General Hospital blog - November, 2018

November 1st, 2018

Laura insists that the Floating Rib mental-health fundraiser/harvest festival isn't a campaign event, and she doesn't even think she has a chance to win the election, since she joined the race so late. Ned and Olivia show up to the event and he starts making promises about mental-health advocacy and matching donations from the fundraiser. Carly brings up Ferncliff, so Ned offers to put her and Laura on a taskforce to work toward accountability and stuff. Just as Ned is making himself look awesome, Alexis reveals that Laura's already polling at 28%. Laura steers the evening back to the fundraising/Halloween-y stuff, but the fun quickly ends when Carly kicks off apple-bobbing by finding Mary Pat's head in the apple barrel. Kim's ticked that Julian couldn't get through to Alexis about changing Oscar's mind, but Julian thinks they should spend Oscar's possible last months together instead of fighting. Drew feels the same way, inviting Oscar on a trip to see a meteor shower. Oscar thinks he's trying to get him out of town at the time of the trial, so he can't continue his fight for emancipation. Drew promises he didn't have ulterior motives and emotionally tells Oscar that he and Scout are all he has. Josslyn and Cameron are about two minutes away from being a real couple. Since Ava and Carly can't use their inside voices while bickering, Ryan is able to glean some information that helps him look like he supports Ava. Valentin almost wears Nina down for some romance, but she stops herself from putting herself in a position to get hurt again. Carly brings up the mystery patient again, and Ryan tells her to drop it already.

Ryan Chamberlain, the woke serial killer.

I figured Mary Pat's body was on the docks, but as soon as they brought out the barrel, I knew what was going on. At least it's better than having Josslyn and Cameron find her body.

Next I expect Ryan to try to kill Ava and frame Carly.

Please, please, please, can't the trial start before December 1st? I can't take another entire month of Kim whining.

[Insert Oscar the Grouch joke here.]

November 2nd, 2018

Ryan has spent the night hiding out, resurfacing to give the police his statement about Mary Pat. He mentions Carly's hatred toward her, and though Laura defends Carly's justifiable anger, Kevin makes a good case for her being a killer. He leaves, allegedly to go to work, but Laura almost catches him returning a hook (the murder weapon) to a crate on the docks. She asks if he's trying to avoid her, and he tells her he's decided he doesn't love her as much as he'd thought, so their marriage is over. Ava finds Mary Pat's body (topped by a pumpkin head) in her gallery, just moments before Nina arrives to tell her to stop talking to Sasha. The police have nothing to tie Ava to Mary Pat, but Chase does find blond hairs on the body. Carly's deeply shaken from finding Mary Pat's head, but not so shaken that she can't defend both herself and Sonny from Jordan's suspicions that they were responsible for the murder. Nina continues to try to keep her distance from Valentin, making sure Kiki, Sasha, and Griffin know that nothing happened when she spent the night at Wyndemere. Valentin summons Sasha to tell her that, in contrast to what he's said until now, he doesn't want her to stick around. The longer she stays in town, the more likely Nina is to find out the truth: Sasha isn't really her daughter. Griffin feels bad that he's the cause of Kiki and Ava's problems, but Kiki would rather have him than her mother, so she's not that concerned. Scott thinks Kevin's therapeutic methods (according to Ava) are suspect.

Ryan could have saved himself a lot of trouble if he'd dumped Laura sooner

Whoever wins the election needs to install more surveillance cameras around town.

I KNEW Sasha was a scammer. The whole thing happened too fast. So does this mean Kiki's still in the running to be Nina's daughter?

How does participating in the documentary help Felicia? Whatever – shut up, Scott.

November 5th, 2018

In light of the impending end of her marriage, Laura decides to stop campaigning, even though it's already Election Day. Lulu gives her a great pep talk and gets her in shape to make a public appearance as if nothing's wrong. Spencer eavesdrops on them, then tears into Ryan when he runs into him with Ava (because, by the way, Ryan totally wants Ava). He tells Ryan he's soulless and disloyal, and he and Ava deserve each other. Then he does something with a flash drive at the polling place, so I don't know what's up with that kid. Sonny offers Margaux a deal, promising to leave her alone if she leaves him and his family alone. Margaux won't accept, so he tells her he has proof that Jeanette had her husband killed because she was having an affair with Scully. Jason offers Carly support to get through her latest trauma, but draws the line at letting her find a way to get back into Ferncliff to look into the mystery patient. Somehow, he'll take care of looking into that himself. Curtis and Jordan go over Mary Pat's case, considering the sort of person who would/could decapitate someone.

Did Spencer just rig another election?

If Ava hooks up with Ryan, she's going to end up with a wrecked face again, courtesy of Laura and Lulu.

You can tell Laura and Lulu are related because they have the same "you will listen to me, child" look.

Ava's just allowed to hang out in a crime scene?

