General Hospital blog - November, 2020

November 2nd, 2020

The election falls on Josslyn's 18th birthday, but she doesn't plan on voting, since she doesn't think her vote counts. Bobbie tells her about an ancestor, Beatrice Eckert, who fought for women's suffrage in New York. At Ava's gallery, which is hosting a historical exhibit, Josslyn and Trina step into an old voting booth and, thanks to an apparent time-traveling candle, go back to the 1920s to witness firsthand some of Beatrice's work. What follows is a long PSA about equal rights, the importance of voting, and proof that Britt and Obrecht have always been annoying.

My expectations for this episode were low, and let's just say that they weren't exceeded.

I guess if we don't like the outcome of the real election, we can blame Josslyn, Trina, and the space-time continuum.

Love how they glossed over that, while Black women did have the right to vote in some states in 1920, most didn't.

"When did you become so political?" Josslyn asks her BLACK BEST FRIEND.

I will admit to two moments in the episode that didn't make me roll my eyes: a) Obrecht as a warden. b) Alexis as head of the Christian Temperance Union.

November 3rd, 2020

Alex is being pursued by bad guys, so she plans to get rid of Anna and take her place so she can hide in plain sight. Anna doesn't think she'll fool anyone, but she does manage to trick Valentin for, like, half an hour. Alex also sucks at keeping Anna gagged and bound, so she's able to call out for Valentin. As Valentin is about to rescue her from the basement, Alex injects him with something. Franco turns to Kevin for help dealing with his diagnosis and potential fatal prognosis. Kevin thinks he should look at all his options before he starts losing hope. Franco is less concerned about dying than he is about his serial-killer symptoms returning. Julian stands around and waits for Ava to solve his problems while Sonny asks her why Ryan might have invited him to come visit. Ava tries to stay casual and convince Sonny that Ryan's playing mind games, so there's no point in going to see him. Of course, Sonny ignores her and sits down with Ryan as Julian is deciding he might be better off fleeing town. When Cyrus shows up at Charlie's, Julian announces that he's ready to make a deal. T.J.'s request for an anti-Cyrus protest permit was turned down, so he asks Jordan to help him. She admits that she was the one who denied the request, since she thinks he'll hurt his career by making a public stand against his boss. T.J. reminds her that she raised him to stand up for what's right, and her claims that a protest won't make a difference are ridiculous. Portia and Cyrus overhear him ranting against Cyrus, so of course Jordan has to keep acting like she thinks Cyrus is a perfectly nice guy and T.J. should calm down. Portia's already in a bad mood, since Cyrus keeps trying to connect with her, but doesn't get that mentioning Trina and Taggert is a bad idea. Valentin easily figures out that Spinelli was behind Peter's call from Helena, so Peter had better keep quiet about anything illegal he may or may not have done. Peter confronts Spinelli, who honestly isn't very good at playing innocent, and threatens to go back to his old, evil ways if Spinelli doesn't back off.

Valentin should have caught on to Alex when she said he was a good friend. Also, "hell's bells"? Who says that? Has Valentin also been replaced by his identical twin?

I was pretty sure Peter was the worst villain to ever appear on the show, but Alex might be worse. It's like she's not even trying.

If I were Sonny, Ava telling me not to go see Ryan would make me want to go over there immediately.

Why is Julian waiting around to find out if Sonny knows what he did? Run away, man! Go now!

Lord, grant me the confidence of Portia Robinson going up against a powerful white man.

"I put 2 and 2 together." No, you didn't! Valentin did! You thought a dead woman was calling you!

Spinelli needs to start recording all his conversations with Peter.

November 4th, 2020

Alex casually chats with Valentin for so long that Anna is able to get out of the basement and grab a gun. Alex holds a knife to Valentin's throat to force Anna to give up her weapon, then takes the two of them to some warehouse or something and sets a bomb to go off in an hour. She puts her Anna-impersonating skills to the test again when she meets up with Maxie and Peter. Portia accuses Jordan of being a dirty cop in Cyrus' pocket and threatens to call Laura and the Feds. Jordan decides to just tell her everything, except the part about Taggert being alive. Portia is completely understanding of Jordan's attempts to protect T.J. and says she would do the same things Jordan has done if she were in her place. Portia wants to help take down Cyrus, which appears to involve Jordan passing out while he's around. Julian has to tell Cyrus everything he's trying to hide from Sonny in order to get Cyrus to agree to help him. Over at Pentonville, Ava arrives to visit Ryan and is more surprised than she should be to find Sonny there. She throws a fit, which delays Sonny from learning anything from Ryan and also inadvertently pulls him out of the room while someone stabs Ryan in the back. Finn, Chase, and Jackie get together for a double date that Anna, of course, doesn't show up for. Things go fine, mostly because they all agree on one thing: Violet is adorable. After Finn leaves, Jackie breaks the news to Chase that he's probably never going to get his entire family together in one place, since she and Gregory are getting divorced. Peter thinks the baby is his chance for redemption and becoming new man and blah blah blah.

Anna has now gotten out of her binds twice and was able to grab a gun. Alex, you suck at this.

A Jordan/Portia team-up? Unexpected but intriguing.

Why do I feel like Julian will eventually regret telling Cyrus all his darkest secrets?

Aw, guys, Peter's finally gets to be a good man...after 40+ years of not bothering to try. Isn't it sweet?

Does Maxie have an OB appointment every week? She's there a lot.

