Franco, because of the picture of him and Drew. Curtis breaks into Franco's art room and finds the fake death certificate. Sonny questions Ava about her encounters with Jason at the clinic, still suspecting that she might be behind what's going on. Griffin defends her, insisting that she could have been killed for helping him escape. Sonny is disgusted that Griffin left the priesthood for Ava, predicting that she'll corrupt him. Elizabeth tells Monica about Patient 6, but since Monica hasn't seen him and had that magical epiphany everyone who sees him has had about his identity, she thinks he's a fake.

After all this "now that I think about it, Current Jason is so un-Jason-like that Patient 6 is obviously the real one" stuff, it would be hilarious if it turned out Patient 6 is the impostor.

Oh, you had doubts about Jason being Jason, Diane? Did you? Because you weren't exactly vocal about them.

If Elizabeth forgives Franco for lying yet again after all this comes out, she's even dumber than I thought.

Scott to Franco: "I don't know why I waste my time on you." PREACH!

Welcome aboard the S.S. Denial, Monica. Tonight is make-your-own-sundae night!

November 6th, 2017

Franco can tell that someone was in his therapy room, but he doesn't have a clue that it was Franco. Diane urges him to drop the charges against Patient 6, threatening to use Franco's past against him if he doesn't. Franco refuses, saying that Patient 6 is dangerous and belongs in jail. Elizabeth tells Patient 6 about Drew, though she believes Franco's story that he died as a child. She defends Franco to Patient 6, who's able to dismiss her actions with "Jake Doe" when he came to town, but not her choice of boyfriends. He wonders if she kept his identity secret because deep down, she knew that he wasn't really Jason. Jason asks Sam to tell him she believes that Patient 6 is the impostor. She hesitates, making him think that's all the answer he needs. Curtis sends him a picture of Drew's fake death certificate, plus a sketch Franco did of Jason's old face. Sam and Jason confront Franco, who tells them about Drew, how he "died" as a child, and how Franco doesn't think Patient 6 is Jason's twin. Sam warns that whoever Patient 6 is, he may continue to target Franco for the things he did to Jason. Then she assures Jason that she has his back. Valentin accuses Anna of using Finn to use Cassandra to get to him. She tells him that she thinks Cassandra is dealing opioids, and Valentin is so impressed with her honesty that he tells her Cassandra invited him to work with her. Anna suggests that he accept and serve as Anna's spy. Meanwhile, Cassandra makes noises about wanting Finn to work with her. Scott tells Alexis that Julian has been beaten at Pentonville, and it's not the first time. He thinks she should visit Julian and give him a reason to live so he'll stop getting in fights. Diane overhears and cautions Alexis that getting involved in Julian's life would be like falling off the wagon. Alexis says she knows, then goes to Pentonville anyway.

Isn't it a conflict of interest for Diane to defend a man for attacking one of her former clients?

So much other stuff has been going on that I didn't even think about how Cassandra's business makes her Sonny's newest threat.

Yeah, Anna, Valentin's not a dope dealer! Just a kidnapper and murderer! P.S. Why in the WORLD would you consider asking a man you can't trust to work with you?

Welp, our extended Julian vacation is over. It was great while it lasted.

Scott's worried about Julian? Voluntarily? Ava's not paying him to pretend he is?

November 7th, 2017

Valentin refuses to help Anna, even threatening to expose her investigation if she doesn't keep him out of everything involving Cassandra. But after Cassandra befriends Nina and Charlotte, and shows Valentin pictures of their time together to let him know how easily she can get to them, Valentin agrees to work with her. Maxie and Amy fight a bunch over a Q&A article Amy's supposed to be writing to accompany the Mr. and Mrs. Ask Man Landers article. Maxie whines that Nathan keeps taking Amy's side, and that they didn't treat her fairly, and whatever, she's being a child. She makes sure she gets her way by rewriting the intro with lies, which means the three have now officially committed fraud. Finn and Monica work on a John Doe patient whose opioid addiction has led to him developing pneumonia. Monica's fed up with the opioid epidemic, and Finn's own battle with drug dependence has made him want to commit to ending it. They think that the patient's a veteran, and past surgeries may have been how his addiction started, so it's not that surprising when Amy IDs the patient as Chet. Alexis wants to know who's targeting Julian at Pentonville, but he won't tell her. She tells him about Patient 6, then won't talk to him about Sam, so I'm not sure what the point was. As Julian's being taken back to his cell, another patient gets aggressive with him, reinforcing Alexis' fears that he's not safe behind bars.