November 6th, 2018

Curtis notices some hijinks at his polling place and brings them to Jordan's attention. Spencer has infected the computer system with a virus, and since no one can be sure if votes entered before that were valid, the election has to be postponed. It's not clear if this was part of his plan, but that'll allow more time for Laura to gain support. Ned, Laura, and Jordan make public statements vowing to bring the hacker to justice. Anna's plan to draw out Obrecht involves making it look like Britt is sick. Brad gets recruited to help with the plan, which means he now has someone else to spill the beans to about "Wiley." Michael understands why Lucas doesn't want Julian in his life, but he's sad that Lucas doesn't get to have his father around while he's starting out as a parent himself. Lucas seems disappointed as well, and though he can't have Julian around the baby because he promised the birth mother he wouldn't, he's willing to fit Julian into his own life. Chase and Willow are basically buddies now, and Lulu is all for the possibility of them going out. She encourages Chase to ask Willow out before someone else can. Five seconds later, Willow encounters the third side of this potential love triangle: Michael. They don't let on to Lulu that they met at the grief support group, and after some initial awkwardness about it, they start hitting it off. Spencer still hates Charlotte, which is a really bad look for him, because she's not the one who killed your father, dude.

The Cassadines are Russian, so technically, the election was hacked by Russians.

"Get out. I have a beheading to solve." Just another day at the PCPD.

"How can you not trust me?" Britt. Britt, I...I just...I'm speechless. I wish you were, too.

God bless Finn, who continues to be the best part of every scene he's in.

Willow didn't even blink at the news that Michael is Lulu's "cousin/brother-in-law," so she's going to fit in well in this town.

November 7th, 2018

Carly objects to Jason's plan to have Curtis pose as a rep from a security firm and distract Ferncliff staff while Jason and Sam break in to find the mystery patient. The three convince her that the plan will work, and they're right (though I'm about 99 percent sure Kevin isn't in the room when Jason and Sam gain entrance). It's Nikolas' birthday, so Spencer mentions him a dozen times. Britt also mentions him while trying to convince Brad that the baby swap will work out better than her scheme with Rocco did. She even gets him to believe that the baby's better off with him and Lucas because being related to Sonny would put him in danger. Britt and Spencer reunite and both lament that things are so different from they were back when Britt was lying to everyone and passing Rocco off as her own. Bobbie finds a spoon Michael got for Jonah and accidentally gave to "Wiley." He's grateful to have it back but assures her that he's found a way to deal with his grief. Then she tries to encourage him to give Francesca another shot. Laura's about to talk to Ryan about how there's a third person in their marriage when Carly interrupts to say something about Ferncliff that I missed because of a news break. Nina and Maxie agree that they have a problem staying away from the men they most need to stay away from. For some reason, Nina thinks the solution is to invite Peter to attend Jordan and Curtis' wedding with her. Lulu worries that her articles about Ryan inspired Mary Pat's murder.

Nikolas was mentioned more in this episode than in the entire past year. Time for my periodic reminder that I've never been convinced that he's really dead.

Britt: "Congratulations, you've completely rendered me speechless." Brad, teach me your ways!

Also, stop taking advice from Britt "Possession Is 9/10ths of the Law" Westbourne.

Are we looking at a Chase/Willow/Michael/Francesca love square or something?

Yes, Nina, it's not Maxie's business that you spent the night at Wyndemere, but it IS your business that Peter and Maxie hung out.\

Lulu doesn't think it would be a conflict of interest for her to write about Britt? Uh-huh.

November 8th, 2018

Margaux's so eager to find out the truth about Marino's death that she's willing to team up with Sonny. He wears a wire and goes to visit Jeanette in hopes of getting her to admit that she put a hit out on her husband. It doesn't quite work, but Margaux hears enough to believe her mother's hiding something. Kevin's room is now occupied by Nelle, who's managed to fake-crazy her way out of Pentonville by pretending she thinks Jonah's still alive. Jason: "Carly did this, too, and she was better at it." He and Sam get Nelle to admit that she's trying different things so she'll one day get out and be able to destroy Carly's life even further. The head nurse overhears and realizes she's faking. Now Sam and Jason think they're dealing with a conspiracy – someone moved the mystery patient and put Nelle in his place, which can't be a coincidence. Jordan and Chase go to Franco about Mary Pat's murder, not because he's a suspect but because they need his insights as a former serial killer. Franco thinks Mary Pat's murder was just the beginning of the killer's crimes, and that the killer is probably hiding in plain sight and is someone they wouldn't suspect. Hilariously, he keeps advising them to talk to Kevin for more profiling help. But before they can do that, they go to see Carly, since forensics has found her DNA on Mary Pat's body. Kim wants to tell Josslyn about Oscar's illness so she'll talk him into getting treatment. When she goes to see Josslyn, Carly advises her to respect Oscar's wishes and stay out of whatever's going on. Kim realizes that Josslyn has seemingly moved on with Cam and decides not to get her involved. Daisy helps Oscar deal with a headache, and gives Kristina a book that she says will explain her meditation practices, or whatever. That plus her constant mentions of her housemates makes me really suspicious.