November 5th, 2020

Alex gushes over Peter and tells him she can help him become the man he's meant to be. Maxie notices that "Anna" is acting a little off. Finn finds Faison's test results at the house and wonders why "Anna" told him she was skipping their double date to wait for those results. He calls Robert, and the two put together that Alex must have done something to Anna and Valentin. Those two are able to escape before Alex's bomb goes off, and when Robert arrives on the scene, Anna fills him in, then calls Finn to warn that he could be in danger. He's still on the phone with her when Alex shows up. Portia and Jordan fool Cyrus into thinking that Jordan is suffering complications from her kidney transplant. Curtis suggests that while Jordan is supposedly seeing her doctor and following Portia's orders for bed rest, they look into the case Cyrus requested and check out whoever's at the house he keeps sending money to. Franco tells Jason that his tumor is back and asks Jason to kill him if he gets murdery again. Jason thinks Franco is messing with him and won't commit to what's basically permission to do something he's wanted to do for ten years, but he vows to do whatever's necessary to protect Elizabeth and her kids. Elizabeth hosts a ladies' night with Epiphany and Terry in hopes of helping Epiphany move on from Milo. Terry tries to stay casual, as if she doesn't know that Elizabeth's husband could be dying. Lulu tries to interview one of Cyrus' associates, but Dante scares him off. She tears into him for trying to be protective now, when he wasn't there to be protective of her when she really needed him. Dante promises he's not leaving again and implies that he wants her back.

Anna has now escaped her binds for a THIRD time. Alex needs to give up villainy.

How has no one noticed that Alex doesn't talk like Anna?

Jason's not going to kill Franco. He knows he would never be able to face Jake.

The next ladies' night needs to be Elizabeth, Epiphany, Terry, Portia, and a fifth to be named later, and they need to to revive the Tequila Girls. No, wait – Felix is the fifth, and they come up with a gender-neutral name.

November 6th, 2020

Finn pretends he's on the phone with Peter and lets Anna know that Alex and Maxie are both at the house. Knowing that Alex thinks she's dead, Anna tells Robert that they can sneak into the house and take Alex down by themselves. Finn finds an excuse to get Alex out of the room, then tries to rush Maxie out of the house, but she doesn't move quickly enough. Alex announces that she and Maxie are going on a field trip, but Maxie declines to be kidnapped and warns that Robert will come to her rescue. Finn tries to wrestle the gun away from Alex, but he ends up shot and is left behind while Alex takes Maxie to the Haunted Star. Anna and Robert find Finn, who tells them where Alex and Maxie are going, and Anna storms the boat to save Maxie. Sonny invites Taggert to his place for a chat and they actually have a civil evening together, which is weird. Sonny wants to tell Carly that Taggert's alive, but Taggert thinks too many people already know, like Jordan, Epiphany, and the bartender from Charlie's. So now Sonny finally knows that Taggert saw Julian with Nelle the night of her death. Ava tells Julian that Ryan might come out of his stabbing with diminished capacity, so he may no longer be a threat to them. Julian mentions his run-ins with Taggert and shows his picture to Ava, who recognizes him as Trina's not-so-dead father. She quickly realizes that he might tell Sonny that he saw Julian with Nelle, which could put Julian back in danger. Ava urges Julian to run away, but before he can, Sonny sends Jason to collect him. Sam catches Alexis trying to hide her drinking and calls her out for continuing her downward spiral. She says her kids aren't safe with Alexis, which, of course, leads Alexis to comment that they're not safe with Jason, either. Sam gives her an ultimatum: Get help or be cut out of the kids' lives. Alexis effectively chooses booze over her grandkids, so Sam not only holds her bottom line but also warns that she's going to tell Molly and Kristina about Alexis' relapse. Peter rejects the first draft of Lulu and Jackie's article about Cyrus, since it's all potentially libelous. He suggests that Lulu write about the rise in overdoses in the area and feature the drug users and the people trying to help them. Lulu takes a break from writing to sneer at Britt, who's playing pool with Jason and avoiding telling him why she came back to Port Charles to work for Cyrus. Britt leaves so she doesn't have to hear Lulu yell at her, and Jason warns Lulu to distance herself from the situation. She ignores him and turns him into an anonymous source who told her that Cyrus' changes to GH's staff are due to his rivalry with Sonny.

For the love of God, Lulu, get better security for the Haunted Star.

Alex kidnapping Maxie makes no sense. She's obviously not going to hurt the woman carrying her grandchild. There's no suspense there.

How did Anna not hear Alex and Maxie through the phone?

Lord, on top of the confidence of Portia standing up to Cyrus, please give me the guts of Maxie refusing to be kidnapped.

Sonny and Taggert sitting around and chatting like old friends almost made my brain explode. 2020 really is wild.

"Julian, you are an idiot." I know, right??

Morgan mention – drink!