Did Nina steal Charlotte's ice cream? Not cool, Reeves.

I'd have some sympathy for Maxie if she'd stop acting like a 12-year-old.

I guess when Franco's not on, Finn picks up his snacking habit.

Ugh, they're going to turn Chet's storyline into a PSA, aren't they?

Also not getting any sympathy from me: Julian. Go away, Julian.

November 8th, 2017

Sonny pays Klein's bail, then has him grabbed for an interrogation. Klein continues to insist that he doesn't know whose orders he's taking, and what he did to Patient 6 was business, not personal. Once Patient 6 makes bail as well, he and Sonny double-team Klein, waiting for his boss to call. They don't have to wait long. Nina wants Nelle to be Maxie's assistant as well, until she gets settled in her new job, and Maxie's suddenly a jerk, so it's not going to be easy. Nelle needs money and asks for a raise, but Nina's hesitant to give her one while the company is changing hands. Later, Nelle runs into Valentin and realizes that she can use the photo of Cassandra kissing him to make him talk Nina into giving her the raise. Chet would like Amy to leave him alone. Amy would like Chet to be quiet. Valentin is ready to accept Anna's offer to work with her, though she's wary of his motives. When Finn finds out that she has a potential new colleague, he's not happy. Chet's situation has made him want to play spy again, even if it means he puts himself in danger. Nelle tries to get Michael to turn to him during this latest of Corinthos family crises, but he won't budge on being done with her. Carly thinks Michael should talk to Patient 6 about his relationship problems, like, doesn't he have enough to deal with right now? Nathan tries to comfort Amy but finds that without her writing his advice for him, he doesn't know what to say. When he laments this to Maxie, she tells him that showing up and caring are good enough.

Patient 6 was more worried about what Carly might have bought him than he was with getting out of lockup.

Between Michael and Nelle's breakup and the possible return of her best friend, Carly's having a really good November.

I thought Nelle was being smart in asking for a raise, since she's being asked to do more work, but that went out the window when she told Valentin to get Nina to give her a raise instead of just demanding hush money from him.

Amy and Nelle should live together. Nelle needs a roommate, and Amy's just up and moved to Oregon.

November 9th, 2017

Klein's client, who uses a voice modifier so he can't be identified, has decided he's too much of a liability and cuts him loose. Brick is unable to pinpoint the client's exact location, but he's in Port Charles. Sonny tells Patient 6 that he can decide Klein's fate, and when Klein asks what he can do to save himself, Patient 6 requests that he finish what he started with Ava. Klein hands over the formula for Ava's treatment, which Patient 6 delivers to her on a flash drive. Even though everything's coming up Ava, she wants her beauty back, so Patient 6's delivery comes at a good time. While Cassandra buddies up to Nina some more, Valentin reminds Nelle that he warned her not to mess with anyone he loves, because he'll hit back harder. Since he won't give in to her blackmail, Nelle goes straight to Nina and shows her the picture of Cassandra kissing him. Her plan backfires, though, as Nina sees the time stamp on the picture, accuses Nelle of holding on to it for blackmail, and fires her. She then confronts Valentin, who swears there's nothing to worry about, though he also admits that he and Cassandra haven't completely cut ties. Oscar finds a mix CD his possible father made his mother, but Josslyn and Oscar have to make up a story to borrow a CD player from Sonny so they can listen to it. They can't glean anything from the songs, and wonder why the couple broke up. Jason is really grumpy and needs to stop taking his anger out on Sam. She thinks Patient 6 is an innocent party, but Jason thinks he's being coached, and that he could target Danny. It's a really, really good thing that Jason isn't at the penthouse when Patient 6 drops by for a visit.

Sonny, it's time to tell Patient 6 why Ava's so awful, so he'll stop doing nice things for her.

Valentin to Nelle: "I can make you disappear." Me: "Don't tease me, man, just do it."

For someone who is often very dumb, Nina can also be extremely smart. I'm not sure I would have jumped to blackmail like she did.

It's ironic that Carly's daughter is so bad at lying.