Ugh, aren't we done with Nelle?

I love that Curtis is basically being completely honest and "pretending" he could be an impostor. If he got caught, he could just say, "Well, it's your fault for not having better security."

Franco ate a Fudgesicle – drink!

Yeah, Daisy's totally in a cult, and Kristina's totally going to join it, probably accidentally. It would be just like Kristina to get involved with a cult and not know it, wouldn't it?

November 9th, 2018

Jeanette admits that she got Scully to kill Marino, but she and Scully didn't stay together because there was no one to pin Marino's murder on, since his body was gone. (I don't know.) Thanks to Sonny's wire, the confession is on tape. Margaux's furious and kicks her mother out of her own house so she can drink and read the incriminating letters. Ava spells out her revenge scheme to Ryan, who tells her he can no longer be her therapist because he can't be objective anymore. Her plan might be over before it starts, though, since Kiki catches Sasha hitting on Griffin and alarms go off in her head. Carly and Diane tell the police how crazy it would be to suspect Carly of Mary Pat's murder. Jordan and Chase actually agree, revealing that they think someone's setting Carly up. Carly points the finger at Ava, thinking she's playing a long game to get Avery back. Nina hires Sasha at Crimson, then introduces her to Franco. The exes are pleased that they're both happy, though neither seems that confident that it'll last. The writers haven't found anything interesting for Terry to do, so she and Elizabeth do some recapping for us.

Sonny: (blows up Margaux's life) "So I'm gonna go now..."

If only I cared about Margaux, her plot might have some effect on me.

I didn't know it was possible, but Ava's even more twisted than I thought. "I'm going to get my daughter's boyfriend to cheat on her, like I think he did to me, even though we were on a break at the time, and obviously she'll run to me for comfort, and then we can reunite, even though I'll have been responsible for her pain. It's foolproof!"

Looks like Ryan has two empty spots on his list of victims. Does he take requests?

Way to take half an hour to tell Carly she's not actually a suspect, Jordan and Chase.

November 12th, 2018

Sonny falls asleep at Jeanette's and dreams that Mike stopped him from killing Marino, sending his life in a completely different direction. He's a police sergeant who's married to Olivia and living in Brooklyn, while Dante (who's married to Sam, somehow) lives in Port Charles. The Jeromes run the mob there, Jason's their enforcer (and Ava's boyfriend), and Dante's an eager lower-level employee who's secretly turning them in to the DEA via Jordan. He and Sonny don't get along because in this world, Dante is an ambitious jerk. Anna's the commissioner but not doing much in her role, and Alexis is the DA but is only allowed to do exposition. Sonny pleads with the Jeromes to cut Dante free, because I guess this version of Sonny isn't that bright. He meets Carly, who's married to A.J., drinking to cope with her miserable life, and upset with the Jeromes for somehow running Michael out of town. They get busted, and Dante tells Sam they're going to make a move to take over the organization. She thinks this is their chance to flee and be safe, but Dante wants power, so he cuts her loose. He lures Jason to the docks and shoots him, trying to get rid of the one person standing between him and power. Sonny tries to stop him from finishing Jason off and accidentally shoots him, prompting some January 2010 déjà vu in the form of Olivia yelling that Sonny shot his own son. Sonny's dream returns him to 1985, and this time he stops Mike from stopping him from killing Marino, since his decisions are his own to make, no matter where they lead him.

When I first heard about this episode, I figured it would be dumb, but the more I thought about it, the more interesting it sounded. To be honest, though, I didn't care much about what Sonny's life would have been like if he hadn't mobbed up. I wanted to know about the domino effect and what other people in his life would be like.

Too bad the center of his episode was someone who's not on anymore because they haven't let him do anything this interesting for the past two years.

Why wouldn't Michael be under Jason's protection in this alternate universe?

Strange that Sonny thinks he would be with Olivia, not Connie.

At first I thought Dante and Sam would be the weirdest alternate-universe couple. Then came Jason and Ava.

Oh, freaking A – if Sonny weren't in the mob, Robin would be dead?

Yeah, no way Carly would have stayed with A.J. just because she didn't have Sonny to fall for.

Was alterna-Julian not alterna-Sam's father? It didn't seem like it.