November 9th, 2020

Anna and Alex shoot at each other and play cat and mouse for a while. Thanks to a warning from Maxie, Anna gets the better of her twin, who tells her that she'll never be able to save Peter, since he's too much like Alex. Alex apparently wanted Anna to have the memory of her giving up Peter so Anna would go get him and raise him herself. Now Anna will have to live with the knowledge that she didn't. While Anna and Maxie are distracted, Alex jumps in the water, so I guess we're supposed to think she's dead, but...yeah, I don't buy it. Finn tells Peter that Anna wants to be his mother too much, then starts to decline. As he undergoes surgery, a helpless Chase prays in the chapel and Jackie calls Gregory to tell him to get to Port Charles ASAP. Sonny gets Julian to admit that he was on the docks with Nelle the night she died. He claims he found out that she was going to leave town with Wiley and wanted to stop her. He turns things around on Sonny, asking how he could know that Julian was there without a witness. Sonny won't confirm that Taggert is alive, but Julian uses that as leverage to protect himself – if Sonny moves against Julian, Julian will tell Cyrus about Taggert. Later, he assures Ava that he won't, since that could put Trina, among other innocent people, in danger. Dev gives Josslyn a journal for her birthday and says that, in case she's been too busy thinking about Cameron, he's still around. He tries to kiss her, but Josslyn isn't interested. When Trina joins them, Dev accuses Josslyn of being interested in him before and now not liking him. She doesn't think it's a big deal that her feelings have changed. He goes off about Cameron and how he enjoys leading the girls on but isn't interested in either of them. Valentin wants to revisit Charlotte's custody now that Dante is back and unstable. But he also thinks Alex might come after him, so I'm not sure why he thinks Charlotte would be safer with him.

There's no way Anna and Finn are actually in love. Chase cares about Finn more than Anna does.

Josh Swickard almost made me cry today (in a good way).

The writers owe Tristan Rogers $5 for every time they made him say, "They're prepping him for surgery" or some variation.

$5 says Ava tells Trina that Taggert is alive.

I'm ready for Dev to go away now, please.

"A real-life evil twin." Welcome to Port Charles, Martin!

November 10th, 2020

Anna is a little too overwhelmed thinking about killing Alex and possibly losing Finn to think about Peter, Robert. Fortunately, Finn will be fine, and his brush with death has made Anna want to skip the big wedding and get married as soon as possible. Anna seems ready to tell Peter about Alex, but first he admits that when Maxie was missing, he felt himself slipping back into his bad self. Willow comes to the hospital to comfort Chase, and it's almost as if they never broke up. Chase is worried that Finn will die and he'll be the one who has to tell Violet. Willow knows that if that happens, he'll be there for his niece just like he was there for her when she found out her baby had died. She also tells him that she and Michael are having their marriage annulled. Chase and Finn have a really sweet scene where they talk about how they love each other. Then they get a visitor I'm 99 percent sure is their father. Jordan and Curtis go to the house in Oregon where Cyrus keeps sending money; it was previously heavily guarded but is now empty. They find part of a burned postcard Cyrus sent to an unknown recipient expressing his love and promising that he has a plan in play. They also find some medication but aren't sure if it was used to treat someone or sedate someone. As they're leaving, they run into Laura. Cyrus isn't happy about Lulu's article accusing him of making staff changes based on who's close with the Corinthos contingent. He warns that he could make her life very difficult. Dante overhears and steps in, which just makes Lulu mad. Robert regrets mentioning Peter to Anna while she's focused on other things, but Olivia thinks he was actually a good friend, since he gave her a safe person to take things out on. Ned asks Alexis to confirm that she was drunk the night they slept together. He's firm on not letting Olivia find out about that night, and won't be telling her just so he can clear his conscience. Dante tells Olivia about his new job, then sneaks into Peter's office to snoop around. Willow confides in Epiphany that she's at a crossroads trying to figure out her next steps in life.

Oh, hey, Anna had an emotion about Finn! I wasn't expecting that.

Willow and Chase, please get back together.

I'd like to see Dante and Chase reunite, but I also think Dante might punch him for "stealing" his brother's girlfriend.

I'd never heard Chase's joke before about why ants never get sick, so I had to look up the punchline: Because they have little anty bodies. Epiphany was right to stop him from finishing.

I didn't realize until today that part of Ned's concern over Alexis' drinking is because he knows from experience with A.J. what could happen.

November 11th, 2020

Laura thinks Jordan's supposed to be on medical leave, so the Ashfords fill her in on everything they've been up to. Laura, who's also been digging into Cyrus' life, isn't happy that Jordan has compromised herself so much, but she understands Jordan's desire to protect T.J. They show her the redacted file from the 40-year-old murder case, and though Laura says she doesn't see anything familiar in it, she's definitely lying. When she's alone, she calls someone to report, "We're in trouble." Gregory doesn't exactly get a warm welcome from Finn, but Finn also doesn't tell him to leave, so that's something. Gregory decides to stick around town a little longer. Chase asks him about the divorce, which Gregory claims isn't happening, as he and Jackie are just separated right now. Anna decides not to tell Peter that Alex is his mother, and Valentin urges her not to tell Finn, either. She lies to Finn that Faison's tests showed that he had the marker for rheumatoid arthritis, so there's no way of knowing which Devane is Peter's mother. Finn plays along, not mentioning that he read the tests himself. Franco asks Scott to look over his life-insurance policy to make sure Elizabeth and the boys will be taken care of if Franco dies in a violent, not-really-accidental manner. Once he's satisfied with the policy, he tells Elizabeth that his tumor is back. Elsewhere, Jason tells Sonny about Franco's request, and the two are a little more amused by the whole situation than they probably should be, but I'll allow it. Dante copies some financial records from Peter's computer, as per Kirk's orders, just before Peter catches him in the office. Dante is easily able to convince Peter that he was just looking into a security threat and everything's fine now. Cyrus calls Sonny and Jason out for possibly violating the truce by talking to Lulu about GH's staff changes. Jason makes a mental note to yell at Lulu later. Lulu tells Maxie that she'll always love Dante but she currently loves Dustin. Plus, she's hesitant to trust Dante again because of the way he cut off his family the last time he left. Taggert kind of sucks at hiding.

Again, Curtis, don't question Laura's spy skills. She's been doing this since before you could tie your shoes.

I imagine Chase is starting to rethink his desire for a big family reunion.