November 10th, 2017

Sam catches Patient 6 up on her life, then uses Alexis' continued love for Julian as a comparison to how she can't have someone she loves in her life. Jason tells Monica that he may have a twin, which just makes her wish that Alan were still around. She also assures Jason that she believes he's the real one, and that he always has a place in the family. Jason gets home to find Patient 6 holding Scout, so we can add "get away from my daughter" to the growing list of things he's snapped at his possible twin. Jordan visits Sonny to ask for Klein's phone, which Sonny won't hand over. Carly channels Diane to argue that the chain of custody of the phone will mean it's never allowed as court evidence, so it doesn't matter. All Sonny will tell Jordan is that Klein's client was in Port Charles as of an hour ago. Carly again laments convincing everyone that "Jake Doe" was Jason, but she also feels bad for basically abandoning him the second Patient 6 showed up. She and Sonny head to the penthouse to fill Sam and Jason in on recent developments, arriving just as Sam is announcing that the two Jasons need to stop fighting. Jordan follows soon after and reveals that Jason's DNA proves he's Jason Morgan...but so does Patient 6's. Kiki isn't sure a doctor can actually use Klein's research to help Ava, which leads to Ava throwing a tantrum and accusing her of wanting to be the only pretty one in the family. Kiki snags the flash drive and takes it to Griffin and David, who both say that no doctor will want to implement what's on it without substantial evidence that it's safe and will be successful. Alexis tells Ava that Julian's being targeted in prison, but since Julian won't pay her any attention, she's not going to help. Alexis points out that Ava must have mob connections who can tell her if there's a crime family behind the attacks. Ava thinks Alexis wants her to take over dealing with the situation so she doesn't have to admit that she still loves Julian. Alexis decides that Liv might have some answers, but to communicate with her, she'll have to go through Nora. Alexis also basically tells David that she's too busy worrying about Julian to keep dating him right now, but David's willing to wait.

No, guys, we're not going back to the name Jake Doe. Pick something else.

I think we've now seen Patient 6 holding Scout more than we've seen Jason holding her. And unlike with Danny and Jake, her paternity isn't in question.

Monica Quartermaine, everyone. She'll call your mother a "greedy, golddigging tramp" right in front of you.

Idea: Put a hidden camera in Ava's penthouse and show Griffin footage of how she acts when he's not around.

November 13th, 2017

The Jasons decide that they must be twins, and that with Betsy gone, only Franco can shed light on which of them is Drew. Meanwhile, Franco tells Scott again that he's not letting go of the secret – he thinks Elizabeth will go back to whichever Jason doesn't end up with Sam. The Jasons, Sam, and Jordan ambush Franco, who confirms that Susan had twins, but pretends he thought the death certificate was real. He passes suspicion on to Andre, since he provided the death certificate, saying that he split before Franco could follow up on it. Later, Franco burns the sheet Andre gave him that tells which Jason is which. Carly feels bad that Sam is in such a tough situation, and that Jason, who she's sure is actually Drew, will have to accept that Jake and Danny aren't his kids. Sonny suspects that Patient 6 will back off and let Sam be with Jason. Nelle runs into Michael and tells him that she's no longer working at Crimson – not because she did anything wrong, mind you, but because Maxie forced her out. He suggests that she go back to the office and try to make Maxie hand over her last paycheck. When Nelle shows up, she overhears Maxie and Nathan talking about how Amy's the real Man Landers, and how much trouble they would be in if people knew. Alexis goes to Llanview to ask Nora to talk to Liv about testifying that she coerced Julian into committing the crimes he's in prison for. Nora refuses, since that would open Liv up to reevaluation. She also won't tell Alexis who paid Liv's legal fees, but Alexis is determined to find out. Nathan encourages Amy to keep supporting Chet, even though he continues to push her away. Amy announces that when he's released the next morning, he'll be coming home with her whether he likes it or not. If he declines, she'll have him committed as a danger to himself. Lulu confides in Maxie that she feels unfulfilled and wants another job. She mentions a former dream of becoming an investigative journalist, but she's not sure she could pull that off while being a mother.

"The Jasons" keeps cracking me up. Also...hee hee hee...they were dressed alike today. Hee hee hee hee hee.

It's official: Nelle is a pathological liar. She and Franco should get together.

I'm not sure why Amy thought Nathan could help Chet – Finn's the one he should talk to.

Lulu has talked in the past about wanting some adventure, so investigative journalism would be a good fit for her. I'm not sure she can jump into it without a degree, though.

