General Hospital blog - November, 2019

November 1st, 2019

Ava's so shocked to see Nikolas that she passes out. When she wakes up, he's gone. Laura comes by to look for the portrait and gets upset when Ava says Nikolas was there. Somehow, Nikolas managed to avoid showing up on any surveillance cameras, so Ava has no proof that he was there. Laura thinks her grief over Kiki has led to a decline in mental health, and ultimately Ava has to agree that something's wrong. Laura calls Julian, and the two of them check Ava into Shadybrook. Meanwhile, Nikolas is hanging out at Jax's house, ready to chat with him and Hayden. Julian pays Kip to send Brad a nude photo, which Lucas sees. He accuses Brad of cheating and won't listen when Brad insists he's not. Carly, Jax, and Elizabeth are understandably ticked at their kids, but also sympathetic about the circumstances that led them to drink. Jax suspects that Dev was responsible for the alcohol, but Sonny notes that he's sober and won't place any blame on him. Nina tears into Sasha, Willow tears into Nina, Michael tears into Valentin, and everyone walks away unhappy. Valentin decides to take Michael's threats seriously and convinces Nina to drop her grudge, as well as the charges against Sasha. Nina does the latter but isn't anywhere close to doing the former. Sasha tells Michael not to say anything to Nina about Valentin's part in their scam, even though it means Nina will stay with the guy who spent all that time lying to her. Michael reluctantly agrees to support her decision to leave him out of it. Brad tells Carly and Sonny that he supported Nelle at her parole hearing but knows she's a horrible person. Willow tells Chase that she thinks Brad's anxiety is getting worse.

Someone (I can't remember who) mentioned recently that Spencer's knowledge of the codicil seems strange, which made me wonder if Nikolas has already contacted him, revealed he's alive, and told Spencer to get Hayden to conduct the search. But Hayden's lack of surprise at seeing him makes me think she and Jax also already knew he was alive. Remember, they never outright admitted that Spencer was the person who asked them to search. Plus, Nikolas hates Jax, and the last time he was in town, he was trying to frame Hayden for his murder. Why would he go to Jax's house to meet with them if they hadn't already had contact?

I almost – ALMOST – feel bad for Ava. Almost.

"Baby's first hangover." Hee! Elizabeth was funny today. Drunk Cameron was also pretty amusing.

Ahh, T-rex "Wiley"! Adorable.

November 4th, 2019

Hayden and Jax (who did indeed know Nikolas was alive) chastise him for not taking more precautions to hide himself, and for letting Ava see his face. Nikolas doesn't think anyone will believe Ava's claim that she saw him. He wants to stay in hiding until the codicil is found, and doesn't want Laura involved in the search. Flashbacks show that Nikolas approached Jax in Rome and offered him Cassadine Industries' shipping division in exchange for help finding the codicil. This is how Jax met Hayden, who was already on board with the plan. As annoyed as they are with Nikolas, Hayden and Jax still want to help him bring Valentin down and secure Spencer's future. P.S. Nikolas and Hayden are still married. Brad tries to prove his fidelity by responding to his texter, asking who he is. Julian pretends that Brad's joking around, since he obviously knows who his texter is. Just as Brad is about to calm Lucas down, Obrecht texts him with a reminder to cover their tracks with the Nina/Sasha DNA test. Brad won't let Lucas see the text, so he thinks it's more proof of Brad's cheating. While Carly gives Lucas a pep talk and invites him to stay for the night, Brad goes to Julian for help with his latest emergency. Julian reveals that he's the texter and offers Brad a choice: either tell Lucas he's having an affair or leave town. Curtis is disgusted to learn that Nina took Valentin back, and is determined to prove that he was part of Sasha's scheme. He gets the results of the redone DNA test, which shows (again) that Sasha is Nina's daughter, confusing Curtis and Jordan. Obrecht does some CYA, making sure things are good with Maxie, then asking Nina to forgive her for not telling her Sasha was a liar. Nina buys (or pretends to buy) her claim that she only found out the lie shortly before everything came out. After she leaves the room, Obrecht warns Valentin that the redone DNA test will bring up some questions, so he's not in the clear yet. Valentin points out that she isn't, either, but Obrecht knows he has more to lose than she does. Laura and Julian worry that Sonny will take advantage of Ava's commitment to try to get full custody of Avery. Laura tells Sonny what happened, and though he's tempted to use the situation to his benefit, he's also sympathetic about Ava's grief. Peter doesn't get the condo he wanted, because the co-op board is smart enough to know he's not a good guy, so Maxie invites him to move into her place. Michael and Sasha talk about her options for work.

No way. I don't buy that Nikolas went to Jax for help. They hate each other!

I need to see a flashback of Hayden finding out that Nikolas was alive. I'm guessing some things were thrown.