"Franco put a hit out on himself? Make sure you get the money up front." Heh.

Come on, Taggert. No mask? (This sounds so 2020. I mean a mask to hide his identity.)

November 12th, 2020

Sasha and Cyrus' growing friendship has people talking, as their picture was published in an Invader gossip column. He wants to stay friends, and though at first she thinks he'll want something in exchange for supplying her with drugs, he says it's completely innocent. Brando's new job with Cyrus seems to be going well, especially when Brando grumbles about his family abandoning him. Sasha opens up to him a little about feeling lost, and when Carly asks Brando to keep an eye on her, he easily agrees. Nina demands to know what Cyrus wants with Sasha, but of course he plays innocent and insists he's not taking advantage of her. Willow tells Michael that she went to see Chase while he was waiting for news on Finn, just to let him know that she was thinking about him. Michael has no problem with it. The two of them get their annulment papers, but they procrastinate on signing them and might make out instead. Chase tells Brook that Willow came to see him, and she urges him to tell Willow that he still loves her. She also figures out that Chase and Sasha made up their affair to push Willow and Michael together. Brook is planning to move back to New York, but before she goes, she wants to force Chase to be honest with Willow so she can decide for herself what to do. Elizabeth is in denial about a lot of things: that Franco's tumor is back, that it's inoperable, that he's going to die, and that he'll have the same symptoms he had with the first tumor. Franco asks her to make whatever moves are necessary if he shows signs of going evil again. Curtis was able to find Phyllis, and she shows up in town to meet with Nina. Carly tells Jax that Nelle's death has officially been ruled an accident, so there will be no more questions from any authorities. Jax hopes they can put this all behind them, like, sure, it'll definitely be that easy.

Looks like working for Cyrus is going to let Brando learn secrets about a bunch of people. How fun!

Who says "blow"? No one says "blow." Don't say "blow," Sasha.

"Wiley has a very specific vision." Oh, he does not. He's two.

Ahhhh, Jax called himself Nina's boss instead of her boyfriend. That shouldn't have made me laugh, but it did.

Are there any unanswered questions about Crichton-Clark? Now would be the time to ask them, since Phyllis worked there.

November 13th, 2020

Phyllis tells Nina and Jax that Madeline made her believe that she needed to keep Nina's pregnancy a secret from Silas. Phyllis was the one who took Nina's daughter to her adoptive parents; they met at a rest stop in Florida (yes, yes, Nelle's from Florida) and Phyllis doesn't know the couple's names. She confirms that she gave the baby the other half of Nina's necklace. Meanwhile, Carly finally sees Avery's necklace and quickly realizes that it was Nelle's, which must mean that Nelle was Nina's daughter.Michael and Willow admit that they don't want to sign the annulment papers, then profess their feelings for each other. Their clothes come off, and they're ready to be a real couple. When Chase finally makes his way up to tell Willow everything he's been lying about, he catches them together. Sasha goes home with Cyrus, who gives her some unknown drug that gives her a different kind of high. Brando questions Cyrus' decision to buddy up with her, since she's Michael's ex, but Cyrus doesn't see the harm. Sasha goes from hyper to angry pretty quickly, turning on Cyrus for what she thinks is an attempt to control her. She starts having breathing problems and collapses, but Cyrus seems less concerned about her health than he is for the fact that she's possibly going to die in his apartment. Chase agrees to tell Willow everything if Brook will talk to Ned before she goes back to Bensonhurst. Monica mediates as Ned and Brook try very hard to keep things civil and part on good terms. Ned even asks Brook to move back in and stick around so they can continue to improve their relationship. Carly wants Jason to do something drastic to help Sasha, like kidnap her. Jason points out that since Sasha is now associated with Cyrus, any move the Corinthos contingent makes will look like a threat to the true. Plus, Sasha's an adult and made her own decisions, as bad as they might be. However, Carly is still free to do something on her own to help. Sonny feels bad about the situation, since he once gave Karen drugs and she wound up addicted. Jason tells him that he can leave his past behind him and be proud that he's kept drugs out of the town for 25 years since then.

Heh, I just realized that if it comes down to Nelle or Willow being Nina's daughter, then after Willow adopts Wiley, Nina will be his grandmother either way.

They should have shown a flashback of Carly and Nelle to clarify how Carly knew Avery's necklace belonged to Nelle. I guess that was the thing she kept trying to remember from the night of Nelle's death, but having the scene play out this way made it seem like she jumped to a weird conclusion.

Sasha's still wearing sneakers with her dresses, so she really needs two interventions.

It seems strange that when Avery goes to Ava's, they call it a sleepover.

November 16th, 2020

Brando tries to help Sasha, thinking she's having a heart attack due to her overdose. Cyrus orders him to get rid of her, meaning kill her. Instead, Brando takes her to the hospital and calls Sonny and Jason, who pass the news on to Michael. Cyrus calls someone to report that their new strain of cocaine was a little too powerful, then plans to kill Sasha himself. Michael tears into him and warns that the Corinthos contingent will expose him as a drug dealer. Cyrus criticizes Brando for not following orders, then arranges a meeting with Julian. Nina doesn't think there's any way she can continue the search for her daughter, since there's so little left to go on. A pep talk from Valentin gets her to change her mind. Meanwhile, Carly tells Jax that she's figured out that Nelle was Nina's daughter. She thinks they should keep the news from Nina, and since Jax believes she's ending the search anyway, he figures it'll be easy to keep that secret. Brook and Ned finally make up, but she's still going back to Bensonhurst. She tells Valentin that she needs to work on herself and learn to do mature things like think about the consequences of her actions. Speaking of consequences, guess who might be pregnant? Chase runs out before things can get too awkward with Michael and Willow, then pretends he just came over to let Willow know that Finn will be okay. Willow is sorry that he had to see them together but not sorry about doing what they were doing. She asks Chase to meet her later and reminds him that she knows what it's like to catch someone you care about with someone else, so she's sorry for that. Julian tries to be an attentive father yet again, but a Lucas impostor is 100 percent over it and tells him to stop trying. Sam adds that it's really annoying how Julian is always in their faces about wanting to be a better father. Julian points out that he and Jason aren't that different, but Olivia interrupts to give some examples of how wrong he is. Valentin wants to make sure Nina has legal rights to Charlotte if something happens to him. (Really tempting fate there, buddy.)