November 14th, 2017

As Sonny suspected, Patient 6 is willing to give up Sam without a fight, much to Carly's disappointment. As Sam has flashbacks to the beginning of her relationship with Jason, Carly tells her bluntly that she'll have to choose between the Jasons – and she thinks Sam already knows that she's not married to the real one. Diane tells Jason that she can no longer be his lawyer, since she's going to help Patient 6 prove that he's the real Jason. Patient 6 isn't interested in reclaiming his name or assets, but he'll do it if it means he can give everything to Sam. Monica confirms to Jordan and Anna that Andre has left his job and she doesn't expect him to come back. Anna happens to know exactly what he was working on at the WSB, so she and Jordan have an idea of how there can be two Jasons. For once in his miserable life, Valentin tells Nina the truth, revealing that he's going to work with Anna to bring down Cassandra's business from the inside. Nina wants to help, since Cassandra thinks they're buddies, which puts her in the perfect position to get closer to the enemy. Jason thinks Sonny will talk Patient 6 into going after Aurora, since it's in Jason's name and could legally belong to him. He wants to focus on building up the company, so he interviews a potential COO, Peter August. Peter's less interested in things like benefits and job responsibilities than he is in which twin is which. Monica visits Patient 6, apparently having decided he's the real Jason after all. She loves both twins, and she thinks they'll eventually be able to get along. Alexis ignores Diane's advice to keep her distance from Julian and instead tries to figure out who paid Nora to defend Liv. It takes very little work for her to guess that it was Valentin.

Why would Sonny encourage Patient 6 to go after Aurora? He would want him back in the mob. On that note, someone please remind Jason that Patient 6 can't take Scout from him. Again, her paternity isn't in question.

"We're believing Franco now?" I mean, right? Thanks, Anna.

A Cassadine saying "meet cute." Talk about cognitive dissonance.

So...Peter's evil, right? He's Klein's client? Or at least works for him? Yes?

So now, all of a sudden, Monica has changed her mind about the Jasons?

If past sibling rivalries are any indication, the two Jasons will be best friends within six months.

November 15th, 2017

Alexis threatens to tell Sonny that Valentin may have colluded with Liv if Valentin doesn't get her to testify on Julian's behalf. Valentin can't risk it, so he goes to Llanview and tells Nora he'll stop paying Liv's legal bills if she doesn't convince her to testify. Nina tells Cassandra that she knows about her past connection to Valentin, but makes her think she still wants to be friends and has no idea what else is going on. Nelle interviews for a job in GH's daycare, lying to Laura about her reasons for leaving Crimson. Laura's just about to hire her when Lulu stops by and tells her what Maxie said about Nina firing Nelle for doing something shady. Desperate for some quick cash, Nelle decides to sell her dirt about the real Man Landers to a tabloid. Lulu thinks Maxie's pregnant, but Maxie's in denial, because maybe if she says it's bad timing enough, it won't be true. Julian tells Scott to try to get Alexis to stay away from him. Scott's like, "Have you ever known her to follow anyone's orders?" He also can't find any basis for appeal, so as of right now, Julian's stuck serving his full sentence (or as much of is as he can complete before he gets murdered). Nathan uses Amy's own advice to remind her that she needs to take care of herself so she can help Chet.

Why would a judge listen to a woman who's in a psychiatric facility because she's not sane enough for prison?

Nelle might have gotten the job by telling Laura, "I hate Valentin. Let's be pals."

Lulu needs a plot, and it needs to be light, because Emme Rylan does great with comedy.

How is the book in paperback already? Eh, whatever. This show has two characters who think they're the same person. Realism isn't its strong suit.