November 13th, 2018

Margaux and Sonny's temporary peace is already over, since he thinks she was involved in the decision to question Carly about Mary Pat's murder. When they get back to Port Charles, Sonny tells Carly and Jason everything that happened, and says he thinks he's off the hook for everything. Carly, however, thinks Margaux will take out her anger at her mother on him, and will find something else to bust him for. Meanwhile, Jordan tells Margaux that she'll have to decide if she wants to turn in her mother to get justice for her father. Cameron offers to take a step back from his and Josslyn's fake relationship while she's dealing with Carly's issues. Josslyn wants to keep it up, so when they run into Oscar, Cam says they're together. Monica finds out about Oscar's lawsuit and tells Kim that Emily also declined cancer treatment, but changed her mind when a loved one talked her into it. Somehow this leads to Drew and Kim discussing the flash drive, and how Drew feels like a hypocrite because he's making Oscar do something to improve his life while refusing to do the same for himself. But he's not going to get the flash drive, so it doesn't matter. Carly, Jason, Curtis, and Jordan discuss Mary Pat's murder, trying to figure out how framing Carly fits into it. Alexis lets Oscar know that being independent means doing a lot of boring adult stuff. Julian thinks she's using this as a way to subtly show him that he's making the wrong decision. Okay, Mike, you have a week to change Stella's mind about going to the wedding.

"Killing Marino wasn't my choice." did it. It doesn't matter that it wasn't your idea. The whole point of the dream was that Sonny made the decision to kill, and set this life in motion. "It was my boss' idea" won't hold up in court.

Does Drew not talk to Monica, even though they live together? How did she not know about the trial?

Was Zander the one who convinced Emily to get treatment for her cancer? I can't remember if it was him or Nikolas. If it was Zander, then cutting to Cam right after Monica mentioned him was a nice little wink.

If Julian says "cortado" one more time, I'm going to lose my mind.

November 14th, 2018

All the Aiden-related angst finally gets to Elizabeth, and she takes it out on him. She confides to Laura that she feels like a failure as a mother and isn't sure how to fix things. Laura encourages her to talk to Lucky, but just as Elizabeth is about to call him, Willow calls to tell her they need to talk again. (Hopefully about Charlotte, because it's becoming pretty clear that she's the reason Aiden's acting weird.) Lulu, Stella, Michael, Chase, and Finn all do presentations for Charlotte and Aiden's class' Career Day. Finn gets off to a rough start when Franco randomly sends him to the wrong classroom, making him late. Then Finn has to sit through presentations that are much better than his, since they include costumes, science experiments, and dogs. Chase gives Finn a hand at working through his nerves by suggesting that he talk about the time he saved Tracy from brain worms. But they run out of time, and now none of those kids is going to want to be a doctor, I guess. Finn's day then takes an even more bizarre turn when Curtis gives him some big news: He heard from Hayden. Anna tells Peter that Britt is horribly sick, and also he and Lulu are allowed to write about her in the paper now, not that there's a connection there, of course. Peter catches on that she wants him to plant a fake story for some reason, and he's not about to do anything to help her. Chase subtly flirts with Willow, then asks for her number to give to Finn so he can set up a repeat performance in the classroom. Finally he just admits he wants to call her. She's willing to go on a date, so...sorry, Michael. Valentin tells Sasha again that she should leave town before anyone busts them. Sasha thinks they're in the clear since they're the only two people who know she's not really Nina's daughter. Maxie bugs Peter about whether he's going to the wedding with Nina, while Curtis bugs Nina about why she hasn't RSVP'd yet. It becomes a moot point when she agrees to be his best person in Drew's place, so her attendance is guaranteed. Peter agrees to go with Nina, which of course makes Valentin jealous. Curtis thinks Nina and Sasha are rushing things. Scott thinks Franco should turn to him for parental advice, even though Scott raised exactly one of his children and has no experience with what Elizabeth and Franco are going through with Aiden. Franco admits that he wants to solve everything so Elizabeth will see him as an adequate parent.

Hey, when did Charlotte become a jerk?

Franco messed with Finn because...?

Yooooo, Hayden follow-on! Awesome!

Is it just me or does Chase get more adorable every time he's gone?

Willow gets 200 cool points for saying she'll go out with Chase if he brings Thor.

Maxie, please tell Peter about how you were also abandoned by your mother, but you got over it.

What's wrong with Scott? There was a bowl full of apples, but he ate a bagel instead!

November 15th, 2018

Willow tells Elizabeth and Franco that Aiden's being bullied, but she won't name the bully. She gives them some ideas for helping Aiden, not wanting to get the bully's parents involved just yet. Franco doesn't like her tactics and is totally ready to throw down with whoever needs to be thrown down with. Carly is officially cleared of Mary Pat's murder, so that's one problem solved. The other problem, of course, is still Margaux, whom Sonny feels bad for, since her mom had her dad murdered and all. Carly has no patience for that and tells him to get her to back off. Jordan wants Ryan's help profiling Mary Pat's killer, which he sees as a great opportunity to know where the investigation is going so he can stay a step ahead. Finn is in no rush to read the letter Hayden sent him, since he's past their relationship and happy with Anna. This means he probably won't take her up on her invitation to meet her in Rome so they can follow up on some "unfinished business." Franco tells Ryan he wants to solve Mary Pat's murder, but Ryan tells him that could jeopardize all the hard work he's done to become normal. Margaux bugs Drew about having honor and following a code and stuff, then taunts that he must not remember that part of being in the Navy. He tells her definitively that he's not taking her deal. He then makes up for missing Curtis' wedding (seriously, why can't he spare, like, an hour for it?) by paying for the honeymoon.