I really can't wait until Valentin is brought down. Maybe Hayden can connect Nikolas with Curtis and he can help out.

How has Brad not learned to STOP GOING TO JULIAN?

Julian: "I'll come up with something." Cue the Kill Bill siren.

Maxie's idea of a dream birthday present was Peter's condo, not a visit from Georgie (which is what I thought he was working on)?

November 5th, 2019

Brad begs Julian for another chance, but Julian just repeats Brad's two options to either lie about having an affair or leave town. Brad goes with option C and tells Lucas that Julian is trying to break them up. He even recorded their conversation as proof. Of course, Lucas wants to know why, so Brad confesses that Obrecht made him mess with Sasha's test so it would look like she and Nina were related. Now Lucas thinks both his father and husband are liars. Franco goes to Elizabeth's to tell her and Cameron that he and Kim are leaving town tomorrow. Cameron's upset that he only cares about Kim, who can no longer stand being in town, and not all the people who will be hurt by his departure. Elizabeth tries to get through to Franco with a kiss, but he's not moved. As Kim comes to the house to talk to Elizabeth, Franco meets up with Scott, who has a plan to keep him around. Jax warns Nikolas again to be better about not letting anyone know he's alive. Nikolas still doesn't think Ava seeing him will be an issue, and thinks he's in a position of power. Probably no one's surprised when Laura comes by the house to talk to Jax. Carly and Jax don't go easy on Josslyn for her drinking, and though she's not happy, she can't really complain. Carly thinks that giving Jax and Josslyn more face time with each other would do Joss some good, so she suggests that Joss split her time between her parents. Laura, Scott, and Julian all visit Ava, who's no longer sure what's real and what isn't. Josslyn and Lucas talk about being children of divorce, but I think it's really just because the writers needed someone to mention Tony.

Telling Lucas what Julian did is the smartest thing Brad has ever done. (Not that there was a lot of competition there, of course.)

Oh, good, desperate Elizabeth. She always makes good decisions.

Hey, Jax, maybe close your blinds?

Josslyn calling Tony her grandfather is all kinds of weird.

November 6th, 2019

Nikolas almost reveals himself to Laura, but Jax arrives before he can and whisks her away. And then there's just a bunch of talk about the painting and the codicil and Nikolas being in hiding. Robert tells Cassandra her request to delay extradition has been denied, so she'll soon be on her way to the Hague. He offers to get her a private cell if she'll tell him who helped her escape from the WSB. Cassandra keeps quiet, then calls Nikolas and orders him to break her out or she'll out him. Robert meets Violet, quickly figures out who her father is, and accuses Finn of keeping her from Anna. Even though Finn says he's only known about her for a couple of days, Robert says he's lying by omission by not telling Anna about her. Also: Hayden, seriously, Finn wants to be Violet's father, so please stop double-checking, okay? Scott tells Franco about Harvey, thinking he'll...want to give Franco a second chance? Because he was molested? I don't know. Kendra dotes on Alexis like a fourth daughter, claiming they're friends and generally playing very innocent. She asks Julian not to let anyone know she's been hanging around Charlie's, since his food isn't the kind her clients should be eating. As Alexis shows new symptoms, Julian finds a dead rat near the Dumpster Kendra ditched her poison in, so I guess someone will figure out that it ate the poison? Jason is unhappy that Sam's bunking with Cassandra and wants to talk to Diane about changing that. Sam tells him she just wants to keep her head down and not make any waves. She mentions that Cassandra's brought up the Cassadines, so here's hoping Jason looks into that. Kim and Elizabeth fight about the same stuff they always fight about and it goes nowhere, as usual.

Cassandra needs to play the Claudette card right now. Robert would be very interested to know that Valentin had her kidnapped.

Laura: "I'm trying to locate a portrait of Helena Cassadine." Robert: "...You mean the nude?" HA HA HA HA HA HA! That was great.

I, too, would like a puppy or a pegasus or a dragon, Violet.

Scott, all you did was give Franco another reason not to want his memories back – he would have to remember being molested.

I guess I've forgotten part of Cassandra's original plot because I don't know why she would have a grudge against Sam.