Why would Jason tell Michael to come to the hospital? I get calling to let him know what happened, but let him decide if he wants to come see his ex.

I was going to say that I hope Brook has plastic surgery while she's gone so we can stop looking at her gross scar, looks like she has more important things to worry about.

The first time we see Lucas since March and he's an impostor. Why do I feel betrayed? Also, you can tell how little they care about the character because a) there was no announcement about the recast and b) there's absolutely no info on the Internet about why there's a recast or even what the new actor's name is.

Olivia: "Why don't you allow me to explain the difference [between Julian and Jason]." Me: "Hold on, let me get some popcorn first." Of course, it starts and ends with Jason has never and would never hold a knife to Sam's throat, so Julian can bite me.

November 17th, 2020

Michael and Willow both blame themselves for Sasha's addiction, since Michael was cold to her and Willow ended their friendship. Willow also wishes she'd told Michael that Sasha was still in love with him; they might have been able to work things out. Carly feels so bad about Michael's grief that she tells him Sasha and Chase didn't sleep together. Chase tells Willow the same thing. Cyrus wants his repayment from Julian for taking Ryan out, and it involves a bomb, an old building of Julian's choice, and Jason's death. Julian renegotiates by offering a secret Sonny and Jason have been keeping. Cyrus doesn't think the secret will be better than taking away Sonny's reliance on Jason, but Julian gives it a try, announcing that Taggert is alive. Britt and Portia are distressed about the rising number of overdoses they've seen at GH. Britt opens up to Jason about the cases, but she thinks he and Sonny are responsible. He shares his theory that Cyrus is moving drugs through the hospital, right under Britt's nose. Britt asks if he thinks she's complicit or stupid; if she's complicit, he's taking a big risk in telling her what he's figured out. Sonny asks Ava if she happens to know anything about why someone would try to kill Ryan just as he was about to give Sonny information. Nikolas eavesdrops as Ava plays innocent and Sonny gets more and more suspicious. When Sonny all but accuses Ava of being behind the attack, Nikolas defends her, then lies that he put out the hit. Epiphany catches Taggert lurking around the hospital disguised as a doctor. She can sympathize with him over being worried about Portia and Trina, especially since she lost her own son to mob violence. Taggert is worried that Julian's knowledge that he's alive will put them in danger again. Epiphany tries to convince him that his own life is also worth protecting. Dev tries to make up with Josslyn and Trina, who are still mad about what a jerk he was to him. Cameron sides with Dev and asks his friends to get along, since life is so short and they don't know how much time they have left. This is because Franco and Elizabeth have told him that Franco's tumor is back and he doesn't appear to have any options right now. Cameron is understandably upset and doesn't want to talk about it.

I can't wait to hear Julian apologists try to defend his actions today. He fully knew he was putting Trina in danger. I'm so glad he's getting written out.

Cyrus: "I'm only asking you to make a delivery." Yeah, the delivery of Jason's body to the morgue.

I thought Taggert's disguise was okay, but I guess not if Epiphany, who's only met him once, saw through it.

Heh. I just realized that Avery and Spencer are both stepsiblings and first cousins.

Dev: "I'm pretty good at cramming, you know." Oh, yeah? Then cram it.

November 18th, 2020

Willow is upset with Chase for hurting her, then claiming he didn't really hurt her. She's also unhappy that he and Sasha orchestrated everything without giving her and Michael a choice in the matter. Chase admits that he's still in love with Willow, but she has enough to deal with right now and can't handle that. Michael is also upset, less because Chase and Sasha lied and more because Carly didn't tell him. Carly's like, "Well, I wanted them to succeed." Michael seems like he might be able to forgive Sasha, since he sees her actions as a sacrifice. Willow overhears him telling her that he owes her. Cyrus doesn't buy Julian's claim about Taggert since he doesn't have any proof. Julian keeps offering up reasons not to go after Jason, then whines that everyone keeps thinking he's up for doing evil things when he's trying to be a good boy. Cyrus reminds him that actions have consequences, and it's time for him to face them. Also, to increase Julian's debt to him, Cyrus has read Nelle's letter and taken care of the last thread tying Julian to the Wiley situation: He had Brad attacked in prison. Nikolas fools Sonny into thinking he tried to have Ryan killed, though Sonny isn't impressed, since it didn't work. He warns that someone could try to get revenge, which could put Avery in danger. Nikolas doubts that and promises that he'll never be tied to the hit (a pretty easy thing to ensure, since he had nothing to do with it). Later, he tells Ava that if Sonny believes the hit was his doing, he won't dig into it and find out whatever Ava and Julian are hiding, which, by the way, he doesn't want to know about. Jason asks Britt to feed him information about drugs in the hospital, but she doesn't want to get involved in a mob war. However, she gets to work on getting an audit of medications in the hospital. Meanwhile, Sonny warns Taggert that the Corinthos/Cyrus cold war is about to get hot.