Can't wait for the eventual Franco/Valentin face-off. I would have no idea who to root for, though.

Carly: "It's worse than I thought." What, Margaux's annoyingness? Yeah, I know.

I haven't heard anything about Rebecca Budig coming back, so I don't expect that to go anywhere.

(Regina George voice) Franco, stop trying to make "Trick-or-Treat Murder" happen. It's not going to happen.

November 16th, 2018

Willow brings in Lulu and Valentin for a parent/teacher conference about Charlotte's bullying. Nina invites herself along and grows more and more indignant about the possibility that Charlotte isn't a little angel all the time. She even questions Willow's qualifications for getting involved, since she doesn't have children. Valentin and Lulu kick her out, since they think Willow's concerns are valid and want to take her recommendations. Later, Valentin tells Nina that he appreciates her defense of Charlotte, though I'm not sure if he's really okay with her behavior or if he's just using the opportunity as another way to try to win her back. Kiki confronts Sasha for hitting on Griffin, and first Sasha says that she thought they were just having a casual thing, like Ava said. Then she criticizes Kiki for having trust issues because of Griffin and Ava's relationship. The two make up and agree to forget it, but Kiki still wants Sasha to move out. Ava chats with Ryan, who offers her some pills after sensing that she's having trouble sleeping. Sasha yells at Ava for using her to break up Kiki and Griffin, so Ava decides to get revenge by drugging her with the pills. Sonny warns Margaux not to keep digging into Marino's murder, since she's just going to keep uncovering painful things. She takes exactly the wrong tack, asking what he would want Avery to do if he were in Marino's place and she were in Margaux's. Sonny says he hopes that Avery would leave her father's death behind her and have a happy, meaningful life. Sam and Jason tell Michael that Nelle faked her way into Ferncliff and declared continued revenge on Carly. Michael's pretty unconcerned, as he's ready to leave Nelle and his guilt connected to her behind. As another step forward, he pays Willow a visit. Franco starts art therapy with Aiden, who draws himself much smaller than his brothers and talks about how he likes that his family's nice to him. Sam and Jason are going to hang out on Thanksgiving, yay!

Willow has handled this whole Charlotte/Aiden thing really well, especially considering some of the...more difficult personalities involved here. On the other side, Lulu and Valentin impressed me by believing her and agreeing to handle things the way she suggested. They could have easily sided with Nina and said Charlotte couldn't have done anything wrong.

Also, did I share my Willow theory? I think she's Wiley's birth mother.

I'm waiting for Lulu and Elizabeth to arrange a play date for Charlotte and Aiden.

Fun fact: If Ava hooked up with Ryan, he would be the third serial killer she's slept with (at least).

What's the point of drugging Sasha? They're just sleeping pills, right? Well, as far as Ava knows. It's entirely possible that she just accidentally killed Sasha.

I need Griffin to get his job back so Kiki will stop asking when he's getting his job back.

Franco ate something – drink!

The Wyndham's Thanksgiving Day Parade? Gag.

November 19th, 2018

Kiki thinks everything is going awesome for both her and Franco, which I think is supposed to be irony, since Ava's about to destroy her life. After making sure Sasha's unconscious from her drugged soup, Ava lures Griffin to her hotel room, knocks him out with a champagne bottle, and puts him in bed with Sasha. Then she tells Franco she saw Griffin going to Sasha's room and thinks he's cheating on Kiki. Franco goes to the hotel and confirms the story, then tells Kiki what he saw. Drew tries to get Kim to accept that if Oscar gets emancipated, they'll have to respect his wishes. She has a different idea: Kidnap him, take him to a doctor in Brazil who has a protocol that could help him, and force him to get treated. While Kim begs Julian to call on his mob buddies to help them get fake paperwork for the trip, Sam, AKA the sane Jerome, tries to comfort Drew. Monica tells Oscar all about the Quartermaines and asks what he'd like to contribute to their legacy before he dies. He asks for details on what will happen to him as his condition worsens, and she gives him honest, un-sugarcoated answers. She also tells him that she'll support him no matter what he decides to do. Stella's ex, Marcus, shows up in town and wants to catch up. Mike adorably calls Michael for a ride so the former lovebirds can spend time alone. Jordan and Curtis are cute together the night before their wedding. Sam is surprised to hear that Lucas is letting Julian back into his life. Michael could probably use something to do.

Ava's plan only works if Kiki and Griffin never talk to each other again. I mean, when he wakes up with a concussion, they'll start putting things together pretty quickly.

If I had a nickel for every time my girlfriend asked me to help her kidnap her terminally ill son...