November 7th, 2019

Cassandra waits impatiently for Nikolas while she and Sam serve on a work crew in the park. Curtis runs into them and hints to Sam that Cassandra might not be her cellmate much longer. (He's psychic.) Once Cassandra spots Nikolas waiting for her in a van, she knocks out a guard with a shovel and hops her in getaway vehicle. Poor Sam tries to get help for the guard as Nikolas drives Cassandra to what I assume will be her death. Nelle has some new scheme underway, and it involves money from (drumroll, please) her husband, whom she married recently and who is now dead. Martin is interested in representing her, since she promises him a big payday, but he'll have to get her out on early parole, which is going to be next to impossible. After their conversation, Martin calls Valentin and tells him that there's a new avenue to some project he's been wanting to work on. Josslyn wants to move in with Jax, which would ordinarily be fine, but not while he's hiding a guy who's supposed to be dead. Fortunately for him, Carly thinks they should start with weekend stays, and not quite yet, since it would be disruptive to Josslyn's schoolwork. Plus, she and Jax think Josslyn might be trying to hide from her grief. Nina visits Nathan's grave to update him on Sasha and possibly tell him her true feelings for Valentin. Valentin himself interrupts to talk about the portrait and Jax. Nina brings up Cassandra, worrying that the person who broke her out of WSB custody will try again. Valentin doesn't care about Cassandra and changes the subject to whether Nina wants to conduct another search for her daughter. Nina thinks Madeline lied about the baby living, so there's no point in searching. Curtis asks Sasha who helped her make the three DNA tests look like she was a match with Nina. Sasha and Michael stonewall him, but Curtis has figured out on his own that the samples, not the tests, were tampered with, and that someone gave Sasha a DNA sample that would be a match for Nina.

It didn't take Sam long to stop being intimidated by Cassandra. Sam could totally take her anyway. All she has to do is sneeze.

Between Pentonville's work crews and Cameron's community service, Port Charles' parks are very well cared for.

"I'm dead, remember? No one's looking for me. So the odds of me getting recognized are nonexistent." ...What? What kind of logic is that?

Freaking A, did Nelle marry Shiloh??

Jax should jump at the chance to have Josslyn move in. Nikolas would be forced to move out.

November 8th, 2019

Lucas goes to Tony's grave, wishing he could get guidance from his less evil father. He has a conversation with Tony's ghost about Brad and Julian, and what everything could mean for "Wiley." Tony doesn't really tell Lucas anything he doesn't already know, but it's nice to see them spending time together. Julian goes to Bobbie looking for Lucas, but she's not about to facilitate that relationship. She also wishes Tony were around and gets a brief visit from him. Nikolas tells Cassandra that since she came to Port Charles instead of sticking to their plans, he can no longer trust her. Cassandra takes much longer than it should to figure out that she might not survive this encounter, so she bails. As Nikolas calls the police to report seeing her, Cassandra goes by Kelly's and finds the one person she can give her back her advantage: Charlotte. Jax visits Ava and basically gives her an impromptu therapy session as she tells him Nikolas is haunting her. He asks if something has happened to make her think of him, like, say, maybe she saw something connected to the Cassadines? Ava easily figures out what he's angling for and tells him he'll never find the portrait. Knowing Sam would be in the park, Jason stops by to see her just as the police respond to her call for help. Chase questions why Sam didn't run when Cassandra did, as if that's the most important part of this situation. To his credit, he also thinks the judge overseeing her case should know that she stayed put and tried to help the guard. He also lets Sam and Jason have a few seconds alone before she's taken back to prison. Maxie and Lulu catch up on each other's love lives. Willow invites Brad to open up to her about his troubles, but that goes nowhere.

I think this was the most screen time Ryan Carnes has gotten since he came back to the show.

Bobbie's continued hatred of Julian makes me happy.

I thought Cassandra would nab Charlotte at Wyndemere, since she mentioned wanting to go there, so that was a nice red herring.

This just in: Jax is unfamiliar with people's behavior on the Internet.

The Maxie/Lulu scenes were great.

November 11th, 2019

Charlotte is discovered missing at the same time Cassandra's escape becomes known, but for some reason, Valentin is the only person who thinks the latter took the former. He gets Nina to distract Lulu, Laura, and Maxie while awaiting a call from Cassandra, who makes arrangements with him that she doesn't plan to follow through with. Charlotte attempts to run away, and as Cassandra is considering how to punish her, a savior arrives in the form of Anna. Jax catches Nikolas trying to sneak back into the house and asks where he's been. Nikolas admits that he helped Cassandra escape, then lost track of her. Sam saw part of his license plate, which Jason gets Spinelli to look up. He discovers that the getaway van was rented using a J & J Jacks of Alaska credit card, because Nikolas is really, really bad at this stuff. Jason goes to Jax's to question him, but Jax stays calm and says he must have been hacked. Jason thinks he's covering something up and invites him to call if he wants to reveal anything that might not be completely legal. As soon as Jason's gone, Jax tears into Nikolas for implicating him in a crime Jax didn't even know was going to be committed. Finn and Hayden have some family time with Violet. Julian goes for honesty for once, telling Lucas that he did blackmail Brad into leaving him. Lucas says he's done with Julian for good, but we've heard that before, so I don't know. Obrecht approaches Brad to bug him about the DNA test he helped mess with, but Brad shoos her away so Lucas won't see them together. Julian's annoyed to see Lucas hugging Brad, which I guess means all is forgiven there.