Josh Swickard's acting has really improved since he started on the show. Not that he was ever terrible or anything, but he wasn't at the same level as a lot of the other actors. Now he is.

Julian: "What is it about me that makes people like you think I'm willing to do horrible things?" Oh, I don't know, maybe because YOU DO HORRIBLE THINGS? I mean, even the resident drug dealer thinks you're a bad guy.

Parry Shen posted a video of himself going back to the studio, so I thought we would see Brad in a few weeks, not today. I should have known he was messing with us. This is the same guy who pretended he was leaving the show months ago.

The Friday teaser about Jason spending time with Danny is making me very nervous.

Sonny shouldn't be surprised at the thought of Nikolas putting out a hit on someone, considering he did it to Hayden. Yeah, I haven't forgotten about that.

Jason's overlooking a very obvious potential source of GH info: Lucas.

But did Jason ever respond to Sam's text??

November 19th, 2020

Sam, Jason, and Danny were supposed to have some Morgan Family Togetherness Time at the Metro Court, but Jason's late because he's justifying to Carly why he may need to work with Britt. Alexis is there instead, starting her nightly drinking binge. Cyrus tries to chat with her, but she confronts him about Neil and where he may have gotten the heroin that killed him. Cyrus threatens to embarrass her if she keeps embarrassing him. Jason steps him and makes him back off. Sam pretends she wants to take back her threat to keep Alexis from the kids and invites her over to the penthouse. She's actually working on arranging an intervention with Molly and Diane. She sends Jason and Danny to the Floating Rib, and a bartender tells Cyrus so he can let Julian know where to set off the bomb. Laura goes straight to Scott as soon as she gets back to town, wanting to warn him that Cyrus has the 40-year-old case file. They don't give any details, but it sure sounds like Laura killed someone, and that enough people know what happened that he could fill in the redacted pieces by just asking around. Kirk makes it to town and determines that while the info Dante got from Peter's computer doesn't tie him to his crimes, it's enough to clear Obrecht's name. Dante doesn't think they should use it now, since Obrecht returning to town could tip Peter off that people are moving against him. Kirk uses some kind of mind control to tell him to complete the mission, and that everything will make sense the next day. Ava figures out that Julian got a favor from Cyrus and owes him something in return. She begs him to let Nikolas send him out of town, but it looks like Julian may go ahead with the bomb plan. Brad tells Britt that he thinks his attacker was one of Cyrus' men. He doesn't know why Cyrus would target him, since the only person who would want him out of the way is Julian. Britt puts everything together, thanks to things Jason told her, and starts working to get help to protect Brad. Clearly Taggert isn't as invisible in Casa Corinthos as he thinks he is, since Carly walks in without warning and sees him. She's not happy that Trina's had to mourn someone who isn't dead, but she gets wanting to protect one's kids. Dante and Lulu run into each other and don't fight, for once – in fact, they're pretty friendly with each other. Lulu confesses to Laura that while she loves Dustin, she's still in love with Dante. Peter thinks danger is coming, possibly in the form of mob violence, and vows to protect his family. Maxie's like, "I've lived here my whole life and my sister was murdered here but I'm not scared so chill out."

With all the stuff that appears to be coming around the corner, I wonder if we'll get to see anyone's Thanksgiving this year.

Sam should have gotten Danny out of the restaurant as soon as she realized Alexis was there. It was only a matter of time before she got drunk.

Good thing there's no mayoral election coming up – Cyrus would probably run.

I guess Dante is Drew 2.0.

"I don't mean to be rude but aren't you supposed to be dead?" Heh.

Morgan mention – drink!

November 20th, 2020

Julian tries to give the bomb back to Cyrus, who tells him he doesn't have to put innocent people in danger. Wouldn't it be logical that someone who wanted to kill Jason would arrange a meeting with him in an empty restaurant after closing? Julian thinks that means the bomb won't go off until Jason is alone, so he resigns himself to following Cyrus' orders. First, he runs into Alexis and tells her how glad he is that she was in his life. Alexis notes that he sounds like he's saying goodbye. Dante is really trying to accept that Lulu has moved on, but he also can't just stop having feelings for her. Sonny urges him to talk to her about how he feels. Lulu has obviously been debating the whole Dante vs. Dustin thing a lot, but she hasn't come to any conclusions. Laura tells her to give herself time to make up her mind, which means Dustin shouldn't move in just yet. But Dustin wants to speed things up rather than slow them down, since he's bought an engagement ring. Diane brings Valentin to Alexis' intervention, for some reason, and Sam and Molly allow him to stay, also for some reason. Alexis won't listen to their attempts to confront her about her drinking and slams Sam for using the kids against her and as bait. Sam tells her that if she leaves, she'll lose her whole support system, so she'll be choosing between alcohol and her family. Elizabeth has gotten Franco an appointment with Patrick, and she's staying optimistic that something can be done for him. Her hope may actually be contagious, since Franco is handling his possible death sentence pretty well. Dev almost tells Cameron that he manipulated Josslyn, but they keep getting interrupted. Britt calls Jason to try to get his help with Brad, but Jason won't sacrifice his time with Danny to meet with her right now. Cyrus catches Britt trying to contact him, and let's just say that Britt isn't great at covering up the fact that she's moving against him. Danny knows about Alexis' drinking problem and worries that she'll be apart from the family so long that she'll forget about them. Julian takes the bomb to the Floating Rib, where Jason, Danny, Lulu, Dustin, Franco, Elizabeth, Cameron, and Dev are all hanging out. He leaves it under a table, where Dev later finds it and tells a bartender it looks suspicious. Julian tries to call Cyrus, but it looks like the number Cyrus put in his phone is actually the trigger for the bomb. As Dante is arriving to talk to Lulu, it goes off.