If Oscar's condition ends up declining so much that he can't take care of himself, a judge might refuse to emancipate him on those grounds alone.

Sam and Drew are like freaking heroes in co-parenting and being exes.

I'd say the Curtis/Jordan scenes were all a jinx, but I know from a preview clip that they make it to the altar (though I can't be sure they'll actually get married, of course).

Sam has really perfected her "I'm so over this" look.

November 20th, 2018

Kiki is understandably furious when she finds Griffin and Sasha in bed together, and doesn't believe Griffin when he says nothing happened. Griffin realizes he was hit over the head, then sees from Sasha's pupils that she was drugs, so it doesn't take long for Kiki to put together exactly what happened. Ava's super-proud of herself and doesn't even let it bother her when Carly kicks her out of the Metro Court. Just as it seems she might be about to move things along with Ryan, Kiki confronts her and all but says that this is the last straw for their relationship. Curtis and Jordan's friends (and Peter) throw them bachelor/bachelorette parties at Port Charles-themed escape rooms. One room is Cassadine-centric and features mannequins with Helena, Faison, Stavros, and Jerry's faces. The other is Ryan-centric and features mannequins with Ryan, Franco, Heather, and Diego's faces. No one has any fun in the beginning, and the atmosphere is pretty creepy, so they try to leave, but the place's sole employee is a slacker and falls asleep when he's supposed to be monitoring them. The partygoers decide they'll have to solve the escape-room puzzles to...well, escape, especially since bragging rights are on the line. Over the course of an hour, little bits of show history come into play, like Diego the Text Message Killer's phone and a book by P.K. Sinclair. The final puzzle in the Ryan room involves a keyboard that opens the door when the show's old theme song is played. In the Cassadine room, Lulu does her father proud by helping to figure out that they computer password they need is Ice Princess. The teams tie, and everyone's happy. Laura tells Ryan that she's releasing a statement about their separation, so he might be questioned by the press. Ryan shows no emotion about the situation, saying he's not the man he was when she left town. (Har har.) Laura breaks down with Carly and tells her that her marriage is over. Carly tells her that Ryan acted weird with her, snapping at her when she brought up the mystery patient. Speaking of him, Spinelli hacks into Ferncliff's computer system and gets his name, Todd Wilson, which is Ryan's old pseudonym. Okay, maybe Marcus will change Stella's mind about the wedding instead of Mike.

The escape rooms were really clever. Like, impressively clever.

Curtis: "This keypad has numbers and letters like a phone." Me: "Try Sophie! Try Sophie!"

T.J. gets the MVP award for figuring out that C + knife = C sharp.

If you want an example of how many new characters have been brought on in the past few years, Sam was the only person in her escape room who would know who Diego was.

I'm going to need to see pictures of the cast doing stuff with Sebastian Roché's mannequin. Looking at you, Nancy Lee Grahn.

Nina's like your friend in high school who always brought her boyfriend to parties, even though no one liked him.

November 21st, 2018

Cameron and Josslyn hang out and kiss, but he thinks her actions are motivated by Oscar. She's open to trying out a real relationship, but he realizes he can't go for it after he's kept Oscar's secret from her. He spills that Oscar's sick and urges her to talk to him. Instead, Josslyn gets mad that Cameron kept the truth from her. Laura wants her and Ryan's statement about their separation to say that they're working on strengthening their marriage. Ryan objects, so Laura demands to know what his real motives are for ending things. She knows he's hiding something and is determined to find out what it is. Ava plans to take Avery and flee the country before the police can come after her for drugging Sasha. Nina comes after her first, ready to see who can claw whose eyes out the fastest. Ryan breaks up the fight and tries to talk Ava out of leaving town. She thinks no one would miss her, but he says he would, because he has feelings for her. As they're making out, Laura shows up. Valentin gives Sasha hazard pay for what happened with Ava and isn't too upset when she says she's considering leaving town. Nina may have seen money change hands, and she's definitely suspicious about why Sasha and Valentin are suddenly buddies. Sam's sick but tries to suck it up for Danny's sake. She takes the wrong medication and ends up falling asleep, which is really just the scenic route to get to the point where Alexis shows up and Danny tells her that Mommy's in bed with Daddy. Alexis worries about Oscar spending Thanksgiving alone and encourages him to go to the Quartermaines'. He wonders how she would act if he were one of her kids. She says that as a parent, she wants her daughters to live as long as possible, but as Oscar's lawyer, she's going to give him what he needs to be autonomous. Sonny wants Kristina to do family things like come to dinner and go to the Wyndham's parade with him and Avery, but she has plans with the cult. Also, they're trying to recruit Oscar and would love to meet Kristina's family. Spencer is Spencer all over the place, but he's probably going back to school soon, since he wants to be far away from the scene of his crime.

Poor Cam. He tried to do the right thing, and he was rewarded with yelling and crumpled turkeys.