The weekly preview ad showed Anna surprising Finn and Hayden at the house, so I definitely wasn't expecting her to show up on the docks. That was a nice surprise.

Poor Charlotte, being accused of going off on her own when she did nothing wrong.

Why didn't Sam give the police the partial license plate? Now she's going to look suspicious.

It's too bad Nikolas didn't see Jason's face. He would have been very confused.

Finn called his fiancée a friend, so...that's not good.

November 12th, 2019

Valentin makes arrangements for Cassandra, then goes home with Nina to wait for Cassandra to call. When she does, Valentin can't answer the phone because Jason's there, curious about whether Valentin helped Cassandra escape. Nina runs him off, then tells Valentin that it might be smart to team up with him. Valentin tells her how he never wanted or expected to be a father, but now Charlotte's his whole life. Anna tries to convince Cassandra that she'll be allowed to walk away if she lets Charlotte go. Cassandra turns that down, wanting full immunity for her crimes. She brings in two goons, but they're no match for a grade-schooler with sharp teeth, and Charlotte's able to bite Cassandra and run away. While Anna faces off with Cassandra, Charlotte hides from a goon, who runs into Jason. Jason overpowers him, then heads to the pier to help Anna take care of Cassandra. The good guys win, but Cassandra's able to escape in the boat Valentin left for her. She calls him to repay the favor by revealing who broke her out of WSB custody, but Valentin is fine not knowing. Cassandra realizes too late that there's a bomb on the boat, and when it goes off, Anna figures that's the end of that. Nikolas comes by to see what's going on and is spotted by Charlotte. Jax threatens to call the police and turn Nikolas in for helping Cassandra escape. Carly comes back to the house, having figured out that Jax isn't delaying Josslyn's move-in because of renovation. Nikolas reveals himself to her and begs her not to tell anyone he's alive, in case Valentin finds out and targets one of his loved ones. Carly's adamant that he at least tell Laura so she doesn't have to keep thinking her child is dead. When Jax tells her he could be arrested as an accessory, Carly backs down and agrees to keep the secret. Finn and Hayden discuss Anna, and Finn admits he feels a little abandoned. They agree to tell Violet that Finn is her father the next day. Peter tries to reassure Lulu that Charlotte didn't go off on her own because she's mad about Lulu ruining the wedding (as Nina hypothesized). Robert objects to his presence at the PCPD and reveals that he knows Peter visited Shiloh at Pentonville, so he's suspicious about their connection. Jordan wonders if Cassandra's escape is connected to the case Laura's been helping Curtis with. She asks what Cassandra talked to Laura about when she first came back to town, thinking someone else might have taken the deal Laura rejected to get dirt on Valentin.

Charlotte's never met Nikolas, but I imagine she's seen pictures and knows what he looks like. It's a very interesting development to have her see him.

Welcome to Port Charles, where no one puts out an Amber Alert when a child goes missing.

Why haven't the police learned that they should immediately go to the waterfront when someone goes on the lam?

Anna, sweetie, you yourself survived a boat explosion. Obviously Cassandra could have survived, too.

Nikolas...just...sigh. Why would you get someone else involved in this? You suck so bad at this!

November 14th, 2019

Jax is angrier than ever with Nikolas and ready to call off the whole plan. While Chase questions the guard Nikolas paid to arrange for Cassandra to be on the work crew, Jordan talks to Jax about his allegedly stolen credit card and its connection to Cassandra's escape. Jax comes off innocent, though Jordan is suspicious that he's connected to the death of a woman he was previously known to be investigating. Nikolas is pleased that Jax is still covering for him even after threatening to turn him in. Jax asks him point blank if he killed Cassandra, but Nikolas points the finger at Valentin. Jax notes that that means he's more dangerous than they thought, so they need to take him down fast. Charlotte seems to be doing pretty well after her kidnapping, and is more concerned with her parents getting along than with what she went through. She tells Laura that she saw someone on the pier right after the explosion, but she doesn't know who he was. Robert tries to tell Anna about Violet, but Chase interrupts, thinking he's just going to tell her about Hayden being back in town. Robert tells him the rest of the story, and Chase is a little upset that his brother didn't mention that he has a daughter. Finn and Hayden tell Violet that he's her father, and she takes the news extremely well. He's happy after some family time, but that's about to end, because Anna comes home while he's talking to Hayden, who I think is wearing his shirt and not much underneath. Josslyn asks Carly about moving in with Jax, so Carly makes up excuses to keep putting it off. She asks Sonny to be nicer to Jax, as if that's the issue, and hilariously, Sonny guesses that Jax is involved in something and Carly knows what it is. She lies that Jax may be seeing someone and doesn't want Josslyn to know yet. Sonny does the nicest thing he's ever done for Ava, taking Avery to visit her. Ava thinks she's getting better and will be going home soon, but her medication and/or her state of mind make her call Trina by Kiki's name.