November 16th, 2017

Even though she doesn't have definitive proof, Nelle is able to collect 3/4ths of her reward for the story about Man Landers' true identity. As an added bonus, Crimson may go down in the fallout. Chet leaves the hospital and goes to Maxie and Nathan's, where Maxie's about to find out if she's pregnant. Nathan's still off with Amy, so Chet gives Maxie a message for her husband: Tell Amy to move on with her life. Maxie tells Chet that he needs to be more grateful because Amy's worked hard to help pay for his medical care. This is the first he's heard about this. Just as Amy and Nathan show up, Maxie tells Chet that Amy's the real Man Landers. Sonny comes close to telling Patient 6 about Ava's part in Morgan's death, but he decides he doesn't want to talk about it. When Patient 6, Ava, and Griffin run into each other and act like buddies, Carly bursts Patient 6's bubble by revealing what Ava did to Morgan. Ava is minus one friend, and has to endure yet another public smackdown from Carly. Jason's upset by the news and goes off to the bridge to be alone. Sonny, who's been having a text conversation with someone, guesses that he'll be cheering up soon, probably thanks to a visit from someone who joins him on the bridge. Carly invites Oscar and his mom to Thanksgiving with the Corinthoses, and Oscar admits to Josslyn that he still hasn't told her who his girlfriend's stepfather is. He listened to the mix CD again, picking up on a theme of water, and adding that to his place of birth, San Diego, he and Josslyn decide that his father may have been in the Navy. Oscar suspects that he's a former sailor named Oscar O'Brian. Ava again asks Griffin to finish Klein's work on her, and he again says no.

*Jean-Ralphio voice* Nelle is the woooooooorst!

I can't believe (and honestly, I'm a little disappointed) Maxie didn't play the "you should be nicer to your sister; at least yours is still alive" card.

Somewhere, Jerry's offended that Sonny doesn't consider him a suspect in the Jason/Patient 6 mess.

I also can't believe they didn't ruin the cliffhanger like they usually do. My money's on Robin being on the bridge – they've already said Kimberly McCullough would be making an appearance, and this would put her in town for Thanksgiving.

He's a little young, but could Chet be Oscar's father? What branch of the military was he in?

November 17th, 2017

Robin joins Patient 6 on the bridge, and though it takes her a while, she eventually comes around on him being the real Jason. He tells her he's less interested in proving who he is or getting his identity back, and more interested in finding out who was behind the whole thing. Nathan tries to keep Maxie from continuing her announcement to Chet, but Amy thinks it's time for him to know everything. He's grateful to her for everything she's done and promises to keep it quiet. Maxie's about to tell Nathan the results of the pregnancy test (sure sounds like it's positive) when she and Nina learn that Nelle's story has hit the news. Curtis has had no luck finding Betsy or meeting with Heather (who, for once in her life, isn't talking to anyone), so Jason sends him in Andre's direction for new leads. Moments later, Jordan presents him with the same task. Curtis easily hacks Andre's private accounts and tracks the IP address he used to send Franco's painting back to him. Nina injects herself in the middle of the Sam/Jasons situation by telling Sam she can relate to Patient 6; after all, she also woke up after years away and found that the person she loved had moved on. She thinks Sam is scared to admit that she might not be married to the real Jason, and that she may be in love with two men. Sam insists that she loves her husband and the life they've built, but the fact that she won't call Jason by his name is pretty telling. Elizabeth wants to tell Jake about Patient 6, and though Franco and Jason both raise objections, she wins. Jake accepts the news better than anyone so far while Franco confirms Ava's suspicions that he's afraid whichever Jason isn't Sam's husband will make a play for Elizabeth. Ava can relate to being with someone good who could easily be corrupted by a broken partner. Franco sees Elizabeth and Jason hugging, so now he probably thinks she's going to kick him out and go back to her ex. Ava searches the Internet for a doctor who will help her.

He had to have been in his 20s at the time, but Steve Burton looks no older than 18 in the '90s flashbacks. Similarly, Kimberly McCullough, who was around 18 at the time, now looks no older than 30.

"Maybe we can have a playdate with Noah and Scout!" And someday you can tell them about how Noah's dad and Scout's mom were engaged once.

Shouldn't Jordan tell the Jasons about the memory mapping? Maybe Curtis will take care of that.

They couldn't have Sam do those scenes with anyone else? Like Molly? Come on.

Kiki's outfit today was weird, but it did look like something a student would wear while studying.