Nina and Ava throwing down is hilarious, because it's like...Upper East Side vs. Upper East Side.

Ava fleeing the country would solve SO MANY problems.

Things you don't want to hear: a serial killer saying you're kindred spirits.

Well, I don't know what DOD stands for, but I do know it's got to be a cult!


November 26th, 2018

Oscar admits his health issues to Josslyn, who's frustrated that he won't accept treatment that could give them more time together, especially since they've already lost so much of it. But she offers her support no matter what he decides, and it looks like he's okay with that. Plus, he goes to the Quartermaines' for Thanksgiving, so that's good. Laura thinks Ryan left her from Ava, and he does nothing to try to negate that idea. Ava's ready to pursue their feelings for each other, though she can't promise she won't still leave town. When she says that things would be much better if she or Kiki weren't around, Ryan interprets this as "get rid of Kiki." Maxie and Lulu screw up the old/new/borrowed/blue thing for Jordan, but she's not superstitious, so she doesn't think anything's jinxed. Everything else goes smoothly with the wedding until the objection part of the ceremony, when Stella – seemingly swayed by Mike and by Sonny's "you can't choose your family" Thanksgiving toast – makes a somewhat dramatic entrance. The Quartermaines try to lean into the pizza thing, but they can't even do that right, since someone picking up donations for a soup kitchen accidentally takes their gourmet food. Drew overhears Kim talking to Julian about her kidnapping scheme and tells Julian to stay away from Oscar. Kim won't back down from her plan, but Drew draws the line at whatever she plans to do to force Oscar to undergo treatment. Brad has made peace with his decisions, which is probably the only way he can sleep at night, and the only way he can make it through Thanksgiving with the Corinthoses. Ned is annoyed that Olivia invited Julian to Thanksgiving, wanting to reward him for all the changes he's made in his life. Finn mentions Hayden's letter to Alexis, who backs up his instinct not to follow through, though I'm not sure he'll stick with that. The hospital board has made a decision about Griffin's job, but we don't know what it is yet.

Great work by Eden McCoy today.

Me when Griffin and Kiki were saying goodbye as he left the apartment: "Why do I get the feeling that something bad is going to happen to one of them?"
Me when Ava said things would be better if she or Kiki weren't around: "...Welp."

"What are you doing here?" At his parents' house? On Thanksgiving? Why, Michael's performing open-heart surgery, Brad!

Drew, next can you use your super-hearing to eavesdrop on Brad and Julian's conversations?

LOL at Nina giving marriage advice. I mean, come on.

Woo-hoo, another mention of Hayden! Let's do this!

November 27th, 2018

Josslyn tells Carly that one crisis is over, as she and Oscar have worked things out, but a new one has come up, as he might have only a year left to live. Meanwhile, Oscar announces that he's going to undergo treatment, but only for Josslyn. He'll drop the emancipation lawsuit, but he'll keep working at Charlie's and living with the cult. Kim gets pouty, complaining that Oscar's still mad at her and that Julian's now untrustworthy because he wouldn't help her kidnap her son. Drew, on the other hand, is appropriately grateful to Josslyn, though he wants to make sure she knows that the treatment isn't a sure bet. Stella apologizes for taking so long to come around and gives Jordan and Curtis her blessing. The rest of the wedding goes as planned, and a present from Stella even gives Jordan the something old she needed. When the couple enters their newlywed suite on the Haunted Star, they find their bed already occupied by a blond woman. It's probably Kiki, whose location Griffin spends the whole wedding wondering about. He goes to her place and finds an open door and some broken glass, but no Kiki. He thinks she rushed out for some reason, leaving her scarf behind, but he realizes there's blood on it. Nina catches the bouquet, so...whatever.

Oscar: "I'm going to have the treatment after all." Kim: "Great! I'm going to make it all about me now. Cool?"

Well, there goes Alexis' only storyline.

"I know this is little comfort, but we're all going to die." Carly, please stop trying to help.

That minister was awesome.

What's really convenient is that Jordan doesn't have to change her last name.

November 28th, 2018

Jordan quietly summons Valerie and Chase, who declare the yacht a crime scene and try to secure things. Valerie asks Griffin to confirm that the body in the bed is dead, and he's about two steps into the room before he realizes it belongs to Kiki (and yeah, she's dead). The cops jump to him as the prime suspect,'s always the boyfriend, I guess? Also, he was in and out of the day's events, so he doesn't really have an alibi. Chase searches Griffin's apartment and finds something interesting. Ava takes a few seconds to pretend she doesn't want to move too fast with Ryan, but they wind up in bed before long. That's where they still are when Griffin shows up. Josslyn yells at Cameron some more, but he gets her to settle down when he points out that he was in a horrible position and was just the messenger. When it's clear that Josslyn and Oscar are back together, he hurries her out, not wanting to spend more time with the girl he can't be with. She unwraps a present he gave her, a framed picture of the two of them, and may be realizing that he has feelings for her. Valentin crashes Charlotte and Nina's trip to New York to see the Nutcracker, not realizing that Charlotte lied when she said Nina knew he was coming. Nina continues to keep him at an appropriate distance, but he's still getting another chance to try to win her back. Elizabeth tells Laura some of her motherhood woes as Aiden continues being withdrawn. Jake tells Franco that some kids at school have been talking about how Aiden is weird and doesn't fit in. Elizabeth strikes out with another kid when she confronts Cameron about skipping a family event, even though Aiden begged him to come, and Cameron tells her he's been dealing with the fallout of keeping Oscar's secret.