I don't think I've ever seen Jax that mad before. Not even at Jerry.

Rats, Charlotte can't bust Nikolas...yet. I'm sure she'll see a picture of him sooner or later.

Robert, you're making it so hard to like you.

Why is Trina in trouble for Halloween? She didn't do anything wrong.

November 15th, 2019

Anna's shocked to learn about Violet, but not upset that Finn didn't tell her, since he wanted to wait until they could talk in person. She and Elizabeth are both concerned that Hayden has hidden intentions that could negatively affect their relationship. T.J. and Neil collect anything they can find in Alexis' house that might have caused her illness. T.J. confides that he's going to propose to Molly and wants to ask Alexis for her blessing. Neil advises him to move quickly, just in case. The two men visit Alexis, and when they leave, she teases that they're like rats leaving a sinking ship. This gives T.J. the idea that her illness was caused by rat poison. Franco talks to Jason about...water? I don't know. Identity crisis, blah blah. Elizabeth and Scott are still sad that they couldn't get control over Franco's medical decisions, but they're pretty sure they tried everything (short of breaking the law). Julian thinks Olivia put dead rats in his Dumpster and alley in an attempt to make his business look unclean. He asks Alexis to help, and though she says she will, she's pretty amused. Kim says goodbye to Monica, who wants to keep in touch and who understands why Kim and Franco want to leave town. Julian tries to make peace with Kim before she leaves, but she's too hurt and betrayed to part with him on a positive note. Sonny lectures Cameron on making dumb decisions that could lead to someone getting hurt.

Yikes, now Finn has called Anna his "friend" right in front of her.

Finn ignoring his phone makes me nervous. You're a doctor! You can't do that!

So Neil and T.J. are forensic specialists now? Whatever, it looks like T.J.'s going to solve this. He should borrow Curtis' Sherlock Holmes costume for next Halloween. And if he did crack this, he should wait until after Alexis' better to talk to her about marrying Molly. If he saves Alexis' life, there's no way she'll disapprove.

Julian, why would Olivia put dead rats in your alley and Dumpster instead of in your actual restaurant?

Kim to Julian: "You utterly betrayed me." And you slept with someone else. I'd say you're even.

Who knew that sending Sam to prison would leave Jason without a plot?

November 18th, 2019

Sam's trial gets off to a good start when the prosecutor shows up late, spews nonsense about Shiloh's supporters, and gets reprimanded by the judge. That continues as the prosecutor fails to introduce any definitive evidence that Sam plotted Shiloh's death. The defense has its own misstep, as Jason can't prove that he was "defenseless" and needed Sam to shoot Shiloh to save him, but I'm pretty sure this main character isn't going to be sent to prison. Spinelli shows up for moral support, does nothing, and leaves. Lucas tells Brad that he's cut all ties to Julian, so he won't be a problem any longer. Lucas then tells Obrecht to leave Brad alone and stop trying to get him to do immoral and/or illegal stuff. Obrecht is feeling chatty and hints that there's more that Brad is hiding about "Wiley" and his birth father. Brad interrupts before she can say anything specific, but it's enough to get Lucas angry at his husband again. T.J. is right about Alexis having ingested thallium from rat poison, and the good news is that it's treatable, so she's going to be fine. Next T.J. and Finn need to figure out how the poison got in her system, and whether someone tried to kill her. Franco has suddenly decided that because of the whole Franco/Drew/Harvey thing from his childhood, he needs to go back to being himself. He's not moving to San Diego with Kim, and he's going to undergo Andre's procedure. Kim is devastated to lose the last person she loves, but Franco won't budge, so she's off to California on her own. Brad offers to try to smooth things over between Julian and Lucas if Julian continues keeping the "Wiley" secret. Julian dislikes being essentially blackmailed, as if he wouldn't be putting his own life in danger if he revealed the secret. A mystery woman hangs around Charlie's, being sassy and encouraging Julian to open up to her. He should probably keep quiet around her, because I'm pretty sure she's Brook.

It's unrealistic, but it would have been hilarious if the judge had dropped all the charges against Sam because the prosecutor didn't show up.

Spinelli flew across the country for the trial but none of Sam's siblings could be bothered to come?

Diane should have had Dev testify.

T.J., now! Ask Alexis' blessing now!

I hope Brook was rude to Julian because she knows who he is and hates him on Ned and Olivia's behalf.