I'm going to give Julian the benefit of the doubt and say he didn't see Danny at the Floating Rib.

Instead of killing off Lulu, which is looking more and more possible, they should write her out like they wrote out Emily when Amber Tamblyn left – injure her and send her out of town for treatment.

When Diane was reading up on interventions, I guess she missed the part about holding them in a neutral location.

Valentin is at the intervention, but not Kristina? Why don't the writers just put a chyron on the screen telling all the fans to go screw themselves?

I don't see Jason helping Brad. Nice try, Britt.

Aw, I love Cam being sweet to his brother's brother.

November 23rd, 2020

Julian joins Dante outside the Floating Rib, pretending he was driving by and heard the explosion. As Dante starts to check on the victims, Julian realizes that Jason wasn't the only one inside, and that Danny may have been with him. Diane brings Sam over, and though no one has found the missing Morgans, Danny left a hat behind. Julian starts feeling human emotions and seems close to telling Sam that the explosion was his fault, but she's not in the mood to talk to him. She starts spiraling into panic, but it's all for nothing, because apparently Jason and Danny left before the explosion and both are fine. Dustin is badly hurt, and Dante insists that Lulu see a doctor before she can be with him. This means Dante's with Dustin when Dustin asks him to look after Lulu, then dies. Alexis almost leaves the intervention, but she ends up staying, with no intention of actually listening. Diane starts the intervention by reminding Alexis of the night they first became friends and asking her to go back to being the person she used to be. After the group learns of the explosion and the intervention is canceled, Alexis manages to find some alcohol in the penthouse and drinks while Valentin reads her his please-get-help letter. It's not like she needs a reason to drink, but she thinks Jason possibly getting Danny killed is a good one. Franco needs surgery that might affect his tumor, but he refuses, afraid that it'll revert him to Evil Franco. Cameron finds Dev and realizes he's in bad shape. Sonny rides with him in the ambulance to the hospital, but Dev doesn't make it there alive. Laura tells Sonny that the case Cyrus is digging into is her accidental murder of a guy named David Hamilton. She's just not sure why Cyrus is interested all these years later.

Wow, they blew the crap out of that set. On the plus side, whoever takes over Charlie's from Julian should get a boost in business, seeing as how a competing restaurant was just destroyed.

Jason! Answer when people call and text you! Freaking A!

Diane gets a gold star for being a good friend today.

I don't get the logic of "we found Danny's hat; therefore, he must be dead." Kids lose stuff.

So is Lulu surviving a fake-out like when Nathan was shot and they briefly made it look like he would be okay? And with Dev and Dustin dead, and Julian on his way out, do they really need to get rid of Lulu, too? It's like a bloodbath.

I liked Dustin. I'm sorry they didn't give him more to do.

On the flip side... 'bye, Dev! I fully don't care!

Cameron continues to be sweet by asking about Danny before anyone else. Also, William Lipton was really good today.

I, for one, would welcome the return of Evil Franco. He's much more interesting than this guy.

Poor Mac. The explosion definitely wasn't your fault.

November 24th, 2020

Julian flees the scene of his crime and begs Ava to hide him at Wyndemere until he can come up with an escape plan. Ava wants an explanation first, and when she learns that he accidentally killed at least one innocent person for Cyrus, she's hesitant to help. She's even more hesitant when she reminds Julian that Dev was Sonny's "cousin." Cyrus texts Julian, requesting a meeting, and he guesses that he's now wanted by two criminals. Sonny and Jason meet with Britt, who tells them that Julian was in on Brad's kidnapping scheme. They start putting everything together, figuring out that Cyrus went after Brad as a favor to Julian, which means Julian must have done something big for Cyrus. Their suspicions are pretty much confirmed when Carly tells them that Cyrus looked very surprised to see Jason alive. Jason immediately heads out to find Julian. Lulu tells Maxie that Dustin proposed right before the explosion, and she would have turned him down. Maxie urges her to tell Dante how she feels (not necessarily right now), since life is short. Lulu – who, by the way, still hasn't been seen by a doctor – tells Dante she loves him, then passes out. Valentin distracts Alexis from drinking with a demented version of poker in which the cards feature horrible things they've done or that have happened to them. Sam doesn't like that Valentin tends to bring out the worst in people, including Alexis, but she has to admit that the distraction worked. Brad has a nightmare about being killed and tells Britt it felt like a premonition. She lets Lucas know what happened to Brad, and though Lucas can never forgive his ex, he still cares what happens to him. When Britt tells Brad that she's making a deal with Sonny for his protection and has pointed Sonny toward Julian, Brad worries how Lucas will react to Julian's possible death. Carly breaks the news to Brando that Dev died, and Brando takes a few minutes to mourn his fake son before returning to work for the guy who got him killed. Mac tries to hold off Peter while he runs the crime scene at the Floating Rib. While there aren't many answers, he does find out that the explosion was intentional. Sam isn't happy about Jason's lack of communication and prioritization of mob stuff.

I get Julian wanting to hide, but I'm surprised he didn't try to find out more about who was at the Floating Rib. I mean, Lucas could have been there.