November 20th, 2017

Patient 6 stops by the Quartermaines', where there won't be a family dinner this year, since everyone's dispersing and Monica's going out of town. She confesses to Patient 6 that she wants to avoid having to be alone now that so many of her family members have died. Patient 6 then sees Michael for the first time since his return, and Michael retcons his relationship with Jason over the past couple of years. Anna downplays her "relationship" with Finn to Robin, Mac, and Felicia, so they won't be too surprised or disappointed when they inevitably "break up." Finn chats with Chet about addiction and reaching out for help, then asks Sonny about what he might be able to do to help end the opioid crisis. Sonny basically says that no matter what he does, he won't end it completely, so he should stick to being a doctor. Instead, Finn goes to Anna and asks again to help her bring down Cassandra. Quinn forces Amy and Nathan to make a public confession/apology about the Man Landers scheme, warning that they'll also have to pay back the advance and compensate the publisher for all the books that now won't be sold. Chet joins the live stream to tell the full story, which sends the book's sales up instead of down. Cassandra tries to chat with Sonny, who ditches her as soon as he learns about her connection to Valentin. Valentin warns Cassandra that Sonny is extremely anti-drug, and she's toast if he finds her moving opioids through his territory. Cassandra isn't worried, and tells Valentin that she's working on developing a drug that's cheaper and twice as addictive as what's already on the market. Ned believes that Patient 6 is Jason, and thinks the two Jasons will engage in an ELQ-related feud.

Patient 6 can't be Jason – he didn't use the side door at the mansion.


I guess someone told Patient 6 that Edward died, since he didn't seem surprised when Monica mentioned it. Did they also tell him about A.J.'s second death?

"You won't succeed, so don't bother trying." Please stop giving advice, Sonny.

Ha ha, now Amy and Nathan are going to get sympathy, and probably donations, and Quinn will have to shut up.

November 21st, 2017

Robin tells Patient 6 that she's been in a similar situation, since Patrick had moved on to Sabrina when she came back after two years away. That conversation, plus one with Michael about his breakup with Nelle, and her failure to give him some time to figure things out, drive Patient 6 to go see Sam. Carly still blames herself for Jason thinking he's Jason, so Robin points out that a DNA test said the same thing, so what was everyone supposed to believe? Jason's upset that Robin thinks he's the impostor, and that Helena somehow convinced him that he's Jason. Elizabeth encourages Jason to try not to get stressed out over the two-Jasons thing, since they're sure to get answers soon. Franco thinks he can relate to Jason, since he's also been told who he is and how people expect him to be. He urges Jason not to give up the life he's built for himself without a fight. Nora makes a statement on Liv's behalf claiming that she made Julian do everything he's in jail for (though, hilariously, she adds that he's still a criminal in his own right). Alexis thinks this could lead to a new trial. Sonny guesses that Alexis was involved in the new development, and Sam notices that her mother doesn't seem surprised by the news. Alexis admits that she'd be relieved if Julian were released, but she's going to do her best to move to the next chapter of her life. Griffin wants to spend Thanksgiving with Ava, but she's more interested in getting in touch with Zajac, the doctor who could finish her treatment.

I like that they stretched Thanksgiving out over three days this year, so we could see more people, and they can visit more characters over the course of the "day."

Anyone else think Franco's trying to convince Jason to keep being Jason because he's not, but he's the only one of the twins who won't kill him?

Ava gave us another Port Charles motto: "My family is a nightmare."

Aw, Cameron's thankful for Hayden. I knew I liked that kid.

November 22nd, 2017

Sonny and Carly finally meet Kim, who lets them know right away that she knows Sonny's a mob boss. She's not thrilled about Oscar's association with the family, but she's not going to get involved in his and Josslyn's relationship, since she figures it won't last long. Carly takes offense, criticizing Kim for not spending enough time with her son to realize how special the relationship is. She asks about Oscar's father, but Kim will only say that the situation is complicated. When Patient 6 returns for dinner, she recognizes him – as Drew. Patient 6 tells Sam that she needs to tell him what she wants. He offers to have Diane stop trying to prove he's Jason, if keeping the truth buried will make Sam's life easier. Sam's angry that Patient 6 is making things difficult, so he implies that he'll leave town. She tells him that his other loved ones have been missing him for five years, and it wouldn't be fair to them if he left. She wants to know the truth, even if it's harsh. Danny wanders in and chats with his uncle/father for a minute before he and Sam go to Alexis' and join Jason, who's curious about what kept them. Maxie doesn't want to tell Lulu yet whether or not she's pregnant, and she still hasn't given Nathan the news. A bout of morning sickness makes her accidentally tip over the table at the Falconeris', destroying the whole meal. Once they're home, Maxie tells an ecstatic Nathan that they're having a baby. Alexis invited David to Thanksgiving, which is an excellent development that Molly clearly appreciates. Unfortunately, an innocent conversation about real estate leads to discussion of Liv and Julian, thanks to Stella's lack of familiarity with all the players in that story, and Molly learns that there's a chance Julian will get out of prison. Alexis further dampens the mood when she drops the turkey, but David is so nice and patient and laid-back about everything that she kisses him, so the night isn't a total bust. Monica's plane gets grounded, so she goes home to spend Thanksgiving alone. Jason comes by, hoping she's still in his corner, unlike his so-called friends who have ditched him, and she assures him that the relationship they've developed over the past two years is still meaningful to her. When Ned learns that Monica's alone, he gathers everyone whose Thanksgiving has been ruined to have pizza with her at the mansion.