November 19th, 2019

Sam is found not guilty of premeditated murder...but guilty of manslaughter and negligent homicide. She's sentenced to two years in Pentonville, though her help during Cassandra's escape should help her get an early release. Franco tells Elizabeth he wants to give the real Franco back his life, so he'll undergo the procedure. Instead of just being happy that she's finally getting what she's wanted for weeks, Elizabeth asks a bunch of questions to make 100% sure he's ready. Franco says the decision is the real Franco's, and he's already made it, so to him, the deal is done. The mystery woman advises Julian to cut Brad off, which Julian thinks is a good idea. However, he also thinks the mystery woman is a hooker, since he heard her yelling on the phone to her supposed boss that he doesn't own her. The mystery woman is understandably offended and tells Julian she hopes Brad screws him over. Then she lets herself into the Quartermaines' house, because she is, in fact, Brook. Brad tells Lucas that he's made sacrifices and is working hard to keep their family together, though he won't give any specifics about what that means. Lucas thinks he's unhappy, since he's spent a lot of the past year and a half being stressed and irritated. Brad tries to go to Julian for help yet again, but Julian's done with him. Anna and Finn talk about everything except Violet, then eventually talk about how his life is going to change now that he has a child. He wants Anna to get to know her, too, and she promises to stick with him as he adjusts to parenthood. Hayden is going to rent Kim's apartment, so they have a pointless conversation about kids and stuff, and then Kim leaves town. Olivia and Sonny get a package from the WSB, but it's just the letters Olivia sent Dante, plus a note from him telling her to stop writing.

They're kidding with this Sam crap, right? Like, the judge basically said, "I accept that Shiloh was a murderer and sexual predator, but Jason wasn't in enough danger to justify rescuing him, so you have to go to prison." I hope this storyline ends with Kristina and Willow leading a mob to the governor's mansion to pressure him to pardon Sam.

Please, Brad, tell us all about "the price [you've] paid" for your family.

What a weird decision to have Kim's last scenes on the show be with someone she's never met.

Anna, if Alex claims Peter, let her have him.

"The woman is most certainly dead." OKAY, ANNA.

November 21st, 2019

Nina and Valentin have set a new wedding date, and Nina hand-delivers an invitation to Jax and tells him how much she wants him to come. He lays out a bunch of reasons it's a bad idea, but it looks like she agrees. She doesn't want to marry Valentin – she wants to destroy him. Anna addresses the Hayden situation head on, telling her she disapproves of Hayden's actions regarding Finn and Violet. Hayden's done her research and knows that Anna kept Robin from Robert for years, but Anna thinks their situations are different. She's suspicious of the timing of Hayden's honesty and makes it clear that she and Finn are solid. Carly tries to help Jason deal with his feelings about Sam's conviction (well, really just the one feeling: anger). Jason notes that they probably should have thought about the kids before they got involved in the Shiloh stuff. Carly warns him to behave himself for the next two years, which I guess means no more mob stuff. Nikolas sneaks into Wyndemere for some reason and is immediately caught by Charlotte. He tells her that Valentin hired him as her bodyguard, but she's not supposed to know, so she needs to not tell him she saw him. He promises to get rid of all the bad people, but Charlotte has no idea that he includes Valentin among them. Valentin visits Ava to tell her he's pretty sure she has the portrait and he knows other people are trying to get their hands on it. Ava gleefully tells him he'll never find it. Valentin's next idea is to call Hayden to present some sort of proposal. Ned is happy to see Brook, but Olivia is...what's the opposite of thrilled? The two of them start bickering right away, since Olivia's still upset about how Brook tried to break up Dante and Lulu (checks notes) nine years ago. Sonny's amused and thinks Edward and Lila would love this. Chase isn't actually mad that Finn didn't tell him about Violet, and he's happy to be an uncle and to see how excited Finn is to be a father. Stella pops in for a visit before returning to London, where she's having the time of her life. Curtis thinks he and Jordan should spent the holidays there with her, but Jordan and Stella aren't exactly enthusiastic about that idea.

Hayden, you're the bad guy here. Take the L.

I'm really enjoying seeing Jason's reaction to Sam's imprisonment instead of watching a plot where she actually gets to do something. It's great storytelling.

Nikolas, you HAVE to invest in a disguise or a mask or something.

I'm telling you, one day, sooner or later, Ava and Valentin are going to end up together, or at least hook up.

Brook, I'm pretty sure Tracy disapproves of everyone's life choices. (But you can ask her yourself, because she'll be back in December! Yay!)