The fact that Julian doesn't have a go bag and fake IDs readily available means he's even dumber than I thought.

Welp, I definitely didn't protect Britt basically signing Julian's death warrant. Also, I know I beg for a murder mystery a lot, but it would really work here for Julian.

How awkward to comfort your ex-wife over her boyfriend's death.

I want to see more of Valentin and Alexis' game. I think "I watched your mother murder mine when I was a child" would be Alexis' royal flush.

"I am so busy right now, I don't even have time to avoid you." Yes, Portia, yes!

November 25th, 2020

Lulu is rushed to surgery for a brain injury no one knew she had because no one bothered to do anything to help her. Anyway, she's in a coma and might never wake up. Happy Thanksgiving! Ava sneaks Julian into Wyndemere, and Nikolas hears about Lulu's condition and heads to the hospital without seeing him. For some reason, this is the final straw for Ava when it comes to helping Julian (or, more accurately, being an accomplice to his crimes). She tells him he has two choices: Stay and let Sonny kill him or leave the country. If he decides to leave, she'll help him one last time. If he doesn't, she's done with him. Sonny learns that the explosion was intentional and fears a mob war. He wants all the Corinthos and Morgan kids to gather at Casa Corinthos, though Sam thinks they should go a step further and hide out in Puerto Rico for a while. Sonny thinks that's unnecessary and would send the wrong message, whatever that means. Julian goes to Wyndemere looking for Julian, but Sonny summons him before he can find him. Cameron has survivor's guilt over Dev's death, but Trina thinks he should view this as a chance to figure out what meaningful things he can do with his life. Josslyn wants to be more open and honest, which seems like a prelude to expressing her feelings for Cameron, but she gets interrupted before she can. Franco's surgery went well, and part of the tumor was removed, and he seems okay, if anyone cares. Molly confides to Sam that she's torn between reminding herself that Alexis is sick and wanting to demand that she love her children enough to get better.

I hate that they let Emme Rylan go, but at least they didn't kill Lulu off. Though it would have been amusing to watch the writers come up with reasons for Luke, Lucky, and Ethan not to come to her funeral.

If Laura were a litigious person, she'd have good grounds for a malpractice suit here.

Ava: "You give me one good reason why I shouldn't call Jason back here." Julian: "Because he would kill me." Ava: "I said a good reason!" HA!

Where's Maxie? Shouldn't she be there to find out her best friend is in such bad shape?

Wait, is Lucas a neurosurgeon now? Good for him.

Who cares what "message" it would send to take the kids out of the country? As long as the kids are safe, what does it matter?

Sonny and Jason really need to tell Sam about Julian's probable involvement, because this is obviously going to lead to them wanting to kill him, and Sam should get a vote in that.

Sonny stood in front of a sign for the Morgan Corinthos Foundation. I'm calling that a Morgan reference – drink!

Oof, no one told the teens that Dustin died. That's going to hit them hard, too.

November 30th, 2020

Ava gives Julian a deadline to leave town by that night. He mocks her for being so hard on him when she's killed people, too, but she claims she knows how to take responsibility for her actions, unlike him. Ava didn't know the full extent of Lulu's injuries, and when she learns her condition from Nikolas, she's horrified. When she returns to Wyndemere, she greets Julian with a gun behind her back. Carly wonders how Julian knew where Jason and Danny would be the night before. The Corinthos contingent guesses that the Metro Court's newest bartender is a rat, and Sonny and Jason apply a little pressure to get him to 'fess up. He admits that he told Cyrus that the Morgans would be at the Floating Rib and called someone about a package. A simple press of the redial button confirms for Jason and Sonny that he called Julian. Laura wants to move Lulu to a long-term-care facility, possibly one outside of Port Charles, if necessary. Dante accuses her of giving up on Lulu and says he just wants more time with her. Michael tells him that, as he knows from personal experience, a long-term-care facility is probably what's best for Lulu right now. Dante wants Rocco to have a normal Thanksgiving (well, normal by Quartermaine standards), so Olivia's determined to cook a traditional meal. She invites Alexis and Robert over, wanting to set them up with each other. It's awkward and doesn't go well. Also, Robert overhears Alexis and Ned talking about their fling, and he warns Ned that if it happened, he'll pay. Olivia accidentally ruins the turkey and melts down over Lulu's situation, but the group decides they're in the wrong place anyway. They move the festivities to the hospital so they can support Laura and Dante (and maybe Nikolas, too), and Monica leads a group prayer for Lulu. Tracy shows up just in time for pizza, so there's truly something to be thankful for this (post-)Thanksgiving. Sam is struggling to come to terms with how much danger her children are in while Jason is in the mob. Carly can relate, and though she reminds Sam that she knew what she was signing up for when she and Jason got together, Sam isn't sure she can stay in that life. Epiphany and Brando let Sasha know that her cocaine use is now common knowledge, so she might want to cut that out. She and Brando seem to be developing a friendship, partly because he feels helpless after Dev's death and wants to feel useful.

Yeah, Ava, you always take responsibility for your actions. That's why you're currently in prison.

Let's stop dragging out Emme Rylan's exit, okay?

Alexis considers herself and Laura family? When was the last time they even spoke?

Normally I would roll me eyes at Sam and say she's Courtneying, but I'm going to side with her here. She thought her son died. She gets a pass.

I'm counting Sam saying that Carly knows better than anyone about children being at risk as a reference to Morgan – drink!

Sasha/Brando is a no-go for me. I'm still Team Maxie/Brando.

40 rooms in the Quartermaines' mansion and Michael and Willow hang out on the stairs.

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