OH, NOOOOOO! I knew Hayley Erin was doing another show, but I thought they'd worked out all the scheduling issues. I really liked her. And now we'll have to deal with Ava being dramatic yet again!

Thanks for scarring Griffin for life, Valerie.

I can't believe I actually feel bad for Cameron.

$5 says Valentin paid the front desk to say there were no available rooms.

Maybe Laura will figure out the Aiden/Charlotte thing.

November 29th, 2018

As Griffin tells Ava that Kiki's dead, Jordan and Chase suspect that he's fled to avoid an arrest. Instead, Griffin takes Ava and Ryan to the yacht so an in-denial Ava can see for herself that Kiki's really gone. Chase reveals that they found the murder weapon, a knife from Griffin's kitchen, wrapped up in a towel in his closet, which makes him look even guiltier than before. Julian and Alexis are buddies again, or something, so when he gets the call about Kiki, she goes with him to check on Ava. Ava and Julian both think Griffin's the killer, but Alexis volunteers her services as an attorney. Poor Griffin ends his horrible day being arrested for killing his girlfriend. Britt thinks Obrecht is going to keep her distance since news of her supposedly fatal illness has been out for a while and Obrecht hasn't called yet. When she finally does, Britt has to work a little to convince her that she's not working with Anna to track her down. Anna's unable to trace the call, but she uses clues in the background to figure out that Obrecht's in Havana. She tells Finn she'll go there to get Obrecht while Finn goes to Rome to meet up with Hayden. Maxie and Peter are shaken by Kiki's murder and want to live without regrets and stuff. They come close to kissing, but James has excellent timing and cries them apart. Maxie asks to pretend the near-kiss never happened and sends Peter home. Since he's worried about her being murdered, he camps out in her hallway instead. For some reason, it's very important that we see how Carly and Sonny react to Kiki's death.

Way to not keep an eye on your main suspect AND not call Ava to tell her Kiki was dead, PCPD.

Can someone please get Jordan a change of clothes?

I assume Ryan framed Griffin as a form of revenge for Ava, but he should have found a way to frame David, since David's the only person I can think of who would actually have a motive to kill Kiki.

Hayden has now been mentioned on four separate occasions. By law, that means she has to make an appearance.

November 30th, 2018

As news of Kiki's murder spreads around town, Griffin desperately tries to convince Jordan that he didn't kill her. Only Anna and Alexis side with him, knowing that he doesn't have it in him to kill someone, and wouldn't be dumb enough to let the police search his place if he knew the murder weapon was there. Jordan thinks his motive was wanting revenge against Ava for ratting him out to Monica after the whole thing with Peter's paternity test. Ava doesn't really appreciate the effort Julian, Franco, and Scott are putting into trying to support her. Ryan keeps playing psychiatrist, which allows him to both look like a good guy and keep Ava's mind on the idea that Griffin is the killer. This leads to Ava going to the PCPD with a gun. Oscar starts his treatment even though he's scared about what might happen. Kim appreciates it when Julian shows up to see her, and she apologizes for getting mad at him, but he doesn't tell her that he's there to get something for Ava, not because he was thinking about her and Oscar. Jason tells Drew to let Oscar know that he's there if he needs anything, but he thinks Oscar has all he needs with his parents by his side. Curtis tells Sasha, Nina, and Valentin about Kiki, growing interested when Sasha mentions what Ava did to her and Griffin. Sasha tells Valentin that this is the last straw, and she's leaving town. Kristina accidentally interrupts Sam and Jason as they're about to kiss, which is ironic, because if they'd hooked up, she would have won $50 from Molly (she bet that they'd be back together by Christmas; Molly says Valentine's Day). Also, Kristina's totally joining a cult.

Jordan, if Griffin wanted revenge on Ava for harming his career, why would he kill Kiki and not, you know, Ava? Sigh. Can Anna be the commissioner again?

Franco: "Right now, all Ava wants to hear is that she should have died instead of Kiki." Me: "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!"

How many times can I watch Anna tackle Julian before it becomes obsessive?

Julian, I can count on one hand the number of times you've spoken to Kiki, so knock it off.

Molly and Kristina making bets about when Sam and Jason will get back together is awesome.

DOD stands for Dawn of Day? Bleh.

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