November 22nd, 2019

Nikolas wants to just kill Valentin right now and end this whole thing, but Hayden's arrival at Wyndemere interrupts his plans. Valentin offers her money in exchange for information about the portrait, and though she resists, he wears her down. Charlotte comes in before any money or info can change hands. Nikolas calls Hayden to tell her they need to talk ASAP because their plans have changed, but she doesn't bother to ask why, if it's so important, they don't talk right now instead of waiting until the next day. Jax is pleased that Nina is only pretending she's forgiven Valentin, but he disagrees with her plans for revenge. He suggests that she just drop him and make him think she's moved on – like, maybe, possibly by acting like she's dating Jax. Nina declines, admitting that she loves her little family and hasn't completely come to terms with splitting it up. Jax tells Nikolas that he has until New Year's Eve (the date of Valentin and Nina's rescheduled wedding) to find the codicil, or Jax will tell Nina everything. Stella visits Mike, who thinks he's so far in the past that he's still just dating Adele. She tells Sonny and Carly that he's deteriorating faster than expected, so...happy holidays, Corinthoses. Sonny hears Carly leaving a message for Jax and bugs her some more about the secret they're keeping. After some bickering, the real reason for Sonny's annoyance comes out: He's still mad that Carly and Jax slept together after Morgan's death (you know, after Carly thought Sonny had slept with Nelle, and right before Sonny slept with Martina). Anna asks Jason to help her with the whole Cassandra thing, but she backs off when she learns that Sam has just been sent to prison. Monica suggests that the kids stay at the Quartermaines' so they can have some stability and Jason will have help with childcare. Like Carly, she also warns him to stay out of trouble so the kids can have at least one parent around for the next two years. Jason tells Danny what's going on, and he decides that staying at the Quartermaines' would be a good idea, since being at the penthouse would just remind them all of Sam. Finn promises Anna that he wouldn't have proposed if he didn't love her and want to be with her. He knows Hayden may have other ideas, but that doesn't mean she's going to get what she wants.

Drink every time Jax threatens to rat out Nikolas.

I don't think Sonny ever flirted with Margaux, but the rest of your point stands, Carly. Also, please don't ever mention that woman again. Also also, wow, Martina really didn't serve any purpose, did she?

It's messed up that Anna's more upset about Sam's conviction than Sonny is.

Robert called Monica to tell her about Sam's conviction? Sure.

November 25th, 2019

Neil learns that Alexis was given rat poison and was most likely poisoned intentionally. He shares the news with Julian, who mentions that he found dead rats behind his restaurant. The news that he spotted Kendra back there makes Neil start putting everything together. The teens serve detention for their Halloween antics (well, Josslyn and Cameron's Halloween antics). After paying homage to The Breakfast Club, discussing potato chips, and shilling for Disney+, they start revealing secrets. Trina's is that she did a DNA test last year and got a hit in Port Charles, and I think we all know who that was. Cameron's interested in whatever Dev might be hiding, and while he's on the hot seat, Dev's smoothness at lying goes down the drain. Franco tells Monica he's going to undergo the procedure, so she'll need to come to terms with the idea of losing Drew for real. She invites him to the Quartermaines' Thanksgiving, which can't possibly be a good idea. Elizabeth tries to warn Julian that Franco's going to go back to being Franco, but Julian doesn't want to hear any more about him or Kim. When he later runs into Franco and learns about the procedure, Kim and Franco's breakup, and her departure from town, he's mad that Franco isn't going to keep any of the promises he made Kim. T.J. asks Alexis' blessing to propose to Molly, and since Alexis has actually met Molly, she says it's a bad idea to act like he needs her permission (though she supports a prospective marriage). T.J. then tells Stella he's going to propose, and she warns that the world won't always be kind to them as an interracial couple. Mike's condition has been downgraded to awful, so Sonny and Carly are going to try to make the best of the good times.

When will TV shows stop ripping off The Breakfast Club? It's never good.

So...Trina's Curtis' daughter, yes? Lucky girl.

Julian's mad when Franco hooks up with Kim, he's mad when they break up...ugh, just shut up.

Can someone PLEASE bring up the fact that if Michael has Thanksgiving at the Quartermaines', he'll have to spent it with Franco? Also, I want to know who told him about Scout.

November 26th, 2019

Laura and Jax are discussing the portrait when Martin shows up, claiming he represents someone who bought the portrait but is willing to sell it. Laura and Jax won't entertain the thought without knowing who the client is, and they of course won't tell Martin why it's so important. Martin leaves a tablet behind to secretly record them discussing the portrait and codicil. As Jax and Laura guess that Valentin is the client and consider making a bid for the portrait, Valentin learns about the codicil. Nikolas warns Hayden that if she teams with Valentin, she could suffer the same fate as Cassandra once he decides she's outlived her usefulness. He suggests that she leave town, but Hayden doesn't want to uproot Violet now that she's met Finn. Nikolas promises to get her out of the situation he's gotten her into, and he should probably start with hiring some security for her, since someone grabs her on the docks. Alexis is skeptical of Neil's accusations against Kendra, but still has a healthy amount of suspicion when Kendra pays a visit. She plays innocent about the poisoning and offers Alexis something that will help with her anxiety. Alexis pretends to take it, then gives it to Neil to be tested. Josslyn and Dev decide it's better to fill Cameron and Trina in on Dev's story than to let them keeping asking questions. They're concerned about all the details, but decide to keep his secret. Valentin is hesitant to let Charlotte go back to her normal life, but she's ready to go back to school since she thinks she has a secret bodyguard keeping her safe. Later, she sees a picture of Nikolas on Lulu's phone. Dustin wants to spend part of Thanksgiving with Lulu.