Unless Sonny's makes it to the table, no one's having turkey this year.

Tamara Braun, teach me your anti-aging secrets.

Well, Oscar...I think it's fair to say you know who your father is now. And it's possible you have a little sister.

I guess Danny's never seen a picture of pre-2014 Jason?

"You're not Italian, you're Italian-adjacent." God bless you, Maxie Jones.

"I'm pregnant." "No, you're not." And God bless YOU, Nathan West.

There have been a lot of nods to continuity this week, but Kevin gets a prize for reaching all the way back to the '90s and Mary Mae. T.J. gets special credit for bringing up Mob Princess.

November 27th, 2017

Patient 6 tells Kim that she has him confused with his twin, which leads to him and the Corinthoses filling in the poor woman on the two-Jasons situation. They realize that this is their chance to get information on Drew's past, since no one else knows anything about his life after the age of three. Kim says that she knew Drew about 15 years ago in San Diego, when he was a Navy SEAL. She claims that they were just acquaintances, and that he dated her friend, but she and the friend have lost touch, and she doesn't know what happened to Drew after they both moved on. Josslyn and Oscar are probably smart enough to put the pieces together, despite Kim's secrecy. Kiki thinks Ava has dropped the idea of getting more surgery, but Griffin isn't so sure. He's right, as she's found a doctor who will finish Klein's protocol as soon as tonight. David stops his and Alexis' makeout session before it can go too far, so that if/when they kiss again, it'll be because she really wants to, and not just because emotions are heightened around the holidays. Molly and Alexis then chat about Kristina, and how she must feel like an outcast because everyone hates her girlfriend. Alexis projects some of Molly's observations onto herself and spends some time looking through old photos and having flashbacks of Julian. She goes to the Floating Rib, tempted to order a drink, but before she can, Julian arrives. Jason confides to Sam that he's worried she'll follow their friends' lead and start believing that Patient 6 is the real Jason. She promises that she loves him and the life they've built, and nothing will change that.

Kim, no one would blame you if you decided to flee town now, before things get any weirder.

Drew Cain? As in Cain and Abel? Argh.

Molly, I'm begging you, study psychology and become a therapist.

Hey, mystery doctor (Zajac?), when a patient says money is no object, go ahead and charge more than $75,000. At least charge extra for having to work on a holiday.

November 28th, 2017

Ava chickens out of the surgery, deciding things are moving too quickly, then changes her mind when Zajac tells her she'll have to wait until February for her next chance. When Griffin tracks her down and puts a stop to the procedure, Ava's grateful, but still worried that Carly was right and Griffin will eventually leave her for someone younger and, you know, nicer. Josslyn takes Oscar to see Jason, pretending they need Sam's help with a project on finding a missing person. Jason sees through this, but Kim tracks Oscar down and makes him and Josslyn leave before they can explain why they're really there. Jason tells Sam that he got a weird vibe from Kim and feels like he might have met her before. Julian's out on bond and has guessed that Alexis was behind Liv's statement. She chats with him for a while, then tries to pretend there's no way they'll ever get back together. Jordan and Curtis are filler for most of the episode, then learn that Andre's in Cuba. Jason suggests that he and Sam play dominoes and drink tequila like they used to, and Sam wonders if he's trying to prove his identity.

Ava, he LEFT THE PRIESTHOOD FOR YOU. Enough with the lack of self-confidence.

Zajac, can you give Griffin a mild sedative, too?

And one for Oscar, while you're at it. We're approaching "you breathe air? I breathe air, too!" territory.

Huh. Josslyn's suddenly a better liar.

Julian's ankle monitor allows him to go to the Floating Rib?

Between her love of stuffing and her worry over humidity's effect on her hair, Jordan and I have more in common than I thought.