Oh, Martin has a picture of the portrait that could have been taken at any time? Well, he must be telling the truth about some mysterious unnamed client having it!

Time to hire Curtis to look into Kendra's background.

Now we've gone from The Breakfast Club to some weird version of I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Lulu and Dustin are adorable together and I don't miss Dante at all. Sorry not sorry.

November 27th, 2019

Nikolas saves Hayden from her attacker and urges her to go into hiding so Valentin can't go after her. Hayden refuses to leave Violet behind, but she decides it's safer to leave her with Finn and go off on her own for a while. Valentin doesn't appear to be giving her any thought, though, since Nikolas was the one who hired the attacker to scare Hayden out of town. Valentin wants leverage in case Laura and Jax get the codicil, so he asks Martin to put surveillance on Spencer. He says he won't kill Spencer,'s Valentin, so we probably shouldn't believe him. Alexis doesn't want to believe that Kendra's her would-be killer because it would mean she once again trusted a horrible person. Neil thinks she should stop thinking she needs to better her life and see how wonderful she is already. P.S. The pill Kendra gave her wasn't anything dangerous. Lucas wants to keep his distance from Brad until Brad starts coming clean, so the Cooper-Joneses won't be spending Thanksgiving together. Brook catches up with Lucas and insists that he patch things up with Brad. For some reason, Lucas doesn't ask why she's so invested in their happiness. Meanwhile Brad whines to Obrecht about the mess he's gotten himself into but gets no sympathy (and I don't just mean from me). Willow's late and isn't feeling well, so Sasha wonders if she's pregnant. As Chase tells Michael he wants kids (and thinks Willow does, too), Willow admits to Sasha that she's not sure what she wants. Michael and Sasha warn Obrecht that Curtis is looking into the DNA tests and how they could have shown that Sasha and Nina were related. Violet spends time with Finn, Anna, Chase, and Willow, which sounds like my kind of day.

I enjoy that Valentin thinks he's so smart and, in fact, isn't.

I assume Martin saying Hayden reminds him of someone from another life was an inside joke about them both being on All My Children?

Obrecht and I made the same "really? Ew" face when Brad started crying.

A big "heh" to Sasha checking to make sure the bathroom was really empty before talking to Willow about something confidential. Someone learned her lesson!

Sorry, Chase – you're not Violet's only uncle. The other one is still in prison, I assume.

November 28th, 2019

Alexis and Neil still don't agree on whether Kendra was the poisoner, but when Kendra offers up more of the supplement, Alexis comes up with reasons not to accept it. She checks herself out of the hospital and follows Kendra to the cemetery, where she's swearing vengeance against Alexis again. While searching for Alexis, Neil runs into Julian, who recognizes the supplement container from when Kendra tossed one out in the Dumpster. As the guys put together that Kendra must be the would-be killer, Alexis realizes that Kendra is Kiefer's sister. Before she can figure out what to do next, Kendra finds her and knocks her out with a rock. The Corinthoses have Mike over for Thanksgiving, and it goes horribly (which, honestly, they should have expected). Brad doesn't want to go to the Corinthoses' Thanksgiving, and Michael thinks it's because of the tension between him and Carly after Nelle's parole hearing. Julian waits until Lucas and "Wiley" are both out of the Cooper-Joneses' place before...cutting Brad's brake line? I don't know, something with a wire. But Lucas has switched shifts and heads home to try once again to get Brad to open up to him. Finn gets concerned when Hayden doesn't come by to get Violet as planned. He finds a note she left in Violet's backpack and learns that she fled town. Anna diplomatically notes that she must be in a lot of danger if she felt she needed to leave Violet behind. Franco tells Elizabeth that he's having the memory procedure the next day, so this may be her last holiday without her husband. Peter learns about Franco's plans from Andre and doesn't seem that happy.

Why didn't Alexis agree to let Kendra bring her the supplement, then get it tested? Come on, Ms. Attorney!

Sonny and Carly: "This is a very serious conversation." Donna: "Hey. Hey, guys. I learned how to smile. Wanna see me smile?"

Also, why were they so surprised by Mike's condition? Have they completely forgotten Monday's episode?

Peter gets that Franco losing Drew's memories is good for him, right? Because I don't think he does.

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