November 29th, 2017

Patient 6 turns to Dante for help, wanting to see the PCPD's case file on what happened the night Faison shot him. Dante claims to be glad that Patient 6 is back, but really he's mad that Sonny has his right-hand man again and can keep doing mob stuff. He tells Patient 6 that he won't get answers from his file; Faison is the only one who can tell him anything. Patient 6 then goes to Anna, who tells him that Obrecht is really the person he needs to talk to. In Cuba, Curtis takes advantage of Andre's dwindling money to set up a meeting to buy one of Andre's antiques. When he and Jordan corner Andre, he tells them he won't talk. Jordan tries to guilt him, saying he's not a bad person and must want to give the Jasons and their loved ones answers. Maxie and Nathan tell their family and friends that they're expecting, though it's really just an excuse for a bunch of people to be in the same room so a) everyone can be awkward around Sam, b) Sam can be awkward around Robin, and c) Obrecht can annoy multiple people at once. Nathan confides to Nina that he's a little sad that his biological father will never meet his child, though that's really just an excuse to remind us that he falsely believes his biological father was Victor. Finn wants to create Cassandra's low-cost, super-addictive drug to make his charade look more convincing. Anna tells him how drug addiction indirectly led to Robin contracting HIV (since Stone got it from a girlfriend who used needles), then refuses to let him put himself in harm's way. She gets annoyed when Valentin, who's frustrated with Nina's insistence on hanging out with Cassandra, says it's a good idea. Valentin notes that she's usually much more willing to put people in danger, so why is Finn a different case? Sam would like everyone to stop commenting on how confusing the Jasons situation must be, because she's totally fine and not confused at all. Mac gives Lulu more encouragement about pursuing her new career than Luke has ever given her in her entire life.

I'm sorry, we're pretending Jason and Dante are friends?

Jordan and Curtis need to learn some spy tricks from Anna, because Andre could have easily spotted them and left before they saw him.

What's that? The writers remembered that we don't know Nathan's paternity? It's a pre-Christmas miracle!

It's no secret that I'm no Valentin fan, but his delivery of "he seems like a keeper" was excellent.

Ick, Nathan, thanks for summoning Britt from the depths.

November 30th, 2017

Spinelli's in town and very apologetic about possibly mixing up the Jasons. He's determined to help Patient 6 work things out so he can get his family and money back. Patient 6 is more concerned with the possibility of going to jail for assaulting Franco, since he still won't plead temporary insanity. Diane's plan is to attack the victim by putting Sam and Michael on the stand to testify about what Franco did to them. But without anyone willing to testify against Patient 6, Franco doesn't have a great case. Elizabeth figures out part of the reason he wants to get rid of Patient 6 – because he could be a threat to their relationship – and convinces Franco that she's committed to him. Franco drops the charges, and when Patient 6 doesn't express any gratitude, Franco tells him to get over everything already. Fed up with Kim's secrecy, Oscar confronts her at her new workplace, GH. He tells her he knows Drew was important to her and wants to know if Drew's his father. Kim won't budge, saying that she hasn't told Oscar who his father is because she wants to protect him. Andre keeps refusing to talk, so he, Jordan, and Curtis just fight for a while. It's not clear exactly how things shake out, but they all end up back in Port Charles. Josslyn's in trouble for sneaking out, but she thinks Carly will calm down once she knows why the kids went to see the Morgans. Oscar's no longer sure that Drew is his father, since Kim didn't act suspicious around Jason at the penthouse, but he knows she listened to the mix CD, so he's torn. Josslyn wants to run a DNA test, and she already has a sample from Jason, having grabbed a glass he drank out of when the kids visited. Carly tells Sam and Jason that Kim may be able to shed some light on Drew's past, but Jason won't meet with her. After all, since he's really Jason, there's no point. Obrecht tells Sonny and Patient 6 that she doesn't know where Faison is, then calls Faison to warn him that he may want to run.

I assume Spinelli will go down this route, but the Navy should be able to answer some questions about Drew's past.

Thank you, month-early Santa, for Steve Burton/Bradford Anderson scenes.

Josslyn: "I'm not going to let you down again. At least...not today. Probably not anytime soon." Carly: "You really are my daughter." Hee! And Josslyn swiping Jason's glass for a DNA test just reinforces that.

Who decorated the Metro Court? The chairs Oscar and Josslyn were sitting in were really ugly. Can we blame Connie during her leopard-print phase?

Today had to be the first time Tamara Braun and Rebecca Herbst had a scene together where they didn't fight.

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